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See also Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2020-2021 .

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Jobs with 2020 Application Deadlines[]

College of the Holy Cross (USA:Mass). Visiting Faculty, Open Rank. 18th & 19th Century Literature, The Novel. Deadline: 27 July 2020. NTT. FT. Job ad MLA Updates:

Hamilton College (USA: NY). Assistant Professor. Assistant Professor of Literature and Creative Writing 18th and Early 19th C Literature and Culture. Deadline: 1 November 2020. TT. FT. Job ad MLA   Updates:

- Any news?

- Strong suspicion this was an inside hire

- Would you explain why? They don't seem to have an internal candidate who would meet the qualifications outlined in the job description (e.g. comparative scholarship), as far as one can tell from their faculty profiles.

- The background of the c18 visiting person who's been there since 2017 struck me as uncannily similar to the job description--but, again, merely a suspicion!

- I used to teach in another department there and can say that Hamilton occasionally hires its VAPs, but does a national search as well. Couple of folks in English came to the department that way. Also, as someone noted on the American Lit page, they recycled the job description from the ad used a few years ago to hire the VAP now on faculty. Here's the language from that position for comparison's sake... Restoration/18th-Century 2017#Hamilton College .28NY.29 - Visiting Assistant Professor Literature and Creative Writing .2818th Century Literature.29 - OFFER ACCEPTED... oh well...

2/05: the three final candidates have completed their campus interviews.

2/24/21: Brief rejection email.

Birmingham-Southern College (USA: AL). Assistant Professor. Long 18th Century British and American. Deadline: 14 November 2020. TT. FT. Job ad MLA Updates:

12/09: Snail mail rejection received

Jobs with 2021 Application Deadlines[]

York University (Toronto). Assistant Professor in Global Eighteenth Century. Deadline: Feb. 19, 2021. TT. FT.

3/3: Has anyone heard anything about this yet?

3/18: Anyone? Bueller?

3/18: Letters of recommendation requested

Do you know how rec letters were requested? Were applicants notified or just recommenders?

3/29: Rejection email

*Applicants were asked to provide information about their recommenders in a new step of the application that opened up on the portal. Presumably the recommenders or interfolio are alerted afterward depending on the information entered.

4/23: Has anyone heard if interviews have been scheduled yet?

4/23: Interview/job talk scheduled

--Any updates?

University of Iceland. Assistant Professor/Lecturer in English Literature. The Department of English at the University of Iceland invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor/Lecturer in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature. Deadline: March 1st, 2021. TT. FT.

SC member here: The online application form doesn't specify this, but it would be best to include in your attachments: a Cover Letter, a complete CV, a Statement of Teaching Philosophy, and a Writing Sample, preferably an article.

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