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On the Search[]

Inside Candidates?

  • Does anyone have any insight about clues that might suggest a school has an inside candidate for a position? I would appreciate any feedback or ideas!

How soon after MLA do schools typically call to schedule their oncampus interviews?

A: The schools I talked to varied widely when I asked. The average is probably about Jan 15 for me with some (hopefully) calling next week and some stretching it out into early Feb. (1/2) Others?

And so the nightmare begins anew . . .

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tis the season: don't forget about the Universities to Fear wiki

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Search Status[]

There are indeed approximately 25% fewer job postings this year compared to the previous two years (MLA JIL). Also, more of these posts are not tenure-track positions, but that can and does often change when funding improves. If someone has the latest numbers please post those here and on the discussion page.

How do you all think this September compares to previous years for Comp/Rhet jobs? For sure, we'll know more when the JIL comes out, but colleagues in other departments have been lamenting the dearth of jobs in their field already. Thoughts?

  • If all of these jobs hold, I think we'll be doing okay. My concern is that funding will fall through and some of these jobs will be withdrawn. Since that is likely, lets hope it's not too many.
  • Well, I just passed 100 job applications.  They say that some jobs are getting over 150 applications.  By the end of the year, I may have hit that many sent out.  Of course, I've been going for everything - rhet/comp, generalist, post-doc, lecturer, visiting - anything full-time.  My bet is that there are quite a few just like me.

Wiki counter[]

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I'm on the market and I'm...[]

...ABD: 2

...ABD but defending this year: 56

...not ABD but working as a full-time adjunct instructor while finishing ABD/PhD: 1

...a Ph.D., but still at my degree-granting institution: 8

...a visiting assistant professor or adjunct position: 7 a post-doctoral position (ABD or with degree in hand): (with degree in hand) 8 a tenure-track position: 18 a tenured position: 3

...academic support staff (non-teaching staff): 3 a non-academic position:

...primarily working in comp/rhet: 9

...primarily working in a field besides comp/rhet (with strong comp/rhet background): 9

...primarily working in a field besides comp/rhet (without strong comp/rhet background): 2 (NB I used to think it was strong)

...trying to remember why I wanted to be an academic: 7

...ready to give up: 4

...wondering if McDonald's is still hiring: 2

...aging prof wishing I'd handled my career better  1

  • (care to give some advice, aging prof?)
  • a bit too much job changing early on can make hard to find TT later in life!

...Thinking this whole process is crazy - most other jobs at the same salary range only ask for a resume and a 2-3 pg application!: 3

...compulsive enough to check for updates on Christmas Eve!   2

...hopelessly gloomy... and it's not even the end of January!

...checking my emails pretty much every five seconds on the off-chance someone's contacting me.

...had to laugh out loud when I read the ad for Marietta College (Ohio)--Writing Coordinator on Higher Ed Jobs - a Writing Coordinator to report to the provost with a host of responsibilities and their pay range is $24,000 to $28,000 !!! I could work at Blockbuster full time and make more money for less responsibility (and get my videos for free). Honestly, good luck Marietta College. x2 (!!!)

Actually, I'm just lurking[] a SC member: 7

  • Q to SC Lurkers: Are you willing to say what info interests you here? (see Q/A section below) a faculty member (not on SC) in a dept. that is about to release a job ad: 1

...Spouse of a Search Candidate: 4 someone on the market in 2010: 1 someone on the market (in a non rhet/comp field) in 2010: 3 someone (who got hired, really it does happen) that was on the market last year: 2

Q & A about the Career Path[]

See more on Discussion Page

Q: Does anyone have ideas about how late schools will wait to schedule MLA interviews? My guess is that if schools haven't contacted anyone for MLA by today they will be sceduling phone interviews after the break, but I really don't know. Also, any ideas about how long it takes after a phone interview to hear back about whether the committee is going to offer a campus interview?

A: I have heard of schools calling for MLA interviews up until Christmas eve; it isnt likely, but its possible! As for your second question, the school will usually tell you their timeline in the phone interview; if not you should ask. It seems to be varying quite a bit. One school let me know about the campus visit within three days of the interview and another told me they wont make a decision until mid-February. So it seems to depend on the institution.

Q: Any thoughts on when it's time to give up hope hearing from a school?  If I haven't had request for more materials & others have about a week ago, is the writing on the wall?

A: Depends on the deadline. I would trust the wiki- if they wanted more materials from someone more than 2 weeks ago, you're probably out. If they arranged interviews within the past 5 days and you weren't called, you're probably out. At least that's how I'm doing it. The official rejection letters usually come way late in the process.
Response to above Answer: While this usually is the case, it doesn't always happen that way. Last year, the school who hired me didn't contact me until March, after they had gone through the interview/visit process with other candidates the first time around. They found that their first picks didn't work out, so they went back to the drawing board and started over in the Spring. So really, nothing's official one way or the other until you see it in writing (or hear it on the phone).

A non-composition ABD wondering what the teaching load norm is for these tt positions 2-2 or 4-4?

  • Simple answer: YES! More detailed answered: It all depends on whether it's a [edit: public] teaching or research institution. I think it varies with liberal arts colleges/universities. I've seen 3-3 and "small" class sizes advertised. The jobs ads, for the most part, specify the load, though.

Q to SC Lurkers: Are you willing to say what info interests you here?

  • Making sure that our search progress is on the same schedule with other schools so that we don't get behind. +1
  • We are also tracking other schools' progress. +1
  • Making sure our process is clear to all applicants +1
  • Providing updates of our timeline so that our process can be more transparent to all applicants
  • As a previous job seeking person, who is now on a SC, I have always wondered just how accurate the job Wiki is. Now that I am in the process from the other side, I am checking to see what appears here. (posted 5.31.2010)
  • Looking at the interest level other schools are receiving from applicants and learning from the mistakes of our competitors so we can salt their fields and dash their hopes [j/k]

For Rhetoric, be sure to follow Communications Wikia 2010 updates.

  • Many of the Rhet/Comp posts were cross-listed and are interviewing.
  • Also check Indeed: Rhet/Comp Jobs

Question to SC lurkers who've received a large number (100+) of applications: are all those you've received comp/rhet PhDs? Are there really that many of us?

  • Yes, there are that many. Most R1 SCs will receive 90 - 150 applicants per post
  • Unconfirmed: Second tiers are receiving 50+ for most openings
  • At least one tier 2/3 school (4/4 load) has received 80+ apps for a wpa/generalist job. Almost all were bona fide RC applicants.
  • Confirmed: At least some community colleges are receiving 50+ because CSU, UC, and other similar state systems have no openings
  • In my search: out of 145, 120 or so were RC. Yes, there are that many now and from many different schools. New programs (Bowling Green, Clemson, UTEP, UN Reno etc.) are starting to graduate more students.
  • A word from a "teaching university": Our applications are actually slightly down (~50) this year from previous years. We think this is primarily due to the specific requirements of the position, though. In out last three hires (in just about the same number of years), we have seen ~75+ applications for each position.
  • For our one off-season posting for a rhet/comp person, we have already received over 100 job letters within two weeks of posting the position (third tier institution with a great geographic location), so yes, there can be that many responses. However, given the crazy realities of the academic job market, a large number of job letters are not actually from rhet/comp folks. Disturbingly, many of these job letters do not even seem to be responding to a rhet/comp post. A poster above asked for SC advice. I would say you have to either own you are not fitted (or really even interested) for the position (e.g. soley a literature person, who has taught comp, applying for a rhet/comp job) and simply don't apply, or, if you want a chance to be successful, you absolutely must point your materials on all levels to the realities of a rhet/comp position. Kindly, but directly, I will say if all three of your degrees are in French literature, or if you have only taught/published in the area of early modern Brit lit, then there is really not much a rhet/comp search committee can do with job materials that only reflect this experience/interest but to reject it. It is sad, and I have been there myself, but the simple fact is we are not going to be so impressed with your scholarship in these areas that we forget we are hiring for a rhet/comp position and need someone with actual teaching passion and publication in this area. I, too, have been there, but I have to admit it is a bit tedious and annoying to have to read so many job letters, when the applicant clearly is not interested in teaching comp and could not be bothered to make an effort to make their job materials evidence interest/success at teachig comp. Our geography may be attractive to you, but the position is still a rhet/comp posting. The unpointed or disingenuous job packet is really just a wast of everyone's time. (posted 5.31.2010)

Probably not the "correct" thing to ask, but if there are this many people for so few jobs, do we need new programs? Do we need as many graduates as we are producing? What becomes of the hundreds who will not find work this year or next as states cut even deeper? Should we have a "career options" forum? Ouch.

  • Some appointments will likely be defunded, too, so develop a backup plan.
  • There are fewer funded positions this year because of state cutbacks.
  • Yes! A career options forum would be *fantastic*!
  • Might as well use the Discussion page, since there are no editing issues: Discussion Page

Tenure-Track Jobs[]

Please read the editing instructions at the top of the wikia page! You can easily muck up this code, and people have.

  • Please edit by section when possible, not the full list. (Darn, someone can't read directions. There goes an hour.)
  • Please add links to jobs ads when not (yet) listed on one of the official lists, e.g. MLA-JIL, CoHE, or HEJ.


Institutions A-B[]

American University of Kuwait

  • Phone Interview on Oct. 12 2009: Very friendly.
  • E-mail rejection (11/23) x1

Arkansas State-Beebe

  • rec'd application 2/18 x1

Arizona State University

  • confirmation of application, request EEO info x6
  • phone interview scheduled (Assistant Professor History of Rhetoric) (12/9) x2
  • phone interview scheduled via phone (Assistant Professor of Rhetorical Theory) (12/9)
  • Was anyone asked for additional materials?
    • A: They are asking for additional materials when the phone interview is scheduled.
    • Are these ASU searches actually happening this year?  Searches in several fields have been announced, but as far as I know, no campus interviews have been scheduled.
    • I had a conversation with someone from ASU at MLA. He said that they are hiring ten people this year and ten people next year. I did not hear that wrong--they really are hiring a ton of people. He said that their administration told them that if they wanted to fund that many positions, then they could not send the whole search committee to MLA, so they opted out of MLA interviews. It is shocking, but he said that they had needed new professors for a while but were strategically waiting until "no one else was hiring" so they could have their pick. And as we all know, now is that time.
    • I'm not so sure about the above comment. It sounds odd to me that a school would agree to fund 10 new hires but not a few thousand dollars to send a committee to MLA.
    • Nor does this answer why this committee would not have set up campus interviews by this point. 
    • My guess is that they haven't set up campus interviews yet, because the due date for additional materials is Jan. 4.
    • Two things: 1) although I had a phone interview on 12/9, I wasn't asked for additional materials but when I sent a follow-up email they told me the search was ongoing and were very encouraging while asking me to wait.  I'm a wee bit confused to not have been asked for more materials but the e-mail they sent back wasn't at all a "you're out of the running" e-mail.  What additional materials did others get asked for (I applied for the History of Rhetoric position)?  2) ASU is indeed hiring about 10 new folks, but they are broken up in such a way it's almost certainly not the same search committees.  There is 1 CRW, 1 English Ed, 2 linguistics, 3 literature, and 2 rhet/comp, plus adjunct positions.  So I see why ASU wouldn't send 9 completely different search committees to MLA, that's gotta be 20 different people even if there's overlap between the committees.
    • I was asked for more materials during my phone interview.  I think they wanted to materials by Jan 4th or 5th (as mentioned above).  I have not heard anything since the interview mid-Dec-ish.
  • I heard a rumor that candidates had been invited to campus. Don't know if it's true or not. (1/30)
    • A. I am pretty sure they have been. I attend ASU and they have posters hanging up inviting students to meet with candidates all the time-- I am not sure about all of the searches, but I think most of them have candidates coming to interview on campus (1/31).
    • So, has anybody been invited to campus for the History or Theory positions? It would be nice to know whether or not to give up hope. (2/3)
    • Yes, for the Theory position. (2/3)
    • Theory position offered (2/15)
    • Lecturer position offered and accepted (3/08)
    • I got a letter in the mail yesterday that the committee had made a recommendation to hire for the History position

Ashland University

  • Received confirmation email: review will begin in February (12/15)
  • Received an email that application review is about to commence (2/1)
    • Q: Anyone heard yet?
  • Invitation for a phone interview (2/24) x3
    • Q: Congratulations. Care to say whether the invite came via phone or email?
      • A: By phone. x3
  • Any updates? (3/26)

Auburn University

  • Request for more materials x15
  • Phone interview scheduled x4 (most recent: 11/23)
  • Phone interview conducted (12/3) x2
  • Campus Visit Scheduled (12/9) x3
  • Has anyone heard back -- one way or the other?
  • Position offered (2/10)
    • Q: Was the position accepted? (2/24)
    • Position filled. Rumor has it they are going to run a second search

Augusta State University (WC Director)

  • Email (12/21): "A short list of applicants should be identified by late January..." x3
  • Contacted for phone interview approx. one week from now (2/1, via email)
  • Invited for late Feb. campus visit (2/9, via email and phone)
    • Now early March
  • Received e-mail: "I regret to inform you that, due to a severe shortfall in state funding, the dean of Arts and Sciences to whom I report has given the following directives: an immediate freeze for all vacant positions within Arts and Sciences, cancellation of all campus visits and interviews now scheduled, suspension of all active searches until further notice. We do not know what decisions will be made in the next few months, and we understand that you cannot wait for us. We wish you well as you pursue your career goals."
  • That was quick: Searches are back on, funding restored (2/26).
  • Offer made (3/11)

Augusta State University (Asst. Prof.)

  • confirmation of application, request EEO info x4
  • The confirmation that I received TODAY (11/30) says that a short list will be determined by Dec. 1. Did your confirmation say something similar? Just curious.
    • To the poster above, the SAME thing happened to me yesterday (11/30).
    • Ditto. (11/30)
    • Anything further?
    • OK - it's almost FEB. Anyone? (Bueller . . . Bueller . . . Bueller??)
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • Phone interview (3/11)
  • Position offered (3/16)... and filled (4/1)

Barnard College (Associate Director of Writing Program)

  • Confirmation of application email. States invitations for on-campus interviews in early Feb. (01/4) x3
  • Any word on this one yet? (2/10)

Barry University

  • MLA interview scheduled (11/10) x4
  • Campus visit scheduled by phone (2/12)

Baylor University

  • confirmation of application
  • request for more materials 11/5 x5
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/8)
  • Q: Any post MLA contact?
  • Offered, accepted (3/1)

Bellevue Community College

  • Position in English Department posted on 1/22.
  • I noticed there were openings in 2007, 2008, 2009 and now in 2010. Any reason why this college has openings every year?
    • Because CCs are growing and growing! The place to be in uncertain times, perhaps.
  • email rejection (3/26)
  • Did anyone else hear from them yet?

Birmingham-Southern College

  • MLA interview scheduled (12/15)
  • Rec'd letter saying: "You were not included in our final list for interviews. With your permission, we will keep your application on file in case our circumstances change." (12/22) x2
  • Campus Interview Invite via email (1/6)
  • Anymore news from BSC?

Boise State (WAC)

  • affirmative action form by email x2
  • phone interview scheduled 11/16
  • Rejection letter x 3 (11/23; 11/24)
  • Finalists selected (12/3)
  • Position offered and accepted (1/28)

Bluffton (OH) University (TESOL)

  • requested supplemental application form
  • confirmation of application, request EEO info
  • position filled.

Bradley (IL) University

  • confirmation of application
  • confirmation of application and request for more material (11/18) x10
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/15) x3
  • any post-MLA contact?
  • Request for transcripts via email (1/27)
  • For the person who had the transcript request--did you have an MLA interview? (2/2)
    • A: yes I did.
    • Thanks! Do you know if they've scheduled campus visits?
      • No, I do not know.
  • Campus Visit scheduled by phone (2/23)
  • Any news on this one?

Bridgewater State

  • Phone interview scheduled (12/16) x4
  • Phone interview conducted (12/21)
  • Campus Visit Scheduled via email (12/23) x2
  • Invitation for Campus Interview via phone (1/13) (1/29 x1)
  • any updates on this one?
  • Offer made and accepted (as of 4/30)

Brigham Young University

  • Inside informant says this search has been canceled.

Bryn Mawr College (Writing Center Director)

  • Confirmation of application via email (12/10) x2
  • Q: Has anyone been contacted for an interview? (2/6)
  • A: Phone interview scheduled (2/16) x1
  • Campus visit scheduled (2/25) x1
  • e-mail notification that they made their offer and it was accepted (4/9)

Buena Vista University

  • Confirmation of receipt of application, late October x3
  • Phone interview arranged (12/1) x3
  • Phone interview conducted (12/10; 12/11)
  • On-campus interviews this week (1/21)
  • Job offered and accepted (1/26)
  • Congrats!
  • Rejection email (2/10) – no surprise given the above, but at least they sent one.
  • Got a rejection email, with my name spelled incorrectly, thanking me for applying for the economics position. Well done, BV.

Institutions C-E[]

Carnegie Mellon (post-doc):

  • app due dates 2/26 but reviews begin 2/15

Cascadia Community College (tenure-track)

Catawba College

  • request for more materials 11/20 x2
  • Rejection letter via postal mail x 4 (12/3; 12/10; 12/11)
  • Email received (12/4) stating that due to financial constraints, the committee will not be holding interviews at MLA.
    • Initial phone interviews will be held in early Jan w/ campus visits to follow.
    • They also stated that they received over 100 apps for the job and that my dossier request was one of 18. x4
  • Phone interview scheduled for 1/5 (the interview was scheduled by phone on 1/4)
  • Any news on this position? More than one phone interview scheduled? A campus visit scheduled?
  • Phone interview conducted 1/12 (said they'd be getting back to people about visits within a week)
  • Received email saying they were behind schedule and would be contacting people about campus visits next week (1/19)
  • Invite for campus interview (1/25)

Central Michigan University

  • confirmation of receipt of application, request for EEO info x 5
  • Phone interview conducted on 11/14 x 1
  • Campus visit scheduled (12/4) x2
  • Position offered and accepted (2/1)
  • Congratulations!
  • Do you already have your Phd in hand? Are you a MI native? thanks

Centralia College

  • job posted on 12/18/09; apps reviewed on 3/1/2010

Champlain College

  • email request for phone interview 1/26 x3
  • campus visit scheduled 2/5
  • rejection email 2/9
  • received email that the position was offered and accepted

Christopher Newport University

  • e-mail acknowledgment of receipt of application 1/14

Clarion University (Dir. of Writing Programs)

Clemson University

  • request for more materials x9
  • Phone interview scheduled (12/4) x3
  • Phone interview conducted (12/10)
  • Campus visit scheduled (12/22)
  • Q:  Were you contacted via email or phone to schedule the campus interview? A: Phone.
  • Q:  For those contacted for campus interviews, did (any of) you have your phone interview on 12/21?  Just wondering if all campus visits have been scheduled…
  • Yes, was called before Christmas
  • offers made (1/28) Congratulations! Does anyone know if all the offers were made? Or are they still making decisions?
  • decisions still to be made for remaining positions (2/1)
  • Q: Are decisions still in process only for the senior position, or for Assistant Prof positions as well?
  • A: Decisions are still being made for all positions.
  • Offer received and accepted (2/18)

Coastal Carolina

  • Phone interview scheduled (11/20) x3
  • Q: How did they contact you? A: By phone.
  • Phone interview scheduled (contacted by phone 12/4) x2
  • Phone interview conducted (12/9)X2
  • Phone interview conducted (12/8) Note: These are screening for MLA interviews.
    • Clarification: They are conducting multiple searches this year, and at least one of the searches is using phone interviews in place of MLA interviews.
  • Campus visit scheduled (12/11)  
    • Q: Which position? Composition or professional writing? A: Professional Writing.
  • Anyone scheduled for MLA yet? (12/14)
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/15) x2
    • Q: Is the MLA interview for the Composition job? A: It is for the Assistant Professor in Rhetoric/Composition position (MLA interview request was after preliminary phone interview was conducted).
    • Any Post MLA Contact for the Rhet/Comp Position? (1/12)
    • Rejection email received for Rhet/Comp position. The email suggested that the job has been offered to another candidate. (02/02)
    • Would you mind sharing the content of that email with those of us that didn't get it?
    • "We have reviewed the candidates for the assistant professor position for which you applied, and we have determined that another candidate is more qualified for the position. Your application is no longer under consideration. In order to get this news out in a timely fashion, I've resorted to email. The Department of English at Coastal Carolina University advertised six tenure-track openings this year. Those six positions attracted over 800 applications. I regret that I have to use this impersonal method of communication to deliver this news." x2 (02/04) >>Anyone else find the first line of the rejection a little....rude?
    • Not at all. Seems pretty standard language. "More qualified" doesn't necessarily mean "better" there, just maybe qualified in different areas in which other applicants have no or little experience/expertise.
    • Position offered and accepted 2/24/10 (Comp/Rhet)

College of Coastal Georgia

  • (Q: Where is this position listed?)
  • It's listed on the online Chronicle of Higher Ed joblist
  • confirmation of application, request EEO info

Columbia University (Lecturer)

  • Q: Where is this posted?

Concordia University (Deadline 1/15)

  • Any news out there to report?
  • A: Heard reviews start on 2/12
  • Campus invite (2/5) x 1
  • Was there an offer made? (6/8)

Coppin State University

  • receipt of application 2/19 x 1
  • phone interview scheduled

Curry College

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/14) x5
  • Reposted (Higher Ed Jobs) (12/16) (again on 1/14)
  • Q: Any contact since MLA?
    • I haven't heard anything either.
    • Any info what's going on with this position?

Cuyahoga Comm College

Daemen College

  • 11/23 - Major faux pas: it's not a good idea to use CC instead of BCC when emailing someone already on edge that you received his or her and 60 others' applications. [Make that 99 others, since they were nice enough to send the same email out again [3rd time, actually] with more email addresses added! What's going on there? ;P ] x 99
  • rec'd letter dated same date of inappropriate email saying my materials were forwarded on to the committee and rec'd an EEO form
  • Call for campus visit 1/6 (wow, what happened to additional materials or phone interviews???)
  • Congrats to whomever got it! I'm sure it'll be an awesome job! x2

DePaul University

  • Note: see "universities to fear.":*e-mail confirmation of application (11/24)
  • email stating that MLA interviewees will be notified by 12/11. (12/7) x 2
  • Anything else stated in the email? I got the confirmation email on 11/24 but not the follow-up on 12/7. I guess I'll assume i'm out on that one.
  • Same here. I got a confirmation in November that said they'd be notifying about MLA interviews by 12/11. So I wonder if the 12/7 email is the same one I received, or a different one with the same information in it.
  • Don't consider yourself out yet! The email I got was likely the same one you got earlier. It just read as a "your application is complete" type of email, with the additional "notified by 12/11" info. Sorry for any confusion. :)
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/09) x 4
  • Q: By phone or email? A: By phone
  • Campus visits scheduled.
  • Q. Anyone know what's going on with this job? I've heard both that an offer has been made and that the search was starting over.
  • Position offered and accepted (2/4)

Drew University (Post-doc)

  • Confirmation of materials x 5 (11/24)
  • Scheduled MLA interview via email (12/16)
  • Request for interview (MLA/phone/video) via email (12/16) x2
  • Invitation for mid- to late-Feb. campus visit via email (1/18)
  • Has anyone heard anything recently?
  • Position offered 3/8 and declined (accepted TT at another school instead). The SC was so wonderful and it would have been a fantastic place to be.
    • Q: You applied for the Post-doc but was offered a TT instead? (Sorry you had to decline. I do empathize.) A: No, sorry. Edited for clarification.
    • Thanks for the clarification, and congrats!

Duke (first year writing fellowships)

  • This one is also up on Humanities Postdoc page.
  • Q: Has anyone heard anything?
  • They had 700+ applicants. Committee just met to narrow pool to 100. Will meet again to narrow to 25 or so to bring for on-campus interviews. Have not sent out any rejection notifications yet.
  • Merry xmas to me: rejection received by email (12/22) x4
  • On-Campus Interview Scheduled (12/16)

Eastern Illinois

  • confirmation of application x 8
  • Invitation for MLA interview by phone (12/17)
  • Invitation for Campus Visit by phone (1/7)
  • Position offered and accepted (1/28)

East Stroudsburg University

  • Received notification of search timeline (ranking candidates week of 1/4; scheduling phone interviews weekend of 1/9; campus interviews in late Jan/early Feb; offer to be made around mid-February). (1/1 via email x2)
  • Invitation to phone interview (1/9 via email x2)
  • Invitation to campus interview (1/22 via phone x2)
  • Campus interviews underway. (2/11 - mine was the 12th, heard that last one was Tuesday 2/16)
  • offer made and accepted.

Eastern Kentucky University (Noel Studio)

Eastern Washington University

  • confirmation of receipt of application x 1 (12/4)
  • phone interview scheduled (2/6)

Institutions F-J[]

Fayetteville State University

  • Note: do see "universities to fear" and prepare yourself accordingly.
  • The FSU reference on "universities to fear" refers to the History dept., not English and Foreign Languages. You definitely do not want to work in the History dept.
  • Curious if this happened to others: I received a call late in the evening of 12/13; phone interview was scheduled for the afternoon of 12/14; they never called at the appointed time; and they haven't responded to my e-mails and voice-mails inquiring about the phantom interview.
  • I would say: Big red flag!! x5(Outright rudeness!)

Florida Atlantic University

  • Request for more materials 11/13 x 5
  • MLA interview scheduled via phone (12/4) x2
  • Q: Has there been any further activity on this one?
  • Call for campus interview 12/28 > that fast? congrats. was that after an MLA interview? (1/6) A: Yes.
  • Do others have campus visits? Yes. (1/18) x2
  • I heard someone was offered and accepted the position. (2.16)

Florida Atlantic University, Jupiter

  • Anything on this one?
  • Just got a call (1/25) for phone interview on Fri (1/29). Very thoughtful and friendly contact. Said they decided at the last minute to skip the MLA and work through phone interviews.
  • A comically impersonal email indicates that this position has been filled (3/19)

Fontbonne University

Friends University (KS)

  • App deadline 3/10
  • Rejection Letter 4/1

George Washington University

  • Does anyone know anything about this one for Executive Director?  Same job as last year, but no one hired.

Georgia Gwinnett College

  • Any news on this one? x2 - job offered see below
    • Hold on a second: a spring position was filled. But GGC had English openings for spring and fall. (strikethrough removed)
  • Phone interview request (1/22)
  • Any news on this one? I was told that they plan to hire 6-8 faculty this semester.
  • 4/23: Received call for phone interview today. I think their schedule runs later than most.
  • Call for phone interview (04/27)
  • Anyone heard anything else? Was there an offer?

Georgia Southern (writing and linguistics)

  • Phone interview scheduled (11/12)
  • Invited for campus visit, accepted (not yet scheduled) (12/17)x3
  • How were you contacted?
    • By phone (dept chair)
    • Q: Anyone actually scheduled yet?
    • A: Yes, nailed down a date and a flight on 12/23.
  • Search canceled! Budget cuts, etc. (phone call from dept. chair, 1/24)

Georgia Southern (new media)

  • Phone Interview Scheduled (11/18)
  • Canceled – see above.

Georgia Southwestern SU

  • confirmation of application, request EEO info (11/23)
  • Request for phone interview via email (12/10) x 4
  • Q: Has anyone been contacted to schedule a phone interview?
  • A: Scheduled a phone interview (1/11, contacted by phone) x2
  • Scheduled phone interview 1/10 (contacted by email) x2
  • Got a call that they will not be doing campus interviews, but was invited to prepare a syllabus in preparation for a second-round phone interview. x6
  • Congrats on the progress, but I'm leery of this idea. It seems to indicate a budget problem.
  • They said in the phone call that they did not have the money for campus interviews and were going to make an offer based on the second round of phone interviews without ever bringing anyone to campus.
  • With the job market being what it is you take what you can get. Hopefully this one isn't closed/frozen.
  • phone interview scheduled (first week March) x 1
  • any news?
  • Second phone interview conducted based on the syllabus i submitted (3/25)
  • Does anyone have an idea when an offer for this position is going to be made?
  • A: They told me they would/should have an idea by this week (3/30) - they said Tuesday-ish, so either someone's heard and not said or they've not finished up.
  • Position offered and accepted (4/1)

Georgia State

  • confirmation of application, request EEO info
  • request for more materials (11/17) x8
  • phone interview scheduled (12/8) x 2
  • Q: How were you contacted? by phone
  • Q: Any post-interview contact (campus visit invite, rejection, etc.)?
    • I received an email rejection in mid-December saying candidates for campus interviews had been selected.
    • Q: Other news?
    • Offer?
    • The position was offered and accepted.

Gordon College

Grand Valley State

  • MLA interview scheduled x3 (most recent: 11/23)
  • Campus interview scheduled for late January
  • Q: Any post-campus interview information?
  • A: Position offered and accepted.

Grandview (IA) College

  • Campus interview scheduled (12/23)
  • Position offered (2/11)
  • Q: Which position is this (link?) Also, was position accepted?

Harvard (Preceptor- not tenure track) link to job ad

  • e-mail confirmation of receipt of application, mid-October
  • e-mail confirmation of receipt of application, end Oct.
  • Does anyone know what this job pays?
  • R- I believe it is around $50K
  • e-mail confirmation, mid-Nov
  • request for materials (11/19) x12 (11/20) x2
  • may I ask did request for more materials come by email? ---Mine did. x8
  • think I got the email for also-rans, just generic asking EEO info (11/20)
  • no, I got both emails.
  • Just found out they won't be doing interviews at MLA: they're doing all non-local interviews via video conference.
    • Where did you hear this? Any idea when they'll be alerting people, or have they already?
    • The info is on the website (scroll down to the very bottom).  (12/17)
    • That's interesting -- it used to read "some at the annual meetings of scholarly societies... and some in Cambridge" but you're right, they've changed it to "some via regional interviews and video conference calls and some in Cambridge". Ze plot sickens, as my (French) mother would say. I wonder when (and why) the change was made.
    • I don't think there's a plot here.  I'm sure that the switch to video conference interviews is tied to the university's sorry fiscal state.
    • Do you all think someone who is ABD  has a shot at this? With the market as competitive as it is, do you think they'll just take the best of the Ph.D.'s for these positions? I've given up hope on everything else I've applied for, and wonder if I should let go of this one too...
    • A: I understand your discouragement; I'm there too! But, I don't think you should "let go" of anything at this point. Because we can't read the hiring committees' minds, I think it's best to just keep busy and let them come to you. I know...easier said than done.
    • A: I agree with previous A.  You've applied and it's out of your hands; don't worry about it too much.  But completing the PhD is the best thing you can do to get a job.
  • This one's posted on the Humanities Postdoc page as well, and someone just posted this over there: I have received an email requesting interview in late January. (12/23) Email said that non-local candidates will be interviewed on Skype
  • I can't find it on the Humanities Postdoc page. Can you include a link?  [[1]]  Thanks!
  • Rejection Letter Received on 1/19. Letter mentioned that there were nearly 400 applications.
    • Thanks for posting -- now I shall open my mailbox with eyes averted, grab the Netflix envelope, and ignore everything else :-)
    • I have gotten nothing since their request for more materials. I guess I'm being held onto if the current crop doesn't work out or something?
    • same here (2/7) x3
    • rec'd my rej letter 3/15 - had two rec letters from harvard dept heads (among others), a teacher-of-the-year award from a major univ, etc. -- didn't even score an interview.
    • This is one of those situations, I think, in which they already know what they want and are just going to wait until they get it.
    • Agreed with poster above -- unless you're a specialist in Indonesian puppets or underwater opera, good luck to you
  • Just got a letter in the mail that (basically) said "You were a strong candidate and you made it through two rounds of consideration, but we can't offer you a position this year." Letter also mentions they received "over 400 applications." (4/06)
  • Anyone else still waiting?? (5/4)

High Point University (Asst. Prof. of Comp. and Lit. -- lit. specialization open)

  • e-mail confirmation of application (11/16) x 2, (11/24)
  • Did anyone not get an email confirmation?
  • request for video/phone interview via email x1 (12/04)
  • Just got an email confirmation from them (12/10) saying they are reviewing my materials, but I wonder what this means since it looks like they've already scheduled interviews.  Could they be doing it on a rolling basis or am I just being optimistic? (x3)
  • I had a video interview today (12/11). The interviewers were friendly and professional. The department chair told me that they received over 300 applications for this job and that "applications are still coming in." He said they are hiring for 2 other positions, and that the department has received over 800 applications total for the 3 positions.
  • Any campus interviews scheduled yet?  Good luck today!
  • Rejection email received 1/22.
  • Has anyone heard further news from HPU? I submitted my materials early and haven't heard anything one way or another.
  • I heard they have already done campus interviews.
  • Rejection e-mail rec'd 2/3 x1
  • What's their timeline like? Any job offers yet?
  • Offer made and accepted

Highline Community College

  • apps being reviewed on 2/8/2010

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW)

  • E-Mail confirmation of application x 5
  • Phone interview scheduled via phone (1/15) x3
  • Invitation to campus interview (2/9)
  • Any offers?
  • Haven't heard anything, but I thought their timeline was to make decisions early this week (3/11)
  • Offer made (3/18)

Ithaca College (2 positions)

  • e-mail confirmation of application x4 (12/11)
  • Received this email: "By December 18, candidates under further consideration will be asked to electronically submit a scholarly writing sample (20-page maximum) and a two-page teaching statement. Please DO NOT send these or other unrequested materials now. Unfortunately, we cannot update all applicants on their status in the early stages of the submission process. However, by observing the general timeline above, you can determine the status of your application." 12/11 x 5
  • Request for more materials (writing sample and teaching statement, as described above) due 1/4. (12/18 x12) (1/22 x1)
  • Phone interview scheduled (1/15 x6)
  • Invitation for campus interview via e-mail (1/29 x2)
  • Any news on this one?
  • Email notification that positions have been filled (3/19, 3/25)


  • confirmation of application, request EEO info
  • Invitation to phone interview (1/19 x2) (Received via email x1)
  • Rejection email received (1/20 x3)
  • Invitation to campus interview (2/2 x1)
  • Email notification that position has been offered (2/19)

Institutions K-L[]

Kennesaw University

  • phone interview scheduled (11/20) x2
  • Anyone hear back re: scheduling of campus visits or know a general timeline for this?
  • campus visit scheduled by phone (12/15)
  • Has an offer been made?
    • Yes.
    • Rejection letter received (2/19)
    • Has this offer been accepted?
    • Offer made but refused (second-hand info.). Thanks a lot for the info.

Kent State, Tuscarawas

  • Any word? Ack, anything? And any idea if they plan on interviewing at MLA? (12/16)
  • Request for phone interview (2/15) x2, (2/16)
  • Invitation to campus in mid-March (2/23)
  • Offer made but denied (second-hand) (3/26)

Kutztown University of PA (multi-ethnic rhetorics)

  • affirmative action request via mail (11/17)
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/2) x16
  • first round of on-campus interviews will be are scheduled around early to mid-February
  • on-campus interview scheduled (1/7) x4 3 4
  • hiring committee is calling references following on-campus interviews
  • received generic email asking if candidates were still interested in position

Lafayette College

  • confirmation of application x6
  • request for addt'l materials x6 (12/1) and x4 (12/5)
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/18) x4  (12/21) x1
  • Q: Has anyone heard anything about campus interviews yet? (1/28)
  • Campus interviews have been scheduled.
  • Q: Can you provide more information? (1/31)
  • Post filled according to rejection email (02/24)

Lander University

  • Phone interview scheduled for 12/17
  • Invited for campus visit in late January (12/22)
  • Position offered (1/29) – and declined. Appealing job in a great dept., but timing/geography got in the way. Hope they find someone good.
  • Search failed according to email

Langston University

  • Called to see if I was still available for the position (4/19/10)
  • Sent application on 11/4/09, no contact until 7/8/10 when called to see if *I* was still interested in the position, had phone interview 7/13/10, called to sorta offer me the job 7/19/10 but got into discussion about salary, delayed formal offer until 6 pm on 7/22/10, now waiting for contract to be sent on 7/26/10, classes starting Aug. 16th and I have a cross-country move of 1400 miles! Wish me good luck.

Lebanon Valley College

  • MLA interview invitation received via phone 12/3 x 2
  • Nice "thanks but you're out of the running" email 1/07 X2
  • Campus visit scheduled 1/08
  • Offer made (2/16)

Lewis (IL) University (WPA)

  • If you log into the HR website, they tell you your status. I "didn't match qualifications."

LIM College

  • Suspended their search indefinitely due to funding uncertainties.

Linn-Benton Community College

  • Position posted 2/12; no app closure date posted.

Lindenwood University

  • Request for MLA interview on 11/20; several emails exchanged (friendly, responsive); interview time finalized within a week.
  • According to an email (3/8), this position has been filled. No info beyond that.

Longwood (VA) University

  • confirmation of receipt of application, request for EEO info (x2) 11/30
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/1) x4
  • Q: Has anyone heard anything about campus visits? (1/15)
  • Not sure what this search committee is thinking, MLA was over a month ago!
  • A: I asked my director about this, she said it could be a couple things - funding hasn't been released or funding is soft so it's put them in a holding pattern, or because they didn't have an end date may be revisiting the job pool (doesn't mean anything for the MLA interviewees--it's just that there are so many candidates that they may just be comparing newer applicants to the already est. pool - my director said that this is actually harder for the newer applicants b/c they'd have to really wow SC members to move up).
  • I guess this serach is unofficially over.
  • position offered and accepted according to rejection email (03/21)

Loyola University, MD

  • email requesting phone interview to be set up in 2 weeks (10/26)
  • Phone interview set up
  • form rejection letter 11/6 x 5
  • Said they are doing 2 sets of phone interviews since they are doing two searches; hasn't set up the second set yet
  • Anyone know what the 2 positions are? I've applied to the Assistant Prof. of Writing, what is the other? Which positions have had phone interviews set up? (both?)
  • The two jobs are the Writing Center Director and the Assist. Prof of Writing. They have set up interviews and apparently campus visits for the WC Director (see below). They are in the process of setting up the second set of interviews for the Asst. Prof of Writing job. This is not a second ROUND of interviews. It's just taken them several weeks to complete the initial 10 interviews.
  • Any word on the Asst. Prof of Writing position? Are they interviewing at MLA??
    • In the interview, they said they are going from phone conferences to campus visits. They said they would be in touch mid-December. I haven't heard anything, so maybe I'm not a finalist? I thought they said they would let us know one way or another. Maybe they are behind? Anyone know anything else?

Loyola University, MD (Prof./Dir. of Writing Center) - Post Filled

  • Phone Interview in late Oct.
  • Campus visit scheduled for early December
  • Position offered and accepted 12/9

Institutions M-N[]

Massey U (New Zealand) (Lecturer)

  • confirmation of application, request EEO info
  • Request writing sample (11/28) x2
  • Request letters from references (12/1) x2
  • Rejection email (12/7)

Miami University Hamilton (Asst. Prof English, primarily composition)

  • Review of applications began 1/11
  • Whatever happened with this job? (3/19)
  • Currently conducting on-campus interviews (3/20)
  • Mass email sent out this past week says the position is filled (4/22)

Millikin U (Ass't Prof English/Journalism & Prof Wrtg)

  • what is happening to this position? any interviews?
  • It appears the same position which was advertised about a few months ago is being re-advertised. Saw ad on the MLA Job List.

Monmouth C (Ass't/Assoc Prof & Coord, Comm Across Curriculum)

  • (not to be confused w/ Monmouth U.)
  • Request to schedule phone interview (12/11) (for 12/17 or 18)
  • Telephone interview scheduled for 12/17 (12/14)
  • Rejection email rec'd. 12/19

Monmouth U (Assistant Professor, Composition/Rhetoric)

  • Closing date for apps: 1.30.2010
  • E-mail request for interview rec'd (2/4) x1
  • Q: Anything else - Anybody?
  • A: Not since the phone interview on (2/10) x1
  • Campus visited scheduled (3/6) x1
  • Offer made 3/24
  • Offer accepted 3/25

Montana State University (English/Comp Education, MSU site ad) - Post Filled

  • Ack of complete app x1 (9/21)
  • Received letter indicating offer accepted (01/6) x 1

Montserrat College of Art - Writing Center Director

  • No closing date for apps.

Mt. Ida College

  • confirmation of application (11/23, 12/1 via email) - Did anyone not get a confirmation of application for this position?  I have not gotten confirmation and I sent mine in early November...  I just wondered.
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/4)
  • Rec'd letter saying search was cancelled (1/13) x1

Mt. Union C (Writing Center)

  • confirmation of application, request EEO info (x 2)  
  • MLA interview scheduled (11/25) x5
  • Has anyone gotten a campus interview call or rejection yet (1/14)?
    • A: I have heard second-hand that they have.
    • Thank you.
  • Campus interview scheduled 1/09
  • Received letter: position has been filled (2/19)

Morningside College (2 positions)

  • Ack of application (11/30)
  • References contacted (12/3)  x2
  • Phone interview scheduled by phone (12/11) x2
  • Campus visit scheduled by phone for mid-Feb (1/6)
  • one position offered and accepted

Morgan State U

  • confirmation of application (3/2)

New Mexico Tech - (Prof of Communication)

  • EEO information requested via snail mail (3/13)
  • phone interview x1
  • Phone interview conducted (3/25)
  • Position filled (4/5)

New York City College of Technology-CUNY

  • EOE card rec'd (1/2) x3
  • request for 1 hour interview on-campus
  • the committee expects the travel expenses to be the candidate's responsibility. For 1 hour interview?
    • Isn't that directly against MLA policy? I guess it's good to know that up-front.
    • No phone interviews, no reimbursement for travel expenses

Niagara University

  • Any news on this one?
  • phone interview scheduled via phone x3
  • Campus visit scheduled (3/7) x1
  • Position offered and accepted (3/25)

Northwest Missouri State University

  • MLA interview scheduled via phone (12/3) x6
  • Very nice people -- will contact finalists for campus interview by 1/11
  • Clarification of timeline: candidates will be contacted for campus interviews no later than the week of 1/11.
    • (Thanks for the kind comment.) - SC member
  • Has anyone heard anything about campus interviews yet?
  • A: Not yet (1/15) x4
  • Invitation for campus visit by phone (1/15) x2
  • Thanks for the updates.
  • Do other people have campus visits? (1/20)
  • position offered, rejected (could you share when this was? maybe a general timeframe)

Notre Dame (Instructor)

  • telephone interview request per email scheduled by phone (12/21) x2
  • Rejection via snail mail (12/23)
  • Invitation to campus interview sent by email (1/12)
  • Anyone heard anything yet about campus interviews?
    • Yes, campus visit scheduled for late January
    • Q: Anything since?
    • Offer accepted (2/26)

Norwich University

  • confirmation of receipt (12/23) by email

Nova Southeastern U

  • invitation for phone interview (1/28)
  • invitation for phone interview (3/30)
  • invitation for campus interview email (4/12)
  • offer accepted (5/2)

Institutions O-R[]

Odessa College

Ohio Northern University

  • Email conformation of application (3/15). Stated they will beging reviewing apps at end of month. (x2)
  • Email invitation for phone interview (3/22) x2
  • Email invitation for campus interview (4/1)
  • Rejection received snail mail (5/4)

Oklahoma City Community College

  • English composition and Humanities
  • interviewed in early April

Olympic College

  • position posted Nov 6, 2009; apps closed 2/8/2010
  • Campus Visit Request around 3/20 (had to decline because had another interview set up and they couldn't bring me out another day).

Peninsula College

  • position posted Nov 6, 2009; apps reviewed 1/4/2010.
  • rejected on 1/19/2010
  • Campus Interview Request 1/11
  • Rejection email (position filled) 2/4

Penn State Berks (Writing Center TT)

  • E-mail confirmation of application and Affirmative Action Data Card (11/10) x 2
  • MLA interview request by email (12/7) x5
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • Offer made and accepted! (2/8)

Penn State Abington (Composition Coordinator)

Penn State York

  • Affirmative action email survey (11/19) x 2

Pepperdine University

  • Ack of application
  • Rejection via mail (12/3)
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/4) x3
  • Would the above posters mind sharing how they were contacted?
  • I was contacted by telephone x2
  • Campus visit scheduled (1/14)
  • Position accepted (2/25)

Philadelphia University (Director of WAC)

  • MLA interview scheduled (12/8)
  • Any campus interviews scheduled yet?
  • Have heard they have contacted people for campus visits.

Pitzer College (Writing Center)

  • Affirmative action email survey x 6 (11/16, 11/20)
  • Request for video conference interview (12/18) x3
  • Got an email saying I wasn't one of the 3 they would be inviting to campus (2/1)

Portland Community College

  • position posted 1/28/2010; apps reviewed on 2/25/2010
  • Rejection email (4/6)

Purdue University

  • Ack of Application/EEO Card x7 (most recent: 11/5)
  • MLA interview scheduled via phone (12/4 x4
  • Q: Anyone schedule an interview later than 12/4?
  • Campus visit scheduled via phone (1/15) x2
  • Q: Any additional news?
  • filled according to the grapevine at Cs

Queens College, CUNY

Where is this advertised?
It's on the MLA JIL (
  • letter ack of application x5
The Chronicle recently posted what appears to be the same position with a later deadline and an online application. Strange!
Don't read too much into the Chronicle changes. I'm in the CUNY System (not at QC) and this strangeness is an artifact of the university's move to an online app system. Can't speak to the deadline/salary range issue with real knowledge, but from what I know of the system and its integration with legal and HR it is likely that the online app details are the accurate ones.
Either they didn't like the applications they received the first time around, or they're doing a last minute post to increase the applicant field for a position that has a pay range that isn't that spectacular for the new york metro area. (As a fellow CUNY employee, I would bet that the salary range listed reflects what an assistant professor might make within CUNY at both four-year colleges and community colleges. It would be surprising if the salary wasn't competitive with other similar positions).
  • I just received a letter that states "We wish to acknowledge the receipt of your applications for the position of Assistant Professor, Rhetoric and Composition in the English Department.  If you have not already done so, please send us your dossier at your earliest convenience."  That's it.  Just those two sentences.  Did anyone else get this letter?  I'm not sure if this is just a standard ack of app or if it is a formal dossier request. 
  • I received the same letter. As their most recent job posting asks for a dossier (which wasn't in the original MLA posting) I figure it's their form letter of acknowledgment.
  • The original posting in JIL also asked for dossier. I copied it.
    • I also received this letter. x4
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone x2
    • Can you please say when they contacted you? Thanks!
    • A: 12/11
    • Rejection letter via snail mail x2 (01/15)
    • After MLA interview, rejection for campus visit via email 1/6
  • Received notification that position has been filled via mail1/22. Letter dated 1/04
  • Second rejection letter received x2 (1/22) (01/26)
  • Received this email 3/2: "Our records show that you applied for an assistant professor position in Rhetoric and Composition at Queens College. The College found it necessary to discontinue this search but has now elected to institute a new search for this position. We have retained your application material, and if you would like to be considered for the position, please let us know within ten days by simply replying “yes” to this email. Make sure your name is in the reply." WTF?
  • With the search "on" again, strikethrough removed.
  • The job was reposted on the MLA joblist so I guess it really is back on... but I'm super confused. After receiving 2 snail mail rejection letters saying that the post was filled, I got the email saying that the search was back on after being discontinued. Why the need to send out all the rejection letters?
  • yeah something's screwy with these people
  • heard there was some paperwork screw-up and the admin closed down the original search and made the department start over--typical CUNY bureaucracy
  • snail mail confirmation of application for "new search," request EEO info (03/12)
  • snail mail rejection, the third I have received from them in total. 4/17 (x2)
    • me, too. I withdrew my app months ago when I accepted a position, but still continued to receive 2 more rejections.

Regent University

  • Campus visit scheduled by phone 1/29

Rider University

  • Has anyone heard from them? Their deadline was October 1st, and they asked for a serious stack of paperwork???
  • Good question- I was thinking the same thing today.
  • Nothing here. (11/19) x8
  • According to the Theory wiki, applicants for the Theory position were phoned about MLA interviews. (11/20)
  • They are currently contacting candidates for MLA& interviews (composition studies - 11/23)
  • MLA interview scheduled 11/23. x3
  • Campus visit scheduled by phone 1/25 x2
  • Position filled, according to email (3/1)

Roosevelt University

  • request for more materials (11/19) x5 (how made? email? letter? thnx.)
  • rec'd e-mail request
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/10) x3
  • Q: has anyone rec'd a request for a campus visit yet? (1/7)
  • Campus interview scheduled (1/7)
  • Thankyou, but no thankyou email (1/13) x2
  • Offer made and accepted (2/18)

Rowan University link to job ad

  • ack of application, request EEO info x5
  • Email request for more materials (11/21) x4
  • Request for phone interview (12/3) x4
  • Request for campus visit in January (12/15) in March (2/10) x2
  • Notified via email: position filled (3/24)

Russell Sage College (aka The Sages)

  • phone request for MLA interview (12/17) x3
  • Campus visit scheduled by phone approx 1/20
  • Q - any one heard anything?

Ryerson University (Asst. Prof. of Rhetoric/Social Linguistics)

  • Deadline 12/15
  • Rejection received via e-mail (01/04)

Institutions S-T[]

Saginaw Valley SU (3 positions)

  • Phone Interview Scheduled x 1 (12/7)
  • Phone Interview Conducted (12/17)
  • Rejection letter via e-mail (12/21 x2)
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • One position offered and accepted

Samford University

  • MLA interview scheduled via email (12/16) x3
  • Rejection letter received via e-mail (12/17) x3
  • Campus interview for first or second week of February (12/30)
  • Q: Has this interview been scheduled? Or is this just when they are planning to schedule them?
  • A: Tentatively scheduled, will let you know when it is firm
  • Campus visit scheduled for mid-Feb (via email 2/4)
  • This will be a great job working with nice, supportive people!
  • Snail mail rejection - said they're starting over with a new pool of candidates, looking for someone who has directed a writing program. (2/26)

Savannah College of Art and Design, Hong Kong

Seminole State College of FL (3 positions)

  • Any news? (3/23) Still nothing (4/17)?
  • Is it 2 or 3 positions?
    • A: According to the Chronicle of Higher Ed posting it says 3 jobs (in 2 different places)
  • On Campus Interview Request via Phone (4/14)
  • Rejection email x2 (4/21) But then I got a second email that said the first was a mistake but I was still rejected. Thanks for the knife twist.
  • Any news since the interviews? (5/8) No news here--guess I'm out of the running, but would like to know for sure (5/18)
"5/26 All 5 positions postponed! According to HR Dept. decided to put all hiring decisions on hold. Searches might be re-posted in the fall."

Simpson College (WAC position)

  • Interview late January
  • Search committee meeting 1/29/10, will make offer early next week
  • offer made

Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

  • Request for writing sample via e-mail (2/8) x1
  • Anyone heard anything more or know when interviews will be scheduled?
  • Are they still interviewing at the C's for this job?
  • yeah. got an interview request today (3/15)

Southern Polytechnic State University

  • Request for additional materials (12/21)
  • Invitation for campus interview via phone (1/27)

St. Edward's University

  • Confirmation of application, request EEO info x3
  • Phone interview scheduled (12/3)
    • Q: Did they contact you by phone or by email? A: Phone.
    • Q: Only one interview scheduled? A: Perhaps only one interview scheduled with someone who updates the wiki. We don't know what percentage of applicants read/update this page.
  • Phone interview conducted (12/17)
  • Campus interview scheduled (12/21)
    • Congrats! Q: Are you the same person that posted that the phone interview was scheduled and conducted? A: Yes.
  • Position offered and accepted (2/9)
  • Congratulations! Did you have PhD in rhet/comp in-hand? A: No.

St. Francis University

  • Phone Interview Conducted (11/20) x2
  • Campus interview scheduled (12/10)
  • Rejection received by mail (12/14) x2
  • Any updates on this one?
  • I was a finalist and I don't know; I withdrew because I accepted another position.
  • Position filled 2/2

St. John Fisher College

  • request for more materials (11/23) x 7
  • MLA interview scheduled via phone (12/15) x6
  • rejection e-mail rec'd (12/21) x2
  • Video interview conducted (12/22)
  • Request for campus interview in late January (1/6)
  • Rejection letter received via e-mail (1/13 x2)
    • Did those that received this round of rejection letters have MLA interviews?
      • No, I didn't have an MLA interview x2
  • Any updates from campus visitor(s)? Offer extended? x2
    • I've not heard a thing, but everyone was fantastic there! I think whoever goes there will be extremely happy to have the faculty members as colleagues. The chair did that that they'd notify candidates as soon as a decision was made.
  • Offer made and accepted (2/12): Yes! Unbelievably great people. I'm very lucky.
  • Congratulations! Did you have PhD in rhet/comp in-hand? A: No.

St. Lawrence University (Director of Munn Center for Rhet & Comm)

  • Request for interview (2/8) x1
  • Campus interview scheduled via email x 1

St. Norbert College

  • ack of application x4 (11/16)
  • MLA Interview Invitation received via phone (email follow-up also received) x4 (11/30)
  • Rejection letter rec'd. 12/21 (short and very cryptic)
  • Received post-MLA interview email informing me that I was not chosen for a campus visit. (1/13) x4
  • Heard thru twitter grapevine (#jobmarket): offer made and accepted
    • Received letter confirming this (2/18)

St. Xavier

  • just received letter saying "search is currently on hiatus" (11/20) x4
  • looks like same thing happened last year too.
  • successful search in 2008-2009; 2007-2008 search for two positions was consolidated into one position which was filled

Seton Hill University

  • EEO card x 3 (11/14) (11/23)
  • MLA interview invitation received via phone (12/1, 12/2) x5
  • Campus visits to be scheduled first or second week of February
    • Anyone hear anything yet? (2/2)
    • Nope (2/3)
    • Campus interview scheduled for later this month (2/5)
    • Do you mind saying if the request was via phone or email? A: Phone

Shepherd University

  • MLA interview invitation received via phone (12/3) x2
  • Invitation for campus visit scheduled by phone (1/2)

Soka University

  • confirmation of application x5 (most recent 12/7)
  • email request for phone Interview late Jan (12/18) x2
  • rejection via email (1/28) x2
  • invited for campus interview (2/5)
  • has an offer been made?
  • position filled according to rejection email

Southwestern Oklahoma State Univ.

  • Confirmation of application, request EEO info
  • Campus visit requested but haven't even done a phone interview with them. What gives?
    • Who cares! :) Campus interview for you. Congrats.
    • Some schools go straight from applications to finalists. I was part of a research 1 job search last year that did this; however, I'm not sure they will again because one of the candidates looked great on paper but could not answer basic research questions during the campus interview.
    • Q: When did you get the invite? Was it by phone or email?
    • A: Phone...two weeks ago...
  • Q: Has anyone heard back--one way or the other?
  • Position offered (3/9) and accepted (3/19)

Spring Hill College job ad

Stephen F. Austin State University

  • phone interview 2.8.10 (x3)
  • Campus interview conducted on 3/5 - An extremely pleasant and supportive faculty!
  • Offer extended and accepted (3/10)

Suffolk University - Writing Center Director

Swarthmore College (3 year renewable position)

  • Q: Has anyone heard anything, or know anyone who has?
    • MLA interview scheduled via phone (12/16) x3
    • Oh :-( But congratulations! And thanks for posting.
    • Rejection via email (1/5) x3
    • Position offered and accepted (3/2)

Syracuse University Link to Ad)

  • email ack of application (11/19)
  • Q: Will they be doing MLA interviews? x2
  • rejection letter via mail (12/26; 12/28) x6
  • Q: Anyone else think they applied for this job but now wonder if they did the online ap incorrectly b/c they received no ack of app and no rejection?
  • A: Absolutely. I have a confirmation number, but that's it. No ack of app and no rejection. (I've been trying to take the last part as a good sign.)
  • Conducted phone interview (12/14) -- received letter that finalists have been chosen for campus visits (1/19)
  • search failed according to the grapevine at Cs

Tarleton State University Link to Ad, please? Not listed in my search on CoHE or HEJ.

  • Emailed to extend a campus visit offer for early May (4/30/10)

Texas A&M
English without Borders; three posts?

  • confirmation of application, request EEO info x3 (11/2)
  • MLA interview scheduled
  • Q: Do you mind saying how and when you were contacted for MLA?
    • Contacted via e-mail on 12/10

Texas A&M (Assoc. Director of Writing Programs)

Texas A&M--Texarkana

Tiffin University

  • rejection received via e-mail (6/7)

U… - U of K (Many are Univs of…)[]

[this section is way too long. University of _____ should be in their respective sections, as this is a nightmare to edit]

United States Military Academy - Post Filled

  • USMA - What job is this and where is it listed?  I only saw Social Science and Language positions on their site.
  • It's posted on MLA: Position begins in Jan. as a semester appointment with a chance to compete for a subsequent three-year appointment.
  • Phone interview 12/1, on campus interview 12/8 (my first!)
  • Position Filled   CONGRATS!

United States Military Academy

  • two year appointment beginning July 2010 (not the same position as above)
  • Rejection via email 3/11 x 3
  • Campus visits scheduled

Unity College, Maine

  • Acknowledgment of material 11/20 (12/2) (12/10) x 3
  • Phone interview scheduled (1/15) via phone x 2
  • Has anyone heard from them? (4/22)

University of Alaska-Fairbanks

  • Received rejection via email (12/11) x 3
  • Phone interview scheduled (12/11) via email x 4
  • Received Jack via any means (12/11, 12, 13) x 2 ;) (much appreciated chuckle at this crazy time!)
  • Has anyone heard anything here?
  • A: nothing since the phone interview
  • Campus visit scheduled for mid-Feb

University of Baltimore (Professor of Expository Writing)

  • App. deadline: 2.01.10
  • Received invitation to phone interview 2.22.10
  • Campus Visit scheduled 3/10
  • When is your visit scheduled?
  • This week (3/22)
  • Any updates? (4/4)

University of Central Arkansas (Dir of FY Writing)

University of Cincinnati (3 positions)

  • Request for interview (5/10)

University of Colorado (Denver)

  • Request for letters of recommendation x 6 (most recent: 11/17)
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/08) x 2
  • Anyone hear anything yet? (1/11) - when did they tell you they'd contact?
    • They said campus visits might begin this week.
  • Has anyone had a campus interview scheduled? (1/15)
    • A: I heard that they do have two people coming in later in Jan.
    • anyone know why what seems like the same position was posted again today?
    • I noticed that too, but since the ad for the position says "date opened :10-22-2009," I assume it's the same ad as before and that the site is just recirculating it for some reason or another.
    • Q: So, any news where we are now?
    • A: I haven't heard anything, though I'd really love to know. Anyone care to contact the SC?
    • Received rejection e-mail via HR (04/16).
    • I'd like to know why I HAVEN'T rec'd my rejection letter - I didn't have a campus interview or anything, but if the job is closed now then why not send something??

University of Dayton (ESL)

  • Request for more materials x 3 (most recent: 11/2)
  • MLA Interview request x 3 (most recent: 12/1)
  • Q: Any contact since MLA? A: none for me as of 1/18
  • rejection email via HR (6/8)

University of Denver (Lecturer)

  • Acknowledgment of application email stating that semifinalists will be identified by mid-January who will be phone/Skype interviewed.
  • Up to 3 finalists will be offered campus visits in February.
  • Request for phone interview (1/9)
    • Was this request by phone or by email on Saturday? A: email
    • Campus visit scheduled by email (1/23)

University of Florida

  • FL: Received a letter in response to my app that "after reviewing materials" they will only be inviting "two or three" applicants to campus and "to bear with them during these endeavors". I take this to mean no MLA intvws. x 8
  • Last I heard, about a month ago, the committee was planning to go to MLA. This will be their third search for this position in as many years.
  • Request for more materials. Said they received over 150 applications. (11/12) x 3
  • Q: Does anyone know approximately how many applicants will be asked for additional materials for big research 1 schools like this - and the how many will be invited to MLA interviews?
  • About thirty would be asked for secondary materials (all already notified) and about 10 to MLA.  UF will notify interviewees of their MLA schedule mid-December. 
  • MLA Interview scheduled; contacted by phone (12/11) x 3
  • Rejection via email, 12/11
  • Rejection letter rec'd in mail (12/21)x1
  • Campus visit scheduled (12/30)x2
  • Position filled (letter, email)

University of Hartford Search canceled on January 21, 2010, due to budget cuts

  • Acknowledgment of Application/EEO Card x 12
  • Advisor contacted for more info x2 (most recent: 12/1)
  •  -- What do you mean by this? (They e-mailed my advisor, asked when I will be finishing, and if I can teach a broad range of courses.)
  • My advisor was emailed and asked the same questions on 12/1.
  • Invitation to phone interview x 3 (12/7) (They are interviewing 9 candidates by phone; received 140 applications.)
  • Phone interview conducted (12/15, 12/17, 12/18)

University of Houston

  • Acknowledgement of Application/EEO Card x 3
  • e-mail request for more materials x 3 (most recent: 12/1)
  • Paper request for more materials (12/5)
  • Q: Anyone heard anything more lately? (12/19)
  • A: Nothing since I sent the materials they requested (12/20)
  • Rec'd an e-mail saying: "Because of the large number of fine applications, we continue to review candidates. Our new semester begins rather late this year, and so the process is taking longer than we had hoped.  Consequently, I won’t be able to advise you on the next stage of the search until late January.  In the interim, I wish you the best as you explore professional opportunities.The committee joins me in wishing you the best for the holidays, and I will provide a further update in the new year." x4 (12/21). 
  • Q: Any word yet - Jan 31 is about as late Jan as one can get. X3
  • I think this job is frozen
  • I heard through the grapevine that this job had been offered and accepted. X2
  • Confirmed--offer was made and accepted in Feb.

University of Houston-Downtown (Professional Writing/Technical Communication)

University of Houston- Victoria

  • Phone interview scheduled by phone (12/14)
  • Phone interviewed (12/16), (12/17) x2
  • Anyone get a campus invite?
  • Had campus visit. Haven't heard back yet. (3/13)
  • Rejection email saying position has been filled

University of IIlinois Urbana-Champaign - Filled

  • request for more materials x 13
  • MLA Interview scheduled x 3 (12/4)
    • Q: Would the above poster mind sharing how you were contacted?
    • A: by phone
  • Received email saying job has been offered to another applicant. Due to budget constraints there will be no other offers, regardless of applicant accepting or not accepting position. (1/8) x2
  • Generic rejection e-mail rec'd (1/11) x4

University of Kansas

  • Received email that said: "We plan to invite three applicants for campus interviews, without conducting MLA interviews beforehand." x10 (12/7)
  • Received aforementioned e-mail. Also an apology from the assistant to the chair for CC-ing (rather than BCC-ing) everyone with last names from S-W. x2
  • Request for materials 12/11
  • Q: Anyone get a campus interview invite yet?
  • Campus visit scheduled 12/21
  • Campus visits scheduled for the last three weeks of January
  • Has an offer been made? Or accepted?
  • Offer made and accepted according to email 3/24

University of Kentucky

  • Acknowledgment of application x4 (most recent: 12/1)
  • MLA interview notification (by email, 12/16) x2
  • MLA interview notification (by phone, 12/17) x3
  • Q: Any post-MLA contact?
  • A: At MLA, the committee said they'd make notifications "soon" but not a peep so far. (x2)
  • Campus visit scheduled 1/6 X2
  • Any offers out yet?
  • Q: What position is this for?
  • What are we talking about?
  • Any news on the Writing, Rhetoric, Digital Media lectureships?
  • What are we talking about again?
  • Heard the tt positions were filled (x2)
  • Received rejection email for TT position; email stated that positions have been filled. (5/6)

Utah Valley University

  • Began reviewing apps on 11/25
  • Is conducting phone interviews;
  • Is hiring a comp generalist and a tech comm person.

U of L … on (Many are Univs of…)[]

University of Louisville

  • confirmation receipt of application x6
  • request for more materials x5
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/4) x2
  • Snail mail rejection letter (01/19) x2
  • Q: Has an offer been made (yet)?

University of Maine at Augusta

  • confirm of app (2/1) x2
  • contacted for phone interview 4/5

University of Maryland

  • confirmation of application, request EEO info x8
  • received an email that said the committee "has selected your application for further consideration." x5
  • rejection letter received (12/5) x4
  • For the person who received the rejection letter, did you receive the "committee has selected your application for further consideration" email?
  • Rejection letter received (12/7) x3 ; no e-mail selection x4
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/9) x2
  • Q: By phone or email?
    • A: Phone
  • Invitation for campus visit (contacted by phone) (12/29)
  • Q: Has an offer been made?
  • A: No--last candidate visit postponed due to snow (2/9)
  • search failed according to the grapevine at Cs

University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth

  • confirmation of application, request EEO info. x5
  • is this the asst. professor of English in journalism? that position is interviewing at MLA, and I'm wondering if they've contacted anyone yet. Most journalism jobs interview at AEJ or NCA, so I'm new to MLA. Thanks.
    • A: I think this is the WPA job.
  • MLA interview request (12/11)x3
  • Q: Anyone know when they are scheduling campus visits?
  • A: At the interview, they told me the committee wouldn't be meeting again until the third week of January
  • Request for campus interview in February (1/13) x2
  • Can you please tell me if they contacted you via email or phone for the campus interview?
  • By phone
  • Any offer made for the WPA position? (2/22)
  • Offer made and position accepted (3/22)
  • Email notification that position has been filled (4/2)

University of Michigan

  • (2 positions: 1 Beginning Asst, Advanced Asst, or Assoc. Prof, open specialty; 1 Asst Prof for Digital Culture Cluster)
  • Q: There's only 1 on MLA. What's the second position?
  • confirmation of application, request EEO info x 5
  • very nice confirmation letter that included a timeline for decisions - professional and thoughtful
  • The digital environments/digital humanities position is not a comp/rhet specific position. Nothing in the job description mentions those areas.
  • The deadline has now passed, but the job ad is still available on the MLA Job List by searching for "Michigan, digital."
  • See also the listing under Drama/New Media on this site.
  • Rejection letter rec'd via e-mail x 14 (12/9)
  • Interview scheduled (12/10)
  • Rejection letter rec'd via email (2/11)

University of Mississippi (Associate Director of Center for Writing and Rhetoric)

  • MLA Interview (12/27)
  • Phone Interview (1/11)
  • Anyone gotten/heard about a campus interview call for this one? (1/24)
  • Finalists Selected (1/15)
  • Any movement on this? Has an offer been made?

University of Nebraska

  • request for more materials x 3
  • Cancelled? Odd, I didn't get that email.
    • Nevermind, ended up getting it.
  • Me, neither. Very strange indeed.
  • Q: Could someone who received the email share the details for those of us who didn't get it?
  • A: email cites "impending budget cuts" as a reason for suspending the search. Claims as well a hope to "re-open" the search next year. (x 2)

University of New England link to job ad

  • Rejection received via e-mail (said only taking PhDs, not ABDs)

University of North Carolina, Pembroke (3 positions)

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/11) x7
  • Invited for campus visit, accepted and scheduled (by phone) (1/22) (congrats and good luck)
  • Three positions offered
  • Positions accepted?

University of North Dakota

  • Request for dossier (12/5) x2
  • Request to schedule phone interview 12/16

University of North Florida

  • Request for materials x3 (most recent: 11/23)
  • Be sure to read salary survey, faculty report: Pay Below St. Univ. System Averages
  • MLA interview offered / scheduled via email (12/9) x4
  • Phone interview scheduled (01/2) x1
    • Did they contact you after MLA, or was this in place of an MLA Interview?
    • I assume in place of MLA. Schedule was too close to our end of semester (seriously).
    • Nice phone interview. Friendly, collegial, honest.
  • Campus interview scheduled (1/13)

University of North Texas, Dallas

  • Is this the Asst Prof in English position on UNT employment site? If yes, is it still open (review of apps listed as beginning 10-30-2009)?

University of Oklahoma (lecturer)

  • Request for materials x3 (most recent: 12/04)
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/14) x3
  • Is this for the Expo positions due on the 15th of January?
  • This is indeed for the Expos position. I don't know about the January deadline--the ad I read was much earlier--but they are not making any further moves until mid-February, so it's possible that they are still accepting applications. Since it is an interdisciplinary program, perhaps they are conducting interviews outside of MLA, too?
  • Thanks, I appreciate the info!

University of Pittsburgh

  • Ack of Application/EEO Card x5
  • Request for materials x7
  • rejection received via email x17 (most recent: 12/10; short list seems to have been set)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/10 x2
  • On campus scheduled 1/6

University of Pittsburgh-Bradford

  • Ack of Application/EEO Card x3
  • Dossier request (12/5) x1
  • Invitation for phone interview x2
  • Invitation to campus for mid-Jan
  • Do other people have campus interviews? (1/20)
  • Position offered and accepted (2/5)

University of San Francisco (Term Assistant Professor)

  • Ack of Application/EEO Card x4
  • Request for add'l materials via email 12/2 x4
  • Request for phone interview on 1/19 via email (12/17)
  • Request for phone interview on 1/20 via email (12/17) x2
  • Q: Any word following the interview?
  • Nada here. Did they give others an indication of when they would be getting back in touch?
  • They indicated they were not sure when to contact candidates for campus visit. Thanks! x2
  • Q: Any word lately?
  • search cancelled based on the email received.

Univ. of Southern California (lecturer)

  • MLA interview scheduled by email - 12/15 x5
  • Anybody know the teaching load for this position? - Would really appreciate it if anyone could let me know. This is my only MLA interview and I'd like to have that info before deciding whether or not to go.
    • Lecturer posts (non-TT) tend to emphasize teaching. There is an internal USC memo mentioning budget constraints.
  • From USC: The hiring freeze has been in effect since November 2008, when university officials announced that USC would temporarily stop hiring and replacing university staff. But rather than simply halting the hiring process, the university opted to put 400 open positions up for review. Interviews have continued for 600 posts, but most may remain unfilled.
    The freeze is currently scheduled to expire next June, but Garrett didn’t rule out another extension.
    “It’s so hard to predict what will happen with the economy,” she said. “As long as we think it’s prudent for this university, we will continue to take steps that have been warranted.”-- Daily Trojan.
  • I think hiring freezes generally apply to long term positions like TT or others – not lecturers.
  • The USC freeze only applies to staff, NOT faculty (which would include TT, adjuncts, lecturers, etc).
  • Not sure a freeze of any kind is good sign… let's hope things improve.
  • Any news?

University of South Carolina, Columbia

  • confirmation of application, request EEO info x6
  • Does anyone know anything about this position? The application was due 10/30. The Rhetoric position has had some movement, but I don't know anything about the Rhet/Comp position.
    • There are two positions??
    • A: Yes, The Rhetoric position was in Speech Communication and Rhetoric dept. The Rhet/Comp is in English:
    • MLA interview scheduled via phone (12/14) x3
    • Rejection email received (12/31)
    • What's going on with this job? Has there been any movement since MLA?

University of South Carolina Upstate

  • MLA invitation received via email 12/11 x 3
  • Does anyone know when they're planning to schedule campus visits?
  • A: They said they're meeting this week (Jan 11-15) to make campus visit decisions.
  • Q: Has anyone heard anything about campus visits?
  • A: nothing yet (1/15)
  • Invitation for campus visit received via email (1/15)
  • Do other people have campus visits? (1/20)
  • Any offers?
  • What's going on with this job? Has the position been filled?
  • I haven't heard a word since my campus visit (in mid-Feb), so I'm assuming that it's been offered to someone else--perhaps they're just not on the wiki. I did get a message today about reimbursement, at least. (3/11)

University of South Dakota -- Position Filled

  • confirmation of application, requested EEO info
  • Phone interview scheduled + request for additional materials x4 (most recent: 11/25)
  • Phone interview conducted (12/15) x2
  • Anyone get the campus interview call yet?
  • Invitation for campus visit (contacted by phone) 12/19
  • Phone invitation for campus visit (1/5)
  • Offer made and accepted (2/2)

University of South Florida

  • Link to job ad, please? I can't find it.
  • Q: Any word about this position? Deadline was 11/16 but haven't heard anything.
  • Q: Was this an entry-level job or something requiring more rank/experience?
    • A: It was an Associate/Full position to direct their grad programs.
    • R: Thanks.
    • Q: Has an offer been made?
    • Received email that position is filled.

University of South Florida, Polytechnic

  • Phone interview scheduled for 12/16 x 1 (12/9)
  • Phone interview conducted (English Composition) 12/16
  • Phone interview conducted (Professional & Technical Writing) 12/18
  • Q: Has anyone heard anything about these jobs? Anyone know when they will do campus visits? Thanks!
  • Q: No news out there? When I had the phone interview, the committee, which was very friendly, said that candidates would hear in early Jan. Did anyone hear? Is there a revised timeline? Thanks and good luck!
  • Contacted via phone for campus visit (2/5)
  • Any body get any offers--or know when they are doing the offering? Thanks! (3/19)
    • A: Last campus visits were 3/17-18.
  • Has anyone been offered either the Tech or the lit and comp job(s)?
  • Is it just me or does it seem like they have no idea how to run a search? (3/31)
  • USF has sent me a rejection saying they hired someone (Comp/Lit 4/22)

University of Southern Indiana link

  • (side note: I used to work here; workplace is more toxic than most. Chair was removed last year. Comp chair quit. Not good.)
    • It is worth noting that the problems mentioned above are several years old. Personnel changes seem to have created a better environment.
  • Phone interview scheduled (10/9) -- very nice
  • Phone interview scheduled (10/13) -- very nice interviewers
  • Contacting my references (11/02)
    • Folks, What does it mean if they're contacting my references whose letters they already have? What is the next step after the phone interview and reference contacting usually? Many thanks.
    • If you're ABD, most likely they want to verify with your references that you will finish your degree in the expected time. However, even if you're not ABD, it's still standard practice to actually contact references by phone--even if they already have your letters. Some committees contact references before inviting candidates to campus. Others contact them afterward. Regardless, sounds like you'll be invited to campus.
  • Campus visit scheduled x2
    • Q:  Which job does this entry refer to: the Assistant Professor of English positions or the Instructor / Contract Assistant Professor of English position?
    • A: My campus visit (noted above) is for the Contract Assistant Professor of English.
    • A: My campus visit is for the Assistant Professor of English
  • Q: Has anyone who was interviewed for this position heard back yet?
  • Phone interview conducted (12/14)
  • Campus interview scheduled (12/23)
  • According to search committee, all positions filled. (2/15) Congrats to those who got offers!

University of Texas-Arlington

  • Request for more materials x6 (most recent: 11/20)
  • MLA interviewed scheduled via email x2 (12/5)
  • Campus visit invitation via email (1/6)
  • offer made and accepted

University of Texas-Brownsville

  • confirmation of application postcard x2 (most recent: 11/12)
  • Phone interview scheduled x3 (12/4)
  • SC indicates any campus interviews to be scheduled in January

University of Texas-Pan American

  • Request for more materials x1
  • MLA interview scheduled via phone (12/10)
  • Phone interview scheduled via email (12/10) x2
    • Strange that they have MLA and phone. For the phone interview, this was in the email: "Rather than conducting interviews a MLA we are continuing the preliminary screening process through telephone interviews." For the MLA interviewee, do you mind telling if it's the R/C position? x2
    • Yes, are these requests for a TT position or the lecturer position?
    • The email for phone interview is for TT
    • The T/T Rhet/Comp search committee will conduct phone interviews; they are not interviewing at MLA.
    • Phone interview (12/17) x2
    • Phone interview requested (12/21) x2 (Mine is for the Lecturer position)
    • Did calls for campus interviews for the TT position go out yet? A: Nothing here since phone interview (01/08)
    • Phone interview - lecturer (1/11) x1
    • Has anyone heard anything after the telephone interviews? Mine was for the lecturer position. (2/5)
    • Same question for the TT position. (2/5)
    • Tenure-track position is suspended. No reasons given.
      • Could you share how you learned this? Email, snail mail, inside info?
      • Received an email from search committee chair. He didn't want to give further details. --Thanks!

University of Utah (2 positions)

  • Request for more materials x5
  • MLA interview invitation for  Asst. Prof via phone (12/4) x4
  • According to someone associated with this search, they have received over 150 applications
    • A lot of searches have many applicants this year; I'm on a search with 145 applications.
    • What are the two positions? - Answ - They are the same job, but one is entry level Asst. Prof and other is Asst/Assoc. Prof level
  • Any campus visits scheduled? x2
  • anyone?
  • Visits have been scheduled for Feb.
  • Beware.
  • Of what? x2 --There's nothing on the Universities to Fear Wiki. Could you share a little, here or on the other wiki?
  • while I can't be sure of what the person above is warning of - I too would have reservations--for me it would be personality based - ask around a bit more. That said, i can't speak to the institution. What I can say, however, is that it does depend on the person going to campus - it's all in the eye of the beholder, while that environment wouldn't work for me - it might for another - it might be the spark one needs (one man's trash is another's treasure--& I don't mean this as a dig either - I'm a believer--truth be told I'm the one often seeing/receiving it as the treasure). What I can say about this very strange market though is it seems like when things shake out, the right people are going to the right places.
  • Assist. prof. offered and accepted. (3/5)
  • both positions filled according to snail mail rejection

University of Waterloo

  • Has anyone heard anything at all about this position--even just an acknowledgment of receipt?
  • Waterloo is under a hiring freeze: see their website.
  • Thanks for the quick reply. However, I can't find anything on their website--the job is still posted. Would you kindly provide a link?
  • President David Johnston: "Our hiring freeze will continue, with mission-critical positions being approved on a case-by-case basis." Maybe this position is still open, or maybe this explains the lack of acknowledgment?
  • I've heard the search is still on, despite the freeze (26/12)
  • Has anyone had any contact with the committee or interviews scheduled?
  • Interview candidates have been selected
    • Have they been contacted? Have interviews been conducted?
  • It has been months--does anyone have any updates of any kind? Interviews? Rejections? I've heard nothing at all. (25/2)
  • Received rejection letter (04/19).

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

  • Phone interview scheduled x2 (most recent: 11/16)
  • Phone interview conducted x2 (most recent: 11/20)
  • Campus interview scheduled
  • Rec'd snail mail rejection, said position offered and accepted (early March)

University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • confirmation of application, request EEO info -- letter says screening will continue throughout month x4
  • request for more materials (via email) x11 (most recent: 12/2)
  • interview scheduled (via phone) 12/11 x3
  • Which position is this? There are two rhetoric jobs, one in Communication and one in English. The listing on the Communication page just links to the NCA job list, with no updates.
  • Received a dossier request on 12/2 and an interview invitation on 12/11 for the Assistant Professor of Composition and Rhetoric position in the English Dept. x2
  • Rec'd snail mail rejection (1/15) x4
  • In rejection letter, stated "carefully reviewed" my letter and materials, but got my gender wrong in the Mr./Ms. category :-) gotta laugh - maybe they should have read closer
  • Same thing here: they state that they "carefully reviewed" my application and yet, they got my gender wrong:).
  • Has an offer been made?
  • I was contacted about 2 weeks ago to see if I was still interested in the position; the search committee chair explained they were having hiring "logistical hold ups" (and I assumed that to mean they were having budgetary issues); I have not heard anything since then (2/11)
  • offer made and accepted 2/24

Univ. of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

  • confirmation of application, request EEO info

Univ. of Wisconsin-Rock County

  • Scheduled phone interview for next week (2/1, by phone) x1
  • Invited for early-March campus visit (2/12, by email) x1
  • Filled (notified by phone, 4/5)

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

  • Assistant Professor of English (Business/Expository Writing)
  • EEO info requested via snail mail (3/8)
  • Any updates on this one? (3/21) ?? (4/21)
  • Phone interview scheduled for early May (4/23)
  • Campus interview early June

Univ. of Wisconsin-Stout

  • EEO form request x6 (most recent: 12/2)
  • rejection letter-snail mail x2 (2/8)

Univ. of Wisconsin-Superior

  • EEO form request

Institutions V-Z[]

Valencia Community College

  • Any news? (4/23)

Valley City State University

  • E-mail rejection PDF "Letter of Regret" (04/02)

Virginia Military Institute

  • MLA interview scheduled (via email and phone) x3 (12/15)
  • Friend has campus visit scheduled (circa 1/12)
  • Post-MLA rejection via mail 3/4 (the letter also said that the position has been filled)

Wake Forest University (lecturer)

  • Request for more materials x 5 (10/26)
  • Would you mind sharing when you submitted your applications? (11/23) A: I sent mine out on 10/20. A: 10/13. A: 10/23
    • MLA interview scheduled via email (12/02) x 3
    • campus visit invitation by phone (12/30; 1/12) x 2
  • received email saying "not invited to campus, but still under consideration" (1/14)
  • offers made (02/15)
  • for the people who have offers, do you mind saying how long WFU has given you to accept? A: two weeks

Wellesley College (Writing/TESOL Lecturer)

  • Did anyone apply for this? A. I did! (1)
  • Hooray! I have a wiki friend! Have you heard anything beyond confirmation? The ad is now off the HR site, so I was unsure if that meant they were now in reviewing mode or if some decision had been made. A. Confirmation? I didn't get any confirmation, although I can see that my application is complete... Maybe they only confirmed applications for the people they liked (so you, and not me...) :-). I will be sure to update if I hear anything though!

Wentworth Institute of Technolgy (Composition, posted 5/22/2010)

  • Has anyone heard anything yet?

Wesleyan College

  • acknowledgment of application x5
  • MLA Invitation Rec'd 12/7 via email   x8
  • Rejection rec'd by mail (12/12) x2
  • Has anyone else not received a rejection or a MLA invitation? (12/17)
  • I've received neither, too (12/17)
  • Campus visit scheduled for early Feb (scheduled by phone on Jan 6) x2
  • Snail mail rejection (1/23) x2
  • Q: Has anyone received an offer?
  • Offer accepted (02/24)

Western Carolina University

  • MLA Interview Scheduled by Phone (12/9) x 6
  • MLA Interview Scheduled by Phone (comp/rhet hire) on 12/14
  • Q: For those who scheduled interviews, did the Dept. Chair send you a confirmation email about where the interviews will take place yet? I'm kind of paranoid I guess...(12/14)
  • A: No, not yet
  • A: I was told the confirmation email would come by the end of this around the 18th I think.
  • A: email confirmation arrived today (12/15)(x2). 
  • email confirmation arrived on 12/15, but email got filtered to spam folder
  • Call for campus visit 1/6
  • post-MLA interview rejection email (01/19)(x2)
  • offer accepted Q: do you mean the comp/rhet position? A: Yes
  • Q: What is the other position? A: assistant professor of technical writing. Offer accepted.

Western Michigan University

  • Skype interview conducted (3/22) (x 2)
  • Campus visit scheduled (4/5)
  • heard second-hand that the position has been offered
  • Position offered, accepted

Willamette University

  • acknowledgment of application/Applicant Information Form x3 (11/17)
  • They already conducted 15 interviews at NCA…
  • Emphasized communications, new media, screen/stage
  • They did emphasize those areas but I didn't expect them to do interviews exclusively at NCA. Bummer.
  • On campus interviews scheduled
  • E-mail indicating offer made and accepted... congrats to someone. (12/21) x 2

Winona State (3 positions)

  • Q. Where is the ad for this? it's not on their website or JIL?? thx
  • One ad appeared in the StarTribune and was e-mailed to some U of MN students.

Winthrop University

  • phone interview conducted (4/2)

Xavier University (WPA)

  • Ack of Application/EEO Card x7
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/4) x2
  • Q. Would the above poster mind sharing how you were contacted?  A: By phone.
  • Campus interview scheduled (1/11 by phone)
  • Rec'd snail mail rejection (1/14) x1
  • Position offered and accepted (2/1)

York College (CUNY)

  • request for more materials 2/16 X4
  • Rec'd snail mail note that phone interviews will be conducted late March and campus interviews for finalists in mid-April (3/12) x2
  • Phone interview scheduled x3
  • Anyone know what the teaching load is for this position?
    • What I heard is the load varies. Some courses are 3 credit while others are 4. In the end, your load is 12 hours/semester.
  • Campus interview scheduled
  • Position offered and accepted (5/8)

Suspended Searches[]

Alfred State College (2/26) via email

Georgia Southern University (two positions) (1/24) via phone and email

Mount Ida College (1/13) via letter

St. Xavier University (11/21) via letter

University of Hartford (1/21) via email

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (01/8) via email

University of Nebraska (12/7) via email

University of Texas, Pan American

Offers Made[]

List Institution and whether (1) offer has been made and (2) accepted (with date).

  • Can we get specifics (i.e. salary, whether or not applicant negotiated, et cetera)?
Such information goes in the next section, with no mention of the specific institution for obvious reasons. See the 2009 Wikia for examples. Do not reveal yourself, which would occur if you name the site. Keep things vague. Again, use the below section for this.
2009 Detailed Hiring Info

Arizona State University

Auburn University

Augusta State (WC Dir & Asst Prof)

  • Positions offered and accepted (4/1)

Baylor University

  • Position offered and accepted (3/1)

Bluffton University

Boise State University

  • offer made and accepted according to letter in postal mail 1/29

Buena Vista University

  • Position offered and accepted (1/26)

Central Michigan University

  • Position offered and accepted (2/1)

Champlain College

Clemson University

  • position offered

Daemen College

  • Position offered and accepted according to letter

DePaul University

  • Position offered and accepted (2/4)

Eastern Illinois University

  • Position offered and accepted

Georgia Gwinnett (Spr. 2010)

  • Position offered

Georgia State University

  • Position offered and accepted

Georgia Southwestern State University

  • Position offered and accepted

Grand Valley State University

  • Position offered and accepted

High Point University

  • Position accepted


Lafayette College

  • Position offered and accepted according to email

Lebanon Valley College

Lindenwood University

Loyola University, MD (Prof./Dir. of Writing Center)

  • Position offered and accepted (12/9) Congratulations! x3

Monmouth University

Montana State Univ.

Morningside College

Mt. Union C

Niagara University

  • Position offered and accepted (3/25)

Notre Dame

Penn State Berks (TT Asst of English and WC)

  • Position offered and accepted (2/8)

Pepperdine University

Queens College, CUNY

Rider University

Roosevelt University

  • Position offered and accepted (2/18)

Rowan University

  • Position offered and accepted

Saginaw Valley State University

Seton Hill University

  • Position offered and accepted

Simpson College

St. Edward's University

  • position offered and accepted (2/9)

St. John Fisher College

  • position offered and accepted (2/12)

St. Norbert C

Stephen F. Austin State University

Swarthmore College

  • position offered and accepted (3/2)

United States Military Academy

University of Houston

University of North Carolina, Pembroke

University of Pittsburgh-Bradford

  • Position offered and accepted (2/5)

University of South Dakota

  • Position offered and accepted (2/2)

University of South Florida

University of Wisconsin La Crosse

  • Position offered and accepted

University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Position offered and accepted

University of Wisconsin-Rock County

Wake Forest University

Western Carolina University

Western Michigan University

  • Position offered and accepted

Wesleyan College

Willamette University

Xavier University

  • Position offered and accepted

York College (CUNY)

Hiring Info[]

If you wish, please feel free to use this section to share information salaries offered. It would be helpful to all current and future seekers. If you're willing to do this, make a note of the kind of job, the level (asst/assoc/full), the region, the kind of university, the salary, and any very significant perks/incentives (if any), male or female, and if you negotiated

See 2009 Detailed Hiring Info for last seasons results. Valuable information includes:

  • Offers ranged from $45,000 to $65,000
    • Moving and start-up expenses were sometimes offered, averaging $3000 but some offers were higher.

Positions and Details[]

  • Assistant Prof TT, South, Public University, $62,500 9 month contract, + summer teaching extra, $5,500 moving, $5000 startup, female (negotiated moving expense)
  • Assistant Prof TT, Private University, eastern, $72,000; moving extra, generous startup $, male (advanced assistant after 3 years at another institution)
  • Assistant Prof TT, Western, Private University, $58,500 9 month contract, no summer teaching, $4,800 moving, $5000 startup, female
  • Assistant Prof, TT, Public University, $60,500 9 month contract, $2500 moving, $3500 startup, female, negotiated
    • Do you mind sharing the general region? A. Midwest, sorry, left that out.
  • Assosiate Prof (starting), TT, Public University, Midwest. $90,000/ 9 month contract (summer available, not required), $2500 moving, $8,000 startup, male, negotiated salary, moving from a private R1 in the northeast
  • Assistant Prof, TT, Public University, Midwest. $52,000 9 month contract (summer available, not required), $1500 moving, $4,500 startup, female, negotiated salary, startup
  • Assistant Prof, TT, Private University, Eastern. $55,000 9 month contract (summer available, not required), $5,000 moving, male, negotiated salary
  • Assistant Prof, TT, Private University, Eastern. $46,500 9 month contract (summer available, summer research fund available, not required), $3000 moving, $5,000 startup, female, negotiated
  • Assistant Prof, TT, Private University, Eastern. $52,000 10 month contract (summer available, summer research fund available, not required), $1000 conference travel, $2,000 moving, new computer, female, negotiated salary.
  • Assistant Prof, TT, Public University, Eastern. $54,000 9 month contract (summer available, not required), $5,000-$5,500 moving, female, negotiated salary
  • Assistant Prof, TT, Private University, Midwest. $55,000 9 month contract (summer available, not required). $2000 moving, $3000 startup. One guaranteed conference trip per year. New computer.
  • Assistant Prof, TT, Private Lib Arts College, Eastern, sort of. $53,000 9 month contract (summer research funding available; no teaching), $2000 moving, $2,500 start up, $1k travel, male, negotiated.
  • Assistant Prof, TT, Public University, Eastern. $54,000 9 month contract (summer available, not required), $2500 moving, $5000 startup, female.
  • Assistant Prof., TT, Private University, Western, $61,500, 9 month contract (summer teaching availbale but not required), all moving costs covered, $1500 start up, computer/printer, annual research funding, female
  • Assistant Prof., TT, Private University, Eastern, $52,000 9 month contract (no summer teaching), $3500 moving, new computer, over $1.5k travel/year, female, negotiated
  • Assistant Prof, TT, Private University, South. $52,000 9 month contract (summer teaching/research available, not required), $2000 moving, $6000 startup, $1500 travel per year, male, negotiated.
  • Instructor, Renewable, Private University, Midwest. $50,000 9 month contract (summer teaching available for additional $7,000-$8,000, not required), $2,000 moving/startup, $5,000 annual research/professional development funding, female, negotiated. Package was comparable to the TT positions I was offered.
  • Instructor, one year but renewable, West(ish). $31,000 for a 9 month contract (summer available but not required, didn't state what that salary would be). No moving or start up help (other than a laptop), male (they said they don't do negotiation for instructor positions. It's a buyer's market and they know we're desperate).
  • Assistant Prof., TT, Public University, South, $46,000 9-month contract (summer available). Male. Not accepted, so salary was not negotiated and moving expenses, etc., were not discussed.
  • WAC director, private college, Midwest, $45,000, 12 month contract, female, moving expenses not needed, so not discussed. $ for at least 2 conferences, new computer.
  • Instructor, TT, Community College, West, $46,000, 9 month contract, summer available for additional $3500/class, new computer, $1000 travel, tried to negotiate salary and got a little relocation money instead, female
  • Assistant Prof., TT, Public University, Eastern, $61,000 10 month contract (summer available), $2500 moving, new computer, $1500 conference travel, female, negotiated.

  • General Question: Are these salaries directly out of Ph.D. program or did you negotiate based on previous teaching? A: I was hired ABD but have taught for 5 years. Teaching didn't come up as part of the negotiations. (Thanks!)
  • A: I asked about teaching experience, and they said it wasn't considered. Having a PhD did add $2000 a year, though.
  • A: Teaching and administrative experience factored in my salary negotiation.