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It doesn't seem like too many people are using this site for public health jobs. I wonder if there is a way to get the word out about it, so more people would contribute.

  • Sometimes it just takes time for people to get used to seeing a wiki for fields that don't have one. Are there public health forums? You could post a link there. You could also populate this wiki with more info about the positions, and links to the positions.

Can anyone please share where I can find job descriptions of the positions on this page? Thanks a lot!

So glad to see there's finally a wiki!  hope more people use it.

Many of these jobs will be here:


Clemson University - Department of Public Health[]

  • application submitted (12/2012); acknowledgement e-mail (1/2013)
  • received letter notifying me that I was not selected for short list (3/2013) (x2)

East Carolina School of Medicine - Department of Public Health[]

Jan 2013: Phone interivew invite (x2)

Jan 2013: Completed 30 minute phone interview

Did anyone hear back about campus interviews?

East Tennessee State University - Department of Community and Behavioral Health[]

Feb 2013: Department spoke with my references

March 2013: Invited for campus interview

April 2013: Completed campus interview

Indiana University - Purdue University School of Public Health[]

  • application submitted (12/2012) x2
  • "after reviewing the applications, yours was not selected for further consideration." (1/30/13) x3

Northwestern University - Feinberg School of Medicine, Institute for Public Health and Medicine[]

  • application submitted (12/2012); acknowledgement email 1/2013

Saginaw Valley State University - Health Science Department (search for public health faculty)[]

Dec 2012:  Completed 25 minute phone interview

March 2013: Invitation for campus visit

April 2013: Completed campus interview.  Offer made.  Offer declined.

State University of New York Downstate School of Public Health, Brooklyn (epidemiology)[]

July-Aug 2012:  Job talks.  Offer made.  Offer accepted.

State University of New York Downstate School of Public Health, Brooklyn (biostatistics)[]

Aug-Oct 2012:  Job talks.  Offer made.  Offer accepted

State University of New York Downstate School of Public Health, Brooklyn (health behavior)[]

Mar/April 2013:  3 candidates interviewed on campus. 

Stony Brook University Graduate Program in Public Health (biostatistics)[]

This tenure-line postion's original occupant left in Jan. 2011.  An offer was made but position was cut in May 2011 due to budget cuts, and shortly after the program director was replaced.  Ad for this position went out in fall 2012. 

University of Georgia School of Social Work & School of Public Health (joint appt)[]

  • invited for skype interview (2/6/13)
  • invited for campus interview (weeks of 2/25 or 3/4/13)

University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health - Community Health Sciences Division[]

Dec 2013:  phone interview. Jan 2013: Rejected by (polite) e-mail; did not make short-list of candidates (x5).  Position received 125 applicants, and 10 were interviewed by phone.

University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health - Epidemiology/Biostatistics[]

Mar 25, 2013:  rejection letter received.  Short list made.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst  - Community Health Education[]

Dec 2012: Phone interview

Rejection letter received 3/3

University of Michigan School of Public Health - Dept. of Behavior & Community Health[]

  • Rejection email (early 1/13) (x2, March 2013)

University of Nevada, Reno - Epidemiology[]

  • application submitted (1/2013)
  • Received rejection e-mail (4/2013)

University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health - Asst. Professor of Behavioral & Community Health Sciences[]

  • Rejection email, "search is closed" (12/2012)
  • I never heard anything beyond their request for demographic info. 

University of South Carolina, Arnold School of Public Health - Epidemiology[]

  • application submitted (1/2013)
  • received e-mail stating I was not selected for short list (2/2013)

University of Washington School of Public Health - Epidemiology; Global Health[]

March 2013: Notified by e-mail I was not selected for short-list

Applied Nov 2012, received letter of acknowedgement. May 2013: Notified by e-mail I was not selected for short-list

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Multiple Depts (Epi; Biostats; Policy/Administration; Environmental/Occupational Health)[]

  • Phone interviews occurring (January 2013)
  • On-site interviews occurring in February 2013

West Virginia School of Public Health - Multiple Depts (Epi; Health Policy; Social and Behavioral Sciences)[]

Jan 2013: rejection email "not a finalist"

From which department did the candidate receive the e-mail about not being a finalist?

Yale School of Public Health - Social & Behavioral Sciences[]

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus - Assistant or Associate in the Pediatric Injury Prevention, Education and Research (PIPER) Program[]

  • Application submitted (March 2013)