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This page is for tracking SSHRC awards to be held during the 2019-2020 academic year.


SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships are expected to respond to the objectives of the Talent program.

These fellowships support the most promising Canadian new scholars in the social sciences and humanities, and assist them in establishing a research base at an important time in their research careers.

They provide stipendiary support to recent PhD graduates who are:

  • undertaking original research;
  • publishing research findings;
  • developing and expanding personal research networks;
  • broadening their teaching experience;
  • preparing for research-intensive careers within and beyond academia; and
  • preparing to become competitive in national research grant competitions.

Fellowships will normally be awarded to candidates affiliated with a university other than the one that awarded the PhD. SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship awards are tenable at Canadian or foreign universities and research institutions.

SSHRC welcomes applications involving Indigenous research, as well as those involving research-creation.

Value: $45,000 per year

Duration: 1 or 2 years

Application deadline *: September 20, 2018 (8 p.m. eastern)

Results announced: February 2019

Apply: Web CV, application and instructions


Applying as an ABD: 12

Applying with a PhD (0-1 years out): 6

Applying with a PhD (2-3 years out): 4

Total: 21

Applying to hold at a Canadian institution: 15

Applying to hold at a non-Canadian institution: 4

Total: 19

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Acknowledgement of application received  []

Results by Committee[]

Overall Competition Results

  • Applications: 824
  • Offered: 160 (19.4%)
  • Not Offered: 664 (80.6%)

Committee 1 (Literature and Fine Arts)

  • Applications: 149
  • Offered: 29 (19.5%)
  • Not offered: 120 (80.5%)
  • Score of last funded application: 4.06

Committee 2A (History; Classics; Classical Archaeology; Philosophy; Mediaeval studies, Religious studies)

  • Applications: 74
  • Offered: 14 (18.9%)
  • Not offered: 60 (81.1%) 
  • Score of last funded application: 4.18

Committee 2B (History; Classics; Classical Archaeology; Philosophy; Mediaeval studies, Religious studies)

  • Applications: 74
  • Offered: 14
  • Not offered: 60
  • Score of last funded application: 4.13

Committee 3 (Anthropology; Folklore; Archaeology; Criminology; Sociology)

  • Applications: 120
  • Offered: 23 offered (19.2%)
  • Not offered: 97
  • Score of last funded application: 4.20

Committee 4A (Education, Linguistics, Psychology, Social Work)

  • Applications: 78
  • Offered: 15 (19.2%)
  • Not offered: 63
  • Score of last funded application: 4.17

Committee 4B (Education, Linguistics, Psychology, Social Work)

  • Applications: 79
  • Offered: 15 (19.0%)
  • Not offered: 64 (81.0%)
  • Score of last funded application: 4.09

 Committee 5 (Economics, law, political science, administrative studies, management & business, and industrial relations) 

  • Applications: 127
  • Offered: 26 (20.5%)
  • Not offered: 101 (79.5%)
  • Score of last funded application: 4.33

Commitee 6 (Archival science, communications and media studies, demography, environmental studies, geography, library and information science, and urban and regional studies)

  • Applications: 123
  • Offered: 24 (19.4%)
  • Not offered: 99 (81.6%)
  • Score of last funded application: 4.08

Results received (successful)[]

FORMAT: Score. Discipline. Selection Committee (eg, 3/7563, 6/7566). Location: (eg, Canada, US). Status: (eg, ABD, 1yr, 2yr). Qualifications: (eg, pubs, presentations).

  • Received an acceptance from Banting (Feb 6). Discipline: Psychology. Overall score 8.27 (8.30/8.25/8.25) Location: Canada. Status: ABD, 4th year PhD. Qualification: 9 publications, 1 book chapter, 50+ conference presentations, over $150,000 in funding and $20,000 in research grants, completed a research exchange abroad (5 months), and participated in many service roles (e.g., reviewing for journals, being on committees for discipline specific societies, conference organization, etc.). Additional information: US citizen completing graduate school in Canada (i.e., was never eligble for SSHRC fellowships; nominated for Vanier in the past but was unsuccessful at the government level)
  • Received acceptance for SSHRC Postdoc (March 8). Discipline: Psychology/Education. Overall score 5.52 (5.50/5.40/5.60; rank:1) Location: Canada (post doc to be held at same institution as PhD). Was ABD at time of application. Qualifications: 7 peer reviewed publications, 6 non-refereed publications and reports, 20 conference presentations, 18 invited talks/workshops (10 local), SSHRC doctoral fellowship, OGS, and many teaching/service roles (part-time prof, trainer). Additional info: Applied last year (different project/different school) with similar(ish) qualifications. Good luck to everyone! 
    • Congrats! I was wondering what were your scores last year, did you get a similar one for capability (qualifications)? I mean was the program of work the only issue last year?
    • Someone deleted my question - Rank was 1 out of how many? I'm trying to see how many apps were for committee 4.
  • Received acceptance for SSHRC Postdoc (March 8). Discipline: English (Committee 1: Literature and Fine Arts). Overall score 4.31 (4.80/4.15/4.20; rank: 21/149). Location: Canada. Status: PhD in 2018 (defended before application). Qualifications: Solicited monograph (no contract yet); 6 peer reviewed publications (2 forthcoming at time of application); 10+ other publications (book reviews/online projects); 20+ conference presentations/invited talks, SSHRC CGS-Doctoral, over $200,000 in funding, contribution to DH tool development/projects, many roles in DH projects. Additional info: Applied to the Banting with the same project and did not get it but was top 30%; Applied to Killam with the same project but at a different institution and did not get it. 
  • Received acceptance for SSHRC Postdoc (March 11). Discipline: Anthropology (Committee 3: Anthropology, folklore, archaeology, criminology, sociology). Overall score 4.39 (4.45/3.50/4.90; rank: 16/120). Location: Canada. Status: PhD in 2018 (defended before application). Qualifications: 9 peer-reviewed publications, 15 non-referred publications, approximately 40 conference presenations/talks. Additional info.: I applied with background in a different discipline.
  • Received acceptance for SSHRC Postdoc (March 11). Discipline: History (Committee 2A: History, Classics, Classical Archaeology, Philosophy, Mediaeval studies, Religious Studies). Overall score: 4.42 (4.80/4.85/4.00; rank 9/74). Location: US (postdoc to be held in Canada). ABD. Qualifications: 1 peer reviewed publications, 5 non-refereed publications, around 20 conference presentations, 5 invited talks, SSHRC doctoral and MA fellowships, teaching and service. Additional info: I am most likely declining the post-doc b/c of another offer so if you're ranked 15 on the list for Committee 2A then I hope you'll get a later offer (~note: I have no idea if this is how it actually works~). 
  •  Received acceptance for SSHRC Postdoc (March 14). Discipline: Political Science (Committee 5: Economics, law, political science, administrative studies, management & business, and industrial relations). Overall Score 4.33 (3.78, 4.25, 4.77; Rank 25/127). Location: Canada. Status ABD (defending in the Fall). Qualifications: 4 peer-reviewed publications, 3 non-refereed publications, approximately 20 international and national conference presentations.  Additional information: SSHRC CGS Doctoral Fellowship, Ontario Graduate Scholarship.
  • Received acceptance for SSHRC Postdoc (March 18). Discipline: Linguistics (Committee 4B: Education, Linguistics, Psychology, Social Work). Overall Score: 4.68 (4.5, 4.6, 4.8; Rank 7/79). Location: Canada. Status: Ph.D. in 2018 (defended before application). Qualifications: 1 peer-reviewed publication, 3 non-refereed publications, 12 conference presentations.
  • Received acceptance for SSHRC Postdoc (March 14). Discipline: Sociology (Committee 3). Overall score 4.80 (4.30/4.50/5.10: Rank 8/120). Location Canada (University of Guelph). Status ABD (defended in December 2018). Qualifications: 11 peer-reviewed publications (8 first author), 20+ conference presentations, SSHRC doctoral fellowship for 4yrs, OGS funded twice, Top 25 finalist SSHRC storytellers. FYI I did absolutely awful last year when I applied! A lot can change in 1 year. I also changed up my supervisor and reframed the program of work which helped tremendously. 
  • Received acceptance for SSHRC Postdoc. March 8 2019. Discipline: English Lit (Committee 1). Overall score 4.87 (5.05; 4.95; 4.75. Rank 3 / 149). Location: Canada. Status ABD (defended Aug 2019. Took up award Sept 2019). Qualifications: 2 peer-reviewed publications, 8 conference papers, Bombardier doctoral award, OGS funded twice.

Results received (unsuccessful)[]

FORMAT: Score. Discipline. Selection Committee (eg, 3/7563, 6/7566). Location: (eg, Canada, US). Status: (eg, ABD, 1yr, 2yr). Qualifications: (eg, pubs, presentations).

  • Received a rejection from Banting today. Discipline: English Literature. Overall score 7.00 (7.6/6.65/6.75) Location: Canada. Status: PhD in 2016, current SSHRC Postdoc. Qualification: 1 monograph under contract, 4 peer-reviewed publications, 15+ conferences.
  • Received a rejection from Banting yesterday. Discipline: English Literature. Overall score 7.30 (8.0/5.15/8.75). Ranked 56/181. Location: Canada. Status: PhD in Spring 2018. Qualification: Solicited monograph (no contract yet); 6 peer-reviewed publications, 10+ other publications, 20+ conferences. Submitted same application to regular SSHRC Postdoc pool; fingers crossed for that one.
  • Rejection received from Banting. Discipline: Psychology. Overall score 7.27 (7.60, 6.65, 7.55). Location: Australia. Status: PhD in Spring 2017, current SSHRC Postdoc. Qualifications: 4 peer-reviewed articles, 4 more peer-reviewed articles in press. 1 book chapter, and another in press. 2 non-peer reviewed publications. Many conference presentations.

  • 7-Mar Rejection received for SSHRC postdoc today. Score: 3.2/ 2.9/ 2.95, ranked 85/127 (ouch). Discipline: Politial Science. Location: Canada. Status: PhD in 2018, currently on a one-year postdoc at McGill and U. de Montreal. Qualifications: 3 peer reviewed articles, 3 book chapters, 6 conference presentations, 5 other publications. I would have been surprised if I got it, but it's sort of devastating to know I ranked so poorly.
  • 8-Mar Rejection received for SSHRC postdoc today. Discipline: Philosophy (Committee 2B). Score: 3.15/2.9/3.15, ranked 47/74. Status: 5th year PhD. Qualifications: Bombardier CGS, Michael Smith Supplement (for visiting term at same University as postdoc app), many conference and other presentations, 2 non-peer reviewed publications.
  • 8-Mar Rejection received for SSHRC postdoc. Committee 6. Score: 3.5/3.75/3.75. Ranked 36/123. Status: PhD in 2018. Qualifications: SSHRC CGS in PhD and MA, OGS, and multiple other awards, 10+ conference presentations, 4 peer reviewed articles, 2 reviews, 2 non-academic articles. 
  • 8-Mar Rejection received for SSHRC postdoc today. Discipline: Religious Studies (Committee 2B). Score: 3.6/3.6/3.6, ranked 30/74. Status: ABD. Qualifications: FQRSC Doctoral, 1 peer-reviewed article, 3 "big" conferences and a handful of grad conferences. 
  • 11-Mar Rejection for SSHRC postdoc. Committee 6. Score: 4.00/3.40/3.85. Ranked 34/123. Status: ABD defending 2019. Qualifications: Multiple Awards IDRC, OGS, Prestigious Fellowship, SSHRC MA (no doctoral SSHRC, 3 peer- reviewed, 4 forthcoming articles, 8+ conferences, invited talks
  • 11-Mar Rejection recieved for SSHRC postdoc today. Discipline: History (Committee 2B). Score: 2.25/3.15/4.0, ranked 39/74. Status: PhD. Qualifications: 2 refereed articles, 8 other refereed contributions, 11 non-refereed contributions, and 4 creative outputs.
  • 13-Mar Rejection received for SSHRC postdoc yesterday. Discipline: Archaeology (Committee 3). Score 3.10/3.45/2.45 (ouch), ranked 87/120 (super ouch). Status: ABD (7th year in a 6-year PhD program), defending in May 2019). Qualifications 2 peer-reviewed papers, editor of a journal issue, 2 non-peer reviewed papers, several conference papers and a few posters, conference organizing committee, invited talks, Leakey Foundation Doctoral research grant, SSHRC fellowships for Masters and PhD, OGS for Masters, a few other smaller research grants and awards.
  • 14-Mar Rejection received. Committee 4B : Education, Linguistics, Psychology, Social Work Score: 2.50,2.75, 2.80 Rank: 65/79 (So far from getting it, yikes) Status: ABD: Defending in Fall 2019. Qualifications: 3 peer-reviewed articles, one first author. One book chapter, 10 plus conference presentations (international and national), 10 plus invited talks, 3 times OGS and a handful of other scholarships and grants. 
  • 11-Mar. Rejection received for post-doc. Comittee 4A: Psychology. Score: 3.35, 3.70, 3.90 (weighted total: 3.73). Rank: 28 / 78.  ABD defending August (well likely delaying now a year). Qualifications: 21 peer-reviewed articles, 6 book chapters, 1 conference symposium organized, 14 conference talks, 17 conference posters, 13 invited talks.  SSHRC Masters, SSHRC PhD Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship, Killam Doctoral Scholarship, OGS, several UBC fellowships).
  • 14-Mar. Rejection recieved for post-doc. Comittee 4a: Social Psychology. Score: 2.9, 2.9, 2.9. Rank: 54/78 looooool. ABD, defending May or June.  Qualifications: 4 peer-reviewed articles, 1 book chapter, 3 papers under review, 4 papers in prep. 3 Chaired Symposia at largest conferences in my subfield as well as psychology broadly, 18 oral conference presentations, 12 conference posters. SSHRC Masters, SSHRC PhD, Over $50k in other research funding. It's worth noting, for people who want to feel better about the randomness of this process. SSHRC ranked me in the 30th percentile, but I have recieved post-doc offers from both Princeton and Northwestern, so there's definitely a little bit of randomness in determining success with SSHRC....
  • 18-Mar. Rejection. Committee 3: Sociology. Score: 3.00, 3.50, 3.10 (forgot weighted total). Rank: 53/120. ABD, defended between submitting application and receiving result. Qualifications: 3 published journal articles (2 first author), 4 journal articles in press (2 first author, 1 single author), 3 journal articles under review at the time of submission (1 single author). Tons of conference presentations. $60,000 SSHRC doctoral award and $65,000 USD of fellowships from my graduate school. Not sure what the low ability score was about, but what can you do.


05-Feb-2019: Am I being an absolute idiot, or was the announcement made a few days ago about this competition, or last year's?

  • This appears to be a list of the 2018-19 recipients. Weird that they would post this list right at the time that we are all waiting for the results from this year's competition.

12-Feb-2019: Emailed SSHRC about results and was told that mail-out would occur towards the end of February. So I think the mailbox stakeout will occur during the first week of March :)

  • Thank you very much for letting us know!

14-Feb-2019: For those like me who can't help obsessing over the day the results will be mailed, SSHRC twitts about that in the last six years:

25-Feb-2019: Someone just posted on another forum that they emailed SSHRC directly, who replied that acceptances would be sent out the beginning of March

1-March-2019: Still no tweet, I'm assuming the letters won't be mailed until Monday at the absolute earliest... what a drag. 

UPDATE: The announcement of the #SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship results has been postponed to March 8. #sshrcpostdoc

4-March-2019: Does "announcement of the #SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship results" mean they're switching to e-mail announcements or that they are putting letters in the mail on that day. Why would you ever put something in the mail on a Friday?!

  • Some people asked for some clarification on Twitter but SSHRC didn't respond. E-mailing over 800 people would be a heavy burden for them considering they are already behind their schedule. I wish they just announce the list of fellowship offered applications. It shouldn't be an issue because they reveal this kind of a list every year anyway.
  • Personally I would be absoultely shocked if they decided to announce it in a different way at the last minute!
  • I just sent an email to ask them how the results will be communicated. I'll post the answer if I get one. Waiting until mid-March for the results would be pretty rough (which is what I am anticipating). [UPDATE: They are mailing them.]

 •Mailing on a Friday..... how ridiculous (and not to mention torturous!). Looks as if we are all going to be waiting aweek more, at the very least [UPDATE: When I received my SSHRC doctoral, my department head already had the news and "unofficially" told me before I received the official notice. I'm wondering if in this instance departments might know before we receive the hardcopies?] 

5-March-2019: Interesting... Has anyone ever heard of this happening?

  • There is a statement on the web page of SSHRC for doctoral award, it says " Faculties of graduate studies at postsecondary institutions with a quota will be informed of their applicants’ competition results via SSHRC’s secure site". I guess this only applies to doctoral award.
  • Yes that applies to doctoral awards. From what I remember, when I was doing my PhD this occurred in my department - I received a SSHRC doctoral fellowship and there were several others over the years that I was there.
  • Somebody on Twitter (1:42 pm) : "I emailed SSHRC directly and they said "The results for the Postdoctoral competition will be mailed this afternoon."" UPDATE : message erased
  • I have two friends in Ottawa who have heard back from SSHRC and both were rejected...not sure why some people have heard and some haven't but it appears that some results were mailed out.
    Capture d’écran, le 2019-03-05 à 13.58
  • That was my Tweet! I didn't mean to erase it - It's true :) I emailed them today and they said they were sending letters our by mail this afternoon. So depending on where you are in Canada, your letter should arrive in 1-4 business days!
  • I'm confused why they would say March 8th on twitter and then quietly email only *some* of the letters before then?? That doesn't make much sense. If they emailed them yesterday why wouldn't they tweet that?
    • I mean, to be fair, pretty much nothing SSHRC has done over the past month has made sense... I wonder if the person whose friends already heard maybe applied to the doctoral as opposed to postdoctoral? It looks like some direct applicants for SSHRC doctoral received letters in the last few weeks.
    • That's exactly what I was thinking; these friends could have been finding out if they are going to the national competition for SSHRC doctoral awards. SSHRC has stated repeatedly that they send out all of the letters at once. To get through this especially lengthy wait, I keep telling myself that the delay is because SSHRC got more money and that the acceptance rate will hopefully be higher this year :) 
      • I've been saying the same thing! I'm not sure when they found out about the extra money, but if it was after the decisions were made, I imagine it could be a pretty lengthy process figuring out new cutoff marks. Either way, the end is in sight!
        • Unless they already mailed them and are announcing the results publically on March 8???
  • If they mailed the letters yesterday, I don't understand why SSHRC doesn't tweet about it as always. I literally live on SSHRC's tweeter page this week.
  • Jesus christ, you guys. They didn't send out "some letters but not others." SSHRC is mailing letters from Ottawa. It's faster for a letter to get delivered from Ottawa to Ottawa than from Ottawa to Edmonton or Vancouver.
  • Yup - Was going to say above! Everything gets sent out at the same time. Two people have confirmed, SSHRC sent out postdoc announcements by mail (not by email...ever) on March 5th. Now, it's just waiting until the mail is delivered. But the announcements are out for everyone.

March 7, 2019: I emailed SSHRC and here's their response:

"The postdoctoral results were mailed on March 5, 2019."

Guess we should receive the letter soon. 

  • It's odd that a letter posted on March 5th hasn't yet reached my address down the street from SSHRC. My postie's already been by today so I hope that it reaches tomorrow. If anybody else living in Ottawa has received their letters, would love to know. And thanks everybody for the good company, even if only in misery, that you provide in this forum.
    • My guess is that "Mailed March 5th" probably means "put in the mail," and maybe delivered to a mailroom, but thus probably not actually posted/picked up until March 6th.... ? Still, it is odd that ppl in Ottawa haven't yet received them today.
  • March 7- Someone tweeted as he didn't get SSHRC postdoc which means he received his letter
    • I did some sleuthing and it looks like he's in Montreal? Which could mean results have gotten out of province already?
    • I live in Montreal like this guy. Nothing in my mailbox... 
      • I'm in Montreal and my big ol rejection arrived today. 
  • So then what does SSHRC's tweet (linked above) about results on March 8th mean? 
    • Probably that they anticipated not being able to send them out until the 8th, but then they were able to do it sooner than they thought. That's the Occam's Razor explanation, anyway.
    • It also could mean that the majority of applicants in Canada will receive them by March 8th, which seems at least somewhat likely given the mail date.

7-March-2019: FYI, someone posted in another forum that the success rate is 19.2% for this year. I'm happy to hear that it has gone up from 17.7% of last year!  [source:]

8-March-2019: Received a letter from SSHRC in Montreal. Best of luck to everyone! - March 8th, at night, in Montreal, still haven't recieved a letter, I'm super frustrated that I won't know until at least Mondary, blarg!

  • Received rejection this morning in Calgary, so the letters have made it West, folks! Good luck to all!

I am in Ontario, but no mail so far. Have the mails delivered to your school or home? 

  • I received my letter at my home (Edmonton) on 8 March, but my friend in Edmonton has not received his letter as of 11th March.
  • Thanks for sharing! I checked my mailbox at school and home (Toronto) but none there! When we were filling out the form, I did not fill out the correspondence address as it said "Complete this section only if you wish your correspondence to be sent to an address other than that of your current position." Everything right not makes me nervous. Let's hope people in Ontario get the mail on Monday. 
  • Shoot! I'm also in Toronto and haven't received a letter, and just went to check what I filled out for address. I filled out both 'current address' (my university outside of Canada) and 'correspondence address' (current address in Toronto). Now I'm worried my mail may have gone to my mailbox on campus, when I'm away this entire semester. Has anyone else in Toronto gotten their letter?
  • ^ I applied (unsuccesfully) for the SSHRC post-doc last year, and had only the 'current address' for the institution where I would have carried out my research as well my 'permanent' (home) address entered in my online CV, but my 'correspondence address' was left blank. My notice was delivered to my permanent/home address. This year I have the same information entered (albeit at a different institution) and haven't received word yet. I'll be checking with the university on Monday as well as my own mailbox.
  • Based on everyone's posts, it doesnt seem like Toronto letters have been received by anyone yet... But hopefully today (March 11!) is the day...any one received in Toronto??
  • 11-March (2:30pm) No mail (not even fliers) has been deliverd to Toronto address (permenant address & school). Let's keep things updated!
  • Got my letter at home in Toronto (March 11th)

9-March-2019: Manitoba here, no mail arrived yesterday so the wait continues. I really wish they could just do this online. Good luck everyone.

9-March-2019: I've updated the Stats heading above with the stats I received in my letter. It would be great if everyone who has received their letters could do the same! (It would certainly cut down on questions under each individual post). The overall success rate for the competition was actually 19.4%, not 19.2%.

March 9 2019: I received an email yesterday (Mar 8) with my NOD attached in PDF. They said they mailed out my hard copy on Mar 5, but they realized after it was sent that they made a mistake. So the email says I should disregard the decision stated in the letter. I haven’t received the letter in the mail yet, but the PDF says I was not successful. I presume this means I will receive a letter next week that says I was successful. This seems very strange to me. Anyone else have a similar email notification?

  • This is so strange - how would they even realize they had made a mistake? Have you received the letter yet?
  • This is the stuff nightmares are made of. Please do update us about the contents of the mailed letter, once you receive it!

March 11 2019: FYI, for those who are doing PhDs in the U.S., I just got my results in the mail today (successful). I'm on the West Coast, so good job international mail system. 

11-March: Anyone in Toronto (or anywhere in Ontario) received letter? So strange that the mail arrived in the states but not here in Toronto...

12-March: I know of two friends in the Toronto area who received their letters yesterday. I'm still waiting on mine, however...

13-March: Haven't opened my letter yet because I'm out of town until tomorrow, but I can confirm they've made it all the way west. Mine has arrived in Vancouver as of yesterday (the 12th).

13-March: I am in Toronto and my letter still has not arrived (today's mail was already delivered, and still no letter). Zero cheers for Canada Post.

13-March: Still waiting for my letter in Winnipeg. SSHRC, if you're reading this, it would be really helpful if you could implement email notifications, or secure messages on your own site! It makes zero sense to me that letter mail is the optimal solution here.

13- March: Also, downtown Toronto and no letter in the mail. I checked my faculty mailbox as well. This is brutal.

14- March: Received letter in Waterloo, Ontario today. FINALLY

16-March: Another week gone by and *still* nothing in the mail.

16-March: I'm in Ottawa and I still haven't received my letter. I emailed them a few days ago and they said that I have to wait 2 weeks from the delivery day, and then I can contact them. So basically, if no mails comes by this Tuesday (which I 100% anticipate), we can email them and I imagine they will email us the results.

18-March: Still have not received mail here in Winnipeg so I emailed SSHRC this morning. They responded by emailing a secure pdf with my results. I suggest anyone still waiting do the same. Although I got an autoresponse that it might take 4 days for them to reply, they actually replied within about 2-3 hours.