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If you wish, please feel free to use this page to share information about salaries offered for positions in Rhetoric and Composition. This would be helpful to all current and future seekers. If you're willing to do this, make a note of the kind of job, the level (asst/assoc/full), the region, the kind of university, the salary, and any very significant perks/incentives (if any), male or female, and if you negotiated.

  • Example: "Assistant Prof TT, South, Public University, $62,500 9 month contract, + summer teaching extra, $5,500 moving, $5000 startup, female (negotiated moving expense)"

Prior Salary Page for Rhetoric and Composition: Rhetoric/Composition Salaries for AY 2017-2018

Rhetoric & Composition Jobs: Rhetoric and Composition 2023-2024

Salaries for TT Jobs starting in AY 2024-25 - Asst. or Assoc. Professor of Rhet/Comp[]

  • Asst. Prof. TT, Southwest community college, 5/5 reassigned time to start WAC program, told it was top of pay scale 58K, summer teaching opportunities. New computer, lots of prof. dev. funding. Moving expenses 3K, not eligible, I already live here!

Salaries for TT Technical/Professional Writing Positions starting in AY 2024-25[]

  • Add salary info here

Salaries for WPA or WCD Positions starting in AY 2024-25[]

  • Assistant Professor TT in Writing Studies & WCD. Northeast, private SLAC. $80,000 (negotiated up from $77,000), 9-month contract. Additional $5,000 guaranteed stipend for summer WC management + possible summer teaching. Offer came with a one-course teaching reduction for first year (typical teaching load at this institution is a 4/3, position comes with a three-course reduction for a 2/2, first year will be a 2/1). Negotiated an iPad Pro + a MacBook for tech startup. Up to $7,000 reimbursed for moving expenses. Female.
    • (Note for future job seekers: This position did not come with the traditional "startup research funds" you might see at an R1 or R2, which I think can be common at teaching-focused SLACs and publics. But there seems to be a lot of money available for travel and research from various offices across campus, and conversations with faculty confirmed the money was not difficult to access, so I felt that was okay. This is something to consider and ask about when negotiating!)

Salaries for VAP / Lecturer [non-TT] Positions starting in AY 2024-25[]

  • Teaching Assistant Prof. of Technical Communication, United States NYC area, Tech school. 4/3 load, $83000, 9-month contract + optional summer teaching. $3k moving reimbursement. Female.
    • Negotiated unsuccessfully for spousal employment; negotiated successfully for moving funds and for scheduling adjustments to accommodate lengthy commute. Salary offer was the upper limit of the union-determined range, so did not negotiate salary. No startup available for Teaching lines. Benefits are fully equivalent to TT positions. Contract lengths are 2 yrs followed by 3 yrs, 3 yrs, then 6 yrs per renewal.