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Jobs for 2024[]

Louisiana State University[]

The Department of English at Louisiana State University (LSU) invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor of 19th-century British literature and culture, with a preference for Victorian, beginning in August of 2024.

National University of Singapore[]

The Department of English, Linguistics & Theatre Studies at the National University of Singapore invites exceptional candidates to apply for the position of Presidential Young Professor (PYP) at the rank of Assistant Professor, to commence in January or July 2025. Those working in any field of literature or literary theory are encouraged to apply. That said, the department is especially interested in candidates who have expertise in Romanticism, Shakespeare studies, or contemporary Asian literature, with added specializations in race and/or queer theories. For full details, see

Texas Tech University[]

Assistant Professor of Victorian British Literature. (in Dept. of English). Required: PhD in Victorian British Literature by time of hire, with focus on empire and colonial encounters. Review begins 10/30/23. Full details and requirements at TTU HR site.

UC San Diego[]

Global Anglophone Cluster Hire Position #3: Long-Nineteenth-Century Anglophone Literature. The successful candidate will conduct research that historicizes the geographies of the “global anglophone” from the perspective of nineteenth-century studies and that pushes the boundaries of traditional nineteenth-century British and Anglophone literary studies. The candidate will teach courses and advise graduate students in nineteenth-century British literature and culture and will have the opportunity to teach and advise students beyond this area as well.

University of Montevallo[]

Assistant Professor of English (British Romanticism/Victorian Literature). Preference will be given to applicants with research specialization in Romanticism and Victorian literature, with possible secondary interest in the Long Eighteenth Century or Modernism. Review begins 11/10/23, open until filled. TT/FT.

University of Virginia[]

The University of Virginia’s Department of English invites applications for a full-time tenure-track, assistant professorship in nineteenth-century British literature and culture, expected to begin August 25, 2024. We are receptive to many approaches within the long period and orbit of the British empire. Thus, we welcome candidates with specializations in Romanticism, Victorian studies, postcolonial and diasporic studies, formal or affect studies, critiques of gender, race, and class, cultural histories of media, exhibitions, or performances, nineteenth-century natural or social science, archival or data-driven studies. The department hopes to extend its longstanding strengths in literary history as well as theory, studies in poetry, bibliography, and book history as well as digital humanities.

Williams College[]

Deadline: Oct 16, 2023 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. The English Department at Williams College invites applications for a tenure-track position in Romanticism, to begin Fall 2024. We welcome applications from scholars whose work engages with colonialism, as well as with other comparative and transnational formations. Research and teaching interests might include, but are not limited to: race; class; gender and sexuality; literature and global revolution; poetry and poetics; aesthetics and politics; landscape and ecology; the history of science; the relationship between Romanticism and critical theory. Teaching responsibilities include a 2-2 workload with a Winter Study term every other January. Candidates should be prepared to teach a range of introductory courses, as well as courses in their area of specialization.

Word on the Street[]

Has anyone heard back from UCSD? - Nothing yet, 11/30; over in the 18th-century list, it seems interviews have gone out for that part of the cluster hire, 12/06

Any updates on UCSD? Did interview requests go out? (12/14)

Still nothing here—has anyone heard anything from UCSD? (1/12)

Any updates on UCSD campus visits? (1/18)

campus visits are happening now (3/13)

How about from Williams? 11/14. 11/15: The Williams ad on the MLA JIL stated that all candidates will be contacted in late December. I (like, I assume, everyone else who applied) was contacted a few weeks back for a writing sample, but that was a function of an error in Interfolio: the ad requested a writing sample but Interfolio did not provide a space to upload one.

  • Anything from Williams? 12/4
  • Any updates here? (12/14)
  • received (friendly) form rejection email 12/19
  • UVA and Williams did the right thing by keeping people informed and their humanity in mind. Can we reflect for a minute, though, on how surreal it is that this was the only Romanticism job this year not (implausibly imo) split with Victorian studies. Although, given that I can count on one hand the Victorian job openings during the past three seasons, I'm glad to see any openings for what they do. This is just to say it is sad to see people turn on each other, when the post-COVID job market has been an extended exercise in austerity.
  • Austerity hardly covers it: looks like game over for many venerable disciplines and subfields, to me. These jobs aren't coming back (this side of the revolution). Even before covid, there was simply nothing to apply for. I can't get a sniff. The worst tendencies of any academic search are magnified and intensified under these conditions, and much worse behaviour than a little intemperate sniping is general across the industry (I use the word advisedly). Nor is this by any means exclusively a US problem. Let us be kind to each other, and persevere. We must learn to suffer better if they are to tire of punishing us.

University of Montevallo: Writing sample request, 11/20

  • --I received request for more materials from Montevallo on 11/20 and have not heard back. Also nothing for UVA, although I've heard that they had over 200 applicants so I imagine lots to sift through. (12/7)
  • rejection 12/11
  • zoom interview requested 12/1 there goes that dream, figured I was passed over. probably another ivy leaguer who has never taught before swooping in
  • I haven't gotten a rejection or a zoom interview invitation -- has this position moved on to campus visit phase yet? 12/13
  • Me either. no rejection and no zoom interview invite--what's going on here? (12/13)
  • Same position here. It’s common to either not reject anyone until the position has been filled or to only reject people who didn’t make a short list (which often depends on HR and department policy). Smaller universities have to worry about their finalists getting lured away by bigger-name schools/better offers, and sometimes, all the campus visits go badly. So, most committees keep a handful of people as backups until they are sure someone will accept the job. It helps keep searches from failing.
  • 2/1 campus visits took place in January
  • Rejection (no interview) finally on 2/27, email stating position filled.

Texas Tech : Additional materials requested 11/20

  • rejection 12/6 (x2)
  • Campus visits have been scheduled.

Any updates on Texas Tech and University of Montevallo after additional materials requested? 12/6. Received polite rejection from Texas Tech, interview requests must have been sent out, 12/6.

Anyone hear from LSU or UVA? 11/29. No, but its just been two weeks.

  • Anything from UVA? 12/4. Interviews to be finished by Dec 22, so invites must be out or going out soon, no?
    • Where did you see Dec 22? I see mid-Dec for LSU, but nothing about interviews for UVA on either IHE or MLA?
    • I thought all the applicants received an email from Alison Booth (head of UVA's search committee) which says "we expect to schedule the first round of virtual interviews, to take place by December 22."
    • Ah, hm, I didn't get that one, no. Did anyone else?
    • I got the email from Booth about the Dec 22nd interview goal (which seemed to just be an automated email that went out to all applicants...)
    • Would anyone be willing to share the text of the automated email?
    • "With apologies for this general message: The committee is pleased to have received your application materials. We will begin review this week and will be in touch as expeditiously as we can. We expect to schedule the first round of virtual interviews, to take place by December 22. Thank you so much for your interest in the position and taking the time to share your application materials. Sincerely, Alison Booth Brown-Forman Professor of English"
    • Thank you!! Sorry to be a total obsessive dork in asking one more thing, but when did this go out? (I'm more than mildly concerned about not having received it....!)
    • No worries! I received it on Nov 16, and it looks like they sent the email using interfolio. Did you check your spam folder?
    • Does anyone know if the search committee has contacted letter writers? Since the application only asked for names of writers, I assume the committee would have contacted references before inviting applicants to interview.
    • It's possible they'll do first-round interviews first, then ask for letters for narrowing down the long-shortlist?
    • Anything's possible at this point.
    • 12/17: just received a zoom interview invite from UVA
    • 12/17: rejection email from UVA

Anything from LSU? it's been 3 weeks, no? (12/7)

  • nothing here 12/12
  • Interview invite received this morning - 12/12
  • no rejection or interview invite...could they be staggering these? 12/13
  • Same. No rejection nor an interview invite. What's up with that? (12/13)
  • Rejection letters routinely lag behind screening interviews & sometimes don't go out until the post is filled; sometimes they don't go out at all.
  • LSU rejection (12/28)

^ Log off. The rest of us are managing our frustration without lashing out at imagined enemies (are these "high caste south Asians" and "ivy leaguers who have never taught" in the room with us now?) and embarrassing ourselves. You're also using a publicly visible IP address, which means that anyone with a passing interest can see where you're posting from and correlate that with the kinds of jobs you're complaining about to get a pretty good idea of who you might be.

^ thank you.

And what about . . . UVA? (12/7)

  • nothing here 12/12
  • My guess is that they’ve already contacted candidates for interviews, but that none of those people use this website.
  • Still nothing 12/13--Same--nothing, but I did see the ad pop up again on MLA, so I wonder what's going on with that. (12/13) x2
  • Yeah, nothing. (12/13).
  • an eminent faculty member at UVa recently passed, J. Paul Hunter. I doubt he was on the search committee, but this could have pushed back the timing of when the committee meets. So perhaps, still hope out there.
  • ^I'd thought about this, too. His partner could very well be on the committee, which could be affecting it more directly. And either way, that initial email from Booth seems to suggest she'll actually be communicative when there's something to communicate--not just because she said so, but I don't think I've ever gotten an email clearly sharing that review was starting + the expected date of interview like that. So, I think I'll wait to assume a silent reject for at least a little longer.
  • Rejection received ("first cut but not long list interview") - 12/17 (x5)
    • sending the same encouraging boilerplate to everyone is a nice touch.
    • easily the kindest rejection email I’ve ever received.

Any word from The University of Montana Western? This was the job link

  • Copied over from the British Open page (These were my updates. I was a finalist but withdrew before the campus visit because I took another job. They essentially just took too long to get to campus visits, and their associate pay was the same as I'm getting at an assistant gig):
  • Interview request 1/29
  • Campus visit offered 2/23 for 3/21-23 ( I assume that by now they've filled the position)

Did anyone else apply to the lecturer positions at Cardiff?

  • I know people who did. But I have not heard what happened.
  • 03/14 Generic rejection from Cardiff, saying I didn't make first-round interviews - good luck to those who did!

Does anyone have any news about the Hong Kong job in 19th century?