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  • Anyone heard from:
  • Gustavus Adolphus?

Has anyone received a call yet for a campus visit? I thought that they would decide today (2/1). A: I, too, haven't heard, but they were only planning to invite two candidates. A: Calls were made for campus visits for film position - 2/6. Looks like 2/8 on the film page. rejection email 2/15. nothing since MLA 2/17.

  • Cornell, the VAP position?

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  • Auburn, Montgomery
  • Baylor 1/16
  • Bridgewater State
  • Cal State Chico 1/11
  • CSU Dominguez Hills 1/31--No hire. Provost suspended all faculty hiring.
  • Cal State Sacramento
  • Catholic U
  • College of Charleston
  • CUNY - John Jay
  • DePaul 1/8, 1/10--any others scheduled?
  • Drake
  • Fitchburg SC
  • Fordham--anyone gotten a rejection?
  • Gordon
  • Hendrix - I received a late call (2/8); did someone pull out?
  • High Point
  • Iowa State (1/2)
  • Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
  • Loyola
  • Mt Holyoke
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Stanford
  • Swarthmore
  • SUNY Fredonia
  • SUNY Oneonta
  • SUNY New Paltz--Victorian
  • SUNY New Paltz--Romanticism
  • SUNY Albany
  • Temple
  • University of Arizona
  • University of Idaho
  • University of Illinois, Chicago
  • University of Miami
  • University of North Texas
  • University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
  • University of Texas, Austin
  • University of Wisconsin, Platteville
  • UC-Davis
  • UC-Irvine
  • UC-Riverside 1/8
  • University of Alabama
  • VMI - (2) 1/18
  • Wilkes University


  • Catholic U
  • Cal State Chico
  • DePaul
  • Fordham
  • Loyola
  • Ohio State, Mansfield
  • Stanford
  • SUNY New Paltz
  • SUNY Oneonta
  • Temple
  • University of Alabama
  • University of Arizona
  • University of California, Davis - may I ask what rank?
  • University of California, Irvine
  • University of California, Riverside
  • University of Detroit Mercy
  • University of Idaho (UVA ABD)
  • U Miami
  • University of North Texas
  • VMI
  • Wilkes University


Q: Sorry I'm new to this. Is this normal? That after ALL THAT only 3 offers were accepted?

A: Standard practice is that you get two weeks after an offer is made to make a decision, so this section will not be filling out completely for a while yet. Also, as of 2/21, several schools have yet to make offers. (Every school I visited said they could not make offers until 2/22, and presumably others are that late or later as well.)

  • Catholic U
  • Cal State Chico (2/18)
  • University of Idaho
  • Ohio State, Mansfield (2/6)
  • DePaul (2/14)
  • Fordham (2/20, received email from SC saying they had hired a new colleague and the search is complete)
  • VMI (2/12)
  • SUNY New Paltz--Victorian
  • University of Detroit Mercy
  • Temple (2/22)--posted by SCC
  • University of Arizona
  • Iowa State
  • High Point University
  • Wilkes University (3/3)
  • Stanford
  • University of California, Irvine


Baylor University Writing Sample Requested 11/18

  • MLA interview scheduled by email 12/11

Bridgewater State College

  • Phone Interview Scheduled 12/3

College of Charleston letter rec'd 12/4, dated 11/28: they'll be screening app's for "the next several weeks."

  • Request for MLA interview 12/11 (4)

Did anyone get their schedule for making campus visit decisions?

CUNY John Jay Letters of reference requested 12/5

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/12 (3)

Does anyone know what's up with this school's teaching load? The ad mentions multiple course releases in the first 5 years. Does that mean they're changing from 3/4 to a 3-3 or 2-3? I'm pretty sure that you can choose to take the course releases whenever you like--so you could reduce a 3/4 load to a 3/3 or 2/3, etc. in the first year and then use however many you have left later on (before year 5). You might inquire about class size, though; I think the classes are pretty large.

  • Helpful info. Though to the person who responded, or anyone else who knows people at this school or is familiar: what does pretty huge mean? are we talking 35 students for a gen ed course, or more than that?
  • I'm not the original responder, but I've heard it's more like 45 for lower level classes and 30-35 for upper.

Fitchburg State College posted 11/23; open until filled Phone Interview Requested (by email) 1/29 (2)

Lakehead University

Mount Holyoke College

  • MLA Interview Scheduled by phone 12/4 (4)

New York University Writing Sample Requested 11/12, 11/19 (2)

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/11 (2)

SUNY Albany Writing Sample Requested 11/15

  • MLA Interview scheduled 12/10 (2)

Has anyone heard anything since Chicago? (1/7)

SUNY New Paltz

  • MLA Interview scheduled by phone 12/10 (2)

Temple University Writing Sample Requested 11/07 (4)

  • All MLA interviewees contacted(12/08): posted by search committe chair.

I know this isn't the ideal way to inform people, and we will, of course, be sending proper letters. But I imagine that, on balance, folks would want to know as soon as possible. A: This place sent out the nicest rejection letters! Having received rude mass emails that didn't even list my name or being outright ignored by over 2/3 of the schools where I applied, I really appreciated not only getting a letter, but getting one that gave me an idea how I'd placed in this search. Very helpful and humane. Whoever gets this job is a lucky person.

University of Alabama Writing Sample Requested 11/15 (2)

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/10 (2)

University of Arizona

  • MLA Interview Scheduled 12/3

UC Riverside (open rank)

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/12 (3)

University of Wisconsin—Superior

  • application acknowledged via letter 1/25
  • rejection letter 3/3

Virginia Military Institute

  • MLA Interview Scheduled 11/30 (3)

Nineteenth Century/Victorian[]

Auburn, Montgomery Victorian or American Lit

  • MLA Interview scheduled by phone 12/7, 12/14

They recently reposted a job listing for this position on Chronicle list. What does that mean? A-It's not exactly the same job; the new posting is for split duty between WAC and literature classes.

3/12 I got an email from SCC indicating that they're now looking for a Victorian novel person since they hired a Victorian poetry person during their comp search. (2)

  • 3/20 Phone call to see if I were still interested in the position

Austin Peay State University (TN) Victorian Deadline: until filled

  • 12/10: asked about dissertation status (1)
  • 12/12: dossier request (3)
  • They won't be doing MLA interviews.

Cal State Chico Victorian Deadline: 12/3

  • MLA Interview Request by phone 12/13 (2)

Cal State Dominguez Hills Victorian or Romantic Lit Deadline: Nov 15

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/12 (2), 12/13 (2)
  • Notice that I wouldn't be invited for a campus visit received via e-mail (1/31)
  • 1/31 received a nicely worded rejection via e-mail
  • 1/31--email for a campus visit.

Cardinal Stritch Univ. (Milwaukee) 19th Century, Composition Postmark by Nov. 15

  • MLA interview scheduled by email 12/19

See "universities to fear." Be sure to confirm your MLA interview appointment. They've been double-booking.

Catholic U. (D.C.) Asst. Prof. Victorian Lit Deadline: Dec. 1

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone: 12/7 (2)

De Paul (Chicago) Victorian Postmark Deadline: 10/31 Dossier Requests: 11/1 (5), 11/7 (2), 11/8, 11/12, 11/27 (4) Rejection letters, snail mail: 11/9, 11/16 (2), 11/27, 12/3, 12/6

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/15
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/17 (2)
  • Kindly worded rejection by email 12/18 (5)
  • Campus visit scheduled by phone 1/10

Drake University (Des Moines) 19th Century 11/9 dossier requested (3) 12/3 snail mail rejection letter (9)

  • 12/13 scheduled phone interview (3)

Fordham Victorian 11/7 dossier and sample requested by email (7)

  • 11/30 MLA interview scheduled by e-mail (9)

Gordon College (MA)

  • 12/11 MLA interview requested by e-mail (2)

Gustavus Adolphus College (MN) 19th c. Brit lit.

  • 11/20 Request for syllabi by email (2)
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/16

Hendrix College (Arkansas) 19th c. Brit lit. Deadline: Nov. 2

  • 11/30 MLA Interview Scheduled (3)

High Point Univ. (NC) Victorian, Shakespeare Review begins "in November" Application acknowledged as complete: Nov. 7

  • 12/7 MLA interview scheduled by email
  • Rejection letter received March 1; 160 applications; areas of specializations for successful candidate are Shakespeare and Early Modern

Iowa State 19th-c Brit Lit Deadline: 11/1

  • 11/12 dossier and writing sample requested via email (9)
  • 11/27 dossier and writing sample requested via email (2)
  • MLA Interviews scheduled (12/14)
  • Campus Interviews scheduled by phone (1/2)

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Victorian Review begins: November 7

  • 12/11 MLA interview scheduled by phone (2)
  • 1/4 Campus visit scheduled by phone

Long Island U (CW Post campus) English Novel of 18th/19th c: Deadline: 11/20 11/4 dossier and sample request 11/13 dossier and sample request via email 11/27 dossier and sample request via email

  • 12/9 18th century candidate MLA interview scheduled

Loyola (New Orleans) Romanticism or Nineteenth-Century and one other period, excluding medieval Postmark Deadline: November 15

  • 12/1 MLA Interview Scheduled (4)

Snail Mail rejection letter 12/17 (2) Dated January 7, 2008 for some reason)

Minnesota State, Mankato British Commonwealth Deadline: 1/14/08 Not listed in JIL yet, see

Ohio State, Mansfield English 19th and/or 20th Deadline: 11/15

  • 12/7 MLA interview scheduled by phone (3)

Queen's University (Canada) 11/23: Snail Mail rejection letter

Sacramento State University 19th Century British Poetry: Deadline: November 20

  • 11/21 MLA Interview Scheduled (2)
  • 3/17 received letter stating that the position was not being funded this year

Stanford (British lit, 1660-1914)

  • Someone (not me) got an interview with Stanford on 12/12.

Email rejection 12/20 (3)

SUNY Fredonia 19th-c Brit Lit Deadline: 10/16

  • 11/7: Req. for more materials (3)
  • 11/17: Snail Mail rejection letter (4)
  • 11/19: snail Mail rejection letter (6)
  • 12/11: MLA Interview Scheduled by phone (3)
  • 2/10: Actually hiring two positions (18th and 19th C Brit) and having six candidates visit campus. The first three candidates completed their campus visits earlier this week and the next three will be complete by 2/18. They may be considering some candidates for both positions so may not inform any of them until all campus visits are complete.

SUNY New Paltz Victorian Deadline: Nov 1

  • 12/13 rejection letter (2)
  • Neither rejection nor interview, 12/15 (anyone else?) (3)
  • 12/4: MLA interview scheduled by phone (6)

SUNY Oneonta Comp/Rhet & 19th-Century British Review begins immediately

  • 11/26: Phone Interview Scheduled
  • 12/5: Campus Interview Scheduled
  • Job offer made 1/19

Swarthmore History of Novel in English Postmark Deadline: Nov 1

  • 12/12: snail mail rejection (x6)
  • 12/13: snail mail rejection
  • 12/17 MLA interview scheduled by phone (3) Q: Are you a Victorianist? A: yes
  • 12/17 Email rejection to the "last cut"

Tennessee State University 19th Century British Deadline: Dec. 7 Now posted at generalist_and_open

  • 2/13 email to schedule phone interview

U of Alabama History of Novel to 1900 Postmark Deadline: October 31 11/6 Writing sample and dossier request (2)

  • According to the U of A listing on the 18th c. wiki page, they've already scheduled MLA interviews. Were any Victorianists contacted?

U of Alberta (Edmonton) Vic. lit and culture Deadline: Nov. 15 11/15: FOIPP permission to distribute materials to the department (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; Canadian policy) 11/22: FOIPP, dossier request & transcripts (4)

  • Q: Anyone head anything more from this school? I haven't head anything since the FOIPP request. (12/17)

12/20 Campus visit scheduled by phone

Good gracious. They are putting mp3 files of candidates' talks on the web??? That seems unnecessary. And like a candidate is going to feel comfortable saying "no" to that request

UC Davis (open rank) Victorian Postmark Deadline: November 9 Application acknowledged 11/16 (postmarked 11/23 [!]; rec'd 12/5): says they will be in touch mid-Dec. if they wish to schedule a MLA interview Anyone know if they are looking for a senior hire?

  • 12/12: MLA Interview Scheduled by phone (2)

Q: Are you junior people? Just curious to know how "open" open rank is? A: I'm junior Q: I'm curious whether they are interviewing people from East Coast institutions. A: Interesting. In last year's 18th-C search at Davis the three finalists brought to campus were all UCLA PhDs. Is UC incestuousness a common phenomenon?

A: All the UC campuses draw people from the most competitive programs across the country during job searches. A better explanation might be superb advisors in the UCLA dept. in this field.

A: Didn't the candidates all have the same advisor? That's what I observed. A better explanation might be an advisor or set of advisors from the UCLA dept. willing to stick her/their necks out and put pressure on contacts to take her/their students seriously. My sense of the hiring climate of UC Davis is that they prefer very junior hires. All of last year's 18th-century campus visit candidates were fresh out of grad. school.

A: Yes, and their early modern hire was an advanced assistant with a book out and no UC connnections. Generalizing on the basis of one search is a perilous proposition. This SC interviewed scholars of all ranks.

A: Since this question references the UCs in general, I can say that the "open-rank search" at UCR this year interviewed and brought scholars of all ranks to campus (recent grad, recently tenured, recently full professor, and distinguished full—one of the candidates was from a UC school, but has taught several places in between graduation and the current campus visit.

  • Campus visit scheduled by phone (1/3)

University of Detroit Mercy Romantic and Victorian

  • Email rejection 1/14/08
  • Acknowledgement of application, late January.

UC Irvine Victorian Deadline: Nov 1

  • 12/12: MLA interview scheduled by phone (4)
  • 1/1: Second sample request by email (2)

U Idaho 19th-c Brit Lit Deadline: 11/16

  • MLA Interview scheduled by email 12/12 (4)

U Illinois, Chicago 19th-c British Studies Deadline: 11/9

  • MLA Interview scheduled by email 12/14 (2) (not an inside candidate)
  • 12/23 Snail Mail Rejection letter
  • 1/2 Campus visit scheduled by phone

U Kentucky Long 19th C Deadline: 11/2 rec'd aff. action card and letter that they'll contact interviewees later, 12/4

  • MLA interview request via e-mail, 12/9 (3); via phone 12/9, via phone 12/10

U North Texas, Denton Victorian Deadline: now accepting apps 11/5: Writing sample requested by e-mail (8)

  • MLA Interview by phone (6): 11/30
  • Campus visit scheduled by phone: 12/29

U of South Carolina, Upstate 19th C Romantic/Victorian Anyone heard anything from them?

  • Writing sample request (2) 1/24

U of Tennessee, Chattanooga Victorian Review begins "immediately"

  • 12/5: 30 minute phone interview scheduled (2)

UT Austin Victorian Deadline: Oct 15 11/2: Email dossier and writing sample request (10) 11/2: Snail mail dossier and writing sample request (2: rec. 11/9) (rec. 11/15) 11/9: Snail mail rejection letter (5) 11/19: Snail mail rejection letter 12/21: Snail Mail Rejection letter

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/14 (2)
  • 12/23: Snail Mail Rejection letter

12/30: Campus visit scheduled by phone

U Wisconsin, Platteville 19th-/20th-century British Literature with Postcolonial emphasis Deadline: Nov 26 11/30: scheduled 30 minute phone interview (2)

  • 12/10: campus visit/campus interview scheduled by phone (2)

Vanderbilt Victorian Deadline: 11/1 Dossier and sample request: 11/9 (5), 11/13 (2), 11/14, 11/16, 11/20, 11/21

  • 12/10 MLA interview scheduled by phone (3)
  • 12/17 Snail mail rejection

Washburn Univ. (Kansas)

  • Application acknowledged by email
  • Because of administrative issues, campus interviews will not be until late March (email from Dept. Chair 2/27)
  • Rejection email received from chair 3/25

Wilkes U (PA) 19th-Century and Rhet/Comp Postmark Deadline: November 16

  • 12/21 MLA interview scheduled by phone
  • 11/24 Campus visit scheduled by phone (any more?)

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