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  • Post information about the position (or positions) including rank, source of information, and desired specialties.
  • Update when you know if a school has announced or cancelled a search, done preliminary interviews, invited candidates out for job talks, or made offers, even if this information is anecdotal (but please note that it's anecdotal if it is)!
  • Add date of posting to information whenever possible.
  • Please Use "Heading 3" when adding names of schools to this page.

A couple of features of this page, based on additional posts from past years:

  • There are two general sections:
  • Discussion: Post other job search related information here. In the past, topics have included:
  • Tally of number of people checking this page 
  • Information about salaries offered relative to cost of living.
  • Information about the number of places people have applied, number of initial interviews received, number of campus visits/job talks, and number of offers.
  • Info on regular teaching load for each institution (e,g., 3 courses/semester is a 3-3 teaching load)
  • Please feel free to add topics here!
  • List of Schools: Post information about positions, here: FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS ACADEMIC, PLEASE DATE YOUR POSTS!

RECENT ACTIVITY on the Social Work 2020-2021[]

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How many people are updating or monitoring this page?[]

ABD (Early): 2

ABD (On the market): 21


Postdoctoral Fellow: 8

Visiting Professor: 

Assistant Professor: 7

Associate Professor: 5

Full Professor: 1

Master's Students/MSW:



Ratio of applications: 1st round interviews: Campus visits: Offers (example: 16:8:4:2)[]




​​​20:9:5:1 (accepted)






13:3:2:2 (offers): 1 (accepted)


13:9:6:1(did not accept)/1 (accepted)

1: 1: ?: ?

14:2:1(didn't accept):0?



3:3:2:1 (declined)

27:20:12 (declined 1):4 (accepted 1)





20+:8:4(decline 1): 2


29: 13 : 6 : 3

Lists of Schools that have Interviewed / Made Offers[]

Can people that have been invited for interviews please update the school list by noting which schools have invited you so we can all see where each school is in their process? - x3 => Again, can people please list where they are getting campus visits.

  • Schools Interviewed Online (screening)
    • Hood College (week of 10/11)
    • Florida International University
    • Houston (week of 11/9) *Any word on Houston? (3/4)
    • Miami University (week of 11/2)
    • Ohio State University (week of 11/1, 11/9, 11/23, 1/4, 1/11)
    • University of Louisville (week of 10/12)
    • Louisiana State University (week of 11/02)
    • University of Kentucky (week of 11/9)
    • California State University- Long Beach (week of 11/2)
    • Bryn Mawr College (Week of 11/16)
    • Salisbury University (Week of 10/19)
    • Boston University (Week of 11/30)
      • Is this for the associate or assistant professor position? Thanks. (11/23) - assistant professor (trauma and violence) - 11/24 - Thanks much. Good luck to you! (11/25)
    • Michigan State (SGM Cluster Hire) - Weeks of 11/30 and 12/7 (Has anyone heard back following their screening interview? 1/21) (<- no! but I've been wondering the same thing 1/22, also no 1/28/21) [yes — heard back early jan, they are doing virtual campus visits now through Feb, 1/29/2021]
    • Cal State - Stanislaus (Week of 12/7)
    • Cal State - San Jose (Interviews weeks of 3/9, 3/15 & 3/22)- (Has anyone heard back after their screening interview? 4/1); (yes I’ve heard back 4/3). (Thank you!. Could you share, please, which week of April the campus visit was scheduled for?. Best of luck with the interview! 4/4). I heard that Cal state in San Jose ceased the search (4/16) not sure about that. They were still seeing candidates week of 4/9. Maybe it is a new search. Was that a screening interview? 4/18. Had virtual campus visit 4/13
    • Berkeley - (1st week of December
    • University of Washington (week of 12/7)
    • Loyola University Chicago (week of 12/7) *Could you say if this is for an assistant or associate professor position at Loyola? Thanks!! (12/8) -Assistant professor (12/8) Thanks and all the best! (12/8)
    • University of Maryland, Baltimore - Week of 12/14; Week of 12/21 (Associate); Week of 01/25
    • JACSW University of Illinois Chicago (week of 12/7)
    • SIUE (week of 12/14)
    • CSU Pueblo (week of 12/21)
    • University of Northern Iowa (week of 1/13)
    • University of Montana (week of 1/18 or 1/26)
    • University of Southern Mississippi (week of 1/18)
    • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (week of 01/25)
    • Wayne State University (Dec)
    • Penn State (Jan)
    • Simmons (Jan)
    • University of Colorado Colorado Springs (Week of 2/1)
    • Troy University (Week of 2/8)
    • University of Wisconsin-Madison (Week of 2/8)
    • Western Carolina University (Week of 2/15) x2
    • University of Northern Iowa (Week of 2/22)
    • Western Michigan University (Week of 2/22)
    • Radford University (Week of 2/22)
    • Auburn University in Montgomery (Week of 03/01)
    • University of New Hampshire (Week of 2/22) x2 (Week of 4/4)
    • University of Michigan (Week of 2/22)
    • Samford University (Week of 03/01)
    • Meredith College (Week of 3/8)
    • Wichita State University (Week of 3/15)
    • Augusta University (Week of 3/15)
    • George Mason University (Week of 3/22)- Could you share if you`ve heard back yet?. Thank you!. 4/1; I have not heard back (4/2)
    • San Diego State University (Week of 3/22)
    • Howard University (Week of 04/12)
    • Elizabeth City State University (Week of 4/5)
    • Tulane University (Week of 4/19)
    • Indiana University (Week of 4/5 and 4/12)
    • Portland State University (Week of 4/26) X2
    • University of Wyoming (Week of 5/17)
    • Stephen F. Austin State University (phone interview on 6/18/21)
  • Schools Scheduled Campus Visits
    • Louisiana State University (week of 12/07)
    • Miami University of Ohio (Week of 11/23 or 11/30)
    • Salisbury University (Week of 11/09 or 11/16)
    • University of Louisville (Week of 11/23)
    • University of Kentucky (Week of 11/29)
    • Boston University (Week of 1/4 or 1/11)
    • University of Maryland, Baltimore. (01/21)
    • JACSW University of Illinois Chicago (week of 1/11 via zoom)
    • Ohio State University (11/20, 12/20, 1/21--Zoom campus visits due to COVID travel restrictions)
    • University of Washington (01/21) — zoom campus visit
    • CSU Pueblo (week of 1/20 via zoom)
    • Wayne State (Feb)
    • Penn State (Jan)
    • Michigan State University (SGM position) - virtual campus visits late Jan through February
    • Weber State (Feb)
    • California State University San Bernardino (Feb)
    • California State University San Jose (April)- Could you please tell us which week of April?. Thank you!. Did anyone receive an invitation for a campus visit yet? 4/10. I had virtual campus visit on 4/13 Does anybody know if offers have been extended?
    • SIU Edwardsville (Mid Feb)
    • Eastern Kentucky University (first week of March)
    • University of Michigan (3/8)
    • University of Wisconsin-Madison (week of 3/8)
    • University of Southern Mississippi (week of 02/14)
    • University of Colorado - Colorado Springs (week of 02/21)
    • University of South Florida (week of 02/28)
    • Radford University (March)
    • Western Michigan University (March)
    • University of Northern Iowa (March)
    • Western Carolina University (March)
    • University of New Hampshire (Week of 3/15) (Week of 4/19)
    • Meredith College (Week of 3/29)
    • University of Pennsylvania (Week of 4/26)
    • Middle Tennessee State University (April)
    • Wichita State University (Week of 4/12 and 4/19)
    • University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (Week of 4/26)
    • Indiana University (Week of 4/26 and 5/3)
    • Florida International University (Week of 5/26) Anyone heard back? 6/18 -- Not yet 7/7--Not heard back yet 7/16, has anyone reached out to the search committee ? Not heard back yet and haven’t followed up, 7/20; See 7/21. 9/1 Got notification of rejection
    • Portland State University (Week of 5/10)-- has anyone heard back from here?
    • University of Wyoming (Week of 6/1)
  • Schools That Have Made Offers
    • Louisiana State University
    • University of Louisville
    • Salisbury University (1/13/21)
    • Hood College
    • Bryn Mawr College
    • Ohio State University
    • Boston University
    • Miami University of Ohio
    • University of Kentucky
    • University of Illinois Chicago
    • University of Southern Mississippi (which campus?) Answer: Hattiesburg
    • University of Washington
    • University of North Texas (Feb 2021)
    • Wayne State University
    • University of Michigan
    • Penn State
    • The University of Memphis
    • Auburn in Montgomery
    • Eastern Kentucky University
    • University of Wisconsin-Madison (3/30/21)
    • Samford University
    • Western Carolina University
    • Indiana State University
    • Wichita State University
    • Augusta University
    • Elizabeth City State University
    • University of Wyoming
    • Florida International University

Accepted Offers []

Jobs posted 2020-2021[]

Arizona State University[]

Auburn University Montgomery (AL)[]

Augsburg University (MN)[]

Ball State University (IN)[]

Boise State University (ID)[]

Boston University (MA)[]

Brandman University (Remote)[]

Bryn Mawr College (PA)[]

California State University, Long Beach[]

California State University, San Jose[]

  • Assistant Professor of Social Work

Carlow University (PA)[]

Case Western Reserve University (OH)[]

Chadron State College (NE)[]

Concord University (WV)[]

Dominican University (IL)[]

East Carolina University (NC)[]

Eastern Kentucky University (Remote)[]

Fort Lewis College (CO)[]

Florida International University (Miami, FL)[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant/Associate professors - 3 positions
  • To receive full consideration, applications and required materials should be received by March 16, 2021.   
  • Review will continue until position is filled.

Florida State University (FL)[]

Postdoctoral Scholar Fellow at the Florida Institute for Child Welfare at the College of Social Work

  • 10-month Fellowship, with possibility of renewal up to 4 years
  • Application deadline May 11
  • More details available and how to apply, search Job ID 48696 at:

  • Research Faculty with the Institute for Justice Research and Development
  • Priority deadline 1/4/21
  • Open until filled
  • Research Faculty Position

  • College of Social Work- Postdoctoral Scholar
    • Pediatric health focus
    • Can work remotely
    • Apply here

Hood College (MD)[]

Howard University (DC)[]

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis[]

Indiana Wesleyan University[]

La Salle University (PA)[]

Long Island University (NY)[]

Louisiana State University (LA)[]

  • Open until filled

Mercyhurst University (PA)[]

Miami University (OH)[]

Assistant/Associate Professor]

Phone Interview 11/2

Morehouse School of Medicine (GA)[]

National Cheng-Chi University(Taiwan)[]

  • Apply by February 9, 2022
  • Tenure-Track Assistant/Associate/Full Professor Position
  • The Graduate Institute of Social Work, National Chengchi University in Taiwan, invites applications for a tenure-track position in Social Work/Social Welfare at the rank of Assistant/Associate/Full Professorship. Our Institute is committed to building a community of scholars whose work contributes to social inclusion and social justice. We seek leading or emerging voices in various social domains who possess a demonstrated commitment to advancing social equity in Taiwan, Asia, or internationally. Candidates who can teach courses at the graduate level in Social Research Methods are preferred.The position starting date is August 1st, 2022.

New Mexico State University (NM)[]

North Carolina State University (NC)

  • Assistant Professor
  • Two academic units (Social Work and Interdisciplinary Studies) in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences created this interdisciplinary position to meet the demand for offering undergraduate majors, minors, and graduate students educational programs that prepare them to work effectively with diverse populations. The successful candidate will teach courses that contribute to the Africana Studies curriculum as well as those that integrate their own research and teaching with the African American experience. Additional faculty responsibilities include curriculum and program development, active research and publication, university service, and seeking external funding support.

Pacific University (OR)[]

University of Pittsburgh (PA)[]

Rutgers University (NJ)[]

Sacred Heart University (CT)[]

Salisbury University (MD)[]

Simmons University (MA)[]

  • Posted 12/9/2020
  • Open until filled
  • Assistant Professor, TT, School of Social Work
  • Preference will be given to candidates with experience teaching in the areas of trauma and work with children and families; those with research interests in areas that inform clinical social work practice are encouraged to apply.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale (IL)[]

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (IL)[]

Stony Brook University (NY)[]

Temple University (PA)[]

Texas A&M University-Commerce (TX)[]

Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TX)[]

The Ohio State University (OH)[]

  • Open until filled, priority given to those who apply by October 31, 2020
  • Two tenure-track faculty positions (open rank) beginning in Autumn 2021
  • The dean has charged the search committee with identifying exceptional candidates who contribute to the diversity of the faculty and research conducted at the college. Substantive expertise in mental health practice, poverty and inequality, race and racism, or domestic violence is desirable, but exceptional candidates in other areas may also be considered. Community-engaged research is also valued. Because we would like to continue to build the college’s capacity in research methods, the committee will also consider candidates’ unique expertise in quantitative, qualitative, and technology-based data collection and analysis methods. We seek candidates who are committed to excellence in teaching and mentoring students, particularly diverse student populations and first-generation college students. (posted 10/12/20)
  • Two post-doctoral positions available
    • The Ohio State University (OSU) College of Social Work invites applications for two postdoctoral fellow positions with an emphasis on geospatial analysis for public health in the areas of addiction or child welfare research. The postdoctoral fellow will join a research team led by Dr. Bridget Freisthler in evaluating the efficacy of a number of different interventions designed to reduce opioid overdose deaths and increase permanency outcomes for substance-affected families in the child welfare system. Further, this position will work on areas related to racial equity in use of interventions for substance-affected families and adults. There will be considerable opportunities for the postdoctoral scholar to participate in intervention development and implementation, project coordination, recruitment, data collection and analysis, manuscript preparation, and grant writing. The position will entail some supervision and collaboration with graduate students, research assistants, and undergraduate students in the lab. Functioning somewhat independently, the Postdoctoral Researcher will design, organize and conduct highly specialized and advanced analyses using established scientific protocols and procedures and in some cases designing new protocols; summarize findings and publish results in research journals. The postdoctoral fellowship is for an 18-month period, beginning in January 2021.
    • The Ohio State University recognizes that diversity and inclusion are the foundation of our excellence and the College of Social Work recognizes that our strength rests in part on the diversity of our faculty, staff, and students. We, therefore, encourage applicants whose backgrounds, experiences, knowledge, and talents will promote an inclusive culture as diversity and social justice are central to our mission.

Tulane University[]

  • Associate Professor
  • Clinical Assistant Professor (Fall '21)

Has anyone heard from Tulane? -Yes.

University of Alaska Anchorage[]

University of California, Berkeley[]

University of Central Florida[]

  • Open until filled
  • Postdoctoral Scholars, Violence Against Women Cluster
    • The Violence Against Women Cluster (VAW Cluster) is looking for up to two, full-time, benefits eligible, 12-month postdoctoral research scholars. Contract renewal is possible on an annual basis for up to 3 years. The VAW Cluster is one of nine faculty clusters at the University of Central Florida focused on conducting cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research to make positive impacts across the globe. Postdoctoral scholars will collaborate on research studies examining domestic violence transitional housing, testing the predictive validity of risk assessments intended to predict intimate partner violence and intimate partner homicide, and related victimization research.
  • Professor and Director, School of Social Work

University of Connecticut[]

University of Denver[]

  • Open until filled

University of Hong Kong[]

University of Houston (TX)[]

University of Kansas[]

University of Nebraska at Omaha (NE)[]

University of Montana[]

  • Hiring two Assistant Professor positions
  • Tenure Tract
  • Open till Filled
  • Instructor - Social Work
  • Apply Here

University of Kentucky[]

University of Louisville (KY)[]

University of New Hampshire[]

  • Assistant Professor of Social Work (tenure-track) (There are now 2 positions available as of 2/12/21)
  • The Department of Social Work at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) invites applications for a tenure-track position. We seek a diverse pool of candidates who will enhance our Department’s commitment to antiracism, diversity, inclusion, and equity. Our program has a focus on generalist practice and social justice. We encourage applicants with a diversity of knowledge, backgrounds, and experiences that will contribute to our Department’s inclusive culture. We are hiring one full-time tenure-track Assistant Professor beginning August 2021.
  • Applications will be reviewed immediately and continue until the position is filled. For full consideration, applications should be submitted by February 19, 2021.

University of North Carolina Greensboro[]

  • Hiring for Academic Professional (non-tenure track, teaching focused) Assistant Professor to start Spring 2022
  • Priority given to those who apply by July 16, 2021
  • MSW w/2+ years practice experience
  • A strong commitment to diversity/inclusion, social justice, and student-centered social work education is essential for this position. Teaching responsibilities across both the BSW and the MSW Programs. Teaching experience preferred in clinical practice with individuals and families, groups, communities and organizations, aging, and integrated health care. An LCSW and other clinical licenses are valued.
  • See

University of Northern Iowa[]

  • NEW (11-30-2021) Hiring for two tenure track positions and one online instructor position.
  • Tenure track positions: Apply by February 15, 2021
  • Instructor position: Apply by March 1, 2021
  • Two tenure-track faculty positions at the rank of assistant professor. Primary job duties for both positions include teaching three graduate and/or undergraduate courses in either in-person or online formats, and active research agenda and scholarship production, participating in service to the department and University, and student advisement. Minimum qualifications are a master’s degree in social work from a CSWE-accredited program with at least two years of post-MSW practice experience plus a doctorate in social work or a related area. Preferred qualifications include those who are willing to teach research courses, who have previous teaching experience, and have a demonstrated ability to teach online are preferred. Job description and application information can be found here:

**Does anyone know if they are interested in Associate Professors applying at UNI? Answer: The department can only make an offer at the Assistant Professor level. If you are currently at the rank of Associate, you could apply for the position, and negotiate to have a portion of your time count toward this position, which would allow you to be considered for tenure here much earlier.

-Thanks for the info!

  • One three-year term online instructor who will teach primarily in our growing distance education program. Responsibilities for this position include teaching four online courses per semester. These courses will cover both BSW and MSW programs. Additional duties include participating in service to the department, and student advisement. Note: due to this being a fully online position, relocation to Iowa is not required. Minimum qualifications include evidence of high-quality online teaching experience is required. Other requirements include a master’s degree in social work from a CSWE-accredited program and a PhD in social work or a related field. Preferred qualifications include those who can contribute to the department’s focus on trauma-informed care, and can teach in one or more of the following areas: macro-level practice, diversity issues, policy development, and grant writing. Special consideration will be given for those who have two-years of post-MSW practice experience and who can teach research courses. Candidates should have working knowledge of, or be willing to learn,  Zoom, Blackboard, and Google Workspace.

University of South Dakota

  • Hiring for an Assistant Professor (Pay is between 70-74k)

University of Southern Mississippi[]

  • Assistant Professor of Social Work, Open Until Filled
  • The School of Social Work at The University of Southern Mississippi seeks qualified applicants for an Assistant Professor of Social Work position. This full-time, 9-month tenure track position begins August 2021. In addition to teaching in the BSW and MSW programs, faculty are expected to engage in an active research/scholarship agenda as well as pursue external funding to support their scholarship. Faculty are expected to participate in school, university, professional, and community service. The School of Social Work at Southern Miss is deeply committed to the values of social, economic, environmental, and racial justice. We are inspired by a vision of social justice and advocacy for the health and well-being of all people. Our graduates engage clients who primarily reside in the increasingly diverse Gulf South to produce dynamic solutions for personal, interpersonal and system problems - especially those unique to the poor, oppressed and underserved. The School offers a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Master of Social Work (MSW), both of which require field internships and licensure exams in order to practice. The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredits both degree programs.
  • Primary Duties and Responsibilities 1. Teach courses in the BSW and MSW programs. 2. Maintain an active research/scholarship agenda. 3. Pursue external funding to support scholarly activities. 4. Engage in service to the school, university, community, and field of social work. 5. Mentor and advise students in their academic, research, and service interests. 6. Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Minimum Qualifications Applicants must have either a doctorate in social work or a MSW and a doctorate in social work or a closely related field. ABD's nearing completion of their dissertation may be considered. Knowledge, Skills & Abilities • Must have excellent communication skills and the ability to be compassionate and empathetic while working with diverse populations. • Must have knowledge of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics • Must demonstrate adaptability and persistence while working with University students. • Must maintain currency on relevant research, professional certifications, and continuing education. • Must demonstrate sensitivity, respect, and be discreet when dealing with confidential matters. Preferred Qualifications • Licensure at the LCSW level. • PhD in Social Work. • Prior teaching experience. • An established record of scholarship.
  • About The University of Southern Mississippi The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) is a comprehensive public research institution delivering transformative programs on campuses in Hattiesburg and Long Beach, at teaching and research sites in central and southern Mississippi, as well as online. Founded in 1910, USM is one of only 130 universities in the nation to earn the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education's "R1: Doctoral Universities - Very high research activity" designation, and its robust research enterprise includes experts in ocean science and engineering, polymer science and engineering, and sport venue safety and security, among others. USM is also one of only 40 institutions in the nation accredited in theatre, art and design, dance and music. As an economic driver, USM generates an annual economic impact of more than $600 million across the state. USM welcomes a diverse student body of approximately 15,000, representing 71 countries, all 50 states, and every county in Mississippi. USM students have collected four Truman Scholarships and 36 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships, while also leading Mississippi with 24 Goldwater Scholarships, an honor that recognizes the next generation of great research scientists. Home to the Golden Eagles, USM competes in 17 Division I sports sponsored by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). For more information, visit As an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity employer/Americans with Disabilities Act institution, The University of Southern Mississippi encourages minorities, women, veterans and persons with disabilities to apply.

University of St. Francis (IL)[]

University of Texas at El Paso[]

University of the Pacific (CA)[]

University of Utah[]

Utica College (NY)[]

Virginia Commonwealth University (VA)[]

West Chester University (PA)[]

Western Carolina University ()[]

**Does anyone know if they are interested in Associate Professors applying at WCU? There have been 2 ads from WCU. The first ad was announced early in the Fall for Assistant. Then in January they made another announcement for Assistant/Associate (2/16/2021).