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Updated: 03/17/09 1:33 PM (EST)

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Central European University (Budapest, speciality in genders and sexualities) Due 10/30

  • Email rejection (3/4)

Colby Due 11/15

  • Ack. by USPS, 11/19
  • Rec'd email asking whether I'd be at MLA or AHA (12/10)
  • but no interview request? (12/11)
  • Request for MLA interview (12/11) (x2). I didn't receive the preliminary email asking whether I'd be at one of the conferences, but maybe that's because I had indicated that I would be at the MLA in my application letter.
  • Q. Are people updating both this page and the Women's Studies_Area Studies wiki? I'm wondering whether the updates here are duplicates of what people write there.
    • A: I've been posting on both.
  • Can you post the link to the Women's Studies wiki site? (I can't find it.) Thanks.
  • Here it is:
    • If you go to the bar on the left, under "Mini Wikis," the drop box offers "AcademicJobSearch" as a link. That will take you to all the disciplines listed on this wiki.
    • Thanks for the link! (you opened a whole other world of distractions for me.)

CSULA Due 11/26

  • Does anyone know if this search is still going on? I noticed that they have an ethnic lit. search with the same deadline and have already set up interviews.
  • Phone interview scheduled (12/12) (X5)
  • Writing Sample Request (1/05) x2
  • Thanks for the update. Did you have a phone interview prior to this WS request? If so, did the committee suggest in the request that they'd narrowed their pool?
  • Yes, I had a phone interview. The email didn't mention anything about the pool having been narrowed, so I'm not certain what, if anything, to make of this request. (x2)
  • Campus visit scheduled today for Cal State LA's US Ethnic Lit Job? Any word on this one? (1/9)
  • Yes, campus visit scheduled (1/9)
  • This position and all of CSULA's other English positions were reposted on today. Any news on why?
  • Campus visit scheduled (1/30)
  • Did the person who received a campus visit invite on 1/30 also receive a WS request earlier? And any news from the person who received the visit invite on 1/9? Thanks.
  • Yes, 1/30 person received a writing sample request.
  • Offer made (2/19)
  • Offer accepted (3/3)

Emory Due 12/1

  • Search put on hold, 11/20
  • Can I ask what the source of this info is, and when they might make the final call?
  • I received an email from the chair explaining that they put the search on hold for financial reasons. Here's part of what the email said, "Until we know the full extent of these unusual fiscal circumstances, our administration has asked us to put our search process on hold. We don't yet have a good sense of the length of this delay, but if we are able to continue, we will contact you to ask if we may still give your application the full and complete attention it deserves."

LSU Due 10/31. Joint appointment with English Dept

  • Ack. Recp. via e-mail, 11/15.
  • Writing sample request 11/24 (x5)
  • MLA Interview scheduled 12.9 12/10
  • Did they call or email? Thanks.

Called. Great Southern accent. So, how did it go?

  • Generic rejection via email (1/8 x2)
  • Pardon if this is distressing, but did you have an interview at MLA before you received the rejection? A: No.
  • Search is now "in abeyance." Sigh...

Michigan Due 11/15

Minnesota Due 11/7

New Hampshire Due 11/20

  • dossier request 12/9

What time of day did the request come, and how did you hear from them? Thanks! A: phone call at around 1pm CST

Did anyone else get a request for a dossier? Given that they asked for the names and contact info for our recommenders, I was wondering if anyone knew if they were contacting recommenders directly where possible, and only asking for a dossier from people whose recommenders they could not reach? Has anyone heard if their recommenders were contacted by the SC? Should we take the fact that a dossier wasn't requested as a sign that we're no longer being considered for this position?

  • No request here, no call either (12/12)
  • I received two phone calls and an email early this week saying that they'd like to interview me and that my letters were missing. Maybe they forgot that they didn't request letters, only names of references. In any event, they were cool with the information being faxed or emailed. None of my recommenders mentioned being contacted by the search committee. (12/12)
  • Congratulations on the interview! Were you the one who noted the dossier request on this site originally?
  • No, it wasn't me. I've been so busy with postdoc applications that I didn't notice that they were taking a long time! Thanks for the congratulations. I hope you have great luck with the market. (12/12)
  • My experience was the same as the previous poster - got a phone call saying they were "very interested in me" and that they never rec'd my dossier. (i'm the one who originally noted the dossier request). they sounded like they'd expected to receive a dossier...even though the posting didn't ask for one. (12/13)
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/15 (x2)

Please let us know how it went at MLA...

  • UNH sounds like an incredible place to work. The interviewers were friendly, funny, and smart and asked lots of questions about course development and student mentorship. They're really interested in mentoring junior faculty and even did some mentoring during the interview. Due to the budget, the job has been converted to a one year appointment with plans to hopefully change it to tenure-track, and they were very upfront about what this means. I would be happy to work with them for a year even if it meant that I'd have to go back out on the market. UNH is just that great! I also got further confirmation of their niftiness from a new professor there who didn't interview me but who was at MLA. (1/7)
  • Campus visit scheduled (1/21)
  • I would seriously caution anyone entertaining the possibility of going to UNH. I went through the interview process and was in talks with one of the committee members who was not only insulting and officious, but the offer was nearly 20k than what I am getting now as an ABD instructor who will defend in April. They did offer the caveat that I could adjunct to "make up" the difference to bring it to a still less than livable wage. We all understand that in this current economic environment hard choices are being made, but what you "live with" should be "livable." The head of the search committee, after asking me if the "salary" was a problem, felt it necessary to add "Well, some of the other candidates don't have a problem with the money." When I asked about supplementing the income, I was informed that other teaching could be offered. So... full load teaching, and still not making enough to pay rent, loans, etc? What concerns me most is the unabashed rudeness and complete disrespect for me and my work. After apparently interviewing successfully with them at MLA, I found that I was being reassessed by the "smaller committee" before being presented to the larger search committee of eight members. If you are going to apply for a "joint appointment" that means dealing with twice the personalities and dysfunction. Buyer beware. If my experience is an any indication of their "practices," think twice.


  • I (thought) I had a great interview at MLA, but haven't heard about a campus visit yet. Does anyone know, are they finished scheduling fly backs? (2/3)
  • campus visit scheduled on 2/3. I'm not sure if they're finished scheduling campus visits...sorry.
  • How are the campus visits going? (2/24)
  • offer extended and accepted. (3/12)

Oberlin--Comparative American Studies/Queer Studies and Comparative Race/Ethnicity Due 02/15/09

Occidental Due 10/31

  • Syllabus requested, 11/20
  • Other women's studies wiki says they have started inviting candidates for campus visit. 12/10

Ohio State Due 09/17

Phone interview, 3rd week of November

Campus call back scheduled for early January (11/24)

Funding withdrawn, job cancelled (1/23)

Purdue Due 10/15 Ack: 10/28

Phone interview scheduled 11/19 (x2) Rejection letter via post 1/24

Scripps Due 11/1 10/30: chair of search committee confirmed via email that Scripps search is postponed til next year

SFSU Due 10/1

St. Mary's College of Maryland

  • Ack. Recp. via e-mail, 11/19.
  • Looking for this ad everywhere to submit application. No trace. Any word on whether search is continuing?

A: I just received an email from the SC Chair that the search is on hold until next year (budgetary freeze).

  • But if you request it, they will keep the applications sent in this year on file for next year's search.
  • Same e-mail received, 12/3.

UNC Greensboro Due 10/20

U Illinois Chicago Due 12/1 Search Canceled. Notified by email.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Due 12/1

University of Utah (joint appointment in english specialties in gender, asian american, or film) Due 11/7

  • Did anyone else apply to this position? I got a writing sample request, but have heard nothing.
    • I also got a writing sample request, and haven't heard anything since.
  • this job was CANCELLED--email received 12/19

Wisconsin, La Crosse Due 11/17

  • Does anyone have any news on this job?
  • Still no news as of 3/5
  • According to the Women's Studies area page, someone got a rejection letter 3/27. No news or rejection here 4/17

Yale University (2-year visiting position in LGBT studies) Due 1/8

  • Request to see more writing (2/3)
  • Campus visit scheduled (2/11)
  • Congrats! Had you received a request for more writing? Any idea how many people they're bringing to campus?
  • Thanks. I hadn't received a request for more writing; and I'm not sure how many people they are interviewing.
    • Would you be willing to share what discipline you're in? Sure. Art History/Performance Studies/Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. All my best to you and all of us on the job market this year.
    • rejection letter 3/9