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2011-2012 Jobs[]

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Adelphi University[]

  • Was told by faculty member in casual conversation that they interviewed candidates at CSWE
  • 11/1/11 - on campus interviewed scheduled for early December
  • Checking references (1/18/12)

Arizona State University[]

Preliminary CSWE interview 10/29/11 (2X)

  • SSWR interview invite (12/12)
  • Was the interview for one of the four tenure-track positions with a Jan 3rd deadline? Yes
  • Campus visit invitation (1/18)
  • Offer extended and accepted x2
  • Offer extended

Augsburg in MN[]

Barry University[]

Binghamton University[]

  • preliminary interview conducted
  • campus visit scheduled
  • position filled

Boise State University[]

  • Preliminary interviews conducted at CSWE APM
  • Skype interviews scheduled for 12/1 and 12/2 (12/1)
  • Checking references (12/5)
  • Any updates? (1/18)
  • I haven't heard anything (1/19)
  • Any news here? (3/2)
  • None (3/2)
  • Letter received that position has been filled (4/17)

Boston College[]

  • Conference interview scheduled 10-21 (3x)
  • interviewed at CSWE
  • was told they were aiming to make decisions by Jan.
  • campus visit invite (11/10)
  • Rejection letter received 11/18/11, dated 11/3/11 (2x)
  • anyone heard anything lately? I was interviewed at CSWE and have heard nothing since
  • had campus interviews, still making their decision

Bridgewater State University MA[]

Bryn Mawr[]

  • CSWE interviews conducted
  • invited for campus visit for mid-Jan.(x3 - 12/7)
  • position offered and accepted

California State University East Bay[]

  • Letter of acknowledgement received in mid-November
  • Request for phone interview (12/14) - will be in mid-january

California State University Monterey Bay[]

  • Applied in February, haven't heard anything back, just sent email requesting an update 4/12.
  • they have whittled down to final candidates
  • California State University Northridge

  • Phone interview completed (12/13/11) 2x
  • Invited for campus visit (12/19/11)

Case Western Reserve University[]

  • Scheduled CSWE interviews (10-24)
  • References contacted (11-3)
  • Campus invite

College of Staten Island[]

Colorado State University[]

  • Rejection letter rec'd (2/11)
  • They are waiitng for approval for final list of candidates to bring to campus, Asst. Prof only
  • Nicest rejection letter every 5/9
  • Interview on 1/9/13 - Very nice person interviewed me, checked references, feel strong about making the final cut.

Columbia University[]

  • Scheduling conference interviews
  • Invited for campus visit in December
  • Rejection email sent after conference interview (11/1/11) x5
  • offer made, not accepted
  • Apllied 2/12 , haven't heard anything at all


East Carolina University[]

Eastern Michigan University[]

  • i heard with good authority that viable candidates need 6 years post masters practice experience for this school
  • I know this school very well and this is false. They do really look at practice experience because it is a teaching focused SSW, but 2-3 years practice experience will get you in the door.

Florida International University[]

- Received rejection email stating people had been selected for campus interview

Fordham University[]

  • CSWE interviews conducted
  • campus interview scheduled and completed (11/20) X2 ((12/02)
    • was this a full day visit with job talk, etc?
      • yes (congrats)
      • Which position was this for?
      • Macro position, was offered the position
  • Has anyone heard anything after CSWE about the leadership position?
    • Invite for iterview at SSWR for leadership position (12/15)

George Mason University[]

Governor's State University Illinois[]

Hunter College[]

  • anybody know what's going on with their search?
  • got an acknowledgment of application receipt yesterday (11/17)
  • Received rejection email (1/9/11) x4 (1/17/12)
  • Any news here? Are they still recruiting? Any campus visit?

Illinois State University[]

  • Informal meetings at CSWE APM (12/2)
  • Contacting people for phone interviews (12/6)
  • Invite to campus for mid-January (12/19)

Indiana University[]

  • Rejection letter received

Indiana University, Northwest[]

Long Island University[]

Louisiana State University[]

  • scheduling conference interviews
  • CSWE interview conducted
  • Any updates? (1/19)
  • Interviewed at CSWE and nothing (1/19) x2
  • Invited for a campus visit (1/23)
  • Any news here? (3/2)
  • Have they made any offers? (3/27)
  • Generic email sent stating position has been filled (4/17)

Loyola University Chicago[]

  • Received rejection letter (11-19)

Marywood in PA[]

Miami University, Ohio[]

  • Received letter acknowledging receipt of application and update on process. They will review applications and check references in December then invite top candiates to campus in mid-January to February. They anticipate hiring by April 2012. (12/12) x4
  • Invited for campus visit in February. (1/4)

Northeastern Illinois University[]

Northern Kentucky University[]

  • Conference interview scheduled
  • Second interview scheduled (x2)
  • Campus visit offered (x2)
  • Campus visit scheduled

Ohio State University[]

  • conference interview scheduled (x4)
  • Received rejection letter (10-30) (x5)
  • campus visits scheduled
  • second rounds of visits to take place in January
  • Two jobs offered and accepted
  • They have one additional left opening this year
  • Decided not to make third hire until next year

Richard Stockton College at New Jersey[]

  • Preliminary Interview at APM

Rhode Island College[]


  • No search this year

Simmons College[]

  • Recieved Rejection Email (x2)
  • Preliminary Interview at APM

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville[]

  • CSWE and phone interviews conducted through Nov and will invite campus visits in december (11/19)

St. Edward's University, Austin, TX[]

St. Olaf College[]

  • Conducted interviews CSWE. Expected to do campus visits and make offer by semester break.
  • Campus interview scheduled.
  • Received rejection email on 11/27 (12/2)


  • Rejection email (12-12) X2
  • SSWR interview invite (12/12)
  • Reject after SSWR interview (2/7)
  • recent May posting was a mistake


  • Sent in application materials 11/9; told they have already decided on our final candidates and invited them to campus and that they are currently interviewing folks with their phd already in hand and post-doc experience.
  • Rejection letter received x4 (1/4)

University of Alabama[]

  • Received notifcation of receipt of application x3
  • scheduled conference interview at SSWR x3 (12/15)
  • Campus invite
  • Rejection after SSWR interview (1/27)

University of Alabama at Birmingham[]

  • Recieved email notification of completed application 2/14/12

University of Alaska, Anchorage[]

  • Anyone hear anything from Alaska?
  • Phone interviews scheduled for December 11/19/11
  • Informational interview at SSWR

University of Arkansas, Little Rock[]

University at Buffalo[]

  • Interview scheduled at SSWR
  • Campus invite
  • Does anyone know if they are finished with their process? Was an offer made?

University of California at Berkeley[]

  • Assistant rank only.
  • Informational interviews at CSWE. CSWE reception Friday 10/28. Applications due 11/30.
  • Any news here?
  • SSWR interview invite (12/21) x2
  • Campus invite x5
  • offer accepted
  • email notice that I would not be getting an interview, addressed to "Mr. [Blank]" (3/29)
  • position open for clinical faculty

University of California, Los Angeles[]

  • Contacting references (x2)
  • Rejection letter (about 10/20)
  • Campus interview in November.
  • Will be no additional movement on this until Dec./January
  • SSWR interview invite (12/9) x2
  • Rejection via email (12/16)
  • Campus invitations extended
  • Rejection via email - told only one position will be filled this year, one position will be held until next year
  • Offer made and accepted

University of Central Florida[]

University of Chicago[]

  • Any news here?
  • Senior faculty candidate invited for job talk
  • Search open but particularly interested in senior faculty this year
  • SSWR interview invite for asst prof position (12/9)
  • rejection letter recieved 1/4, 2/1
  • Were the SSWR interviews for the global position, the aging/school position, or both?
    • Both
  • Campus invite

University of Cincinatti[]

  • Conference interview scheduled
  • Campus visit set for 2/12

University of Denver[]

  • scheduling conference interviews
  • Received rejection letter today (9/27/2011) x4 (12/14/2011) x4
  • Scheduled 2nd interview
  • Invited for campus visit - will be in January
  • Rejection letter after conference interview (11/1) x2
  • Had CSWE interview-no word since then-no rejection and no further invites. Anyone else in that boat?
    • yes (x2)
    • after no word for a while (see above), was sent email 12/5 saying my application was still being considered, that they are on winter break now and will be doing campus visits in Jan. and possibly early Feb. (this wasn't an invitation, just an update email!)
  • Interviews being conducted at SSWR
  • Campus visit offered in January at SSWR (1/14/12)
  • Two offers made and accepted

University of Georgia[]

  • No response
  • Interview at SSWR
  • Offer made and accepted

University of Hawaii[]

  • campus visit scheduled
  • position filled

University of Houston[]

  • Scheduling screening interviews (x2)
  • Skype interviews conducted (x2)
  • Email indicating position has been filled (1/3) X4
  • Finally received email indicating that position was filled (3/21)

University of Illinois at Chicago[]

  • Conference interview scheduled)
  • scheduled telephone screening interview (11/4)
  • expecting to invite candidate for job talks in the next few weeks (11/16)
  • Request for reference letters (12/5) Was this after a prelim or telephone interview?
    • I had an interview at CSWE; they didn't contact me for the letters. They contacted my references directly.
  • campus visit offered and scheduled

Any clue why someone last year posted a warning about accepting an appointment here?

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign[]

  • Conference interview scheduled (x3)
  • Campus visit offered (x2)
  • Scheduled campus visit
  • SSWR interview scheduled (12/14)(x2)
  • Offer made

University of Iowa[]

  • Any news here?
  • Campus visits happended in late Feb for Asst Prof position

University of Kansas[]

  • rejection letter x5 (2/11)
  • Skype interview 1/18

University of Kentucky[]

  • CSWE interview (x2)
  • Any news from UK?
  • they sent an email last week inviting applications for another position at their trauma research center, the email acknowledged that I applied for their other positon (11/20 x4)
  • campus visit scheduled (12/14)
  • Email indicating position has been filled (3/20)

University of Louisville[]

University of Maine, Orono[]

University of Maryland Baltimore[]

  • Scheduling interviews for CSWE (3x)
  • Campus visits being scheduled

University of Michigan[]

  • Conference interview scheduled (10-20-11)
  • Rejection letter received (11-1) (x3)
    • Was this by email or snail mail?
      • Snail
    • Also applied for multiple positions. Rejection letter did not specify position.
  • I didn't receive a rejection or a CSWE interview. Anyone else in that situation?
    • yes, same situation. 11/9 (x4), yep 11/16
  • Invited for campus visit (11/10) Was this for a particular position?
    • Urban/community-based research (11/15)
  • Did anyone apply for the interdisciplinary cluster positions? Yes, no word. (x2-11/16)
    • Rejection lettter via snail mail (12/6)
    • Skype interview for cluster position (12/16); rejection email (01/12)
  • Telephone interview for Urban/Community-based research completed 12/14
  • QUESTION: Has anyone been contacted in any way for the "general faculty" position?
    • I applied for the gen faculty position and received a rejection letter the first week of November
    • Offered SSWR interview for gen fac position
    • Thanks everyone!
  • Invited for conference interview for SSWR-for CASC (I applied for 3)
  • Rejection email received after I emailed asking for update (2/6)
  • Final or (near-final) group of invitees contacted and scheduled per insider (2/14)
  • Offer extended
  • Offer extended and accepted for urban/community-based cluster hire

University of Minnesota[]

  • Conference interview scheduled (4x)
  • Will begin scheduling visits in mid- to late- November
  • Email update stating they will not be scheduling campus visits until after interviews at SSWR (x5 11-19-11)
    • So does this mean the have scheduled SSWR interviews?
    • They didn't say whether they had scheduled interviews, just that they intended to.
    • They did have SSWR interviews.
  • Email requesting 2nd conference interview. First conference interview at APM.
  • Campus visits will be scheduled late January or early February.
  • In the interviews @SSWR they said things will move quickly from here on out. They will invite to campus and want it wrapped up in the next couple weeks.
  • Campus visit scheduled (1/19)x2
  • Five candidates are being brought to campus
  • Is it for one position only?
  • Yes--one position Assistant/Associate Professor
  • Received rejection email saying candidate offers have been made (2/15) x3

University of Minnesota Duluth[]

University of Mississippi[]

University of Missouri[]

  • received rejection email (11/3)
  • Skype interview scheduled
  • Scheduled campus visit
  • Offer made and accepted (x2)
  • Two new job announcements (one tt and one non-tt) posted late Dec
  • Campus visit (1/18)
    • How'd it go?
      • I think it went pretty well. Great faculty and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Offer made and accepted for third tenure-track position (2/7)

University of Missouri at St. Louis[]

University of Nebraska at Omaha[]

  • received email for a screening phone interview (11/30)

University of North Carolina at Greensboro[]

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill[]

University of North Carolina at Wilmington[]

  • Interview at CSWE
  • campus interview in February
    • Onslow county position?
  • both positions filled.

University of North Dakota[]

University of North Florida[]

University of Oklahoma Tulsa[]

Univeristy of Pennsylvania[]

  • Received rejection letter (10-30) (8x)
    • (I applied 11/9 and got rejection letter in mail 12/13)
  • I believe they're focusing on senior level folks
  • Yes, also looking to recruit people who can teach clinical classes
  • Offer made and accepted to junior person

University of Pittsburgh[]

  • Conference interview scheduled 3x
    • Anyone receive any sort of contact after APM?
  • SSWR interview invite (12/1) (x3)
    • Health position or Child position?
    • health (x3)
  • Rejection letter x3 (2/11)

University of South Carolina[]

  • Phone interview invite (11/18) (x2)
  • Campus invite (12/14)
    • Military SW position or Clinical Taching focused on policy practice?
    • Neither; for their general tenure-track opening focusing on "older adults, children and families, communities and neigborhoods, and health"
    • Applied 2/12 have not heard back
    • Did anyone hear back? Rejection letters?

University of South Florida[]

University of Southern California[]

  • CSWE interviews completed
  • Campus visit offered (11/28)
    • at least three candidates visiting for assistant professor positions
    • offer accepted x2
  • Rejection letter (1/23/12)
  • More information asked for 3/12, nothing else since
  • Now in "final round" for this cycle
  • Offer, not accepted
    • Have you accepted somewhere? If you don't mind answering, why not accepted?

University of Southern Indiana[]

University of Tennessee[]

  • Scheduling interviews at CSWE (10-24)
  • Did they conduct CSWE interviews for both locations, Nashville and Knoxville?
    • Yes
  • Campus visit offered (11-7)
  • Rejection letter received 11/2011 (x3)
    • Snail mail or email?
      • Snail (x3)

University of Texas at Austin[]

  • Applied for the position in December but didn't hear back. Guess that means rejection.

University of Texas at Arlington[]

University of Utah[]

  • conference interview scheduled (x3)
  • campus visit offered 11/14
  • offer made, not accepted

University of Vermont[]

  • Checking references 1/13 (x4)
  • Automated email rejection (1-28) x3
  • 4 interviews scheduled in April

University of Washington[]

  • Scheduling conference interviews (2x)
  • Phone interview scheduled (11/15) (2x)
    • Is this a follow up to an interview at CSWE or a first interview?
    • Follow-up interview.
  • Checking references (11/5/11)
  • Rejection letter received (12/7/11) (2X)
    • Was this by snail mail or email?
      • Snail
  • Campus visit offered (11/22/11)
    • for position oriented around macro practice
    • Congrats! Do you happen know if UW has already decided on a core group of candidates to invite to campus? Or their timeline more generally?
      • I emailed the committee chairs asking about my application and was informed that they have already selected their final candidates and that a formal note would be sent out soon to those who were not selected.
      • Thanks, this is so helpful!
      • Rejection letter received (12/16/11) (x5)
  • Campus visit offered x4
    • for position oriented around micro practice
  • Offers extended
  • Offers accepted

Unvierstiy of Wisconsin-Green Bay[]

  • Phone interview conducted in November (12/2)
  • Campus interview scheduled for mid-Dec
  • Email stating position has been filled (2/2)

University of Wisconsin-Madison[]

  • Skype interview request (11/9)
  • Campus visit offered (11/23)
  • Rejection letter received x4 (1/4) X2
  • from a reliable source they quickly interviewed and offered the position so it was filled.(1/15)
  • They are hiring two tenure track faculty this year
  • either way they are done with their process, they chose quickly. yes, true

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee[]

  • conducted CSWE interview (2x)
  • CSWE interviews informational/trying to encourage applications
  • request for reference letters 11/19 (x4)
  • Campus interview scheduled 12/9 (x2)
  • Request for campus interview Jan
  • Does anyone know if the offer was made?
  • offer made, not accepted
    • Thanks for the answer! Was it for the position in gerontology?
    • No ( i didn't realize they had a position in gerontology!). General faculty position
      • thanks!
  • Gero offer made - accepted

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire[]

VIrginia Commonwealth[]

  • Interview at SSWR (12-8) +1
  • Invitation to visit campus 1/17 (x2)

Washington University in St. Louis[]

  • Phone Interviews scheduled (10-24)
  • Rejection letter received (about 10/20/11?)
  • CSWE interviews completed
  • Campus visit offered x3
  • Phone interview scheduled for early Jan. (12/12) x2
  • Rejection email (2/13)

Wayne State University[]

  • Conference interview scheduled (x2)
  • Any news here?
    • met someone at SSWR who have a job talk scheduled.
    • job talk scheduled for late Feb

West Chester[]

West Virginia University[]

  • Conference interview scheduled
  • Campus visit scheduled

Western Michigan University[]

Westfield State University[]

Wheelock College[]

  • Preliminary Interview held at APM

Widener University[]

Xaiver University[]

  • Informational interview at APM