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Religious Studies 2009-2010

Please list advertised positions, with updates as they occur, including acknowledgments of receipt, phone interviews, campus interviews, offers, and names of those hired.

Just out of curiosity, how many people are using this site?  87

How many people using this board have had at least 1 phone/skype/conference interview? 36

How many people using this board have had at least 1 campus interview? 21

How many people using this board have had at least 1 job offer? 16

How many of those who have had interviews already have tenure track jobs? 4

How many of those who have received an offer already have a tenure track job (or tenure)? 1

How many already had tenure but were laid off for financial reasons? 1

Don't look now, but the listings for next year have already begun to appear:

Sub-fields of people using this site:

Comparative Religion: 1

Judaism: 6

Hebrew Bible: 12

New Testament: 3

Early Christianity: 2

New Testament and Early Christianity: 5

Medieval Christianity: 1

Late Medieval/Early Modern Christianity: 2

Islam: 1

Philosophy of Religion: 3

Buddhism: 4

South Asian religions: 7

American Religion: 11

Ethics: 1

Christian Theology: 3

Religious Movements: 1

Religion and Popular Culture: 1

World Christianity: 2

Alverno College (Milwaukee) - Catholic Theology and Biblical Studies (deadline 2/28)

  • Anyone hear anything? (4/13)
  • Rejection by snail mail (4/7)
  • The Biblical Studies and the Catholic Theology positions both went to recent graduates from the Marquette University program. (4/20)

Ambrose University College - Biblical Studies (deadline 01/05)

  • Interview held in the states, 01/10
  • Position filled, 02/09

Arizona State -- Near East, Hebrew, Hebrew Bible (deadline 12/31)

  • Acknowledgement of receipt (1/7)
    • by email?
    • Yep.(x3)
  • (1/13) initial acknowledgement email sent out on 1/7 lost in cyberspace. Re-sent by departmental administration.
    • Which department is the ackowledgment coming from? I still haven't received one and would like to contact them. Thanks!
    • SILC - but don't email the submission email as I don't think they are checking it - email chair of search committee, alberto dot acereda at asu dot edu
    • Thanks! I emailed SILC at asu dot edu and got confirmation, on Jan 21.
  • (1/24) campus interview scheduled
  • they've made an offer, though definitely not to me
  • despite being one of the finalists, I received a brief, completely impersonal rejection letter--definitely the same one sent to any old applicant. classy.

Ashland Theological Seminary - New Testament

  • Review of apps began  (11/1)
  • Got an e-mail back saying they would pick people to interview in December.  I think they backed out of SBL.
  • Was this a general email presumably to all applicants or a personal email responding to a question about SBL interviews, etc.?  
  • Personal e-mail asking specifically about interviews at SBL.
  • They did interview at SBL.
  • Has anyone heard if they have schedualed the on campus interviews yet?
  • I received a rejection letter 2/23

Avila University - Religious Studies/Comparative Religion

  • Acknowledgment of receipt by mail (10/21)
  • Contacted for phone interview (11/15)
  • Campus interview scheduled
  • letter that position has been filled (3/9)

Azusa Pacific University - School of Theology

  • Acknowledgement of receipt by mail (2/18)
  • Rejection letter by mail (3/4)

Bard College - Islam

  • AAR interview invitation (24 Oct) (x1)

Barnard College - Islam

  • Has anybody heard anything about interviews for Barnard? Will they interview at AAR or MESA?

        haven't heard anything from them as yet (27th Oct.)

  • nothing as of 10/30
  • still waiting...11/20
  • Should I assume that I'm not on the shortlist if I haven't heard back yet?
  • I haven't heard anything either. (11/27)
  • I haven't heard anything but in the letter they sent stating they had received my materials they said they would have a short list by about the time of the AAR.  I am assuming that they have contacted people on the short list by now.  Does anyone know if they interviewed at the AAR?
  • They did not interview at AAR or MESA. The letter they sent did not indicate that they would. (11/28)
  • Are they going to conduct interviews? Does anybody know? (12/1)
  • Job talks have been scheduled (12/1)
  • Talks were just scheduled for the middle of December; three candidates are giving talks.  Two have postdocs and one is an assistant professor elsewhere. 

Bates College - Judaism - Late Ancient or Medieval (Deadline 3/1) VAP Position - 1 Year

  • Invitation for video conference interview (3/19)
  • Offer made and accepted, per email received 3/21

Baylor - Constructive Theology

  • Email confirming application received

Baylor - World Religions

  • Phone interview scheduled (12/15)

Birmingham-Southern - South Asian Religions

  • AAR Interview Invitation (10/28) (x3)
  • Invitation for on-campus interview in December (11/20)
  • 3rd candidate's on-campus interview completed 1/13/10
  • Offer made and accepted (1/14)
  • Who was the offer made to? Would be nice to get a sense of what they were looking for. (x3)
  • Job went to Mark Knish, Arthaśāstra scholar from UT-Austin who was doing a p-doc at Ripon College. Don't know whether his position survived the recent budget cuts...looks fearful. Certainly looks like they were looking for a textualist.

Bradley University (Deadline 1/10) - Biblical Studies

  • Acknowledgment of receipt by mail - Oct. 15
  • Expect to identify finalists in early February and conclude search by late Feb/early March.
  • Has anyone had a preliminary interview yet? (1/30) Does anyone know anything? (2/4)
  • Contacted via email for a teleconference interview (2/4)
  • Rejection letter received (5/1)

Brown University- Religion and Critical Thought

  • App received email (16 Oct) (x1)
    • Any idea if interviews will be held at AAR?
    • No AAR interviews.
  • They are still reviewing apps so don't panic yet (as of 10/29)
  • Q: Where was this job posted? It is nowhere to be found on Brown's own Jobs page. Can someone post the specs and deadline?
    • It had been posted on the AAR online job page and the deadline was Oct 15. You have to go to the back issues section of the AAR page to see it, scroll down to the bottom of the current openings page and then search for positions advertised in September 2009.
  • According to the AAR rumor mill, the committee is meeting this week to choose candidates to invite to campus.
    • So they're skipping phone interviews?
    • They do not do AAR or phone interviews. Short list has been set and these will be called (sometime in the next week +) to set up an on-campus for after the New Year. There were 182 applicants (11/13) .
    • Thanks--do you know how many on the short list? (11/13).
    • Not yet. It is typically 3-5 (11/13).
  • Anyone hear either way? (11/19)
  • The pool included a wide range of folks at various stages (remember, 182 of them). I'm not a candidate but will post info as it becomes available b/c I think it is the right thing to do (although nothing personal will be posted, obviously).
  • The simple question is whether anyone can confirm if the people on the short-list were already contacted or not? (x2)
    • Yes, the shortlist has been contacted.
    • I was just informed by someone in the dept. that no one has been officially contacted as the dept awaits senior administration approval. Not sure where the previous poster got his/her info. (9 Dec)
    • Approval of short-list came down from on high today. Short-list will be contacted asap (today or tomorrow supposedly) (12/10)
  • OK...simple question once again: has the short list been contacted? (12/11)
    • I was told by the search chair today that they have invited candidates for campus interviews. So the rest of us can now go have a stiff drink and go to bed. (1/14)
  • candidates have been giving job talks and the faculty will convene on Feb 11 to discuss the candidates
  • offer made and accepted

Carleton- Global Christianity

  • App received email (6 Oct) (x1)
  • never got an app rec'd email; anyone else hear anything about AAR yet?
  • no word about AAR as of yet (29 Oct.)
  • Rejection letter received via mail (10/29) Final 12 applicants to be interviewed at AAR. (x1, nov 2)
  • still no word about AAR or rejection (31 Oct)
  • Post-AAR interview rejection letter saying on-campus candidates contacted (12/5)
  • For those who had AAR interviews, could you indicate what field you work in? The job description (as with Middlebury's position) was broad enough that I'm wondering what it was they were looking for.
  • I only had an AAR interview, but my work looks at Latin American and U.S. Latin@ religions.
  • The position has been filled. (2/19)
  • And the sub-field of the hired person is?

Central Michigan University - China or Japan/World Religions (Deadline: Feb 8) VAP Position 1 Year

  • Job offered and accepted (4/8)

Christian Brothers - Catholic Theology

  • they did interviews at AAR; has anyone heard since then? (12/8)
  • The position has been filled. (1/15)

Claremont School of Theology - Interreligious Education 

  • Acknowledgment of receipt via email (10/2)
  • 12/7: Rejection letter received (dated 12/2). 14 were interviewed by phone or at AAR, 3 invited to campus.
  • Any idea if an offer was made and/or accepted? If so, in what area does the person specialize? Any idea who it is?

Claremont School of Theology - Ethics of Globalization

  • 11/20 Phone interviews conducted.  
  • 12/21 Short list contacted. On campus visits January/February
  • 3/10 Offer Made and Accepted.

Coastal Carolina University - Asian Religion or Islam (deadline 2/28/2010)

  • Is this still open? It's not on the AAR (1/28)
  • Still listed on the University's employment page so I would say it is still open (1/28)

Coe College - Non-Western Religions (Deadline: Feb 26) VAP Position 1 Year

Colby College - Visiting Ass't Prof of Biblical Studies (deadline: 9/15)

  • SBL interview scheduled (via email 10/24) x3
  • I was told in my interview with them that they would wait until the end of January to start contacting their list of preferred candidates.  They want people's tenure-track possibilities to play out first, since this is a leave-replacement.
  • sounds reasonable, and a kind thing to do instead of just leaving you hanging!
  • on-campus interviews scheduled.
  • Offer made and accepted. (2/24)

College of Notre Dame at Maryland - Theology

  • Got a rejection email (12/10) (+1)

College of Saint Elizabeth - Theology

  • review of applications  starts immediately

College of William and Mary (Deadline: 11/2) - Christianity

  • email that the search has been canceled  (10/21) 

Concordia University (Deadline 2 Nov) - Sociology/Anthropology of Religion & Ethics (Dept. of Religion)

  • e-mail acknowledgement of receipt (Oct. 12)
  • invited for "informal" meeting at AAR (Oct. 31)
  • campus interview invite (12/16) (x2)

Concordia University (Deadline 2 Nov) - Christian Spirituality (Dept. of Theological Studies)

  • had to ask for an acknowledgement of receipt. Have heard nothing since  (11/15)
  • they conducted several interviews at AAR; heard nothing since (11/22)
  • rejection via email (12/21)
  • rejection by snail mail (2/25; no idea why this is 2 months after the above)
  • rejection by snail mail (2/15). maybe they forgot about us? or, more positively, were they on the fence about us? anyone know who they hired?

Creighton University - Theology (Comparative/Contextual)

  • Just received a letter indicating funding for the position was not approved; search canceled (11/23)  (x2)

Dartmouth College - Religions in America

  • AAR interview invitation (10/30) (x4)
  • Skype interview (11/29)
  • On-campus interview scheduled (12/11)
  • I know that at least one interview happened this week (1/21)
  • Did they tell you how many campus interviews they were doing or give you any sort of timeline on a decision?
  • My friend received an offer, I believe she accepted.
  • rejection letter received (3/10)

DePaul University - Catholic Studies (deadline Feb 1)

  • Does anyone have any information on this position? I applied but haven't heard anything (2/9)
  • Talked to the department; they are still reviewing apps (2/26)
  • Still in limbo; anyone else hear anything (3/8)
  • Still waiting? (4/12)
  • Still no news? Anyone? Bueller? (4/23)
  • Offer made and accepted (5/14).

Duke University Divinity School - Faculty Director for New Degree Initiatives/Theology (Deadline: 12/1)

  • Email that they have received materials and will begin reviewing applications more seriously in January. Next likely update is in mid-January (12/16)
    • [To the original poster: Any new updates? Jan. 28 can no longer be considered mid-Jan...(1/28)]
    • No, I've never heard anything from them.
    • Per the department, on campus interviews are on the brink of being scheduled. It was not divulged whether (or when) telephone interviews were conducted, if at all. (3/8)
  • Official letter by snail mail that position was filled, dated May 5, received May 7.

D'Youville College - World Religions (Deadline: Feb 1)

Eden Theological Seminary - Biblical Studies

  • Notified that they received my stuff and will be in contact soon. (11/17)
  • Interviewed at SBL
  • Additional preliminary interview scheduled, but final campus interviews will be scheduled after the preliminary interviews in January (12/16)
  • Final campus interviews scheduled (2/11)
  • Any more news on this job?

Elon - South Asian Religions (Deadline: 10/20)

  • Invitation to interview at AAR (11/1) x 2
  • Rejection received by snail mail today. (12/07)
  • Campus visit scheduled (12/1)
  • Offer made and accepted?
  • Didn't they already have someone teaching SA religions? Is this a second hire?
  • The SA religions person was a one-year hire. They had campus interviews 2 wks ago. Has an offer been made and accepted yet?
  • Maybe the job went to the one-year hire. 3/2
  • rejection letter received 3/8
  • Job went to VAP: Amy Allocco

Episcopal Divinity School - Religion&Society, History, Pastoral Theology

  • Rejection letter received by snail mail (12/4) x3

Fordham University - Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education - Christian Spirituality (deadline 2/28)

  • Any news? (4/12)
  • had interview in February, rejected, told search has been re-opened (4/14)

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary - Global Christianity & World Religions (deadline 2/1/2010)

  • notification of receipt via email 1/6
  • received notification of application materials and that they will make decisions later this winter
  • received rejection email and notification that they had hired someone less qualified than me

Georgia Gwinnett College - World Religion

  • Posted 10/13
    • Open rank position
    • Accepting applications until filled

Georgia State University - Islam (review begins 16 Oct)

  • App received email (14 Oct) (x1)
  • AAR interview invitation (31 Oct).

Gettysburg College - Religion in the Americas (Review begins 18 Jan)

  • Snail mail diversity form... so I guess they at least received my app (1/28)
  • Acknowledgment of receipt (app complete) w/diversity form (Jan. 28)
  • email request for phone interview. (Feb 3)
  • campus interview request (2/12)
  • offer made and accepted - PhD Yale (3/23)

Gonzaga University (Deadline 11/10) -- Hebrew Bible, Judaism

  • Acknowledgment via e-mail (10/28) , x2 (11/4)
  • SBL interview scheduled via phone  x2 (11/13), x1 (11/14)
  • Calls to six semi-finalists to set up phone interviews this coming week (12/11)
  • Top three finalists selected.

Gustavus Adolphus (Deadline: 10/15) - Hebrew Bible

  • SBL interview scheduled via email (11/8)
  • Received rejection letter (11/12) (11/13)
  • heard 2 finalists interviewed on campus; additional phone interviews. (around 12/12)
  • offer made to top choice -- declined (1/1)
  • Are they conducting any more interviews? (3/16)
  • I heard they hired visiting prof Jackson Couey for the tenure track.

High Point University - Comparative Religions (deadline 12/1/2009)

Hope College- World Religions

  • Interviewed at AAR (11/7)
  • Rejection Letter sent 11/19.  Not looking for NT/EC people.

Huron University - Comparative Religion & History (Deadline: Jan 31) VAP Position 3 Year

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (Deadline 12/15) Asian Religion

  • Announced on RISA-L - late October
  • Received a hard copy letter acknowledging receipt of materials (11/21)
  • Received a hard copy letter acknowledging receipt of materials (12/8) (x3)
  • Diversity survey via email (1/6)
  • Anybody have any further info on this job? (1/29/10) (x2)
  • Heard finalists intervviewed on campus (2/6/10)
  • offer made and and accepted?
  • yes, an offer has been made.
  • Accepted? If so, congratulations to the person concerned.
  • Official rejection letter received in the mail (2/22/10)
  • Position went to A. Jain

Indiana University-Bloomington (Deadline 2/15) American Religion

  • one year replacement position
  • rejection letter received (3/4)
  • offer has been made and accepted

Indiana University-Bloomington - Hebrew Bible/ancient Judaism (Deadline 4/15)

  • contacted via email for phone/skype interview (4/23)
  • Offer made.

Iowa State University - Religious Studies (Deadline 11/20)

  • E-mail: receipt of materials (9/25)
  • email saying search was cancelled (12/11) x2

Iowa Weselyan (Deadline: 11/6) - Bible, etc.

  • This is a repeat of a failed search from Spring 2009
    • failed due to budget issues or couldn't find appropriate candidate?
    • They interviewed 3 and made an offer to 1. That person eventually declined. It was so late in the year that they decided to start again this year. - per email received 7/2
  • Has anyone heard from Iowa Wesleyan yet? Nothing yet.
  • I inquired about an update by email on 12/8 but have not received a response.
  • They have it down to finalists for phone interviews (2/1/2010).
    • What is the source of this information? - Came from someone in the department through email, don't know if they have contacted anyone yet.
    • Email on 3/10/10 saying that position has been filled.

Ithaca College - World Religions

  • Rejection letter received by e-mail (Dec.23) - Merry Xmas!
  • E-mail indicated that offer had been made (Dec. 23)

Judson University (Deadline:11/3) - Old Testament

  • SBL interview invitation (11/5) (x3)
  • Notified via email that the pool of applicants has been narrowed down to six or so (12/4).  Committee will select two candidates to invite to campus sometime next week.
  • Notified via email that campus visits have been arranged (12/15)

Kalamazoo College (Deadline: 10/2) - Hebrew Bible/New Testament/Early Christianity/Second Temple

  • AAR interview invitation (10/18) (x5)
  • Now also scheduling SBL interviews for those not attending AAR.
  • How did they notify about this?  I haven't heard anything.
  • Email. SBL interview scheduled - 10/29. Had been asked on 10/18 for AAR interview.
  • On campus interview invitations have gone out.
  • Confirmed by email from search chair (12/9).
  • Offer accepted.

Kenyon College -- (Deadline: 11/20) Religion in the Americas and/or Africa (1 year)

  • AAR interview (11/7)
  • Anyone heard from them?
  • Nothing here. At the AAR interview I asked about their timeframe and got the impression they would wait for the TT posts to sort themselves out. It's just a guess, but they might not act 'til the new year.
  • On campus interview scheduled for January (12/24)
  • Offer made and accepted (2/10)

King's University College (Deadline 10/30)-Jewish Studies

  • Acknowledgment of receipt-Oct.29
  • Request for interview, Nov. 1
  • Rejection by email (12/17)
  • Offer made and accepted (3/3)

King's University College (Deadline 10/30)-Catholic Studies

  • Email acknowledgment of receipt -- Oct. 29
  • email received today - they have invited short list (3) for campus interviews. (12/7)
  • Rejection by email (12/16) (12/17) x1
  • Offer made and accepted (Mar. 1).

Knox College -- Religion and Culture

  • Acknowledgment of receipt -- Sept. 14
  • On-campus interviews scheduled for January (Dec. 18)
  • PFO received by e-mail (Feb. 9)
  • e-mail states that James Thrall has been hired (Feb. 9)

Lafayette (Deadline: 10/20) - African Religions

Lindenwood University - Religion (Biblical Studies/Christian theology)

  • invitation to AAR interview via email (11/4) x2
  • received letter "you have credentials that would be of considerable value" and we will be giving your application "serious attention" and if we decide to interview we will contact you (11/6)
  • Phone interview on 12/1.  
    • Is this a first interview, or a second interview after an AAR interview?
    • First.  Couldn't make it to AAR.
  • Has there been any word about on-campus interviews yet?
  • Was this ever filled? A different position was advertised on their website in March for Eastern religions.
  • Not sure - I was finally contacted about a campus interview in mid-March for the original position, but already had an offer on the table for another position, so I had to pull my name out of the hat at Lindenwood. In talking with the search committee chair, it sounded like they needed to fill two positions (the original position plus the Eastern religions position).

Loyola -- Judaism

  • Has anyone heard anything after the preliminary interview at AAR?
  • Refrences contacted (around 15/11) and phone interviews scheduled for candidates who were not at the AAR (early Dec.) -check the page of Jewish Studies- 
  • Short List Contacted (12/29). February on-campus interviews.
  • Offer made and declined -but only because a better fit was offered somewhere else. This is an excellent school with brilliant people (3/19).
  • Offer accepted

Luther College - Biblical Studies (Deadline 2/8) VAP Position

  • E-mail acknowledging receipt of application materials (1/22)
  • Invitation for a phone-interview (3/10)
  • Offer made and accepted (4/29)

Lynchburg College - Biblical Studies (Deadline 2/28)

  • Anyone heard anything from them yet? (3/11)
  • Rec'd an acknowledgement letter, signed by a different search chair than the one listed in the ad (3/25)
  • They are conducting phone interviews.
  • Weird. I just received a letter (dated 3/18) stating they expect to begin file reviews shortly and to complete the search within 2 months (3/27). Oh, also signed by a different chair . . . .
  • It *should* be a different chair than the one listed. The one in the ad is leaving for another job, and it's very bad form to be on the search, let alone as chair, for one's replacement.
  • So they would have started reviewing files after 3/18 and done so fast enough to be doing phone interviews before letters arrived on 3/27. I guess that's possible. Not likely, but possible.
  • They have completed their phone interviews.
  • Any news?
  • There have been on-campus interviews.

Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) - Post-doc Early Christianity

  • email acknowledgment of receipt - 10/5
  • email requesting additional info: transcripts and contact info for references (10/29)
  • SBL interview scheduled via email - 10/31
  • offer made (around 12/5)
  • So it looks like we have 2 offers for the same position. Maybe they had extra money and are offering 2?
  • Yes, 2 offers made.
  • And accepted.

Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) Tenure Track Old Testament with expertise in Rabbinic literature, including Midrash and Targum, as well as Talmud.

  • still searching (12/15)
  • 1/26 contacted for campus interview.
  • offer made and accepted.

Marymount Manhattan College - Judaism, Islam, Christianity (Deadline: Feb 15)

  • phone interviews (3/5)
  • Rejection letter (3/27) (x3)
  • Was an offer made? Accepted? If so, in what area of specialization?

McDaniel College - Islam

  • telephone interviews complete (12/17)

Middlebury College - Christianity

  • Acknowledgment of receipt by mail - Oct. 14
  • no news about AAR (oct. 31) x2; (nov. 2) x4
  • apparently, all selected for AAR interviews have been contacted (nov. 2)
  • i emailed the staff assistant and she told me that all those selected for interviews have been contacted.
  • 11/9 Rcvd. snail mail saying that apps are still being reviewed.  Letter dated 11/5.  So the above statement is a bit confusing.
    • x2...but I think the part about apps being reviewed might have been formulaic language that goes with their EEO sheet, which came with it. I doubt that they are still reviewing apps, but who knows?
  • 11/10 For what it's worth, I heard at AAR that they only interviewed folks with PhD already in hand. I'm still in Montreal, though, so I've not received any letter (or not not received it--as the case may be).--update: Received letter and form upon return. Looks like they're trying to get what stats they can before rejecting us!
  • Campus interview scheduled (Dec. 12)
  • For those who had AAR interviews, could you indicate what field you work in? The job description (as with Carleton's position) was broad enough that I'm wondering what it was they were looking for. R: I heard through the grapevine that they hired someone who specializes in the early modern period but who also has teaching experience in contemporary theology and global Christian missions.
  • Additional Skype/phone interviews scheduled for 2/8-12. (!)
  • Campus interview scheduled Feb. 25-26.
  • offer made and accepted in early March.

Middlebury College - Hinduism/South Asian

  • Acknowledgment of receipt - Oct. 4
  • AAR Interview Invitation (10/20) x 3
  • Has the short list been created? 12/19 
  • Invitation for an on-campus interview made before Thanksgiving -- not sure how many they are bringing to campus, but one of the interviewers contacted me by phone to schedule the campus visit
  • Has an offer been made and accepted? (1/18)
  • I got a letter today (2/16) saying that an offer had been made and accepted. The candidate they hired "closely meets the current and long term needs of both our Department and the College."
  • It appears that the offer was accepted. See:

Montana State - Bozeman (Deadline: 10/16) - Theory of Religion

  • Any word on this position? (11/2)
  • Haven't heard anything (11/3)
  • E-mail for arranging phone interviews the week of 11/6-11/13 (Received 11/3) X 2
  • Invited for a campus visit in December (11/16)  
    • [To the person that received an on-campus: were you South Asian Religion or Science and Religion?  At another school or new to the market?  Just curious to see what kind of candidates they were looking for, as the ad was quite broad.]
    • Response: I'm Asian Religions and at another school... [Thanks!  I'm a science and religion specialist, so it helps to know what they were looking for.  Best of luck!]
  • Received a nice e-mail informing me I was not selected for a campus visit. In this message they mentioned that they had 80 applicants for the position. (11/20)
  • Notified that offer has been made & accepted (1/10)

Mount Allison University (Deadline 11/06) - Eastern Religions (18 month term appointment)

  • Offer extended and accepted

Mount Marty College - Religious Studies and Philosophy

  • Review of applications "begins immediately" (position posted 3/31)

Mount Royal University - East or South Asian Religions (deadline 12/15)

  • Received a kind and informative e-mail saying that the funding for this position was cut at the provincial level (3/23)

New York Theological Seminary - New Testament

  • Anyone heard anything yet? I was contacted by the chair about a month ago, checking to see if I was going to complete my PhD this semester because they are only looking at people who have the PhD in hand. Two weeks ago, I received an email from the admin assistant saying they were still receiving and reviewing applications. Has anyone had a request for an interview yet?
  • Anything? Did anyone on here apply for this job?
  • Any news about interviews? (5/1)

Northwestern (Deadline: Oct 2) - Hebrew Bible

  • Acknowledgment of receipt - dated 10/19, received 10/30 (mine received around 10/5)
  • Has anyone heard anything new about this job?  Are they interviewing at SBL?
  • Heard from a colleague they are still reviewing applications
  • Asked for book-length writing sample. Q--When were you asked for the sample, and did they give you a deadline? Thanks!  A--They asked on 11/25.  Not sure what you mean by "deadline"; they asked me to send it within the next few days.  R--Thanks, yes, that's what I was asking; wow, this seems like a high bar for an assistant professor position. R -- Why would having a completed dissertation be a high bar for a top-20 research university? Seems reasonable to me.  R2--I concur, though I don't know if even a completed dissertation is enough for this position.  But hey, it's Northwestern, they can get whomever they want. R--I guess I had misunderstood "book-length writing sample" as "book manuscript or published book", rather than "dissertation". The latter seems quite reasonable to me, the former a high bar for a junior position, but reflective of the market.  R3--Well, they did ask me for the proofs of my book.  That's why I said "book-length writing sample."  Maybe if I were a grad student, they would've asked for the diss--don't know.
  • Contacted to set up on-campus interview (12/9)
  • Rejection letter. Says there are 4 finalists and 2 of them have already been invited for interviews.
    • Snail mail? When did it arrive? Thanks!
    • A: snail mail (postmark 1/4, date 12/15).
  • after two months of deliberations, they have finally chosen a winner
  • offer declined
  • Really? When did this occur?
  • Around the last week of April.

North Carolina Wesleyan College - Open/No Specification (Deadline: open until filled)

  • Ackowledgment of receipt (e-mail 1/28); (email 2/2)
  • Invitation for phone interview (e-mail 1/29)
  • Invitation for campus interview (e-mail 2/12)
  • Offer has been made (3/17)
  • And accepted (3/25)

Ohio Dominican University - Catholic Systematic and/or Pastoral Theology (Deadline 4/1)

  • Phone interviews 4/7.
  • Invitation for campus interview. 4/8

Ohio University - biblical studies, 1-year (Deadline 1/5)

  • Acknowledgment via email 01/04.
  • 125 Applicants. 10 will be interviewed. Only considering those with Ph.D in hand.(email response to query about receiving materials - 1/26/10)
  • You just asked if they'd received your materials, and they told you all these details? Odd. R. Yes, I suppose but I had sent my materials back in November and not heard back so I think that had something to do with it. The e-mail was also a rejection (letter to follow) because I am ABD so I think the explanation was to soften the blow. It also went on to say how the SCC felt bad about not keeping us all more in the loop etc.
  • If they're already letting people know they were rejected, then presumably they have also already contacted their 10.
  • Not necessarily. I was only told because I am ABD and I asked if they had my application. I think the SCC felt bad and so told me what was going on. He said that they had whittled down to the 10 on Monday so I don't think you should give up hope if you have not yet been contacted. It may take them a few days to get around to contacting people or even figuring out when they have time to do the interviews. Rejection letters are supposed to be coming in the next week or so. I don't think anyone else was rejected via e-mail. I just happened to ask the day after they had rejected me for being ABD! Hang in there! And, for what it's worth - I think it will be a great department to work with.
  • A friend of mine has received a request to interview with the committee (1/28)
  • Conducting phone/skype interviews today (1/29) and tomorrow (1/30). Will decide on finalists sometime next week (so they told me in my interview).
  • Any word here?
  • Offer made and accepted (sometime in April, I believe).

Our Lady of the Lake (Baton Rouge)- deadline Oct 30- Theology

  • Acknowledgment of receipt- Nov 30
  • Phone interview (Apr. 5) (x2)
  • Invited for a campus visit (Apr. 15)

Pacific Lutheran - Comparative Religion/Asian Religions

  • Acknowledgment of receipt - Oct. 7
  • Contacted for interview at AAR (10/18)
  • Rejection letter received (Nov. 2 )
  • Invited for a campus visit in December (Nov. 13) (x2)
  • Offer made (12/17) and accepted

Pacific Lutheran (Deadline: 10/15) - New Testament

  • Acknowledgment of receipt - Oct 15
  • Letter saying "we won't be interviewing you at SBL" - Nov 2 (x3)
  • Notification of SBL interview (Nov 5)
  • Rejection letter (Dec 12)
  • Offer made and accepted.

Phillips Theological Seminary - Hebrew Bible 

  • Contacted references mid-October
  • It appears that they have hired someone because they are no longer listing this job on their website and have just announced a new hire in HB/OT
  • Official rejection later stating they have hired Lisa W. Davison of Lynchburg College. (12/14)

Princeton - Religion in America

  • any news regarding interviews, etc yet? (12/11)
  • I've heard nothing, not even an acknowledgement. (01/20)
  • job talks completed in late January
  • They made an offer 2 weeks ago (2/19)

Rochester University Chinese Religions

  • Candidate called to interview at AAR (10/29)
  • Committee has met and made a short list (11/22)
  • Invited for a campus visit in December (11/25)
  • The Dept suspended the search, AGAIN. Ridiculous.

Rosemont College - Catholic Systematic Theology (OUF)

  • rejection letter (Mar. 17)


  • Acknowledgment of Receipt - Oct. 12
  • AAR interview invitation (10/30)
  • AAR interviews (11/7)
  • Rejection letter after AAR interview, said a short list has been created for campus interviews (11/13)

St. Joseph's College, Long Island - Religious Studies

  • notification of reciept via email (1/6)
  • campus visits scheduled for March, 3 candidates notified
  • offer made (4/5)

St. Meinrad's (Deadline:11/30) - Systematic Theology

  • informed by email and snail mail that all applicants will be informed of their status after Dec 10
  • Received via email kindest rejection yet (12/10)

Sacred Heart School of Theology (Deadline 12/1) - Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures

  • Campus interviews conducted

Santa Clara University - Social Scientific Study of Religion

  • Rejection letter received (Nov. 20) (x2)

Scranton (Deadline: 11/1) - Old Testament

  • SBL interview scheduled via email (x2 11/11, x1 11/12 )
  • An e-mail stating "A preliminary screening will be completed by approximately December 10, and you will be informed of your status when this process is completed." (If I didn't know through this website that they were interviewing at SBL, I would have interpreted this to mean "you're still in the running") (11/13)
  • On-campus visit scheduled via phone (12/1)
  • Rejection by mail (12/17)
  • Offer made and accepted (2/9)

Seattle Pacific University (Deadline 11/15) - Biblical Studies

  • Rejection received via email (11/17)
  • Offer made and accepted.

Seattle University (Deadline: 10/15) - New Testament & Christian Origins

  • Acknowledgment of receipt - Oct 15
  • Contacted for SBL interview - Oct 29
  • Interview (11/02)
  • Interviewed on 11/23.
  • Rejection received via email (12/9).

Seattle University (Dept. Theology) (Deadline: 10/15) - Hebrew Bible

  • Acknowledgment of receipt - Oct 9
  • 11/9 - received rejection email (x4)
  • joint SBL interview for both open positions in HB at Seattle (11/10)
  • Received rejection email (12/10)

Seattle University (School of Theology)  (Deadline:  10/15) - Hebrew Bible

  • SBL interview via phone (11/9)
  • joint SBL interview for both open positions in HB at Seattle (11/10)
  • I have heard that interviews were scheduled? Is this true?
    • I assume so b/c I was interviewed at SBL and received a rejection letter on 12/8.
    • Offer made and accepted

Starbucks - Now Hiring

  • I've heard they offer health insurance.
  • I've already been offered the position. Sorry folks.
    • Apparently it is contingent on funding. Sigh.
  • Rats, well, on to McDonald's...
  • Most of us are more likely to land a job with Starbucks than in academia.
  • Or you can apply to be an air traffic controller if under 30. They are hiring. Go to for more information. Good benefits and mandatory retirement with pension at age 56, which is about when there will be enough jobs for all of us.
  • I NEED A ******* JOB. ANY IDEAS?

The King's College (NYC) - Old Testament Studies

  • for 2011/2012; interviews in Fall 2010
  • Accepting applications
  • Contact information here

Thiel College (PA) - Lecturer in Religion

  • Acknowledgement of materials letter rec'd.
  • Phone interview requested (4/7) (x2).
  • Finalists invited to campus.

Tufts University Department of Religion, Senior Faculty Position

  • Anyone heard anything about what has happened with this position?
  • Conducted phone interviews week of 1/19-23. Presumably they have contacted people about on campus interviews, which they were intending to hold in early-mid February.
  • Thanks for the update. Any idea what subfield they are looking to hire in?

Union Theological Seminary (NY) - Biblical Languages

  • Contacted for SBL interview via email (11/10) (x3)
  • Offer made (12/10) -- accepted

University of Alabama,Tuscaloosa - Religions of China

  • Review of applications begins Oct. 15
  • e-mail for arranging interviews at AAR or over the phone (Oct. 30)
  • Interviewed at AAR (11/8)
  • e-mail suggesting shortlist may not be settled, which is in keeping with their stated schedule (12/14)
  • Letter saying the search has been canceled for financial reasons (12/19)

University of Auckland - Lecturer in Biblical Studies (Hebrew Bible) (3/21)

  • rejection email received (4/28)

University of Cambridge:- Polonsky-Coexist Lectureship in Jewish Studies

  • invited for on-campus interview (11/10)
  • Offer made and accepted (12/9)

University of Cincinnati - Bible and Ancient Near East or Modern Israel and Jewish European History (Deadline 1/11)

  • phone interviews scheduled (1/29), said expect to make decisions about on campus interviews this week
  • rejection email received (4/20)

University of Dallas, School of Ministry- deadline Dec 18

  • Rejection letter on 2/1/2010 - What a surprise.

University of Hawai'i (deadline 1/15) - Christianity

  • Did the ad on the AAR website just expire, or has this job been pulled? 
  • It's still posted on the university web site as of 12/15.
  • AA/EOE form received via email (1/5).
  • Received email invitation for a phone interview (2/2) x2
  • Campus visit invitation (heard about this 2/15 - reliable source)
  • Offer made and accepted.

University of Michigan (deadline: 10/15)- Hindu studies

  • Other than acknowledgment that materials were received (10/20), no word. (11/8)
  • still no word 12/14 - that can't be good, right?
  • Still haven't heard either (12/18) x2
  • Noticed that job ad does not appear on their career website anymore--perhaps this one was cancelled or has already been filled? (12/23)
  • Does anyone know what is going on with this position? 1/19
  • Still no word. 2/11 x2
  • I think that we can forget about this position.
  • Haven't heard a thing (3/1) (x2)
  • Guess they are not sending out rejection letters... (4/13)
  • Surprise! Apparently it was not a canceled search. 5/18
  • Varuni Bhatia (PhD-Columbia 2008; current NYU fellow) accepted position.

University of North Carolina, Wilmington - East Asian Religions (deadline: 12/20)

Any word on this search (2/21)?

I heard that an offer was made and accepted sometime last month (1/10). Sorry, I don't check the wiki much, otherwise would have updated it sooner.

Thanks. Congratulations are in order then.

University of North Florida - Theory & Method

Any word through the grapevine on this?

University of Notre Dame - Systematic Theology

  • Any word? (11/22) (x2 11/30)
  • Any word on campus interviews or offers?
  • Rejection letter by snail mail (finally). (2/18)

University of Nottingham - Lecturer in Religious Studies (Jewish Studies)

University of Oxford - Old Testament (Deadline: April 22)

University of Puget Sound (Deadline:  10/15) - Jewish or Islamic Studies

  • Acknowledgement of receipt by mail (11/2)
  • interview request (11/3)
  • Follow-up: are you Islamic or Jewish Studies? (11/3)
  • They've made a job offer (12/18)
  • Offer accepted.
  • received rejection letter for position in Neuropsychology at UPS (I had applied to the Jewish/Isamic position). Anyone else get this letter? (3/15)
  • Any idea in which area the person who got the job specializes?

University of Saskatchewan - Islam (Deadline: February 15)

University of South Carolina (Deadline: 10/1) - Early Christianity/Christian Scriptures

  • Acknowledgment of receipt - Oct 16
  • Video conferences first-round interviews scheduled 10/19, 20, 27. No AAR or SBL interviews.
  • Email received 10/16 with dates above given as options.
  • Finalists to be contacted beginning of November. Campus visits before SBL.
  • On-campus visit scheduled - 11/6
  • video-interview held 11/4; on-campus visit scheduled 11/6
  • top three visited campus before SBL
  • Offer Made (I heard about it 12/9 - not sure when it was actually made)
  • University of South Carolina Upstate - Religion (Christianity)
  • Has anyone heard anything from them yet? (11/30)
  • Letter received saying search has been cancelled. (4/8)

University of Southern California-Professor of Religion

  • Has anyone heard anything yet about a shortlist? (03/06)

University of St. Thomas (MN) - Catholic Studies (no deadline)

  • Email received on 11/6 for phone interview 11/11.(x3)
  • Set up on campus interview by email 11/25.(x2)
  • Did anyone receive a rejection letter? 12/8
  • Campus visits completed as of 1/7
    • I think there were interviews in both months, and I'm guessing there were three total visits.
  • Has an offer been made and/or accepted?
    • I heard this from the department, so the info is as certain as can be. All three interviews were originally scheduled for December, but the last one (not mine) was postponed to January.
    • I can confirm from a source in the Department that the offer has been made and accepted. (1/25/10)

University of Toledo - Biblical Studies/World Religions (Deadline Feb 22) VAP Position 1 Year

University of Toronto at Mississauga (Deadline: 11/30) - Women's/Gender Studies and Religion (specialization open)

  • received request for additional material and invitation to informal conversation at AHA conference, if in attendance. (12/14) (x1)
  • notification for campus interview (1/15)
  • Offer made and accepted

Valdosta State University (Deadline: 11/15) - World Religions/New Testament/History of Christianity/Women's & Gender/Judaism/Hebrew Bible  . . . Islam/Philosophy (in other words can you please teach everything)

  • Phone call requesting phone interview for 12/4 or 12/5 (11/24) + 1
  • Contacted my advisor/reference on 12/1 and confirmed phone interview for 12/5 (12/1)
  • I was informed by a source that they conducted 10 phone interviews and can bring 2 people to campus - no word on the timeline for this (12/14)
  • Campus invitations were issued a couple of weeks ago (1/14)
  • Campus interviews have been conducted
  • Offer made and accepted.

Valparaiso (Deadline: 12/10) - Literature, Ethics, or Religion (world Christianity, biblical studies, historical or systematic theology, religion and literature)

  • Received ack letter and demographic form, midwest (12/18) (x4)
  • Received rejection letter by mail (1/19)
    • Has anyone else got a rejection? or been contacted for an interview? I got the demographic form but nothing since. (x2) - Finally did get the flush letter (1/25) (x2)
    • Neither rejected, nor contacted for interview, nor received demo form. (1/24)
  • Anyone not yet rejected also apply to the Lilly Fellows program? (1/21)
  • Campus interviews have been conducted

Viterbo University (Deadline: 11/30)- Catholic Studies

  • Heard from the Department Chair that an offer has been made and accepted.

Wake Forest University - Asian Religions (no deadline listed)

  • Posted on the Chronicle of Higher Education website (12/7)
  • I heard from a reliable source that this is not a "real" posting / opening.
    • Q: What does it mean that this position is not "real"? (x2)
    • Q: Is it because the department already has two Asianists?
    • The department has three: Ford, Whitaker, and Ramachandran. If one overlaps too closely with their specializations, best not to get one's hopes up.
    • Did anyone receive any news? 2/11
    • I received a letter stating that the position has been filled. (3/29) x2 No surprise there. I'll be curious to see whether they actually did hire someone.
      • Internal candidate perhaps.

Warner Pacific College - Theology (Deadline 2/1/2010)

Westminster College (Deadline: 10/16) - Biblical Studies/World Religions

  • Acknowledgment of receipt via mail (x4 11/2) (x4 11/3)
  • Anyone heard anything? (12/14)
    • A: Nothing here (12/4).
    • Received e-mail asking if I was still interested and stating they will soon identify candidates they wish to speak with (1/13) x2
    • They are now scheduling phone interviews. (1/19)
    • My colleague received an e-mail.
    • I never received an e-mail regarding my interest. Are they going world religions or biblical studies?
    • Probably a selection of both. I suspect they had a "shorter list" who received the "are you still interested e-mail and then shortened that. I received the e-mail but no follow-up invitation.
    • I have received a rejection letter. 3/26

Westminster Theological Seminary (11/1) - Old Testament

Wheaton College (Deadline:  10/2) - Old Testament

  • Acknowledgment receipt via email (10/1)
  • Rejection letter received via email - 10/9
  • Update letter received via email, SBL interview decision to be made on 11/12 (11/4)
  • SBL interview scheduled via email (11/13)
  • Rejection letter via email (11/17)
  • Official letter via email indicating that the position has been offered and accepted (02/18)

Wheeling Jesuit (Deadline: 12/19) -- biblical studies

  • Deadline extended to 1/22/10 (noted on HR website)
  • Invitation for phone interview via email (1/23 x2)
  • Finalists contacted via e-mail; campus interviews scheduled for mid-February (1/30)
  • Offer made and accepted

Whitman College - Asian Religions Specialty Open (Deadline: Feb 2) VAP Postion 1 Year

Any news? 2/12

  • Offer made and accepted by an old classmate (3/1)
  • Seems like it was an internal hire... 3/3

Wooster - South Asian Religions

  • Acknowledgment of receipt - Oct. 10
  • AAR Interview Invitation (10/28) (x3)
  • I got a request for add'l mat'ls on 11/11, but no mention of when next notices would go out. The dept wants to have the hire done before spring semester starts.
  • By email: am on a second list of three not being invited for campus interviews now but may be after first three reviewed, aka 1/2rejection (11/20)
  • Rejection letter received (Nov. 20)
  • Offer has been made and accepted.
  • Post offered to and accepted by Lisa W. Crothers=

= Xavier (Deadline: 10/9) - New Testament Acknowledgment of receipt - 10/22

Anyone heard anything about SBL?

Not yet (11/12) (x3)

For interested parties: a departmental colleague scheduled a SBL interview, sometime before AAR.

Rejection letter received by mail (12/22). Search completed.

Xavier University New Orleans - (Deadline: Nov 16)-Theology

  • Acknowledgment of receipt - Nov 20. Nothing since
  • Email letter of rejection 3/23.

Yale Divinity School (Deadline:  11/1) - Biblical Hebrew

  • they notified SBL interviewees a while ago (at least a week, maybe two)
  • Offer made.

Young Harris College - Religious Studies

  • Email acknowledgment of receipt (10/20)x2
  • invitations for on-campus interviews went out late jan.
  • Campus interviews in February and March.
  • Heard through the grapevine that in early March they offered the job to someone who had already accepted a position elsewhere. Not sure if the job has been offered to or accepted by someone else yet.
  • Offer just accepted by friend (heard about it on his facebook page) (4/19/10)

Youngstown State University - Asian Religions

  • Job canceled per email from AAR Career Center - 10/28
  • It's hidden in the 4th or 5th paragraph of an AAR Job Center E-Bulletin (10/28).
  • received a nicely written email that the university is suspending the search (10/30)