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See Renaissance 2011 for positions for AY 2011-12.

Renaissance/Early Modern[]

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Applicant Count:[]

Please count yourself according to which genre you primarily work in. Make sure to update the total:


Poetry: 11

Prose: 2

More Than One Genre: 23

Total: 64


ABD (early): 2

ABD (will finish this academic year): 25

Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, post-doc, adjunct): 20

Assistant Professor: 21

Associate Professor: 3

Full Professor:1

Lurker: 1

Total: 60

Offers Made[]

  • if possible, can the people who have accepted these offers please post to say so?

Albion: (accepted 2/3)

Allegheny C: 2/18 (accepted 2/25)

Assumption (accepted 2/10)

Bemidji State (accepted June 11)

Carnegie Mellon (accepted 2/3)

Clemson (accepted)

Dartmouth (accepted early Feb.)

Drake (accepted 5/4)

Duquesne (accepted 2/26)

Indiana U-Purdue U, Indianapolis (Visiting Research Associate) (accepted 01/31)

Ithaca College

Kent State OH (3/10 accepted)

Lake Forest (accepted)

Lehigh U (accepted ~2/19)

Linfield College (accepted)

Loyola Marymount

Loyola Chicago (accepted)

Manhattan (accepted)

Mary 'Baldwin College (accepted 1/14)

Muskingum (accepted)

Nazareth (accepted 2/8)

Northeastern University (accepted Feb.)

NYU 4/6

Pomona (accepted)

Ramapo College (accepted 3/12)


Rhode Island College (accepted Feb.)

Saint Joseph College (accepted Feb.)

Union College (accepted Feb.)

University of Arkansas, Little Rock: accepted 5/5

University of South Carolina-Beaufort (decline with deep regret- they're wonderful 3/12)

University of Tennessee, Chattanooga (accepted 3/7)

University of Haifa (accepted 3/16)

University of Victoria (declined)

Wake Forest

Whittier College 3/5

Xavier (accepted 3/4)

Campus Visits Scheduled[]

Albion 1/6

Allegheny 1/17 (x2)

Assumption College 1/7

Carnegie Mellon 12/29 (x2)

Clemson 12/29

Coastal Carolina 1/26

Dartmouth 12/29

Duquesne 12/29

Ithaca (1/6) (1/7)

Lehigh 12/29

Linfield 1/12 e-mail

Manhattan College 1/3 (x3)

Muskingum University 1/14 email

Nazareth College 1/6 (interviewing 2)

New York University, Gallatin School 12/23; 1/08 (technically this is just the first round of interviews); 1/28 (Campus visit scheduled)

Northeastern University 1/8

Oklahoma 1/8

Pomona 1/12

Ramapo 2/1 (x3)

Reed College (1/7 per Medieval wiki)

Rhode Island College 2/2

St. Joseph College 1/4 (x2) (said they are interviewing 4)

Union College 1/6 (x2)

University of Arkansas, Little Rock 3/18 (phone)

University of South Carolina, Beaufort (1/13) e-mail (x2)

University of Tennessee, Chattanooga (2/9) (phone)

University of Victoria, BC 1/14 (phone & email)

Wake Forest 12/28 (x4)

Washington University St Louis (2 visits scheduled for the week of 1/18)

Whittier 1/21

Xavier University 1/11

MLA and Phone Interviews Scheduled []

Please specify: school name; date scheduled; contact method (phone, email, etc.); and interview type (phone, MLA, etc.) Add Interview Statistics on Renaissance Discussion Page.

Albion (MLA) 12/8 phone call (mine was via email)

Allegheny (MLA) 12/15 (phone call x5)

Assumption(MLA) 12/15 (email x4) 12/21 (email)

Carnegie Mellon (MLA) 12/8 phone call (x6)

Clemson (MLA) 12/10 phone call (x2)

Coastal Carolina Univ 12/15 (x2) (MLA)

Dartmouth (MLA) 12/7 (x4), 12/16 (x2)

Duquesne (MLA) 12/9 (phone) (x4)

Ithaca (MLA) 12/9 (phone) (x8)

Lake Forest (MLA) 12/11 (phone) (x5)

Lehigh U (MLA): 12/8 (x4) (email)

Linfield College (MLA) 11/17 email, 12/14 email (x2), 12/17 (x3)

Loyola University, Chicago 12/14 email (x2)

Loyola Marymount (Skype) 12/9 email (x3)

Manhattan College 12/16 (phone), 12/17 (phone call, MLA interview)

Mary Baldwin (phone) 9/30

Muskingum University (MLA) 10/30

Nazareth College of Rochester (MLA) 12/4 phone call (x4) , 12/9 phone call

Northeastern (MLA) 12/15 phone call, 12/18 phone call

Oklahoma State University (phone) 12/8, e-mail (x5); 12/15 second round of phone interviews (email) (x3)

Pomona College (MLA) 12/17 (phone) (x6)

Reed College (MLA) 12/11 (email (x3)), 12/17 (x2)

St. Joseph's College (MLA) 12/19 (phone) (x3)

Union College (MLA) 12/2 (x5)

University of Arkansas, Little Rock (phone) 12/9, e-mail (x4); 12/18 (video follow-up), email

University of South Carolina, Beaufort (MLA) phone 12/13, email/phone 12/14 (x2)

University of Tennessee, Chatanooga (phone) 1/22 (x3)

University of Haifa 12/10 (x3)

Wake Forest (MLA) 12/3, 12/4, 12/5, 12/8

Washington University, St. Louis (MLA) 12/1 (x2) ----teaching postdoc (phone) 5/18

Whittier College (MLA) 12/11 phone call (x2), 12/13 (x2)

Xavier U (MLA) 12/3 phone call (x5)

Renaissance/Early Modern Jobs[]

Post MLA Jobs (The Spring Market!)[]

Belmont University[]

"The College of Arts and Sciences at Belmont University invites applications for a tenure-track position in Early Modern Literature with a specialty in Shakespeare, beginning August 2010. . . For additional information about the position and to complete the online application, candidates are directed to" [From MLA JIL]

"Review of applications will begin April 19 and continue until the position is filled."

Acknowledgment received:

Request for Additional Materials:


Interview Scheduled: phone interview (4/27) (x2)

Campus Interview Scheduled: 5/7

Offer made:

Offer accepted: 6/10


  • Had my phone interview and I think it went so-so. They didn't offer up what their timeline was going to be, so I asked about it. The answer was a little curt, so I'm thinking they might not be interested in me. Whatever. I've been on the market for three years. I'm used to it. (Incidentally, the timeline is that they will be phone interviewing people for the next few days and inviting people to campus in the next couple of weeks. Couldn't be more vague if you asked.)
  • I had mine today as well. I thought everyone seemed friendly, though I had the same experience with the timeline question. I got a follow-up phone call asking for my letters of reference and then an email asking for syllabi. I wonder if this is something they are asking from all of the phone-interviewees or if this is a second weeding-out process?
  • I did not get a follow-up call. So if you got that, I'm sure they are interested in you. Good luck!
  • Thanks, wiki-pal! I hope something turns up for you!
  • Rejection phone call (5/7)

Centenary College (NJ)[]

Assistant Professor of English (Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Literature) link

Ad encourages local candidates (no moving expenses covered); Also posted at Medieval 2010

Deadline: unclear (ad posted on InsideHigherEd 5/3)

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for additional materials: N/A

Initial interview scheduled: N/A

Campus interview scheduled: N/A

Offer made: N/A

Offer accepted: N/A


Dominican College link (March 5 deadline)[]

Acknowledgment received: emailed 2/16, 3/2

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

Rejection Letter: N/A

interview scheduled: 4/6 (x2)

Campus interview scheduled: N/A

Offer made: 4/20

Offer accepted: 4/28

NOTES AND QUERIES: These guys are having me come in for an on-campus interview only 45 mins long. This is really weird. I don't know if they're only doing local candidates, in which case they should've said this up front (surely they're not flying people across the country for a 45-min interview), or if they're jumping to the campus visit stage, in which case 45 mins makes no sense. ??

Response to above: I wish these jobs would say if they are only interviewing locals. I wouldn't waste my time! Good luck with your interview.

Hunter College, CUNY Link[]

(AP, Open until filled)

Acknowledgment received: 4/28

Request for Additional Materials: 5/27


Interview Scheduled:

Campus Interview Scheduled:

Offer made: yes

Offer accepted:


Note that there are TWO listings on (This is for Shakespeare and Renaissance drama. Areas of interest: textual studies, visual and material culture, performance, early modern notions of subjectivity and authorship, controversies over gender, race, empire and national identity.) (This is listed as Renaissance/Early Modern British literature. Areas of interest: colonial, transatlantic, comparative and post-modern approaches; nation, race, gender, class; early encounters between British and indigenous people; and interdisciplinary approaches.)

QUESTION: Has anyone confirmed that these positions actually exist, that the listings are not HR errors? I ask because they are verbatim copies of ads for positions at Hunter that were filled two or three years ago. A few members of the department there knew nothing about them.

Response: Not exactly a confirmation, but the ads are up on the Chronicle's website too.

Response 2: Maybe they have a lot of turn over. One of my friends mentioned that Hunter has been hiring a lot in the last five years. If they do, it's possible that people aren't happy there and move on. Maybe they don't pay enough to survive in New York. Chronicle lists their average salary as being about 73.5K for assistants, but with the high cost of living there, that is not much money. (And that's the average amount -- humanities faculty would make less, certainly.) If you don't have a double income, it would be hard to live on that (especially if, like me, you have a lot of student loans). Just a thought.

Response: I applied last week. I have received a personalized confirmation from the department administrative assistant, stating that there are a high volume of applications, so they will only be responding to people they wish to interview. Nice of them to let me know in advance, since I have waited countless times at other places for just a simple e-mail acknowledgement.

Response: Also heard that members of the dept. thought it was a mistake, but applied and just received submission confirmation email from administrative assistant. The department chair and search committee chair were cc'd, so this looks legit. However, I noticed that the job is not advertised on the JIL. What's up with that, and why do so many members of the dept. not know they are hiring?

Response: Um, since I've been involved in teaching and administration at a college, that is just plain weird. I'm not sure what it means when the faculty of a dept have no idea if a job search for TWO early modern jobs, including Shakespeare, is legit. Be that as it may, my app was acknowledged. Oh, and they did not ask for letters of rec or references in the ad, but the e-mail said my app was complete.

QUESTION: Has everyone been submitting their applications via regular mail, or do they accept email?

Response: There is not option for electronic submission. The only address they offered was postal. I sent mine by regular mail.

Has anyone heard anything? This search seems strangely shrouded in mystery.

A: I have heard, vaguely, through the grapevine, that this is probably a bogus search . . . however, I know no more details to back that up. Maybe someone else does . . .?

Search is real: just got a dossier request from the chair of the search committee. They plan to interview the week of June 7th.

  • Just curious if they are interviewing locals only.

I don't think so. If it helps any, I am an advanced TT AP in another state.

A: The search is all too real. I was a finalist for the Early Modern/Renaissance position and just got the disappointing news this morning (6/21) that they offered the job to someone else. Best wishes, however, to whoever landed this position. It seems like a great place to be.

Kenyon College Link[]

Open 1 yr. VAP (pre-1800 preferred): Open until Filled

Acknowledgment received:

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

Rejection Letter: N/A

Phone interview scheduled: 4/16

Campus interview scheduled: 4/26

Offer made: ca. 5/11

Offer accepted: ca. 5/13


Q: I'm probably out of the running anyway, but just out of curiosity -- did the committee say that they would fly people in at the end of this week (of 4/26) or decide who to fly in at the end of this week? I was so flustered by my crappy phone interview that I forgot. // Not sure that I understand the question, but I gather that two finalists have been chosen, notified for fly-ins to take place next week (1st week of May). // Thanks: that's what I was wondering. Sorry, now that I see the question, I can see what a mess it is!

Rhodes College Link[]

One yr. VAP in Shakespeare Studies

Review begins April 5: Open until filled

Acknowledgment received: 4/6

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

Rejection Letter: N/A

Phone interview scheduled: N/A

Campus interview scheduled: 4/14

Offer made: N/A

Offer accepted: 4/28


University of Alabama in Huntsville[]

Link to University's job description

TT Asst. Prof. in Dramatic Literature / Shakespeare: course load 3/3

Negotiable start date: Fall 2010 or Spring 2011

Application Deadline: July 1

Acknowledgment received:

Request for Additional Materials: 6/28 (via email x2), 6/29 (by email)

Rejection Letter:

SKYPE interview scheduled: 07/09 (by phone x2)

Phone interview scheduled:

Campus interview scheduled: 08/18 (by phone x2)

Offer made: 08/31

Offer accepted: 09/10

  • Congrats!!


University of Georgia (4/9) Link[]

Deadline: April 9

Acknowledgment: 3/4, 3/9, 3/18, 3/25, 3/29, 4/5

Request for materials: emailed for Dossier (by mail) and Writing Sample (PDF) (3/17, 3/23, 3/26)

Q: For those who've received requests for further materials, what are your specialities?

-My specialty is poetry and prose, primarily 17th century. Hope this helps, and good luck to all!

Q: How much time passed between your app arriving and the request for materials? The deadline hasn't passed - it seems early for the requests, right?

A. It is clear from the other two searches that Georgia's committees are responding quickly to applications, as you might expect, given the late date. My guess, dear bold-faced inquisitor, is that the phone interviews will be scheduled soon after the April 9th deadline.

A: I agree. I received my materials request less than a week after my application went in. An advisor suggested that they're reviewing materials on a rolling basis to save time.

Ok - Writer who believed the interviews would be scheduled soon after the deadline... any nibbles?

Rejection Received: 4/21 (x3) (via email; after writing sample request. Over 300 applications received, though that probably includes the other searches as well.) email noted that they've scheduled campus visits

Phone Interview: scheduled 4/16 (by phone)

Campus Visit: scheduled 4/20

Offer Made: 5/5

Offer Accepted: Yes.


This posting was sent over the Society of Early Americanists listserv (and others): Assistant Professor of English, University of Georgia

The University of Georgia English Department will be making up to three tenure-track appointments before the end of May in three field American Literature before 1900, Renaissance/Early Modern Studies, and Postcolonial Writing in English. Successful applicants will hav strong research program (including peer-reviewed publication) and outstanding teaching credentials. We would particularly like to hear from candidates with interests and expertise in one of the following secondary areas: Medieval Studies, Humanities Computing, Creative Writing. The position carries a 2-2 teaching load with significant research expectations. Service on Department and University committees, as well as the mentoring of undergraduate majors and graduate students, are important responsibilities of all tenure-track faculty. Please refer to our web site for more information about the Department: .

I understand that it will be posted on Friday (March 5), both on the MLA Job List and in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Vanderbilt University[]

"The Department of English at Vanderbilt University seeks a scholar of early modern literature for a three-year, non-tenure-track appointment as Mellon Assistant Professor in English" (posted on MLA JIL)

Review of applications begins April 15

Acknowledgment received: 4/19

Request for Additional Materials:

Rejection Letter: 5/13

Phone interview scheduled: 5/7 (schedule via phone)

Campus interview scheduled:

Offer made:

Offer accepted:


Has anyone heard from Vandy? What's going on with Vandy? What's their timeline? I wonder how the flood will have impacted this search (not to mention the school, its students, and its surroundings). If anyone has any information, please let us know.

Can't say much about this search in particular, but the flood in general knocked the whole university out of commission for a couple of days. Most of the flooding was in the medical center part of campus, though, so I imagine the humanities searches wouldn't be too delayed.

Washington University (in St. Louis): May 1[]

"One-year postdoctoral fellowship in Early Modern English Drama at Washington University in St. Louis. Teaching duties to include, survey of British literature before 1700 and Shakespeare. Please send letter of application, précis of dissertation, and 7500-word writing sample. We would prefer electronic submission (, but will be happy to accept submission by mail to Vincent B. Sherry, Chair, Department of English, Washington University, One Brookings Drive, Box 1122, St. Louis, MO 63130. Priority will be given to applications received by May 1, 2010. Applications from women and other members of underrepresented groups are especially encouraged." [From MLA JIL]

Acknowledgment received:

Request for Additional Materials: 4/26 by email (requested dossier, teaching evaluations and teaching reports), 5/5 by email (same)

Rejection Letter: 6/11

Phone interview scheduled: 5/18 (email)

Campus interview scheduled:

Offer made: yes (circa June 1)

Offer accepted: yes (heard this second-hand)


Albion College (11/05)[]

Acknowledgment received: 10/19

Request for Additional Materials: dossier and teaching materials 10/19 (x4); 10/27; 11/7; 11/9 (x2), 11/17, 11/21, 11/24 (x2); 11/25

Rejection Email: 12/10, 12/11 (x2)

MLA interview scheduled: 12/8

Campus interview scheduled: 1/6 (via email)

Offer made: 2/2

Offer accepted: 2/3 (via medieval wiki)


Q: Anyone know what Albion's definition of a dossier is?  I get that it includes letters and sample syllabi, but do they want teaching evals/stats or a writing sample?  

R: My letter from Albion said "we would like to see your dossier. Please include sample syllabi and/or your teaching statement."  I did not send a writing sample. I sent my stuff in about a month ago. So far no one has contacted me to say that my application was missing anything.


Q: Have the requests for additional materials come in the mail or over email?

R: I got mine via snail mail on 10/19, but I think the later ones are being sent via email. (that's what the Medieval page suggests, at least)

R: I just got one by snail mail.

Q: As the ad for this position was asking for a specialist in "medieval literature and early modern drama" (which seems like a rather unlikely--though certainly not impossible--combo to me), I'm curious to know whether all the people who got dossier requests from Albion actually do both of these things. Did *anyone* who just does early modern get a request, or was it only hybrid Med-Ren people?

R: I'm a hybrid. 

R: I'm really only an early modernist, but I said that I could teach medieval.

R: I'm primarily an early modernist, but also do some Medieval work

Q: Did people double report dossier request information on this page and also on the medieval page? If not, Albion must have made a whole lot of requests!

R: I only reported it here, and I was thinking the same thing! (x2)

Q: A couple of people over on the Medieval page are reporting that they "received a nice email informing me that I would not be interviewed at MLA" on 12/10. Did anyone here get one of those?

R: Yep! (x2 -- I suspect they sent them to the people who had they had requested additional materials from.) Q to R: Did anyone who got one of these nice emails on 12/10 *not* get asked for additional materials? [R: Yes, I got one of those nice emails today (12/11) and was not asked for additional materials.] * I also received a lovely rejection email today (12/11) after sending in additional materials.

  • nice rejection letter 3/2

Allegheny College (2 year VAP) (11/2)[]

Acknowledgment received: 10/31; 11/2; 11/3; 11/5 ; 11/7 (x2); 11/10

Request for Additional Materials: 11/19 (email) (x9)

Rejection letter:  12/3-mail (x3)

MLA interview scheduled: 12/15 (phone) (x6)

Campus interview scheduled: 1/17, 2/4

Offer made: 2/18

Offer accepted: 2/25


Were any of the people who got a rejection letter on 12/3 amongst those who were asked for additional materials?  R: I received a request for additional materials, but I did not get a rejection letter. Of course, I haven't gotten a request for an interview, so who knows...

 Q: Anyone get an idea of how many they were interviewing?

A: They told me they interviewed 20 at MLA.

How many people have been to campus? Anyone still have trips pending? A: I visited during the last week in January...I got the impression that they were bringing in three candidates. Apparently at least one visit was delayed due to the recent snowpocalypse.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock  (11/15) link[]

Acknowledgment received: (10/13)(x4); (10/26); 11/6; 11/9; 11/10, 11/12

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: They're not doing MLA but made a phone request on 12/9 x4, 12/18 (video follow-up), email .

Campus interview scheduled: 03/18

Offer made: 4/21

Offer accepted: 5/5


 They said timeline is late Jan for video interviews and Feb for campus visits

Q: Has anyone heard from them since the video interview? R: I did not, but I have heard that they contacted finalists, although they are holding on a new budget approval issue R: I was contacted as a potential finalist but was told that search is on hold due to a temporary hiring freeze. R. The hiring freeze has lifted.

Assumption College (11/30)[]

Acknowledgment received: 10/19 (x3); 10/27 (x2); 11/6

Request for Additional Materials: 12/14 (via email), 12/11 request for dossier and teaching statement; "we will be contacting you shortly to arrange an interview at MLA" --> Wow. They're going to have to receive and get through those materials pretty quickly! How did they ask you to send the dossier? The request for more info asked for the teaching statement as an email attachment and the dossier via my department's placement office. I got the impression that they had already decided to interview me but wanted to have those materials for the interview. But I haven't been contacted to arrange anything yet, so I'm not sure. Same poster: I just received an email request to schedule the interview.

- I didn't receive any information about MLA interviews in the email. But my request for more information included a teaching statement (as an email attachment) and dossier via placement office. However, I am also a local candidate.

MLA interview scheduled: 12/15 (x4) 12/21

Campus interview scheduled: 1/7

Offer made: 2/5

Offer accepted: 2/10


Rejection letter received via snail mail (2/1), (2/3)

-Does anyone know if Assumption is planning to interview at MLA? Yes, they are.

Q: (12/30) Does anyone know how many applicants they interviewed at MLA?

Bemidji State University (MN) link[]

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

Campus interview scheduled: May 20

Offer made: yes

Offer accepted: Yes--11 June 2010 (according to Medieval 2010)


Q: Anyone heard anything here? A: Just heard that they have selected 4 finalists and are currently conducting campus visits.

Q: On what date did you hear this information?

A: I am not the person who posted the answer above and cannot confirm number of finalists or scheduled visits, but I received an email from the department chair on 4/27 asking if I was still interested in the position and explaining that the search has recently been resumed after an "administrative hiatus." (x2)

-I think it's possible that the rumor of 4 finalists concerned the Romantic/Victorian search that was recently successfully concluded.

Any news here?

A: Medieval 2010 lists a campus interview scheduled on May 20.

Campbell University (NC) link[]

British Literature generalist; emphasis on early modern

Acknowledgment received: sometime in March via e-mail.

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

Interview scheduled: Phone interview 4/8 -- phone interviews to be completed week ending 4/16

Campus interview scheduled: N/A

Offer made: N/A

Offer accepted: N/A


Campion College[]


(review begins 11/13; open until filled)

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

Interview scheduled: N/A

Campus interview scheduled: N/A

Offer made: N/A

Offer accepted: N/A


Carnegie Mellon University (10/20)[]

Acknowledgment received: 9/28; 10/6; (10/14) (x3); 10/20; 10/21 (x3), 10/30

Request for Additional Materials: 11/10 (via email) (x7)

Rejection Letter: 12/15 x3 12/16

MLA interview scheduled: 12/8 (phone call) (x6)

Campus interview scheduled: 12/29 x2

Offer made: 1/22

Offer accepted: 2/3


  I am hearing that this is a repeat job search from last year. Is that true? And if so, what happened to their efforts to find someone last year?

A: Yes, as I understand it, it is a repeat search. The candidates they extended offers to took jobs elsewhere.

Clemson University (10/16) link[]

Acknowledgment received: 10/31 (x2), 11/2, 11/5 (snail mail)

Request for Additional Materials: dossier and writing sample  11/11 (x7)

MLA interview scheduled: 12/10

Campus interview scheduled: 12/29

Offer made:

Offer accepted: yes


  Did anyone receive a rejection letter or e-mail after being asked for more materials?

  • Has the offer here been accepted?

Coastal Carolina University (11/15) link[]

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: 12/15 (email)

Campus interview scheduled: 1/26

Offer made: N/A

Offer accepted: N/A


 Has this search been canceled? Has anyone heard anything from them?

R: I was just wondering that myself. A friend of mine applied for a job in the philosophy dept. and just heard from them yesterday. Maybe that portends well for us.

On Dec. 13, still nothing.

This search is on: they interviewed at MLA and said they will contact about campus visits.

Dartmouth College (11/2)[]

Acknowledgment received: 10/7, 10/8, 10/12, 10/19, 10/20, 10/29, 11/1, 11/3 (x4)

Request for Additional Materials: 11/4 (writing sample, rec letters, "Any other materials you think our committee might find helpful") (x5)

Rejection Letter: 11/10, 11/12 (x10), 11/13 (x4), 11/16, 12/17

MLA interview scheduled: 12/7

Campus interview scheduled: 12/29

Offer made: yes

Offer accepted: yes (circa 2/9, learned through the grapevine)


  Congratulations to those who've received requests. When did you submit applications, if you don't mind saying?

   A: 10/28

   Q: For the person who received a rejection, did it come via email or in the mail?

A: In the mail. (x3)

Drake University (2 Year VAP) Link

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: 2/22 (x3)

Phone Interview requested: 3/26 (e-mail x3)

Rejection Letter: N/A

Campus interview scheduled: 4/6 (x 2)

Offer made: 4/30

Offer accepted: 5/4


  • Received email 12/15 saying that they will begin review of applications after they return from break January 19.

Q: Has anyone heard anything since? A: Nope. Not here.


A: I received an email in late February requesting dossier and extra materials. They noted that they would start to review these materials around March 15. x3 --noted in email that they had requested materials from 15 people.

Duquesne University (10/15)[]

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: 11/3 (writing sample, recommendation letters, transcripts), 11/4 (x2), 11/18, 11/20 (x5)

MLA interview scheduled: 12/9 (phone) (x4)

Campus interview scheduled: 12/29 (x2)

Offer made: 2/16

Offer accepted: 2/26


  Does anyone know if Duq is going to send out rejection letters right away? A. Rejection via letter 12/14

'transcripts'? does that mean from both college and grad school? R: Yes. R. I was told just doctoral transcript.

  • Polite rejection received via snail mail 12/15 x 4  -- DId yours say something about not hiring at the advanced level? I thought that was a weird inclusion, because I'm ABD, but I guess they got some advanced asst. profs applying
  • Email xchange with dpt chair on 2/12; Duquesne closed most of last week for blizzard; decision expected end of week
  • Congratulations to successful seeker; please do post if/when you accept the job.

Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan) (10/05) link[]

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

Campus interview scheduled: N/A

Offer made: N/A

Offer accepted: N/A


University of Haifa (Israel) (11/20)[]

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: 12/10

Campus interview scheduled: There will be no campus interviews...

Offer made: 3/7

Offer accepted: 3/16


    • Had a good interview, but just now received word that I would not be hired (x2). Has anyone received an offer? Any idea how many, if any, are being hired? Sorry for the late reply--I haven't gotten an offer yet since the position is still pending budgetary approval but they let me know back in January that I was their top choice.

Indiana U-Purdue U, Indianapolis (Visiting Research Associate x 2)[]

"two visiting research associate positions to assist in the textual editing of a new multi-platform edition (print and digital) of Shakespeare’s Complete Works, to be published by Oxford University Press"

Acknowledgment received: 12/09

Request for Additional Materials: 12/09

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

Campus interview scheduled: N/A

Offer made: At least one position was offered within the last week or so--not to me, but to someone I know.  Not sure of the exact date of the offer.

Offer accepted: 01/31

Very kind rejection via email: 2/17 x3


Q: Does anyone know what sort of timeline they're working on for this one?

A: No, but I heard they've done phone interviews already

A: Yes, they conducted phone interviews in December 2009

Ithaca College (until filled) link[]

Acknowledgment received: 10/9, (10/11); (10/18 I think?)

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: 12/9 (phone) X 3

Rejection Email: 12/15 x6

Campus interview scheduled: 1/6 (phone call)

Offer made: yes-date?

Offer accepted: N/A


  • Q. Any idea if this is a replacement or expansion? Looks like they have an early modernist who joined them this school year.
  • I thought it was a replacement- they just lost at least one of their two tenure-track early modernists. R to A - Thanks for the info!
  • There is an internal candidate for this job.
  • Internal candidate? That doesn't bode well.
  • Well, internal candidates often are not hired when departments run national searches. I wouldn't let this knowledge change your attitude towards the search.
  • I second the above comment. I'm an asst prof & have been in enough searches on both sides of the table to know this is true. I was hired over an internal candidate. Some i.c's I've known have been lied to and treated horribly, when the school didn't want to admit they weren't truly in the running; others by contrast are beloved, but it's still quite a genuine nat'l search w/ no guarantees the insider will win.
  • Received a very nice, personal email rejection from chair. (12/15) x6
  • Received rejection letter regarding on-campus interview (1/7), which stated three people are being invited to campus.

I keep seeing this job pop up again on What's up with that?

  • Not sure; looks like an offer has been made.

Kent State University (Canton, OH) Link[]

"expertise in Medieval or Renaissance British Literature" / open until filled: "For full consideration, submit application materials by 1/15/2010."

Acknowledgment received: 1/8

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

Phone interview scheduled: 2/5 (via phone) x2

Campus interview scheduled: N/A

Offer made: YES. 3/10/ on Medieval wiki page

Offer accepted: yes

NOTES AND QUERIES: Q: I can't find this job listed anywhere on the website. Is it still out there?

A: Try this link:

Q: Has anyone heard anything post-acknowledgment? A: Not here.

Lake Forest College (11/15) link[]

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: 12/11 (x1), 12/18 (x3)

Campus interview scheduled: N/A

Offer made: N/A

Offer accepted: yes (grapevine)


Anyone have any news on this position? It's no longer listed on their employment website and is gone from the Chronicle. Did it get canceled?

R: Just got an email from the Search Committee Chair, he said it is still open. They are reviewing apps that come in postmarked by Nov. 15

  • Have there been campus interviews here? Offers?

Rejection received via email 3/4. I actually forgot that I had even applied.

Lehigh University -17th Century (10/19)  link[]

Acknowledgment received: (10/13 x2) (10/17 - I think this is an auto-response for the email account x2)

Request for Additional Materials: 10/23; 10/25 (x2); 10/27 (x3); 11/3; 11/11 (x4)

what kind of materials? affirmative action survey or something else?   R: writing sample, teaching materials, and statement on social justice

Rejection email 10/27 (x4) Good luck to those still in the game!, 11/3 (x3)

MLA interview scheduled: 12/9

Campus interview scheduled: 12/29 (date not set, but they did invite me)

Offer made: yes-date?

Offer accepted: ~2/19 (I'm not the new hire, but I was one of the finalists. Spoke with the dept. chair today, and he said that they have received the signed contract back)


-- does anyone know what happened at Lehigh last year? 

-- some scuttlebutt plus some sleuthing suggests that they offered the job to a couple of people who then turned them down for jobs elsewhere.

    R: yep, that's what happened.

-- is there anyone else who has received neither a rejection email nor a request for more materials? does anyone know if they are handling the review process in waves?

--That's were I am.  I have no idea how they are processing things, but my application did go in very near deadline.

--I just received a rejection today, so it seems like they are working in waves -- ah, sorry about that, but thanks for information; I'm still waiting for a tap on the door to quoth me a more or nevermore ... Wouldn't you know, they said "more." Right on!

-- Who is the search chair, anyone know? The department seems extremely guarded and shadowy. The extra materials request did not even include a name.

--R: I have no idea who the search chair is, but as one of the people who turned down a job offer here for a different opportunity I can tell you that the entire department was fantastic when I was there and all of my dealings with them were very straightforward. From everything I saw it is a great department and the decision to not take the offer was very hard.

-R: I'd second that. I'm the other person who turned them down to take another job, and I was very impressed with the department and everyone in it...

Linfield College (no deadline stated)[]

Acknowledgment received: 11/16

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: 11/17 (by email) (x5), 12/14 (by email), 12/17 (by email) (x4)

Campus interview scheduled: 1/12 (email)

Offer made: 3/3 (phone call)

Offer accepted: First offer declined? Will there be a second? 2nd (?) accepted 3/10.


Thanks, Linfield C, for scheduling MLA interviews LAST MONTH and sending out info to any other applicants. Classy.

  • This must be your first time on the market. Don't get offended by this piddling stuff, because otherwise you'll spend the next few months in a constant state of pique.

Candidates: Any status update on this? I see that one person has had a campus interview set up... any others? Offers made?

They currently conducting campus visits with their top 3 candidates.

Loyola University Chicago (11/20)[]

Shakespeare/Textual Studies (Associate Professor)

Acknowledgment received:

Request for Additional Materials: Reference letters, 11/23 (x2)

Rejection: 12/10 (email)

MLA interview scheduled: 12/14 email w/scheduling by phone (x2)

Campus interview scheduled: well, my friend, good luck; I myself had not such a great interview, and no call as of 1/3. (x2) ditto as of 1/5 (x1) thank you email promising to update as search progresses (but no invite or info) 1/5. I think campus interviews must be scheduled, if not concluded, by now, but I wonder whether anyone has an update? (2/3) none here; promise to update was a rejection in disguise? 2/10. Received rejection from HR about three weeks ago (a bit disappointing not to get something back from dept., but that's OK). I'm curious to know if an offer has been made.

Offer made: yes (not sure of date)

Offer accepted: yes (not sure of date--check their next Fall's course offerings)


Loyola Marymount University (10/19)[]

Acknowledgment received: 10/21 (x3), 10/22 (x2), 10/23, 11/10 (x3), 11/18

Request for Additional Materials: 11/11 (x7)

(Skype) interview scheduled:  12/9 (x4)

Campus interview scheduled: N/A

Offer made: yes-date?

Offer accepted: N/A


-The posting for this jobs lists the deadline as "Friday, October 19," which is obviously an incorrect date. Has anyone heard that they'll definitely accept applications that are postmarked Monday, October 19?

-I mailed an application today (10/19).  I honestly didn't even notice the "Friday" part because I was looking at the calendar date.  Hopefully they will do the same. 

- Anyone get an ack. that mailed theirs on 10/19?

 - I sent my application out on 10/19 and received an ack. last week.

12/10 Rejection email noted 130 applicants. All the best to those still in the game. (x2) Q:  does the number sound low to anyone else? R: Yes, very low. Maybe not many applicants had everything (letters, etc.) ready for the 10/19 deadline since it was one of the earliest? I know that they supposedly didn't take any applications that came in at all late. >That's true, it was an early one, thanks! R: I've heard 120-130 applicants for a few other Ren positions, maybe everyone gave up early this year? > Curious, I've been wondering too if early rumors of "the horrible market" kept people away but, on balance, so many departments are restricting additional funding opportunities b/c of budget cuts - one would think that would push people onto the market?

-Anyone else not get a rejection yet who was asked for more materials? Ah, there's the rejection email 12/24 - odd bit of holiday closure there.  Best of luck to those remaining.

-Any news, here?

Manhattan College (11/13)link[]

Acknowledgment received: 10/16, 10/27, 10/30, 11/2, 11/5 (x2), 11/18

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: 12/16 (x2) by phone, 12/17 (x2) by phone

Campus interview scheduled: 1/3 by e-mail (x3)

Offer made: yes

Offer accepted: yes (3/1)


Mary Baldwin College (10/15) link[]

Acknowledgment received: 10/23 (mail), 10/31 (mail)

Phone interview scheduled 9/30 (x2 - they said that they're trying to make the hire as quickly as possible)

Rejection Letter: 10/31, 11/14, 11/16 (x2)

Campus interview scheduled: 11/3 (Congrats! I hear it's an amazing place to be!) (Lucky!!! Just out of curiosity, what's your background -- theatre, lit, both?)(Thanks everyone! very excited and had flights confirmed today. I just finished a drama PhD with a Shakespeare text focus; the kicker [I think] was that I have had long-term experience as a professional actor and dramaturge which covers all their bases. Fingers crossed!)   - R: Hooray for you! As awesome as the school seems, I didn't even apply because somehow, I knew my experience playing the Horse Courser in my college's production of Dr. Faustus just wouldn't cut it ;)  Good luck, compadre!!   -R: Yeah, good luck -- I knew my app was a long shot b/c I'm a lit guy, not a drama guy. This sounds like an amazing place to work, and if I could do it again (or just had the money to do it now) I'd get an MFA there. So cool! - Seems like a great job-- and I know the person who vacated the position: she has nothing but wonderful things to say about the program. Best of luck!

Offer made: I had a stellar campus vist experience with them, and now, more than 2 weeks after I returned home, still no official word.  However, some snooping around online revealed the nasty realisation that an offer was made, last week, to one of the other two candidates.  So, it looks like I didn't get it (and pretty sure that the guy who got it isn't a frequenter of these boards) although they did tell me when I was down there that they would be making another hire in 12 months.  Really gutted about the "news" (although I should wait until I get the rejection call before I really get down I guess) but that's the game we're in!  Back on the horse, SOU here I come!! ;)

Offer accepted: 14/1 - finally heard back six weeks later, with a very apologetic message.

Q- Is this the original poster? The one who thought he/she was out of the running after the visit? Either way, CONGRATS!

A- Eep, sorry about the misleading post. No, I didn't get the gig but I heard on Monday that the job had been offered to the other candidate and he had finally finished negotiating. The messed up part of it is that I found out three weeks ago on Facebook, of all places, that I didn't get the job, only to have that confirmed with a casual email from a *grad student* in their department ("hey, I hear you didn't get the job, if you didn't already know, hard luck") some two weeks before the Chair got back to me. I had considered adding to the 'Universities to Fear' page but the Chair was so lovely about the mix-up and the campus visit was so positive, that I decided to let it go. Funny experience, though.


Miami University, Hamilton (OH) link[]

  • "Screening of application begins January 11, 2010 and will continue until the position is filled."

Acknowledgment received: 1/11 w demographic link

Request for Additional Materials: 1/29 (x2)

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

Campus interview scheduled: N/A

Offer made: N/A

Offer accepted: N/A

NOTES AND QUERIES: TT position. Looking for a candidate to teach "primarily composition courses with regular opportunities to teach courses in area of specialization " who also has "expertise in medieval literature; early modern literature, including Shakespeare; and drama."

Q: Has anyone else received requests for additional materials?

A: Yes.

A: No. In addition to the two posted on the Renaissance wiki, there are two on the Medieval wiki. Even taking into account that only a portion of us post to the wiki, it still seems like a low number. (2/5)

A: I agree that this seems low, but there may be more people from the comp side as well.

Missouri Valley College (Marshall, MO)[]

Assistant or Associate Professor of English Link

Deadline: April 2, 2010 Acknowledgment received:

Request for Additional Materials:

Interview scheduled:

Campus interview scheduled:

Offer made:

Offer accepted:


Muskingum University[]

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: (10/30), (11/5 by email)

Campus interview scheduled: 1/14 by email

Offer made:

Offer accepted: yes (not sure when; just heard it through the grapevine)


  •   Anyone know if this job is still open? I can't find any info on the JIL, the chronicle, or Muskingum's website.
  • I found it listed when I searched on the faculty openings on the hr page of Muskingum's site
  • Hello Muskingum, can I thank you for posting a job advertisement, likely soliciting scores of applications, and not so much as sending anyone an acknowledgment of receipt? Truly professional! Makes your school look great ...
  • I would like to second this critique of Muskingum. Also, what is this about an MLA interview already scheduled on 10/30?
  • Would the person who had an MLA interview with Muskingum arranged up on 10/30 mind providing some more details about this? It seems awfully early to schedule an interview, which leaves me confused about the nature and timeline of this search. I'd be very curious to know *when* you initially submitted your application...and also what correspondence (if any) you had from the committee prior to having the interview scheduled (e.g. did they acknowledge receipt of your application, etc.?).

A: I applied 10/9, and didn't have any correspondence from the committee until the email to schedule an interview.

Nazareth College of Rochester (11/13)[]

Acknowledgment received: 10/20, 10/23, 10/28 (x2), 11/4 (x2), 11/6, 11/17

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: (12/4 by phone x 3) (12/9 by phone)

Campus interview scheduled: 1/6 (phone)

Offer made: 2/4

Offer accepted: 2/8


Q: I just read on the main page of this wiki that Nazareth's job search is cancelled. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks

R: I can't find what you're referring to on the main page, but maybe I'm just not seeing it. This job was posted and then canceled last fall--any way you're talking about cancellation information from fall 2008 rather than fall 2009?   R: No, it is listed on the main page to this wiki for the 2009-2010 academic year. If you scroll down about half way, it is mentioned in the list of universities that have frozen or canceled their job search for the year.

    *Am I missing something? I can't find "the list of universities that have frozen or canceled etc." for this search year.

    * The 2009-2010 page was for *last* year.  This one is headed 2010-2011, last I checked, which caused me a bit of 

        confusion to begin with as well.

University of Nebraska (11/1) []

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: 11/10 (x5) 11/18

Search officially canceled 12/8 (email)

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

Campus interview scheduled: N/A

Offer made: N/A

Offer accepted: N/A


  • Didn't Nebraska just hire an early modernist 3 years ago? Is this an expansion, a replacement, or did someone not get tenure?
  • Replacement.  Seemed short staffed to begin with in EM, and the only Med prof moved spring of 2009.
  • Unless the person is a true superstar, tenure isn't likely anywhere in three years...
  • This search has been canceled -- what!? Really?
  • New Poster: Confirming the cancellation, an email from the search committee with regrets etc.
    • Am I the only one who DIDN'T get an email about the cancellation??
    • No, you're not the only one. I didn't get one either (1/21)

New York University (Gallatin School) (12/01)link[]

Acknowledgment received: 11/05, 11/21, 11/30, 12/2, 12/3, 12/4 

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

Brief Campus interview scheduled: 12/23 (via email) 1/08 (via email)

Job talk scheduled: N/A

Offer made: N/A

Offer accepted: yes (4/6)


- listed under "history and other humanities"

Thank you for finding this! I wouldn't have noticed it on my own. (x2)

- This is now on the JIL

Q: Does anyone think they'll actually hire someone in early modern English?  Search seems awfully broad . . . R: Yes.

(12/14) Just to pass this along to anyone wondering: I emailed their HR person and asked if they planned on interviewing at the MLA...the answer is no. They're looking to do interviews in NYC in early January.

(12/15) Inside sources tell me the applicant pool was around 200, and that they hope to find someone whose work includes a non-European focus.

1/4: From the human resources official in charge of this search - " The search committee has concluded its first round of reviewing applications, and from over 450 applicants has identified the candidates for initial interviews." -- Got the same exact message.

Did the notification come by email? R: Yes.

Can you clarify whether this was a rejection or a message indicating you had made it into the group of initial interviews? I'm just wondering whether there is a clue there to the fate of those of us who haven't heard anything at this point (beyond the original acknowledgment of receipt). (x2–although I am assuming that this is a rejection email, especially since someone above indicates that they have received or know someone who has received an invite to campus) R: I did not make the interview group; and the email was in response to an email which I sent during the holidays that updated my file. Hope that helps.

I'm guessing they're sending out the rejection emails in waves, given that they probably have 445 people to contact.  If they're conducting interviews on campus in early January, well, that's right now, so it's probably too late for those of us who haven't heard anything yet.  Alas, because the dean was at MLA and came to my talk.

Gallatin scheduled interviews with roughly ten candidates back on Dec 22 and 23. They will be flying all ten back to NYU the third week of Jan.

(1/08) Actually Gallatin just scheduled another interview: with me! (I'm the poster above who noted that the dean was at my MLA talk). It will indeed be the third week of January. Just goes to show that you shouldn't believe you've been rejected until you receive an actual rejection letter or email.

Q: For the people who just got interview requests, are they having you give a talk? Did they actually call today (Saturday), or was it sometime yesterday? I haven't gotten a rejection yet, so I'm curious as to how and when they're contacting people . . . I wonder if they're inviting/rejecting people in waves?

R: I received an e-mail yesterday evening (Friday) containing an interview invitation with date and time. It is not a job talk, just the first round of interviews. My interview is in less than 2 weeks. Good luck to all others who haven't heard anything yet.R: Seems like an unusual process. But it's great that you have an interview -- good luck!

(1/24) Does anyone know if Gallatin has actually conducted interviews yet, and what is the current status of the search? (I have yet to receive a rejection letter and am curious as to just what is going on.) (x5)

1/28: Gallatin scheduled campus visits with three candidates.

Anyone know what happened with this one? I assume an offer must have been made by now - any news?

An offer has been made and accepted (4/6)

Since the job description was so broad, I'd love to know who ended getting hired - or at least what field. (x2)

At my campus visit they told me the next candidate was in Medieval History, so I'm guessing that's the direction they decided to take. However, I recently heard a rumor that they hired an associate professor of English (Shakespeare) currently at a distinguished state school.

They hired both.

Rejection letter received (4/26)

Northeastern University (11/16)[]

Acknowledgment received: (10/11) (11/20)

Request for Additional Materials: 11/18 (via email) (x10)  11/24, 11/29 (x2)

MLA interview scheduled: 12/15 (phone)   12/18 (phone)

Rejection Letter: 12/22 (email) (x3)

Campus interview scheduled: 1/8

Offer made: yes

Offer accepted: yes


-Just out of curiosity, do those of you who received requests for additional materials work on Shakespeare in transatlanctic or global contexts? I'm always curious as to how much a search committee is willing to stray from what they state they want in their ad once they receive applications.

A: I wouldn't say that I specialize in transatlantic or global Shakespeare, but some of my work complements the field.

A: My research doesn't have a transatlantic/global angle at all, so maybe they're keeping an open mind. (x1)

A: My research is in early modern global studies but not limited to Shakespeare.

A; It's a stretch, but yes.

A: Yes.

Q: For those who have MLA interviews, would you say your research is in Shakespeare and global contexts? Drama or poetry? Thanks!   A: I focus on Shakespeare in a transatlantic context. My larger research interest is transatlantic, focusing on poetry and drama. R: Thanks.  And good luck to you, it sounds like you're right up their alley!

Oklahoma State U (11/20)[]

Acknowledgment: 11/2, 11/3, 11/16, 11/19

Request for Additional Materials:

MLA Interview:

Phone Interview: 12/8 (email) (x4); 12/15 (email) second round of phone interviews being set up for January

Campus Interview: 1/8

Offer Made:

Offer accepted:


Q: Does anyone know: are these phone interviews in lieu of MLA interviews, or are they to cut down the list pre-MLA?

A: I've heard that they're doing two rounds of phone interviews rather than the MLA.

A: They're definitely in lieu of MLA.

A: Two rounds of phone interviews followed by campus visits, bypassing MLA.

Q: Anyone know how many people they interviewed in the first round of phone interviews and/or how many they'll be interviewing in the second round?

Pomona College (11/6)link[]

Acknowledgment received: 10/16, 10/19, 10/26 (x2), 11/5, 11/6, 11/10; 11/17 (mail)

Request for Additional Materials: x9, 11/25 (email)

MLA interview scheduled: 12/17 (phone) (x6)

Campus interview scheduled: 1/12

Offer made: yes, heard through grapevine, late Feb.

  • First offer declined. Will there be a second offer?

Offer accepted: Second offer accepted.


They said they'd be asking for additional materials near the end of Nov & scheduling MLA interviews during the 3rd week of Dec.

Jokey Aside: Didn't get an interview from these folks (and I'm OK with that) ... at MLA, was standing in line somewhere and I look behind me to see the chair of their Dept. I almost said, "Hey, I'm one of your rejects!"

Ramapo College (NJ) link[]

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: N/A Phone interview scheduled: 1/8 (x6)

Campus interview scheduled: 2/1 (x3)

Offer made: 3/5

Offer accepted: 3/12


Q: Has anyone heard from them since the phone interview? A: I haven't. A: They called me last Sun (1/24), very nicely, to tell me I'm a finalist, they'll call my references this wk, and if all goes well, they'll call me end of this week or early nx to schedule campus visit. Thanks for the info. Like so many places, it would be nice if they would let the rest of us know that they have selected their finalists. But so it goes.

Thanks - yes, it would be nice to hear from the universities and colleges before finding out online! (x3)

Q. So I just saw this job ad posted on 1/29 on, and I went ahead and applied. I have been off the wiki since MLA for various reasons. Anyway, now it looks like on here that they scheduled campus interviews only four days after posting their ad on higheredjobs. What a waste of my time!!! UPDATE: Curiouser and curiouser - I just got an email saying they are still looking at applications and that they will contact me if they want to interview me. What's up?? Anyone with a campus visit want to enlighten me??

State school so they might not be able to officially close a search until they officially make an offer. Same reason they don't send out rejections until the process is over.

Congrats! and out of curiosity, do you mean offer made & accepted in March, not Feb, since presumably campus visits weren't all done yet by 2/5 if they were just scheduled on 2/1?

Thanks! Yes, March. Sorry about that.

Reed College (11/17)[]

(Medieval and/or Early Modern British Literature)

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: 12/11 (email x2), 12/17 (x3)

Campus interview scheduled: N/A

Offer made: yes-date?

Offer accepted: N/A


  • Looks like Reed has extended campus invites (2 people on the Medieval Wiki).

Rhode Island College (01/08) link[]

"specific period should include either Renaissance, 18th, 19th, 20th, or 21st c"

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: Request for writing sample via email (1/28).

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

Campus interview scheduled: 2/2 (phone call)

Offer made: in late Feb

Offer accepted: yes


  • Q: Does R.I. have something against medievalists? Maybe they had a bad experience with one?
    • A: This is a position in British literature and critical theory. They probably already have a medievalist and just need coverage in theory and another British lit. period (or don't have demand for medieval from students). It's pretty common to have someone who covers a couple major periods of British lit. at some of the smaller schools.

Anyone else get a campus visit? Are they still looking at apps, or have they selected their finalists?

A friend was offered and accepted this job (field is early modern, specialization is Shakespeare).

Is there only one position here? I have a friend who had a campus visit on 3/5 for RI College in modern lit.

Saint Joseph College (CT) (11/15)[]

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: 12/19 (phone) (x3)

Campus interview scheduled: 1/4 (email)

Offer made: 2/5

Offer accepted: February


-- Q: Last yr, I got a phone interview for this job.  Later, got a rejection letter saying "It was a really difficult decision, outstanding candidates, etc. but we've narrowed the pool and are confident we will hire from this pool."  Now, today, I see the job is reposted for nx year.  So should I reapply or should I assume that this means I was pretty categorically rejected, since they did not re-approach me once their preferred candidates apparently turned them down last year?  Could it possibly be that they are afraid I won't take their job b/c I'm overqualified and will sneer at their low salary?  (I won't.  I really would like the job.  I'm already TT junior fac elsewhere but am very unhappy there and don't get to actually do any teaching.)  At my previous institution, I know many many candidates have turned down the low salary, so maybe St. J's wants to save themselves the rejection??  If I reapply do I look pathetic?

  • R: There are lots of other repeats this year: Carnegie Mellon, Lehigh, Loyola Marymount, and Wake Forest.  Go ahead and reapply, there is every chance that either the composition of the committee or the sort of candidate they think they can get has changed over the last year.
  • R: Or maybe their funding was pulled last year.
  • R: I agree that you should apply again and I think the first responder has a good point that the committee might have changed, etc. Moreover, you have nothing to lose by re-applying.
  • R: Definitely re-apply.  There may be different faculty on the search committee, and different faculty present during job talks (different folks on leave, etc).  But write a new letter, update your CV and letters of rec, revise your writing sample, etc.
  • You should *absolutely* reapply. They may very well hope that you do! Go in with confidence. And Wake Forest most definitely did not hire last year. This is the same position. Like Lehigh and CMU, their offers didn't pan out. I imagine all three schools will be very keen to make it work this time, since a failed search is an expensive and frustrating experience.
  • Actually, WFU didn't make any offers last year.
  • Has anyone heard anything from St. Joe's? Is the search still on?
  • All they asked for initially was a letter and CV, so it's surprising that there hasn't been a request for additional materials yet.

Sam Houston State University (12/7)[]

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

Campus interview scheduled: N/A

Offer made: N/A

Offer accepted: N/A


Where was the ad for this listed? A: It was on the JIL, advertised at the associate level, if I remember correctly.

South Carolina Beaufort (11/10) link[]

Acknowledgment received: 11/14 (x3), 11/20, 12/2 (mail)

Request for Additional Materials: 11/24 (email x4), 12/7 (email x2) (teaching evals)

MLA interview scheduled: 12/13 (x2), 12/14

Campus interview scheduled: 1/13 (x2)

Offer made: 2/26

  • First offer declined--any word on a 2nd offer?

Offer accepted: N/A


The person who called to schedule the interview said that they are interviewing 12 candidates.

Q. Has anyone who received an evals request on 12/7 been scheduled for an interview? A: Yes.

University of Tennessee, Chattanooga (until filled) link[]

Acknowledgment received: (11/17 x2); EEO form (11/18)

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

Phone interview scheduled: 1/22 (x3)

Campus interview scheduled: 2/9 (by phone) (x2)

Offer made: yes

Offer accepted: 3/7


I have a question regarding how people plan to deal with issue of electronic submission of letters.  Is anyone else planning to send a dossier to the department in place of electronic submission? I can't send my dossier electronically, and don't know the protocol in these situations.  Maybe someone knows if this is acceptable?  Thanks in advance!

R: There is an online confidential dossier service called Interfolio. You sign up, send your letters and transcripts there, and they will send your dossier either electronically or via paper mail (whatever you select-- they also have the ability to send materials via email if you have the address). Also, I imagine that you can call the department and ask if sending a paper-dossier is acceptable, etc.

R: I actually called the department, and there was some shock that my school's dossier service doesn't do electronic delivery, but they did say they would accept paper mail dossiers (although they didn't seem very pleased.)

R: Yes, I think a lot of schools are sending materials electronically. My university has ceased offering a dossier service, so it's why I went with Interfolio. Whatever you do, good luck!

Q: I submitted my application for this job a week or so ago online (via email), and now I've just received an email back that says: "Please have any hard copies mailed to [the address]." I'm confused! Did they want hard copies of the letter, cv, etc. in addition to electronic copies? Or have they merely provided their mailing address in case (as in the instance above) you can't forward your dossier electronically?

R: I submitted a while ago too and never received that email. Maybe you should email the department secretary just to be sure?

FYI: I sent an email to their admin person yesterday and got a reply today (12/14) saying that they haven't finished reviewing apps yet, and they'll be in touch soon.

R: Thanks for this helpful update!

What ever happened with these guys?!

R: I guess they're still on break?  Man. The wait is driving me nuts! I'd kill to live in The Noog. Well, maybe not kill per se, but I'd at least teach a 4-4.

UPDATE: I emailed and received an email from dept chair: The SC "will be meeting shortly to discuss their choices for telephone interviews" to be scheduled for "the next 2 to 3 weeks."  In short, the search is still active and people should be hearing something soonish.   R: Thanks for inquiring, wiki-pal! (x2)

  •  Received what seems like a mass email asking if I am still interested in the job. (1/12) (x3)  
  • has anyone received a followup email to that one?
  • Well, I wrote back to let them know that I was indeed still interested and got a quick "thanks for letting us know" email. Does that count?
  • Yep, that counts. Thanks.

They said their timeline is tentatively late this month or early next, but that they had no definite timeline yet.

Offer made and accepted (3/7)

  • Q to person who accepted offer: Hi there. First of all, congratulations. I really and truly do wish you all the best. So here's my Q: I saw from your IP that you are in Chattanooga. Were you an inside candidate? I'm not asking this question with any sort of vitriol. I'm honestly just curious.
  • This is just speculation, but don't you think it more likely that the post came from an SC member or other member of the department?

Union College (Schenectady, NY) (11/2)link[]

Acknowledgment received: (10/14), (10/20), (10/28 x 2), (11/2 X2) (11/18), (11/19)

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: 12/2 (x5)

Campus interview scheduled: 1/6 (x2)

Offer made: Yes

Offer accepted: Yes (don't have exact dates available)


Q: did the interview request come by phone or email? R: Email from an administrator.

University of Victoria, BC (11/30)[]

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: 12/18 (x2)

MLA interview scheduled: N/A

Campus interview scheduled: 1/14

Offer made: yes-date?

  • First offer declined--any word on a 2nd offer?
  • Both offers were declined. A new committee has been formed and there will probably be another advertised next year. The position is likely to be broader in scope (i.e. not just Renaissance and Digital Humanities) to attract a wider pool of applicants.
  • Confirmed: new position posted here. Went ahead and posted it at Renaissance 2011.
  • They brought 4 people to campus for interviews (3 American, 1 Canadian / 2 TT Assistant Profs, 2 non-TT PhDs), but they didn't make offers to their 3rd or 4th candidates. They wanted someone to run a large Digital Humanities lab and teach DH courses in a new minor (which was nowhere to be found on their website), but they didn't inform the candidates about this until they arrived on campus. The re-posting "to attract a wider pool of applicants" confirms that this was never a Renaissance job to begin with but primarily a Digital Humanities job. They ran UK-style interviews in which they brought candidates to campus in pairs and made them interact with each other in front of committee members (which is as awkward, destabilizing, and unpleasant as it sounds). The junior professors were kind and sympathetic about this situation which was imposed by the chair. The chair (on leave in 2010-11) did a terrible job running the search: inconsiderate, slow to produce information, secretive, and cagey (and oblivious that info was available via the wiki and other means?). This department does not seem like an inviting place to work.

Offer accepted:


Does anyone know how seriously they take their disclaimer about preferring Canadian citizens and residents?

  • I believe they are obligated under Canadian law to give first priority to Canadian citizens. A non-Canadian can be hired, however, if they can show there is no equally qualified Canadian candidate.
  • It's not even as stringent as that anymore.  That condition was put in place primarily because of the difficulty of obtaining visas for international candidates, and an attempt to give Canadians an opportunity to work.  Now, visas are much easier to get and schools only cursorily pay attention to the Can-Con rule.  As a Canadian scholar, it was very frustrating last year t see that not one of the six jobs in my field in Canadian Universities went to a Canadian (four American, two British, I believe), because it was made very clear that the old rules simply didn't apply: there's no way that none of the Canadian candidates were not 'equally qualified.'  End of rant, and yes, I know it's sour grapes stemming from the fact that we don't have our priveleged positionassured anymore!  So, the moral is, apply away, Americans - you've got as good a shot as anyone.
  • Anyone know if they plan to interview at MLA? R: I've heard that their English department tends not to do the whole MLA thing.
  • No, they won't interview at MLA (typical for smaller Canadian schools).
  • What are these "Additional Materials" requests for? This is in addition to the materials and writing sample initially requested? (x2)

R: I was not asked for additional materials but, if I had to guess, I would bet it covered the "digital humanities" side of the job posting, "Renaissance & etc."

Q: Really, the status of the search here is unclear. Does anyone have an update?

A: It can be confirmed that the search is active.

A: A short list of 4 candidates has been finalized. Good luck to them!

Wake Forest University (10/31)[]

Acknowledgment received: 10/13 (x2), 10/19, 10/27 (x2), 10/31 (x2), 11/2, 11/13, 11/14

Request for Additional Materials: 11/2 (x2); 11/9 (email); 11/10 (email); 11/13; 11/16 (email)

MLA interview scheduled: 12/2, 12/3, 12/8

Campus interview scheduled: 12/28 (x4)

Offer made: yes-date?

Offer accepted: N/A


  • The Wake Forest isn't a repost. It's a different job. They did hire an Early Mod person last year. They just seem to like Shakespeare. [eta: this is what I heard from a VAP friend there. Guess he's wrong! sorry to misinform]
  • as a matter of fact, WFU did NOT hire last year. Search failed or something, I believe. They have a visiting person now.
  • this is true: they did not make a hire last year. They have a lot of visiting people.
  • Any one else have a dysfunctional interview experience with Wake? Wow. No wonder their search failed last year. I know it's a buyer's market, but I'm pretty sure I'd rather take my chances on next year's market than join that department. (x3)
  • Dysfunctional how?
  • WFU English is certainly not the easiest place for younger faculty right now. There have been two weak department chairs in a row. Both chose to "step down early" in order to pursue other interests, so that should indicate something troubling stirring.
  • I don't mean to be pedantic, but shouldn't this kind of comment be posted instead on the Universities to Fear wiki?
  • Yes, we should probably post over there, too. But it's relevant to job seekers. Ask lots of questions if you continue your candidacy here. My interview experience was like a page out of the bad old days, where one older white male dominated and repeatedly interrupted his junior--not to mention minority--colleagues who invited me to interview (he was a last-minute fill-in).
  • Caveat doctor -- a department in trouble -- tenure track faculty would need to walk most carefully between the factions.

Q: Anyone know how many visitors Wake is having total? (4 visitors is the rule for WFU TT.)

Q: Any word on this position yet?

  • Any offer made/accepted here yet? It'll be interesting to see how this job turns out given that the search failed last year.

Washington University (St. Louis) (11/1)[]

Acknowledgment received: N/A

Request for Additional Materials: 10/20something (x3); 10/30; 11/9; 11/13; 11/17

Rejection letter: 10/24; 11/3 (x1); 11/9; 11/19 (x2)  11/21; 11/22; 11/27, 12/1, 12/5, 12/7 

MLA interview scheduled: (12/1) (x6)

Campus interview scheduled: 2 campus visits scheduled for the week of 1/18

Offer made: N/A

Offer accepted: N/A


10/24 rejection letter: this seems early. Did the school give a reason?

R: I don't have any inside info about this school, but I know some search committees evaluate applications as they come in and make snap decisions: either reject or request additional materials. Fordham did that last year, and Lehigh does the same thing, I think. Doesn't mean anything was wrong, just means the committee or chair didn't think the candidate was a good fit for that particular job.

Q: For those of you who have heard something from the committee so far (request for add'l materials or rejection letter), did it come via email or snail mail?

R: The request for additional materials came by email.

R: Rejection came by snail.

Q: For the person who has the campus interview, when was it scheduled? (x2)

R: I'm not the original poster, but I'm also visiting that week and I received my invite at MLA on 12/29.

This search ended with no hire.

Wash U is now advertising on JIL for a post-doc position in Early Modern Drama for next year (posted above).

Whittier College (Los Angeles area) (11/15)[]

Acknowledgment received: 10/31, 11/12, 11/17, 12/1 (mail)

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: 12/11 phone call, 12/13 phone call, 12/17 phone call (x4)

Campus interview scheduled: 1/21 (phone call)

Offer made: 2/22 (declined); 3/5

Offer accepted: N/A


This is a re-posted job from last year. I interviewed with them at MLA, and then the search completely collapsed. Unfortunately, they never informed anyone of the search officially being canceled, so I pestered the chair via email and phone before his lack of return calls, etc., made me get the hint. Anyway... not sure if I'll reapply. The school seems great; the people seem great. But I wonder if I came off as super annoying. (The interview went really well, but the afterward ... well... I'd be irritated if someone kept calling me for information...) Anyone else in the same boat? - I say reapply. They obviously liked you enough to interview you in the first place. Perhaps put a line in the cover letter that reminds them that you interviewed last year. Good luck!

I also interviewed with Whittier at MLA last year--it seems like a fantastic place to work. Highly recommended!

At a conference I was told by a member of the Whittier English department that the funding disappeared last year, but that it is definitely committed this year and they will be hiring.

For those of you who had MLA interviews last year, do you remember when they scheduled them?

-- I got my call on Dec. 5, so fairly early. If you're going to hear from them, it'll probably be this coming week. I second that--last year they called on December 5th in the evening.

Rejection letter received 1/11 (x2). (v. nice letter that acknowledged the tough job market) "well over a hundred applications"

Job offer made 3/5

Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH) (11/6) link[]

Acknowledgment received: (10/15) (10/26), (10/27), (11/4), (11/5), 11/19; 11/25

Request for Additional Materials: N/A

MLA interview scheduled: 12/3 (phone call) (x2)

Campus interview scheduled: 1/11

Offer made: 2/23

Offer accepted: 3/4


Received polite rejection letter via snail mail. (1/27-ish)