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ABD (early):

ABD (will finish this academic year): 5

Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer): 5

Assistant Professor: 2

Associate Professor:

Full Professor:


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Restoration/18th-Century British Jobs

(please add jobs alphabetically)

California State University, Northridge (11/18) link

  • Teaching load: "12 units per semester" (does anyone know if that means 4/4?)
    • Yes, 4-4; that's the standard. They say somewhere that reductions are available on a competitive basis.

Colby College (ME) (Review begins Oct 19) Link

  • Teaching load: 3/2, incl. comp.

Connecticut College (11/17) (from MLA) link

  • Teaching load: 3/2 (2/2 first year)

Illinois Wesleyan University (11/01) link

  • Teaching load: 3/3

Pacific Lutheran University (11/01) link

  • Teaching load: 3/3

Suffolk University (Boston, MA) (11/2)

  • Teaching load: 3/2
  • MLA ad says "pending funding"

Trinity University (11/17) (from MLA) link

  • "Primary emphasis on drama"

University of British Columbia (10/09) link

University of Nevada (10/29) link

  • Teaching load: 2/2
- This job asks just for CV and cover letter for initial round. anyone know what they want following that? 
- Yeah. They'll request a dossier of references and a writing sample after reviewing your CV and letter in the online application. I believe they're attempting to save trees.

University of Pittsburgh (11/17) (from MLA) link

  • Teaching load: 2/2

University of Southern Indiana (review begins 10/1) Long 18th c. or Rom./Vict. link

  • Teaching load: 4/4 incl. comp.

Winona SU (MN) [18th Century Literature (1642-1832)] (11/9)

Yale University (11/17) (from MLA) link

Jobs listing 18th-Century British Literature as a secondary specialty

(please add jobs alphabetically)

Harvard University (British Romanticism) (10/26)

Linfield College (Shakespeare)

Miami University (Romantic Poetry) (11/2) (link)

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (British Romantic Literature and Culture) (11/1) (link)

University of Wisconsin, La Crosse (19th-Century British) (11/20) (link)