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I'm on the market and I'm...

...ABD: 8

...ABD but defending this year: 41

...a Ph.D., but still at my degree-granting institution: 5

...a visiting assistant professor or adjunct position: 5 a post-doctoral position (ABD or with degree in hand): 4 (with degree in hand) a tenure-track position: 15 a tenured position: 2 a non-academic position: 1

...primarily working in comp/rhet: 11

...primarily working in a field besides comp/rhet (with strong comp/rhet background): 7

...primarily working in a field besides comp/rhet (without strong comp/rhet background): 2

...curious who's getting all of these campus visits, because it's CLEARLY not me: 2

...actually the one who's getting all the campus visits:

...possesses the superhero ability to get an interview and immediately freeze all jobs in the immediate vicinity: 1

...trying to remember why I wanted to be an academic: 1

...ready to give up: 1

...wondering if McDonald's is still hiring: 1

...officially out of the game. Here's to being back on the market in '09-'10! ugh...: 2

Actually, I'm just lurking: a SC member: 6 someone on the market in 2009: 1

Q to SC Lurkers: Are you willing to say what info interests you here?
  • I had to schedule campus visits very late for our rhetoric/composition search (we had to bring in candidates for other positions first). So, I'm looking to see if and how many of our top choices we'll lose to schools that are hiring faster. :(
  • Ouch. Good luck with that!


Offers Made[]

  • Alma College
  • Ball State University (offer accepted)
  • Bates College (offer accepted)
  • Brock University [And accepted]
  • Cleveland State University (offer made and accepted)
  • Colorado State U, Pueblo (offer made)
  • Drew (postdoc offered)
  • Duke Postdoctoral Fellow program (postdoc offered)
  • Eastern Michigan University (accepted)
  • Florida State University
  • Grand Valley (offer made - don't know if accepted), According to e-mail received 2/19, offer has been accepted.
  • Kent State University- Stark
  • Kutztown U (one position accepted)
  • Lindsey Wilson College
  • Morehead State (offer made)
  • North Carolina Central U
  • Oakland University (2 positions) offers made/accepted.
  • Oklahoma State University offer made /accepted.
  • Oregon State (accepted)
  • Penn State University [And accepted? yes]
  • Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
  • Rowan University: 1 position accepted
  • Southeast Missouri State (offer made)
  • St. John Fisher (accepted)
  • Susquehanna (accepted)
  • Syracuse (accepted)
  • Texas A&M Commerce (accepted)
  • Texas A&M Corpus Christi (accepted)
  • U Alaska Fairbanks (offer made) [Accepted?] [not yet accepted; still under consideration]
  • U of British Columbia
  • U of California, Davis (both positions have been accepted)
  • U Cincinnati (accepted)
  • U of Houston-Downtown (PW, accepted)
  • U Mass Dartmouth (Rhetoric position) [accepted]
  • U Nebraska, Omaha (accepted)
  • U of Notre Dame
  • U of North Carolina - Greensboro (offer accepted)
  • U of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (offer accepted)'
  • U of Scranton (accepted)
  • U of Tampa (accepted)
  • U of Wisconsin Stout (accepted)
  • Washington College-- Offer Accepted according to rejection email. 1/24
  • Washington State Univ - Tri-Cities (offer accepted)
  • Western Kentucky University--WPA--Offer made and accepted 2/11
  • Can those who post under this heading indicate if the offer has been accepted?
  • [Could those who have accepted offers please post the terms of your contracts, including initial salary offer and negotiated salary? Thanks.
OK, I'm not Rhet/Comp, but I had to say something about this. In what universe is someone going to divulge this information in this way? When someone accepts an offer, their name is ultimately going to be attached to this information. If you really want such information, you can check the Chronicle of Higher Education for averages, and publicly-funded institutions publish even more specific information in various places (often with names attached). I should note that if you want general information about how much people negotiate for and are ultimately paid in different types of schools/regions/etc., elsewhere on the wiki there's usually an anonymous roundup of "the job I got" (like, "Rhet/Comp ABD, SLAC in the West, offer X negotiated to Y").

  • Most of this kind of info has been divulged for years in the field of astronomy. And I think if we all share information, we gain more control over our working conditions.
  • To the above poster, I agree with you. I had hiring info listed, but no one else did... so I removed it.

Hiring Info

  • Can we use this section to share information salaries offered? As someone notes above, it would be helpful to all current and future seekers? If you're willing to do this, make a note of the kind of job, the level (asst/assoc/full), the region, the kind of university, the salary, and any very significant perks/incentives (if any), male or female, and if you negotiated.
  • Administrative job at mid-size, private, midwestern university. Advanced asst. prof. offered 62,000 (12 month). Female. did some negotiating, but salary did not budge by much.
  • Assistant professor, TT, large western public university, $62,800 for 9 month contract, summer additional/optional, $7000 startup. Female. Did not negotiate.
  • Assistant professor, TT, small liberal arts college, west, $45,000 for 8 month contract (addt'l for summer teaching). Attempted to negotiate but was unsuccessful.
  • Assistant professor, TT, mid-size, public eastern university. 58,500 + moving expenses & some technology start-up costs. (female) *unionized
  • Assistant professor, TT, mid-size, public southern regional university, $53,000 for 9 month contract, summer additional/optional, $2000 start up, $2000 moving. Negotiated salary, start up and moving expenses. Female.
  • Advanced assistant professor, TT, large western public university, $65,000 for 9-month contract, summer additional/optional, one year credit towards tenure with another possible, course release for first year, $4000 moving expenses, $2000 development. Male, negotiated salary, etc. but negotiations were limited due to union agreement.
  • Assistant professor, TT, small, private, NE university: $52,000 for 9 month contract (additional for summer teaching); relocation $3,600 with leftover going into start-up; start-up $1000+leftover moving; tried unsuccessfully to neg salary and teaching load due to union agreement. Female.
  • Assistant professor, TT, public SE regional university, $54,000 for 9-month contract, summer addition/optional, approx. $3000 start-up, no moving (per university regulations). Negotiated salary, start-up, 1st year schedule. Female.

Tenure-Track Jobs[]

Alma College:

  • MLA Interview scheduled 11/21 (x2)
  • received acknowledgment of application . . . a while back. nothin' since. :(
  • Campus interview scheduled 1/16, 1/19
  • Q: was this scheduled via email or phone? Thanks!
  • via phone
  • position filled

Auburn University

  • Deadline: Nov. 3
  • more info requested 10/03,
  • more info requested 10/29, (X3 RC)
  • more info requested 11/06 (X7) (X5 RC)
  • Are each of the eight above credentials requests for the rhetoric and composition (RC) position or for the professional writing position?
Rhetoric and composition. Tech comm is on campus visits already.::*MLA interview 12/10 (x4)::*Has anyone heard anything about campus visits for the RC post?
  • We're running late scheduling campus visits because we're trying to hire a new Dept Head, and that's eating up all of January.
  • Campus visit scheduled, 2/5

Augusta State University

  • Request for phone interview, 1/14
  • Application Ack via mail, 1/14
  • Campus visit scheduled, late Jan

Avila U.

  • Deadline: 11/10
  • phone interview 12/3
  • MLA interview 12/18
  • Campus visit scheduled (x2)
  • rejection letter (postal mail) (week of 3/30)

Ball State U.

  • More info requested 11/19 (X2)
  • phone interview 12/16 (x2)
  • applied on time. have heard nothing.
  • campus interview scheduled
  • Offer made and accepted

Barry University

  • Rejection Received 3/27, claiming "hundreds of applications" (x2)

Bates College

  • Has anyone heard anything about the Director of Writing position there? deadline was 11/1. Soon after that I received ack of app and notice that the committee would take through November to select candidates. Nothing since then.
  • Phone interview scheduled 11/20
  • Does anyone know if they have scheduled campus visits yet?
    Yes, received rejection via e-mail that said campus visits had been scheduled (1/7).
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • Position filled (March)


  • Deadline 12/1
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/8 (x3)
  • Search suspended for financial reasons
  • What is your source for this information? I interviewed with them at MLA and was assured they had funding for the position. Please tell me this is a mistaken entry...
  • Email from Kathy Sheehan. I wish it was a mistaken entry. Word of advice: We share info to help one another. As frustrating as this process is, may I kindly suggest you rethink asking questions like "What is your source for this information?" in a manner that communicates a lack of trust and even disbelief.
  • Regarding the above email, I applied for the open rank/creative writing position. Hope this helps. Good luck regarding the other position.
  • I don't think the query was based on feelings of lack of trust or disbelief but exasperation over the inconsistency of information given to candidates. I interviewed with them also and haven't heard a word from K. Sheehan.
  • There are two positions that might be getting mixed up. Bentley was planning to hire two lecturers in expository writing and one tenure-track faculty in Media Studies/Cultural Communications (which is part of their English department). I interviewed for the lectureship and have yet to hear anything from the department, suspension-related or otherwise.
  • Rejection letter received after interviewing at MLA. Congratulations to whomever was brought to campus and/or offered the position. (2/5)

Bloomsburg University in PA:

  • Deadline 10/25
  • WS/comp syllabus requested 11/14 (x2)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/1 (x3); MLA interview scheduled 12/15
  • Q: How were these interviews scheduled?
  • A: Phone + email.
  • Campus interview scheduled 1/10

Boston College (three-year lectureships, FT, non-TT)

  • Rejection letter (claimed 150 total applicants) (12/12)
  • Q:Any word on offers or acceptances? (1/20)

Boston University

  • Deadline for Writing Lecturer 02/01/09
  • Any new developments on this one? (3/6)
  • I was told in early March that the search was taking longer than expected but that its still on.
  • Anyone know what the hell is going on with this search?
  • I'm beginning this job was just a dream. Did anyone else apply for it? (4/15)
  • Yep, I did. All is quiet over here as well. I've just about lost hope that they're hiring anyone this year. (4/15)

Brigham Young University

  • More info requested 11/15ish
  • Ack of app, 11/29
  • Inside info strongly suggests they may not hire in rhetoric this cycle
  • Rejection letter 12/26

Brock University

  • ack of app 1/8
  • any updates here?
  • Their search is still active.
  • Brock is listed under the "Offers Made" category above

Buena Vista University

  • phone interview scheduled 11/18
  • campus visits scheduled 12/1 - 12/9
  • rejection letter 1/20 (x2)

Butler Univ. (Director of Peer Tutoring)

  • Ack. of app. 11/3

California State University, Fullerton

  • Deadline 11/7
  • Ack of app 11/20 (x6)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/17
  • Rejection letter 12/17 (x4)
  • Post MLA interview rejection e-mail 1/22 (x1)

California State University, Los Angeles

  • request for more info 11/10
  • phone interview scheduled 12/12
  • request for writing sample (after phone interview) 1/3

California University of Pennsylvania

  • Honors Composition/Assistant Director of University Honors Program
  • deadline 12/15
  • Ack of app 12/19 (x2)
  • any updates here?
  • call to schedule phone interview 2/25 (x2)
  • Campus visits scheduled 5/22

Cameron University

Cecil College, MD

Central Connecticut SU

  • deadline 12/16
  • affirmative action info request 1/8

Chaminade University of Honolulu

Clayton State University

  • Ack of receipt of materials via mail, app request, EEO form (3/04) (x3)

Cleveland State University

  • request for more info 11/14
  • interview scheduled 12/11
  • offer made and accepted 2/13

Coastal Carolina University

  • request for phone interview, 2/5
  • request for phone interview, 2/20
  • request for campus visit, 2/24

Colby College, Maine

  • Visiting Asst. Professor of Composition/Writing Center Director (notified of the reopening 2/20 via email)
  • email ack of app 3/23 x2
  • Email reported materials review would begin mid-March. No detail on their timeline. Anyone?

College of Staten Island, CUNY

  • request for more info 11/24 (x2)
  • MLA Interview scheduled, 12/15 (x3)
  • rejection via email 1/7 (post-MLA interview) (x5)
  • Interesting that they had three MLA interviews and three post-MLA rejections. I wonder if they are the same people?
  • on campus scheduled 2/1

Colorado State University, Pueblo

ack of app 11/22 :*MLA interview scheduled 12/10 (x5) :*campus visit scheduled 1/7

Columbia College

  • phone interviews conducted in December
  • on campus scheduled 2/1
  • Anyone hear anything about the status of this search?
  • Search terminated with no hire. Grr. (Grr x2.)

Cornish College of the Arts (Writing Center/Rhet-Comp)

  • Telephone interview around 12/11
  • Campus visits scheduled 12/24

Daemen College

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/10
  • Invited to campus 1/9/09
  • any news about this position?

Drew University

  • Writing Across the Curriculum
  • MLA/phone interviews scheduled (12/22)
  • Post-Doc Fellowship
  • Q. Has anyone heard anything about any of these?
  • Request for interview (post-doc) x4
  • Request for additional writing sample, 12/20
  • Request for campus interview (post-doc)
  • Request for campus interview (WAC Coordinator -- by email 1/17, for visit in late Jan./early Feb.)
  • [ Does anyone know anything about an offer? Even second-hand? Thanks!
    • I heard of an offer for the post doc--third hand--at Cs.
  • Elsewhere on the wiki ([1]), it says that a Drew position has been cancelled. Does anyone know if that's the comp. post-docs or the WAC position, of if it refers to something else? I think that they had another English search going, but I'm not sure.

Duke University

  • Thompson Writing Program
  • Post-Doc Fellowship
  • Deadline 10/31
  • rejection letter 12/15
  • rejection letter 12/22
  • call to schedule on-campus interview for late January, 12/16

Eastern Illinois University:

  • Deadline 11/7
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/17 (x4)
  • Has anyone heard anything?
  • No word either way yet.

Eastern Michigan University: Deadline (11/01),

  • Phone Interview Scheduled (11/06)x2
  • On-campus interview scheduled

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

Eckerd College:

  • Deadline: Nov. 21
  • more info requested 11/3
  • MLA interviews conducted

Edgewood College:

  • Deadline 11/15

Empire State College SUNY

  • phone interview conducted

Emporia State University (KS)

  • Deadline, 12/1
  • Ack. of app. via USPS 12/8 (x2)
  • Phone interviews scheduled 12/9 (x2)
  • suspended, see below

Fayetteville State University:

  • The university has implemented a hiring freeze, 1/14/09.
  • resurrected search
  • campus visit scheduled, 2/12

Florida Atlantic University

  • app rec'd notice 11/22
  • deadline 1/15
  • request for more materials 1/27 (x4)
  • any updates here?

Fontbonne University

Georgetown University

  • More materials requested 11/18 (x3)
  • ack of app 11/28 (X 4)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/10 (x3)
  • Anybody heard--even secondhand--if they've scheduled campus visits?
  • Campus visits concluded
  • [ Does anyone know anything about an offer? Even second-hand? Thanks!
  • Offer made and accepted

Georgian Court University

  • phone interview request 1/18 (x1)
  • phone interview request 2/16 (x1)

Georgia Gwinnett College

  • Request for campus visit (4/1)

Georgia Tech Britton Fellowships

Grand Valley SU

  • Deadline: 11/3,
  • MLA interview scheduled 11/21 (x3)
  • email rejection 1/7

Grand View

  • Contacted by HR representative 12/16 (I expected to be setting up a phone or MLA interview. Instead, it seemed like an ambush interview. Was asked what I found interesting about the job ad, what my teaching specialties are, and a few other questions.)(x2 - same experience; they also asked me what salary I expected and then told me that this Asst. Prof. job would pay between 35-39K).
  • rejection letter via mail, early March

Harvard University (Expo College)
Note: This is not a tenure track job

  • News here anyone? I received email confirm of materials received back in November (11/15ish)
  • Was asked to send additional materials (syllabi, writing sample, recommendation letters, etc.) and did so on 11/20; no word since
  • Keep in mind, the Expo College interviews local candidates Jan/Feb and uses MLA for geo-distant candidates
  • Has anyone who was asked to send additional materials heard anything yet? (12/15)--Not yet (12/15) (x4)
  • Has anyone heard back from Harvard?* Dec 18
  • No word here (12/18). Their last day of classes was yesterday (no exams until after the holidays), so today and/or tomorrow would seem a logical time for their committee to meet, deliberate, and (hope against hope) make calls. But of course "logic" seems to have little bearing on any of these proceedings...
  • have they scheduled MLA interviews? (12.22)12/23--I've received no news since turning in supplementary materials in late November. (x3)
  • Same here. I wonder if they are bypassing the MLA altogether?
  • It's also possible that the job has been frozen, at least temporarily.
  • Has anyone who was asked for additional materials heard ANYTHING?? (1/3)
  • As of 01.03, not a word. (x2) Perhaps they have to wait and see how many of the current preceptors are definitely moving on.
  • I'm confused here. This article refers to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, but my understanding is that Expos operates to some extent independently. Should one of us hazard a call/email inquiring about the status of the search? Even if it's frozen, it does not seem unreasonable to get some kind of notice!
  • Still no word after being asked for additional materials. Anyone else? (1/24) (x3)
  • Rejection via post. Over 300 apps according to the letter (dated 1/12) (x2)
  • Called to get information about Harvard's hiring freeze. Since the preceptor position has a five year term limit the writing program is not directly affected by the freeze, but this year they can only hire to fill slots that they know are going to be vacated. This means they can hire to replace preceptors who will hit their five year term limit this year, but after that they have to wait to see if anyone else leaves the program before they can hire. This has apparently slowed their process a bit. The guy I spoke to on the phone was very nice and assured me that my application was still under consideration, although he doesn't know when they'll have any more updates. (1/26)
  • Thanks very much for calling. It's great to finally get an update.
  • Yes, thank you. Does this mean that they're not doing any hiring until they know how many they can hire? Or that they've already done some hiring and are waiting to see how much more they can do, if any.
  • Could you clarify if MLA interviews were indeed conducted or not, and if not, did they mention how they would conduct future interviews? Thanks so much for any info.
  • I only asked about my application and the status of the search, so I don't know about the MLA or if they've hired anyone yet. They did seem willing to answer my questions, though, so it may be worth your while to give them a call.
  • I was at MLA in San Francisco, and there was a notice there that said Harvard would not be conducting any interviews at the 2008 MLA. Furthermore, I wrote Harvard yesterday asking about the status of my application, and I received a very nice reply that said my application was still active, and that the committee would be reviewing the remaining applications this weekend and making another round of cuts. They said they would be sending letters out to all candidates by next week with information on the status of their search. 1/30
  • Received letter today notifying me that "select" candidates have been interviewed, but my file remains open depending on faculty needs (2/2). Did everyone get this? Or were more clear rejection letters sent? (Same letter 2/2.) (2/3)
  • Total receiving above letter, including this poster: 10.
  • I haven't received above letter, but no interview request either. I'm sure the letter will be in tomorrow's mail. (2/3)
  • So has anyone been interviewed or offered a position? Or is it that everyone who's been interviewed and/or offered a job isn't posting to this list?
  • I spoke with an old colleague today who told me she interviewed for this position at the end of January. (2/5)
  • Was your colleague who was interviewed a local candidate or did Harvard fly her in? As no MLA interviews were held, I'd like to know if non-local candidates have been interviewed or not. Thanks for any info. 2/7
  • She was from NYC and traveled at her own expense. The Writing Program did hold interviews at the MLA- the notice that was seen must have been for the Harvard English department or something, because I know they held interviews out there. She was initially offered an MLA interview time, but since she wasn't going out for the conference she asked to be interviewed with the local candidates.
    • Can anyone else verify interviews, either at MLA or local? Seems strange that there's only one report of this via an "old colleague."
    • Local candidate here, interviewed late in January. Currently waiting and hoping for news. (3/9)
  • Rejection letter received-- not of the type mentioned above (my application is now closed), but nicely worded nonetheless. (2/5)
  • I know someone who interviewed second week of February in Chicago, had to pay his own way.
  • I currently work at the Harvard Expository Writing Program, and I can verify that they held interviews at the MLA, Chicago, and that they're currently holding local interviews. I have no information about the status of the search or if any offers have been made. (2/23)
  • According to this, the entry-level salary for Expos is $25,500. Can anyone confirm that? A: I don't think the status of Expo. Writing has changed much, but surely the salary has been upped a bit. This article is from 1993. 3/4
  • Anyone hear anything?
  • I can confirm that Expos interviewed in Chicago the week of Feb. 13th. I was told that final decisions will be made at the beginning of March, which clearly did not happen. They might be waiting to see how many preceptors will accept other job offers, which could slow things down. Does anyone have other info?
  • I was also told that they would make final decisions at the beginning of March but haven't heard anything since. (x2)
  • A friend at Expos told me that they are waiting to determine how many vacancies they might have.
  • Still no word?!
  • I emailed them yesterday to inquire, but no response yet. Can someone else out there contact them so that I am not alone?:)
  • Thanks for trying. If I hear back i will post.
  • What are the dates of above posts, please? I emailed around March 25, heard nothing - it's now April 8th, and still no word. (thirding the WTF?!)
  • I sent an email on March 30 or 31. Still haven't heard anything. Are they still waiting to determine how many vacancies they might have? Anyone have a clue what's going on?
  • I just hear back from D. Woodhouse (4/8) who told that the first round of offers has been made and they are waiting to determine how many positions they will have left before they extend the second round offers sometime this month. Good luck to all of you still waiting out there! Similar email from Woodhouse. However, mine mentioned a second round of "interviews" as well. Still hope, perhaps.
  • THANK YOU for posting this news.
  • Has anyone who interviewed heard anything one way or another?
  • I interviewed, and haven't heard anything (4/21)
  • Same here (4/26) Friendly "no" by mail (4/29)

High Point University

  • ack. of app 11/15
  • MLA interview scheduled 11/19

Illinois State-- WPA position.

  • Deadline Nov. 5
  • rejection letter received 12/11 via snail mail
  • MLA interview scheduled
  • Hire made in early March

Illinois Institute of Technology -- digital rhetoric position

  • phone interview 12/3

Kent State University, Stark Campus

  • Deadline 12/5
  • MLA interview scheduled, 12/15 (x3)
  • Campus Interview scheduled, 1/8, 1/9
  • Offer extended, declined (3/15)

Kutztown University

  • Deadline 11/14
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/1 (x2)
  • Second position in Digital Literacies/Visual Rhetorics opened
  • Most Campus interviews scheduled
  • anyone heard anything either way about this one?
  • Digital Literacies/Visual Rhetorics position has been offered and accepted
  • Phone interview for Professional Writing (4/8)

Lake Superior State University

Lamar University

  • ack of app (12/2)


  • phone interview 3/19
  • request for campus interview 3/26

Lone Star College--Montgomery

  • phone interview 3/19
  • campus interview 4/16
  • campus interview 4/24
  • Heard through the grapevine that an offer has been made but unable to confirm this officially. 5/18

Longwood University (VA)

  • phone interview scheduled for 3/18
  • campus interview 4/2
  • offer made 4/7

Loyola College, MD. Writing Center Director

  • Ack. of app. 10/27
  • Has started phone interviews

Miami University :

  • Candidates lined up. 11/21

Middlebury College (VT)

  • Visiting Asst. Prof. Writing, 3-year term, Deadline 11/15
  • position filled

Michigan State University

  • deadline 11/20
  • dossier req 11/20
  • An email request to fax back attached AA form (x2)
  • phone interview on 12/19

Missouri Southern University

  • Ack of app (11/29)
  • TT line converted to one-year temporary position (according to email 1/18)

Monmouth University

  • deadline 12/1

Mount Vernon College

  • ack of app. 12/1

New Jersey City University

  • Ack of app. 12/2
  • email checking to see if still interested in position 2/18 (x2)
  • phone interview scheduled 2/23
  • Request for campus visit

New Mexico Tech

  • phone interview mid-November
  • campus visit late November

New York University

  • request for more materials 12/18
  • Is this for the NYU Liberal Studies writing program job? If so, any more word on material requests or scheduled interviews? :*Nothin' here. 12/28
  • yes, I had an email request for more materials to be sent by 1/20.
  • request for phone interview 1/14

New York University, The Gallatin School

  • Has anyone heard anything? 4/26

Niagara University

  • phone interview scheduled 12/8 (x4)
  • anyone heard anything since?
  • as of 1/23, I haven't heard anything, though they had said they'd be contacting for campus visits in mid-Jan. If anyone's been contacted, please let us know!
  • email saying search has been reactivated, checking to see if still interested 3/16

North Carolina Central University

  • scheduled phone interview 11/14 (x1), 12/4 (x1)
  • received letter (that mentioned MLA interviews) and EEOC 11/24
  • MLA interview 12/8 (x2)
  • campus interview requested
  • position filled

North Georgia College & State University

  • MLA Interview scheduled. (First contact - no request for more info and no ack of app) 12/17
  • Would you be willing to share any more info about this one? Did you get a request for information before the interview request?
  • MLA interviews conducted
  • Has anyone heard about campus visits yet?

Northwest Missouri University

  • MLA Interview, 12/2
  • Offer made and accepted according to rejection snail mail letter 3/12

Northwestern State University of Louisiana

  • Phone Interview scheduled, 1/9

Nova Southeastern

  • Phone Interview Scheduled, 12/8
  • campus interviews scheduled
  • phone interview scheduled, 2/4

Oakland University ack and EEOC 11/21(x5), 12/5

  • Applied for:
  • Position #993899 -- First Year Writing (x4)
  • Position #992666 -- Writing and New Media (x2)
  • Video interview (FYW) 12/9 (x3), phone 12/18
  • campus interviews scheduled
  • any word on the new media position?
  • FYC & New Media positions filled

Occidental College

  • Q. Has anyone heard anything?
  • only Ack of app 11/24
  • MLA interview request by phone. 12/19 (4)
  • applied via interfolio. ack by email. nothing more.
  • Is someone concerned about interfolio? I see this listed several times as a piece of information. I used them, as did all of my current colleagues, and none of us have had any problems. I am not sure why having applied via interfolio would have made any difference. (x2)
  • i mention interfolio because i imagined/hoped that i had not heard back from some schools (places i had thought of as good and realistic fits) because they possibly hadn't received all of my materials. sorry if it seems irrelevant. won't mention it again.
  • Rejection via email 1/14 (x3) 1/16 (x1)
  • campus visit request by phone in early January, with promise of further contact to schedule the visit. As of 1/22, no further contact. Has anyone else heard anything?
  • No rejection e-mail or not contact regarding campus visit. MLA interview on 12/29.
  • Rejection letter via mail after MLA interview on 12/29. 1/28.
  • on campus scheduled 2/1

Ohio University, Lancaster

  • ack and EEOC 11/22 (x2),
  • Phone Interview Scheduled for 12/3 (x1), for 12/5
  • Rejection letter via email 12/13
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/9 (x2)
  • Campus interview scheduled
  • Phone interview scheduled 2/24

Oklahoma City University

  • phone interview 12/17
  • campus interview request 1/9

Old Dominion University

  • New position announced; review of materials begins March 30th
  • ack of app 3/19
  • EEO form (postal mail) 4/4 x2
  • Online interview scheduled 4/09 (x2)
  • Any word on whether follow-up interviews have been scheduled yet?
  • Campus visit scheduled 4/22

Oregon State U

  • request for more info (11/11)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/3 (x2)
  • email rejection 12/15
  • have heard nothing. i find the lack of *any* response disappointing, rude.
  • rude, maybe, but understandable. If a school receives 100 applications, contacting all 85 they're not interviewing is a bit daunting. What I find even ruder is that most schools will not contact interviewees that they are not bringing to campus. I'd rather hear that I'm not in the top three than sit around waiting forever. And if I was later contacted b/c the top three were not good fits, if I was still on the market I wouldn't turn up my nose... You won't hear anything. Our field is stunningly unprofessional when it comes to treating job candidates as actual human beings.
  • "rude maybe, but understandable"? I'm sorry, but it's not understandable. As every person on here knows, it takes a lot of time to research the department, the school, the faculty, then cater your letter to their needs, then come up with whatever combination of materials that particular school wants, pay for postage (not cheap, packages with a lot of materials can be $6 or more each), etc. For a school not to take 5 seconds to write an email saying, "sorry we're not interested" is just unacceptable and unprofessional. This obviously is not specific to Oregon SU, but seems to be endemic of many departments.
  • Uggh, to the above message. This is how searches work. You'll get your rejection letter when the search is over. The message below is correct in theory, though in most cases, if you don't hear from a school before MLA, that in and of itself is your rejection notice. My goodness, get over it.
  • One thing to keep in mind when not getting an interview but also not receiving a rejection is that SCs want to keep their options open. If they turn out not to be happy with the interview pool they've chosen, they'll go back into the pool. If they haven't rejected you at this point, you are still in that pool they might dip back into. So they may be keeping their options open with you. Of course, it would be nice to be notified of this, but then so few let us know the details. This is how I would understand the above situation.
  • Campus interviews scheduled 1/12
  • Post-MLA rejection letter via snail mail, 1/13. (And a very kind one, at that!) (x3)
  • at least someone's heard something. i never recv'd a thing. not one simple word. (x3)

Penn State University:

  • Deadline 11/15.
  • Offer has been made (as of 12/26/08) & accepted

Penn State University- Altoona

  • I haven't even gotten application acknowledgments from either Shenango or Altoona...anyone else?
  • I emailed Altoona--she said they have invited three candidates to campus but have shifted the position to writing center administrator and tutor trainer.

Penn State University- Shenango

  • I haven't even gotten application acknowledgments from either Shenango or Altoona...anyone else?
  • 2/6 Scheduled campus visit for Shenango (c19 Amer pos.--not sure about the Rhet/Comp)
  • rejection letter (postal mail) 4/4--indicates offer has been accepted

Pennsylvania College of Technology

  • Deadline for Lecturer in Writing 02/01/09
  • Applied online and received immediate confirmation email. Is anyone else on this board watching this job?
  • Phone interview requested via email 2/10
  • Phone interview requested via email 2/11
  • Does anyone have an idea how many people they ask for phone interviews from???
  • I don't know, but since the email specified that this is an "initial interview" I'm assuming a large group.
  • Anyone receive acknowledgment of receipt of application other than emails about phone interviews?
  • I applied online, so I got an email automatically saying they received your application. I also got a letter through the mail saying they would start review of applications in mid-Feb and let everyone know by April at the latest.
  • I got an email interview request, but did not get the letter mentioned above.
  • See Humanities/SS Postdoc wiki for more info
  • Received letter. No email request for interview (2/16)

Philadelphia University

  • MLA interviews conducted
  • Campus visit scheduled (1/12)

Potomac State College of West Virginia University

  • Deadline: Nov. 20 (or Dec. 15/ listed differently)
  • Ack. of application, 12/1
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/4 (x3)
  • Campus visit scheduled 12/31 (x2)
  • Received a *second* rejection letter! I get it, people, you don't want me. Sheesh! (Good for a laugh, though.)

Radford University

  • Telephone interview scheduled 12/16 (x2)
  • phone interview 1/8
  • told that campus interviews would be scheduled 1.5-3 weeks after 1/8
  • We're getting close to the 3-week point; has anyone gotten any news?
  • Campus visit scheduled

Rochester Institute of Technology

  • MLA interview scheduled mid Dec

Rockford University

  • telephone interview requested 12/18 (x3)
  • snail mail rejection 1/10 (x5 post interview)

Roger Williams Univ. (RI)

  • deadline 12/15
  • telephone interview requested 12/11 (x3)
  • chair says still doing phone interviews, 1/29
  • form rejection via email 3/24 (x2)


  • Deadline Nov. 3
  • More info requested 11/24 (x4)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/12
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/13
  • Campus interviews scheduled 1/7

Rowan University

  • phone interview scheduled 12/3, 12/5
  • campus interview scheduled for end of jan/beg. of feb (x2)
  • Offers made; Tech line accepted
  • Rejection 'form letter' email 4/8

Russell Sage College/The Sage Colleges (English Ed/Writing position)

  • phone interview 1/8
  • campus interview scheduled

Saginaw Valley State University

  • phone interview scheduled 12/9 (x4)
  • campus interview scheduled (1/6) (x2)
  • rejection email (3/29) from HR after campus visit; not clear if hire has been made.
    • they were great during the visit. very warm/hospitable.
    • Offer extended, delined (3/20)

Samford University

  • More info. requested 11/18 (x7).
  • MLA interview request 12/10 (x3)
  • rejection via email 1/5 (x2)
  • Q. for rejection via email recipient: were you also interviewed at MLA? Thanks!
  • A. rejection came without MLA interview (x2)
  • campus interview 1/7
  • Q. for campus interview recipient: were you also interviewed at MLA? I ask because this conflicts with what I was told to expect. Thanks!
  • A. Yes, campus visit followed MLA interview, earlier than expected.
  • A. To above asker- some schools end up making their decisions far earlier than they thought they would. Often they'll say at MLA mid-to-late January and then make calls in early January when they find out that the decision was easier than they'd thought. So that might be an explanation for your situation...
  • Has an offer been made and accepted for this position?
  • Yes it has. They're done.
  • Congratulations! It seemed like a nice department and job.
  • Congratulations to the person who accepted the offer. May I ask who will be joining that department next year?
  • You can ask, but part of the joy of this list is the anonymity. Even if the person who accepted that job is on this list (rather than friends with someone who posted their second-hand knowledge) I doubt he or she would want to out him/herself.

Slippery Rock University

  • Campus Visit 2/18

Stephen F. Austin University

  • chair says search still active, waiting on "large" applicant pool, 2/3
  • telephone interview scheduled, 2/20
  • Campus visit schedule
  • Rejection received

Southern Illinois University--Edwardsville

  • TT in English Education, Deadline: 10/30
  • more info requested 10/7

Southwest Missouri State University

  • 3/10: phone call to schedule campus visit for 3/23
  • offer made

Southwest Oklahoma State University

  • request for campus visit, 2/11

St. Bonaventure

  • ack. of application rec'd 1/26
  • Request for more info, 2/3
  • Anyone know what's happening with St. B's search? Got very polite request for more info and then stonewalled since. 3/29

SUNY Binghamton (lectureship)

  • ack. of application rec'd 1/26 (x2)
  • email to schedule interview at CCCC 2/20

SUNY Buffalo:

  • Dossier request, 11/18 (x3)
  • MLA interview req. 12/9
  • more info requested 11/18. since then, no word.

Susquehanna U MLA interviews conducted

  • Campus visit requested 1/13
  • MLA interview on 12/29. No word since.

Syracuse: Deadline 11/15,

  • dossier request 11/25 (x3)
  • snail mail rejection 12/13 (x4)
  • email rejection 12/17 (x1)
  • campus visit scheduled

Temple University

  • writing sample request 10/22
  • Rejection letter in mail 12/5 (x6)
  • MLA interview 12/2

Tennessee State University

  • See Generalist page.

Texas A&M, Commerce

  • Writing Center Director, Assistant Professor
  • Request for more info, 1/15
  • Request for phone interview, 2/3
  • Campus interview scheduled 2/12
  • Position filled
  • Assistant Professor, Rhetoric and Composition

Texas A&M, Corpus Christi:

  • Deadline Oct. 31.
  • Phone interview scheduled 11/21
  • Decision to bring candidates to campus happens after Thanksgiving
  • Campus visits completed
  • Campus visit scheduled, 2/11

Texas Tech:

  • More info requested 11/04
  • Rejection email, 04/16. No other contact between 11/04 and t

Towson University

  • phone interview scheduled 12/1 (X2)
  • campus visit request 12/17

U of Alaska Southeast at Juneau

  • Deadline 2/11
  • Rejection email received 2/20 (x2)

U of Arkansas Ft Smith

  • rejection via email 11/20, 02/04
  • email 12/24 to schedule campus visit for mid-January

  • Received app; e-mail saying they would be in touch in January
  • Rejection letter, snail mail, 02/23

U of California, Davis: Deadline 10/20,

  • phone interview scheduled 11/11 (X4)
  • campus visit scheduled for Jan (X1)
  • rejection letter dated in Jan. indicates offer has been extended.
  • Q. very sorry to hear that. i believe there were 2 positions they were hiring for, though. were you brought to campus for an interview?
  • A. No
  • received second rejection letter via post
  • Offers have been made on both positions

  • more info requested 11/5
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/5 (x3)
  • email rejection 12/15 (x4)
  • has anyone gotten a campus interview??
  • one. two. three.

U of Colorado Denver:

  • more info requested 10/29
  • phone interview scheduled for 12/18 (x2)
  • app sent via interfolio. no ack. nothing. (x2)
  • app sent via post. no ack. no nothing (x2)
  • rejection letter via email 12/20 (x3)
  • never one word. nothing. (x2)

U of Dayton:

  • WPA position. Deadline Nov. 6.
  • More info requested 11/12 (x2)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/9

U of Delaware

  • More materials requested 11/3 (x2)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/4
  • on campus interviews scheduled and conducted by 2/9
  • search suspended (letter, 3/4), more below

U of Houston, Downtown:

  • Deadline Nov. 9.
  • More materials requested 11/12 (x4).
  • MLA Interview scheduled 12/13 (x2).
  • PW position, offer accepted

U of Louisville:

more info requested 11/11 (x2)
  • wait. is that an official, final rejection? they said in their email to me that they had made their choices for MLA, and I wasn't one of them, but they would keep my application on file for the rest of this hiring cycle. So is that a very polite way of rejecting me or is that a way of saying I'm on a waiting list? any thoughts?
  • I got the same email and took it as a considerate rejection, meaning they are keeping their options open in case all their candidates head elsewhere, but I don't think their emails probably distinguished between *really* rejected and *keep-your-application* rejected.
  • psuedo rejection via email 12/17 (see comments above)
  • I got the same thing and I took it as "final but polite."
  • Campus visits scheduled
  • tentative offer made

U of Massachusetts, Boston (English Ed)

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/1

U of Massachusetts, Dartmouth (Tech comm)

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/12 (x2)
  • Formal rejection 1/8

U of Massachusetts, Dartmouth (Rhetoric)

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/12 (x2)
  • Campus visit scheduled for Feb 1/12
  • Offer Accepted

U of Michigan:

  • Deadline 11/10
  • MLA Interview Scheduled 12/9 (x2)
  • email rejection 12/19 (x4)
  • Request for campus visit 1/8

U of Minn-Duluth:

  • deadline 11/3
  • MLA Interview 11/26 (x2)

U of Montana Western

  • deadline 1/20

U of North Texas

  • more info requested 10/3 (x3)
  • MLA interview 12/4 (x4)
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • offer made on tech line

U of North Texas, Dallas

  • has anyone heard anything on the Rhet/Comp job?

U of Nebraska-Omaha::

  • MLA interview 11/22 (x5)
  • email rejection 1/7 (x2)
  • request for campus visit 1/7

U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Writing Center Director)

  • Telephone interview around 11/26

U of North Carolina, Greensboro:

  • Snail mail receipt, more info requested 11/20 (x4)
  • rejection letter 11/24 (x3) and 11/25 and 12/1
  • request for more info AND rejection letter (11/24)
  • (dated same day, different envelopes, signed by same person)(x2)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/09 (x3)
  • Campus visit requested 1/5/09

U of North Carolina, Pembroke

  • phone interview request 12/6 (x2)
  • Has anyone heard anything?
  • Phone interviewed in December. No word since. (X3)
  • Campus visits are underway

U of North Carolina, Wilmington

  • MLA interview request 12/8 (x4)<--which positions?
  • Professional Writing Position MLA interview 12/8
  • Campus interviews are underway
  • Rejection letter, snail mail, 02/23 (x2)

U of Notre Dame

  • Assoc. Director of Writing Center, open deadline
  • No ack. of app. 11/20
  • Has started scheduling MLA interviews 11/11
  • request for campus visit 12/29

U of Oklahoma

  • Lectureships in Expository Writing
  • deadline 5/1
  • phone interview 4/9
  • phone interview 4/10

U of Scranton:

  • more info requested 11/12 (x3)
  • MLA Interview scheduled 12/4 (x3)
  • Polite snail-mail rejection 12/10
  • invited to Campus visit 1/12/09
  • campus visit 3/26-27.
  • Offer accepted.

U of South Dakota

  • Deadline 3/23

U of Southern California

  • (full-time, non-TT lecturer)
  • Deadline November 24
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/15

U of Southern Mississippi

  • Deadline: 12/1
  • Has anyone received notification of any sort?
  • MLA Interview Scheduled 12/09
  • Campus visit requested

U of Tampa

  • MLA Interview Scheduled 11/25 (x3)
  • Invited to campus visit 1/10/09 (x2)
  • Offer made (according to letter), end of February

U of Texas at Austin

  • Deadline Oct 31
  • Rhetoric & Writing with specialization in emerging communication technologies and digital media
  • more info requested 10/29 (X4)
  • MLA interview requested 12/7 (x4)
  • Email rejection 12/8 (X2)
  • Snail mail rejection 12/15 (x7)
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • Has an offer been made? 02/16

U of Texas, Brownsville

  • ack of app. 12/8

U of Texas, San Antonio

  • phone interview request 12/08 (x3)
  • MLA interview request 12/15 (x2)
  • Has anyone heard anything about campus visits here?
  • I was told the short list had been sent to administration by 1/12/09
  • Yeah, I was told that too (and that my name was on that list)--but just told by Chair that they may not have funding for the position now. Nothing for sure, though. So depressing.
  • Rejection sent via snail mail 2/3, 2/7, 2/19

U of Texas, Tyler

  • Is this the Chair position, or is there another listing in Tyler?

U of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

  • Phone interviews were before Thanksgiving
  • Has anyone heard about campus visits?

U of Wisconsin, LaCrosse

  • 10ENG01 Position: Notice Application was complete, EEOC 12/6
  • 10ENG02 Position: Notice Application was complete, EEOC 12/6
  • 12/10--MLA interview Scheduled (x1)
  • 12/11: MLA interview scheduled for new media position 10ENG02 (x5)
  • Campus visits for new media position are under way (offer made)
  • Campus visits for freshman writing position are under way (no such position)
  • Campus visits in progress for professional writing
  • 10ENG01 search closed, no hire this year, 4/30

U of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

  • Phone Interview Scheduled for 12/1 (professional/technical writing)(x4)
  • app sent via interfolio. no ack. no word.
  • still, heard nothing (x3 no word since phone interview in Nov.)

U of Wisconsin, Stevens Point'

  • deadline 4/16 (x1)

U of Wisconsin, Stout

  • Phone interviews 11/26
  • On-campus 12/10
  • Position filled

U of Wisconsin, Whitewater

  • Campus visits for 3/14 - 3/30 (professional/technical writing)(x2)

Washington College (MD)

  • First-Year Writing, Deadline: Nov. 1,
  • more info requested 10/8,
  • dossier requested via email 11/10
  • dossier requested via email 11/15 (x3)
  • request for an MLA interview (11/20)(x3)
  • Q. Has anyone heard about campus visits yet? I know they wanted to move quickly on this position, bringing candidates to campus around the 19th.
  • A. Nope, I didn't hear anything yet but I too was told that they were going to move quickly (although they did say we wouldn't hear for a couple of weeks). Please let me know if you hear anything and good luck!
  • Good luck to you, too! This whole thing is nerve-wracking.
  • Q. Any news out there? Any campus interviews?
  • A. Nothing here, but the creative writing page shows that campus visits have already been extended for their other TT position. Hopefully, we'll hear something soon.
  • Q. I wonder, though, if they have decided to go with their current VAP in the position?
  • A. Not sure why they didn't just didn't do a phone interview--and save us all money and time by bringing us out to the MLA. I'll never understand this big MLA show when they know who they are giving the job to....
  • A. Yep, they went with the VAP. Offer accepted according to rejection email. 1/24

Washington State University (Tri-cities)

  • request for more info (11/24)
  • phone interview scheduled 12/16 (x2)
  • Q. Does anyone know if they've scheduled campus interviews yet?
  • rejection letter via snail mail 2/2, 2/4

Wayne State U:

  • Deadline 11/03,
  • more materials requested 11/10 (x2)
  • rumor is that an offer was made 2/1

West Texas A&M:

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/20

Western Kentucky U

  • rejection letter 1/3
  • Campus visits scheduled
  • Offer made and accepted

Westfield State College:

  • MLA Interview scheduled 11/25 (x2)
  • campus visits are under way

Winston-Salem State University:

  • Deadline ?

Wittenberg Univ. (OH):

  • Deadline 11/15 (Writing Center Director)
  • Ack. of app. 12/9
  • MLA Interview Scheduled (12/7)

Yale (Lecturer, non TT)

  • phone interview scheduled 2/21
  • Also emailed; also no response. (x3) (WTF?)

Northern Kentucky University

Oklahoma State University

Princeton University

Queens College

Sam Houston State

St. John Fisher: Deadline 11/12.

U of Alaska at Fairbanks

U of British Columbia Email to arrange phone interview 11/20

U of California, Santa Barbara (two-year lectureships)

U of Cincinnati: Deadline Nov. 3.

U of Florida:

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/8 (x2)
  • rejection via email 12/17 (x3)

U of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

  • Has anyone heard from this one?

Youngstown State University (non-TT asst. prof.)

Suspended Searches[]

California State University, Fresno:

Capital University: Search suspended, notified via snail mail 2/18

Colby College: Deadline 11/15, More info requested 11/3. Search suspended until next year due to curriculum reevaluation--11/12; 11/15. This search turned into a visiting professor position for next year. Anyone heard anything since?

Emporia State University: Canceled due to state budget cuts, snail 4/9

Fort Lewis College: Frozen 1/15/09

Greensboro College: Search suspended, may search again next year, 1/20/09.

Hamline University (St. Paul) Letter received 2/12/09: "I wish I had better news to share with you in this letter, but our search was canceled this past week as we were moving into the on-campus interview phase."

Hofstra University:--All Searches Suspended for financial reasons.

Long Island University Brooklyn: TT search suspended for financial reasons

Louisiana State University, Shreveport: TT search suspended for financial reasons

Louisiana Tech: TT search frozen for financial reasons

Maryville University: Search suspended for financial reasons (notified by snail mail 12/26).

  • Strange--I got an email today (1/9) that said: "Dear Applicant: The search committee has completed the process of selecting the most qualified candidate for this position of Assistant Professor of English. Although you were not selected, we appreciate your interest in employment at Maryville University and invite you to apply for openings for which you qualify in the future. Best wishes in your professional endeavors." I never received a letter about the search being suspended.(x2)
  • The position I applied for as in 19th Century American Literature with a secondary emphasis in Rhetoric. Perhaps that explains it. I got confused with all the different jobs I've applied for (most in Rhetoric, some in American Literature). But I have the letter, and it clearly says "Maryville" and tells me the search was suspended.
  • Ok-that makes sense, because I had applied for the English/generalist position and it was the one that was not suspended.

Missouri Southern: TT line converted to one-year temporary position (according to email 1/28)

Mount Union: Search suspended. Notified by snail mail 12/10.

Pitzer College (CA): Search Canceled *Asst. Prof./Writing Center Director

Penn St. Dubois: Search canceled, notified via snail mail 4/25

Rider U: TT search suspended for financial reasons

Rutgers U: TT search suspended for financial reasons; may resume search in January

Seton Hill University: TT search 'frozen,' reasons unknown, snail mail 2/14

St. Edward's: TT search suspended for financial reasons

St. Mary's: TT search suspended

Stanford University: All searches (2 x Senior Lecturer and WIM Director) suspended for financial reasons

  • Strange--I got a snail-mail rejection letter (1/9) saying many applicants, blah, blah, but I'm not selected. Does that mean the position is not suspended? (this was for lecturer position.)(x2)

U of Alaska, Fairbanks

U of Florida: "We have decided not to pursue the Composition and Rhetoric position at this time." No reason stated. Letter, 3/4

U of Kansas: Search suspended. Hiring freeze; they may search again next year

U of Pittsburgh: Search suspended. The TT line is not lost; they may search again next year.

U of San Francisco: Deadline 11/31 Rec'd notice of search aborted due to lack of funding 11/24

U of South Carolina: Specialization in Rhetoric. Search suspended. Notified by postal mail.

U of Southern Indiana

U of Southern Maine: Search suspended. (Inquiry to SC chair), confirmed via snail mail from school 2/11

Utah Valley University: suspended 2 r/c searches for financial reasons. Hopes to resume in March. One hire made in Late February, 2009.

Washington State U (Pullman): TT search suspended for financial reasons

Washington State Tacoma: Canceled due to budget cuts per email from search committee 12/5

Western Carolina University: decided to not offer position to any candidate

Western New England College:

Xavier U: TT search suspended for financial reasons