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      • Information about salaries offered relative to cost of living.
      • Information about the number of places people have applied, number of initial interviews received, number of campus visits/job talks, and number of offers.
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This section may become more useful later on in the search year, but some possible sections are below. Please feel free to add or remove topics.

On average, how long does it take to secure a tenure-track post after graduation, assuming it's not at an R1 school?  Is it expected that schools will receive applications from the same applicant over successive years?[]

  • I received my PhD in 2014 and don't yet have any publications to my name (I hope to have 2 by next Sept.).  I'm limited to NY/CT/MA for jobs and only received one interview during this search.  Is it an "email of shame" to throw one's hat back in similar rings next year if some of the same schools are hiring, or do search committees expect to see repeat applicants?  Thanks.
  • I received my PhD in 2012 and dipped my toes into the job pool a couple of years before that.  There were several schools that I applied to multiple times, mostly because I am limited geographically.  This year I was hired at a school where I didn't get an interview the year before- the difference isn't so much my qualifications (although I have gotten several pubs out and have been teaching a lot) but that I was a perfect fit for what they were looking for this year (and not the previous year).  I didn't feel any shame about applying again- honestly you've got to be tough and resilient to make it in the academic job search. So wave your flag high! :)
  • I didn't ask the question but thank you for the response and encouragement! And congrats on the job! (x2)
  • Here's a nice post on applying for the same job a second time around by Karen Kelsky on Vitae.  I would consider re-tooling your materials if you haven't had luck in a search this year.  Karen Kelsky's blog, The Professor Is In, has some really nice and very helpful materials.  I followed her advice and ended up getting an offer from my first choice and interviewing with all of the schools to which I applied, so I think that her advice works.

How common is it for your references to be called after your job talk?[]

  • My references were called before the campus visit.
  • I was asked for my references to email their letters as attachments after my campus visit.
  • Common.  Mine were called before offers were extended, but not before.
  • Did this lead to a job offer? - YES, in both cases
  • Agreed, common. One of my references was called the day before an offer was extended to me; the others were not contacted at all. I was told many schools only contact references if they are planning to make an offer to the candidate. 
  • Thank you! This is very helpful.

How many of you do not have an MSW? If you don't and have a masters in something else, is it hurting your job search?[]

  • I have an MSW, and 2-years post (so I can teach clinical practice).  My sense is that it helped my job search quite a bit.  I think that it probably depends on where you're looking, and some of the big-ticket R1s (i.e., Wash U) don't care as much about an MSW and 2-years post, but they do care to some degree.
  • The impact of not having an MSW for assistant professor positions in social work schools depends a lot on the type of schools you are applying. Teaching schools want to hire those who can teach advanced clinical classes, for which you have to have an MSW and at least two years of post-master clinical experience.  Research-focus schools are divided. Schools like Wash U are moving towards a more public health model, in which faculty generates grants, and adjuncts teach clinical classes.  In schools that value clinical practice and research, you find that leadership is pushing for research and the majority of tenured faculty values clinical skills. The true is that almost anybody can teach research methods classes, but CSWE considers that only MSW with post-master experience can teach clinical classes. 

Is it just me, or are there an unusually high number of jobs this year?[]

  • I heard that there are many more openings than applicants.  Lucky us if that's true :)
  • I've also heard that a lot of schools didn't get nearly as many applicants this year as they did in previous years.
  • I think it really depends on school/location.  I'm applying to schools in the NY/CT area, and it's been extremely competitive.

How many people are updating or monitoring this page?[]

  • 64 (1/23/2015)

How many places did you apply? How many preliminary interviews? How many job talks/campus visits? How many offers?[]

  • Format: Number applied; number of preliminary interviews; number of job talks; number of offers (e.g., 10; 5; 2; 1)
  • 9; 9; 2; 2
  • 4; 3; ?; ?
  • 1; 1; ?; ?
  • 11; 6; ?; ?
  • 13; 6; ?; ?
  • 28;12;1;?
  • 12; 4; ?; ?;
  • 5; 3; ?; ?
  • 10; 6; 2; 1
  • 20; 14; 3; 1
  • 20+; 6 (so far); 1; ?
  • 30; 16; 3
  • 30; 20+; 2; 2 (got offer from top choice, withdrew other applications)
  • 8; 6; 4; 2
  • 20; 3; ?; ?
  • 14; 6; 2; ?
  • 13, 9, 1 (so far), ?
  • 2; 2; ?; ?
  • 10: 2: ? : ?
  • 14:3:?:?
  • 17:6:3:3
  • 7; 3; 2; 1
  • 30+; 20+; 4; 1
  • 5;?;?;?
  • 19:8:6:3
  • 14:8:2:1
  • 10:8:4:1
  • 19, 4, 1, 1
  • 20, 10, 6 (so far), ?
  • 20+; 4; ?; ? 
  • 14; 2 (so far); 3; 1
  • ?; 5; ?; ?
  • 2; 1; 1; 1
  • 50:19:7:2(accepted offer, withdrew other applications)
  • 25:11:7:?
  • 14, 5, 2, ?
  • 4; 1; 1; 1
  • 33; 11; 4; 2
  • 11, 8, 3, 1
  • 15, 5, 3, ?
  • 11, 4, 2, 1
  • 2:1:1:?

What are the salaries being offered for the 2014-2015 search year? Please also include information about the cost of living, the level at which you were hired, general rank of school and whether your university is private or public. Helpful also would be to share offer versus negotiated number: []

  • $84,000 in an area with a moderate cost of living (public R1, 9-month contract)
  • $78,000 in a city with an extremely high cost of living.
  • $70,000 in an area with a moderate cost of living.
  • $69,000 in an area with a moderate cost of living. 
  • $66,000 in an area with a low-to-moderate cost of living.
  • $85,000+ in a research intensive university
  • $78,000 at an R1 in an area with a moderate cost of living
  • $88,000 (9-month contract) in an area with a low-to-moderate cost of living
  • $62,000 in an area with a moderate cost of living.
  • $70,000 in an area with a moderate cost of living (public, 9-month contract).
  • $58,000 in an area with low cost of living
  • $62,000 in area with low to moderate cost of living
  • $65,000 in low cost of living, R1
  • $64,000 in area with moderate cost of living, teaching-heavy institution
  • $66,000; low cost of living; assistant professor; public R1 
  • $78,000; in moderate cost of living; assistant professor; (public R1, 9-month contract)

This link provides mean faculty salaries for full professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and instructors at universities throughout the country. The data are aggregated (but searchable!), so it's not possible to identify mean social work salaries at non-public institutions. However, it may be helpful to people who are negotiating at non-public universities that are not required to report individual faculty salaries publically. Has anyone been offered a position? If so, what are the packages looking like this year? 

On the topic of partner hires[]

Does anyone have tips on which schools might be willing to negotiate for partner hires? Not just of the ones listed for this year, but in general. I know it's a long term project, so I'm collecting all information about what schools have official policies that are supportive. I have combed through all the websites and have tons of general advice, but I was hoping to each year add to this discussion to keep a running list of particular schools of social work that have been helpful for those of us in similar situations!  In case others have this same question, this is what I've found so far, though this only includes a few that I know were hiring this year: 

UNC has a clear policy:

Tulane's is part of its long term diversity initiative: (flow chart on p.11)

Other schools seem much more vague, with promising language about helpful career placement specialists, etc., which my current school offered as well, and which has been utterly useless.

List of Schools: Update when you have information![]

Appalachian State University[]

Adelphi University[]

  • There are three positions [two tenure track at the assistant professor level and one non-tenure track clinical assistant professor] via GADEPhD listerv and CSWE (10/16/14)
  • Campus visit scheduled for mid-December (11/3/14) x2
  • Campus visit schedules for after SSWR X2
  • Has anyone heard anything? (4/17/15)
  • According to the Dean, the tenure track position is filled - although I thought they had two tenure track openings (4/30/2015)

Akron University (Ohio)[]

  • Hiring an Assistant Professor tenure-track

Arizona State University[]

  • Downtown Phoenix - 3 positions - 1 Assistant, 2 Associate / Full (per ASU website)
  • Tucson - 2 positions - 1 Assistant, 1 open rank (per ASU website)
  • Contacted via email for an interview at CSWE (10/20/14)
  • Can someone please share where to locate the accouncement? Can't find it. Thanks.
  • Check the CSWE jobs website. I remember seeing it awhile back. Maybe in September?
  • It is on the school HR website. 
  • Campus invitation was sent in November, but the visit is being planned for January.(12/23/14)
  • Anyone who knows how many candidates got a letter for the campus visit? (2/4/2015)
  • The decisions has already been made? (2/4/2015)
  • I received a phone call on 2/13 asking if I was available for an interview or visit. We talked about how late it is for this step of the job process-- it sounds like the search committee is moving slow!
    • Very Interesting! This was what I also heard from them long before.. aproximately 2-3 months ago! Hard to understand..
  • In response to the input right above: Is this for assistant position or associate position? Or at Tucson compoment or Pheonix campus? (2/24/2015)
  • Assistant Professor position in Phoenix. 

Augsburg in MN[]

  • 2 positions total (9/29/14)
  • Assistant Professor position #1: Preferred candidates will have experience and expertise to teach in the MSW Multicultural Clinical Practice concentration. Successful candidates will have demonstrated competence and experience in clinical social work practice.
  • Assistant Professor position #2:Preferred candidates will have experience and expertise to teach advanced and generalist social work curriculum. Successful candidates will have demonstrated competence and experience in the following but not limited to: community and organizational practice, policy and social work research methods.
  • informational interview invitation 10/8 by email x 2

Barry University[]

  • I didn't apply, but they contacted me via email inviting me for a cswe interview. (x2)

Baylor University[]

  • Position filled

Bennett College (NC)[]

Binghamton University, SUNY[]

  • CSWE Interview (X4)
  • CSWE interview (10/13/14)
  • CSWE Interview scheduled via email (10/15/14)
  • Contacted for campus visit
  • Contacted for follow-up Skype interveiw (11/11/14; skype interview 11/19; invitation to campus in Dec 11/20; campus visit 12/8; offered a job at top choice, so I withdrew my application on 12/22)
  • Contacted for Skype interview (12/3/14 x2)

Boise State University[]

  • Looking for candidates for multiple (unspecified number) tenure-track assistant or associate professor positions (8/18/14, per CSWE website).
  • contacted for CSWE interview 9/23/14 (x3) 10/9/14 (x1)
  • friend scheduled a campus visit for January 
  • rejection by mail 1/9/15 (x3)

Boston College[]

  • Looking for a tenure-track assistant professor in the area of children, youth, and families (per SSWR and CSWE websites, 6/26/14).
  • Specifically interested in candidates with a children, youth, and families focus on focus on trauma, gender-based violence and sexual violence: LINK
  • Also advertising Open Rank position focused on "environmental justice and social inequality" ( 6/29/14)
  • Received request for a CSWE interview (10/1/14)(x3)
  • Is this for the children, youth, and families position or the "environmental justice and social inequality" position? This is for the Gender-Based Violence and Trauma position (updated 10/3/14)
  • When did you submit your application? I applied in August (updated 10/3/14)
  • To the 2nd person receiving an interview, did you also submit before the 9/15 screening date? 
  • Has anyone heard about any movement on either of these positions (updated 10/28/14)?  
  • Received invite for campus interview on 10/30 for the Genderd Violence and Trauma position (11/1/14)
  • Has there been any news about the environmental justice and social inequality position? (11/6/14)
  • Did a campus visit on 12/2 for the gendered violence position. (12/21/14)
  • Any updates on whether decisions have been made about both positions? (1/8/15)
  • friend accepted offer for social inequality position (1/8/15)
  • Anyone know anything about the politics in this department? (1.23.15)
  • I have heard that it is a supportive environment, however, if you are used to exessive support, i.e. some state schools have this you might find this environment more of a hands off approachy!  If you need support though, the administrationw ill do its best to provide it to you so that you are succesful.

Boston University[]

Bridgewater State University (MA)[]

  • Contacted for phone interview with committee (11/30/14)
  • heard that they declared a failed search (3/3/15)

Bryn Mawr[]

California State Unviersity Bakersfield[]

  • Heard they will have an opening in advanced generalist practice

California State University East Bay[]

  • Submitted application on 9/22; was contacted the next day asking for letters of rec (which were not requested as part of the original application) (10/3/2014)
  • Phone interview 11-5-14
  • Had a campus interview 1/7/15, no word since then
  • Informed that search had concluded (2/9/15)

California State University Fullerton[]

  • Hiring Assistant Professor tenure-track with focus on policy

California State Long Beach[]

California State University Monterey Bay[]

California State University, Northridge[]

  • Hiring Tenure-Track Assistant Professor (posted 10/1/2014 on CSWE website; application review started October 3)
  • applied October 2; received an email to schedule a telephone interview on 10/7 (requested that phone interview take place within two days of being contacted) (10/8/2014) x2
  • Contacted for a phone interview on 10/7
  • Via email, position filled 1/12/15
  • Position offered and accepted 1/15/15

California State University Sacramento[]

  • Received a call asking for permission to check references for job talks
  • Selected for job talk (01/25/15)(x2)
  • Offer extended and accepted.

California State University Stanislaus[]

Carleton University (Ottawa Canada)[]

Carthage College, Kenosha, WI[]

  • The Carthage College Department of Social Work, a CSWE-accredited social work program, invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track, assistant or associate professor position (rank dependent upon experience) beginning August 2015. Preference will be given to candidates who have teaching experience within the generalist social work curriculum, social work practice experience, interest in program administration and assessment, and a developing research agenda.

Case Western Reserve University[]

Central Connecticut State University[]

  • Hiring full-time, tenure-track assistant or associate professor (posted on HigherEd Jobs 8/26/14)
  • Received message regarding a state-wide hiring freeze and that I would be contacted when this changed (3/13/15)

Centre College[]

  • Hiring a three-year visiting position in Sociology at the rank of visiting assistant professor beginning August 2015. Looking for someone to teach the liberal arts foundations of social work including courses such as Social Welfare, Social Policy, or Introduction to Social Services. Ability to teach an Introduction to Sociology course is a must; ability to teach about crime, law, and justice would be a plus. Requirements include a Ph.D., dedication to student-oriented teaching, and the ability to incorporate community-based learning into classes. For additional information and/or to apply, go to

College of New Rochelle[]

  • Hiring an assistant or associate professor (posted on HigherEd Jobs 10/15/14)
  • Invited to campus interview 11/20
  • Invited back for meeting w/Dean and to teach mock class 12/17/14

College of Staten Island[]

Colorado State University[]

  • Hiring two or three open-rank, tenure-track faculty members. Looking for applicants in the areas of behavioral health, healthy aging, child welfare, and/or health and wel-being (7/17/14, per Chronicle website).
  • Received invitation for phone interview (10/14/14 x3)
  • Received email that they are still reviewing applications (10/21/14)
  • Received rejection email (10/27/14 x3)
  • Interviewed by phone on 10/24 (11/1/14)
  • Any response after phone interview? (11/18/14)
  • They are inviting top candidates to campus (11/21/14)
  • Has anyone gotten a campus invite yet? (11/28/14)
  • I haven't hear yay or nay yet but I (unfortunately) submitted my packet past the initial deadline. Have any "round 2"'ers heard back on their application? Thanks.. (11/29/14)
  • Rejection letter received by snail mial yesterday (2/23 x 3). 

Columbia University[]

  • hiring multiple tenure and tenure-track faculty to begin July 2015
  • Any movement from this school?
  • I applied in Oct. but haven't heard anything
  • I just heard they lost funding for the position(s)? Heard from another PhD candidate on the market (11-14-14)
  • I don't think so. I just received an invitation to a brief interview at SSWR (12-16-14) x3
  • It is confirmed, they are hiring for Fall 2015.
  • One of their associate professors is going to another school, so that could be why there is a position (12/26/14)
  • Two people were denied tenure last year, so they should have at least 2 openings.
    • Actually 3 were denied - but they don't necessarily hire to fill vacancies. They hire most years.
  • Does anyone know when we are expected to hear back form Search committee after SSWR interview?

-> I asked their search schedule. It would be about 2 wks after SSWR. Thank you!

  • Has anyone received an invite for a campus visit? (2-24-15)
  • A colleague of mine had a campus visit within the last couple of weeks.
  • there have been 5-6 campus visits so far (3/28)


East Carolina University[]

  • Hiring for Instructor/Assistant/Associate Professor (per HigherEdJobs 10/12/14). In the ad they indicate: "ABD will be considered at the rank of Instructor"
  • Invited to campus interview in January (12/9/14)

Eastern Michigan University[]

  • Looking for multiple tenure-track assistant professors. Interest area is unspecified, but the job ad does note that they're specifically looking for people with 5 or more years of full-time, post-MSW social work practice experience (8/11/14, per CSWE website).
  • Received invitation for campus visit, 10/28
  • Contract offer accepted 12/12.

Erikson Institute[]

Phone interview invitation 12/12

Phone interview 12/16 - no word since then

  • campus visit 2/1

How long after phone interview did you get invite for campus visit and what did they say?

  • Had interview before Christmas- emailed them early January after I received another offer and they said they were interested. Didn't get the invite till early Feb though. They have multiple searches going on, so may still be inviting candidates. I just cancelled after accepting another offer.


Florida Atlantic[]

  • CSWE interview scheduled 10/2/2014 (x2)
  • CSWE interview scheduled via email 10/14/2014
  • Any post-CSWE updates? (11/13/14) 
  • I did not hear from them after CSWE x4
  • I have a friend who has scheduled a campus visit there 11-16.14.

Florida International University[]

  • Received invitation for CSWE informational session (9/28/14 X2)
  • CSWE interview (10/13/14)
  • CSWE interview scheduled via email (10/14/14)
  • Hiring 3 positions. Beginning campus visits in December. (11/21/14)

Florida State University[]

  • Will start their Dean search soon for the Fall Semester 2015. 

Georgia Regents University - Augusta[]

George Mason University[]

  • Contacted for CSWE Interview 10/7 (x2)
  • contacted for phone interview 10/27
  • Invitation for campus interview received via email (11/17/14)

Governor's State University Illinois[]

Grand Valley State University - Michigan[]

  • Hiring full-time Assistant Professor (per CSWE , 9-29-14)
  • Looking for demonstrated knowledge and interest in direct practice, specifically mental health, families and children, and cultural competence.

Howard University[]

Just heard from the Interim Dean that recruitment will begin in Feb (1/9/15x1)

Link on CSWE's website to apply does not work. Are they still accepting applications?    

Just had a first round of skype interview (2/25/15x1)

Hunter College[]

  • Received email invitation to interview at CSWE (10/16/2014)
  • Received email invitation to interview at CSWE (10/16/2014) and then had it rescinded (10/20/2014)
  • Rescinded? That's strange. What did they say?
  • Basically, I was invited to interview on a Thursday, didn't hear back, wrote to inquire what time, and was told that the search committee had met the night before and were choosing not to interview me at that time.  Wasn't fun.
  • Any updates post-CSWE?
  • Rejection email (12/02/2014)
  • does anyone know why this was re-posted on the SSWR board on 1/7/15 ?
  • Search is very disorganized. It appears that the research and "clinical/core social work" people have competing agendas regarding the type of applicant that should be hired. (1/19/15)
  • Just received "confirmation" from search about my application submitted in September (2/2/15)

Idaho State University[]

Illinois State University[]

Indiana University[]

Indiana University, Northwest[]

Kean University[]

Lehman College[]

  • Received email invitation to interview at CSWE (8/28/2014)

Lewis-Clark State College[]

  • Looking for a tenure-track assistant professor (per CSWE website 6/16/14)
  • States that salary is $46,000 and duties include teaching 24 credits/year, both in class and online; student advising; institutional service; professional development; and assisting with CSWE re-accreditation.

Long Island University[]

Louisiana State University[]

Loyola University Chicago[]

  • Seeking three faculty positions that include: one Assistant Clinical Professor, non tenure-track; and two Assistant/Associate Professors for tenure-track positions in our School of Social Work which includes BSW, MSW and PhD programs. Strong preference will be given to applicants in the following desired areas: 1) Substance use disorders (CADC required or eligible; this includes administration of a CADC approved program), 2) Health care practice, 3) Non-profit management, and 4) At-risk children and youth.
  • Has anyone received a phone/sykpe interview? (11/24/14)
  • Skype interview (11/26)
  • Phone Interview on 12/19, said they will be setting up SSWR meetings (12/21/14)
  • Anyone heard back from them? I have received nothing; even though said they would get back in touch with me.
  • A colleague of mine had a campus visit in December.
  • Rejection email (2/24X2)
  • All 3 positions were filled (3/10/15)


Mars Hill University[]

  • Scheduled a phone interview (11/28/14)

Marywood in PA[]

Miami University, Ohio[]

  • hiring tenure track assistant/associate professor position
  • contacted by email on 10/18 to set up informal CSWE interview with membrs of the faculty (x2)
  • Scheduled phone interview (11/4)
  • Contacted to schedule campus visit (11/10)

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI[]

  • Look for 2-3 job postings this year
  • Received CSWE meeting request via email (10/9/14 x3)
  • Received offer for Skype interview via email (10/29/14)
  • Any post-CSWE updates? Mostly likely, the school will extend campus visit invitations in January. (11/24/14)
  • There were 3~4 candidate visits before the end of semester and will have more in January (12/18/14)
  • Rejection letter (1/5/14)
  • Any final news?

Minnesota State University - Mankato[]

Montclair State University, New Jersey[]

New York University[]

  • They posted a position at the SSWR career site (01/09/2015)
  • Just received an email that they have completed their review of applications for the clinical faculty position and will not be advancing mine to the next step (3/13/2015)

Northeastern Illinois University[]

  • Campus visit scheduled for 2/26

Northern Kentucky University[]

  • Campus visit 1/21-1/22

Nyack College[]

  • Hiring macro social work faculty

Ohio State University[]

  • Hiring two assistant professors and one senior associate/full professor (6/4/14 per SSWR and CSW website).
  • Looking for candidates in the areas of aging, developmental disabilities, health/health disparities, and substance use.
  • Scheduling CSWE interviews via email (9/26 x3)
  • Received rejection letter via mail (10/7 x5)
  • Received a letter via email that they received my application materials (10/9)
  • Any post-CSWE updates?

Ohio University[]

  • Hiring for two positions: an assistant professor and an open-rank professor who will serve as coordinator for social work programs for Fall 2015 (6/12/14 per SSWR and CSWE websites).
  • For assistant professor (not coordinator) position: "Teaching and research interests should be related to a variety of social work issues, including but not limited to, substance abuse, veterans issues, rural issues, mental health, aging issues and/or child welfare."
  • Seems like the open-rank program coordinator position would be more for a non-junior person; the ad says that they're looking for someone in this position with a macro focus.
  • Received phone invitation for skype interview post-CSWE 10/27
  • Campus visit 12/1-12/2, received offer 12/22, declined offer 12/30/14
  • Declined offer 2/4

Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX[]

Phone Interview (11/17)

Invited to Campus (12/8)

Portland State University[]

  •  I was told there is very likely going to be a position open for the 2015 year via personal communication with someone who is adjuncting there (9-17-14)
  • Position will be out in the next week or so. They held information meetings at CSWE. (10-26-14)
  • Per email on 10/23/14: two positions at Assistant or Associate levels, and one BSW Director position (rank to be determined)
  • Has anyone who applied heard anything back? 12/10/14
  • Email rejection from HR (1/27/15 x4)

Contacted for SWRR interview 1/4

  • invited for campus interview 1/27


Richard Stockton College at New Jersey[]

  • Hiring for Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, start date of 9/1/15
     • email rejection (6/3/2015) both positions filled this week

Rhode Island College[]

  • Received generic rejection email from HR (12/09/14) x4


  • Hiring for an Associate Dean for Research AND 3-5 open-rank, tenure-track faculty members (7/29/14, per Chronicle website).
  • Received email invitation (10/3/14) for preliminary interview for open rank position; applied 9/2/14; preliminary interview scheduled for 11/4/14 on campus.
  • Received invitation for preliminary interview at CSWE (10/7/14x2)
  • Were you contacted by email or phone? When did you apply?
  • Received an email invitation for preliminary interview for the assistant professor position at CSWE (10/9/14 x1) (10/15/14x3).
  • Applied 9/25.
  • Applied 10/7
  • Any campus visits?
  • The invitations will be issued in the next couple of weeks via personal communication (11/10/14)
  • Recieved a request for a second interview with full search committee (11/8, 11/13, 11/18)
  • Are these 2nd interviews for a full campus visit and job talk?
  • My understanding is that yes, these interviews are the last hurdle before campus visit invites. Were there people who interviewed with the full committee at CSWE? (11/20)
  • Campus visits scheduled since early November (x3).
  • According to the search committee chair, they will be in an extended search process since they're looking to hire multiple people. Because you haven't been invited for a campus visit, doesn't necessarily mean you're out of contention. (11/24)
  • Email invitation to interview at SSWR (1/5x3)
  • Any news about Rutgers? They were hiring 3 to 5 positions, and stated the search in August. 
  • I was told that they will make final decisions on hiring on 3-3-15. Not sure if this is for all 3-5 positions or just the recent round of interviewees. (2-24-15)

Ryerson University[]

  • The School of Social Work at Ryerson University ( in Toronto invites applications for a tenure-stream appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor. The position will commence July 1, 2015 and is subject to budgetary approval. The area of specialization we are particularly interested in must include policies, practices and scholarship in criminalization/incarceration, with a focus on Anti-Black Racism and/or Black Scholarship. The successful candidate will be expected to teach a variety of Social Work courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. (faculty opportunities).

Sacred Heart University[]

  • Posted a tenure-track assistant-professor search for their BSW program, to start 8/2015 (2/19/15)
  • Has anyone heard anything?

Saint Louis University[]

  • Campus visit in January

Salem State University[]

  • Received email that the position had been filled and my application had not moved forward (4/7/15)

Salisbury University[]

San Diego State[]

San Jose State University[]

  • Hiring an Assistant Professor tenure-track
  • Has anyone heard anything from them?

Seattle University[]

  • Hiring tenure track assistant or associate professor position
  • Looking for someone with specialization in macro and policy practice as well as social justice
  • Private, urban, liberal arts, Jesuit university
  • Review starts 10/15, Interviewing at CSWE APM
  • CSWE interview invite X1
  • Telephone interview (10/29) x2
  • Got a really nice, personalized rejection email from them yesterday (11/10), so I'm assuming campus invites are going out. Good luck to those still in the running! (x3)
  • Offer extended and accepted

Simmons College[]

Smith College[]

  • Hiring two open-rank faculty members to teach in the HBSE or Research sequences (9/26/14, per Chronicle website).
  • Received a CSWE interview invite via email (10/3/14 x1) (10/16/14 x2) (10/17/14 x1).
  • Only applied a few days previous to receiving the interview invite (x2).
  • Email for Skype, phone, or in person interview in November (10/10/14 X1) (10/29/2014 x 1)
  • Any post CSWE movement? I interviewed at CSWE but haven't heard anything. (11/15/14)
  • I interviewed this past week along with (I think) a lot of others. They said campus invites will be given in the next two weeks for early December visits. (11/15/14)
  • Received rejection email re: campus visit (11/19/14 x3) (11/20/14 x1) (11/21/14x2)
  • Anyone had any campus invites? (11/25)
  • Received a rejection letter (11/21)
  • Interviewed with full search committee on-line and no news either way re: campus visit (11/26)
  • I have a friend who is doing a campus interview here (12/10)
  • 2 people hired (I met them at the SW faculty day)

Southern Connecticut State University[]

  • 3 Positions: tenure-track generalist, BSW Coordinator and MSW Coordinator.
  • Has anyone heard from them yet?

The department has announced the scheduling of 5 interviews. It looks like they're probably for two different positions, but I'm not sure which two.

  • Sorry - what do you mean by "announced the scheduling?"  Where was this announced?
  • It was announced within the department, via email and Facebook.
  • Thanks.  Any sense yet of which positions the interviews were for?
  • A recent note on the department's FB page indicates that they're "in the process of hiring three new social work professors and have begun to invite candidates to campus." The 5 interviews I've seen announced so far were clustered into two groups, and usually these clusters are based on position, from what I've seen of previous searches there. But I'm not certain whether they've broken it down that way this time. My guess is that some of those 5 candidates are being considered for the generalist position with a specialization in research, based on what I know of the professional backgrounds of a few of the candidates.
  • Heard there was a state-wide hiring freeze.  Anyone know if this affects SCSU?
  • While I haven't heard anything specific, I'm afraid that the overall financial picture in the Connecticut state university system does not look great right now.

Positions filled: Three offers extended and accepted.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville[]

St. Edward's University, Austin, TX[]

St. Olaf College[]

  • Remember when Betty White was a golden girl? Great opportunity here!
  • Hiring at the assistant or associate level.  Must have MSW plus 2 years.  Will consider ABD.
  • Received an email that an offer had been accepted.

St. Thomas/St. Catherine's []

  • 4 TT openings this year
  • 1 BSW
  • 1 MSW/Foundation
  • 2 DSW (new, online program)

Stephen F. Austin State University[]

Texas Christian University (TCU) []


  • Received preliminary interview request via email (for phone/video interview X4) (10/7/14)
  • Campus visit arranged for December (11/11/14)

Texas State[]

Tulane University[]

  • Hiring one open-rank tenure track or tenured professor (6/4/14 per SSWR website).
  • Interested in applicants with backgrounds and expertise in vulnerable children and families.
  • Anecdotally heard they are skype interviewing w/o 9/3 (9/4/14)
  • Via email, heard that they invited 4 candidates for campus visits (9/30/14 x2)
  • Via e-mail, heard that an offer has been made and accepted (11/6/14).

Tuskegee University[]

University of Alabama[]

University of Alabama at Birmingham[]

  • Looking for an assistant professor AND an open-rank professor "who can contribute to the diversity and excellence of the academic community through their research, teaching, and service"  (7/31/14 per CSWE website).
  • contacted by email to schedule CSWE interview (1 hour long) (10/8/14 x2)

University of Alaska, Anchorage[]

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville[]

  • Received invitation for informational meeting at CSWE via email (9/30/14, x2)
  • Received invitation for campus visit. Date TBD (11/11/14, 2/11/15)

University at Albany[]

  • Received email request for CSWE interview (10-10-14 x1) (10-14-14 x1)
  • Any news on campus visits? (12.11.14)
  • anyy news on campus visits after sswr?
  • Invited for campus interview but I already accepted another position (2-3-15)
  • Person who had accepted another position, when was the invite extended to you?
    • Campus invite was on 2-3-15.

University at Buffalo[]

  • Looking for an endowed chair (interest areas open), an assistant professor (interest areas open), and an open-rank faculty member in veteran and/or military family research (8/18/14, per Chronicle website).
  • Request for CSWE interview via e-mail (10/17/14) x2
  • Campus visit invite (10/30)
  • Which position received the campus invite?
  • This was for the assistant prof. position. I ended up declining it, so good luck to those still in the running!

University of Calgary (Calgary, AB, Canada)[]

  • Hiring Tenure-Track Assistant and Associate Professors (posted 12/12/2014 on university website)

University of California, Berkeley[]

  • No tenure track search within Social Welfare 2014-2015
  • Likely to search for Clinical Faculty in Aging / Health, start date Fall 2015.

University of California, Los Angeles[]

  • Hiring an assistant professor in the areas of: social change, interventions, and organizations; global/international social welfare and social work; health; or mental health (8/20/14, per SSWR job board).
  • the add on their website states they are looking for an early career scholar - from new grad to a senior assistant professor as of 9/23 
  • Received email for CSWE interview 10-9-14, 10-15-14
--Was this before or after applying? I hear some invitations to interview are being extended based on student profiles, not based on application materials.​
  • My invitation to interview at CSWE was based on my student portfolio not my application materials. 10/14/14 (x6)
  • What student profile? From your university?
  • yes
  • Any updates from UCLA?
  • I don't think they'll start contacting people until December. My experience with the UC hiring system is that they have to wait until the application period closes before they can start reviewing applications. (11/24)
  • the application/recruitment website says that new applications will be accepted until January 30th (11/27)
Actually the direct wording from the application advertisement is: "Position is open until filled. All applications received by November 30, 2014 will be given full consideration."  I have heard they plan to have campus interviews before winter break. (11/27)
Just heard that UCLA invited at least 1 candidate for campus interview. Does anyone else have any update? (12/5)
Wow, I applied on 11/23 and haven't heard a word. They are only hiring for one position, right?
I believe so. I applied in October then made changes to my application on 11/30 but haven't heard anything, either. (12/6)
UCLA has 3 candidates coming in for campus interviews within the next few weeks. (12/8)
  • Rejection email (12/15)
  • Just got a rejection e-mail too (12/15)
  • Rejection email (12/15 x 6)

Two more candidates coming for campus interviews the next two weeks of Jan. (1/16)

Accorindg to someone on the hiring committee, expect another announcement to be posted soon. (2/24)

University of Central Florida[]

University of Chicago[]

  • Hiring for faculty positions at the assistant, associate, or full professor ranks. Looking for candidates with research programs in the following areas: (1) scholars with an international perspective whose scholarship focuses on global processes and issues; (2) scholars whose research focuses on human service, health, and/or community-based organizations; and (3) scholars whose research focuses on clinical practice, with emphasis on school social work, SMI, trauma, or gerontology (8/1/14, per Chronicle website).
  • Anecdotally heard they are hiring for three position, so this will be an extended search. Have already had two job talks. (10/29/14)
  • Rejection letter (9/26/14 x2; 11/6/14 x 2).
  • Aside from some rejections letters being out, does anybody have an update? I applied and received no rejection letter or email thus far (10/5/2014 x2).
  • Any info on how this search is going? Haven't heard anything either way (10/7/2014).
  • I got an e-mail on 10/6  saying applications were being reviewed. They asked that I submit  2-4 1st authored writing samples. They said they would be in touch soon
  • CSWE interview scheduled (10/16/14 x2)
  • How did the CSWE interviews went? Did they mention anything about a timeline?Insider here: applications for the international search and the clinical practice search are still being reviewed.  If you haven't recieved a rejection letter you are still in the running.  The organizations search is closed (job talks happening now). Job talks for the clinical practice position will be in January (11/18/14)
  • Thanks for the update. Can you clarify if rejection letters for the international/clinical practice searches were sent or were they only for the organizations search?
    • Word is they are about to close the search for clinical practic so anyone applying should submit their materials as soon as possible (11/30)
  • Recieved an email re: the global processes position informing that the short list will be set mid/late December with campus visits in January or February and asking if I was still interested in the position, given that late timeline (12/8)
  • Got an e-mail requesting my dissertation and/or manuscripts under review from my dissertation to complete their evaluation of my application (12/8)
  • Received email from the global processes search asking about availability/interest in the position but no request for dissertation or writing samples (12/8)
  • Got an email from the global processes search asking about availability/interest in the position. (12/8)
  • Submitted additional materials for the clinical practice position requested and was told they will update my file and they said they will be in touch (12/16)
  • One of the job forums says an offer has been accepted for a position at SSA. Can anyone confrim what search was it for and which search(es) is(are) still ongoing? (12/29)
  • What forum was this?
  • The clinical practice search has 4 job talks scheduled for January and from what I was told the committee plans to vote/make an offer in February (12/29)
  • Any news?
  • I don't know what's going on with these positions, but saw they have a new(?) position posted.  Looking for someone with education background. (2/21)

University of Cincinatti - Blue Ash College[]

  • An earned doctoral degree from a nationally accredited institution in Social Work or a closely related field by August 1, 2015. An earned MSW from a CSWE-accredited program or equivalency as determined by CSWE with at least two years of post-MSW experience. Ohio state licensure or license eligible. At least one year of relevant college-level teaching experience. 
  • Applicants must apply online at ; Applicants should submit: (1) a letter of application, (2) curriculum vitae including at least three references with contact information, (3) evidence of teaching effectiveness (student evaluations, peer reviews, etc.), (4) statement of teaching philosophy, and (5) an unofficial transcript. Please submit evidence of teaching effectiveness in "Other" and statement of teaching philosophy in "Other2." Additionally, three letters of recommendation sent by the recommenders or a dossier service should be addressed to: UCBA HR Department, RE: Asst Prof Social Work Search, UC Blue Ash College, 9555 Plainfield Rd., Blue Ash, OH 45236 or emailed to
  • Applications will be reviewed beginning November 10, 2014 but will be accepted until filled. 

University of Connecticut[]

  • Assistant or Associate level tenure track
  • areas: health, mental health, health disparities, trauma, or violence prevention and reduction.
  • Invited to CSWE interview (10/16/14 x 2)
  • Invited for Skype interview with committee (applied post CSWE) (11/4x2)
  • Invited for a campus visit TBD (11/13 x3)
  • Rejection by email (11/18/14)

Has anyone received an offer or an update?

  • I heard an offer has been made and accepted (01/10/15)
  • Through which channel did you hear that if you don't mind disclosing? At which level was the offer made? (1/12/15)
  • I heard they closed their search without hiring (3/3/15)
    • Insider here. The school hired one person but they wanted to hire two to three. The school and the state are in a major budget crunch.

University of Denver[]

  • Hiring two assistant professors and one assistant or associate professor.
  • Looking for people with experience in teaching and research in one of more areas: community practice; mental health; family systems interventions; health; global practice; the human-animal bond & animal assisted social work (8/14/15, per Chronicle website and blast GADE email).
  • CSWE interview request 10-1-14 (x3) and 10/9/14 (x1)
  • Are these requests coming in via email or phone?
  • Phone AND a follow-up email.
  • Received rejection letter by email (10/2/14) (x4) (10/9/14) (x7)
  • I heard from a personal communication they are not looking for a children or families focus.
  • Indeed. I heard from personal communication they want a macro level researcher and educator.
  • Telephone interview (10/23/14) x1
  • Campus visit request for mid-November via phone, interviewed at CSWE (10/29/14)
  • Rejection letter post-CSWE interview by e-mail (10/30/14) x4
  • Rejection by email for me today as well. Got the feeling that the SSW is "trolling" for faculty.. faculty search is ALWAYS open, they review apps every year and look for the perfect candidate (e.g., from top 10 school) and reject all others. Too bad they require full letters from refereces. Could be wrong though...
    • FYI- This year they hired a candidate from a school ranked in the 40s to 50s nationally.  
  • Heard they made an offer for the assistant prof (macro) position back in early/mid Dec
  • also heard that the person did not accept
  • Offer made/accepted for macro-focused position (announced 2/10) 

University of Georgia[]

  • One assistant professor tenure-track, one open rank, and two named professorships (10/9/14).
  • "informal meeting" scheduled with two members of the seach committee at CSWE (10/20/14 x4)
  • Skype interview to follow up on CSWE (10/30/14 x2)
  • Campus visit scheduled before Thanksgiving (11/12/14)
  • Assistant professor position offered and accepted (12/24/14)
  • 2nd position was offered and accepted (1/30/15)

University of Hawaii at Manoa[]

  • Informally heard that there is a hiring freeze this year at UH. (10/24/14)

University of Houston[]

  • Looking for a new dean of the Graduate College of Social Work (per CSWE and Chronicle websites, 6/12/14).
  • Also hiring 3 full-time tenure track faculty (posted 9/9 in CSWE)
  • Received interview invitation for CSWE via email (9/29 x3, 10/20 x1)
  • I have a friend doing a campus visit here next week. 11.15
  • Offer made and accepted. Search is closed (01.09)

University of Illinois at Chicago[]

  • Looking for an open-rank multiple faculty members (did not specify how many) with interests in the promotion of social, racial, and economic justice for inner city residents and urban communities (8/15/14, per Chronicle website)
  • received email update - they are currenlty organizing CSWE interviews
  • Were any CSWE interviews conducted?
  • I did not participate in an interview, but I was told by UIC faculty that they conducted interviews. Additional Skype interview still may occur. 10/29/14
  • Contacted for post CSWE interview (applied after CSWE) - 11/4/14
  • Anyone with any update on these positions? 11/17/14
  • Phone interviews being conducted this week 11/17/14
  • Are these phone interviews following up on CSWE? Or for candidates who were not interviewed at CSWE? (11/18/14)
  • I was not at CSWE and had phone interview (x3). 
  • Has anyone received any rejections?  11/23/14
  • I wrote to the search chair last week. They are hiring multiple positions I was told that they continue to review applications. (11/24/14)
  • First campus visit was today and there are four more scheduled (12/3/14)
  • Anyone interviewing with them at SSWR and have any offers been made? (1/6/15)
  • Campus visit tomorrow (1/27)
  • Campus visit invite by email (2/6)
  • a friend accepted a position there.
  • What level - assistant professor?
  • Yep
  • Offer accepted! (3/9/15)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign[]

  • Multiple positions advertised: associate or full professor, open-rank, MSW program director, and associate dean for academic affairs (per CSWE website 9/15/14)
  • Received interview invitation for CSWE via email (10/17 x1)
  • Received interview invitation for SSWR via email (1/6 x1)
  • Interviewed at SSWR (1/16 x 2)
  • Got a rejection email stating that the position has been offered and the search is closed (2/16x2)

University of Iowa[]

  • Phone interview on 12/1 (x2)
  • Campus visits will be scheduled in mid-January or February
  • Invited for campus visit at the end of January (1/5/14)
  • Any updates?
  • I have a colleague who recently did a campus visit there. 2-9-15
  • Are there any updates since 2/9/15? (3/3/15)
  • An offer has been extended and accepted (3/4/15)

University of Kansas[]

  • Hiring a new Dean AND two assistant professors in the broadly defined areas of aging/health, adult/child mental health, child welfare/child well-being, and poverty/economic inequality (8/4/15 per CSWE website).
  • Starting to schedule interviews at CSWE (anectodal, 9/10)
  • Scheduled CSWE interview via phone call (9/15/14, x3)
  • Via email, 4 campus visits are scheduled for November and December (10/30/14)
  • Two assistant professor positions offered and accepted
  • Dean position offered and accepted
  • Rejection email (1/21/15x3), they said positions are filled.

University of Kentucky[]

  • Scheduled CSWE interview via doodle(10/8/14, x2)
  • Has anyone heard anything post-CSWE
  • Interviewed at CSWE and notified via email that I was cut on 11/4
  • accepted position

University of Louisville[]

  • Looking for an assistant professor in social work practice and/or mental health (7/24/14 per CSWE website).
  • Received interview invitation for CSWE via email (10/1) x2
  • Rejection letter by email 10/8 (x1)
  • Any campus visits scheduled yet? 
  • Search chair announced that position has now been flled (12/3/14) (x1)

University of Maine, Orono[]

University of Maryland Baltimore[]

  • Word on the street (from personal communication) is that they're not hiring at the assistant level this year (8/19/14).
  • The job posting advertises for multiple positions at any level (including assistant), is your understanding that only Associate/Full Profs will be seriously looked at? (10/3/14) - I was told in August by a senior faculty member that they didn't think they'd be advertising positions at the assistant level this year.  They may have changed their mind, or they may have advertised for open-rank with the intention of only hiring tenured folks unless someone really great at the assistant level came along...I'm just not sure (10/6/14). Not true. Its open rank. They are interested in anyone Assistant, Associate or Full.
  • Received a CSWE interview request via email (10/16/14 x8).
  • Received campus invite by email (11/13/14)

University of Maryland, Baltimore County[]

University of Michigan[]

  • The Marion Elizabeth Blue Professor of Children and Families
  • The Harold R. Johnson Professor of Social Work (with an emphasis on Gerontology and Health)
  • Two open-rank faculty positions with priority given to candidates whose work emphasizes one or more of the following five areas: child well-being, non-profit and public management, gerontology, health and health service delivery, and criminal justice.
  • Two clinical faculty positions with priority given to candidates whose work is aligned with one of more of the following five areas: child well-being, non-profit and public management, gerontology, health and health service delivery, and criminal justice.
  • Deadline December 31, 2014
  • Received request for CSWE interview via email (9/25/2014 & 10/7/2014X3)
  • Received request for interview via email (10/9/2014)
  • Received request for interview via email (10/15/2014)
  • Contacted for campus visit post CSWE Interview (11/4/2014)
  • Received rejection email (11/11/2014 x3)
  • Received request for Skype interview via email (11/11/14 x1)
  • Received invitation for SSWR interview via email (12/05/14 x 2)
  • Received rejection email (12/18/14)
  • One offer has been extended and accepted (12/23/14)
  • A second offer has been extended and accepted (1/25/15)
  • The offers that have been extended and accpeted - what positions have they been for?
  • I believe they both fall into the open-rank faculty positions...however, there are still additional campus visits scheduled
  • Received rejection email (2/9/15)

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities[]

  • The University of Minnesota School of Social Work invites applications for an Assistant Professor position to begin with the 2015-2016 academic year. The School is seeking candidates with a research and teaching background in work with children and/or families in areas such as child welfare, schools, family and children's agencies (10/14/14 via CSWE website)
  • Received invitation for interview at CSWE (10/23/2014 X1)
  • Had informal interveiw at CSWE (X1)
  • Received invitation for campus interview via email (12/5/14 x2)
  • 4 invitations for campus interviews sent and accepted for January (12-10-14)
  • Declared failed search (2-18-15)
  • Wow, really?  Hunh.  Wondered what happened.  
  • Sad, what a great school. I heard they got a slower start than they had wanted, and one of the candidates they invited out accepted another position before they made the campus visit.
  • Not that sad. Smart that the school waits for the best candidiate. Heard they will open up the search again next year.

University of Minnesota - Duluth[]

  • Hiring Assistant Professor level (9/29/14)
  • Looking for expertise in one or more of the following areas of practice: clinical social work, advanced community practice, child welfare, social work with diverse populations, research, human behavior in the social environment, field and global issues
  • Must have a valid Minnesota social work license or verification of eligibility for licensure by the Minnesota Board of Social Work

University of Mississippi[]

  • contacted by email for CSWE interview (45 mintues long) on 10/15
  • Any campus visits? 11/20

University of Missouri[]

  • Looking for 3 open-rank tenure track professors (someone who can teach with an emphasis on evidence-based practice and service delivery) at the School of Social Work (per CSWE and SSWR websites, 6/18/14)
  • Looking for applicants in the areas of aging, veterans/military families, substance abuse, mental health, health disparities, and child welfare service delivery.
  • Heard through colleague they are beginning Skype interviews week of 9/2
  • Campus interview scheduled week before CSWE (x1)
  • scheduled CSWE interview via email (9/30 x2)
  • received email to schedule CSWE interview (10/13/14 x1)
  • Any post-CSWE updates for this school?  (11/13/14)
  • Three(?) more campus visits were scheduled post-CSWE. I hear that they hope to make offers before Christmas. (11/18/)
  • Postioned offered and accepted (x2)
  • email for SSWR interview (1/5)
  • Hired 4 tenure track professors. 

University of Missouri at St. Louis[]

  • contacted by email for CSWE interview (10/21 x 1)
  • received campus visit invite (11/12)
  • accepted offer
  • rejected 1/10

University of Montana[]

University of Nebraska at Kearney[]

Will be hiring an assistant professor tenure-track

University of Nebraska at Omaha[]

University of Nevada, Las Vegas[]

  • Received phone call invitation to interview at CSWE (15 minutes) (10/8/14 x1; 10/10/2014 x1)

University of New Hampshire[]

University of North Carolina at Greensboro[]

University of North Carolina at Charlotte[]

  • Per CSWE and SSWR websites, hiring for one position at the Assistant or Associate level. 
  • Contacted via e-mail to schedule informational interview at CSWE (10/10/14 x1)
  • Did anyone receive a campus visit invitation?
  • I had a follow up phone interview after CSWE. They are still planning on campus visits before and after Thanksgiving. I'm guessing campus visit invitations should go out soon? 
  • I know of one person who has received a campus visit invitation. Not sure of when it is. (11/12/14)
  • Campus visit scheduled before Thanksgiving (11/12/14)
  • More skype visits this week. Inviting another round of people to campus (1/12)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill[]

  • Word on the street is that they're hiring for three positions; one in macro practice and the other two open interest area. No word on whether these are at the assistant professor level or are open-rank (8/19/14, per personal communication).
  • 2 are for Assistant/Associate Tenture Track (multiple areas of expertise), 1 is for an Assistant/Associate (macro practice), 1 is for Associate/Full Professor (research design and methods), 1 is a research associate or full fixed term faculty member (research design and methods) (9/26/2014, per university communication)
  • Receieved an invite for an informational meeting at CSWE via email (10/8/14 x5, 10/9/14 x1, 10/20/14 x2).
  • Received invitation for a video conference interview with the search committee (had an information interview at CSWE) (11/4/14 x2) (11/5/14 x1)  
  • Telconference interview on 11/20; they said they are wrapping up interviews next week and will be moving forward w/ scheduling campus visits in the next two weeks. (11/20 x1)
  • Received rejection email (11/24/14 x3) (12/10/14 x3)
  • was this following the teleconference interview? (Yes, 11/24/14 X3)
  • haven't heard anything following the teleconference (apprx 3 weeks ago) (12/10 x1)
  • Received an invitation for a campus visit (11/23/14 x1)
  • Seems like a lot of their reputable researchers have left in the past few years.  Does anybody know what's going on there? 
  • My friend is a doc student there.  It is a very research intensive university - a lot of pressure to publish and get grants.
  • I've also heard of a number of cases of their better-known researchers getting offers from private universities that the NC state system just can't match, so leaving for that reason.  I've heard that if you like working and have fundable research, it's a great, supportive place to work, but because it's a state university in a state that is not funding higher ed at the same level that it used to, successful people get snatched up by others schools and Carolina just can't compete with the offers that they get.
  • I've heard you need to be very careful there.  A lot of politics inside the department among the faculty.  And the expectations for tenure have increased since receiving a number 5 ranking.  They dont always convey the expectations accurately for those going through the process.  
  • Yes, I would be careful there.  They will smile to your face and then stab you in the back... so to speak.
  • I haven't heard anything from this institution. No rejection, no first round invite. Anyone else in this camp?

University of North Carolina at Wilmington[]

  • Two open positions: nonTT Field Coordinator and TT senior position for MSW Coordinator.

University of North Dakota[]

University of North Florida[]

University of Oklahoma[]

  • Received a CSWE interview invitation via phone call on 10/6/14 (x1)
  • Interviewed via Skype (11/13/14)
  • a Rejection postmail arrived (12/22/14)
  • Campus interview invitation for January (12/27/14 X 2)
  • Position has been filled

University of Oklahoma (Tulsa Campus)[]

University of Pennsylvania[]

  • The School of Social Policy & Practice at the University of Pennsylvania has opened a search for two positions - clinical social work and social policy (10/14/14) Via GADE listerv
  • Any information on this search? No word as of 11/24/14
  • Inviting candidates for interviews at SSWR in mid-January
  • Thanks, does this mean that invitations have been issued? (x2)
    • SSWR invite came in by email 12/3
    • Rejection letter post-SSWR (1/19/15 x2)
  • Any updates? Have any campus visits been scheduled? (2-24-15)

University of Pittsburgh[]

  • Is this search moving forward?
  • YES. Chair is on search committee, and I think they're meeting within the next couple of weeks. I think they may be planning to interview at SSWR.
  • Any SSWR invitations? YES - Dissertation chair (who is on search committee) said that they have interviews scheduled at SSWR, although I didn't ask if they were done scheduling SSWR interviews, I just know that they have some scheduled.
  • Email invitation to interview at SSWR (1/7 x1)
  • Anyone heard of on campus invites yet?  
  • One candidate is here now, one to be scheduled in the next few weeks (1/28)
  • How many candidates per position they normally invite and are they both for mental health concentration or criminal justice?
  • They invited 3-4 to campus for the positions over the past couple of years.
  • Rejection letter (2/10x2)
  • The person who got rejection letter (2/10) did you interview at SSWR?  I did not.  Just a snailmail letter.
  • have there been any hirees for any positions?  There are two positions available, am I correct?
  • They made offers (which I believe will both be accepted) very recently (4/20).

University of St. Joseph (CT)[]

  • Posted BSW tenure-track assistant professor position in HigherEd Jobs and on website, for 8/2015 start (2/24/15)


University of South Carolina[]

University of South Florida[]

University of Southern California[]

University of Southern Indiana[]

  • Scheduled informational interview at CSWE (10/6/14 x1)
  • CSWE interview (10/13/14)
  • Invited for campus visit in January (12/9/14)

University of Southern Mississippi[]

University of Tennessee Martin[]

Hiring tenure-track Assistant Professor but MSW required/ PhD "preferred" to teach in BSSW curriculum. 

University of Texas at Austin[]

University of Texas at Arlington[]

University of Texas at San Antonio[]

University of Toronto[]

  • They are hiring four tenure track appointment positions for Assistant and Associate rank. The areas they are looking for include but aren't limited to: child welfare, mental health, human development and equity across the life course (children, families, and older adults), neuroscience and education for professional practice.
  • Rejection over email (10/10) x3
  • They are looking for someone with fulltime practice experience that can teach practice courses (personal communication). 11/1/14 
  • Are they still interviewing/considering candidates 11/14/14 (x2)
  • I have neither received an interview request nor a rejection letter, so I'm wondering what the status of the search is
  • Received invitation for SSWR interview via email (12/18/14)
  • rejection email 1/12/15
  • Campus visit invite by email (1/30)
  • Offer extended and accepted (5/18)

University of Utah[]

  • Hiring a new Dean for the College of Social Work, with a preferred start date of January 1, 2015 (per CSWE and SSWR websites, 6/26/14)
  • They are hiring two tenure track positions - one assistant professor and one dual appointment with Ethnic Studies. 
  • SSWR Interview (12/1/14 x2)
    • Any post-SSWR updates?
    • At SSWR interview (in January 2015), search committee indicated they expected to be in touch within a month regarding the assistant professor position. They had already extended an offer for the dual appointment position. As of today, I still have not received any information from them regarding the assistant professor position. Anyone know anything further about the status of the search? (3/12/2015)
      • I've also heard nothing.
      • I have a friend who did a campus visit in the last couple of weeks.
    • 4/14/15 - Emailed the search chair to inquire if they were still accepting candidates and was informed the SW asst. professor position has also been filled.
      • Thank you for the update.

University of Vermont[]

University of Washington (Seattle)[]

  • Hiring assistant professor Sidney E Miller Early Career Scholar in Direct Practice
  • Contacted for Skype interview - 11/4/14
  • Is this interview in addtion to an interview at CSWE?
  • No, I applied after CSWE.
  • Had CSWE interview and follow up 2nd interview (by phone) on 11-7-14. Was told on campus interview invitations would happen in the next two weeks with actual campus interviews scheduled in December.
  • Was your phone interview with more members of the search committee? Or same from CSWE?
  • It was with different members of the search committee
  • Received campus invite by email (11/10/14)
  • Received Skype invite by phone (11/18/14)

I heard it was declared a "failed search," and no one will be hired from the existing pool.

University of Washington (Tacoma)[]

  • Hiring Assistant Professor and Full-Time Lecturer or Senior Lecturer positions
  • Will be interviewing / informational interviewing at CSWE
  • Interview at CSWE (scheduled by phone and email) (10/14 x2)
  • Any updates post-CSWE interviews?
  • Just invited (11-7-14)  for on campus interview in December
  • Rejection via emal (1/2/15) (x3)
  • Offer made and accepted (12/30/14)

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay[]

  • Notified in mid-January that an offer had been made & accepted

University of Wisconsin-Madison[]

  • Hiring an assistant professor in "any area of specialization relevant to social work" (9/16/14, per School email, and 9/27/14 per SSWR and CSWE websites).
  • Confirmation email sent after application materials were submitted said that they would begin reviewing applications after 11/15, so I don't know if they'll be interviewing at CSWE...does anyone have any other info on this? (9/25/14)
  • E-mail from chair says they won't be doing formal interviews at CSWE. They'll be doing skype interviews after 11/15, and will most likely be finished by the time SSWR rolls around. (10/8/14)
  • Received request for Skype interview (scheduled for this week) via phone call (11/13/14 x3)
  • Received request for on-campus interview via phone, scheduled for before Christmas (12/5/14)
  • Received rejection email following Skype interview (12/8/14) (x1)
  • Received and accepted an offer for the assistant professor position after campus visit (12/22/14)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee[]

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire[]

University of Wisconsin - Stout[]

Virginia Commonwealth[]

  • Hiring for an open rank faculty position (per VCU's hiring website, 07/10/14, and Chronicle and CSWE websites, 7/14/14), concentration seems open, although the ad mentions "candidates who contribute to our growing interdisciplinary research foci in child welfare, health, mental health, gerontology, practice and policy affecting members of the military and their families, and disparities among racial and ethnic minority populations" and makes specific reference to collaboration with the "Virginia Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, Massey Cancer Center, and Center for Clinical and Translational Research."
  • Also hiring for the Samuel S. Wurtzel Endowed Faculty Chair in Social Work AND a non-tenure track teaching position (per VCU and Chronicle websites, 7/14/14).
  • Contacted by phone to set up CSWE interview for assistant prof position (10/17/2014 x 7)
  • Contacted by email on 10/26 about campus interview (x2)
  • Was this following a CSWE interview, or is it your first interview?
  • invitation for campus interview was made following my CSWE interview (date of visit TBD)
  • Campus visit scheduled for early December (11/6)
  • Job Offer - Assistant Prof Position (12/19 x1; offer accepted 12/22)
  • Have both offers been accepted?
    • heard that there have been two offers made/accepted; interviews for Wurtzel Chair will occur in Spring
    • Yes, two offers made/accepted (2/6/15)

Washington University in St. Louis[]

Wayne State University[]

  • Received invitation for interview by email at CSWE
  • Had formal interview at CSWE
  • They have begun on campus interviews (per a faculty member in program)
  • Received email invitation to interview at SSWR (1/9/15 x4)
  • one position has been accepted
  • Invited to campus in February (1/20/15)
  • Any updates? (3/2/15)
  • I heard that someone accepted the last assistant professor position (3/3/15)

just informed that colleague accepted an assistant professor position (3/17/2015)

West Chester[]

Western Connecticut State University[]

  • Contacted by email on 10/10 to schedule CSWE Interview
  • Phone interview 11/11
  • Rejection email 12/16 (x2)

West Virginia University[]

  • Look for one assistant professor position, possibly interviewing at CSWE (9/13/14)
  • contacted by email on 10/8 to schedule CSWE interview (10/8/2014 X3)
  • CSWE interview (10/13/14)
  • Campus invitation for January (12/9/14) 

Western Carolina University[]

Western Michigan University[]

  • Assistant/Associate Professor for macro practice (9/26/2014)

Westfield State University[]

Wheelock College[]

  • Hiring Open Rank TT Position (9/23)
  • Request for CSWE "chat" (10/21)
  • Skype Interview (12/8; +1, 12/15)
  • Rejection by email
  • Rejection by email (12/18)
  • Heard from a friend that 2 campus visits have beed offered, but looking for MORE applicaitions (1/12)

Widener University[]

Winthrop University[]

  • Campus visit schedule 2/8-2/11
  • Heard offer was made and accepted

Xavier University[]