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Early Modern/Renaissance[]

tis the season: don't forget about the Universities to Fear wiki
  • Q. Is there a reason that I'm not aware of as to why Clemson U. is not on the list? I know that the position is pending budget approval.
  • Q. Should we start a new list for post-MLA job postings, or just add to the current list?

Shall we do a headcount?

Add a number for yourself beside the appropriate category.

ABD (early):

ABD (nearly done - will defend by spring): 24

PhD in hand: 6

Visiting Asst Prof: 11

TT Assistant Prof: 14

Associate Prof: 2

Offers accepted[]

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Have people just stopped reporting, or did no other schools make offers yet?? Berkeley, Lehigh, Vanderbilt... any rumors? A: Vanderbilt did not hire anyone. I heard this from the current VAP there who took an offer elsewhere.
Alcorn State
American University in Cairo
Central Michigan University
Fairfield (grapevine)
Grinnell (through grapevine but reasonably sure...)(I heard directly from the candidate who accepted)
OSU Mansfield
Rockford College
Swarthmore (confirmed by a source associated with the college the person who accepted the job is leaving)
Leaving from/to where? This is confusing--could you clarify?
The person is leaving a school I'd rather not name at this point in case it has not been officially announced there. (I don't know.) But a colleague of the person who accepted the job at Swarthmore confirmed the job had been accepted. The departing person called my source to inform him and to apologize for leaving the school, since my source had been part of the original recruiting effort.
Huh? (x2)
I hope my academic writing is more clear than it seems my writing is on this wiki. The person who accepted the job at Swarthmore told a colleague of his (and close friend of mine) that he is leaving where he is now for Swarthmore. I don't know whether he's made his announcement to the department at his current school, but he told this person in advance because he wanted to apologize to him, as this colleague had originally helped to recruit him to the college he's leaving.
For what it's worth, I could tell what you meant the first time. (x2)
U. of Alabama (2/28)
U. of Iowa
U. of Oklahoma
UT Austin
UT Dallas (3/30)
Winona State U
Western Kentucky University

Offers made[]

Could we also list when an offer is accepted, if we get that data?

Alcorn State
Bloomsburg U
City College CUNY (as per very nicely worded rejection letter received 3/9)
College of Charleston (grapevine)
Fairfield University (letter 2/9) (x2) (regretfully declined--is a great job!)
Florida State HOTT program / English
Grinnell (heard through grapevine)
Lehigh (declined with regret - congrats on a great job to whomever takes it)
Loyola Marymount University (as per rejection email from SC 2/20)
Moravian College (from drama wiki site)
Mary Washington
Ohio State U, Mansfield (heard through grapevine)
Oklahoma State U, offer made, declined (grapevine)
Providence College (heard in a formal email from chair; if an offer has been accepted, please let us know)
Rockford College 2/18
Swarthmore (heard from dep't. chair)
Syracuse (heard through grapevine)
Trinity U.
U. of Alabama (heard from search chair) (declined--most regretfully! 2/23)
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of Iowa (grapevine)
U of Oklahoma (regretfully declined)
Univ. of Southern California (grapevine, offer to historian) (heard an offer was made to an art historian)
University of Texas, Austin
University of Texas, Dallas
Western Carolina University, offer made, declined (grapevine)
Western Kentucky University

Campus interviews[]

Alcorn State 4/1
Angelo State U (invited 1/22)
Bard (1/5 via email x2)
Bloomsburg U (invited at MLA) (x2 of 4) (Were both people invited for interviews at MLA?) (R: Yes)
Carnegie Mellon (invited at MLA)
Catholic University
Central Michigan U (invited 1/23)
City College, CUNY (invited 1/14; visit in early Feb.) Q: What was the date of your phone interview? R: 1/13.
College of Charleston (per SC) Q: When did SC call? A: Don't know when calls were made, was just informed upon asking (around 1/20) that candidates for fly-backs had already been contacted.
Eastern Connecticut State U (1/6) (x2)
Eastern Illinois (1/18) (x2, by phone)
Fairfield U (invited at MLA, 12/30) (x2 of 4)
Florida State
Grinnell (x2) (invited 1/6)
Lehigh (invited at MLA)
Loyola Marymount University (x2) (invited 1/6)
Loyola University, New Orleans (date unknown)
Moravian College (invited 1/20)
Nazareth College (invited 1/14)(notified 1/15 that search was canceled) Are you the same person that got the campus visit invite? R: yes.
Naval Academy (dates unknown; fly-backs have happened but search has been frozen due to budget constraints according to chair)
Oberlin (invited 1/6) (x2)
Ohio State U Mansfield (invited 1/2) (x2)
Oklahoma State University (invited 1/9)
Providence College (invited 1/12)
Rockford College (invited 1/12)
St. Joseph College (invited 1/26)
Swarthmore (finalists have been chosen)Q: information source? A: SC Chair.
Syracuse U (invited at MLA)
Trinity U (1/5 by phone)(x2)
Tulane (2 fly-backs scheduled, date unknown)
U Alabama (invited 1/2) (x2)
UC Berkeley (finalists chosen)
UC Santa Barbara (date unknown, schedule of campus visits was e-mailed to department listserve) (when was this?)approx. 1/7
U Iowa (invited at MLA)
U Louisville: 12/29 Invited at MLA
U Mary Washington (1/8 by phone)
U Oklahoma (invited 1/6) Q: Anyone know the dates on these visits? A: Mine is early Feb.
U Southern California (1/16 by phone)
U Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast (invited 1/12) (as of 1/20: search "postponed")
UT Austin (invited at MLA x2 of 3)
UT Dallas (invited 3/3)
Vanderbilt (date unknown, info from faculty)
Wake Forest (invited at MLA) (x3)
Western Carolina U (invited 1/27)
Western Kentucky U (invited 1/13)
West Texas A & M -- anyone?

MLA interview requests made[]

Angelo State 12/4 (x2)
Bard 12/11 (x3)
Bloomsburg U 12/12 (x4)
Catholic U. (x6)
Carnegie Mellon 12/10 (x2)
Central Michigan University 12/5
College of Charleston 12/11 (x4)
Eastern Illinois U 12/17 (x4)
Fairfield University 12/12 (x5)
Grinnell 12/6 (x2)
Lehigh 12/4
Loyola Marymount U (Los Angeles) 12/8 (x4)
Loyola University (New Orleans) 12/11 (x7)
Moravian C 12/17
Nazareth College of Rochester 12/8, 12/15 (x10); 12/9; 12/15
Oberlin 12/10 (1); 12/12
Ohio State University, Mansfield 12/5 (x4)
Oklahoma State University 12/5 (x4)
Penn State-York (according to someone below)
Providence College 12/8 (x3)
Saint Joseph College 12/12 (x2)
Swarthmore 12/18 (x5)
Syracuse 12/4 or so (x3)
Trinity University 12/3 (x4)
Tulane 11/26 (x1) (later x1)
UC Berkeley 12/12 (x2)
UC Santa Barbara 12/12; 12/14; 12/15
U Alabama 12/13; 12/14 (x2)
U Iowa 12/18 (2) phone
U Louisville 12/12 (x2)
U Mary Washington 12/15 (x4)
U Oklahoma 12/8 (x5)
U Southern California (x2)
U Southern Mississippi, Gulf Coast 12/12 (x3)
U Texas at Austin 12/6 (x3)
U Texas at Dallas 12/12 (x3)
US Naval Academy 12/15 (x3)
Vanderbilt University 12/12
Wake Forest 12/4 (x8)
Western Carolina 12/15 (x2)
Whittier College 12/5 (x6)

Quiz time! "I have x many MLA interviews lined up so far"[]

a) 0 (3)
b) 1 (5)
c) 2 (6)
d) 3 (3)
e) 4 (5)
f) 5 (5) 5+ (5)Q: Are the "5+" crowd listing themselves under the following categories as well? not this one
g) 6 (3)
h) 7 (1)
i) 8 (1)
j) 9 (3)
k) 10+ (1)
l) This part of the page makes me really sad. (5)
  • Q: I'm not sure why we had to get more detailed than 5+...)(Must we make a process that is bound to disappoint every applicant even more lacerating by compiling these statistics?) A: as someone with only 1 interview, I find it comforting to know I'm not alone. On the other hand, it's also motivational/inspirational to know that it's possible to be invited for many interviews.
  • A: I think having the short list made sense, but as a person who is in the 5+ category I think it behooves us to be a bit modest when things are tight everywhere.
  • A: I applaud the modesty of the 5+ people who choose not to reveal the actual number, but I don't see the harm in doing otherwise, and I see some benefit for those of us who want to have as clear a picture about where we stand as possible.
  • A: I concur.
Happily, it only takes one to get a job!
With one interview, I find it hard to feel very good about the odds. A: Yes, it's daunting to have only one. However, I have a close friend who had only 1. It turned into a campus visit and subsequently a very good job. I know a person who did the same with two. It can and does happen.
Thanks. We might also keep in mind that no matter how many interviews a rock star candidate has, s/he can only accept one offer each.
On the flip side, I've known people who have gone into MLA with eight interviews and not get any job offers.
For the record, I had 6 my first year and had no job offer. You can look great on paper but be really lacking in interview skills as I was (but am not now as I am gainfully employed).

Q: what percentage of applicants contribute to wiki, I wonder?

A: 1/3 (as a point of reference, we have aprox. 45 users identifying themselves--the Fordham job apparently had 130 applicants).
Q. But seriously... how many people in the field actually applied to Fordham? I applied -- with hesitation -- and got a rejection almost as soon as the application was received. I'm guessing Fordham doesn't represent a "real" sample of the number of people in the field. Even so, the wiki is keeping me sane. I was in the dark last year, and I was distraught -- got no interviews and wasted 350 dollars on a plane ticket.
Q: Why the hesitation about applying to Fordham? And why isn't it a "real" sample?
A. The hesitation about applying to Fordham involved whether or not applying was worth my time since it's a well-known school with a great reputation. So they probably wanted someone with more publishing than I had. (Which they pretty much made clear in their extremely rude rejection letter.) We'd be better off seeing how many people are in the field if we found out how many people are applying to all the schools and then averaged the number. Most people won't apply to every school. I am being picky about location, for instance. Other people will be picky about other things.
A It's also the case that many of the ads are much more specific than just "Renaissance" or "early modern." Though I'm sure I could do a fine job teaching courses on Renaissance poetry and prose, if the ad says "poetry" and my research is on drama, it just doesn't make sense to apply.
R to A: Thanks for the response. I applied to Fordham with zero publications and got a dossier request from them and another R1 (no interviews, alas), but got completely snubbed by all the SLACs I thought would be interested in me. Crapshoot, crapshoot, crapshoot.
A: Well, I was rejected by Fordham (I'm TT with a book), but their rejection letter was not "extremely rude" as noted above (and at least they sent a letter--my first time on the market, I didn't get any notification from about 1/3 of the schools that I applied to). I do agree that it is all about "fit," though, and sometimes it doesn't seem to make sense from the outside. Good luck, everyone.
R to R above: My rejection from Fordham came in the form of a three-line email that, seriously, was rude. I'm glad you got a letter that wasn't unnecessarily mean.
  • Q: As of 12/15, are all the positions available filled with interviews yet? Or are there some who have not called anyone yet?
  • A: By my count (12/15 4pm) there are about 18 jobs left that have not yet contacted candidates (a couple of those don't have deadlines before MLA, though). Of course, some listed as having scheduled interviews already still might be contacting additional people over a period of a few days.
A to R above: Thank you. One can hold out hope still...!
Note: one of the interviews I have scheduled is in drama -- not Renaissance -- but I added it to the counter above because my field is Shakespeare, and I'm guessing some of you applied for this same job.
  • Q: Hey! I noticed some of you have been asked for campus interviews already at MLA - does this mean that the rest of us should begin letting our hope for a job go, even if we felt the interview went well and were told calls would be made in the next 2 weeks?
It's not over until it's over! What if a place invited 2 or 3 people to campus, but one of those fubbs it, another takes a different job, etc. etc.? If you didn't get something right out of the gate, you might not have been a school's very first choice, but that doesn't mean you won't get the job ultimately. The top 2 or 3 or 10 or 20 people are all probably indistinguishably great (how much can you tell in a 40 minute interview??) and sometimes a school has to go back to the pool to make their hire. And I say this as someone who *did* get an on-campus invitation at MLA, but is being realistic about the process. (I also know something of this from the other side of the table: at my current institution, we have more than once hired our 4th or 5th choice, and wound up being delighted).

Q: How many positions did you guys apply to this year?[]

A: I was being picky, but applied to 38 -- 3 generalist positions, 2 drama positions, and 33 Renaissance/EM.(I have 4 interviews)
A: I applied to 7 jobs, all Renaissance/EM. 6 interviews. (I'm a TT assistant, applying for same)
Nice return to the poster above. I applied to 43 positions - the postdocs brought the apps thus far up above 50. Way too many!
A: I applied to 22 jobs. (6 interviews also.) I'm a bit surprised to see such higher numbers.
A: I applied broadly, around 60 jobs, (My first time out, very naive and optimistic.) Remarkably, I was snubbed by most of my bottom-tier choices and by all SLACs. 9 interviews.
A: I'm a VAP, applied to 16 jobs (I'm picky about location), got 5 dossier/WS requests, one interview. Way to kick ass, 6 out of 7 above!
Thank you!
A: 45 applications; 5 interviews. I'm ABD, first time on the market
A: 25 aps (somewhat limited geograpically), ABD, first time out ... 4 dossier requests, 0 interviews. Sniffle. I'll get 'em next time ...
A: I'm a VAP, applied to 29 jobs; 4 interviews
A: I'm ABD, first time on the market. About 50 applications, 4 interviews.
A: Another ABD here, first time on the market. 17 job applications (I'm also location-picky) and around that many post-doc apps again. 4 interviews. Congrats to all above - god the application process was rough.
Good luck and safe travels everyone!
  • Q: How many of you are flying in to MLA from a place buried under snow and are freaking out about it? (I live 20 minutes from San Fran, so I haven't been watching the weather. But I saw today that the airports are really clogged.)

phone interview requests made[]

Eastern Connecticut State U (x4)
Oklahoma State University (x4)
University of Dubuque
Western Kentucky U (x2)
University of Houston, Clear Lake (12/4)
Rockford College, 12/18 (x2)
CUNY City College, 12/25 (X3)
West Texas A & M U, 2/23 What about campus interviews? I can only speak for myself (I'm the one who added WTAMU to this list)...I haven't been invited to campus, and at this point I've given up hope.

Interview analysis (Poll)[]

I feel like my interview went:
a. Awesome -- campus interview here I come! (x3)
b. Very Good -- I am hopeful about possibly being asked to campus.(x5)
c. Okay -- it was a little weird at points. (x1)
d: Not So Good -- I totally should have used more examples and sounded more brilliant. (x1)
e: Horrible -- Who's ready to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge?
f: Oh just shut up about your interviews already.

Q: What are some sure-fire signs that your interview went well, or, went poorly? I'd love to hear some anecdotes and interpretations.

  • A: For me, the difference between a good and poor interview was how I feel I fit in with the committee and their responses to me (nods and smiles versus stoic-looking or unconvinced faces). Also whether I felt comfortable answering their specific questions, or whether I blanked.
  • A: I agree with the above. At one of my interviews, they asked me for a writing sample at the end, which indicated to me that it went well. Otherwise, why would they ask? But I also thought I had another very good interview, but they didn't ask for a writing sample (they had asked for a lot of materials upfront, though no ws). I think the nodding, smiling, and oral feedback ("oh, great idea!" or "that sounds like so much fun!") are probably the best indicators. But nothing says "good interview" like a call back. (Which I'm guessing most of us are going to wait for until next week or longer.)
  • A: I actually think it's incredibly difficult to "read" an interview. I had one that I came away thinking, "That was fun! Those were awesome people! What a cool place to be!" and then they decided not to do a callback. On the other hand, I got a callback to a place where I enjoyed the interview but thought I was too defensive. Long story short, don't beat yourself up wondering what you could or couldn't have done - because it's a total crapshoot.

Writing Sample/dossier requests made[]

Bloomsburg U of PA -- after MLA interview, asked for writing sample (12/27)
Catholic University (x8)
Carnegie Mellon (x9)
Fairfield University (x9)
Fordham University, Rose Hill Campus (x15)
Grinnell College (x10)
Harvard University (x3)
Lehigh University (x9)
Loyola Marymount University (x3)
Marymount Manhattan
Ohio State/Mansfield (x2)
Syracuse University (x10)
Tulane University (x2)
University of Alabama (x4)
University of Iowa (x6)
University of Louisville (x16)
University of Oklahoma (x9)
University of Texas, Austin (x8)
US Naval Academy (x6)
Vanderbilt (x4)
Wake Forest (x40)

Searches Cancelled[]

Fordham (rec'd official email indicating cancellation 12/10)(got mine on 12/11)(as did I)
Nazareth (phone call from SC 1/15)
University of Miami
Harvard!!! argh (just got the email, 12.9) (ditto 12/10, dang it)
Pacific Lutheran U (12/19, MLA Jobs List)(REALLY? Jeepers! Did they not send out letters re. this?)I certainly didn't receive a letter... (I got a letter on Monday, 12/22)(ditto and dang it, 12/22)
St. Mary's, TX (12/19 email from SC)(ditto 12/22 and dang it as well)
Naval Academy (per chair - search is on hold)
U of Southern Mississippi (2/3 email from SC)
University of Houston, Clear Lake
Western Carolina (email 4/2)


  • Not on the ADE site, but there have been a two early British jobs posted recently. One on and the other on the Chronicle of Higher Ed site. I don't know whether to post them in the current list or start a post-MLA list.

Albion College (Shakespeare and early modern drama)[]

Deadline: November 14

October 20 - Dossier request
11/4 snail-mail request for dossier/syllabi/teaching statement
CANCELLED as per letter dated November 18

Alcorn State University (2 positions)[]

Deadline: review begins November 30

11/3 acknowledgement of application (dated 10/30)

4/28 Offer made and accepted for EM position. Still looking for post restoration Brit Lit

Angelo State University[]

Deadline: November 3

curious about the source of this date. It's not on JIL.

MLA Interview Scheduled by email (12/4)

Arizona State (associate or full)[]

Deadline: September 29 until filled

any word at all on this one? I saw in a Chronicle article that there's a hiring freeze at ASU.

Baruch College, CUNY[]

Deadline: Jan. 8, 2009
12/8 snail mail affirmative action survey received (x2)

Does anyone know when/how (post-MLA phone interviews?) Baruch intends to proceed?

Since their deadline is after MLA, I'm sure they are not interviewing at the conference. No insider info here, but sometimes the schools with post-MLA deadlines do phone interviews and then campus visits. Maybe that's what Baruch will do.

Any word from Baruch or any knowledge of their timeline? (2/1)

Phone interview request (2/11; by phone x5)
This appears to be the same job:, but it says review of applications begins 2/18/09. Any ideas about this? Does this mean that all of us who applied the first time are out?
A: Phone interviews began on 2/18
I was one of the finalists, and received a letter (dated 3/30) saying that they had found their chosen person. Congratulations!

Bard College (17th and 18th centuries)[]

Deadline: rolling

10/26: acknowledgment by email (I'm the OP for this, and now that I think of it, this was not a "real" acknowledgment--just a reply from the HR dep't. Sorry!)
MLA interview scheduled via email 12/11 (x3)

Bloomsburg University (Shakespeare)[]

Deadline: November 10

10/27 acknowledgment by mail
11/28 acknowledgment by mail

Q: Were phone or email MLA interviews scheduled?

A: They are calling people today and tomorrow (12/12 and 12/13) for MLA interviews. They just called me (so nice!) and said they were running a bit slow. So hold tight...

Thanks - believe it or not, I got the call within a half hour of asking this question! You're right -- very nice guy.

Has anybody gotten the confirmation email yet? I thought I was told I would get one, but I never did.

A: No confirmation email yet. Maybe they are waiting until right before the conference?

Q: Does anyone know what hotel they are interviewing in? I don't as of 12/22 and I'm wondering if I shouldn't send an email to the chair.

A: I just got a confirmation email. They are interviewing at the Hilton. He said that he's going to call when he has the room number, so stay close to your cell phone.
  • Requested writing sample at the end of MLA interview.

Carnegie Mellon (open rank)[]

Deadline: Oct 15

11/7 email request for writing sample and dossier (x8)
12/9 email notice for MLA interview
12/10 MLA interview scheduled by phone

So is this one interview scheduled or two now? Above doesn't say (x2)

A: They emailed a preliminary notice, then followed up with a call to schedule the interview the next day.
Q: Does anybody know what happened with this position????????????????
A: I heard through the rumor mill (in early April) that they extended offers but have not hired anyone.

Catholic University[]

Deadline: December 1 Q: Were phone or email MLA interviews scheduled? And when were they? A: 12/12 MLA interview scheduled by phone All interviews have been scheduled (SCC).

Central Michigan University[]

No Deadline: Screening starts October 20 (until filled)

NOTE: Actually, I think there is a deadline (though I didn't see it anywhere in the ad), and it appears to be 10/26. At least, this is what my acknowledgement email indicates: "The hiring committee will begin screening after October 26th, the deadline date."
10/21 acknowledgement by email and link to affirmative action survey

As I understand it, the English Department at CMU is conducting five separate searches this year. Because there's a lot of overlap in their hiring committee membership, they'll probably have to distribute their campus visits over about 6-8 weeks. Assuming the usual up-front paperwork has to be filed beforehand, a little waiting may be involved before they make their calls. Correction: They will be conducting four searches in order, as they have already signed on a linguist from the first of their searches. Their first set of candidates for a fiction position begin making their visits next week. (1/12-1/16)

1/24: The search committee has allegedly forwarded its recommendations for campus visits to the PTB.

2/3: Calls have been made and campus visits scheduled over the course of February.

2/13: Snail-mail rejection letter (I didn't interview at MLA)

City College, CUNY[]

Deadline: December 1

11/18 mailed acknowledgment (w/affirmative action survey)

Just curious -- any info on this one?
Q: Has anyone heard from City College? Does their search remain afloat?
:A: As far as I know, it's still on, but that's only because I've heard NOTHING from them.
: I received an affirmative action survey in the mail around 12/8, I think.
How very New York of them to be so dramatic. <--lolololol so true !
They've got one day left, it seems, before it becomes too late to schedule for MLA. Any chance they'll just do campus interviews?
:I have heard of schools doing this to save costs. I have a friend in Maryland whose school did a very brief (10 minute) phone conversation, which started with, "we'd like to invite you for a campus interview". She got the job, but the on-campus interview was the only "real" interview. Don't know about City College doing this, but they are pretty seriously late for MLA interviews.
: for what it's worth, I did a search to see if this job was canceled, and I found the following information:
:"The University’s number one priority continues to be the hiring of more full-time faculty and providing support for research, academic enhancements, and student services. The Investment Plan includes the following initiatives: • Full-time Faculty
The University plans to hire 250 new full-time faculty. These new hires will move the University closer to its goal of having 70 percent of instruction provided by full-time faculty. Implicit in the University’s faculty hiring goal is the continuing commitment to workforce diversity and development."
: So hopefully the search is not canceled. (This info was dated Dec. 8, 2008, and was from CUNY Newswire:
This job listing does not appear on either the City College or CUNY-wide available positions pages. The position notice number provided in the MLA Job Information List was removed on December 1.
Don't know about it not being internally listed, though this is the case for a few other schools I've noticed. The MLA listing often expires on the day of the deadline....who knows. Guess we'll wait until after MLA to find out.

Phone interview scheduled for early January (12/25)(X4)

Must have been a merry Christmas for those that got the call. actually and email (what weird timing) that I just found buried under spam (12.27)

College of Charleston (poetry and prose)[]

phone request for interview 12/11

Deadline: November 10

11/17 snail mail acknowledgement and affirmative action survey
Q: Has anyone received an update on this search? I forgot to ask for a timeline in my interview. R: They told me the committee would meet after classes started again (Jan. 12); it seems possible that they haven't met yet to make the cut.
A: See above. Campus visits have been scheduled.

Eastern Connecticut SU (17th century non-dramatic)[]

Deadline: none given

10/24 affirmative action survey received by post (dated 10/20)
11/25 phone interview scheduled by phone (x2)

Note--position is now for one year
Have they made an offer yet, does anyone know? I'm wondering what is taking them so long
A: the 2 people who reported campus interviews on this page canceled their trips for various reasons, so it is likely that their choice will be someone who does not report on this wiki or something.
R: I had a campus visit in Feb. and thought it went well. My guess is they are bringing in new candidates?
  • R to R: You may have noticed that their administrative person was not exactly organized. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to follow up?
That's how I found out I was even being invited in the first place (mine was also scheduled for early February, but I could not go)
  • A to R: Thanks for responding! I did follow up once and got an email back saying things were moving along. But that was a couple of weeks ago.

Eastern Illinois University[]

Deadline: November 7

10/21 acknowledgement by mail
  • Anyone hear anything about the status of this search?
rumor mill says they'll be calling this week
12/17 MLA interview scheduled by phone (x2)
1/18 Campus visit request by phone (x2)

Fairfield University (non-Shakespeare)[]

Deadline: October 15

10/30 letter acknowledging receipt of initial application
11/21 email request for writing sample & rec letters (7)
12/12 MLA interview scheduled via email (x2)

Florida State University (Open rank, Book History, British 1300-1900, Continental 1100-1800, three positions)[]

Deadline: October 10

One flyback has been scheduled for Oct. 24.
Question: did anyone get an acknowledgement of any kind from here?
Yes; email questions the day after submission of application.
Yes; also, they announced a hiring freeze on Thursday 10/30 ( May be a soft freeze and may not affect these jobs.

A few questions about this puzzling position: is this a hire for the english or HOTT program, which courses would the hire teach in the broad spectrum indicated (1300-1900) and how would a flyback have been scheduled in October before any conference interviews? Not sure about the HOTT program, but originally they were trying to beat the freeze and make offers before 11/4. Evidently, these jobs were not affected by the freeze and they are now making the decisions more slowly, but flybacks have already occurred.

3 Jobs were crosslisted in several depts, so that's why the SC flew people out rather than have all SC members go to MLA, CAA and AHA.
Word is flybacks went badly. Not sure what status of search is. <-- Q: Can you explain a little more? Otherwise, this seems like an unfair (because so unsubstantiated) comment to add.
sounds like an inside job to me.
rcvd email confirming receipt of my application materials (11/20)
I received a similar e-mail from the dept office on 11/18, as well as an auto-reply on 10/31 (the week after my campus visit) saying that someone in the dept had uploaded my resume to PeopleSoft. From the renewed communication this week, it looks like they may have been approved to hire for the jobs. I did not think my flyback went badly; however, there were at least six flybacks for the three jobs, so I can't speak to overall trends. And perhaps mine went worse than I thought? Even if I don't get the job, I'm glad one of these awful hiring freezes may have thawed.

rec'd email ack of of receipt of application 11/21 - link to affirmative action survey gave a posting date for this job of 11/10/2008 (over a month after the originally posted date for the review of applications)

Looks like they've made an offer -- congratulations to the person who received it!

12/17: offer made and accepted (C19 british)

Fordham University (Rose Hill campus)[]

Deadline: November 1

Email rejection 10/7
Request for further materials 10/21 (x4)

Request for further materials 10/27

Request for further materials 10/28
Email rejection 11/7
email rejection 11/8
email rejection 11/11 (3)
request for further materials 11/11 (x4)
email rejection 11/17
email request for dossier and writing sample 11/18
email rejection 11/19
email request for dossier and writing sample 11/23
email rejection 11/23
email rejection 11/24 (x2)
Note: They received over 130

I heard today (12/8), from faculty at my university, that the search was cancelled as of 12/5.


Another one bites the dust!

  • Unless you are at Fordham, "faculty at my university" is not a reliable source. (And for what it's worth, a faculty member from *my* university said the search is still on.) Anyone have any reliable information?
  • From "my university" person: Email yesterday (12/10) from Fordham officially called it off, as of 12/5.

Note that the Medieval position at Fordham says that it has been called off for "budgetary reasons"--most likely if one is off, so is the other.

I have no special knowledge of this search, but it is possible that budgetary constraints forced them to choose which position they wanted to fill rather than just cutting both. At the end of the day, we just don't know until they start notifying their applicants.

For your entertainment: carefully vetted but undisclosed source says all Fordham searches have been cancelled at the end of last week (i.e., around 12/5).

I just spoke with the search committee chair; no mention of cancellation. There should be a separate wiki for rumors. (-- sure; and that's where oral communication from search committee chairs should also be posted?)

Well, I just got and email stating that the search has been cancelled. In this case at least, it appears the rumors were right.


I also just rec'd email stating search is canceled. (x2)

Grinnell College[]

Deadline: November 1

11/10: email acknowledging complete application and link to affirmative action survey (x6)
11/12: email requesting further information (writing sample and teaching evaluations)(x4)
11/14: email requesting writing sample/teaching evaluations
11/17: email requesting writing sample and teaching evals (x4)
12/6: phone call requesting MLA interview (x2)
hmm... seems there's a VAP currently in this position. Does anyone think this is an inside job?
What is a VAP? (they have seemed sincere enough to me--I know they solicited outside names, as I was encouraged to apply).

Even if there is a VAP (Visiting Assistant Professor) it does not mean that he or she is a shoo-in for the job. Why bother worrying over this? If they express interest, take it seriously.
I have been told that very frequently VAPs are passed over for outsiders in order to get a fresh perspective. So I wouldn't lose hope. Though, if you look at that VAP's syllabus, I would say it's quite a good one.
A prof from Grinnell sent out three calls for applicants on different listservs. Not usually done if they have someone in mind already.
I am the VAP -- thanks for the comments on my syllabus. I can't speak for every job out there, but in my experience, VAPs are treated very similarly to other candidates. In this case, I was not among those selected for an MLA interview. The job listing is very specific and the school, in my understanding, is looking for exactly what they asked for in the announcement. Given that I am not exactly that, they looked elsewhere. I know it is unusual for people to self-identify on here, but I also thought it might be useful for those of you with interviews to go in with the confidence that this is absolutely not an "inside job." I wish you the best of luck. Grinnell is an incredible place to work -- the students are remarkably bright.
How kind of you! May your academic good karma return abundantly.
Wow! VAP, you are the coolest! All the best to you...and sadly, I am not one who was chosen for the MLA. It must have been my writing sample. Urgh.

Harvard (assistant or associate)[]

Deadline: October 27

11/20: email request for more materials

Does anyone know if this search was officially frozen? Why do you ask that? Because of the general announcement that Harvard was freezing:

I don't think so. 12/2 I got an email ACK of receipt of extra materials which said the committee would contact if it needed more info. (x2)

According to today's Chronicle (, Harvard's H&S school "will freeze salaries for faculty members and nonunion staff members, [and] suspend nearly all searches for tenure-track and tenured professors." Alas!

12/10: I got an email saying the search has been canceled for this year. (x3, sigh)

Lehigh University (17th Cent.)[]

Deadline: November 1

10/20 email acknowledging receipt of initial application (x2)
10/24 affirmative action survey received by mail (dated 10/20)
10/28 request for more materials (x3)
11/3 email rejection (x7)
11/3 request for more materials
11/12 email rejection (x2)
11/12 request for more materials (x3)

Why does the list say that interview requests have been made above, but not here? Does one expect that Lehigh will make these requests today (Fourth of December)?

R -- just didn't list here as well, sorry! MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/4

I am surprised that, with at least 7 people reporting WS/dossier requests, only one has reported an MLA request. Anyone else out there with an MLA request? Just seems odd to me.

Sorry, I had interview request around 12/4. I'm kindof a wiki freeloader...

Loyola Marymount, CA[]

Deadline: October 27

10/15 email acknowledging receipt of initial application (x4)
11/17 snail mail affirmative action survey received
11/19 email request for more materials (x3)
12/5 email acknowledgment of receipt of dossier in which they said to expect to hear from them by the end of next week (x3)
12/8 MLA interview scheduled by phone (x2)
12/9 rejection by email (x10) (Very pleasant, and prompt, rejection letter...)(agreed!)

1/28 rejection by snail mail (I interviewed with them at MLA)

Loyola University, New Orleans'[]

Deadline: November 10

11/07 email with affirmative action survey
12/11 MLA interview scheduled by phone (x3)
Does anyone know what's going on with this one? At MLA they told me that they would call "within 2-3 days" to let me know whether they were giving me "thumbs up" or "thumbs down." But I haven't had any such call. R: You're not the only one in the dark.

1/15--Received letter of rejection via snailmail today (I interviewed with them at MLA) 1/20--ditto

I'm still wondering about this one. I interviewed at MLA. I haven't (yet?) received the rejection letter, but I haven't had good news either. I find it a bit odd that nobody's yet reported an invitation to campus. Q: To those of you who have had the rejection letter...Did the letter indicate that fly-backs have been arranged?
A: I am not one of the people who has received a letter--I am in the same boat as you--but I know that those letters are dated early January (like the 6th or something). So I have been working under the assumption that my rejection letter is floating out there in mail space somewhere on its way to me because I feel like they would have contacted us by now.
I'm the one who posted the Q above; received rejection letter today, 1/26
I know they interviewed a great # of candidates at MLA

Marymount Manhattan College (medieval/renaissance)[]

Deadline: November 15

10/28: acknowledgment + affirmative action survey by mail (dated 10/23)
11/6: acknowledgment + affirmative action survey by mail (dated 11/3)
11/20 email requesting dossier
11/28 acknowledgment by mail
Q. Any word on this search?

Look in the medievalist listings--it looks like people from that pool got the interviews for this job even though it was advertised as both. R: Thanks!

1/20: snail-mail rejection letter

Metropolitan State College of Denver[]

Deadline: December 1 (I think) no one's freaking out about MSCD, hunh? :)

Does anyone know anything about Metro State?
Position is on hold/under review due to budget--"cost containment"--email Jan 29/09

Moravian College (Cross listed from Drama)[]

Dramatic lit and Theatre history, Shakespeare welcome.

12/17: MLA interview request via email (x2)

12/18 Rejection via email

  • Rejection via email (1/28)

Nazareth College of Rochester[]

Deadline: November 14

11/14: acknowledgement by mail (x5)
12/8: MLA interview request
12/15 MLA interview request (x2)
1/6 On "short list" for position, notified via email from search chair (x4)

Oberlin College[]

Deadline: November 30

10/23: acknowledgment by mail
10/27: acknowledgment by email
11/12: acknowledgment + affirmative action survey by mail
11/28: acknowledgment by mail

A friend in the department has told me there's a well-loved inside candidate for this one too... (but you never know how this will turn out--outsiders win out inside candidates all the time. Just mentioning it so people know).

Q Anyone know if the same is true for the C19 position?

12/10 MLA interview. they called last night.
12/12 MLA interview scheduled by email.
2/18: Offer accepted.

Ohio State University, Mansfield[]

Deadline: review begins November 15

11/3: dossier request by letter (dated 10/30)
11/17: dossier and writing sample request by letter (dated 11/12)
12/4: mailed acknowledgment
MLA Interview Request 12/5 (x4)

Oklahoma State University[]

Deadline: November 3

11/24: acknowledged by mail (w/ affirmative action survey)

11/25: Request for phone interview by email (X2)

3/9 - Does anyone have any info about this search? A: They've made an offer.

Thanks for taking the time to reply; I appreciate the info.

Sure, but if you were a finalist, you may want to be in touch with them. I don't know if the offer has been accepted (I assume it has, only because there seemed to be an inside candidate for this one).

3/24 - Received a letter today that the search had been "closed" and would be reopened "in the fall semester of 2010." No idea. (I interviewed with them at MLA).

Pacific Lutheran University[]

Deadline: November 1

10/27 acknowledgement by mail (dated 10/23)(x3)
11/3 affirmative action form by mail(x2)
11/18 affirmative action form received by mail
Does anyone have any info on this search? No requests of any kind? Is it still running?
They contacted candidates for the c18 job last week. Perhaps Ren. candidates will hear next?
  • Search cancelled according to MLA job list (12/19)
  • Official letter stating position has been canceled with no hiring for Renaissance in near future. 12/23

Penn State - York (literature before 1800, prefer medieval or renaissance)[]

Deadline: November 10

10/20 acknowledgement by mail
10/27 acknowledgement by mail (dated 10/23) and link to affirmative action survey
11/3 acknowledgement by mail (dated 10/30) and link to affirmative action survey
12/12 request for MLA interview (I'm actually a medievalist; it seems that there were several interview requests for medievalists and the email message said "position in Medieval Literature" so perhaps that's what they are looking for)
According to medieval list, campus visit scheduled

Providence College (Milton)[]

Deadline: November 1

MLA Interview Request (phone) x2

Rockford College[]

Deadline: November 7 Rejection received Dec 10

Phone Interview (post-MLA) Scheduled 12/18 (via e-mail) (x3)

Had my phone interview with Rockford today. I don't think it went well. Oh well... Good luck to the rest of you!

Campus Interview request (1/12)

Semi-rejection letter stating that though they are not inviting me to campus at this time, the position remains open until filled and that my application is still active. (snail mail 1/12)

Saint Joseph College[]

Deadline: December 1

12/12 MLA Interview Request (Phone) (x2)

  • 2/9 - rejection letter, snail mail.

St. Francis Xavier University[]

Deadline: December 15

Hey, Smart Ass -- the deadline was December 1.

According to the MLA job list, it's December 15th.

ack of materials by mail 12/4

Q: Anyone know anything about what's going on with this one? R: No, I haven't heard anything since the original acknowledgement either.

Rejection: 2/10

St. Mary's University (San Antonio)[]

application acknowledged (email) 11/19

Search canceled: email notification 12/19 --yes via a half-finished letter attached to an email.

yes, the letter literally read: "Dear first name last name," and went on from there! Even "dear applicant" would have been better.

Swarthmore College[]

Deadline: October 31

dossier request 10/22
a question about this--since they asked for a full dossier (letters, writing sample, transcript) with completed application, what does "dossier request" mean here?
Has anyone heard *anything* about this one at all? I'll settle for gossip...a: They hope to make their selections this weekend and contact them next week-- this from the SC chair.
Thank you!
arg the wait is killing me (x5) me too but what else is new?
MLA interview request by phone 12/18 (x6)

Anyone know the date range for campus visits here?

Syracuse University (17th Century)[]

Deadline: November 15

10/23 request for writing sample
10/28 request for writing sample (and dossier) (x2)
11/4 request for writing sample and dossier
11/11 request for writing sample and dossier
11/18 request for writing sample and dossier
11/25 request for writing sample and dossier by email
12/4 (circa) MLA interview request (x3)

Trinity University[]

Deadline: November 24

MLA Interview request by phone 12/3 (x2)
Campus Visits 3rd week of January
Offer made 1/27; accepted ~ 1/30

Tulane University (early modern transatlantic)[]

Deadline: October 15

dossier request 10/22 (x2) MLA interview (11/26)

MLA interview request (thanksgiving week)

rejection via email (12/4) (x2)

Invitations for campus visits have been extended (as of Jan 3, via chair)

Can someone explain what 'Early Modern Transatlantic' means?? I took it as a typo for 'Early ModernIST Transatlantic.'

"Early modern"=16th through 18th century (some may limit it to 16th/17th c.); It is sometimes used to connote a different ideological stance regarding the Renaissance; its earliest use, as far as I know, was in Linguistics as a means of marking the transition from Middle English to Modern English. "Transatlantic" has various definitions or foci from European encounters in the New World or Anglo-West African relations to Colonial writing etc.

University of Alabama (Renaissance drama)[]

Deadline: October 31

11/6 email request for writing sample [x2]

11/18 email request for writing sample

  • feels like forever ago they requested the WS...anyone hear anything about this one?

12/13 MLA interview (scheduled by phone) (x2); 12/14 MLA interview request (phone) (x2) 12/14: Received an extremely nice and personal rejection letter via email. Me too--their SC is very nice.

Offer accepted 2/28.

University of Arkansas (Little Rock)[]


University of California, Berkeley (Asst./Assoc.)[]

Deadline: October 31

10/21 email acknowledging receipt of complete application (x3)
10/23 email acknowledging receipt of complete application
10/28 email acknowledging receipt of complete application
11/3 email acknowledging receipt of complete application
11/4 postcard by mail (x2)
Any word/gossip/rumor about the UCal schools vis. hiring freezes? (or are they just taking their time setting up MLA interviews?)

just taking their time. search still on (12.12)

I know that UCSB's is still on, so Berkeley's is probably still on as well.

12/12 MLA interview request in email (x3)
  • Funny, just 1? Any word whether they're looking more at the assistant or associate level?
  • Perhaps it has to do with VK, who might be headed to Chicago next year (according to the rumor mill)? hmmm...
  • Hmmm . . . that's v. interesting . . .!
I hadn't heard that rumor. But wouldn't that imply they were looking to hire at the full or at least associate level? Those of you who have gotten interviews so far, do you mind letting us know if you are at the assistant or associate level?
This has nothing to do with that possibility. They ran this search 2 years ago and it failed for whatever reason. They decided then to wait until this year to hire.

--I'm asst level. And yes, this is just a repeat of the last search, although that one was also open rank...

University of California, Santa Barbara (Renaissance Drama)[]

Deadline: October 24

10/27 mailed acknowledgment and affirmative action survey (x3)
11/21 emailed acknowledgment and link to affirmative action survey
12/12 MLA interview scheduled by phone
12/14 MLA interview scheduled by phone (x2)
12/15 MLA interview scheduled by phone (x3)
2/7 snail mail rejection letter.
  • My rejection letter said this position received about 120 applications. Even though that's a lot for one job, I actually thought the number was low. I have heard so many horror stories about there being 300+ applications for one job. Is it possible that the Renaissance cohort is getting smaller?
  • It was a genre-specific (drama) posting. So that's a high number, actually.

University of Dubuque (Shakespeare)[]

11/18 mailed acknowledgment
  • 12/21 So, only 1 phone interview to all people on the wiki? That seems strange. Anyone have some info about this position? (getting desperate here...)
12/23 I was the one who interviewed; they said that they had others and that if I was a finalist, they would contact me for a campus visit in early Jan. It is probably that the other people are just not here on the board.

University of Houston, Clear Lake[]

Deadline: October 31

Phone interview scheduled for 12/4

This line has been cancelled this year for budgetary reasons.

University of Iowa (Renaissance Lit and Early Modern Culture)[]

Deadline: November 3

10/20 email acknowledging receipt of initial application (x2)
10/22 email request for writing sample and dossier
10/23 email request for writing sample and dossier (x2)
10/29 email request for writing sample and dossier
12/18 MLA interview scheduled by phone (x2)
anyone hear anything on this one? WS were requested a very long time ago...
According to the Des Moines Register 11/25 "Iowa's public universities will not lay off employees or freeze hiring this budget year, but the schools might be forced into more dramatic cuts if the national economic crisis worsens, officials said. 'That may become necessary as we go into next year if things deteriorate,' Iowa Board of Regents president David Miles said Monday." Hopefully word will be forthcoming from here soon.

Not sure whether that's good or bad: MLA interviews, campus visits, but no offer in the end?

    • I'm not an Renaissance person, but I am at UI, and I can say that the search is going forward (the MLA interviews scheduled above show that). I'd add too, from what I can tell (not being on the search committee and such)that the committee itself is leaning towards "early modern" more than "renaissance", but I'll leave you folks who know the sub-fields better than I do to figure that one out.
    • Two offers made and accepted.

University of Louisville[]

Deadline: November 7

10/29 email request for writing sample and dossier (x2)
11/5 email request for writing sample and dossier
11/12 email request for writing sample and dossier
11/13 email request for writing sample and dossier
11/17 email request for writing sample and dossier (x2)
11/20 email request for writing sample and dossier
11/25 email request for writing sample and dossier
12/05 phone call request for writing sample and dossier

12/9 phone call scheduling MLA interview 12/10 MLA interview scheduled by phone

above, two calls are marked for 12/12 -- so they keep calling?

12/29 Campus visit scheduled

University of Mary Washington (early modern non-dramatic)[]

Deadline: November 3

Anyone know what's going on here? No dossier requests or anything?

Also wondering this.

MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/15

I got a gruff letter (12/17) saying they had already HIRED for this position. What's up with that? -- 12/18 got the same letter
That is seriously strange. I got just a plain old interview request, so to my knowledge they haven't hired yet. I've also heard that this is an undisclosed 4/4 job - too bad if that's the case.
I've interviewed for another position at Mary Washington in the past, and yes, the teaching load is 4/4. Given the state of VA's budget, I would guess that it will remain that way for the foreseeable future.
According to the interview team the load is 4/3 with a 3/3 in the first year.

University of Miami[]


Deadline: November 3

10/25 acknowledgment by mail
10/31 according to MLA JIL, Search has been cancelled
11/4 letter by post dated 10/29 saying search is postponed until next year (2)

University of Oklahoma[]

Deadline: review begins November 7

10/27 email request for writing sample
11/3 email request for writing sample (x4)
11/14 email request for writing sample

Note: Sorry about originally putting an incorrect deadline here. November 7 is what the MLA JIL has and I must have just written it down wrong.

12/8 MLA interview scheduled by phone (x6)
Q: anyone know how many candidates this search invited to campus?

University of Southern California[]

Deadline: November 1

was this search frozen as well?

I'm wondering too; apparently the California R1 schools haven't budged!

No insight on this particular search, but please do remember that UC schools are public and USC is private (2 different systems). In this climate, that might not make a huge difference in terms of whether the search is frozen, but I do know at least several other UC schools (surprisingly) have searches going forward (for example, UCI in medieval), so there may yet be hope in some places . . .

It was a multi-field search anyway, so they may just have decided to give it to art history or history. Also, because of the nature of the search, they may be following a different schedule / model. (Don't think the ad mentioned MLA, to begin with.)

One can keep track of this position at the wikis for Art History and History:


MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/9 (x3)

Q: Just out of curiosity, were there WS requests for this position? A: Come to think of it, no.

A: WS requests are being made of MLA interviewees.
Other information: over 300 apps from three fields, just over 20 (split between the three fields) to be interviewed; line is safe from freeze and budget cut

Q: at what level are they interviewing? ABD, VAP, TTAP? thanks.

ABD in my case.

Any word on this one or a timeline?

  • I think that they said we'd hear around the 20th.
Campus visit scheduled by phone 1/16

Q: What field(s) are you in, those of you that got a campus visit invitation? thanks...

Update (Oct. 2010): in the end, it was Art History which hired their man.

University of Southern Mississippi[]

Deadline: December 1

Request for MLA interview by phone 12/12 (x3)
Campus visit scheduled by phone 1/12
Search Canceled, email from SC chair 2/3

University of Texas, Austin (poetry)[]

Deadline: October 15

Request for further materials 11/3 (x7)
Rejection letter by mail 11/29 (x3)
MLA interview scheduled by email 12/6 (x3)

Does anyone have *any* idea who is on the SC for this? Besides EC?
A: Wayne Rebhorn and Frank Whigham. (There's also a UT grad student who was on the interview team.)
Campus visit scheduled at MLA (x2)
Campus visit requested by phone, 12/28
Offer made early February (2/6)

University of Texas, Dallas (open rank)[]

Deadline: November 15

11/11 mailed letter acknowledging application dated 10/29
12/9 mailed acknowledgment (dated 12/2)
12/12 email to request a phone call to schedule MLA interview (x2)

Any word about campus visits? R: No word here yet, but I am pretty sure they said they would be meeting the week of the 12th. I am beginning to give up hope.

Ditto--no word from them? does anyone know if they've scheduled campus interviews yet? My hope wanes as well.

Any thoughts on whether it would be okay to contact them to ask about the status of the search?

(Per chair) The selection committee met on 1/14, two finalists were chosen -- one Asst. level, one Full Prof level. Apps then went to the Dean, who has just yesterday (1/22) given approval. Notifications should go out within days, if not hours. Sit tight.

Thanks for sharing this info!

I heard from a friend who works in the department that invitations have been extended. 1/26

Invited for campus visit (3/3)

US Naval Academy (interest in Milton)[]

Deadline: November 7

10/25 acknowledgment by mail
11/13 dossier and more materials request by email (x2)
11/20 more materials request by snail mail
11/24 more materials request by email
12/15 phone request for MLA interview

Q: Any info at all here? Anyone know if they got funding for this job? This page [1] suggests the possibility of hiring in other fields instead.

I've heard from them recently (not an interview request but a follow up on materials), so I think the search is still on.

  • OK, thanks
MLA interview scheduled by phone

Any news about this search? Have they already selected finalists?

Got a nice post-MLA letter today saying they've cancelled the search for budgetary reasons.


Deadline: October 15

10/17 mailed letter acknowledging receipt of initial application with mail-back affirmative action survey (x4)
10/27 rec'd affirmative action survey
11/14 email request for dossier/writing sample (x3)

12/12 phone/email request for MLA interview (x2)

12/15 (very kind and personal) rejection letter received by post
12/19 rec'd a very kind, very detailed rejection letter by email that makes me happy to have applied

Q: Anyone know if the VAPs are inside candidates here?

Q follow-up: What VAPs are you referring to?

A: I know at least one early modernist VAP at Vanderbilt who is on the market this year (you won't be able to find this person under "field" on the dept. website).

Maybe it would be best then if you could ask her? (and let us know...)

A: I can't ask him b/c I'm on a SC (Devious, I know).

Q: Are you also on the market? And were you at the same time also reading the app. materials of this person? And perhaps even interviewing him (as well as / or others)? How cool is that!

A: I think it is safe to expect that this will be a thorough national search, with no inside candidate. At some smaller colleges a VAP might have some priority in the search process, but not at an institution with this kind of profile.

12/23 form rejection letter via snail mail.

Campus interviews are happening (info from non-Eng Dept fac). 2 talks, the second scheduled for 1/15.

Wake Forest University (Shakespeare/drama)[]

Deadline: October 31

Writing Sample/Teaching Philosophy requested 10-21 (x3)
Writing Sample/TP/Dossier requested 11/04
writing sample/TP/ Dossier requested via email 11/05
11/3 mailed letter of acknowledge and AAE survey
Writing Sample/Teaching Philosophy/Dossier requested 11/10
Writing Sample, TP, Dossier request (email) 11/11
Writing sample, teaching philosophy, dossier request (email), 11/12
MLA interview request 12/4
MLA interview request 12/8

Western Carolina University[]

  • early British drama (medieval, Renaissance/early modern, and/or the long eighteenth-century). Ability to teach drama from multiple nationalities and periods including modern and/or contemporary drama a plus]
  • Applications received by December 8 may be considered for prescreening interviews at MLA.
  • Q: Did anyone who applied receive any sort of email confirmation?
  • A: No. just the confirmation page with the electronic submission; I think it's hit or miss whether the department sends an additional confirmation. At least that's been my experience with online apps . . .
  • Q: Anyone have any idea what "prescreening" entails?
  • A: Maybe they mean preliminary interviews. Perhaps they are planning just to do campus interviews if they don't get many applications before/by Dec. 8.
  • A: They do seem to mean preliminary interviews. The dept. chair said they have to call them "prescreening" because the position hasn't gotten final budget approval.
MLA interview request by phone 12/15 (x2)

Q: I was told they would schedule campus interviews third week in January. Has anyone received an update on this search? A: I received a phone call saying I was in the top 4, discussing some details about the job and asking for contact info for my references. It is my understanding that they will be inviting two people to campus sometime this week.

  • interview scheduled 1/27
  • Search canceled via email 4/2

Western Kentucky University (prefer Shakespeare)[]

No Deadline: Review begins Oct 31 (UPDATE: letter of acknowledgment says review begins Nov. 3rd)

10/27 letter of acknowledgment (dated 10/23) and survey to return by mail
12/02 phone interview request (x2)
1/12 email update from SC, will make decisions about campus visits in next few days
1/24, rejection letter via snail mail.

Whittier College (prefer Shakespeare)[]

Deadline: November 1

MLA interview request 12/5 (x5)
Wow! Those were the nicest people ever. I would love to work there.
  • Nicest people in the world. I love them. The search chair is hilarious. Did you read his course descriptions? One from a couple of years ago was "Shakespeare, 'nuff said." haha.
  • rec'd nice reject letter 1/16 (Q: Did you interview? A: no)
Q: Does anyone know anything about Whittier's timeline? They told me at MLA they'd be in touch "as soon as we can"; any more detailed info? A: The told me that they were hoping to have campus interviews scheduled by the middle of the month, with the visits at the end of the month.

A: I received the same info. But it looks like -- at least according to the wiki -- they may be a tad behind. They do have a January interim term that meets every day, so I'm sure that they are very busy with class. At least, the search chair is. He's teaching a class, I know. Not sure about the rest of them.

Odd - they had told me that they wouldn't be making decisions until the end of Jan, maybe even as late as early Feb.

At my interview they said they'd be in touch as soon as possible in January and I haven't heard anything from them as of today (1/24).

Q: Does anyone know how many people they were interviewing at MLA? The wiki posts 6, but if they interviewed a lot more people than that, it's possible they invited people to campus who aren't on the wiki. That would really be a bummer, but I guess it's always a possibility. (Pretty obvious, I've not heard anything either -- although every time my phone rings, I jump out of my skin...)

Me too--especially since this is the only decent TT job that I still might in the running for at this point.

I believe they interviewed twelve people.

A: I haven't heard anything either. (I might or might not be one of the 6 listed on the wiki; I don't always post.) It seems a possibility either way, that the search has gone ahead or that it hasn't yet. Hope there are no budgetary problems with the search!

I was also told at MLA that they would make a decision about flybacks at any time after mid Jan, even early Feb. Good luck!

rejection letter received 1/26 (I didn't interview with them at MLA)

Update: Funding for the position now has to be re-approved at a meeting in late February before flybacks can go ahead. (I also received this email today, 2/2 x2)

  • I currently have no other options, and I really want this job, so I'm hunkering down for a long wait. Good luck everyone.

- You are not alone in being in that position. I think it's both a place that many people would like to be, and at this point, at least several people's last hope.

  • I'm sure the people interviewed at MLA all got basically the same email about the budget. SC said to contact him with questions, and I emailed a couple. Haven't heard back. Now, I know this is their first week of the spring semester, but I'm worried. He seemed wonderfully sincere, but should I have just shut up and waited? Dang it.

I think he was definitely sincere about calling him or emailing him, so don't worry about it, but don't be surprised if he can't get back to you at the moment. I think they'll get back to the people they want to fly back in early Feb, or they'll email everyone to tell us it's all canceled. Sounds like a good number of us really liked them at MLA. Good luck!

  • It's 2/25 and I never did get an email response from the SC. Maybe I'm out of the running... But anyway, just wondering if anyone has heard from Whittier.

A: My impression is that the situation has not changed at all--I recently had a brief email conversation with the chair when I accepted a position elsewhere, and it sounded like the search hasn't moved forward or been canceled. It's still late February.

  • R to A: Thanks for that update. Congrats on the job! Hope it's someplace awesome!

Yes, congrats! I spoke w/the chair recently also (for the same reason), and he said it doesn't look like there will be a position, but he did leave room for that small possibility.

Why does someone keep deleting from this entry? There were a couple of things posted that are now gone.

By the way - as of 3/4 - nothing heard. I did email the SC on 3/2, but no response came back.

3/12, I called the SC today to see if anything new is happening, but I had to leave a message. If I hear anything, I'll let you all know.

- Thank you! It's appreciated (2x)

* Just so you know... I never did get a call back from the SC after I left a message. Not sure what's going on. I emailed twice, called once, (over the last month and a half) and never got a response. You'd think something would have happened by now. Maybe they're just ignoring ME. If so... all right... but it would be nice it something were mentioned sometime. Last communication was almost two months ago. What's up??

* Thanks again for the info. I'm sure it's not you or anything personal. They probably just don't have any new information. It seemed as though the position hinged upon a reassessment of the original budget, and perhaps that hasn't taken place yet. I do know that some colleges are very reliant on their enrollment, and quite honestly, I'm not sure at what point in the year these numbers become "hard" ones rather than speculative. Once there is some sort of decision, I imagine they will get in touch. The waiting is tough though. Hang in there! 

3/22 I last heard from them about a month ago. I had one of my committee members email on my behalf and the SC chair got back to them with essentially the same info that was in that update email earlier in the month. I haven't tried to contact them since then.

10-5-2009 - according to their department newsletter, their search was canceled due to funding, but they are slated to re-post the job in the coming year, so keep your eyes open.

Winona State University[]

Deadline: November 14

10/28 acknowledgment by email with attached affirmative action/background check consent forms
another school not getting much attention. Any info here? R: Nope, I haven't heard anything since the initial confirmation of the receipt of my ap. either. I suspect that search might not be going ahead since even back in the fall it was listed as "pending budgetary approval."
1/27 called the department today and was told that nothing has been canceled.
Thanks for the info. Did they give any indication of when/if they were going to schedule interviews?
  • According to the Medieval wiki: 1/28 they interviewed at MLA and have scheduled campus visits
  • Their posting was for Medieval through Renaissance, so I'm pretty sure this search is still underway, but if you haven't heard from them (like I haven't), then it might be "over."

candidate accepted job 2/17/09

Xavier University (Shakespeare/renaissance drama)[]

Deadline: November 7