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What's your status?[]

Currently in TT job:

PhD in hand, currently in non-TT job: 1

PhD in hand, currently unemployed: 1



ABD, but looking to defend this year: 1

ABD in non-TT job: 1

ABD, no defense, PhD this year: 1


Brazilianist: 3

European Portuguese: 2

Lusophone Africa: 2

Medieval / Renaissance:1


19th: 1

20th/21st: 1

Other? Define:

SLA/Pedagogy (language and culture): 1

Linguistics and sociolinguistics:

Language Background[]

Native speaker: 2

Non-native speaker: 3

Heritage speaker: 1


Columbia University - Lecturer (non-TT) in Portuguese

Cornell University - Assistant Professor of Portuguese

  • Acknowledgement sent via e-mail in late October
  • Phone contact on 12/20 to set up MLA interview
  • Second had: 2 campus visits scheduled (1/27)
  • Offer extended to firs candidate.

Dartmouth College - Assistant Professor of Portuguese

  • MLA interview (12/8 email) x2
  • second hand: 4 campus visits (1/27)
  • First hand: Had my campus visit already. Total 4 campus visits were scheduled. Last visit takes place 2/14, first offer will be made by 2/18.
  • Offer made and accepted.

Florida International University - Assistant Professor of Portuguese

  • Second hand, interview scheduled. (12/14)

Macalester College - Assistant Professor, focus Brazil

  • They had phone interviews (second hand). Phone inter. (first hand) - From the "Spanish 2010-2011" wiki page.

Middlebury - One-year, non-TT position - Visiting Assistant Prof. of Portuguese (PhD in hand) or Visiting Instructor (ABD)

  • Acknowledgement sent 12/01/2010 via snail mail
  • They indicate that a shortlist should be prepared by mid-December
  • MLA interview, email contact (12/14) x2.
  • Phone contact on 12/16 to firm up MLA interview slots.

New York University - Two (2) full-time (non-TT) lecturers in Spanish and Portuguese

Temple University - Assistant Professor of Portuguese and Spanish

  • Second hand, already carried out phone interview (before 12/14) - From the "Spanish 2010-2011" wiki page.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Open-rank tenure line in Brazilian and Afro-Lusophone Studies

  • Acknowledgement via e-mail on 11/08/2010
  • Second-hand: campus visits scheduled

University of New Mexico Albuquerque - Assistant Professor of Portuguese

  • Acknowledgement via e-mail on 12/02/2010
  • Phone interviews already carried out (second-hand, see also "Spanish 2010-2011").
  • Candidate already offered position

University of Oklahoma, School of International and Area Studies - Assistant Professor of Brazilian Studies (field open)

  • Acknowledgement sent 10/27 via snail-mail

University of Pennsylvania - One-year, non-TT position - Lecturer in Portuguese

US Military Academy - Instructor / Assistant Professor of Portuguese (3-year appointment---non TT, non-renewable)

Interviews scheduled[]

  • Dartmouth College - MLA interviews scheduled (updated 12/15)
  • Middlebury College (non-TT) - MLA interviews scheduled (updated 12/15)

Campus visits scheduled[]

  • Macalester--interviews last two weeks (updated Dec. 12)
  • Dartmouth College (TT Portuguese position) - Campus interviews scheduled (1/23) - From the Spanish 2010-2011 page
  • Cornell University - campus visits schedule (1/26)
  • Dartmouth College (TT Portuguese position) - Last of 4 campus visits scheduled for Monday 2/14/11. Faculty selects first choice finalist during S&P Dept. meeting Wednesday, offer most likely will be made to that individual by end of week. Second hand: offer made and accepted.

Offers extended / accepted[]

  • Macalester: Offer extended - Source: Spanish 2010-2011 wiki page
  • Middlebury (1-year VAP, Portuguese): Offer accepted - Source: Spanish 2010-2011 wiki page

Word on the street[]

This wiki page should be cross-referenced with Spanish 2010-2011, considering that there are always TT slots for candidates doing both Spanish/Portuguese, and/or Latin Americanists who incorporate Brazil.

Relevant reading / viewing[]