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  • I thought names were not usually put up on these lists -- to allow folks to negotiate or hide from their home departments without external influence. Am I wrong? Or is that only pre-acceptance? Asking out of ignorance -- opinions?
    • I'd say there is nothing to hide once a person has officially accepted an offer. It is useful to know who has accepted a given job and there is no secret, ultimately, since they will appear on a departmental website sooner or later anyway. Listing the name here just lets everyone see which position was filled by whom. If someone is negotiating, then they shouldn't be considered to have officially accepted. I've listed names in the list only where the search committees themselves have declared that the person in question has accepted.

Albion College - Asian Religion

  • search downgraded to one year visiting position
  • offer made and accepted for one year visiting position (3/20/09)

Augustana College (SD) - Theology (2-year Visiting Assistant)

  • rejection letter received, offer made and accepted (6/16/09)

Austin College - Asian Religion

  • offer made (early January)

Boston College School of Theology and Ministry – Catholic Systematics (Christology)

  • position filled (March 1st)

Boston University - Religion and Literary Arts

  • rejection letter received (Nov. 15)

Brite Divinity School

  • email received (1/2009) stating that search was postponed due to budget tightening

Bucknell University - Religion and the Americas

  • Initial interviews took place at AAR, heard campus interviews were scheduled for this month. (what month??)
    • My guess is December?
  • heard an offer was made (end of Dec) (any idea whether it was accepted and by whom?)--don't know and a candidate from UNC (says 2nd hand sources)
  • rejection email received (1/21)

California Lutheran University - South and/or East Asian Religions

  • Campus interviews held (December)
  • Offer made, rejection by phone call (2/4)

Canisius College - Catholic Systematic Theology

  • Search suspended due to economic downturn. (12/5)

Carleton University - Islam

Catholic University of America - Ecclesiology

Central Michigan University-non tenure position in Race & Religion

Central Washington University - Philosophy of Religion

  • Phone interviews scheduled for early December
  • Search suspended due to economic downturn. (12/4)
  • Search cancelled (12/19)

Claremont McKenna College- visiting position in religious studies

  • Rejection email received, offer made and accepted (5/6)

Cleveland State University - Asian Religions

  • Job offered, verbal acceptance (12/19) (who is hired??)
    • Most people either don't know or won't say who has been hired. If they knew or would say, they would have posted it already.
  • Rejection letter received (01/13) x2

Cleveland State University - Religion in America

  • Initial interviews at AAR
  • Campus Interviews (November/Early December)
  • Job offered and accepted by Stephen C. Taysom (Ph.D., Indiana)(12/6) (by whom??)
  • Rejection letter received (01/13) x2

College of Wooster - South or East Asian Religions

  • offer made (mid-December, or so I have hear
  • Rejection Letter Received: Search suspended until next year

College of Wooster- visiting position

Columbia - Philosophy of Religions

  • Search suspended due to financial crisis -- 2/2
    • Cancelled, not suspended - they made it clear they're not going to be hiring anyone for this job in the near future.

Columbia - Religion and African-American Studies

  • Campus interviews in Feb

Columbia - Post-Talmudic Judaism

  • Campus interviews in March

Dalhousie University - Asian Religions

  • Rejection letter Dec. 16
  • Hire made (Dr. Christopher Austin)

Denison University - American Religions

  • Initial interviews at AAR
  • Rejection letter late November
  • Campus interviews late Jan-early Feb
  • Anyone know if an offer was made? (2/20)

Drake University - Religion

Duke University - Buddhism in China or Korea

Duquesne University - Christology

  • Rejection letters (November)

Eckerd College - Asian Religions

  • Initial interview at AAR
  • Campus interviews set (February)
  • Offer made and accepted, February 14

Elon University - Hinduism and S. Asia

  • Rejection letter 11/24/09, say interviewing candidates in Feb. 2010

Elon University - Religious Studies (1-year)

  • Rejection letter (3/28) '

George Mason University - Sociology of Religion

  • Preliminary interviews at both AAR and ASR
  • Does anyone know what ever happened with this search? Did it proceed? get canceled?

George Washington University - Religious Ethics and Peace Studies

Georgetown University - Comparative Religious Ethics

  • Initial interviews at AAR

Georgia Gwinnett College - World Religions

  • Phone interview scheduled (2/9)

Georgia State University - American Religions

  • Initial interviews at AAR
  • Campus interviews December
  • Heard offer was made...any word on this?
  • Yes, offer made and accepted.
  • New Hire is Isaac Weiner, UNC

Georgia State University - Early Christianity, Indigenous Traditions, or Buddhism

  • Received an email from GSU 1/09 about a second TT position that has recently opened
  • Position advertisement now appears on Chronicle Careers (1/19)

Goucher College - Religion and the Social Sciences

Hamilton College - Indigenous Studies Any other news on this search? Did they interview at AAR?

Harvey Mudd College - Religious Studies (general)

  • Campus interviews initiated (11/17)
  • offer made and accepted --Erika Dyson, Columbia

Hope College - World Religions

  • Rejection letter (11/28)

Ithaca College - World Religions

  • search suspended
  • e-mail (Jan 23) indicating position has been converted to one-year appt.

James Madison University - Global Christianity

  • Phone interview (11/8)

King's University College at the University of Western Ontario - Three positions: Catholic Studies, Jewish Studies, Islamic Studies

  • Initial interviews at AAR; on-campus interviews started in late November; Islamic Studies interviews in January
  • Jewish Studies position filled; Catholic Studies position description being re-written, search again next year.

Lafayette College - Religious Studies (2-year Visiting Assistant Professor)

  • Rejection email (3/27)

Meredith College - World Religions

Methodist University - Religion

  • Phone interview (1/9)
  • Hire made (date?) Jeremy Hustwit

Miami University - Visiting Instructor or Visiting Assistant Professor, Islam (job posted 3/14)

  • Offer made and accepted (5/4)

Miami University - Visiting Instructor or Visiting Assistant Professor, Ancient Judaism / Rabbinics, job posted (3/1 )

  • Telephone interview scheduled (4/6)
  • Telephone interview scheduled (4/23)
  • Offer made and accepted (4/27)

Misericordia University - Religious Studies/Global Chrisitanity (non-tenure track)

  • campus interviews scheduled (5/14)

Mississippi State University - Asian Religions and Religious Ethics

  • offer made and accepted (2/7)

Missouri Western State University - Philosophy/Religious Studies

  • Rejection letter (3/9)

Moravian College - Islam or Asian Religion

  • rejection letter received (Jan 29)

Muhlenberg College - Indigenous Religions / Ritual Studies

  • Rejection letter (11/25)

Naropa University - Religious Studies

New College of Florida - VAP in Religious Studies

  • campus interview scheduled (4/30)
  • offer accepted by Heather White

New York University - Islam

Oregon State University - Comparative Religions

  • Hire made (Jan. 24)

Princeton University - Stewart Postdoctoral Fellowships

  • Campus interviews scheduled and underway
  • offer accepted- field is Latino/a studies & relig
  • Two offers were made and accepted. The other is in early modern Christianity

Providence College

  • Rejection received by mail (2/28); according to letter, three finalists invited to campus

Rhodes College - Theology - 1-year

  • Rejection letter, position filled (4/27)

Rice University - Religious thought

  • Any news here?
  • Offer made and accepted -- Claire Fanger

Ripon College - Postdoc in Asian Religions

  • Phone interviews beginning (1/27)
  • Campus interviews set for late March/early April
  • Campus visit scheduled (2/15)

Rutgers - Religion in Modern America

  • Preliminary Interviews at the AAR
  • Campus interviews initiated (11/25)
  • I hear the search was postponed? (Dec) Yes -- postponed just after offer was made for a campus interview. Letter received (11/11).

Siena College - South or East Asian Religions

  • Campus interviews initiated, (11/17)
  • Search suspended due to financial crisis (Dec. 17)

Skidmore College - Islam and/or Christianity

Southwestern University - American Religions

  • rejection e-mail received stating position has been filled (Jan 29)

St. Ambrose University - Catholic Systematic Theology

  • Initial interviews at AAR; some faculty resumé checking and e-mailing going on in early December. Phone interviews mid-December.
  • Phone interviews conducted mid-December. Expect to issue invitations for campus visits in mid-January, with campus interviews taking place in late Jan/early Feb
  • Invitations for campus interviews also issued in mid-December, just after phone interviews were conducted.

St. Benedict's College - Spirituality

  • Rejection letters (11/15)

St. Edward's University - Christianity in Global Context

  • Does anyone know anything about this one?
  • Position canceled, budget (3/25)

St. Mary's College - (Notre Dame, IN) Religious Ethics 1-year

  • Position filled, Jessica Wrobleski (Yale, Ph.D. 2009) (3/18)

St. Mary's University of Kansas - Catholic Theology

  • Phone interviews mid-October.
  • Campus interviews scheduled for mid- to late Jan 2009
  • Position filled.

St. Michael's College - Christianity

  • Position no longer listed on St. Michael's HR webpage (12/24). Possibly cancelled? Other positions with similar search dates are still listed there
    • Not cancelled; filled. Email received 1/09
    • Filled by whom?

Temple University - Chinese Religions

  • Prelim interviews at AAR
  • Position filled

Texas Christian University - Religion and Visual Culture

  • Any information on this from anyone?

Towson University - Buddhism

  • Phone interview scheduled (1/27) (x2)

Towson (Women's Studies) - Women and Religion in Global Context

  • I'm fairly certain this has been filled.
    • Rejection letter received (2/10)

Transylvania University - World Religions/History of Religion

  • rejection e-mail received Dec. 30
  • hired Carole Barnsley (ABD) - Dec. 30

Trinity University, TX -- Religion in the U.S.

  • Prelim interviews at AAR
  • did not anticipate arranging campus interviews until after the New Year
  • campus interviews made for second week of November (they moved them up)
  • offer made and accepted 11/24/2008

University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa - African-American Religion and Lit

University of Alberta - South Asian Philosophy

  • Campus interview scheduled as of December

University of British Columbia - Chair in Buddhist Studies

  • Has anyone heard from them since acknlg of application months ago?

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Chinese Buddhism

  • Campus interviews scheduled as of December

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Southeast Asian Religions

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - South Asian Buddhism

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor- North American Religious History

  • Prelim AHA interviews scheduled
  • History wiki reports campus interviews scheduled (1/22)

University of Nebraska, Lincoln - Asian Religions

  • rejection letter received (Dec. 22)

University of North Carolina, Asheville - Religions of Asia

  • Prelim interviews at the AAR
  • Campus interviews cancelled, job accepted by someone, rejection letter received (Jan 23, 09)
  • They hired someone WITHOUT doing campus interviews??
    • Said they were low on funds (to do on campus interviews)

University of North Carolina, Charlotte - Modern Religious Culture

  • Preliminary interviews at the AAR
  • Offer made (to whom and was it accepted??)
  • Offer accepted
  • Rejection email 1/27 x2
  • Anyone know who got this one?

University of North Carolina, Wilmington - Asian Religions

  • Search canceled, mid Jan, due to economy

University of Oklahoma - Norman (American Studies) - Religious Experience in the US

  • Campus interviews scheduled (Dec)
  • Offer made (~12/18) Don't know to whom.
  • Rejection letter received (Jan. 16)

University of Oklahoma - Norman (Religious Studies) - Christian Tradition

  • Offer made and accepted: Brent Landau (Harvard Divinity School)

University of San Diego - History of Religions (China or Judaism)

  • Prelim interviews at the AAR
  • Campus interviews scheduled 12/10
  • Position filled

University of Saskatchewan - Asian Religions

  • Position accepted by SOAS London PhD

University of Scranton - Theology/World Christianity

University of the South

  • Anyone heard about this one?? Rejection letter received (March 23)

University of South Florida - Christian Studies

University of Sudbury - Religion and Modern Culture

University of Toronto - Religion and Globalization

  • short list made, campus interviews presently being organized (Jan. 25)

University of Vermont - one year lectureship in American Religion

University of Virginia - Islam

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee - South Asian Religions

University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point - NT/Early Christianity

  • Rejection letter (3/11)

Wabash College - Visiting Professor

Warren Wilson College - Asian Religions

  • Phone interviews scheduled (1/29)
  • 4 campus interviews scheduled (Feb. 19)

Washington University in St. Louis - Mellon Post Doc in East or South Asian Buddhism

  • Phone interviews conducted (3/18)

Webster University - World Religions

  • Rejection letter received (12/19)

Western Michigan University - Islam

Wilfrid Laurier University - Religion and the Arts

  • I heard they were checking references. (when??) -- End of November; but I also heard that they don't intend to seriously consider the applications until January.
  • short-list made (Jan. 24)

Wofford College - African or Asian Religions

  • Initial interviews at AAR

Yale - Modern Judaism

Yale Divinity - American Religious History

  • request for reference letters (1/13)
  • request for writing sample...did others get this request? (1/21) yes- (1/21). Me too (1/21).
  • acknowledgement letter (and AA card) dated 1/29 but received 2/9. Letter only says they are reviewing info (no timetable about interviews, etc).

Yale Divinity - Christian Ethics

  • four finalists announced in Q-Source, online newsletter, last month

Yale Divinity - Systematic Theology

  • Does anyone know who these finalists are?
  • Finalists are Christoph Schwoebel, Ian McFarland, Janet Soskice, and Oliver Davies