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This is the place for academic and research public health positions beginning in Fall of 2015.

Any academic jobs that are public health-related or that a PhD in a public health-related field (or a PhD with an MPH) might find interesting or relevant are welcome - including health psychology, medical sociology, medical anthropology, communication disorders/audiology, public policy, social work, etc., in addition to the traditional fields of epidemiology, biostatistics, etc.  We are a wide and interdisciplinary field.

When you list your posting, please include:

  • The university/institution and job title in the heading.  The headings are in "Heading 3".
    *A link to the entire job ad (you can link the heading).  Links to the original ad on the university/institution's website are best, but links to ads on aggregrators or professional orgs' websites are great too.
    *A short summary of the job ad.  You can use the position keys (next to the numbering key) to indent the summary.
    *The deadline, or date that application review begins
    *The start date, if it is earlier than Fall 2015.
    *Post any updates in bulleted lists underneath the summary

It is assumed that start dates are August/September 2015 unless otherwise noted.

Public Health[]

University of Nevada, Reno - Assistant Professor - Social Behavioral Health[]

Nine-month, tenure-track Assistant Professor of Social Behavioral Health in the School of Community Health Sciences

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Global Health[]

Oregon State University - Assistant Professor - Global Health[]

Nine-month, tenure-track Assistant Professor of Global Health in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences

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McGill University Global Health Postdoctoral Fellowship[]

McGill Global Health Programs are now accepting applications for the Steinberg Global Health Postdoctoral Fellowships. Any entering or current McGill postdoctoral fellow pursuing research related to global health in low or middle income countries or among Aboriginal populations in Canada is eligible.

Deadline:  June 30th, 2015 at 5pm

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