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Page for Academic Positions in Social Work that begin in 2018.

Let's do this! Try to stick to a few guidelines when posting to keep things consistent:

  • Post information about the position (or positions) including rank, source of information, and desired specialties.
  • Update when you know if a school has announced or cancelled a search, done preliminary interviews, invited candidates out for job talks, or made offers, even if this information is anecdotal (but please note that it's anecdotal if it is)!
  • Add date of posting to information whenever possible.
  • Please Use "Heading 3" when adding names of schools to this page.

A couple of features of this page, based on additional posts from past years:

  • There are two general sections:
  • Discussion: Post other job search related information here. In the past, topics have included:
  • Tally of number of people checking this page 
  • Information about salaries offered relative to cost of living.
  • Information about the number of places people have applied, number of initial interviews received, number of campus visits/job talks, and number of offers.
  • Please feel free to add topics here!
  • List of Schools: Post information about positions, here: FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS ACADEMIC, PLEASE DATE YOUR POSTS!

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RECENT ACTIVITY on Social Work 2017-18 Wiki[]

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How many people are updating or monitoring this page?[]

ABD (Early): 2

ABD (On the market): 48 

PhD: 7

Postdoctoral Fellow: 11

Assistant Professor: 12

Associate Professor: 3

Full Professor:1

Master's Students/MSW:


Ratio of applications: 1st round interviews: Campus visits: Offers (example: 16:8:4:2)[]

2:2:2? (2/15/18)

4:2:2:? (As of 2/11/18)

16:9:?:? (as of 01/08/18)

13:6:3:1 (as of 12/5/17) from which school?

21:9:6:4 (as of 12/13/17) Accepted offer from University of Georgia -- Congratulations!

15:3:?:? (as of 9/30/17)

22:7:4:3 (as of 3/1/18)

19:4:2:1 (as of 03/27/18)

15:5:?:? (as of 10/17/17)

18:8:2:1(as of 10/30/17) offer from University of Georgia -- Congrats!--Thank you so much!

30:18:4:2 (as of 1/11/17) accepted offer from University of Southern Maine - Congrats!  That seems like a great place!

9:3:?:? (as of 11/12/17)

22:5:?:? (as of 10/15/17)

7:4:1:? (as of 10/23/17)

16:8:4:1 (as of 11/28/17) accepted at Augsburg University. -- Congratulations! - Thanks!  I'm excited.

10:4:?:? (as of 12/5/17)

5:3:1:? (as of 11/17/17)

28:11:?:? (as of 10/18/17

8:3:1:0 (As of 1/3/18)

25:9:3:? (1/2/18)

25:9:2:? (1/22/18)

33:8:2:? (12/22/17)

16:6:2:? (11/7/17)

11:5:2:? (12/4/17)

9:5:3:2 (as of 12/22/17) --Accepted offer from UT San Antonio -- Congratulations! -- Congrats!!

8:4:4:1 (12/15/17) from which school?  ---->

15:13:4:4 (3/11/18) accepted offer at University of Vermont

37:8:1:0 (as of 1/30/18) 

19:5:5:2 (12/18) accepted offer from Utah State University -- Congrats!!

11:2:1:0 (1/27/18)

14:9:3:? (1/19/18)

12:6:0:0. (4/6/18) -> I want to give a little context for this, plus rant a little. I went to a top 5 school, had a really good mentor, and did a two-year post-doc with some awesome scholars who are big names in their field. But I recently accepted a non-academic job due to those numbers listed. I’m in a somewhat niche area topically that’s very much related to some of the big areas in social work (child welfare, social policy/poverty), and I’ve published in said areas. But it was clear that search committees just didn’t see value in my research. I did the other things you’re supposed to do (publish, get external dissertation funding, have post-MSW experience) but none of that mattered. The trend of so many students doing post-docs now is really disheartening, and it seems that a lot of departments could do more to prepare students for the realities of an increasingly competitive job market. Thanks for listening. ;-)

  • Congratulations on your position, your colleagues and/or clients in your non-academic position will be lucky to work with you and benefit greatly from the analytic and critical thinking skills that you bring from your training. There are many good and rewarding career paths following the receipt of a PhD, which hopefully is true of the path you are taking.
  • I agree with the person who posted above me.  I also want to validate your experience.  I, too, was surprised at how competitive the job market was.  Best wishes in your new position!

1:1:1:? (5/20/2018) Anyone want to talk about their process between campus visit and offer?  Was there any contact in between, or total radio silence?  How long did it take for those of you who got offers to hear back?  The interview day went really well, so I'm totally perplexed by the dead halt in communication, but this is my first rodeo, so to speak.  Would welcome anyone's experience/ideas.

  • For me, the experience totally varied.  I sent a thank you e-mail to all places I went for a campus visit.  All sent me an e-mail back thanking me for visiting.  Thereafter, some schools were silent and others were in frequent contact (e-mail and/or phone) providing me updates on where they were at in the hiring process.  Not surprisingly, the places where I received offers from were those that followed up with me.  I think the degree of contact depends on how many positions they are hiring, their institutional transparency in the hiring process, and how well they view you as a fit with their institution.  Of course, my experience is just one.  Good luck!


Who is getting hired?[]

ABD: 6

Postdoctoral fellow:

Assistant Professor:

Associate Professor: 1

Full Professor:

Salaries offered - helpful to list with school ranking (R1 or teaching)and cost of living:[]

  • $81,500 Assistant 9m R1:Low (negotiated)
  • $78,000 Assistant 9m R1:Low (negotiated)
  • $73,000 Assistant 9m R1: Med
  • $75,000 Assistant 9m R1: Med
  • $69,000 Assistant 9m R2: Med (negotiated)
  • $62,000 Assistant 9m R2: Low (negotiated to $64,500)
  • $77,000 Assistant 9m R1: Low (negotiated)
  • $80,000 Assistant 9m R1: Low
  • $57,000 Assistant 9m Teaching (negotiated to $59,500); medium cost of living
  • $58,000 Assistant 9m teaching (negotiated to $60,500) medium
  • $66,000 Associate 9m teaching low
  • $70,000 Associate 9m teaching low
  • $94,500 Associate 9m teaching high
  • $60,000 Assistant (TT) 12 m teaching medium
  • $75,000 Assistant 12 m teaching R1: medium

Teaching Loads[]

  • When possible can we please add teaching load info to posts?  These are usually known quantities--they are not secret info--and they can matter a lot in terms of sizing up a job.

Timing of Positions[]

  • When can job seekers expect for the majority of full-time, tenure track positions to be posted?  In other words, is there a popular time when colleges and universities open positions to applicants?
  • A lot depends on the market/year, budgets, retirements, etc. Though, many positions should be posted in September ahead of CSWE. In previous markets, some top ten schools posted as early as June and, in other markets, as late as February or March. 

Website Helpfulness[]

  • In previous years this website was very helpful. People posted information about the jobs rather than simply pasting in an advertisement. We are all academics and should be able to find a job posting. I ask you to consider posting useful information. People pose questions about a university/School/ Department, etc. Consider answering. If you've heard back about a job, let us know.
  • Look back at older wikis (ex: 2013-14) to see how people have been helpful in the past.   

List of Schools: Update when you have information![]

Adelphi University (NY)[]

Akron University (OH)[]

Alcorn State University (MS)[]

Appalachian State University (NC)[]

Arizona State University (AZ)[]

  • Contacted for phone screening interview on 9/27 for week of 10/2 -- not sure if this is a "pre-screening" (i.e. there would be another screening interview at CSWE prior to campus visits) or the typical screening interview (x2 - updated 10/2); Update: Phone interview on 10/4, CSWE interview scheduled at end of phone call (10/6/17)
  • I had a phone screening and scheduled a CSWE interview at the end of the phone screening (x9)
  • Phone screening scheduled for 10/5. I was told it was a 15 to 20 minute call to discuss my research agenda and could lead to an interview at CSWE. Update: CSWE interview scheduled at end of call. 
  • Phone sreening on 10/6 and scheduled phone interview for CSWE at end of call (updated 10/10).
  • Did anyone receive a confirmation email following the submission of their application through the application portal? When I submitted, it just said "saved."
  • No confirmation email immediately, just an email later from the chair confirming my application about 10 days later (10/4/17)
  • This was my experience, too. (10/8) x2
  • No confirmation email yet, but I just "saved" it yesterday (10/5/17)
  • Campus visit invitation (x2 updated on 11/3) 
  • Rejection letter via email (12/14) x3
  • fyi, had interview at cswe.
  • anyone know if any offers have been extended? (1/3)
  • At least 1 offer have been extended (1/17/18)
  • In the SSWR booklet, they showcased 6 new hires. (1/19/18)

Auburn University (AL)[]

  • Reached out for an informational meeting at CSWE (10/19) X3
  • Any update so far? (11/14/2017)
  • I am not sure of their time line exactly, but I got the sense they would be reaching out to folks either right before the Winter Holidays or right afterwards. I think they said they were going through reaccreditation and didn't think they would have time to devote to the search until after they completed the accreditation tasks. (11-15-17)
  • Campus visit requested (11.15.17)
  • That's fabulous. I had a great lunch meeting with them at CSWE and was hoping for at least another interview opportunity. 
  • Campus visit requested (12.22.17)

Augsburg College (MN)[]

  • Hiring one tenure-track position
  • Application deadline August 1, 2017
  • Contacted for screening interview on 9/15/17.
  • Contacted for campus visit (10/28/17)
  • Anyone know about the climate here?  I've heard they haven't been able to hold onto assistant professors recently. x3
  • Accepted position 12/14/17

Azusa Pacific University (CA)[]

Barry University (FL)[]

Baylor University (TX) - Diana R. Garland School of Social Work[]

  • Hiring 1 TT position (assistant or associate professor level)
  • Application deadline December 1, 2017
  • Posting on SSWR site

Bennett College (NC)[]

Binghamton University, SUNY (NY)[]

  • Does anyone know the outcome of their 2016-2017 search? (9/25)
  • Does anyone know if they will be hiring this year? (9/25)
  • They hired 3 Assistant Professor last year. This year they are not hiring. 

Boise State University (ID)[]

Boston College (MA)[]

  • Boston College School of Social Work is seeking two scholars at the Assistant Professor rank who will further the school’s expertise in the following:
  • Research and scholarship on the causes and consequences of structural violence and its disproportionate effects associated with race, income, gender, and “place” across the life course. Competitive applicants will be knowledgeable about the impact of these factors on quality of life experiences, such as health disparities, trauma and mental health, interpersonal violence, education, or employment.\
  • Research and scholarship about immigrant communities, families, or individuals around the world and in the U.S. BCSSW through its Latino Leadership Initiative (LLI) is giving attention to Latino communities. Competitive applicants will have knowledge about pathways to well-being (social, emotional, and economic) across the life course for Latino communities in the U.S. and/or abroad.
  • Application reviews will begin in September 2017. The first round of interviews will take place in October/November. Campus visits for final candidates usually take place in December/January, and the positions will begin in Fall 2018.
  • LINK to SSWR announcement
  • Scheduled interview at CSWE (09/28/2017) x3 
  • Does BC send out rejections if they are not interested in screening applicants? Do they send out rejections following screenings?
  • Understanding is that BC only invited a small number of applicants for CSWE interviews.
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • Campus visit scheduled (10/26)
  • Campus visits for which of the positions? Causes/consequences of structural violence, or immigration?
  • Six visits arranged, various research interests
  • Any updates? (11/29)
  • Campus visit complete (12/15)
  • Any updates? (12/21)
  • Does Anyone know whether they extended offers? (1/2/18)
  • Yes, they have, and it was accepted. I received my rejection today (1/3/18)
  • Yes, they sent it out. 

Boston University (MA)[]

Bowling Green State University (OH)[]

  • 2 TT Assistant or Associate Professor Positions
  • Application deadline: November 1, 2017.
  • Link to posting
  • Any update so far (11.8.2017)???
  • Campus visit invite (12/14/17)x2
  • Cancelled campus visit after accepting another offer (1/11/18)

Bridgewater State University (MA)[]

  • The School of Social Work at Bridgewater State University invites applications for two full-time, tenure-track teaching positions at the rank of Assistant Professor, beginning September 2018. We are seeking faculty members with interest in teaching social work at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, with principle assignment to the MSW program.
  • This position requires teaching 12 credits per semester, primarily in the MSW program, with an expectation that the successful candidate will also teach in the BSW program. Primary teaching responsibilities may include Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Practice with Individuals and Families, Dynamics of Diversity and Oppression, Human Behavior and the Social Environment, practice courses, field education or other courses, such as those in your area of specialization.
  • Contacted for phone interview (10/24/17).
  • Rejection email sent on 10/21
  • Anyone been invited for a campus interview or had any follow up after a phone interview? (11/28/17)

Bryn Mawr College (PA)[]

Buffalo State College, SUNY (NY)[]

California State University, Bakersfield[]

  • TT Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Review of applications will begin on January 15, 2018, and will continue until the position is filled.

California State University, Channel Islands[]

California State University, East Bay[]

California State University, Fresno[]

  • I applied about a month ago and no word (11/14/17) x 3
  • A friend of mine has a screening interview scheduled.
  • Phone interview for 12/7/17 x3
  • When was it? (11/22/17)
  • I was contacted on 12/1 to schedule a phone interview for 12/7 x3
  • Email stating would be in touch in early January for campus visits 12/14/17 x2
  • Holiday greeting email stating they will resume the review in Jan. Before, I have never contacted by them for a screening interview.
  • Similiar message as above but I was contacted for a phone screening (12/20/17) x2
  • Had phone interview; received same holiday email (12/21/17)

anyone been contacted for campus interview yet? (1/8/18)

  • classes did not resume until 1/11/18. MLK 1/15. probably won't get invites until 1/16 at the earliest.
  • Invited to campus (1/30/18)

California State University Fullerton[]

  • The Department of Social Work at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), invites applications for Assistant Professor. This is a 10-month full-time tenure-track position to begin Fall 2018.
  • The Department of Social Work is recruiting one faculty member with expertise in social work practice in one or more of the Department's concentration areas (child welfare, community mental health, and aging).
  • Application review begins immediately. To ensure full consideration, application materials must be submitted by October 6, 2017. Position is open until filled.

California State University, Long Beach[]

California State University, Los Angeles[]

California State University, Monterey Bay[]

California State University, Northridge[]

California State University, Sacramento[]

  • The Division of Social Work at California State University, Sacramento, invites applications for two tenure-track faculty positions at the rank of Assistant Professor, with appointments beginning August 2018. Responsibilities will include teaching either graduate or undergraduate courses in social work and a designated cognate area, mentoring students, participating in university and community service, and engaging in academic scholarship. The Division seeks applicants with experience in HBSE and practice, or in health and aging.
  • Anyone know what the teaching load is? 
  • Review of applications will begin December 1, 2017, and positions will remain open until filled. Candidates are strongly encouraged to submit their application package as early as possible.
  • For a complete description of the positions and to apply, please visit:
  • Full Ad at Chronicle
  • Contacted 12/12 for video interview (scheduled Jan 10) x2
  • Invited for campus interview in February 
  • offer accepted 3/13/18

California State University, Stanislaus[]

  • The Department of Social Work at California State University, Stanislaus invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor in our MSW Program beginning Fall 2018. The successful candidate for this position will be qualified to teach in core curricular areas including direct micro social work practice and theory. Expertise in generalist social work practice, direct micro practice, and/or clinical practice (e.g., health, behavioral health, addictions) practice is highly desired. Expectations for the position include teaching, advising students, conducting field liaison work, developing and maintaining an active research agenda, serving on Department, College, and University committees, and developing a record of professional service in the greater community. Position is contingent upon the availability of authorized funding.
  • The Faculty Search Committee will begin reviewing completed applications immediately and will continue until the position is filled.
  • LINK to

Calvin College (MI)[]

  • Calvin College is seeking applications for a full-time, tenure-track Social Work faculty position within the Department of Sociology & Social Work expected to begin August 2018, pending administrative approval.  Appointment of rank and salary is dependent on qualifications and experience.
  • Link to

Carleton University (CAN)[]

  • Hiring one Associate Professor: LINK.
  • Teaching load: 2-1 in Year 1. Then 2-2 thereafter. No summer teaching required. Good research start-up funds provided by the Dean's office to each new hire.  

Carthage College (WI)[]

Case Western Reserve University (OH)[]

  • Does anyone know if Case might be hiring TT this cycle? x2

Catholic University of America (DC)[]

Central Connecticut State University[]

  • - Contacted for initial phone interview (11/11/17) x2

Centre College (KY)[]

Clemson University (SC)[]

Cleveland State University (OH)[]

College of New Rochelle (NY)[]

College of Staten Island, CUNY (NY)[]

Colorado State University (CO)[]

  • Number of Vacancies: 2-3
  • Position Summary: The School of Social Work invites applications for faculty positions at the assistant of associate professor rank. The 9-month tenure/tenure-track appointment will begin January, 2018 or August, 2018. Applicants are sought with an expertise in behavioral health (mental health, alcohol and drug prevention/treatment, suicide, obesity), human-animal interventions, aging, child welfare, health/well-being, or social justice which enhance the existing research strengths in our School, College, and University. However, applicants with other research expertise are invited to apply.
  • To ensure full consideration, applications must be received by 11:59pm (MT) on 08/23/2017.
  • 7/4/17 Does anyone know the teaching load here?  Is 50% teaching a 3-2, 5 classes at 10% each?
  • Contacted for screening interview 9/16
  • Campus visit request 10/9
  • Has anyone other than this person heard from CSU? I'm pretty excited about them, but wondering if first cuts have already been made. 
  • I know of 3 people that applied and none have heard back from them.
  • Rejected 10/15 (x3)
  • I had a phone screen last month, and have not heard either way.  I'm in the HAI track. 10/17
  • Anyone heard anything? (11.20.17)
  • Nothing! (11/25/17)
  • Rejected by email (3/5/18)

Columbia University (NY)[]

  • Appointments may begin on July 1, 2018, or January 1, 2019. Review of applicants will begin immediately. (posted 7/7/17)
  • Skype interview requested 9/22
  • Campus interview scheduled (posted 10/7)
  • what rank?
  • Tenure-track (assistant)
  • Rejection email received (11/16)x4
  •  ^^^ Were you interviewed?
  •  No. (x2)

DePaul University (IL)[]

East Carolina University (NC)[]

Eastern Connecticut State University[]

Eastern Michigan University[]

  • applied for director position 11/10/17, no word (12/11/17)

Eastern Washington University[]

East Tennessee State University[]

The Department of Social Work at East Tennessee State University invites applications for a tenure track Assistant Professor position to begin August 15, 2018 with primary teaching responsibilities in the BSW program (content competencies emphasizing [macro]HBSE, Macro-practice, Social Policy, and/or Research). Some teaching in the MSW program is likely. Other responsibilities include research/scholarship activity, service, academic advising, and participation in department and program governance.

ETSU is a mid-size Doctoral Research Intensive university located in scenic Appalachia near the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains, surrounded by thriving cities and historical rural communities. The region’s four distinct seasons, mountains, and rivers provide diverse recreational opportunities. ETSU provides regional educational and health care leadership through its associations with the local VA, medical centers, and community organizations. The Social Work Department hosts the international headquarters of the Phi Alpha Honor Society. With rich university health sciences programming, the department participates in interprofessional teaching, service and scholarship.

Minimum qualifications include a Masters of Social Work degree with a minimum of two years post-MSW professional practice experience and PhD degree in Social Work or closely related field. (ABD in a PhD program will be considered with completion of doctorate required by hire date.) Preference will be given to candidates with teaching experience/expertise in the content areas for which the application is intended.

Fairfield University (CT)[]

Fayetteville State University (NC)[]

  • Associate Dean for Social Work
  • Applied for position 12/10/17; review to begin 1/2/18
  • phone interview 2/21/2018

Florida Atlantic University (FL)[]

Florida Gulf Coast University[]

Florida International University:[]

Florida State University[]

  • Is there anybody who got campus visit request? (11/14/2017)
  • There have been at least 4 campus visits (11/15/17)
  • They scheduled the campus visits for last week for the three positions they were hiring for - though that doesn't necessarily mean the search is over. They haven't extended offers yet (I don't believe). (11/15/17)
  • Email received that search is completed (12/7/17) x2

Fordham University (NY)[]

  • Hiring an assistant professor of social service
  • LINK
  • Does anyone know what is going on with this opening? It has been removed from all of the job sites.
  • From what I heard, there may be an associate hire this year but not assistant. (10/4/17)
  • 2 Associate level positions. Looking for faculty with direct practice experience and expertise in health/behavioral health.
  • Friend said she heard that one of the Associate positions was being changed to Assistant. Anyone else hear this? (11/10/17)
  • Received invitation for assistant prof interview at SSWR (12/5/17)X2
  • Any follow up after SSWR?
  • They did have five campus visits. Not sure if any offers were made. 

Franciscan University of Steubenville (OH)[]

  • Full time, tenure track, rank-open position to begin August 2018.
  • Review of completed applications will begin on October 25th and will continue until the position is filled.

Georgia Regents University - Augusta (GA)[]

Georgia State University (Atlanta)[]

George Mason University (VA)[]

Governor's State University Illinois[]

Grand Valley State University (MI)[]

Hawaii Pacific University[]

  • 1 Assistant Professor position
  • Job Posting on CSWE
  • Anyone know if this is a tenure-track position?
  • What is the salary like?  Honolulu is an expensive place to live. 
  • It is a tenure track position, the only salary info I have is from Glassdoor and other websites of the like, not that impressive of a salary to make one move there (10/19)

Hope College (MI)[]

Howard University (DC)[]

There is an announcement for one tenure-track position at Howard University School of Social Work starting Fall 2018. It just came out and was circulating at SSWR, but I have not yet seen it on the CSWE or SSWR job postings. The rank is assistant or associate professor. Per the announcement, they are seeking candidates to teach in the direct practice concentration including human behavior content.

The Howard University School of Social Work is accepting applications for one tenure-track position. Applicants will be considered at the rank of Assistant Professor or Associate Professor (rank open based on academic qualifications).
The School of Social Work is located in the nation’s capital and offers two MSW concentrations: Direct Practice and Community, Administration and Policy Practice.  Applicants are encouraged for either concentration.  We offer specializations in health, mental health, family and child welfare, displaced populations and social gerontology.  Additionally, the School offers a Ph.D. in social work with specialized interest areas. The School embraces faculty scholarship that focuses on social and economic injustice, poverty, and disparities that impact quality of life, especially for African Americans and other historically oppressed populations.
The School has been continuously accredited during our 80-year history and is reaffirmed by CSWE through 2020.  We are a highly ranked graduate program at the university and currently listed as one of the top 50 MSW programs in the country. 
We are seeking candidates to teach in our direct practice concentration including human behavior content.
REQUIREMENTS: Earned doctorate in social work required and at least two years post-MSW practice experience preferred. We are also seeking applicants with excellent teaching evaluations, scholarship and research experience or strong potential. Additionally, experience with distance education is highly desirable.
For priority consideration, please submit a letter of application outlining research, practice and teaching experiences along with a curriculum vita and samples of scholarly work. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.  Please send complete application to: Sandra Edmonds Crewe, Ph.D., MSW, Dean, Howard University School of Social Work, 601 Howard Place NW, Washington, DC  20059. Telephone:  202-806-7311. Website:
  • Applications will be reviewed upon receipt. 

Humboldt State University (CA)[]

Hunter College, CUNY (NY)[]

  • Any preliminary interview or campus visit requests yet?
  • Yes, they contacted me on 1/2 for a screener
  • No follow-up since interviewing at SSWR (1/22/18) (x2)
  • Seems like they posted the position again, this time indicating they want someone with child trauma expertise.
    • Was the post taken down again? I saw the child trauma posting and had planned to apply, but it disappeared (3/13)

Idaho State University[]

Illinois State University[]

  • TT Assistant Professor.
  • The initial teaching load is four (4) courses for the first academic year and then five (5) courses per year thereafter.
  • For best consideration, please submit materials by Nov. 9, 2017; however, review of applications will continue until the position is filled.
  • Contacted for phone interview (11/16/17)x2
  • Invited for campus visit (12/06/17)
  • Accepted offer for tenure-track Assistant Professor position (02/07/18)

Indiana University[]

  • 3 Open Rank TT positions at the Indianapolis Campus.
  • Met with Heather McCabe at CSWE who told me they were going to try and schedule first interviews within a couple of weeks (from CSWE). Need to have your recommendation letters on-hand to submit with your application. (11/2/17) x2
  • Is there anybody who received message (either screening interview or rejection) from this Univ ? (11/14/2017)
  • I had contact at CSWE and applied to both the open-rank position and the online position and I have heard nothing from either search committee (11/14/17).
  • I only applied to the open-rank position - haven't heard back yet either...I thought they were going to try and schedule some things ASAP. (11/15/17)
  • One applicant completed campus visit (11/21/17)
  • Did they conduct screening interviews at CSWE? 
  • Campus visit scheduled (1/22/18)
  • Offer made and accepted (3/1/18)

Indiana University, Northwest[]

Jackson State University (TX)[]

  • Associate/Assistant Professor, Social Work
  • Posted 08/20/18
  • Competence in teaching in at least two of the following areas: generalist and advanced social work practice, behavioral and social science theory, research, and human behavior.
  • Desired Start date: 09/17/18
  • University Posting

Kansas State University[]

  • Two Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Social Work Positions in Manhattan, Kansas beginning August 2018.
  •  Representatives of the K-State Social Work Program will attend and be available to provide information about these positions at the Annual Program Meeting of the Council of Social Work Education in Dallas, Texas on October 19–22, 2017.
  • Link to
  • Is this position still open? It is still listed on the CSWE page but the posting has been removed from K-State's list of current job openings.
  • Campus interview scheduled (11/2)

Kennesaw State University (GA)[]

  • TT Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • (posted 9/28/17)
  • Does anyone know if this position has been filled? Or campus interviews? 12/15/17

Lehman College, CUNY (NY)[]

Lewis-Clark State College (ID)[]

  • The Social Work Program at Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC), in Lewiston, Idaho, invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor position in Social Work. The start date is August 14, 2018, and the beginning salary range is $48,000-$50,000.
  • Teach 24 credits per year; engage in advising, professional development, and service.
  • Link to

Loma Linda University (CA)[]

Long Island University (NY)[]

Louisiana State University (LA)[]

  • The School of Social Work is hiring 3 tenure-track assistant professors.  Teaching across all 3 levels of the program. Areas of interest include child welfare, corrections, gerontology, poverty & substance abuse. 
  • Link to CSWE post
  • Contacted for a Skype interview (10/16)
  • Had an interview at CSWE but have not heard anything since then...(11/2/17)X2
  • Any campus visit requests yet?
  • I haven't heard anything since CSWE...
  • Campus visit requested (11.13.17)

Loyola University Chicago (IL)[]

  • Seeking one TT for August 2018 - Loyola TT Faculty Posting
  • Posted 9/29/17
  • We seek applicants with teaching and research interests in one or more of the following areas: urban communities; multi-generational families; military social work; restorative & social justice; innovative engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation in practice across the life span in distressed families; kinship; child welfare; health disparities; criminal justice; juvenile justice.
  • We encourage applicants whose research and teaching interests focus on the African-American/Black diaspora with an ability to engage in the experiences of other peoples of African descent and other communities of color.
  • Jesuit School but very open and affirming of LGBTQ+
  • Contacted for screening interview 10/12(x2)
  • Contact for interview at APM (10/13)
  • Rejection email (10/17)(x2)
  • Rejection email (after screening; 10/26 x3)
  • Campus visit scheduled (called in early October)
  • Anyone know if an offer has been made yet?
  • I know of one person they brought on. 

Madonna University (MI)[]

Madonna University Social Work & Sociology Department is hiring a full-time faculty position, Fall 2018, for the new MSW program. Madonna University is a Franciscan, Catholic co-educational liberal arts university located in Livonia, MI, a western suburb of the metropolitan Detroit area. The growing student body of 4,000+ is an exciting and diverse mix of traditional and non-traditional commuter students representing all ages and ethnicities of Southeastern Michigan. Teaching is of primary importance and faculty are expected to actively participate in university governance, academic affairs and scholarship.

Faculty responsibilities include: a primary focus on teaching; participating in curriculum review and renewal; student matriculation, orientations, gate-keeping, recruitment and advising; compliance with CSWE standards; program assessment and evaluation; engaging in scholarly activity; collegial engagement with others; and participation in university governance and academic life.

Marshall University (WV)[]

Mars Hill University (NC)[]

Marywood University (PA)[]

Metropolitan State University, Denver (CO)[]

  • Any update so far? (11/14/2017)
  • I saw they re-posted the job today... (11/15)
  • Emailed 12/18 saying I passed the initial review and will be contacted soon for the next phase. 

Miami University of Ohio (OH)[]

  • Family Science & Social Work:  Assistant or Associate Professor to teach graduate and undergraduate social work courses; advise students; develop/enhance research and publications agenda; seek external grant funding; be engaged in service at the departmental level.
  • Link to
  • email for a meet and greet at CSWE 10/9
  • email for meet and greet at CSWE (10/9/17)
  • I also met with them at CSWE, they told me that it would take some time to conduct follow-up interviews as they were in the process of re-accreditation. (11/2/17)
  • Scheduled conference-call interview (Nov.8.2017)
  • any campus visit invites thus far? (11/27/17)
  • Campus visit scheduled (11/29) x 3

Michigan State University (MI)[]

  • Anyone know anything about Michigan State hiring this year?
  • I heard from the faculty member here that they do not have a hiring plan this year

Millersville University (PA)[]

  • Campus visit scheduled for this week (Dated 2/11/18); chair contacted me requesting additional information (2/21)

Missouri State University (MO)[]

Assistant Professor School of Social Work at Missouri State University, Springfield, MO Job Description: The School of Social Work at Missouri State University (MSU) invites applications and nominations now for an Assistant Professor position to begin August 13, 2018. The MSU School of Social Work has both BSW and MSW programs. The School serves around 85 BSW students and 65 MSW students and both programs enjoy active and positive interactions with the local communities. Our MSW program has an advanced generalist specialization. The School is housed in the College of Health and Human Services, which promotes student-centered learning, scholarship, and service to the broader community in all aspects of human health and wellness.

This position is associated with the Springfield campus of the MSU School of Social Work. It is also connected to teaching in Springfield, Joplin, and West Plains in multiple modalities. The University is committed to building a culturally diverse educational environment. Successful candidates must be committed to working with diverse student and community populations. Applicants are requested to include in their cover letter information about how they will further this goal.

Missouri State University is centered in Springfield, Missouri, a Midwest city of around 167,000 people. The region features many parks and trails for outdoor activities. It also features a wide array of entertainment opportunities uncommon for a city of its size. Two venues on the MSU campus frequently feature traveling Broadway productions, productions from international performing groups, and concerts from popular and well-known artists. Springfield is also 40 minutes away from scenic Branson, Missouri, which has been called the entertainment capital of the Midwest, featuring a wide variety of family entertainment options.

Missouri State University is the second largest university system in the state of Missouri with over 26,000 students. Academic activities are built upon the MSU Public Affairs Mission, which emphasizes ethical leadership, community engagement, and cultural competence. Our university strongly supports teaching, service, and research. Faculty enjoy an active voice with the university administration with a thriving faculty senate and many other faculty-governed committees.

This is a full-time, nine-month faculty appointment with summer stipend for possible summer work. Candidates must have a doctorate in social work (ABD with teaching experience may be considered), social welfare, or a related discipline. Candidates must have a MSW degree from a CSWE-accredited program.

Candidates should have demonstrated interest in teaching graduate social work courses. A successful candidate will have demonstrated knowledge and understanding of multicultural and diversity issues. There is expectation of contributing to departmental and administrative service as well as professional service on and off campus; engaging in professional development, and participating in program renewal.

To apply, access the MSU job portal: All materials must be submitted online. Official transcripts should be produced at interview.

  • -Phone interview 1/31/18

Montclair State University (NJ)[]

  • Assistant Professor Social Work & Child Advocacy. The Department of Social Work and Child Advocacy at Montclair State University
  • Job Description: The Department of Social Work and Child Advocacy at Montclair State University invites applications for a tenure track position at the rank of Assistant Professor to begin September 2018. Preferred areas of research specialization will involve children, youth, and families and/or clinical practice with diverse populations. The department currently offers a minor in social work, and BA and MA in Child Advocacy and Policy, and will offer a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) with a concentration in children, youth, and families starting in the fall of 2018. The responsibilities for the current position include teaching in the social work program and an active scholarly agenda (with the expectation of the pursuit of external funding). The ideal candidate will have demonstrated excellence in teaching and scholarship commensurate with experience. The above statements reflect the general details considered necessary to describe the principal functions of the job identified, and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all the work requirements that may be inherent in the position.

Nazareth College (NY)[]

  • The Social Work Department invites applications for a full time, tenure track position at the rank of Associate Professor (preferred) or Assistant Professor (required) to begin August 2018. The department seeks candidates committed to teaching excellence at a comprehensive institution that supports both liberal arts curricula and professional programs. Applicants who will contribute to the college’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment are encouraged to apply.
  • LINK:

New York University (NY)[]

  • The New York University Silver School of Social work invites applications for tenured and tenure-track faculty positions at all ranks (Assistant, Associate, and Full). The rank and tenure status of the appointment is contingent on the qualifications of the successful applicant. The 9-month tenure/tenure track appointment will begin in September, 2018.
  • Expertise in the following priority areas is preferred, but not necessary for consideration: poverty, prevention, integrated health and social determinants of health, aging, and social work practice that builds on the significant strengths or expands the expertise of the Silver School.
  • LINK to SSWR Announcement.
  • Scheduled an interview at CSWE (09/30/2017) x2
  • ^^ When did you submit your app? Anyone else heard anything for CSWE?
  • Haven't heard anything - i submitted in September.  Someone in the department told me they didn't think the committee has looked at applications yet- but apparently that is not true if there is one CSWE interview. 
  • I applied on 08/25/2017.
  • Submitted first week of September - nothing yet
  • Has anyone heard anything back from CSWE or otherwise? I submitted my application third week of September and have not heard anything yet?
  • I interviewed at CSWE, have not received a response yet, and was told it may take 2-4 weeks. 10/30/2017
  • Rejection after interview (11/10)

North Carolina State University[]

Northeastern Illinois University (IL)[]

  • any update? anyone contacted for an interview thus far? (12/01/17)

Northern Arizona University (AZ)[]

  •  initial screening interview (12/13/17)
  •  initial screening interview (12/14/17)

Northern Kentucky University[]

Nyack College (NY)[]

Oakland University (MI)[]

Ohio State University (OH)[]

  • The Ohio State University College of Social Work invites applications for two tenure-track faculty positions (assistant and/or senior faculty). We are recruiting exceptional candidates, from social work and related disciplines, with a preference for demonstrated strong research and scholarship capacity with diverse populations. Candidates with agendas focused on aging, substance abuse, or mental health are particularly encouraged to apply.
  • A review of applications will begin immediately, with priority given to those applicants who apply by September 29, 2017. Initial screening interviews are expected to take place immediately, with campus visit invitations beginning in early autumn 2017. 
  • 09/19/17: Anyone invited for screening interview?
  • Not at this time - 09/22/2017 (x6-updated 10/10)
  • Contacted for CSWE screening interview - (x3 - 10/13)
  • Rejection email (10/27)x3
  • Rejection email (11/6)
  • Those who received rejection emails - were you interviewed at CSWE?
  • Rejection after CSWE interview (11/6 x 5)
  • Any campus visit requests, yet?
  • scheduled on 11/1

2 people have accepted offers for Assistant Professor 

Ohio University[]

Ohio University Social Work Program invites applications for a non-tenure track lecturer position. This is a new position due to program growth.  This is a nine-month lecturer (non-tenure track) position that reports to the Chair of the Department of Social and Public Health and is required to teach in both the BSW and MSW programs. The successful candidate will be responsible for teaching across the social work curriculum with a specific emphasis on practice and addiction-related courses, both online and in the traditional classroom. The lecturer will have a 4-4 semester course load with the possibility of summer teaching. Additionally, this candidate may be expected to advise Social Work students, engage in service to the department, college, university, and profession.

The successful candidate must have an MSW from an accredited program and at least two years post MSW practice experience; be licensed or license-eligible in the state of Ohio; have a commitment to quality undergraduate and graduate education, and have a strong commitment to diversity.

Our Lady of the Lake University (TX)[]

Pacific University (OR)[]

Plattsburgh, SUNY (NY)[]

Plymouth State University (NH)[]

  • assistant/associate position
  • Phone interview 12/22/17; rejection email (1/1/18)

Portland State University (OR)[]

Providence College (RI)[]

  • The Providence College Department of Social Work invites applicants for the position of a tenure-track Assistant Professor in its baccalaureate level social work department commencing in August 2018. The candidate will have an MSW from a CSWE accredited program and an earned doctorate in social work (PhD/DSW) or related field and demonstrated teaching effectiveness. The candidate will have at least 4 years post MSW practice experience at either the micro or macro level or both. Examples of teaching focus include lifespan development, ethics, and trauma informed practice, specifically around the mental and emotional impact of racism and xenophobia. The successful candidate will also establish a scholarly research program, and possess a willingness to be active in service to the college and community.
  • Review of applications will begin September 1, 2017 and will continue until the position is filled. Applications received by December 1 will receive full consideration.
  • Does anyone know updated information about their timeline? 
  • contacted for phone interview (12/5/2017)

Quinnipiac University (CT)[]

Richard Stockton College (NJ)[]

Rhode Island College (RI)[]

Rutgers University (NJ)[]

Rutgers University School of Social Work (RUSSW) seeks dynamic faculty members to join our productive faculty in continued expansion of the School's innovative programs, centers and institutes. We plan to add 3 faculty members to our tenure track faculty primarily at the assistant professor rank, though our search is open to candidates from all academic ranks.

We seek highly motivated and productive scholars, and entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers, who have a strong commitment to research, social justice, and social work education. Successful candidates will be interested in inter- and transdisciplinary research that advances the reputation of the School. In this year's search, we are particularly interested in scholars who can advance research agendas in the following areas: Addictions, Community Organizing, Criminal Justice, Intervention Research, Public Health, Interprofessional Health, Technology and Social Work, and Violence Against Women and Children (including teen dating violence, stalking, and perpetrators).

Successful applicants should hold a Ph.D. in the area of Social Work or a related discipline.

  • Has anyone heard yet? Submitted first week in Sept
  • Submitted ap late Sept.; CSWE Interview scheduled (10/9)
  • CSWE interview scheduled (10/17)
  • Skype interview scheduled (10/11/17)
  • Has anyone heard back from CSWE?
  • As of 11/1, haven't heard from them since the CSWE interview.
  • Skype Interview 11/2
  • Rejection email (11/30/17): said a candidate has been chosen (x8)
  • Did you have an inteview or campus visit?  No (x2)
  • Additional email saying candidate had not been chosen (x4)
  • I interviewed at CSWE, didn't get a rejection email, and still haven't heard anything (02/15/18). Is anyone else in the same boat? 
  • same boat! (2/16/2018)
  • Thanks for letting me know. I'll post an update if I hear from them.

Does anyone know if any of the three faculty members have been hired? For those waiting on 02/15, when did you apply? Many thanks

  • I applied in early October. I haven't reached out to Rutgers to find out the status of my app, and haven't heard if anyone was hired. No idea what's going on.
  • From what I've heard, multiple offers were made, some of which were accepted. 
  • But the search seems to still be open? Or you think maybe they just didn't inform all the applicants that they already found their new faculty members?

Ryerson University (CAN)[]

Sacred Heart University (CT)[]

Saint Louis University (MO)[]

Salem State University (MA)[]

  • The School of Social Work at Salem State University is seeking a full-time, tenure-track MSW faculty member who will also teach social work at the undergraduate level beginning Fall 2018. Teaching assignments will depend upon the expertise of the candidate and programmatic needs. Teaching assignments might include courses in practice, human behavior, field education seminars and/or elective opportunities aligned with our specialization in Integrated Health and Behavioral Health Practice.
  • The standard teaching load is 12 credit hours per semester. The position is subject to available funding.
  • Review of applications will begin in mid-September 2017.
  • Rejected due to ABD status x2 10/4/17 - It seems like more and more schools are doing this, which is absurd - as long as you have letters from faculty who can confidently say that you'll finish on time, what's wrong with being ABD?
  • I also received an odd email about a month ago asking about the status of my doctorate.  I explained I would be complete by May or June and updated them on where I was in the process and the response was "This position requires a completed PhD."  I couldn't tell if it was a rejection or not since my PhD will be complete by the time the position opens.  Very strange
  • I know someone with a campus visit here who is ABD (11/24)
  • Campus visit invite by email on 11/17/17
  • I just got an email from them that said "We regret to inform you that the Faculty, School of Social Work, Full-Time, Tenure-Track, Fall 2018  position has been canceled."  I never got even a screening interview from them so I wasn't expecting to hear anything, but does this mean the position was canceled or are they just telling me I didn't get the job? (2/6/18)

Salisbury University (MD)[]

Samford University (AL)[]

San Diego State University (CA)[]

  • Assistant Professor Position:  Expertise is sought in Direct Social Work Practice, with a particular emphasis in trauma and trauma-specific treatments.  A suitable candidate will have the ability to teach Direct Practice courses and will have demonstrated research expertise regarding trauma, trauma informed care, and trauma treatments.  Teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels is desired.  A candidate must show promise in obtaining extra-mural funds. (08/04/17)
  • Start Fall 2018
  • Application review: 10/2/17
  • LINK:
  • Phone interview (week of 11/13 ) 

San Jose State University (CA)[]

Seattle University (WA)[]

  • CSWE Interview Scheduled (10/6/2017)
  • Was is a phone or an email confirmation for CSWE Interview? It was an email.
  • Rejected via email 11/22/17
  • Has anyone been selected for a campus visit?
  • Invited for campus visit - 11/13

Simmons College (MA)[]

Skidmore College (NY)[]

  • The Social Work Department at Skidmore College invites applications for a tenure-track position in Social Work at the rank of Associate or Assistant Professor to begin September 2018. The area of expertise is open but the program is especially interested in candidates with an expertise in research methods, health/public health, mental health, gender studies, child welfare, addictions, or criminal justice who are able to teach across our CSWE-accredited program (e.g., research, HBSE, micro and macro practice, and social policy) as well as courses in their area of expertise. Within the context of a five-course teaching load, the position also occasionally includes teaching a first-year interdisciplinary seminar (topic open) and supervising students doing community service and independent research.
  • Open Until Filled
  • Contacted for CSWE interview (10/13/17)
  • Contacted for Campus visit (10/28/17)
  • Informed that search is closed (12/21/17)

Smith College (MA)[]

  • The Smith College School for Social Work invites applications for two full-time tenure-track positions with the rank open to candidates at the assistant, associate and full professor ranks.
  • Full details at
  • Submit applications at with a brief letter of application, curriculum vitae, a writing sample (e.g. publication or research summary), and three names of references. A review of applications will begin in September 2017, and will continue until the position is filled.
  • I was invited to interview and attend a reception at CSWE. Anyone else? (x3) [updated ~10/4]
  • Is the reception Friday or Saturday?  Had accepted a Google Hangout interview but am trying to make last minute plans to go Dallas to meet in person. -- Reception is Friday 10/20 from 6:30 to 8pm (updated 10/6/17). FYI, reception is technically by invitation only, so I'd give them a heads up if you decide to come.
  • Has anyone heard back since the CSWE interviews?
  • I haven't heard anything yet (11/2)
  • I did an online interview after CSWE (10/30) and haven't heard news since. 
  • I have not heard anything since applying for macro job (11/13/17)
  • No news at all? Not even rumors? This is my top choice school! 
  • I had a Skype interview on 10/30 but have not heared anything since then (11/17)
  • campus invite (11/17) <-- Which position? 
  • Rejection email on 11-27-17. Never had a 1st interview. (x4)
  • Any updates about this school? (1/3)
  • no updates yet on my end (1/4).
  • had a google interview in the fall, but never heard back...any other updates? (1/16)
  • Rejection email (1/22/18) (x2)
  • Does anyone know if they've hired for both positions? I still haven't heard a peep from them since the CSWE interview. 
  • I heard that only one offer was made in the end, for an associate or full prof.

Southern Connecticut State University[]

  • 3 open positions
  • Informal chat at CSWE
  • Any and all information provided would be greatly appreciated!
  • Had phone interview (11/13/2017)
  • had a phone interview (11/14/17)...indicated they would have campus interviews the last week of November and first week of December. 
  • Rejected after phone interview (11/22/17)
  • Had campus interview (11/27/17)

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville[]

Springfield College (MA)[]

St. Cloud State University (MN)[]

  • 1 open position, Assistant Professor of Social Work: Full-Time, Tenure Track
  • Application Review begins February 2, 2017
  • Required Documents: (1) Cover Letter that addresses the qualifications and experience as described above; (2) Resume/Curriculum Vitae; (3) Contact information for three current, professional references; (4) Copies of Transcript(s) (undergraduate/graduate/PhD); if advanced to finalist, official transcripts will be required; and (5) Statement of Teaching Philosophy
  • Only complete applications will be considered.
  • Each required document must be uploaded for your application to be considered. Contact Information: Search Committee Chair Department of Social Work Phone: (320)-308-3139 E-mail:
  • For details, please visit
  • To apply for this position, please continue the process via this website or directly at:

St. Edward's University (TX)[]

St. Olaf College (MN)[]

St. Thomas/St. Catherine's[]

1 Position at St. Thomas, Open Rank Tenure Track Faculty. Job no longer posted. No closing date listed.

  • Applied 11/2017. (1/8/2018)
  • Phone screening 1/24/18
  • Campus visit 2/14/18

2 positions at St. Catherine University: (posted here 1/8/18)

  • Ranked Faculty - School of Social Work, MSW program

The School of Social Work at St. Catherine University invites applicants for a full-time tenure track open ranked faculty position beginning in Fall, 2018. The candidate is expected to teach core generalist and advanced clinical courses in our MSW program. Additional content expertise is preferred in leadership, supervision, and program management. Please go to the St. Catherine University Employment Site at to electronically apply. For information, contact the chair of the hiring committee, Dr. Catherine Marrs Fuchsel, at Review of applications will begin on January 15, 2018 with priority given to applications received by this date. Position will remain open until filled.

  • Assistant Professor - School of Social Work, BSW program

The School of Social Work at St. Catherine University invites applicants for a full-time tenure track faculty position at the assistant professor level beginning in Fall, 2018. The candidate will teach core generalist courses in our BSW program. Additional content expertise is preferred in one or more of the following areas: chemical dependency and addiction, large client systems and organizational management.  Please go to the St. Catherine University Employment Site at to electronically apply. For information, contact the chair of the hiring committee, Dr. Catherine Marrs Fuchsel, at Review of applications will begin on January 15, 2018 with priority given to applications received by this date. Position will remain open until filled.

  • Applied today for both positions (1/15/18)
  • Campus visit for BSW position scheduled for 3/2 (posted 2/15/18)

Stephen F. Austin State University (TX)[]

Stony Brook University, SUNY[]

Syracuse University (NY)[]

  • Assistant Professor - School of Social Work: An individual is sought to teach courses in the areas of generalist and/or advanced clinical practice or human behavior and the social environment. Position includes expectations for an active program of research and publication, including participation in seeking external funding to support research. All faculty are expected to engage in service in the college, university, profession, or community. This is a tenure-track position which begins August, 2018.
  • Priority Consideration: 10/27/2017.
  • Teaching Professor - School of Social WorkAn individual is sought to teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels that cover generalist and/or advanced clinical practice, or human behavior and the social environment. The position also includes administrative tasks associated with curriculum development and student advising, with the possibility of appointment to leadership responsibilities for the MSW or BSSW programs. As with all faculty positions, there is an expectation to engage in service in the college, university, profession, or community. This is a full-time non tenure-track position, beginning August 2018, with possible multi-year contracts.
  • Priority Consideration: 10/27/2017.
  • Does anyone know what the result of thier search for 2016-2017 was?
  • My understanding is they did not fill the positions and reopened their search(es) this academic year. (9/25)
  • Invited for initial interview at CSWE (x4) (10/19/17)
  • Anyone heard from Syracuse yet? It sounded like they were trying to roll through interviews/ campus visits quickly after CSWE. I have not heard anything since my interview. (11/2/17)
  •  no news here either (11/2)  x5 
  • I heard that some invitations for campus visits were extended.
  • Campus invitation 11/10.
  • Anyone know how many people they invited to campus?  I had thought my interview at CSWE went well but haven't heard anything since (11/22)
  • I thought my interview at CSWE went well too - but I haven't heard anything either. It is disappointing because this was one of the schools I had marked as a good fit for me based on the interview. Guess not...
  • I guess they are just really kind and encouraging to all their interviewees . . .
  • Yeah, just a kind faculty (or at least search committee). 
  • SSWR interview?  (x1)

Tarleton State University (TX)[]

Temple University (PA)[]

  • Temple University College of Public Health, a multidisciplinary academic center devoted to an innovative educational and research environment that brings a transdisciplinary perspective on health, wellness and social welfare, is seeking both experienced and early career researchers to join the Temple University School of Social Work.
  • We seek individuals committed to collaborative, interdisciplinary research in social work and other disciplines. There are many opportunities to collaborate with public health faculty in the College who target addressing disparities in the social determinants of health, improve university engagement with communities, and advance social justice. Senior candidates should have an active, externally-funded research portfolio and early career candidates should demonstrate involvement in funded projects and strong potential to obtain external funding as independent researchers.
  • Application review will begin immediately and continue until the positions are filled. Nominations of outstanding faculty are highly encouraged.
  • LINK to SSWR Announcement (posted 9/8/2017)
  • Anyone know anything about the department climate or teaching load? x2
  • Dept climate is toxic, that's as positive as I can be. Searched for YEARS to find a program "Director", everyone who interviewed turned it down after getting a glimpse behind the curtain, same is true for many rounds of faculty searches.   
    • This is MISINFORMATION. The current director of the school of social work started in 2017-2018 and was hired in the 2nd year of searching. No one turned down an offer to be director. There were no tenure track searches in 2016-2017. In 2015-2016, two offers were made and accepted by very talented tenure track faculty. No one turned down offers that year. (3/24)
  • Has anyone heard anything yet? (10/29)
  • Have heard nothing (10/30)
  • Have heard nothing (11/10)
  • Phone interview 10/25
  • New dean refocusing heavily on research (11/17)
  • Anyone receive any news? (11/21)
  • I heard campus interviews have been scheduled.
  • Several offers made; two accepted and others pending. (3/24)

Texas A & M University (TX)[]

Texas Christian University (TX)[]

  • Invitation for campus visit (updated 11/5)
  • Offer made and accepted! 

Texas State University (TX)[]

  • Texas State School of Social Work invites applications for two full-time (9 month academic year) faculty positions at the rank of assistant professor or associate professor. Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate and graduate social work students on campus and online; developing new courses; conducting research, with the expectation to obtain external funding and publishing in top tier journals; involving students in research; and participating in appropriate service activities. Collectively, this position includes teaching, scholarship, and professional service.
  • The school currently offers fully accredited B.S.W. and M.S.W. degrees (on-campus and online) and serves more than 600 students, the majority of whom are graduate students and students of color. Texas State University, a Hispanic-Serving Institution with Emerging Research status, is located in central Texas between two large metropolitan areas, Austin and San Antonio. In the Carnegie Classification, the university is an R2: Doctoral University – Higher Research Activity.
  • The mission of the school is to educate competent, ethical social workers who are prepared to serve as leaders for change in a dynamic, diverse society. The School has a strong commitment to diversity in all areas and encourages candidates from underrepresented groups to apply.
  • LINK:
  • San Marcos is a great place to live and work. Some great faculty at this university...unsure about the new director there, though (12/11/17)

Texas Tech University (TX)[]

Tufts University (MA)[]

  • The Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development at Tufts University invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor position in Child and Family Mental Health and Development to begin July 1st, 2018. The successful applicant will have a research program that integrates behavioral and neuro-developmental science with practice-based knowledge to support and enhance the well-being of children and families using a strengths-based approach. Teaching responsibilities will include courses in areas related to the understanding, treatment, and education of children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders in general and Autism Spectrum Disorder in particular, as well as more general courses having to do with child and family mental health and development and children with special needs.
  • Qualifications. Candidates must possess a doctorate in one of the disciplines associated with applied developmental science (e.g., clinical developmental psychology, education, human development, nursing, public health, social policy or human ecology). Applicants’ research and teaching expertise should reflect a developmental systems approach to the biopsychosocial contexts involved in child and family mental health and development. We seek in particular candidates whose research and teaching background and experiences focus on diversity in neurodevelopment among children and adolescents, especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and who will strengthen our connections with such Tufts departments as Community Health, Education, Engineering, Occupational Therapy, and Psychology, as well as Tufts’ Schools of Medicine, and Dental Medicine, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and the Friedman School of Nutrition and with Tufts’ community partners.
  • To learn more about the position and/or apply, go to Evaluation of candidates will begin October 1, 2017, and will continue until the position is filled.

Tulane University (LA)[]

Tuskegee University[]

  • Chair position
  • anyone heard anything from them yet? (12/25/17)

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa (AL)[]

  • The School of Social Work at The University of Alabama is seeking a talented and innovative scholar at the level of Associate or Full Professor who is actively engaged in research related to equine and/or animal assisted therapy. Review of applications began on Sept. 15, 2017, however this search will remain open until the position is filled.
  • LINK to SSWR announcement
  • Application Submitted (1/10)

University of Alabama at Birmingham[]

University of Alaska, Anchorage[]

University of Arkansas, Little Rock[]

  • The School of Social Work at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock invites applications for three tenure track Assistant Professor positions to begin in Fall 2018. UA Little Rock is a metropolitan research university with a strong focus on community engagement and the provision of real-world experience for students. Little Rock offers art, music, and theater venues, a symphony orchestra, outstanding restaurants, and museums. The Clinton School of Public Service is also located in Little Rock near the beautiful Arkansas River and brings in exhibits and speakers from all over the world. Central Arkansas is nationally known for hiking, fishing, camping and boating opportunities.
  • If you like living in metropolitan community with entertainment options for everyone, a reasonable cost of living, and a great faculty with lots of energy and enthusiasm, apply to work with us.
  • If you're concerned about living in the south, please consider our strengths. We have a very moderate climate, are situated in one of the most liberal counties in the state, have a very reasonable cost of living, and support faculty in having a balanced life!
  • For 1 -2 of the positions: Expertise in social policy, advocacy, and/or community organization strongly preferred; Social work license (or eligibility for the same in the state of Arkansas); Prior teaching experience in higher education, with the ability to teach across the curriculum; On-line teaching experience.
  • For 1 of the positions: Expertise in clinical social work practice strongly preferred; Clinical social work license (or eligibility for the same in the state of Arkansas); Prior teaching experience in higher education, with the ability to teach across the curriculum; On-line teaching experience. 
  • Links to posting.
  • Scheduled a meeting at the CSWE APM for 10/21/2017
  • Skype interview scheduled for 11/02/2017
  • Skype interview scheduled for 11/09/17
  • Invited for a campus visit (11/9)
  • Offer made and accepted (12/8)
  • Congratulations!x2 UALR has great faculty!

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville[]

  • The University of Arkansas- Fayetteville, School of Social Work will be holding informational sessions in anticipation of upcoming Assistant Professor Position. Informational sessions may be scheduled by phone (or Zoom) with the Search Committee, or by appointment at the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE, 2017) on October 19, 20 and 21. We welcome anyone interested in applying in our department in the future to make an appointment. This is a Q&A session on what we look for in an application as well as answering any questions you may have about the School of Social Work or the University. Please arrive with your CV and be prepared to answer questions pertaining to your research, teaching and service.
  • Search Committee Chair: Johanna Thomas, Ph.D., LMSW, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas, E-mail: - Office: 479-575-3200 [posted 9/25/17].
  • FYI you have to email the Search Committee Chair above who will connect you to doodle poll to schedule info session with them at CSWE (updated 10/10)
  • Assistant Professor position posted and applications are being accepted via: (updated 10/30/17)

University at Albany, SUNY (NY)[]

University at Buffalo, SUNY (NY)[]

  • "We are searching for a colleague to join our faculty as a clinical associate professor (non-tenure track faculty) to lead our MSW degree field department and our global partnership initiatives. The successful candidate will have a doctorate in Social Work or a related field, an MSW, and New York State social work licensure (LCSW Preferred). In addition, the position requires 7 years of experience in field education leadership and management; experience in developing global partnerships and international field placements; online teaching/curricular development experience; and scholarly activities (publications, presentations, curricula development, grants/contracts) commensurate with appointment at the level of clinical associate professor. Appointment is 12 month, ideally beginning July 2018."

University of British Columbia - Vancouver (CAN)[]

University of British Columbia - Kelowna (CAN)[]

University of Calgary (CAN)[]

University of California, Berkeley (CA)[]

  • Will be recruiting for faculty member to start 7/1/18.
  • Focus on macro practice (broadly construed).
  • Assoc. / Full Professor position posted with deadline of Oct. 20 at
  • Search announcement

University of California, Los Angeles (CA)[]

  • Positions at Assistant and Associate or Full Professor ranks. Applications will be reviewed beginning September 15, 2017.
  • SSWR Associate or Full Professor LINK and Assistant LINK
  • The Luskin School of Public Affairs, in partnership with the Chicano Studies Research Center (CSRC) at UCLA, seeks an advanced assistant or tenured associate professor in the general fields of Latino social, economic, and political issues. (A starting full professor may be appointed under extraordinary circumstances). A successful applicant should be appointable in one or more of the three departments in the Luskin School of Public Affairs: Public Policy, Social Welfare, or Urban Planning. LINK to Chronicle announcement.
  • Anyone heard anything?
  • I hear they've invited folks out for campus visits (11/17)
  • Rejection email on 12/12 without an interview. It stated that they reviewed over 170 applications. 

University of Central Florida[]

  • Does anyone know if they will be hiring this year?

University of Chicago (IL)[]

University of Cincinnati - Blue Ash College (OH)[]

University of Connecticut (CT)[]

  • Hiring 1 Assistant/Associate tenure track faculty and 1 Clinical non-tenure track posistion.  Need MSW and 2 years post MSW expereince.  Teaching load is 2-2

  • I hear this is a great place to work. Excellent pay and benefits. Reasonable expectations for tenure. Collegial department. Union representation. LGBTQ friendly.
  • Anyupdate (screening interview, campus visits, etc)? (11.17.2017)
  • Email stating my materials have been received, will be reviewed, and will be told if selected for further review. (11/27/17)
  • Rejection email (11/29/17) x4

University of Denver (CO)[]

  • 1 TT for 2018 - U of Denver Faculty Position Posting
  • Focus on Integrated behavioral health, macro practice, global practice, program evaluation, quantitative analytical methods, or qualitative analytical methods
  • GSSW provides a supportive environment that fosters interdisciplinary and community-based research
  • Priority deadline was 10/1
  • Very LGBTQ+ friendly--in response, not always, just a heads up 10/17
  • Scheduled CSWE interview - 10/11/2017
  • Rejection email 10/12/17 (10/17)x5
  • Rejection email after CSWE interview (10/25)x2
  • Anyone receive a campus visit, yet?
  • rejection email 10/11/17 (11/13/17)

1 position - Asst. Dean of Field Education/Prof of Practice 

  • Interview 10/2 virtual, strong focus on Inclusive Excellence 
  • rejection 10/6 

University of Georgia[]

  • Hiring 2 TT posiitons (1 assistant professor, 1 open rank)
  • They have held campus visits, might do more screening interviews at CSWE
  • Interview scheduled for CSWE (10/12/17) x2 (10/16) 
  • Campus visit (10/9)
  • Campus visit Request (10/31)
  • Offer accepted (11/6)
  • Congratulations!

University of Hawaii at Manoa[]

  • Any preliminary interview or campus visit requests yet?
  • Contacted for preliminary interview (1/3) x3

University of Houston (TX)[]

  • Research Scientist - Social Work
  • 12-month non-tenure track appointment will begin September 1st, 2018
  • Duties include: developing and submitting grant proposals to NIH and other funders; conducting mental health and substance abuse intervention research with historically underserved communities; developing abstracts for presentations and manuscripts for journal submissions; mentoring MSW and PhD students; professional development of research center staff; service to the College and University; and other duties as assigned by the primary supervisor
  • Opened 8/26/18
  • University Job Ad

University of Illinois at Chicago (IL) - Jane Addams College of Social Work[]

  • One TT Assistant Professor position
  • Looking for expertise in school social work or  youth development
  • Apply by Dec. 1, 2017
  • Link to CSWE posting
  • Contacted for phone interview (11/10); scheduled phone interview (11/22)
  • Contacted for campus visit in late January (12/5/17)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign[]

  • The School of Social Work invites applications for open rank faculty positions with a starting date of August 16, 2018.  Applicants at all ranks and relevant disciplines will be considered. We are seeking faculty whose research and teaching focus on strategic needs across programs.  This position is aligned with campus strategic priorities.  Candidates can expect opportunities for transdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Full consideration will be given to applications received by November 30, 2017.
  • LINK to CSWE job posting
  • I heard about setting up a skype interview in the next week or two (9/15/2017) x 2
  • Skype interview scheduled (09/28/2017) x2
  • Campus visit request (9/30/2017)
  • To the person who got campus visit request: Could you let us know when your campus visit will happen?
  • Has anyone heard about the outcome of this visit, any offer made? (11/1/2017)
  • CSWE screening interview request 10/12 x5
  • Any update after the CSWE interview? (11/17/2017)
  • Multiple campus visits have been scheduled.
  • Does anyone know whether they extended offers? (1/3/18)
  • At least 1 offer was extended but not accepted (1/3/18)
  • Accepted an offer on 1/2/18
  • Rejection email x2 (1/8/18)
  • Search concluded (1/8/18)

University of Iowa[]

  • POSITION ONE: The University of Iowa, School of Social Work seeks dynamic candidates for a tenure-track assistant professor position (9-month academic year appointment) beginning in August 2018
  • Scheduled phone interview (11/1) (x2)
  • Scheduled a zoom interview (11/2/17) (x3)
  • Had my interview with Iowa a few days ago - thought it went really well. They said they were going to try and bring candidates out before the holiday break (I am assuming before the december break not thanksgiving break)...Anyone else hear anything different?
  • I was told similarly. They want to have everything wrapped up by the end of the fall semester. I would guess they will do campus visits the first two weeks of December.
  • I heard the same. I am surprised they have not called people yet. Unless anyone else has heard?
  • One campus visit scheduled from Dec. 12-14 but there were two dates available - 12-14 and the 14- 15 (I think). So I am not sure how many people they are bringing out. Also, any word on the search for position 2? I am wondering if they are going to broaden that position if they didn't find a good fit?  
  • When did you get the campus visit offer? Good question on the other position. If they found two stellar candidates from this position I don't see why it wouldn't be possible...
  • position 2 is remaining gero focused--visits completed
    • The campus visit offer was extended last week monday (Nov. 20). 
  • Has anyone heard if UofI has made offers for either of the positions?
  • Rejected after campus visit (01.04.18). 
  • POSITION TWO: The University of Iowa, School of Social Work seeks dynamic candidates for a tenure-track assistant professor position (9-month academic year appointment) beginning in August, 2018. Candidates should demonstrate potential for a strong research agenda in gerontological social work.
  • LINK:
  • Open Until Filled (posted 7/25/17)
  • I heard back that they've contacted all of the people they're interested in interviewing for this position by this point (11/17)x2
  • Has anyone heard anything? (10/13) 
  • Is there anyone else out there who hasn't heard anything about their application yet? (11/8)
  • Scheduled phone interview (10/12) (10/14)
  • For those with interviews, what's your research field? 10/17
  • Scheduled campus visit (11/1)
  • Teaching load: 2/2. During first year, standard teaching load is 1/2.
  • Anyone know anything about the campus climate here?
  • Fairly mild winters on campus, about 27 inches of snow on average. Nice summers.
  • Anyone known anything about campus/departmental climate other than weather? (10/13) 
  • Doors are typically closed in the department, but I have heard from others that people are pretty collegiate.  The clinical professors and students are pretty diverse and amazing. 10/17
  • Iowa seems to be a supportive environment for faculty, staff, and students. Very little departmental drama. 10/23 x2

University of Kansas (KS)[]

  • The University of Kansas (KU), School of Social Welfare is seeking dynamic candidates for two tenure-track appointments as Assistant Professors to begin in Fall 2018. Application Review Begins: 15-Sep-2017.
  • Also: The University of Kansas (KU) School of Social Welfare seeks dynamic candidates for a tenure-track appointment as Associate Professor for Fall 2018. Review of applications begins on September 25, 2017 and continues as needed to collect a pool of qualified applicants.
  • CSWE Interview request (9/29/17)
  • CSWE interview scheduled (10/6/17) x2
  • Phone interview scheduled (10/31/17)
  • I'm surprised that no one has posted anything about the climate of this school. They have gone through alot of transitions of leadership, budget cuts and faculty leaving. There are other rumors but until substantiated its not public.  I would ask their junior faculty questions about the climate.
  • Thank you for asking about this. I would never want to work there based on what's been going on there in the past few years.
  • I am a junior faculty at KU and felt compelled to respond, particularly for anyone applying and/or interviewing with KU. Although we have had several leadership transitions and some challenges over the last couple of years, I believe this is not uncommon for Schools to go through. All schools face difficulties at times and must figure out how to grow from it and that’s exactly what the KU SSW has done during my time here. What is more important than the struggle is how we respond to the struggle. In the midst of challenging times, my colleagues continued to support each other, worked toward moving our School in a positive direction, and hired a Dean that supports our new mission and vision. I can honestly say that I am still happy and excited to be at KU, with no plans to leave, and I look forward to bringing in new colleagues who can help us continue to grow and become an even brighter and dynamic SSW. If you are interviewing with KU and would like to speak about this in person, please let the search committee know and they will be able to connect you with me or other junior faculty. 
  • The types of problems going on here are not common. While the conditions may be imporving, there is a long, steep road ahead. If you are visiting KU, do your research.
  • I wouldn't talk to the search committee about this, they will give you a positive spin on the issues and they cannot talk about the issues candidly.  The dean is still brand new. It would be an challenging situation for someone at the start of their career.

University of Kentucky (KY)[]

  • Rejected (email). One person already accepted the offer. 11/21/17

[Ad moved from Social Work 2018-2019 - AY 18-19 position]: The University of Kentucky, College of Social Work, which offers the BASW, MSW and PhD degrees, invites applications for an open-rank tenure track faculty position to teach in the BASW and/or MSW program, beginning in the 2018-19 academic year. Primary teaching assignment will be in Eastern Kentucky with an office based in Hazard, KY (Center of Excellence in Rural Health).

In addition to teaching, this position includes administrative and program coordination duties. These duties include supervision of Social Work staff at our off campus location; oversight of the BASW and MSW program at the Hazard off campus location and service to the College and Center. Specific administrative duties will be shared.

Applicants at the assistant professor level should demonstrate the potential for securing external funding. To be considered for associate professor or professor, the applicant should demonstrate a history of securing external funding. Eligible applicants may also be considered for an endowed professorship. In addition, the College is seeking to advance research in several substantive areas, including behavioral health/military behavioral health, child welfare, substance use, gerontology, health disparities and social justice, and suicide, with the goal of enhancing the knowledge base to promote translational, evidence-based prevention programs and interventions particularly for rural service areas. Applicants with an interest and record of achievement related to these areas are especially encouraged to apply.

Please include a CV and cover letter along with application. Letters of interest should detail the applicant’s goodness of the position and should include a brief discussion of the research agenda and relevant teaching experience. In addition, please provide the names and contact information for three references when prompted in the application. This information may be utilized to solicit recommendation letters from your references within the employment system.

The UK Center of Excellence in Rural Health (Center) is located in Hazard and was established in 1990 to address health disparities in rural Kentucky, including a chronic shortage of health professionals and residents’ poor health status. The Center accomplishes this through health professionals’ education, health policy research, health care service and community engagement. This position is located at our of campus location in Hazard, a rural community in southeastern Kentucky, approximately a 2 hour drive from Lexington. The City of Hazard has several small businesses, restaurants, civic organizations and outdoor recreational opportunities. Additional information about Hazard, Kentucky can be found at

The Buckhorn Professor of Social Work was created by the Buckhorn Children’s Foundation for the research and study of service to the suffering children and families of Kentucky and Appalachia. The University of Kentucky is privileged to designate a member of the College of Social Work faculty as the Buckhorn Professor of Social work. The holder of this Professorship will serve the College of Social Work satellite program at the Center of Excellence in Rural Health in Hazard, Kentucky. Currently, the college offers the MSW and BASW at the Center. The Buckhorn Professor of Social Work will establish a program of work focused on the children and families of Kentucky and Appalachia in consultation with the Dean of the College of Social Work and the Director of the Center of Excellence in Rural Health. The Professorship is a three year term and available for renewal with satisfactory performance.

Additional details regarding the College can be found at; information about the Center of Excellence can be found at

  • Applications will be reviewed immediately and will continue until the position is filled. Questions about the position can be directed to Dr. Chris Flaherty at: or Melissa Slone at

University of Louisville (KY)[]

2 Assistant Professors – BSW and MSSW programs - full-time, 10-month, tenure-track positions beginning August 1, 2018.

Minimum Qualifications: Earned doctorate in social work or a related field; Evidence of successful scholarship development

Preferred Qualifications: Masters Degree in Social Work; At least 2 years post MSW experience in practice with vulnerable populations; Knowledge of and experience in social work research; Knowledge of the funding process and/or success with funded research; Teaching experience including online courses; Experience with diverse populations; Substantive expertise in one or more of the following areas: Practice, Policy, and/or Diversity/Social Justice

  • APPLICATION DEADLINE AND PROCEDURES TO APPLY: Formal review of applicants will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled. To apply for this position, click on Click on Assistant Professor (Job ID 34407) Kent School of Social Work. Click the link at the bottom of the page: Online App. Form
  • Contacted by phone to request interview at SSWR (11/29/17)
  • Campus visit scheduled for mid-February. Does anyone know anything about the campus climate here?

University of Maine, Orono[]

University of Maryland Baltimore[]

  • Applications are now being accepted for a distinguished scholar at the level of associate or full professor for the Alison Richman Professorship for Children, Youth, and Families.
  • LINK

University of Maryland, Baltimore County[]

  • Research Assistant Professor
  • Invited for interview on 11/1/17.

University of Memphis (TN)[]

  • The Department of Social Work at the University of Memphis invites applications for two tenure-track assistant professor positions to begin August 2018. These 9-month faculty appointments offer a competitive salary and full benefits. Responsibilities will include teaching, research, scholarly activities, advising, and service. Faculty will be assigned primarily to teach in the BA program with some teaching in the MSW or proposed DSW program. We are especially interested in applicants who have expertise in teaching research methods, policy, and macro practice.
  • LINK:
  • The position closes October 1, 2017. The committee will begin reviewing applications after October 1st.
  • The teaching load at the University of Memphis is 2/2.
  • Contacted for screening appointment at CSWE APM (10/6/2017 x4 [updated 10/7])
  • Scheduled on-campus interview (11/7)
  • Has anyone who interviewed at CSWE heard back? (12/16)
  • I intereviewed at CSWE and haven't heard anything (12/19)

University of Michigan[]

  • The School of Social Work at the University of Michigan has up to five faculty openings for the 2018-2019 academic year.  These include:
  • Up to three open-rank, tenure-track faculty positions with priority given to candidates whose work emphasizes one or more of the following areas: community organization; management and organizations; social services innovation including social enterprise; families, youth and children; child welfare; health and health disparities; evidence based interpersonal social work practice; juvenile justice or criminal justice.  
  • One clinical faculty position (untenured but open rank) with priority given to candidates whose work is focused on macro social work practice including policy implementation and evaluation research methods and community organization.
  • One open-rank tenure track faculty position jointly sponsored by the School of Social Work (the tenure home) and the Institute for Social Research. 
  • Application deadline is December 31, 2017. Review of applications will begin immediately.
  • LINK to position announcement (posted 9/8/2017)
  • Anyone know if these are 9 or 12-month positions? Also, any idea how much pressure there is to bring in grant funding here?
  • There is an unreasonable amount of pressure surrounding grant funding.
  • I would disagree - it is more focused on general/intentional pursuit of funding, and I have not felt significant pressure (at least for Jr Faculty) 10/24
  • I would assume that these are 9 month position at all the top schools. 
  • ^ This is correct, at least for the TT lines 10/24
  • Has anyone heard about screening or CSWE interviews yet?
  • Was just emailed about setting up a CSWE/screening interview (10/6) x5; (10/9) x1; (10/18) x1
  • Campus visit request (10/24/17) x2
  • Rejection phone call (after screening) (10/27) x3
  • Anyone else get neither a rejection phone call nor a campus visit request after a screening interview? (11/2)
  • Yes, they tend to send the rejections at the end of the year and or postpone decision-making on some applicants

Anyone know where they are in their decision-making process? (1/4/18)

  • Several offers have been made for TT faculty.  Still interviewing for clinical faculty.
  • Rejection e-mail received - stated they had over 150 applicants for the TT positions (no interview; 2/8/18)

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (MN)[]

  • 2 to 3 TT assistant or beginning associate professor positions
  • Review of applications begins Oct. 15th
  • LINK to posting
  • Contacted for CSWE screening interview 10/10/17 (x2 [10/13/17])
  • Contacted to set up Skype interview 10/18/17 (x5)
  • Have there been any updates? (11/7)
  • No, they said it would take several weeks before they reached out again. (11/7)
  • They have invited 9 candidates to campus (11/10)
  • Has anyone gotten one of these invitations? (11/17)
  • I didn't, but I have a colleague who did. (11/17)
  • Yes, I got one , but no offer after visit (12/5)
  • They are still doing campus visits (through the week of December 11th) so I wouldn't expect an offer yet.
  • 2 offers made and accepted (2/6/18)

University of Minnesota - Duluth (UMD)[]

  • Hiring one TT Assistant or Associate Professor
  • Complete applications will be reviewed beginning November 6, 2017.  
  • Informational interviews will be held at CSWE. Please contact Dr. Shawyn Lee at to set up an appointment.
  • This is a good position. 3-3 teaching load (usually one less class your first year). Collegial department. Union representation. Trans and LGBQ friendly.
  • any updates so far? anyone contacted for a screening interview? (11/21/17)
  • Campus interview scheduled for January (11/25/17)
  • Campus interviews completed; decision was to be made by 2/7/18
    • Any updates? Have they hired someone? 
  • offered a position but declined offer (3/1/18)

University of Mississippi[]

University of Missouri (MO)[]

  • Open Rank Position: LINK
  • The Search Committee will begin reviewing applications after September 15, 2017.
  • Screening interview for CSWE requested 10/1 (x2)
  • Anyone know about the SSW here? Seems like they've been hiring frequently.
  • I don't think their recent hirings have to do with people leaving for jobs elsewhere. Maybe retirements. The faculty that I know in the SSW feel very supported and it sounds like a collegial environment
  • CSWE interview scheduled (10/2) x3
  • Did anyone get message after the interview at CSWE?
  • What do you mean?
  • I think they are asking if anyone who interviewed at CSWE has heard back with either a rejection or on-campus interview. I have not heard anything either way.
  • Invited for campus visit (11/1)
  • Any update after the campus visits?
  • Offer extended after campus visit, but had to decline due to accepting another offer first (1/11/18)

University of Missouri at St. Louis (MO)[]

  • Submitted an application a month ago and haven't heard anything either way. Anyone hear back for a screening and/or campus interview?
  • I got called on 11/22 and have an on campus interview scheduled for Dec. 13. I believe they said they were doing 3 on campus interviews the 11, 12, and 13th.
  • More campus visits scheduled for January.
  • Anyone know anything about teaching load or research environment?
  • Teaching load is 3-2; 2 publications per year are the expectation
  • I heard an offer was extended and accepted.

University of Missouri, Kansas City (MO)[]

University of Montana (MT)[]

University of Nebraska at Kearney[]

University of Nebraska at Omaha[]

University of Nevada, Las Vegas[]

  • Have they done initial interviews? - I had an initial interview at CSWE. 12/22/17

University of Nevada, Reno[]

University of New Hampshire[]

University of North Carolina at Greensboro[]

  • The Department of Social Work at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) invites applications and nominations for a nine-month, tenured position at the Assistant OR Associate level.
  • The Department of Social Work at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) invites applications and nominations for one 9-month, non-tenure, academic professional track (APT) Assistant Professor position. This position is available August 1, 2018.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte[]

  • They have an opening for one assistant professor position - I had to go to their job site to locate the opening (only knew about because I have a colleague at UNCC and went to talk to them at CSWE). Recently, one of their faculty in SW was arrested, so I am not sure how the interview process is going to go (whether it will be delayed at all). 
  • Was contacted this afternoon, they are in the process of reviewing applications for the position. (11/9/17 x 3)
  • Has anyone been contacted since 11/9?
  • Invited for Skype screening interview (11/10) x2
  • Any update after the screening interview? (11/18/2017)
  • Skype interview took place 11/20; they said they are planning to invite people to campus during the week of 12/10 (though I'm not sure when the invitations for campus visits will go out).  x2
  • Oh man. I had thought my talk with them at CSWE went well. But I did not receive one of these Skype interviews. Kind of irritated that they sent that "we are in the process of reviewing applications" email about the same time they invited folks for screening interviews. 
  • Has anyone been invited to campus? I thought invitations would have gone out by now if they're sticking with the plan to have visits the week of 12/10 (12/6/17)
  • Offer made & accepted

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill[]

  • Does anyone know if they will be hiring this year?
  • wondering the same thing- I have asked around with no answer
  • They have a history of not hiring TT faculty every year, during each job market cycle. They hired two faculty last year. 
  • No, there will not be a search for new tenure-line faculty this year.

University of North Carolina at Pembroke[]

  • The Department of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke invites applications for one 9-month tenure-track faculty position at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor.
  • (posted 8/16/17)
  • Open Until Filled

University of North Carolina at Wilmington[]

  • -Campus visit 1/25/18

University of North Dakota[]

  • anticipating 2 openings for next year (info received by personal email)

University of North Florida[]

The Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work at the University of North Florida (UNF) seeks a full time (nine-month), tenure-track faculty member in Social Work at the level of Assistant Professor to begin in August 2018. The Department offers a fully accredited Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program, a new Master of Social Work (MSW) program, and a Social Welfare concentration and minor. The successful candidate will teach across the curriculum with primary responsibility in the MSW Program.

We seek a teacher-scholar with direct social work practice experience. The successful candidate will primarily provide support to the MSW Advanced Generalist Concentration, teaching three courses per semester including advanced generalist practice methods and practice and program evaluation. In addition to teaching, the successful candidate will be expected to maintain an active research agenda, including publishing in peer-reviewed outlets and securing external research funding, and to make meaningful service contributions to the Department, University, and discipline. All candidates must have a MSW from a CSWE-accredited program, as well as an earned doctorate in Social Work or a related discipline by August 1, 2018, and two or more years of post-MSW direct practice experience.

To apply, please complete an online application at (position #318750). Applicants must complete the online application and electronically upload a letter of interest, CV, an unofficial transcript. Please included a statement of research focus and direction (*under the supplemental document type “Department Specific: See Special Instructions”*), as well as, a statement on teaching philosophy and experience. A minimum of three (3) references with contact information is required to be listed in the application (short-listed candidates will be asked to have original, signed letters mailed or submitted via Interfolio). Incomplete applications will not be considered.

For more information contact Dr. Tiffany Baffour ( or Phone: (904) 620-5457) or Dr. David Jaffee (Email: or Phone: (904) 620-2215), Co-Chairs, Social Work Search Committee, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL 32224.

  • Initial review of applications will begin on November 27, 2017 and will continue until the position is filled.

University of North Texas[]

University of Northern Iowa[]

  • The University of Northern Iowa's Department of Social Work invites applications for a full-time tenure track position at the rank of Assistant Professor, pending budget approval. The successful candidate's responsibilities include teaching three course sections per semester; participating in service to the University and community; scholarship production; and student advisement.
  • Full Consideration Date: Friday, October 27, 2017.
  • Had an interview at CSWE with UNI but have not heard anything from them since. Cindy Juby said it was going to take them a couple of weeks to get back to everyone - but I thought I would have heard by now...Any news from anyone else?
  • Anybody hear about the other position? I didn't apply for the practice position but for the research position. 
  • Contacted for campus interview for Practice Position (11/3)
  • Contacted for campus interview for Practice position (11/10)
  • Campus visit scheduled for Research Position as well. As far as I know, at least two for research position are scheduled. (11/28)

University of Oklahoma[]

University of Oklahoma (Tulsa Campus)[]

University of Pennsylvania[]

University of Pittsburgh[]

  • The University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work is accepting applications for two (2) tenure track faculty positions beginning September 1, 2018.  A strong research and scholarly background is expected.  Applicants will be considered at the rank of Assistant, Associate or Full Professor (rank open based on academic qualifications). Please submit a letter of application by December 31, 2017.
  • We are considering applicants with a strong and productive research focus.  Scholarship in mental health, addiction, dissemination/implementation, or health services research is of particular interest, although candidates may demonstrate a productive focus in any area of social work research.
  • LINK to Chronicle listing
  • Any updates? Applied early (the beginning of Oct) but haven't heard yet. x2 (10/27)
  • Applied the day they posted the position, haven't heard anything (10/26/2017)
  • I know they interviewed several people at APM (though not me) x2
  • Are there anybody who were requested campus visit? x2 (11/22/17)

University of Saint Joseph[]

  • Seeking applications for a 9 month, full-time tenure-track faculty position in our highly regarded Master in Social Work (MSW) Program to begin in August, 2018. The CSWE-accredited MSW Program is housed in the Department of Social Work and Latino Community Practice in the School of Graduate and Professional Studies.
  • The MSW Program was established in 2014 and achieved full accreditation from the Council of Social Work Education in October, 2016. The MSW Program prepares social workers for community-based clinical practice in labor force shortage areas such as health and mental health; children and family services; and veterans’ services. The MSW Program features an innovative model of field education in which university-employed clinical preceptors supervise groups of students in select organizations. Applicants must be prepared to teach a variety of courses in the MSW program in Human Behavior in the Social Environment and Social Work Practice courses.
  • LINK:
  • contacted for initial screening interview (11/20)

University of South Carolina[]

  • The College of Social Work at the University of South Carolina is accepting applications for multiple tenure track faculty positions.  A strong research and scholarly background is expected.  Applicants will be considered at the rank of Assistant, Associate or Full Professor based on academic qualifications. Tenure Track Faculty
  • I was only able to find a tenured faculty position at the associate or full level- is there an opening for assistant?  Can't find the posting and the link above seems to go to a clinical non-tenure track position.
  • I've contacted the chair, and she told me that the tenured faculty position is actually open rank (including assistant) but they are having a lag in the internal documentation being updated.
  • —received request for Skype/Zoom interview (11/14) x2
  • What rank? any other updates (campus visit or rejection) since then?
  • I had an initial screening for rank of Assistant; received rejection via snail mail (12/18)
  • Has there been any follow-up since SSWR?
  • Clinical Instructor/Clinical Assistant Professor/Clinical Associate Professor
  • Received request for Skype/Zoom interview (2/20) 
    • Was this 2/20 request for a clinical position?  Have you had a campus visit?
    • Not the same person as above, but there have been campus visits and at least 1 offer. Not sure if offer(s) were accepted.

University of South Florida[]

The University of South Florida, School of Social Work invites applications for an Assistant Professor position. We encourage applicants who are interested in joining our School of Social Work scholarly faculty in educating social work professionals and contributing to priority areas of research emphasizing health (e.g., HIV/AIDS, violence), mental health (e.g., trauma, substance abuse), children and families, aging, social justice (homelessness, schools, corrections) and cultural diversity as it relates to all of these areas.

To apply, visit our careers website at and apply to Job ID 14710

  • Does anyone know anything about the status of this search?
  • Applied Oct.29.2017. No message from them yet x2 (11/15/2017)
  • Is there anybody who received a message (either screening interview or rejection) from this university? (11/29/17)
  • Skype interview (11/27/17)

University of Southern California[]

  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Heard back 11/2/17. Not hired.
  • Did they end up hiring? Is anyone else concerned about working within a school where an associate prof of social work assaulted a PhD student and was KEPT ON THE PAYROLL?

University of Southern Indiana[]

University of Southern Maine[]

  • The University of Southern Maine seeks applicants for three tenure-track faculty positions at the Assistant Professor level in the School of Social Work to begin Fall, 2018. The School of Social Work prepares undergraduate students in generalist social work practice and graduate students in advanced social work practice. For more information about the School of Social Work please visit our website at We are also looking for faculty in other schools. For a complete listing, please visit
  • Job Announcement
  • Review of completed applications will begin on October 23, 2017. Materials received after this date may be considered at the discretion of the University. Faculty from the School of Social Work will be attending CSWE Annual Program Meeting October 19-22 2017.
  • -Request for phone interview 11/1/2017 x5
  • Any sense of the salaries here? Based on public data, lookes like $62-67k for assistant profs.
  • Some in social work look even lower, around 55k. Consistent with below.
  • 3:3, it's 2:3 the first year. (1/7/18)
  • Offer accepted (1/11/18)
  • I know they were hoping to hire multiple people... anyone else accept an offer?
  • Can you share any details of your offer? E.g., salary, per conversation above? (1/12/18)
  • Accepted offer at 60k (admittedly less than I wanted, especially considering the cost of living in Portland) with a course release in the first year and some $$ for moving expenses. I was more concerned about fit and climate/culture than money, and USM seems like a great fit for me, so I decided it was worth going below my desired starting salary. --> Would you be willing to speak to your negotiation points as tips for the rest of us, given that you seem to have negotiated a salary that is a) higher than the current Asst. Prof. salary there, and b) maybe higher than the other hire?  Also interested in hearing about other perks!  Congrats to you both.
  • I have accepted the offer as well around 1/12/18 at low to mid-60s (less than what I wanted as well) but additional summer pay was appealing if I choose to teach. They offered several additional benefits other than salary that was more appealing than other offers I received with higher salaries. Moving expenses were a bonus!I 
  • It looks like there is another search currently underway -- anyone have any info?
    • One of their full professors is retiring, so I believe they're hiring for another position in addition to the three positions filled earlier (4/12/18)
  • has anyone heard back for this new search? 

University of Southern Mississippi[]

  • Got a letter from the Chiar of the Search Committee confirming the application and asking to complete an Affirmative Action form.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Nashville satellite campus)[]

  • Does anyone know if supports for faculty at the Nashville satellite campus are equivalent to those at the main campus in Knoxville? And do faculty at the Nashville campus feel connected to those at the Knoxville campus? (9/28)
  • Yes, current TT faculty in Nashville here. The supports provided to the Nashville faculty are the same as those in Knoxville. We consider ourselves one faculty that are located at two different campuses. Our dean comes to meet with us regularly and the faculty will travel to Knoxville or Nashville to meet together for faculty meetings. I should also note that the Nashville facutly are the most friendly and supportive group of colleagues one could request. The mythical culture where doors are open and ideas are flying around from office to office is a reality here.
    • Really? I have heard quite the opposite about the support faculty give one another and the students in this program...
  • This response was incredibly helpful.  Thank you!
  • Contacted to set-up a meeting at the CSWE APM (10/17/2017)
  • Contacted for campus visit (updated 11/5)
  • Offer made and accepted

University of Tennessee Martin[]

University of Texas at Austin[]

  • Tenured/Tenure-Track: The School of Social Work invites applications from scholars with expertise in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities. Applicants must demonstrate that their research, teaching, writing, lecturing, and other activities are devoted to services and interventions for individuals with ASD-NDD and their families. Apply.
  • Tenured/Tenure-Track: This is announcement is for all ranks (assistant, associate, and full professor).  In addition to knowledge of the field of social work, applicants for tenured (or tenure-track) associate professor and full professor positions must demonstrate a strong track record of external funding, publications, teaching and mentoring doctoral students, and professional leadership in social work. Candidates for assistant professor positions must show promise of launching and maintaining a strong program of fundable research and significant progress in publications. Apply.
  • Got a rejection "mail" (11/21/17). The mail said the school already filled out the position. (x2) << snail mail or an email?
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor: The School of Social Work routinely hires adjunct faculty to fill curricular needs on a part-time basis. Appointments are usually made on a semester-by-semester basis. Positions are renewable, contingent on need and performance. Apply.
  • Lecturer: The School of Social Work occasionally hires non-tenure track faculty to fill curricular needs on a part-time basis. The positions are contingent upon student enrollment and the availability of funding. Appointments are usually made on a semester-by-semester basis, though occasionally a year-long appointment is made. Positions are annually renewable, contingent on funding and performance. Apply.
  • Clinical: The School of Social Work welcomes applications for clinical faculty positions from exceptional practitioners in all fields of social work who are committed to excellence in teaching and field education. Preference will be given to candidates with experience teaching at the undergraduate and/or master’s degree levels. Involvement in service to the community and the profession is expected. Consideration will be given to applicants at all ranks (clinical assistant, clinical associate, and clinical professor). Apply.
  • It seems the system is no longer accepting applications.
  • I saw this too.  Does anyone know if they've started contacting folks?  It seems like the time frame these jobs were posted is odd (e.g., Dec, 2016 - Aug, 2017).  Perhaps this was due to the hiring freeze in TX late last year but I'm not sure...
  • Has anyone heard anything about their applications?
  • I haven't heard anything-- but I would be shocked if they hadn't started campus visits by now.
  • Campus visits in process, one was in November and two coming up in December.
  • Rejection Letter 11/21/17 << snail mail or an email?
  • Received rejection letter 12/7/17 (dated 11/2/17) via snail mail.
  • Offer made (12/9) and formally accepted (2/12/18)

University of Texas at Arlington[]

The University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work invites nominations and applications for multiple Assistant Professor Tenure-Track and Associate Professor Tenured positions effective Fall semester 2018.

  • Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the positions are filled. Applicants should upload the following information using the following website link:
  • Teaching load is 1/1 in first year
  • CSWE screening interview scheduled (x3 as of 10/16)
  • Skype interview completed, invited to CSWE reception x2 (10/16)
  • Friend has on campus visit scheduled in the next couple of weeks x 2. (11/9)
  • Does anyone have a sense of how many people they are bringing to campus and/or how many open positions there are? (11/15/17)
  • ^^^^I believe that there has been 4 to 6 campus visits so far as of 11/21.
  • 6 open TT Assistant Professor and 1 @ Associate Professor rank.  They have already made some, but not all offers and are still in the process of campus visits.
  • Contacted for screening interview at SSWR for Assistant Professor rank (12/31/17)

University of Texas at San Antonio[]

  • Contacted for screening interview at CSWE APM (10/12/2017) x6
  • anyone heard from UTSA?  (11/14/17)
  • have not heard anything since APM (11/17/17) x5
  • received campus visit invite on 12/4
  • Accepted offer on 12/22 . Congratulations!

University of Toronto (CAN)[]

  • Contacted via email for an interview at CSWE on 10/13/17.
  • Rejection call 10/23 (post CSWE interview).
  • Contacted for SSWR interview 01/08/18
  • Rejection call 01/15 (post SSWR interview)

University of Utah[]

  • The University of Utah, College of Social Work invites applications for a 9-month tenure-track faculty position at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor. The position includes generous benefits, competitive salary, development funding, and a collegial environment. We seek a faculty colleague with expertise in quantitative research methods, especially in the following substantive areas: substance abuse, child welfare, or health.
  • (posted 9/5/17)
  • Campus visits have been scheduled 11/9/17
  • The University of Utah, College of Social Work invites applications for The Belle S. Spafford Endowed Chair in Women and Families, a 9-month tenure-track faculty position at the rank of Associate Professor or Professor. The Spafford Chair was established to honor the memory of Belle S. Spafford, who was recognized as a leader in the LDS Church, the state of Utah, the United States, and internationally. The Chair position includes a competitive salary, generous benefits, development funding, and funding for research assistance through the Jacobsen Scholarship.
  • LINK to SSWR Announcement (posted 9/8/2017)
  • Anyone know about the climate here? I know they recently hired a new dean.

University of Vermont[]

  • 2 assistant professor positions
  • CSWE link
  • Does anyone know the story here?  It looks like a small department to have two hires.  I see they also have a listing for a full professor/chair of the department.  I remember them also having a listing last year, though I'm not sure the result of that search.  Does anyone have more information about the department/if department members will be at CSWE?
  • Contacted to attend an Info Session at the CSWE APM (10/17/2017)(x2)
  • Rejection text message sent on 10/20 
  • Also received a rejection text - really? This is what schools are doing now?
  • I couldn't believe it either. The text came through right as I was preparing to go into another interview at CSWE, so it was a real bummer.
  • The good news is they sent you something, instead of some schools just never getting back to you - but that is kind of a crappy way to find out. At least with emails you have to load your email and then open the email - so you might have been able to view the email at a later date. I am not really a fan of that style.
  • They said that they are in processing (11.7.2017)
  • Failed all three searches last year. Several faculty have retired or are retiring.
  • Search committee seemed to have tenion and discord.  
  • Any update from them ? (11/20/2017) --> scheduled phone interview for week of 11/27 (11/20/2017) x2
  • Scheduled phone interview (after already doing a CSWE info interview) week of 12/4/17
  • Scheduled phone interview week of 12/10/17
  • Rejection email stating application may be reconsidered if they are unsuccessful filling the position 12/14/17
  • Search committee reported that they invited candidates to campus 1-1-18. 
  • Offers extended to multiple candidates (2/14/18)
  • accepted offer (3/9/18)

University of Washington (Seattle)[]

University of Washington (Tacoma)[]

  • Assistant Professor position.
  • Contacted for skype interview (10/19)
  • Anyone know about the culture/climate here?  
  • I don't know a lot, but I know some people there who say it's collegial with a heavy teaching load. 
  •  Link to CSWE announcement
  • Had Skype interview on Oct. 27 
  • Anyone heard after their Skype interview? Have invitations to campus gone out yet?
  • Rejected via email (11/21)
  • I have a campus visit on 12/7 (11/17)
  • Email received that search is closed -- never contacted for screening (12/15/17)
  • Full-Time Lecturer, Criminal Justice
  • The University of Washington Tacoma (UW Tacoma) invites applications for a Full-time Lecturer in Criminal Justice beginning September 16, 2018. This is a nine-month renewable position with appointment terms of 1-5 years. Screening of applicants will begin on April 2, 2018 and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Qualifications: We seek applicants with a graduate degree (at least a master's degree or J.D.) or foreign equivalent in criminology, criminal justice, or a closely related field, with experience teaching across the criminal justice curriculum. 
  • Application instructions and link:  

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay[]

University of Wisconsin-Madison[]

  • Will be hiring for one position. Announcement to be posted soon.
  • The School of Social Work seeks candidates for an opening at the Assistant Professor (tenure-track) level. The successful candidate must be commited to excellence in scholarly research, teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and outreach activities. Candidates will be expected to perform university, professional and university service as appropriate. Applications must be received by November 15, 2017 to receive full consideration. However, position will remain open until the position is filled. 
  • LINK to U-W announcement 
  • Teaching load is 2/2; 9 month contracts.
  • Anyone know anything about the climate of this department or expectation about bringing in grant funding?
  • Climate is excellent. There's lots of support for high research productivity and interdisciplinary collaboration, and work/life/family balance is celebrated. Lots of built in mentoring for junior faculty. There isn't necessarily pressure for grants as long as you can do high quality work without them. Lots of internal pilot funding and grants support makes getting external grants more possible if you need them to do your work. (10/1/17).
  • Anyone heard anything?  My references were contacted to provide letters and i was asked to submit writing samples  [same here 10/12 x4] (I believe that the application system automatically generates requests to letter writers and the application requires writing samples, so I'm not sure those are signs that they've started reviewing applications.)
  • Yes, can confirm that those are just requests generated automatically for incomplete applications
  • I talked to someone at their table at CSWE and she said they were running behind and the search committee hadn't met much yet -- she said not to be concerned if you haven't heard anything yet (10/23/17)
  • Scheduled Skype interview (11/15)
  • Invited for campus visit (12/4)
  • Two offers made; one formally accepted (1/9/18)
  • Rejection email without interview (1/31/18)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee[]

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire[]

University of Wisconsin-Stout[]

University of Wyoming (WY)[]

Utah State University (UT)[]

  • We are hiring for an Assistant Professor (tenure-track) level
  • 2/2 teaching course load
  • 50% research, 40% teaching,10% service
  • Expertise related to macro social work with a focus on health, wellness and/or prevention.
  • We are at CSWE, contact us for more information regarding the position
  • We will be reviewing the application October 30th.
  • Campus interview scheduled 11/2  

Utah Valley University[]

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)[]

Washburn University (KS)[]

  • Washburn University's Department of Social Work invites applications for two open positions of Assistant or Associate Professor beginning August 1, 2018. These positions are 9-month, tenure-track appointments.
  • Instruction of 12 credit hours in the Social Work curriculum per semester. Classes can be at the undergraduate level or at the graduate level, which includes an emphasis in Clinical Social Work. Teaching will occur online and/or on campus as assigned. Responsibilities also include academic advising to students, holding on-campus office hours at least 3 days per week, service (professional, community, and university), and scholarly activity. Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.
  • Application review will begin October 1, 2017 and continue until the positions are filled. Send application letter, vita, transcripts, and names and contact information for three professional references to: Beth Kuhn, School of Applied Studies, Washburn University, 1700 SW College Ave, Topeka, KS 66621; Electronic or hardcopy applications and application materials will be accepted.
  • Invited for campus visit, and scheduled (11/1)
  • Offer made (11/22), and accepted (11/28).

Washington University in St. Louis (MO)[]

  • The Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis invites applications for full-time, tenure-track faculty positions at the rank of Assistant, Associate or Full Professor for Fall, 2018. Expertise or topic area is open.
  • LINK to SSWR announcement
  • Is this a 9 or 12-month position? 8/22
  • Wash U faculty positions are usually 9 months
  • Anyone heard anything? 10/12/2017 [nothing 10/13]
  • I heard they had associate or full campus visits  
  • Invitation email for screening interview via Skype (10/23)
  • Does Wash U send out rejection letters to applicants the are not planning to screen? Do they send rejections following a screening interview?
  • Rejection email (10/20) I was not a fan of getting this rejection while I was screening at other schools at CSWE. Definitely need better timing.
  • Agreed - Another University did the same thing to me but sent a rejection text message instead
  • Rejection email, did not screen at CSWE (week of 11/6)
  • I personally want to know the second I'm out, so I appreciate a speedy rejection text or email.  Knowing I'm out at one school helps me plan better for where I still have a chance. 
  • Rejection email after Skype screening (11/8)
  • Several campus visits scheduled (for both assistant and associate positions)
  • Have any offers been extended? (1/5/18)

Wayne State University (MI)[]

  • Anyone heard about any campus visit requests? 
  • Campus visit 11/20.
  • Any other campus visit requests? Or rejection notifications?
  • I haven't heard anything... wasn't aware they had conducted screening interviews yet.
  • I heard there were campus interviews, more after SSWR, but still have not made offers yet. 1-18-18
  • HAve any offers been made yet? Or, rejection notifications?

West Chester University (PA)[]

  • Has anyone received a phone interview here? 

West Texas A&M University[]

Western Connecticut State University[]

West Virginia University (WV)[]

Western Carolina University[]

Western Michigan University[]

Western New Mexico University (NM)[]

  • Faculty and Chair positions
  • informational interview (11/22/17)
  • phone interview scheduled for January (12/20/17)

Westfield State University (MA)[]

Wheelock College (MA)[]

Wichita State University (KS)[]

Widener University (PA)[]

Winthrop University (SC)[]

  • Assistant/Associate Professor of Social Work (posted 8/18/17)
  • A nine-month, full-time tenure track appointment with faculty rank. Salary is competitive and dependent on academic qualifications. There may be the option of additional summer employment if funds are available. Credit toward tenure may be granted for candidates who hold an equivalent Assistant / Associate Professor position at another college or university.
  • Review of applicants will begin on October 23, 2017 and continue until the position is filled.
  • Online App. Form:
  • contacted for initial screening interview (11/20)

Xavier University (OH)[]

Youngstown State University (OH)[]

  • Youngstown State University Department of Social Work invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor faculty position beginning August 2018.
  • LINK to CSWE announcement (posted 9/8/2017)
  • Contacted for Skype interview (11/17/17).