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If you wish, please feel free to use this page to share information about salaries offered for positions in Rhetoric and Composition. This would be helpful to all current and future seekers. If you're willing to do this, make a note of the kind of job, the level (asst/assoc/full), the region, the kind of university, the salary, and any very significant perks/incentives (if any), male or female, and if you negotiated.

  • Example: "Assistant Prof TT, South, Public University, $62,500 9 month contract, + summer teaching extra, $5,500 moving, $5000 startup, female (negotiated moving expense)"

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Salaries for TT Jobs starting in AY 2017-18- Asst. or Assoc. Professor of Rhet/Comp[]

  • Assistant Prof TT, Southwest, R2, $68k, 9 month contract, 3/2, $6k moving, $8k startup, male
  • Assistant Prof TT, Mid-Atlantic, SLAC, $51,500 (up from $50), 9 month contract, 4/3, $3k moving, male
  • Assistant Prof TT, Northeast, Private, $73K, 9-month contract, 2/2, $5K moving, $2K startup
  • Assistant Prof TT, Northeast, R1, $64k, 10-month contract but paid over 12 months, 2/2, $4k moving, $20k startup, female (negotiated salary up from 62k, moving up from 3k; startup offer started at & remained 20k)
  • Assistant Prof TT, Northeast, Special Focus State College, $64k, 9-month contract, 4/4, no moving, no startup, female

Salaries for TT Technical/Professional Writing Positions starting in AY 2017-18[]

  • Assistant Prof TT, Southeast, R2, $64k, 9 month contract, 2/2, 1 semester pre-tenure sabattical, $1.5k moving, $3k startup, female
  • Assistant Prof TT, Midwest, Teaching, $62k, 9 month contract, 2/2 (2/3 after first two years), $2k moving, $1.5k startup, female
  • Assistant Prof TT, Southwest, R1, $70K (negotiated up from 68K), 9 month contract, 2/2, 1 semester pre-tenure teaching leave (not a sabatical, service requirements apply), $5K moving, $5K startup, male 

Salaries for WPA Positions starting in AY 2017-18[]

  • Dir. of Comp/Assistant Prof, PNW, private, $61k, 10.5 mo contract, 2/2/Summer; negotiated: spousal hire, $2.5k relocation, $3.5k start-up; male, multiple offers

Salaries for VAP / Lecturer [non-TT] Positions starting in AY 2017-18[]

  • Visiting Assistant Prof (VAP), Midwest, Prof/Tech Writing, $50k, 9 month contract, 3/2, $1k research funds, female, negotiation included request for higher salary (denied) and moving expenses ($750 reimbursement offered)