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Post updates to each school with date (application received, requests for writing samples, MLA interviews, etc.)

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[Discussion of wiki organization moved below. Since not all of the jobs are listed under both Romanticism and Victorian (i.e. the UCLA job), our division b/w Rom and Vict is not even that precise. And some people may consider themselves both Rom and Vict (ie.. those who work in long 19thc. If people would like, we could ask interviewees to note their professional identity (if they identify with just one or the other) next to the interview (under the MLA Interview heading). And we can keep providing details below). I hope this is okay with everyone; if not, we can change it back...]

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Head Count[]

Shall we do a headcount?

How many of us are on this page?: 64

Add a number for yourself beside the appropriate category.

ABD (early): 5

ABD (nearly done - will defend by spring): 13

PhD in hand (defended in last six months): 9

PhD in hand (defended last Spring or (long, long) before, in lecturer/adjunct/VAP/postdoc non-tt position): 6

TT Assistant Prof: 9

Associate Prof:

Independent Scholar:

Search committee member:

Snooping significant other of job searcher: 2

Just lurking: 4

Offers Made / Accepted[]

Boston Univ.--offer made, accepted

Colorado College -- offer made and accepted 2/7 (posted on 18-century page)

Delaware: offer accepted 2/19

Hunter College

Johns Hopkins

Mt. Holyoke: offer accepted (via departmental email)

Northwestern: offer made Feb. 5, accepted

Northwest Missouri State--received email stating the position has been filled. 3/17

Oberlin search completed--note that offer was accepted 2/10 (Q: did anyone else who interviewed at MLA NOT receive a rejection letter?) 4/16 Rejection email received confirming hiring is complete.

OSU Newark

Rice, offer made 1/26, Offer accepted 2/12

SUNY-Binghamton, offer made and accepted 4/17

Stephen F. Austin offer made/accepted 2/25

South Dakota State

Syracuse (I hear the offer was accepted but don't know the dates)

University of British Columbia

UCLA, offer made 1/29

U of Colorado at Boulder, offer made and accepted at full professor level

U of Northern Colorado, offer made and accepted

University of Tennessee, Martin (offered made--posted 2/19 on Modern and Contemporary British Lit. page).

University of Toronto, Mississauga 2/10 (Received email that search has been completed): My brother is an undergrad there and he says that the department did not find anyone that they thought was a suitable match for them. So, no one was hired.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 5/4 Received email announcing the search had been completed.

Campus Visits Scheduled[]

Any word from Bard?

Boston University 12/30

Cal Tech While we are asking this sort of q. has anyone heard anything from Cal Tech? it seemed like they were going to call soon after the interview if they were going to call... They made calls today (1/3) Q: does anyone have any idea how many people Caltech interviewed? Or how many were asked for the campus visit? A: there were seven interview slots--no idea about the campus visit. Q: Has anyone who interviewed but didn't get the call hear anything? Rejection email, response to "thank you" email? I wrote "thank you" emails last week and have not had a single response.

Delaware? Would appreciate any news. (x3) Call for campus visit on 1/7.

Hunter College 1/8 (see Victorian listing below)

Johns Hopkins announced visits for 3 finalists for c19 job on 01/09

Michigan (have heard they've schedule campus visits, though I don't know details)

Mt Holyoke?

Northwestern (have heard they've schedule campus visits, though I don't know details)

Northwest Missouri State

Oberlin Any word from Oberlin for anyone? They were supposed to meet yesterday (1/6) and decide on 3 candidates. I haven't heard anything yet, good or bad. Renaissance Wiki shows a campus invite yesterday, but I haven't heard anything either... (x2) Heard through the grapevine that Oberlin has scheduled campus visits for this search.

1/26: Anyone know if Oberlin has made an offer yet? Heard they were going to do so last week (1/19-1/23)

OSU-Newark? email Jan 7th : 2 candidates were selected for campus visits

Oxford How about Oxford? I think they said they would have campus interviews mid January? Or was it mid February? A: mid-February for interviews, which makes it awkward for any U.S. candidates who might receive earlier offers. Rejection by letter, 1/27 (x2)

Portland State University (heard that a friend has a campus visit, not sure when calls were made) (heard from the search committee that they've scheduled campus visits, 1/19)

Randolph-Macon College 1/2 Q: I thought they said they wouldn't be inviting anyone to campus until the second week of January? Any knowledge of why/how the timeline changed? Thanks. (x3)

Rice University--when was this call made? Anybody else get one? No but they emailed me (an interviewee) that they have scheduled three visitors (and I'm not one of them, although it seems I'm not rejected yet either). A: Usually there are two batches -- the three a SC invites to campus and another group of potential candidates if the first three don't work out.

South Dakota State University 3/26 Told in response to my email inquiry about the status of my application that 3 finalists have been chosen and are now beginning to visit campus.

Syracuse The Renaissance wiki shows an invite from Syracuse made at mla. any for us? 1/2 A: I posted it there b/c my friend received one. I'm fairly certain Syracuse has made calls for campus visits for the Victorian position as well. A: I also heard of a Victorianist invited for a campus visit to Syracuse, but that's second-hand information. Q:anyone else who interviewed, but hasn't heard anything? A: I also interviewed but haven't heard anything (1/5); A: I interviewed too and haven't heard anything official: I received two emails from members of the committee in response to a thank-you note that were encouraging but noncommittal. One theory is that Syracuse has invited one or several candidates to visit campus already, but is keeping another lineup of potential visitors on hold, to see whether this first round yields an offer. Good luck to all! (1/6) A: I also got an encouraging but noncommittal e-mail (on 1/5), saying "we'll be in touch by the end of the month." So I agree with your theory--it sounds like they're keeping us on hold. (1/7)

A: Syracuse has scheduled campus visits for the Renaissance and Victorian searches. (1/13) Q: Did they have two or three fly-backs? A: two (1/30)

Q: The Renaissance wiki says Syracuse made an offer, any Victorian news (2/10)?

Toronto Hmm...Toronto-? (1/6)(x4) [they were supposed to make the decision yesterday 1/5]; Anyone heard anything from Toronto yet? (1/9); A: Nothing here (x3). Q: So, what's the consensus? They've already invited people already? A: I think they're just delayed. I had another university tell me their timeline and then change it. But if we don't hear something soon then perhaps they have invited their top three. (1/13) All three visits have been scheduled. Post-MLA rejection (yay!) (2/10)

USC-Beaufort Told in response to my email inquiry about the status of my application that 3 finalists have been selected and will be brought to campus soon. Position was put on hold in Feb., but is now going forward. 3/26

University of British Columbia 12/24

University of Nebraska They've made an offer; don't know if it's been accepted.

University of Northern Colorado 12/22

University of Tennessee, Martin--campus visit scheduled according to Modern British page. 1/21

Spring Jobs[]

Bemidji State

  • Deadline: Jan. 15
  • Email from SC chair saying search is on hold for now. (3/10)
  • Q: Had you been in contact with them previously? I ask because I also applied for this position but haven't received this email (yet?).
  • I emailed them directly to check on whether my materials had gotten there. The SC chair said they'd be in touch when they know more.
  • 5/8: Received a letter stating that this job search is postponed until next year. (x2)


  • Deadline: March 18

Point Park University

  • Deadline: Jan. 1

2/4: Request for phone interview (x3)

Don't remember seeing this job listed anywhere? I didn't see it either, but here's the ad on their HR page:

Thanks. Whomever got a request, was this job advertised in any other forum? it was also advertised in the Chronicle.

Did anyone who got an interview ask about their timeline for inviting candidates to campus? Yep. Was told they are hoping for admin approval to extend campus invites by mid-March.

Campus visit scheduled, 2/26

Anyone heard anything here?

I was told that they've made their recommendations to the administration but haven't yet received permission to make offers.

Received request for transcripts after visit and similar email last week.

Any news?

I was told today (4/14) was the relevant budget meeting.

Aaaand, they didn't get the line for this position.

Did you hear via phone call? Email?

Phone call from Dean; I have been in touch trying to get info because of a timeline on another decision. On campus, she told me that they had brought candidate for a Creative Writing position and us to campus, but were only getting one hire. Then, after everyone left, she tried to get two lines but only got one and they are going with Creative Writing. Sucks.

Hmm, no word at all yet - despite having a timeline on another decision, too.

Since it seems to be just you and me sharing updates, I wish we could just email directly and trade info. Maybe there was a midweek miracle with the line? Did you get told the Creative Writing line info on your campus visit?

I'm reading this as well - keep it online please! I'm up for a different Point Park position and have run into the same answers: April 14th budget meeting, but since then I haven't heard from them.

Any one else hear anything here? Creative Writing pages says offer made and accepted.

I got basically the same info as above (line denied funding) but with the caveat that nothing was official yet. Seems pretty clearly done for though.

I'm up for a different job in Arts & Sciences and I still haven't heard anything since the "the budget meeting will be on the 14th" email.

Sorry to keep butting into this page, but just for your information, the Global Cultural Studies position at Point Park is now filled (and unfortunately I didn't get it). They said they were trying to make two hires in GCS but were allowed by the president only one.

That seems to be the theme there this year.

I feel a little sheepish posting this, but I (c19ist) got an offer last week and just accepted this position. I'm posting in the spirit of more transparency. I was told that a meeting on 4/21 yielded surprise, last-minute funding for this position. I hope other candidates in unfunded positions got similarly lucky!

Queen Mary, University of London

Deadline: June 26 (start 1 September)

SUNY-Binghamton (one-year renewable; visiting position)

  • Deadline: March 15
  • Offer made and accepted (4/17)

University of Cambridge

  • Deadline: Jan. 30
  • 2/26: rejection by letter

University of Nevada, Reno (one year; non-renewable)

Deadline: June 2 (start date: July 1)

  • 5/20: Email request for dossier (x2)
  • 6/16: Phone interview scheduled.
  • 6/27: Email saying offer had been made.


Deadline: Feb. 1

  • Any news?
  • I have heard anything from the dept, but Wisconsin is under some kind of hiring freeze, so I think this job is kaput.
  • Wisconsin is not under a statewide hiring freeze. Madison made an offer for their 18th-century position, and Oshkosh hired in women's studies this year. Also, several UW schools have hired lecturers. This position at UWW may (or may not) be frozen, but it's not statewide.
  • 5/4: Rejection email stating that search has been completed

University of Dayton (one year renewable lecturer / British 1850 - present)

  • Deadline: March 16 (apply on-line - posted in The Chronicle)

MLA/Phone Interviews Scheduled[]

(For more details, see below)

HOW MANY INTERVIEWS has each individual gotten? 0 (x8); 1 (x13); 2 (x5); 3 (x2); 4 (x4) ; 5 (x1); 6(x1); 7(x1); 9 (x1)

Boston University 12/15 (MLA) (x3)

Caltech 12/5 (email)

Coker College 11/25 (phone interview for early January) Q: Have these happened or been scheduled yet? I haven't heard anything since the initial request in Nov. 1/13

Colorado College 12/13 (MLA, by phone) (x2)

Cornell 12/13 (MLA, by phone)

CUNY Hunter College 12/18 (MLA, by phone)(x2)

Johns Hopkins 12/8 (MLA)

Louisiana State University 12/8 (reported on 19th-c American page)

Marshall University 12/10 (phone interview for next week)

Mt Holyoke 12/16 (MLA)(x2)

Northwest Missouri State (reported on 18th-c wiki page)

Northwestern 12/10 (MLA)

Oberlin College 12/10 (MLA)(x2--phone)

Ohio State, Newark (12/12) (MLA) (x2--by email)

Portland State U 12/12 (MLA) (x2)

Randolph-Macon College 12/12 (MLA) (x4)

Rice University 12/15 (MLA, by phone) (x3)

Seton Hall University 12/12 (MLA) (x2)

South Dakota State University 2/13 (phone interview) by email

SUNY Buffalo 12/11 (MLA) (x 4) scheduled by phone.

Stephen F. Austin 12/12 (phone interview for Jan. 15 and 16)

Syracuse University 12/3 (MLA), 12/4 (MLA), 12/4 (MLA)

Trinity College (MLA) 12/8

University of British Columbia 12/3 (phone)

UCLA 12/1 (MLA)

University of Delaware 12/12 (MLA)(x4)

University of Nebraska 11/25 (MLA)

University of Northern Colorado 12/10 (phone)

University of Michigan 12/10 (MLA)(x2)

University of South Carolina, Beaufort 12/15 (MLA) by phone (x2)

University of Tennessee, Martin 12/16 (MLA) by email

University of Toronto 12/9 (MLA) (x4 by email)

Winona State 3/16 (phone) by phone

Romanticist Jobs[]

Arcadia U (PA) (19th and 20th and postcolonial)

Deadline: Nov. 1

  • 11/07: Letter of Acknowledgement dated 10/31. (x3)

Search postponed until next year. (See under Victorian jobs for more info.)

Arizona State U (19c, Romanticism as primary field)

Deadline: Oct 31

  • 10/14, 10/28: Email of Acknowledgement
  • 11/4: Massive budget cuts reported across Arizona universities: . Has anyone heard if ASU has frozen new hiring? A: This job line has survived the cuts. No worries.
  • 11/4: Application acknowledged via email. (2)
  • 12/3: Writing sample requested via email. (2)
  • 12/14 Email notification that search has been placed "on hold," may (or may not) be resumed after January 1st.
  • mid-January e-mail that search has been canceled.

Boston University (British Romanticism)

Deadline: Nov 1

  • 11/5 Rejection letter dated Oct. 30 received. (3)
  • Writing sample request 11/17
  • Request for sample, letters, transcript 11/21 (3)
  • 11/25 Rejection email stating that very advanced assistants (more than a few years past Ph.D) are out of the running.
  • Out of curiosity: are you in a TT position? do they (and others) count someone as at the advanced assistant level if they/you are a few years with Ph.D. in hand (even if not already in a TT job)? Or would it apply only to those who are already in TT assistant prof positions? Thanks for the clarification (for this and other jobs).
  • Rejection email said that they are not authorized to hire "at [my] professional level": I (the rejected) am in TT, years out, but untenured; I would assume that if you are not rejected you are still in the running. Good luck!
  • Thanks for the clarification! Much appreciated.
  • 12/8: Rejection letter (dated 10/30, which made me chuckle)(x3)
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/15

Cal Tech (19th C Brit or Early Amer or Transatlantic)

Deadline: Dec. 1

  • Email acknowledgment 11/25
  • info request 12/5 (x2); just want to clarify that this was a request for AA info, not further materials; the email subject line had me hoping.
  • See under Victorian for more information about e.g. interviews scheduled

College of St. Scholastica (MN) (women's, 18th or 19th)

Review begins Oct. 15

11/23 Cancelled due to budget cuts

Colorado College (ability to teach core poetry classes-18thc and Romanticism)

Deadline: Nov. 6

  • 11/7: Application acknowledged by letter. (2)
  • 12/13: MLA interview scheduled by phone
  • 12/22: Rejection letter

Cornell University (Romantic/Victorian Poetry)

Deadline: Oct. 15

  • 10/15: Letter of Acknowledgement (x5)
  • 11/3: reports non-faculty hiring freeze: . Can someone confirm this search is proceeding? A: It's proceeding. As noted, hiring freeze does not cover Professorial positions.
  • 11/22: writing sample request
  • Curious: was the request for additional samples of your writing or did you not send in with the original application? Additional
  • 12/6; 12/8: rejection letter ("... you are not one of the candidates we have decided to interview." So presumably they've made decisions?) A: ditto here and how cold this letter was! A: Ditto once again: how very cold!

Hunter College, CUNY (19th C)

Deadline: Nov. 7

  • 11/07: Letter of Acknowledgment dated 11/05 (x2)
  • Acknowledgment letter 11/12 (x2)
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/18)

Lehman College, CUNY (19th c, "Anglophone")

Review begins Dec. 1

  • Canceled due to budget cuts (received letter 10/23)

Louisiana State University (British Romanticism/19th Century American)

Deadline: Nov. 14

  • Application acknowledged by email 11/7, 11/14
  • MLA interview scheduled (see 19th-century American page)
  • MLA interview request (by phone) 12/8
  • Generic email rejection letter 1/8
  • campus visit scheduled 1/23

Miami University (Romantic poetry, open rank)

Deadline Oct. 31

  • Canceled due to budget cuts (received email 11/7) (x5)

Mount Holyoke College (MA) (English Romantic poetry)

Deadline: Nov. 11

  • email notification that an offer has been made, 12/5 ["Dear Applicant: Mount Holyoke College has made the very difficult decision to narrow the candidate pool and have made an offer for the position of Assistant Professor - English - Tenure Track to another candidate. Should the situation change, I will be in touch to determine your continued interest."] (x2)
  • This is confusing. Have they only "narrowed the candidate pool" (a first cut rejection letter) or have they actually "made an offer" (ostensibly without interviews or campus visits happening)? Has anyone else received this email? I applied quite a while ago and didn't receive this email (yet).
  • Yup, it's confusing! Which is why I posted the full text of the meaningful part of the email. Since it says that they'll be in touch if the "situation change[s]," which I take to mean if their offer is rejected, I suppose receiving the email could actually mean that the recipient has made some kind of cut. But one could just as well read receiving the email as a bad sign; and the salutation "dear applicant" suggests a mass email. Anyway, bottom line as I see it is, brace yourselves for this job to be off the board even before MLA.
  • I received the same email; it is worth nothing that the email came from HR, not the English department, so there is a chance the strange wording does not reflect what's actually going on with the search.
  • Just for the record, I received neither an offer nor this email.
  • Me either, which makes me think that the oddly worded HR rejection letter went to those who didn't make the first cut. That's how these searches usually go: they make a first cut and reject some people, then there's the second cut where more people are rejected and the rest get interviews.
  • Yeah on reflection I bet this is a first-cut email written by a HR department with no idea of how the search was proceeding from there. Someone who didn't get the email should contact the Department and find out what is going on. If they are still interviewing at MLA they'll probably be appalled to see the email HR sent out.
  • Ok just got the scoop from MHC, the email is misleading and they are apologetic about it, they *will* be interviewing at MLA and have *not* offered the job to anyone yet. The email was just a first cut.
  • 12/16: MLA interview scheduled by phone
  • Rejection letter 12/22


Deadline: Nov 1

  • email of acknowledgment (10/31) (x3) (11/7) (x1)
  • email of acknowledgment (11/22)
  • mla interview scheduled by phone 12/10 (x2)

Northwest Missouri State (18th or 19th)

Screening begins Nov. 1

  • email of acknowledgment

MLA Interviews Scheduled (see 18C list)

Oberlin (19th C)

Deadline: Nov. 30

  • Undated Letter of Acknowledgment
  • 11/3: Email acknowledgment (for writing sample)
  • 12/3: Email acknowledgment (for writing sample)

Ohio State, Newark

Review begins immediately

  • 11/6: Application acknowledged by snail mail. (x3)
  • 11/17: Writing Sample Request (x2)

Portland State U (Brit Romanticism)

Deadline: Nov 7

  • Q: Anyone hear anything from PSU? Even an acknowledgment? Position is not on PSU's HR Web page.
  • A: Just called the department to inquire whether this search was still active. And YES it is. Here's hoping!

MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/12 (x2)

Randolph-Macon College (VA)

Deadline: Nov. 15

  • 11/6: Application acknowledged by snail mail. (x6)

Rice University (Brit Lit and Culture, 1770-1840)

Deadline: Nov 1

  • Writing sample requested via email 11/3 (3)
  • WS requested via email 11/11 (2)
  • Writing sample requested via email 11/17
  • Q: Did anyone who is a long C18 person rather than a long C19 person get a WS request?
  • A: I consider myself a romanticist with slightly more preparation in the 18c than the 19c, but, really, my focus is late 18c and early 19c (x2)
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/15
  • Rejection letter 1/17 (via snail mail, had submitted a writing sample, but had no MLA interview) Ditto, nice letter though.
  • Campus visit scheduled 1/4
  • Offer made 1/26

Seton Hall University (NJ) (19th C)

Deadline: Dec. 8

  • Application acknowledged by letter 12/8 ("We expect to contact those we plan to interview by Dec 17th.")
  • MLA interview requested 12/12

Stephen F. Austin (TX) (19th C)

Deadline: Nov. 15

  • 12/12 phone interview scheduled

St. Francis Xavier University

Deadline: Dec. 1

  • 12/6: Received letter of acknowledgment dated 11/28 (x2)
  • Q: Has anyone heard from St. Francis Xavier since the acknowledgment letters? (1/15)
  • A: No, but I'd love to hear something! (1/22)
  • A: I heard that they have completed their interview list and will be contacting people soon. (1/27)
  • 2/10: rejection letter via mail; over 100 applications for the two positions advertised; one position canceled because of the economy

Trinity College (CT) (three-year replacement, British romanticism)

Deadline: Nov. 1

  • Email acknowledgment 11/11
  • MLA interview request (by email) 12/8

University at Buffalo (19th c. British)

Deadline: Nov. 15

University of California-Los Angeles (transatlantic studies before 1900)

Deadline: Nov. 3

  • email acknowledgment of application--two weeks ago
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/1)
  • MLA interview scheduled by email (12/8)
  • Campus visit scheduled 1/4
  • Offer made 1/29

University of Colorado, Boulder (Associate Professor, Romanticism)

Deadline: Oct. 20

University of Delaware (19th c. British)

Deadline: Nov. 10

  • Request for further materials via email 11/25 (x5)

University of Northern Colorado (British Romanticism)

Deadline: Nov. 1

  • 11/20: Email requesting writing sample (2)
  • 12/15: Nicely worded rejection letter dated 12/9

University of Oregon, Clark Honors College (19th, Romanticism emphasis)

Deadline: Oct. 24

  • letter ack. receipt 11/13, 11/17 (2)
  • Was told they were making decisions about seminfinalists over this past weekend...
  • and yet, no one has heard anything?
  • well, it wouldn't be the first time an academic got a wee bit behind...
  • Rejection letter receipt 12/1 (x6) (*sniff* x infinity)
  • Q: Were the rejections email or snail mail? Anyone not get anything (not even an ack.)? A: snail mail letters, dated Nov. 25, sent to department mailing address

Univ. of South Carolina, Beaufort (19th & 20th)

Review begins Nov. 10

  • 11/25: Application acknowledged by snail mail

Univ. of Tennessee, Martin (19th & 20th)

Review begins Nov. 1

  • 12/16 MLA interview request via email

Winona State University (MN)

Deadline: Nov. 14

  • 3/16: phone interview request via phone
  • 5/6: post-interview rejection via email

Victorian Jobs[]

Arcadia U (PA) (19th and 20th and postcolonial)

Deadline: Nov. 1

  • 10/20: Letter of Acknowledgment, 11/3 (x2), 11/4, 11/12
  • Q: Does anyone know if this job is still live? They only asked for letters, and it seems a bit late for them to start collecting our further materials.
  • A: No indication on their web site or anyplace else that it's not alive. Just for the record, too, I have had committees ask for me to bring materials with me to MLA interviews, rather than ask for them beforehand, and so I don't think that the timing should serve as an indication that the search might be failed.

A: I emailed them yesterday to ask this question. Indeed, the search is being postponed until next year. A letter should arrive shortly.

Bard College (NY) (Eugene Meyer Professor in Nineteenth Century History and Literature)

Deadline: Applications will be reviewed as received.

Is there any news about this position? (12/30)

Bemidji State (MN) (19th-century)

Deadline: Jan. 15

Cal Tech (19th C Brit or Early Amer or Transatlantic)

Deadline: Dec. 1

  • Email acknowledgment of receipt: 11/24
  • Email ack of receipt: 11/26 (2), 12/5
  • 12/5: Race Card by Email
  • Q:Did you submit online or by mail? Has anyone who submitted by mail got an ack?
  • A: Submitted application docs by email
  • A: I submitted by snail mail and haven't gotten an ack 11/30; me neither
  • A: I submitted by mail and emailed today (12/1) to make sure they had received my app. They said they did receive it, but apparently there are 400 applicants for this search, which is why the administrator hasn't responded sooner.
  • Q: Email asking me to fill out/resend a couple of forms (12/5)--was this what others were referring to as "acknowledgment""
  • Q: I got that email today (12/5) too. Did everyone get it?
  • A: I received the same email (12/5).
  • A: Yes, I received the same email (12/5).
  • A: Yes, me too (12/5). That's what I meant by "acknowledgment."
  • 12/5 Email request for MLA interview (x2)
  • Q: I also received the email requesting certain info, such as a short research statement, but I wonder how much that really matters, as others are already being scheduled for interviews. Is this something that Cal Tech needs to complete their files in order to continue to ask people for interviews or will we just be getting that creamy rejection letter sometime in April?
  • A: If they asked for more info. (a research statement or something other than EEO papers), then you're probably still in the running...unless you don't supply that info. in a timely manner.
  • Q: I guess the next question would be: did anyone not receive this email (with the EEO and application forms)?
  • A: The email said that it was optional and that if we didn't want to fill it out, to ignore it. The request seemed like a regular human resources request to me. i.e. not a signal that we're still in the running.
  • A: Yes, it was a simple HR application along with the EEO form, which I think everyone should have gotten.
  • Q: For those of you who got interviews, did you get the request for the interview along with the EEO papers or had you already filled those out. I'm trying to figure out if the the two are related. ie if we only get the request to fill out optional paper work and no interview request then are we out <sigh>
  • Q: I hate to add to this long thread of questions, but I'd be grateful to know when the ppl who got interviews sent their materials in; if they filled out EEO forms before receiving the interview request; and if they were ever asked to submit a writing sample. (Make that very grateful.)
  • A: I don't know about the first part of your question, but they asked for the writing sample up front, with the original application.
  • A: I got an interview but did not/have not yet returned any of the requested eeo forms. And a writing sample was part of original ap.
  • Can I just add that it sucked a lot to read the subject line for the EEO request and then to realize what that email really was? (x5)
  • Q: Do people think this means all CalTech interviews have been scheduled?

12/24 rejection email received (x4)

Coker College (Augustan, Romantic, Victorian)

Review begins Nov. 3rd

  • 11/25: Invitation for phone interview to be held in early January.

College of St. Scholastica (MN) (women's, 18th or 19th)

Review begins Oct. 15

  • Search Canceled--Received letter 11/26, 11/28

Cornell University (Romantic/Victorian Poetry)

Deadline: Oct. 15 (see comments above)

  • Rejection letter via postal mail (12/8)(x4)

Gordon College (MA)--Christian

Deadline: Nov. 14

  • Request for additional materials 12/2
  • Q:Did anyone apply to this position because I saw in the recent MLA Job list that they are advertising again for the same position.
  • A:Yes. SC (via the Dean) requested additional materials on 12/2

Rejection email received 1/12

Hunter College, CUNY (19th C)

Deadline: Nov. 7

  • Acknowledgment of Application 10/23; 10/25; 10/27 (3), 11/3, 11/12

Q: Does anyone know if this job is still live? Any info or even rumors about interviews scheduled?
A: I just spoke to the chair (via phone - very cordial). She told me that they are meeting to finalize their choices tomorrow (Wednesday 12/17) and that calls will be made either then or on Thursday. (Thanks for posting this!!)(x2) Q: I'm wondering if anybody has more news at this point.
12/18 MLA interview scheduled by phone

1/8 Campus interview scheduled for Feb.

Johns Hopkins (Assistant or Associate)

  • 10/14: Email of Acknowledgment
  • 11/1: Email of Acknowledgment
  • 11/18: Email acknowledgment (x7)

Lehman College, CUNY (19th c, "Anglophone")

  • Canceled due to budget cuts (received letter 10/23) (received letter 11/1)

Marshall University (WV)

Review begins: Nov. 17

  • 10/15: Letter of Acknowledgment
  • does anyone know if this job is still live?
  • Committee was to meet on Dec 9 to finalize list for phone interviews to be scheduled the week of the 15th.
  • 12/10 phone interview scheduled for next week

Northwest Missouri State (18th or 19th)

Screening begins Nov. 1

Rejection via email 3/17 (gosh, it's been so long now I barely remember applying for this job!)

Oberlin (19th C)

Deadline: Nov. 30

  • Acknowledgement of Application 10/23 (2), 11/7 (x2), 11/20, 12/3, 12/3 (acknowledgment of writing sample x3)
  • Request for electronic version of writing sample? (10/20) A: "request for electronic w.s. was part of original job ad"
  • 12/10 MLA Interview scheduled by phone
  • Anyone else?
  • (x3)

Ohio State, Newark

Review begins immediately

  • 10/31, 11/6 (x2), 11/17, 11/22: Letter of Acknowledgment
  • 11/17: Writing Sample Request (3); 11/26; 12/5

12/26: really kind email rejection

Point Park University

  • Deadline: Jan. 1

Pomona College (British or US Poetry since 1820)

Deadline: Nov 3

  • 11/15: letter of acknowledgment
  • 12/7: Has anyone heard anything? Requests for materials? Interviews?

12/7: Yes, heard from an inside source that they had 180 applications..

  • The job is also listed on the 20/21st C American page, where they reported requests for more materials in mid-November

Queen's University (Ontario, Canada) (Nineteenth-Century British Literature)

Deadline: Oct. 10

  • 11/25: They've nominated a candidate for the humanities-wide competition.
  • 1/12: Nicely worded rejection letter, dated 12/15

Q: Did they say how many applications they received? A: I don't know how many applications they received but the program was suspended effective immediately (owing to the economic downturn). No appointments this year under the program.

Randolph-Macon College (VA)

Deadline: Nov. 15

  • 10/22, 11/12 (3): Letter of Acknowledgment
  • 11/24: writing sample request (3); 12/2 (2); 12/10
  • 12/12: MLA interview requested by phone

Seton Hall University (19th C) Deadline: Dec. 8

  • Acknowledgment (rec'd 12/10, dated 12/1), which explains that they expect to contact people for interviews by Dec. 17th
  • MLA interview requested 12/12

South Dakota State University (19th Century)

Deadline: Nov. 30

  • 2/12 Received email stating second round of evaluations were completed and asking me if I were still interested in pursuing my application. They are deciding now on whom to select for phone interviews. (x2)
  • 2/13 Received email invitation for a phone interview to be held on 2/20 or 2/23. (x2)

Stephen F. Austin (TX) (19th C)

Deadline: Nov. 15

12/12: phone interview scheduled for Jan. 15 and 16

2/25: offer made and accepted

Syracuse University(19th c)

Deadline: Nov 15

  • Email acknowledgment 11/16, 11/18
  • additional materials req. 11/5, 11/7 (4), 11/11 (3), 11/18 (3)
  • e-mail interview request 12/3 (3), 12/4 (2)

University of British Columbia (Literatures in English, 1789 to 1914)

Deadline: Oct. 17

  • 11/19 Extremely polite rejection email, had 179 applicants (x11)
  • Didn't think it was that polite; they even sent the same rejection notice to people who applied for different jobs; but I appreciate knowing the number of apps.
  • For those of you who got interviews, what is your nationality? U.S. (2)
  • phone interview arranged by email 12/3
  • on campus interviews taking place - at least one short-listed candidate has withdrawn before on-campus interview (apparently this is the case for both current searches in English at UBC)

University at Buffalo (19th c. British)

Deadline: Nov. 15

  • Q: Any requests for materials?
  • sample and dossier request, 11/3 (2), 11/6 (2), 11/9, 11/12 (3), 11/19
  • see above--I don't know why this job has two listings? A: This one is for Victorianists; above for Romanticists (so we know which field they are interested in).
  • Q: 12/7: For those who received ws requests, has anyone heard anything further? They asked for sample and dossier almost two weeks ago and I haven't heard anything since.
  • A: I had a request and haven't heard anything since. (12/9)
  • A: Same here. (12/9)
  • A: MLA Interview scheduled by phone call. (12/11)

Rejection (12/22 -- "nearly 250 applications") Q: by mail or email? Rejection by email 12/29 (x2)

University of Cambridge (Victorian period)

Deadline: January 30

University of Delaware (19th c. British)

Deadline: Nov. 10

  • 10/23: Letter of Acknowledgment, 11/03: Email acknowledgment (11/18), (10/28)
  • Has anyone else received an acknowledgment? (11/18)(x4)
  • I received one on Nov. 8 (11/20)(x3)
  • 11/25: Email request for Writing Sample and Letters (x3)
  • 12/8: Email request for dossier.

University of Michigan (19th c)

Deadline: Nov. 10

  • What job is this for? A: British literature and culture between 1660 and 1900, ass't or advanced ass't
  • 10/22: Letter of Acknowledgement
  • 11/24: request for dossier (3), 11/26, 12/2
  • I'm confused: wasn't the dossier required as part of the application? What exactly did they request?
  • the dossier wasn't required, and they sent the request for letters without seeing if they had them already on file.
  • 12/10: MLA interview request by phone. Q: Graduate student? TT? How far along? What field?
  • 12/19: Rejection via email, one of the kindest I've ever received (x3, and agree about the politeness) (x3 yeah rejection letter was teh awesome, hope one day to be in a position to plagiarize it).
  • 1/15: post-MLA rejection email

University of Nebraska (Digital Humanities and 19th c)

Deadline: Nov. 10

  • 10/30: Received email request for additional materials (3)
  • 11/25: Request for MLA Interview (phone call) (5)

University of Oxford (University Lecturers in English Literature of the 19th and 20th-21st centuries)

Deadline: Noon on Dec. 12th (apply at:

  • Note: the longer job description for this specifies post-1832
  • 12/1 Q: I'm unfamiliar with the British system. Are they looking for what would be an associate prof in the U.S.?
  • 12/1 A: I believe that the lecturer position is equal to the assistant professor position.
  • 12/8 A: I was told (by someone from the English system but not on the SC) that this is more like an associate or advanced asst. prof job (i.e.,

someone with a book)

  • 12/14 A: Although "lecturer" is technically an entry-level position equivalent to assistant professor here, I was told by a professor I know at Oxford (though not necessarily on the SC--I didn't ask and he didn't say) that they are likely to be looking for someone "further along" in his/her career. Since I've been TT since 2004, I can only assume that "further along" is a reference to scholarly output, not time since grad school.

Univ. of South Carolina, Beaufort (19th & 20th)

Review begins Nov. 10

  • 11/25: Application acknowledged by snail mail
  • 10/20, 11/20: Letter of Acknowledgment
  • 12/4: request for two semesters of teaching evaluations(4)
  • 12/15 MLA interview request (phone call)

Univ. of Tennessee, Martin (19th & 20th)

Review begins Nov. 1

  • 10/2, 10/30: Letter of Acknowledgement
  • 11/30 Request for writing sample, teaching statement, and rec. letters
  • 12/12 Received email that MLA interviewees will be contacted on Monday 12/15.
  • 12/16 MLA interview request (email)

University of Toronto Mississauga

Deadline: Nov. 14

  • Acknowledgment of Application 10/28
  • anglophone board shows mla requests from yesterday (ie: 12/1). any for us?
  • Still no news... does anybody know what's happening with this one? (12/9)
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/9) (x4-by e-mail)
  • Post-MLA rejection (which is actually a relief)

University of Vermont (19th c. Brit. novel)

Deadline: Nov. 15'

  • 10/16: Email of Acknowledgement
  • 11/10: Email that job has been cancelled: "the following position has been canceled and will not be filled through this recruitment." (ditto 11/10) Has anyone else received this message?
  • 11/11: Called the department today. Search was officially canceled on 11/10.
  • I wonder why they emailed some and not others. Maybe they'll send out an official letter now to everyone re: the cancellation?
  • Since the deadline isn't until Nov. 15, they'll probably wait until it's passed to send out one mass email or batch of letters.
  • 11/12 Email that search is cancelled.

University of Wisconsin—Whitewater (19th-Century)

Deadline: Feb. 1

  • 12/16: Email acknowledging receipt of application, including affirmative action/privacy forms (x2).


  • Q: Has anyone heard from South Dakota State University? Did they interview at the MLA? Also, what about Gordon College? I'm wondering if all the schools on this list interviewed at the MLA or will we hear from them this month? (1/6/09)

A: I know that Gordon did interviews at MLA. A: Yes about SDSU. Received on 2/13 email invitation for a phone interview.

  • Q: I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but has anyone heard from Bard College? They listed a 19th Century literature/history position. A: I looked up this position and added it under Victorian.
  • QUESTION: Is anyone else puzzled that so many places that didn't require writing samples with the initial application have not yet begun to ask? Doesn't it seem like it's getting late?
  • Great question. I was wondering the same thing and would love to know what others think. Delaware has been dreadfully silent, to name one. Any thoughts?
  • Unfortunately, my thoughts are that a lot of people, presumably some of whom are getting requests, aren't using the wiki.
  • My thought/fear is that the jobs might end up getting cancelled.... The other possibility is that they may ask for the sample at the interview (which is uncommon but not unheard of).
  • The other possibility is that some of these schools aren't conducting MLA interviews. I know of at least one on this list that isn't, so perhaps the holidays + academic crunch time has them moving slower than we'd like?
  • Frankly, I'm feeling a little desperate about the whole job market search this year. I might have to keep myself away from this list because I'm finding it rather depressing to see requests for interviews and dossiers for jobs that I have applied to and yet . . . nothing is coming my way. The whole thing is a crap shoot of course, but still, one little dossier request, one pitiful interview over the phone . . . please, so I can feel like a human being and not just someone who slogs into my adjunct position to teach composition again! I'm supposed to be a scholar for gosh sakes. So please God (or whoever), give me some slight sign that I'm still a functioning academic! (x3)
  • I've wondered (worried?) about this too, but take heart, on Oct 31st I sent in materials for a job with a deadline of Oct 31st and they only contacted me on Monday (11/24) for a writing sample. I imagine the next two weeks are the critical ones, especially as the term begins to die down.
  • I've heard that the Delaware job got 300 applications, so maybe it's not surprising that they haven't gotten back to people as they wade through that pile. (11/26)
  • True story. I once had an MLA interview with a well-known college, and a week later got an email saying "so sorry, we just noticed that we don't seem to have a writing sample from you." Turned out that I had been supposed to send it at the very start but never had. Now, I didn't get the job, but my point is that lots of places are just starting to do their due diligence and some places never quite do it.

Let's put back the "MLA interviews" section; it makes it a lot easier to glance up here first b/f scrolling through the entire list. We can still post details under each school but it would be helpful to have the simplified version up here.

Agree. Once schools are interviewing and arranging callbacks then the details of how they picked finalists (writing samples when? what proportions Romantic to Victorian?) become of less interest, and it will be good to have condensed the listings into one set up here. Also it will be good to leave behind the various schools that end up not interviewing at all. (More I fear than just the handful we already know about.)

Shall we put it to a vote? Vote once by changing the number next to your preference. Let's decide by noon on Monday since interviews will start coming in that afternoon.

  • Condensed listings at top as interviews and callbacks roll in (4)

[but also list info. below]

  • Keep listings as they are, listing interviewees and callbacks under either Romantic or Victorian (1)
  • A third possibility: to run it as we did last year. We continued to list MLA interviews (and the dates on which they were requested) under each school, but added categories for CAMPUS INTERVIEWS SCHEDULED, OFFERS MADE, and OFFERS ACCEPTED. I'm still interested in how interviews break down with regard to Romantic or Victorian at this point, but agree that we eventually need 'overview' categories. (7)
  • sounds good to me (suggester of a vote); I'll change my vote to "add 'overview' categories," but can we have them at the top, maybe incorporating the r/v split?
  • Yes, that's a great idea. Maybe we can post the new categories when the first campus visits appear and then see if everyone likes the setup?
  • I vote for this one as long as it also includes the MLA Interview section. Having to scroll through this whole page just to see whether new interviews have been posted is a pain. (X2)

Any sense that we need a new category for the jobs that are appearing now? (Bemidji State, UW-Whitewater, etc) Are there enough people to contribute?

  • I vote yes on a new category for spring jobs. (1/30) Me too! I'd add it myself if I knew how... someone else? (2/2)