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What are the average salaries being offered for asst. prof positions?

  • - I've seen $61,000-$63,000 (friend got offer of $70,000 last year)
  • - $75,000 (< where? Is it in the NYC or greater NYC area? Where cost of living are high you see numbers like this. But I was trying to make sense of it).
    • It's FSU who has hired 4 people in the last two years all starting at at least 75K.  
  • - low-mid 50's (southern school with very low cost of living), 60-65k at urban metropolitan area (with mid-high cost of living). Most schools have been upfront with a range up to about 65 with little negotiation capability. The "other" stuff varies wildly though with such as relocation costs (none-10k), research startup money (none-$7500), etc.  Have heard of offers up to $75k at R1s, but without much extra stuff. It varies so much!
  • - Midwest school, no MSW program, with 3/3 load: $60,000. Midwest School, with BSW and MSW programs, 3/3 teaching load: $50-52,000. 
  • -64K, 10K relocation, 25K startup. Uniniozed salaries will not be negotiable, and are thus 'fair'. I won't have a collegue with my credentials making 10K more than me because she was better at negotiating. One of the reasons why social work is truly great - it recognizes the pitfalls of unhealthy competition. At least in some schools.
  • -Moderately ranked school with a doctoral program in the southeast hired 4 people in last two years all with salaries of at least 75K.  School will be hiring again next year...

How many places did you apply? How many interviews? How many campus visits invited? Job offers?

18; 14; 3; 2

24; 17; 6; 3

20; 12; 4; 2


14: 11: 4: 2

3; 3; 3; 2 (but canceled third campus visit)

10; 5; 2; 2

30; 5; 3; 2

Update when you have information![]

Appalachian State University[]

  • Rejection letter (12/15/13)
  • Phone interview (1/15/13)
  • Campus Visit (2/5/13)
  • Rejection Letter (3/24/14)

Adelphi University[]

  • Submitted online packet 10/11/13; CSWE interview 10/28
  • Offered CSWE interview 10/07/13 and responded to reschedule, but no answer 10/21/13
  • CSWE interview (10.07.13)
  • Local interview (11.04.13)
  • Rejection (12.03.13) x1
  • Contacted for Campus Visit (12.04.13)
  • Contacted for SSWR interview (1.8.14)
  • submitted online packet 11/5, and got an email in December from HR: rejection saying I didn't meet qualifications, which is weird and incorrect. Seems my app never made it past HR, not sure why.

Arizona State University[]

  • Hiring a Director (9/5/13)
  • Hiring TT Professor (9.30)
  • CSWE Interview
  • Hiring Assistant Professor in Phoenix (12/11/2013)
  • 2-3 campus visits already completed for position in Tucson (12/22/2013)
  • Somebody was offered a position in Tucson (1/20/2014)

Augsburg in MN[]

Barry University[]

  • Invite for CSWE informational session/meeting (10/25)
  • CSWE info session/meeting completed (11/01)

Baylor University[]

  • Hiring 2 Tenure Track and a lecturer (8/19)

Binghamton University[]

Boise State University[]

Boston College[]

  • Rejection letter received (x2)
  • CSWE interview 11/01/13
  • CSWE interview 11/1/13 no word as of 11/10/13
  • Rejection letter received 12/12/13 *2

Boston University[]

  • CSWE Interview (10.21.13 x 3)
  • CSWE interview 11/1/13 no word as of 11/10/13 (x3)
  • Phone Interview 11/11/13
  • Anyone hear about campus visits? (silence here 12.10.13 - x3)
  • SSWR/Phone Interview 01/10/13
  • email rejection stated that search is complete (3/23/14)

Bridgewater State University MA[]

  • Hiring Assistant Professor (BSW)
  • Informational Interview at CSWE (11/1)
  • Phone Interview (12.02.13)
  • Phone Interview (12.11.13)
  • Campus invite (1.6.13)
  • Rejection via email (2.14.14)
  • Offer (2.21.13)

Bryn Mawr[]

  • Phone interview completed October 
  • Onsite interview scheduled (10/24)

California State University East Bay[]

  • Hiring tenure track position (child welfare speciality)
  • Phone Interview (x2) Phone Interview 11/14/13 (x3)
  • Rechecked references 11/22/13
  • Contacted for campus interview 12/20/13
  • Phone interview-my only strange interview. They didn't explain their process, they just went right into questions. Here's an example: Interviewer-"Given the teaching requirements, how do you expect to reach your publication goals for tenure." Me: "Sure, I can answer that, but first, what is the teaching requirement, I did not catch that" (because they didn't say and it is not posted in their ad or their website). Interviewer: -repeated question. Me thinking: Guess I'll just respond to how I plan to do research and not focus on the teaching requirements. This was a total shocker to me-almost all the questions had some type of preface like that with no explanation. Anyway, if they would have actually prefaced and said something like "We are going to ask questions and will not be able to respond. We can answer your questions after the interview is complete"-then it might have helped. 

California State Long Beach[]

  • CSWE "informal meeting" (x2)
  • Indicated they're bringing 4 people to campus for 2 positions before end of December. (11/9/13)
  • Checked references. Anyone else with update?
  • Contacted for Jan campus visit (12/3/13)
  • Campus visit set for January (12/14/13/)
  • Researched some about pay scale, 65,000 seems to be starting salary for assistant level. Seems a bit low for cost of living in CA, but Long Beach is much better than LA or much of SOCO, so maybe not too bad.

California State University Monterey Bay[]

  • Hiring Director for MSW program (9/19)

California State University Sacramento[]

  • Hiring Assistant Professor to teach practice plus another area as per CSWE (posted 12/2/13)
  • References contacted, but not yet asked to interview...interesting process! (1/8/14)

California State University Stanislaus[]

  • CSWE interview (10/14) X4
  • Asked to contact references x4
  • Campus Visit in December (11/19)
  • Job Offer (12/20/13)-Declined
  • Could you tell be about the program? How was the campus interview? such as meeting with students and the final interview with search committee....could you tell me what kind of questions you had or what they expected of the candidate...I'd appreciate it (3/6)
  • I can respond from my visit...but one thing to keep in mind is that they are looking for 1 macro and 1 micro person so some of the experience might be different depending on your expertise. Overall they were very nice people and it's a nice campus (one of the newer ones in California). I was surprised at how small the library and bookstore were but this is a smaller campus from my experience. Visit to a classroom with students was my favorite part as they asked some critical questions about community organizing and the local community. For the questions in the final interview, they gave me a handout so I could look them over to think. Questions were as expected and typical. I would say it was a very welcoming environment and would be a great place to work if you're interested in that part of California etc. I would also recommend driving around the community if you are not familiar with Turlock so you can get an idea of the area.
  • Thanks for your response. That helps me a lot. Could you please keep me updated if you had some other things you could recall? did you answer for the students or search committes' questions?,,,,I'd appreciate it. Thanks a lot again!
  • Honestly, I agree with the other post-lots of preparation on their part to make it a nice campus visit. Not sure I would feel comfortable spending time writing about what my exact responses to students were; If I were you, I would focus on being yourself and being confident in what you know-that is what I did and I felt it went really well (and I received a job offer from them). On my campus visit I really liked all the people and the campus itself. The vice provost asked some really dumb questions indicating he knows nothing about social work...which told me a little about the type of relationships and/or priorities between the two. From my understanding, faculty in social work have not turned over much, but it appears that the administration has and they were pretty open about this. You may want to ask about it or get to that information indirectly...that is if you're really interested in working there. IMO, I felt that while the job was OK I could not see myself teaching 4/4 and also chairing multiple thesis projects and publish when other schools were offering same pay and 3/3 or 2/2 with same publishing requirements. Also, I am only speculating, but I felt that several of the senior faculty (Associate and higher) were a little burnt out...but maybe I'm wrong. Also didn't get the vibe that I would love living in Turlock-I would probably want to live more than an hour away-not a fun commute for California, if you're familiar with traffic there. Also, the highway that you take to get there is a truck route so you will drive with many big rigs who stop in to get produce and deliver it elsewhere. On the flipside, this would be a very cool place to work if you are in to community organizing and CBPR-it was probably the biggest "pro" for me overall.
  • Thanks a lot for your comments. Yes, you are absolutely right. I should have focused on being myself rather than looking for a right answer, which made me more nervous and less confident. I don't know if I can receive a job offer from here, but the school and people seems so nice, and the town looks good to me, I have been living in Southern California for many years, and relatively new at this area, but it seems fine to me. I know the work load is pretty heavy, but they said it could be negotiable, Not sure about the pay rate, so I can't compare with others, but the cost of living at there sounds reasonable. Anyway, throughout this process, I have learned a lot, I am only a third year Doc student, and there's still a long way to go, but it was a pretty good experience and practice. I am so grateful. Thanks a lot again!
2013-12-10 12.31

This is a picture I took of a lake on campus.

  • Contacted for campus visit (2.11)

Case Western Reserve University[]

College of Staten Island[]

  • offer made

Colorado State University[]

Nothing yet???

Columbia University[]

  • CSWE interview 10.31.13
  • Asked for references 11.19.13
  • Contacted for SSWR interview 1.7.13
  • Campus visit in January
  • Is there any one who is scheduled for a campus visit after having an interview at SSWR?
  • yes - I heard one person was asked to come for a visit after SSWR interview


East Carolina University[]

Eastern Michigan University[]

  • Contacted for campus visit Dec/Jan (11/19)
  • Great students, lower pay starting, high teaching load 4/4, staff a bit cliqueish, great leadership for now. Not much in terms of research or scholarship, but not much needed for tenure demands. I know someone here, figure I would help out applicants.
  • Thanks for the info. Does your colleague enjoy working there?
  • It is an interesting place. I am an alum and have taught as a lecturer in the past. Students are diverse in multiple ways, which makes for great classes. I think right now it is a changing of the guard between senior and new faculty. Faculty dynamics seem very split and a bit clickish at times. Since I was a student here I have thought that their is a divide between faculty of color and white faculty, but this is not a steadfast rule, mainly my own observation, and I am certain others will have differing opionions. Leadership in the SSW has been a recent issue as our very strong director of over a decade began moving towards retirement and we have gone through some directors in field, MSW, BSW, and in the overall school. It doesn't pay to go the admin route at EMU, not much more pay, tons more workload, and little power. The SSW is not really a school in the sense that it sits inside a College of Health and Human Services and is not the primary player in my mind. Strong in state reputation historically for producing ready to work social workers, more so than Michigan and other institutions; however, the reputation has began going downhill, schools like Western, MSU, UofM, Wayne State, and Grand Valley are considered stronger state schools. Newbies get a ton of commitee responsibility places on them and are expected to volunteer for everything, although this is common at many places. Tenure demands are minimum, seriously coming from a school where many most senior faculty have 50+ pubs, 100s of conference presentations, and books, EMU might have a few strong research/scholars, but most get pubs by making good friends inside with those who do publish. I don't feel as though qualitative research is looked down upon here and I really think you get to determine what scholarship means to you without being heavily influenced by senior faculty or admin, but I will say macro practice is not looked at in the same light as clinical practice. As long as you are clinical you are golden. Hope this helps, trying to be even handed.
  • Thank you--very helpful.
  • Offer accepted! (Jan)

Erikson Institute[]

  • Hiring tenure track multiple levels for new MSW program
  • Contacted for phone interview (12/20/13)
  • Contacted for phone interview (1/8/2014)
  • How long after applying did you get contacted for a phone interview?
  •  ---> 12 hours. It was literally the fastest response I have ever recieved. 
  • ---> Wow! I have never heard of that before.
  • Have they finished interviewing?
  • received call for campus interview (2/4/14)
  • On campus interview mid-March (3/15/14)


Florida Atlantic[]

  • Hiring TT position (10.01)
  • Campus Interview for End of November
  • Offer made and rejected (1.2014)

Florida International University[]

Florida State University[]

  • Hiring assistant professor, tenure track (8.14.13)
  • Applied and recieved nice confirmation email (8.15.13) (x2)
  • Invitation to interview (9/30/13) (x2)
  • Heard they're likely hiring two.  One campus visit scheduled.
  • Hired 2. Search closed.

Georgia Regents University - Augusta[]

  • Phone interview (1-30-2014) - University just applied for research 1 classification.

George Mason University[]

  •  Hiring Tenure-Track Assistant/Associate Professor (x2) (10/7/13)
  • CSWE interview scheduled (10-28-13)
  • Completed CSWE interview (11/2/13)
  • Invited for campus visit (11/8/13) x2 (11/13) x1
  • Completed CSWE interview 11/2/13 - no word as of 11/10/13
  • Email rejection following campus visit (1-2-14) x2
  • Have not heard anything from them and applied some time ago
  • Accepted a position (1/14)
  • At least you got an email. Have not heard anything.
  • Has George Mason completed its search, etc.?

Governor's State University Illinois[]

Howard University[]

  • Campus visit (1.10.13)
  • How long after applying did you hear something? How were you notified?
  • I was notified by email a month or so after I applied. Then communicated by email and phone a few times. 
  • What is Howard looking for?
  • I know a number of campus visits have been completed. I was asked to submit a full application after my campus visit (2.4.14)
  • Has Howard completed its search?
  • I'm not sure if it's completed but I know they're doing final application reviews. They have completed at least 4 campus visits and have moved to the next step which is reviewing formal applications (including references, publications, etc.)
  • Anyone have an offer from Howard?
  • I am trying to learn for someone if Howard has completed their search because they have not heard anything from them. Through conversations with others, the hiring process seems to be incestuous. 
  •  I had a campus visit and moved to the second step which was to compile a formal application. After spending hours on the application and several hundred dollars on the campus visit, I never heard back from them. I also have yet to get my reimbursement for the visit :( I am very interested to hear if they ever made a hire.   

Hunter College[]

  • Hiring for multiple positions, open rank. (9/25) 
  • applied 10/13/2013
  • contacted for phone interview (10/17 x2)
  • campus visit (11/06 x3)
  • at least two people have accepted a position

Illinois State University[]

Indiana University[]

  • Informational session/informal meeting at CSWE completed (11/1) (x2)
  • Campus Visit for Bloomington position
  • Any news on the Indianapolis positions?
  • I am nearly sure that Indy has not started their campus visit process at all. 
  • Invited for campus visit for Indianapolis position (11/22/13) (x2)
  • Offer made for Bloomington position: unsure about Indy. 
  • Indy position: Offer made & accepted

Indiana University, Northwest[]

  • Hiring open-rank (8/19)
  • Reference persons were contacted (12/11/2013)
  • Received a voicemail from someone on or around 12/2/13 asking if I was still interested. Placed a call back, but have not heard back as of 12/14/13. The search process seems disjointed and the pay seems to be low, 53-56K from my research.

Kean University[]

Long Island University[]

Louisiana State University[]

  • Hiring a director for the SSW (8/19)

Loyola University Chicago[]

Mars Hill University[]

  • Asst. Prof. of Social Work and Field Director

Marywood in PA[]

Miami University, Ohio[]

Minnesota State University - Mankato[]

  • Hiring an Assistant Professor
  • Calling references (1/15)
  • Scheduling March interviews (2/12/14)

Montclair State University, New Jersey[]

New York University[]

  • hiring a tenure-track assistant professor (7/18/13)
  • Invite to interview at CSWE (9/19/13) (x3)
  • Invite to interview at CSWE (10/22/13)
  • Completed CSWE interview (11/1/13 * 4). Any campus invites?
  • Campus visit (11/7/13 * 4)
  • what dates are your camus visits scheduled for?

Northeastern Illinois University[]

Northern Kentucky University[]

Ohio State University[]

Ohio Univeristy[]

  • Phone interview 2/21/14
  • On campus interview 3/14/14 - cancelled due to sickness

Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX[]

Portland State University[]

  • Hiring Assistant Prof (Child/Family) (8/19)
  • Rejection Email
  • SSW Hiring Assistant Prof


  • phone interview 10.18.13 (x3)
  • CSWE follow up meeting (11/2) (x2)
  • campus interview scheduled (12/17/13)

Richard Stockton College at New Jersey[]

Rhode Island College[]


Saint Louis University[]

  • any news?
  • Rejection by snail mail (Feb 11, 2014 x 4)
  • Offered made and accepted (Feb 14, 2014)

Salisbury University[]

  • Scheduled Skype interview (10/18/13)
  • Scheduled campus visit 11/12
  • Candidate had a campus visit two weeks ago
  • Position filled

San Diego State[]

  • Hiring TT faculty 9.5
  • Informational meeting at CSWE (10/18/13 x4)
  • Rejection letter :( Was that an email or hard copy? date?
  • Rejection letter received via snail mail (12/23).
  • Rejection letter received via email (1/5)
  • Heard that an offer was made prior to SSWR (1/21)
  • Rejection by snail mail (2/5) X2

Simmons College[]

  • Not hiring this year (per faculty at CSWE)

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville[]

  • Interview at CSWE (11/1/13)

St. Edward's University, Austin, TX[]

Any news?

St. Olaf College[]

  • Hiring asst. or assoc. prof (8/19)

Stephen F. Austin State University[]

  • Hiring Assistant Prof. 


Temple posted a job at SSWR that is still pending funding stream approval. For Assist Prof level.

Texas State []

  • Campus Interview
  • Offer made and accepted. 


Tuskegee University[]

  • Hiring Assistant/Associate Prof. (8/19)

University of Alabama[]

University of Alabama at Birmingham[]

University of Alaska, Anchorage[]

  • Hiring at least 1 assistant prof. (8/19)
  • Offered phone interview for early October (9/16)
  • Informal meeting scheduled at APM (9/24)
  • Campus visit scheduled (11/10)
  • Job offer (12/13)
  • Position filled (1/10)

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville[]

  • Contacted for SSWR interview (1/11/2014)
  • Had phone interview (1/19/2014)
  • Rejection by snail mail (2/3/2014)
  • Rejected by snail mail 2/14/14
  • Rejection by snail mail 3/18/14

University at Albany

  • Received invitation for campus visit 

University at Buffalo[]

  • Hiring for 4 Tenure Track Positions and Endowed Chair (8/19)
  • Had campus visit last week (12/5 x 3)
  • Received post-interview rejection email (12/13) - post campus visit you mean? --> yes, sorry.
  • Accepted position (early Jan)

University of California, Berkeley[]

  • Hiring for a TT position (9.1) per CSWE website (health focus)
  • 4 final candidates for assistant prof invited to campus in December
  • Hiring for tenured associate/full in Health disparaties (search closes Dec. 16th)
  • rejection email (1.14.14) x3
  • assisant professor offer accepted

University of California, Los Angeles[]

University of Central Florida[]

  • Hiring two TT assistant profs per CSWE (12/6)
  • Submitted application online (12/17)
  • Heard phone interviews being set up (2/9)

University of Chicago[]

  • hiring multiple positions across all ranks (7/18/13)
  • Seems like this program does broad fishing expeditions every year

University of Cincinatti[]

University of Denver[]

  • Search for 2 assistant prof., 1 associate prof. (7/18/13)
  • Applied online, received confirimation email one week later (8/6/13) (x2)
  • Received rejection by email (9/19/13) X3
  • Applied online, received confirmation email a few hours later (9.20.13)
  • CSWE Interview (10.14.13) (x6)
  • Received post-CSWE interview rejection email (12.2.13 x2)
  • Received rejection letter by email (12/2/2013)
  • Received rejection letter by email (12/3/13X2)
  • Invited for campus visit (x2)

University of Georgia[]

  • Hiring tenure-track assistant professor, per CSWE (10/12/13)
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • Phone interview
  • Phone interview (2/6/14)
  • job offer

University of Hawaii at Manoa[]

  • Hiring one Assistant Prof. by Jan 1, 2014 or later, pending funding (7/18/13)
  • -rejection via email 10-31-13
  • Skype interview completed; campus interview scheduled 10/22/13
  • Position filled

University of Houston[]

University of Illinois at Chicago[]

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign[]

  • Hiring Open Rank 9.18
  • Invited for interview at CSWE (10/14 x 3)
  • Heard several campus visits have taken place (12/10/13)
  • One position offered and accepted; not sure about other position (1/21)
  • Email Rejection (2/20X4)

University of Iowa[]

  • HIring for Assistant prof (CSWE website) 8.22
  • Phone interview scheduled (10.23)
  • Anything new to report here? Others?
  • Phone interview completed (x2)
  • Campus visit scheduled

University of Kansas[]

University of Kentucky[]

  • Hiring Open Rank per CSWE website 9.18
  • CSWE Interview (10/29) (x4)
  • Campus visit scheduled (x2)
  • email rejection (2/11)

University of Louisville[]

  • Hiring three tenure track positions (7.2013)
  • Applied and recieved auto-confirmation (8.7.2013) (x2)
  • CSWE interview (8/21/2013)
  • Phone Interview in September (8.19.2013) (x2)
  • Rejection email (9/4)
  • CSWE interview (10/2)
  • Rejection email received (11/4) (x4)
  • Search head was super friendly, definite preference for clinical or IP oriented applicant, not very versed on macro social work, especially not CO.
  • Was invited for campus visit, but was not offered position. Search is now closed.

University of Maine, Orono[]

University of Maryland Baltimore[]

  • hiring multiple tenure-track candidates at all levels (7/18/13)
  • Invited for CSWE interview (9/29 x 3)
  • Completed CSWE interview (11/2/13) x2
  • Any campus visits scheduled yet?
  • Heard of two campus visits scheduled - one this week, one next week (12/5/13)
  • Heard anecdotally at SSWR that they made at least two offers, and that one person accepted the offer and one hasn't yet (1/21/13).
  • Heard the same at SSWR. Received rejection email from committee chair, saying they have a short list.
  • Heard 2nd offer made & accepted.

University of Maryland, Baltimore County[]

  • Completed CSWE Interview (11/2)
  • Invited for Skype Presentation (11/13) x2
  • Invited for campus visit (12/2)x 2
  • Offer was made and rejected.

University of Michigan[]

  • not hiring this year

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities[]

  • not hiring this year

University of Minnesota - Duluth[]

  • Hiring two tenure track jobs this year, one includes director of the new BSW program.
  • Contacted for on campus interview in February (12/18)
  • Offer made and accepted.x2

University of Mississippi[]

University of Missouri[]

University of Missouri at St. Louis[]

University of Montana[]

  • Hiring 1 position-open rank (9/12)
  • Received phone interview 10/14 (x3)
  • Informational interview at CSWE (11/2)
  • Follow-up interview at CSWE 11/2
  • No information post CSWE 11/12
  • Any news on this one? Did they fill the position(s)?

University of Nebraksa at Kearney[]

  • Hiring assistant or associate prof.
  • Skype Interviews scheduled for 12/2. 
  • Rejection email (2/4/2014)
  • Offer made and accepted. Search Closed. 

University of Nebraska at Omaha[]

  • Interview at CSWE completed (11/1)

University of Nevada, Las Vegas[]

  • Hiring 1 position (8/19)
  • Schedule phone interview (9/29/2013)
  • rejection email (12/15)

University of New Hampshire[]

  • Hiring 1 TT and 1 clinical
  • Contacted for SSWR interview (1/8)
  • Contacted for campus visit (2/1)

University of North Carolina at Greensboro[]

University of North Carolina at Charlotte[]

  • CSWE Information Conversation
  • Email from the chair: assistant position is filled 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill[]

  • Hiring one tenure-track position, per CSWE (10/12/13)
  • invited for CSWE "informational meeting" (10-27-13)
  • Video interview with SC scheduled (11-21-13)
  • Video interview scheduled (12/6/13)
  • Rejection letter! :(  (12/12/13) x3
  • Have heard of two campus visits scheduled (12/16)
  • Offer made and accepted (2/7)
  • Rejection email (3/6 x2). Received automated email from the school - not even an email from the search chair...

University of North Carolina at Wilmington[]

University of North Dakota[]

University of North Florida[]

  • On campus interview (1/23)

University of Oklahoma[]

  • Hiring 2 positions at Assistant Professor
  • Interview had in November, reference check completed on 12/12/13
  • At least one campus visit scheduled 

University of Oklahoma (Tulsa Campus)[]

Univeristy of Pennsylvania[]

University of Pittsburgh[]

  • hiring two tenure-track positions (1 health; 1 Community Organization and Social Administration [COSA])
  • Invited to CSWE interview (10/18)
  • Campus visits scheduled for COSA and health positions (11/9)
  • Search closed; positions filled (1/20/2014)

University of South Carolina[]

  • Hiring assistant and associate prof (8.22)
  • Multiple positions
  • Interview at CSWE
  • Campus Visit scheduled (11.6)
  • Rejection letter received (Feb x3)

University of South Florida[]

University of Southern California[]

  • Hiring open-rank faculty rank position (8/21)
  • Invited for CSWE interview (9/29 x2, 10/10 x1)
  • Rejection letter (12/18/13)

University of Southern Indiana[]

  • -application in (11/12); no date posted - anyone have any insight here?
  • -Offer made for one position (1/31)

University of Southern Mississippi[]

  • Applied 12/22
  • Phone interview 1/10/14
  • Campus visitin Feb

University of Tennessee[]

  • cswe interview completed
  • campus interview scheduled (x2)
  • Hiring for MSSW program in Nashville, Tenure Track (8.14.2013)
  • Offer accepted (2/7)

University of Texas at Austin[]

University of Texas at Arlington[]

University of Texas at San Antonio[]

  • -Invited for CSWE Interview 10.25
  • Has anyone heard anything about campus interviews? (11/20)
  • No response following CSWE interview (12/5/13 x 2)
  • Rejection email (2/12/2014 x 3)

University of Toronto[]

  • Rejected for assistant professor (11/15/2013)
  • Contacted for SSWR interview (12/11/13)
  • invited finalists for site visits (1/28)

University of Utah[]

University of Vermont[]

  • Not hiring this year.

University of Washington (Tacoma) []

  • Phone interviews in progress

Unvierstiy of Wisconsin-Green Bay[]

University of Wisconsin-Madison[]

  • Hiring TT
  • Request for letters  (11/26)
  • Rejection by snail mail (2/3/14 x 4)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee[]

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire[]

University of Wisconsin - Stout[]

  • Hiring Assistant Professor of Social Work for Social Sciences Department
  • Invited for campus interview (12/20)
  • Offer made, but turned down.

VIrginia Commonwealth[]

  • Likely only hiring at full prof level this year
  • Good luck working for that Dean!  <-- Apparantly, someone who left the school with resentment kept trying to scratch the reputation of the program. 

Washington University in St. Louis[]

  • Sent in application materials, 11/21/13
  • Rejection mid-Dec
  • Have heard of one campus visit scheduled (12/19)
  • Contacted for SSWR interview (1/10/14)
  • Several campus visits (5 or 6) this month (01/14). 

Wayne State University[]

West Chester[]

West Virginia University[]

  • Campus invite (1.21.14)
  • Offer (2/18/14)

Western Carolina University[]

  • Phone interview (2/27/14)

Western Michigan University[]

Westfield State University[]

  • Telephone interview scheduled (11/27)

Wheelock College[]

  • Hiring Instructor of Social Work (5/9)

Widener University[]

  • Applied online 10/11/2013
  • Interview at CSWE (10/16)
  • Completed CSWE interview (11/1/13) x2
  • Contacted to move to next stage (references and teaching evaluations) 11/6
  • Contacted for campus visit in Dec (11/19)
  • Hired someone internally

Winthrop University[]

  • CSWE Informal Conversation (x2)
  • Scheduled telephone interview 11/18 (x3)
  • Invited for campus visit (11/25) (x2)

Xaiver University[]