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RECENT ACTIVITY on Piano/Piano Pedagogy 2014-15 Wiki[]

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Schools with Accepted Offers[]

Format for this section:

University: Name (Current Position [if applicable], DMA-GRANTING INSTITUTION, and year, if known)

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College: Melissa Slawsky (Hillsborough Community College, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA, 2011)

Allegheny College: Douglas Jurs (Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON, 2010)

Azusa Pacific University: Eugene Alcalay (University of Wisconsin-Platteville, JUILLIARD)

California State University Fullerton: Ning An (Lee University, ABD CINCINNATI CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC)

Casper College: Diego Caetano (UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT BOULDER, 2015)

Chadron State College (TT Asst Prof): Brooks Hafey (ABD FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY)

Chadron State College (Accompanist): Bobby Pace (MM FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY)

Gordon College (in Boston): Eunhae Grace Lee (Gordon College, EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC 2015)

Grand Valley State University: Sookkyung Cho (NEC Prep, JUILLIARD)

Ithaca College: Dmitri Novgorodsky (Fredonia School of Music, YALE UNIVERSITY)

Ithaca College: Greg DeTurck (University of Pennsylvania, EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC 2014)

Nazareth College: Jacob Ertl (Indiana University in Pennsylvania, EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC 2013)

Northern Arizona University: Michelle Wachter (UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, 2014)

Oakland University: Tian Tian (University of Central Missouri, EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC 2012)  

San Diego State University: Toni James (EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC)

Southwestern Oklahoma State University: Jonathan Joong-Han Jung (EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC)

Towson University: Jooeun Pak (University of Puget Sound, Indiana University, 2014)

University of Alabama: Kevin Chance (University of Alabama, EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC, 2011)

University of Colorado Boulder: Jennifer Hayghe (Ithaca College, JUILLIARD)

University of Memphis: Eric Zuber (PEABODY INSTITUTE)

University of Minnesota at Morris: Ann DuHamel (University of Minnesota at Morris, UNIVERSITY OF IOWA, 2014)

University of South Florida: Eunmi Ko (University of South Florida, EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC 2012)

University of Tennessee: Eun-Suk Jung (WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY, 2004)

University of Texas at San Antonio: Ivan Hurd (ABD UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA) 

University of Utah: Stephanie Neeman (University of Cincinnati prep, UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI, 2013)

Wayland Baptist University: Kennith Freeman (Union University, UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS, 2009)

Wayne State College (Nebraska): Angela Miller-Niles (MA Central Michigan)

Weber State University: Shijun Wang (ABD EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC)

Jobs for 2014[]

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College - Assistant professor of Piano and Theory[]

Position Title: Assistant Professor of Piano and Theory Desired State Date: August 1, 2015 Posting Deadline: June 1, 2015

Description: The successful candidate will be responsible for teaching first and second year theory, applied instruction for piano majors, as well as teaching secondary piano for the non-piano major. Some jazz experience preferred as well, since the candidate may be asked to teach basic jazz voicings/comping and improvisation."Responsibilities also include accompanying for choral ensembles; other teaching duties could include music appreciation and occasional music courses in the Rural Studies baccalaureate program. The successful candidate will also assist with recruiting for the music program, advise music majors, and serve on program, departmental, and College committees as needed. 35-45 music majors pursue either the Associate of Arts or the Associate of Fine Arts degree.

Qualifications: An earned doctorate in Piano is required. A demonstrated ability to both teach and model "best practices" in the classroom is required. The successful candidate will demonstrate strong commitment to quality instruction, student learning and success, and willingness to engage with students inside and outside the classroom.

  • due to the leave of Jurs I guess??
  • Yes!
  • Phone interview conducted (Apr. 28)
  • On-campus interview conducted (May 5-6)
  • The deadline is 6/1, but they already conducted a campus interview? 
  • Search completed
  • Who is the lucky one?
  • Congratulations to Melissa Slawsky

Allegheny College - Assistant Professor of Music (Deadline: Nov. 1, 2014)[]

  • Full-time, tenure-track position beginning August, 2015. The position requires a strong performing artist or collaborative pianist to teach applied lessons in classical piano and to serve as coordinator of the keyboard area within a liberal-arts curriculum. Other teaching responsibilities will include Departmental courses in music theory; expertise or interest in world music is also desirable. All faculty are expected to participate in delivering college-wide first-year/sophomore seminars in areas of professional or personal interest. The overall teaching load is between 5.5 and 6 courses annually, depending on Senior Project advising. The successful candidate will demonstrate excellence in teaching, provide evidence of ongoing scholarship and professional development, and contribute through service to the learning community. A completed doctoral degree in music is required for tenure; candidates who are ABD will be considered. Allegheny College is a highly selective, private liberal arts college with a dedicated faculty of teacher-scholars. Rank: Asst. Professor. Start Date: August 2015. Application deadline: Until filled. Please send a letter of application as well as a full CV including references before November 1, 2014 to Dr. Lowell Hepler, Allegheny College, 520 North Main Street, Meadville, PA 16335, or email to Requests for supporting materials may follow. Please do not send audio or video at this time. Allegheny College is an Equal Opportunity Employer, with a strong institutional commitment to developing a diverse faculty and staff. Women and members of other under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.
  • recordings asked (Nov. 20) x3
  • phone interview conducted (Jan. 9) x2
  • on campus interview x4
  • search completed
  • Who is the lucky one?
  • Congratulations to Douglas Jurs!

Angelo State University: Instructor of Piano, full-time non-tenure track (Deadline: Open until filled)[]

Azusa Pacific University - Artist Teacher of Piano (Deadline: April 6th, 2015)[]

  • Is there any update on this position?
  • They are still accepting applications.
  • Skype interview has been set up for 6 people.
  • Have they narrowed down the candidates? On-sight interviews?
  • Rejection email 5/27
  • Any more news about this?

California State University, East Bay[]

  • DUTIES OF THE POSITION: The successful candidate will assume a leadership role in curricular development and offerings in keyboard throughout the curriculum, including teaching applied piano at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The successful candidate will also assume a leadership role in the musicianship coursework (music theory, aural skills, etc.) in the curriculum and work closely with applied music faculty in order to build and strengthen the overall standards of musicianship and performance of the Department. Additional coursework may include collaborative piano, chamber music and music theory. Other coursework assigned as necessary. The successful candidate will contribute to department recruiting activities and efforts. In addition to teaching, all faculty have advising responsibilities, assist the department with administrative and/or committee work, and are expected to assume campus-wide committee responsibilities. Please note that teaching assignments at California State University, East Bay include courses at Hayward, Concord and Online campuses.
  • RANK AND SALARY: Assistant Professor. Salary is dependent upon educational preparation and experience. Subject to budgetary authorization.
  • DATE OF APPOINTMENT: Anticipated appointment beginning Fall Quarter, 2015.
  • QUALIFICATIONS: Earned Masters in Music degree at time of effective date of appointment required. Earned Doctorate in Music at time of effective date of appointment preferred. Preparation in one or more of the following areas is required as evidenced by terminal degree and record of scholarly achievement: applied piano, collaborative piano, music theory, or music composition. Candidates with successful teaching experience at the university level are preferred.Candidates should demonstrate experience in teaching, mentoring, research, or community service that has prepared them to contribute to our commitment to diversity and excellence. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate a record of scholarly activity. This University is fully committed to the rights of students, staff and faculty with disabilities in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. For more information about the University’s program supporting the rights of our students with disabilities see:
  • Phone Interview, Jan 16. 
  • Campus Interview, second week of February
  • 3/24 rejection letter

California State University, Fullerton - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: January 31, 2015)[]

  • Any news on this?
  • Any movements, calls, Skype...?
  • Four finalists for interviews have been selected.

Pianist Ning An got the position!

Casper College - Piano Instructor ( Deadline: July 24, 2015)[]

Chadron State College in Nebraska: Music Faculty (Tenure-Track) - Piano (Open until filled)[]

  • Potential Internal
  • who's the internal?
  • They posted a 3/4 time instructor or interim position last year. Piano Professor became interim dean. See
  • phone interview scheduled (5/13)
  • Just a week or so after the position has been posted, they already have scheduled phone interviews? Is it a faux search?
  • Reliable source says definitely not a faux search.
  • On-campus interview scheduled (5/26)
  • Has the search concluded? 
  • Yes!
  • Who might that be?
  • Congratulations to Brooks Hafey! (Chadron State College, ABD FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY)

Chadron State College in Nebraska: Accompanist (.92 FTE) (Open until filled, posted 6/30/15)[]

  • Phone Interview 
  • Recordings/references requested
  • Congrats to Bobby Pace!

Chowan University - Chair of Music (Preference given to pianist)[]

  • Who's trying to cleanse this post? The following discussion was deleted by someone today (8/10). If the posts bother you, offer a perspective to refute it, but this forum does not exist for selective moderation.
  • Middle of nowhere.  
  • Insider's tip: They just hired a pianist last year. However, they have just got rid of her in order to open up this position for a chairperson with a focus in piano. Sounds rather dirty to me ...
  • Just looked up on the "history of hiring" at this university. Evidently they had tried to fill the chair position two years ago, and then again last year. From what I could see, it seems that both times they ended up failing in getting a chair. So now they're somehow desperate for a chair and would get rid of a junior faculty in order to try to hire a chair again (knowing that the search may as well fail a third year in a row)? That is just plain weird.
  • Mary Hellmann has been hired. Reliable sources suggest that she was hired BEFORE the search was open. Darkness in academia!

Christopher Newport University: Instructor/Lecturer in Piano and Collaborative Arts (Deadline: 22 May 2015)[]

  • Did the professor there go to CU Boulder?
  • Yuppers.
  • Phone Interviews Scheduled (multiple)
  • Does anyone know their timeline or whether they have extended campus visit invitations?
  • Yes, They are doing final interviews now
  • This soon? Wasn't the semi final round just last week? How many finalists?
  • Summer searches tend to move faster. 
  • So, who ended up getting the job?
  • Search has been cancelled! 
  • Up again for assistant professor...

Clayton State University: Music Instructor in Piano (no deadline listed, posted 4/23/15)[]

- Staff position instead of faculty Part time. Filled.

East Tennessee State University: Assistant Professor, Piano (Open until filled, posted 7/9/15)[]

  • Is there an internal? Or is Esther Park leaving? 

prob she is the internal..

  • prob faux search, a few weeks before the semester....
  • Listed as "Open until filled" but vanished after a month

Gordon College - Assistant Professor of Music (Deadline: December 15, 2014)[]

  • They are looking for either a pianist or composer/theorist
  • Previous pianist was denied tenure.  Reasons unknown.
  • 1/5 Rejection email x2
  • This is probably a pro forma search anyway. Possible internal candidate:
  • Maybe, maybe not.  Not all internals are viable candidates for tenure-track jobs.  Where I work, we have a non-tenure track person who would never get a tenure position if it were announced.  The thing is, from the outside, you never ever ever know.  Ever.  You think can tell.  You can't.  I've learned this the hard way.
  • No internal candidate. Additional information, i.e. recommendation letters have been asked.
  • haven't got rejection email nor recommendation letter request.. what does it mean??
  • Yes, that is the great question of the job search:  What does silence mean?
    • It usually means "no," but some searches move slowly and might not make contact until well after the deadline (as was the case with several searches last cycle).  If you've had some sort of contact followed by silence, it's either "no" or that you're on their backup list if their finalists don't work out.  In this case, I'd say that you're on hold.
    • I didn't get a rejection e-mail from this job until 1/9. Perhaps there's a little extra consideration afoot, perhaps not. 
  • Video interview has been set up.
  • According to the theory wiki, an offer for a half-time theory position was made. They are now searching for a part-time Piano Proficiency Instructor: (deadline 6/28/15)

Grand Valley State University[]

  • Review of application begins on November 1, 2014.
  • GVSU has two piano faculty on their website.  Is this a replacement for one of them (if so, which?) or an additional position?
    • It's a replacement.
    • Thank you for the information.  Do you know which professor is leaving?
    • Yes, who's leaving?
    • Giuseppe Lupis is leaving.
    • Nov. 13: Recordings requested. x3
    • Why is Giuseppe Lupis leaving? Is he retiring? 
    • Any news on this one?
    • Hello? Anyone?  
    • Someone was offered the position
    • Did s/he take it?
    • We believe she will.
    • This should be moved to "Schools with Accepted Offers" when she finalizes everything.
    • Does anyone know who the lucky person was?
    • Yes, but still not "official" yet
    • Come on, who got it??!
    • March 6 email: "The selection process is now complete and a candidate has been selected for the position."

Ithaca College  2 Piano positions begins August 16, 2015[]

  • Tenure eligible position for a teacher/performer of piano
  • non tenure-eligible position in group piano and secondary piano
  • A heads up to applicants for this position: the tenure-eligible position is open because someone was denied tenure last year.  Make of that what you will.
  • Initial contact made; asked to submit recordings. x4
  • Rejection email
  • Any news? Is this a faux search?
    • Although there is an internal, she has only been there since September, so I wouldn't assume that it's a lock.
    • who's the internal?\
  • any news on this search?
  • Campus interview scheduled.
  • For which of the two searches? Any news on the NTT search?
    • 1/30 - request for recordings for NTT search
    • Any new updates on the NTT search?
      • phone interview week of Feb 16; indicated they will have on campus interviews end of March.
      • phone interview on Feb. 23.
      • wondering if someone is chosen to be the finalists      
      • rejection email on Apr. 15.
  • Anything happening here? Faux search?
    • Had a campus interview that I thought went well, but who knows. Didn't hear a peep about another possible opening.
    • Ditto.
  • A candidate has been chosen, and has accepted the TT job. Congrats!
  • Who got the TT job? 
  • what's going on NTT job? did they choose the candidate for on-campus interview??
  • No news here on the NTT. I feel your pain :).
  • Who got the TT job?
    • E-mail Hayghe and ask, I'm sure it's public knowledge at this point.
    • Congratulations to Dr. Dmitri Novgorodsky!
  • Who got the NTT?
  • Gregory DeTurck

Kentucky State University: Assistant Professor (tenure track) of Music (Piano and Music Theory) Deadline: Open until filled, posted 6/11[]

This campus is in financial free-fall.  Candidates beware:  last hired, first fired.  Cute downtown area, though.

Livingstone College: Piano Assistant Professor/Campus Organist and Theorist (Deadline: Open until filled)[]

Longy School of Music at Bard College - Artist Teacher of Piano (Screening begins immediately [posted in MVL 8/22/14] - APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED)[]

  • Candidates should have the interest and demonstrated ability to recruit and develop an active studio in the school's Conservatory. Enthusiastically recruit high level undergraduate- and graduate-level pianists to Longy. Provide weekly, hour-long private lessons to undergraduate- and graduate-level pre-professional musicians. Attend and provide professional feedback on undergraduate and graduate student admission auditions, student juries, dress rehearsals, and recitals. Guide students in selecting appropriate professional repertoire for technical development, promotional juries, undergraduate- and graduate-level final recitals, and professional job auditions. Provide recommendations and support to students seeking to pursue graduate or doctoral study. Counsel students on performance and teaching job opportunities and summer programs post-graduation. Creatively incorporate elements of the Longy mission, "to prepare musicians to make a difference in the world", into private lesson delivery. Participate in large school events including new student orientation, commencement, full faculty meetings, and Piano departmental meetings. Enthusiastically take steps to raise the profile of the Longy conservatory and its Piano department. Evaluate and grade the performance of your private lesson students, according to the grading standards of the Longy Conservatory. Provide ongoing assessment of student progress and development and take steps to accommodate the needs of students with individual learning styles. Provide curricular recommendations to conservatory advisors about failing students. Communicate with Longy advisors about students who are struggling emotionally. Qualified candidates will possess an outstanding record as performers and teachers, with a strong national or international reputation. An advanced degree (MM) in piano or demonstrated equivalent is required. Candidates with a minimum of three years of teaching in higher education are preferred. Date of appointment: 2015-2016 academic year. Interested candidates should send a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, and the names and phone numbers of five references by hard copy or email to Brian Moll, Chair, Department of Keyboard and Vocal Studies, Longy School of Music of Bard College, 27 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 ( Please DO NOT send any additional materials at this time. Screening of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.
  • I can confirm that applications are no longer being accepted.
  • This is probably a faux search. They already know whom they want.
  • Oct 30: Rejection email 
  • Don't they have an opening again this year?

Loyola University Maryland (Deadline Apr. 7, 2015)[]

  • faux search....

Mansfield University - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: March 1st, 2015)[]

  • Has anyone heard anything? 
  • 3/28: I e-mailed them to confirm that I'd passed my Document defense and would indeed be graduating this spring. They said they'd pass it on to the search committee so I presume that means that they're still going through applications. 
  • 4/14: Same as above (though my defense was April 13); also, same reply, that they're going through applications for campus interviews.
  • Have they moved on the next step? 
  • Candidate chosen...anyone know who? (5/22)
  • Who is the lucky person? 
  • Eun-Joo Kwak

Middle Tennessee State University: Lecturer in Academic Studies (Music Theory) and Piano (Open until filled, posted 6/5/15)[]

Nazareth College - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: Jan. 12, 2015)[]

  • Recordings requested 
  • What else is going on with this position?
  • Final interviews are ongoing 
  • Search concluded. Congratulations, Dr. Ertl! 

Nicholls State University: Instructor of Music/Piano Instructor (Deadline: 01 May 2015)[]

  • internal!!!

North Idaho College: Instructor in Music - Special Appointment (Deadline: 01 May 2015)[]

Northern Arizona University: Lecturer of Class Piano (deadline 5/28/15)[]

  • Additional material requested on June 5.

Northern Kentucky University - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: November 18th)[]

  • Dec.16  Request for recordings x6
  • 6?
  • Probably more like 10-15. From a pool of ~100 applications (just guessing), they might request recordings from 12, do 6-8 phone interviews, and then invite 2-3 to campus.
  • I'm at least the 7th
  • I just got an email that the search is "suspended for the foreseeable future"
    • Me too. Time to inaugurate this year's "Failed and Canceled Searches" (see below
  • What happened?

Oakland University - Assistant Professor of Music, Piano (Deadline: March 1st, 2015)[]

  • March 5: Skype interview requested.
  • Campus interview scheduled.
  • Any updates?
  • Campus interviews April 2015
  • Someone was offered the position 
  • Tian Tian 

Portland State University: Assistant Professor of Collaborative Piano (open until filled)[]

I had a phone interview for this last May and never heard anything. From looking at their website, it doesn't appear that they hired anyone. Anyone know the scoop on this position? 

ROOSEVELT UNIVERSITY - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: February 15, 2015)[]

  • Roosevelt University Chicago College of Performing Arts seeks an Assistant Professor of Piano to teach undergraduate, graduate, and post-master's piano performance majors. Coach chamber music. Assist with weekly department performance class. (Other teaching assignments in the candidate's areas of interest are possible.) Maintain an active professional artistic profile. Assist the Head of Piano and artist-faculty in recruiting highly qualified students. A Master's degree in Piano is required. Will accept any suitable combination of education, training and experience. A Doctorate is preferred as well as national/international professional achievement as a solo and/or collaborative artist and demonstrated ability to recruit and retain highly qualified students. Teaching experience at the college or university level is preferred. Rank: Asst. Professor. Start Date: 08/15/2015. All applications must be submitted online via the Roosevelt Careers website at Applicants should upload a curriculum vita, letter of application, the names and contact information for 3 people who are familiar with the applicant's teaching and professional qualifications, and audio or video recording of recent performances. Recordings may be uploaded to the recording sample field, (maximum file size 9mb). Applicants may also provide links (within the letter of application or the CV) to YouTube, Vimeo, or other web-based recordings. Direct discipline-specific questions to Dr. Dana Brown, Chair of the Music Faculty, at Phone: 312-341-4154. Phone: 312-341-4154. Screening begins February 15, 2015 and will continue until the position is filled. Roosevelt University is an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcomes women, LGBTQ, disabled, veterans, international and minority-classified individuals as applicants for all positions.
  • does anyone know about this position? Does is have anything to do with the core studies/secondary piano position posted earlier? It seems that they have a fairly high turnover rate...
    • My teacher forwarded me an e-mail from the chair of piano at Roosevelt. This would be a separate position from the core studies/secondary position, looking here for artist-teaching faculty. 
  • brand new position/phone interviews already being conducted
  • any updates on the Secondary Piano Search?
  • any news on this? Any finalists? and if so, how many? 
  • Yes, there are (impressive) finalists already
  • How many are there? Does anyone here know?
  • 3/4/15 - rejection e-mail for seconday piano position, x3
  • Conducting on-campus interview this week I believe
  • Any news on this search?
  • Bruce Berr was offered the secondary piano position.

San Diego State University- Assistant Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy (Deadline: Oct. 1, 2014)[]

  • Tenure-track faculty member at the assistant professor level for a Fall 2015 appointment. The position requires providing vision, teaching, and leadership for all aspects of the group piano program and piano curriculum, in addition to training the keyboard majors in the necessary skills required in both studio and group piano lessons. Responsibilities will include teaching undergraduate class piano courses to non-piano music majors, studio piano instruction of undergraduate and graduate piano majors, piano pedagogy courses, keyboard literature, and other teaching duties that match the candidate's qualifications, background, and interests. The position is expected to provide leadership for the group piano area, including assessment and curricular development and coordination and training of graduate assistants to teach group piano, in addition to the training of undergraduate and graduate piano majors in the art of teaching piano at all levels from be-ginning to advanced. The candidate will be expected to promote collaborative relationships across the School of Music and Dance, maintain active connections with community piano instructors and community college instructors, and participate in the recruitment/retention of outstanding students to the music program. Active and sustained involvement in professional growth beyond the university is required to obtain tenure and promotion, as is participation in faculty committees and governance. Appointment will be at the rank of assistant professor with salary commensurate with qualifications and experience. Qualifications: Earned doctorate in piano performance and/or piano pedagogy (or equivalent) is required. The successful candidate will possess teaching and performing abilities at the highest artistic level, a successful track record of studio and group piano instruction at the university level, a comprehensive knowledge of current piano pedagogy, and experience using technology in class piano instruction. Ability to implement assessment procedures to monitor student success and determine program effectiveness is required. Experience developing curriculum for music majors with varying backgrounds and professional goals is desired. The candidate must have a track record of professional engagement in the area of piano pedagogy and possess superior administrative and organizational skills. The candidate will have an ongoing commitment to advancing the profession as reflected in an active research agenda in keyboard pedagogy and performance in the field. Additional evidence of expertise in collaborative piano, early keyboard music or twentieth century performance practice and/or music technology is welcome. Evidence of commitment to university, public school, and community collaborations is required. Rank: Asst. Professor. Start Date: 08/17/2015. Screening for the position will begin on October 1, 2014 and continue until the position is filled. Evidence of the earned doctorate should be in-hand at the start of the appointment. Applicants should apply via Interfolio at: Please submit the following required application materials: Cover letter; Curriculum vita; Three current letters of reference that outline the candidate's fit for this position; Reference list of five individuals familiar with the candidate's current professional background and experience; URLs to online video clips (YouTube or Vimeo) of 20-30 minutes of material that (1) demonstrate the candidate's teaching skills and techniques and (2) a live solo piano performance of 3 contrasting selections from different style periods reflecting the candidate's repertoire strengths and interests. Candidates may also submit up to two additional URLs to online digital recordings of unedited (non-commercial) live performances demonstrating their performance skills. SDSU is a large, diverse, urban university and Hispanic-Serving Institution with a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence. Our campus community is diverse in many ways, including race, religion, color, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, pregnancy, medical condition, and covered veteran status. We strive to build and sustain a welcoming environment for all. SDSU is seeking applicants with demonstrated experience in and/or commitment to teaching and working effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds and members of underrepresented groups. SDSU is a Title IX, equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against persons on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and expression, marital status, age, disability, pregnancy, medical condition, or covered veteran status. The person holding this position is considered a "mandated reporter" under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act and is required to comply with the requirement set forth in CSU Executive Order 1083 as a condition of employment.
  • Anything happening with this?
  • I heard it is going to the insider--faux search.
  • That would explain why they rushed the process, giving some candidates very little time to prepare and the insider (Toni James) the most time to get ready. They knew from the start it would go to her.
  • so the decision has made for sure? Had a Skype interview in late October,but didn't have any communication ever since.
  • Many schools are now changing their faculty profile to include more ethnic diversification and piano searches at many universities recently have heavily favored recent graduates with an Asian background. Tina Chong was recently on campus and although she may have not been the strongest pianist and teacher of the four candidates, I would not be surprised if she were the one favored in this search..
  • ​Given the fact that only eight out of fifty-one candidates (or 15.7%) who won jobs last year (as per the 2014-2015 wiki) were of "an Asian background," I feel fairly safe in saying that it is my belief that this viewpoint is racist.
  • Wait, if this job were going to Toni then why are we talking about Tina? (I know her and she is a lovely person and pianist.) If anything, one might expect "affirmative action" among elite pianists to go to the *non*-Asians, since so many top pianists these days are Asian. But it's my belief that any sort of racial consideration is inherently racist. Alas, I am not the dean or affiliated with this school in any way. May the best pianist win.
  • Tina hasn't graduated yet I believe...ABD?
  • Ok, so I almost did not respond given the monumental silliness of some of the above posts. I happen to know Toni. We could be considered "competition" given that we play the same instrument. However, my sense of Toni is that she does not need a "handout". She is a superb musician, pianist and teacher (the very best at what she does) and if she won this job it is because she thoroughly deserved to. She is a pretty busy lady, finishing up a doctorate, touring with the hugely successful Neave Trio and somehow managing to apply, interview, perform and successfully be offered this job. The suggestion that she was offered preferential treatment or "more time to prepare" is inaccurate, if not offensive. Why not focus on the strengths Toni represents as an artist instead of pursuing the "sour grapes" route. Tina Chong is also a terrific artist and deserves to be recognised as such instead of discussed for her "Asian background". That is disgusting. Both Toni and Tina deserve better than your obvious prejudices.

Shenandoah University - Assistant or Associate Professor of Piano (Deadline: November 21, 2014)[]

Southwestern Oklahoma State University - Assistant Professor of Studio Piano and Music Theory (Review of application starts immediately)[]

  • any news here yet???
  • I heard they are interviewing candidates 
  • references being contacted
  • someone was offered the position
  • Congratulations, Jonathan Joong-Han Jung!

Sam Houston State University: Piano Accompanist (fulltime) (open until filled, posted 6/23/15)[]

St. Cloud State University: Assistant Professor of Applied Piano/Class Piano/Collaborative Piano (deadline: 6/1/15)[]

  • Has anyone heard anything? 
  • Is anything going on with this? 

Sul Ross State University: Director of Piano Studies (open until filled, review began 4/1/15)[]

  • Middle of nowhere!

Towson University - Lecturer, Piano (Deadline Apr. 19. 2015)[]

  • I heard they are phone-interviewing some candidates 

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance (UK): Head of Piano/Keyboard Instruments (Deadline: 17 June 2015)[]

Truman State University: Staff Accompanist (fulltime) (open until filled, posted 6/25/15)[]

University of Alabama - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: Dec. 1, 2014)[]

  • This is a second attempt after a failed search a few years ago.  Prior search was for tenured faculty member at the Associate level.  Very interesting departmental atmosphere concerning the piano faculty there.  Tenure-track faculty beware.
  • This search actually had nothing to do with the prior failed search.  This was a search to replace someone who retired over the summer.  The failed search would have been a new position added to the department.
  • Additional materials were requested 1/28/15.
  • Interviews were scheduled by 2/16/15.
  • The last of three finalists visited on 3/6/15.
  • Internal candidate.
  • Possible second tenure-track hire for another retirement in May.

University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music - Assistant/Associate Professor of Piano[]


University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM)

Rank/Tenure commensurate with experience

The University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) seeks two (2) outstanding candidates with a strong records of teaching and performance for two (2) full-time tenure-track positions in Piano beginning in the fall semester, 2016. The Piano Department, a department within the Keyboard Division, offers the BM, MM, DMA and AD in piano at CCM, a premiere conservatory for the media and performing arts.
Responsibilities include applied studio teaching of piano; undergraduate or graduate courses in related subjects including, but not limited to Piano Literature and Chamber Music; maintaining a performance profile both on and off campus; participating in divisional, college and university-wide committees, and other service as deemed necessary by the division.

Position Qualification: Doctoral degree or the professional equivalent, plus evidence of extraordinary performing and teaching experience both nationally and internationally.

Terms of Appointment: Tenure-track at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor commensurate with experience. Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications. Appointment Date: August 15, 2016.  Deadline: Review of applications will begin September 30, 2015, but applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Applicants should submit their material electronically by accessing the University of Cincinnati’s Recruitment site and searching for position #5902. The application should have three parts:  Application (cover) letter; current curriculum vitae; summary page with contact information for three professional references,  and clearly defined links containing current performances and teaching examples. We will not accept CD’s or other forms of non-electronic media.

The University of Cincinnati is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer. Women, People of Color, persons with a disability, and Vietnam Era and veterans that are disabled are encouraged to apply. We are committed to increasing the diversity of the University community. Candidates who can contribute to that goal are encouraged to apply and to identify their strengths or experiences in this area.
Dr. Michelle Conda, Chair
Piano Search Committee
University of Cincinnati
5221 Mary Emery Hall
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0003 For more information:    

The University of Cincinnati is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer/ M/F/Vet/Disabled.

University of Colorado-Boulder: Assistant Professor/ Artist-Teacher of Piano []

  • Screening of applications will begin on October 15, 2014 and will continue until the position is filled. Application materials must be submitted through JobsatCU and will include a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, names and contact information for three letters of recommendation, and a document listing links to media recordings which must include professionally recorded CD-quality audio, as well as samples of live, unedited performances. Prepare your list of links/URLs as a Word document and upload as “Other” document under Required Documents—do not upload media files to JobsatCU.
  • Over 200 applications 
  • Is anything going on with this search? 
  • 3 finalists contacted.....I guess the search at Ithaca college and this are related. wink wink
  • You mean they are the SAME  3 finalists in both places?
  • J. Haygue, H. Park
    • ​Paik or Park?
    • This is confusing. Are these TWO of the three finalists? Who's the third? Isn't she a tenured professor in Ithaca? Is it Paik from CIM?
  • Yes, these are two of the three, but it's not Paik from CIM, but Park from Nevada.  Haygue is tenured at Ithaca; however, it's not uncommon for people who are tenured elsewhere to take a rank/pay cut for what one might perceive as a "better" gig.  This was the case last year with CCM/Lamazov.  
  • Thomas Rosenkranz is the third one.
  • So are Rosenkranz and Park also finalists at Ithaca? And what if Haygue gets this job? Then a second opening at Ithaca? Weird
    • Perhaps the person who made the first comment mistakenly thought that Haygue was definitely leaving and that's why there is a TT position open at Ithaca.
    • And the latest on this is...?  the quibble here about haygue getting the offer suddenly disappeared.
    • The latest on this is that they're still interviewing candidates. Two more were invited after the previous three, so it's possible that someone didn't take the offer or that none of the original three were offered the job.
    • Hayghe got the job.  She just announced it on Facebook (3/17).

University of Denver - Lecturer in Piano (Deadline: October 1st, 2014)[]

University of Memphis - Assistant Professor of Piano (Temporary one-year)[]

  • Eric Zuber posted on Facebook that he got it

University of Miami Frost School of Music (Deadline: Jan.31, 2015)[]

  • Didn't they just have a search last year? Did Evelyne Brancart not take the gig?
  • where is the job posting? any link? Thanks!
  • It's on CMS, and Brancart decided after less than one semester to go back to IU (LMAO).
  • How embarrasing. Conflict within the piano department? They just can't get it together. 
  • This is typical of UM - this should be a university with great pianists/violinists on the faculty and look what direction they have chosen.
  • She's done this before with other schools, but who knows if anything happened beyond history repeating itself.
  • Any updates with this search?
  • No campus visits as of 3/9.
  • Any news on phone/skype interviews?
  • Finalist #1: a Cliburn medalist from yesteryear.
  • Finalist #2: total BS.
  • What do you mean when you say "total BS"?  Unqualified?  Poor performer/teacher?  Personal/political connection to the department?
  • Finalist#3: a Chopin medalist from yesteryear.

University of Minnesota at Morris .[]

  • Full time tenure track position beginning on Aug 17, 2015.
  • Anything going on with this?
  • Phone interviews are happening the week of Jan. 13
  • Any updates on this?
  • Campus interviews scheduled for end of February/beginning of March
  • Any updates on the interviews?
  • Interviews were finished 3 1/2 weeks ago, but no word yet on results.
  • 4/2, Rejection e-mail
  • Was an Internal

University of Nebraska at Kearney: Staff Collaborative Pianist (Deadline: 1 July 2015)[]

University of Northern Colorado - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: Nov.15) []

University of South Florida - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: December 1st, 2014)[]

  • Is this a faux search? 
  • Absolutely.  
  • How so?
  • 2 internals.
  • Request for extra materials... (Jan. 12) x3
  • Some additional info on this search as it moves forward: I was a candidate for this job last year and had an extremely negative experience.  It didn't seem like a friendly place at all.  Apparently there were a number of tenure denials last year in addition to the failed search, and now it seems that someone from USF is attempting to whitewash the wikis for the releated searches in the Music Theory/Composition and Musicology/Ethnomusicology (here  and here).  Heads up!
  • Phone interviews made. Expecting finalists to be invited soon.
  • Finalists contacted.
  • Congratulatoins, Dr. Ko!

University of Tennessee - Director of Class Piano/Lecturer in Piano Pedagogy (Deadline: Oct. 10, 2014)[]

  • 1.5 year appointment, beginning January 2015.
  • Salary and fringe benefits are competitive and commensurate with rank and experience. The Knoxville campus of the University of Tennessee is seeking candidates who have the ability to contribute in meaningful ways to the diversity and intercultural goals of the University. Job duties include direct and supervise the class piano program. Teach courses in class piano and piano pedagogy. Supervise graduate students assigned to the class piano program. Doctorate in Piano Pedagogy/Performance preferred. Demonstrated success in teaching class piano and/or directing a class piano program at the collegiate level. Candidate must have a record of research pertinent to piano pedagogy/group piano. Start Date: Spring 2015. Send letter of application (no email applications), at least three current (within the last 12 months) letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae, and a recent CD and/or DVD recording of representative repertoire (indicating dates of performance) to: Secretary, Class Piano Search Committee, Natalie L. Haslam Music Center, Room 117B, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-2600. Deadline: October 10, 2014, or until position is filled. The University of Tennessee is an EEO/AA/Title VI/Title IX/Section 504/ADA/ADEA institution in the provision of its education and employment programs and services. All qualified applicants will receive equal consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, or covered veteran status.
  • 4 finalists.
  • The search committee has recommended a candidate.

University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley: Lecturer in Applied Piano (1-year) (Deadline: 18 July 2015)[]

University of the Incarnate Word: Instructor in Department of Music - Piano/Keyboard Skills (part-time) (Deadline: Posted 6/15, open until filled)[]

  • I got two phone calls in June from different committee members. Any other updates?

University of Toronto (Deadline Apr. 30. 2015)[]

  • Where is this posted? Is this "piano" job opening?
  • It's already off the website, probably an internal 
  • For what it's worth-this opening is likely due to a faculty member's failure to achieve tenure; an amazing performer IMO and from every account I've heard, a strong teacher.

University of Utah: Visiting Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline 6/1)[]

  • recording/lecture requested
  • rejection letter 6/8 (x2)

Any updates?

  • Final interview scheduled
  • Congratulations, Dr. Stephanie Neeman! 

University of Virginia: Instructor of Piano (deadline 5/10)[]

  • where is this posted??
  • click on the link above (it's on Higher Ed Jobs and also the UVA jobs site)
  • why is the deadline so soon? faux search?
  • 5/18 rejection letter 

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (Deadline: Nov. 3, 2014)[]

  • This is a tenure-track position, for class-piano teacher, curriculum designer, collaborative pianist. FYI: matches the biography of a current Lecturer on faculty here.
  • Any updates on this search?
  • Any movements on this search?
  • I was invited on campus. The search was cancelled on Friday due to the budget cuts. The entire UW system is under the hiring freeze....

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: Jan. 14, 2015)[]

  • Skype interview, Feb. 24. Guess they managed to save the line...

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: December 15, 2014)[]

  • Campus final interview scheduled
  • Just a "heads up" to anyone who's applied to ANY University of Wisconsin system school: $300 million of proposed budget cuts over the next two years has already spooked more than one campus into immediately terminating active searches.  I hope this doesn't apply to the openings I'm reading here, but applicants for the Wisconsin public university postings should probably keep apprised of the situation...
  • This position is not being filled at this time due to budget cuts.

Viterbo University - Assistant Professor-Piano (Deadline: Nov. 3, or until filled)[]

  • This is third time I see this advertisement within the past 12 month. What is going on with this position? 
  • First time was a failed search (uninterested in their candidates, or perhaps to get away with a cut in salary), second time hired someone for a trial run, this year, they're back trying for tenure track. 
  • If internal candidate has made friends on the faculty, done a decent job of teaching, and not brought shame on the institution, this will be a short search.
  • Their top candidate declined their offer and the other finalist wasn't the right fit (too old--so I was told), so they failed the search, hired a one-year, and are now re-searching the position.  It happens. 
  • 3/27 rejection letter
  • Someone was hired for the TT position this time (though I don't know their name).  Best wishes to whomever that is...rebuilding a piano program from pretty much nothing.
    • Best wishes, indeed - that's not the easiest thing to do at a small, private college!  
    • Well, it depends on the location too, but from what I understand, Viterbo is also sort of out in the middle of nowhere. So for a small, liberal arts college in the middle of nowhere in a cold state ... maintaining a piano program can be really difficult. And if the program pretty much has "died," trying to rebuild it would be next to impossible. I didn't apply to this position this year, so I'm not saying it out of jealousy or anything like that. I did work at a similar type of school in a similar situation, though, and I know how tough it could be!

Washington College: Instructor of Applied Piano/Class Piano/Collaborative Piano (part-time) (Deadline: Open until filled)[]

campus interview requested

Wayland Baptist University: Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: 14 June 2015)[]

Weber State University: Piano Instructor (Deadline: 11 June 2015)[]

teaching and performing video requested (x4)

Campus interview requested (x2)

Candidate selected. Congratulations, Shijun Wang! 

West Virginia State University: Instructor of Music/Piano (Term Appointment) (Deadline: 15 May 2015)[]

is it going to an internal?!

the situation is wired, at first this job was listed as part time, but it changed to full time just around this week... and as they already have an adjunct piano faculty there, is this job going to her actually?!?!

Anyone keeps an eye on this?

West Virginia University -- Assistant Professor of Music-Piano[]

  • Tenure-track appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor
  • The primary teaching assignment is applied piano at the undergraduate through doctoral levels, along with other piano-related courses according to the needs of the School of Music and the abilities and interests of the candidate. 
  • Anyone knows if there is an inside story to this one? Is it a real search?
  • Professor Christine Kefferstan recently died; perhaps this is what her position had been.
  • Any reason to doubt it's a real search? 
  • It seems real enough; there isn't an internal candidate and the position description matches the duties of a faculty member who appears to be of retirement age.
  • I can confirm, from a non-piano WVU faculty member, this search is due a sudden death. Seems very legitimate, though one wonders how they are filling her void, might there be an internal candidate not listed online? 
  • Anyone knows if there has been any updates on this?
    • The deadline was the 10th, so there will probably be some news before winter break
  • Any updates on this search?
  • i heard they were going to call some candidates. Does anyone knows if they have done that?
    • 15-minute phone interviews week of Feb. 16. x2
  • Campus interview scheduled. x2
  • Search failed.
  • Did they actually announce that it failed? Or how did you know? Did the selected candidate turn them down, or was nobody "good enough" for them?
  • They informed finalists over the phone that the search failed in early May.  No specific reason was given.  

Schools with Failed or Canceled Searches[]

Northern Kentucky University - Assistant Professor of Piano (Deadline: November 18th)[]

  • Thanks for your interest in the Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Piano at NKU. Unfortunately, we have just learned that the search has been suspended for the foreseeable future. We wish you the best of luck in your job search. (1/27/15)

Application and Interview Procedures[]

  • So, you have a doctoral degree in piano and are interested in teaching at a college or university?  Awesome!  Here is a short guide to applying for piano jobs:
  1. After reading the posting on CMS/HigherEd Jobs/The Chronicle, go to the school's music website.  Is there a Visiting Assistant Professor listed?  If so, this is possibly a pro forma search, whereupon you should skip directly to #11 on this list.  If you decide to try to unseat the internal or if it's a "clean" opening, proceed to #2.
  2. Prepare your CV, Cover Letter, Teaching Philosophy, and List of References.  Additionally, prepare a list of sample recordings in increments of 20-60 minutes, but do not submit this unless initially requested in the application procedures.  Your cover letter should address the following areas: your experience in higher education, a brief discussion of student success and recruitment, an overview of your professional performance/research profile, and why you are interested in this particular position.  If you've never had a job in higher education, outlay your recruitment strategy and play up other areas of your professional experience.  Finally, make sure to include the correct name and contact info of the school to which you're applying.  If you accidentally didn't swap out the information in your Cover Letter from another application and submitted your materials anyway, skip to #11.  If everything was correct in your materials (grammatically and otherwise), proceed to #3.
  3. Welcome to Purgatory!  Depending on the closing date and the number of applications, it's possible that you might not hear from the search committee anywhere from a few weeks to several months.  If the search committee contacts you, proceed to #4.  If not, skip to #11.
  4. Congratulations - you passed the paper round!  The search committee would like to hear samples of your performances!  Remember that list from #2?  Make sure that whatever you select is of high quality and has all the bases covered: a concerto, a few solos, and some collaborative/chamber playing.  Keep in mind that some search committee members might have strong prejudices about repertoire and could vote against you based solely on what you submitted rather than how you play it (it sucks, but it happens).  Thus, while your recordings should contain at least one non-standard selection, try to balance it with more canonic repertoire to assuage their fears that you have a personality. If the majority of the committee likes your playing, proceed to #5.  If not, skip to #11.
  5. Woot woot!  The search committee likes your playing enough to tolerate the sound of your voice!  Let's set up a phone interview!  Be prepared to verbalize your CV, teaching philosophy, recruitment strategy, and explain to the committee why, precisely, you want to teach in rural Montana.  The goal here is to see who can answer questions simply, directly, and with as little fluff as possible.  Don't quote Enlightenment philosophers; cite specific experiences and relate them to your strategy of building a piano program.  The committee will typically ask if you have any questions for them, so have one or two.  Proceed to #6.
  6. We're getting close to meeting people up close and personal!  Hooray!  Here's where it gets fun - the upper administration makes the final decision on which candidates to invite to campus, so even if you did everything correctly up until this point, it is quite possible that you won't be approved for a campus interview based on any number of insane factors ranging from where you went to school (some universities are against having too many people from one school on their faculty) to the fact that you only won the Bronze Medal, and not the Gold, in the Leeds Competition (bummer).  If you're approved for a campus interview, proceed to #7.  If not...well, you know where to go by now.
  7. YOU MADE IT TO CAMPUS!  This is truly an accomplishment these days - in a sea of overqualified candidates, making it to the finals of any job is a great sign of your career prospects.  At this point, there is one simple requirement to getting an offer: don't screw up.  Before we deal with what to deal with next, here's a sucker punch that most people don't expect: it's possible that the school will ask that you pay for your own travel expenses to the interview.  Unfortunately, many universities are limiting their travel budgets for searches and instead ask the candidate to purchase their own airfare with the promise of reimbursement (which may or may not happen - check the "Universities to Fear" page for the most up-to-date horror stories).  SOOOOOOO, after submitting your application, recordings, doing a phone interview, and paying anywhere from $500-$1000 of interview costs, it's time to get real.  When you finally get to show them your pearly whites in person, be prepared to do the following things:
    • Perform a recital of 20-45 minutes in length (some bigger schools might ask for an hour, although this is a relatively rare request).  If you're applying for jobs, you should have a program ready to go during the interview season of late January-mid April.  Ideally, play something that was not on your recording list to show the breadth of your repertoire.  Make sure that you do NOT go over the requested amount of time, as it is possible that someone might vote against you for not adhering to the interview guidelines.  Concerning programming, play what you play well and have played many times before - this is not a situation where you want to try out new repertoire for the first time unless you like living dangerously.  Some schools might also request that you play a collaborative selection with a member of their faculty.  Never played the Prokofiev Flute Sonata?  GET PRACTICING!  
    • Teach a masterclass for 2-3 students.  Pick your battles carefully when working with a student.  If someone needs help with their technique, address that; if someone doesn't know the background of the piece, talk about the historical context and/or style and work it into your comments.  Show that you are capable of addressing a wide range of problems and that you only scream at people when necessary (i.e., most of the time).  
    • Interview with the committee, the department chair/director, and the Dean.  With the committee, the questions will mostly deal with issues such as recruiting, working collegially with others ("Approximately how many lunches do you steal from the faculty fridge per week?"), and other nuts-and-bolts things.  With the upper administration, be prepared to discuss the more broad aspects of the position, such as community involvement, your multi-year plan, and your thoughts on the school's mission statement.  Some of these interviews might happen over meals, at which point you get to answer questions while everyone else enjoys a Grilled Chicken Southwestern Wrap.  If it takes place over dinner, try not to get TOO drunk, okay? 
    • Teach a class in a related area, such as piano pedagogy, chamber music/accompanying, history, or theory (if the position includes such duties).  They might give you a topic in advance.  If not, prepare a scholarly handout (avoid Wingdings font) and make sure that you engage the class as much as you lecture.
    • Generally speaking, be positive, make eye contact, and give direct answers to their questions.  Assuming that there is no internal, the big thing everyone is trying to figure out with finalists is whether or not they can work with you on a day-to-day basis.  Again, check off as many boxes as you can: no memory lapses in the recital, no students crying in the master class, no dumb jokes with the Dean, and don't throw a drink in anyone's face during dinner unless they deserve it.
  8. You're done!  Congratulations on making it through this unbelievably degrading process!  Go back to step #3, as it might be a few weeks before you hear any news.  If you get an offer, #9 is your next stop.  If not, keep going south.  
  9. "I GOT THE JOB?!???!!?!?  HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?!?!"  Well, you must have done SOMETHING right, because you beat out a highly qualified pool of sometimes as many as 200 applicants.  High fives!  Your negotiating power on salary, tenure, and other matters will depend on several things: whether you already have a job, how much they liked you, and if they see you as a long-term prospect.  If this is your first job, you'll likely have to take what they offer unless you can provide a compelling reason why you deserve a $10K travel budget.  If you're coming from another job, some schools will match your time towards tenure or kick you to the back of the line and make you start over.  Ultimately, it all depends on the institution.  Consider this the final test in the process - how you negotiate gives an administrator an idea of your overall collegiality, and pushing too hard might make them rescind their offer and extend it to another candidate.  If you and the administration come to an agreement on salary and other aspects, congratulations!  You're done!  Now, sit back and chill for a few years until someone retires from Eastman, whereupon you may proceed directly to #1.  In the meantime, head to a hard-earned and much-deserved #11.  
  10. "WHAT WENT WRONG?????????" If you didn't get the job and everything went well, who knows what happened.  It really could be anything - someone was mad that you didn't take the repeats in your Beethoven, the outfit you wore was scandalous, or the Dean was annoyed that you didn't have enough fundrasing experience.  If there was an internal candidate, at least you got to see how the process works and had a chance at running through everything for a clean search.  Making it to the finals of a job is no small feat, so chin up and get ready for the next one.  Also, #11 is your friend.  
  11. Have some Chopin.