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Religious Studies 2010-2011[]

See also Biblical Studies 2010-2011 here & Jewish Studies and/or Israel Studies 2010-2011.[]


It would be better to organize this wiki in under the categories e.g. Islam, Christianity etc!(x2)

Would it not be better to organize this wiki in categories, e.g. History of religions/Christianity etc.?(x2)

I don't think so. Some of our specializations span several categories. (x6)

The listings here are about as diverse as AAR's job ads. That seems about right.

Just out of curiosity, how many people are using this site? 96

How many people using this board have had at least 1 phone/skype/conference interview? 37

How many interviews did you have at the AAR?

  • applied but did not receive any interviews? x12
  • one interview? x13
  • two interviews? x8
  • three interviews? x4
  • four interviews? x4
  • more than four interviews? x5

How many have interviews scheduled for SBL?

  • did not receive any interviews? x3
  • one interview? x3
  • two interviews? x3
  • three interviews? x3
  • four interviews?
  • more than four?

How many interviews does the average department shedule at SBL? If you get an interview, does it mean the pool has been narrowed to 5? 20? 40? Just curious. A: Typically 10-15. 20 would be unusually high. This year most of the pools seem much smaller, on the order of 5-10, I think, at least at the smaller institutions and especially if the committee is doing telephone interviews or if the committee only could interview one day at the AAR, SBL, or AHA. It's more difficult to make the short list this year, especially since there are fewer jobs and many more candidates in certain fields, but the odds for landing a campus interview appear to be slightly better than in other years once one makes the short list, since in many cases they are shorter than in the past.

How many people using this board have had at least 1 campus interview (or have one scheduled)(in 2010-11 season)? 27

How many people using this board have had at least 1 job offer? 14

How many of those who have had interviews already have tenure track jobs (or are tenured)? 6

How many of those who have received an offer already have a tenure track job (or tenure)? 4

How many already had tenure but were laid off for financial reasons?

How many on this list are ABD? 25

How many users are junior faculty in tenure-track positions who are back on the market? 6

How many users of this board are over 50? '''2 '

How many users over 50 have gotten an interview in the past year? 1

How many users over 50 have gotten an offer in the past year?

The university where I was invited for an on campus interview has recently put a "temporary hiring freeze" into effect due to the state budget's massive cuts to education. Any other job postings been "frozen?"

Abilene Christian University - Asst/Assoc in Bible (NT or OT; formerly listed as Hebrew Bible/Old Testament)[]

  • Deadline 11/5
  • "All qualified applicants for these positions must be professing Christians and be active, faithful members of a congregation of the Churches of Christ" (from ACU website).
  • offer extended and accepted.

Albion College - Comparative Religion[]

  • Deadline 21/1
  • contacted for a phone interview 1/31
  • received personalized rejection (2/10)
  • invited for campus interview

Alliance Theological Seminary (Theology and Church History)[]

  • Review of apps begins immediately

Arkansas Bible College - Dean of Religious Studies and Christian Leadership[]

  • Deadline: "Review of applications to begin immediately and continue until the position is filled"
  • Preference will be given to ordained clergy with significant preaching and congregation experience.

Asbury Theological Seminary - New Testament[]

  • Deadline 9/19
  • Contacted by search committee via email on Oct. 4--doctrinal responses requested
  • Snail mail rejection letter received 10/8.
  • Email that application "still in process" (10/6). No rejection letter...yet.
  • I was originally shortlisted (by email, Oct. 4), but have now been eliminated (by snail mail, Oct. 15), so I would assume they have created a list for conference interviews.
  • I received the "still in process" email but have not yet received a rejection letter or an interview request as of 10/25. Scratch that. Email rejection 11/4. (x2)

Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary - Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible[]

  • Deadline 9/1
  • Received an e-mail "releasing" me, 10/14 - I appreciate the prompt notice.
  • E-mail indicating that they "released" about half of their applicants, 10/21. Should receive another update in 2 weeks.
  • Email, 11/5, "releasing" me.

Austin College - Critical Theological Studies[]

  • Deadline 9/17
  • AAR conference interview (email), 10/22 x3
  • Any additional info on the state of this search?
  • At AAR they said they would be contacting people for on-campus visits in late November or early December, so it may be a few more weeks before candidates are notified. (x2)
  • Received invitation for on-campus interview. (11/30)
  • Anyone received a rejection letter or know if they're notifying others? Good question! No rejection yet either.
  • I'm kind of expecting a rejection only after they've made a hire.
  • Still no rejection letter (01/13) anyone else?
  • They have a VAP. At this point, it seems likely they are hiring him. Plus, the AAR interview was odd, didn't you think?
  • They didn't bother to interview me so I wouldn't know.
  • Job talk scheduled. Candidate is junior faculty at another school.
  • Offer supposedly made (2/14)
  • Congrats to the job recipient. I have to say, however, that I was seriously turned off by the interviewer at the AAR. Come on, a crocheted poncho? A dirty t-shirt? Tevas?
  • Wow. That sounds pretty special. :)
  • Offer supposedly accepted (2/16)
  • Even if the AAR interview seemed odd, this was a great posting if you do Christian theology - not many explicitly value fluency with contemporary theory.
  • It did seem like a great posting. I hope the dept chair will show more respect to the new hire than he did to those interviewing. This guy actually wore a dirty t-shirt, exercise shorts and sandals. So odd. What would possbily be the reason. If the airline lost his luggage, he surely could have explained himself...
  • maybe casual/dirty is just how he rolls? :)
  • That guy was an ass.
  • So, so glad I wasn't the only one who thought so. Inappropriate beyond belief (only partially coded questions about my sexuality, pointless curiosity about the political positions of people I've worked with in the academy, etc). If I weren't so lazy I would have formally withdrawn from the search, but whatevs.
  • Heard that they are informing candidates (2/25) that the position has been accepted and the search closed. Apparently it's neither the VAP nor the junior faculty-member mentioned above.
  • It's surprising to hear so many folks focused on the appearance of the interviewer as an index of (dis)respect or a basis for being turned off: seriously, in this job-market, exactly how important is that relative to a whole lot of other pedagogical, institutional, and curricular issues? Or, from another angle, who would want to hire (much less place on the tenure track) a candidate for whom that was a major issue or index? (Obviously, this comment doesn't apply to the inappropriate questions mentioned above.)
  • I am the junior faculty mentioned above, and can confirm that the search has ended with another candidate being chosen. To that candidate: a hearty congratulations. To the above comments: I have withheld making comments to the above points before I heard from the search committee, but I would like to offer a dissenting voice. I cannot speak to your experience, but I found the faculty at Austin College, without exception, to be kind, highly professional, and respectful. I was treated incredibly well during my visit and was highly impressed with the school and the individuals there. This goes especially for the chair of the department, who acted with professionalism, friendliness, encouragement, and respect.
  • Congrats on accepting the AC offer! It is worth noting that there were differing experiences. My concern is not someone's appearance and/or clothing, but an attitude of disinterest which permeated the conference interview. I did make one of the above comments on the clothing issue, but also experienced the inappropriate questions and a general sense of ambivalence from the SC. It seemed quite obivous that he was not fully present, in body or in spirit, during my conference interview. I am glad that the person who accepted the position had a better experience. I don't care how tight the market may be - I would be reticent to accept a position based on my experience of the interview process with AC. I did receive and accept another offer.
  • Rejection letter today. I wish committees didn't feel like a long explanation was in order.
  • I got the rejection letter today too. But I thought it was very friendly and affirming. I appreciated that.
  • Thirded. Nicely worded letter, yes, but it would have been better if they didn't get my first name wrong!
  • lol.

Avila University - Religious Studies/Global Studies[]

  • Screening begins 10/15
  • Preference will be given to candidates with a background in Catholic Studies, with additional preferences in Religious Studies with a global emphasis and/or Comparative Religion
  • Received snail mail acknowledgement 10/4
  • Rec'd snail mail ack 10/21 (x2)
  • Did they interview at AAR?
  • Received request for phone interview 11/3 (x4)
  • Has anyone who had a phone interview heard anything about on-campus interviews? I think they said they were going to try and bring people out shortly after the Thanksgiving Break.
  • 11/24: At the end of my phone interview, they said that they would notify applicants after Thanksgiving Break. They plan to move quickly, bringing the finalists to campus in December 2010.
  • Has anyone been invited for on-campus interviews? (12/15)
  • Yes, one of my colleagues was invited for an on-campus interview.
  • Received mail stating position filled on 1/3.
  • Received same letter today (1/7)
  • Looks like they hired an inside candidate whose area of specialty is quite different from the stated preferences (not Catholic studies, not a global emphasis, not comparative religion). I'm sure she's brilliant, etc, but the discrepancy between what was said and what was done is a bit frustrating. (2/21)
  • It's more than a bit frustrating.
  • Hire: PhD UCSB

Bangor University (Wales) - Religious Studies and/or Theology[]

  • Seeking to make 2 or 3 appointments in the areas of Religious Studies and/or Theology for one year in the first instance with a view to extend some of the posts for a further 2 years
  • The successful candidates will commence September 2010 or as soon as possible thereafter
  • Deadline 8/27
  • Where was this job posted?
  • I didn't put it here but I did see the job posted on

Baylor University -- World Religions[]

  • Baylor had several interviews at AAR. Has anyone received word from them since?
  • nope, no word. 11/17
  • received an email today indicating that two candidates have been invited for campus visits (11/29)

Beeson Divinity School of Samford University (Alabama) - History and Doctrine Theologian[]

  • Received snail mail ack in early October (x3)
  • Screeing underway and continues until position is filled
  • Must be evangelical Christian
  • Does anyone have any updates? Their acknowledgment letter said they were trying to fill the position by the end of the fall term.
  • At least one campus visit has been arranged.
  • Snail mail rejection letter (12/4) Another candidate has been hired. (x2)
    • Anyone know who? Senior or junior? Which historical period?
    • I'm pretty sure junior and from Harvard.

Boston College - Latin Patristic Theology[]

  • Deadline 10/20
  • Ack by email (10/12)
  • this is a done deal ... they want a major Catholic scholar full professor level ... not hard to guess who ...
  • I have friends on the faculty at BC. If this is a done deal, it would be news to them.
  • let's see ... I am very (!) confidente that I am right
  • Any updates?
  • Search cancelled. Position likely to be advertised again next year (1/28)

Boston College - Visiting Professor of Theology[]

  • Deadline April 25, 2011
  • Hire has been made.

Boston University School of Theology (History of Christianity)[]

  • Review of apps begins 1/1/11
  • Deadline for completed applications 1/31/11
  • Any word here?
  • Invitation for campus interviews extended, interviews to take place in March.
  • Bummer, another one bites the dust.
  • I didn't get so much as an acknowledgment of receipt of materials from these people and they're on campus interviews already? Did they have someone in mind?
  • Nothing suggests that. The SC must have met shortly after the deadline, came up with a long short list, did phone interviews in mid-Feb., and moved quickly to scheduling campus interviews.
  • No one here mentioned the phone interviews. That's helpful. Thanks.
  • Offer extended and accepted.

Boston University - Christianity in Modern Context[]

  • Deadline 10/5
  • 9/29 ack by by email
  • 10/15 ack by email (3)
  • anyone contacted for AAR interview yet?
  • rec'd rejection by email (10/22); it said they got over 170 apps (x16)
  • I liked the bcc'ed mass email. Classy.
  • contacted for AAR interview (10/22) (x5)
  • To those of you interviewing, what are your fields? The job title is odd and the ad was unusually broad. Just curious what they're looking for.
  • A: Anthropology
  • A: American religious history x2
  • SEARCH CANCELED. Email received that BU pulled funding for this position just this morning. (10-29)
  • Wow. Condolences to all of you who had interviews for this.
  • I just hope that no one made plans to attend the AAR just for this interview.
  • Yep, I made plans to attend the AAR just for this interview. So, in addition to losing my only chance for a job this year, I also lost $650 (for last-minute airline and hotel cancellation and AAR registration fee).
  • I'm so sorry. I'm sure the committee is frustrated, too.
  • That's awful.
  • Communication from dept was very kind, even when informing about canceled search.
  • So does anybody understand why they're now advertising a position in the history of Christianity?
  • The new one appears to be from the School of Theology, not the Religious Studies Department.
  • Ah, okay. I didn't notice that. Thanks!

Bowdoin College - Modern Christianity[]

  • Mellon Post-doc
  • Review of applications begins 3-1
  • Request for teaching evaluations -3-7 (x3)
  • Just curious, how many people got requests for teaching evals? Does this represent a first cut?
  • A: I don't know if this represents a first cut; I posted the comment about receiving a request for teaching evaluations. The e-mail wanted evaluations by Friday, 3-11.
  • Yeah, I don't know either (I'm the person who added "x2"). I'm assuming the committee will meet sometime this week. It's such a great opportunity--I'm sure they are absolutely *swamped* with applications.
  • I also got a request for evals. This is a great school -- I wish the very best of luck to everyone!
  • FWIW I got a request too (which brings us to 4?) and second the good wishes all around.
  • FYI They are on Spring Break from March 11 until March 28
  • Any news? (x2)
  • None here (x3).
  • Received on campus interview request (4-6)
  • For those of you with on campus interviews: What is your field /specialization? A: Religion in North America
  • Well, it's official--received nice rejection email (4-22)
  • Offer made and accepted (5-13)

Brown University - Religions of South Asia (Hinduism)[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • 10/4 ack by by email
  • anyone get an invite for an AAR interview yet?
  • any word on this job? I never even received an acknowledgement of receipt.
  • yeah, neither did I. I eventually emailed the administrator, who apologized for not contacting me to acknowledge receipt - but confirmed that they'd gotten my materials. Other than that, no further word.
  • did they conduct AAR interviews?
  • heard from an inside source that they were aiming to have a shortlist by Nov. 15th
  • heard from a colleague at the AAR that the committee asked her/his references for letters
  • Any further word on this position? Have they scheduled on-campus interviews (or held them)? (11/30)
  • heard from the professor that the insider has sought the prof's recommendation..the insider has been working in a different department, though, for many yrs
  • rejection letter (snail mail). 12/13 (x3)
  • Any further word? Campus visits? Offer made?
  • I just got the email asking for an adjunct in SA Rel/Hinduism for 2011-12. Does that mean that this was a failed search? What happened?
  • Word in the dept. is that they will repeat the search next year.

California Lutheran University - Christian Ethics[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • ack by email 10/13
  • my email ack (also 10/13) said expected to have top 10 apps during Nov., w/ phone interviews shortly thereafter
  • Anyone heard anything? Not yet (11/10)
  • December 1 today...any news of top 10 apps in Nov?
  • No word here (x2, but a friend told me he found out he's out)
  • Rcvd reject email (12/14) (x2)
  • Was this an inside hire?
  • Campus visits have taken place (early April
  • offer made and accepted. (4/22)
  • What was the successful candidate's specialty? And did they only consider Lutherans? if so, not fair!

Campbell University Divinity School - New Testament[]

  • Deadline 10/1
  • Acknowledge reciept of application via snail mail - 10/9, 10/21
  • Email invitation for SBL interview (11/1)
  • Rejection letter 11/9/2010
  • If I may, what did the rejection letter state? That they had narrowed their list, or what?Yes, they were "Narrowing" the search.
  • Any idea how many applicants and how many received interviews?
  • Snail Mail rejection 12/20. I had an SBL interview
  • Offered and accepted.

Canadian Mennonite University - Theology / History of Christianity[]

  • Review of applications begins November 30, 2010
  • email that application has been passed on to the committee
  • Has anyone heard more on CMU's hiring progress for this position? Has anyone been notified further, i.e. beyond an email indicating receipt of application?
  • I have heard nothing. I wish that CMU with its vaunted commitment to justice and peace would at least find enough common decency to email rejection letters.
  • Truthfully, I'm not having very good expereince with univerties that claim a committment to justice and peace. (It could be your spelling...)
  • I haven't heard anything either. Maybe a school with such weird administrative lapses wouldn't be that great to work for anyway.
  • Employment Webpage indicates that "We thank all applicants; however, only those selected for further consideration will be contacted." This seems to be increasingly common.
  • I'm wondering if they jumped straight to on-campus interviews. Every Canadian faculty position I've seen has done this. Is that normal?
  • I have heard a rumor that they might have *just* formed their long, short list. REPLY: Thanks for sharing! REPLY2: Yes, thanks for letting us know! Might I ask, from where did you receive your information?
  • References were contacted

Carroll College - Moral Theology[]

  • Due 09/21
  • Interviewed at AAR, said they were bringing people to campus before Thanksgiving
  • At least one of their three has been called for an on-site interview (11/17).

Centenary College of Louisiana[]

  • Tenure Track, Asst Professor - Specialization not given
  • Deadline - 12/1
  • Acknowledgement of application 12/2, with detailed timeline: shortlist by January, campus visits in February, selection by March
  • Acknowledgement stated almost 200 applicants --12/3
  • contacted for phone interview 2/3
  • contacted for phone interview 2/6
  • Phone interview 2/7; I was told 6 candidates were contacted by phone and three would be invited to campus.
  • Invited for campus interview -- 3/5
  • They told me I was the final candidate to interview on campus, interviewed 3/25
  • Decisions were to have been made by April 1. I assume the files are now with the college president, who actually makes the decision. The degree to which he is influenced by the official "recommendations" made by the search committee and the faculty personnel committee varies depending on who describes the process. I also don't know if those two committees "recommended" the same candidate.
  • Offered and accepted 4/5

Centre College - Islam[]

  • Deadline 10/1
  • Interviews were held at AAR
  • Any further updates? Have they shortlisted candidates for campus interviews?
  • no news (11/18)
  • heard thru mutual friend of a campus invite
  • Heard from a friend that they had decided who to invite for the campus interviews (which will be in February), but I never heard back from them myself.

•Candidate was offered the job after first pick turned it down. It has subsequently been downgraded to an instructor's position. Tenure search will recommence once a search committee and timeline can be identified.

So someone has accepted a non-tenure track instructor position and a TT search will happen later? Or is there a temporary instructor search ongoing?

Temporary position offered and accepted.

Claremont-McKenna - World Christianity or History of Christianity[]

  • Deadline 10/1
  • Received invitation for AAR interview by phone followed by email (10/21)
  • anybody get a rejection yet?
  • nope
  • according to someone with access to the search committee, all invitations for AAR interviews have been extended.
  • does anyone know if they have an inside candidate?
  • Any further updates?
  • Have they scheduled campus interviews?
  • They said during prelim interview that they wouldn't finalize the list for on-campus interviews for a few weeks. I took that to mean that notification will arrive around Thanksgiving.
  • Any news on the short list for campus interviews? 11/26
  • official rejection email 12/8 (X 5)
  • 12/8: I also received the rejection email--I guess CMC has made their offer. CONGRATULATIONS to whoever landed this position! --Not even at interviews yet!
  • --12/9 What does not getting a campus interview but also not getting a rejection email mean??? (x4)
  • Q: for those who received rejection emails: Were you interviewed? (12/09) (X2)
  • I did receive a personal email that I would not be invited to campus (12/2) (I did have an interview in Atlanta). I suspect that they have extended the invitations for campus interviews, though I believe the interviews were to take place in Jan.
  • on 12/9, had not received rejection email. on 12/17--campus interview scheduled for January.
  • To the previous poster: Can I ask your area of concentration (e.g., Asian/Asian American Religion, African Religion, etc)?---since it was advertised either world chy or medieval chy, i'm on the medieval side...
  • Any news? (2/19)
  • Just received news that the job was offered and accepted by another candidate. 2/19 (X2)
  • Congratulations to the person who was offered this position! CMC is a lovely place with very nice people.

Clemson University - New Testament[]

  • Deadline 9/15
  • 9/13: Acknowledged receipt of application
  • News as of 10/24?
  • Request for SBL interview (10/29) (x3)
    • How was request received? (E-mail, snailmail, phone call ...?)
    • Email
  • Invitation for campus interview (12/10) x2
  • Any word on this one?
  • interviews are in Jan and Feb.
  • offer made and accepted

Coe College - Non-Western Religions[]

  • Deadline 10/1
  • 10/1: Email acknowledged receipt of application
  • 10/24: Friend Noted that he received an invite to interview at AAR
  • 11/10: heard of a campus interview that has been scheduled
  • Just one has been scheduled or does anyone know if they have scheduled all campus interviews?
  • Can anyone confirm that campus interviews have been scheduled? "heard of one" being scheduled seems dubious
  • Yes, campus interviews have occurred. I was one of the candidates interviewed.
  • Heard that an offer was made/accepted, 12/28
  • Offer was made/accepted!
  • Congratulations. I've heard good things about Coe.
  • Rejection letter via post 2/14. I guess that settles it.

Colby College: One Year Faculty Fellow, Jewish Studies[]

  • Deadline 11/15

College of the Holy Cross - Systematic Theology (Reformation to 20th Century)[]

  • Deadline 10/1
  • Invitation to interview at AAR via snail mail received 10/18
  • Rejected by snail mail 10/15
  • Have they scheduled campus interviews?
  • Yes--friend of a friend got a call
  • They said they would arrange some phone interviews for those who didn't come to AAR. Can I ask if your friend's friend was actually invited to a campus visit or was it a phone interview?
  • Official rejection letter post-AAR interview received on 11/12
  • I know of a candidate who has received an invitation for an on-campus interview.
  • Offer made and accepted 12/13
  • Congratulations on landing an excellent job in a difficult/competitive market! (12/14)

College of Charleston - African American Religions[]

  • Deadline 10/8
  • 10/17: Snail mail acknowledgement of application
  • Invitation for AAR interview, via email (10/21)
  • 11/10 Snail mail acknowledgement of application
  • Anybody have any updates or thoughts on CofC? I had an interview at the AAR and thought it went well, but I don't think they are going to notify anyone about campus visits for another month.
  • heard they are still reviewing apps. they reposted their ad after AAR--so that might also be the delay. i applied after AAR and my app is currently under review.
  • where did they repost?
  • A friend has been contacted for an on campus interview (12/3).
  • I have a campus interview too. I wonder how many they are bringing to campus.
  • Any news?
  • Offer made and accepted.

College of St. Benedict/St. John's University - Church History[]

  • no given deadline, but email said they would determine interviews by mid-October
  • Any news about interviews for this position? (10/27)
  • 10/28: received email invitation for AAR interview
  • What questions did they ask you at your AAR interview?
  • Any news regarding on-campus interviews? (11/23)
  • A friend has on on-campus interview there in early December.
  • Offer made (mid-December)

Columbia University [Center for Buddhist Studies] - Associate Research Scholar in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism[]

  • Deadline 10/7
  • Just a guess, but there are enough people around there fitting the description that I wonder if there's an inside candidate.

Creighton University Theology[]

  • Deadline 10/01
  • Request to upload CV 10/14 (also included race/gender data. Maybe just a formality; seemed redundant since CV was included in the hard copy application; either way, not a bad sign) (x9)
  • So not one of the 9+ of you asked to upload a CV has yet gotten an AAR interview or a rejection letter?
  • No, nothing for me. Anyone else? WTF? (x7)
  • Really??
  • Did Creighton interview at AAR? Someone said they thought they were in one of the booths, but I haven't heard of anyone say they had an interview.
  • They did interview at AAR. I even put in a request for an interview (they had open interviews), but no response. Evidently the CV request was purely a technicality.
  • not to be overly technical (or in denial) -- but do we know they were actually there doing interviews? Just because they were listed as interviewing in the job center booklet at AAR does not mean they did any interviews. There were several schools that were listed as interviewing there but pulled out in recent weeks and were not taken out of the book (i.e Boston University).
  • Fair point. I was basing my information from the booklet. I don't actually know anyone who interviewed.
  • they did.
  • and how do you know this?
  • I've not posted on this thread before, but according to the employee of the job center whom I asked directly, Creighton was actively interviewing.
  • Thank you!
  • Not saying this is definite, but rumor was circulating that it was an inside candidate.
  • They did AAR interviews and interviewed some individuals who were not inside candidates.
  • I've been invited for an on-campus interview 11/15.
  • According to my sources, the offer was made and accepted.

DePaul University - Catholic Studies[]

  • Any info?
  • Rejection letter via snail mail 3/22 (X2--3/23)
  • they hired (5/25)

DePaul University - Indigenous Religions[]

  • No deadline given
  • Did anyone have an AAR interview? Were they even there?
  • DePaul was interviewing at the AAR for this post.
  • Did anyone here actually interview with them or are you just referring to the fact that they were in the job book at the AAR?
  • Yes, I actually interviewed with them at AAR.
  • Two members of the faculty were in Atlanta holding interviews. I do not know how many or with whom.
  • Four members of the faculty were present at my interview at AAR.
  • Anyone receive any kind of rejection from them?
  • yes, they held several interviews at AAR -- mentioned that they still had phone interviews to conduct but that they should have some word in 2 weeks
  • Had phone interview 11/12. They seemed to have quite a few to do yet.
  • I have been invited to campus in January. I was contacted on 11/25. They are inviting 3 people.
  • They are now inviting a 4th candidate to campus as well.
  • Offer extended and accepted.

Drake University - East or South Asian Religion or Philosophy[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • Email confirmation of receipt of application 10/19
  • So, did no one else apply for this, or with 3 days til the AAR interviews have they really not done invites?
  • Resolving my own neurosis^^^, email invite for AAR interview 10/27. (x2)
  • Were all AAR interviewees Religious Studies, Asian Studies folks, or were they philosophers too?
  • My guess: some philosophers, but they are also interviewing at the philosophy conference in Dec.
  • RelStud here with interview at AAR
  • So were all AAR interviewees Religious Studies, Asian Studies folks, or were they philosophers too?
  • They were Religious Studies at AAR, but plan to interview at the APA also
  • rejection email today 11/17--did this contributor have an AAR interview?
  • colleague has been contacted for interview at APA (11-18) x2
  • I don't think there could be. APA meets Dec. 27-30. They won't make any decisions until later. SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES BEING INFORMED [so now they've got a shortlist...but they told me, too, that they need to interview at APA? Is this a half a shortlist? A microlist?]
  • Rejection via email (12/14)--did this contributor have an AAR interview?
  • yes, i had an AAR interview and the interviewers were nice people. However, i do not know what made them not to consider my candidacy any further.
  • So were they able to hold interviews as planned at APA, despite the inclement weather?
  • Yes.
  • Any AAR interviewees invited for second round interview yet? If so, when will they occur?
  • have heard nothing so far [1/5] x2
  • My guess is that if you were interviewed at AAR, and haven't gotten a rejection email (as candidate above did), you are on the next short list, and will be invited to next round interview.
  • I think this poster is probably right, but in my AAR interview they said that there was likely to be a round of phone or skype interviews with the full search committee since it was such a long time between the two sets of conference interviews. Either way, they emphasized that this was going to be a really long search.
  • Email invite for second round phone interview x2 --should be done by today (11/20)...or not. Campus invitations anyone?
  • Email rejection (and apology for long search) 1.17 x3
    • Same here, except my rejection email indicated they "really enjoyed being able to interview me for the position" when I never even interviewed.
  • They're supposed to invite two candidates to campus any time now. Anyone hear?
  • Must have invited candidates by now. Bummer.
  • A friend of mine has been invited for a campus interview.
  • An offer was made and accepted.

Drew University (Theological School) - Christian Social Ethics[]

  • Deadline 11/15
  • Email confirmation of application receipt x2
  • Job posting said that apps received by a certain date would be eligible for possible AAR interviews. Did they actually do AAR interviews?
  • I know someone invited for an on campus interview.
  • Rejection letter 12/22, saying they have made their finalist list.
  • Anyone else get word either way? I have not received a rejection letter but I also have not received an invite to campus. Posted 1/5.
  • offered and accepted. announced 3/9

Duke University[]

  • seeking senior scholars for Smart Family Professor of Judaic Studies
  • Deadline 12/1

East Stroudsburg University -- Religious Studies[]

  • Anyone know the teaching load at this school? A humanities position in another dept lists as 4/4 - is this the same for RelStud?
  • From "The successful candidate will teach four courses or the equivalent per semester at the undergraduate level."
  • Ah, thanks!
  • Anybody else getting reminders about uploading documents from HR?
  • And, anybody know how I'm supposed to upload or paste my own letters of rec.?
  • I had problems with the application form as well, so I emailed it to the search coordinator, who's been helpful. (12/17) Also, I emailed the tech support folk and they claim to have fixed it.
  • I did the same--email the search coordinator
  • Has anyone heard anything yet?
  • Nada.[x2]
    • I fear for this and other state school jobs that as the new year starts and legislatures try to out-cut one another, searches may end up getting cancelled. Insha'allah that will not be the case, but it is certainly possible. PA and WI both got Republican governors, and the current Republican wisdom is that universities are a pointy-headed enemy that wants defunding.
    • scheduled phone interview 1/20/11
    • What do you specialize in, if you don't mind me asking?
    • scheduled phone interview 1/22/11
  • Rejection email 1/28/11 (X4)
    • No rejection, no phone interview--anyone else had that set of results?
    • Yes, I'm with you there still. What do you think they're doing? Going over each application and offering either a rejection or phone interview one-by-one?!?
      • Not likely. Sometimes schools will gin up a list of people they want to interview [1-6], and keep a back-up list of candidates [7-12] to interview in case one of the top 6 doesn't pan out. Looks like rejections went out en masse, and interviews were set intermittently, so...
  • campus visit scheduled
  • campus interview scheduled
  • campus visit scheduled
  • received word that offer has been made and accepted
  • Congrats! Anyone know what their area of specialization (if any) was? (x2)

Elon University - Jewish Studies[]

  • Deadline 11/15
  • Anybody heard anything? I saw on the Jewish Studies trend that someone got invited for a campus interview...
  • Rejection via e-mail (1/13) (x2)
  • Offer made, 2/20
  • Offer accepted

Emory University - Religious Education[]

  • Deadline 9/15
  • On campus interviews scheduled 11/18
  • What has happened with this job? (March 23, 2011)
  • Job was offered and accepted

Emory University (Candler School of Theology), Early Christianity[]

  • Has anyone heard anything from Emory yet? Never got an ack email. [didn't get an email, but sent in a self-addressed postcard with my application and got that back]
  • Deadline 12/1
  • Email (12/9) asking for writing samples.
  • 3 candidates invited for campus interviews in Feb. (1/30)
  • Rejection letter (2.4.11)

Fordham University- History of Christianity[]

  • Deadline 10/4
  • Preference for missiology, global Christianity, theology
  • 10/18 rec'd kind snail-mail rejection (x4)
  • 10/16 Phone call and email for AAR interview
  • heard that an offer was made

Fordham University- Theology and Science[]

  • Deadline 10/4
  • acknowledged receipt of materials
  • first round rejection letter received 10/18 (-- kindest rejection letter ever!)
  • Received email asking for AAR interview 10/15 (x3)
  • Second round rejection letter received 11/12
  • On campus interviews began week of 11/8-11/12
  • An offer was made.

Franklin and Marshall College - Islam[]

  • Deadline 10/12
  • Has ANYONE heard back from them? Campus interviews?
  • Campus interviews have been scheduled for early December.
  • was invited for a campus visit. did anyone else visit yet?
  • An offer has been made.
  • Offer has been accepted

Fresno Pacific University - Biblical and Religious Studies[]

  • Cross-posted here.
  • Job announcement here.
  • Full-time, 9 month, continuing status track faculty position
  • Applications will be reviewed beginning April 15, 2011, and an appointment made as soon as a suitable candidate is discerned.
  • Required:
    • Ph.D. in biblical studies (or ABD); preference in New Testament;
    • Experience in, or aptitude for, college-level teaching;
    • Record or promise of scholarly achievement;
    • Ability to address and model the integration of Christian faith and the field of biblical studies;
    • Ability to work harmoniously with students and faculty colleagues in a liberal arts environment;
    • Commitment to the Christian faith and the university’s mission of Christ-centered teaching and learning;
    • Involvement in a local church.
  • Preferred:
    • Involvement in an Anabaptist/Mennonite church.

Fuller Theological Seminary - Theology and Ethics (Assistant)[]

  • Deadline 9/1
  • Promptly acknowledged receipt of materials
  • Reference mentioned having received a call about my app from someone on the search committee. Seems to have been an informal inquest though not a request for a formal reference.
  • received smail mail rejection 10/25 (x3)
  • Snail mail rejection was very kind and claimed they were keeping my info on file in case the search "took another turn." Probably just one of those things people say but I thought it was nice.
  • Anyone heard anything different?
  • Received an odd snail-mail letter -- they were interested in my App., said they'd likely be making a hire but it won't fill this advertised position, and may re-open search later. Anyone else get similar info?
  • Not here but that is strange and fascinating. Do you mind saying what exactly is your area?
  • (theology and ethics, obviously -- what do you mean?)
  • Specific interests? But you know what, I don't care anymore.
  • Did they ever annouce a hire?

Fuller Theological Seminary - Biblical Studies[]

  • Deadline 9/1
  • Did anyone get acknowledgement of receipt? When?
  • yes, 8/23
  • Email request for recommendation letters (9/20).
  • to you or to your professors?
  • The email was sent to my colleague, who is an applicant. I applied but did not receive an email.
  • Received snail mail rejection letter 10-12. (x3)
  • Request sent on 11/5 via email for SBL interview.

Georgia Gwinnett College - Asst, Assoc, or Full Professor, Religious Studies[]

  • No deadline given
  • Encourage applicants 'outside Christianity'.
  • This is part of a massive faculty hire in dozens of fields. School opened in 2006; enrollment is now 5k, and expected to double.
  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Not a thing.
  • I emailed asking for an update (honestly, I asked HR to confirm that I am not still in the running for this because I assumed I couldn't possibly be, after hearing nothing between October and now). Here is the reply from HR: "Your application is complete. Unfortunately, I do not have a timeline when the position will be filled. Your application is "In Progress" meaning it is viewable by the search chair/committe members and currently under review. We appreciate your continued patience with us during this very slow process. Thank you and best wishes"
  • I think there's no way this is still an active search. It's either been conducted or, more likely, suspended.
  • This is a new branch of U of Georgia, grown to 5k students in four years and expecting to double that within the next four. They are trying to hire, essentially, an entire university faculty through 'this' search, which happens to include religion. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that this search is continuing. I got a campus invite this week for a position that I applied for the same week I put this application in. That much said, you know, yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath on this one.
  • I agree that no one should be holding her or his breath but given that they are hiring an entire faculty, this isn't a traditional search. I think it's hard to tell but I don't think it's probably been suspended or anything like that.
  • They have hired for the fall.

Georgia Southern - Assistant Professor of Literature and Religion[]

I inquired about status and received email that search was completed on 1/20.

Gordon College - New Testament (w/ Theology)[]

  • Open Rank, TT
  • Accepting applications from October 11
  • Received email ack on 10/26
  • Has anyone received an invite for an SBL interiew?
  • I received an invitation for an informal meeting at SBL with a member of the search committee via email several days ago (this comment is being posted on 11/12). My impression is that Gordon will not be doing formal interviews at SBL; rather at this stage they have contacted select parties of interest.
  • I also received an email (11/15) for an informal interview at SBL
  • Email rejection (11/18)
  • With SBL due to start on Saturday, I suppose that means I should expect my rejection email in the coming days (11/18)
  • The anticipation is half the fun! :)
  • Any further movement on this? I find myself in the unique position of not being contacted for an 'informal' SBL interview, while also not receiving a rejection e-mail... (12/1)
  • I'm in the same position. I wonder if it's just the case that they received such a large number of applications that they're sending out the rejections in batches. I take it is an entirely bad sign not to have heard anything by this point (12/2).
  • Received rejection e-mail (12/1); it stated that the initial review phase is complete and finalists for the next step have been identified. I presume that they have been contacted by now, but it is possible that they have not yet.
    • Thanks for this information. It seems impossible to believe that they would send out rejection emails before notifying the finalists.
    • I had an informal interview at SBL but have heard nothing since. No rejection letter, request for further information, or confirmation that I'm still in the "pool"
  • Has anyone received notification that they are a finalist (12/9)?
    • Saw that someone over at the biblical studies jobs wiki posting for this position received an e-mail for more information on the 8th; I've personally not heard anything since acknowledgment of receipt...
    • Thanks. Gordon's been a lot more inconsistent than the other institutions I've applied for. It is weird how spread out the rejection emails have been, and that some of us still have heard nothing. I also find it amusing that rejection emails did go out to some candidates before others had heard they had advanced to the next stage. Maybe they're just going through them alphabetically!
    • No formal interviews at SBL. Heard that GC is oot proceeding until January
    • any news on this one? (1/31)
    • 2 candidates have already been invited for on-campus interviews.

Grand Rapids Theological Seminary of Cornerstone University - New Testament[]

  • Deadline 12/1
  • Rec'd rejection letter 11/19
  • Rec'd rejection letter 12/6

Hampden-Sydney College - Visiting Professor in European or American Religious History[]

  • Review of applications begins April 10, 2011
  • Confirmed receipt of application materials (4/8) x2
  • Request for a phone interview (4/17)
  • Friend has an on-campus interview (5/10)

Harvard Divinity - Women's Studies in Religion[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • Research Associate/Visiting Ass't Prof. (5 openings)
  • any word here? (2/12)
  • a friend has an offer

When was the offer made?

Late Jan/early Feb.

Harvard Divinity - Science and Religion (for this Fall 2010)[]

  • Junior position
  • Deadline 8/15
  • Any news on this one? Seems like there would be interviews set up by now. No rejection letters out yet.
  • They have picked their two finalists. One is a historian of science.
  • Looks like HDS is interested not in Science and Religion but "Science as a Religion". In postmodern science, anything goes, so religion gains respectability since there are no longer standards of truth and objectivity. A historian of science is thus a safe move for a Divinity school that cannot otherwise compete in the academic landscape.
  • Did they make a final hire?

Hebrew Union College - Hebrew Bible[]

  • Visiting Assistant Professor; 3 year position renewable for additional 2
  • Deadline: 11/30

Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Jewish History AND/OR Yiddish Language AND/OR Herbrew Literature[]

  • Multiple positions available for tenure-track and tenured positions
  • Deadline: 10/31

Hiram College - OT/Hebrew Bible, NT, Religious Ethics & chaplaincy[]

  • Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and College Chaplain
  • Requires PhD and ordination
  • Deadline: 1/15/11
  • Received a rejection letter via email 1/28.x2
  • They have invited 3 people for on-campus interviews.

Immaculata - Theology[]

  • No formal deadline, but review begins in January.
  • Acknowledgment of receipt (12/15)
  • Any word here?
  • still nothing (3/10)
  • I heard from a friend that the position has been filled (4/6)

Indiana University - Bloomington - Ancient Judaism[]

  • Assistant professor
  • post-biblical, Second Temple Judaism and/or the classical texts of early rabbinic history and culture
  • Deadline 11/1
  • acknowledgment of receipt and request to fill out HR form (10/26)

Indiana University - Chinese Religions[]

  • Assistant Professor
  • Deadline 10/1
  • AAR interview scheduled ~10/20
  • I've heard that campus interviews have been scheduled
  • Campus interviews happening
  • An offer has been made and accepted ~12/17

Indiana University - Orthodox Christianity[]

  • Assistant Professor
  • Deadline 10/8 for AAR interviews, 10/22 for all others
  • Prompt acknowledgment of receipt of application; email stated that they would contact 3-4 days before conference (either AAR in Atlanta or the Slavic conference in LA) if selected for an interview
  • Received AAR interview invitation (10/11/10)
  • Received rejection letter (10/19/10)
  • Campus interview invitations extended (12/13). Interviews to take place in mid-January.
  • Offer extended.
  • Does anyone know who got this position?

Iowa State University - Religious Studies[]

  • Assistant Professor
  • Deadline 11/15
  • Are they doing any AAR interviews?
  • Is this an inside hire?
  • Why do you ask? This was advertised last year but I think they lost their funding.
  • Yep, they lost their funding last year.
  • Inside candidate. Say more, please. - will the user who knows about the inside candidate please post some details???
  • Promptly acknowledged application via email (11-10)
  • Any further word here?
  • invited for a campus interview
    • Good on you. Knock it out of the park, Homes.
    • GOOD NEWS FOR YOU: I could not hear anything from them. Could you please tell me for how many days are you going there for the campus visit? Please provide any more good message you have
    • offer made and accepted! Good luck to everybody!

King's College- London, Ontario - Moral Theology[]

  • Anyone hear anything?

Lafayette College - Christianity in either Latin America or East Asia[]

  • TT
  • Deadline 10/8
  • Prompt acknowledgment of receipt of application materials
  • AAR interview invitation (email), 10/22 (x3)
  • Diversity survey prompt online 10/25 (x2)
  • Anyone get a sense of when they would be contacting finalists?
  • Invited by phone for on-campus visit, 11/12 (x2)
  • Job offered and accepted (12-13)
  • Congratulations!

Lewis & Clark College - Religion and Material Culture/Popular Culture[]

  • Post-doc; not renewable
  • Deadline 3/4
  • Prompt acknowledgment of receipt of application materials (3/1)
  • Received a kind rejection e-mail saying position has been filled (4/25)

Linfield College - East Asian Religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism)[]

  • Associate Professor/Chair
  • Deadline 10/15
  • Job offered end of Dec -- Curious: Was the offer made and turned down?
  • yes -- Thanks.

Long Island University, Global College - Comparative Religion[]

  • Faculty Advisor (Associate Director)
  • New posting with deadline of 3/7. This means they didn't like any of the first round of applications?
  • had a phone interview two weeks ago, and just found out today (4/5) that "the position has been filled."

Loyola Marymount University-Jewish Studies[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • Contacted for SBL/Skype Interview 10/27
  • Contacted for SBL Interview 11/1
  • Any news?
  • At my interview in November, I was told to expect notification of finalists in mid-December, but haven't heard anything yet.
  • They have invited three people for campus interviews in January
  • Were selection/rejection notifications by phone, email, or snail mail?
  • e-mail rejection in response to an e-mail inquiry that I had sent
  • Ah - thanks for letting us know.

Loyola Marymount University - Christian Ethics[]

  • Due 10/1
  • Interviewed at AAR, said they were brining people to campus first two weeks in Dec.
  • Was this for CA position?
  • This was for Christian Ethics position
  • Folks with on-campus interviews have been contacted. (11/29/10)

Loyola Maryland University - Christian Ethics[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • Anyone hear anything?
  • On this position do you mean Loyola Marymount (which is in CA) or Loyola Maryland which also has a job in Ethics this year (or even Marymount University)? For Loyola Marymount see entry above. Loyola Maryland! Changed heading above. Marymount University in VA appears below

Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Theology)[]

  • 2/1
  • Received an acknowledgment letter on 1/7 (but addressed to a different candidate)
  • Um...oops.
  • Reference contacted.
  • Reference contacted; narrowing for (phone?) interviews 2/28.
  • Have they contacted for phone interviews yet?
  • Did they contact references or candidates directly?
  • Reference contacted by email, asking for letter. Email included this line: "We would be most appreciative if you could respond quickly, as the Committee is hoping to identify candidates to interview at its meeting on February 28, 2011."
  • Any more word on this job? (four candidates to campus)
  • On campus interview scheduled (X2). 3/21.
  • One of my best campus visits. A great place. I am not expecting the job, but I think it would be a great place to work and live.

Loyola Institute for Ministry, Loyola University New Orleans []

Has anyone heard anything? (3/10)

They've selected thier three finalists (3/20)

Lutheran Theological Seminary (Saskatoon, Canada) - Old Testament[]

  • 3 year position, with possibility of tenure track
  • Deadline: January 4, 2011
  • To interested persons: While the deadline is January 4, it sounds like you should contact the president prior to SBL if you are interested in this position. He will be at SBL in order to meet with potential applicants who have contacted him.

Manchester College - Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Church History, Western Religions[]

  • Tenure Track
  • Email on 10/29 indicated committee is still working
  • Did you email them or did they send you an unsolicited note? A: I emailed them with some late materials for my app and they replied. Thanks!
  • They are doing interviews at SBL, according to their ad on the SBL site. I'm assuming those who will be receiving interviews will be hearing something in the next couple weeks.
  • Their job post on SBL's website did not say anything about SBL interviews.
  • Email 11/11 stating that they were completing phone interviews with a very short list of candidates that are their topped ranked applicants from a list of about 20 (out of 115 applicants). After these phone interviews, they will decide if they want to interview others at SBL. Any SBL interview invitations will go out early to mid next week.
  • I have received no e-mail (x5).
  • Boiler-plate snail mail rejection letter, 12/16 (x2)
  • Offer made and accepted. Via snail mail rejection letter on 1/3

Mary Baldwin College- Asst Prof of Religion AND Chaplain to the College (same position/job)[]

  • Deadline 12/1
  • Must be able to teach courses in Women and Religion (plus your area of expertise)
  • Must be ordained & have minsterial work experience
  • Interviewed at AAR; said they are will be reviewing applications and contacting people Jan/Feb
  • Has a phone interview in December followed shortly by a rejection e-mail.
  • Offer made and accepted (though not to me)

Marymount University (Arlington, VA)[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • Interviewed at AAR
  • 11/11 received notice that three top candidates were chosen.
  • Anyone out there going to on-campus interviews? When were they scheduled for?
  • A colleague is going for one of the interviews: end of January - early February

McGill University- 'Philosophy of Religion or Philosophical Theology[]

  • open rank search
  • still no word on this one?
  • received receipt of application email 2/18
  • campus visits in Mar.

Michigan State University - Religious Studies (Islam)[]

  • tenure track, asst. prof level
  • Deadline: 12/15 begins review of applicants
  • Has anyone heard anything yet?
  • Total radio silence on my end (1/15) (x4)
  • Received email confirmation that the search is in progress (1/28) (x2)
  • Any news on this search? (2/17)
  • position filled (3/14)
  • who took the job?

Middlebury College- Modern Hebrew[]

  • Three-year term position; Visiting Assistant Professor, Instructor (Ph.D. or ABD), or Lecturer (M.A. or equivalent)
  • Deadline: Candidates based in Israel should submit applications by 10/1; final deadline is 11/1.

Middlebury College- Islamic Studies[]

  • Tenure track
  • Research specialization open, but not South Asia; should be able to contribute to M. East and Int'l studies
  • Deadline: 10/1
  • Contacted by phone for an interview at AAR: 10/18
  • Does anyone know if they have finalized their short list after the AAR interviews
  • received rejection letter. candidates have been finalized. 11/08
  • Has anyone who had an AAR interview heard anything?
  • Job talks have been scheduled for January
  • any news?
  • they canceled the position, since they could not agree on one single candidate.
  • THAT'S CRAZY!!!!
  • (can't agree more... I feel sorry for the candidates they brought to campus)
  • I have heard similarly unimpressive things about the culture at Middlebury in other contexts.
  • I mean, drawing straws would've been a better option than cancelling it altogether. Better yet, put a picture of the candidates on three bowls of dog food and see which one a dog eats first - that's your candidate.
  • any idea who the candidates were - or where to find them?
  • Very unfortunate! wonder if this was an intra-departmental rift or disagreement between dept and administration? In any case, an unfortunate scenario.
  • Hey, folks, not all cancelled or failed searches are a matter of department or school dysfunction. Not from what I saw at grad school anyway. Sometimes it's just really hard to get a candidate right for the job.
  • this particular job has had a high turn-around in the last decade
  • they should just understand that Vermont is a very cold and desolate place to exist

Missouri State University (Instructor Religious Studies)[]

  • Review of applications begins 5/2

Missouri Valley College (Assistant Professor of Religion)[]

  • Application deadline 4/18
  • Email acknowledgement of receipt
  • They have begun on-campus interviews
  • Wow, that was fast. No first round of phone interviews? Guess I'm on the outside looking in.
  • Offer made (6/7) and accepted (6/10)

Mount Allison University (Christianity and Culture)[]

  • Review of applications begins 2/5
  • Received confirmation of receipt of emailed materials within 24 hours (1/26)
  • Skype interview 2/16 (x2)
    • To interviewees: what are your areas of specialization? They seemed to want a broad range.
    • Areas: Continental philosophy, modern Christian thought, political theory, theory and method in the study of religion
    • thanks for this. Other peoples backgrounds help me to see why I may have been cut and how to read between the lines in job ads. Very useful. Thanks.
  • Did anyone hear when they're hoping to contact finalists?
    • Not a word
  • Rejection letter received (3/8)
  • Still learning the jargon in job postings: Is a "full-time sessional (9 month)" position a contract position? Is this a Canadian way of phrasing?
  • Yes, that would indicate a contract position in Canada-speak ;)
  • Does anyone else find it unspeakably sad that so much hangs on a 9-month posting?
  • I try not to think about it
  • Heard that the offer has been made
    • A hearty congratulations to the lucky candidate. This is a wonderful opportunity.

Muhlenberg College - East Asian Religion[]

  • one-year position
  • Interviews scheduled for AAR
  • Invited for campus interview (11/16) x3
    • That's all of us.
  • offer made/verbally accepted. (2/11)

New York Theological Seminary (NYTS) - Sociology of religion (or church and society)[]

  • position is concurrent with serving as the Director of the Center for the Study and Practice of Urban Religion (C-SPUR). Rank is open, dependent on the qualifications and experience of the candidate.
  • no deadline but received ack by mail on Nov 4
  • any word on status of search? 1/16

Northern Arizona University -- Christianity in the Modern Age[]

  • prompt acknowledgment of receipt of materials (x5)
  • Any word since then?
  • They're on spring break this week (3/14-3/18)
  • Any updates here?
  • Request for phone interview (3/28) x5
  • Just curious, those of you with phone interviews, what field do you work in and do you have your degree in hand? - Theology (of Culture); Religion in America (PhD) x2; Religion in Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • Word of warning to those doing phone interviews--Arizona does not have daylight savings time; don't be worried like I was if the committee calls you an hour later than you expected.
    • Thank you for that clarification! They did specify that they would call on Mountain Standard Time. But good to keep in mind at any rate.
    • Ha, they said that, but are actually following Pacific ST because of the no DSTime.
    • No, they are not following Pacific Standard Time. They are indeed following Mountain Standard Time (which is the same as Pacific Daylight Time, not ST). What they are not following is Mountain Daylight Time (as is true for most of Arizona). In other words, Colorado is on MDT now so is only two hours different from EDT. In the winter, Arizona and Colorado are both in MST (which is two hours different from EST). After daylight savings, then MST becomes the same as PDT and an hour different from MDT. This just shows that all PhD programs should include some kind of time zone education as it is a necessary skill for the job market.
  • Invited for campus visit 4/5 (x2)
  • Anything?
  • Received e-mail saying position had been filled (PhD Florida) (5/16)

Northwestern University - African American Studies / Religion[]

  • Deadline 12/1
  • Still reviewing apps as of 2/7
  • Any word?
  • job talks scheduled. 4 candidates
  • rejection letter sent, candidate chosen 3/12

Notre Dame - New Testament[]

  • Open Rank
  • Where is this job announcement?
  • It was advertised in AAR and the Chronicle, but for some reason not on SBL
  • Anyone heard from Notre Dame?
  • Nope (Nov 4)
  • Still no news?! Does anyone know about this position? Was it cancelled?
  • Not cancelled; bad history with Scripture searches in the past = cautious progress.
  • heard someone was interviewed at the SBL
  • Word on campus is that it is a senior hire. (Prof. David Aune retires this year.)
  • I think we can all stop holding our breath on this one. I have it on good authority that the faculty is hopelessly divided over this one, including things as basic as the level of hire. Search will likely extend into the coming academic year.
  • What's the latest news? Any interviews or invitations to campus?
  • Received email saying the search will continue into next academic year (3/22) x2

Oberlin College - South Asian Religions[]

  • Deadline 1/21
  • Any word at all on this one?
    • EOE info request by snail mail earlier this week. Otherwise nada. (3/3)
  • Anyone heard anything else? It's nearly April.

Offer extended.

Ohio Wesleyan University - New Testament[]

  • TT, Asst Professor
  • Oct 22nd Deadline
  • 10/28 email from chair saying they'll be reviewing apps for SBL interviews over the next 2 weeks. (x4)
  • 11/8 Email from chair asking if I'll be at SBL at what conflicts I currently have. It didn't state that I definitely have an interview, and the message itself was "Dear Candidate," so I assume it went to a number of people on a bcc list (the chair also asked that we 'reply' and not 'reply all'). (x2)
  • 11/10 Request for Interview received (x2) [I had also received the above email.]
  • Really?! I guess they don't send out their SBL interview requests all at the same time...
  • Any word on this? I only can assume the worst at this point...
  • Received an email (12/1), which I assume went to everyone with an SBL interview, stating that the committee would be spending the next "fortnight or so" combining interview notes with other criteria to arrive at finalists. They "hope" to issue invites in December for late-January campus visits.
  • Right, I just assumed, having reached the "fortnight" and having heard no word, that the decision had been made. Maybe I am just a pessimist.
  • Email invitation for campus visit 12/10.
  • Offer made and accepted.

Our Lady of Holy Cross College - Theology Faculty Position[]

  • Catholic College in New Orleans
  • Does anyone have information about the status of this search that you would be willing to share?

Oxford University - Syriac Christianity[]

  • The appointment is part time and will run from 1 October 2010 or as soon as possible thereafter for one year.
  • Work under the direction of Professor Sir Fergus Millar FBA on a project on Greek Christianity and Syriac Christianity before the Islamic Conquest
  • Deadline: 9/3
  • A friend of mine got the job--started in October.

Oxford University - Buddhist Studies[]

  • This is a fixed-term post from 1 January 2011 until 31 August 2012
  • Deadline: 9/24
  • rejection letter 10/15

Pace University - Philosophy and Religious Studies[]

  • Deadline: 3/15/11 [posted to AAR on 3/10]
  • "The position requires a PhD degree in either Philosophy or Religious Studies. The successful candidate must demonstrate proven excellence in teaching introductory as well as upper level courses within the disciplines of both philosophy and religious studies. The specific area of specialization is open, but the candidate must demonstrate a passion for and a commitment to teaching students to read and understand the great sacred and secular texts of a wide range of philosophical and religious traditions."
  • NYC Campus plus some Westchester
  • Seems a bit far-reaching to me...
    • True. But it also sounds like a sort of "great texts" emphasis without wanting to use that term, so it seems that breadth and a lot of emphasis on primary texts will likely be the rule
  • Has anyone heard anything from Pace? I can't even get a confirmation of receipt of materials. -- 4/2
  • Email request for EEO form -- 4/8
  • Anything new on this?
  • So nobody's heard anything?
  • Rejection letter 5/24

Perkins School of Theology - Christian Theology[]

  • Deadline: Nov. 30
  • Open rank, tenured or tenure-eligible
  • Has anybody heard anything about this job yet?
  • I got a snail mail acknowledgment a while back but nothing since (x2)
  • Contacted for phone interview 1/12
  • Rejection letter 2/12.
  • Offer made and accepted.

Providence College - Historical Theology[]

  • Deadline: Oct. 15
  • Rejection letter by email. Three candidates invited for campus inteviews.
  • Date of email? Did it say that candidates will be invited or already have been?
  • Email received this morning (11/5). The exact wording was "three finalists were selected to be interviewed at Providence College."
  • Rejection e-mail received today (11/8) [x2]
  • Got email rejection today (11/9) - Guess it is slow release rejection on this one.
  • Rejection email received (11/12). Every few days the committee gets together and votes someone off the island.
  • Who sends out emails that include the email addresses of several applicants? Tacky! (I didn't see this on mine. That is pretty unprofessional if true.)
  • Any final word on this job?
  • Apparently they told candidates to screw themselves.
  • No joke - it was the most unprofessional search I can imagine.
  • There is an inside candidate for this position. --- WOW big surprise.
  • Looks like they couldn't get this search right, just like their last basketball hire.

Pacific Lutheran University - History of Christianity in North America[]

  • Deadline: 10/1
  • Acknowledged receipt of materials (10/1/10)
  • Recieved conference interview invitation (10/13/10) x3
  • Received conference interview denial, but notice of retention in "active pool" (10/15/10) x3
  • Regular old denial (email), (10/15/10) x4
  • Did they only want Lutheran candidates?
  • No--they invited people for interviews who were not Lutheran
  • No-not Lutheran and got interview
  • Anyone heard about campus visits?
  • A friend has one.
  • Three finalists have been chosen. No offer yet.
  • Friend (Ph.D. Duke University) has been offered and has accepted job (12/31)

Quincy University (Two positions, Biblical and Theology/Moral Theology)[]

  • Has anyone heard anything from them? Have AAR interview invites gone out?
  • I have heard nothing on this one.
  • Just the sound of crickets.
  • Is that what I hear? :)
  • Still no word (10/28) probably not good.
  • There's a VAP; might be an inside hire for the theology and bible position.
  • I guess it could but that seems like a big inference.
  • Hence, "might." It often does happen that someone is hired from outside, even if some on the committee consider someone with the "inside track."
  • That's what I'm saying.
  • So did no one hear anything? Did they do interviews at AAR?
  • Regarding the biblical studies post, an interview was requested on the Thurs. before AAR, but I was not attending AAR and they will not be interviewing at SBL, so we are currently in the process of scheduling an interview via conference call.
  • Not sure what is going on, but they were not listed in the AAR job center book.
  • But I saw their ad on the bulletin board, as if they were doing open interviews. I really don't get it but I'm assuming they want nothing to do with me.
  • The website looks like they would probably want an Roman Catholic - definitely for moral theology, but also for biblical -- just an impression.
  • I had that sense, too. But you know what else is awesome? When people who want a practicing Catholic say that so the rest of us heretics don't waste our time. (x3)
  • Had interview at AAR for MT position. They asked if I considered myself a Catholic Ethicist.
  • You know what's ethical? Being honest that you want a Catholic.
  • They have two candidates (MT position) coming for an on-campus interview.
  • Any news on the biblical studies position?
  • Have they made an offer for the MT position?
  • offer made and accepted
  • Biblical post offered and accepted (2-28)

Radford University - Assistant Professor of Religious Studies[]

  • Phone Interview on 4 April
  • I also had a phone interview on April 4. Have not heard anything since...
  • Heard today that they made an offer and that it was accepted

Randolph College - Assistant Professor of Religious Studies[]

  • Deadline 2/15
  • Any idea what the teaching load is for this one?
  • 3/3 is pretty standard for ranked SLACs. Maybe 3/1/3 if they have an inter-session.
  • Anyone hear anything yet?
    • Nil. double nil (3/6) triple nil (3/7)
    • So, as the instigator and discoverer of the variegated source of multiple nullities [ooh, i sound so vapid/academic--i'm gonna put this in a paper someday and see if anyone even notices], I think I owe it to everyone to say I got wind of an invite from a job that interviewed at AAR, lo, these many months ago. The mills of the lord grind slowly, but the mills of academia grind really slowly. The backside of the tapestry is always hopeless knotty--and, let us all repeat, now and 3x every day and every night, 'it really has nothing to do with me.'
    • PS-Cross apply this to the Randolph-Macon job below.
    • Call rec'd to set up phone interview (3/13) (x2)
    • Campus interview scheduled.
    • Heard an offer has been made.
    • ^^That sounds likely--results from campus visits were to be announced w/in the last few days, and I didn't hear anything, which left me thinking someone else had heard and was making up hus mind. Congratulations to whomever...
  • Offer made and accepted, and a genuinely wonderful rejxn letter received. [4.26]

Randolph-Macon - Visiting Assistant Professor or Assistant Professor[]

  • Non-Western Religions, tenure track
  • was interviewed at the AAR (1x)
  • announced one week prior to the AAR
  • invited for interview during the AAR, It seems they had about 10 interviews that day
  • acknowledged receipt of application materials 11/10
  • No further news by 11/17
  • Interviewed at AAR- seemed rather absurd to me, "Can you teach everything?"
  • "Yes, we can":)
  • they reposted their add on the AAR website, probably means they didn't like any of the candidates so far...There aren't many "specialists in everything" perhaps..
    • Nah, they probably paid for two months. I've heard that permission for this search happened so soon before AAR that they didn't even have a full committee put together. I doubt they even have one now.
    • It is one-man committee
    • it is a very small school, so might be just the Dean
    • C'mon, its an SLAC w. 1300 students, and he's the chair of a 3 person department, not the Dean. That's not a very small school at all. [Ok, just 'small' then..]
    • so wait, the "new" ad says Jan. 10th. Is this still a viable search or what?
    • Well, could be, and it never hurts to put in an application. They may have an internal policy on keeping applications open for a certain amount of time; also possible that Jan. 10, being the start of Winter term, is when everyone gets back to campus and they can anticipate getting down to business.
    • sure hope so..
    • Has anyone heard anything? 1/15
      • I have heard the great lion's roar of total silence emanating equally from this corner as from all others of the multiverse. Or, in other words, no. And I join you in saying 'wtf?'
      • I don't think we could have received something by now, they probably started reviewing this week...
      • skype/phone interviews anyone?
      • Inside candidate?
      • Definitely no inside candidate I think...[x2]
      • Shortlist? (1/18)
        • That would be the logical next step. I don't have any indication that they have such a thing.
      • Email: Request for additional materials [1.20] x3 [Question: did you have an interview at the AAR?] [Answer: nope, and don't know what that means--sorry] Thanks, interesting: what materials did they ask for?
      • I had an AAR interview that I set up there. The request was for transcripts, plus 'anything that might be helpful' but 'don't inundate us...two or three syllabi' unless they had already been sent.
      • I also received the request for additional materials. 1/20
      • YES there IS an internal candidate, although it is possible he has been offered a job elsewhere?--> explain?
        • There's a VAP teaching non-Western stuff at RMC now. If the poster above has specific info about that guy being a candidate, let's hear it. O/w, I wonder: at the AAR interview dept. chair told me that they didn't know yet whether the job would be a VAP or TT. Why would they run a hire for a VAP they already have? Dept. Chair also was quite aware of AAUP guidelines about VAPs not going over three years, and so it seems unlikely they would go to the trouble of runnning a search for a VAP for an internal candidate who would wind up unhirable.
        • On the whole, I think 'internal candidate' gets used throughout this wiki to mean one thing when it really means another. Someone already in the institution is applying is, yes, an internal candidate. But that's very different from a search which is worded to favor an already on-staff person who the department knows they want to, or are going to hire, but for administrative purposes must run a pro forma search before executing the hire. Caveat lector.
        • I was interviewed at the AAR, pretty sure this is a real search.
      • So, these issues aside, I guess no campus interviews yet...?
      • Last request for materials asked for them by Wed. 1/26. I guess I feel like a lot of departmental meetings happen on Thursday. I think the next round of interviews or whatever other movement on this one will be happening within the next few days--might take till after the weekend, since they're apparently reviewing complete files.
      • Ok folks, let's speed up a bit...
  • Ok, so I guess the silence of Vimalakirti continues? But I'm not smiling...
  • No movement at all on this one?? (02/04)
  • I understand they'll be meeting late next week to finalize their short list, and hope to complete the search by roughly the beginning of March. [2/4]
  • Anyone hear anything yet? No (2/11), if they want to end the search by the beginning of march...
  • The search is still open, and finalists have not yet been selected. Being able to run the search was somewhat of a pleasant surprise, so the SC has had to scramble to get organized.
  • Anyone get an actual rejection yet? About time...
  • Silence. (2/21)
  • I *so* want this job, makes waiting very hard...
  • Any news now? ' End the search by the beginning of march'....? This is also hard for the candidates!
    • Nil.
    • make that double nil, triple (3/6) quadruple nil (3/7) and what does the comment at the end of the randolph college entry even mean?
      • It means: I kicked off this nil, nil business; that searches take a long time, and the mess that has to happen to bring them about happens behind the scenes [like a tapestry, we only see the finished picture on the front, and none of the mess in back]; the mills of the lord grind slowly riffs on an 18th c. quote, 'The mills of the lord grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine,' by which I meant that this business moves at glacial pace, and that's fairly normal; I got an invite for a different job this week, after pining away since 10/31, though at the time I posted that the invite wasn't official; now it is; all of which is to say, things are still happening, it's too early to give up hope, things may yet work out favorably for some/most/all of us; and finally, that all this commentary applies to the job at randolph, and at randolph macon; at these smaller schools, where a department doesn't do a hire every year or other year like, say, Poli Sci at Michigan does, searches move slowly, and in fits and starts, so hang in there. OK? Ok.
      • okay-- thanks for the clarification, and congratulations on your job offer-- that is great news
  • Any news?
  • Nope. Is there even a short list? Has anyone even been contacted yet about campus interview?
  • Nope! Sorry-- I don't think this search is for real. Ah, well...
  • No, I think this is a real search. I contacted them and asked for information. I was told I was not on their shortlist, so they must have one. Good luck to you guys..
  • I can't believe it. This search is still live! I think they are just now inviting candidates to campus. Good luck to you all who are still on the market!
    • Confirmed: invite to interview [4.26]
    • also invited-- can't wait to see how this one ends up, and if the VAP in place gets the job after all this ridiculousness
      • Best of luck to you, friend.
  • This is going to be a TT hire.
  • Any news, anyone? [5/9]
  • Interviews are going on this week, at least.
  • Sorry for a late note-- I haven't looked at this for a couple of weeks. I withdrew my application and declined an offer [around 4/25? I can't remember] to interview on-campus after receiving an offer from another school. So the pool of campus interviewees may be decreased by one (unless of course they just went down the list, in which case this comment is useless.) Best of luck to everyone! Looks like a great gig.
  • Any news, anyone? Or will this stretch out into June? [5/17]
    • One more interview this week, then a decision at the end of this week or perhaps beginning of next is what I was told.
    • I know I'm out, but...update anyone?
      • Crickets.
      • amazing...
      • The timeline on this search actually made pretty good sense once I found out the details from the people involved. In particular, the last interview was only last week, and a week would be a pretty short turn-around to have an offer made, much less made, accepted, and publicized.
      • "The timeline on this search actually made pretty good sense"--> are you kidding? Announced in november!
  • It's June, and...crickets.
  • but: "The timeline on this search actually made pretty good sense once I found out the details from the people involved." jeez...
  • Well, the timeline up to that point had. Now it actually makes fairly good sense, most academic searches, there's a period of 2-4 weeks after the last interview, during which time offer is made, negotiated, contemplated, and accepted, and somewhere along the way the search committee eventually lets everyone else know. No one likes all the waiting, though...
  • This position was originally posted in November, initial interviews at AAR, campus interviews not until mid-May and one hearing at all until June? I have not applied for this position, but I have been following this very long and involved thread. All I can say is....HUH?
  • Any news? I'm assuming an offer has been made and it is being negotiated?
  • Any news? Is there anyone on here anymore who actually interviewed?
    • Yes, I interviewed; no, I haven't heard anything.
  • I'm not up for doing it, but I bet a study of this page would reveal this to be the single most commented-upon job here.
  • 6/26: no offer made yet.
    • wow. i'm speechless.
    • Does anyone have any reliable information about why this search is taking unusually long?
    • offer made and accepted
    • Did the VAP receive the offer?
  • Now able to confirm that the VAP got the offer--he's listed on their website as Asst. Prof. Sorry that none of 'us' was able to nail this one down, but I'm glad somebody was able to move onto the tenure track. Good luck and G-dspeed, prof. x.

Reed College - Visiting Assistant Professor of South Asian Religions[]

Review of applications begins Jan. 3

  • Have they scheduled interviews yet?
  • called for campus visit (1/13)
  • wow, quick turnaround on this one
  • any final decision made?

Regis University - Philosophy of Religion[]

  • Received request for additional essay to be submitted on 12/10 (11/22)
  • Received email saying they hoped to reach some decisions by about mid-February (12/16)
  • Rejection letter by snail mail, dated 1/7/2011, received 1/13 on east coast. (x3, 1/14)
  • Candidate hired was an inside candidate who is currently a VAP at Regis.

Roanoke College[]

3 year VAP

  • What field is this position in? There's nothing on Roanoke's website.
  • Biblical studies. Seems to be open to Hebrew Bible or New Testament. Posted at SBL.
  • Contacted for an interview at SBL - 11/17

Rockhurst University[]

  • Deadline 9/15
  • Promptly acknowledged receipt of materials.
  • Timeline: AAR interviews scheduled by mid-Oct
  • Rejection email 10/14. 125 applicants. (x9)
  • Did anyone interview with them?
  • I did.
  • Received call (11/11) to schedule campus interview.
  • have they hired? any word on who?
  • They have hired, and I believe it occurred a while ago. Generally, the default is not to name the person hired in this venue.

Rutgers University - Jews under Islam[]

  • Deadline 9/15
  • Committee contacted for letters of recommendation (10/12)
  • Job ad reposted on the AJS website on 12/6.
  • Offer made and accepted
  • Congrats!

San Diego State University - Religious Traditions of China[]

  • Deadline 10/1
  • AAR interview scheduled ~10/20 (x3)
  • campus interview scheduled 11/3
  • Offer made earlier this week.
  • Congratulations! x 2 - let us know if accepted.
  • Imagine you would have guts to reject it?
  • email saying offer had been made and accepted 2/2

Siena College - South or East Asian Religions[]

  • Deadline 10/1
  • 9/28: Email acknowledged receipt of application
  • So, did no one else apply for this, or with 3 days til the AAR interviews have they really not done invites? (x5)
  • Did not do AAR interviews. Anybody hear anything yet?
  • I've heard that campus interviews have been scheduled. [How do you know? ]
  • not heard anything 11/16, are there any campus interviews yet? Also, some of their faculty were at the AAR, but no interviews were scheduled, are they having financial issues again like 1-2 years back, when the search was suspended?
  • news, anyone?
  • 11/27, has anyone heard anything? x3
  • No, I actually had high hopes for this one, but nothing at-al. They were at the AAR but didn't even bother scheduling interviews, don't understand that.
  • Anyone any news on this one? What happened to this search??
  • Rejection email, which indicated the position has been filled. (1/4) x5
  • This clearly was not a real search.
    • care to 'splain this?
    • To start with, the same position/search was cancelled a few years back. In addition, they were present at the AAR but did not do any interviews at all, they didn't even contact people. I know many people who applied to this job, none of them received invitation/interview whatsoever. The rejection e-mails only came after a friend of mine, who also applied, contacted them and asked them about the progress of the search.
    • They did not conduct preliminary interviews at the AAR. They shortlisted a few canddates and invited them to campus in November. One of these candidates is my friend.
    • The cancellation means little or nothing regarding the reality of the search and the rest of your evidence seems to be that you and your friends were not short-listed. Committees are not required to do conference interviews.
    • I was invited back in 2008. They had to cancel that search because they lost 30% of their college's endowment in about a week when the recession hit. This previous search attempt in no way disqualifies the validity of their 2010 search. As stated by earlier comments, they invite people to campus visits and do not rely on AAR conference interviews.
    • The comment you are responding to was made about 6 months ago...

St. Ambrose University - Biblical Studies[]

  • TT, Asst Prof
  • Nov 5 Deadline
  • 11/17 SBL interview scheduled

St. Catherine University -- Theology/Spirituality[]

Has anyone heard anything?

I heard a third-hand rumor that an offer was made in January.

Above (which I posted) turns out to be mistaken. Search is still in process.

Has anyone been contacted yet either way? 2/20/11

I haven't heard a thing (2/24)

shortlisted candidates invited to campus (2/18)

  • would someone mind confirming this? Thanks. (3/10)
  • I was invited, if that counts as confirmation.
  • yes it does. Thanks!
  • They've hired.

St. Norbert - Theologian[]

  • Screening begins 9/13, continues until position is filled
  • Is this an inside hire?
  • Don't know. There's a VAP but that doesn't mean much.
  • Acknowledged receipt of materials 9/22
  • AAR interview 10/20, but looks like an inside hire.
  • Received rejection letter in the mail (11/18). (x2)
  • Has anyone been contacted after AAR?
  • I've heard that campus interviews have been scheduled. (12/2)
  • so did they hire their inside candidate yet?

St. Thomas More College, at the University of Saskatchewan - Religion and Culture[]

  • Assistant Professor, tenure track
  • Deadline, February 15, 2011
  • Do they have an inside candidate for this?
  • Though the add seems fairly open, would they consider a protestant candidate if the fit was right otherwise?
  • Yes, I think they would be quite open to someone who is Protestant.
  • Rejection letter 3/18 (x3)

St. Thomas University - Biblical Studies[]

  • Assistant Professor
  • Deadline 10/4

Stonehill College (Massachusetts) - NT/Biblical Ethics[]

  • Deadline 10/11
  • Ass't Prof.
  • Anybody heard anything? (10/24)
  • Invitation for Skype interview (10/27) x3
  • Did more than 1 person get skype invitation?
  • Campus interviews are already going on (11/16)
  • Hire has been made (12/16)
  • Is it inappropriate to ask who the hire is? Or, from what school?
  • I heard that the person hired already had a tenure-track job elsewhere.
  • This last point is correct.
  • Can you say who it is?
  • Whoever it is, the good news for us that there'll be another last minute VAP popping up somewhere.

Susquehanna University - Chinese Religious Traditions[]

  • Deadline 10/20
  • Any news on this one? Did anyone else even apply? (11/27) x5
  • Just scheduled a phone interview (11/29; 12/2) x3
  • Just scheduled a campus interview for late January (12/31)
  • Offer made, and accepted (2/4).
  • Congrats!

Syracuse University - Religious Thought of Islamic, Buddhist, or Confucian Traditions[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • Any news on this one?
  • AAR interview scheduled via email (10/25)
  • no news 11/15
  • passed over for AAR, but just scheduled a phone interview (x2)
  • any news? interview at AAR but haven't heard anything sense (12/2)
  • Likewise; it doesn't make any since (12/3)
  • Two invitations have been extended for campus interviews in January (12/13)
  • Just out of curiosity, which of the three possible "traditions" do the campus interviewees study? (12/17)
  • This is second-hand, so.... but I heard Islam was one, don't know about the other (12/28)
  • Islam candidate has visited. Confucian scholar up next. (1/28)
  • Has anyone involved in this search heard anything about the Syracuse search below for Continental Philosophy of Religion?
  • Just got a snail mail rejection letter. I was out of the running a long time ago, so to me this says "the search is now officially over [i.e. an offer was made and accepted], so we're sending form letters to all the applicants." (2/18)
  • Position was offered and accepted
  • was the offer to confucianist or islamicist or who?
    • Islamicist, I believe.
  • The offer has NOT been accepted yet. He is an Islamicist (and he is not me).
  • Now it HAS been accepted - PhD Emory - Philosophy Dept

Syracuse University - Continental Philosophy of Religion[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • Any news on this one?
  • They did a round of interviews at the AAR.
  • I think they have an internal candidate. Been a postdoc at Syracuse, now a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Religion Department.
  • Obviously there's an internal candidate -- but they also interviewed a ton of people, including the internal guy. I've been a VAP who applied for my own position -- let me tell you, you don't automatically get it.
  • Received email request to participate in second round by sending writing sample (11/22)
  • Anyone heard anything? Anything at all?
  • On-campus visits scheduled for February
  • On-campus visits have all taken place

Texas Christian University - Religion in Latina/o Communities[]

  • Deadline 10/4
  • AAR interview invitation (email), 10/19
  • AAR interview invitation (email), 10/22
  • Any news about on-campus interviews?
  • Any word (12/8)?
  • Crickets
  • campus interview/talk sch'd for late Jan.
  • rumor is an offer has been made.
  • rejection letter (3-26)x2
  • Rumor confirmed, an offer has been made and accepted. See

Texas Wesleyan University - Assistant Professor of Comparative Religion[]

Campus interview scheduled in February

Can you tell us your area?

Temple University - Chinese Buddhist and/or Daoist Religious Thought and Culture[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • 10/28--Any word here?
  • Interviews done at AAR
  • Any news on campus interviews? Has any one heard anything at all? 12/21
  • Campus interview scheduled. (1/9)
  • Final Campus Interview this week (2/16)

Towson University - Islam and South Asia[]

  • deadline 11/15
  • conducted interviews at AAR
  • Just finished phone interviews. Candidates will be invited for February
  • did they say when they plan to send out campus invites?
  • has anyone visited yet? did they phone interview the people they had earlier interviewed at the AAR?..has anyone from the AAR interviews heard anything since?
  • Just received campus invite for Mid February. (01/15).
  • offer has been made
  • Congratulations! Heard great things about Towson.

Union Theological Seminary - Assistant Prof. in New Testament[]

  • interviewed at SBL (11/21) (x2)
  • Any new information since SBL interviews?
  • Their initial deadline was in December, so they said they would continue interviewing candidates of interest.
  • So does that mean they are still interviewing candidates and have extended their deadline?
  • Original deadline was Dec 15, so no, they have not extended it.
  • I guess that means they are still fishing for bigger fish than they caught at SBL.
  • No, it means they are being professional and waiting until after their initial deadline to contact anyone for follow-up.
  • Anyone had any news since the end of the deadline?
  • Heard the committee may have met this week. Has anyone heard anything?
  • Any news?
  • Anyone know who was hired?
  • Offer made, unsure whether accepted yet. (4/4)
  • REALLY curious who got this offer -- but either way, major congratulations!
  • Aliou Niang, PhD in New Testament from Brite Divinity School, TCU was hired for this position. He is an outstanding person and scholar! Congrats!

Union Theological Seminary - Islam[]

  • Deadline 2/15
  • search pushed to summer (2/17)

University of Aberdeen (Scotland) - NT Exegesis[]

  • Looking to appoint an exceptional scholar of international standing to the Kirby Lang Chair of New Testament Exegesis
  • Deadline: 9/24

University of Aberdeen (Scotland) - Lord Gifford Fellowship in "Natural Theology"[]

  • Full-time post doctoral position
  • Deadline: 8/27

University of Alabama - Instructor, Study of Religion[]

  • Review begins 3/15
  • Application acknowledgement received (3/29)
  • Hire made (rejection letter 6/5). Apparently only about 50 applicants.

University of Arkansas - Islamic History, pre-1700[]

  • Deadline 10/22
  • Based in the history department; candidate is also expected to contribute to the King Fahd Center for Miast and Islamic Studies

Last years pick turned it down. They personally mailed his uni and asked for folks.

- Position accepted by U Chicago specialist in Ottoman History

University of California, Riverside - Assistant Professor of American Religions[]

  • deadline, January 6, 2011
  • confirmation of receipt of application (by mail)--12/20 (x2)
  • I can't find a job posting for this position anymore - I checked the UC Riverside website, AAR, and H-Net. Does anyone know if this is still a live posting? Did they pull it?
  • It's still posted on their website. Any other news?
  • This was posted on H-NET on 1/13 yet the ad listed 1/6 as the date review of applications would begin; deadline listed as 2/28 so I assume they still must be accepting applications. Where/when was it listed before for those who applied back in December? Never saw it on AAR. (1/21)
  • I heard about it from a friend who heard about it from a google discussion group
  • I finally got their request for AA information. Does this possibly mean that they haven't yet got a shortlist?
  • Request for AA information by email
  • pardon the ignorance...what is "AA"? Affirmative Action survey paperwork.
  • shortlisted candidates invited to campus (2/3)
  • did they do phone interviews first? odd that they are already doing campus visits with the mixup over the deadline and recent H-NET listing. They did not do a good job advertising this (it was never listed on AAR and only appeared on H-NET three weeks ago), so I wonder if applications received after the ad first appeared on H-NET on 1/13 really received similar attention as those who saw the ad elsewhere and applied before 1/6. (2/3)
  • It's been a pretty strange search -- any sense for whether there's an inside candidate, which might help explain the late and hit-and-miss posting? there's a VAP working in area of the call already there.
  • offer made to another finalist (informed by seach commitee chair)
  • offer accepted 3/8

University of Central Arkansas - Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion[]

  • any news anyone?
  • Seems they will finalize the search in early spring
  • skype interview anyone?
  • Has anyone been contacted for a skype interview? not yet...
  • Any news on this one? Has there been any progress at all?
  • Is this search still alive?
  • Yep. Campus invite via email. When? After a skype interview ? Congrats.
  • offer made and accepted.

University of Chicago - Social Scientific Study of Religion (Anthro/Soc)[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • Oddly, U of C just reposted this and all the ads below on the AAR job ads site, lifting the deadline and saying "Applications will be accepted until the position is filled" if the first round of applications they received were dreadfully disappointing.
  • Did anyone interview for this at AAR? Or have any sense if open rank= preference for senior scholar?
  • Any word on ANY of the U of C jobs????? 11/9
  • U of C did not do any AAR interviews
  • Confirmed: I asked them directly and they confirmed that they were not holding any interviews at AAR
  • Does anybody have any idea what's going on with this search??? (x3)
  • Live in Chicago area, met with Dean who then requested additional materials. She said no shortlist til Feb or later. (12/1)
  • Having been on many SCs before, sometimes the extended deadline means they have a senior person in mind. (12/13)
  • Shortlist drawn (3 candidates). One is an anthropologist who works on Islam, so may actually be being considered for the other position.
  • Thanks for the update. If you feel comfortable could you say if the list is of senior or junior folks and whether people have been notified? (1/28)
  • notifications going out--job talks scheduled.
  • Email received indicating search extended and inquiring whether I was still interested and offering opportunity to update application. (02/08/2011)

University of Chicago - History of Religions[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • Has anyone heard anything about this job? Are they moving forward?
  • I heard that the position has not been filled and the search has been extended to 2011-2012 year.
  • Readvertised this morning (July 8, 2011) on AAR website, together with the readvertisement of positions in Ethics and Theology. There is also a new line in Chinese religions. Is the latter in place of the Anth/Soc of Religion post that appears to be dead?
  • Posted the re-advertised positions on Religious Studies 2011-2012 - please fill in details (deadlines, etc.) on that page.

University of Chicago - Islamic Studies[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • Anyone heard anything about this position?
  • Has this search been canceled? I haven't heard anything. (12/6)
  • Still no news? (12/27)
  • rumor mill is really beginning to churn in Chi-Town on this one, expect news soon (1/16) shortlist has been made it seems
  • Have they compiled a list of job talks?
  • Nothing like that, at least yet. It seems that they've begun to identify the candidates and those are known to the committee, at least. rumor mill has leaked one name. he's a heavy hitter. Expect this one to go to the seasoned players (1/23). Like usual--over 100 applied, some of the most impressive out there. shoulda went into acting, I guess.
  • campus visits coming to a theater near you in a few weeks.
  • exciting, do we know who the candidates are/when the lectures are happening. should be broadcast live...
  • that'd be nice and all, but I'm afraid uchicago doesn't have the smart rooms and/or technology (at least in the humanities) to be broadcasting anything live.
  • Apparently one candidate is from USC - history of middle east/mediterreanian
  • Three invited. One woman and two guys. Job talks will be middle of April. This from the inside. I don't think there has been a formal announcement.
  • Go Woman!
  • Very odd--I went to a job talk last week that wasn't billed (formally or informally) as a job talk but was rumored to be a job talk. Confused yet? When the Dean introduced the person, it seemed like he had been invited to give a speech at the weekly colloquium. For the record, things around here are mildly confusing. Job talk was excellent if a bit introductory.

University of Chicago - Religious Ethics[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • Anyone know why this job (and the other ones from U. Chicago) were reposted on AAR site the other day?
  • Are they still accepting apps?
  • Any news?
  • Still haven't heard anything. Since they have so many searches open (and I guess two more pending) they might not be moving forward with all of them.
  • I heard that they will be making 7 hires (including these) in the next 2 years. They may be looking to see if there is complementarity/serendypitous connections between potential candidates before narrowing things down. And with that many searches, they may not be in a hurry. They're notorious for drawing out searches. Info based on a friend's comments who is former faculty there.
  • job talk sch'd for 1/18/11.
  • This is a "replacement" hire for Gamwell; another search for a newly created position is said to focus on religion and environmental ethics; they will probably fill this ethics position before forming the next ethics search committee.
  • After seeing the people who get interviews/give job talks for these positions, does anyone else out there just feel totally ridiculous and embarrassed for even throwing one's name in for the job?! ---- I don't know about embarrassed, but it often seems a waste of time. Sick of the game.
    • I didnt apply for this one, but 1. it's Chicago, so of course the heavy hitters come out; 2. this sounds like just one more manifestation of imposter syndrome; 3. maybe everyone else wasn't as 'lucky' as me, but when I started MA in 1998, my father, then 20 years in academia, told me that I would be dealing with a lot of egobound jerks, and that I would have a very tough time getting a job; later that ac. year, my advisor told me after 35 years [mostly in Ivies] he was just making it 'into the black.' This is a really difficult way of living. Less difficult than coal mining or being a transsex prostitute in a 3rd world country, but still difficult, and if you're going to make it--if I'm going to make it--you really do have to TOUGH it out. If you expected it to be easier than this, I do genuinely feel sorry for you and I empathize with your present experience, but the facts remain that academic hiring has been this way for a long time, and yet people still get jobs and live out happy lives--it just takes some doing.
    • that was a great pep talk - maybe the best i've heard - thanks for that. (seriously) - and on the chicago hires, yes, 7 searches 2 years, big heavies, need to build up dept. again, but also good oppty. for really smart newcomers who want to work hard. don't count yourself out just because heavy-d is interviewing for one of these posts -- i would venture that they will hire a mix of young and old...and in these times, heavy-d is more expensive than you...
  • Did Chicago post a list of talks? Has the short list been made and is it publicly accessible? (1/21)
  • I'm not sure if all of these are job talks, but try here:

University of Dayton, Ohio- Islam[]

  • Invited for on-campus interview (12/08). Anyone else received any response?
  • had on campus interview now waiting to hear
  • did anyone hear anything since the campus visits?
  • any offers yet?
  • I had a campus visit. They said they would get back to me with some response very soon but I never heard from them, which is itself a response.
  • I also had a campus visit and they said I would hear back in 2 has been 4 weeks now and no you said, perhaps that is a response..i wish they would send small rejection emails or letters instead of keeping everyone waiting..
  • any offers? any news?
  • Position accepted
  • position was accepted then turned down by candidate

University of Detroit Mercy - Biblical Studies[]

  • deadline 3/1 but reposted 3/4
  • reposting was a mistake. original deadline stands. they are rejecting all applications recevied after the original deadline.
  • Not true, When this was reposted, I emailed asking if they would still receive my application and was told that they would consider me. Emailed my application to a committee member on 3/8 and received confirmation that they would be reviewing applications shortly.
  • I emailed my application around 3/15, maybe a few days later (having never seen the original posting with the deadline) and was informed quite directly that they were enforcing the original deadline and would not review or consider my application. I was told the reason for this was primarily that the committee was already quite far along in the review process, so I guess that's good news for those who did get their applications in.
  • Phone interview scheduled.
  • Offer made.

University of Georgia - South Asian Religions[]

  • Deadline 3/1 for TT position in addition to the earlier-run Lecturer slot.
  • This one is, of course, well past due at this point. I'm just putting it up to ask if anyone else applied or has heard anything.
  • I applied - had my materials in about 10 days early, but still haven't heard anything (posted 3/19)
  • called on 3/29 for an update - they've got a short list. Unfortunately I wasn't on it. Good luck to others!
    • I really thought this ^^ spelled the end, but...invite for campus visit (email, 3/30)
  • Email rejection letter for the lecturer [non-TT] slot. [4/5]
  • So, did anyone else interview for this one? Heard anything yet? Or via the grapevine?
  • Rejection email 6/1.

University of Great Falls - Integrated Learning Community and Theology[]

  • emailed rejection letter (5/24)

University of the Incarnate Word -History of Christianity[]

Deadline 12/1

  • AAR interview scheduled (10/27) x 2
  • Any news on this position? Has anyone been invited for on-campus interviews? (12/8)
  • In my AAR interview, they said they were planning to do some phone interviews (for people who didn't interview at the conference) after the position closed on the 1st and that I shouldn't expect to hear anything until maybe January-ish. They got funding approval late, so they didn't have a lot of pre-AAR lead time.
  • Anyone gotten an email or call?
  • Nothing here (and I interviewed at AAR).
  • I had an AAR interview, which was followed-up with a subsequent telephone interview (on 1/7); received an invitation for an on campus interview (1/21)
  • rejection email 1.25.11 (X2)
  • Did they hire their inside candidate yet?
  • On 2/21 UIW instituted a "permanent hiring freeze" due to the state and federal budgets' proposed cuts to education--so no candidates were hired for this position (inside or otherwise)
  • Ouch.
  • Is this really true? Any future job searches planned?
  • Sad, but true. The draconian Texan state budget and the uncertanity over the Federal Budget Pell Grants has caused this "permanent hiring freeze" (halting this search and 13 others = 14 in total at UIW). How long this freeze is in place and, if lifted, will the searches resume from where they left off or will they start anew are unknown at this time.

University of Iowa-Ancient Mediterranean Religions, 1st through 8th Century[]

  • Deadline 12/15
  • Joint appointment between Classics and Religious Studies
  • Does anyone know when to expect some word from Iowa? (x2)
  • Almost 2 months after deadline...still no word? (2/9)? Maybe they have only contacted people in Classics? (x2)
  • Emailed them on Feb 9, to inquire about the state of the search. Chair responded propmtly, saying application reviews were begun just after MLK Day (1/17). He said that the short list was with the Dean's & Provost's offices, and defninte news should be made in a week or so. That was almost 2 weeks ago. So, most likely, RS people were not among the finalists (at least, not RS people on this board).
  • It read like a Classics ad, honestly.
  • I disagree--I think the RS department is in control of this hire, but classics is going along because they will get a person whose RS courses can be crosslisted. I'm not on the committee, but I've read faculty meeting minutes. And, according to the last minutes, they have invited four candidates to campus for interviews starting next week. (2/26)
  • actually it's 3
  • I though asking for a candidate who can teach at all levels in both greek and latin felt a little like it leaned to classics. That's only my opinion. I wasn't making any statement about who was in control of this.
  • job offered (but not yet accepted)
  • The job has been accepted.

University of Iowa, Catholic Studies[]

  • senior position - review of applications began 12/1
  • search cancelled (3/10)

University of Kentucky- Jewish history[]

  • Deadline 11/1
  • asked to submit writing sample (11/16)
  • skype interview scheduled (12/7) x 2
  • Invited to a campus visit in Jan. (12/21)

University of Louisville - Islamic Studies[]

  • any news?
  • The basketball team is doing quite well this year.
  • an unnecessary and idiotic comment.
  • Humor! Everyone needs a dose of it with the stresses of the job search.
  • Well, we all know that for some, being in the academy means no humor, no life, and no soul. I thank Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, that I'm not among such folk.
  • the have hired
  • what's the hire's specialty?

University of Maryland-Biblical Studies[]

  • Deadline 11/30
  • 1/10--received campus interview request
  • Search completed. Offer made and accepted. Cross-listed here.

University of Missouri - Islam[]

  • Deadline 10/20 (extended to 11/10). Assistant or Associate Professor of Islam.
  • Contacted to arrange a Skype interview (11/11)
  • Contacted to arrange a Skype interview (12/20) x 2
  • Has anyone been invited for a campus interview?
  • An offer has been made and accepted (1/28)

University of New Mexico - Catholic Studies[]

  • Deadline March 10
  • Does anybody know what's up with this position? I thought they'd hired someone in a Catholic Studies position last year?
  • I believe last year they hired a visiting, and this is tt.
  • Oh, that's right: it was a temporary chair. My mistake.
  • So does that mean there is an inside candidate? This department looks very cool.
    • If there is, I don't think it's the chair from last year. He's at the University of Toronto.
  • Any word on this yet? I know it hasn't been long, but I figure they'd move fast since it's so late in the year.
    • I haven't heard anything. But I imagine that they'll have gotten a lot of applications, and between Spring break and the end of term, it might take a while. I'm crossing my fingers that some of the competition will have been offered other jobs before they get around to preliminary interviews.
  • Three weeks in, and still no word? Wow, somebody's anxious --- Ha! Does it show?
    • Three weeks from deadline to response, for a TT at a flagship state school, would be uncommonly fast. I just did a campus visit for a school I applied to in October. (3/30)
  • Campus interview scheduled. Not sure how many candidates they're inviting / have invited.
  • Really? Can someone confirm this? Has anyone else been invited?
  • My interview is scheduled (I wrote the post above).
    • You are one lucky dog - this looks like a swell gig. It's possible that the other candidates are simply not checking or contributing to the wiki. But for the one who is - can you keep us updated? I'm horribly disappointed not to be among the chosen few, and I'd like to live the dream vicariously, if that's possible.
    • What's the area of specialty within "Catholic Studies"?
    • Happy to keep you posted. My area is American Catholic history.
      • I wish my area was American Catholic history. Oh, UNM, why don't you love me as I love you?
  • So what happened with this position? Does anyone know who was hired? Was it my American Catholic History pal?
    • It looks like it might have been! Congratulations! And thanks for taking me along for the ride.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Islam[]

  • Accepting applications until the position is filled
  • Has anyone heard anything about this position? (11/18)
  • Job talk scheduled for next week. (12/01)
  • Only 1 candidate is being invited for campus interview.
  • It was not a Sufi - an "American Islam" person.
  • offer has been made
  • Only 1 candiate was invited? Done deal?
  • Let's see...accepting apps until filled, vaulting over preliminary interviews(?), one person invited to campus, and...a hire! Sounds like a done deal to me. If only they could dispense with the sham?
  • In response to the comments above... I'm not affiliated in any way with the search, but I happen to know the search is considered an extension of last year's, which did not end with a definitive hire. Hence they did not need, and were legally not obliged, to invite three new candidates. At least that's my sense... Just because they invited one candidate this time doesn't mean this was a "sham" hire
  • Even if the search was an extension, a new applicant pool was considered and several new candidates interviewed at AAR and over skype. After all that, to invite just one candidate for campus interview in the 2nd round of this search is quite strange. A university of this stature could not afford to bring at least 3 candidates to have at least some semblance of competition and choice?

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Medieval/Early Modern Christianity[]

  • Review of apps begins Dec. 15, 2010
  • Auto-email ack on 11/04 (x3)
  • Received an invitation for a phone interview on 01/05. (x4)
  • Did invitation come through email? By phone? Email notification (x4)
  • If it is not impertinent to ask - are you a Medieval or Early Modern?
  • Early Modern (x2)
  • Medieval (x2)
  • Good luck with the interviews!
  • Any word on their central focus? It seems pretty broad?
  • Word on the street is that this is a replacement for Peter Kaufman, who worked in everything from patristic to early modern Christianity, but mostly in late medieval and early modern. From what I've been able to find out, they're leaning more toward the early modern side of things than the medieval, but this information doesn't come from anyone on the search committee itself, and obviously preferences can change when presented with a stellar "medieval" candidate who's a good fit at UNC, so take that information with a big grain of salt.
  • Any news from interviewees?
  • Has anyone received a rejection letter/email? Or will they wait to inform everyone until after they have hired someone?
  • Has anyone with a phone interview heard anything?
  • 1-22 contacted for campus visit--medieval or ealy modern?
  • Any word on how many they are bringing to campus?
  • 3. The first candidate visited today (01/31).
  • Any news? (2/23)
  • They made an offer yesterday, or they will be making it today, or in the following days (02/25).
  • offer has been extended and accepted. (03/02).
  • Did this go to an early modernist or medievalist?

University of North Florida - History of Religions[]

  • contacted by phone AAR interview (10/21)
  • AAR interview conducted (10/30)
  • Has anyone heard anything since the AAR interviews?
  • Invited for a campus interview. (x1)
  • Heard they've hired.
  • Rejection letter received with notice that the position has been filled (3/23)

University of Northern Iowa - Biblical Studies & Islam[]

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion, a two-year term position, beginning August 22, 2011.
  • Complete applications received before March 25, 2011, will receive full consideration.
  • A member of the department reported that few have applied thus far. The department is actively seeking applicants.
  • E-mail confirmation of receipt of application (3/28). The committee is busy "reviewing the files."
  • Received rejection letter in late June. Position has been filled.

University of Pennsylvania - Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies[]

  • Deadline 11/15
  • Candidate invited for campus interview (friend) 1/3

University of Pittsburgh - Modern Judaism[]

  • Deadline 11/10
  • Contacted for AJS interview, 12/1
  • Was this search canceled?
  • No, they conducted campus interviews this month (Feb)

University of Richmond - Islam[]

  • Was interviewed at the AAR. Nothing since. Any word on campus interviews?
  • Heard nothing. But was told at the AAR interview they will invite people before thanksgiving.
  • Any news on campus interviews? Has anyone heard anything from them since the AAR?
  • Still no news? was this search succesful?
  • offer was made and accepted. or so it seems from Fall course listings.

University of Rochester - African American Religions[]

  • Deadline 10/18
  • Rec'd call for AAR interview on 10/26 from chair. Followed by an email. (x2)
  • any word on campus interviews?
  • None here, and I forgot to askabout the timing at AAR. Did you ask then?
  • They told me they would be making decisions about campus interviews "in a couple weeks."
  • have campus interviews been scheduled? (x2)
  • Campus interview scheduled (11/23)
  • Is your visit scheduled for this semester?
  • Yeah, mid-December
  • Any word?
  • offer made/accepted

University of Rochester - Chinese Religions[]

  • Deadline 10/18
  • Received call for AAR interview from the chair (10/26) x2
  • Rejection email 10/28
  • A friend got a campus interview (11/29)
  • Anybody know what happened with this? X2
  • Maybe the line is canclled again.
    • No, I don't think they've lost the line. I've been told that they only brought out 2 and that they either were not interested in those 2 or that they accepted positions elsewhere. Don't know if UoR will bring more out or wait again until next year.

University of Tennessee - Islam[]

  • I was interviewed at AAR for this job but never heard anything afterwards. Has an offer been extended? Are they still conducting campus visits?
  • Campus interviews scheduled for later January (12/20)
  • offer has been extended
  • offer accepted

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga[]

  • Deadline 2/15
  • 3 year VAP in the Deparment of Philosophy and Religion
  • Visiting Asst Prof in Early Christianity
  • Prompt acknowledgment of receipt of materials (by email) (x3)
  • Anyone heard anything? 3/16 (x2)
  • A colleague of mine has a phone interview lined up. 3/24
  • Anyone have any idea about what happened here? I see that a lecturer position in Biblical Studies has opened up there. Did they lose funding?

University of Toledo - Catholic Studies[]

  • deadline 11/24
  • Any news?
  • nothing
  • they hired. had over 5o applications. no idea who is the lucky theologian. 7/15/11

University of South Florida -- Instructor/Religious Studies[]

Anyone heard anything?

  • Crickets. (3.18)
  • Word is they've hired.
  • Rejection email: (x2)
  • "...pleased to announce that we have made an offer, which has been accepted..." but for once, no deep pangs of regret at not having been able to hire me. Which is ok, because I don't terribly mind not being hired. Congratulations to somebody...(4/20)

University of St. Thomas - Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology[]

  • Deadline 10/1
  • Have heard through the grapevine that they have received over 100 applications
  • Received an email for an AAR interview on 10/16 (x2)
  • Does anyone know how many people they interviewed for this job? It seemed like a lot, but maybe this is because they are also doing a hire in Moral Theology.
  • Has anyone heard anything about campus interviews? If I remember correctly, they were going to try and bring people in before Thanksgiving.
  • Interviewed at AAR for the Moral Theology position and they said they were bringing people to campus before Thanksgiving
  • Thanks! I interviewed for the Systematic Theology position at AAR, and I thought that was what they said. Given that Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, I think it's safe to assume that I didn't make their on-campus interview list.
  • They said they were bringing people to campus before AND after Thanksgiving. Did anyone hear from them--whether good or bad?
  • I applied and have heard nothing, nil, zilch,nada....(11/11) (x2)
  • 11/9 Rejection email for the position in Moral Theology ("We received a very large number of applications")
  • 11/15 ibid. for Systematic Theology (x4).
  • Has anyone been contacted after the AAR interview?
  • I know two people who received on campus interviews for moral theology. Does anyone know if people have been called for systematic theology? I interviewed for systematic theology at AAR but have not heard anything since. (x 3)
  • I heard through the grapevine that at least one of the candidates for the Systematic Theology position was brought on campus this week.
  • Systematic Theology offer made and accepted

University of Texas at Austin - Religion in North America[]

  • Deadline 10/4
  • Open rank position
  • Email rejection (10/26)--over 150 applications
  • AAR interview scheduled (x2)

Has anyone heard anything from them? (10/24)?

  • Nothing, no rejection, no interview either. (10/26) x7
  • Was the email rejection notice a mass bcc email? (10/27)
  • no-it was a personalized email (10/27)
  • ANY WORD?? 10/28
  • It think it is obvious that they have already contacted the people they are planning to interview. The interviewees are probably people who already have t-t jobs and so don't really frequent the wiki to let us know that they have an interview. The fact that there was one person who received a personal email rejection suggests that they have made a decision but they are not bothering to tell the rest of us yet. This happens quite frequently.
  • Good point! To the person that received an email rejection--did you inquire about the status of your application, or did you just randomly get an email from them?
  • Email rejection 10/28 --over 150 applicants (I think they are going senior on this one) x5
  • Keep in mind they are building a PhD program. You'd have to be a pretty impressive junior hire to be the right fit.
  • They contacted candidates for AAR interviews at the end of last week (unfortunately, I wasn't one of them). Think about it: over 150 applicants is just about everyone in American religious history in the country. Austin is one of the coolest places in the world, so you can imagine full professors with several books out who are already settled somewhere else in a less desirable area might be looking to move--in addition to everyone else from ABD on up. Just looking at the department's existing strengths in American religion and thinking about UT's regional location, I'd bet they want someone who does Latin American and/or Caribbean religion, and/or possibly Islam, gender, or race...
  • I know three people who applied for this; one received a personal rejection email, two have AAR interviews (one is ABD, one is Assistant Prof)
  • Heard from an inside source that they are DEF going senior on this--interviewing "junior" folk is just formality...........
  • I interviewed at AAR-- sent me an email afterwards asking to see more writing, and that they'll be notifying second round people this week (I'm junior faculty).
  • just got an email advertisement for a job talk given by a candidate for this position - a junior faculty member...
  • I heard the same. I think they have their campus interviews scheduled...
  • First of scheduled job talks was today (11/15).
  • how many candidates do they have?
  • My sense is three. Not 100% positive though.
  • I heard they offered the job to a mid-career candidate who turned it down.
  • I think the mid-career person may have been a separate search. The three finalists interviewed for this position were all junior.
  • That's inaccurate. There were four finalists, three who were junior and one who was an associate prof.
  • It was offered to and accepted by a junior applicant. - PhD UNC

University of Toronto Mississauga - Assistant Prof in Christianity (t-t, historical period open)[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • Any word about AAR interviews for the position?
  • Nope (10/24)
  • Phone request for interview at AAR or by Skype (10/25). x3
  • over 300 applicants....
  • It does not surprise me that there were over 300 applicants - 'Christianity' is a broad category. To those who have interviews, what area or time period of Christianity do you study?
    • At least 2 people in Early Christianity got interviews. The AAR ad specified Ethics and EC.
  • Has anyone received a rejection from UTM?
  • No rejection yet, no interview either (10/27) (x2)
  • No rejection here either, but I suppose there's no rush to notify people they haven't got the job (10/27)
  • I am thinking that a consistent job ad would have saved both the search committee and lots of candidates a great deal of time and effort.
  • I do not know of any UTM ad mentioning anything about Ethics or EC. Their ads in both CHE and AAR say "The candidate’s research may focus on any aspect of Christianity from any period of its history, but interests that complement and enhance existing departmental strengths would be an asset." Where has the poster seen otherwise?
  • Like you, I did not see where the ad said anything about ethics or EC. And I do think a more specific ad (and possibly consistency, if there was another ad out there somewhere) would have saved an awful lot of effort for all involved. I mean, really...300 applicants? Wow.
  • Go to the AAR ad and click on the plus button. More info will appear, including specified sub-specialties. There you'll find Ethics and Early Christianity listed. I'm not saying those are the only fields they want, but those are the first two they list, and it would appear that at least 2 people who got interviews are from EC.
  • I don't have access to the AAR ad, but I don't doubt what you're saying. I just wish UTM would have circulated a consistent job ad. Their own internal ad suggests an open geographical/topical/temporal specialization: "The candidate’s research may focus on any aspect of Christianity from any period of its history, but interests that complement and enhance existing departmental strengths would be an asset".
  • Link to UTM's internal job ad (with no preference stated for Ethics or EC):
  • The "enhance existing departmental strengths" part is always tricky, because they may or may not have specific ideas of what they think their needs are - or they may disagree internally. It would appear that they're open to EC, but we don't know whom else they interviewed.
  • Campus visits scheduled for later in November (a colleague was contacted 11/10).
  • To the person whose colleague was invited for an on-campus interview, are you sure of this, was your colleague interviewed at AAR, and/or do you have any further information? Anyone else have any info? I have heard from a reliable source that they have not finalized their search.
  • So have they interviewed and chosen someone for this position, or is it still open?
  • A few hours ago, someone posted that the job had been "offered and accepted." A little while later someone with a different IP address deleted that. Would the person who deleted the post please explain him or herself? Otherwise, I believe we ought to repost the "offered and accepted" post. ... inadvertent. sorry. meant to comment, not delete.
  • Did I not just update this? I thought I did. Rejection today (12/20) inviting me to consider sessional employment instead. Which, um. No. (x2)
  • My thoughts exactly. At least it was a considerate rejection letter.
  • Was it?
  • This position has been filled. Finalists have received a rejection email to this effect.
  • What was the discipline/specialty of the hire? Just curious - since the ad was so broad.
  • Early Christianity.

University of Virginia - Early Christianity[]

  • Deadline 12/20
  • Received form acknowledgment email from online app system (12/20)
  • Any word yet? (x2)
  • Someone I know got an email asking for a phone interview on 1/21.
  • Rejection email received 2/11. This was a form email from their HR system. Classless and lazy! (x2) - and might I add tacky and disrespectful of the time and effort (and cost) required to apply for their position.
  • What about those of us who didn't get invited to campus, but didn't get the rejection email either? (x2: but who got invited to campus?)
  • A friend just interviewed there recently. Have they made a decision?
  • Did anyone else randomly receive the acknowledgment of application email again today (2/25)?
  • Yes, I did (also 2/25). I had to scratch my head about that one! I'm just not sure what is going on. I haven't received a rejection email, so I guess I'm holding out hope. But neither have I gotten a request for any further information.
  • They already had campus interviews. Apparently the decision will be made next week. Check your "status" for your online app. It probably says "not selected for interview."
  • This is all very bizarre: I have not received a rejection email, but neither did I receive one of these new "acknowledgment of application" emails. I checked my online app and my status still says "Under Review." However, on that website, it says the title of the job for which I applied is "Assistant/Associate Professor of Religious Studies-Islam"—quel horreur! And when I click on the "view" link under "Title," it brings me to the Early Xnity posting, which is what I want! So really: what the eff is happening? If interviews have already happened, then they've already happened, and that's that and I'm out of the running. But, holy moly, how frustrating!
  • I had the same issue with it saying I was applying for the 'Islam' posting. I knew that at the time, but was told everything was fine. There isn't a job going for someone to teach 'Islam' so the people at UVa were really confused why it would say that. Mine also says 'Under Review.' Hm.... Very very odd.
  • Hire has been made.
  • Just received snailmail rejection letter. Very nicely worded, and an apology for those who received automated rejections from the HR system--something that was done without the department's knowledge or consent and which they apparently found 'discourteous'. I hadn't received any automated rejection, but rather two automated 'Your application is under consideration' two or three months apart! All the best to the newly hired!

University of Virginia's College at Wise - Assoc Prof in Religion[]

Any word? Last I knew, phone interviews had happened. Mid-late spring, I think.

University of Wisconsin Madison- Hebrew Bible/Semitic Languages[]

  • Deadline 8/15
  • Acknowledged receipt of application materials promptly.
  • 9/1 — Contacted for online interview.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - South Asian Religions[]

  • - deadline 11/10
  • - contacted for phone interview 11/15--they got the applications in, read them, met, and called people for interviews within five days? the programs is spread out over like five departments....
  • -it seems they are planning to make an appt. by Dec - so have campus interviews been sent out? 11/19
  • Any news on campus interview? 11/30
  • They've hired.
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations, indeed. I exchanged an email with the committee chair after they did not get back to me; he was a cold man. Did not bother to send a rejection letter either.

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point - Non-Western Religions[]

  • Email for AAR interview 10/22
  • anyone heard news about campus interviews for this one? (11/15)
  • no word yet (11/22). It seems like a lot of places are taking their time after AAR--anyone know if this is usual?
  • in the AAR interviews they said they would need at least six weeks to reach a short list
  • what would their focus be on? China, Japan,...?
  • answering ^^ like the title says, 'non-western,' thus all of Asia, plus Africa and anything else that might come up. I'm a S. Asianist with some E Asia teaching experience, and they interviewed me. This is to replace Corinne Dempsey who works on Hinduism.
  • Phone interview arranged by email (12/3). Is this a 2nd interview, after initial at AAR?
    • x2, above and below.
      • but i will say that they thought campus interviews would be in January; that large swathes of Wisconsin go on vacation this time of year; and that they have to deal with all the usual red tape plus the moron who just got elected Governor and his anti-intellectual henchmen. I'm gonna say people will be called within...7 days.
        • or maybe not...
  • Try to breathe. :)
  • This post reflects the despair many of us are in...Please call the ones you're interested in and let the rest know on time they're no longer considered..
  • I feel you. I'm just a lowly candidate myself. I still think it's important to breathe.
  • Apparently they've already picked their campus invites.
  • The above-mentioned campus invites have not resulted in a hire. SC is still hoping to fill this position.
  • Invited for campus interview 3/8.
  • anyone know where Corinne Dempsey is going?
    • Nazareth College in NY.
  • offer made and accepted. congratulations.

Valdosta State University - Assistant Professor in Philosophy and Religious Studies[]

  • It appears they've hired.

Virginia Tech - Religions of East Asia[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • Received snail mail confirmation of receipt of application 10/20
  • Any news for AAR interview (10/28)?
  • Haven't heard anything either way (10/28)
  • Anyone know if this interview was conducted at AAR? Couldn't find anyone at conference who knew anything about it....
  • They seem to be running behind and didn't quite make it for the AAR
  • Phone interview scheduled via email (11/3) x 2
  • Any word on when they will schedule campus visits?
  • At the end of the phone interview (11/5), someone said that they would make a decision pretty soon for campus interview
  • Has anyone received campus invitation?
  • news on this one? 11/19
  • Campus visits done in mid-November and job offer made last week (11/30)
  • Job offer accepted (12/6)
  • Congrats! X2 - but whom are we congratulating?

Wake Forest University School of Divinity - Theology[]

  • Tenured or Tenure Track
  • Deadline 10/15
  • Anyone heard anything on this? They were at AAR and it said they were ONLY doing open interviews but I don't know anyone who interviewed for this. My thoughts are they are looking for a senior scholar.
  • I think they were looking for a senior person.
  • I know a junior person who was invited for an on campus
  • Rejection letter via email (11/16x2)
  • Ditto (11/18), ditto (11/19)
  • They have hired (2/24)

Wartburg College - World Religions ("major Asian tradition" or Islam)[]

  • Posted 11/10 screening begins immediately
  • Application confirmation email with HR form. Message implied that there would only be on-campus interviews. 11/23
  • Any news at all for this one? (1/13)
  • Nothing here.
  • Heard that phone interviews are being scheduled for this week (1/17).
  • From whom?
  • 'Tis true! I had a phone interview last week. The committee indicated that this round of phone interviews would help determine the campus invites. They didn't give more details, but I assume we can expect invitations to happen relatively soon.
  • Lovely. Good luck to you!
  • Rejection (3/1) stating they hired a one year person and will run the tt search again next year.

Wesleyan University - Social Scientific Study of Religion[]

  • Deadline 10/15
  • AAR interview scheduled ~10/20
  • Any idea what's going on with this one? Anyone else receive a rejection/interview request?
  • AAR interview scheduled 10/22 (x2)
  • Have any rejections gone out?
  • Heard that campus interviews have been scheduled (11/14).
    • Q: How/where did you hear this? (11/15) A: I know the candidate
  • Has anyone received a formal rejection for this one? (12/19) No.
  • I requested an update from the chair. The position has been filled (1/17).
  • Formal rejection letter (2/16). I assume that is what it is, but I just recycled it without opening it. Wait, maybe, just maybe.....

West Virginia University - Teaching Assistant Professor[]

  • anyone heard anything on this one? i feel like i apply for this job annually and never hear anything. it is just something i do for fun: here, let's send that WVa app in again!
  • Nothing. Similar results from the other teaching-only-job-in-the-South at UGa.

Western Kentucky University[]

  • Western Kentucky University’s Department of Philosophy and Religion invites applications for a tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor level in the Religions of East Asia beginning August 2011.
  • What profile are they looking for?
  • Scheduled a skype interview (1/11) 2x
  • how many candidates would be left at this point?
  • campus interview anyone?
  • campus interview scheduled (1/25) Q: did you get the invitation by e-mail?
  • Only one invitation?
  • What is your focus?
  • News on this one?
  • Ok, so who knows more about this one? (2/04)
  • did they hire someone?
  • So, how many campus invites did they have/ any news...?
  • Ok, so, what's the deal people? If finalists have been selected, please send some notification to all other people. Why is this so hard to do?
  • Candidates came to campus and an offer was made an accepted (3/5)

Wheaton College - Biblical and Theological Studies[]

  • Deadline 8/15
  • "Wheaton College is an Evangelical Protestant Christian liberal arts college whose faculty members affirm a Statement of Faith and the moral and lifestyle expectations of our Community Covenant."
  • 8/24: received request for additional materials (five single-spaced, one-page essays, including one on inerrancy).
  • First Round of Rejection Letters 8/26/10
  • Second round of rejection letters: 10/21. They indicated they had narrowed it down to 34 complete applications by this time, and were now moving on to their final few for phone interviews.
  • Heard they received 172 applicants
  • 10/12: request for phone interview (30-45 minutes)
  • Campus visits with finalists (2) scheduled for the coming weeks.
  • Email on 1/04 stating that an offer was made and accepted.

William and Mary - Christianity[]

  • Deadline: 10/25
  • They had more than 200 applicants
  • Does this mean that you've heard something? If so, how? Snailmail? Email? Phone call? (x3)
  • For those who have "heard something"-- was that an interview request? Or acknowledgment of app?
  • Does anyone else suspect that the ad might have contained a typo? It expresses an interest in scholars who can teach "courses in medieval and modern European Christianity". The department already has someone who does modern European Christianity (John Morreall), so I wonder if the ad was supposed to read "courses in medieval and early modern Christianity"?
  • The wording is pretty much identical to the cancelled search (funding) last year, so it's unlikely that such a mistake would have been replicated
  • I got an email acknowledgement of app. Anyone got any actual phone interviews?
  • Request for phone interview 12/7 (x2)
  • To previous poster: what's your area of expertise? do you already have your phd?
  • (2nd poster above) PhD in hand, more modern than medieval
  • (1st poster) PhD in hand, more medieval than modern
  • so have campus interviews been scheduled?
  • 1/10/11: I haven't heard anything since my phone interview. They did say that it might take until early Jan for on campus invitations to go out. And the search chair has been really great about communicating so far. I'd bet that she'll let everyone know--both lucky and unlucky ones--whenever a decision is made. (Either that or the above poster and I are both in the reject pile, and just haven't been informed yet...)
  • They are down to a list of finalists, one of whom is a friend of mine.
  • Anyone get an actual rejection yet? Given the above, the utter silence is surprising.
  • I have not received a rejection but somehow do not find the silence surprising. I figure either I'll never hear anything about this one or I'll get a notice after they've made a hire.

Xavier - Comparative Theology[]

  • Deadline: 10/1
  • Interviews done at AAR
  • They've invited people for on-campus interviews 11/12.
  • Rejection letter saying search is over (presumably meaning they've hired). 1/7