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This page is for tracking SSHRC awards to be held during the 2017-2018 academic year.


NEW PAGE for Sept. 2017 competition: SSHRC 2018-2019

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships support the most promising Canadian new scholars in the social sciences and humanities and assist them in establishing a research base at an important time in their research careers.

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships provide stipendiary support to recent PhD graduates who are: undertaking original research; publishing research findings; developing and expanding personal research networks; broadening their teaching experience; preparing for research-intensive careers within and beyond academia; and preparing to become competitive in national research grants competitions.

Fellowships will normally be awarded to candidates affiliated with a university other than that which awarded the PhD.

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship awards are tenable at Canadian or foreign universities and research institutions.

SSHRC welcomes applications involving Aboriginal research, as well as those involving research-creation.

Value: $40,500 per year

Duration: 12 to 24 months

Application deadline: (8 p.m. eastern) September 21, 2016

Results announced: February 2017



Applying as an ABD: 23

Applying with a PhD (0-1 years out): 20

Applying with a PhD (2-3 years out): 5

Total: 45

Applying to hold at a Canadian institution: 33

Applying to hold at a non-Canadian institution: 9

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Acknowledgement of application received[]

  • Received email from SSHRC September 23rd at 3:08pm acknowledging confirmation of my application (applying from Canada). 
  • Email from SSHRC on Sept 26
  • Email from SSHRC on Sept 30
  • Email from SSHRC on Sept 27

Results by Committee[]

Overall Competition Results

  • Applications: 878
  • Offered: 151 (17.2%)
  • Not Offered: 727 (82.8%)

Committee 1 (Literature and Fine Arts)

  • Applications: 170
  • Offered: 29 (17.1%)
  • Not Offered (82.9)
  • Score of last funded application: 4.40

Committee 2A (History, Classics, Arch., Phil, Medieval, Relg. studies)

  • Applications: 87
  • Offered: 15 (17.2%) 
  • Not Offered: 72 (82.8%)
  • Score of last funded application: 4.34

Committee 2B (History, Classics, Class.-Arch.,Phil, Medieval, Relg. studies)

  • Applications: 90
  • Offered: 15 (16.7%) 
  • Not Offered: 75 (83.3%)
  • Score of last funded application: 4.29

Committee 3B (Anthro, Folklore, Archaeology, Criminology, Sociology)

  • Applications: 56
  • Offered: 10 (17.9%)
  • Not offered: 46 (82.1%)
  • Score of last funded application: 4.18

Committee 4A (Education; Linguistics; Psych; Social Work)

  • Applications: 70
  • Offered: 12 (17.1%)
  • Not offered: 58 (82.9%)
  • Score of last funded application: 4.24

Committee 4B (Education; Linguistics; Psychology; Social Work)

  • Applications: 70
  • Offered 12 (17.1%)
  • Not Offered 58 (82.9%)
  • Score of last funded application: 4.43

Committee 5 (Economics, Law, Political Science; Management, Business, and Administrative Studies; Industrial Relations)

  • Applications: 156
  • Offered: 27 (17.3%)
  • Not offered: 129 (82.7%)
  • Score of last funded application: 4.43

Committee 6 (Archival Science; communications and media studies; Demography; Geography; Library and information science; urban and regional studies, environmental studies)

  • Applications: 121
  • Offered: 21 (17.4%)
  • Not Offered: 100 (82.6%)
  • Score of last funded application: 4.20

Results received (successful)[]

FORMAT: Score. Discipline. Selection Committee (eg, 3/7563, 6/7566). Location: (eg, Canada, US). Status: (eg, ABD, 1yr, 2yr). Qualifications: (eg, pubs, presentations).

  • 5.05/5.25/5.16//5.16. Philosophy. Commmittee 2B. Canada. ABD (defending in a few weeks). 2 articles, 2 book reviews, 1 grad journal publication, ~30 conference presentations, doctoral FRQSC.
  • 4.25/6; 4.90/6; 5.60/6: 5.12/6. Art history. Committee 1. Canada. One year out (fulltime funded postdoc). 6 articles, 5 book chapters, 1 book (manuscript in preparation; McGill Queens); 16 conference presentations; 6 public presentations; doctoral CGS.
  • 4.7/4/5.3//4.79. Sociology. Committee 5. Canada. ABD. 5 articles, some book chapters, 15ish conf presentations
  • 4.85/5.05/4.25/4.61 Education. 4A. International. ABD (4th year - defending early autumn). 5 articles (2 of which are co-authored), 3 book chapters, 20+ conference presentations, academic book contract, OGS. Good luck to everyone. 
  • 4.4/4.5/4.5/4.48. English. Committee 1. Canada. PhD 2016 (first time applying). 5 peer reviewed articles, book forthcoming in May, many conference presentations. Is it helpful to put the successful program of work up on Seems like this whole thing is such a crapshoot.
  • 5.6/5.5/5.25. Sociology. Committee 3B. Canada. ABD. 4 peer-reviewed articles, multiple book reviews,20+ conferences SSHRC PhD funding. I fully discounted receiving an offer. Good luck to everyone! 
  • 5.0/4.5/4.45//4.58 English Literature. Committee 1. Canada. PhD 2016 (2nd time applying). 2 peer-reviewed articles (two forthcoming), 20+ conference presentations, SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship. 
  • 5.2/5.7/5.0 Political Science. Committee 5. United States. Defended after application deadline. 3 peer-reviewed articles, 20+ conferences, provincial and international funding. Grateful for the positive vibes of this wiki. 
  • 4.6/4.5/4.6 Political Science. Committee 5. Canada. 1yr. One co-authored book, 2 peer-reviewed articles, 4 R&Rs, 20+ conferences, academic prizes. Never held a SSHRC doctoral award.
  • 4.8/4.8/4.3/4.55. Archaeology. Committee 3B. Canada now but to be held in US. ABD (defending in a few weeks). 2 peer-reviewed articles, 1 article in review, 16 presentations, MA/PhD SSHRC CGS + OGS. 
  • 4.75/4.25/4.5  Total Score: 4.48  Law. Committee 5. Studying in Canada, to be held in Australia.  ABD (defending in early fall 2017). 3 sole-authored peer-reviewed articles, 2 under review (one sole author, one third author), ~20 conference presentations, SSHRC masters, SSHRC CGS doctoral, OGS. Included special circumstances statement with application to account for delays in program (will graduate just over 5 years from beginning doctoral studies).
  • 5.5/5.5/5 Total score: 5.25. Education. Committee 4A. Status: 4th year ABD. Location: Canada. Qualifications: 6 journal articles (3 solo author), 4 book chapters (1 solo author), 15 conferences. MA/PhD SSHRC funded. 
  • QUESTION FOR SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES: Did anyone include in their proposal that one of the products of their research during their post-doc would be to teach a course? Would this be considered as a valuable institutional contribution?

Results received (waitlisted)[]

  • FORMAT: Score. Discipline. Selection Committee (eg, 3/7563, 6/7566). Location: (eg, Canada, US). Status: (eg, ABD, 1yr, 2yr). Qualifications: (eg, pubs, presentations).
  • No one waitlisted this year?
  • SSHRC is no longer using the "accepted but not funded" category, so no more official waitlists. Instead, we're all told our ranks.

Do they award funding to the next people in line, if someone declines their award?

Results received (unsuccessful)[]

FORMAT: Score. Discipline. Selection Committee (eg, 3/7563, 6/7566). Location: (eg, Canada, US). Status: (eg, ABD, 1yr, 2yr). Qualifications: (eg, pubs, presentations).

  • Total score 3.15 (Challenge 3.20; Feasibility 3.10; Capability 3.15). Art History. Committee 1 (Literature and Fine Arts). Location: to be held in the UK. (Status ABD--about to defend). Qualifications: 4 peer-reviewed articles in good journals; 2 chapters; + some minor pubs; 20+ conference papers (incl. all major learned societies in my field). COMMENTS: My score is actually worse than last year despite an improved CV and weeks spent on the proposal. I would be devastated if not for the fact that I've got something else (much more competitive) lined up. For those of you who--like me--have been unsuccessful, please don't think this competition reflects on your ability or worth as a scholar. It is nothing but a roulette.
  • Total score: 3.05 (Challenge: 3.60; Feasilibily: 4.3; Capability 2). Department: Geography. Committee 6 (Archival; Comm; Geography; Library; Env Studies). Location: Canada. Status: ABD (close to finishing dissertation, 7th year of studies). Qualifications: 1 peer-reviewed article.  Question: I am trying to discren why I got this grade. I can only imagine that such a low capability ranking is because I am not completing the dissertation on a timely basis.?
  • Sorry to hear about this! I got a similar score last year, and it cut pretty deep. What is the field norm for publication numbers in geo? Within my discipline, 1 peer-reviewed paper in your 7th year would be considered low / only offset if it was in the highest ranked journal. I'm sure things will work out for the best for you. Keep grinding!
  • I applied to the same committee last year and I found that no one on the committee was from my field. So that might be part of the issue. Also I'm assuming that you are in a book field. If that is the case, remember that in the long run a book with a good press typically equals seven articles. The issue is that SSHRC postdoctoral tends to favour immediate results rather than the "slow cooks."
  • This doesn't bode well for me, eith. I'm in my 7th, too. I had massive personal disruptions and was unable to take the leave I needed. I was advised not to mention any of this in my application. I was also advised not to say I have several children. All of which would make me look even less capable, apparently. Blah!! I'm so sorry they're so biased. Gender, family status, location of research, (dis)ability, chosen methodology are all intersecting factors that I don't think are adequately considered.
  • ^ I am so disheartened that you were advised not to mention disruptions due to personal reasons. FWIW, I just got a SSHRC (third time applying) and I mentioned under "allowable inclusions" that I had taken time off to have kids and worked part time for several years. IMO having kids as a grad student makes you MORE capable, not less. Hang in there.
  • I was also advised not to mention child or health-related disruptions. God forbit we don't live up to the capitalist ideal worker norm! On the other hand though I was also told that 7 or 8 years is not considered "untimely" in the social sciences (7.5 years is the norm in my I guess "timely" depends on what field you are in). 
  • After reviewing the results here on capability. low capability correspond with low number of publications, high capability with high publications output, but there are anomalies: those with a high publication history but a medium capability grade. maybe it combines with quality of publications based on journal titles? but in any case, a good publication history seems to be helpful for one's "capability".. but i am truly amazed by the 5+ publications and 20+ conference presentations folks have in their PhD. I hardly go to conferences as I am a "slow cook" who wants to develop something of quality before presenting..
  • Adding to this conversation... I'm the one above who was advised not to report my huge personal disruption (I did say I have 3 kids and reported my mat leaves). I'm in actually my 8th year (I recalculated) and got a 3.70 for capability, which was much higher than I expected after reading this wiki. I have only 1 co-authored peer-reviewed article. My research, though, involves/d a lot of very challenging and complex fieldwork. I believe that helped me get an ok score here. Also, don't forget the reference letters! I think I must have had good letters, too. 
  • Total score: 3.90 (Challenge 3.15; Feasibility 2.92; Capability 4.78). Committee 4A ( Education, Linguistics, Psychology, Social Work). An interdisciplinary proposal, philosophy and psychology. Location: Canada. Status: ABD - almost submitted. Qualifications: 17 peer-reviewed articles; 7 as 1st author; 40+ conference abstracts (not all first author), 1 book chapter; SSHRC Bombardier PhD fellowhsip; lots of summer schools & international collaborations.  The project was clearly problematic, it is really too bad that we don't get feedback so that we can hope to improve it next time! My university, however, scored it very high, it was forwarded to Banting (didn't get funded though).
  • Total Score: ~2.5. Education. Committee 4A (Ed, Linguistic, Psych and Soc Work). Location: Canada. Status: 1yr since grad. Qualifications: 5 peer reviewed articles (first author), several R&Rs, 3 peer reviewed book chapters, book contract at top university press. Multiple provincial scholarships, competitive external research grants. Note: Score came down from 3.8 last year (recommended/not funded)... when I applied with a single forthcoming article! What a joke. Good luck to all those waiting to hear.
  • Total Score: 4.09 (4.55; 4.00; 3.95) Education. Committee 4A. Location: Canada. Status: 2nd year post-doc. Qualifications: 8 articles (several as book reviews) in decent journals; 1 book chapter; 1 conference proceedings; 50+ conference presentations; past doctoral SSHRC. Low capability due to 7-year dissertation journey possibly?
  • Could be. FWIW, though, I'm in my seventh year and I got funded.
  • Total Score: ~2.5 (1.65; 2; 3.1). Committee 4A. Location: Canada. Status: ABD (defending early June). Qualifications: 2 peer reviewed articles (first author) + 4 under R&Rs.  All in good journals, one in a top journal. Multiple provincial scholarships, competitive conference awards. Several conference presentations.  Pretty shocked.  Not sure how I get a 2.00 / 6 in feasibility when I am working with one of the most well known and funded researchers in the country, who has unlimitted resources, and is also at a top institution.  I knew it was unlikely to get it, but I scored much higher in the Banting with an identical application?
  • Total score: 2.89 (3.2;3.25;2.55) Committee 2A: Canada: 1st year post-doc. Graduated from UK uni, one publication, many international conference papers, fully funded throughout graduate and post-graduate studies, plenty of grants and fellowships. Was hoping for the SSHRC, knew it was a long shot, but surprised by my scores. It's a hard pill to swallow. Now sure why such a low capability. Back at the grind tomorrow after a little pity party today. Good luck everyone, and congradulations to the recipients. 
  • Total score: 3.55 (3.5; 4.15; 3.2) Communication/Media Studies. Committee 6. 53/121. Status: 5th year ABD - aiming to complete this calendar year. Fully funded through grad studies: external, federal and internal fellowships/scholarships. 2 low-tier publications, one under review at mid-top journal, 20+ conference presentations including all major associations in my field. Basically the same score as last year with a significantly reworked project. Scored higher in Feasibility this time but marginally lower for Challenge and, remarkably, for Capability. I have had three children during the 5 years of my PhD and disclosed that in the extenuating circumstances section. On the basis of these results I won't consider applying again until 2018 when I will have a completed PhD and hopefully several solid pubs to bolster my Capability score (it's 50% of the whole appraisal after all). Best of luck to all those still hanging in there!
  • Total Score: 2.79 (2.75; 3.05; 2.65) Committee-4A. Location: Canada. Status: ABD One publication (high tier journal) and 2 in R&R (High tier as well). Fully funded through grad studies : provincial and federal. Numerous conference presentations, 8 with published proceedings. Ok. Back to writing. Will try again next year- hopefully with more under my belt.
  • Total Score: 3.60 (3.20; 3.10; 4.04) Committee 6. Location: Ontario. Status ABD defending next semester. 3 print pubs, editor of one edited collection, handfull of middle state articles, EIC of one of the top publications in my field, SSHRC Storyteller, 25ish conference presentations 3 international.   
  • Total Score: 3.07 (2.45; 2.75; 3.50) Commitee 6. Location: Ontario. Status ABD, defending next semester. 5 published Journal Articles (4 in top journals, 4 as first author); 1 R & R; 3 others under review; 2 Book Chapters (one as sole author). OGS and SSHRC Doctoral. 30 presentations.  Lower score within capability despite addition of 2 book chapters, 1 Journal Article and a few presentations.  Good luck to those who have not heard yet.
  • Total Score: 3.48 (3.9; 3.5; 3.2) Committee 5. Location: Quebec. Status: 8 months past defence, currently working as assistant prof on limited-term contract. 1 journal article in good journal, 1 book chapter, many conference presentations. Fully funded through MA and PhD. I'm guessing my capability score is so low because of few publications, but I did finish my PhD in 3.5 years, which I thought *could* offset that. Since I've been teaching so much this year and not gotten a chance to publish, probably won't bother to apply again. Will start looking for jobs out of academia.
  • Total score: 3.64 Committee 1. Film Studies. Location: BC. Status: Applied ABD, defended November. 3 journal articles. SSHRC Bombardier. 3 conferences.
  • Total score: 3.51 Comittee 1. Comparative Literature. Location: ON. Status, Applied ABD. 2 journal articles, 1 book review, 3 in press or under review. 10+ conferences, SSHRC in MA and PhD/multiple OGS. 
  • Total Score: 3.62 (3.30; 3.70; 3.70). Very interdisciplinary (choosing a committee was hard!). Committee 5. Location: US. Status: ABD. Qualifications: 1 co-authored peer-review article in medium rank, 1 under review in high ranked journal, 1 grad-reviewed journal, significant policy reports, 2 solo art exhibitions (relevant), ~20 conferences, 1 book review, SSHRC doctoral and IDRC doctoral awards and many others. Just started my 8th year (gulp!)
  • Total score: 3.41. Committee 4 (Education). Location: Canada. I have four journal articles, four book chapters, a book contract, numerous conference presentations, SSHRC doctoral and other awards. What is really interesting is that I scored much lower than last year (when I was still ABD), with the same proposal. I got 1.75 for challenge, last year 4.15! Feasibility 3.32 (last year 4.2). It seems really quite random.
  • Total score: 3.78 (Challenge: 3.00; Feasibility: 3.00; Capacity: 4.55). Psychology. Committee 4A (Education, Linguistics, Psychology, Social Work). Canada. 3rd year postdoc. 5 first author articles in refereed journals (two published and three submitted), 2 co-authored book chapters (one published and one accepted), 1 review, 1 invited talk, and 11 papers presented at conferences; a NSERC undergraduate fellowship, a FRQSC master's fellowship, a SSHRC Bombardier doctoral fellowship (plus a Michael Smith supplement), a FRQSC postdoctoral fellowship, and one other award. Good luck, everyone!!!
  • Total Score: 3.83 (Challenge: 4.60, Feasibility: 3.95, Capability: 3.45). Committee 4a. 21/70.. Location: Canada. Status: 2nd year of postdoc. Qualifications: 2 papers published (both first author), 2 in press (both first author), 10 under review (8 first author). 1 encyclopedia entry. Funded PhD and one 50k grant as a collaborator. A few national and dozens of international conference presentations. Finished PhD in 4 years.
  • Total Score: 2.98 (Challange: 3.7; Capability; 2.4; can't recall the Feasibility). Committee 5. Location: Canada. Status: ABD (in 8th year). Qualifications: 1 top tier publication, 2 under review/R&R, 1 book chapter, 20+ conference presentations, OGS x2, and preliminary feildwork for the post-doc also completed. I'm not upset at the score for the score's sake, but at the drastic change from the 4.21 it was worth last year. From my perspective this experience has just underscore the subjective (arbitrary?) and opaque nature of SSHRC and the entire academic enterprise. Last year my score was 4.21 and I was 5th on the waiting list. I applied last year with a marginally worse CV and with the exact same research programme at the same school with the same supervisor, etc. The "Challenge" of the project has, apparently, dropped from 4.45 to 3.70, and my capability to do it from 4.40 to 2.40 (2/6 points!) over the course of twelve months. Beyond a change in the selection committee and thus the preferences/biases of SSHRC, the only 'negative' devlopment is an additional year in the PhD - as I decided against attempting to defend quickly only to chase sessional work. That worked out, as I have a tenure-track position starting this August. However, the drastic change in score from one year to the next for the exact same project (to be undertaken by the exact same guy!) strikes me as telling of the importance of luck/chance in academia more generally. And is also rather annoying.
  • Total score: 2.9 (Challenge: 2.00; Feasibility: 2.9; Capability: 3.25). Committee 4B (Education; Linguistics; Psychology; Social Work). Location: Canada (to be held at the Univerity of Toronto). Status: 8-9 mos post PhD (at present, rather than time of application). Qualifications: 5 peer reviewed pubs; 1 publication under R & R; 6 published proceedings; 16 conference presentations; 10 invited presentations; 4.5 years to complete PhD; SSHRC funded doctoral program. Currently working as an adjunct. So disappointed, but I suspect that because my application was related to health (but within the social realm, which is why I applied to SSHRC), they may not have wanted to support it. So surprised by my scores. Great potential supervisor, good design (I thought!). I really wish that feedback could be provided to incorporate into future applications. Having a gin and tonic as I write this, and thinking about applying to med school... :s Thanks so much for the support on this forum everyone!
  • Total score: 2.9 (Challenge: 2.55; Feasibility: 2.95; Capability: 3.00). Rank: 57/90. Committee 2B (Religious Studies). Location: Netherlands (to be held in Canada). Status: Graduation this year. Qualifications: 3 peer reviewed articles, 2 major encyclopedia entries, over $125,000 of postgraduate funding. It doesn't seem like anyone on my committee does Asian Studies. I am not too disappointed since I was told at the beginning not to get my hopes up. I've got plenty of other options in Europe and Asia, so I won't be returning back to Canada anytime soon.
  • Total Score:2.89. Rank 126/129 (this part is killing me). Business. Location: Canada. Status: PhD in hand 2 years now and sessional instructor. Qualification: 4 peer reviewed articles (solo authorship), 1 book chapter, 2 book reviews, 20+ technical reports, funded throughout grad school (US PhD), 3 fieldwork, 30+ international and regional conference and roundtable presentations. I think my score for capability was low because on my application it shows that I took 8 years to complete my PhD, but I had taken 3 years off to have a family. I didn't include this in my application and wish I would have. I'm not upset about the reject but more about my VERY low score. Next year I have a job lined up and I just got accepted into an MS program in data engineering. Can someone the score? 
  • Total Score: 3.56 (Challenge: 3; Feasibility: 3.2; Capability: 4.00). Rank 34/87. Committee 2A (History; Classics; Classical Archaeology; Philosophy; Mediaeval studies; Religious studies). Location: Canada. Status: ABD. Qualification: 1 publication, many national and international conferences, M.A. CGS and Ph.D. CGS + Foreign Study Supplement. Bummer, but it all seems a bit luck-dependant, so I'm trying not to beat myself up about it. Congrats to everyone who was successful!
  • Total score: 3.58 (Challenge 2.9; Feasibility 3.25; Capability 4.05).  Rank 37/70.  Commitee 4A (Education).  Location: US.  Status: ABD at time of application.  Qualifications: 8 peer reviewed article with 4 as first author, 1 book chapter, 1 book review,  20+ conference presentations.  SSHRC Bombardier, Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement, and several provincial scholarships (OGS).
  • Total: 3.17 (Challenge 3.10, Feasibility 3.75, Capability 2.85). Rank 44/70. Committee 4B Linguistics. Location: US. Status: ABD, defending in Summer 2017. Qualifications: 2 peer-reviewed journal articles (co-author), 6 conference proceedings (1/6 first author), 8 conference presentations (3/8 first author), 8 conference posters (4/8 first author); full funding for PhD, competitive dissertation fellowship, NSF grant for dissertation research. Negatives: my time to graduation (in year 8 of 5 year program). I was really surprised that my scores were that low as my mentor thought my proposal would be Banting-worthy. I agree with everyone that it is too bad the process is so arbitrary, but that also means that a) scores are not an accurate reflection of potential as scholar/researcher, and b) it is worth it, for those who want to, to try again next year. I want to thank the creators and participants in this wiki! What a great source of information, and solace. And congratulations to all who were successful and all who applied. Thanks again, everyone, and good luck with whatever you'll be doing in the fall.


Jan 2017 - Anyone else counting down the days? Can't wait to check my mailbox twice a day throughout Feb!

- Oh yes! Can't wait. Pretty nerve wracking.
- Jan 21st - I can relate, no clue what I am doing if I don't get this.
-23 Jan - Nor me. Put too much stock in this, currently trying to rebalance my expectations and I'm applying for other jobs and postdocs now too, it helos with the anxiety. 
-Jan 25 - Whoa, February? Really? I thought I got my waitlist (/rejection) in March or April last year. Oh well. My memory is kinda crappy. Feb suits me! At this point, SSHRC is pretty much my only academic hope this year. My jobs spreadsheet is all red.
- Jan 25 - Yea, I got my waitlist (/rejection) in mid-February last year. I think they were mailed on Feb 12th. Imagine they got them done early this year? That would be a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
-Jan. 26- Hi, team. Thought it might help to know that I contacted SSHRC this week to verify my address, and they confirmed that letters will be sent out in February. They said the competition is still ongoing, and didn't say when in Feb.
- Jan. 28 - Thanks for the info. Hopefully they put us out of our misery sooner rather than later!
- Jan 31 - It will definitely be mid-Feb, I checked the previous GradCafeForum threads and this is when the applicants were notified in the last several years. Good luck all! I created a thread on GCF a few months back for the 2017-18 competition, feel free to check it/post on it :)
  • Jan 31: this impending decision is making me so scatter-brained. Trying to focus/write/finish the diss is a painful process right now
  • - Feb 1 - Best option is to expect/plan for failure. Not saying it to be a d***. The odds are against us, and it is far more productive to channel your energy towards other things (publishing, applying for jobs, etc) than thinking/hoping for this. Also, if you figure out how to do this, let all of us know!
  • - Feb 4th - Has anyone received a letter for the Banting PDF yet?
  • -Feb 3 - No still anxiously waiting.  Some resources said that we were supposed to hear yesterday but others just say "Early February".  Sigh looks like it will be next week.
  • - Thanks! I saw also February 2nd and I was not sure if all applicants receive letters at the same time (i.e. later in case of rejection...). But you are right, most of sources just say "Early February" 
  • -I actually just chatted with someone who won last year and he said that they mail all the letters at the same time.  So you will just get a letter that says how you ranked out the the X number of applicants and how many were awarded.  So they might have been mailed yesterday?  Who knows!  Best of luck to you!
  • -Thank you very much for your input...I will sleep better this week-end. So, they are mailing letters or just post it on Perhaps both?
  • -He made it seem like it was just a letter.  I'm not quite sure about researchnet!
  • - OK, thanks again, In any case, we will probably be fixed next week!
  • - Feb 6 - The Banting website says that "Following approval by the Tri-agency programs steering committee, the Vanier-Banting Secretariat will notify applicants of the results of their application by posting a decision letter to their ResearchNet account." I do hope we don't have to wait for it come in the mail - online results are much more convenient.
  • Oh I really hope so!!!  I'm assuming we would get an email notification if the status changed on researchnet.  I don't want to start obsessively checking my account.
  • - Feb 5. - Just wanted to send a little love out to everybody stressing out about this pending decision. The eventual outcome of this does not reflect your intelligence or worth as a researcher. Life will go on after this, either way. Keep your head up. Keep grinding, and good things will follow.
  • - so true- look no further than the list of bright and accomplished people who didn't get the SSHRC (on last year's page) to see that receiving the SSHRC is not a good measure of your worth
  • -6 Feb - That is very kind! A bit of perspective is always appreciated. 
  • Cheers to that!  The fact that we were even able to get people to recommend us for this prestigious award speaks volumes.

- Feb 6 - Emailed SSHRC today about the mailing of results. No date set yet. They estimate results wont be sent until late this month.

  • On the bright side, Feb only has 28 days, right? ;-)
  • I like your cynical optimism!
  • Ughh. 28 longest days of the year!

-Feb 6 - One thing I am wondering this yes is if they access the waitlist. So far as I can tell (as someone only 2 spots off the winning list, and as a follower of this wiki) they didn't give any awards out on the list, whereas in previous years, they did. I also wonder how many winners there will be this year. There was a fairly big drop in total awards last year vs. the year prior.  

  • Feb. 6. Yes I wonder about this too. Last year I was 1st on the waiting list in my section. Everyone seemed sure an award would come through given the norms of previous years. But in the end, nothing. What's going on at SSHRC? Why even bother with a waiting list if it just creates false hope?
  • Traditionally, wait list movement was driven  by people getting TT jobs. Those individuals would decline the post-doc and the next 'person up' would benefit. The scarcity of jobs has put a dent on movement. Some people are also negotiating to have start dates for TT jobs delayed so that they can do a year on the post-doc. It is a perfect way to build up your pipeline before jumping into a TT. At the end of the day, there are too many of us... and too few opportunities.
  • I agree with this in general, but even anecdotally via that wiki and via people I have spoken to and know, there were people who have turned down the award from last year's competition. I think you're right that in our climate few people can turn down this funding, but I believe it is also SSHRC policy playing out in terms of whether or not they actually put the waitlist into action.
  • What SSHRC policy?
  • If you are told you are on the waitlist, you can call SSHRC to ask what number you are on the list, which can help you think about your chances/make life choices. Last year I was in the 30s on the waitlist so I knew it was never going to happen. 

Feb.7 -- Has anyone heard anything about the Banting Fellowship yet? It's the end of the business day and I still haven't received any kind of notification.

  • Nope! Status is still in peer review (x2).  Emailed and no release date was given. 
  • Do we know finally if the decision will be mailed or posted on recherchenet?
  • From what I was told we should be able to access directly from researchnet!

Feb 8 - Any Banting updates?

  • Not yet...and I am starting to be a little frustrated...
  • Me too.  I wonder what the hold up is!
  • My guess would be that due to conflicting schedules they have been unable to time the necessary meetings.

Feb. 10 -- End of the day and STILL no word on the Banting. Thanks, Ottawa, for dragging this out into next week!!

  • another week down, another ounce of my sanity and patience depleted

Feb. 14 - I was hoping for a nice Valentine from SSHRC... still no news.

Feb 14 - Banting - Just confirmed with Banting admin that they are "working to release the results this week" (which, I hope, means results will be released this week). We will be notified via email through ResearchNet.

Feb 14 - Coping strategies? I am checking this site multiple times a day. I check my mailbox every time I walk my dog. How do I stop this behavior? Someone, quick, write up a SSHRC proposal to study this process!

  • I'm so glad I'm not the only one! My dog is getting so many more walks just so I have an excuse to check the mail!
  • Yea, my dog's increased activity has his sleeping all day (ha!). My neighbours are starting to look at me weird, though, given the repeated trips to the mailbox.

Feb.14 - Yeah, the wait got hard once I discovered the results would come in earlier than I anticipated. It's made especially hard because at this point, it looks like SSHRC is my last academic option, unless I get magically lucky with my VAP and sessional applications (luckier than last year's zero, that is). Once I get that rejection, it's the trials and tribulations of the non-academic market for me.

Feb. 14 - just got a nice rejection from Banting :-(  Still hoping for SSHRC.

  • Feb. 14 - got rejected from Banting. Did a little bit better than I did last year. Never thought I would get it anyways, since to get a Banting you need to either have a ton of publications or a book. Still hoping to get a SSHRC.
  • Feb. 14 -- just got rejected too. Well, at least the wait is over! That was worse than the rejection.
  • - Don't be disheartened, girls/guys. Tough pill to swallow, but remember the process is a total crapshoot. I too got rejected last year, before a bunch of other opportunities surfaced. I've actually progressed more professionally since then than I would have with the post-doc. Keep your head up!
  • -Agreed!  100% agree.  Moving on... perhaps to even better things!  Job interview this Thursday!!

Feb 14 - Does anyone know if SSHRC is releasing the results of Banting and Postdoctoral fellowship at the same time?

  • - SSHRC and Banting competitions are completely independent, from what I can tell.
  • - So silly, don't know why they don't just run a single competition
  • Last year the letters were mailed out on Feb 12.  However, it seems like SSHRC is behind this year as an ealier update said the letters wouldn't be mailed until the end of February.  I would be surprised if the letters arrived before March!

- For those checking the mail every 15 minutes, the letter has tended (in 2013, 2014 and 2015) to arrive around February 23rd. Good luck.

  • - Depends on where you are. I got my rejection letter in SW Ontario 3 days after it was mailed.
  • - if I recall correctly, last year they announced on Twitter when the SSHRC letters were sent out so   perhaps add some Twitter stalking to your routine:
  • - Yup, I found the tweet: (Feb 23, 2016) - from the looks of the wiki from last year that tweet went out well after the actual letters were sent.
  • Hi all, I was the last cut from Banting (in the non-Cdn institution category, capped at 25%) and am thus, 1st on the waiting list (which I do not expect much from) - Anyone have any knowledge of whether Banting waiting lists are ever successful?
  • I also had to update my mailing address with SSHRC and asked about dates. I was told the letters are going to be mailed out at the "end of February" so we are all in for a bit of a wait it seems, just thought I would share that
  • Feb 17 - so we would expect to hear about the SSHRC through a posted letter, rather than online (like the Banting)?
  • - Yeah, they don't release results online unfortunately. Regular mail it is!
  • -I saw that someone asked on Twitter when the results would be released (maybe someone from this board!) and SSHRC helpfully responded "sometime this month." I wish I could add the laughing-crying emoticon here.

Feb 20- "early next week" according to sshrc via email

  • -It would be great if SSHRC specified that it would mail the letters on the last day of the month instead of "sometime in February"
  • This is ridiculous. I've been checking my mail box for weeks!

Feb 22 -- anyone waiting for Killam news? Last year I had to call Dalhousie.

  • I am waiting for Killam (Alberta) too. Website says results at Alberta are announced in May.
  • Hi All - The following was just posted to the Canadian Association for Postdoctoral Scholars facebook page: ON BEHALF OF SSHRC
Dear colleagues,
SSHRC has improved and harmonized the communication of competition results given to applicants of the SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships funding opportunity.
New this year:
· Applicants will be “offered” or “not offered” funding;
· The “recommended, not funded” category has been eliminated; and
· Applicants will be provided a one-page form, Notice of Decision (see attached), that includes individual, committee, and overall competition results and statistics including:
o Decision (Offered /Not Offered)
o Final Scores
o Rank within the committee
These changes are based on feedback received from the community that the number of “Recommended, not funded” applications sent mixed messages to individual applicants since only a limited proportion of these applications are funded by SSHRC on an annual basis. These changes will also provide applicants a clear account of their standing within the competition.
In addition to the new Notice of Decision, as part of the result package, all applicants will continue to receive a result letter and a document outlining the selection procedures. In addition, applicants who are offered funding will also receive, as usual, a Notice of Award containing the award details including Terms and Conditions.
Do not hesitate to contact us ( should you have questions.
  • Feb. 22 - I'm all for better communication, but is anyone else a little nervous about knowing their "rank within the committee"? Having more infomraiton is always helpful (ie: knowing how close to the bottom or top you are might give better insight for how to go forward if applying again), but it also seems like it might be a little soul crushing knowing you were last of close to last in your committee.
  • It may be soul-crushing, but I would rather know if I am wayyyy behind the pack. We are adults, after all.
  •  And it's a useful piece of information. If you're bottom of the pack, that's a sign that you need some coaching around how to write a grant proposal, identify a research problem or formulate a research question. It's hard to hear but is better than being unaware of a deficit in your skillset. 
  • It is also likely a time-saving mechanism on SSHRC's behalf; they have historically given such information out upon request, and I wouldn't be surprised if they got a lot of requests. This pre-emtively deals with all this
  • You'd think with the announcement above, they would add the actual date they're sending stuff out on..
  • And you'd think they'd realize that improving communication could also include online results rather than snail mail...

-Feb 23: So, are they really not mailing results until next week? This is absurd! 

  • - Feb 24 - The thought of this dragging on another week makes my stomach turn. Assuming they mail on Monday/Tuesday... Those outside of Ontario/Quebec may not hear until the week after next! (barf)
  • Feb. 24 - Those of us abroad (in Europe) will have to wait awhile if they send regular air mail. Might take until March 13th or later that week to receive anything.

-Feb 24--it is definitely early next week. I emailed them and they've confirmed this. I wonder how much damage the increased cortisol in my body is doing to my organs...

Feb 26: Wishing everyone the best of luck this week! Fingers crossed for a positive outcome for as many of you as possible! (me, included!)

Feb 27: Please, just let this be over. February has been rocky enough without this dragging on.I had hoped any bad news would be confined to its temporal barrier (yup, feeling particularly pessimistc today).

Feb 27: This ain't the first or last time we will be in this situation. The sun will rise tomorrow and the next day.. and the next. Let's be glad it will be over soon!

Feb 27: This is not just emotional, there is finacial cost as well. I have a conference registration deadline tomorrow. No SHHRC, no go. But if I get it, I would have gone. I wonder if I can sue for such sheer incompetence?

- May I respectfully suggest that instead of fretting about whether you'll be able to present at this conference that you focus your attention on turning that conference paper into a journal article instead? Cost is $0 and the value on your CV is much greater. 
- Perhaps we all need to be a little less quick to brush off other people's anxiety or stresses. This process is disruptive, and even if we can write a paper for $0, it doesn't help the fact that still being in the dark about the results has real consequences for future plans. 
-Guys, at this point, it's best for our sanity to just pretend that the site said 'Early March' instead of 'February' and be mildly pleased when we receive the results (hopefully) late this week or early next week. Just think happy thoughts!
- I would think you could ask for a few days extension and explain the situation (re: conference). I can't imagine they really truly must absolutely know tomorrow if you will go or not.
- OP here. Indeed, I am asking for a few days. However, part of the point is the unprofessional process that is happening with zero accountablity. Submitting the paper as an article can work, but it cannot replace networking opprotunities availible at the conference, crucial for future employment. Mymain frustration is the is SSHRC's clear lack of appreciation of the consequences of their incompetence. SSHRC needs an overhaul. 

Feb 27: I'm in Ottawa and I just checked my news from SSHRC, just an FYI. 

  • Thanks for this! Please keep us up to date on developments at ground zero.
  • Warm and good wishes all around. Just a note to say that I'm in Ottawa and nothing from the SSHRC came in the mail this morning.

Feb 28: In Ottawa, will check when I get home. But, no news yet.

  • It would be nice to just get a confirmation that they sent them out! Anyone willing to email SSHRC? ;-)
  • I e-mailed them (not that I applied, but I feel for all of you waiting), and got an auto reply: "Thank you for your message. Due to the large number of e-mails currently received at this address, we will do our best to answer you within 4 days of receipt. Please do not send duplicate requests." Will let you know if I hear anything back!
  • Thanks for this! Despite my best efforts, I have become entirely fixated on the results of this decision. I can't get ANY work done. Today has probably been the worst day yet. I understand the scale of this operation, but am so annoyed at SSHRC for their inefficiency. This blanket "Feb 2017" supposed release data has been such a poop show... Hang in there homies!
  • In Toronto, mail has come but there is no letter from SSHRC today. 
  • I hear you all! I cannot be focused and get ANY work done! I sent a Facebook message to SSHRC yesterday, asking whether the Postdoc results have been sent out and this is what I received today: " Not yet. The team is working on it" !!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish they woud have announced or twitted that the results would be released in March instead of keeping us all waiting like this! Absurd! 
  • They were still 'working on it' yesterday?? Ugh.
  • I think it's safe to say SSHRC hasn't met its February deadline unless it had somehow mailed out the letters without announcing it! It's frustrating because we know that the adjudication process hascompleted quite a while back and now it's the administrative process of mailing them out that's lagging behind so miserably.

How do we know that??

March 1st: SSHRC TWEETED the letters have been sent.

  • That's a relief. Unfortunately, I have to wait at least two weeks for the letter to arrive overseas. E-mail would be a lot more convenient!
  • That sucks! Hang in there!
  • I just got an answer to the email I sent them yesterday:
"Good morning,
Thank you for your email.
The results of the competition were mailed February 28, 2017."
So maybe Ottawa people will get the news today!
  • Hope so. Checking mmy mailbox every 5-7 minures. Update: mail came by, no letter yet.
  • Just a quick suggestion -- once people start posting their results, could they please do so in the categories above, i.e. successful/unsuccessful/waitlisted, for the sake of keeping this thread organized? :) 
  • Good luck everyone! Remember just because you don't get one does not mean that you and your work do not have value. And also please be kind to yourselves in the next few days. I hope that everyone on this wiki gets one.
  • Hi All, I'm actually not an applicant this year, but the partner of one and I have been following this board daily as we wait the dreaded wait. I just wanted to say good luck to everyone and to reiterate what has been said above - be kind to yourself. Everyone does as much as they can and it is entirely out of the applicant's hands what happens after that. There is so much in play relating to a single year's decisions that it is not worth it to beat yourself up if a bad result comes through. Again, as the partner of someone applying, I know that I love them and support them no matter whether its a 'yes' or a 'no' and that this one decision will not define who we are and what they are capable of, and I'm sure all of your families feel the exact same. I am thinking good thoughts for everyone and I hope regardless of who succeeds in this particular avenue, that everyone here finds good fortune and validation this year. 
  • Simply put, you are awesome. Thanks for the kind words!

March 2nd: Nothing from the SSHRC in the mail this morning. I'm in Ottawa.

  • How is that even possible if they mailed the letters on Feb 28th?!...unless they actually didn't get letters out on the 28th and only said they did to give the appearance of meeting their end-of-the-month deadline.    
  • From having worked in a bureaucratic office in the past, "in the mail" could mean "dropped in the mailroom". If this was done EOD on the 28th, this could mean that the person whose job it is to move the mail (likely from their department to another more central mailroom) could have come at any point on the 1st, and then Canada Post picks it up from somewhere else (maybe same day, more likely the next day, which is today, the 2nd). Nothing about the mail process is quick. I don't know why they don't do this electronically. It would also save a bunch of cash.
  • From a past (and unsuccessful applicant): they do in fact have the ability to send results electronically. I applied a couple of years back while doing a postdoc in Germany. It took so long for me to get the results that I emailed SSHRC, who then sent a secure link and password through which I could download a pdf of my results. I have no idea why this isn't the standard procedure. 
  • My mail person doesn't come by until after noon. It could be that this person's new mail hasn't yet been delivered today.
  • OP here. The mail has been delivered on my street today, with nothing from the SSHRC. 
  • Montreal - No mail today. This morning episode of mail waiting and being anxious about my post-phd future will need to continue tomorrow...
  • Nicely put! I find that 10-noon is my peak stress period, as I wait to see if mail is delivered. After that I mellow out a bit...
  • BC person... Looks like us west coasters are going to have to wait for next week. Aaaahhhh!

Hi folks... current SSHRC postdoc here just offering you some moral support. I feel you right now... waiting is the worst. Good luck to everyone :)

March 3rd: nobody received their letter yet? So we all have to wait until next week?

  • too early yet in the day.. will know in 3 hours or so... the waiting game begins
  • I'm in Ontario (but not Ottawa). No SSHRC envelope in the mail this morning. Sorry to be the bearer of excruciating news.
  • In Ottawa, nothing as of yesterday. Will check and update once I get home.
  • Mail arrived in Kitchener - no letter. But email came in 1997 - perhaps they could consider using that.
  • Mail arrived in Hamilton - no letter.

March 3rd: Received in Montreal. Overall competition results: Applications: 878. Offered 151 (17.2%). Not Offered 727 (82.8%).

  • Hahah... oh god. 
  • Best of luck everyone! 
  • I checked, and the success rate was 18.5% last year and 22% the year before.. the odds are not improving.
  • ^ I was just going to say the same thing. The positive side is that the decline this year was relatively small, and his perhaps within a general margin of error as opposed to last year, where the decline was substantive. Last year, I was one of the people who fell into the ranks that would have been funded under the 22% allocation
  • Please post the relevant information under the three categories above.
  • I'm in Montréal too, but there's nothing in my mailbox, and the mail's come today (March 03).
  • Received letter in Montreal this morning. 

Has anyone in Toronto received anything?

  • Toronto here (east end): Mail just came, nothing from SSHRC. Frak.
  • Ditto. Toronto centre over here. Mail came. Nothing from SSHRC. I guess Monday or Tuesday. Oh well. I have always assumed that I will not get one. I already received my Banting results with the same project and did not make the first cut, although I did do better than the year prior. I am already looking at alternative careers. 
  • No letter here in TO as well but I did receive an enticing subscription offer from People magazine so at least I will have something to fill my time with if I don't get the SSHRC :-) 
  • Same here. I didn't even get a People magazine subscription offer lol!
  • Montreal - I got my letter from SSHRC. Reading the letter feels like SSHRC is breaking-up with me

Results for all of us Humanities hustlers (Committee 2A - History, Classics, Arch., Phil, Medieval, Relg. studies):

  • Applications: 87
  • Offered: 15 (17.2%) 
  • Not Offered: 72 (82.8%)
  • =: same overall success/failure rate as Overall Competition
  • Thanks for posting this! I'm just wondering if anyone knows how Committee 2 gets divided into two sections? Like is it thematic, along disciplinary lines, temporal, alphabetical, or something else? It's very mysterious to me because I don't think any of the other committees are split up this way.

March 4: Toronto (west end). Nothing. Anyone from TO receive anything?

  • It's Saturday. No mail today :-) Deep breaths til Monday! 

March 6: Hoping today brings some answers for many of you (either way, knowing will be a relief)! 

6 March - No lettre in New Brunswick. Canada Post says it can take up to four days to deliver nationally, which means it should really be here (there, everywhere!) by today if SSHRC posted them on the 28th. I know you all share my frustration...I've posted lettres overseas with better delivery time. 

6 March -- Nothing in Kingston. I was really expecting it today (given that Kingston is fairly close to Ottawa) and so am a little nerve-wracked! I guess I should know this, but does the whole CP network close for the weekend, or just the actual mail carriers?  Hopefully there are results tommorrow

  • I'm shocked that people in Montreal would get their letters before people in Kingston!  I'm in Southwestern Ontario, I'm predicting my letter will come on Wednesday, but I'm just telling myself Friday to stop myself from worrying.
  • Ottawa is closer to Montreal then Kingston. Who knows how their postal networks operate. It could give priority to bigger cities.

6 March - Darn it! I was hoping they would put me out of my misery today. Anyone get a letter in the GTA?

  • Also nothing in Toronto.
  • Got a letter in Montreal.
  • Also no letter yet in the GTA (Thornhill)
  • Update: End of the day on the 8th and still no letter in Thornhill.

6 March - Letter arrived in New Hampshire

6 March - Montréal, got my letter. Happy day! Second try for me, with an improved version of last year's proposal, which was accepted but not funded. I was all out of academic options, so this is great news! Good luck, everyone!

  • So happy for you! In a similar situation at this point. Glad to see that your dream has been kept alive!
  • Congratulations!!
  • Congratulations! Very happy and excited for you. Could you please update the section for successful applications with your information so that the rest of us can look on with envy?
  • Oops. Thanks for the reminder. Done, and good luck!
  • Thank you! Am very happy for you. This is my second time applying as well, but am not sure I will be able to stay in academia if I don't get one one. Its always nice to hear that someone got it because it gives me hope that next time it could be my turn as well. I hope that you celebrate with your family and friends. 
  • Congratulations! Hopefully the rest of us will receive our results sooner than later! :-)

6 March - Question: what does the 'challenge' score category in people's results refer to?

  • Challenge is "the aim and importance of the endeavour" - basically, how significant they think your work is likely to be.
  • Thanks!!
  • the sshrc website also says, "originality and potential significance of the proposed program of work"

6 March - Anyone received their results in the Kitchener-Waterloo area??

  • ^KW applicant. Nope. I'm dying.
  • Got my letter in Kitchener!  Frankly, after seeing my scores I wish I hadn't.
  • Letter received in K/W on March 6 - awarded, will post results at a later date.

-In Toronto, just checked the mail. Nothing. This is almost as bad at waiting for a Hogwarts letter.

- In Toronto, got my letter! Big fat no, and a low score (3.06). But listen up folks: this competition says nothing about your performance in the academic game generally. If I had received one, I would have turned it down - I start a tenure track position in July. Not only did I get a job, I had multiple offers. And last month, the chair of a late-to-hire department called to confirm whether I was still on market (he had heard I accepted an offer) bc they shortlisted me there as well. SSHRC is a funny beast, but I applied to jobs with the same proposed second project, and I did well. So who knows. Good luck to everyone and congrats to those who are successful!

- In Toronto. Received. Declined. 4.06. 13 / 70 (12 funded (17.01%); 58 non-funded (82.99%)). I wonder if 13/70 actually means 13 / 70 or whether they simply refer to everyone who was non funded as 13 / 70? If it is actually 13/70, what happens if someone declines their offer? Good luck all!

  • Please post in category above too, so people can keep track! Thanks!
  • Frankly, I think the waitlist policy differs from year to year, even if it was consistent in official terms. Put another way, 2 competitions ago, they did use the waitlist, and you can see on this Wiki that they contacted people a couple spots away from winning. But last year, it seems like they didn't offer any waitlisted people awards. It might have been because no one on the wiki benefitted from a bump-up, but I find that hard to believe. They might simply not utilize the list on some years (perhaps to withold funding). But that is speculation. FYI: I was 2 spots from winning last year, and go no award

-Can someone who received their letter let us know the deadline for accepting the fellowship? (useful info for people who may not get their letters in time and might need to contact SSHRC directly about results...)

  • You have until March 24, 2017. 

7 March--Nothing in Kingston Ontario, which seems unbelievable frankly. I have emailed SSHRC and they do have my correct address, so it can't be that. They did say in the email that they will release results digitally, but only after 2 weeks

  • ^^^ Stating the obvious, it would make a lot more sense to e-mail the results and then send an official printed document by mail as a formality, especially considering that postal services are not 100% reliable (especially when sent outside Canada!).

-Still nothing in Toronto (West end). Those of you in Toronto who have recieved your letters: what part of the city are you in? Just curious.

  • Just received my letter in Mimico (West End) a few minutes ago.  Hang in there: won't be long now!
  • Thanks! I think this is making us all a little crazy!
  • - also in the West End and mail has just come and gone with nothing. We really thought it would come today. Definitely confused as to how the post system works when some people in the same area have their letters and others don't. The annoying thing for me is I have to go out of town tomorrow morning and won't be back until Thursday evening so even if it comes tomorrow I have another 55 hour wait ahead of me at least. Best of luck to those still sweating it out - here's hoping for lots of good news.

7 March - A question for y'all, somewhat out of left field. Do you think SSHRC recipients still count as 'students' for insurance purposes?

  • At some institutions, you can opt into the graduate student health plan. What kind of insurance are you thinking?

Letter received in New Brunswick. Offered award. Will update above after I get my kids down for naps.

Toronto East End (Coxwell/Danforth), mail just came, nothing.

  • Hey! Also Danforth and got nothing. Do you think by the end of the week if we don't get anything it's safe to assume something went wrong and email SSHRC? Anyone else in TO still waiting? 
  • Nothing in the mail here in North York
  • Queen West- Nothing. Mail has come and gone.
  • Nothing in downtown Toronto. Feeling frustrated and just want this to end.
  • Same here — downtown/Annex and thought today HAD to be the day (as I thought yesterday, and Friday...)

Just want to say that all of you who have been offered the award who have posted your results above - you're all seriously impressive!

I am wondering if there is a pattern with type of committee and time of letters received. Seems like there may be. 

  • I was thinking this, too. Seems that no Committee 5 have posted yet... (mine)
  • I don't think so. I have two colleagues (Committee 5) in Toronto (one High Park, one Toronto centre) who received letters yesterday (March 6). I am also still waiting in Toronto west end (Committee 5). 

Letter this afternoon in Lower Mainland.

  • Another in Lower Mainland arrived (Van)

I just want to say that this wiki is very misleading in the way that it implies that publications are a major factor in whether or not one receives a postdoc. My partner, who has literally zero printed words, just got one (for History/Classics). I, who have 3 single-authored articles, two book reviews, and many conference presentations, did not (for Literature/Fine Arts). I think it's more about the project narrative than we realize. 

  • +1

8 March - If you're interested, you can find out the members of the selection committee here:

  • ^ Nobody on my committee is remotely qualified to really evaluate the content of my proposed study.

8 March--no letter yet again in Kingston, which again, seems somewhat incomprehensible. The mailcarrier came by today, and had mail postdated a few days after 28 february, also from Ottawa.

  • Oh my goodness. That makes 0 sense. My condolences for the painful wait/the absurdity of relying on Canada Post instead of email

8 March - In Waterloo, ON and have not received my letter yet! People in Kitchener have received theirs and I don't really understand why I have not! This is beyond frutstrating!

March 8 - nothing in Toronto either. Has anyone here received today?

  • Nope, nothing in the mail in North York. This is getting painful
  • Postdoc holder writing in solidarity here. Reading this is bringing back all of the agony--the excruciating agony--of waiting. I would be losing my sh** if I had to wait this long (I remember results started coming back last week of Feb. last year). Sending postive vibes to you all.
  • Letter arrived in Toronto (East End); so says my dad, who is hanging out at my house! Will open it when I get home.
  • -Letter arrived in Toronto (West End).
  • Letter arrived in Toronto (High Park/Parkdale).

March 8--Letter received in Sydenham (north of Kingston) today

March 8th - Received. Late evening mail delivery in Saskatoon. Will post results later. Good luck to all!

March 9th - Received letter in Netherlands.

March 9th - received results in west end Toronto, unsuccessful (will post results) but thinking of turning my app around into a Newton International Fellowship? I have a solid host partner. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this fellowship?

  • I had never heard of it until now, but after looking it up, I think it looks fantastic and that you should go for it

March 9th - letter received in Tempe, AZ - missed an offer by 3 spots...but, in the sage words of Charlie from the Mighty Ducks "Yeah, but a quarter inch the other way and you'd have missed completely"

  • Quack. Quack. Quack.....

March 10th- still no letter in St. Catharines, ON. At this point, I'm just looking forward to Wednesday (2 weeks after send date) so that I can contact SSHRC and ask for the results digitally. 

March 10th--I am also still waiting for the letter in Alberta. Will they ever send any electronic documents, though, if we request?

  • Someone in Kingston posted on March 7th that they contacted SSHRC and were told electronic results will only be made available once 2 weeks mailing time has passed.

March 14th--Toronto (Junction), still no letter from SSHRC. This is a lot of fun :/

March 16th - Does anyone have any information on a potential waitlist? I was a few spots off the mark in my committee. I don't think there is a waitlist but wondered if anyone had heard differently? Thanks. 

  • They got rid of the category. Now they just either offer or don't offer funding. They didn't say whether that means they won't ever make an offer to the next-ranked proposal if someone declines, however. Guess we'll find out this year.

March 23rd - Does anyone know when we can go public with the results?

  • No, but my award was inadvertently revealed today after I claimed my new affiliation on some work that was published. Not really sure what we are waiting for since in previous years announcements have been made much earlier.
  • Question: I was wondering if there is an interesting by folks to start a wikia for the postdoctoral competition from the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC) 2017-2018? They claim that the results would be released in late April.