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ABD (early): 7

ABD (will finish this academic year): 45

Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, Post-doc): 33

Assistant Professor: 10

Associate Professor:

Full Professor:

Search Committee:

Lurker: 3

Faculty "Job Coach":

TOTAL: 98 <----- update the total!

Fields of Study: (feel free to add your field if it isn't represented below)[]

American Religion(s): 4

Ancient Near East: 1

Asian Religions-Buddhism: 8

Asian Religions-Chinese/Japanese: 2

Asian Religions-Hinduism: 5

Christianity-Early: 6

Christianity-Medieval: 3

Christianity-Modern/Ethics: 10

Christianity-Global: 5

Islam: 15

Islamic ethics: 2

Judaism: 3

Philosophy of Religion: 2

Sociology of Religion: 2

Anthropology of Religion: 1

South Asian Religion: 1

Theology - 16

Theory & Method: 1

TOTAL: 87 <---- update! (I don't know how helpful this total is. Especially since some degrees fit between categories (i.e. philosophical theology is both Theology and Pilosophy of Religion; Who doesn't do theory and method? etc).

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2011-12 Religious Studies Jobs[]

Albion College - Comparative Religion[]

  • Tenure-track position as Assistant Professor beginning August 2012. Teaching load is 3 courses per semester. Area of specialization should be either Hinduism or Buddhism. Teaching competence in the above areas as well as Islam and comparative methods is also required.
  • Review of applications will begin November 1, 2011
  • Ad at Chronicle
    • Haven't they posted this job for the past few years?
  • Received email acknowledgement of the receipt my my materials 10/26
  • AAR Open and pre-arranged Interviews (supposedly), but they didn't respond to on-site messages. 11/21
  • campus interview request (email 12/2)
  • 12/12 rejection (snail mail) x2

Arizona State University, Barrett Honors College[]

  • Full-time, multi-year faculty position
  • Primary responsibility will be to teach the first-year seminar, a two-semester interdisciplinary examination of important ideas from the earliest writing to the present. Special attention is given to critical thinking and argumentative writing skills.
  • Successful applicants will demonstrate experience and openness to teaching a variety of texts using multiple theoretical/disciplinary/methodological approaches.
  • Qualifications: A PhD in any field of the humanities or social sciences (including interdisciplinary and area studies, e.g. African American studies) that complements the academic focus of the existing faculty members. Experience in leading discussion seminars and teaching argumentative writing skills is required.
  • Search application deadline: February 13th or until filled.

Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary - Faith Formation and Culture[]

  • Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary is seeking professor of Faith Formation and Culture to teach at the interdisciplinary intersection of congregational education, spiritual development, cultural hermeneutics and theological contextualization, exploring Christian faith formation across the life span. Qualifications include a terminal degree (Ph.D. preferred), ability to communicate well and inspire students, and passion for the church and faith formation as a missional vocation. Preparation for ministry, teaching experience and cross-cultural or international ministry a plus. By October 31, send letter of application, CV, and list of references to Rebecca Slough, Academic Dean, 3003 Benham Avenue, Elkhart, IN 46517 or electronically to Full job description at

Augustana College-Visiting Fellow in Religion[]

  • Augustana College invites applications for a Conrad J. Bergendoff Visiting Fellow in Religion, beginning with the 2012-2013 academic year. We invite applications from all areas of the study of religion with a preference for religion in the Americas, contemporary religious practice, Roman Catholicism and/or history of Christianity. Teaching expectations: seven classes spread over three terms, at least five of which must be in Christian traditions (chosen from among RELG 201: American Christianities, RELG 203: Christian Ethics, RELG 205: Christian Origins, RELG 207: Christian Scriptures, and RELG 209: Christian Theology) as part of the sophomore-level Christian traditions offerings. Preference will be given to candidates who have recently completed a Ph.D. or Th.D. program. Bergendoff Fellows are expected to participate in programs designed to help new faculty develop their pedagogical skills. They are also expected to make at least one on-campus presentation of scholarly work. Term of appointment: one year renewable for a second year, contingent on staffing needs, demonstrated excellence in the classroom and funding.
  • ​To apply, send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, undergraduate and graduate transcripts (copies are fine), and three letters of recommendation to: Search #120-12 Religion/Berg. Fellow, C/O Dr. Margaret Farrar, Associate Dean of the College, Augustana College, 639 – 38th Street, Rock Island, IL 61201. Questions may be directed to the chair of the department, Daniel Lee at . Review of applications will start on April 20, 2012.

Azusa Pacific University - Assistant/Associate Professor in Church History[]

  • Azusa Pacific University invites applications for position in Church History with an open rank beginning in September 2012. Teaching load of 24 units per year and usual non-teaching responsibilities. Possible teaching load reductions through competitive faculty research awards. Ph.D., Th.D., or D.Phil in the History of Christianity, Church History, or Historical Theology in hand by beginning of the appointment. The position involves teaching introductory and advanced courses in Church History with additional ability to teach an introductory systematic theology course (Theo 303) for general studies students. Demonstrated excellence or promise in teaching and scholarly research required. Azusa Pacific University is a Christian university in the tradition of Wesleyan evangelical Christianity and expects commitment to the religious mission of the school. See for specifics. For more details please visit
  • Ad at Chronicle
    • Does anyone know if they're making this hire to replace someone specific? (No idea 12/31/11)
    • Any news here?
    • Confirmed receipt of materials - 1/18/12.
    • Found out that the closing date to apply was Jan. 13.
    • Received an email stating "the position has been closed" (1/24). Presumably that means they aren't hiring anyone for next year?
      • Didn't get that email, but presumably the position has been axed.
      • It might also mean that they are no longer receiving applications if the closing date was 13 January
  • Just received an email indicating that they are still considering submitted applications
  • Any news here?
    • Nothing as of Feb. 11
  • Rejection letter by snail mail (Feb. 18)
  • Rejection letter by snail mail (Feb. 28)
  • Any further news? Requests for interviews?
  • Rejection Letter by snail mail (March 5)
  • Rejection Letter by snail mail (March 7)
  • A really careless rejection letter for a Christian institution.

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Church History[]

  • AAR interview scheduled (10/27)
  • Any updates following AAR?
  • Rejection letter in the mail (3/26)

Ball State University - Modern East Asian Religion (3 year position)[]

  • Three-year, non-renewable contract faculty position in Modern East Asian Religions, effective August, 17, 2012. 4-4 teaching load, usually two preparations. AOS or AOC: popular religion, performance studies, ethnography, gender studies, religion and social theory, and cultural studies.
  • Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled. - posted in Chronicle on Jan. 2.
  • Anyone know what's going on with this one? I noticed that they posted a third version of their ad (omitting the "modern") a few weeks back.
  • Where did you see such an ad because on their website it very clearly says: "AOS or AOC: popular religion, performance studies, ethnography, gender studies, religion and social theory, or cultural studies."
    • Chronicle and AAR. Can't remember which I saw where. I think both versions included "popular religion, etc."
  • Invite for skype interview via email 2/16
  • offer made and accepted

Bates College - Islamic Studies[]

  • Review beings Nov. 1
  • phone call invitation to interview at AAR (x5) [posted 11/8]
  • only half of the committee did the interviews at AAR
  • anyone hear anything since AAR? [posted 11/30]
  • Still not a peep. Anyone else? [posted 12/7]
  • Haven't heard a thing. I was worried about this when only half of the committee could make it to AAR. Hopefully they can meet before the winter break. Did they really only do 5 interviews? [12/7]
  • I think Bates said they would contact people the 2nd or 3rd week in December. Also, for clarification, the x5 means the number of people _using this board_ who had interviews - not the total number. Nowhere near the total applicants in any field are using this board. In addition, it is common for only select members of committees to conduct the AAR interviews.
  • I just remember them saying they would get back to applicants "some time in December." There were three interviewers; I can't imagine that they represented HALF of the committee. Six members seems like a lot for a small school like Bates.
  • To the poster above: in many small liberal arts colleges, the entire department's faculty constitutes the search committee, and those who attended the conference interviews report back to those who were not there.
  • Has anyone heard from them?
  • Only a generic survey from the college last week. I have a feeling this will push into next year [12/19]
  • Received phone call inviting me to campus for job talk. [12/20] (x2)
  • Any updates?
  • Well, I got this email today that says the committee continues its deliberations and review of applications into the New Year and that they will send out an update once they have completed their deliberations! I can not make sense of this. I am not one of the people who were contacted for campus visit. [1/18] (x7)
  • I know that at least one of the job talks is scheduled for mid-February.
  • I can't figure out the point of that email, which seems to have been sent to all of the semi-finalists who interviewed at AAR, but were not invited to campus. Is it just an apology for tardiness in sending out a proper rejection letter?
  • Or, may be they simply don't know how to run a search!!?
  • I'm one of the candidates invited to a campus visit. I was told there are 4 job talks scheduled. I imagine they are keeping their options open with the rest of the semi-finalists in case they decide they don't want any of the four of us?
  • It is not unusual to keep a search open until a hire is made. I see nothing out of the ordinary here; practices vary.
  • Its March – Any news? (x 3) [I can't believe I am still checking this]
    • It is my understanding that an offer was extended (as no doubt one would expect at this point)
    • Was a second offer extended? Any news?
  • Practices certainly do vary. Without any word from Bates since mid-January, are we to suppose that the search is still open?

Bellarmine University - Systematic Theology[]

  • The Department of Theology at Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY invites applications for a tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor level in Systematic Theology to begin August 2012.
  • Teaching responsibilities include introductory classes in theology and upper level undergraduate courses in systematic theology, and possibly contributions to the Master of Arts in Spirituality program. There is also the opportunity to teach in Bellarmine’s Interdisciplinary Core program. The teaching load is 21 credit hours per academic year. A Ph.D. is expected by August 2012. Leadership ability is a plus. The successful candidate will be eager to engage and support our Catholic identity. Application materials should discuss how you might contribute to the University’s Catholic liberal arts mission, and how your work engages with the Catholic tradition.
  • Review of complete applications will begin February 6, 2012. Bellarmine University is an independent, Catholic, liberal arts university with a student body of 3500. It houses the International Thomas Merton Center, which maintains the complete collection of the writings and work of and about Thomas Merton. Bellarmine is an equal opportunity employer. Persons of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
  • February 21: Received email saying that they were in the process of winnowing down the candidates for the position, and asking for a proposed syllabus.
  • Any news on this? (3/29)
  • Job offer made and accepted. (4/10)

Benedictine College - Theology[]

  • Tenure track appointment in Theology starting 2012: "We seek a person who is a generalist in Catholic theology and who has the needed competency to teach our introductory course in Moral Theology."
  • "the successful candidate should be willing to seek enthusiastically the mandatum and make an Oath of Fidelity in accordance with Ex Corde Ecclesiae"
  • Ad at Chronicle
  • Any movement here? (11/22)
  • Appointment made.

Berry College - Christian Thought[]

  • Tenure-track position in Christian Thought, beginning in the fall of 2012. The candidate should have a concentration and competence in several areas of Christian Thought: Christian Theology, World Christianity, Christian Ethics, Christian History, Christian Spirituality, Biblical Studies, etc., demonstrate excellence in undergraduate teaching, and show promise of scholarly contributions to the field of theology.
  • The successful candidate for this position will normally teach seven courses in 2 semesters (3-4). 7 courses is absurd, especially with the size of their endowment!
  • Some preliminary interviews at the annual meeting of the AAR in San Francisco, CA are likely.
  • E-mail request for AAR interview 11/15 (x3) 11/16 (x1), 11/17 (x1)
  • Q: out of curiosity, would those with interviews mind sharing your area?
    • Christian ethics, but w/ lots of experience in global christianity
    • Modern theology/ethics, w/ experience in biblical studies + contextual theologies
    • Constructive theology, with interests in spirituality and science
  • During interview, search chair indicated that campus invites will not be issued until the second week in December. Visits for final candidates will be the third week in January.
  • E-mail request for transcripts 12/2 (X5).
  • An intermediate short list, or a campus interview short list?
    • I think they're at their intermediate short list stage - they said during an AAR interview that they'd narrowed it down to the top candidates (and seemed to imply they had a list of around 15-20). They also said they had a lot of applications for this position even before the due date (mainly because the position is so broad).
  • Invitation for second interview via skype with entire search committee 12/6
  • News? Campus interview invites, anyone?
  • Three finalists chosen.
    • And contacted? Phone? Email?
  • Campus interview invite via e-mail 1/3
  • I got a nice rejection email (1/18)
  • Rejection email received (1/24). Over 200 applicants.
  • Job offer made and accepted (3/2)

Boston College - Tenured or tenure-track position in Systematic Theology[]

  • Tenured or tenure-track position in Systematic Theology with specialization in Fundamental/Philosophical Theology at the level of Associate or Assistant Professor, beginning in September 2012. Successful candidates will be familiar with the Roman Catholic tradition and demonstrate ability to engage modern and postmodern philosophical thought in reflecting on the fundamental beliefs and issues of Christian theology. A research focus on one or more of the standard loci of Systematics (e.g., eschatology, trinity, creation, or pneumatology, etc.) is desirable.
  • While the Department favors an appointment at the rank of Associate Professor, very strong junior candidates are also encouraged to apply. Please submit a letter of intent, a curriculum vitae and three letters of recommendation by January 1, 2012.
  • any news on this?
  • word in the dept. is that the field has been narrowed to three to five finalists
  • they have five people of differing ranks coming in for job talks up through March, and two have already given job talks. It's possible but not definite that they will make two hires: one at the associate level, and one more at the junior level. (2/27)
  • two offers made, one tenured and one tenure-track (4/10)
  • one offer accepted (tenured) - heard second-hand (4/21)

Boston College - Adjunct Professor of Theology[]

  • Review begins on Oct. 1 and continues until position is filled.
    • AAR interview invitation 10/22
    • post-AAR interview rejection by email (12/9)
    • Email rejection, says position was filled (3/9)

Boston University - Modern Christianity[]

  • Geographical focus is open, but we are particularly interested in American, African, African-American, Latin American, or Latino/a Christianity/ies. Historical, anthropological, or sociological methodologies are most desirable.
  • Applicants should send a letter of application, CV, and writing sample as an e-mail attachment to Three letters of reference should be sent directly by referees to the same email address or in hard copy to: Christianity Search Committee, Department of Religion, Boston University, 145 Bay State Road, Boston, MA 02215.
  • Applications must be received by October 17, 2011. Preliminary interviews will be held at the AAR/SBL Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA, November 19-22, 2011.
  • LINK - Chronicle
    • This is the position that was cancelled last yr.
  • AAR interview invite 11/4 (x5)
    • Q: For those who were invited to interview, would you mind sharing your discipline and region of focus?
    • American religious history. Was offered an interview last year. The email from the search chair said that this time the funding is approved so it will not be canceled again.
  • Rejection email 11/10 (x9)
  • Rejection email 11/15
    • Did email say anything about the number of applications received?
    • "We received dozens of applications from an exceptionally strong list of candidates, and have narrowed our list of interviewees to candidates whose interests match best with our particular needs."
  • Word to the wise, the committee has decided not to hire an Americanist
    • thanks for the heads up!
    • how did you learn that? not sure that is accurate.
    • I can confirm that. I was on the long list and was told by a member of the SC that the short list does not include any Americanists.
  • Finalists are having on-campus interviews last week and this week.
  • Word to the wise--the finalist list includes at least one Americanist.
  • Word is that they've made an offer.
  • This job was accepted... by an Americanist! [3/1]

California State University, Chico - Islam/History of the Middle East[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Islam/History of the Middle East
  • PhD in History, Religious Studies, Area Studies, or related areas, "Also required are: broad preparation in History of the Middle East and Islam; evidence of or promise as an exceptional undergraduate teacher, especially in mid- to large size General Education lecture and discussion courses; evidence of or promise as an exceptional researcher/writer; and advanced reading knowledge of Arabic."
  • Review begins: 28 Nov. 2011
  • Also posted at African/Middle East History 2011-12
  • any information on this job?
  • Received email to set up Skype interview (1/12)
  • Any news on this? Campus interviews?
  • Received email – will be inviting candidates to campus in next week or two.Still deciding. (2/14)
  • Any news?
  • whatever happened to these guys?
  • Offer made and accepted (3/27)
  • Received rejection letter (4/9)

California State University, Northridge - Religious Studies/Cognitive Science of Religion[]

  • Assistant Professor: "The successful candidate will have a demonstrated commitment to research and teaching in the area of COGNITIVE SCIENCE OF RELIGION, and be able to develop curricula dealing with Neurotheology, Religious Experience, Religion and Science, Religious Ritual, and Methodology."
  • Priority will be given to applications received on or by November 10, 2011. Review of applications will begin on that date. Applications will be accepted until position is filled.
  • Preliminary interviews at the AAR through EIS
    • Acknowledgement of receipt by mail - 10/28
    • Rejection letter received (via snail mail) - 12/6
  • Anyone willing to update this? I received acknowledgment of receipt but no rejection letter.
    • Rejection letter by snail mail 1/28

Candler School of Theology - Assistant Professor of Homiletics[]

  • Review of applications begins Sept. 15, 2011
  • Ad is on Candler's site here .
    • 3 candidates' campus interviews scheduled for November.

Carroll University - Religious Studies[]

  • Assistant Professor of Religious Studies.
  • Candidates should be broadly trained in religious studies. Teaching responsibilities include courses offered in Religions of the World (e.g. Asian Religions, Religions of the Contemporary World) and Religion and Culture (e.g. Understanding Religion, Women in Religion). Preference will be given to candidates with research agendas (and teaching experience) in Asian religions.
  • Review of applications will begin December 1st and continue until the position is filled.
  • Contacted by email with request for recommendations 12/23 (x3)
  • looks like very few people (at least four) got the request for the letters. Any further message?
    • Nope, the request specified that the letters should be there by 1/9, though, so it's pretty early
  • E-mail request to set-up phone interview 1/25 (x3)
  • E-mail request for campus visit 1/17
    • I think you mean 2/17, but good luck. It looks like they're only inviting one for the campus interview (barring non-Wiki users)

Catholic University of America - Medieval Historical Theology[]

  • Applications accepted until October 15, 2011
    • What speciality? Ad text?
    • No ad can be found in CHE, nothing on the CUA website.
      • From the AAR Job Site: "The Catholic University of America, School of Theology and Religious Studies invites applications for a full-time tenure-track position in Medieval Historical Theology, with expertise in the period from 900 to 1400 CE, preferably ordinary or associate professor. Candidates must possess an earned doctorate (Ph.D., S.S.D., S.T.D., or equivalent). The person who fills the position will teach in undergraduate, graduate, and seminary programs in the School, advise students, direct master’s and licentiate theses and doctoral dissertations, and serve on committees. Rank and salary will be determined on the basis of academic credentials and publication record.To apply, please send a curriculum vitae and three letters of recommendation to the Chair of the Search Committee in New Testament, School of Theology and Religious Studies, The Catholic University of America; Washington, DC 20064 or email . Applications will be accepted until October 15, 2011. The Catholic University of America was founded in the name of the Catholic Church as a national university and center for research and scholarship. Regardless of their religious affiliation, all faculty are expected to respect and support the University’s mission and its identity as a Catholic institution. The University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer."
        • Hmm... Nothing on the AAR job posting website as of today (9/13/2011). I'm thinking that this might be a ghost posting.
        • Sure hope it's real. I was invited to apply in September and did so in October. Haven't heard anything back, though.
    • Asked by e-mail to fill out self-identification form (1/3)
    • Any updates on this position? (3/3)
    • The School of Theology's online calendar ( shows three on-campus job talks took place in late January. That suggests the search is wrapped up or close to being so. (3/9)

Catholic University of America - New Testament Studies[]

Catholic University of America - Moral Theology / Ethics[]

  • Deadline 12/15
  • Has anybody heard anything yet? (2/20)
  • Grapevine suggests an inside candidate.
  • The online calendar for the School of Theology ( shows that there was one job talk specifically marked for this position on Feb. 13, and possibly one for this position on Feb. 21 (it does not say which position it is for; based on the title of the talk, it could be this or the New Testament position). I am not sure what this does to the rumor of an inside candidate. (3/9)

Central Michigan University - Religion (Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor)[]

  • The position is a tenure-track appointment in history of religions and feminist methodologies in the study of religion. The particular specialization within history of religions is open, as long as the specialties of current faculty are not duplicated. Areas currently covered are Islam, Christianity, Buddhism of Tibet and South Asia, and non-Native dimensions of American Religion. Thus, we will consider applicants specializing in Judaism as a lived tradition, Hinduism, indigenous religious traditions (including traditional African religions and Native American traditions), East or Southeast Asian religions (especially traditions other than Buddhism), or other fields not covered above.

Centre College - South Asian Religions[]

  • Centre College invites applications for a tenure track position in South Asian Religions at the rank of assistant professor beginning August 2012. The successful candidate will have a general competence in the main traditions in South and Southeast Asia and a specialization in Buddhism or Hinduism.
  • Review of applications will begin October 17, 2011.
  • Full ad at AAR
    • Email acknowledging receipt of materials on October 17, 2011.
  • interview invitations have been sent (11/10)
    • email for AAR interview (11.10)
  • voicemail invitation for campus interview (11/29) (x2)
  • offer made and accepted (4/4)

Colgate - Islamic Studies[]

  • Deadline: 10/17
    • AAR interview request sent: 11/4 (x5)
  • No one has heard about campus interviews yet, I suppose?
  • campus interviews already scheduled. 12/15
  • Any updates? 2/21
  • Their first choice declined their offer last week. Don't know what happened next.
  • An offer has been made and accepted.

College of Idaho - Religious Studies[]

  • Deadline: Nov. 10
    • HR forms received by email one day after email submission x3
    • contacted via email about phone interview (11.23) (X2)
  • Has anyone heard if they made on-campus invitations yet?
  • Rejection email on 1/27/12. Said a hire was made. (x3)
  • Congratulations to the hire. Does anyone know of his/her area?
  • It was an inside hire: he was the VAP last year. Check it: I remember thinking this might be the case when I initially applied and saw that there was a VAP. Anyways.
  • Thanks! I thought that might be the case as well, but applied nonetheless. It's too bad -- I fit the criteria really well, so it's too bad to hear that the search wasn't entirely open.
    • Every job has dozens of applicants that fit the criteria extremely well. That's what renders virtually every search arbitrary in the end--committees have to actively invent reasons to eliminate people from consideration.
  • Gotta love the BS job search. AAR should add it to their best practices in hiring that institutions should disclose when they're considering applicants already employed by the university/department in question. It would save everyone else a lot of wasted time, and would spare these committees from having to appear to take the job search seriously.
  • I completely agree with the above. There were likely a lot of really qualified candidates who clearly had no chance for this position. I also think that, if you're going to do such a search, requiring writing samples, a research statement, three letters, syllabi, teaching evals, a CV, a teaching statement, and a letter, is completely excessive.
  • Why is everyone assuming that the inside hire was the preferred candidate from the start? For every story of a preferred inside candidate being hired, I know there is a contrary example of a preferred candidate's prospects collapsing during the interview process or of an "inside candidate" receiving only a sympathetic review in the search process and then rejected being quite early. "Visiting Assistant Professors" typically are NOT high on the inside track for a job unless their performance has been outstanding, just as typically is the case with a department's regular adjuncts: familiarity often breeds contempt in academic settings.
    • There are certainly counter-examples, but if you look at the timeline here, it's obvious. They have a January term, and worked very actively to have the search comcluded by the end of that term, which is to say by the beginning of the Spring semester. And take a look at their website: the "new hire" is already listed as "assistant professor, 2012 to present." Meaning that the hire wasn't for August, it was for the Spring semester, and went into effect immediately. Connect the dots: they adopted the timeline they did so that they could have their guy in place in time for the Spring semester. And good for him. Let's just cut the crap and end the charade: THIS IS WHO THEY WERE GOING TO HIRE.
      • The timeline only is "obvious" to you. There are perfectly reasonable (and equally likely) other explanations. For instance, an application period that closed on Nov. 10th is not broadcasting inside candidate but is clearly broadcasting that they desire to have the hiring process done before the spring term is in full swing--so I am completely unsurprised that a hire happened this quickly. In fact, other searches that closed later have already hired; there is no sinister timeline here. If the department hired a VAP, he is already receiving assistant professor wages so the job title can be applied immediately if the school preferred to do so; in other words, an outside candidate would not have started until August--this retroactive promotion is a courtesy to the candidate, not a sign of a plot. It also could be that the candidate negotiated an early start as part of his contract; or even more likely, the candidate simply may have updated his web bio unilaterally, and his formal contract in fact still might start in August. The "charade" only is obvious if you are assuming the program is duplicitious. I know the job market is tough, but a lot of people on this list are tying themselves in knots trying to find plots everywhere rather than just acknowledging that hiring is a highly arbitrary process.
        • Who knew Albertson's College (C of I's nickname) had so many supporters! < As one of the commenters above, I am in no way a supporter of the college; I'm just not interested in seeing people assume conspiracy theories whenever the job market doesn't work out for them. So far this year, I've seen on this list and the biblical studies list at least four different conspiracy theories involving inside candidates or supposed reverse discrimination. This sort of unfounded anger at the system only can hurt people in the long run, especially if (as in these cases) it is clearly lacking rational evidence.
        • The last poster makes some valid points about looking for conspiracy theories where there aren't any. But what the previous posts suggest here is hardly "irrational." First, to suggest that they wanted the internal candidate and hired him is not suggest a "conspiracy theory." It is to suggest that, if this is what departments and administrations want, then HR departments should stop requiring that open searched be held. Just let them hire whomever they're going to hire. Second, it is plausible, at the very least, to suggest that the reason this timeline, in particular, looks convenient for the inside candidate is that it is. It is every bit as possible that the inside candidate did, in fact, have a real leg up in the interview process as to suggest that he didn't. So the people who made the previous posts are not raving irrationalists. We're all putting these searches into narratives that can make sense of them, and you're right to note that alternative narratives are plausible. But so is the notion that they were always going to hire the person they hired, barring cataclysmic events of some kind. Inside candidates are passed over enough that it's implausible to suggest that being an inside cadidate is always an advantage, but they're hired far too often to suggest that it never is, either.
          • In response to the thoughtful post above, I'll just note for clarification first, that the previous posters called the search "BS" and a "charade." That clearly suggests that the posters see an intentional duplicity in the search. Second, depending on where the school sits in relation to federal or state law, it may be required to run an open search even if there is a preferred candidate (internal or external), which means that neither the department nor HR may sidestep the national search. This does not mean the search is a sham or fake; the law is in place precisely to force the committee to examine other candidates in contrast to the preferred one. In other words, again, until someone shows that there is a clear set of data supporting that the search was fully fraudulent, then claims about "BS" or "charade" searches or even clear "inside candidates" are simply attempts to create a narrative--a theory, if you will--that assumes the members of the department were conspiring to fool well-meaning applicants; i.e., a conspiracy theory. There is a difference between an "inside candidate" (code for preferred candidate already on staff) and an "inside applicant" (someone already working there who will receive no preferential treatment in the application process). I see no evidence of the former in anyone's discussion here. It is circular reasoning to assume that the inside applicant was preferred from the start simply because he received the job. I fully agree, as you said, that we all try to create narratives, but my point is simply that to assume that the narrative is a negative or duplicitious one in the end is counter-productive without some concrete proof--and is irrational if without proof, given that the vagaries of the academic market are well known.

College of New Rochelle - Theology[]

  • Tenure-track assistant: "The successful candidate will have demonstrated expertise in Catholic Theology and Historical Theology and will teach a full-range of undergraduate courses in Religious Studies and Theology."
  • Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. Online applications are encouraged. Please submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae and teaching statement,
    as well as three letters of recommendation to: Dr. Richard H. Thompson, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
    THE COLLEGE OF NEW ROCHELLE, 29 Castle Place, New Rochelle, New York 10805-2339.
  • Any movement here? (11/22)
  • I haven't heard anything yet (11/25)
  • Job offered & accepted (3/1)

College of the Bahamas - Religious Studies and Theology[]

  • The successful candidate must be able to teach undergraduate courses in Religious Studies. Ability to teach undergraduate courses in Theology is an asset.
  • Applicants should have a Ph.D. in Religious Studies with at least four (4) years teaching experience. However, candidates with at least a Master's degree in the subject area, a minimum of five years' teaching experience at the tertiary level and some professional experience may be considered.
  • Interested applicants should send a completed College of The Bahamas Application for Employment Form along with a letter of interest (highlighting work experience and accomplishments relevant to the position), an up-to-date curriculum vitae or resume, proof of teaching excellence, teaching philosophy statement, unofficial transcripts (official transcripts needed for employment) and at least three professional references.
  • Phone interview (3/8)

College of William and Mary - American Religious Traditions[]

  • The College of William and Mary invites applications for an entry-level, tenure-track position in American religious traditions. The appointment will be in the Department of Religious Studies at the rank of Assistant Professor beginning August 2012.
  • Please apply directly to the College's Web site
  • Review of applications begins October 24, 2011 and will continue until an appointment is made.
    • Phone interview 11/3. x3
      • To those who had a phone interview: did they share a time frame? Nov 30- decisions about campus invites, which will take place late Jan/ early Feb
    • Campus interview 12/8. x2
    • Any updates on this position?

College of Wooster - Islam[]

  • Application deadline is Dec 2nd. Ad on AAR website. Also at Chronicle
    • Received a nice rejection letter by mail. 01/04/12

Columbia University - Islamic Studies[]

  • Assistant professor appointment in Islamic Studies. Area of research and teaching specialization is open. Preference will be given to applicants who focus on Africa and Asia. Candidates must exhibit familiarity with religious studies theory and methodology.
  • Review of applications will begin October 31, 2011, in time for possible preliminary interviews at the AAR convention. For more information and to apply for this position, please use the following URL:
  • Any news on this one?
  • Has anyone received an AAR interview? They mentioned "possible preliminary interviews" at AAR (11/14)
  • Received invitation for AAR interview (11/16) x3
  • When did the invitations go out, and did they get in touch via email or phone?
  • Email
  • Have they contacted people for campus visits yet?
  • Any news on this one? [1/8]
    • Four job talks are scheduled for this week and next (posted 1/16)
    • Is there a link to the job tak calendar?
  • I've heard it rumoured that this search failed
  • with 4 job talks, how did it fail? i suspect the department, not the candidates failed.
  • The Columbia religion department is notoriously dysfunctional, with massive egos arrayed in a circular firing squad. If the search has indeed failed, it comes as no surprise.
    • I don't know where you're getting your information from; I don't think it's "notorious" for that at all. Harvard, for example, is far better known for its dysfunction; so much so that two high-level faculty members left after just a year. And judging by what I hear from a close friend in that department, it doesn't seem to me to be any more dysfunctional than other elite institutions. It's apparently a small department, and they generally seem to like each other. I also asked my friend about this failed search. The selected person supposedly took an offer from a school that's not R-1. That's just personal preference. I imagine it 'failed' only because they'd rather do it again than take the runners up.
    • Fascinating. What school did the person choose instead of Columbia?
    • I don't remember exactly, but I do remember that it was not a school that anyone would classify as prestigious. Tier 2. Sometimes, things like proximity to family or no grad students really matters to people. Also, I know from my own experience that pools of Islam candidates often have strange profiles. You get a lot of people who work on specialized topics and balk at the notion of teaching something like Intro to Islam. Sounds crazy, but it's true. I'm all but certain that Columbia wanted someone to teach a general intro course. Perhaps the runners up just didn't have it.

Concordia College, Moorhead, MN - Religions of Asia[]

  • Assistant Professor/Religion/Religions of Asia. Tenure-track, Ph.D. required. Begins August 2012. Duties: teach Religion and Global Studies courses, intl. education, and teaching excellence.
  • Info and application at .
    • Email and phone call to set up AAR interview. [11.5] (x4)
    • Does anyone remember when they said they'd contact people about campus visits?
    • It was rather vague: "contact you early December, campus visits will be scheduled for Jan-Feb," but they seemed like a very efficient committee so i'm surprised scheduling hasn't begun yet
    • Their last day of classes for the semester is the 13th, so maybe we'll hear shortly after. It's also possible that none of the four of us who got AAR interviews and use the wiki got the nod
    • invited for campus visit (12.12)
    • received nice rejection letter stating that very qualified candidate had accepted offer (2/21)

Dartmouth College - African Religions[]

  • Senior-level joint position in African Religions. The successful candidate will have joint-tenure at the Associate or Full Professor level in Religion and African and African-American Studies.
  • Chronicle Ad
  • Review of applications will begin November 1, 2011, and continue until the position is filled. Candidates whose applications are received by November 1, 2011, will be considered for a preliminary interview at the annual meetings of the African Studies Association and the American Academy of Religion

Does anyone know where this search stands?

  • interviews were done at AAR & ASA in December.
  • yes; I have not heard from Dartmouth since December, have you?

Anyone have news about their Asian Culture search? Deadline was also mid-Dec.

Davidson College - Islamic Studies[]

  • Assistant Professor. Tenure-track.
  • For full ad:
  • Review begins October 31, 2011 .
    • AAR interview request by email 11/5.
    • has anyone else heard from them?
    • only 1 interview scheduled and they have a VAP who fits the bill.
    • ah, not everyone interviewing is updating their status on this board. Davidson definitely interviewed more than one candidate.
    • Yes, I interviewed there too; there was definitely more than one interviewee. Don't remember when they planned on sending invitations for campus visits though-- I think sometime in December.
    • I remember them being iffy about their timeline. Unclear whether this will happen in December or if it won't even be as late as January.
    • I got the sense that they would alert applicants in December. I was asked whether I would be available for a campus visit in January in the event that the committee wished to pursue my candidacy further. So clearly, they will want to make that decision before January.
    • candidates short-listed.
      • And contacted, or just short-listed?
      • and contacted yes.
    • Received Email that position was filled. (3/12)
    • Worst mass email rejection form letter ever! Sent by the HR director.

DePaul University (IL) - VAP in Religious Studies[]

  • DePaul University's Department of Religious Studies seeks to fill a one year, non tenure track faculty appointment for the 2012-2013 academic year.
  • The successful applicant will teach nine sections over three academic quarters. Six of those sections, two per quarter, will be REL 228, "Business, Ethics and Society." The third section each quarter will be negotiated by the Chair of the Department of Religious Studies and the Visiting Assistant Professor.
  • Apply online only:
  • Apply By 06/15/2012

Duke University Divinity School - World Christianity[]

  • Duke Divinity School seeks to make a faculty appointment, effective July 2012, in the area of World Christianity. We invite applications from (or nominations for) persons who exhibit strength in scholarship and teaching in the history of the global development of Christianity, including the engagement of Christianity with other religious traditions.
  • Nominations and applications should be sent to Ms. Jacquelyn Norris, The Divinity School, Box 90968, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708-0968. Review of applications and nominations will begin December 1, 2011.
  • Full ad at Chronicle
  • Any news?
  • Still nothing? No interview requests?
  • Heard from a reliable source that they've decided to hire a senior scholar for the position.

Duke University Divinity School - History of Christianity (Early/Medieval)[]

  • Now posted on AAR (12/16/11): "Duke University Divinity School seeks to make a junior-level tenure-track faculty appointment, effective July 1, 2012, in the field of History of Christianity, with a particular focus on the church in late antiquity or the medieval period. Duties will include teaching the introductory church history class to divinity students, as well as teaching advanced seminars for master’s and doctoral students. Expertise in several, though not all, of the following areas is necessary: the history of Latin and Greek Christianity in the 2nd through 6th centuries, Syriac and Coptic Christianity, the evolution of Christian theology in the patristic and/or medieval era, and the Church’s social and institutional development within its Greco-Roman context and/or in the medieval period. Successful classroom teaching experience is a desideratum; the candidate must be able to demonstrate the relevance of historical study to the ministry and mission of the contemporary church."
  • A Ph.D., Th.D., or the equivalent is requisite. The M.Div. degree is strongly desirable, as is experience in ministry, lay or ordained. Women, ethnic minorities, and United Methodists are encouraged to apply. Nominations and applications should be sent to Ms. Jacquelyn Norris, The Divinity School, Box 90968, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708-0968. Review of applications and nominations will begin January 16, 2012.
    • Different posting from the one below.
    • Heard from a reliable source that there is an inside candidate for this one (12/21)
      • Meaning that it's a done deal? Or just that one of their adjuncts/spouses/grad students is applying?
      • I don't know the exact nature of it or how seriously they will consider other applicants. I just heard from someone on the SC that there is an inside candidate.
      • Thanks. Can't be too strong a candidate if they didn't tell you not to apply.
    • Who's this replacing?
      • I was told by someone on the SC that this hire isn't to replace anyone specific, but is intended to fill some gaps in the teaching load.
    • It's a real search.
    • Confirmed receipt of application materials (1/11)
    • Anybody hear anything? (2/6)
      • Nope. (x5)
      • Campus interviews have been scheduled. [posted Feb. 9]
      • I heard they've only scheduled their inside candidate so far. So much for it being "a real search."
        • Colleague of mine who is not an inside candidate is scheduled to interview there next week. (2/16)
      • Is this typical for Duke? I hear that they are now like Harvard - only hire their own.
        • I got my Master's there -- got the Ph.D. from another school -- and my impression is that they keep an eye out for those internals they think will be superstars. Not always a good gamble, mind you.
        • Let's put it this way: try to find the last junior hire Duke Divinity School made who wasn't a Duke phd.
    • Received polite rejection email on 2/27. (x3)
      • What a classy rejection letter!

Duke University Divinity School - Director, Anglican Episcopal House of Studies[]

  • Duke University Divinity School is seeking a Director for the Anglican Episcopal House of Studies (, starting in July 2012. The AEHS is a community of Episcopal and other Anglican students engaged in study, prayer, and ministry within an ecumenical university divinity school. The Director will nurture the community of approximately 60 students representing a range of Episcopal and other Anglican traditions, oversee all aspects of ministerial formation for Master of Divinity students, and foster ecclesial relations - regionally, nationally, and throughout the Anglican Communion - with bishops, clergy, and congregations.
  • The Director will serve as a regular-rank member of the Divinity School faculty, teaching approximately half-time in both Anglican studies courses and at least one other theological area. A Master of Divinity degree (or equivalent), lay or ordained ministerial experience within the Anglican Communion, and an academic doctorate (Ph.D. or equivalent) in a relevant discipline are required.
  • Review of applications and nominations will begin January 31, 2012.

Duke University Divinity School -- History of Christianity (General) []

  • This was on the CHE jobs page earlier this week and has now disappeared. There is nothing on Duke's site about any academic positions. Does anyone know what happened to it? Have they pulled it?
  • Since the ad has disappeared, this was the original text:"Religionus Studies: The Duke University Divinity School, located in Durham, North Carolina seeks applicants for the full-time, tenure-track position of Assistant Professor of History of Christianity. In consultation with academic dean, develop and design specific courses to teach in the area of the history of Christianity. Will teach four courses during the academic year, two courses per semester. Must teach, develop, and propose new course modules as needed. Required to maintain office hours for student advising and direct student development as needed. Requires Ph.D. in Religion/Religious Studies. Interested candidates should submit resumes to Dana Auton: Please list "Assistant Professor of History of Christianity" in the subject line. Duke University is an affirmative action equal opportunity employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply."
  • Anybody contacted the HR person (I presume) listed in the ad about this?
    • Yes and I received no response, not even an aknowledgement it had been posted
    • Must be a fake, I spoke with a prof in the department and he said there's no such opening. (Although he did mention that, with five senior faculty retiring, there should be a few junior searches this year or next.)
    • Talked with a friend there who thinks this may be an internal hire, but no further deets.
    • Talked with HR staff at Duke Divinity School and they said this was a incorrect post and that there is no position available.

Eastern Nazarene College - Division of Religion and Philosophy[]

  • ENC is accepting applications for a full-time tenure-track faculty position in the Division of Religion and Philosophy.The primary responsibility of the candidate is to teach a total of eight courses in both the General Education curriculum and in the Religion curriculum.Courses will be determined by the candidate’s area of expertise. Responsibilities will include advising, committee work, and other responsibilities as determined by the Division Chair of Religion and Philosophy.
  • Completed Doctorate in an appropriate area in the field of Religion is preferred. Expertise in Historical Theology or Practical Theology preferred. Candidates currently enrolled in a doctoral program are also accepted. Master’s Degree (preferably a M.Div.) in a field of Religion is a minimum requirement. Ability to provide instruction in a variety of areas in Religion and Philosophy, including research, and must have related experience in ministry. Eastern Nazarene College requires that all candidates have a Christian perspective (preferably in a Wesleyan tradition), and must be in agreement with the mission and lifestyle guidelines of ENC. Candidates who have a long standing relationship with the Church of the Nazarene will be given first preference.
  • Deadline: December 8, 2011
  • Very cordial rejection letter received Feb. 9, 2012.

Edgewood College - Associate Professor of Religious Studies[]

  • Ad at Chronicle
    • Automated email response from HR, indicating that application file has been received and will be reviewed; also stated, "If you are considered as a potential candidate for this position, you will be contacted for a personal interview" (1/29). Anyone else on the list applying for this position?
    • Yes, one "lurker" here, applied--Good Luck! A: And to you as well.
    • I have no idea what sort of pool they might have; the Chronicle listing states the position is only part-time, but the AAR ad says it's tenure-track. I wonder if this confusion limited the respsonse, or if the position description changed. . . .
    • Anyone have any news on this? A: Nothing heard since the first automated email from HR (3/10).
    • Rejection email after phone interview. Invitations to campus interviews have been issued to finalists. (3/20)
    • Recieved perhaps the least felicitous rejection email of the search from Edgewood: "We appreciate your time and consideration for this opening; however, we have selected another applicant that meets the qualifications and demands of this position." (4/18)

Episcopal Divinity School - Anglican Studies[]

  • Professor of Anglican Studies and Liturgy, rank open.
  • Include curriculum vitae, names of three reference; also a 500 word essay reflecting on how candidate sees anti-racist, multicultural commitments engaged in Anglican Studies. Send hardcopy to Lawrence Wills, Episcopal Divinity School, 99 Brattle St., Cambridge, MA 02138. Deadline is December 1, 2011.

Emory University - Islam[]

  • Assistant Professor, tenure-track.
  • Due 11/1.
    • AAR interview request received by email (11/11) (x2)
  • Did anyone else *not* receive confirmation for receipt of their application (11/12)?
  • Did someone ask then when they aimed at sending invitations for campus interviews? (I forgot to ask!)
  • I forgot to ask too. But when I sent a "thanks" email, one of the committe members told me to be "patient." Don't know what that means in terms of # of days!
    • Thanks! What ever it means, it is slightly re-assuring.
  • Very brief rejection email. Nearly 100 applicants. (12/20)
    • If I may ask, to what stage did you get? Did you receive this letter after an AAR interview?
    • Kind rejection e-mail after an AAR interview. (12/21)
  • Three job talks scheduled for mid February. (1/24)
    • Out of curiosity, are these posted somewhere?
  • Offer has been extended
  • offer accepted

Emory and Henry -Comparative Religion[]

  • Applications due Dec. 1st
  • AAR interview invite (11/17)
  • Request for additional materials (11/29)
  • Request for phone interview with dean (12/9)
  • Campus visit invite (12/13)
  • To the above, may I ask your specialty? The job posting was so broad, I'm curious what they were looking for.
  • Offer made.
  • Offer accepted on 3/2.

Fairfield University - Medieval Christianity[]

  • Ad at CHE
  • Applications should be received by November 1, 2011 in order to receive consideration for preliminary interviews at the annual meeting of the AAR in San Francisco, CA.
    • Application acknowledged (by email): 10/21
    • My friend received an interview request by email: 11/7
    • On campus request 11/28
    • position filled

Florida International University - Islam (Open Rank)[]

  • The specific research specialization is open, but candidates must be competent in Arabic, have expertise in a particular cultural or geographic area including appropriate language proficiency, be able to supervise and mentor in the graduate programs, and teach on the role of Islam nationally, transnationally, and internationally in both its religious and political dimensions
  • Applications must be made online at Look for Open Rank Professor: Islam, under the Religious Studies Department.
  • Full ad at Chronicle.
  • Applications will be accepted until the position is filled; review of applications will begin 11/15.
  • Phone interview set up for first week of February.
  • Campus interview set up for end of February/Early March (2/4)
  • Any post interview news? (3/12)
  • Offer accepted (3/16)

Fordham University - Christian Spirituality[]

  • Fordham University invites applications for a full-time tenure track position in Christian Spirituality beginning August 2012. Rank is open.
  • Invitation for phone interview by e-mail (11/19)
  • Interviewed at AAR, waiting to hear about on-campus interview (11/29).
  • Post-interview rejection letter (12/20) (x2)
  • Rejection letter (3/7)- candidate selected

Fordham University - Modern Protestant Theology[]

  • Assistant Professor in the field of History of Christianity with a research area in Modern European Protestant Theology
  • Applications must be recieved by 10/20
  • Ad at AAR
    • Anyone been tapped to interview at AAR?
      • AAR invite by email (11/9) x5
      • Rejection Letter via snail mail (11/14)
    • Post-AAR interview rejection letter by snail mail (12/6) x3
    • Invitation to campus, 12/6 (x2).
    • For those invited to campus, just curious: Are you primarily a historian or a theologian and what is your specific area of concentration?
  • An offer has been made and accepted. I guess that person is not using this Wiki.

Franklin & Marshall College - VAP, Asian Religions[]

  • One-year sabbatical replacement position at the Visiting Assistant Professor level, for 2012-2013. We seek a scholar of Asian religions specializing in Buddhism, Hinduism or East Asian religions with the ability to teach introductory level courses in Asian religions, as well as upper division classes in area of specialization. Ph.D in hand or near completion. Teaching experience required. Teaching load is 3/2.
  • Deadline for application is Feb. 15, 2012.

Fuller Theological Seminary - African American Church Studies[]

  • Fuller Theological Seminary invites applications for Assistant Dean of African American Church Studies, tenure-track, faculty-administrative position, beginning September 2012.
  • Requirements include: faith and lifestyle congruent with the mission of Fuller Seminary as expressed in the Statement of Faith and other statements and standards of the Seminary; Ph.D.; expertise in a discipline within the School of Theology; experience and expertise in research and teaching, with publication record or promise thereof; administrative skills; MDiv (or equivalent); ordination and/or ministry experience in an African American Church. Both academic rank and position title are commensurate with experience.
  • See position description and directions for application at or contact:

George Mason University - North American Religion[]

  • Deadline was Oct 1.
  • AAR interview invite, Oct 5. (x5)
    • Wow! Fast turn around!
  • Rejection letter, Nov. 2 (x2)
    • Said there were 133 applicants, ranging from ABD to full professors
    • Did you get a hard copy letter or an email? I have not gotten a rejection, but also didn't get an invite... (x3)
    • I just received a rejection e-mail that said what previous poster stated. (11/10) (x4)
  • So does this mean that those of us toward the end of the alphabet need to be patient as we wait for our personalized letters of rejection? Or is there still hope?
  • Invitation for campus visit 11/20; visits to take place in late Jan/early Feb.
  • that was quick--campus invites went out on Sunday (the same day as some AAR interviews)? I wonder if all the invitees were contacted then...
  • A broad search: for those who got invitations to do campus interviews, what is your area(s)?
  • Anyone know why this posting just went back up on (12-2) (x3)
    • looks like a mere re-post based on poor admin by higheredjobs since the application due date is still Sept 2011.
  • 5 for campus interviews in Feb.
  • They made an offer a week ago...word is the candidate turned it down (3/10)
  • Rejection email 06/18/2012??? Not sure why the delay. . .I'm considering following up with HR. . .

Georgia State University - Religion and Race/Ethnicity, Urban Settings, Migration[]

  • any word? (11/8)
  • None here. (11/8)
  • Recieved Affirmative Action info form yesterday (11/08) (x2)
    • AAR interview scheduled (11/10) (x2)
    • Any word on any of these jobs at GSU?
    • offer extended and accepted

Georgia State University - Religion and Conflict with focus on Middle East or South Asia[]

  • Deadline: Oct 1
    • AAR interview request (phone call): 11/7
  • E-Mail Request to complete Affimrative Action Survey: 11/8 [Must be finished with the first-round of search] (x3)
  • Does this mean that candidates to interview have already been contacted? A: according to note above, it appears interview requests went out on 11/7.
  • offer extended and accepted (3/14)

General Theological Seminary - Systematic Theology[]

  • Deadline 11/1
  • Email acknowledgment of recepit 10/31.
  • Anyone heard back?
  • I haven't heard anything - not even an acknowledgment of receipt.
  • Acknowledgment of receipt 11/12 (x5)
  • Email stating many apps ("dozens") received, longer-than-expected first review, interviews TBA soon (11/12)
  • AAR interview request by email 11/15 (x2)
  • On-campus interview request 11/30
  • Email Rejection 2/1

Gonzaga University - Christian Ethics[]

  • Applications due 11/15, including online application
  • Request for phone interview (12/6) - said they had narrowed it down to 10 people.X2
  • Invited for on-campus interview (12/15)

Greensboro College - Eastern Religions[]

  • Assistant professor, tenure-track(able), beginning August 2012.
    • email for AAR interview (11.10)
    • email for follow-up to AAR interview (12.08)
    • email for campus invite (12.15)
    • Letter of rejection - "the search committee has decided not to pursue your application. We appreciated the opportunity to review your credentials... We wish you well in your efforts to find a challenging position..." They don't say that the position has been filled... Perhaps they judged their position 'not challenging' ;)
      • This search was cancelled from the administrative level.

Guilford College--Contemporary Religious Thought/Theology (2 yr. position)[]

  • ​Two-year position in Contemporary Religious Thought/Theology, beginning August 2012. Candidates are expected to teach courses at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced undergraduate levels. Course responsibility will include Contemporary Theology, Feminist/Womanist Theology, and the History of Christianity. Strong commitment to teaching undergraduates is essential, and the ability to teach courses in American religious history (e.g., History of Religions in America, and African American Religion and Theology), including courses in Women’s Studies, is desirable.
    • AAR interview request by email 11/15
    • any other word on this one? Any details re: timeline?
      • I think during the AAR interview they said they were planning on bringing someone to campus in late January, early February - They also said this could turn into a tenure track position, but not any time soon - possibly within the 2 year position window.
    • Rejection email (1/23)
      • Post-AAR interview rejection? Any word on campus invites? (1/26)
      • Same questions here! Anyone get a campus invite yet? (1/29)
      • 4th campus invitee scheduled for 2/3
    • Offer accepted

Hamilton College - Asian Religions[]

  • Tenure-track position in Asian religions. Rank is at the assistant professor or instructor level, Ph.D. preferred. Candidates should have the capacity to teach Hinduism and elements of Islam.
  • Ad at
  • Deadline: Oct. 1
    • 9.19: Dept admin emailed to ask about 'renewing application' from the VAP search this summer.
    • 10.4: Is Oct. 1 a hard deadline or can one still apply?
    • Anyone know if the VAP is moving on?
    • Skype interviews have been scheduled [posted 10/24]
    • Does this mean they are not doing AAR interviews?
    • Online interview [posted 11/10]
    • 1st round Skype interviews conducted around Nov. 29th
    • Dec. 5: friend and fellow applicant contacted about campus interview in January
    • Rejection letter received [posted Feb 22] (x2)
    • Search closed letter received [2/27]---Who got it?

Hartford Seminary[]

  • Professor of Christian Theology — Hartford Seminary
  • Ad at CHE
  • Review of applications begins September 15
  • Anybody hear anything??
  • Nothing. (X6)
  • Requested update on status of application on 10/12/2011 haven't heard anything. . .
  • Received email with apologies for delay and indicating no announcement until after December.
  • Received a kind rejection email (over one hundred applicants) (1/24/2012) x3

Interdenominational Theological Center[]

  • Open rank position in philosophy and theology. Anticipated to begin in January 2013.
  • Ad at CHE - NOTE: This position is also posted at Religious Studies 2012-2013 (because of the early 2013 start date).
  • Received email acknowledging application, stating that review would begin in July and some level of decision made by October (7/5)

Iowa State - Islamic Studies[]

  • Review beings Nov 1.
  • received disclosure notification request (email) [11/11]
    • AAR interview request (phone) [11/12] X3
    • campus visits conducted

James Madison University - Assistant Professor of Religion[]

  • James Madison University, Department of Philosophy and Religion, invites applications for a three-year term position in East Asian Religions at the rank of Instructor or Assistant Professor, to begin August 27, 2012. Teaching load is 3/3, with 2 preparations. The successful candidate will teach in the University's General Education program and offer upper-level courses in his/her area of specialty. Ph.D. or advanced ABD. Primary specialization must be in an area other than Buddhism. Experience teaching survey courses in world religions is essential; experience teaching a method and theory course in the study of religion an asset. Applications from candidates whose interests relate closely to areas of contemporary social and political interest are especially welcome.
  • Thought I'd add this post and note according to the ad, reviews will commence March 1
    • Any news yet?
    • offer made and accepted [4/20]
    • what field is the successful candidate involved in?

John Leland Center - Theology & Leadership[]

  • The John Leland Center for Theological Studies is seeking a Professor of Theology & Leadership. Leland is a Baptist graduate theological school located in metropolitan Washington, D.C. The school's mission is to equip transformational leaders for the global ministry of Jesus Christ. The school is seeking a qualified person to lead its newly accredited Master of Christian Leadership program. Suitable candidates must have a terminal degree in a theological discipline, experience in church or secular leadership, and be able to work comfortably within a multicultural community. The candidate should have energy and vision for the development of a theologically oriented leadership program that recognizes the distinctive leadership environment of the Washington metropolitan community and its impact on the world. The position requires an annual teaching load of 14 hours and leadership in the development of the program. Faculty rank and salary will be set according to qualifications and experience.

Kentucky Wesleyan College - Assistant Professor of Religious Studies[]

  • any news?
  • No. I'm curious what they actually want, or if they even have a clear view of that. The position is advertised for someone with a Ph.D. or a D.Min. Talk about different worlds. And what do they want to do in "rebuilding" the department? Maintain the courses, majors, and minors currently listed? Rethink the overall structure? As it is, it looks confused. With the Christian Ministries minor, do they want to be an undergraduate seminary? Their religious studies courses are disproportionately Bible-based, so is that their real aim? Do they want it to operate as a pre-seminary program (which would still require broader offerings)? Or do they want something that's more in line with what we typically mean when we refer to "religious studies" (which need not be inconsistent with study in a denominationally-affiliated school)? The fact that they even list D.Min. candidates as possibilities might be an indicator, but who knows. I'll be interested to see where they go.
  • No word here either. Didn't even get an acknowledgement that they received my materials.
    • I didn't receive an acknowledgement either. (x2)
  • Received phone call for skype interview (4/10)
  • what is your degree track (DMin, PhD), area of concentration (biblical studies, history, theology, etc.), and status (ABD, newbie, junior faculty, etc.), if you don't mind our asking? Thanks.
    • Sure. New (August 2011) Ph.D. Currently a part time lecturer (sounds nicer than adjunct, right?). Ph.D. in religion and society.
  • Any news here? (4/20)
  • Phone call for campus visit (4/20)
  • Job offered and accepted (5/8)

King's University College at UWO - Catholic Studies/Theology[]

  • King’s University College at The University of Western Ontario invites applications for an appointment in Religious Studies at the rank of Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), effective July 1, 2012, subject to budgetary approval. The candidate will teach in the Catholic Studies programs in the department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. Candidates should have either a demonstrable competence in Catholic Moral Theology/Theological Ethics with a solid grounding in Systematic Theology or a demonstrable competence in Systematic Theology with a solid grounding in Catholic Moral Theology/Theological Ethics. Candidates should have a completed Ph.D. on or before July 1, 2012 (ABD candidates should submit documentation of defense date), excellent teaching skills, and superior potential for research and publication.
  • A letter of application, curriculum vitae, copies of teaching evaluations, and two writing samples or publications should be sent electronically to Dr. Steve Lofts, Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Three letters of reference should be addressed to Dr. Steve Lofts, Chair, King’s University College at The University of Western Ontario, 266 Epworth Avenue, London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 2M3.
  • Deadlines: the deadline to be considered for an interview at the Annual Meeting of the AAR is Nov. 15, 2011; the deadline to be considered for a Skype interview is Dec. 1, 2011
  • Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience ($64,600- $77,400 plus benefits and extended health coverage): for details see King’s University College is a publicly funded equal opportunity employer sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of London. The College welcomes faculty and students from all faiths and backgrounds. Canadians and permanent residents of Canada will be given priority however this is an international search and all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. The King’s University College website is at AAR.
  • AAR interview request via email Nov. 17.
  • Any updates? In particular, anyone who did NOT submit before Nov. 15th been contacted for skype interviews? (12/19)
    • submitted after Nov. 15 have not been contacted for Skype interview.

Lake Forest College - Christianity[]

  • Application acknowledged (by email): 10/13 x2
  • confirm email says they are "overwhelmed by number of applicants"
  • Anyone who submitted near the 11/1 deadline receive any confirmation yet? (11/5) --- I've not heard yet, submitted 11/4
  • The job posting I read had the deadline as 11/4 (x2)
  • I received my email confirmation on 10/31, just a day or two after submitting the app--it's funny, though, my email says nothing about being overwhelmed by the number of applicants.
  • I submitted 10/24, never received any confirmation (x 2)
  • I submitted 10/31 and never got confirmation; I guess by now, no interview (11/12)
  • AAR interview request: 11/9 (x2)
    • Via email? Phone? Snail mail?
    • A: e-mail
    • Seems like a fast turn-around! Only five days between deadline and interview requests!
  • This was such a general post--would those with interviews mind sharing their area? (X2 :)
    • A: Christianity in North America (x2)
    • Early Christianity
  • Just got an email (11/14) confirming that they got my application and it said that they were still "deliberating"-- but I'm not optimistic if others already have interviews...
  • Rejection e-mail received; on-campus interviews have been scheduled; e-mail stated that there were almost 400 applicants for the position. (12/7) x8
  • 400! That's staggering! It's indicative of the backlog/saturation of the market. Wow.
  • It's hard to feel bad for myself knowing that I'm sharing this news with nearly 399 of my closest friends.
  • When did you all receive rejection emails? Are there some who have yet to hear?
    • Dec. 7 on the emailed rejection letter
    • Dec. 9 emailed rejection form letter.
  • 400 makes sense for a broadly pitched Christianity job like this, as you get applications from anyone and everyone: American historians studying Christians, American religious historians who focus on Christianity, historians of Christianity from all eras, sociologists who look at Christians, and probably even ethicists and theologians of various stripes. Altogether, 400 seems about right.
  • I am sure some of those applications are from people who took some courses on Christianity while in collge.
  • Ha! At least you folks got a rejection letter (x4).
  • Job offered and accepted. Search closed. Offer made to specialist in American Christianity, already on tenure track and well published.

La Salle University - Catholic Theology[]

  • ad at AAR
  • To be assured a full review applications must be received by November 1, 2011
    • acknowledgement of application - 10/31 x2
    • Interview request 11/9 x2
  • Received email that I was no longer under consideration (12/7/11)
    • I hadn't had an AAR interview, so it wasn't a surprise
    • email references over 80 applicants for the position
  • Offer made and accepted to a friend of mine (2/1/12)

Lee University - Religious Studies and Theology[]

  • The applicant must have specialization and teaching competence in Christian theology. Applicants must have completed the Ph.D. in the area of Systematic Theology by the time of appointment and be prepared to teach at the undergraduate level with some teaching also required at the graduate level. Teaching experience is highly valued.
  • Please submit a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, application form, and supporting documents. Three letters of reference must be mailed directly from referees, while other application materials may be sent by electronic copy. Applicants are also encouraged to send evidence of teaching effectiveness and a writing sample. Preference will be given to applications received by February 1, 2012. Please send to Dr. S.D.L. Jenkins (email:, Chair of Theology Search Committee, Department of Theology, Lee University, P.O. Box 3450, Cleveland, TN 37320-3450.
  • And a rejection (2/24).
  • Rejection by post (2/28). Lee, your boilerplate is marginally offensive. Candidates are cut because the position can go to only one person, not because they lack the necessary qualifications to do the job.

Leeds University (UK) - Theology and Religious Studies (TRS), 2x[]

  • deadline: 03 Mar 2012; interviews expected to be held: 26-27 Mar 2012
  • two full-time Lecturers / Senior Lecturers with relevant expertise in any aspect of Theology and Religious Studies (TRS)
  • 'we particularly wish to encourage applicants with research expertise in:
    • New Testament, ethics and theology / New Testament and society
    • religion / theology in global / postcolonial contexts (e.g. Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, South Asia, South-East Asia, China)
    • religion and society
    • the interaction of religion / theology with politics, ethics or science
    • the study of contemporary Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Indian religions, indigenous religions'
  • 19 Mar 2012: rejection by email 'We received 137 applications from the UK, Europe, the US and beyond [...].'

Lehigh University - Comparative Religious Ethics[]

  • The Dept. of Religion Studies at Lehigh University may have an opening for a tenure-track position in Comparative Religious Ethics. Desirable research interests include the problems and questions surrounding what is often called secularism and the presence and influence of religion in contemporary society, especially engaging religious communities as they develop and confront the challenges of modernity, post-colonial constructions, and the resurgence of fundamentalism. The desired candidate will have a PhD in Religion in hand, along with expertise in South Asian Islam (with the requisite cultural and linguistic skills) and Christian theology.
  • Interested candidates are invited to send a letter of intent, a CV, and the names of three references to Chava Weissler, Chair, Dept. of Religion Studies, Lehigh University, 9 W. Packer Ave., Bethlehem, PA 18015, by November 15, 2011.
  • Ad at Chronicle
    • Email confirmation of receipt of materials 11/10

Loyola University Chicago - Systematic Theology[]

  • Loyola University Chicago invites applications for a tenure track position in the Department of Theology in Systematic Theology at the rank of Assistant Professor to begin in August 2012. The department serves the university's undergraduate core curriculum and offers undergraduate majors and minors in Theology and Religious Studies. The department also offers the M.A. in Biblical Languages and Literature, Christian Ethics, and Theological Studies, and Ph.D. concentrations in New Testament/Early Christianity, and Integrative Studies in Ethics and Theology.
  • Candidates are expected to have expertise in Christian systematic theology with a specialization in one or more of the following areas: contemporary Catholic theology; theology in a globalized culture; and/or theology and spirituality. It is especially desirable that the candidate to be able to teach and interact with faculty and students in both Christian Ethics and Theology. Teaching responsibilities include undergraduate core and majors' classes and graduate courses at both the M.A. and Ph.D. levels. Candidates for the position must clearly demonstrate the potential for excellence in research and teaching and have a record of, or show potential for, distinguished scholarship and student mentorship.
  • Minimum Qualifications: Applicants should have a completed Ph.D. and a strong commitment to excellence in teaching at all levels, and should be willing to support the mission of Loyola University Chicago and the goals of Jesuit education.
    • 10/27 - email acknowledging receipt of application (X2)
    • 11/11 - mass email acknowledging receipt of app (X2)
      • Anyone hear anything more on this one? Anything at all?
    • 12/16- Request for recommendation letters
  • Rejection letter 1/3 (x2: 1/7)
  • Anyone hear anything about interviews?
  • Invitation to campus 1/24
    • Just one person tapped or have others received invitations to campus? (2/4)
    • I was told I was one of three people invited to campus--I guess the other two aren't using this wiki.
  • Wait list letter received (2/7). I am one of three "on deck" if a candidate from the first three is not selected.
  • Any news on this search? (3/22)
  • Offer made and accepted (3/28)

Loyola University-New Orleans - Theology[]

  • Loyola University, New Orleans seeks candidates for a tenure-track position in Systematic Theology at the level of Assistant Professor. The candidate’s primary specialization will focus on Christian traditions. A secondary specialization in Catholicism and/or Christian Ethics would be very relevant. The candidate should be proficient at undergraduate teaching and will teach courses in our newly revised Common Curriculum
  • Review of applications will begin on Nov. 15, 2011
    • 10/27 - received email acknowleding receipt. It also said that not meeting at AAR would not affect candidacy, which seems strange (but possibly welcome!) (x2)
    • Recieved email acknowledgement of application on 11/8. (x3)
    • Heard that only one person is doing AAR interviews and therefore (according to LNO) not much weight is attatched to them.
      • That explains the initial email from the search comittee chair. Thanks for the update.
    • Apparentlly interview notices are supposed to come out today (11/15). Anyone?
      • Nothing yet...(11:30 EST)
      • I got an email with a list of times inviting me to meet with the chair. It doesn't say interview anywhere, and it re-iterates that meeting or not meeting will not affect candidacy (circa 2pm EST) (x2)
      • I heard today or tomorrow (Tue or Wed) at the latest for AAR interviews (11/15)
  • I was told in an informal conversation with the chair at AAR that they were looking to first fill the Catholic Studies Chair, and then they would select candidates for this position so as to avoid overlap. He said that they probably won't "move" on this position until March at the earliest.
    • I was told something similar, although he sounded more like mid to late February
    • Heard second-hand that Catholic Studies Chair visits are now ongoing (Jan. 14)
    • I spoke to the department chair this week and he mentioned responding to applicants in about a month from now (just to confirm others' stories). They are still working on filling the Duffy Chair.
    • I heard from my dissertation director today that they've filled the Duffy Chair, so hopefully there will be some movement soon (2/23/12)
  • I heard from the department chair at Loyola that they've extended campus interviews to three people to be conducted next week (2/27-3/2), and he expects they will make an offer to one of them
  • Anyone heard anything on the interviews or hire yet?
  • Rejection email (3/13). Chair stated that the finalists were all published scholars with full-time positions, and the top candidate has verbally accepted the offer. Over 90 applicants.

Manhattan College - Religious Studies: Faith and the Arts or Spirituality and Mysticism - Assistant Professor[]

  • Manhattan College seeks a tenure-track assistant professor of Religious Studies in one of two fields: either Faith and the Arts or Spirituality and Mysticism. The candidate will be expected to teach courses in his/her field as well as the introductory course in religious studies required of all students. Candidates for the position must have a Ph.D in an area of Religious Studies or Theology. ABD candidates will be considered. Interested applicants should send a letter of interest, curriculum vita, three letters of recommendation, and writing sample to Claudia Setzer, Search Committee Chair, Department of Religious Studies, Manhattan College, 4513 Manhattan College Parkway, Riverdale, NY 10471. Applications received by October 21, 2011 will be considered for interviews at the AAR in San Francisco, but the position will remain open until filled.
    • Invited via email for AAR interview (11/8) (X2)
    • Campus invite via phone (12/1) (x3)
    • Rejection letter via email (12/5) - "We received roughly 150 applications for our position and have been very impressed with the quality of candidates..."
  • Post-campus interview rejection (via phone). Search chair indicated they are not hiring any of the finalists. They will soon begin a new search.

Manhattan College - Religious Studies: Global Christianity[]

  • Manhattan College seeks a tenure-track assistant professor of Religious Studies in the field of Global Christianity with a concentration in Asia or Africa. The candidate will be expected to teach courses in his/her field as well as the introductory course in religious studies required of all students. Candidates for the position must have a Ph.D. in an area of Religious Studies or Theology. ABD candidates will be considered. Interested applicants should send a letter of interest, curriculum vita, three letters of recommendation, and writing sample to Michele Saracino, Search Committee Chair, Department of Religious Studies, Manhattan College, 4513 Manhattan College Parkway, Riverdale, NY 10471. Applications received by October 21, 2011 will be considered for interviews at the AAR in San Francisco, but the position will remain open until filled
    • AAR Interview scheduled by email (11/08)
    • On campus visit scheduled (12/2)
    • I was told (via email) on 12/4 that they were talking to the dean about the position; is the above on campus interview perhaps for the Spirituality job? (12/8)
      • No - campus interview scheduled for Global Christianity, though the interview is scheduled for 2 months from now, so they may still be deliberating on some finalists
      • Congrats! :)

Marian University - Pastoral Theology[]

  • Tenure track Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology to begin August 2012.
  • Review of applications will begin December 10, 2011. Send letter of application, CV, evidence of teaching effectiveness, a sample of scholarly writing, an unofficial transcript of all graduate courses, and three letters of reference to: Pastoral Theology Search, Marian University Human Resources, 3200 Cold Spring Road, Indianapolis, IN 46222. Electronic submissions preferred to:
  • submitted application, received email requesting additional essay responses! 12/2

Marquette University - Christianity in a non-Western Context[]

  • Assistant Professor to teach and do research in the history and theology of Christianity in a non-Western context, e.g., Asia or Africa. Ideally the candidate would have expertise either in the discussion of religious pluralism and/or interreligious dialogue as it impacts Catholic theology (e.g., Christology, doctrine of God, theological anthropology, etc.) or in the specific theological contributions of that non-Western culture to the larger Christian tradition.
  • All applications for this position must be initiated through Marquette University's electronic recruiting system at
  • Review of applications begins November 30 and continues until position is filled.
    • not limited to Africa or Asia
  • Any news on this one. . .
  • No news as of 1/25
  • on campus interviews of three finalists scheduled
  • position filled

McCormick Theological Seminary - Assistant / Associate in New Testament or Christian Ethics[]

  • Particular interest in African-American, Latino/a, or Asian-American perspectives.
  • Review of applications begins October 17
    • Rejection email received 11/2.
    • Rejection email received 11/4.
  • Interview scheduled for AAR (11/2)
  • Any news on this? Or anyone who interviewed remember what they said their timeline was? (I've forgotten!)
  • No news yet!
  • Has anyone heard from them? No news as of 1/7/12.

McGill University - South Asian Religions (Hinduism)[]

  • Chronicle
  • Tenure-track faculty position at the rank of Assistant Professor in the area of South Asian Religions, with special expertise in Hindu traditions.
  • The Search Committee will begin reviewing applications on November 1, 2011.
  • Applicants should send a letter of application (addressing qualifications, research, and teaching interests), a curriculum vitae, relevant teaching evaluations, three letters of recommendation, and one representative writing sample or scholarly publication to: Prof. Davesh Soneji, Chair, South Asian Religions Search Committee, Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University, 3520 University Street, Montreal, QC H3A 2A7, Canada. Electronic materials should be addressed to Francesca Maniaci, Administrative Assistant, Faculty of Religious Studies, by e-mail (
    • This position is to replace Katherine Young, who is retiring.
    • Anyone been contacted for this one (11/10)? Not clear if they're interviewing at AAR.
    • Received email acknowledgment of receipt of app and a diversity questionnaire; no mention in the message about AAR interviews (11/07).
      • No specific info. about this position, but it is quite common for Canadian universities to skip conference interviews and go straight to campus interviews.
    • Anyone here heard anything on this one beyond the above email ack? (12.2)
    • Nothing. Any info would be much appreciated (12/8).
    • they might go for the ones working on South India!
    • Why would they hire another specialist in S. India when they already have Soneji?
    • contacted via email to schedule a phone interview (12/20) X3 more, none work on South India ...
  • Campus visit invitation via e-mail (1/30).
  • Offer extended (3/15).
  • Rejection letter indicating that the position has been filled (22/3)

Memphis Theological Seminary - Church History[]

  • Posted:
  • Memphis Theological Seminary invites applications for an entry level tenure-track position in Church History to begin in the fall of 2012. Responsibilities include teaching all aspects of Church History from a global perspective in M.Div, M.A., and D.Min programs. Qualifications include a Ph.D. in Church History and a commitment to diversity, collegiality, and the life of the church. Area of specialization is open. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates, especially those from traditionally under-represented populations. Send letter of application, vita, graduate transcripts, and three letters of reference to Dean Stan Wood, Memphis Theological Seminary, 168 East Parkway South, Memphis, TN 38104. Review of applications will begin on November 15th, 2011.
    • Any word on this?
    • Nothing here yet.
    • Anyone hear anything yet? Or does anyone know the timing of interviews? (12/29)
    • Nothing yet. (12/30) (x2)
    • Invited (via phone) for late-January/early-Feb campus visit. (1/9)

Middle Tennessee State University - Philosophy Faculty, Religious Studies[]

  • Tenure-track at the Assistant Professor Rank, Start Date: August 1, 2012
  • Seeking candidates with a specialization in some area of comparative religion, but with wide interests, and ability to engage in substantial curricular development. The successful candidate must show evidence of excellence in undergraduate teaching, and the promise of scholarly contributions to the field of religion. The standard teaching load is four courses per semester. Excellence in teaching, research/creative activity and service is expected for all positions. MTSU seeks candidates committed to using integrative technologies in teaching. Minimum Qualifications: PhD with a specialization in some area of comparative religion.
    • 11/13 Invitation for AAR interview (by phone) (x2)
    • 1/13 Campus interview scheduled.
    • Done. They hired.

Middlebury College - Hinduism / South Asian Religions[]

  • Tenure-track position in Hinduism and South Asian Religions. The candidate should specialize in some area of Classical and Modern Hinduism, with a competence in South Asian Islam and the social and political dimensions of religion in South Asia.
  • Ad at H-Net
  • all application materials must be received by October 17th, 2011.
    • E-mail acknowledgment of materials received (10/26). They will contact applicants in mid-Nov to schedule interviews at the AAR Annual Meeting.
    • It seems they've called for AAR interviews for their Islam search; anyone heard anything about AAR interviews for this position?
    • AAR interviews scheduled (phone call) (9 Nov) x 2
    • I am the 99% (who didn't get called for an interview). x3 - but maybe dodging a life sentence of teaching the offspring of the 1% isn't so bad.
    • Did any ABDs get interviews?
    • Yes, some ABDs got interviews.
    • Thanks for the info, I removed my objection.
    • Offer extended and accepted.

Middlebury College - Islamic Studies[]

  • Deadline: 10/17
    • E-mail acknowledgment of materials received (10/27). They will contact applicants in mid-Nov to schedule interviews at the AAR Annual Meeting.
    • AAR interview request (phone call) 11/7
    • rec'd a kind rejection e-note stating their AAR interview list is now complete. best of luck to those who made it!! 11/12 x4
    • thanks for the above!
    • they did a similar search a year ago and ended up hiring a VAP, who may be in the running now (or rather the inside candidate). not sure what Middlebury is looking for!
    • campus interviews already scheduled 12/15
    • Offer extended and accepted!
    • Congrats! (x2)
    • Thanks!

Misericordia University - Assistant Prof Religious Studies[]

  • Misericordia University is currently accepting applications for a full-time (ten month), non-tenure-track position as Assistant Professor of Religious Studies. Responsibilities include undergraduate teaching and departmental and University-wide committee work. The preferred candidate will have a Ph.D. in theology and expertise in the area of Catholic systematic theology.
  • Candidates must demonstrate excellence in teaching; must demonstrate competency in teaching introductory level courses in world religions; and must demonstrate advanced knowledge of study of non-Christian religions. Preference will be given to candidates who show evidence of active engagement in academic research. The successful candidate may have the opportunity to develop new courses as part of an ongoing core curriculum revision.
  • For confidential consideration, please submit a letter of interest, an official transcript, curriculum vitae, and three letters of professional reference by email to or by mail addressed to the Office of Human Resources, Misericordia University, 301 Lake Street, Dallas, PA 18612 Applications received by February 20 will receive priority consideration; applications will be reviewed until the position is filled.
  • Anyone here applied for this? (3/1)
  • Yep. No response yet. (3/1)
  • Received a postcard acknowledging my application. (5/1)
  • There's a new job posting for them which looks quite similar (only difference I spot is a change in the expertise from Catholic systematic theology to Catholic heritage and tradition, plus a change in the date from Feb 20 to April 20). I phoned the university and HR said that it was the same position being re-advertised due to a (slight) change in direction. The HR person also said that people who had submitted applications to the original advertisement can phone HR to indicate interest in being considered (without sending a new application).

Monmouth College - Philosophy and Religion[]

  • This position is no longer on the AAR website - is it still open?
  • It's back on again.
  • How many have applied for this position?
  • Anyone been shortlisted?
  • Application deadline was only yesterday. They're planning to interview at the AAR, so people who've been shortlisted would probably hear sometime after next week. As for numbers, there will be a lot of applicants (150-200, maybe?).
    • Nice email acknowledgement of application - 10/26 x2
    • AAR interview request (11/7)
    • AAR interview request (11/9) x3
  • Any word here? No news as of 12/12. (x3)
    • Post-Interview rejection (12/16) x2
    • On 12/20, someone from their found my website by doing a web search for my name. I have never been contacted by them and did not have an AAR interview. Where they not satisfied with anyone they interviewed and are continuing the search?

Mount Marty College - Religious Studies[]

  • Mount Marty College, a Catholic liberal arts college in the Benedictine tradition, invites applications for a tenure-track position in Religious Studies and Philosophy at the rank of Assistant Professor which will begin in August, 2012.
  • Candidates must have completed a PhD in Theology, Religious Studies, Biblical Studies or a related field by the time of appointment. The College is particularly interested in generalists who are capable of teaching a wide variety of courses. The successful candidate will teach Introduction to Christianity, electives in Christian theology - including Christology and Sacramental Theology - and scripture courses at all levels of undergraduate education, and have typical administrative duties.
  • Mount Marty is a Catholic college and the successful candidate for this position must be a practicing Catholic with a strong background in Catholic theology. The candidate also must demonstrate a record of, or show potential for, excellence in teaching and research, a strong commitment to operating in a collegial liberal arts environment, a dedication to enriching the lives of their students, and a desire to engage the broader community. An acquaintance with the Benedictine tradition is a plus but is not necessary for employment.
  • Has anyone heard anything? I couldn't even get an acknowledgement that they received my application.
  • Nor I (3/1).
  • Shortlisted and interviewing now. Should have decision made wihtin a week or two (5/3)

Mount Mercy University (IA) - Religious Studies[]

  • Mount Mercy invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant/Associate Professor position beginning fall 2012. The qualified applicant will hold a Ph.D. and evidence of quality teaching experience. S/he will teach a broad range of undergraduate courses which include introductory Bible and World Religions for the core curriculum, with some upper-division courses in Bible and other interests that will attract students to further study of the Christian tradition. While excellence as an educator is the top priority, the candidate will also advise students, engage in scholarship and service as well as participate in department meetings and campus committee work. Candidates are expected to teach seven (7) classes per academic year including one class in a January term.
  • Screening of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. By January 31, 2012, qualified candidates should send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, college transcripts, summary of teaching experience, the names and contact information for three references, as well as statements of research and teaching interests and evidence of teaching effectiveness. Submissions should be emailed as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat attachments to: with the subject line, "Religious Studies Faculty." Only application materials emailed to this address will be considered. Application materials submitted on paper will not be reviewed.
    • Received automated response from HR noting that email with application materials would be forwarded to correct person (1/28). Anyone else on the list applying for this position? If so, applying as assistant or as associate? (assistant x1)
    • Recevied email from the chair of the department stating that the search committee has completed its initial review of candidates and wanted to verify that I would like my application file to continue to the next stage of search (2/10) (x2)
    • Received email request (2/16) to schedule a phone interview for next week. (x2)
    • Phone interviews scheduled for this week (2/20–24).
    • References contacted after interview by phone (2/24). Apparently set up a time to talk during week of 2/27–3/2. (x2--2/27)
    • Phone invitation to schedule on-campus interview (2/29).
    • Three candidates invited to campus interviews over the weeks of 3/5–3/20.
    • Offer made (3/22) and accepted (3/28).

Mount St. Mary's University - Systematic Theology[]

  • Tenure track appointment in systematic theology with a competence in moral theology beginning in the fall, 2012.
  • Application materials should discuss how you might contribute to the University's Catholic liberal arts mission, how your work engages with the Catholic intellectual tradition, or how your own faith tradition informs your vocation as teacher and scholar.
  • Review of applications will begin December 1, 2011, and all applications must be received by December 15, 2011.
    • Skype interview request via phone message 1/13
    • On-campus interview request 1/25
    • Offer made and accepted (4/2)

New Brunswick Theological Seminary - Foundational and Constructive Theology[]

  • Deadline 12/31
  • Anyone heard anything?
  • They've recently advertised for a new Dean for the Seminary, they may be holding other searches until that one is completed
  • Has anyone heard anything (4/12)? Did they suspend this search until they find a Dean?

New Brunswick Theological Seminary - Preaching and Worship[]

  • Deadline 12/31
  • Anyone else NOT heard back regarding receipt of application materials?
  • I received an e-mail 01/13 indicating receipt of materials and expectation of on-campus interviews in March/April.

New Brunswick Theological Seminary - Dean of the Seminary[]

  • Deadline 5/15/2012

New York University - South Asian Religions[]

  • Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow in South Asian Religions. The appointment will be for one year beginning September 1, 2012, renewable annually for a maximum of three years.
  • Candidates must have completed a Ph.D. no earlier than five years before the date of appointment
  • The ideal candidate will combine a grasp of the "classical" sources and a serious engagement with the theoretical study of religion; interest in intersections of religion with post-coloniality, race, gender, sexuality, or national identity is especially welcome.
  • Application deadline is February 28, 2012. To apply see the NYU Religious Studies Program web site at via the "Employment" link to submit a letter of application, a curriculum vitae, a 20 page writing sample, a sample syllabus, and names of three referees.
    • has anyone heard anything regarding this one?
    • urgent email asking for recommendation letters by the end of this week (3/9) stating that decisions will be made at the beginning of this coming week.
    • So, its Thursday now....any news?
    • 3 candidates called for on campus interview/dinner scheduled for March 27-28

North Carolina State University - Asian Religions[]

  • The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at North Carolina State University welcomes applications for the position of Assistant Professor of Religious Studies in Asian Religions, specialty open. Ability to teach undergraduate courses in both Buddhism and Hinduism is desirable.
  • Review of applications will begin on October 21 and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Full ad at AAR
  • 10.03 I inquired about their receipt of my application materials (since their job website has been reformatted and there was nothing about my application status); I received a pleasant reply that my materials have been received, but nothing about what stage the SC is in the process of reviewing materials and selecting candidates. Has anyone else heard anything?
    • Not I
    • Nothing
    • I think the Vandy job search has distorted everybody's expectations. National job searches at an R1 almost NEVER get through the apps and start calling within two weeks. Vandy is the only time I ever saw it happen, at least in my last 3-4 years of RS/Asian Religions searches.
    • Okay, but by now (11/8) they will need to be contacting people for potential AAR interviews. It's going to be this week or middle of next.
    • Their ad didn't say anything about AAR interviews.
      • Email 11.14--review of apps continuing, no AAR interviews, phone/skype interviews mid-December. (x5)
        • ...and they intend to give "ample advance notice" to candidates for these mid-December interviews.
        • my email said "in the first half of December"
    • Email request for phone interview (11/22) (x2)
      • interview this week
        • Can I ask your AOS?
  • Has anybody else heard from them?
    • nope (x5)
      • Sort of hoping they're interviewing over the first half of Dec so they're contacting people peicemeal. That might be willful naivete, though.
      • Hope dies last, but my vote's on naïveté here. Stranger things have happened, but my overall impression is that we've got about a quarter of all job seekers communicating here, and there's plenty of room for them to have called a dozen people and ours was only one of them.
  • campus visit scheduled by email (12/8)
  • rejection by email (12/14) (x3)
    • yo where my rejection at? I feel rejected by the lack of rejection. (x4)
    • No rejection either! Maybe there's a long list of candidates? (12/15)
      • I don't think it's because they're sneakily planning to hire the three of us as a team. I had no phone interview, and have no rejection yet. Other rejects/non: how far did you get?
      • I too did not get a rejection, but no phone interview either - doubtful that anything will materialize at this point.
        • I received an email rejection without any form of interview. I'm curious about how the Confucius Institute on their campus affects their selections. Does anyone know or have speculations?
        • Interesting question. That being said (or asked, rather), no surprise my application went nowhere. On the other hand, I don't think the instutite at Carolina had anything at all to do with their 3 campus invites. I base this on my experience interviewing with Carolina at AAR.
        • I thought that NCSU didn't interview at AAR.
        • You're right. I was referring to USC.
        • I think the Confucius Institute at NCSU has a different relationship with the host institution than the one at USC, based on news articles I have read.
        • As one of the people who got a campus interview, I can say that the Confucius Institute did not come up even remotely in the phone interview.
  • Rejection by email (2/3)
  • Apparently an offer has been made.

North Carolina Wesleyan College - Religious Studies[]

  • Full-time, tenure track position as Assistant Professor of Religious Studies to begin August 2012. A Ph.D. is expected. (ABD's considered.) The successful candidate will teach general education courses as well as courses in the major and will serve as Program Coordinator for Religious Studies.
  • Review of applications will begin January 15, 2012 and will continue until a suitable candidate is identified.
  • Does anyone know where they are in the process? Surely they've already conducted initial interviews by now, right?
  • Any news?
  • On-campus interviews have already been held.
  • position filled (email response from HR, Apr 18)

Northeastern University - Comparative Ethics and Religions[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor
  • Chronicle ad
  • Has anybody heard from them yet?
  • Nothing here, but I did notice that they reposted the position on the AAR job listings with a December 1st deadline.
  • I suppose that doesn't bode well for those of us who submitted applications by the first deadline?
  • I concluded the same thing, but whoever knows. In this saturated market, you would think they would be able to develop an AAR interview list pretty easily.
  • Is there any news on this? Is the position still open?
    • I think phone interviews are being conducted. Has anyone heard that?
  • I heard from a friend that phone interviews were conducted and invitations were sent for campus interviews in mid-Jan. But I haven't heard anything beyond that.

Northwestern University - Islamic Studies[]

  • With expertise in theory and method in the study of religion.
  • Review begins Nov 1.
    • Received email invitation to interview at AAR (11/10). Will conduct phone interview instead. x2
    • Recieved email invation to interview at AAR (11/10) as well x2
    • Got a campus interview 11/26
    • three campus interviews scheduled for Jan.
    • There's overlap in the candidates with the UofC div. school, correct?
    • Nope!
    • My understanding is that an offer has been made. I don't know whether it has been accepted or not. Or, let me put it this way: I know they have chosen their candidate they want to extend the offer to him.
    • Offer has been given and word on the street is that he will accept. (2/27)
    • Offer has been accepted (3/1)

Ohio Dominican University - Assistant Professor of Theology[]

  • full-time tenure track position beginning August 2012.
  • The qualified candidate will possess an earned Ph.D. in systematic theology from an accredited institution, exhibit a strong interest in and concern for quality teaching and demonstrate potential for scholarship in the field. Academic strength in moral theology, Catholic Social Teaching and/or church history are highly desirable; previous experience teaching in higher education and in a blended learning environment a plus.
  • Letter of application, current curriculum vitae, names, phone numbers and email addresses of three references may be submitted through the University website: Electronic submissions as MS Word documents are preferred.
  • 1/29 - Received e-mail today from the head of the search committee confirming that they will be reviewing applications in the coming weeks, and that they will be in touch should they need further materials.
  • Has anyone heard anything about this position? (2/16)
    • Anyone been contacted? (2/27)
    • They were still reviewing applications as of 2/27
    • They are now interviewing 5 candidates (3/18)
    • Finishing on-campus interviews now. Should have final decision made within several weeks.

Old Dominion - Islamic Thought[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in Islamic Thought.
  • Competency in Christian Thought prefered.
  • Reviews being Nov 4.
    • Phone interview request 12/20 (x2)
    • Any updates after the phone interviews?
    • Campus visit request by email (1/31)

Oregon State University - Religion in America[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Religion in America to begin Fall 2012.
  • The ideal candidate will specialize in an aspect of Religion in America such as African-American religious traditions; Latino/Latina religious traditions; novel American religious movements; religion and politics; religion and spirituality in American public life; the transnational migration of religious identities and traditions.
  • To apply, submit letter of application, current C.V., and writing sample via our application website at . Apply to posting # 0008105. Three letters of reference should be sent in hard copy to Professor Jonathan Katz, Chair, Religion in America Search Committee, Department of History, Oregon State University, 306 Milam Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331. Full consideration will be given to candidates whose applications are complete by November 4, 2011.
  • Full ad at Chronicle
  • Email invitation to interview at AAR or AHA, 11/10 (x3)
    • For those who got interviews - are you ABD? Degree in hand?
    • Degree in hand and published books and chpts (x2)
  • post-AAR email request for additional materials, 11/28 (x2) request for chpts, articles, syllabi
  • Invited for on-campus interview 1/16/12

Pittsburg Theological Seminary - Systematic Theology (one year)[]

  • any news on this one?
  • Invitation for interview received on March 9.

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary - Homiletics and Worship[]

  • Open rank, tenure-track
  • Ad on their site
  • Two candidates invited to campus late November/early December.
  • Rejection letter (snail mail) 12/19
  • Offer made and accepted 12/12

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary - Church History[]

  • Review continues until position is filled.
  • PTS Position Description
  • Anyone heard anything about any of these 3 positions at PTS?
    • Rejection Letter (snail mail) 11/17 (x7)
    • Smells like an insider?
    • Campus visits scheduled
  • Rejection letter (by post). PTS has extended an offer and the candidate has accepted. 3/13

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary - Urban Ministry[]

Princeton Theological Seminary - Pastoral Theology[]

  • Junior faculty position on tenure track in Pastoral Theology to begin July 1, 2012. Candidates must display a vital theological and ecclesiastical understanding of pastoral theology in the context of practical theology and hold the M.Div. and Ph.D. degrees or their accepted equivalents.
  • The successful candidate is expected to teach introductory and advanced courses in pastoral care in the M.Div., Th.M., and M.A.T.S. degree programs of the seminary and to offer Ph.D.-level seminars in Pastoral Theology. In addition, he or she will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of one or more of the following specialized areas of research and practice: (1) race, ethnicity, and culture as dimensions of pastoral care, with emphasis on ethnographic and/or post-colonialist approaches; (2) persons as members of groups, with special knowledge of sociology, organizational theory, or anthropology; (3) the public dimensions of pastoral care and the ways congregational systems of care are responsive to the needs of diaspora, local, and international communities; (4) grief, death, and dying.
  • Applications are due by November 4, 2011
  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Not a thing.
  • All I got was an e-mail confirming receipt of my application materials. Nothing since.
  • Rejection letter (snail mail) - 2/27

Princeton University -- Classical Judaism[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor position in classical Judaism beginning fall 2012
  • Ad at SBL
  • Review of applications will begin on October 15, 2011.
  • Also posted at Jewish Studies and Israel Studies 2011-2012
    • According to the Jewish Studies wiki this is for an inside candidate? Any details or confirmation?
    • Yes, it *will* go to the inside candidate. Princeton--probably more than any other institution--tends to hire inside candidates, and this will be no exception.
    • By "inside candidate," do you mean someone currently teaching in the department?
    • Unless the above person (2 up) is all three members of the search committee morphed into one super being or God, then there is no reason to take this premature declaration seriously.

Rhodes College - Historical Theology[]

  • RHODES COLLEGE, Department of Religious Studies, announces a tenure-track position in historical theology. The hire will be made at the level of Assistant Professor beginning August 2012. The teaching load is five courses per year. The successful candidate should be able to teach courses in theological studies as part of the Life: Then and Now program, including both courses in the introductory sequence The Bible: Texts and Contexts. He or she will also be expected to teach in the first and second year of Rhodes' interdisciplinary humanities program (The Search for Values in Light of Western History and Religion) as well as in upper-level theological studies courses of the instructor's choice. We encourage applications from individuals whose interests go beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. Preference will be given to candidates with additional specialization in the field of ethics and who can help direct the department's internship program. Information on these programs, the department, and the College can be found at Enthusiasm for teaching and the ability to teach well at the undergraduate level will be important criteria for selection. An earned Ph.D. is expected to be in hand by August 15.
    • I'm curious about this one. They've already moved on the two biblical studies positions. This one wasn't posted long, and it included some of the duties listed in the other two posts. Think it got consolidated? Anyone know anything?
    • Got an email today that the position was filled. [posted 11/10]

Rice University - Christianity in Latin America[]

  • The Department of Religious Studies invites applications and nominations for a professor in Christianity in Latin America, starting in Fall 2012, at assistant rank, preferably with interests and expertise in one or more of these areas: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Liberation Theology, or History of Christianity in Latin America. A particularly outstanding candidate may be appointed at a more advanced level.
  • Email and paper applications will not be accepted. See to apply. Through Interfolio, please submit letter of application, curriculum vitae, and three letters of recommendation to Prof. Jeffrey J. Kripal, Chair of Search Committee, Department of Religious Studies.
  • Full ad at Chronicle
  • Any word on this search? (12/14)
  • news of campus interviews in jan.

Rice University - History of Judaism or Jewish Thought and Philosophy[]

  • Professor in History of Judaism or Jewish Thought and Philosophy, starting in Fall 2012, at assistant rank, preferably with interests and expertise in one or more of these areas: Judaism in Late Antiquity, Rabbinics, Jewish Mysticism, and Religion and Secularism.
  • Ad at Chronicle
  • See to apply.
  • Also posted at Jewish Studies and Israel Studies 2011-2012
  • I understand an offer was made and rejected.
    • From where did you get this news (that an offer was made and rejected), and how long ago was this?
  • Offer made and accepted

Rutgers - Comparative Monotheism[]

  • Tenure-track position in Comparative Monotheism with an interest in Ancient Judaism to begin Fall 2012, subject to the availability of funds.
  • Candidates should specialize in ancient Judaism but show strong interest in its comparative religious contexts. Area of specialization may range from the ancient near eastern to the Hellenistic contexts of Judaism. Teaching duties will include undergraduate (and soon graduate) courses in the Hebrew Bible, especially Prophets, Psalms, and the Wisdom books, as well as in the candidate's primary specialization.
  • All applications must be submitted online:
  • Completed applications submitted by September 30, 2011 will receive full consideration.
  • Also posted at Jewish Studies and Israel Studies 2011-2012
    • I had submitted an application last week but never received a confirmation email and when I logged back in to check the status of my application on the Rutgers website, they don't seem to have an application for me. Arghh. Anybody else having this trouble?
    • 10/05 - Email invitation for Skype interview on 10/12 x 4
    • Had Skype interview. Looks like they did all the interviews in one day. They want to finish the search BEFORE AAR, so interviewed candidates will hear back soon. Campus visits will be planned for the end of October or early November.
    • Anybody here anything back from the committee after the Skype interview?
    • 10/17--Email from department chair inviting me to a campus visit in late October. x3 (early Nov.)
    • Oh! Congratulations. I felt great about my interview but I guess they were looking for something else. Best of luck. x2
    • 11/17--I had a campus visit and have heard nothing since; has anyone heard anything?
    • 11/17--email rejection from chair of the department (x2, indicating they've offered the job to someone - congratulations to the scholar who won this great position!)

Saint Bonaventure University -- Catholic Systematic Theology[]

  • ST. BONAVENTURE UNIVERSITY, Department of Theology, is accepting applications for a tenure-track position in Theology beginning in August 2012, presumably at the level of Assistant. Applicants must have a Ph.D. or show strong evidence that they will have completed the degree by May 2012. Candidates should have a specialization in systematic theology and be conversant with the Roman Catholic theological tradition. Candidates whose expertise, such as feminism or global Catholicism, would support the university’s emphasis on diversity are especially welcome.
  • The deadline for accepting applications is December 14, 2011, but preliminary interviews will be held at the AAR/SBL meeting in November for promising candidates whose application letter and CV are received by November 7th.
    • Offer of AAR interview by email (11/11/11) (x2)
  • Any further word here?
    • A colleague of mine (who is ABD) has an on-campus interview scheduled--as an aside, it is odd that short-listed finalists have already been invited to campus since the deadline for applications hasn't even closed yet (12/13)
    • They said they were planning on doing Skype interviews in December with candidates who applied after Nov 7th - has anyone received those?
    • Request for phone interview 12/16
    • Invitation for on-campus interview 1/19/12
    • A colleague who is ABD has an on-campus interviewed scheduled next month (3/30/12)
  • Received a letter that they had filled the position (dated 4/25)

Saint Catherine University - Christian Ethics / Moral Theology[]

  • Applications due 12/15, 11/1 for consideration for AAR interviews
  • AAR interview scheduled (11/16)
  • Position Filled

Saint Joseph's University - Chinese Religions[]

  • Assistant Professor, tenure-track, in History of Religions with a specialization in Chinese Religions (Confucianism, Daoism, and forms of "folk religion" distinguishable from institutionalized forms of Daoism). Ability to teach introductory Comparative Religion as well as thematic courses such as the comparative study of ritual, ethics, or symbol and myth, etc., a clear research agenda, and appropriate language study is required.
  • Applicants must apply on-line at by November 1. Complete applications will include a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, statement on philosophy of pedagogy and dissertation abstract. Three references and transcripts should be sent to: Shawn M. Krahmer, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Theology and Religious Studies, Saint Joseph's University, 5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131.
  • Received a rejection letter (11/28)

Saint Louis University - Greek and/or Oriental Patristics[]

  • tenure-track position at the rank of assistant or associate professor in Greek and/or Oriental Patristics, beginning fall 2012.
  • Ad at
  • Review of applications will begin on September 2, 2011. All applications must be made online at
    • Has anyone heard anything from SLU either way?
    • Not yet, but I think it's still relatively early.
    • understand that at least some phone interviews for both SLU positions have already taken place (mid-Oct).
    • Friend of mine had an "informal" phone interview last week. [posted 10/19]
    • They are still receiving and reviewing applications, however.
    • Any news? (1/9/12)
      • Campus interviews have been scheduled/been underway since before the holidays.
    • Finally received a rejection letter by email (3/23). What took so long?

Saint Louis University - New Testament[]

  • tenure-track position at the rank of assistant or associate professor in New Testament beginning fall 2012.
  • Ad at
  • Review of applications will begin on October 3, 2011 with possible preliminary interviews at the AAR/SBL conference in November. All applications must be made online at
  • Also posted at Biblical Studies 2011-2012
    • campus interviews (3 candidates) have been decided (heard from someone in dept, early Nov.)

Saint Meinrad Seminary - Church History (Early Christianity)[]

  • Does anyone know about this school? Do they only hire Roman Catholics?
    • 4th largest Catholic seminary within the United States. Operated by a monastery.
  • It's a diocesan seminary located literally in the middle of nowhere. I find it hard to believe non-Roman Catholics would want to teach there, but at any rate, I would expect to have to tow the line doctrinally. Signing the mandatum is probably a given.
  • Previous poster said it was in the "middle of nowhere." A translation for those of us who don't mind rural places: "bucolic and lovely." And, it has a deep library of early Christian texts in primary sources. (Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with St. Meinrad---I just can't stand to see a good place disparaged).
    • Contacted for interview (11/5)

Saint Olaf College - Applied Ethics[]

  • Applied ethics focus with interest in bioethics and ethics in the sciences
  • Familiarity with moral philosophy and Christian theological ethics
  • Review of apps began 10/14, with completed apps by 10/31 for consideration at AAR and 11/9 for consideration for APA.
    • AAR interview scheduled (by email) 11/7
    • Just to clarify, I am not suspicious that you got an interview. Perhaps a bit jealous. That's all. Sad for me but happy for you. Best wishes!

Salve Regina University - two tenure track positions[]

  • Systematics and Comparative Religious Thought
  • Ad at Chronicle
  • Candidates must apply on-line only at
  • Review of applications will begin on December 1, 2011.
  • Any news?
    • "Not this cat" has been deleted--does that mean there is movement here??
    • Sorry - I deleted it because it wasn't substantive and was outdated. [OK, thanks for clarification-- and for keeping hope alive...]
    • Confirming no news as of 1/16
    • Confirming that the search committee is still reviewing applications, 1/19
    • Received offer of Skype interview for Systematics position by email, 2/2
    • Received offer of Skype interview for Comparative position by email, 2/7
    • Did a skype interview, was told they intend to offer campus interviews for Systematics position by 2/17
    • Received post-Skype rejection email 2/15 (systematics position)
    • Offered campus interview 2/15 (systematics position)
    • Offered campus interview via email 2/22 (comparative)
    • Rejection email for comparative position (2/27)
    • Offered and accepted systematics position (3/26)

Samford University - Assistant/Associate Professor in World Religions[]

  • Review of applications begins January 16
  • There is an Old Testament/New Testament position as well
  • Must be supportive of university's Christian mission
  • Confirmation of receipt of materials (1/13) x2
  • Any news on this?
  • Finished preliminary interviews, campus invitations sent out.
  • Any Further news on this one or the OT/NT post? (mostly this one)
  • Rejection e-mail received (5/4). E-mail indicated that offer has been extended and accepted

Seattle Pacific University - Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry[]

  • CHE: "Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry, tenure-track, beginning September 2012. Regular 9-month load of 33-quarter credits. Teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in youth and family ministry, Christian education, and faith formation. Give leadership to the youth ministry minor. Requirements: Ph.D. in an appropriate field (Theology, Ministry, Christian education). Ability to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in youth and family ministry, as well as Christian education and faith formation."
  • Applications accepted until October 15, 2011. Screening of applicants will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. Apply online at

Siena Heights University (MI) - Religious Studies (Systematic Theology)[]

  • The Religious Studies Department at Siena Heights University, a Catholic university founded and sponsored by the Adrian Dominican sisters, invites applications for a full-time position in the Religious Studies department, with emphasis in Catholic systematic theology. Rank and salary will be determined on the basis of academic record and current rank of applicant.
  • Responsibilities:The person who fills the position will teach undergraduate theology courses, and in the interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Studies core seminars - these are general education seminars built around Dominican themes (Diversity in Community, Inquiry and Truth, Contemplation and Action, and Justice and Peace). He or she will advise undergraduate students, and serve on university committees. The teaching load is 4/4.
  • To apply, please send a letter of intent, curriculum vitae, and three letters of recommendation to In the subject line of the email, please reference the job title of this position to ensure timely review and distribution of your materials. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until position is filled. [job posted Feb. 9]
  • Automated reply to application (3/1)
  • Has anyone heard anything? (3/10)
  • I just heard (via a friend who knows someone connected to the dept.) that the position has been filled

Southern Methodist University - History of Early Christianity[]

  • Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, seeks a faculty member in the History of Christianity, with particular attention to the history, theologies, and literature of post-New Testament early Christianity. This is a full-time, tenure eligible position at junior rank. The appointee will teach in degree programs of Perkins and in the M.A. and Ph.D. curricula of the Graduate Program in Religious Studies of Dedman College.
  • Essential qualifications include: a Ph.D. or equivalent degree; scholarly competence in both the Greek and the Latin traditions of early Christianity; and the readiness and ability to relate the study of the history of Christianity to preparation for church leadership. Position begins fall 2012.
  • For full consideration, applications must be received by November 30, 2011. Send inquiries/applications: Search Committee in the History of Early Christianity Job #050162, Perkins School of Theology, PO Box 750133, Dallas TX 75275-0133 or electronically to (Include a CV and all contact information) Applicants should arrange for three letters of reference to be sent.
  • View full ad
    • Received an invitation to the Perkins reception at AAR/SBL (11/8) X 4: is this something all applicants are getting? how should we interpret this?
    • Speaking from several years' experience on the market, when the email comes from a secretary and is addressed "Dear Applicant," it means not to get too excited.
    • What a bizarre, bizarre reception. This should not be allowed to happen.
      • Agreed! I wonder what the SC was hoping to accomplish by it?!
      • Agreed! It was totally inappropriate and unfair to the candidates.
      • As an applicant who did not receive an invite to the reception, I'm curious as to why it was so "bizarre" and "inappropriate".
      • A friend told me they weren't told who was on the search committee, so they didn't know who they were suppose to talk with or how long they were suppose to stay. Apparently the room was packed and they were thrown together with other candidates for the job. Not cool.
      • On the other hand, the drinks were free!
      • I was one of the candidates invited to this very very bizarre reception. I also received a rejection in early January. Please whoever is selected for the position, begin your tenure by suggesting they never ever do this again. It is disheartening that anyone at this great institution imagined this could be a good way to treat possible candidates.
      • The dean said the committee will be kicking into gear right after Thanksgiving, whatever that means. They did not invite all the applicants, which might suggest that they've done some kind of initial assessment, but who knows?
      • I expect they'll make their campus interview selection before Christmas. Maybe the'll invite all of them to campus at the same time too!
    • Snail mail HR form/job description(?) received (11/30)
    • Got that too: it's automatic after they have received your application.
    • 12//8: anyone heard anything? No (x4).
    • 12/15: any news? No. (x3)
    • Anyone getting worried yet? Yes (x3).
    • Alright, I wrote to the search chair and asked when I could expect to hear one way or the other. He wrote a very kind note back, telling me that I was out of the running and that I could expect a snail mail letter to that effect soon.
    • Rejection letter via snail mail (12/22). Same (12/29)
    • Anyone receiving positive news?
    • Any news? (01/09)
    • Heard that they have narrowed it to three (1/10)
    • I never even got a rejection letter or any other kind of letter that indicated that they received (and probably rejected) my application.

Spelman College - Islam (specialization on Africa or gender issues)[]

Does anyone know if initial interviews are done or have been set?

Stanford University - American Religion (focus on ethnicity/race)[]

  • 10/31 Affirmative Action request via email
    • 11/1 AAR interview scheduled
    • Rejection email received (11/9) (x5)
    • any word here?
    • has the department tenured any African Americans or Latino/as in recent memory?
    • any word on the collegiality of faculty members in the department?

St. Johns University (NY) - Catholic Moral Theology[]

  • One tenure track position in Roman Catholic Moral Theology. The candidate will be expected to teach the undergraduate introductory course as well as courses in moral theology of healthcare, social ethics, Catholic Social Teaching, the ethics of technology, and other areas of moral theology, as needed, in both the undergraduate and graduate programs.

St. Mary's College of Maryland - Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies[]

  • anyone heard anything?
  • Nothing. No idea what their timeline might be.
  • request via email for Skype interview (4/7)
  • so no movement yet?
  • I heard that they already had skype interviews although i am not the one
  • Offer made and accepted (4/19)

St. Thomas More College (Saskatchewan) - Assistant Professor, Religion & Culture[]

(Cross Posted at Jewish Studies and Israel Studies 2011-2012)

  • Catholic Liberal Arts College
  • The Department has teaching and research needs in the area of Judaic Studies. The successful candidate will have a completed PhD in a relevant area of study at the time of appointment. In addition, the ideal candidate should have a broad background in the history and teachings of Judaism, and any vernacular languages relevant to the candidate’s specialized research. An ability and willingness to teach Introduction to World Religions and introductory Hebrew are required.
  • Successful candidates will be expected to contribute to one or more of STM’s inter-disciplinary programs (e.g., Catholic Studies; Critical Perspectives on Social Justice and the Common Good; Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies; Jewish and Christian Origins; etc.) according to his/her interest or requirements of the position. Candidates will be expected to develop an active, externally funded program of research, and to participate in collaborative research in an interdisciplinary environment.
  • Deadline: September 15, 2011
  • Applicants are to forward their application materials to: Dr. Chris Foley, Acting Head, Department of Religion and Culture, St Thomas More College, 1437 College Drive, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 0W6. Email:
    • a colleague has a campus interview.
  • The job has been offered and accepted. Congratulations! Is anyone able to post who accepted the job?

Texas Lutheran University–Assistant Professor of Historical Theology[]

  • Applications must be submitted by Nov. 1.
  • Anybody know anything about this one? Are they interviewing at AAR?
    • 11/14 - Contact stated they won't be interviewing at AAR. Candidate reviewing still underway.
    • Received email invitation for phone interview (12/12) x3
    • 1/24 - received email that they have settled on short list and will be making campus invitations soon.
  • [3/8] Received what looks like a BCC mass e-mail to all applicants, stating an offer has been extended and accepted.

Texas State University San Marcos - Religion and Philosophy[]

  • Senior Lecturer, one year renewable for two additional years. Course load is 4-4 consisting of courses in Religion and introductory philosophy, depending on needs of the department. Expectation of service to department or university. Ph.D. in Religious Studies required with area of specialization and competence open. Minimum 18 graduate hours in Philosophy. Start date: fall 2012. Send CV with full contact information for three references to Prof. Vince Luizzi, Department of Philosophy, Texas State University-San Marcos, 601 University Drive, San Marcos, TX Texas State University-San Marcos will not discriminate against any person in employment or exclude any person from participating in or receiving the benefits of any of its activities or programs on any basis prohibited by law, including race, color, age, national origin, religion, sex, disability, veterans’ status, or on the basis of sexual orientation. Equal employment opportunities shall include: personnel transactions of recruitment, employment, training, upgrading, promotion, demotion, termination, and salary. Texas State is committed to increasing the number of women and minorities in faculty and senior administrative positions. Texas State University-San Marcos is a member of The Texas State University System. The University reserves the right not to proceed with any appointments for financial or programmatic reasons.
    • Any word on this from anyone?
    • Request via email for transcripts (3/23). Said they will contact references too.
    • Request via email for Skype interview (4/6)
    • What has anyone heard? Anything more?
    • I haven't heard anything more. Anyone else?
    • I suppose an offer has been made by now. Anyone know the status?

Transylvania University - Assoc Dean of Religious Life[]

  • Apply by 3/31
  • Contacted by HR- (over 130 applicants, will have phone interviews with 12 candidates) (4/2)
  • Contacted by SC (phone and email) to setup phone interview (4/5)
  • Phone interviews conducted week of April 9
  • Anyone hear anything? It's been two weeks and no response after the phone interview (4/24).

Union Presbyterian Seminary[]

  • Assistant professor of theology, competent to teach systematic/dogmatic theology, with knowledge of and commitment to the Reformed tradition. Possible areas of specialization include Christianity and interfaith dialogue, constructive theology, historical theology, missiology, philosophical theology, or science and theology.
  • Chronicle
  • This full-time, tenure-track appointment begins July 1, 2012. We encourage the submission of applications by October 15 but will receive applications until the position is filled.
    • 10/17 - email acknowledgement of receipt of materials.
    • 11/9 - AAR interview scheduled (by email) (x3)
    • those with interviews, do you have a PhD in hand?
      • ABD (x3)
    • those with interviews, are you Reformed/Presbyterian?
    • Presbyterian-PC(USA) (x2)
    • Rejection email received 11/14 (x4)
    • Post-AAR interview rejection email 12/13 (x2)
    • Post-AAR interview request for writing samples and additional recs. Further decisions will be made in late January, early February
    • 3 finalists chosen for campus visits in late Feb./early March

University of California, Berkeley - Japanese Buddhism (Tenured Professor)[]

  • CHE:"The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of California, Berkeley, invites applications for a tenured position in Japanese Buddhism. The Department encourages interdisciplinary approaches (anthropology, history, literature, religious studies, visual culture), but all candidates should have advanced facility in the textual traditions of Buddhism in Japan. Accordingly, expertise in both modern and classical Japanese (Bungo and Kanbun) is expected; candidates should ideally have a strong grasp of at least one other language of the Asian Buddhist tradition as well (e.g. Chinese, Korean). "
  • The application deadline is October 31, 2011; all mail submissions must be postmarked by that date

University of California, Berkeley -- NES -- Assistant Professor, Islamic Studies[]

  • Any news on this one? (x2)
  • Has anyone heard anything about this one? (1/2)
    • nothing yet (1/5)
    • total silence (1/18); is a search underway? (x2)
  • 4 finalists selected and presenting lectures over the next few weeks (1/20)
  • The list of lectures are under the events link. I believe the list includes the Arabic job as well. The Islamicists stick out though, and are mainly people with Ivy League pedigrees.
  • This seems like a poorly run search.

University of California, Santa Barbara - Chinese Religions[]

  • Assistant Professor in Chinese Religions with primary area of specialization in premodern Chinese Buddhism
  • Applicants should submit online a cover letter, curriculum vitae, writing sample, and three letters of recommendation to the Chair of the Search Committee at Applications received by Monday, November 14, 2011 will receive full review.
  • 12/9 - Skype interview scheduled by email
  • 1/3 - Have campus visits been scheduled yet?
  • I have not heard back since my skype interview, and I too would love to know if they are simply taking their time or if I have been passed over....(X 2)
    • 1/12 - email invitation for campus interview.
  • 2/13 - campus visits were arranged and visited by candidates.
  • 3/5 - Any word here? My emails to the chair have gone unanswered. I'm assuming that by this point someone other than me has been offered the job, but I would really like to know for sure . . .

University of Central Florida - Religious & Cultural Studies (Asian Focus)[]

  • The Department of Philosophy at the University of Central Florida (UCF) invites applications for a tenure earning Assistant Professor position in Religious and Cultural Studies with primary research focus in Asian cultural contexts beginning in August 2012. This is a 9-month position with an expected teaching load (pre-tenure) of 5 courses per academic year, with the possibility of optional summer teaching. The position is pending budgetary approval. A Ph.D. in Religious Studies or a related field from an accredited university is required (all requirements for the Ph.D. must be completed by May 15, 2012), as is experience teaching at the college level.
  • The successful candidate’s research focus in specific Asian contexts might include traditions such as Jainism, Sikhism, Shinto, Chinese traditions, or other South-, East-, or South-East-Asian traditions, or the research might focus on changing forms of Buddhism or Hinduism in different geographic or historical areas, or might focus on other forms of practice (including ritual, material culture, etc.) that exist in conversation with these traditions. A focus on contemporary forms of religion and culture is preferred, but candidates with specialization in other historical periods are also encouraged to apply.
  • Applicants should submit their application letter, curriculum vitae, and contact information for three references online at by Feb. 2, 2012. The position reference number is 32352. In addition to the on-line application, applicants should send a statement of research interests, a writing sample, and evidence of teaching effectiveness to: Chair, Religious Studies Assistant Professor Search Committee, Department of Philosophy, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 32816-1352.
  • 01/23: Snail mail acknowledgement of materials. (x2, sent 2/3)
  • Anyone know how they plan to proceed with this search? First round interviews by skype or go right to campus visits?
    • Acknowledgement of materials stated review to begin 2/6
  • 3/5: Any news on this one? Interviews scheduled?
    • I made an email inquiry around 3/2. No response so far (3/6).
  • Anyone else try contacting them? I emailed too but not a peep so far (3/13)
  • Received a rejection letter in the mail. Didn't even make the first round phone interview!
  • in the letter, they stated that they were interviewing people, but I think the job will finally be for the inside candidate (3/20)
  • What makes you think it is an inside job?.
  • Offer made and accepted. It was not an inside job

University of Chicago - History of Religions[]

  • CHE: "The University of Chicago Divinity School seeks to make an appointment in History of Religions. Rank and salary are open. The School seeks a scholar with superior research skills and a promising agenda for future work in the field. Candidates should demonstrate the highest level of scholarly competence in both theoretical approaches to the study of religion (classical and contemporary) and either a specific religious tradition or the religions of a defined geographic region, preferably the Americas, Africa or Europe."
  • Application should be made online at Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. (posted 7/22/11)2b5
    • Any news on this one? Safe to assume that the search has moved to a second stage?
    • These all seem to be ghost jobs. Every year, there is a search of some kind and every year it just sort of stagnates. I won't be surprised if all the uchicago searches end up being ghost ones (someone close to, but not in the div school)
    • Probably, but I also think they just like to keep their eyes open for great scholars who are in the market. If there isn't a tempting candidate, they can hold-off on hiring. They can afford to be very, very picky
    • I talked to someone on the search committee. I'm a student in another department at uchicago. All of the searches are going forth, but this was also the same news I received last year at this time. It was full steam ahead and then it stalled. At this point, they are reading materials. Good luck. (For the record, I'm not among the applicants. I wouldn't try)
    • 27 June 2012. Received rejection latter stating that position was offered but declined.

University of Chicago - Professor of Theology[]

  • From CHE : The University of Chicago Divinity School seeks to make an appointment in Theology. Rank and salary are open. Area of specialization is likewise open, but candidates should be able to contribute theologically to the disciplined conversations that constitute the academic study of religion. This means that candidates should be engaged in constructive, creative work that shapes the conversation in academic theology, that they should be critically conversant with the history of theology, and that their work should be situated within the wider intellectual conversation of the University.
  • Applications will be accepted until the position is filled; review of candidates will commence on September 15, 2011. Application should be made online, at
  • Any movement on this front?
  • Generally, Chicago does not care about getting all the potential hires, just the best ones (from their point of view). So, they are in no rush to arrive at any particular determination.
  • I would disagree. I'm at Chicago and I know people on SC. They want the best and sometimes they want to fill the position fast (to put the headache behind)
  • Of all the Chicago posts, it seems that only the Islamic one is progressing. Otherwise, this search is certainly slow.
  • Any insider knowledge on this? Heard rumors that search failed. (4/26/12)
  • Received form letter saying they had not made an appointment and would be readvertising the position next year; all current applications will remain on file and may be updated as desired (6/14/12).

University of Chicago - Religious Ethics[]

  • Position extended from 2010-11 cycle. Readvertised July 8, 2011 on AAR website.
    • The AAR ad lists this as two separate positions, one ethics and one theology. Also it is for the divinity school not the University at large. Ad states review of applications will commence September 15, 2011.
    • correction to the above: the Divinity School, unlike most other universities, is a fully-integrated department in the University of Chicago; faculty positions are subject to the approval of not only the faculty search committee (often with members in other fields/departments) and the dean but also the provost. Don't under-estimate this when applying.
    • The Divinity School is not a department, but a graduate division of the University of Chicago (analagous to the Humanities Division, Law School, etc.). It has its own Dean and does not offer classes in the undergraduate college. While faculty in the Div School are often cross-listed in other departments, it is extremely unlikely that a professor from another department without joint appointment would serve on a Divinity School search committee. It is distinctive not because it is "fully-integrated," but because it offers academic Ph.D.s in areas like Philosophy of Religion and History of Religions that at most universities would be offered by a separate Religious Studies department, not by a Divinity School (e.g., Yale).
      • The Chronicle ad describes the position thus: "The University of Chicago Divinity School seeks to make an appointment in Religious Ethics. Rank and salary are open. The candidate should exhibit both a broad knowledge of the field of religious ethics (comprising theological, political and philosophical lines of inquiry) and a coherent and creative research agenda within the field. Religious traditions of primary scholarly expertise open; specialists in philosophical ethics and moral theory in religious ethics are especially encouraged to apply." Also per Chronicle: Search has been extended into a second year; new review of candidates will commence September 15, 2011. Application should be made online, at
  • Any rumors of movement on this one?
  • FYI, the Div School does run a concentration in Religious Studies in the College.

University of Chicago - Social Scientific Study of Religion[]

  • The University of Chicago Divinity School seeks to make an appointment in the Social Scientific Study of Religion. Rank and salary are open. The School seeks a scholar with superior research skills and a promising agenda for future work in anthropology or sociology of religion. Candidates must combine theoretical sophistication with deep knowledge of one or more religious communities or traditions. Ability to contribute to a wider conversation about the academic study of religion is essential.
  • Applications will be accepted until the position is filled; review of candidates will commence on September 15, 2011. Online application should be made online, at
  • 06-27-2012: Emailed attached letter from Dean. 199 applications, 4 on campus interview, one offer made and turned down by candidate. Search is suspended, but may be started in near future. . .stay tuned. . .

University of Chicago - Chinese Religions[]

  • Advertised 7/8/11 on AAR website.
  • From CHE: "The University of Chicago Divinity School seeks to make an appointment in Chinese Religions. Rank and salary are open, as are area of specialization within the study of Chinese religions (religious traditions, historical periods) and methodological approach (e.g., anthropological, historical, philosophical, literary). The School seeks a scholar with superior research skills, full command of relevant textual sources in classical and modern Chinese, and a promising agenda for future work in the field of Chinese religions, with an ability to engage in interdisciplinary research in the academic study of religion."
  • Applications will be accepted until the position is filled; review of candidates will commence on September 15, 2011. Application should be made online, at
  • I'm guessing that they went senior on this, but has anyone heard anything?
  • 1/4 Does anyone have any news on this (additional materials, skype/phone interviews, campus visits, rejections)?
  • Not a peep . . . (1/6)
  • A number of lectures have appeared that look like job talks for this position.
  • I have it from an inside source that these lectures are indeed the job talks.
  • Why doesn't the div school call these job talks? I just don't understand. I'm at Chicago in another department and our talks are identified as such. More students will come if this is the case. This "public lecture" stuff is odd.

University of Chicago (divinity) - Islamic Studies[]

  • Review begins Nov. 1
  • This is a repeat from last year.
  • As I mentioned above, it is full steam ahead. They are currently reviewing materials. Don't get your hopes up too high, though. This is exactly how the various searches proceeded last year. They were busy in the fall and just gave up. Another inside person said they are looking to recruit a senior scholar. I'm a student at uchicago in another department. Best of luck to all of you. I'll probably be at your job talks. (I would do a smiley face, but I'm thinking that's not allowed at this very serious venue).
    • Received a request for recommendations and additional chapters (11/1) x2
  • I deleted this post: public reviews of job talks aren't fair, and this one even made the identity of the candidate clear.
  • Are they at the job talk stage already? I just talked to a person on the SC a few weeks ago and they hadn't even made the long shortlist. And I'm on the listserv for the div school. I've always gotten the general invite to the div school job talks. I'm not saying this isn't happening but what a leap.
  • Can somebody please clarify this? I missed the original post apparently suggesting a job talk. Thanks.
  • To clarify: there was an (undated) post from someone who had attended a job talk, and wrote here a rather inappropriate assessment of the talk and the candidate (which made the candidate easily identifiable); I deleted the post.
  • Is this person sure it was a *job talk*? The reason I ask is because I've been invited by someone on my committee (div school, but I'm not in the div school) to what we thought was a job talk. It wasn't presented that way and in the end, it wasn't. The Div School works in mysterious ways. I'm wondering if campus visit would have begun already. This would be breakneck speed, something Chicago isn't known for. And thanks for deleting it. There should be a spirit of collegiality here and publicly criticizing a person's job talk doesn't fall within that definition. The person was probably just jealous.
  • Thank you very much, I appreciate the clarification and also agree with the deletion. I have the same question as the poster above - are we absolutely sure this was a job talk? It would indeed be an impressive pace - and something that would be great to know. Thanks again to all (and best of luck)!
  • I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I don't think the search has progressed to job talks. I'll do some poking around and get back to this thread. I'm pretty sure my department would have been invited to the job talks and a general email would have circulated. Nothing even remoted like that has happened. A person from my department is on the SC and I know he would have wanted us to come to give our feedback. Best of luck to those applying.
  • If the person was referring to the Dec 1 lecture, isn't that for the other search in the social scientific study of religion? Look at the title, after all. People should exercise caution on here before jumping to conclusions or posting with the air of authority.
  • To be fair, I think the culprit's posting (the one who ASSumed it was a job talk) was removed quickly, with the rest of us saying that we seriously doubted that this search had advanced to the job talk stage. If this search does advance, I doubt you will hear anything til Feb at the earliest.
  • Wonderful. Thank you for this more plausable sounding information.
  • I'm glad to help. I know that this wiki can be both a bane and a boon. Good luck in your search and I hope you do well.
  • Received phone invitation for campus visit, 12/6.
  • Noted that there is a new talk recently scheduled that seemed to fit this search.
    • make that three new talks that look related to this search
    • yes; the talks are now published--well, at least two of them seem related to the search.
  • A word to the wise: Last year they had three stellar candidates come through. All three were rejected. One, in particular, was rejected because the graduate students didn't think he/she would be invested enough in the department based on other places he/she had applied. I'm sure you all know this, but the impression you make on the grad students is particularly important in this search as they do have a solid say in who gets the job, if anyone. This search is three years old. One more thing: graduate students aren't limited in what they can ask you. Prepare your session with the students well. It's probably the most important part of the interview. See you there!
  • Check out the public events calendar on the Divinity School website: the jobs talks are scheduled, and it should be apparent who the candidates are. They all appear to be stellar.
  • At least 2 talks have occurred. Many of us wanted to go to the second one, but it coincided with the Div School 4-8 function. While I'd agree that the candidates are stellar, one is a particular standout. Some hold promise but are still in the early stages of creating a strong publishing record.
    • There were three talks.
    • would someone kindly paste the link for these talks? i have spent far too much time trying to locate the "public events calendar"--to no avail.
    • i'm pretty sure it's the three "public lectures" between jan 9 and 17.
    • Thank you.
    • There seems to be yet another new job talk, at least this is indicated from the div school email I receieved.
    • UofC, you little jokster. You are so funny. Not really.
  • An offer has been made and accepted.
    • You mean Chicago actually hired somebody?! Angels must have wept with joy!

University of Cincinnati - Chair of Catholic Studies[]

  • Chronicle
  • Review of applications will begin September 15, 2011
    • Was this cancelled?
    • A: You can still find the position on the UC jobs site (# 211UC0661) (8/3)
    • A: They have started contacting applicants for interviews
  • Any updates about this position?

University of Colorado Boulder - Assistant Professor of Judaism & Teaching Fellow[]

  • The University of Colorado Boulder seeks a dynamic and innovative scholar of Judaism to join the faculty of the Department of Religious Studies and participate in the Program in Jewish Studies. The successful applicant will serve for two years as a Foundation for Jewish Culture Teaching Fellow, and then be redesignated as tenure-track faculty in the Department of Religious Studies ( at the rank of Assistant Professor. Tenure clock to be negotiated. Applicants must have a Ph.D. in hand by August 2012.
  • The successful applicant will have demonstrated excellence in research and teaching, strong critical skills in the academic study of religion with the capacity to situate Judaism in broader contexts, will teach a 2/2 load, including undergraduate surveys as well as specialized, upper-division and graduate courses, and participate in the Religious Studies department’s emerging Ph.D. program. For the first two years as a Teaching Fellow, the scholar will work with the Program in Jewish Studies ( to raise the visibility of Jewish studies and cultural events on campus and beyond. Interviews will be held at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting in San Francisco, November 19-21, 2011 and at the Association for Jewish Studies Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., December 18-20.
  • Applications are accepted electronically at, posting #814946. Please submit a cover letter, CV, teaching statement/portfolio, a writing sample of article length, and three letters of recommendation. Review of applications to begin on October 15, 2011. The University of Colorado is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For information regarding the application process, contact See for full job description.
  • Also posted at Jewish Studies and Israel Studies 2011-2012
  • Has anyone heard anything about this position?
    • At the AJS (Dec. 19) a member of the search committee told a colleague of mine that as of now they still don't have the funding, but they're working on it.

University of Dallas - Assistant Professor of Theology[]

  • Qualified candidates are invited to apply for a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor of Theology for the School of Ministry of the University of Dallas. The start date is August 15, 2012. The School of Ministry offers graduate and undergraduate degrees designed to meet the needs of local dioceses with respect to educating competent, professional ministers for church leadership. The program is built on a solid academic core and seeks to address matters of pastoral skill and spiritual formation. Some graduate courses are also offered online. The successful candidate will hold a terminal degree in Theology, Liturgical Studies, Catechetics, Pastoral or Practical Theology, Ministry, Religious Education, or a related field, and be conversant with the Catholic theological tradition including modern church documents addressing lay ecclesial ministry. The successful candidate will also be able to teach undergraduate and graduate courses, online and in-person. Applicants should submit a cover letter, CV, and names of three references to Search Committee, School of Ministry, University of Dallas, 1845 E. Northgate Drive, Irving, TX 75062. More information is available on our website:
  • Deadline: January 13, 2012
  • Rejection Email: January 25, 2012
  • February 23, 2012: Not having heard anything from them yet, I emailed the amministrative assistant asking when I could hear something one way or another, and she told me I was out of the running.
  • 2-28-12: Received an email from the Dean's office saying the position had been offered and accepted by a PhD with a lot of experience who had previously been a visiting professor at Dallas

University of Dayton - Islamic Studies[]

  • Review beings Nov 1.
  • word on this anyone?
  • Received invitation to AAR interview (phone) [posted 11/16] x2
  • Received phone call invitation for on-campus interview [posted 12/6] x2
  • Anything new for this position? Did anyone get an offer??

University of Dubuque Theological Seminary – Church History or Historical Theology[]

  • The University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, a seminary of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is seeking a faculty member in Church History or Historical Theology to begin teaching in August 2012. Applicants are expected to have a vibrant commitment to Jesus Christ and the church and an appreciation of the Reformed theological tradition. Successful candidates will be able to teach introductory courses in both History of Christianity and Christian Doctrine as well as advanced courses in Reformed history and theology. A M.Div. or equivalent and ABD or Ph.D. or equivalent in Church History or Historical Theology is required. Pastoral experience is preferred. Candidates will be expected to teach in the residential and distance programs of the seminary. This is a new, long-term appointment that may become tenure-track. Application deadline is November 21, 2011. Applicants should send a letter of application, UD application form, located on our website, curriculum vitae, academic transcripts, and three letters of reference to: or Director of Human Resources, University of Dubuque, 2000 University Avenue, Dubuque, IA 52001. AA/EOE
    • AAR interview (x2)
    • Any word here?
    • Interview scheduled with search committee, 2/1.
      • Was this a second interview? Has the school done any second interviews? [2/19]

University of Hawaii at Manoa[]

  • tenure-track assistant professor of religion - Chronicle Ad
  • Duties: Teach undergraduate and graduate courses in religion, including Christianity, World Religions and Theory and Methods.
  • Desirable Qualifications: Focus on Christianity in Asia; ability to teach ethics focus courses.
  • Review of applications will begin on October 1, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled.
    • Contacted about AAR interview Nov. 7 (x3) (by phone)
      • Did anyone ask if campus visits will follow in December?
      • Campus visits usually take place in spring. I think this will be especially likely, given how late the AAR is. Just not enough time to coordinate on-campus visits within a couple weeks of the AAR (not to mention even more exhorbitant costs for the institution, given short notice for flights). Probably expect campus visits around early February.
    • Invited for campus interview (12/12)
    • Offer made and accepted.

University of Houston - African Religious Practices in the Americas[]

  • The Department of Comparative Cultural Studies at the University of Houston invites applications for a tenure track position at the Assistant Professor level. Applicants in the following areas will be considered: A scholar in comparative religions and cultures who studies the influences of the African diaspora in/on belief systems and ritual practices in the Americas, with particular interest in the Caribbean and/or Brazil, as well as in North America. This position is placed in a newly created department that combines degree programs in Anthropology, Religious Studies, and Liberal Studies. We encourage applicants to demonstrate how their research and teaching will stengthen our interdisciplinary and comparative objectives. Please send curriculum vitae, statement of research agenda and teaching philosophy, and record of teaching experience by February 15, 2012, to Dr. Lois Parkinson Zamora, Department of Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Houston, Houston, TX 77204-5020.
  • Also posted at Cultural Anthropology 2011-2012
  • Any word?

University of Illinois at Chicago - Islamic Studies []

  • The University of Illinois at Chicago seeks applicants for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Islamic Studies (Religion, Society, and the Muslim World) beginning August 2012. Candidates with expertise in any period or region are encouraged to apply. Applicants should expect to have received their PhD before the commencement of employment. PhDs may be in any discipline, but the candidate must be eligible for appointment in an existing department in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Standard teaching load is two courses per semester, and salary is competitive and commensurate with qualifications.
  • A letter of application, CV, writing sample, and the names of at least three referees are required. Online applications must be completed by December 15, 2011 to be considered. The position is subject to final budgetary approval.
  • Any news on how they are proceeding with this one?
    • I understand the process. I will post about it more later. It's pretty intense.
  • What happened with this?
  • received invitation for campus visit (1/23)
  • They skipped the phone call stage? The committed convened last week.
  • Sounds like a rather disorganized search.
  • rejection letter 2/1
  • I know a couple people who received rejections. I didn't receive anything yet either way. Confused.
  • Three talks given in the past weeks. No news of offers. (3/14)
  • Are the talks on the website?
  • Offer made to someone who will be away next year. The search was quite odd--they convened members from the College so you had a search committee composed of people from English, Philosophy and Political Science. Not the best way to hire an Islamicist.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Islamic Studies[]

  • Full consideration will be given to complete applications received by November 4, 2011. For complete details, visit
  • any news on this one? are they interviewing at the AAR?
  • There seems to be an inside or internal candidate there. I'm not sure of the terminology, but there's a VAP in place. I don't know what this means for the search as I know it widely varies as to whether he'd be in the running. He will get a courtesy interview, though.
  • Interview scheduled over phone for early December (x2)
    • Campus visit scheduled for mid-January
    • They closed the search - no one hired
    • Was the funding cut or did they not find someone they liked?
    • Just didn't find someone the department could agree on.
    • What will happen with the Visiting job?
    • FYI, I paste below the text of the rejection letter:

"Thank you for applying for the position of Assistant Professor in Islamic Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After a thorough evaluation of the position requirements and qualifications of the candidates, we have decided to close this search without a hire."

    • Thanks, were you in the main pool, the phone call list or the campus people? I was in the phone call list (but not campus). I got the same rejection pasted here. A friend of a friend had a campus invite and their letter was different.
    • Ouch! That is one harsh little letter. I find it hard to believe that this failed search is the fault of the applicants, as this letter implies.
    • I can affirm that one of the applicant's qualifications not only met the qualifications but exceeded them. Hiring in this particular discipline is fraught with politics and often translates into a battle of the egos. In the end, it's their loss. IMO, the applicants deserve a drop of honesty, as in "it's not you, it's us."
    • Please excuse my sarcasm, but they might as well have written, "none of the candidates were good enough to polish our shoes!"

University of Kansas - Religion in S. Asia[]

  • Applications should be received by October 17, 2011 to receive full consideration.
    • AAR Interview x 3 (11/3)
    • Has anyone heard anything post-interview? (12/9)
    • NOT YET unless someone heard from them. If they have not already sent the invitation letters to some people for the campus visit, they might be informing soon [either today or within the next few days]!!!
    • phone call invitation for campus interview x 3 (12/8)
    • offer made and accepted

University of Louisville - Global Christian Studies[]

  • Tenure-track position as Assistant Professor of Humanities in Global Christian Studies.
  • Candidates must be qualified to teach both undergraduate survey courses and more specialized graduate courses on Christian religion, thought, and culture within an interdisciplinary humanities program. The program especially seeks candidates with broad knowledge of Christianity as well as specialization in Christian traditions of one of the following areas: Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the Caribbean. Areas of competence may include feminism and gender studies, hermeneutics, and/or post-colonial studies. The course load is 2 - 2 per year.
  • Deadline for applications is November 15, 2011.
  • Anyone here anything???
  • Not as of 11/29
  • phone interview scheduled via email (12/3) x3
  • email rejection (12/19) x2
  • Did the rejection come after a phone interview?
  • Has anyone heard anything about campus interviews?
  • 4-5 campus interviews in Jan.
  • there were 5 brought to campus for interviews.
  • offer has been made.
  • Was the offer made for the junior global Christianity position or for the senior global Humanities position? (2/13)
    • the former (at least); offer made and accepted.
    • the latter postion is for the director of their phd program in rel. studies.

University of Miami - modern Islam[]

  • Ad in Chronicle
  • Tenure-track position in Islamic Studies, at the rank of Assistant Professor. The successful candidate will have expertise in modern Islam with a focus on the Arab world, proficiency in Arabic, the ability to place Islam in the contemporary global context, and preparation in the methods and theories of the academic study of religion.
  • Letters of application, curriculum vitae, and three letters of recommendation should be submitted electronically by November 1, 2011, to David Kling, Search Chair, at the following email address: Please reference position #033071. Members of the committee will interview prospective candidates at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion in San Francisco.
    • AAR interview request (email) [11/9] (x3)
    • Campus interview request (email 12/6)
    • Job has been filled (2/4)

University of Mississippi - Religious Traditions of China and/or Japan[]

  • Assistant Professor of Religion, beginning August 15, 2012. Candidate must specialize in the religious traditions of either China or Japan, with the ability to teach general courses in the second area as well. Ability to teach Introduction to World Religions is essential.
  • Teaching load is 3/3 at the undergraduate level. Review of applications begins immediately and will continue until the position is filled. We plan to conduct preliminary interviews at the AAR National Conference in San Francisco. Applicants must complete an on-line application at:
  • Contacted by email for AAR interview 11/13
    • Anyone know if campus visits have been arranged yet?
    • I know no one contacted me.
    • 12/19 Any of you who had an AAR interview been contacted about a campus visit or received a rejection email?
    • 12/24 - I've heard nothing as yet.
    • I contacted them on12/16 and was told they were still working on their decision. Haven't heard anything since then (12/30)
    • Is the search still ongoing or has it stalled? (1/17)
    • Just got an email informing me that I would not be invited for a campus interview. 1/20
    • Campus interviews have been scheduled.
  • Offer made and accepted (2/14)

University of Missouri-Columbia - Biblical Studies[]

  • Must be able to teach both Hebrew Bible and New Testatment within the context of the Mediterranean
  • Must be trained in Religious Studies
  • Also posted at Biblical Studies 2011-2012
    • Scheduled Interview for SBL/AAR (11/7)
  • what is the latest on this? Was a job offer made?
  • offer made at the end of February

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Religion in the Americas[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor
  • Chronicle ad
  • not to be confused with another ad in History at UNC in U.S. Intellectual/Religious history
  • Skype interview early Dec.
  • any word?
    • Nope (1/5).
    • how about now (1/26)?
  • Skype interview (1/27)
  • 3 finalists invited for on-campus visits (2/5)

University of Notre Dame - Abrams Chair in Jewish Thought and Culture[]

  • open rank, open field
  • applications due 11/1
  • Also posted at Jewish Studies and Israel Studies 2011-2012
  • Any new updates on this one? I still havent heard anything -- not even the "thank you for your didnt make the short list...
  • Any news? It has now been over a month...
  • Any updates? Any rumors?
  • internal promotion/hire

University of Notre Dame - Moral Theology / Christian Ethics[]

  • Review of applications begins October 3, 2011
  • Received an email confirmation for application 10/4, no word since. Anyone else heard anything?
  • I never even received an email confirmation.
  • A friend had an interview at AAR.
  • Any further word?
  • I heard that they brought three candidates to campus already (2/8)
    • Can anyone confirm this? This is second or third hand.
    • Yes, all three candidates have completed their campus visits.
    • Offer made and accepted a couple weeks ago (4/2)

University of Oslo - Religion in Modern China[]

The University of Oslo (Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages) invites applications for a position as Associate Professor of Religion in Modern China.

  • Application deadline: 11 April, 2012.
  • Expected start date: 1 January, 2013.
  • Salary level: NOK 455,900 - 509,100 per year.

Further information:

The successful applicant will teach courses on religion in Modern China at all levels and supervise research students. S/he is expected to initiate and lead research and play a central role in further development of high-quality research and teaching at the department.


  • PhD degree or equivalent
  • Pedagogical and administrative skills
  • Personal suitability and motivation
  • International peer-reviewed publications

Knowledge of spoken and written Chinese for research use

Contact: Head of Administration Ragnhild Rebne, telephone +47 22 85 59 26, e-mail

University of Pennsylvania - South Asia Studies/ Religion[]

  • The Department of South Asia Studies at the University of Pennsylvania seeks to appoint a tenure track assistant professor who is a specialist in the field of religion and society in modern India (1800-present). Candidates may have expertise in any religious tradition, but should be familiar with the broad spectrum of religious life in modern India. Disciplinary orientation is open, but the candidate should have mastery of South Asian languages relevant to his or her tradition of focus. The successful applicant will display demonstrable excellence in undergraduate teaching, as well as the ability to supervise graduate student work in diverse religious traditions from different disciplinary contexts. *Applications will be reviewed starting October 1, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled. Applications should be submitted on-line at and include a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, representative writing samples/publications, a statement of research interests, and the names and contact information of three individuals who will provide a letter of recommendation. .
  • Has anyone heard anything about the search (or heard from the search committee) for this position yet?
  • Not yet
  • I'd like to be wrong, but my experience on the job market would suggest that if there's been no contact by now, three weeks after the deadline, then I didn't make the short list. Others agree? I have no information at all about this search, however.
  • Unfortunately, I agree. I can't see them beginning their review on the 1st and then just sitting on this past the 21st. Could be wrong, but chances are the short list has been made by now.
    • Three weeks isn't much at all. This probably got 100+ apps, which is a lot to sort through. You have to get all the SC members to read their apps, then meet to decide on the next round of interviews, and those two tasks can easily take a month. BTW, 'short list' usually means the three - five candidates invited to campus, not the 10-20 invited for phone or campus interviews.
    • First committee meeting was Oct. 10.
    • Since you have knowledge of the SC meetings, do you, previous poster, also know if people of interest (those who've advanced beyond the first cut) have been contacted?
    • No, they have not been contacted (10/25).
    • Any ideas if they are going to do phone interviews or go straight to campus interviews?
  • Anyone know of any movement on this one? (11/04)
  • Nothing. Anyone else heard? (11/15)
  • Anyone have updates? (12/16)
    • Campus visits scheduled (2/3)
    • received rejection email after having given campus talk (3/25)
    • I heard a rumor that they are declaring it a failed search and not making an offer to anyone.
    • The department is a mess--they have made many hiring mistakes in the past and probably wanted to exercise caution this time around. They did have one or two very strong candidates; the committee was not decisive enough.
    • Just received a very pleasant and encouraging rejection letter (1/28)

University of San Francisco - Academic Director of Ricci Institute (Open Rank)[]

  • The Center for the Pacific Rim at the University of San Francisco is an interdisciplinary center that fosters the study of the Asia-Pacific in its multiple aspects. Its Ricci Institute houses archival materials in Chinese and Western languages focused on Jesuit missions to China during the 16th-18th centuries as well as a wide range of historical materials on cultural interactions between China and the West. Its mission is to promote research in cross-cultural encounters between China and the West from the Ming to the modern and contemporary periods.
  • The Center invites applications and nominations for a tenure-track, open rank faculty position in any field in the Humanities with emphasis on the study of Chinese interactions with Western religious, intellectual and cultural traditions.
  • For best consideration, submit by December 15. Applicants should apply for this job on the HR website (
  • Also posted on Asian History 2011-12
  • Q. Has anyone heard anything since deadline passed?
  • They reposted with a later deadline.
  • Do you mean for the Ricci position, or do you mean the position of Executive Director, Pacific Rim (that's a different one)

University of South Carolina - Buddhism[]

  • Assistant Professor, Tenure Track; to begin August 2012
  • Link to announcement
  • Review of applications will begin October 15, 2011. To assure full consideration, applications must be received by October 31, 2011. Applicants should anticipate the possibility of a preliminary interview at the annual meeting of the AAR/SBL in San Francisco.
  • For additional information, see the full announcement
    • Snail mail acknowledgement dated 10/17
    • 11/04 email to set up AAR interview
      • Did nobody else hear from these guys?
      • Well, I didn't. But I think I can guess where this question is going, or where it comes from. While I hate to be the ender of hope, at this stage in the process, it is unlikely that SC will be contacting candidates on two widely separated dates. Usually everyone hears on the same day, and it's not until post-conference that SC has to start inviting second rounds of interviewees because their first choices are no longer available, or turn out to be less desirable than they looked at first. I think most SCs would invite 10-15 people for conference interviews, and if only one or two turned down the invite, the committee interviews whoever's left. I've gotten a campus visit as a candidate on a second shortlist, but never a prelim interview.
    • Snail mail dated 11/14: assured my app will get full attention, please send AA/EEO. AA/EEO has my name on it [confidential?], and no return envelope.
    • campus interview scheduled after aar interview (10/22) <-- assume this means "11/22"?
    • Does this ^ means campus interview actually scheduled? Or do you mean that they said that they would schedule one sometime after the aar interview? ('cause they told me that too...) (x2)
    • So apparently yes, the short-list was indeed officially made and campus interviews scheduled.
    • 12/20 Contacted (phone) for a campus interview to take place at the end of January.
      • anyone else?
    • 3/12: New on this one, anyone? Surely they've made a decision...
      • 3/14: Yes, they confirmed a hire last week. Best wishes to the lucky scholar!

University of St. Thomas (TX) - Sacramental Theology[]

  • Tenure-track position in Sacramental Theology at the Assistant or Associate Professor Level, beginning in the 2012-2013 academic year.
  • Applications will be considered after January 15, 2012

University of Tennessee, Knoxville - Early Judaism[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in Early Judaism to begin August 2012.
  • Review of applications begins October 14, 2011 for applicants wanting to be considered for a preliminary interview at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature in San Francisco, and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Ad at Chronicle - Also posted at Jewish Studies and Israel Studies 2011-2012
    • Received e-mail from committee chair inviting me to an "informal interview" at SBL/AAR - Nov. 3 (x4)
    • E-mail invitation to campus visit (4:30 pm Dec. 12) x 2
    • Anyone know what's going on here?
    • offer has been made

University of Texas at Austin - Religion in the Americas (2 open rank positions)[]

  • two open rank, tenure/tenure-track positions in the field of Religion in the Americas.
  • We especially encourage applicants who have familiarity with methodological and theoretical issues in the study of religion and who can contribute to a graduate program in Religious Studies. The successful applicant will demonstrate expertise in the study of Latin American, Caribbean, Latina/o, or borderlands religion, but should also have an interest in situating more localized studies in the context of the Atlantic World, the Pacific World, or the Western Hemisphere.
  • Applicants should submit a letter of interest, a CV, three letters of recommendation, a sample of recent scholarly work, and evidence of teaching excellence via . Electronic submissions only, please.
  • Review of applications will begin on November 15, 2011, and applications received after this date may not receive full consideration. Other correspondence may be sent to or by mail to Religion in the Americas Search/ Department of Religious Studies / The University of Texas at Austin / 1 University Station A3700 / Austin, TX 78712.
  • Full ad at Chronicle
  • This looks like an inside job. The Chronicle ad is no longer active and it's not on AAR or H-Net. You can find a description on the UT-Austin Faculty Recruitment website, though: Note that it requires Ph.D. prior to August 31, 2011, so ABDs most likely will not be reviewed.
    • It's on AAR--and they are advertising for two positions. (posted 10/19/11)
    • 10/19/11: Chronicle ad also seems to have been reactivated
  • Has anyone heard anything about these positions?
  • 11/16: email. applications under review and will hold interviews by Skype instead of at the AAR
  • Any news? (12/7)
  • The letter I received upon submission said that skype interviews were to be scheduled for mid Dec. If they kept to that, they've finished selecting by now...
  • Reject email (12/19) (x2)

University of Toronto - Chinese Buddhism[]

  • Tenure-stream
  • Deadline: November 1
  • Anybody heard anything on this one?
  • email request for submission of writing sample (11/26)
    • Campus visit scheduled (12/20)
    • I've leant that the offer has been made and accepted

University of Vermont - Islamic Studies[]

  • Assistant Professor, tenure-track
  • Deadline: October 30
  • I received an invitation strongly encouraging me to apply in early October.
    • AAR interview scheduled by phone, 11/6 (x3)
    • Invitation for campus visit by phone, 12/12 (x4)
    • Position has been filled (2/18)

University of Washington Tacoma - Comparative Religion[]

  • Full-time, tenure-track position in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences in comparative religion. The successful candidate with have a Ph.D. in comparative religion, philosophy, or closely related field and demonstrate excellent teaching and research potential. An interest in Asian religions, and a social/cultural approach to ethics, environmental science, and technology are a plus.
  • Screening of applicants will begin November 15, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Chronicle ad.
  • Phone call to set up skype interview 12/9
  • never received confirmation of application receipt; emailed the SC Chair (the email contact listed in job posting) on 12/2 to confirm receipt and received an automatic reply stating he's out of the country doing field research until 12/25-- seems odd
  • Cheryl Greengrove seems to be the SC chair now.
  • Any word on this one? Has anyone got an invite to on-campus interviews?
    • Invite for campus interview 1/13
    • The job was offered to a friend of mine, who turned them down. No idea if they made another offer or if the search failed.

University of Wisconsin - Whitewater - Religious Studies []

  • Full-time, tenure-track position in Religious Studies beginning August 22, 2012.
  • The candidate should demonstrate appreciation for the academic study of religion as a human science, and as fundamental to critical thinking and the aims of a liberal education. The teaching load for this position is 4/4.
  • Specialization is open to any area other than Asian religions and biblical studies; area of competence should include the ability to teach the introductory course in religious studies, the survey course in Western Religions, and the university's upper-level General Education course in the humanities. Preference may be given to candidates who can teach the department's current offerings in Religion in America and Women in Religion, or whose research draws on a methodological or disciplinary perspective not currently represented by the department's faculty.
  • Applications should be received by November 7, 2011 in order to receive consideration for preliminary interviews at the annual meeting of the AAR in San Francisco, CA.
    • AAR Interview Request [posted 11/17]
    • AA/EOE card and confidentiality form received 12/14. The former is optional, the latter mandatory.X2
    • How classy to demand "mandatory" bureaucratic paperwork from candidates who already know they did not even make the long-list. This is a real mickey mouse operation they have going.
    • The "mandatory" form is a state requirement, not particular to this search.
    • What is unprofessional about this is requesting the paperwork after candidates effectively know they are no longer under consideration. Most committees manage to make these requests much earlier in the search process.
    • I have heard that they have selected three candidates for campus interviews 2/1

Vanderbilt University - Buddhist Traditions of South and/or Southeast Asia[]

  • Buddhist Traditions of South and/or Southeast Asia. Rank is Assistant Professor tenure-track. Area of specialization, historical period, and methodological approach are open. Command of appropriate languages commensurate to an advanced research agenda will be required (e.g., Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan, Sinhala, Vietnamese, Thai, Burmese, Lao or other vernacular).Application deadline is 05 October 2011 with review to begin immediately.
  • See full Ad at H-Net:
  • Received a letter from the Chair stating that 43 applications have been received; one-third have been invited to submit a writing sample.
    • So, if you don't mind, was the letter an invitation to submit, and when did you receive it?
    • I received a letter requesting more materials on October 7th.
      • So how does that work? The deadline is 10/5; they reviewed materials that day and sent the letters out? Or they just looked at enough apps and decided they had a happy crop and decided to go with it, regardless of what came in after they started reading mat'ls on 9/30 or so?
      • Their ad said that review would begin immediately; this could be interpreted as meaning "as soon as the ad was posted," which I was concerned about since I didn't get my materials in until the 3rd. They sent an email acknowledging that they had received my materials on the 6th. On the 7th I received the letter as an email attachment requesting the writing sample; this letter also states that they are moving quickly and hope to make the appointment in November prior to the AAR.
      • To the previous poster, was your letter from the SC Chair or the Dept Admin Assistant? Just curious because I wrote to see if they received my application (which already included a writing sample), and I got an e-mail saying they did receive it, along with my sample. This e-mail contained the same statements you noted, but it was from the Admin Assist., not a separately attached and reassuring letter direct from the SC Chair.
      • The email was from the Admin. Asst.; the attached letter was signed by the Chair.
        • I was just asked for a campus interview - I don't know how many others were too [posted 10/24]
        • Congratulations! I wish you all the best! (10/24)
        • Yes, good luck! (10/24)
        • How gratifying to see a dept moving along efficiently. Good luck, everyone. [10.24]
    • I just received an email from the Chair, with an attached formal letter, saying that the SC has now decided on a list of ten candidates (of which I am one). Their next step will be choosing three finalists for campus interviews, which they predict will occur "in the not-too-distant future." (10.27)
    • So, what's up with the post from 10/24?
    • I'm the poster from 10/24- the letter I got from the Chair after the initial email said I was one of the three finalists invited for campus interviews.
    • So, they already had their three finalists on 10/24 but decided to let their top ten feel good about themselves for a few more days?
    • Their website lists a series of lectures on Buddhist studies, without names or topics, scheduled to occur over the next week and a half. Seems to me campus interviews have been scheduled.
    • 10/30: Received a letter from the Chair saying that three campus interviews were held at the beginning of November. One candidate has been recommended to the Dean and the Provost. Until an offer has been tendered and accepted, my application remains "active" (although, obviously, I'm not holding my breath). Congratulations to the successful applicant! What a wonderful position and the Department seems great!
    • Email announcing hire. (12.19)
      • These guys should give seminars on how to run a timely, efficient, candidate-informative academic search.
      • Agreed! I love them more now that they've rejected me than I did when I applied. (x2)

Vanderbilt University - Early Christian History[]

  • Assistant Professor of Early Christian History. Research specialization is expected in the period 100-600 of the Common Era.
  • The successful applicant will be appointed in the Divinity School (M.Div. and M.T.S. programs) and will be a member of the Graduate Department of Religion (M.A. and Ph.D. programs).
  • Dossier that includes a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, and (when available) examples of published writing and teaching evaluations should be sent electronically to Please have three letters of reference also sent electronically to this email address or to: Ms. Karen Eardley, Dean's Office, Vanderbilt University Divinity School, 411 21st Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37240. The review of applications begins October 31, 2011, and continues until the position is filled.
    • Also posted at Biblical Studies 2011-2012
    • From Biblical Studies page: "Colleague rec'd email request for AAR interview. [posted 11/12]"
    • They did interviews at AAR. If they follow the typical timeline, they should select finalists before the end of the year.
    • Any further word here?
    • Rejection email received 12-13. 74 applications total. (x3).
    • Campus interviews have been scheduled. (Not me, but a friend of mine.)
    • Heard that they are interviewing senior scholars for this post (at least one) as well as junior persons.
      • At least one of the on-campus interviewees is ABD.

Vanderbilt University - Mellon Asst. Professor, Religions of Japan and/or Korea[]

  • The Department of Religious Studies at Vanderbilt University seeks to make a three-year (with possible fourth year) non-tenure-track appointment in the Religions of Japan and/or Korea. Rank is Mellon Assistant Professor of Religion (non-tenure-track). Area of specialization, historical period, and methodological approach are open.
  • Application deadline is open until position is filled; review will begin by 17 October. Please send a letter of application, CV, research statement, and assessment of teaching (if available), transcripts, and three letters of recommendation (or standard university graduate student placement dossier) to: Tony K. Stewart, Chair, Department of Religious Studies, ATT: Mellon Search Committee, Vanderbilt University, VU Box #351585 [301 Garland Hall], 2301 Vanderbilt Place, Nashville, TN 37235-1585 USA.
    • Any news on this? (01/18)
    • Heard from friend that offer was made and accepted (2/29)

Villanova University - Catholic Systematic Theology[]

  • Non-tenure track, starting fall 2012
    • rejection (without interview), 11/3
    • AAR interview invite, 11/3 (via letter)

Villanova University - History of Christian Spirituality, with competence in Catholic Systematic Theology[]

  • Assistant professor, tenure-track
    • Rejection (without interview): 11/3 (x3)
    • Post-AAR interview rejection via mail: 12/10

Virginia Tech - Cultural Theory / Religion and Culture[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor position in Cultural Theory.
  • Applicants must hold a doctoral degree in cultural studies or a closely related humanities or social sciences discipline, have a strong theoretical and interdisciplinary background, and show a commitment to the missions of both the Department of Religion and Culture ( and ASPECT ( Preference will be given to applicants whose main body of research is in one of the following fields: media studies, visual studies, or popular culture. Moreover, the successful candidate should be able to contribute to the department’s proposed MA in Material Culture and Public Humanities. Additionally, an interest in one of the following areas is desirable: the global south, minority communities, or postsecularism.
  • Teaching load is four courses a year. Applicants should fill out the online application and submit a cover letter and C.V. to and mail the cover letter, C.V., three letters of recommendation, a writing sample, evidence of teaching effectiveness, and graduate transcripts to: ASPECT-Religion and Culture Search, attn: Karen Moore, Office Manager, Department of Religion and Culture, 112 Lane Hall, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0227. Complete applications should be received by November 1, 2011 for full consideration.
  • See full ad at H-Net
  • Also posted at New Media & Digital Humanities 2011-2012 & Theory 2012
  • Email invite for phone interview, 12/2. 11 candidates phone interviewing over Dec 12-14 with campus visits to be scheduled for late Jan, early Feb. x2
  • Does anyone know if all 11 candidates were contacted on 12/2?
  • Would people being interviewed share their areas of specialization?
    • AOC Theories and methods AOS Religion and culture <---------does AOC and AOS mean you come from philosophy? I have only seen those acronyms in philosophy job descriptions
  • Has anyone that phone interviewed heard anything?
    • not yet. they said they were hoping to send invites before break but that it might be the first week of january because the dean needs to approve the candidates.
      • any updates?
    • No word here (1/10)
    • Still nothing (1/18 x2)
  • 3 candidates have been invited to campus (1/25) <--- Did you contact the dept or were you notified?

Virginia Tech - East Asian Religions[]

  • The primary field for this position is religions of East Asia; preference will be given to applicants who can also teach in another area of study within the department (see, including women, gender, and religion. Knowledge of theory and methods in Religious Studies is required. Ph.D. by time of appointment is required.
  • All applicants must complete the online application form at Review begins 1/13/12.
    • Anyone ask for an update? (3-8)
    • I haven't heard anything. I fear this is not a real job, or perhaps they are just going to hire the VAP? (3/10)
    • Can anyone confirm this? Would be good to know if they're hiring the VAP so that we can move on (3/13)
    • Updates?
    • News anyone? (4-24)

Wabash College - Christian Theology (open rank)[]

  • Tenure-track or tenured (open rank) position in Christian theology, to begin July 1, 2012. Wabash is a selective liberal arts college committed to the undergraduate education of men. Applications are invited from candidates across the range of sub-disciplines and interests in Christian theology.
  • Review of applications to begin October 24. Interviews to be conducted at the American Academy of Religion meeting in November.
    • acknowledgement of app - 11/2
  • invitation for AAR interview - 11/3 (x3) (by email)
  • Q: To those with AAR interviews--what do you specialize in and do you have degree in hand?
    • A: yes, degree (theology) in hand. specialty? don't have one yet.
    • ABD (theology)
  • Very kind e-mail rejection, 12/9.
  • Post-AAR interview rejection email 12/9.
    • Invited for campus interview 12/14. (X2)
    • Rejection email 1/3 (x3)
    • What's the word?
    • Offer made and accepted, 2/21

Warren Wilson College - Asian Religions[]

  • Ad posted to
  • Deadline: Oct. 17
    • 10/27 - email requesting responses to 3 questions re: to the position as well as official transcript and student evaluations.(x2)
    • To the above poster, may I ask your AOS?
      • You can ask one of us, but I'm gonna be vague: South Asia. I know at least one other South Asianist who got the same followup.
    • 11/21 Has anyone who was asked for supplementary materials heard anything back? I never received a confirmation of receipt, nor have I heard anything else regarding the state of the search. Thanks.
      • Hard to tell b/c I'm away from my office and our voicemail sends me some pretty garbled transcriptions, but looks like I got a phone call from them this morning. [posted 11/21]
        • Anyone else? Shall I keep hoping?
        • Call to set up phone interview rec'd on 11/21.
    • vmail to set up campus interview (12.7)
    • rejection by email; position filled. (2.22)

Wartburg College - Religious Studies/Theology[]

  • Tenure-track position to begin fall 2012. Teach three fourteen-week courses at all undergraduate levels in both fall and winter terms, as well as one four-week May-term course; advise departmental majors and minors. Courses to be taught include multiple sections of a survey of world religions course and courses in the candidate's area of specialization that contribute to the major and to the college's Diversity across the Curriculum requirement.
  • Requires completed Ph.D. in Religion to be appointed as an assistant professor; A.B.D. to be appointed as an instructor with completion scheduled no later than June of 2012; competency in 1) teaching a broad range of world religions, 2) methodological approaches to the study of religion, 3) languages that support the candidate's scholarly work. We seek a scholar and excellent teacher of undergraduates who will effectively build on, develop, and complement current departmental strengths in Christianity and in biblical studies and languages. Teaching excellence is a paramount qualification as is a willingness enthusiastically to support the mission of the College.
  • Send letter of application, curriculum vita, a statement of how your teaching, scholarship, and service will support the mission of Wartburg College, a copy of unofficial graduate transcripts, and contact information for three current references electronically to: or by mail to: Human Resources, Wartburg College, 100 Wartburg Blvd., Waverly, IA 50677. For specific inquiries, contact Dr. Walter Bouzard, Chair of Search Committee at 319/352-8235 or Further information about the college and the city of Waverly may be found at
    • Rejection Email 11/30
      • And a second rejection email today (1/30). (Didn't really need the reminder)
    • Any other news?
    • Rejection e-mail saying the position had been filled 1/30

Washington University in St. Louis - American religion and politics[]

  • 4 faculty positions, open rank - Chronicle ad
  • Deadline: Oct. 1
  • Any word about this search? (10/31) Nothing here since acknowledgment of materials received a month ago...
  • Wondering the same thing (11/4) about word here, or lack thereof. With 4 openings, it seems that there would be a lot of action, but maybe they really are looking for senior folks.
  • Also wondering. Looks like they are also doing a postdoc (Jan deadline if you've applied for this search just email them to say you also want your materials considered) (11/12).
    • NOTE (11/13): postdoc announcement now posted on Humanitites and Social Sciences postdoc page
    • I just emailed the administrator to inquire about this search. Her reply: "The search committee has begun its consideration of applicant credentials, but there are no plans to conduct interviews at the AAR." 11/16
    • Heard from a couple sources at AAR that they're focused on hiring the senior people first, then will turn toward junior hires, possibly in later years.
      • Have also heard this. More specifically have heard that the Dec. 1 public lecture by a senior scholar is a probable job talk.
  • Updates? (1/16)
  • email (2/17) notice that faculty appointments have been filled with senior hires and they will soon move on to postdoc search.

Wesley Theological Seminary - Formation and Practical Theology[]

  • Assistant or Associate professor, tenure track

Western Kentucky University-Islamic Studies[]

  • Assistant Professor, tenure track
    • Skype interviews scheduled [x3]
    • Does anyone know their timeline?
      • Campus Interview scheduled. [11/17/2011]
      • Offer made and accepted.

William Jessup University[]

  • The Bible & Theology Department at William Jessup University has an open position for one Full Time Faculty, covering both Bible and theology courses. Please visit our website at for job descriptions.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Philosophy and Religion[]

  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Humanities and Arts Department invites applications for an open-rank tenure-track position in philosophy, ethics, and religion. We seek an exceptional scholar and teacher with broad interests and the ability to engage with a variety of thematic areas within philosophical and religious thought, who will contribute to our strong undergraduate curricular commitment to providing a broad liberal education. Areas of specialization open, but we have particular interests in philosophy of science and technology and non-Western intellectual traditions. The successful candidate at the junior level will show evidence of innovative and successful teaching and great scholarly promise; at the senior level we seek someone with a strong record of publication in the most distinguished scholarly journals and academic presses and an outstanding record of teaching success. An exceptionally accomplished scholar-teacher at the senior level would be eligible for the Paris Fletcher Distinguished Professorship in the Humanities.
  • Applicants must have a Ph.D. in the field of philosophy or religious studies.
  • Interview request by email 11/13. X2
  • Post-interview rejection, e-mail, 11/29 x2

Xavier University - Christian Ethics[]

  • Email acknowledgment received 10/20
    • Have they contacted people for interviews?

Yale Institute of Sacred Music - Yale Divinity School - Assistant Professor of Liturgical Studies[]

  • Chronicle
  • Assistant Professor of Liturgical Studies (tenure track) with a specialty in the history and theology of North American Protestant and/or evangelical traditions. . . . Secondary expertise in sacred music and hymnody is preferred.
  • Applications will be read beginning October 15, 2011, and the appointment begins July 1, 2012.
  • Rejection letter, 11-22, mail, said they've gone through the first round.

Yale University Divinity School - Systematic Theology[]

  • Chronicle
  • tenure-track appointment in the field of systematic theology, to begin July 1, 2012.
  • The successful candidate will have expertise in systematic theology informed by the history of Christian thought (including but not limited to the modern period). An interdisciplinary perspective, utilizing contemporary academic approaches such as cultural studies, critical, feminist, social or political theory for theological study, is also a plus.
  • A letter of application with curriculum vitae and a list of three references should be submitted by October 15, 2011 to: Dean Harold W. Attridge, Yale Divinity School, 409 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511-2167. Applications begin to be considered October 1, 2011.
    • Is this a replacement hire? If so, for whom?
    • request to referees for letters - 10/31 (x2)
    • Acknowledgment letter received (snail mail) - (11/2) x2, (11/3) x4, (11/4), (11/11 - UK)
    • invitation for AAR interview (by email) - (11/9) x2
    • invitation for a phone interview mid-December - 12/7 x2
      • Campus visit scheduled for February - 12/14
  • Any news on this?? (3/26)
  • Yes, an offer was made and accepted. (Not to me! I'm a current student.)
  • The above statement that an offer was accepted is premature. An offer has been made. (4/4)
  • Was the offer accepted? Also, what was the specialty of the person offered the position?
  • Letter by post saying an offer has been made and accepted. (5/5)

Yale University - Religious Studies[]

  • Chronicle
  • YALE UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF RELIGIOUS STUDIES intends to make a tenure-track appointment in the field of religious studies beginning July 1, 2012, at the rank of Assistant Professor. Applications are invited and welcome from scholars with research specialties in the anthropology, history, philosophy, or sociology of religions or a tradition-specific field of study, who also possess demonstrated teaching proficiency in methods and theory in the study of religion.
  • A letter of application describing your research, a c.v., a two-page dissertation abstract, a chapter-length writing sample, a syllabus for an introductory undergraduate course, "Introduction to Religion," and three letters of reference should be submitted on-line at Materials may be sent to Methods and Theory Search, Religious Studies, Yale University, P.O. Box 208287, New Haven, CT 06520-8287 or by e-mail to The review of applications will begin October 20, 2011. Preliminary interviews will be held at the AAR annual meeting in San Francisco, Nov 19-22, 2011.
  • Anyone heard anything about this position?
    • Contacted about AAR interview Nov. 7 (x2)
  • Email [11.15] asking for missing ref letter. I didn't get called for an interview. ?? x2
    • They appear to be completing their files and it does not look like the search committee had anything to do with the request.
  • Emailjection = Yalejection by email. Campus interviews slated. 12.15 x4j
  • offer made and accepted