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Page for Academic Positions in Social Work that begin in 2016.

Let's do this! Try to stick to a few guidelines when posting to keep things consistent:

  • Post information about the position (or positions) including rank, source of information, and desired specialties.
  • Update when you know if a school has announced or cancelled a search, done preliminary interviews, invited candidates out for job talks, or made offers, even if this information is anecdotal (but please note that it's anecdotal if it is)!
  • Add date of posting to information whenever possible.
  • Please Use "Heading 3" when adding names of schools to this page.

A couple of features of this page, based on additional posts from past years:

  • There are two general sections:
  • Discussion: Post other job search related information here. In the past, topics have included:
  • Tally of number of people checking this page 
  • Information about salaries offered relative to cost of living.
  • Information about the number of places people have applied, number of initial interviews received, number of campus visits/job talks, and number of offers.
  • Please feel free to add topics here!
  • List of Schools: Post information about positions, here: 


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RECENT ACTIVITY on Social Work 2015-16 Wiki[]

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I wanted to wish everyone a very happy and successful New Year! I hope you lend that dream job and it all works out for you!

How many people are updating or monitoring this page?[]

39 (4/4/16)

How many folks are on the market for a social work job without an MSW (having a master's in something else, getting or have a PhD in social work)? How has this experience been for you?[]

Hired at an R1.

In line with the question above, how has this experience been for those with an MSW but no post-master's practice experience?[]

Hired at an R1 with no post-MSW practice exp. (x2)

How long after your campus visit did you receive notification of an offer/reject?[]

  • Received an offer that I accepted about 2 weeks after a campus visit. With the other campus visit, I've not received any notification and that visit was in mid-December. If you haven't heard anything from a place you are interested in, I'd say go ahead a reach out to the search chair to get an update on their process. Godspeed!
  • I think it really depends on their particular process: how many people they're interviewing, if they have to wait to do all of the interviews before offering, how many levels of administration it has to be approved by, if holidays are slowing down things, their manners, etc. I got three offers all in the same week but the visits were spread out over October and December. And I still haven't received any notification on a campus visit I did in November. I echo that you could touch base, especially if it's been awhile. If you have any changes on your CV (new publication or something like that) you could ask for an update on the search while sending along your updated CV; that always felt less awkward to me. Good luck!
  • I've had five visits so far. The schools differ in lots of ways, including manners:
    • The first school let me know they hired someone else approximately five weeks after my visit. (In a form email with my name filled-in.)
    • The second offered me a position exactly one month after my visit.
    • The third has not gotten back to me after nearly two months. I reached out to let them know about the other offer, but they ignored me. I sent a follow up email to the chair of the search committee a week later, still nothing.
    • The fourth school emailed two weeks later to let me know they hired someone else. 
    • The fifth school invited me after I told them I had an offer elsewhere. The dean told me I'd get a call either way, one week after my visit. No contact was made. After two weeks, I contacted them to let them know I needed to give my answer to another school. They informed me they offered the job to someone else.   
  • Offer # 1: about 2 weeks after campus visit 
  • Offer # 2: about 1 month after campus visit
  • Offer = about 1 month after campus visit
  • I've had three viists so far. One school worte me about two weeks later with rejection letter. One school called me about a month after, telling me they wnet with someone else. The other one I heard nothing after two months. I reach them and they told me they went with someone else. Three entirely different experiences.
  • I was offered the position 2 days after my visit. 
  • When it got to the point where it was 10 weeks since my campus visit and I had not heard anything, I reached out to the search chair to get an update. 

Salaries offered - helpful to list with school ranking (R1 or teaching)and cost of living:[]

Q: I think it will be helpful if posters add the positions they have applied for.  

-83k, R1, city with moderate cost of living x3
-71k, public R1, city with low cost of living
-75, public R1, city with low cost of living
-81, public R1, city moderate COL
-68k, public R2, low COL
-66k, public R2, low COL
  • Q: Is this a 9-month salary? (1/28/16)- Yes
-80k, public R1, high cost of living
-75k, public R1, city, moderate cost of living
-82k + 2 years summer salary (2 months per summer), public, teaching, city, high COL
- 62k, public R2, low COL, assist. prof. position 
-90k, private R1, high COL, Assistant Professor 
-88K, public R1, high COL, Assistant, + 2 years 3-months per summer salary (initial offer was 84)
-65K, public R2, low COL, assistant professor

Tips for salary negotiation- Have folks successfully negotiated salary increases? If so, what did you base your requested salary amount on? Any tips for advocating for the increase?[]

First, I suggest you review your offer with a trusted mentor or colleague. Decide whether or not you would accept the offer as it is or not. After I got the initial job offer the Dean gave me two weeks to consider the offer. I was able to search their salary database to determine the salary of the last person that was promoted to tenure so I had a sense of what I could work with. However, the Dean offered me more than that person so I kept that in mind but my chair wanted me to ask for more salary. I scheduled a phone conference with the Dean within the two week period as I had several questions I needed him to answer (mostly questions my chair told me to ask). After he answered all my questions I asked him if there was anything in the offer that wasn't negotiable and the dean said everything was negotiable but that it's always easier to give cash versus hardline items like salary. Honestly, it was a great offer to start with but I agreed with my chair and wanted more salary. So the Dean just offered a small salary bump and more summer salary, so I was happy with that. Good luck!

  • Thanks for such a thoughtful and detailed response. Very helpful!

Ratio of applications: 1st round interviews: Campus visits: Offers (example: 16:8:4:2)[]



29:5:1:? (so far)




6:6:3: ? (so far)










22: 7: 2: 1





10: 2 . . .






Does anyone have any news about potential searches for next year (2016-2017)?[]

I heard VCU is definitely going to post, likely searches from University of Washington, USC, and Washington University in St. Louis, folks are not sure about Rutgers and OSU because they had big hires this year.
  • I also heard VCU is hiring; LSU is a definite "no" 3/3/16

Do we know when the 2016-2017 Wiki will be up? Just put it up: Social Work 2016-2017

List of Schools: Update when you have information![]


Akron University (Ohio)[]

Appalachian State[]

Arizona State University[]

  • Hiring 3 Assistant Professor Positions in Phoenix, areas of expertise open
  • link
  • CSWE interview scheduled 10/10 x 5
  • Skype interview 10/20 x 1
  • Has anyone heard anything about campus visits or second interviews?
  • Got a call on 11/6 scheduling a campus visit for mid-December
  • Campus visit scheduled for week of November 16th
  • 6 campus visits are already scheduled until December. 
  • rejection email (11/25) x4
  • Official job offer made on 11/24 (x2)....accepted!
  • Congratulations (and welcome from a doctoral candidate at ASU--it is a nice place/program).
  • Thanks, and I am glad to hear you like it there!
  • Congratulations!

Augsburg in MN[]

Azusa Pacific University[]

Barry University[]

Baylor University (TX)[]

  • Hiring Assistant/Associate (7/9/15)   

Bennett College (NC)        []

Binghamton University, SUNY[]

  • Two Asst, one Associate in the College of Comm & Pub Affairs. Two of the three are for social work dept, one Asst if for a human rights position in the College.
  • Posted on Chronicle 9/17, review beings immediately     
  • Emailed for CSWE interview (10/1)
  • Contacted for Skype interview (11/18)
  • Invited for campus interview (12/9)
  • Heard someone accpeted the offer

Boise State University[]

Boston College[]

  • Has anyone heard from BC? 
  • Yes they have picked one finalist and are going hard after them.  Getting back to candidates does not seem to be in this school's vocabulary.   I suggest you move on if you have not heard from this school.
  • Alternatively, I did receive an official reject email after the intial interview.

Boston University (MA)[]

  • hiring for asst prof in the following areas (as per CSWE site on 8/18):  Family and community violence, Social justice and inequities, Behavioral health, Aging from a clinical perspective
  • Emailed to set up interview at CSWE (9/29) - 4
  • Got an email stating that they are still going through the 50 applications they received after CSWE. Campus visits will be scheduled after they go through all the 50 applicants (11/3). x 2
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • Rejection e-mail received (12/7) x6
  • Rejection e-mail (I had an interview with them post-CSWE) (12/7)
  • Has the position been filled?
  • Campus visit scheduled (12/13)

Bridgewater State University (MA)[]

  • Phone interview scheduled (11/13).
  • Had phone interview.  Went well, but they wanted a lot of information regarding research agenda, which is interesting considering it is a teaching school. 
  • Campus interview scheduled (1/17)

Are offers sent? Are they still interviewing people?    []

Buffalo State College, SUNY (NY)[]

  • The Social Work Department at SUNY Buffalo State invites applications for a 10-month, tenure track, assistant professor position beginning in August 2016. Screening of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.

Bryn Mawr[]

California State University, Bakersfield[]

California State University, Channel Islands[]

  • hiring for Assistant Professor in Health Sciences with specializations in gerontology and medical informatics- interdisciplinary university - social workers welcome!
  • (LINK)

California State University, East Bay[]

California State University, Fresno[]

  • 10/19/15 - Informal at CSWE. Two positions: One is HBSE, other Social Welfare Policy. Both need to know how to teach research.
  • Received request for phone interview (2/2/16) (x2)
  • Phone interview held (2/10)

California State University Fullerton[]

  • hiring for one TT assistant professor position to teach foundation-level social policy courses
  • Higher Ed Jobs
  • Request by phone for skype interview  12/4 x 2
  • Campus visit scheduled for end of January

California State University, Long Beach  []

California State University, Los Angeles[]

  • They are conducting interviews. 1/18

California State University, Monterey Bay[]

California State University, Northridge[]

California State University, Sacramento[]

California State University, Stanislaus[]

Carleton University (Ottawa Canada)[]

Carthage College, Kenosha, WI[]

Case Western Reserve University (OH)[]

  • Assistant Tenure Track (posted 7/13/15) - Posted on higher ed jobs
  • Heard from someone on hiring committee that they are looking for people with a good record of publications
  • Received invite for CSWE interview 10/1 (x4)
  • Received an e-mail invitation for a campus visit on 10/18. Scheduled campus visit during the week of Oct. 26. 
  • Any one has any other updates? Any more campus visits scheduled to CWRS?
  • rejection email received 11/9 x2
  • Received an offer on November 24.
  • Congrats! X4
  • I heard somebody accepted the offer.
  • Received rejection e-mail (1/29/16)

Catholic University of America[]

  • Does anyone have any information on this process?

Central Connecticut State University[]

  • 10/21/15  - Nothing listed yet. Heard from dean that position will be posted soon.
  • Position has been posted.
  • Received an email about setting up a telephone screening interview. (1/26)
  • Screening interview held (2/1/16)
  • Screening interview that had been scheduled for 2/8 was rescheduled to 2/22 due to weather (2/8/16)
  • Received e-mail that due to weather delays committee is still deciding on final canddidates for campus visit. Decision will be made by March 4 (3/2/16)
  • Received rejection email (3/3/16)

Centre College[]

Clemson University (SC)[]

  • Congrats!

Cleveland State University[]

  • Campus visits schedule week of 02-01-16.

College of New Rochelle        []

College of Staten Island        []

Colorado State University        []

Columbia University[]

  • LINK
  • Hiring multiple positions
  • Contacted by recruiter and interviewed at CSWE 10/16 x1 (and know of one other)
  • Campus visit scheduled 11/19

DePaul University[]

East Carolina University[]

Eastern Connecticut State University[]

  • 10/19 - 2 positions posted.
  • Have not heard anything from this committee (3/2/16) x2

Eastern Michigan University[]

  • 4 positions available for Assistant Professor position.
  • Must have MSW and 5 years of practice experience to teach in areas of aging, health and wellness, diversity, research, and generalist practice (ABDs considered).
  • Interview scheduled for CSWE x2
  • Invited for pre-interview (11/23)
  • What is a pre-interview?
  • A conversation or screening before an invitation for a job talk.

Eastern Washington University[]

  • 2 TT positions for assistant professor of Social Work
  • phone interviews are ongoing and will end the week of 12-18
  • Campus visit scheduled for February x2
  • Invited for campus visit but declined
  • Offer made and accepted 2/23


  • 3 Tenure track lines open for the 2015-2016 year; teaching in the MSW program. 3/3 load.

Erikson Institute[]

  • Job posted over summer (assistant/tenure track), link and email for information:
  • they are interviewing at sswr 1/12

Fairfield University (CT)[]

Florida Atlantic[]

  • Contacted 9/23 by a faculty recruiter to meet at CSWE - 2
  • Contacted 9/29 by a facutly recruiter to meet at CSWE x2
  • No ad that I can find for opening
  • They are looking for someone with 2-years post-MSW practice experience (10/8)
  • Interviewed at CSWE 10/15 x1
  • Interviewed at CSWE 10/16 x1
  • Campus Interview (December)

Florida Gulf Coast University[]

  • 10/19/15 - Contacted by faculty recruiter at CSWE. Looking for 2 positions.
  • Has anyone heard back from them? Have they started the first round of interviews?

Florida International University        []

Florida State University[]

Fordham University[]

  • Posted 8/18/15
  • Received invite on 10/1/15 for CSWE interview. Know of 2 more with interviews. (3 total)
  • Invited for colloquium at the University, was contacted on 11/5 and scheduled colloquium on 12/11.
  • rejection letter 2/9

Georgia Regents University - Augusta []

Georgia State University (Atlanta)[]

  • Hiring NTT Research Asst/Assoc Professor (summer 2016)

George Mason University[]

Governor's State University Illinois[]

Grand Valley State University - Michigan[]

Hawaii Pacific University[]

  • Hiring for Assistant/Associate Professor - BSW Program Director 1/19

Howard University[]

Humboldt State University (California)[]

  • Email received, appologizing for slow response and advising that position has been filled. (3/2/16)

Hunter College, CUNY (NY)[]

  • 5 positions open
  • Online system is down (hence not posted there if you've looked), email all materials directly to the chair. Ad pasted below from GADE listserve (11/1)
  • The Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College/CUNY invites applicants for multiple tenure track open positions at any rank beginning August 2016.Background:The Silberman School of Social Work (formerly Hunter College School of Social Work) has a national reputation as a leader in public urban education. Established in 1958, the School's mission is to prepare highly competent social work leaders to work in a variety of professional roles, settings, and communities in New York and other major urban centers in order to improve the lives of vulnerable and stigmatized people and the communities in which they live. The School is located in a state-of-the art building in the historic and vibrant New York City neighborhood of East Harlem. Our curriculum, scholarship, and agency partnerships reflect a commitment to recruiting and educating a diverse student body, and innovations in social policy and practice that values cultural complexity and social justice for New Yorkers, their neighborhoods, and its work force. The School has 40 full-time faculty, 1200 MSW students, is in the process of initiating a BSW program, and in conjunction with The CUNY Graduate Center offers a Ph.D. in Social Welfare. 
  • Qualifications:Applicants must have an earned doctorate in social work or a related field. Preferred qualifications include applicants who have an MSW degree, at least two years of practice experience, and a clear trajectory of research and scholarship. Applicants demonstrating success in agency and community partnerships that provide opportunities for research and scholarship are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to applicants with a strong scholarly record and a commitment to teaching.Rank and salary: Commensurate with academic background and experience.Applicants: If interested, please provide a cover letter specifying primary area of scholarship, a record of funded research, teaching interests, curriculum vitae, and the names of three references to:Chair, Search CommitteeSilberman School of Social Work at Hunter College/CUNY2180 Third AveNew York, New York 10035Email: are also required to apply online at: (email to GADE says the system is down and to ignore this)
  • Applicant review: Review of applications will begin in October 2015 and continue until final candidates are identified.
  • Invited for video interview on 11/6 (x2). Interview scheduled for week of 11/15 .
  • Invited for campus visit 11/10. (x2)
  • Invited for a video interview 12/1
  • Are there any updates regarding where the search committee is at in their process?
  • I was told they are continuing to interview applicants through SSWR and then will invite additional candidates out for job talks
  • I know someone that's interviewing at SSWR
  • Emailed to set up SSWR interview (12/17)
  • Invited for campus visit (week of 1/3), but declined invitation
  • Offer made (1/15)
  • and accepted :-)
  • There are five positions for this year. Any campus visit interview request after the interview at SSWR?
  • I think they are still doing screening interviews. I know someone who has a Skype interview scheduled for either this week or next week.
  • Campus visit invite for Feb. following screening interview at SSWR.
  • Campus visit invite for Feb

Idaho State University[]

Illinois State University[]

Indiana University[]

  • CSWE Interview (10/16/15) x 1

Indiana University, Northwest        []

Kansas State University[]

  • (11-19-15) Invited to campus interview early Dec.

Lehman College, CUNY (NY)[]

Lewis-Clark State College[]

Loma Linda University[]

Long Island University[]

Louisiana State University[]

  • Contacted for CSWE interview (10/4) x 4
  • Contacted to schedule campus visit (10/28)

Loyola University Chicago[]

  • Interviewed at CSWE 10/17 x2
  • Interviewed at CSWE 10/16 x1
  • campus visits scheduled x3
  • position filled 1/14

Mars Hill University[]

Marywood in PA[]

Metropolitan State University, Denver[]

  • Email from HR system that I have been selected for phone interview (both MSW and BSW positions) (1/5/16).
  • 1/8/16--Skype interview set for 1/11
  • 1/5/16 - automatic email from the HR system that I have met the minimum qualifications for the two positions and I will be contacted further for the status of my application as the search process progresses
  • 1/6/16-auto email from HR I did not meet the minimum qualifications. No word, after calling them, as to why not (as I have a PhD, more than 2 years post-msw experience, and university SW teaching experience). However, after reviewing their pay scale, I was not as encouraged to follow up. Much lower than other similar size community metropolitan positions. In the 50,000 range (my assumption would be closer to 60-65 for this size city).

Miami University, Ohio        []

Michigan State University (MI)[]

  • Three positions announced. One position will focus on gender-based violence. The other two are open.
  • video conference interview scheduled for last week in sept (9-23-15) x2
  • invitation for video conference (9/25)
  • Skype interview scheduled for GBV position (9/28)
  • CSWE interview scheduled for GBV position (10/12)
  • Search Committee chair asked me to apply for the "open" position because they're really looking for someone that has done domestic violence work/research. I told her I wouldn't because I applied for the GBV position based on my interests and the position announcement. (10/19)
  • Did anyone else apply for the GBV position?
  • Interviewed at CSWE for GBV position x1 (10/17)
  • Invited for a campus visit for the open position (10/22) x2
  • Rejection e-mail received on 10/29 x3
  • Rejection email for GBV position 11/2 x2
  • rejection email for open position 12/15 x3
  • Accepted offer for GBV position
  • Congratulations!!!

Middle Tennessee State University[]

Any updates on position supposed to start this August (2016)? Very short window for interviewing. Anyone have a call back from application?


Millersville University (PA)[]

  • Hiring one Asst, posted on Chronicle 9-14
  • Not interviewing at CSWE, received email to meet informally with the Chair (10/1)

Minnesota State University - Mankato[]

Montclair State University (NJ)[]

  • The Robert D. McCormick Center for Child Advocacy and Policy is hiring one Assistant Professor (tenure-track). Area of specialization is open, but preference will be given to candidates with interests in child welfare, disabilities and school-based policy. LINK

Nazareth College (Rochester, NY)[]

  • Nazareth College of Rochester invites applications for a full time, tenure track position in the Department of Social Work to begin August 2016. The successful candidate will be responsible for teaching in the Greater Rochester Collaborative Master of Social Work Program of Nazareth College and the College at Brockport, SUNY.

New York University[]

  • invites applications for 3 tenure track assistant professor faculty positions. Expertise that builds on the significant strengths or expands the expertise of the Silver School in diverse areas, including, but not limited to integrated health, aging and end of life care, or child welfare in local, national and global contexts, is preferred. from CSWE career center.
  • Rejection letter emailed 10/9x3
  • CSWE interview
  • Skype interview x2
  • Heard one candidate is invited for campus visit.
  • Rejection email received 11/16 x2
  • 5 campus visits scheduled.
  • Were these rejection emails received by those of you who interviewed at CSWE/Skype or those who did not yet interview with NYU? Thanks.
  • Rejection emails without interviews 11/20 x2
  • Rejection email without interview 12/11 (1)
  • Offer made and accepted. (1/2016)
  • 2 out of the three positions were not filled this year (4/20/16)

North Carolina State University[]

Northeastern Illinois University (IL)[]

Northern Kentucky University[]

  • Scheduled phone interview for early December (11/9/15)

Nyack College[]

Ohio State University (OH)[]

  • Received an interview request at CSWE on 9/27
  • Scheduled CSWE interview (10/2) x2
  • Search committee chair stated that they would be contacting applicants for campus visits anytime from two weeks post CSWE interviews to the next several months (10/16)
  • Got an e-mail from search committee chair to schedule campus visit (10/19) - scheduled campus visit (10/20)
  • Received email invite for campus visit on 10/30...will make campus visit in mid-November
  • Great campus visit and lots of supports for junior faculty. Dean said he gives people two weeks once he makes an offer (11/3)
  • job offered and accepted!! Woo hoo!! - Mazel tov!
  • Congrats! x5
  • Thank you!!
  • May I ask how... long after your campus visit so the offer made?
  • It was six days after my campus visit

Ohio University[]

Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX[]

Pacific University (OR)[]

  • 10/19/15 - Interviewed at CSWE (3)
  • Phone interview (11/3) x 2
  • Phone interview scheduled for 11/6 x 3
  • Invited to campus visit. Three date at this time, 12/4, 12/7 or 12/14. Will pick one and repost.
  • Rejection email following the Skype interview wishing me good luck 11/18
  • Campus visit scheduled for 12/4
  • Rejection phone call on 1/6/16 after campus visit. Committee went with different candiddate. (1/11/16).

Plattsburg (SUNY) []

  • Hiring for Fall 2016, tenure-track
  • No social work faculty on Search Committee. Headed by a masters level librarian. Other members on the committee include master level faculty in nutrition and faculty from Women and Gender studies
  • FYI, The reason there were no SW faculty is because the search committee members must be tenured, the only tenured SW faculty member was the chair, and the chair can not serve on the committee.
  • Committee could not answer any questions about the social work department during phone interview.
  • Questions asked during the interview seemed generic
  • Little time given for applicant to ask questions
  • Invited for campus interview (2/15)

Portland State University []

  • (01/07/16) Hiring Tenure Track Assistant Professor to start Fall 2016:
  • Search Committee Chair will be SSWR 
  • Does anyone have any updates from Portland State?
  • Are they still interviewing? 
  • Rejection email received 2/16/16 (x2)
  • Campus visit scheduled in March
  • Who is the chair of the search committee?

Quinnipiac University[]

  • 10/16/15 - Nothing listed

Richard Stockton College at New Jersey[]

Rhode Island College[]

  • Received e-mail invitation to apply.

Rutgers (NJ)[]

  • Hiring up to 5 faculty members, primarily at Assistant rank (7/23/15). Job posting on SSWR Site
  • ​Search is open, but particular interest in Social Work Management and Leadership, Clinical Practice, Intervention Research, Inter-professional Health, International Social Work, and Criminal Justice along with other research areas that complement existing faculty research clusters and Centers.
  • Interview scheduled for CSWE x 7
  • Interview scheduled for CSWE (9/29)
  • Search committee member stated that they would be contacting applicants for campus visits in the next two weeks (10/17)
  • Contacted and asked to send two writing samples (10-22) x 5
  • invited for campus interview (11/5)
  • declined campus visit (11/9)
  • Why?
  • They were still asking for writing samples right before my third scheduled campus visit. They have a reputation for denying tenure too - a colleague at a top ten social program described them as "scary."
  • Just wanted to offer an alternate perspective. I am currently junior faculty at Rutgers and have found it to be a wonderfully supportive place. There has been a lot of structural attention to positioning junior faculty for success.
  • thanks for sharing your perspective as that's good to know
  • Contacted me to set-up SSRW interview (12/22)
  • Contacted to set up SSWR interview (1/6)
  • Invited for campus visit (1/20) 
  • Hi the person who got invited for campus visit on January 20th, were you interviewed in SSWR?  Any news on Rutgers more recently?  Any more campus visit invites?
  • Yes, I was interviewed at SSWR.
  • Was told they have an offer out 2/19.

Ryerson University        []

Sacred Heart University  (Fairfield, CT)[]

  • Two positions posted: Clinical Assistant Professor and Field Education Coordinator; Assistant Professor
  • Received email invitation to set up screening interview (12/21)
  • Received email to set up for screening interview (1/18/16)
  • Screening interview held (1/19/16)
  • Screening interview held (1/25)
  • Invited to campus visit (2/15)
  • Campus visit held (2/22)
  • 4/17 Any news?  Any hires?

Saint Louis University[]

Salem State University[]

Salisbury University[]

Samford University[]

  • Assistant/Associate Professor, Must have clincial experience, Job posting: LINK

San Diego State University (CA)[]

  • Expertise is sought in Macro Practice, with a particular emphasis in Community Practice. An optimal candidate will have the ability to teach Macro Practice (Administration, Community Development, Social Policy) and will have demonstrated research expertise regarding community practice. Teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels is desired. A candidate must show promise in obtaining extra-mural funds. An MSW and a doctorate in social work or a related field is required (First Review: October, Deadline: December). For more details.
  • CSWE interview scheduled (10/6)
  • Rejection email (11/18)(x3)
  • Campus visit scheduled by phone (11/18)
  • Campus visit scheduled for Jan was cancelled as the decision was made by Provost to only interview and hire candidates who already had a PhD in hand
  • I'm sorry! That sucks!

San Jose State University[]

Seattle University[]

  • One tenure track assistant professor to begin September 2016. Applications will be reviewed begining October 5 2015. Will teach in the BSW and new MSW programs
  • Interviewing at CSWE x 2
  • Skype interview
  • Follow up for incomplete references. 11/12
  • Received a rejection letter 11/17 (x2)
  • Received rejetion letter 12/17 (x2)
  • Heard an offer was made on 12/24
  • Formal offer made on 12/24. Offer declined on 1/5. 
  • Offer made and accepted. 2/2016

Simmons College[]

  • Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track), School of Social Work
  • Received e-mail stating they will not be interviewing at CSWE and will begin reviewing applications in two weeks, will interview in November/December, and invite candidates for job talks in January (10/8)
  • Has been recent turnover and heard the jury is still out on the new dean.
  • Interview scheduled (11/20) x 2
  • Rejection e-mail received (12/3) (12/16)
  • Received invitation for campus visit in January (12/16)
  • Rejection email post-visit. Was informed an offer was made and accepted. (2/10)

Smith College[]

Southern Connecticut State University[]

  • Contacted at CSWE. Looking for Faculty, but that would also have duties as director of BSW program.
  • Recieved word that for this position they are only considering applicants who have already (at the time of application) earned their doctoral degrees.
  • Received e-mail explaining that committee is still reviewing applications (3/2)
  • Offer made and accepted for BSW position (3/25)

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville        []

St. Edward's University, Austin, TX        []

  • Did anyone else apply here? Heard anything? 

St. Olaf College[]

St. Thomas/St. Catherine's[]

Stephen F. Austin State University[]

Stony Brook University[]

  • 3 positions posted: Assistant/Associate/Full Professor

Texas Christian University (TCU)         []

  • Campus visit this week (1/21/16). 
  • Offer made (3/7/16).
  • Offer declined (3/15/16)
  • What made you decline the offer (3/28/16)
  • Personal reasons, mostly. They were unable to give a delayed (Jan) start, which I needed (moving related concerns). Their offer for startup funds was low, and they couldn't negotiate. Their offer for salary was OK, but, again they were unable to negotiate. They couldn't provide any relocation support/expenses. Finally, they were unable to offer a 2:2 teaching load (which I needed, and was upfront about from the beginning). It's a great school/program. The faculty were wonderful. I would have (likely) taken it if they were able to support in the areas listed above. (3/29/16)


Texas A & M University (TX)[]

Texas State University (TX)[]

  • Kind of--received an HR form about race, veteran status, etc a couple of weeks ago.  Seems to be going forward, but slowly (x2 12/10)
  • Received an email for skype interview (12/16)
  • Has anyone been invited for a site visit?

Tulane University[]

Tuskegee University[]

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa (AL)[]

  • Hiring two positions (Asst/Associate) in the School of Social Work (posted 8-28 on Chronicle)
  • Also hiring Asst Prof of Gender, Society, & Pub Policy in the Dept of Gender and Race Studies (posted 9-25 on Inside HIgher Ed): The ideal candidate would study gender inequality through the analysis of at least one of the following areas: social welfare, poverty, social segregation, housing, employment, education, incarceration, economic policy, immigration, and health care. Research that focuses on the critical study of structural inequalities in family systems, family formation, and compulsory heterosexuality within black studies and gender/sexuality studies will also be considered. While the preferred candidate would study how gender affects the lives of individuals through the application of statistics and survey methodology, a theoretical approach to the problems of gender inequality using either case studies or the law are also welcome. Candidates from a variety of relevant Ph.D. specializations are encouraged to apply, including but not limited to Sociology, Political Science, Law, Economics, Social Geography, Applied Anthropology, Public Policy, Education, Criminal Justice, Women's and Gender Studies, Feminist Studies, African American Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Social Work. ---> this position is also posted at Womens/Gender/Queer Studies 2015-2016
  • CSWE interview scheduled (10/8)
  • Campus visit schedule ( 11/12)
  • Anyone know of other campus visits to U of A (11/15)
  • There have been five campus visits.  The last one was Monday 11-16.  Not sure if other visits have been scheduled.
  • Anyone get an offer from Alabama?
  • Is this the same posting from the Gender/Women's Studies?  The "ideal candiate" is the same, but that deadline was 11/15.  Any details?
  • Heard someone got an offer and accepted in December (3/2) 

University of Alabama at Birmingham[]

University of Alaska, Anchorage[]

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville[]

  • Hiring one Asst prof, posted on Chronicle 9-25
  • CSWE interview (10/12/15) x 2 
  • Called for campus visit on 11/11 and set for 12/1/15.
  • Offer made and accepted (1/21/16)

University at Albany []

  • 2 positions Assistant/Associate professor
  • "A review of applications will start on December 15, 2015 and the search will remain open until the position is filled."
  • I show the job posted on CSWE on 12-29, so not sure if it appeared earlier on other forums.
  • Contacted for skype interview on 1/25.
  • Are there any updates regarding where the committee is in their process?

University at Buffalo[]

University of British Columbia (Vancouver)[]

University of Calgary (Calgary, AB, Canada[]

University of California, Berkeley (CA)[]

  • Emailed for interview at CSWE (10/15)
  • Interviewed at CSWE x3
  • At CSWE interview, faculty reported timeline of "next few weeks" to invite candidates for campus visits 
  • Rejection email (11/6) x4
  • 5 candidates invited for campus visits (11/9)
  • Offer has been made and accepted. - congrats!

University of California, Los Angeles (CA)[]

  • Hiring for 2 assistant professor positions:
  • I contacted search chair early on and they want applicants who are already PhD's (e.g. no ABD)
  • Please post if you get an interview invitation! Thanks.
  • Heard back from search chair that UCLA will not be doing interviews at CSWE (10/6/15).
  • Received e-mail invitation for a campus interview. No date scheduled yet. (11/05/15).
  • 11 candidates invited for campus visits (11/9)
  • Any updates?
  • offer made and accepted 1/12
  • Second offer made - no word on whether it was accepted or not.
    • offer was accepted
  • Rejection e-mail 1/22 X3

University of Central Florida        []

University of Chicago (IL)[]

  • hiring for all ranks as of 8/17 on CSWE website
  • Received rejection letter (10/13)
  • Skype interview (10/23) (10/28)
  • They have invited at least one person out for a job talk (11/1)
  • They have six people scheduled for job talks (11/16
  • they made one offer already 1/12
  • From the CSWE website: (2/1/2016)
  • The School of Social Service Administration (SSA) invites applications for faculty positions at the rank of Assistant Professor whose scholarship focuses on the intersections between race relations, racism and/or racial inequalities, and service systems that can interrupt or perpetuate racial and ethnic inequalities, such as public education or criminal justice systems. We seek researchers whose scholarship applies to the kinds of urban contexts found in Chicago or that can take advantage of the city of Chicago as a living, learning laboratory. We are particularly interested in scholars whose research conveys the lived experiences of urban residents or that uses qualitative methods to unpack processes involved in creating, maintaining or interrupting racial inequalities.

University of Cincinnati - Blue Ash College        []

University of Connecticut (CT)[]

  • Search for tenure track assistant professor. Especially interested in candidates with experience in violence prevention and reduction, including trauma, child welfare, mental health, and/or health. Review begins immediatel
  • Approached for informational interview at CSWE on 10/18 - was told that the focus on violence prevention and reduction is a broad topic ...i.e. they said that my emphasis on social and environmental determinants of health would fit.
  • Skype interview scheduled (11/16)
  • Campus visit scheduled (11/20)
  • Offer has been made and accepted.
  • Congartulations!! Good luck at UConn. Go Huskies!! (1/11/16)
  • Three offers were made and all three accepted. Search has concluded. (1/25/16)

University of Denver (CO)[]

  • "...seeking to expand our expertise in one or more of the following MSW concentrations: family systems interventions; health; global practice; child welfare; and mental health. We also welcome scholarly research in the areas of LGBTQ, Gender, and the Human-Animal Connection in support of the previously noted concentrations."
  • Rejection email received 9/21, 9/24, 10/6 x5
  • CSWE interview scheduled 9/25 (x2) 
  • CSWE interview scheduled 10/2 (x2)
  • Invited to Colorado reception 10/8 x2
  • Summary:  Positions closed on Friday 10/9/15; 101 applications received; 24 interviews scheduled at CSWE; most applicants should have received either invitation to interview at CSWE or rejection letter/email by Monday 10/12/15 with the exception of a small handful of applicants whose materials have not yet been reviewed.
  • This school is notorious for their strong preference for GWB, UT-A, and UW grads. Several people have said you need to have a personal or professional connection to someone on the search committee to get a invitation to campus. FYI- Almost always hire youth development and child welfare people despite other areas they claim to recruit. I've heard they prioritize candidates' connections over their actual job talk so network as much as you can! Also said they'll have a new dean next year. 
  • Just FYI...last two years faculty hires had PhD's from UT-Arlington (2015), University of Southern California (2014), & Columbia University (2014).
  • Dean called to schedule a campus visit and I didn't attend any of those schools listed for my PhD (10/19)
  • I did a campus visit last year (took a different position; the vibe on the campus visit was very odd to me and didn't fit at all with my preferences for a position), but I also didn't attend one of the schools mentioned.
  • Same experience here for my campus visit. Glad to know I wasn't the only one that didn't fit the "profile"
  • DU is definitely getting a new dean next year. Last year's hire is a Macro person (specifically doing work in criminal justice policy), while 2014 brought in a person doing work on fathers from an intersectional lens, and someone else doing social network analysis specifically around substance use, HIV, and homeless young people. Not a ton of PYD or child welfare on faculty at the moment.
  • Scheduled campus visit scheduled (10/20)
  • Post-CSWE rejection email (10/21)
  • Post CSWE rejection email received on 10/21
  • List sent out DU GSSW students of 5 campus visits and the individuals visiting
  • Seems like they hire every single year. A rapidly growing faculty or attrition?
  • Lots of retirements. About 1-3 folks have retired each year for the past few years. Haven't seen any TT faculty leave in the few years I've been in the PhD program.
  • And, additional tenure track line items as well.
  • Six campus interviews scheduled - (2) Columbia (2) USC (1) GWB (1) Jane Addams
  • Rumor has it that the majority of the campus visit candidates were post-docs
  • Two offers made and accepted ( neither were post-docs)

University of Georgia[]

University of Hawaii at Manoa[]

University of Houston (TX)[]

  • Got call and scheduled CSWE interview (10/6) - 2
  • Search committee chair they would be contacting applicants in the next two weeks for interviews (10/16)
  • Scheduled campus visit
  • Glad someone did. Never heard a word from these folks after my CSWE screening interview. Seemed lika an odd dynamic with the search committee too.
  • Heard someone verbally accepted the position (12/8)
  • Rejection e-mail today (12/11) (x3)
  • Rejection e-mail 1/22

University of Illinois at Chicago (IL)[]

  • Open rank, tenure track postions (posted 8/7 on SSWR website)
  • The college has a strong record of excellent academic programs, integrated research and community service projects with significant external funding. Faculty are actively engaged in socially beneficial research and service projects in the areas of child welfare, health inequities, chronic health conditions, behavioral health, criminal justice policies and programs, and other areas. We invite applicants who will help expand these mission-driven, community-based research and service partnerships
  • Received an interview request for CSWE on 9/30
  • Receied interview request for CSWE on 10/9. Know of 2 more interviewing for sure. (3 total)
  • Was interviewed at CSWE and school reached out to my references on Monday for letter.  During CSWE interview, I was told that their timeline is to start scheduling campus visits toward the end of November and into December.
  • Scheduled campus visit for early December
  • Three campus visits so far and one scheduled for January
  • Open Rank Position (Tenure track/tenured position) posted on CSWE site: [1]
  • Received a phone screening request (1/26)
  • Received an offer and accepted (2/3/16); though hiring process continues for additional position(s)
  • Congratulations!!!!! =)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign[]

  • Scheduled interview at CSWE (10/5)
  • Scheduled screening interview at CSWE (10/8) (10/9)
  • Invited for campus interview (10/22), scheduled for early November. 
  • Scheduled campus visit for mid-Nov
  • 4 people invited for campus visits throughout November
  • Offer made and accepted (1/12)

University of Iowa[]

University of Kansas (KS)[]

  • Open rank tenure track postings: via SSWR website (8/18)
  • Candidates should have a viable agenda for scholarship in one of the following broadly defined areas: aging/health/disabilities, adult/child mental health, and evidenced-based practice and prevention/intervention program development
  • Received an interview request at CSWE on 9/29. (x2)
  • (12/1) Rumor has it that due to budget issues the search is on hold and its looking like they might not be hiring anyone this year afterall...
  • Email received that budget issue has forced them to cancel search (1/15) (X2)

University of Kentucky (KY)[]

  • Two positions announced (7/30/15) via HigherEdJobs.  
  • Emailed to schedule a CSWE screening interview (10/2)- 3, (10/9)
  • Emailed for a Skype interview (10/21)
  • Emailed to schedule campus visit (10/23) x 2
  • Declined campus visit invitation (11/5)
  • Why?
  • I had three scheduled campus visits and two other invitations. Didn't want to waste their time and money.
  • Offered position first week of January but declined. Faculty are super nice and the Dean is supportive. I think whoever takes the job will be happy.

University of Louisville (KY)[]

  •  Assistant Professor /TT position announced (5/29)
  • The Raymond A. Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville invites applications for one Assistant Professor position. The position will have primary responsibility in the MSSW Program. This is a full-time, 10-month, tenure-track position beginning August 1, 2016. Applicants must apply online at:, Click on Assistant Professor – Kent School of Social Work – Job ID: UL356 
  • Skype interview scheduled by email 8/13
  • Skype interview scheduled 9/10
  • CSWE interview scheduled 10/9
  • Scheduled campus visit scheduled (10/21)
  • Colloquium on 11/3-11/4
  • Scheduled campus visit for early-Nov
  • Heard they have 2 accepted offers for both positions they were hiring for (12/15)
  • I heard a third position was added (12/15)

University of Maine, Orono        []

  • screening interview invite (12/20)
    • Is it an informal session at SSWR or an formal interview request (1/2)?
    • Informal session. Their plan is to formally review applications in January/February, do phone interviews, then after spring break have campus visits in April. (01/19)
  • Formal phone interview invite (2/12)
  • Phone interview request (2/12)
  • Invited for campus interview (02/25)

University of Maryland Baltimore[]

University of Maryland, Baltimore County[]

University of Michigan[]

  • Any news on the dean search?

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (MN)[]

  • hiring one assistant or associate professor: child and family focus (7/13/15)
  • Must be license eligible for the state
    • Do NOT need to be license eligible 
  • Contacted for CSWE interview x 2 (10/2)
  • Scheduled CSWE interview (10/5)
  • Search committee chair stated that they would contact applicants in two weeks for campus visits (10/17)
  • Invitation for campus visit and scheduling dates (11/5)
    • Declined campus visit invitation
  • Scheduled campus visit for early Decembera
  • Has anyone received a rejection letter or email yet?
  • Received rejection email today. Someone accepted the position. (1/6) x 2

University of Minnesota - Duluth (UMD)[]

  • Hiring one (maybe two) tenure-track faculty at Assistant or Associate Professor level.
  • BSW and MSW (Advanced Generalist) programs with a focus on American Indian communities.
  • Contact Jim Amell, PhD to arrange an informational meeting at CSWE.
  • Tenure is based on teaching (60%), research (30%), and service (10%).
  • UMD faculty have been represented by a labor union (UEA) since 1980.
  • Required qualifications include:
  • Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education;
  • Doctorate in Social Work or related field (e.g. Education, Public Health, Sociology, Psychology, American Indian Studies) completed by July 1, 2016; 
  • two years post-MSW Social Work practice experience;
  • excellent written communication skills;
  • clearly articulated research agenda;
  • valid Minnesota social work license or verification of eligibility for licensure by the Minnesota Board of Social Work; and
  • demonstrated ability to work effectively with students (i.e. teaching and mentoring) and/or social work clients from diverse backgrounds.
  • Apply online by visiting and searching for job opening 304817
  • Application review begins October 26th.
  • A friend accepted a faculty position (03/10)

University of Mississippi[]

  • CSWE interview scheduled (10/12/15)
  • Campus visit invite (10/19/15)

University of Missouri (MO)[]

  • hiring 2 tenure-track, open-rank positions (updated 7/9/15)
  • Gerontology; other field is open
  • Invited to CSWE mixer (10/5)
  • Rejection letter received (11/2) X 4
  • May be a blessing in dsiguise given all the unrest there
  • That's a sad commentary on social work's commitment to social justice if that is your view instead of, "Wow. What a committed and engaged student body." x 6
  • any updates? 1/14
  • Someone told me they sent two offers already. 
  • rejection email 2/10

University of Missouri at St. Louis[]

University of Missouri, Kansas City[]

  • 10/19/15 - Contacted at CSWE. Need readiness for teaching weekends and online.
  • Phone Interview on 11/19
  • Invited to campus visit on 2/8 (Late post on 1/11/16)
  • Offer made (2/24)
  • Was the offer that was made accepted?
  • Phone interview on 11/17 and a campus visit on 2/1 (Late post on 3/14/16)
  • Any update on whether or not the position was filled? (4/2/16)

University of Montana[]

University of Nebraska at Kearney[]

University of Nebraska at Omaha[]

University of Nevada, Las Vegas[]

University of Nevada, Reno[]

  • Contacted for informational interview prior to CSWE...met at CSWE
  • Contacted on 11/10 to schedule a skype interview (x2)    
  • Any updates from UNR?
  • Offered position and accepted (mid-January)
  • Congratulations!!!
  • Another position was opened in late January due to a retirement

University of New Hampshire[]

University of North Carolina at Greensboro[]

University of North Carolina at Charlotte        []

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill[]

  • The dean will be stepping down at the end of this school year so a dean search committee should be forming soon (9/21) :
  • They have released the job description for tenure-track assistant professors on their website. Looking for someone with strong publications (10/22)
  • Yes, I've heard that pressure to publish and bring in grants has increased at this school in recent years.  Some faculty have been denied tenure or promotion for lack of publications. 
  • I also heard that there have been racial tensions lately between/among the dean, faculty, and students. I wonder what others have heard about the climate.
  • A friend of mine is a doc student there. She said they have lost a lot of good faculty to other universities who pay more since she's been there.  The expectations are high and there has been talk about tenure going away.

University of North Carolina at Wilmington[]

University of North Dakota[]

University of North Florida[]

University of North Texas[]

  • invites applications for a tenure-track appointment at the assistant or associate professor rank for its baccalaureate social work program beginning Fall 2016.

University of Oklahoma[]

University of Oklahoma (Tulsa Campus)[]

University of Pennsylvania[]

University of Pittsburgh[]

  • Hiring Assistant, Associate or Full Professor in Health/Mental Health
  • Posted on CSWE
  • Contacted for interview (10/9)x3
  • Invited for job talk (10/20)
  • Heard they've scheduled at least one more job talk (12/14)
  • Any idea when that is scheduled to happen?
  • This week (1/4/16).
  • Is this confirmed or speculation?
  • Offer made (12/21) and accepted (1/11)! - congrats!
  • Offer made and accepted! - congrats!

University of St. Joseph (CT)[]

  • 10/19 - Heard at CSWE that no positions will be available for this year

University of South Carolina[]

University of South Florida[]

  • The University of South Florida School of Social Work is still accepting the applications for open rank faculty position. They are particularly interested in those who have current external funding or who have a strong potential to receive external funding. 2/1/2016

University of Southern California[]

  • Any updates from USC? (10/13/15)
  • Submitted application 10/16, received letter via mail (10/21) saying committee is reviewing apps
  • Interviewed at CSWE(10/16/15) x 2
  • Received call from faculty member. Talked about my research and expectations of position. Discussed my research fit within school research clusters. 10/30
  • Recieved letter stating committee is reviewing applications. 11/2
  • Job talk scheduled 11/9
  • Invited for job talk by e-mail (11/6). Working on scheduling. Several dates given.
  • Campus visit scheduled for 11/23.
  • How did it go? 11/27
  • Tenure position visit went well. School has deep pockets and tons of financial resources, inlcuding grant writing center and large research funds when starting. Expectations are intense. Few courses to teach, but school expect tons of publications and funding to start flowing fast. Faculty were welcoming and collegial, and seemed genuinely interested in my research. Junior faculty expressed they feel pressure, but have tons of support. Three senior faculty development team assembled for each tenure track faculty hired. This team helps develop tenure plan and goals.
  • rejection letter x 2 (12/4)
  • Rejection letter received after campus visit (12/10).
  • Campus visit scheduled (11/16) for late January (late post 1/7). 
  • Heard that 3 candidates for the tenure-track position in the Childrend/Youth Department will be visiting the campus for a job talk in January (1/11).
  • Offer made and accepted. (2/2016)

University of Southern Indiana        []

University of Southern Mississippi[]

  • (11-23-15)-Received email to conduct phone interview. Declined.

University of Tennessee Nashville[]

  • Hiring two Asst professors for the Nashville campus: One macro practice, one behavioral health.
  • Found on UTKnox HR page, posting date unknown. Review begins immediately. (9/26)
  • CSWE Interview Scheduled (10/12/15)
  • Anyone has any updates on this school? Interviewed at CSWE.
  • I haven't heard anything. Also interviewed at CSWE.
  • Called to schedule campus visit (11/18)
  • Offer received (12/17)
  • Congratulations! is this for the macro practice or BH position?
  • Thanks! Macro practice
  • Congratulations!

University of Tennessee Martin[]

University of Texas at Austin[]

  • 10/19/15 - No interviews were scheduled for CSWE. 58 applications in so far.
  • Have been told that they look for people with a strong publication record (some people are applying with 5-15 publications) and to apply early (10/22)
  • Application is through Interfolio. It requires at least three publications to even submitt. If you do not have at least three do not even bother. Save your time.
  • Wouldn't hurt to ask if they will take other writing samples (e.g., dissertation chapter, pubs submitted for review) for those applicants who are more junior?
  •  I submitted an application with unpublished writing samples because those are actually the best representation of my scholarship. Maybe my application will be dismissed in the first round, but one can't be considered at all if one doesn't apply
  • rejection email (11/23) X7
  • It's really strange- sent so many emails to the Chair of the Search Committee, but not one email got responded. Seems like they only look at graduates of high ranking schools. I doubt  if they even look at applications from lower tier schools.
    • I know someone working there now that went to a 3rd tier school. This person described the environment as intense with 70+ hour work weeks. 

University of Texas at Arlington        []

University of Texas at San Antonio        []

University of Toronto[]

  • CSWE interview scheduled (10/5)

University of Utah[]

  • Hiring one assistant or associate tenure-track position. Job announcement will be posted soon.    
  • Job posting: LINK
  • CSWE interview scheduled (10/11/15)
  • 10/19/15. Informally interviewed at CSWE. Position is at BSW level only.
  • Called to schedule Skype interview (11/3) x 2
  • Called to schedule campus visit (11/18)
  • The search is still on.
  • Interviewed at SSWR (1/16) x 1

University of Vermont        []

University of Washington (Seattle)[]

  • Hiring two tenure track professors - Announcement on CSWE out on 9/6/15
  • invitation for interview at CSWE (9/24) (10/12)
  • CSWE interview scheduled x 2 (10/12)
  • Search committee chair never got back to me to confirm an interview time/date for CSWE. Kinda shady (10/19)
  • Did anyone interview with UW? I heard most of the search committee didn't even attend CSWE
  • I met with five faculty members (including one of the co-chairs) x3
  • I met with five members of the search committee as well.
  • I met with the two co-chairs of the community practice concentration at CSWE.  They did many interviews, both formal and informal.
  • Has anyone scheduled a campus visit here? 
  • Contacted 11/6 for reference letters to be sent...
  • Contacted on 11/13 for Skype interview, which I declined
  • Contacted UW on 11/23 and it looks like they won't be bringing people out for campus visits til early January...doesn't quite work when I already have an offer from another University that wants an answer before the end of the year...
  • Is UW your top choice?
  • Good question. I didn't neccesarily have a top choice. I just applied to places that seemed like the best fit for me and then would find the "one" through campus visits. I think I could be very happy at the place I already recieved an offer at, without having to wait for the possibilty of "something better".
  • I understand. It's always nice to have an offer. Congrats!
  • One campus visit scheduled for December 1st.
  • Two more campus visits scheduled December 14th and December 16th.
  • Campus visit scheduled for January 5/6.
  • Email queries from them about my continued interest in the position. Seems odd so late (late December & early January). Plus, already accepted a position elsewhere. x2
  • Offer made and declined.

University of Washington (Tacoma)[]

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay[]

University of Wisconsin-Madison[]

  • Not hiring this year; also may not be able to hire next year due to Wisconsin state legislation.
  • Scheduled phone interview 10/23     

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee[]

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire[]

University of Wisconsin - Stout[]

University of Wyoming (WY)[]

  • Hiring one tenure track position (posted 6/4/15)
  • The tenure track position seems to have been replaced with lecturer.  Does anyone know if the TT is still open? (9/8/15)
  • They just reposted the TT position so I would assume it wasn't replaced. (9/17/15)
  • And they reposted it again 10/2. This is bizarre. 
  • (11-20-15) Called for Skype interview in early Dec. (x2)
  • (12/23/15) Contacted via email to conduct campus visit after winter break.

Utah Valley University[]

  • Contacted 10/12/15 and invited for CSWE interview.
  • Campus visit scheduled for 11/9
  • Rejection phone call and e-mail after campus visit. (11/18/16)

Virginia Commonwealth[]

  • They will definitely be hiring next year (10/19)
  • For those who have been monitoring this page, I wonder who deleted all of the information that had been posted about VCU related to the tension between the faculty and the Dean. It is widely known this is an issue.  Deleting it here won't make people be less wary of taking a job there.
  • It is also a well known issue that someone who left VCU constantly brings the issue up to this page regardless of job posting. The grievance is understandable, but this place has no more or less issues than what other schools are experiencing.     
  • While it's true that every place and organization has issues; however, it is helpful as a new graduate entering academia for the first time to read about posts as above since work environment plays an important role in my decision.
  • I would strongly disagree with the bullet point above.  The issues at VCU exceed many of the other schools that I am familiar with.  While everyone has their own experience and option, it is difficult to dismiss the issues that the school has.  Do you know how many faculty have left VCU (not including retirement) since 2011???
  • I truly hope you find a better way to process your grievance rather than sticking around this website... It's 2016 and things got changed ever since you left. 
  • I have never posted in the VCU thread before but I have to say I heard the same negative things and it was from people who had had campus visits and were just reflecting on what they observed.
  • The real issue is leadership. Junior faculty don't get proper support because of no leadership (partially because of average university system too). School lost its direction, although it's not unique to this place only. Dean is on his own and the rest look forward to transition. No clear political divide between juniors and seniors though, so culture wise it's not too bad. Some information in this thread is a bit dated from my point of view.   

Washington University in St. Louis[]

  • Hiring at least one position any level, posted on Chronicle 9-16, submission closes 11-17
  • received rejection email after cswe interview 11/5
  • scheduled phone interview via email (11/12)
  • scheduled phone interview via email (11/24)
  • rejection email without interview (12/7) x2
  • They have been hosting Job Talks in the past few weeks. (12/15)
  • scheduled campus visit for mid-january (12/15)
  • Are there any updates on Wash U? (1/27)
  • offer made and pending 2/5
  • They are hiring for multiple positions, correct?  Any news on how many offers have been made? (3/5)

Wayne State University []

  •  Hiring for 1 assistant professor position
  • Invited for interview at CSWE (10/6), (10/10), (10/15)
  • Invited for campus visit (10/20)
  • Invited for campus visit (1/12), but declined
  • Offer made but declined

West Chester University   []

Western Connecticut State University[]

  • 10/19/15 - Heard at CSWE that they have nothing for this year.

West Virginia University (WV)[]

  • Hiring Assistant Prof-TT; gerontology, mental and behavioral healh or substance abuse (7/15/15)
  • CWSE.
  • CSWE interview scheduled (10/13)
  • Received email that position has been cancelled for this cycle due to funding (10/28)

Western Carolina University[]

  • The Department of Social Work at Western Carolina University invites application for a 9-month tenure track Social Work faculty position with employment beginning in August 2016.  

Western Michigan University        []

Westfield State University[]

  • 10/16/15 - Nothing listed

Wheelock College[]

Widener University        []

Winthrop University[]

Xavier University[]