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Let's do this! Try to stick to a few guidelines when posting to keep things consistent:

  • Post information about the position (or positions) including rank, source of information, and desired specialties.
  • Update when you know if a school has announced or cancelled a search, done preliminary interviews, invited candidates out for job talks, or made offers, even if this information is anecdotal (but please note that it's anecdotal if it is)!
  • Add date of posting to information whenever possible.
  • Please Use "Heading 3" when adding names of schools to this page.

A couple of features of this page, based on additional posts from past years:

  • There are two general sections:
  • Discussion: Post other job search related information here. In the past, topics have included:
  • Tally of number of people checking this page 
  • Information about salaries offered relative to cost of living.
  • Information about the number of places people have applied, number of initial interviews received, number of campus visits/job talks, and number of offers.
  • Please feel free to add topics here!
  • List of Schools: Post information about positions, here: 


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RECENT ACTIVITY on Social Work 2016-17 Wiki[]

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Any ideas when the 2017-2018 site will be up? (6/26/2017)

How many people are updating or monitoring this page?[]

ABD (Early): 4

ABD (On the market): 22

PhD: 12

Postdoctoral Fellow: 9

Assistant Professor: 7

Associate Professor:1 

Full Professor:

Master's Students/MSW:

Other:1 (adjunct assistant professor)  1 LCSW with 20 clinical years and three teaching years' experience) 6/22/17

How many folks are on the market for a social work job without an MSW (having a master's in something else, getting or have a PhD in social work)? How has this experience been for you?[]

I have a master's in another field.  So far I have gotten one CSWE interview offer.  I am only looking at research-intensive schools that are less likely to care about the fact that I can't teach practice courses, and I'm looking for jobs in a related field as well.

  • Same as the person above, though have a few more CSWE interview offers (although interestingly, not from the schools I had expected). It is definitely a challenge and frustrating at times (seeing the perfect listing that is looking for someone with exactly my research area or teaching passions, only to see MSW required), but I am hoping it will still work out in the end. As with what the other person, am also applying to jobs in the field more directly connected to my master's.

Which Universities are people familiar with that have either a focus on or a strong respect for QUALITATIVE research?[]

  • I know that Rutgers has hired a few really strong qualitative researchers in the past couple of years
  • There has been a call for increased qualitative methodology by several big funders (including NIH), so I would say it is likely that a good qualitative researcher would be appreciated many places, even if they don't currently have a strong qualitative focus/respect
  • ASU has several strong qualitative researchers, and great respect for qualitative research (and 3 faculty positions posted!)

Have people been contacted by schools and asked to apply?[]

  • I have been contacted by a couple schools and asked to apply. I am wondering how others have handeled this.  Some are schools that seem interesting that I just had not initially considered. Other schools are not so interesting to me, but I don't want to seem rude by not applying/responding. Also, it seems like it might be a bad sign if schools are not garnering enough interested applicants.  What are other peoples thoughts/experiences?
  • I have had two of these so far. I think that it's a professional courtesy. If you aren't bogged down by other interviews, take these as an opportunity to further refine your approach. I wouldn't say that it's a bad sign that they contacted you or that this reflects that they have few candidates. It means they see you as a particularly good fit--furthermore, that is often the purpose of the mailings and social media presence our universities undertake to market us. If things are getting too busy at CSWE, simply request a Skype interview before or after the conference. No harm. -10/22/16
  • I'm curious: do you know how these schools are finding you? (10/29/16)
  • Guessing through the CV booklet/candidates on the market list most schools send out

Salaries offered - helpful to list with school ranking (R1 or teaching)and cost of living:[]

R1: 67K Low COL

R1: 79K Med COL

R1: 70K Low COL

R1: 92k Med COL

R3: 69K Med COL

R3: 60K Low COL

R3: 62k Low COL

R1: 90k Med COL

R1: 76K Med COL

R1: 90k High COL

How are people handling having offers from schools before hearing back from other schools?[]

  • I'm curious as to how, when, and what you say to a school you were hoping to hear from when faced with an offer and two-week decision timeline. My chair said there is no harm in an email, but it seems unlikely that we would possibly get a campus interview and offer in that turn around. Do we call? Do we indicate we have an offer? Any thoughts?  (12/3/16)
  • I think the email idea is a good one- it can't hurt to ask ppl's timelines and indicate your interest, particularly in the context of letting others know that you have an offer on the table. Ideally, this lights a fire under the behind of your  most-desired location. As an aside, it is my impression that this is very early to get an offer.  It's possible that you are very competitive and therefore schools are trying to scoop you.  If that's the case, this will likely not be your only offer but just your first of many offers (bravo!).  Don't get pressured into taking an offer your aren't really excited about!  
  • When I checked in with some of the schools I was still interested in about their timeline (as I had/have multiple campus visits scheduled), most responded with some info about their timeline as well as "please keep us updated if anything changes, such as you recieving an offer." My thoughts (coupled with speaking with some of my mentors) is that when (if?) you get an offer, you reach out to other schools you are interested in ASAP and let them know you have another offer and your timeline for responding. If you are a top pick on their list, some schools will absolutely bring you out in the next week (others are not able to for HR or scheduling reasons), and some will ask for you to try to extend your current offer's response time by a week or two to be able to come out and visit. As the above person said, you certainly don't have to accept your offer, but I do know many schools have already made or will be making offers before winter break, so some of it depends on how much you like the school from which you have the offer, versus schools you are waiting on. If you have a relationship with the search chair that already has involved phone calls (to schedule, or to get the room at CSWE, etc.), I would call. If not, an email is fine. Congrats on your offer and I hope you have as easy a time as possible figuring this out.
  • Thanks for all of this feedback! I felt a bit frustrated at times as I didn't get a ton of guidance on the later phases of the job market from my supervisors; it felt as if there was a ton of focus on the research/teaching statements, applications, and interviews but not all of the intricacies of phases 3 and 4 (offers, negotiations, acceptance). I am very excited to be with this institution and ended up emailing each of the other places I had campus visits to let them know about my offer-it was very difficult emotionally (felt like I was breaking up with really wonderful people over and over) but each of the search chairs replied in a very supportive sense. I also thought long and hard about how I worded my "break up" emails which likely made it a bit harder than it needed to be. I even sat on them for a day or two to marinate. A word of wisdom/advice--some of these schools had really short time to decision turn arounds. Meaning, you'd be given an offer and then they wanted a decision in three to four days. I extended one a bit and didn't end up using the extra time but that really can force you into a difficult place. (12/18/16)

For those of you who have received job offers, how long after the last candidate interviewed did it take for you to hear about an offer?[]

School one: two weeks after visit

School two: four weeks after visit

I was in the airport, leaving the visit when the dean called. My offer was emailed to me before my plane landed.--I was the last candidate (1/31)--

One school; 5 weeks after visit, one school; 2.5 weeks after visit. Withdrew from other searches before I heard.

Were you the last candidates to interview? It's more helpful to have a sense of how long it took for them to respond after all of the candidates had interviewed rather than how long from your own interview (unless you were the last candidate).

Ratio of applications: 1st round interviews: Campus visits: Offers (example: 16:8:4:2)[]

4:1:1:?- 12/7/16

1:1:?:?  -8/22/2016

29:17:4:1  -12/10/16

17:11:3:1  -12/15/2016

22:9:2:1 - 1/5/2017

31:14:1:1 - 1/17/16

22:11:3:1- 1/30/2017

5:3:2:. . . -2/10/17

18:7:1:? 12/19/16

20:18:6:2 2/13/17

11:1:?:? 10/11/16

5:1:?:? 10/13/16

11:3:?:? 10/25/2016

9:1:?:? -10/13/2016


5:4:3:1! (one is all I need, yay!) 12/6/16

24:7:?:? 12/7/2016

9:5:1:? 12/9/16

15:2:2:1 12/19/16

11:6:3:? 1/9/16

10:8:7:2(so far) 1/17/17

29:15:3:3 12/23/16

10: 2: 1: . . . 3/4/17

  • -whoa. As an anthropologist/clinician (but no social work credential), I am blown away by these ratios. Is this typical, or are we only seeing the winners posting here? For comparison, my numbers are something like this (complicated because I applied for both TT jobs and postdocs, and some did not have both a "1st round interviews" and "campus visit" phase.): 78:4:2:0 so far.
  • These ratios seem to be quite a bit better than average, just based on my own experiences and those of my friends and colleagues. (5/5/17)

List of Schools: Update when you have information![]


Akron University (OH)[]

Appalachian State[]

Arizona State University[]

  • 3 positions at the Assistant or Associate rank. Search committee is open to all interest areas; looking for great colleagues and strong researchers! (7/31/16)
  • LINK
  • Contacted for a screening interview (10/21/16) x4
  • Scheduled for CSWE interview - 10/21 x3
  • A campus visit was scheduled for this week. 11/9
  • Any news whether offers have been made?   12/19
  • I know that at least one offer has been made. 12/31
  • Search is now closed per rejection letter.  2/13

Augsburg College (MN)[]

Azusa Pacific University[]

Barry University[]

  • -Join us in sunny Florida! Hiring TT Assistant Prof with desired focus in trauma-informed curriculum
  • -9/20/16
  • CSWE

Baylor University (TX) - Diana R. Garland School of Social Work[]

Bennett College (NC)[]

Binghamton University, SUNY[]

Boise State University[]

  • Anyone apply here? heard anything?
  • I applied and received an invitation to visit in mid January yesterday (12/6) x2. 

Boston College[]

  • - Contacted for CSWE interview x2 (11/2)
  • Publication expectation is both about quantity and quality.
  • Any news in these positions at B.C.?

Boston University (MA)[]

AD: The Boston University School of Social Work invites applications for one tenure-track Assistant Professor and one tenured Associate Professor position to join our faculty on July 1, 2017.  Candidates with research/scholarly expertise and teaching interests and experience in the following areas are encouraged to apply:

  • Trauma and Violence - Interpersonal and/or Community Perspectives
  • Clinical Perspectives on Aging
  • Clinical Practice in Health Settings
  • Clinical Practice in Behavioral Health

Please submit a letter of application outlining research, scholarship and teaching skills and experience, as well as a current CV, sample publications/writings, teaching evaluations, and three letters of reference

  • Contacted for CSWE Interview (10/14)
  • Contacted for CSWE Interview (10/28)
  • Contacted for preliminary interview (11/8)
  • Invited for campus visit (11/21)
  • Offer made and accepted (12/26)
  • Rejection email (1/23/17)

Bridgewater State University (MA)[]

Bryn Mawr College (PA)[]

  • TT Asst. Professor of Clinical Social Work
  • Submit as pdf documents a cover letter, curriculum vitae, teaching philosophy and research statement by November 14, 2016 to the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research Search Committee via Interfolio ByCommittee at:
  • contacted for CSWE interview (10/6)
  • contacted for preliminary interview (11/19)
  • Any word on campus visits for this position?

Buffalo State College, SUNY (NY)[]

California State Unviersity, Bakersfield[]

California State University, Channel Islands[]

California State University, East Bay[]

California State University, Fresno[]

  • Scheduling campus interviews now for Feb

California State University Fullerton[]

  • 2 tenure track positions open; specialties requested in aging and childwelfare

California State University, Long Beach[]

California State University, Los Angeles[]

  • Open Rank Professor, Tenured or Tenure-Track, School of Social Work
  • Starting Date: Fall 2017
  • Review of applications will begin October 1, 2016 and continue until position is filled.
  • Contacted for phone interview 1/11

California State University, Monterey Bay[]

California State University, Northridge[]

California State University, Sacramento[]

  • - 2 TT instructional faculty jobs
  • - Due October 3
  • - Need cover letter, CV, statement on teaching philosophy and diversity, course evaluations, unofficial transcripts, and contact info for 3 references
  • - 1 practice & policy: LINK
  • - 1 health & aging/practice: LINK
  • They are currently checking references and will contact finalists sometime in November.
  • Invited for campus visit 11/1

California State University, Stanislaus[]

  • The Department of Social Work at California State University, Stanislaus invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor in our MSW Program beginning Fall 2017. The successful candidate for this position will be qualified to teach in core curricular areas including direct micro social work practice and theory. Expertise in generalist social work practice, direct micro practice, and/or clinical practice (e.g., health, behavioral health, addictions) practice is highly desired. Expectations for the position include teaching, advising students, conducting field liaison work, developing and maintaining an active research agenda, serving on Department, College, and University committees, and developing a record of professional service in the greater community. Position is contingent upon the availability of authorized funding.

Carleton University (Ottawa Canada)[]

  • Quantitative & Mixed Methods Research, Assistant Professor. LINK.

Carthage College (WI)[]

Case Western Reserve University (OH)[]

  • The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (MSASS), the graduate school of social work at Case Western Reserve University, invites applications for two (2) positions at the rank of Assistant Professor, one on the tenure track, and one on the non-tenure track. We are seeking candidates who can enhance the School’s mission of advancing leadership in social work, scholarship, and service. Those with academic experience in culturally diverse populations are encouraged to apply. The specific area of expertise is open, but we are especially interested in candidates in direct practice in behavioral health/mental health/addictions and direct practice in aging/health.
  • Contacted for CSWE interview - 10/21X3
  • Campus visits invite have been sent - 11/7
  • Recieved very kind rejection email - 11/10 x2
  • Any word on the Nonprofit Management & Community Practice positions?
  • Any news?
  • Rejection received - 1/23/2017

Catholic University of America (DC)[]

Central Connecticut State University[]

Centre College[]

Clemson University (SC)[]

Cleveland State University[]

College of New Rochelle[]

College of Staten Island[]

Colorado State University[]

  • The School of Social Work invites applications for two faculty positions at the assistant (tenure track) to associate professor rank. The 9-month tenure/tenure track appointment will begin January, 2017 or August, 2017. A successful candidate for one of these positions will teach social work practice courses. Applicants are sought with an expertise in behavioral health (mental health, alcohol and drug prevention/treatment, suicide, obesity) and child welfare. The 9-month tenure/tenure track appointments will begin January 2017 or August 2017.
  • - Phone interview (9/23/16) 
  • Recieved letter explaining they were currently doing their first round of interviews, but they might return to my application if they do another round. I think it was a very kindly written but somewhat confusing rejection? Either way, very polite. 10/24/2016 x2
  • - Campus Visit Request (10/17/16)
  • Contacted for SSWR interview (1/6/17), previously received a letter in Oct saying they might return to application (same email received by some other folks) 

Columbia University[]

  • Is Columbia hiring this year?
  • Yes, just saw posting on the CSWE website.
  • invited to screening interview at SSWR (12/6)

DePaul University[]

East Carolina University[]

Eastern Connecticut State University[]

Eastern Michigan University[]

  • Not hiring TT positions this year

Eastern Washington University[]

Fairfield University (CT)[]

Florida Atlantic[]

  • -Contacted for CSWE interview -10/10/16 x4
  • Position offered and accepted

Florida Gulf Coast University[]

Florida International University:[]

FIU’s Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work, is seeking three colleagues to fill tenure-track positions for the School of Social Work, one at the Associate Professor level and two at the Assistant Professor level. The Stempel College encourages and provides opportunities for multidisciplinary research collaborations and community-based research endeavors.

Qualifications: Candidates must have a Ph.D. in Social Work or closely-related field and a record of scholarly publications. Preference will be given to candidates who have an MSW, two-years of post-MSW social work experience, and will advance our commitment to diversity. In addition: Candidates should demonstrate an established record of funded research and scholarly publications with a clear plan for continuing their research agenda. Candidates with interest in contributing to our curriculum concentration in advanced clinical practice and social policy are strongly encouraged to apply. Candidates with complementary areas of expertise are encouraged to apply, though we are open to a variety of research areas.

Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply to Job Opening ID #512385 at and attach a single pdf that includes a cover letter, curriculum vitae, statement of teaching philosophy. Candidates will be requested to provide names and contact information for at least three references who will be contacted as determined by the search committee.

  • To receive full consideration, applications and required materials should be received by October 17, 2016. Review will continue until position is filled. Please direct inquires to the Search Committee Chair, Dr. Ray Thomlison, or 305-348-4712. School of Social Work:

Florida State University[]

  • -hiring TT
  • Contacted for CSWE interview - 10/19 x2
  • 16 interview slots filled for CSWE. 
  • Anybody heard from FSU yet or know where they are in the search process?
  • Invited three candidates for visits beginning in mid-November -11/15/16
  • Any news on these campus visits? - 12/10/2016
  • Campus visits completed and deliberations in process 12/18/16

Fordham University[]

  • -Hiring Assistant TT; posting on CSWE: LINK
  • 9/20/16
  • Contacted for CSWE interview  10/22
  • Teaching load is 3/2

Georgia Regents University - Augusta []

Georgia State University (Atlanta)[]

George Mason University (VA)[]

  • Hiring three positions this year: Title IV-E coordinator, Enochs Endowed Chair in Child Welfare, and tenure-track position.
  • 11/14 Contacted for TT phone interview
  • 12/12 Contacted for campus visit, which was scheduled for January
  • Congratulations and good luck!
  • 2/23 TT position declined

Governor's State University Illinois[]

Grand Valley State University - Michigan[]

  • contacted for phone interview 11/21/16

Hawaii Pacific University[]

Hope College (MI)[]

  • TT Open Rank Professor of Social Work
  • Applications received by August 15, 2016, will be assured full consideration: LINK

Howard University[]

  • 11/25 Applied mid-Nov but no word yet. Any news?

Humboldt State University (CA)[]

  • Faculty Tenure-Track Position starting August 2017 - Social Work (2 Positions)
  • LINK:
  • These positions are open until filled. First consideration will be given to completed applications received no later than October 03, 2016. Early response is encouraged.
  • Skype interview (October)x2
  • Campus visit offered (November)x2
  • Positions filled 

Hunter College, CUNY (NY)[]

Idaho State University[]

Illinois State University[]

Indiana University[]

- Hiring 3 TT this year

- Apply at

  • - Phone interview on 10/14/16
  • - CSWE interview 11/5/16

Indiana University, Northwest[]

Kansas State University[]

Lehman College, CUNY (NY)[]

Lewis-Clark State College[]

Loma Linda University[]

Long Island University[]

Louisiana State University[]

Loyola University Chicago[]

Marshall University (WV)[]

  • Assistant professor, posted July 5th on CSWE
  •  Full-time, 9 month, tenure track position. The department seeks candidates who will contribute to Marshall University´s MSW program with its emphasis on behavioral health. The MSW program is housed within the College of Health Professions which enhances the focus on interdisciplinary collaborations within the health professions  The MSW program is engaging in the CSWE candidacy process and is on schedule for full accreditation review in February 2019. The program is seeking an individual who has a strong clinical background and teaching experience. This is an opportunity to be part of and influence a growing program. The successful candidate will teach social work graduate courses such as advanced practice, HBSE, research, policy, and other related classes. A background in teaching social work practice is a plus. The successful candidate will also be required to supervise/advise students, conduct research and engage in scholarly activities and service.
  • A doctoral degree is required, but will consider those who are ABD. Also requires MSW and 2 years post MSW practice.

Mars Hill University[]

Marywood in PA[]

Metropolitan State University, Denver[]

Miami University, Ohio[]

Michigan State University (MI)[]

Millersville University (PA)[]

Minnesota State University - Mankato[]

Montclair State University (NJ)[]

  • Director of the Center for Child Advocacy and Policy (open rank position)
  • Link: CWSE

Nazareth College (NY)[]

New York University[]

North Carolina State University[]

The North Carolina State University Department of Social Work invites applications for a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor beginning August 16, 2017. Primary teaching areas are research and social work practice for the BSW and MSWprograms Additional faculty responsibilities include regular advising of students, curriculum and program development, active research and publication, university service, and community engagement.

Northeastern Illinois University (IL)[]

Northern Kentucky University[]

Nyack College[]

Oakland University (MI)[]

  • Macro Social Work Position
  • Skype Interview (11/21)
  • Campus Interview (12/16)
  • Rejection E-mail (2/13)

Ohio State University (OH)[]

Ohio University[]

Our Lady of the Lake University (TX)[]

Pacific University (OR)[]

  • - Assistant Professor
  • - Will teach 5 courses per year across spectrum of generalist practice 
  • To apply, please email a cover letter, CV, statement of your teaching philosophy, letters from three professional references, and evidence of teaching effectiveness in PDF format addressed to Dr. Don Schweitzer, Ph.D. Please email materials to Review will begin immediately and interviews will take place during November 2016. 
  • LINK
  • Contacted for CSWE meeting (10/19/16)

Plattsburgh (SUNY) []

Portland State University []

Multiple Faculty Positions​

The Master of Social Work program in Portland State University’s School of Social Work invites applications for Assistant Professor tenure-track positions and Assistant Professor of Practice non-tenure-track positions. These positions are nine-month, full-time academic appointments. Our School seeks applicants to teach in the Master of Social Work program with a substantive focus on social work practice in health care, aging, immigration, and/or addictions and who are able to teach across the foundation curriculum. Candidates who demonstrate an interest in and ability to move forward the mission, values, and vision of the School, particularly those with knowledge of and demonstrated commitment to racial equity and emancipatory frameworks, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Priority will be given to candidates with social work practice experience who demonstrate a strong commitment and background in student-centered pedagogy and engaged learning, including experience teaching first-generation students and students from historically marginalized groups including but not limited to: Native American, African American, Latinx, LGBT and queer students, and students with disabilities. Ideal candidates will also have experience teaching and developing online courses.

The School of Social Work at Portland State University is committed to the enhancement of the individual and society. We are dedicated to social change and to the attainment of social justice for all people, the eradication of poverty, the liberation of oppressed people, the rights of all individuals and groups to determine their destiny, and the opportunity to live in cooperation. The School offers degree programs in Child, Youth, and Family Studies, Bachelor in Social Work, Master of Social Work (campus, distance, and online options), and Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work and Social Research. The BSW and MSW degree programs are fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Approximately 35 full-time and 50 part-time faculty provide instruction for our campus, distance, and online options. Our undergraduate enrollment is approximately 350, and graduate enrollment is over 500 students.

The PSU School of Social Work is also home to significant research, training, and public service programming. Faculty, staff, and students in the School of Social Work conduct over $14 million annually of applied social science research and training. The PSU School of Social Work ranks first in the nation in terms of annual expenditures, according to the 2016 NSF Higher Education Research and Development Expenditure Survey. The School hosts a broad range of research and sponsored projects from large-scale federal grants to state contracts to smaller community-based evaluations. The faculty’s research initiatives have attracted support from some of the nation’s most respected funders, such as Health Resources and Service Administration, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation,

U.S. Department of Justice, W. T. Grant Foundation, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Most grant-supported projects are managed within one of the affiliated research units:

- Regional Research Institute for Human Services

- Center for Improvement of Child and Family Services

- Research & Training Center on Pathways to Positive Futures

- Reclaiming Futures

- The Center for Interdisciplinary Mentoring Research

Faculty and students also conduct research that is not grant supported, often in partnership with community stakeholders and organizations within and beyond Portland State University. The University and the School share a goal to raise the research profile of the faculty as they contribute basic and applied research for understanding issues in the region, the nation, and internationally.


To Apply 

Please read the qualifications in the full job announcements at the PSU Website, see the following links:

Assistant Professor Tenure Track

Assistant Professor of Practice NTTF:

Select “Apply for this Job”.

Postings close October 1, 2019.

Candidates should apply online with the following documents:

1) curriculum vitae; 2) cover letter; 3) statement of teaching philosophy; 4) evidence of teaching effectiveness, and 5) names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses of three professional references.

Portland State University is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Institution that welcomes applications from diverse candidates and candidates who support diversity. Our university community values campus diversity and we encourage members of historically under-represented groups to apply.

Quinnipiac University[]

Richard Stockton College at New Jersey[]

Rhode Island College[]

Rutgers University (NJ)[]

Hiring multiple TT positions for fall 2017 - Link on CSWE job boards (8/18/2016)

AD: Rutgers University School of Social Work seeks dynamic faculty members to join our productive faculty in continued expansion of the School’s innovative research programs, centers and institutes. We plan to add multiple faculty members to our tenure track faculty primarily at the assistant professor rank, though our search is open to candidates from all academic ranks. We seek highly productive scholars, entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers, with a strong commitment to social justice, public education and to social work research.

Candidates must have a PhD in social work or a related field; applicants who do not possess a PhD must have one by the start date. Candidates must also have a strong record of research and scholarship; a substantive area of research aligned with priority and or cluster areas within the school; and ability to teach in areas relevant to the MSW/BASW curriculum. Faculty are typically expected to teach two courses per semester in the School of Social Work; they must maintain an active record of scholarly publication and research; and participate in the civic and service activities of the school.

  • Please apply by following this link to the university’s online application system, and submitting a letter of interest, curriculum vita, writing sample and reference list. Search Chairs Laura Curran, PhD, MSW Director and Michael MacKenzie, PhD, Chancellor’s Scholar for Child Wellbeing, may be reached at
  • Contacted for a Skype Interview (9/27)
  • Contacted for a CSWE Interview (9/30) X3
  • Contacted for campus visit (11/8) X2
  • Update: I think they have scheduled all the campus visits they are planning on scheduling- there's somewhere between 6-8 folks coming out.  Offers should be out late December or early January.
  • Thanks for the update. I was interviewed by Rutgers but I'm yet to hear from them regarding campus visit. (12/5/16).
  • Received rejection 1/9/17 x3

Ryerson University[]

Sacred Heart University  (CT)[]

  • contacted for CSWE screening interview (10/25/16)
  • Made to interview and had to submit a response about mission of school (11/30)
  • Job talks and teaching will be determined in January

Saint Louis University (MO)[]

  • Contacted for CSWE interview (10/5/2016) x2
  • Contacted for campus visit (11/7) x3
  • Campus visits ongoing, offer to be extended prior to SSWR (12/18/16)
  • Offer extended and accepted (12/21/16)

Salem State University[]

  • Hiring full time TT to start Fall 2017: Posted on Higher Ed Jobs 6/16/2015
  • Requires earned doctorate in social work or a closely related field, MSW from a CSWE-accredited program and minimum of two (2) years of post-MSW practice experience
  • Record of scholarly productivity or professional impact in the field of social work in one or more of the following areas: Trauma, integrated health/behavioral health, diversity and oppression, children and families and/or older adults
  • Experience in and commitment to teaching and mentoring in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic environment with students of diverse backgrounds and learning styles

Salisbury University[]

  • - Job talk scheduled for this month

Samford University[]

San Diego State University (CA)[]

San Jose State University[]

Seattle University[]

  • - recieved & accepted offer 01/09/17

Simmons College[]

  • CSWE interview and told wont hear anything further until January
  • Campus visit on 12/14

Smith College[]

Southern Connecticut State University[]

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville[]

Springfield College[]

St. Edward's University (TX)[]

St. Olaf College[]

St. Thomas/St. Catherine's[]

Stephen F. Austin State University[]

Stony Brook University, SUNY[]

  • Recieve CSWE interview request - 10/26/16
  • Any updates?

Texas Christian University (TCU)[]

  • Assistant Professor of Professional Practice position (non-tenure track) beginning January 2017.
  • Received e-mail to schedule video-conference interview (8/10)
  • Video Conference Interview completed (8/19)

Temple University (PA)[]

Texas A & M University (TX)[]

Texas State University (TX)[]

  • Texas State School of Social Work invites applications for three full-time (9 month academic year) faculty positions at the rank of assistant professor or associate professor. Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate and graduate social work students on campus and online; developing new courses; conducting research, with the expectation to obtain external funding and publishing in top tier journals; involving students in research; and participating in appropriate service activities. Collectively, this position includes teaching, scholarship, and professional service.

Texas Tech University (TX)[]

  • MSW Director at rank of Associate/full professor (CSWE career center)
  • Associate Professor/MS Director Open Rank (CSWE career center)

Tulane University[]

  • -(4/17) Has anyone heard back from them about their current search?

Tuskegee University[]

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa (AL)[]

  • One TT position
  • link
  • Contacted for CSWE Interview 10/24/16
  • Received rejection 12/30/2016

University of Alabama at Birmingham[]

University of Alaska, Anchorage[]

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville[]

University at Albany, SUNY (NY) []

  • Contacted for CSWE interview 10/18 x2 (10/31/2016)

University at Buffalo, SUNY (NY)[]

  • Open rank faculty position; description from HR website: We are searching for a colleague to join our school in an open-rank ladder (tenure-track) faculty position. The successful candidate for this position will have a doctorate in Social Work or a related discipline, an MSW, experience and expertise in online education in social work, and scholarship in a substantive area. Duties include teaching in the MSW program, coordinating full and part-time faculty development in online teaching, coaching faculty in online teaching, and other faculty responsibilities. Link to posting at UB's HR.
  • Also posting for clinical faculty Link to posting at UB's HR

University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada)[]

  • posted openings for 2 Assistant Professor positions starting Jan 1, 2017 via CSWE website (6/14/16)
  • invites applications from those with interests in health, mental health, child welfare, and inter-professional education and collaboration
  • MSW & PhD required, 3-years post MSW practice required
  • Deadline: August 10, 2016
  • Is information available about the early 1/1 start date? Is dissertation defense required or preferred before that date?

University of British Columbia (Kelowna, Canada)[]

  • posted Assistant Professor position starting in July 2017. 
  • MSW & PhD required, plus clinical experience
  • SSWR interviews (requested a week prior to SSWR) 1/22/2017
  • Candidate visit end of Feb

University of Calgary (Calgary, AB, Canada[]

University of California, Berkeley (CA)[]

  • Not hiring TT positions this year

University of California, Los Angeles (CA)[]

University of Central Florida[]

University of Chicago (IL)[]

University of Cincinnati - Blue Ash College        []

University of Connecticut (CT)[]

  • Hiring 2 TT positions: 1 Asst, 1 Asst/Assoc - job post at CSWE:
  • Contacted for CSWE interview 10/26/16 x2
  • Contacted for campus visit 11/15/16
  • Campus visits end 12/15
  • Offer to be extended within next 14 days or so (12/18/16)
  • 1 asst position offered and accepted (1/14/17)
  • 1 asst prof position offered and accepted (12/22/16)

University of Denver (CO)[]

  • Not hiring TT positions this year

University of Georgia[]

  • Hiring for:

University of Hawaii at Manoa[]

  • 12/28 Campus visitsx3 completed for first TT position. Invites not yet made for campus visits for second position.
  • 3/15 TT offer declined. Campus visits for both posted positions will wrap up this week and offers are generally made within a few weeks of wrap up.
  • Two TT positions accepted. Unclear if a third will be offered this year.

University of Houston (TX)[]

  • Hiring multiple lines: posting at CSWE: LINK
  • Focus on critical race issues
  • Contacted for CSWE Interview (10/5/16) x2, (10/17/2016) x2
  • Any updates on the U of H postitions?
  • Recieved rejection email 11/18/2016 x3
  • Had a campus visit, which was pleasant all in all. I think they're bringing in several more people for campus visits around this time.
  • It's so strange- I"ve heard nothing at all from them, not a rejection or follow-up of any kind!  I thought the CSWE interview went well, but it sounds like they are far along in their process.  The job market is crazy-making.
  • Two possibilities: the school doesn't inform the applicant about the rejection (not all schools do) OR you might be on their waiting list. Who knows? You might be contacted when you least expect it. Good luck.
  • Update: Just got an email that they are considering bringing more people in after SSWR- so, I guess they are waiting to see outcomes for their first round of picks (offers, acceptances, etc.)  I think it was very kind of them to update me on their process! 
  • Heard they are trying to fill 5 positions. Not sure how many slots are already filled - one, maybe two. 12/16/2016
  • Three TT positions were accepted. (12/30/2016)

University of Illinois at Chicago (IL) - Jane Addams College of Social Work[]

Ad posted just prior to CSWE. Tenure track/tenured -- Open Rank.

  • Applicants for assistant professor must show clear evidence of potential for excellence in teaching, community engagement, and research.
  • Applicants for associate and full professor should have a demonstrated track record of excellence in teaching, community service, funded research, and scholarly productivity.
  • Faculty are actively engaged in research and sponsored projects that have significant social impact in child welfare, criminal justice, behavioral health, health inequities and other areas.
  • They want applicants who will help expand their mission driven, community-based research and service partnerships.
  • Expertise in schools, adolescent health, and vulnerable children, youth, and families is of special interest. Have heard they do hire outside of their preferred areas if its a good fit.
  • Applications should be received by December 15, 2016 for fullest consideration. Search will close March 31, 2017.
  • Appointments start in August 2017.
  • Have heard that the are really mission focused so you should only apply if it fits your interests. Faculty seem diverse as well as the students. Haven't heard anything bad about working there. Seems like people like it. They hired five tenure-track people last year and are hiring maybe up to three this year. Other than a few retirements the last few years people seem to stay unless its for personal reasons. They seem focused on expanding the faculty a little. 
  • Contacted for phone interview (12/09/2016) x5
  • Campus visit invitation sent  but declined. (12/16/2016)
  • Invited for campus visit (1/13/17)
  • Offer made and accepted (2/16/17)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign[]

  • 2 open rank tenure track positions available
  • From posting "The School of Social Work invites applications for an open rank faculty position with a starting date of August 16, 2017.  Applicants at all ranks and relevant disciplines will be considered. We are seeking faculty whose research and teaching focus on strategic needs across programs.  This position is aligned with campus strategic priorities.  Candidates can expect opportunities for transdisciplinary collaborations."
  • contacted for CSWE interview 10/20/16
  • Offer made earlier in the cycle. It was accepted.

University of Iowa[]

University of Kansas (KS)[]

University of Kentucky (KY)[]

  • -Contacted for CSWE interview 10/26/2016
  • - Aware of two offers made and accepted (1/2017)

University of Louisville (KY)[]

HigherEd Jobs

  • -2 TT positions available - rumor is they are looking for people with policy background (one to teach in MSW program, one to teach in BSW program)
  •  Applications due 10/15/16.
  • Contacted for Skype interview Sept 2016x2 -9/23/16
  • Contacted for 2nd round interview at CSWE x2 - 10/16/16
  • Contacted for campus visit (11/7) x2
  • Offer made and accepted (12/14/16)
  • Very kind rejection (12/29/2016)

University of Maine, Orono        []

University of Maryland Baltimore[]

Hiring for multiple positions: LINK

  • Contacted for CSWE interview 10/17 10/26
  • Contacted for campus visit 11/10. They said they're hiring for multiple positions and bringing people to campus on a rolling basis.
  • Thank you for these details (and congrats!)
  • Thanks! Received offer 12/12/16.  Campus visits for other positions are ongoing.  
  • Contacted for campus visit 12/30

University of Maryland, Baltimore County[]

University of Michigan[]

  • Three open rank positions posted, one additional job at the professor rank, and one position open that is combined with urban studies for community work in Detroit. 8/8/16
  • For others contacted for CSWE interview- were you asked to send references?
  • Yes, to be sent via email before/around APM
  • Contacted for campus visit (11/7)
  • Heard that one offer has been accepted (12/7)
  • Regarding the offer ^, do you know which of the positions this was for? And if they have invited everyone they are going to invite?
  • Offer made and accepted (open-rank) - 1/5/2017
  • Contacted for campus visit (1/8/2017)
  • Does anyone know if there will be more job talks scheduled? It seems like they have made 3 hires so far...          I know they've made 4 hires at the very least (possibly all open-rank, not sure). Campus visits are still happening for some positions. If this is your 1st choice, I would email the search co-chair(s) to find out where you stand. 

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (MN)[]

University of Minnesota - Duluth (UMD)[]

  • Will be hiring one TT position to begin August 2017. 
  • Do you know when the announcement will be posted?

University of Mississippi[]

University of Missouri (MO)[]

University of Missouri at St. Louis[]

  • One TT position, macro-level focus preferred

University of Missouri, Kansas City     []

University of Montana[]

  • - Missoula, MT
  • - one TT (open rank)
  • - Required: PhD/ABD, MSW + 2 yrs practice exp., evidence of research & scholarly productivity, interest in rural/developing communities; ability to teach in 2+ curricular areas at BSW & MSW levels
  • - Deadline September 15
  • - Need cover letter, CV, 3 references
  • - via
  • Contacted for Skype Interview (10/15)
  • Contacted for job talk (10/28)

University of Nebraska at Kearney[]

  • The successful candidate will be required to teach undergraduate social work courses, maintain an active research agenda, attain graduate faculty status, participate in recruitment and advisement of students, serve on departmental and university committees, promote program development, contribute to assessment efforts, and advise student organizations.  Start Date:  August 14, 2017, Competitive salary and benefits.

University of Nebraska at Omaha[]

University of Nevada, Las Vegas[]

University of Nevada, Reno[]

University of New Hampshire[]

  • Two New Tenure Track Positions: (1) Open Rank (Assistant, Associate/Full); (2) Rank, Assistant Professor
  • Applications will be accepted until the position is filled; however, review of applications will commence by September 1, 2016.
  • Contacted for video interview 9/27/16 x3
  • anyone interview at cswe?  and follow-up from video interviews?
  • They had told me that the weren't coming to CSWE and that they were hoping to wrap up first interviews two weeks prior to CSWE but that we'd be unlikely to hear anything until after Thanksgiving. -11/15/16
  • Any updates? 
  • Campus visits completed-offers to be made in the next 14 days or so (12/18/16)
  • For both positions or one or the other?

University of North Carolina at Greensboro[]

University of North Carolina at Charlotte        []

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill[]

Postdoc Position Available in Mental Health Services -- FILLED (7/11/17)

This position is not in the School of Social Work but in the Sheps Center for Health Services Research, which is an interdisciplinary research center (medicine, public health, nursing, psychology, sociology, and social work).  The position would start July 1, 2017, but later start dates are possible.  This is an NIMH funded postdoc.  They are looking for someone who has experience in the area of law and mental health, including policy to prevent gun violence and suicide in the context of mental illness, and psychiatric advanced directives.  Link about the program and applying:

  • Assistant or Associate TT position, review of applications will commence by 10/15/2016, postition start date is 7/1/2017
  • Be careful about this school.  The political climate in NC is quite bad.  The state legislature and governor passed HB2.  UNC system leaders closed three centers on campus that were devoted to poverty, civic engagement and social change, and biodiversity.
  • There is also a bill in the legislature (SB 593) that would require professors in the state's public univerities to teach a 4-4 minimum course load.  I wonder if this is why this school seems to be moving quickly in their search this year.
  • They are looking to schedule job talks in October so the are indeed moving faster than other schools.
  • Does anyone know about the climate at this school?
  • They just got a new Dean, so I'm sure there will be a new climate.  They've had several big faculty leave within the past 3-5 years, and several other big names are retiring soon.  There's also a lot of racial tension in the university generally, as well as tensions around HB2. As a previous poster noted, the general policial climate in NC is quite bad, and that has an impact on NC State schools including UNC.
  • One of my friends was a student there.  She did not have a good experience.  Some of the faculty do not get along with each other, and others are nice and supportive of students but very stressed out, which makes for poor mentoring.  She said a couple of good people were denied tenure and promotion recently. Expectations for publishing are increasing. She also said the new dean is kind of sexist.  

Job posting has been removed as of 11/2/16

  • The hiring process has been completed.
  • Was it an inside candidate that they hired?
  • one inside and one outside is what i heard from faculty within the department
  • Rejection letter recieved 11/8 x4

University of North Carolina at Wilmington[]

  • Hiring 1 Assistant Professor and 2 lecturers.  

University of North Dakota[]

  • - will be posting for one TT line, MSW + PhD/ABD, post-MSW practice exp

University of North Florida[]

University of North Texas[]

University of Northern Iowa[]

  • Tenure track position at the rank of Assistant Professor.
  • Responsibilities include teaching three course sections per semester.
  • Required: MSW from a CSWE-accredited program with at least two years of post-MSW direct practice experience (individual, family or group) plus doctorate in social work or related area; ABDs will be considered with evidence of degree completion by spring 2017.
  • Previous teaching experience; ability to teach online; and areas of distinction in teaching, scholarship or community engagement including rural populations, health, trauma and/or child welfare also preferred.
  • LINK

University of Oklahoma[]

University of Oklahoma (Tulsa Campus)[]

  • Especially interested in candidates who can contribute, through their research, teaching and/or service, to the diversity and excellence of the academic community and who build collaborative ties with other departments within the school and university.
  • Announcement here (8/18)

University of Pennsylvania[]

  • Hiring open rank - job posting may be found here: Chronicle

University of Pittsburgh[]

  • The University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work is accepting applications for two (2) tenure track faculty positions in the areas of mental health, behavioral health/addiction, or health care beginning September 1, 2017.  A strong research and scholarly background is expected.  Applicants will be considered at the rank of Assistant, Associate or Full Professor (rank open based on academic qualifications).
  • Has anyone had any interviews yet here?  Any job talk invites???
  • Rejection letter 12/20/16 x2
  • Contacted for interview at SSWR 12/28/16
  • Anyone have any updates on this search?

University of St. Joseph (CT)[]

  • An MSW and an earned doctorate in social work or closely related field
  • 2 or more years of post-MSW social work practice experience, preferably with culturally diverse communities
  • Higher education teaching experience
  • Ability to teach clinical practice courses
  • Record of engaged research, preferably on issues related to veteran/military experiences
  • Expertise in veteran’s issues and services
  • Eligibility for clinical social work licensure preferred
  • We seek a creative, innovative, and collaborative faculty member with a commitment to advancing clinical social work practice with veterans and their families. Qualified applicants will demonstrate strong teaching and research skills; the ability to engage collaboratively with department and community colleagues; experience in developing relationships and networks with culturally diverse communities; and the ability to forge partnerships with a variety of organizations.

University of South Carolina[]

University of South Florida[]

University of Southern California[]

  • Open Rank Tenure Track
  • Post-doctoral experience are preferred.
  • Expertise in child welfare, juvenile justice, military science and Alzheimer’s research. 
  • Strong scholarship profiles involving Latino, Asian-Pacific Islander, and/or African-American populations. 
  • LINK
  • Contacted for CSWE Interview (10/7/16) x 1
  • Contacted for Campus visit (12/1/2016) x2
  • Any updates?
  • I know they did a few interviews @ SSWR in January - anyone else have any intel? (2/5/17)

University of Southern Indiana[]

University of Southern Mississippi[]

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Nashville satellite campus)[]

  • -Contacted for CSWE interview -10/19/16
  • - I've heard they have problems keeping faculty in this program
  • Any news (11/17/16)

University of Tennessee Martin[]

University of Texas at Austin[]

  • Posted 9/9/16 - looking for a TT or tenured faculty member with research regarding Autism and/or NDD.Link on CSWE

University of Texas at Arlington[]

  • NEW!  Posted 12/21/16- Hiring (5) tenure track asssitant professor positions for fall 2017
  • LINK
  • Some requests for SSWR interview have been sent (Anecdotes) 1/5/17

University of Texas at San Antonio[]

University of Toronto[]

  • Hiring multiple positions at University of Toronto.
  • Applications due September 30, 2016
  • Need cover letter, full CV, teaching dossier, brief outline of current and proposed future research interests, and 2 samples of published work.  3 letters of recommendation emailed directly to faculty. 
  • Appointment begins July 1, 2017
  • Particular areas include but not limited to: human development/equity across life course; health/mental health; neuroscience; and education for professional practice.  Also hiring assistant professors in gerontological social work, "social work and information" with focus on big data in social work, and clinical practice. 
  • Preference given to Canadians but all encouraged to apply.
  • Does anyone know anything about this school- What's it like? politics? etc.  I'm interested in applying and also am wondering about the academic environment
  • Here's what I can tell you: expectations with respect to publishing are high, both to get hired and then to get to tenure. There is a huge emphasis on hiring professors who have practice experience - it doesn't HAVE to be clinical practice, but they definitely look for that. Teaching is highly valued, both within the school and within the university. Different academic world in Canada - 12 month pay, funding is mostly used to pay graduate students and the cost of conducting/disseminating research, course buy-outs don't really exist, and it's a far more egalitarian culture (in academia and in Canadian society). Great benefits are possible (e.g., new faculty housing, university-based (amazing!) day care, spousal hire) but not guaranteed. In terms of the academic environment, it is quite collegial and civilized. A few very minor political issues, but nothing that causes undo stress or interrupts the capacity to work together effectively. There is good institutional support, but don't expect that to be in the form of cash. MSW students are great. Read up on AOP (anti-oppressive practice) - it's huge here and in Canada.
  • THis is very helpful.  Thank you!
  • Contacted for CSWE Interview (10/24) 
  • Invited for campus visit (11/8)

University of Utah[]

University of Vermont[]

  • Assistant Professor position posted in December on SSWR website

University of Washington (Seattle)[]

  • They will be posting for a TT position
  • Hiring 2 TT positions.  Job posted here:
  • "We encourage applications from both recent graduates and early career assistant professors within 3 – 5 years of receiving their doctorate."
  • Contacted for Skype Interview (10/5); followed up to schedule CSWE interview (10/21)
  • Contacted for CSWE interview (10/27)
  • any updates? (12/07/2016)
  • Campus visits are happening now
  • Also hiring multiple full-time lecturer positions (comparable to Clinical Professor or Professor of Practice at other institutions). These are voting members of the faculty with multi-year, renewable contracts and clear advancement/promotion path. Excellent opportunity for phds who are passionate about teaching and have significant post-MSW practice experience. Definitely worth considering if applying for TT positions that have large teaching responsibilities. 
  • LINK:
  • Four offers made and two accepted. (12/28/2016)
  • Do you know if the offers for the TT or lecturer positions? (12/30/16)
  • They are for the TT positions. (12/30/16)
  • Rejection email sent 1/30/17x2

University of Washington (Tacoma)[]

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay[]

  • Invited for phone interview week of 10/24
  • Received rejection notice 1/2017

University of Wisconsin-Madison[]

  • Hiring two (2) TT assistant professors, a clinical assistant professor (non-TT) in mental health, and a field director, but jobs ads have not been posted (9/12/16)
  • Does anyone know what tenure looks like now in the UW system? I've been hearing a lot of concerns regarding this, but nothing specifically from social work.
  • Tenure protection is no longer codified in state statute, though this was an unusual protection enjoyed by UW faculty anyways. The Board of Regents, who are appointed by Governor Walker, have argued that current tenure policy is now similar to many peer institutions, which is arguably correct. However, there may be more changes to come. What's perhaps more concerning in the short-term than tenure changes were massive budget cuts to the UW system enacted by the state legislature in 2015. The faculty that I spoke to about the tenure changes largely seemed unconcerned and like the tenure changes were being overblown, though they're also mostly older and perhaps confident that they'll be retiring before the end of tenure at public universities becomes a real threat. The university and the school of social work lost some really good faculty members this summer due to tenure changes/budget cuts/other morale issues, so all of these issues are certainly on the minds of people there.
  • Madison lost 3 TT and 3 full-time NTT (Clinical Professors, Senior Lecturer) in 1 year.
  • Any news? 12/6
  • They said they should have news this Friday, if they stayed on schedule. Hopefully, we will hear soon. (12/7)
  • Thanks for the update. (12/7)
  • Anything?
  • Rejection emails (12/19) x2
  • They are having campus visits.
  • One offer made and accepted.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee[]

  • The Department of Social Work at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee seeks to fill multiple vacancies across three positions- open rank Tenure-track, Visiting Faculty, and Instructional Academic staff.
  • 16 "informal" vist slots filled for CSWE, 12 others via online chat
  • At CSWE, they noted their timeline was to hopefully conduct campus interviews prior to winter break.
  • I had CSWE meeting and they said they hoped to bring people to campus the week after Thanksgiving. I haven't heard anything else so they are either running late or I'm not on the list. Anyone else hear?
  • I also had a CSWE informational meeting and have not heard anything. (x2 as of 11/26/16)
  • Still nothing as of 12/3/16 x2
  • campus invite for Jan on 12/5 (x3)
  • at campus visit, was told interviews are scheduled through Feb 1
  • Any news as of Feb 3?
  • I believe they told me they are getting together to make decisions around Feb 15, and then it has to go up for approval before they can make offers. Let us know if you hear anything sooner!
  • At least 1 offer being made
  • Did anyone ever hear anything from them? 

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire[]

University of Wisconsin - Stout[]

University of Wyoming (WY)[]

Utah Valley University[]

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)[]

  • Contacted for CSWE interview  10/25  - x9
  • Does anyone know what the teaching load is at VCU? (PLEASE STOP DELETING THIS QUESTION)
  • 2-2. For the first year or so, 1-1.
  • Any news? (12/5/16)
  • I know they are in the middle of campus visits
  • Rejection letter 12/19
  • Heard a position was accepted (1/?)
  • Heard a few were accepted, but are hiring more

Washington University in St. Louis[]

  • Tenure-track faculty positions at the Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor rank for Fall, 2017.
  • Expertise in any area applicable to social work, including children and youth, community practice, criminal justice, health social work, global social work, management, and mental health.  
  • The focus may be direct practice, policy, administration, or theoretical advancements with implications for social work. 
  • Applications are preferred prior to October 31, 2016.
  • LINK
  • Contacted for CSWE Interview 10/18/2016 x2
  • Any news? 11/16
  • Not yet. 12/5
  • Scheduled campus visit 12/6/16
  • Rejection email 12/22x2
  • Invitation to interview at SSWR
  • Search has been completed- no new Assistant Professors were hired

Wayne State University []

  • Assistant Professor position posted on SSWR and CSWE websites
  • campus visits are happening now
  • also invited people for interviews at SSWR (1/22/2017)

West Chester University[]

West Texas A&M University[]

Western Connecticut State University[]

West Virginia University (WV)[]

Western Carolina University[]

Western Michigan University[]

Westfield State University[]

Wheelock College[]

  • Instructor of Social Work/Integrated Healthcare (3-year Contract) (3/22)
  • Instructor of Social Work (1-year Contract) (3/22)
  • LINK

Widener University[]

Winthrop University[]

  • Assistant/Associate Tenure Track Faculty: LINK

Xavier University[]