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3. When updating the status of searches, please give the means by which you learned of the news and also the date, i.e., Interview scheduled (phone), 12/15/10; Search cancelled (word of mouth), January, 2011; Rejection (mail), 3/17/11.


  • 24


  • PhD in hand: 13
  • ABD: 11
  • Contemporary: 1
  • 20th century: 8
  • 19th century: 7
  • Pre-19th century: 2
  • Linguistics: 6

Binghamton University - one-year position with possibility of renewal[]

  • Review begins in early December
  • Acknowledged receipt of application by e-mail, 12/07 X5
  • Interview request for AATSEEL, 12/21. x5
  • How were you contacted? ANSWER: by email.
  • Notified that campus visits will take place in Feb (but I have not been invited for one--has anyone?). email 1/13
  • They said in the email that they hadn't decided yet and would be contacting people one way or the other by Jan 24, no? ANSWER: Yes, that is what they said in the 1/13 email I was referring to above. I was just trying to get a sense of whether we all got that same email... || While you can't trust everything you hear from search committees, they seem like they are being especially good about keeping us up to date as the process goes on, so I am taking their email at face value (moreso than other emails - ahem, Colgate)
  • Email notification that did not get an on-campus 1/18 x3
  • Campus interview invitation (email 1/18)x2. Q: Was it by phone or email?? and congrats! A: By email
  • Rejcetion received (email) 1/19 (x3). Q: Did you have an interview with them? A: No.
  • Any news on this one??
  • Position offered and accepted (grapevine, 4/15)

University of Bristol (UK) - Lecturer in Russian[]

  • Deadline 3/10/11

University of Bristol (UK) - Postdocs (2) in Russian[]

  • Deadline 4/21/11

University of California, Berkeley - Assistant Professor of Slavic linguistics (Deadline: 11/15/10)[]

  • scheduling AATSEEL interview by e-mail, 12/8
  • Campus visits scheduled

University of Central Florida - Assistant Professor of Russian/TESOL[]

Mod Langs & Lits, PO Box 161348, Orlando, FL 32816
Assistan Professor Russian/TESOL [14282]
The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Central Florida is seeking to hire an Assistant Professor Tenure Track in Russian/TESOL. Position begins August 2011Minimum requirements: Ph.D. in Russian or cognate discipline from an accredited institution at time of hire; a minimum of 18 graduate credit hours in TESOL; Fluency or near native fluency in Russian and high level of English proficiency.Preference: will be given to candidates who have demonstrated excellence in teaching at the college level. Experience in instructional media is strongly desired.The salary for this position is negotiable with full benefits. If not a US citizen the appointment is contingent upon procuring and maintaining the appropriate immigration and/or visa status prior to the effective date of the appointment and for the duration of the appointment.The University requires that all applicants must apply online at Please attach the following documents at the time of application: curriculum vitae, cover letter and three names and addresses of references, of which at least one from a colleague who has observed your teaching. The selected candidate will be required to provide official transcriptsNOTE: Please have all documents ready when applying so they can be attached at that time. Once the online submission process is finalized, the system does not allow applicants to submit additional documents at a later date.The applicant should mail a writing sample of their research to:
Dr. Kerry Purmensky, Search Committee Chair, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, PO Box 161348, Orlando, FL 32816-1348Review of applications will begin after January 20, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled.

- Any ideas why they want so much TESOL experience?

- My guess is that either they have someone very specific in mind or this "package deal" was the way that they were able to get a tenure track job out of the dean's office.

UCLA - 1-yr position with possibility of renewal, 19th-century preferred[]

  • Deadline: 12/30/10
  • anybody? anything? allegedly they're interviewing in a few days...
  • an interview request at AATSEEL -- Jan 6. (x3)
  • Any post-AATSEEL updates?? Did anyone ask them about the first/second round of interviews?? I didn't ask, but now regret that I didn't since the process seems very unusual for them.
  • request for further materials post-AATSEEL interview (grapevine)
  • on-campus interviews scheduled (grapevine)

University of Chicago - Open rank in Russian literature[]

-- notification that interview will be scheduled at ASEEES (email; 11/2) - x4

-- this job has been on the market for the past 3 or 4 years. Anyone happens to know what might be up this time? Are they really open to a junior appointment or is it more for someone with tenure? The description of the job is the same as last year, though last year it was just for Assistant Prof, this time it's really open rank. Answer: I heard the funding fell through last year. They might prefer a tenured candidate because it’s tough to get tenure there, and then they wouldn’t have to worry about whether the newbie can pull it off. Then again, tenured candidates might refuse an offer if they can get a raise where they are, and this dept. needs to make sure they pick someone who’ll really come. I think anything's possible with this one.

-- Answer: for what it's worth, I know of 3 people who've gotten calls for an interview, and all of them are junior (non-tenured). So they may prefer some young vibrant blood (for all we know).

-- Any post-ASEEES updates? Anyone got callbacks? When they had this search last year, they did it in two stages with two sets of post-conference (ASEEES and ATSEEL) candidates invited to campus interviews. Would be good to know what the approach is this year. -- Answer: follow-up phone interview scheduled (11/29) for later this week -- with one of the Russian lit professors (both were absent in LA). At the ASEEES interview the committee said they were still undecided about whether they would interview again at AATSEEL. So seems like anything's still possible. -- Thanks for the answer! Oh why, oh why does it always seem that Chicago doesn't quite know what they want to do about this search?

--Has anyone gotten any more information about this one?? Are they doing the AATSEEL interviews they had talked about doing??

- They've scheduled some campus visits (heard through the grapevine). --QUESTION: Do you know if those invited are abd, asst., or associate profs? -- A: No ABDs. Three are currently profs, one is a postdoc.

-Anyone know if they've already offered the job?

- Job offered and accepted (grapevine 2/21)

University of Chicago, Assistant Professor of Slavic Linguistics[]

- The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures of the University of Chicago seeks to fill an entry-level, tenure-track position in Slavic linguistics, with a special interest in diachronic linguistics. The ideal candidate will also have expertise in other historically and/or areally relevant languages and/or language families. Expertise in Baltic languages is a plus. We seek a candidate who will complement and build on our strengths in Slavic and areal linguistics and contribute to the intellectual life of the University in general. Teaching experience and evidence of publications are required.

- Candidates must have the Ph.D. in hand at the time of application.

- Deadline: November 15th

- I am suspicious of this job. It was not - to my knowledge - posted on any of the usual Slavic listservs (e.g. SEELANGS, SLS) and instead posted on the Chronicle of Higher Ed.:

- I applied for almost the same position 2 years ago and found out in the process that it was intended for an inside candidate. No one was hired at the end of that search (difficulty getting U approval??) and I think they're trying to bring in the same candidate again. BUT, I say apply if you're qualified!!!

- This job was not posted anywhere, and UChicago usually know whom they want to hire before they even advertise for a position. This does look suspiciously like the ad from 2 years ago, but there are differences - they wanted a more broad Indo-European profile last time, this time they want Baltic stuff. I am tempted to apply, but I agree that this looks suspicious. On the other hand, TWO ling jobs in a search year? Amazing.

- Has anybody heard from them?

Rejection (mail), 3/13

Colby College - One year faculty fellow position[]

  • Deadline: December 1
  • Acknowledged receipt of application with letter. x4
  • Request for interview by phone and email (12/17) x3
  • Invitation to on-campus interview by phone and email (1/25)
  • Offer made (grapevine) (3/13) and accepted (3/14).

Colgate University - Assistant Professor in Russian Literature, tenure track[]

  • Deadline: November 10
  • Has anyone heard from them??? I didn't even get an acknowledgment or anything. Its been almost a month now.
  • I have heard nothing. (12/8) x5
  • I am hoping that the mystery will be solved this next week!
  • Received email with new timeline phone and skype interivews in early Jan. (12/15) x4
  • Thanks to the query-ers for eliciting this explanation of the timeline from them!
  • There is a good chance that this is an inside search (or so it appears from the department website anyway...). U of Vermont seems to be the same deal, too. But who really knows...
  • How can you tell from the website? (this is my first year applying so I am very curious)
  • If you look at the list of faculty, they have a long-term visiting assistant professor. That's your inside candidate. - Thanks! Makes sense. I wonder if a department knows whom they are going to hire, why advertise on an informal listserv like SEELANGS and make more people apply and waste their time?
  • Because (a) they may not be 100% sure and (b) because they're required by law to conduct a competitive search.
  • The inside candidate is apparently out of the running.
  • It is now no longer early January, which is what the new timeline had promised us. Has anyone heard anything? Is anyone brave enough to email them and ask?
  • think they stuck to the new timeline. heard through the grapevine that people have been contacted for on-campus interviews for Feb! update: apparently they didn't do prelim interviews- they just contacted candidates directly for on-campus (weird)
  • i'm curious, is it really true that the inside candidate is out of the running? (x2). And, which inside candidate? By my count, there are potentially two.
  • They have invited finalists to campus, none of whom is currently at Colgate.
  • Well, that's shitty of them.
  • Job offered and accepted (grapevine)
  • Rejection received via e-mail (2/24) X5. Nice to get any notice before this, wasn't it?

Connecticut College-- Two-year position[]

  • Deadline: December 15
  • any news on this one?
  • acknowledged receipt of application, email, 1/5 (x4)
  • Any news?
  • I heard that they would decide in Feb. about interviews. (1/27)
  • Email from search committee saying search is on hold until end of Feb (2/11) x5
  • Any news? -- I have heard nothing and it is March now. Maybe they have cancelled the search.
  • e-mail saying that search remains on hold (3/3) X3
  • sigh.
  • E-mail saying that search has been approved (4/10). Applications will be reviewed week of 4/11-4/14 and Skype interviews scheduled over the weekend, followed by campus interviews between April 20 and May 11. Seems like a whirlwind - probably so they can proceed with the search before the admin changes its mind again.
  • Rejection letter (email) 4/15. So glad I waited 5 months for that! x3
  • It was actually four months, and at least it wasn't cancelled<-- Thanks for clarifying. I feel much better now. X7

Dartmouth College -- Assistant Professor in Russian literature, tenure track[]

  • Acknowledged receipt of application, over e-mail. x6
  • Interview request, was told formal requests were coming, so no one should panic yet. 12/10 x2
  • Formal interview request. 12/10 -- x5
  • How did they contact you? -- (by e-mail, 12/10) x5
  • Is it standard for AATSEEL interviews to be just 30 mins long?
  • Yes - although some committees may take less or more time, 30 is a reasonable expectation.
  • Is anybody who got an interview an ABD? Answer: Yes, I am--x3.
  • Rejection letter received (mail) 12/13. X5
  • Any word from this one??
  • I asked at the interviews, and they said they'd let those invited to on-campus know the week of Jan. 24th.
  • Has anyone heard yet? (The week of the 24th is almost over.)
  • I have heard nothing. But I wonder if that is an answer in and of itself. From the responses above it looks as though they sent rejection letters by snail mail, so, I figure if it isn't happening, a letter will come early next week. They said end of Jan. to me at my interview, so there is still a possibility of being contacted by Monday. Or, they've invited people who may be more senior that don't use this wiki.
  • They interviewed a good number of people who use this wiki -- somebody on here is going to get an interview. They're just running a little late, is all.
  • Jeez, they're taking a long time. And I'm not even sure they've invited anyone because they were pretty good about rejecting people previous times. Yours, impatient.
  • At least one campus visit took place in the last week of January; have no idea if there were any additional visits besides the one I've heard about. People interviewed at AATSEEL are probably within their right to write to the search committee to inquire about the status of the search (heard through the grapevine about the one visit mentioned).
  • rejection letter by mail + update that position has been offered and accepted (2/25) x2

University of Denver[]

Langs & Lits, 2000 E Asbury, Sturm Hall 391, Denver, CO 80208

Assistant Professor of Russian [14320]

The Department of Languages and Literatures at the University of Denver will appoint an Assistant Professor of Russian to begin September 1, 2011. This is a tenure-track position with full benefits. The teaching load is six classes per year on a quarter calendar. Salary is competitive. Area of specialization: Russian Literature of a period from Romanticism to contemporary. The appointed candidate will teach all levels of undergraduate language, literature, and culture in the Russian program, and must also have an active research agenda. The appointed candidate will be the primary faculty member in a two-person major and minor program and will be commensurately responsible for continuing its development and growth. All applicants must apply online at prior to March 15, 2011 and attach a cover letter, CV, and a one-page statement of teaching philosophy, in addition to having three letters of recommendation submitted electronically through the same site. An official transcript of graduate studies and evidence of excellent teaching at the college level must also be sent to: Russian Assistant Professor Search, c/o Victor Castellani, Chair, Department of Languages & Literatures, University of Denver, Denver, CO 80208-0931. We will begin reviewing applications immediately and will continue until the position is filled.

-Any idea why the late posting???

- And why is this posted on this wiki rather than on the SEELANGS job list? Seems a little strange.

- It never went out on SEELANGS but it is posted on the adfl/mla job list. Someone who saw it there thought it would be wise to repost here. No mystery there.

- call to arrange phone interview, 2/22 X2

- At the risk of the wiki getting all snarky again, does anyone think this one was worth the postage?

- Ha, all snark aside, I do think it was (although did not get an interview). There is an internal candidate, but I know she is on the job market this year and has had at least one, likely more on-campus interviews, so she may still take a job elsewhere.

- finalists have been invited to campus.

Dickinson - 1 yr non-renewable[]

  • Deadline: Apr 15
  • Job offered and accepted (grapevine, 5/7)

University of Edinburgh (UK) - Princess Dashkova Centre Research Fellow[]

  • Does anyone have any info on this one? They said they wanted someone to start in Jan. Anyone hear of anyone being contacted?

University of Exeter (UK) - 3-Year Associate Research Fellow for "Reconfiguring The Canon Of Twentieth-Century Russian Poetry, 1991-2008" (Deadline: 09/08/10)[]

  • They have picked someone and announced it on their website.

Georgetown University - Instructor in Russian Language[]

The Department of Slavic Languages at Georgetown University invites
applications for a three-year, non-tenure track position of Instructor
in Russian Language, with the possibility of renewal. Candidates must
have at least an M.A. in Russian/Slavic Languages or a related field,
native or near-native Russian and English, a record of pedagogical
excellence, and the ability to teach all levels of the Russian language.
Responsibilities will include the coordination of team-teaching
arrangements in intensive courses.

Applicants are requested to send a cover letter detailing their teaching
and academic interests, a curriculum vitae, and three letters of
recommendation. All materials should be sent to Marcia A. Morris, Chair,
Department of Slavic Languages, Georgetown University, Box 571050,
Washington, D.C. 20057-1050, and be postmarked no later than March 15,
2011. No electronic applications, please.

  • Is this the same job as the one they posted last year? What happened?
  • No idea, I know they did on-campus visits last year....
  • Email confirmation saying phone interviews will be held week of Mar 21 and 28
  • No news? What happened to interivews this week and next?
  • Rejection letter received (email) (3/25)X2
  • Has an offer been made? (5/3)

University of Illinois at Chicago - 9 month visiting lecturer in Russian[]

  • possibility of renewal
  • deadline: April 30
  • e-mail requesting recommendations (5/5) x3

Indiana U, Bloomington - Open rank in Russian literature[]

--Acknowledged receipt of application (email 11/04)

--I heard they have been scheduling interviews (grapevine); can anyone confirm?

-- Yes, confirmed.

Indiana U, Bloomington - Visiting Lecturer in Czech[]

  • Grapevine says they did prelim interviews and on-campus

University of Kansas - Assistant Professor of Russian literature, 19th century specialization required[]

  • 3-year renewable - it's a regular tenure-track job with a 3-rd year review in the middle, which is normal
  • "Review of completed applications begins November 1, 2010 and continues as long as needed to identify a qualified pool"

--Acknowledged receipt of application (email) 11/1

--Request for writing sample (email) 11/3 x2

Say, to the person whose writing sample was requested, had you applied awhile ago, or was this request pretty much instantaneous? Thanks! Answer: I submitted on 11/1 -x2

Again to the folks who've had writing samples requested (thanks for answering before), do you already have your Ph.D.s in hand, I wonder? Thanks! Answer: nope, I, for one, am ABD. Answer: I also am ABD, have submitted two writing samples to them, and they'll be getting in touch (by phone) with my diss. advisor this week. Answer: I have the PhD. --Okay, thanks for the info. Good luck!

-- Scheduling phone interviews (email) 11/16 -x3

-- Notified that an on campus interview will be scheduled. 12/14 -x2

-- Job offered, and accepted 2/22 --------- congrats :)

University of Kentucky - Lecturer in Russian (1 yr)[]

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures at the University of Kentucky invites applications for a one-year position as Lecturer in Russian beginning August 2011. The successful candidate will teach Russian language courses and courses in 20th/21st-century Russian literature, culture, and film; ability to teach Russian/East Slavic folklore would be a plus. The teaching load is three courses per semester. Qualifications include a PhD or ABD (PhD in hand by August 2011) in Slavic Studies with a focus on 20th/21st century Russian literary, film, and cultural studies, knowledge of current language pedagogy and successful experience in teaching Russian, a research program, and native or near-native fluency in English and Russian. Competitive salary and health benefits. Applicants should send letter of application, CV, teaching portfolio, and placement dossier with at least three letters of recommendation to: Prof. Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby, Chair, Russian Search Committee, Dept. of Modern and Classical Languages, 1055 POT, University of Kentucky, Lexington KY 40506-0027. Applications will be acknowledged. Review of applications will begin April 22 and continue until the position is filled. The University of Kentucky is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity University that values diversity and is located in an increasingly diverse geographical region. It is committed to becoming one of the top public institutions in the country. Women, persons with disabilities, and members of other underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.

  • Any update on this job? (5/10)
  • Rejection letter received (5/16)
  • Does anybody know if the job was filled? The fall semester is right around the corner, so they better hurry! (5/21)

Kenyon College - Mellon Post-doctoral Fellow in Russian Literature[]

  • call for phone interview (1/20) x2; 1/23
  • invitation for an on-campus interview (email, 2/8)
  • offer made and accepted (3/16) - congrats!

Lewis and Clark College - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in Russian Studies[]

  • interview request by email (12/27)
  • call for on-campus interview (1/27)
  • position offered and accepted.
  • congratulations! (4/14)

Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador - Assistant Professor of Russian language and literature[]

&nbsp --Acknowledged receipt of application (snail mail) 11/2 x2

--did anybody else get an email ascertaining whether the applicant is a Canadian citizen or not? Is it conceivable for a US citizen to be considered for a Canadian job, or do they really prefer (or must hire) Canadians?

Answer: they do hire Americans all the time in Canada, but Canadian law requires that preference should be given to Canadians, if they have two equal candidates of different nationality, for example, they have to hire the Canadian one, otherwise they have to "explain" to the government that the foreign national was the best fit for the job, which is very common in academia. I do not think nationality would be a decisive issue in their hiring process (I am a Canadian and a graduate of a Canadian institution).

-- can anyone confirm if they have an internal candidate?

-- Isn't this Fred White's old job?

-- I think it is, but they ask for entry-level, aren't they? there is an accomplished postdoc in the department and i think the position might be intended for her, but i do not know really

-- does anyone have any interviews scheduled with them?

-- I've heard they are requesting references (grapevine)

-- Can anyone confirm? References from candidates, or contacting referees directly? -- What I heard - referees

-- I heard that some people have an on campus interview (grapevine)

--Job offered and accepted. Heard from successful candidate.

University of Missouri - Columbia -- Visiting Assistant Professor of Russia[]

--Deadline: 5/15 ("Screening will begin May 15, and continue until position is filled.")

--E-mail requesting phone interview (5/27)

New Economic School (Moscow, Russia) - Lecturer in Academic Writing[]

  • (thread moved over from category page to main page, original poster's comment below)
  • Has anyone received an update from them after a Skype interview in December?
  • OFFER extended and accepted (rejection letter via email) - 3/9

Oberlin College - Mellon postdoc (Deadline: 1/15)[]

  • Has anyone hear from them? I never even got an acknowledgment of application.
    • me neither.
    • Finally got confirmation of the application today 2/18. x3
    • Anybody else? I applied but didn't get confirmation of the application. -- Nor me. --Nor me...-- I wrote to them, with proof of what I'd sent when, and got a reply this morning saying they do indeed have me on file; they just forgot to add me to the mailing. I'd write to them and make sure they find your stuff and put it with the others.
    • I received a confirmation, but it was in a strange forwarded format, so it seems that there was some glitch in the email. This may explain why some people did not hear from them.
    • I agree with this! My confirmation came with my name oddly misspelled (it seemed they had run two people together). All signs point to an email glitch!
  • Invitation to interview by phone or skype next week (2/23, email)
  • Anyone know if they have scheduled on campus interviews yet?
  • It is my understanding that they aren't doing on-campus interviews. During the phone interview they said they were interviewing a small pool of finalists and would be in touch with a final decision soon. -- There was an on-campus interview.
  • Offer made and accepted (3/25). - congrats!

University of Oklahoma - Assistant Professor of Russian (Deadline: 11/20)[]

  • Acknowledged receipt of application (mail, 11/5). X5
  • AATSEEL interview scheduled (email 12/13) X4
  • Any news? A: They told me at the interview that they would be meeting with the faculty of the entire department in late January to make a decision about campus visits and would notify people after that meeting. I think maybe they said the 25th?
  • Campus interview invite (phone 1/19, X2); Q: around what time did they call (and in which time zone?) - nervously trying to figure out if I'd still get the call. A: I received the call on 1/19, around 1:30 PST (I'm the second person posting here).
  • Have these campus interviews taken place already, and has a job been offered?? Thanks and congratulations! A: Yes, an offer has been made. (grapevine)

Oxford - University Lectureship + Tutorial Fellowship[]

  • Due date: Noon, Friday January 14, 2011 (GMT)
  • Interviews to be held Mar 4

University of Pennsylvania - Lecturer in Foreign Languages; Russian Language Coordinator (Deadline: 11/30)[]

  • Add updates here
  • Has anyone heard anything? Letter of receipt? Interviews?
  • Request for skype / AATSEEL interviews (email 12/15) x3
  • Had a Skype interview on 1/21 and was told they would be in touch in 1-2 weeks.
  • Notified that I was not selected for a campus interview (e-mail, 2/8) x 3

Reed College - Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian -- 1 yr appointment (Deadline: 12/10)[]

  • Invitation to interview at the MLA (email, 12/20) x6
  • Who knew we would be returning to the ol' Westin Bonaventure so soon...
    • Any clever ideas on how to get there without much hassle/expense from Pasadena?
    • Yes -- share a cab ride with 2 or 3 others who also would like to check out the MLA. Not necessarily even those who are interviewing.
    • It is not too hard to take the metro there. Yellow line from to Union station then red/purple to metro center.
    • Is it really necessary to register at the MLA to interview in a hotel room? Does anyone know? I am a cheapskate!
    • I once gave a paper at the MLA without registering for the conference...So, short answer is no, you don't need to register to just go interview. Its a massive conference, and no one will notice you as you head up to a hotel room. Plus, the interviews are not MLA sponsored and the dept. is not taking MLA space, so I wouldn't waste the money on registering.
  • Campus interview invite (phone, 1/18)
  • Has anyone who wasn't invited for a campus visit received a formal rejection? I know it's not too important, but I've heard absolutely nothing from them since my AATSEEL interview.
  • That probably means you're still on the list of finalists, but not short-listed for a campus interview. Typically they keep all the finalists on standby until a candidate has been offered and accepted the position. Then once that happens, they'll send out rejections to the remaining finalists. <== Thank you for explaining!
  • Job offered and accepted (grapevine)

University of Southern California - Assistant professor in Russian and/or central or eastern European cinema (Deadline: 11/01)[]

-- Interview scheduled at ASEEES (phone) 11/10 - Question to the person who got this interview: do you do film exclusively or film as part of something else? (asking because this is perhaps the only straightforward job I've seen posted). Answer: Yes, my primary research area is film, but I am not from film studies department, so I have also done lit and culture

-- Any post-ASEEES updates? Callbacks? No, unfortunately. I met only one other person who did interview there

-- Skype interview held 12/8

Any updates?

Short listers have been invited to campus. The first one presents late next week (2/18)

Vanderbilt -- Mellon Assistant Professor of Russian, 3 year with possibility of becoming tenure track[]

  • Deadline: November 10, but they say review will begin on Nov. 15
  • Odd: they want a 19th century specialist, who's ALSO a specialist in "Post-Soviet Studies, Film Studies, Jewish Studies, European Studies or Gender Studies". At least one of those combinations is very strange/unusual.
  • I have heard nothing from them - has anyone heard anything? They asked for a ton of stuff for the application, so I'm just a little peeved to not have gotten so much as an acknowledgement of receipt.
  • Interview request 12/10 x3
  • Any news??
  • Request to send the dissertation to the search committee (email, 1/18) Q: Do you have the PhD??; Answer: I do, but perhaps other candidates just had a request for more work if they are ABDs.
  • To those who had work requested, have you been offered an on campus yet?? Thanks!
  • Any updates from ABD candidates??
  • an email for an oncampus visit
  • rejection by email after inquiry about the status of the search (02/03)
  • To the person who got an on campus you have your PhD? Its not a big deal, I'm just curious if in the end they went with people who have PhDs on hand. Thanks and congrats. --- yes.
  • job offered and accepted - congrats!

University of Vermont, Burlington - Assistant Professor in Russian language, literature, and culture (Deadline: 11/15)[]

  • 19th century specialist preferred
  • Acknowledged receipt of application (mail; 11/15) x4
  • Rejection letter received, via snail mail 12/08. x4
  • Was it a rejection just of your application? Did they indicate that a candidate had been selected?
  • It was a rejection of the application. I heard through the grapevine about someone getting an interview with them. That person found out about a week before rejection letters came out.
  • No rejection yet, no interview request either. I wonder what that means....
  • Same here - we're probably in a pile of applicants they're not ready to reject but they're not ready to interview either. I end up in that pile a lot. Man, the job market sucks.
  • Sure does but at least you did not get teh rejection letter. You still have hope. First time in years that classes are over and no interviews...
  • My rejection letter said that I had not made it among the semifinalists who were going to be interviewed even though they were impressed with my application (riight...thanks). I've looked at their website and just think that they have an internal candidate, which is why we're all being rejected en masse like this. So the question about whether they've selected someone seems quite valid to me, though its not what we were explicitly told in the letters.
  • agreed re: internal candidate. and I was one of the above posters and got my rejection letter today, so I guess they waited a little while and then decided to reject me after all. ;)
  • I also was one of the above posters and also got my rejection letter 12/10. I predict the internal candidate will get it.
  • Me too! But am frustrated that we had to waste our time on this when its so clear that we never had a chance to begin with.
  • on-campus interviews scheduled (grapevine) *snark* not that it matters since they already know who they plan to hire presumably *end snark*
  • Most definitely, they have an internal candidate. Are you surprised, guys? A search like that happens almost every job hunting season, e.g. last year same thing happened to the search of Asst. Prof of Russian at U of Texas, Arlington. They hired an internal candidate.
  • I remember the UT Arlington search. You could tell at the interview that they were just going through the motions. Was it the same with UVM? - A1. О, серьезно! Сочувствую Вам по поводу интервью с Университетом Арлингтона. Представляю, как это было неприятно...
  • Position offered to and accepted by internal candidate (grapevine) - - - No surprise:)
  • Generic email from UVM stating that teh psition was filled. Two rejection letters?? (4/6)

Virginia Tech - Assistant Professor of Russian (Deadline: 10/15)[]

  • Specialty: 20th century and 21st century
  • They called and asked for an interview by phone 11/05 (Or rather, they called by phone to ask for an interview at ASEEES). x3
  • Has anybody who interviewed with them at ASEEES heard anything yet? They did say it would be quite a while, but this is getting ridiculous.
  • Heard that someone emailed them two weeks ago and was told they'd notify candidates about on-campus interviews at the end of that week (so by, like, 2/4). I emailed them myself last week, but have gotten no response. So, in short, no idea. (2/14)
  • I have emailed them as well. I doubt I will have better luck, but I think there is power in numbers, so perhaps they will communicate something to us after all of our emails. 2/14
  • Personal email from search chair letting me know that they had offered the position to someone and it has been accepted. I did not have a campus interview with them, nor do I have any links to the dept. Iffucial rejections apparently go out next week. 2/20
  • I suspected that there was an internal candidate in this search and they probably just hired her directly - they did the same with the search several years ago (made an offer without on-campus interviews)

Washington & Jefferson College - Visiting Assistant Professor of Modern Languages (Russian as possible language) (Deadline 01/20/11)[]

  • some candidates have received a request for additional materials (grapevine)
  • I heard (grapevine) that the additional informaiton is proof that candidate will have dissertation done by the fall. (1/9) .... I also heard (from people that received the request who have PhD in hand) that they are asking for writing samples, teaching evals, and letters of rec
  • Request for additional materials (email) (1/30)x3. - - - I emailed my additional materials a week ago and heard nothing from them in response (2/11).
  • Interview request (email) 1/31 X3 Q: skype or phone? A: either, seems they prefer Skype, but phone's ok too. did they say how many people they are interviewing? A: NO
  • Invitation for on-campus interview (phone, 2/10) x 2 Q: What is your concentration? Lit or SLA? A: mine is slavic linguistics, some SLA. 2nd person: mine is lit. ---- Congrats on W&JC campus visit to both of you!
  • Notified via email that I was not selected for a campus interview (2/13) x3
  • No email but no interview for me.....
  • That was professional of them. Rarely happens that way...
  • Rejection received via e-mail (2/24) x2 --- Did you have a skype interview? I'm the 2nd poster, and I didn't have an interview. --Thanks!
  • Request for conversation with the dean (3/10)
  • Job offered and accepted (3/13) Congrats!!
  • Rejection letter received via email (3/22)

William and Mary - Instructor of Russian[]

  • Any news?
  • E-mail request for letters of recommendation (apparently, my recommenders missed the deadline) 3/5
  • Call to request Skype interview (3/7) x2
  • Offer made and accepted (3/16) - congrats
  • Skype interview included a 3-5 minutes mock class on Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment.