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Let's do this! Try to stick to a few guidelines when posting to keep things consistent:[]

  • Post information about the position (or positions) including rank, source of information, and desired specialties.
  • Update when you know if a school has announced or cancelled a search, done preliminary interviews,a invited candidates out for job talks, or made offers, even if this information is anecdotal (but please note that it's anecdotal if it is)!
  • Add date of posting to information whenever possible.
  • Please Use === Heading 3 === when adding names of schools to this page.

A couple of features of this page, based on additional posts from past years:

  • There are two general sections:
  • Discussion: Post other job search related information here. In the past, topics have included:
  • Tally of number of people checking this page
  • Information about salaries offered relative to cost of living.
  • Information about the number of places people have applied, number of initial interviews received, number of campus visits/job talks, and number of offers.
  • Info on regular teaching load for each institution (e,g., 3 courses/semester is a 3-3 teaching load)
  • Please feel free to add topics here!
  • List of Schools: Post information about positions, here: FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS ACADEMIC, PLEASE DATE YOUR POSTS!

RECENT ACTIVITY on the Social Work 2021-2022[]

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How many people are updating or monitoring this page?[]

ABD (Early): 2

ABD (On the market): 23

PhD/DSW: 1

Postdoctoral Fellow: 10

Visiting Professor: 1

Assistant Professor: 5

Associate Professor:

Full Professor:

Master's Students/MSW:


Does anyone know if there is going to be a 2022-2023 social wiki job wiki?

It seems like someone deleted and edited a bunch of things. Including schools that have scheduled interviews. Whoever it is, please fix this. We need this info.

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  • Thank you so much

Salaries, Cost of Living, Teaching Load[]

$ 70,000, 2 summer salaries, Public R2, Moderate cost of living, 2:3 teaching load, Paid Research Assistant for 2 years, & 5% of annual salary for moving expenses.

$78,500 plus 1/9 summer salary & $12,000 start-up funds- Public R1, Moderate cost of living, 2:2 teaching load (reduced to 1:1 in first year, 1:2 in years 2 and 3). $7,000 for moving expenses.

$90,000 plus 10% summer salary-Private R1, Moderate cost of living, 1:2 teaching load, research assistant till tenure, $20,000 start-up funds

$76,000 plus some summer support - public R2, low to very low cost of living, 3:2 teaching load (reduced first 3 years)

$78,000- public regional teaching college in urban area w high cost of living, $6k relocation, PT lecturer position for partner, 3:3 courseload for 2 years and 4:4 courseload after, office w no window, new tech every 5 years, annual $1200 for conference funding

$85,000 plus some summer support - private master's college in urban area, moderate cost of living, 2:2 teaching load, $10,000 start-up funds, $10,000 moving costs, and $3,000 annual travel funding

$80,000 plus two months of summer support for first 2 years- public R1, moderate cost of living, 2:2 teaching load (released from 3 courses. Can be used at my discretion in the first 3 years).

$76,500 (9 months), Public M1 moderate cost of living, $3200 Professional Development Funds, $3500 moving funds, $3500 Start-up, 6 courses a year (1 course release for first 2 years).

Public R1, moderate cost of living, $95k (academic year), 4 months of summer salary to be used across first 4 years, 1:1 teaching load for first 2 years - 2:2 after that, $40k in start up funds, $3000 in travel funds, $10k in moving costs, technology +software, 1 research assistant every semester

Public R1, low cost of living, $72k (academic year) + negotiable summer salary, $5-7k start up funds, student support for 2 years, $5-7k in moving expenses, $1500 travel, 3 course releases in 5 years

Public R1, low cost of living: $78,000 with $10k startup, up to $12k relocation fees, grad student asst, tech hardware/software at request, office with window, prof development funds to cover 2 annual conferences and membership fees. 2:2 teaching load with 2 course releases in first 3 years. Love the office window detail!

Public R1, urban area w/ high cost of living: $93,400, 2:2 teaching load with one course release in the first year. $10k start up, $10k relocation.

Public R1, moderate cost of living: $80,000 salary. 2:2 teaching load with three course releases to be used during the first 3 years. $50,000 in startup funds. $5,000 for moving costs.

Can we also add start up research funds? Sure!

Ratio of applications: 1st round interviews: Campus visits: Offers (example: 16:8:4:2)[]

**If you are hearing from schools, please list which school in the designated section!**

​​​14:6 (1 declined):6 (2 without 1st round interviews; 2 declined):1 (accepted)

​​​23:11 (1 canceled)4 (2 canceled): 1 (accepted)

​​​30:19 (3 canceled):11 (5 canceled, 1 declined):2 (declined) 1 (accepted)

​​​13:4 (1 declined):1 (canceled):0 (accepted alt-ac position)

​​​*Congrats! I'm wondering if you'd be open to sharing which position outside of academia as I am also contemplating about broadening my search beyond academia. Thanks! - The position is a research associate at a social policy research institute. I haven't started yet but it seems like I will have the opportunity to work both on established projects as well as apply for funding towards my own research interests.

​​​27:11:6 (1 declined):4 (3 TT + 1 postdoc) (1 TT accepted)




15:8 (1 declined):4 (1 cancelled): 2 (1 declined, 1 accepted)

18:6:?:? (including 1 postdoc)



25:9:4 (1 declined):1

27: 12: 6 (2 declined): 3 (2 declined)

14:10:3:1 (inc. 2 related disciplines)

4:2:?? (inc. 1 post-doc)

10:2:? (inc. 1 post-doc, 1 public health)

5:?:? (inc. 1 pub. health)

24:1:? (including 7 in related disciplines)

19:6:2:? (inc. 2 related disciplines, 1 postdoc)

20:5:3 (didn't attend one due to accepting another offer):2


10*:6:4 (and possibly more coming): ?? (*including two related disciplines)

​​​Interview/Visit/General Discussion

  • ​​​If anyone has input on where different search committees are in their process, that would be a great addition!
    • ​​​ Received invitations for first round interviews from the following schools (9/22/21):
      • ​​​ East Carolina University
      • ​​​ University of Denver
      • ​​​ Boston College
      • ​​​ UGA - will be interviewing until mid-October
      • ​​​ University of Maryland
      • ​​​ University of Minnesota- Twin Cities- Was anyone invited for the screening interview? (x2)
        • ​​​ Does this being added here mean that someone received an interview? (based on info below - it looks like some people got an invite for a screening interview on 11/29)
  • A quick note: If anyone applied for the Gerontology position at UT Austin's School of Social Work, I received a call saying that they have a new policy that does not allow them to make offers to someone who does not have a PhD in hand, so they cannot consider people who are ABD.
  • I received an email from Eastern Washington University that they had cancelled their search, but a new post would be made. I then looked; the new post is up, and it looks to be exactly the same. I am confused; Does anyone happen to have any more information?
  • Did anyone else receive an email from UW-Madison asking for letters of reference to complete their application? (10/12) Yes! I got this email too (10/12).
    • I also got an email on 10/12 from UW-Madison
    • 10/13 I also got this email from UW-Madison.
    • I applied 10/21 and received this email 10/22 from UW-Madison.
    • I applied 10/22 and got the email on 10/22- So do we assume that everyone who applies is getting this request?
    • I also got an email on 10/15 from UW-Madison. I think they're asking for letters from everyone.
    • I received the same request on 10/20 (I applied 10/18)
    • I applied but did not receive a request for references. Should I be concerned? Anyone else in this boat? I also did not receive a request for references. I am not sure what to make of it. I did not receive it either. When did you apply? I submitted my application on 10/29. Received a request for references via email on 11/11.
    • I got the same request for references. Has anyone interviewed with UW-Madison/know where they are in their process? (x2)
    • Campus visits are taking place the week of 12/6 and week of 12/13.
  • MSU Mankato- reference check notification on 10/21, no screening interview yet
  • How many people have heard from Rutgers? Should I assume I won't hear from them at this point? (x2)
    • I do not know, but since they have no deadline and are hiring for multiple positions, I expect that door is likely not closed yet.
    • I just heard from them yesterday (10/28) to schedule an interview for next week
  • Out of curiosity, if given the choice between in-person campus visit and virtual, which would you choose and why?
    • I would choose in-person because it's important for me to be able to get a sense of the school's culture and to be able to see the campus, the classrooms etc. I also want to be spoilt a little with the free plane ticket, hotel room, and meals :).
    • I feel the same way. I have done both and the in-person visit is very different. You really get to know people in a different way, you get to observe interactions among individuals in the department, and you get to see the school/area etc. I guess it is much easier to visualize yourself somewhere if you go there in person.
    • In general I agree, but for what it's worth- I had an in-person campus visit and ended up getting COVID. My whole family ended up getting COVID. That was a very unfortunate outcome. For any future campus visits, I will not risk this again.
  • University of Michigan: Comm. Engagement Faculty Position - any news about this position?
  • Brown School at St. Louis: Open Rank Faculty Position - any news about this position?
  • UW-Madison: 12/21, just got an email saying they have completed the interviewing process and have extended an offer. Can anyone confirm?
  • Anyone else losing their mind with the waiting!?
    • My mind doesn't even exist anymore. I'm really struggling with the different timelines that schools are moving at. I'm afraid that I will have an offer from a school before I hear back from others, and potentially be forced to choose something just for fear of losing out on the offer. Is anyone else worried about this?
    • I feel exactly the same! The different timelines are so stressful. I find this process to be all-consuming, making it hard to work on other things.
    • I agree. I have been slacking off on a lot of projects and have lost motivation to do other things because I'm so focused on this.
    • YES to all of this - such a stressful time!! Thanks for providing space for this (*worrying*) here. Take care everyone!
    • Yes! Feeling so exhausted about thinking about all this so much! Hope everyone is taking care of themselves & each other!
    • Yes. It's all I can think about. I've applied to about 25 jobs. I created a spreadsheet. I refresh this page constantly. I'm sad my colleague showed me this page, to be honest. I haven't heard from my top choices and have campus visits scheduled for "backup" schools. I'm grateful, but I'm also future tripping about making a bad decision and feeling a bit bummed.
      • Thank you so much for sharing this. Let me assure you, you are not alone. I have also applied to many jobs (I'm the one with the 30 jobs, 17 first-round interviews and 7 campus visits above) and have not heard back from my top choices. I also refresh every second and check my application statuses several times a day. I'm going insane. One of the schools I did a campus visit with has implied they will be making an offer soon and I am actually scared of getting the offer, because I haven't heard back from where I really want to be. I also have a family concern because my partner doesn't have an undergraduate degree and has struggled with getting jobs in the past. He is now with a good company and needs to stay where he is to advance his career. I know some schools help out with giving a spouse a job (and we aren't even married), but I don't know if a school would make it work for someone without a degree. I'm scared that I would have to accept an offer from a school before I hear back from my first choice, which I actually want to be at and it also works for my partner. And I'm afraid that if I turn any offers down, I may end up with no job :(. Why are they torturing us like this? Update: I found a perfect position, with the most amazing group of colleagues, that works perfectly for my partner and my kids. This was been an awfully stressful process, but mine has come to an end, and it was all worth it in the end.
      • I feel this too. Lots of factors to balance. One place I interviewed explicitly said to let them know if I received another offer before I heard back from them. Perhaps (when you get an offer) you could reach out to your top places and see if they can review your app quicker! Also, I bet if you are getting this much interest now, you will definitely continue to do so!
      • Thank you so much for your wonderful advice and encouragement. It means a lot :)
      • I'm the person who applied to 25 jobs. To the person who got 17 screening interviews and 7 campus visits, that's amazing! Congrats! And, I'm sure it makes the decision-making process stressful. It sounds like you have so many factors to consider. I hope you find something that works for your family. Don't forget to factor in your own happiness. I have a colleague who took a position in a place that's working out well for her family, but she's miserable. In some ways I'm lucky - I'm single and w/out kids, so it's just me to consider. My diss chair just keeps telling me to trust my gut and remember I don't have to stay at my first school forever.
      • Thank you so much for reminding me to think of my own happiness. I've had to make decisions for family reasons for so long that I often forget about myself and what I need.
      • I am loving the support here this year! We NEED a place to vent and commiserate, this process is so difficult and stressful!
      • Yes, I'm grateful for this space as well and people so generously sharing information. This process is very challenging and stressful...I came to the market with confidence and a lot of hope and quickly realized that I totally underestimate how competitive it is...Please take care of yourself stay supportive of our fellow peers on the market, everyone!
      • My mental health has really been suffering. I know I should be grateful to have received campus visit invitations, but I cancelled one because I am not doing well. Also, I was invited to an in-person campus visit, and now I'm sick. Just got a COVID test. Ugh.
      • Awww, I'm so sorry that your mental heath has been suffering. It is so hard to balance responsibilities that we have (like teaching classes) and the fact that we are humans. Don't feel bad about having to cancel/postpone or even decline visits. Your mental health should come first, and needs to come first in order for you to do anything else. I hope you feel better <3
      • Thank you
      • I appreciate everyone speaking about their own experiences here. It makes me feel less alone. I am reaching my maximum stress level on the job market. I'm struggling to focus on everything and as wonderful and supportive as this board can be, I also struggle with seeing all the schools I really wanted to hear from moving forward in the process. I'm not sure how people are navigating the constant cycle of anxiety and self-doubt that comes from this process.
      • I can relate. My emotions are all over the place. I hit a low when it felt like half the schools I had applied to were scheduling interviews with other people. This is a really tumultous process with high highs and low lows. I tell myself at least daily that I just need to stop looking at this page. It is so helpful! But it also gets me super in my head. But then I come and look daily "just to see." I don't know that I'm managing my anxiety or self-doubt very well (constantly find myself wondering what if I had published just one more article or done just more thing...). So no advice. Just solidarity.
      • 12/21: I got three rejection emails today, including one from a campus visit that I felt extremely confident about. I feel gutted.
        • Ugh, I am sorry. This process is so emotionally draining. It helps me to remember that I didn't do anything wrong, they were just looking for something a little different - meaning it wasn't the perfect fit for me.
        • Thank you. That is helpful. I've gotten 8 rejections now. Waiting to hear back from about 14 or 15 schools. Starting to worry I may not have a job next year and don't know if I have it in me to go back to the adjunct hustle (I've been full time fixed-term for two years, no option to renew because I thought I'd be leaving for a TT position).
        • Ooooooooof. I'm so so sad to hear that you are in this position. This process is brutal, and I feel like professors forget about how awful it is once they pass through successfully because they seem to have 0 empathy. My PhD program director doesn't even know if I'm alive or dead, while I've been drowning. I hope you get some positive news soon, please keep us updated.
        • Update: I met someone recently who had a tenure-track position at a prestigious university. He gave it up because he hated the city he lived in. He moved and he says he's much happier. So, while I'm waiting to hear from a bunch of schools, I decided to move to a city I want to live in and hope I find a position someday. In the meantime, I'm applying to anything and everything (including adjunct) in that area. Live your lives, folks! This process is awful. Find the freedom in all the rejections and remote work if you have it. I am incredibly fortunate.
        • 01/24-This makes me SO happy to hear. I completely agree. My research focuses on death and dying so I'm very keenly aware of mortality and the unpredictability of death in terms of timing. We often live life focused on the future and caring about things that do nothing but bring us stress. I've learnt that it's much more important to be happy and to enjoy whatever time we have on earth than to dwell on worldly things like prestige and unrealistic beauty standards. So I stopped worrying about my weight and have been enjoying life, and I accepted a job at the place where I thought I would be most happy. And I turned down a campus visit from much more prestigious universities where I would have spent all my time probably being miserable. Live your life, enjoy it, and prioritize your happiness :) Good luck!
    • I have noticed a number of schools doing a three step process this year: screening interview, virtual job talk, in person campus visit -- what are your thoughts about this?
      • Personally, I am not a fan at all. I feel like it lengthens the search process and disregards how emotionally taxing prepping for a job talk can be. Asking us to do a job talk when we are not a finalist (top <4ish) seems unfair to me.
      • Who is doing this? That sounds awful.
      • VCU and Salem State are both doing it this way. I am not sure about others
      • I also think it is very inconsiderate of schools to have a 3 step hiring process. They clearly have all the power in this process and this is just another way of welding it. This kind of search process only benefits the school and is blind to the anxiety experienced by job seekers. It really shows how our SW schools do not practice what they preach.
  • Has anyone heard anything from Texas State? The application "deadline" was 10/15.
    • Have not heard anything at all from them. I'm surprised it is taking long, given the deadline of 10/15.
  • I have a campus visit where no dinner or breakfast is scheduled. I guess they are expecting me to buy my own dinner and breakfast while there and I don't know how I feel about that :/
    • I think I would probably see this as a positive. While the meals are a good time for more informal interactions, they are still part of the interview. I would appreciate the time to relax! It does seem odd though.
    • Yes, it definitely is a weight off my shoulders in terms of having to be on my best behavior while eating, and also navigating the whole alcohol situation (I don't typically drink, but felt I had to on one visit because every one was). My only annoyance is the expectation of having a candidate spend money out of their pocket for a visit; the school is supposed to cover all financial expenses for the trip. I'm also super burnt out and I'm just complaining a lot now :D
    • My experience is they will reimburse you for any and all expenses related to the trip. I had one site visit that told me to report everything for reimbursement, even if it was a snack I bought in the airport.
    • Make sure you get itemized receipts. I had to eat the bill for a $100 dinner.
  • Any thoughts on schools and the dates/times they give? I am having a hard time navigating the month of December because several schools are suddenly moving forward with screening interviews and campus visits in December, all at the same time. Many schools just hand out dates and expect us to drop everything to make it on those days, but just as they are inviting several applicants, I'm sure we are all interacting with several schools as well. I don't want to lose out on any opportunities, but am also having a hard time finding any availability before Christmas, which many schools are asking for.
    • Yes, I had 3 campus visits in 2 weeks, which was entirely unmanageable. I am grateful, but 2 were on back-to-back days. My heightened stress is off the charts, I need this process to stop!
    • Literally from November 29th to December 17th, I have a campus visit or am traveling to a campus visit every single week day. I'm very very grateful but holy S, will I even exist? How are you surviving? How did you even get your head to switch from one school to another back to back? Any tips appreciated.
    • That sounds really, really difficult. I don't think I have specific tips other than, if you have 4-5+ campus visits, it's likely you'll get at least one job offer, so it may be worth considering whether any of the jobs/locations are not the best fit for you, and if it might be possible for you to cancel or postpone that visit to help preserve your ability to stay strong for the other campus visits. Just my 2 cents.
    • Thank you for the advice. I've definitely been struggling with balancing it all because some schools have moved much faster than others (meaning I agreed to visits because I was scared I wouldn't get any, and then later got visits from places that I actually wanted). A friend also suggested I cancel the visits at schools that I know I likely won't go to, but I feel bad that flights and accomodations have already been booked. I feel like I have to do it just so I'm not a shitty person who backs out. If I do burn out and lose out on all the jobs, I guess it's gonna be all on me. Yay. This I guess.
    • Yes, I've experienced some schools being really pushy and not giving candidates much flexibility with scheduling the visit. Feels like they are not being considerate of the lives we all have at home and what we have to schedule around with other schools.
  • Indiana University - Has anyone heard anything lately? Had a first-round interview at the end of March and no word since. (4/21/22)
  • SSWR & Job Search Related Thoughts/Questions:
    • I've heard that in the past SSWR was a place to do the screening interviews (although this is not as common anymore due to the search moving up the calendar earlier) - anyone out there who have been contacted by schools for screening interviews or informal meetings at SSWR?
    • Also, anyone going to SSWR because of the academic search (i.e. check out the schools, generally meet faculty from the schools etc)?
    • Yes, I was also heavily encouraged to go to SWWR for job interviews but at this point, I don't even think that any schools are doing anything there. Perhaps COVID is why, since schools are realizing they can just do the Zoom interviews, which are easier for everyone. I'm thinking of just attending SWWR virtually, so I can save that travel money. (Thanks for the answer :))
  • Do we think any schools have made offers yet? There were a few pretty early campus visits?
  • Yes, I think so. There are a lot of people on the market who 1) May not be on this page at all, and 2) Might look at this page but may not update it. Given these factors, I think there is a high likelihood that offers have been made for at least University of Denver and East Carolina University.
  • I heard Boston College has hired at least one Assistant Professor so far. Their call for apps was early on in July for 2 open-rank, tenure-track positions with a start date of July 1, 2022. However, this candidate will be starting in Fall 2023 to allow time to complete a postdoc. This is a little odd to me, but it would not surprise me if negotiated start dates happen a lot in academia. I also wonder if they additionally had a spot open to replace someone who is leaving in 2023 and that this is an added position? Does this happen a lot with faculty searches, where they are willing to negotiate a start date that far out? Just want to know your thoughts on this. What would make an institution wait for a candidate this long over ready applicants? Big congrats to the candidate either way! According to my advisor, it is fairly common to negotiate a later start date after receiving an offer. To answer your initial question, why would an institution wait for someone. For an institution like BC, they want someone with a proven track record of publications and other productivity. If you come out of your doc program with a lot of publications that is a plus and you may be able to extend that work during your postdoc. The postdoc will allow the person to apply for grants you cannot apply for as a doc student and transition that to a faculty position ($$ for the hiring uni). It also allows them time to develop manuscripts that can be submitted when you are on the TT. All this means you are more likely to get tenure. All this benefits the hiring university. A TT position is a long-term investment for universities so they want someone they believe will get tenure. This is the thinking of the high research universities more. A teaching university needs you to start right away because they need you to teach. I know other post docs that have been able to negotiate a later start date for positions. I am a current postdoc. Wow thank you for this detailed response! This is really good insight for all of us. I actually think that’s cool that a school is willing to work with candidates in that way to further develop them for tenure positions.
    • I didn't have a lot of opportunities to publish in my program, but have worked on multiple research projects and have TONS of teaching experience (5 years as an adjunct, 2 years fixed term, over 100 students every quarter). Would it make sense for me to consider post-doc positions to help establish a stronger record of publication?
      • This is just based on my experience -- I also had minimal opportunities to publish during my grad program, but like you got a lot of teaching experience. I decided to do a post doc (all research) and it has been sooo helpful for my research trajectory. I have been able to develop a really clear and well-defined research plan with many publications, things in the pipeline, as well as data that I will be able to use when starting a TT job (also got grant writing experience). I think a postdoc can definitly be worth it and if you are low on pubs, it is likely to make you more competitive on the market. Not a necessity, but helpful - especially if you are interested in R1 universities.
      • My personal opinion: a post-doc is only reasonable if your financial and family circumstances allow. Remember, it's a temporary position and the pay is often much lower than a faculty position. It's also time taken away from getting to tenure, which is the ultimate goal for all of us. I would say, apply to faculty positions and post-docs too, and then review your options based on salary etc. A faculty position at an R2 insitution for example, can still allow you to potentially make more money, and build a publication/grant record to transfer to an R1, if that's your goal
      • ^^ This is not necessarily true. My starting salary at my postdoc was $65k. I got a $5k bonus one year and then got $10k award for scholarship. Then, I was promoted the following year, and my salary was bumped to $95K. According to the salaries above, this is pretty on par with what junior faculty are being offered these days (if not more...).
  • 1/5/2022: I am curious about why only few updates are available these days. Is this because of the holidays/winter break season so schools are slow in their process? Or people are just not updating? Any thoughts?
    • I haven't heard from any schools Ive interviewed or done visits with since the first week of dec and am HOPING that it is because of the break.
    • Yes, since about December 17th (a week before Christmas or so) I've heard nothing. I'm planning to wait till January 20th, and then I will start reaching out to some places.
  • 02/21/22 - I'm in the NYC area. Any movement on Yeshiva or Adelphi? I applied to Yeshiva 6 months ago and Adelphi 2 months ago. Should I follow up? Is that a thing people do? - I applied to adelphi and also haven't heard back...
    • Original poster of this question. Just heard from Adelphi today, 03/14 - they sent a doodle poll for interview screening dates. 45 minutes! This is the longest interview yet. I'm excited.
  • 03/27/22 - Kean University (MSW program in Union, NJ) contacted me today (on a Sunday!) to ask me 5 screening questions from HR. Apparently this is standard across departments. It was a cold call and I was totally unprepared (standing on a subway platform no less). They asked why Kean, would I relocate (they thought I was across the country), my expectations for my next job, my salary expectations (I never know how to answer this - I know it's public info, but I can't find it) and finally something about my teaching I think. The cool thing I got out of this phone call is that they have two student reps on the search committee (in addition to three faculty, one from the English dept.). From here, they'll narrow down for screening interviews.
    • 07/14/22 - I had such an awful experience with this university. I will post details on Glassdoor eventually. The school, the department, and HR have such poor communication that it resulted in them rescinding my offer. It is a long, convoluted story that ended in a pretty awful way. As my adviser said, literally every part of this story is astounding (from the interview process to the offer to negotiations). This happened a few weeks ago and I'm still stunned. They nearly totally screwed me and ignored me after they rescinded my offer (due to miscommunication among different folks at the University).

Lists of Schools that have Interviewed / Made Offers[]

  • Schools Interviewed Online (screening)
  • DU, online interview scheduled for late Sept (x3) and early Oct (x2) (date they contacted you? Could you also share the date you submitted your application?) -submitted application mid-August, contacted after Labor Day.
    • (10/5/2021) DU application submitted 9/28, contacted for online interview 10/4/21, interview scheduled for week of 10/11/21.
    • Offer made and accepted.
  • UGA, invitation for online screening interview week of 9/20 (applied 8/28, contacted 9/14) (x2)
  • ECU, screening interview week of 9/20 (applied 8/25, contacted 9/15; x2 - contacted 9/17; x3 - contacted 9/17) (applied 8/21, contacted 9/16)
  • Boston College
  • Houston (contacted 9/30 to schedule interview on Oct 6 or 13) x3 (& 10/29)
  • University of Maryland (MSW/PhD Program Position) (contacted 10/01/2021; x3 - contacted 10/4, contacted 10/15)
  • University of Maryland (BSW Program Position) (Contacted 10/04/2021)
  • CSU Long Beach (Contacted 10/07/21);
    • Any updates as of 12/24? I applied to this school in early August.
      • 12/30 checked the portal a few days ago and it said "application no longer under consideration"
      • 12/31 saw the update above and checked the portal. Mine also says, "application no longer under consideration"
  • University of Wyoming (10/08)
  • Erikson Institute (Contacted 10/9/21)
  • Idaho State University (Contacted 10/13/2021)
  • Rutgers (contacted 10/14), (10/28) x2
  • UC Colorado Springs (contacted 10/15)
  • Anyone heard from UTK? (10/17): Yes, UTK contacted me today (10/29)
  • University of Memphis (contacted 10/19) x6 (10/21)
  • Baylor University (contacted 10/19)
  • Binghamton (contacted 10/22) x4
  • Florida State University (contacted 10/22) x4
  • Bryn Mawr (contacted 10/26) x2 did anyone get a time solidified? I haven't heard back after I selected a time. They said they were interviewing people on Fri 11/5 and Mon 11/8. Interviewed 11/5. Do you know when we will be hearing back? they didn't give a timeline during my interview. --I believe that they have now offered job talks (11/17/21) :_( This is the most depressing thing I've heard all week. I'm so sorry to hear that :( Please try to take care of yourself. I know we academics often feel like this is our whole entire world, but remember that there is so much more to life than this. There will be another place for you, and never forget your worth. I didn't even get a screening interview with Bryn Mawr, but I got a campus visit from a school that's ranked in the top 10. I hope great news comes to you soon, take care :)
    • 12/23. I've been reminding myself there's more to life than this and that has been bringing me some comfort. But now, after so many rejections (including screening interviews and campus visits), I am considering the very real possiblity I may not have a job next year. I'm first generation and worked so hard for such an anticlimactic finish. I feel devastated and demoralized by this whole process. I'm a bit surprised how poorly this is going for me.
    • 1/17 I'm so sorry to hear this . I completely understand what you mean in that you are surprised it is going so poorly. I recently got a rejection call from a really low-tier school I had done a campus visit for. When the person told me they had decided not to move forward with me, I laughed. I laughed because I found it hilarious that a school that I thought I "had in the bag" did not want me. There was a particularly bad day where I woke up to a rejection email, started drinking, and just kept drinking until the day ended. This has been brutal and has done a number on my mental health. I don't even have any positive words to say to you, just know that you are not alone.
    • Thank you for that. I laughed at you laughing. When I told my advisor about a similar situation, he said, "Really?" - we were both stunned. But he reminded me there are so many factors that have nothing to do with me (area of expertise, gaps, politics, etc.). My perspective has really shifted and I've decided to just move to the city I want to move to instead of fearing I get a job in a city I hate. I've made it this far adjuncting. What's another year or two?
    • Exactly! Don't let this process ruin the joy of life. We have no idea what's happening behind the scenes, so we just gather ourselves and move on (after a few tears). I hope it all works out for you!
  • UIC- screening interview 12/10/21
  • UT Arlington (contacted 10/26) x6 (contacted 1/21/22)
  • UT Knoxville (10/29/21) x5 - Was anyone invited to the campus visit from UT Knoxville? as of 11/23 I haven't heard anything; 11/25 received email this morning that I am a finalist and details about campus visits are forthcoming. x2 re: visit (11/25)
  • UM-Duluth (10/29/21) x2 - not really a screening interview, includes research presentation and interviews; all except teaching demo
    • Anyone have any insight into how many people are on the UM-Duluth shortlist? Their approach to interviews is different from other schools...
    • I have a full day interview scheduled with them including research presentation ,meeting with the search committee, the chair and the dean. x2
    • Does anyone know if UM-Duluth is a research or teaching university? I don't know for sure, but I expect more teaching. Finalists will be brought to campus for a teaching demo - teaching demos rarely happen for research universities.
    • Did anyone complete the interview with UMD yet?. Could you share what was the conversation about with the chair and dean? who attend the research presentation? Mine is next week, but my guess is that attendance will be very low - given the proximity to Thanksgiving, and the meetings with the Dean and Chair will be more informative - as they are in a campus visit. I don't know how many people they are interviewing, but my guess is not that many, so this is essentially a campus visit.- Yes, that does sound like a campus visit indeed. Are you an ABD applying for the Assistant Professor position? I am a postdoc applying to the assistant prof position.-Can you give us an update on the interview if you had it. What was it like?. Do they sound like research or teaching oriented? They are a bit more teaching oriented (60% teaching), though they do still appear to emphasize research (30% research - in talking to them, they sounded like they emphasize research more than a lot of other similar programs). The "visit' was exactly like a virtual campus visit - it is wild to me that this was not the final stage of the process - it was intense. Meetings with chair and dean were informational, answering my questions and getting to know me better. Seems like a great place.--Was anyone invited to the campus visit, yet? Yes 11/30
  • ​​​ University of Minnesota- Twin Cities- Was anyone invited to the screening interview? --I submitted my application weeks ago but have not got an invite for screening. I'm also curious whether they have already contacted people..
    • ​​​ I've heard that they just started reviewing applications last week or the week before. Not confirmed though!
    • ​​​ Any updates on the screening interview or campus visit (11/22)? - For me, no I haven't heard back from them (11/25)
    • ​​​ Contacted for screening interview scheduling (11/29 x3)- They seem to start the process late. Are you a Ph.D. candidate or post-doc? I am a PhD Candidate. -- The announcement says they have 4 positions to fill. Did anyone have the interview already? -- I did my screening, and they are very transperent and responsive (such as to follow-up emails)! (12/10). Could you share what they focused on during the screening interview?. i.e research, teaching, advising, service?-- Did anyone receive a campus visit invitation from U. of Minnesota- Twin Cities? (12.15)
    • ​​​ Did someone get invitied for a campus visit? Is it online or in person?--Did anyone hear back from the U of Minnesota, yet? 12/20.----Is this search still ON?. It seems that they just stopped all search activities. Other schools are back but not Univ of Minnesota- 1/6/2022. --I did a screening in Dec. & recevied the rejection email today; the email said they did about 40 screenings. (1/6/2022).
  • Virginia Commonwealth (11/1) x3 (Dates offered between Nov 3-12, open search) x2 (Dates offered week of Nov 15th) x2- Anyone heard back from VCU?
    • Got a virtual colloquium visit invite from VCU for January on 11/24.
  • Utah State (11/1) X3 (11/14) interview scheduled 11/17-- Is this a screening interview or campus visit scheduled for 11/17? Thanks (11/17 screening interview). I was notified on 11/19 that I was not selected for a campus visit (I did have a screening interview).
  • University of Louisville (11/1) x5
  • Salem State (11/4) X4
  • UW Tacoma (11/4) X3
  • University of Michigan (11/4)
  • University of Texas - San Antonio (11/4) X6 - Does anyone who interviewed at UTSA remember when they said they were going to reach out for campus visits? Before thanksgiving or after? I can't remember! I don't remember what they said about campus visits, I think it was a vague reply without any specific times. When I asked, I just remember getting this high and mighty vibe from them. No one even cracked a smile. Another colleague thought they were really nice, so maybe it was just me. - Not just you, I found them very hard to read. That is helpful though, I must not remember because they were really vague.
  • Cal Poly Pomona (11/4) x2
  • Syracuse University - Applied 10/20, contacted 11/5. x2, applied 10/18, contacted 11/9 x2. - Was anyone invited to the campus visit? - I have not heard back since the screening interview...x3 - I still have not heard back; wondering if anyone has been invited to the campus visit... (12/10) -No I have not heard back either.
  • West Virginia University (11/6) Was anyone invited to the campus visit? - I have not heard back since the screening interview - They said they would be meeting this week, so invites will likely go out later this week. - Thanks a lot for this information! - Rejection email (post screener) 11/30
  • Augsburg (contact 11/6 for 11/11 interview)
  • Chico State (11/9)
  • University of Alabama X4 Has anyone heard about the campus visit from Univ of Alabama? (12/9) No, I had written in my notes "campus visits week of 12/6." I thought they had intended to have people come out this week. But then I started second guessing myself and wondered if maybe then intended to invite people. Either way, I am getting anxious to hear back. I'm a student at UA and they are doing campus visits right now. They had several candidates last week and early this week. The last candidate is coming in tomorrow.
  • University of Kansas (11/15) X2
  • University of Texas-Permian Basin (contacted 11/15)
  • Barry University (contacted 11/16)
  • University of Kentucky (11/16) x3 (11/26)x2
  • UNLV (11/17) x3
  • University of New Hampshire (contacted 11/19) X2
  • Eastern Washington University (11/19)
  • Saint Louis University (11/19)
  • University of South Alabama (11/19) - they are doing initial informal Zoom meetings/introductions, then a more structured screening interview, then campus visits Do you have a informal zoom meeting scheduled? (12/2/21) I met with them on 11/22 for the informal Zoom. It was very conversational and gave me an opportunity to get to know them better without the rigid interview structure. I actually really liked the chance to meet like that first. No news yet on the more formal screening interview.
  • University of Central Florida (11/22) x4
  • Texas Christain University (11/23) X2
  • UChicago (11/24)
  • Univ of Minnesota - Twin Cities (11/29) (x3) did those of you that were contacted for screening apply for the Mental Health focus position or the Macro focus position? - I applied for the macro practice focus. - I also applied for the macro focus. Do we know how many positions they have open for macro? I can no longer find the posting--- Did anyone receive a campus visit invitation? (12.15) - I was told they would be letting people know about screenings on/around 12/23 (12/15)-- Did anyone hear back from the U of Minnesota, yet? 12/20
  • Cal State LA (12/14, 12/15) Said they would move on with next stage in process in February. 12/28- emailed one of my references to set up a phone call for next week.
  • Cal State Stanislaus (Screening interview in first half of November)
  • Columbia (12/3)
  • Texas Woman's University (12/5)
  • Wash U (12/6)
  • Texas Tech (12/7)
  • Wayne State (12/8)
  • Univ of Arkansas-Little Rock (12/9)
  • UIC Jane Addams (12/15) Notification that initial screening is ongoing & will continue into Jan. Did anyone get a different email or invite? (got the same email on 12/15 x5)
  • Buffalo (12/16)- 30m screening interview scheduled for 12/20 (x2)
  • NYU (12/20)
  • UPenn (12/22): notification that search is ongoing and I'd been identified as a promising candidate--screening interviews starting in January (x2) (anyone received follow-up since getting this email?)
  • University of Cincinnati (1/14)
  • George Mason University (1/14)
  • Texas State University (1/24)
  • Cleveland State University [1/25]
  • Northern Arizona University (1/25)- Is this just one person who was interviewed? How was the interview with the search committee?--Would you share the experience, was it by phone, Zoom, etc? Hey, the interview was a no-video Zoom call scheduled for 45 minutes. They asked 11 questions so it ended up taking more than the allotted time. It was a really lovely interview. Their questions were thoughtful, they were very warm, and they were transparent about the department's plans for the future. I think they said they were doing first-round interviews through the first few weeks of February?. Hi. That sounds like a lengthy screening process. Did they contact your references, did any follow up with you, etc? They contacted one of my references after my interview for a 20m phone call, even though the app required letters. Haven't heard anything though.
  • University of Northern Iowa [2/1] x2
  • Portland State University (2/17) x2
  • CSU-San Marcos-Screening Interview (2/16)
  • silberman (2/25)
    • This is my dream school. Anyone else hear back yet?
  • Seton Hall (BSW) - 2/28 for mid-march screening interview
  • San Jose State University - contacted 3/4 for screening interviews this week (mine's on Friday, 3/11)
    • attn. Latinx Scholars: SJSU seems to be in need for more applicants for the Assistant Professor position w/a Latinx focus. They emailed me to let me know I was a finalist for an assistant prof. position and invited me to apply for the position with a Latinx focus because I've worked with Latinx students, but I'm white and I'm not explicitly focused on Latinx communities. IDK - seems like a position that should go to a Latinx applicant, especially if SJSU is an HSI :/. Congrats on the campus visit invitation and thanks for the announcement! Are you a post doc or a PhD candidate? Did you get a sense about the school culture? Thank you! I'm a PhD candidate. The committee was very warm and West coast casual (which I think is a plus). They seemed to have a lot of pride in their school. The faculty also seemed pretty diverse. Inviting me (white guy) to apply for a Latinx-focused position gives me some information and a bit of pause, but I am looking forward to the visit. Good vibes so far, very communicative. Sounds like a nice screening interview. I can understand why someone would pause about Latinx focused position when you are not a Latino or Hispanic. It is interesting that they are still doing virtual campus visits. What date is the campus visit? It was nice. I feel like they let me ask extra questions even though we were technically over time. I filled out a form a few days ago that gave me options for visits all throughout the month of April. Not sure when the visit is yet. I am definitely bummed it's virtual.
  • Indiana U (contacted on 3/9)
  • Adelphi U (contacted on 3/14) x3
  • Pacific U - 1st round interview contacted 4/14 (declined)
  • Schools Scheduled Campus Visits
    • (10/18/21) DU campus visit scheduled for November.
    • Saginaw Valley University (Campus visits in October) (position starts Spring 2022)
    • 10/12 - ECU campus visit scheduled for late October x2 - Those who had a campus visit, did they ever contact your refs? I was told by my refs that they requested letters on 11/17. x3 Were all three for the assistant professor position or did anyone apply for the teaching faculty position? I am for assistant professor x3 (there are two assistant professor positions) - Any news here? Letters of rec aren't due until 11/30 - so I wonder if they have made an offer or if they are waiting until then. My references were requested but no offer has been made. x3
    • UGA (let me know they are moving forward to campus visits w/ other candidates 10/26)
    • UC Colorado Springs campus visits scheduled in late November/early December
    • UW-Milwaukee campus visit scheduled for mid-November (no screening interview)
    • Cal Poly Pomona (11/4): campus visit scheduled from mid Nov to early Dec (no screening interview) x2
      • 12/21: Per Cal Poly Pomona Sociology Facebook page, 4 people were invited for campus visits. 2 of those folx seem to be active on this board. 1 has received and declined Cal Poly Pomona's offer. It looks like Cal Poly Pomona has re-opened their search and are accepting applications through the end of January.
    • UIC- virtual campus visit scheduled for mid January (1/14/22)
    • Cal State Stainislaus (11/29- Zoom visit)
    • Erikson Institute campus visit scheduled for early December
    • University of Maryland (BSW) for early November
      • Are they wrapping up their search? I had a screening interview several weeks ago and never heard back. I'm heartbroken.
      • I'm so sorry that you haven't heard back yet. A lot of schools just move along without giving any notice to people who took the time to apply for their jobs, which I think is highly inconsiderate. They told me that they had invited four candidates for the virtual campus visit, so I'm assuming they have moved along in the process. I did mine a while back and have not heard anything since then, so I'm assuming they have moved on with someone else.
    • Baylor University for November or early December
    • Florida State University for late November to early/mid December - Did they send invitation for campus visit? I got a phone call informing me of the invitation and confirming whether I wanted virtual or in-person, and then an email with dates to pick from for the visit. --Was the phone call and email before or after the CSWE conference? It was after CSWE, this past Monday (11/08/2021)--Are you being considered for the assistant or the associate position?. Thanks. The posting I applied to was open-rank, but I am ABD, so it would be for the assistant professor level. I believe they are trying to hire at least two people at any rank. ---I do not mean to discourage you because you are an ABD, I hope that they are serious about you. All their faculty members are graduate of their own school especially the search committee members!. If you are not a graduate of their school, it could be that you are one of those who are invited to tick the box that "the effort has been made". Good luck. Well, this WAS very discouraging to read, which I think you already knew since you started the sentence with "I do not mean to discourage you." It makes me wonder if there is even any point to me taking the time to do the campus visit, if there is no chance it will go anywhere. Bummer. Fuck that... i dont know who wrote that discouraging ass shit but if they invited you for a visit they want you!! Go do that campus visit and blow their minds!!! If anything you get practice for a campus visit.-- I do agree it is a good practice. Please read the many books published about faculty search. I am happy to send you couple of those books, or you can find them online. One of them was published by Stanford University. I have been on search committees so don't need to read books to understand how the process works. All i am asking is for this to be a safe space where people can go to feel supported... not discouraged by your harmful comments. People are LUCKY to get campus visits right now and they need to feel good and supported not discouraged from even trying. Leave the rejection of applicants to the schools... its not your place.
      • I can assure you that anyone getting flown out to FSU is actually in competition for the position, regardless of your status. They are hiring 2 lines and flying 6 people out. I will say that most are from pretty high ranked schools and have a solid publication record. My advice is to have your "why FSU" answers ready. AND GOOD LUCK! Keep your confidence UP and try to leave those pesky imposter syndrome ABD feelings at the door. YOU HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR: YOU JUST NEED TO DISPLAY YOUR FIT. Also, remember: You are interviewing them too.
      • Coming to cosign that this is not true. There are only 3 FSU grads on faculty, all of which left and came back several years later. I know ABDs are definitely being considered for this position. Do not be discouraged!! You are being invited out for a reason-be confident and most importantly, have fun!
      • Thank you so much to every one who provided encouragement above. There are several layers of imposter syndrome for me, and I have experienced so many highs and lows in this process. Some very high-tier schools have moved forward with me, while some super low-tier schools have not, so it has been very confusing too. I'm truly grateful for this page; it has been a source of comfort in a very difficult time. Thanks everyone!
    • Minnesota State Mankato- mid November (no screening interview)
    • University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (Late November to Early December)
    • UCLA
    • Houston
    • Montclair State (early Dec. - scheduling for two positions late Nov/early Dec)
      • Have they wrapped up the search/have offers been made? Good question. I had a campus visit early Dec. and was told they had one more candidate after me and they wanted this wrapped up before Christmas. I haven't heard anything. My guess is they've extended an offer and are waiting for someone to accept OR the decision-making process got held up. I was debating on contacting them, but my chair says that will put the lead of the committee in an awkward position if a decision has not been made. Let me offer a bit of counsel, from the perspective of a peer. Chairs/advisors are nice to have, but they often speak very matter-of-factly about these things. Every process is different and they likely were on the market years before you. I would advise you to go ahead and reach out, so you have clarification on where the process is, rather than being left to speculate. You have nothing to lose and it's fair to wonder what's going on when they said they wanted to be done before Christmas. The chair should be able to word something nice and professional to tell you either way-they might say the holidays are delaying things, or they will get back to you soon, etc. They likely won't tell you that they are waiting on another candidate (that's one super awkward part of this process for sure), but you can have some peace of mind in knowing you at least reached out. Overall, mentors/advisors/chairs are great, but I find they can often add unnecessary pressure to an already stressful process, so I've kept mine away, because I can't handle that additional stress. I wrote all my job application materials and prepared for campus visits on my own, all I did was inform her when I got an interview, an offer, etc. My approach is more of the extreme end, but I reckon a good balance between getting advice from them and being a complete lone wolf like me is what's best. Good luck!! I hope you get the job :) - Thank you. I appreciate that perspective. When I asked him if he thought I should reach out, he did say sure, but offered that consideration. I think I will reach out! Wonderful, good luck!
      • When I went to send the email, the beat me to the punch with a rejection, but said they were certain they'd be hiring again soon and encouraged me to consider them in the future. I have mixed feelings about reapplying to a job I didn't get the first time. Anybody have thoughts on this?
      • I'm so sorry to hear that :( I hope that you get a position this round and won't have to reapply again. If you were to have to reapply or if you went somewhere and then wanted to move to another school, I'd say apply to this school if it's a school that's important for one reason or another (location, family reasons, a specific person you like there etc.). Personally, I have a lot of pride and I get butt hurt easily (one of my many flaws that I've just had to accept). So unless the school was important for whatever reason, I wouldn't apply. But if it was important, I would go ahead and apply because their needs for one position may be different from another, and someone could end up getting it because circumstance s have changed. I wish you all the best :)
    • Binghamton University - scheduling for early-mid Dec
      • Please keep this page updated on how your visit goes -- I'm super interested in Binghamton but won't be ABD until next year (and I of course no guarantee they'll have a position open next year but still, I'm curious)
    • Augsburg - visit scheduled for early Dec.
    • Rutgers - virtual visit scheduled for December
      • Ah! They just told me the other day that campus visits wouldn't happen until spring semester! Congrats !! and also wondering what this means for me! Yes, in their original email they told me that it would be in mid-late January, but to let them know if the visit should be moved up for any reason. I have another campus visit, so I let them know and then they scheduled for December. Hoping for good news for you!
      • Congrats on the visit! Do you mind saying which concentration you applied for? Sure! It is for health/healthcare disparities. Thanks and good luck!
      • Does anyone know if they have made any offers?
    • Utah State - scheduling visits for early December (week of Dec. 6) - Date they contacted you? 11/19
    • University of Texas-Permian Basin for December
    • Barry University for December (virtual)
    • University of Louisville (11/22) - early December-virtual
    • University of Texas-Arlington for early to mid December- Date they contacted you? Today, 11/23/2021 (x3)
    • Boston College may or may not have completed campus visits, but I know they started a little while ago
    • University of Tennessee Knoxville/Nashville: sent email on 11/25 to announce details about campus visits are forthcoming (x2): Scheduling throughout January and first week of February [Scheduled for 01/18]
    • Arizona State University: contacted on 11/23 for virtual campus visit week of 12/6 or 12/13 (no 1st round interview, although I did have great conversations with the Search Committee Chair and other faculty before submitting my app)
      • ASU invited me to apply, but I haven't heard anything. Anyone else get a virtual campus visit? --> Okay, so I got a rejection email. They encouraged me to apply to get rejected. Ugh. That seriously sucks on so many levels. :(
      • 12/8 I wrapped up my campus visit yesterday. I was told that 1 out of 4 spots have been filled. I am the second one to interview and they will be interviewing more folx this week, next week and early January.
    • UM-Duluth x2
    • UT San Antonio for January (contacted 12/3)
      • How many people heard from UT San Antonio about a campus visit?
      • I'm guessing folks declined offers here, because I was contacted yesterday (02/10) for a campus visit. If anyone can share their experiences, that would be awesome!
    • University of Kansas (12/3) for december and january dates
    • University of Kentucky (12/6 & 12/15)
    • UW Tacoma (12/8/21) (1/5/22)
      • update: did a virtual campus visit on 1/5/22; they say campus visits conclude mid-Jan, and they hope to make offers the week of the 24th (if COVID doesn't complicate or delay things)
      • 1/27/22: Given the timeline, any offers were made?
      • 2/2/22 I received an email saying they needed more time. I interpreted that as them extending an offer to someone and waiting to see if they accept, but that is just my gut.
    • VCU (said they started scheduling for Dec and Jan - and that campus visits may happen in waves)
      • Congrats on making it to the next round. When did you hear back from them? How many people have heard back?
      • I didn't get invited! I wrote to check in because in my interview they said that they would get back to be the following week and multiple weeks passed. It wasn't a 'no' yet, but they let me know they were moving forward with a small selection of people from first round interviews.
      • Thank you for clarifying. I hope you make it to the next round soon!
    • UNLV (12/9)
    • University of Central Florida (12/9) Scheduling campus visits in January
    • Columbia (12/21) Scheduling for January
    • Rutgers (12/22) Scheduling for Feb
    • UW Madison (Post-Doc Position) (Scheduling for mid Jan)
    • University at Buffalo [01/26-01/27 virtual] Hi there, is this for job talk virtual job talk? Can you tell us when were you informed you were selected? They informed me on 01/06. It is for the open line position, not the organization-focused position.
    • Florida Atlantic University
    • Wayne State University (1/18) for virtual visit in February
    • George Mason: scheduled for 1/31
    • Cal state LA (1/27/22)
    • Cal State Monterey Bay (1/27/22)x2
    • NAU (2/11/22)-- scheduling on campus visit--Was someone on this forum invited to the campus visit?--Did someone receive an invitation from NAU for an interview with the Chair for next week? 2.13.22
    • Cal State San Marcos - has anyone heard anything from CSUSM?
      • They requested letters from my references but haven't heard anything directly from them - anyone else? (2/11) **Update: also checked the portal today on 2/25 and mine also says "application no longer under consideration." Bummer!
      • Reference letters were part of their application process, so not sure its an indication of anything. Nonetheless, I haven't heard from them either. (2/14) **Update: Checked portal today 2/22 and it says application no longer under consideration.
      • Had screening interview on 2/16, as stated above. Update: The note above prompted me to check the portal on 2/24, It now says "application no longer under consideration" for me too, so I guess they have moved on
    • Portland State University (3/4/22)x2
    • San Jose State - invited for virtual campus visit 3/22x2
    • Seton Hall University - invited for campus visit 3/24
    • Adelphi invited for virtual campus visit 4/12
      • How'd it go? I had a great interview with them about four weeks ago, but haven't heard back.
      • **I actually declined the visit offer as I have accepted another offer. The dates they offered for the campus visit were: April 18, April 20, April 25, April 27, May 2, May 4, or May 11th. Hope that helps and good luck!
  • Schools That Have Made Offers (those with offers, please add to the "salaries, cost of living, teaching load" area of the page, at the very top. Thank you)
    • 12/03: Cal Poly Pomona (declined offer on 12/16) (Interesting. Can you give us some insight? Did the negotiations fall through? Thank you!) [Yeah-- it's mostly because I'm trying to navigate a partner hire, and even though my partner applied for a position here in an adjacent department, the dean made it clear I would have to give an answer before we had any information about my partner's search. The department seems great but other aspects just felt like big compromises. Offer details are in the offers section! Thank you so much for sharing. I completely understand, as I also had to navigate a partner job situation as well. Thanks again!
    • Denver has filled at least two positions, offers made and accepted per Twitter
      • 3rd offer to Asst Prof was made and accepted per Twitter on 1/13/22
    • 12/6: East Carolina University - Verbally accepted - waiting on official paperwork (this is for 1 of 2 AP positions). Was offered a position (12/6) and declined (12/15).
    • 12/8: Arizona State University has filled 1 of 4 positions. Offer was made and accepted per Twitter.
      • 02/11 All offers have been made and presumably accepted since I got a rejection email on 2/10.
    • 12/8: Baylor University. Offer verbally made, verbally accepted. Waiting on paperwork.
    • 12/13: UW-Milwaukee
    • 12/16: University of Kentucky (x2; 01/27)
    • 12/17: Erikson Institute, offer accepted
    • 12/28: University of Louisville
    • 1/17: University of Houston offer accepted per Twitter on 1/17/22 (x2)
    • 1/21: University of Maryland (MSW Program) emailed me letting me know they completed their search process and have filled their faculty positions
      • Did they complete the process from the BSW program?
      • I think so, but I don't know for sure. I did a campus visit with them way back in November but I never heard anything further from them.
    • 1/27 UW Tacoma
      • 1 spot filled per Twitter 2/7
      • 2nd spot filled 3/14/22
    • 1/29 VCU offer was made and accepted per Twitter.
    • 1/31 Boston University offer was made and accepted per Twitter. [x2]
    • 1/31 Columbia
    • 2/7 University of Kansas (Anyone else? I think they were hiring for multiple positions)
    • 2/10 Rutgers (1 of multiple)
    • 2/21 University of Tennessee (anyone else? they were hiring multiple)
      • I had a campus visit and didn't hear back yet so I'm starting to freak out. Congrats to you though!
    • 3/8 George Mason (declined 3/23)
    • 4/8 Portland State University

Accepted Offers[]

  • Boston College: 1 Assistant Professor Position Filled; Start Date: Fall 2023 (as of 11/23/21-ish)
  • Augsburg University Assistant Professor Position
  • Baylor University (paperwork complete)
  • East Carolina University

Jobs posted 2021-2022[]

Adelphi University[]

Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)

School of Social Work


We invite applications for one tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor level. Candidates must be able to work from an anti-oppressive and social justice lens. Candidates who identify as Black/African American, Indigenous, and/or Latinx are strongly encouraged to apply.


  1. Faculty members teach 18 credits (6 courses) annually. The ability to teach in either the Hauppauge or Hudson Valley sites is preferred.
  2. Must have experience or be willing to teach courses across degree programs (including in BSW education), curricular concentrations (one or two areas including Practice, Human Behavior, Policy, and Research), and teaching modalities (e.g. in person, and/or online).
  3. Faculty responsibilities also include service to the school, university, and community.


  1. Experience teaching and mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students across from diverse cultural and/or historically underrepresented backgrounds.
  2. All research and practice areas will be considered, although we especially seek candidates with research interests with Black/African American, Indigenous, and LatinX communities.
  3. Minimum of two years of post-MSW related work experience preferred (Note: candidates who come from a range of institutions and have a range of work and life experiences will be considered).
  4. Scholarly publications and a defined research agenda.
  5. Teaching experience at the undergraduate level, or both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  6. An MSW from a CSWE accredited institution.
  7. A doctorate in Social Work or an allied field (i.e. Ed.D). Degree required by August 2022.


Applications should include:

  1. A letter of interest
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. A statement of teaching philosophy and research agenda
  4. A one page DEI statement that speaks to your practice, teaching, and research.
  5. A writing sample of 15-25 pages
  6. Name and contact information of three references.
  7. To be considered, applications must be submitted through the Adelphi website only: by February 15, 2022. Interviews will be conducted in March via video conferencing.

Auburn University at Montgomery[]

Augsburg University (Minneapolis, MN) - posted 9/20/21[]

  • 1 TT Assistant Professor position in the Department of Social Work.
  • The Social Work Department at Augsburg University is distinctive for its anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and culturally responsive emphasis as well as deep-seated commitment to social justice and global issues. We offer small class sizes and we leverage our strong community connections. BSW class schedules include weekdays and evenings; MSW classes meet in-person two weekends per month and asynchronously on-line.
  • The successful candidate will be expected to have the ability to teach across the BSW, MSW Foundation, and/or in the clinical or macro concentration programs. Those with clinical experience and/or expertise in the substance abuse field are encouraged to apply.
  • Augsburg University has approximately 2,000 traditional undergraduate students, 400 adult undergraduate students and 1,000 graduate students. The University's commitment to intentional diversity is reflected in the student body: For the past two years, students of color represented more than 50% of the incoming first-year undergraduate class. Augsburg's commitment to an intentionally diverse community goes beyond race and ethnicity and includes programs for first-generation students; non-traditional-age students; students from a broad array of faith backgrounds, cultures and nationalities; students in recovery; and students with disabilities.
  • If you are thinking about getting off the "publish or perish" R1 train and want to work at a place where students, teaching, and community engagement come first, please check us out.
  • Open until filled, apply here.
  • Questions? Contact Dr. Erin Sugrue, Search Committee Chair,

Arizona State University[]

  • 4 Assistant Professor Positions in the School of Social Work (SSW)
  • Priorities: child well-being, gerontology and/or lifelong disability, social welfare policy and populations of the Southwest
  • SSW holds a strong commitment to community-embedded research that advances evidence-based practice and makes a difference in our local and global communities
  • We are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging; as such, we especially encourage people from historically underrepresented populations to apply
  • The application deadline is November 15, 2021, 8:00p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis for a reserve pool.
  • Was anyone invited to the initial screening interview from Arizona State University?
    • I applied, but haven't heard anything.
    • Rejection email: 12/8. They skipped screening interviews from what I heard and went straight to campus visits.

Barry University[]

  • Barry University School of Social Work is the top ranked school of social work in South Florida and is in Miami Shores, just miles from bustling downtown and some of the best beaches in the world. Barry University has been serving students in the Catholic tradition for the last eight decades and is known for its social justice leadership, commitment to service, and diverse student body. The School offers a baccalaureate (BSW), masters (MSW), and two doctoral degrees, (DSW) and (PhD). BUSSW is committed to advancing and protecting the human rights of all individuals, with an emphasis on those most marginalized, through teaching, research, advocacy, and practice rooted in social justice. The School believes that learning leads to knowledge and truth, reflection leads to informed action, and a commitment to social justice leads to collaborative service.

Baylor University[]

  • Assistant to Associate

Boston College[]

Bryn Mawr College (PA)[]

  • TT Assistant, Advanced Assistant, or Associate Position in Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research
  • Seeking expertise in areas such as: the impact of early adversity on development, culturally responsive translational research, and/or evidence-informed approaches to substance abuse and addictions.
  • The successful candidate will demonstrate an ability to address issues of power, privilege, and oppression in social work education, research, and practice, while having an understanding of how to bridge “micro” and “macro” social work practice and research.
  • Candidates must have an MSW, at least two years post-MSW practice experience, and a Ph.D. in Social Work or a related discipline by the start date.
  • To apply for this position, candidates must submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, teaching philosophy, research statement, and statement of demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion to the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research Search Committee via Interfolio at: In addition, arrange for three letters of recommendation to be submitted via Interfolio to the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research Search Committee. Applications received October 15, 2021 will receive full consideration.

California State University Chico[]

  • TT Assistant Professor Position in the School of Social Work.
  • CSU Chico has pursued a diverse student body which has resulted in a student population that is largely made up of under-represented and first-generation students. The University is designated as a Hispanic-Serving Institution.
  • The minimum education requirement for appointment to this position is a master’s degree in Social Work, two years of post MSW practice experience, and an earned doctorate in Social Work or related field. Candidates nearing completion of the terminal degree may be considered; however, all requirements for conferral of the degree must be met no later than August 17, 2022.
  • This tenure-track position carries responsibilities in the areas of teaching both graduates and undergraduates, research and scholarship and service which entails committee work at various levels of the University. Teaching assignments are based upon qualifications of the individual and the needs of the department.
  • Review of applications will begin on November 5, 2021; Complete applications received after that date may be considered.

California State University - Long Beach[]

California State University - Los Angeles[]

California State University - Monterey Bay[]

California State University - Monterey Bay[]

California State University - San Jose[]

California State University - San Marcos[]

  • We strongly encourage applications from candidates who demonstrate that they will contribute to the diversity and excellence of our community through their teaching, research, and service. The Department offers a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, with a specialization in Advanced Generalist Practice. The Department has three program options: advanced standing, two-year, and three-year. Most courses are offered in-person on the main campus with some hybrid options. For a description of the program and courses, see

California State University - Stanislaus[]

Carleton University[]

Columbia University[]

  • Assistant or Associate
  • CSSW is now seeking scholars of race and racism, with a particular focus on anti-Black and/or anti-Latinx racism. We are adopting a “systems thinking” approach to analyzing the complex forces that drive disparities, and how those forces interrelate. A systems science mindset affords us the opportunity to explore how economic, education, criminal justice, child welfare, technology, implementation, and health systems are interwoven and have a deep impact on the well-being of Black and Latinx individuals, families, and communities. We are actively recruiting additional colleagues to join a growing cluster of post-docs and faculty at the junior and senior levels in the aforementioned areas to help untangle these formidable issues and reveal systems solutions to restructuring policies and practices to maximize well-being and achieve equity for Black and Latinx communities.

Eastern Carolina University[]

Eastern Kentucky University[]

  • The Eastern Kentucky University’s Department of Social Work is seeking applications for an open rank, tenure-track faculty member with primary assignment in the MSW program. This is a 9-month, full-time remote position with the opportunity to develop and teach additional online courses in the summer by contract. Start date will be Aug. 1, 2022. The BSW program has been accredited since 1977 with an online BSW program since 2017. The new MSW program anticipates Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accreditation by June 2023.
  • We seek a faculty member who is interested in helping us promote an innovative, student-centered field education program that values interprofessional collaboration associated with addictions intervention, mental health, child and family services, social advocacy and justice, and leadership and management. We further hope this new faculty member will join us in demonstrating the integration of social work practice, theory, and research skills to provide students a model for interprofessional social work practice.

Fairleigh Dickenson University[]

  • Fairleigh Dickinson University's new online MSW program is seeking qualified candidates to apply for the available full-time faculty position within the department of social work at the rank of assistant, associate, or full professor to begin August 2022. This position is responsible for teaching four online courses per semester as well as active involvement with service and research. This position will report to the Program Director of the Social Work program and will be eligible for tenure. This position requires the ability to have an in-person presence on campus, as needed by the department.

Florida Atlantic University[]

  • For more information and to apply, visit and go to Apply Now REQ11513, REQ11514

Florida State University[]

  • 9/3/2021. Florida State University will be hiring 2 tenure-track positions, open rank
  • Job ID: 49998.
  • Application review begins Oct 15, 2021
  • The Florida State University College of Social Work (FSU CSW) invites applications for multiple tenure-earning Open-rank faculty positions beginning in the Fall of 2022. The College educates students through its BSW, MSW (Clinical and Social Leadership concentrations) and research-based Ph.D. programs. The College is seeking candidates with research agendas that can contribute to collaborative research in demonstrably fundable areas (e.g., gerontology, poverty, behavioral health, criminal justice, health, child welfare, and addictions). Candidates must also demonstrate a commitment to teaching, research, external funding, and professional service.
  • Candidates must demonstrate a commitment to respecting and promoting a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

George Mason University[]

Goshen College[]

Hawai'i Pacific University[]

Idaho State University[]

Kennesaw State University[]

  • Assistant or Associate
  • To apply, visit

Mary Baldwin University[]

Montclair State University[]

  • The Department of Social Work and Child Advocacy at Montclair State University invites applications for a tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant Professor to begin September 2022. Area of research specialization is open, but research and expertise must intersect with children, youth, and families. The responsibilities of the current position include an active scholarly agenda (with the expectation of the pursuit of external funding) and teaching with principal assignment in the department’s Social Work programs, but with the expectation to teach in the Child Advocacy and Policy programs as well. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated excellence in teaching and scholarship commensurate with experience.

National Cheng-Chi University(Taiwan)[]

  • Apply by April 6, 2022
  • Tenure-Track Assistant/Associate/Full Professor Position
  • To Apply go to:
  • The Graduate Institute of Social Work, National Chengchi University in Taiwan, invites applications for a tenure-track position in Social Work/Social Welfare at the rank of Assistant/Associate/Full Professorship. Our Institute is committed to building a community of scholars whose work contributes to social inclusion and social justice. We seek leading or emerging voices in various social domains who possess a demonstrated commitment to advancing social equity in Taiwan, Asia, or internationally. Candidates who can teach courses at the graduate level in Social Research Methods and Aging Practice and Policy are preferred.The position starting date is August 1st, 2022.

New Mexico State University[]

New York University[]

Northern Arizona University[]

Northern Kentucky University[]

Ohio University (Zanesville)[]

  • OHIO University Zanesville seeks an Assistant Professor of Instruction in Social Work (non-tenure track). Available August 16, 2022 to teach introduction to social work, human behavior in the social environment, research and practice classes. This position is 1.0 FTE with a teaching load of 24 semester hours or equivalent per academic year as well as advising and other service to the Social Work program.

Portland State[]

  • Reposted on 1/5/22 after closing last post without finishing/conducting interviews

Purdue University []

  • Clinical Assistant/Associate Professor in Human Development and Family Studies at Purdue University. The position is a full-time, 9-month non-tenure track appointment with an anticipated start date of August 2022. Clinical faculty are full members of the HDFS faculty and are expected to demonstrate excellence in teaching undergraduate course content in lifespan human development and family studies, and lead one or more classes that make up the practical skills or capstone selections in the human services major. Review of applications will begin November 1, 2021. To Apply go to:

Rutgers University (NJ)[]

  • Rutgers University School of Social Work (RUSSW) will be hiring multiple Open Rank faculty (tenure-track Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Full Professor). We are particularly interested in scholars in the following areas:
  • Technology and social work
  • Social determinants of health and/or health care practice
  • Juvenile and criminal justice practice and reform
  • Immigration and refugee needs and social policy
  • Impacts of climate change and environmental justice

Link of Job Announcement and Online Application

  1. Same question about the environment/school culture here; was also interested but heard that they aren't the best with mentorship of junior faculty? Is this true?
  • No, it is not true to me. I am a tenure-track assistant professor at Rutgers School of Social Work, and have passed my 3rd year review. I feel that the school and faculty has been very supportive to my own growth towards tenure. The school has a formal mentorship program. This program helps junior faculty members develop their mentor network within the school. For example, I have two mentors, whom I have regular meetings with every semester. Also, the Associate Dean for Faculty Development supervises the mentorship program and also meets with junior faculty regularly to help create goals and address the needs of research, teaching, and service. The mentorship program will continue till you go up for tenure. The university offers different mentorship programs for junior faculty as well. I have completed one, which provides mentor network outside of our school, workshops on teaching and research, and peer support group across departments/schools.
  • 2. I am also an Assist Prof at Rutgers SSW on the tenure-track. I truly cannot imagine a more supportive place to be on the TT. There are a ton of structural supports with close attention to protecting time, mentorship, and providing the resources to be successful. And to top it off, it is an incredibly collegial and warm atmosphere. I feel very lucky to be here.

SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY (posted 11/22/21)[]

Salisbury University[]

Southern Connecticut State University

  • Search has been extended as of 11/17/21; searching for someone with clinical expertise in treating mental illness and substance abuse disorder. University has an intentional social justice mission; social work department is fairly large with BSW, MSW, and DSW programs. Department is in search of a disciplinary scholar devoted to a student-centric approach that can enhance our current efforts and mission.
    • Has anyone applied here? I met them at CSWE and they were very nice. Any info about the environment?

Southern Connecticut State University[]

St. Joseph College[]

Syracuse University[]

  • The School of Social Work seeks a faculty member to fill a tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor level. The faculty member is expected to conduct an active program of research and publication, including seeking external funding to support research. Teaching expectations include teaching courses at the graduate and/or undergraduate level in an area consistent with one’s expertise; serving as a student academic advisor; and supporting student engagement in research. Service to the school, college, university, profession, or community also is expected.

Texas State University (San Marcos, Texas)[]

Texas State University (Lubbock, Texas)[]

  • Texas Tech University (TTU) invites applications for a tenure track position in Social Work at the level of Assistant Professor to begin fall of 2022. Candidates whose research and/or practice interests will expand the diversity and range of expertise in the unit are highly desirable, as are those with experience teaching diverse student populations, including first-generation, non-traditional, and veteran students.

University of Alabama[]

  • The University of Alabama School of Social Work invites applications for one faculty appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor (tenure-track) to begin August 16, 2022. We are particularly interested in applicants whose scholarship focuses on Social and Racial Justice. Successful candidates should have (1) clear evidence of potential for a strong record of scholarship, (2) potential to secure external funding, (3) commitment to teaching and mentoring BSW, MSW, DSW, and PhD students; and (4) experience with, knowledge of, and sensitivity to the needs of culturally diverse and underrepresented populations and communities. SPECIAL NOTE TO APPLICANTS: As a School, we prioritize promoting practices and structures that support diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work and in the community. The inclusion of underrepresented groups across the School is essential to facilitate the contributions of diverse leaders with distinctive ideas within the discipline. Members of our School are committed to cultivating culturally sustaining practices and community-engaged research in health, behavioral health, and social and economic justice solutions for Alabama and the nation.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock[]

  • The University of Arkansas-Little Rock School of Social Work invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position. The School is Arkansas’ largest and oldest social work program. We are looking for a faculty member that can teach core social work curriculum in a variety of methodologies. The School serves a vibrant metropolitan community through teaching, research, and service. The candidate should be comfortable playing an active role in supporting, mentoring, and teaching a diverse student population in the MSW and BSW programs. The position has the flexibility of starting in January 2022 or Fall of 2022.

University of California - Berkeley[]

University of California - Los Angeles[]

University of British Columbia[]

University at Buffalo (SUNY)[]

  • Anyone hear from Buffalo yet? As of 11/14, I have not heard from them.
  • Have you guys been invited for an interview at Buffalo yet?

University of Central Florida[]

  • The School of Social Work at the College of Health Professions and Sciences at the University of Central Florida (UCF) invites applications for a tenure-earning assistant professor or a tenured associate professor. We are looking for a colleague who is committed to innovative, collaborative, and interdisciplinary research and publicly engaged scholarship; teaching excellence and student success; meaningful community engagement; and social justice, equity, and inclusivity. As a diverse institution we center access, belonging, and diverse perspectives. We are seeking an individual who can demonstrate effective engagement in an environment where colleagues and students come from many backgrounds and identities, as well as someone who can demonstrate commitment to equitable and inclusive teaching and research practices.

University of Chicago[]

  • Has anyone heard back from UChicago? I got a rejection email 11/03.
    • Rejection email on 12/21. (x2)

University of Denver (DU)[]

  • rejection email: 10/7
  • rejection email: 10/19 (did the rejection email come after the screening interview?--no, never received an invitation for a screening interview)
  • rejection email: 12/2
  • announcement of one position filled: 11/29
    • oh wow! I did a campus visit and was told the earliest I'd hear back would be the week of Dec 6th :/
    • There are still two more positions to be filled and a meeting tomorrow to discuss the last two candidates. The Dec 6th might still be true for those last two positions. Stay positive!
    • 12/3 - two positions filled

University of Georgia (Athens, GA)[]

  • At least one tenure-track Assistant Professor Position in the School of Social Work
  • Priorities: non-profit management and leadership; (im)migration; abolitionist, anti-racist, anti-oppressive pedagogy and practice; health equity; environmental justice; community-engaged research; macro and policy practice; intersectional social justice; and human and civil rights
  • Open until filled, but apply early, apply through UGA Jobs (F0945P)
  • ALSO hiring one non-tenure Clinical Assistant Professor Position
  • Teaching areas: advanced and foundational social work courses, particularly human behavior in the social environment and advanced clinical practice with individuals
  • Open until filled, apply through UGA Jobs (F0974P)
    • Does anyone know about the environment/school culture here? Was interested in applying but wanted to get a better feel for it beforehand.

University of Houston[]

  • he Graduate College of Social Work (GCSW) at the University of Houston, a Carnegie Designated Tier One Research University, invites applications for full-time tenure track assistant professors. At the GCSW, our vision is to achieve social, racial, economic, and political justice, local to global. We invite applicants whose research, scholarship, and teaching advance the social work profession and contribute to achieving this vision. We are particularly interested in applicants whose scholarship focuses on critical issues of racial justice and who approach this work through liberatory frameworks. Appointments will begin September 1, 2022. ABOUT THE GCSW: The GCSW is the largest graduate social work program located in Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States. Houston is an international and multicultural city, and the University and College reflect this diversity. The University of Houston has been designated a Hispanic Serving Institution and is recognized as being one of the most racially and ethnically diverse research institutions in the nation. Our MSW program is ranked in the top 10% of all social work programs nationwide, and offers face-to-face, hybrid, and online curriculum options. Our PhD program focuses on developing scholars that contribute to evidence-based social work. Our MSW and PhD programs include a strong focus on and commitment to social justice and anti-racism. As a graduate-only College, the GCSW serves approximately 500 MSW and 30 PhD students. The University of Houston is a member of the Texas Medical Center, which includes the MD Anderson Cancer Center, UT Medical School, Michael E. DeBakey Veteran's Administration Medical Center, and Baylor College of Medicine. In addition, UH has recently begun training its inaugural class in the newly established UH College of Medicine. This environment is rich in potential for numerous collaborative opportunities. Our faculty are actively engaged in groundbreaking research and scholarship to address complex challenges facing society, reinforcing our long-standing commitment to social and racial justice. Over the last 5 years, the GCSW faculty has secured over $20 million in external grant funding. For more information please visit our web site at Applicants must show clear evidence of potential for impact in research, teaching, and community engagement. As stated above, applicants should demonstrate a commitment to the GCSW's vision and identify how their research, teaching, and community engagement contributes to this vision. The GCSW has a strong commitment to diversity in all areas and strongly encourages candidates from historically excluded groups to apply. The University of Houston is responsive to the needs of dual career couples. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. To apply, provide a letter of interest that addresses research and teaching interests, curriculum vita, and contact information for three references. The University of Houston is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. Minorities, women, veterans and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Additionally, the University prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

University of Illinois -Chicago[]

University of Louisville[]

University of Maryland[]

University of Maryland - Baltimore County[]

University of Michigan[]

  • Aiming to have campus visits happen by Winter break

University of Michigan - Dearborn[]

University of Minnesota (Posted on Oct. 18th)[]

  • Open Rank Faculty Position: Macro Practice (Social Work)
  • Open Rank Faculty Position: Health/Behavioral Health (Social Work)

University of Nebraska (Omaha)[]

  • The Grace Abbott School of Social Work (GASSW), a part of the College of Public Affairs and Community Service (CPACS) at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO), invites applications for tenure-track assistant professor position with an anticipated start date of August 15, 2022. The assistant professor will teach across graduate and undergraduate social work curricula, engage in research and scholarly activities, and provide departmental, university, and professional service, including collaborating with colleagues across campus/es and the community at large. This is a full-time, benefits eligible position.

University of New Hampshire[]

  • The Department of Social Work at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) invites applications for a tenure-track position. We seek a diverse pool of candidates who will enhance our Department’s commitment to antiracism, diversity, inclusion, and equity. Our program has a focus on generalist practice and social justice. We encourage applicants with a diversity of knowledge, backgrounds, and experiences that will contribute to our Department’s inclusive culture. We are hiring one full-time tenure-track Assistant Professor beginning August 2022. Applications will be reviewed immediately and continue until the position is filled.
  • 12/5/21 Just a heads up. I interviewed here last year and I heard nothing from them after the second round interview. There was no call or even an email to say they had chosen a different candidate. I know this is a thing with a lot of schools, unfortunately.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill[]

  • Our SSW will be hiring 1 tenure-track Assistant Professor and 2 Open Rank faculty this year (9/16). Postings opened on 10/1. Interested individuals are strongly encouraged to apply by 11/15. Search committee is reviewing applications on a rolling basis. We have received 120 applications as of 11/12. Initial Zoom interviews starting in November and will continue for several weeks. Applicants for Assistant Professor will be interviewed first, Associate and Full Professor later. Campus visits will likely be held in January and February. Applicants who applied for the Assistant Professor position are encouraged to also apply for both of the open rank positions also (same application materials). We may hire mostly or all TT Assistant Professors because these are the bulk of the applications and these applications are highly competitive.
  • TT Assistant Professor:
  • Open rank:
  • I heard they have started screening interviews.
    • Do you know when they started screening interviews? Has anyone else heard back? This was second hand information, I heard from someone who was told by someone on the search committee that they had started doing screening interviews - so I have no details. It does surprise me though that no one on this board (of the active people) has received a screener.

University of North Florida[]

UNF faculty are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic excellence in all phases of instruction, research/scholarship/creative activity, and service. The successful candidate will teach three courses per semester in areas including research methods, multicultural social work practice, child welfare practice, advanced generalist practice, and advanced practice electives. In addition to teaching, the successful candidate will be expected to maintain an active research agenda including publication in peer- reviewed outlets and securing external research funding, and to make meaningful service contributions to the Department, University, and discipline. Areas of research and teaching expertise are open. All candidates must have an MSW from a CSWE-accredited program, as well as an earned doctorate in Social Work by August 1, 2022. Two or more years of post-MSW practice experience are preferred.

University of Northern Iowa[]

  • The University of Northern Iowa’s Department of Social Work seeks applications for a full-time tenure-track position as Assistant Professor, starting August 2022. Responsibilities for this position include teaching three graduate and/or undergraduate courses in either in-person or online formats, an active research agenda and scholarship production, participating in service to the department and University, and student advisement. We are seeking candidates who can contribute to the department’s focus on trauma-informed care, through teaching and/or research in the following areas: trauma and stress, resiliency, mental health, poverty, inequality and oppression, or race and racism. Exceptional candidates in other areas may also be considered. For this position, we are seeking candidates who can teach courses at both BSW and MSW levels. Deadline is January 25, 2022. Applications will be reviewed in early spring.

University of Pennsylvania[]

    • Has anyone heard back from Penn?
  • Got an email on 12/22 saying I was a "promising" candidate and to let them know if I was no longer interested in being considered. Said interviewees would be selected in mid-January and finalists selcted in Feb.

University of Pittsburgh[]

University of South Carolina[]

  • The College of Social Work at the University of South Carolina invites applications for a 9‐month full‐time professional track (non‐tenure) clinical faculty position with primary teaching responsibilities at the undergraduate level.
  • How to Apply: Applicants should submit electronically a letter of application including a statement of teaching interests and experience, curriculum vitae, a diversity statement, teaching evaluations if available, and the names/contact information of three references.

University of South Dakota[]

University of Southern Indiana[]

University of Southern Mississippi (posted 11/09/21)[]

  • Assistant Professor positions (2 openings):
    • The School of Social Work at The University of Southern Mississippi seeks qualified applicants for two Assistant Professor of Social Work positions. The full-time, 9-month, tenure track positions begin August 2022. In addition to teaching in the BSW and MSW programs, faculty are expected to engage in an active research/scholarship agenda as well as pursue external funding to support their scholarship. Faculty are expected to participate in school, university, professional, and community service. Both positions are located on the main campus in Hattiesburg, MS. The School of Social Work at Southern Miss is deeply committed to the values of social, economic, environmental, and racial justice. We are inspired by a vision of social justice and advocacy for the health and well-being of all people. Our graduates engage clients who primarily reside in the increasingly diverse Gulf South to produce dynamic solutions for personal, interpersonal and system problems – especially those unique to the poor, oppressed and underserved. The School offers a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Master of Social Work (MSW), both of which require field internships and licensure exams in order to practice. The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredits both degree programs.
  • Instructor position (1 opening):
    • The School of Social Work at The University of Southern Mississippi seeks qualified applicants for an Instructor of Social Work position. This full-time, 9-month, non-tenure track position begins August 2022. The instructor will be responsible for teaching courses in the BSW and MSW programs. In addition to teaching, the position includes service to the School and community. This position is located on the Hattiesburg, MS campus. The School of Social Work at The University of Southern Mississippi is deeply committed to the values of social, economic, environmental, and racial justice. We are inspired by a vision of social justice and advocacy for the health and well-being of all people. Our graduates engage clients who primarily reside in the increasingly diverse Gulf South to produce dynamic solutions for personal, interpersonal and system problems – especially those unique to the poor, oppressed and underserved. The School offers a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Master of Social Work (MSW), both of which require field internships and licensure exams in order to practice. The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredits both degree programs.
  • Visiting Instructor position (1 opening, spring 2022 only):
    • The School of Social Work is seeking applications for a Visiting Instructor position for the Spring Semester of 2022. The position will begin on January 3, 2022 and end on May 17, 2022.  The Visiting Instructor will function as an important part of the School of Social Work team by teaching courses across the MSW and BSW curricula. The School of Social Work at The University of Southern Mississippi is deeply committed to the values of social, economic, environmental, and racial justice. We are inspired by a vision of social justice and advocacy for the health and well-being of all people. Our graduates engage clients who primarily reside in the increasingly diverse Gulf South to produce dynamic solutions for personal, interpersonal and system problems – especially those unique to the poor, oppressed and underserved. The School offers a Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work, both of which require field internships and licensure exams in order to practice. A child advocacy studies minor is also available. The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredits both degree programs.

University of Tennessee Knoxville (posted 9/28/21)[]

  • Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor (3 positions)
  • Beginning Fall 2022
  • Location: Knoxville or Nashville

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville College of Social Work invites applications for three open-rank, tenure-track positions. We are looking for colleagues who will contribute to the highest-quality education of undergraduate and graduate students, conduct innovative scholarship that addresses the current and emerging Grand Challenges for Social Work and Society, engage with communities and professional organizations in meaningful ways, and help the College move forward in our commitment to anti-oppressive practice, equity, inclusive excellence, and social justice.

  • Application Instructions

Interested individuals should provide: (1) a cover letter addressing professional experience relevant to each required and preferred qualification, (2) curriculum vitae, (3) a copy of 3 representative research, and (4) contact information for three professional references. Priority consideration will be given to applications submitted by Friday, October 15 , 2021, though review may continue until the appointments are made. Materials should be submitted electronically. Inquiries may be addressed to the search committee co-chair, Dr. Courtney Cronley at [[1]].

  • Application Process

This institution is using Interfolio’s Faculty Search to conduct this search. Applicants to this position receive a free Dossier account and can send all application materials, including confidential letters of recommendation, free of charge. Apply now at

University of Texas at Arlington (posted 10/10/21)[]

The University of Texas at Arlington, School of Social Work is hiring for multiple Assistant Professor Tenure-Track and Associate/Full Professor Tenured positions effective fall semester 2022. We are especially interested in adding faculty who will strengthen our capacity in the areas of Mental Health/Substance Misuse and Children & Families. Applicants whose research focuses on individual and/or structural approaches are encouraged to apply, as well as those with a focus on diversity and interdisciplinary research activities.

Detailed description about the positions can be found here:

Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the positions are filled. Questions

University of Texas - Austin[]

University of Texas - San Antonio[]

University of Utah[]

  • The University of Utah, College of Social Work invites applications for a 12-month career-line faculty positions at the rank of Assistant Professor (Lecturer). These are a non-tenure track positions intended to be long-term within the University’s Career-Line Faculty structure, with renewable contracts. The University of Utah and the College of Social Work value candidates who have experience working in settings with students from diverse backgrounds, and possess a strong commitment to improving access to higher education for historically underrepresented students.

University of Vermont- Search was cancelled[]

University of Washington Tacoma (posted 9/21/21) ==[]

  • The University of Washington Tacoma (UW Tacoma) invites applications for two full-time tenure track positions at the rank of Assistant Professor in Social Work beginning September 16, 2022.  These are full-time positions with a nine-month service period. The positions’ teaching responsibilities are primarily in the Social Work degree programs. The duties of these positions include teaching, engaging in scholarship activities, and departmental, campus, and community service. The successful applicant will be expected to teach and engage in research related to communities that are disproportionately impacted by racial, social, and economic injustices. The successful applicant will be expected to teach across the BASW and MSW curriculum, particularly diversity and social justice courses, research methods, and/or community and organizational (macro) practice courses. Link to more information.
  • The University of Washington Tacoma (UW Tacoma) invites application for a full‐time Assistant Teaching Professor/Practicum Coordinator in Social Work beginning September 16, 2022. This is a full-time, non-tenure track position, with a 9-month service period that is eligible for a multi-year appointment. In addition, there are optional and additionally compensated teaching opportunities available during summer session. The positions’ teaching responsibilities are primarily in the Social Work degree programs. The successful applicant will be expected to teach and engage in research related to communities that are disproportionately impacted by racial, social and economic injustices. The successful candidate will teach up to 3 social work courses per academic year, with an emphasis on Field Education-related courses, as well as coordinate and supervise students’ field placements within the social work program. The duties of this position include teaching; arranging, coordinating and supervising practicum placements; serving as field liaison between the school and field agencies; identifying and developing new practicum placement sites as needed; maintaining program data in compliance with School and Council on Social Work Education standards; serving as faculty advisor to a designated number of undergraduate and/or graduate students; working with community partners; and departmental, campus, and community service. Link to more information.
  • For both of these positions, screening will begin October 15th but will continue to be reviewed until positions are filled. Has anyone heard anything from UW Tacoma? - I did a first round interview with UWT in early/mid November and haven't heard anything back// update: did a virtual campus visit on 1/5/22; they say campus visits conclude mid-Jan, and they hope to make offers the week of the 24th (if COVID doesn't complicate or delay things)
  • 1/27/22: Given the timeline, any offers were made?

Texas State University

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire[]

University of Wisconsin - Madison[]

Offer accepted, per Twitter (1/22)

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee[]

Got a rejection email, 12/7.

Virginia Commonwealth University (posted 10/7/21)[]

  • Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Social Work invites applications for tenured/tenure track faculty members at the assistant, associate, or full professor level. Several positions will be filled in this open rank search; both individual and cluster hire applications may be considered.
  • The anticipated start date for all positions is August, 2022. Positions will be open until filled; priority consideration will be given to applications received by November 15, 2021.
  • Link to full position description.
  • Aiming to invite people to virtual campus visits in next 2 weeks or so
    • Not sure the exact timeline, but they said during the screening interview that they were aiming to do virtual job talks in mid-december, then in-person visits to their top people in January and February. So I expect they will be reaching out about the job talks soon. They are doing 3 rounds, instead of 2.
  • Does anyone know the publication expectation for tenure at VCU? (preferably per year)

Washington University in St. Louis - Brown School (posted 10/13/21)[]

Seeks up to 4 tenure track positions in varied disciplines. See Announcement:

Wayne State[]

Westfield State University[]

  • In 1839, Horace Mann founded Westfield State University as the first public higher education institution without barrier to race, gender or economic class. Westfield State University is committed to a policy of non-discrimination, equal opportunity, diversity and affirmative action. We are dedicated to providing educational, working and living environments that value the diverse backgrounds of all people including minorities, women, veterans, individuals with disabilities and other protected persons, or individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds. Westfield State is the most residential of the state universities in Massachusetts, with over 60% of our 5600 full-time undergraduate students living on campus. The campus is ideally situated on the edge of the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts just 30 minutes from the thriving cultural centers of Northampton and Amherst, and 1.5 hours from both Boston and Albany.

Yeshiva University[]

San Jose State University (posted 11/23)[]