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Page for Academic Positions in Social Work that begin in 2024.

6/6/24: Page for 2025 is now available: Social Work 2024-2025

Last year's page: Social Work 2022-2023

Let's do this! Try to stick to a few guidelines when posting to keep things consistent:[]

  • Post information about the position (or positions) including rank, source of information, and desired specialties.
  • Update when you know if a school has announced or cancelled a search, done preliminary interviews, a invited candidates out for job talks, or made offers, even if this information is anecdotal (but please note that it's anecdotal if it is)!
  • Add date of posting to information whenever possible.
  • Please Use === Heading 3 === when adding names of schools to this page.

A couple of features of this page, based on additional posts from past years:

  • There are two general sections:
  • Discussion: Post other job search related information here. In the past, topics have included:
  • Tally of number of people checking this page
  • Information about salaries offered relative to cost of living.
  • Information about the number of places people have applied, number of initial interviews received, number of campus visits/job talks, and number of offers.
  • Info on regular teaching load for each institution (e,g., 3 courses/semester is a 3-3 teaching load)
  • Please feel free to add topics here!
  • List of Schools: Post information about positions, here: FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS ACADEMIC, PLEASE DATE YOUR POSTS!

RECENT ACTIVITY on the Social Work 2023-2024 Wiki[]

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How many people are updating or monitoring this page?[]

ABD (Early): 1

ABD (On the market): 26

PhD/DSW: 5

Postdoctoral Fellow: 5

Visiting Professor:

Assistant Professor: 15

Associate Professor: 2

Full Professor:

Master's Students/MSW:


Salaries, Cost of Living, Teaching Load[]

(*Would you also be able to share details about your position e.g., TT Assistant Professor, your # of course releases, start-up fund, etc.? Greatly appreciate the information!)

  • 88,000, mid cost of living, 2/2, R1 (is this for 9/10 month salary or 12 month?)
    • 9 month
    • TT assistant professor
    • 10,000 moving, assigned grad student, 7,500 for research start up (Is this a total amount or per year?)
  • 87,000, high cost of living, 3/3 teaching
    • 9 month
    • TT assistant professor
    • 1 course release, $3,500 for moving expenses, no research start up funds but full tech paid for any time needed, funding for 2 conferences/year
  • 86,000, mid cost of living, 2/2 unranked
    • 10 month
    • TT assistant professor
    • $10,000 research start up, $10,000 moving, $2,500 yearly for conference, 1 course release
  • 72,000, mid cost of living, 3/3 R2
    • 9 month
    • TT Assistant Professor
    • 3/3 with 1 course release first year
  • $60,100, mid cost of living, 3/3 R2
    • 9 month
    • TT Assistant Professor
    • $2000 moving expenses, 1 course release for first year
  • $110,000, mid cost of living, 2/2 R1
    • 9 month, TT Assistant Professor
    • 2 course releases, moving expenses, summer salary for 2 years
  • $86,000, mid cost of living, 2/2 R1
    • 9 month, TT Assistant Professor
    • 3 course releases, moving expenses
    • $40,000 start up, summer salary for 2 years, research assistant
  • $83,000, mid cost of living, 2/2 R1
    • 9 month, TT Assistant Professor
    • 1/2 course load for first 3 years, $6000 moving expenses + $1000 stipend to travel in the Spring and house hunt
    • $15,000 start up, 1/9 summer salary for 3 years, 1 part-time doctoral student for 1 year
  • $65,000 mid-high cost of living, 4/4 R2
    • 9 month, TT Assistant Professor
    • 3/3 for the first year
    • $5,000 moving expenses
  • $74,000, mid cost of living. 2/2+ R1
    • 10 month, TT Assistant Professor
    • 1/2 course load for first 2 years
    • $10,000 research start up
    • $5,000 moving expenses
  • $80,500, mid cost of living, 2/2 R1
    • 9 month, TT Assistant Professor
    • 1/1 course load for the first year, $11,000 moving expenses + $1500 house hunt
    • $25,000 start up, 1/9 summer salary for 2 years, research assistant
  • $110,000, high cost of living, 2/2 R1
    • 9 month, TT Assistant professor
    • 5 course releases, $50,000 research start up, summer salary and research assistant for 3 years
    • $15,000 moving expenses
  • $65,500, mid-high cost of living, 3/2 R2
    • 9 month, TT Assistant professor
    • 2 course releases, $5,000 research start up, summer salary
    • $1, 000 moving expenses
  • $69,800, mid cost of living, teaching school
    • 9-month, TT assistant professor
    • 3/3 load (2/3 first year)
    • $3400 moving expenses

Ratio of applications: 1st round interviews: Campus visits: Offers (example: 16:8:4:2)59*:3:1:? (*including positions in neighboring disciplines)[]

38*:16:8 (declined 2):4 (*including positions in neighboring disciplines & postdocs)


25*:9:4:3 (*including positions in neighboring disciplines- as of 1/31/24)


7:3:2:1 (as of 11/17/23)

13:6:3:2 (as of 2/13/24) (*social work TT faculty position only)

25:20:15:8 (as of 04/01/24) (*social work TT faculty position only)

  • Congrats on getting 15 campus visit invitations and 8 offers! That must have been so much travel!

3*:3:2:1 (as of 12/23/23) (*including 1 position in a neighboring discipline)

34*:16:10 (declined 3):4 (as of 04/08/24) (*including post-docs, positions in neighboring disciplines)

21*:8:2:2 (as of 11/09/23) (* including positions in neighboring disciplines)

10:5:2:1(?) (as of 11/13/23)

2*:2:0:1 (*including post-doc) (as of 12/22/23)

19:6:4:? (as of 1/3/24)

9:4:?:? (as of 1/3/24; all TT Assistant Professor positions, non-clinical)

6:3:3:1 (11/29/23)

12:8 (declined 4):3:2 (12/20/23)

15*:8:2:1 *including neighboring disciplines (as of 1/15/2024)

36*:8:4:? (including neighboring disciplines and 4 post-docs; updated 3/1/24)

14:6:2:? (2/15/24, all TT Assist Prof, non clinical)

25:7:3:1 (All Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Position; as of Jan-20-2024)

Status Updates/General Discussion[]

Schools That Have Interviewed[]

  • Westfield State University conducted a final round of interviews, They said they would let candidates know by the end of April. Has anyone received an offer?
  • University of Missouri-Columbia has started conducting virtual screening interviews (9/12/23).
  • Erikson Institute has started virtual screening interviews (9/19/23)
  • Florida Atlantic University has started virtual screening interviews for TT position (9/20/2023)
  • University of Iowa has started virtual screening interviews (9/25/2023)
    • Did Iowa start campus visit? (11/10/2023)
    • Campus visits late October/early November (11/12/2023) **Do you know if the campus visit is for the Behavioral Health position or the Mental Health position? I know they're hiring for two positions. (11/14/23)
  • Sacred Heart University has started virtual screening interviews (9/29/2023) teaching load 4/3 for tenure track (10/22/23)
  • • Did you hear campus interview news?
    • At SSWR I was advised that they are still in their process--did not sound like campus visits have begun.
  • University of Alaska - Anchorage has started screening interviews for TT position (9/29/2023)
  • University of Utah has started virtual screening interviews (9/26/2023)
    • Is this for the tenure-track or lecturer position? (9/27/2023) - TT Assistant/Associate (9/27/23)
  • University of Montana - Missoula has started virtual screening interviews (10/4/23)
  • University of Nebraska - Kearney has started virtual screening interviews (10/4/23)
  • University at Buffalo has started virtual screening interview (10/4/23)
  • Salisbury University has started virtual screening interviews (10/10/23)
  • New York University has started virtual screening interviews (10/13/23)
    • Are NYU virtual screening interviews for assistant professor or associate professor application? - Assistant Prof (10/14/23)
      • Do you know: when did NYU email you for interview? and when did NYU interview with you? Many thanks (10/14/23)
        • I received the invitation for screening interview on 10/14 and scheduled for 10/20 (10/24/23)
  • Does anyone hear interview news from Bryn Mawr? (10/18)
    • Not yet but I saw they are doing screening interviews at APM (10/19/23)
      • Do you mean they already sent email to someone to do interview at CSWE this year?
      • I'm not sure. I didn't receive an email for an interview, but I was browsing the APM app and saw they have a booth for interviews. Maybe someone else has heard or maybe they will start sending out invites early next week? (10/19/23)
      • I received an email on 10/17/23 to schedule a screening interview at CSWE (10/20/23)
    • Has anyone heard whether Bryn Mawr has scheduled campus visits? (11/14/23)
      • Any news from Bryn Mawr? (12/14/23)
      • Bryn Mawr has started campus visits (12/15)
  • University of Kansas has started virtual screening interviews (10/18/23)
    • Do you know when they email you the interview notification? -- yes, they emailed on 10/18/23
    • Some interviews are at CSWE and some are taking place the week after 10/19/23
  • University of Buffalo has started scheduling screening interviews (10/20/23)
  • Northern Arizona University has started screening interviews (10/22/23)
  • University of Central Florida has started virtual screening interviews (10/23/23)
  • University of Connecticut has started virtual screening interviews (invite sent 10/26/23)
  • Cal State East Bay has started scheduling virtual screening interviews (10/27/23)
  • Cal State San Bernardino has started scheduling virtual screening interviews (10/30/23)
  • University of Chicago has started scheduling virtual screening interviews (10/27/23)
  • University of Hawai'i started scheduled virtual screening interviews two weeks ago (10/29/23)
    • Has anyone heard whether they have scheduled campus visits? (11/9/23)
    • They are still doing screening interviews, although there were a few positions posted so not sure which ones are still screening (12/13/23)
  • University of Kentucky started scheduling for virtual screening interviews (10/31/23)
  • San Diego State University has stated scheduling for virtual screening interviews (11/2/23)
  • University of Texas - Arlington has started scheduling for virtual screening interviews (11/6/23)
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham has started scheduling for virtual screening interviews (11/6/23)
  • University of Memphis has started scheduling for virtual screening interviews (11/6/23)
  • Skidmore has started scheduling virtual screening interviewers (11/9/23).
    • Has Skidmore started scheduling campus visits? (12/14/23)
    • Following up: Any news on campus visits for Skidmore? (01/03/23)
  • Smith College has started scheduling virtual screening interviews (11/9/23).
    • Are Smith College's virtual screening interviews for assistant professor or associate professor application? (11/9/23)
    • Does anyone know if Smith College has scheduled their remote "campus visits?" (11/29/23)
      • May I ask how you learned that their campus visits are remote? Did you ask during your interview? (I've heard nothing.) (11/29)
  • UCLA has started scheduling virtual screening interviews (11/9/23)
    • Are UCLA's virtual screening interviews for the assistant professor opening? If so, when did you receive request to schedule? Thanks! (11/14/23)
      • It would appear so. I received an invitation on Thursday morning (11/9/23) to interview that same afternoon or the next day (11/10/23). I interviewed Friday and was told that they were wrapping up first-round interviews early this week and would notify interviewees whether or not they were moving forward sometime after. I have not yet received any updates. (11/14/23)
  • University of Alabama has started scheduling virtual screening interviews (11/8/23)
  • University of Michigan Tenured Associate/Full Professor in Intervention Research has started scheduling virtual screening interviews(11/13/23)
    • During screening interview, timeline of interviews said were going to be scheduled mid-January, but invitations for scheduled interviews were hopefully going to go out before the holidays (12/16/23)
  • Boise State is scheduling virtual screening interviews for mid-December (11/29/23)
  • University of Minnesota- Twin Cities is scheduling virtual screening interviews for early-mid December (11/29/23)
    • Received rejection from UMN on 12/18 after screening interview on 12/4
      • Sorry to hear. Was this for the Clinical or the Macro track? (12/18)
      • Macro (12/19)
      • Has anyone received an invitation for a campus visit (for either the clinical or macro position)?
      • I was told the soonest candidates would receive an invite for campus visit would be first week of January (12/22)
    • UMN is scheduling second-round full-day Zoom interviews between 1/16-2/15 (1/4/24)
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has started scheduling virtual screening interviews (12/2/23)
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City has started scheduling virtual screening interviews (12/2/23)
  • Virginia Commonwealth University has started scheduling virtual screening interviews (12/3/23)
    • VCU said in my interview that they will schedule campus visits for the week after SSWR in January (12/14/23)
  • Binghamton has started scheduling screening interviews (12/7/23)
    • Do you by chance know their timeline for screening interviews? Did they give you a date range? (12/8/23)
    • The dates they provided work Monday 12/11 through Wednesday 12/13. (12/10)
    • I was just offered a screening interview (1/3/2024)
  • Columbia University has been screening-not sure when but I heard they were wrapping up with interviews last week (12/9/23)
  • Does anyone hear interview news or the timeline from UMBC? (12/15)
  • University of Arkansas at Little Rock has started virtual screening interviews (12/12/23)
  • Kennesaw State University has started scheduling virtual screening interviews (12/18/23)
  • Metropolitan State University at Denver has started scheduling virtual screening interviews (12/21/23)
  • UNC Chapel Hill has started scheduling screening interviews (1/6/23)
  • UM-Dearborn started scheduling screeners. (1/14/23)
  • ECU has started scheduling screening interviews (1/19/24)
  • University of Missouri- St. Louis has started scheduling screening interviews (1.24.24)
  • Wichita State University has started scheduling screening interviews (1/24/24)
    • Anyone hear about campus visits? (3/1/24)
  • Northern Michigan University has started scheduling screening interviews (1/24/24)
    • NMU has scheduled campus visits mid-March (3/9/14)
  • University of Vermont started scheduling interviews. (1/24/24)
  • North Carolina State University started screening interviews last week and they mentioned that they will begin to schedule campus visit soon. Did anyone heard any campus visit from NC State? (1/30/24) I'm wondering the same. I had a screening interview with NCSU in January was told they would schedule campus visits in mid-February. I'm assuming I'm not getting a campus visit at this point, but I'd love to know if others heard. (2/20/2024)
    • Thank you for the information. Honestly, I could not heard anything from them as well for the campus visit. Best of luck, might be they have not schedule yet or I am not getting campus visit at this point ( 2/22/2024).
  • Texas Woman’s has started scheduling screening interviews (2/6/24)
  • Augsburg has started scheduling screening interviews (3/15/24)
  • UT-Arlington has started scheduling interviews for their cluster hire position (4/5/24)

Schools That Have Scheduled Campus Visits[]

  • Has anyone heard whether campus visits (open rank TT faculty) for UNC Chapel Hill were being scheduled yet? (1/26/24)
    • I was told by the search chair that campus visit invites would be sent out this week, but haven't hear anything more (1/26/24)
    • Anyone have updates at UNC Chapel Hill? (1/30/24)
    • Nope - radio silence. not sure if they have sent out invites (2/2/24)
    • UNC has selected candidates already for the campus visit - was not told when. (2/8/24)
    • UNC held some campus visits last week. They may still be scheduling more, but I'm not sure
    • (2/21/2024)
  • Has anyone heard campus interview from University of Texas - Arlington? (11/29/23)
    • I have campus visit scheduled for mid-January at UTA. (12/13/23).
    • Same question for Arlington about campus news (12/3/23)
    • Nothing directly from them but they did send me a request for a background check form on 12/1 (12/3/23)
      • Did you apply for the assistant professor position? (12/3/23)? Yes.
      • Arlington is scheduling their campus visits for mid-January (12/9/23)
        • Any update on UT Arlington? (1/24/24)
        • some campus interviews were scheduled in early March
  • University of Missouri-Columbia has started conducting campus visits for potential candidates (10/9/23)
  • Has anyone heard whether UIUC has scheduled campus visits? (11/18/23)
    • Yes they have (11/26/23)
      • Wonder when you had the screening interview and when they started scheduling campus visit (11/26/23)
      • Also curious about when they notified you campus interview (11/27/23)
        • heard about campus visit mid nov (11/27/23)
        • for pure curiosity for the length of campus interview: is it a 2 or 3 days campus interview?
          • It was like 1.5 days (afternoon, full day, morning)
    • Interviewed mid-Nov and was told that they expect to interview through the end of the month. Said they'd offer any potential campus invites shortly thereafter, likely for mid-Jan. (11/29/23)
      • Did they tell when will they email the campus interview decision? (11/29/23)
      • I believe they said the first or second week of Dec (11/29/23)
    • UIUC has scheduled campus visits for January (12/17/23)
  • Florida Atlantic University has started scheduling campus visits for potential candidates (10/12/23)
    • Campus visit for FAU scheduled for early Nov (10/18/23)
  • University of Montana has started scheduling campus visits for potential candidates (10/23/23)
  • NYU Silver School of Social Work started scheduling campus visits for early/mid November (10/24/23)
  • University of Nebraska - Kearney has started scheduling campus visits for mid-November (10/31/23)
  • Salisbury University has started scheduling campus visits for mid-November (11/2/23)
  • University of Utah- Head that they started their campus visits in November
  • University of Kansas has started scheduling campus visits for mid-November/early December (11/9/23)
  • University of Central Florida has started scheduling campus visits for late November and early December (11/13/23)
  • University of Iowa scheduled campus visits at the end of October/early November (11/13/23)
  • University of Memphis has started scheduling campus visits (11/17/23)
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham has started scheduling campus visits (11/17/23) Did you receive email or phone call for UAB ? Thank you! - They contacted me via email (11/25/23) Does anyone happen to know their timeline? (12/14/23)
  • University of Kentucky has reached out to inquire about candidate interest in campus visits (11/17/23)
  • UCLA has scheduled campus visits for the finalist (11/18/2023)
  • University of Alabama has started scheduling campus visits (11/21/23)
  • SDSU campus visit late November (11/29/23)
  • UConn campus visit early Dec (11/29/23)
  • University of Missouri - Kansas City has started scheduling campus visits for the end of January/early February (12/8/23)
  • Erikson held campus visits late Nov/Early Dec (12/9/23)
  • University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM) has started scheduling campus visits for January (12/15/23)
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa has started scheduling campus visits for February (12/27/23)
  • Kennesaw State University has started scheduling campus visits for end of January/early February (1/3/24)
  • University of Arkansas at Little Rock has started scheduling campus visits for late Jan/early Feb (1/9/24)
  • Virginia Commonwealth University has scheduled campus visits for mid-January/early February (1/15/24)
  • Troy University has been holding campus visits (1/30/24)
  • East Carolina University has scheduled campus visits starting in late February (2/7/24)
  • Has anyone heard about campus visits from Boise State or Binghamton? (2/10/23)
  • University of Missouri- St. Louis has stated scheduling campus visits (2/13/24)
  • University of Washington has started scheduling campus visits (3/18/24)
  • Does anyone schedule a campus visit with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro? ( 3/26/2024)
    • I applied right after they made an announcement, and I haven't heard anything. Did you have a screening interview, OP? (3/27/24)
  • Augsburg has scheduled campus visits. (4/3/24)

Schools That Have Made Offers[]

  • Florida Atlantic University has begun to make offers (11/17/23)
  • University of Missouri-Columbia has made an offer - received a call that the search has been completed on 11/27/23
  • NYU made offer for Asst. Prof position last week (12/4/23) filled as of 1/4/24
  • University of Iowa has made an offer for Assistant professor position (12/4/23)
  • University of Memphis has made an offer (12/18/23)
  • San Diego State University made offer back in December
  • Salem State University (12/8/23)
  • Erikson Institute (12/20/23)
    • Have both offers gone out? (12/21/23)
    • The vote happened on 12/19. I had already accepted another offer by the time they extended to me. Not sure what their next steps will be. (12/22/23)
  • Smith College School for Social Work-notification that the position has been filled (1/11/24)
    • May I ask how you learned that Smith's position has been filled? I had a campus visit, and have not heard that the position has been filled.
      • I am not the OP but I received an email from the committee indicating the position was filled. (1/14/24)
  • UCLA made offer the week of December 11, 2023
  • UIUC has made an offer earlier this month (1/18/24)
    • Which position was this for? (1/31/24)
    • does anyone have updates on UIUC's offers? It's been months for some campus visits (2/22/2024)
    • What happened to the accepted offers?
      • Someone must have made edits on an earlier version.
    • Two offers have been accepted (03/04/24)
  • California State University, Northridge position closed as of 1/24/24
  • California State University, Fullerton offer late January
  • Northern Arizona University position filled as of December (1/30/24)
  • University of Montana search closed (1/31/24)
  • University of Missouri - Kansas City has made an offer (2/7/24)
  • UW-Milwaukee has made an offer (1/29/24)
  • UT Arlington made offer back in February
  • UAB has made an offer (2/9/24)
  • University of Arkansas-Little Rock has started to make offers ( 2/12/24)
  • Has anyone heard from UArk (Fayetteville)? (2/20/24)
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver has made an offer (2/21/24)
  • Kennesaw State University has made an offer (2/25/24)
    • Was this offer accepted ? 3/23/24

Accepted Offers[]

  • University of Missouri-Columbia confirmed by post on Twitter (12/5/23)
  • UW Madison confirmed by Twitter post. (12/25/23)
  • Salem State University (1/3/23)
  • NYU Assistant Professor position (1/4/24)
  • UConn Assistant Prof confirmed by Twitter/X post (01/13/24); A 2nd Assistant Prof confirmed by Twitter/X post (01/22/24)
  • Bryn Mawr Assistant Prof (1/17/24)
  • University of Central Florida Assistant Professor (1/25/24)
  • University of Alabama (2/5/24)
  • University of Kentucky (2/6/24) x2
  • University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (2/12/24)
  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (03/04/24) x2
  • James Madison University (3/22/24)
  • UT Arlington-recieved notification that the positions have been filled (04/08/2024).
  • Northern Michigan University (4/17/24)

Interview/General questions[]

  • Is anyone still interviewing or deciding on offers? 4/17/24
    • I just accepted an offer, but was still waiting to hear from two other schools and had an non-TT interview scheduled. Schools are definitely still making decisions (and even still interviewing). (4/20/24)
    • I'm still waiting on communication for one campus visit, one screening interview, and one that has not interviewed yet. To say I am struggling is an days are spent just staring at my screens hoping to see anything about anything (4/19/24).
  • Those with accepted offers, what did your negotiation process look like? 4/8/24
    • During verbal offer, was asked generally about my preferences for the contract. It was understood that I would negotiate after the written offer. Received the written offer, then sent a positive email accepting, but asking for a couple of small changes. Accepting prior to the second offer was a bit of a gamble. My understanding is that you should offer a single counter in the negotiation process; anything more, and they'll get a bad perception right off the bat and could even withdraw the offer; anything less and you look naïve. (4/9/24)
    • My experience has been a bit different. I’ve had 2 negotiations. In both, I first received a “soft offer” via phone call. I requested a day or 2 to consider the offer and speak with my advisors. I called the Dean back to negotiate verbally by phone. It seemed expected that I negotiate verbally over the phone (and my advisor suggested this is the norm). I was also advised that I could propose several counters. Clearly you don’t want to ask for everything, but I asked for like 4 things, and the Dean even threw in one more on top of that. I’ve been advised that if you receive an offer, it is your turn to ask for what you want. And it’s critical, because you don’t have many opportunities to negotiate (especially salary) later in your career. Once a verbal agreement was reached, the written offer was just a confirmation of what was already discussed over the phone.
  • Any new updates from Westfield State regarding a second round of interviews? (4/4/24)
    • They were doing campus visits in late March/early April. (4/8/24)
    • anyone received an offer from WS?
  • For those who have accepted a tenure-track position: Are the principles and expectations for tenure clear in your school or department? (04/04/2024)
    • Not offered or accepted yet, but based on a couple of campus visits -- ask to see the contract. It seems that school that have a faculty union have much more clear processes for tenure and promotion. I just skimmed a contract that had no ambiguity at all. Clear path to tenure, explanation of expectations, review dates, etc. This essentially means that you are unlikely to make it to the tenure decision and then be denied. If you're not meeting expectations, you will know in advance. I like the idea of no surprises. (4/8/24)
      • Recently accepted a position. They explicitly stated that promotion is treated more holistically. I think this is part of the reason there can be a lot of consternation regarding promotion; it's typically decided by committee instead of quantified metrics. However, they gave me the specific pathway toward tenure, e.g., who conducts the review at the school and university levels. I have a good sense of the general requirements for promotion at this type of university, so I was more concerned with how many were denied promotion, as I think that can be an indicator of school culture. (4/4/24)
  • I feel like I am on the edge of a cliff and it will take just a tiny little feather to send me over. There has literally been very little updates about ANYTHING in weeks. At this point, these jobs will be starting in just four months and I have no idea where I'm going to be, or if I'll even have anything at all. Depressed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel right now. Anyone else struggling? (4/3/24)
    • I'm sure something will work out for you. Schools are still conducting interviews and posting listings for TT positions and post docs daily, Hang in there ! ( 4/5/24).
    • Job market sucks. While I am sure you've thought about this already, perhaps connect with some faculty you've worked with in the past to line up some work, something that you like doing so you can remember why you're in this field or line up teaching if you like that. I am so sorry the market has been so hard for you, others, and myself. It's demoralizing and the uncertainty really gets to me. You are not alone. To keep me grounded I have to stay connected to the people and activities that give me joy so I can remember, this isn't everything. It isn't easy, but it's small steps that help me.
  • NC State - I got an e-mail today that "recruitment for Assistant Professor (Position # 00065241) at NC State University has been cancelled.  We apologize for the inconvenience." I'd love to know if anyone ever had an interview or campus visit? I never heard anything and I'm curious if they've just had to close the search or if they hired and are now closing it but not using that language. (4/3/24)
    • It appears to be a cancellation of the position itself, not that an offer was accepted. The status says "posting cancelled" when I log in, and the job posting is no longer available. For positions where an offer has been made, the posting will stay up (many of the jobs here that have been accepted are still up), you will get some type of message telling you another offer was accepted or you are no longer under consideration, OR you will just never hear anything at all (4/3/24).
  • University of Missouri-Columbia made an offer but I saw they have posted again that they are hiring again for this cycle , any insight into this? (3/25/24)
    • The posting on HigherEd jobs says it's for the 24/25 academic year, but if you go to the actual posting on Mizzou's hiring page, it says 25/26, with applications due September 1, 2024.
  • Curious if anyone has thoughts about visiting assistant professor positions. I have not heard much about them or what they would look like in terms of expectations, work load, or salary. Would love to hear if anyone has thoughts or experiences to share. Thanks! (3/16/24)
    • Most visiting jobs I have seen are at least a 3/3 teaching load, usually a 4/4. They may or may not include summer teaching and they're typically for a one-year appointment. I just started applying to a few in case a TT job doesn't come through. It's 1) a job, 2) something different for the CV, 3) a chance to connect to more people for the long-term job, and 4) more teaching experience if you don't have much from your doctoral program. And unlike taking a multi-year NTT job, for me it would be motivating to stay on the job market AND they will expect you to be on the market so may be more flexible with you traveling for campus visits than a regular NTT job might be. (3/17/24)
  • Has anyone heard of interviews from University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa? (3/11/24)
  • Has anyone heard back from Syracuse University? (3/11/24)
  • Has anyone heard anything from Westfield State University about a second round of interviews? (3/11/24)
    • Not yet. I was expecting to hear from them this week, but they're on spring break so it might be next week even though they're on a tight timeline.
    • Got an e-mail today. They're delayed but will be contacting people this week for early April visits. (3/16/24)
    • campus visits being scheduled for early April
  • Checking to see if anyone has heard from the following schools? (3/1/24)
    • Ball State
      • Received e-mail today that the position has been filled at Ball State. (4/4/2024)
    • George Mason
      • I saw someone posted on twitter confirming their acceptance of a position at George Mason. (03/04/2024)
      • There is a new listing for George Mason today (3/28/24)
    • Arkansas (Fayetteville)
    • U of North Texas
      • I heard from U of North Texas saying that their offers have already been accepted (3/1/2024).
  • Has anyone heard from Augsburg (the Jan posting)? (3/1/24)
    • Someone posted that they started screening interviews on 3/15 (3/16/24)
  • Anyone heard anything from Washington (Seattle)? It seems like a targeted hire/targeted hires -- any inside info? (2/28/24)
    • They are hiring for quite a few various positions in the School of Social Work at Washington, so I imagine it might be a bit until applicants here anything. Can you share what you mean by targeted hires tho? (2/28/24)
      • Targeted hires are when the search committee is trying to hire a specific person for a position. Typically, laws require posting the position publicly for anyone to apply to, but the committee may have someone in mind and may even tailor the listing to that individual. Those of us on the outside usually don't know whether a position is a targeted hire, but some clues may be the specificity of the listing and the timeframe for application. I'm not sure the frequency at which targeted hires happen, but I think it's probably more common with senior faculty than junior faculty positions. UW isn't really known for making targeted hires of junior faculty, and the listing for asst. profs was fairly open content (just related to the strengths of the school), so my guess is that they weren't targeted hires. (02/29/24)
      • They are also on a quarter system, so I expect if anyone will hear back it will be closer to the Spring quarter.
      • It is also so strange for a "top" school to post their job search this late like in late January, when most of the schools had already finished their interviews or even made the offers. Does anyone know what's going on?
      • No. I've asked around and no one has heard among people I know. Wish I had more information for everyone's sake! 3/6/2024
      • Has anyone heard from them for screening interviews yet?? I still have not. I thought this week we might so wondering if no news is bad news. I do know they have a new dean and there were some bureaucratic barriers to getting the post out earlier (3/7/24).
        • Interested to know what these bureaucratic barriers are because apparently on the job post, it said the post opened on 12/05/2023 but it wasn't until mid Jan the post was "finally" posted.
      • I find it really comforting that we have not heard and that others are jusy as anxious about this job as I am 😅 (3/7/24)
      • invite to a screening interview received 03-07. (03/07/24)
        • Was this for a tenure-track position? (03/08/24)
        • Tenure-track position screeners have been sent out (3/08/24)
      • Has anyone heard from UW Seattle for TT positions? Are these targeted hires? 04/21/24
        • Do you mean were offers made? People had campus visits through this week or maybe next, so people likely would not have heard. No idea if they are targeted hires. Others can share if they know more or received an offer? (4/25/2024)
  • Have others add the experience of no contact after a campus visit? Isn’t it very unprofessional not to call candidates to let them know they weren’t chosen for the position? (02/24/24)
    • I did, once, a few years ago. I think what happened is that different people each thought the other had told me. The result was I went maybe 4 months without hearing back. I knew after the campus visit that it wasn't a good fit, so I didn't really expect anything, but I certainly didn't expect to be ghosted! Unprofessional? Perhaps. These things can get really messy, though, so I didn't really take offense. I'd suggest sending an email after 4 weeks or so to get a status update, or in the worst situation, just to get some closure (02/24/24)
    • still waiting to hear about a campus visit in Nov. The school is now interviewing for a second position. I reached out and got no response. (2/24/24)
    • The whole thing is SO messy. The main issue is that schools move at different timelines, are looking at multiple candidates, and those candidates are looking at multiple schools. That means that if we aren't hearing back from places we've interviewed, they are likely waiting to see if another candidate accepts the offer. Similarly, candidates may keep a school on the hook while they wait to see if they get another offer. It just sucks because we don't really get to "choose" where we want to go, we are doomed by the different processes, policies, and just awful red tape that goes on behind the scenes. (2/26/24)
  • I just wanted to say here, where people will understand, that I am generally very unwell right now due to all of the uncertainty and waiting that goes with the job search. Updates on here have slowed. It has been months with no word from several places. I wish they did not have to keep folks "on the hook". It's too much. (2/19/24)
    • Joining in to share in your sorrow. I was on the job market in 2021 and this page was SO active, with updates almost daily. It made the horrendous stress of the process much more bearable. This round, EVERYTHING feels off. It seems schools are moving very slowly, there doesn't seem to be as many jobs, and weeks go by without any updates on anything. We aren't in normal jobs where you can just apply today and start next week, we are bound by the academic calendar, which means that we're completely screwed if we can't find a job. Even if we find one, it may not be the one we want and again, we can't just quit and move to another job, we have to wait till the next application cycle. To add onto all that, we also have very slim options for what else we could do. I want to be positive but I wanted to put out a raw and honest account of how grim this all feels. I know many people sent in their applications early and some people may already have jobs, but for anyone who is still waiting, I share in your pain. I wish I could end with something nice and hopeful but life just sucks so bad right now :( (2/20/24).
    • Right there with you both. I find myself refreshing here a few times a day hoping for news (even if it's announcements of filled jobs that I can cross off my list). I'm stressing about getting a job I really want vs. taking what I can get. I had a screening interview that I felt very meh about, but the school seems interested in me. I'm hoping that campus visit is better than the screening interview (from my perspective). The drawn out process is also killing me because what happens when you say yes to someone and then a place you like more calls you? (2/20/24)
    • That's the worse part...the different timelines means you may be forced to make a decision about a school before you hear back from somewhere you would prefer. And then if you decline a job and end up not getting one at all, you will regret it forever. I've gotten what should have been "good news" from a few schools but I can't even be happy because I know I'm waiting for something else. Urgg (2/20/24).
    • OP here- just want to say thanks to all of you for commiserating! I find it comforting and affirming that I'm not the only one struggling- best of luck to all of you <3
  • Has anyone interviewed at a school and ended up hating it or felt like it was a hard no? (1/31/24)
    • I had a screening interview that wasn't a hard no, but was certainly an "I don't think this is gonna work for me." Of course, they've reached out to all my references and now I'm waiting to see if I get an offer because they definitely seem interested. My dilemma if offered is whether to accept or turn it down and hope something better comes along. Does anyone know someone who has accepted and then later rejected the job to take something else? It happens all the time in the regular world, but how damaging is it in academia? (2/20/24)
      • Everything i have heard is you are burning that bridge with that department permanently. that said, you have to do whats best for you. If a better offer comes along, then you have to weigh your options. (but make sure that other offer is like, 100%!)
      • To be honest, I've heard A LOT of things that we should or shouldn't do to avoid burning bridges and so forth in this process. Yet, we will all face situations where we don't have a choice, we just need to do what works for us. There's so much people-pleasing and minding of one's reputation that it gets SO draining. Many of us are making decisions keeping location, family, salary, and many other factors in mind. If you are a really bold and confident person, accept the offer and turn it down later (you are 100% able to do this. You can even quit on your first day). I am personally a wimp who struggles with disappointing someone, so I've gone the risky route of not proceeding with certain campus visits/turning down offers with the hope of getting an offer at the places I prefer. I wish I were one of those strong confident people who negotiate hard and take charge but alas, I am not :(. (2/20/24).
  • What has been your campus visit attire? (1/25/24)
    • I tend to be just under formal: coordinated suitcoat and pants-but typically not matching. Coordinated tie and pocket square. I generally avoid colors of the university or their known sports rivals. (1/30/24)
    • I wore a grey pant suit - simple but current in style. I wore colorful shoes, but that's how I normally dress and it's a safe expression of my personality. I got lots of compliments on the shoes. (1/30/24)
    • I wore a button up (typically solid color or simple pattern, like a checkers or stripes) with a bow tie and a pair of dark blue chinos or light tan khakis, with dress shoes. From the candidates invited to my university, I've seen a pretty wide variety of attire. (1/31/24)
  • Wondering if anyone has tips for how they've gone about locating post-doc positions? It is starting to feel like that time... (1/25/24)
    • Depending on your research focus, you can look at listings for other fields. For example, I skim through Public Health postings on HigherEdJobs and check the job board weekly for Academy Health given my health equity and policy focus. I've seen a few on twitter as well from following people doing work similar to my own. I'm curious about tips anyone else might have though. (1/25/24)
    • In the past, I looked for research centers in my subfield, and then checked their websites to see if they were hiring. Twitter/word-of-mouth are also great options. Relatively few postdocs are posted in the faculty listings. Make sure though that if it's a postdoc that it actually has explicit training opportunities outlined that will help you in your development. Many of them are just cheap, short-term labor, and in that case you'd be much better off in a research scientist position. (1/31/24)
  • Has anyone heard from UNC after their initial SSWR interview? Or know their timeline? (01/24/2024)
    • Was told they would be making offers for campus visits this week (1/25/24)
  • For folks who have applied internationally, I'm curious about how expectations for cover letters and other application materials differs by country. Are there differences? If I were to apply for a position in the UK, for example, would I be expected to use British version of words when applicable? (1/24/24)
  • Has anyone been completely shocked to be offered a campus visit? Like the screening interview was terrible and you surely bombed it, but somehow you still moved forward in the process? Every screening interview has been awful for me, and everyone says "I'm sure you did great!" But sure enough, no campus visits. I would like to think that it is just a coincidence and screening interviews were not as bad as I thought (1/15/24)
    • Yes, I have had 2 campus visits offered where I did not believe the initial screening interview went well. I think it is really hard to gauge what schools are looking for ( 1/24/24).
    • This is so comforting- thank you for sharing! (1/24/24)
  • Has anyone heard from VCU or UMKC? I saw that they reposted these positions within the past 2 days? (1/11/24)
    • UMKC has campus visits scheduled for the end of January (1/11/24)
    • VCU also has campus visits scheduled for January and February (1/15/24)
  • Anyone has updates from UA or UAB? Have they made offers? Thx! (1/10/24)
    • - UAB said they would be reaching out end of Jan early Feb. Good luck (to us both!!)
    • Did you heard anything from UA or UAB? Did they begin to send offers? Thank you and best of luck to all of us! (1/30/2024).
    • No, I did not hear anything. I’m still anxiously waiting for UAB. Fingers crossed! Are you waiting for UA or UAB? Can we let each other know once they sent the offers. Waiting is really hard. (1/31/2024)
    • Absolutely. I know it is so hard to wait. I have been waiting for UAB. Good luck for all of us and thank you !(1/31/2024).
    • UAB had made an offer (02/09/24).
    • Congratulations!!! idDthey email you or call you? and dd UAB send another offer as well?
    • Thank you!! They emailed me this morning. I’m not sure about the other offer. (2/9/24)
    • Thank you for letting us know and best of luck in your career!
  • For those who want to boost their research accomplishments, whether as a student, post-doc, researcher, or faculty member, would you mind sharing your strategy for building research collaborations or building up your CV?
    • I'm a researcher a few years out of my program. A couple years ago, I added bullets for each project I worked on to my CV, with very short (3 or 4 lines) descriptions of the projects and my responsibilities. More than just taking up space, it really helps to specify your abilities, experience, and interests. For building research collaborations, flesh out an idea for a paper (at least as far as question->methods) and then reach out to early/mid-career folks to see if they want to collaborate around that idea. That's worked well for me. (01/31/24)
    • The best way to have a high number of publications is to find a publicly-available secondary dataset with variables related to your area of research and use it to publish research articles. You can invite people to review it and add them to the papers. Other options would be to write conceptual/theoretical papers (basically a literature review), write narrative reviews, and write systematic reviews. (2/1/24)
  • Does anyone else feel like they just need a mental break from thinking about the academic job market ? (1/5/24)
    • Yes, 100%. I feel like I'm in a constant state of anxiety because of how unpredictable the academic job market is. I am exhausted! I also worry that if I don't end up getting a faculty position, I'll be too burnt out to effectively apply to industry positions or finish my dissertation on time. This process is rough. Having really fantastic friends, cohort-members, and faculty mentors to talk through these feelings and commiserate has been so important for me to stay afloat (plus a therapist, lol). (1/6/24)
      • I agree with all of this ! venting to trusted people has been helpful and I can't wait for it to be over with. I also already feel this burn out when it comes to screening interviews, it's draining to continue to have to talk to so many people over and over. ( 1/7/24)
    • I feel this so much. I'm in this awful limbo, its making me doubt myself and the worth of my research. I'm trying to pour all that into finishing my dissertation, and trying not to just be waiting for the phone to ring (1/7/24)
      • I think it is especially hard for those of us who are ABD! It feels like we are fighting against those who have already held assistant professor positions or post-docs. For me, it makes me feel underprepared. It almost makes me feel regret sometimes that I didn't choose a career path that was more clear . We put in all this work to get into academia and that is nowhere near a guarantee . (1/7/24)
      • At this stage of the game it is all "goodness of fit". I have received interviews from schools I didn't think I would get a second glance from and at the same time not received an interview for schools that I thought I was just right for. I do get the feelings of doubt--I keep telling myself that if this doesn't pan out, I can always go back into practice with an agency. (1/30/24)
      • I think that has been the hardest part for me. I thought that having a strong CV was the only thing we needed to do but there are SO many factors that are completely out of our control. Schools may want someone in a different research area than yours, there may be politics/behind-the-scenes stuff, some schools may have too many candidates or not enough etc. There's so much we don't know and all we can do is wait for that email/phone call/text. I also wish I had chosen a career path that isn't so difficult :( Alas, here we are. (2/1/24)
  • For those who have applied to positions in other disciplines, which disciplines have you applied in? (12/30)
    • Sociology - but no luck :( either no response, or a form rejection
    • Women’s studies, public health (no response yet)
    • Public Health (received offer)
    • Nursing (received offer)
    • Early Childhood, Youth, and Family Studies (no response)
    • Human Development (no response)
    • Public Administration (no response)
  • Without considering any factors, what's your dream school? (Just for fun, :) 12/29/2023)
    • Boston University (x2)
    • University of Wisconsin-Madison
    • University of Indiana-Bloomington
    • UCLA (x2)
    • University of Illinois Chicago
    • Boston College
    • University of Michigan
    • University of Toronto
  • It is ..strange? To see some schools that are listed here as being far along in their interview process still accepting applications and/or reposting their job listing on job boards. I saw some school on here who have already scheduled campus visits but are actively recruiting for applicants still? (12/29/2023)
    • I have been wondering about this as well. I got a late start at applying for jobs. Most of my submissions were late November or this past month (Dec.). I had assumed that I was not going to have a shot at some of the schools that posted early, but I've seen places updating their posts on HigherEdJobs or CSWE. I'm conflicted about whether to put in the energy to apply. Any thoughts on this? Is this something to reach out to search chairs about or will I just look like I was unprepared by not applying sooner?
      • I feel like a lot of schools got a late start with hiring and actually even reviewing applications this year, so I don't feel like you are behind at all. I have been applying since August and I feel like things are just now picking up steam. I just wonder the logic behind schools that are already actively entertaining candidates with campus visits, yet stills seeking more applicants? This entire process feels like a game with rules I don't understand. (12/29/2023)
      • I think some of the later postings may be automatic reposts or just accidental. In past years, I've seen these late announcements go out and then get taken down in a day or two. Even seen a couple go out after hires were made. That said, this year's market is a bit strange, and schools seem to be having multiple rounds of interviews. (01/03/2024)
  • Anyone else worried about all the colleges that are merging or closing? (12/26/2023)
    • stay away from small private liberal colleges in the northeast and midwest with falling enrollments :) (12/26/2023)
    • Not just the small private liberal arts colleges, also the more regional public colleges in the Northeast and Midwest as well as some parts of the South. Even flagships like West Virginia University are cutting programs, and same with Penn State campus and some SUNY schools. Not a great time to be getting into higher ed (12/27/23).
  • ABD folks and post-docs looking for faculty positions- I’d love to hear your back up plans. Is anyone else panicking yet? (12/21/23)
    • After I am done screaming into the void...I think my backup option would be to continue to apply for roles into the spring , since it seems like jobs are continuing to roll out. But I'm also open to industry roles as well. (12/21/23)
    • Same -- hoping for spring jobs to post, but preparing to apply to industry. (1/24/24)
  • On the page from last year's cycle, I saw that there was some concern about UT Arlington being a safe space for BIPOC faculty and I am wondering if anyone who has interviewed with them can speak to whether they feel this is still a concern? I saw that they have a new posting for faculty positions (12/21)
    • I had a campus visit there in 2021. Their dean has done horrible things to faculty and students. When I was there I was told he would be stepping down soon. So I am not sure if that is still the case since it was 2 years ago.
    • The dean has stepped down, but is still faculty. The interim dean is a long-time faculty member. (01/31/24)
    • I had a screening interview there in 2021. One of their committee members asked me a very uncomfortable question, and ever since then, that school has been on my blacklist. (03/2024)
    • I had a very pleasant visit to Arlington during this job search cycle. I found the faculty to be thoughtful and transparent, and willing to discuss above-listed concerns -- they took them seriously. They have a new Dean, and a lot of things appear to be changing in a positive direction.
  • I know university of utah has extended offers 12/20/23
  • The waiting game is killing me ! Does anyone have updates today on ANYTHING? (12/20/23)
    • I feel you. The high of the campus visit met with the cold silence as weeks go by... hard to know if its holiday season or just slow bureaucratic stuff (12/20/23).
    • Just replying to commiserate. :( (12/21/23)
  • A month has passed since my initial screening interview at a few of the places I've interviewed at. Is this a typical delay between interview and inquiries about campus visits? I'm losing my mind a bit! (12/10/23)
    • I feel you. The waiting is unbearable! I feel like one month is not uncommon, but personally, I would reach out after that amount of time. They may have updates and just have not shared widely yet. (12/11/23)
    • In my experience this cycle, not hearing back means they have very likely moved on to other candidates and just have not gotten back to you. I have heard from 2 programs only after they had already held campus visits or made offers. One explicitly said they would keep me as an option in case other candidates fall through- Also, I have seen updates on here for positions I have applied to that show that they are moving forward, yet I have not heard from them yet ( 12/11/23)
      • This is my hunch and experience, as well. The rejections came flying in long after the updates. The only vague glimmer of hope is that the schools I'm waiting to hear back from haven't been listed here yet ... (12/11/23)
  • How is everyone feeling in general about the job market and interview this year ? (12/9/23)
    • Awful, to be honest. I know there are fewer positions than in previous years, and there also seems to be a larger pool of applicants. But I have had few screening interviews and no campus visits. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. (12/11/23)
    • I agree, it feels like a rat race this year ( 12/11/23)
    • It's a pretty horrid job market. Even the few job posting we do have this year, are not diverse and looking for the exact same candidates. I expect it to get better in the next several years, or maybe this is the new reality - who knows (12/11/23)
  • Has anyone heard from Erikson? (12/5/23)
    • Erikson scheduled campus visits for late Nov/Early Dec (12/6/23)
  • Anyone heard anything from either of the USCs (Carolina or California)? (12/3/23)
    • See thread below for California.
  • Anyone heard anything from Georgia State? (12/3/23)
    • The last I heard they were still conducting screening interviews. They said this may take a while due to number of applicants (12/6/23)
    • They conducted campus visits this week (12/8/23)
    • Any updates if Georgia State has made an offer? (12/21/23)
      • I was one of the three finalists and have not heard back. Were you also a finalist? If so, I wonder if the third finalist is checking this page at all. If not, then there were two others. (12/21/23)
      • yes, I was one of the finalists. So I guess the third has it, or we can still both hold out hope! 😆 (12/22/23)
  • Has anyone heard from Binghamton or know their timeline? (11/29/23)
    • Talking with a Binghamton colleague at SSWR, I believe they have had some campus visits scheduled. (1/30/24)
  • Have folks heard from the following schools about pre-screening interviews or campus visits: UConn, UMich—Dearborn, Pitt, Vermont? (11/23)
    • Heard informally that Vermont was only going to be doing interviews later in December, and campus visits in January and February!
    • UConn and Pitt currently doing campus visits, (11/29/23)
  • Anyone heard anything from the University of Wisconsin-Madison? (11/17/2023)
    • they sent me a stock email to reject me - so i think that counts as hearing from them! (11/17/23) - Thank you for this information!! (11/18/23)
    • stock rejection to me as well, on 11/21
    • Rejection on 11/18
    • I saw someone had accepted the offer from UW Madison on twitter. Has anyone ever received a zoom interview or campus invite? I didn’t apply for this position but I literally heard no one around me or I know received anything but the stock rejection email. I was wondering if this is an internal hire because the people who accepted the position was already associated with the school as a fellow. I might be wrong, though. Anyways congratulations to whoever secure the position! (12/24/2023).
  • Has UBuffalo started campus visits (11/15/23)?
    • Yes for late Nov/Early Dec (11/30/23)
  • What schools have made offers? (11/9/23)
    • Also curious...(11/14/23)
  • Have screening interviews started Pitt yet? (11/8/23)
  • Has anyone heard from University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign? (10/25/23)
    • Another doc student in my department applied there and they recently heard back (10/25/23)
      • Was the notification sent in Oct?
    • I heard from them to schedule an interview on 10/12 (10/25/23)
      • Did they email you or call you via cellphone? (Nov-12-2023)
      • Email (11/12/2023)
      • Did they tell you campus interview?
  • Will the schools notify you if you had gone through the screening interview but were not selected for the campus visit? (10/23/2023)
    • Usually not. You may be in a backup pool while they wait to see how the campus visits go.
    • I received a notification from one school letting me know I was not selected for a campus visit , but that I may be considered as a backup in the future so to keep them under consideration. (11/30/23)
  • Did people get emails for screening interviews from University at Buffalo? I got an email 10/4 saying they were just beginning to review applications (10/24/23)
    • Yes, I received an email to schedule a virtual screening interview on 10/20/23.
    • when did you apply? I’ve heard they go by when people apply? (10/25/23)
    • I submitted my application on 9/14 and was asked to schedule on 10/20. I did also receive the email on 10/4 saying that they were just beginning to review applications.
    • I had my screening interview on 10/4 and wad told that I was the first one they interviewed. I submitted my application on Aug. 19th.
  • Has anyone heard from any of the cal states? (10/20/23)
    • Cal State East Bay has started scheduling virtual interviews (10/27/23)
    • Cal State East Bay said they will only be doing campus visits in January
  • Did you receive the interview questions prior to the initial Zoom interview?  - No, but I spoke to recent graduates and got some idea from them about what kinds of questions were asked, so I could prepare myself. The book "The Professor is In" also had suggestions (10/20/23)
    • University of Kansas sent their questions beforehand, but that was the only one that did from the three schools that scheduled a screener (10/25/23)
    • University of Utah sent their questions in prior too
  • Was anyone able to sign up for time slots via Calendly with the UCLA Luskin Social Welfare? The calendar showed "no times available," so I'm not sure if they were all booked by the time I opened it, or if its not working properly (10/19/23)
    • Yes, I was able to sign-up. I signed up very early this morning and there were only a few slots left, so depending on when you clicked the link, I would assume that they are booked up (10/19/23)
    • I was not able to sign up and reached out to the contact person, who opened up new slots later in the day 10/19. Currently 2 SPOTS STILL OPEN for Thurs!! (10/24/23)
  • For folks who are attending or have attended CSWE APM, do you have any tips for connecting with faculty from hiring institutions? I was told that in the past, before COVID, there were often informal meetings for job seekers or on-site screening interviews (10/18)
    • Reaching out to the search committees to inquire whether any of their faculty will be present at APM, and if so, whether they have time to chat is what was suggested to me. You can also stop past the various booths in the conference hall to chat with faculty from schools, or look up when their presentations are to attend and briefly introduce yourself afterwards (10/18)
  • Does University of Pittsburgh start screening interviews? (10/16)
    • No update at all since the submission (early Sep). Apparently they said "Review of applications will begin in September 2023" and there is no contact information of the search committee chair or anything on their job post. TBH recruitment like this is very disappointing.
  • Does anyone hear interview notification from UConn? (10/12)
    • I heard initial interviews will begin at the end of Oct (10/16)
      • Did UConn already send interview notification? (10/18)
        • Not yet...first batch of invites are expected at the end of this week/early next week. Another batch will follow. (10/18)
        • Anyone hear anything from UConn? Did any of those invites materialize last week or this week? (10/24/23)
  • For folks who have completed interviews of any kind, would you mind providing us with a flavor of the kinds of questions that were asked? (10/5)
    • I was asked questions about my ability and preparedness to teach online classes/manage online education, my perceived fit with school's current research agenda, whether I had 2 years+ of practice experience and what types of clients I served, and then all the classics about why X school, what do you have to offer, research trajectory, pedagogical philosophy, experience with students from X or Y background (like first gen, etc), and how practice influenced research and teaching. Hope that's helpful! (10/6)
    • I was asked about mentoring, advising, past and future collaborations, how I dealt with a challenging experience in the classroom (10/7)
    • I was asked about the level of competencies in the online teaching platform (10/7)
  • For those who have completed a screening interview with Erikson Institute, how was it? (10/5)
    • It seemed to go well but hard to get a read. (10/6)
    • I thought mine went well too. I left the meeting feeling pretty confident. I felt they were particularly interested in my clinical work with children and adolescents, and they seemed to respond well to my responses. I got an email notification from their HR department the next day saying they were looking for someone who more meets their needs. So I would agree, I guess it was hard to read. (10/12)
  • Does anyone know if University of Southern California (USC) removed their posting/cancelled their search? I clicked on the link and can only seem to navigate to lecturer positions (9/26)
    • I am wondering the same thing, but I couldn't locate any faculty positions in the school of social work at all (9/29)
    • Wondering the same thing - never heard back about my application submitted in late August. (10/1) -> Ditto this
    • Applied in mid September, getting notified electronically as my letters of reference are submitted, but nothing back from USC themselves (10/3)
    • I don't know anything definitive but I spoke with a tenured prof over there in August who said they desperately need asst profs (many left/are leaving) but mostly want folks who can teach clinical courses. Maybe they're still reviewing applications? (10/22)
    • Heard from a doc student at USC that they were having campus visits from candidates this week (10/25)
    • Btw, the campus visits this week at USC are for associate professor positions (10/26)
    • Just talked with a friend at USC. They have finished campus visits for associates and assistants and are in the final decision making phase. (12/7)
  • Can anyone speak to the climate at Mizzou? The position prioritizes gender and sexual identity, reproductive health, health disparities, etc. but it's a state school and the political climate in the state worries me. The job posting hits all my wishes, but the location has me hesitating. How's the department?
    • I have a close colleague there who does reproductive health work who finds the department supportive and collaborative (8/22)
    • I have heard from a colleague that this is NOT a supportive space and results in a lot of push back and burnout. (9/1)
    • Will you say more about how it is not a supportive space (i.e. of people? of research? etc.)? (9/4)
    • I would also love to hear more if you're willing to share. I had heard good things about the culture as well (9/6).
    • As a current PhD candidate at Mizzou, I've never felt any sort of pushback from my own feminist research with gender and sexual identity/inequities. I've known a lot of the faculty here at Mizzou for a while and worked with multiple of them. They have not been anything but supportive to me, and I would even say there's an aspect of camaraderie throughout my PhD career (9/11).
    • I also agree, as a former PhD student at Mizzou, I found the faculty to be supportive of me even if our research areas did not align.
    • To OP, I would like to add that the Director and the ADR are very supportive of junior faculty (well, faculty in general) and always make time to address any issues they may have. However, this also means that faculty may need to be proactive on their end, which may not suit everyone’s preferences or comfort level (e.g., cultural context). As the University is focusing on promoting research productivity, the College and the School are building research infrastructure comparable to other more resourceful institutions (e.g., pre and post award support and grant writing support) that helps faculty build up their research portfolio and pursue external funding. Mizzou does have its own challenges, but my understanding and experience is that those challenges may not be unique to Mizzou.
  • Can someone clarify Bryn Mawr position? The application portal is only for Assistant, but the listing on this page states Open Rank. Thank you! (8/11)
    • Maybe the person who posted it here has different info, but the listing on CSWE and HigherEdJobs is only for an Assistant (like the portal link).
  • Why is this year's jobs list not alphabetic? Would people be opposed to me reorganizing it in alphabetical order? To me this ordering is gonna get confusing as time goes on.
    • I just rearranged everything in alphabetical order, and reformatted to match last year's page. I also removed one 2023 job. -5120j (wiki moderator)
    • Amazing! thank you. I also see the heading 4 got removed which was nice. I like being able to see the list of jobs in the table of contents. Appreciate your work on this/everything!
  • I may be off on timing here - but it seems like this year there is a large deficit of TT positions. Are schools waiting longer to post?
    • I don't know for sure why this is, but last year it was the same. I think part of that was that SW schools did not follow the normal pattern for job posting seasons (a larger group of late August postings with a early Oct. deadlines and a smaller second wave of postings in early Jan) and part of that is enrollment has been declining at a lot of schools (even highly ranked ones). Sooooo, best of luck to you and to me I guess? :S Anyone else have thoughts? (9/8)
    • I was also monitoring last year and have noticed the same trend. There also seem to be a number of schools that had failed searches last year (9/10)
    • It seems like some more postings are coming out. But yes, there’s a lot of mergers and restructuring happening at different schools which is code in academia for layoffs that are about to happen. The most at risk schools seem to be those without a strong brand located in smaller cities in the Northeast and the Midwest where the so called demographic cliff is accelerating. (10/07)
  • I am disappointed that many social work schools and departments are not recognizing the antisemitism that's happening since Hamas invaded Israel. I am anticipating that my identity as a Jewish American will be called into question. (10/15)
  • Has anyone heard from the University of Vermont? - I think they said they would start reviewing applications in November, which is rather vague. (11/18)
    • I saw the update above, but as we are getting into mid-December, has anyone heard from Vermont? Wondering if they will push screeners to January?
    • Got an email from Vermont on 12/15 acknowledging receipt of my application, but no timeline information, will update if I hear anything (and would appreciate updates if anyone else hears about a timeline (12/16)
    • they just posted on CSWE jobs again this past week (12/17)
    • Any word from UVM since the email mid-December? (1/17)

Jobs for 2023[]

Please place listings in alphabetical order and follow the formatting of other entries.

Please place listings in alphabetical order and follow the formatting of other entries.

Augsburg University: Assistant Professor, Tenure Track - NEW POSTING (1/27/24)[]

Start Date: August 2024 Location: Minneapolis, MN

The Social Work Department at Augsburg University invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor position to begin August 2024.  The department is distinctive for its anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and culturally responsive emphasis as well as deep-seated commitment to social justice and global issues. In both our BSW and MSW programs, we value student-centered learning, emphasizing experiential learning strategies. We offer small class sizes and we leverage our strong community connections. BSW classes meet on-campus on weekdays; MSW classes meet on-campus twice per month (either on weeknights or weekends) and asynchronously on-line.

Successful candidates will be expected to have the ability to teach across the BSW and MSW generalist curricula. Those with experience and/or expertise in either clinical, macro, or advanced generalist practice are welcome to apply.

To apply for this position, please go to

To ensure full consideration, application materials should be received by March 1, 2024. Position open until filled. Inquiries about this position may be directed to the Search Committee Chair, Dr. Erin Sugrue,

Baylor University: Associate Professor to Full Professor, Fuller Family Endowed Chair for Social Justice[]

Position starts August 2024

This endowed faculty position is at the rank of Associate Professor or Professor within the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work, with a commitment to the educational preparation of social workers, a substantial scholarship program with a focus on social justice for marginalized populations, and the ability to connect their research with congregations and/or religious organizations.

Applications will be reviewed beginning October 15, 2023. The position will close December 1, 2023.

To apply visit:

Boston University: Associate Professor Macro Social Work[]

Position starts Fall 2024

Candidates for this position should have a nationally recognized research portfolio focused on addressing the root causes of social problems, including racism and inequality, through the transformation of communities, organizations, and government and political entities.

Application process: Applicants should submit: 1) a cover letter which includes statements of research accomplishments and goals as well as teaching interests and experiences; 2) a curriculum vitae; 3) a diversity statement outlining experiences and commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence; 4) two peer-reviewed articles; and 5) the names and contact information for three references. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled. Questions about the position can be directed to the SSW Search Committee/Dean’s Office: (

Bridgewater State University (MA): Assistant Professor[]

Qualifications: (1) PhD by Sept 1, 2024; (2) commitment to DEI; (3) research, practice or teaching in one or more of the following areas: substance use and misuse, child welfare, mental health, behavioral/physical health care or trauma; (4) MSW degree; (5) Two years post-MSW experience; (6) driver's license and willingness to travel.

Closing date: 10/31/24

To apply, visit

Bryn Mawr College: Open Rank, Tenure Track Assistant/Associate/Full Professor[]

Details: Post-MSW practice required. We are particularly interested in candidates with expertise in: Substance use, Community-based practice, Translational research, Practice informed research, Psychometrics, Advanced statistical analysis

October 10, 2023 for full consideration

CSU Chico (Chico, CA): Tenure Track Assistant/Associate Professor[]

The minimum education requirement for appointment to this position is a MSW and a terminal degree (i.e.: DSW, PhD, EdD, etc.) in Social Work or related area. Eligible candidates must have a master’s degree in Social Work, with two years of post MSW practice experience. This tenure-track position carries responsibilities in the areas of teaching both undergraduates and graduates, research and scholarship, and service which entails committee work at various levels of the University. Teaching assignments are based upon qualifications of the individual and the needs of the department.

November 17, 2023 for full consideration

CSU Dominguez Hills (Carson, CA): Tenure Track Assistant/Associate Professor[]

This is an academic year Tenure-Track position at the Assistant rank commensurate with qualifications. In addition to teaching, duties for this position include student advisement, scholarly achievement, and committee service for the Master of Social Work Program, the College of Health, Human Services & Nursing, the University, and as appropriate, external communities.

Review of applications will begin in November 20, 2023. For full consideration, please submit your completed application with the required materials no later than January 31, 2024.

Assistant Prof posting:

Associate Prof posting:

CSU San Bernardino - San Bernardino Campus: Open Rank, Tenure Track Assistant/Associate/Full Professor[]

Hiring two positions: one focused on teaching and curriculum development in macro practice; one focused on teaching and curriculum development in Human Behavior in the Social Environment (HBSE). Responsibilities for both positions include: Teaching students at our Palm Desert Campus (PDC) location, either exclusively or split-time with the main campus, Supervising MSW student research projects, Potential administrative roles, Engaging with campus and community partners, Maintaining an active research agenda

Review begins October 2, 2023

East Carolina University (Greenville, NC): Assistant Professor (2 positions)

Hiring two positions: Open area of interest. 9 month, full-time, tenure track faculty positions

  • Responsibilities include teaching in the BSW and MSW programs (including in-person and online courses, and on Saturdays), research (including seeking external funding), publication, and service to the profession, university, and community.
  • MSW from a CSWE accredited program
  • Two years post-MSW social work practice experience
  • PhD or DSW in social work. Candidates with the PhD conferred at the time of initial appointment will hold the probationary rank of Assistant Professor. ABD candidates will also be initially appointed with the probationary term rank of Assistant Professor and must have the terminal degree conferred prior to their first reappointment.
  • Application review begins early November 2023.
    • Cover letter, CV, list of 3 refs

UPDATE 12/1 - We are still accepting applications. Screening interviews will be scheduled for mid-December to early January

Erikson Institute (Chicago, IL): Asst. Prof of Social Work[]

Erikson Institute, a premier graduate school in child development, early childhood education, and social work, is seeking to hire 2 tenure-track assistant professors with well-developed research agendas inclusive of equity and justice. Erikson’s CSWE-accredited MSW program is developmentally-informed and relationship-based, with a focus on reflective practice.  The program offers two areas of specialized practice: Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health and Clinical Practice with Children, Adolescents, and Adults.  We seek a deeply collaborative colleague to engage in dynamic teaching online and in person, impactful research with disinvested communities, and innovative program development.

Application reviews will begin September 1. Applications received by October 30, 2023 will receive full consideration.

Grambling State University (Louisiana): Assistant or Associate Professor & Field Director[]

5-yr post-MSW experience required, with good standing LMSW or LCSW. PhD preferred, not required. Capable of teaching in at least two of the following areas: Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Social Work Research/Statistics, Social Work Practice and Social Welfare Policy

Review begins July 24, 2023

Smith College: Open Rank, Tenure Track Assistant/Associate/Full Professor[]

Desired 5-yrs post-MSW practice with focus on following groups/topics: BIPOC and/or other marginalized communities, Pernicious impact of racism, anti-Blackness, and oppression, Social justice/ant-racist approaches to social work practice

Deadline: October 30, 2023

The Ohio State University: Associate Dean[]

Hiring an Associate Dean of Inclusive Excellence. Job Ad:

The position would begin summer of 2024 and is a 12-month appointment. An ideal candidate will have qualifications commensurate with tenure at the rank of professor (or is prepared to advance to professor) in social work or another related discipline. Experience in equity and inclusion through research, scholarship, teaching, leadership, and/or administrative practices is required.

Review of applications will begin immediately, with campus visit invitations scheduled as soon as possible. The position will remain open until it is filled.

To apply, please visit

Texas State University: 2 Full-time Nine Month Faculty Positions at the Rank of Assistant Professor[]

Please join current faculty at a Meet and Greet at CSWE (Council on Social Work Education) Conference on Friday, October 27 from 3:30-4:30pm or Saturday, October 28 from 11am-12pm. Location TBD. Contact Dr. Amy Benton for further information (

Job Posting is now live:

Full consideration date: 01/15/2024

Troy University: Multiple Full-Time 10 Month Faculty Positions: Asst./Assoc. Professor

Are you passionate about making a positive impact in the field of social work? The Troy University School of Social Work and Human Services invites applications for multiple full-time Assistant Professor positions, beginning August 1, 2024. As a dynamic and forward-thinking institution, we are dedicated to shaping the next generation of compassionate and skilled social work professionals. Applicants are encouraged to upload an application letter of interest, a current curriculum vitae, and names of professional references. Review of applications will begin immediately and will be accepted until the positions are filled. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Dr. Javier Boyas (, department chair.

To apply, please go to the following link:

University of Alaska, Anchorage: Asst. Professor[]

This is a union job! Faculty are unionized at UAlaska.

Open until filled. Requirements

  • Ph.D. in Social Work or comparable field and a Master of Social Work degree from a CSWE-accredited program.
  • Minimum of two years post-MSW social work practice experience.
  • Experience and/or interest in social issues facing Alaska.
  • Expertise in immigrant and refugee social services.
  • Research expertise in the use of participatory and community-based designs and methods.
  • Bilingual or multilingual competency. The number of foreign languages the occupation will require proficiency in, to perform the duties required, is two.
  • International experience in social work or social services.

Apply at:

University at Albany: Assistant Professor[]

The new hire will be a member of the UAlbany Artificial Intelligence (AI) Institute & should provide evidence of experience in AI and address how AI is and/or will be integral to their research program. Desired evidence of artificial intelligence in their existing research program and ability to contribute to the teaching of AI and social work. 2+ post-MSW social work practice experience, Research focus on health equity and minority health disparities

NOTE (7/20/23) Started reviewing apps in January 2023, but this appears to be active. Last year was a failed search and this is a continuation. This search was successful and the position is no longer available. (08/18/2023) The person selected for the AI position began their appointment on 8/1. (08/21/2023) However, it seems the school hired the person as ‘Lecturer’ and not ‘Assistant Professor’ in a tenure-track position as advertised. (08/22/2023) We are confident this and other new hires will enter into tenure-track position once the process is approved. (9/20) I'm not sure where you are being informed, but the person that started this appointment for the AI position is an Assistant Professor and his appointment began 8/1. UAlbany's SSW does not have any active positions open. It's best to remove this posting as it is not an active search. (9/24) The link has expired, and the position has been filled. The candidate was selected in Spring 2023 for the role of lecturer as they have not yet submitted their dissertation. Once the individual has earned their Ph.D., the role will transition to a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor.

NOTE (8/03/23) From last year’s wiki: 1) Albany has a $15 million deficit, 2) the social work department has cycled through 4 deans in the last decade, the last one stepping down for ‘personal reasons,’ 3) the office of the Associate Dean for Research was eliminated in 2021, and 4) a planned merger with Public Health, with the 'School' becoming a 'Department,' the 'Dean' becoming 'Director,' and all current 'Directors' becoming 'Chairs.' This is due to declining enrollment of students (e.g. a loss of 1 in 5 students failing their field placement in 2023), declining rate of publications and grant activities among faculty, and on-going consolidation efforts at the university.

(8/18/23) the anticipated merger (that has yet to be finalized) does not change the School of Social Welfare to a department. If confirmed, there may be a Dean of the new college formed with the various schools being combined into that college, but schools will remain intact. (09/07/23) Formal announcement of merger between Social Welfare and Public Health along with the newly created Nursing department was made to the alumni community on 09/01/2023. (11/12/23) I’m not sure where you’re being informed, but the announcement that was made by the university president explicitly stated that it is not a merger. It is a creation of a new college that will house the different programs under one roof with a new Dean to oversee these programs, while preserving limited administrative resources and be nimble to emerging enrollment trends due to changing demographics. It is not a merger, and an external consultant will work with the interim deans of the various schools in the restructuring process before they step down from their deanships after the new college is created. (12/22/23) I am a doctoral student and adjunct instructor at the school, and it's bad. People are talking about layoffs and curricular changes because it was decided that social welfare will be under public health. The interim dean is nowhere to be seen and faculty/staff are looking a way out. What's the worst is how this is impacting PhD students graduating from the program who are looking for TT jobs.

(01/25/24) I had no idea about the drama at this school other than what I heard from some folks, and thought it was just rumors. That was until I attended SSWR this year. The Interim Dean was getting seriously sloshed at the conference hotel bar and complaining to anyone within earshot about how much of a mess they are in, and how the faculty are fighting amongst themselves about the upcoming merger. It was really embarrassing because she started slurring her words and getting really loud in front of everyone, and how horrible it was that she won’t get to be Dean anymore. I didn’t even know who she was until someone I was with told me. I feel bad for my acquaintances who are doctoral students there.

(02/01/2024) I don't know where you are informed but clearly this negative portrayal of the social welfare school is personally motivated. Yes, we are going through a merger but someone is trying to air out our dirty laundry in a biased way. Not sure if it's someone like a former student who was disciplined or let go but this is really toxic and this posting and last year's posting should be removed.

University at Albany: Inaugural Dean

The University at Albany in Albany, New York (UAlbany) seeks an inaugural Dean of a new College that connects the School of Social Welfare and the School of Public Health. The successful candidate for Dean will have a track record of building successful and innovative academic programs, be a transparent and engaging communicator, understand effective change management and organizational development, and be passionately committed to serving the community and addressing inequities. The Dean will have the leadership, interpersonal, and political skills to unite diverse constituents. The Dean will have a keen awareness of the future direction of higher education, and workforce and community needs to set a course for the College. The Dean will also have a demonstrated commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Significant experience in higher academic leadership, teaching, research, and community engagement is expected.

UAlbany has retained Isaacson, Miller, a national executive search firm, to assist with this search. Applications, including a cover letter and CV, should be submitted via

Salary Range: $290,000 - $320,000.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock: Assistant Professor Position[]

The School of Social Work at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock invites applications for a tenure-track, nine (9) month academic position at the Assistant Professor rank. The Assistant Professor of Social work will maintain a portfolio of scholarship and research related to social work education; teach a full cadre of social work courses; and actively participate in service in the School, the College, the University, as well as the local, state and national social work community.

The Assistant Professor: teaches in both the graduate and undergraduate social work programs; advises BSW and MSW students; and maintains an active agenda of scholarship and or research, which includes social work-based research/training projects and ongoing scholarly publications.

Required Education and/or Experience:

  • MSW from CSWE-accredited School of Social Work and a Doctorate in Social Work or a closely related field; ABD doctoral candidates will be considered (doctorate to be completed in the first year of employment);
  • At least two years post-MSW practice experience.

Additional Information: Please upload all required documents in your application's "Resume/Cover" attachment section of your application (before hitting the submit button) if you want to be considered for this position.

Required Documents to Apply: Cover Letter/Letter of Application, Curriculum Vitae, List of three Professional References

All application materials must be uploaded to the University of Arkansas System Career Site  

NOTE (1/9/24) Campus visits are being scheduled with candidates

NOTE (12/12/23) In the process of conducting screening interviews on Zoom. Still accepting applications but please apply ASAP if you intend to.

NOTE (11/17/23) Still accepting applications and have not yet begun interviews.

University at Buffalo: TWO Asst/Assoc. Professor Positions[]

We are searching for 2 colleagues to join our school in tenure-track faculty positions at the Assistant or Associate level. The successful candidates for these positions will have a doctorate in Social Work or a related discipline, an MSW with practice experience preferred. Duties include research and scholarship, teaching in the school’s degree programs, cross-disciplinary collaboration with university colleagues, and other typical faculty responsibilities. Applicants are expected to have a scholarly record appropriate for their substantive area and for the rank at which they are applying. Applicants with research expertise in aging/gerontology, mental health, developmental disabilities, and implementation science are particularly encouraged to apply.

Applicants are required to complete online application at

Application review begins immediately and continues until the positions are filled. Anticipated start is Fall 2024.

University of California Berkeley (UCB): Research Partnership Director to Promote Wellbeing and Equity in Schools (2 year contract)[]

Innovations for Youth (i4Y), at UC Berkeley, has an opening for a Research Partnership Director. i4Y is a cross-disciplinary, innovative research hub addressing issues of youth well-being and equity through collaborative research, training, and community engagement.

The Research Partnership Director is a senior leadership position serving as a key point person for community- engaged research projects led by Dr. Valerie Shapiro. The position is central to the development, launch, and overall management and oversight of a research center that generates knowledge and advances practice to promote well-being and equity in schools. Please see attached flyer.

Review all the details and apply here:

Consideration will be given on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

First review date: September 13, 2023

Job Responsibilities: The Research Partnership Director is a senior leadership position with expertise in youth-oriented community-engaged research, the PK-12 education sector, project management, and systems change. The position oversees community-engaged research projects that focus on the promotion of wellbeing and equity for students and staff in schools. In collaboration with the Faculty PI(s), the Director will manage various critical relationships across the various stakeholders involved in the projects, interfacing about key timelines and project deliverables. The Director will do so across both the practice and research sides of the projects, supporting both capacity building of in-service professionals and knowledge generation. The position will (1) build and oversee center infrastructure, (2) manage specific projects, and (3) contribute to knowledge production.  

The budgeted salary that the University reasonably expects to pay for this position is $85,800.00 - $151,400.00. It is not typical for an individual to be offered a salary at or near the top of the range for a position. Salary offers are determined based on final candidate qualifications and experience. This is not a visa opportunity. This position is eligible for up to 100% remote work (Pacific time). For questions:

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA): Asst. Prof of Social Welfare[]

We seek a scholar who studies social policy as it pertains to any of the following areas: age, race, income inequality, immigration, social security, child and family welfare, community development, poverty, and/or housing. We welcome scholarship that draws on an intersectional lens and novel empirical approaches toward understanding the impact of social policies on marginalized populations. We are also interested in scholarship that evaluates the effectiveness of social policies on ameliorating poverty and related social problems.

The salary range for this position is $70,900 - $92,800. “Off-scale salaries” and other components of pay, i.e., a salary that is higher than the published system-wide salary at the designated rank and step, are offered when necessary to meet competitive conditions.

Early applications are encouraged. To ensure full consideration, please submit applications by Oct 15, 2023. Interested candidates should apply through UC Recruit:

University of Connecticut: Assistant Professor, Health Equity focus, Tenure Track[]

The University of Connecticut School of Social Work invites applications for a full-time (9-month appointment) tenure-track Assistant Professor position. The UConn School of Social Work seeks highly motivated and productive early career scholars who are committed to research, social justice, and social work education. We are open to various areas of research and are particularly interested in candidates whose scholarship addresses health equity.

The University of Connecticut School of Social Work is a national leader in graduate social work education with a tradition of educating and serving diverse communities. We are ranked in the top 12% of schools of social work nationally and number one in Connecticut. The school’s research doctorate is the only public social work Ph.D. program in the region. Our externally funded portfolio exceeds $41 million dollars.

The UConn School of Social Work is also home to the Innovations Institute, a nationally recognized interdisciplinary implementation and translational research center. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive faculty environment and especially welcome applicants from historically underrepresented groups. Our faculty is collegial, supportive, and dedicated to the success of our early career faculty.

University of Hawai‘i at Manoa (3 Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track)[]

The Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health, Department of Social Work invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position to begin August 2024. Desirable focus area is health and/or ADEI (including Indigenous/decolonizing approaches) . Priority deadline is September 22, 2023, but applications will be accepted until filled.

The school also has two additional tenure-track Assistant Professor positions to begin August 2024. Desireable teaching foci are quantitative methods or undergraduate education. Desirable research areas are rural health and/or Indigenous Pacific Peoples (Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, and Filipinos). Priority deadline is October 19, 2023, but applications will be accepted until filled.

University of Iowa: Assistant Professor in Behavioral or Mental Health[]

Hiring for two positions: one in behavioral health; one in mental health or behavioral health. Candidates should demonstrate potential for a strong research agenda in behavioral health or mental health. If you want to be considered for either position, please apply to both,

Post-MSW practice required. (Please include experience as a research assistant gained during your doctoral studies program. These RA experiences often provide macro-level SW experience.)

Deadline: Review begins September 1, 2023

University of Missouri-Columbia: Open Rank, Tenure Track Assistant/Associate Professor[]

Details: Expertise in economic justice and/or priority areas: Substance use, Health disparities based on race, Sexual or gender identity, Persons with disabilities, Women's health and reproductive rights

Deadline: August 1, 2023

(Job ID: 47219).

University of Michigan-Dearborn - Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Human Services

Position begins Fall 2024

The Department of Health and Human Services is seeking a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Human Services at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.  At the undergraduate level, the department is preparing students for careers and additional graduate training in social work, child life studies, public health, and other human services professions, as well as a wide range of health and medical fields. Candidates are sought who have teaching and research strengths in human services and experience with intervention research serving children, youth, families, and/or other vulnerable populations. Candidates who have a completed Ph.D. in social work,  counseling, psychology, public health, or related areas are encouraged to apply.

Candidates will be expected to teach required courses in the undergraduate Health and Human Services curriculum. The preferred candidate will have teaching strengths that support courses in Fundraising and Grant Writing, System of Care, and Working withVulnerable and Hard-to-Reach Populations, among others. A proven ability to develop curricula and teach both in person and online is strongly preferred.

Candidates should have substantive scholarly expertise in one or more defined health services areas in which they would have the potential to develop collaborative research efforts in the metropolitan Detroit area.We seek a colleague with an active research program and track record of published scholarship, as well as an ability to draw on this research to inform their teaching and service. Candidates engaged in multidisciplinary research or community-based research collaborations are welcomed.  

The successful candidate will join a vibrant community of scholars collectively dedicated to addressing health and human service disparities with expertise in areas including gender and reproductive health, environmental health, community organizing, patient-centered health care, obesity and chronic disease, and counseling.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn (UM-Dearborn) is one of the three campuses of the University of Michigan. UM-Dearborn, a comprehensive university offering high quality undergraduate, graduate, professional and continuing education to residents of southeastern Michigan, and attracts more than 9,000 students. Our faculty comes from respected universities and doctoral programs, are recognized for excellence in research and teaching, and are active in professional and academic service roles in their respective fields. US News and World Report recently recognized our campus as a Best Regional University.

University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC): ASSISTANT PROFESSOR of SOCIAL WORK / UMKC School of Education, Social Work and Psychological Sciences[]

The University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) is the largest comprehensive, fully accredited university in the Kansas City area. To recast the institution’s investment strategy and academic landscape, UMKC recently launched the newly designed School of Education, Social Work, and Psychological Sciences as part of its UMKC Forward initiative. We are excited to be hiring for a social work tenure track assistant professor position. We have attached our recruitment flier and encourage you to consider UMKC and life in a city on the rise. For additional information within this email, please use the following link and search for Job 48838:

UMKC Social Work Tenure Track Assistant Professor Opening

Any questions about the position and/or application process can be directed to Dr. Rosalyn Bertram, Chair of the Search Committee, at <>.

University of Michigan School of Social Work: Multiple Positions (Tenured Associate/Full Professor in Intervention Research; Open Rank Clinical Faculty; Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow)[]

Positions begin in Fall 2024

Tenured Associate/Full Professor in Intervention Research: The School of Social Work seeks an exceptional mid-career or senior scholar with an established research program in intervention research and/or implementation science to complement existing faculty strength. The ideal candidate will have the capacity to provide leadership and mentoring of other faculty and trainees in the development, testing, adaptation, and/or implementation of innovative interventions for underserved populations found in a variety of settings such as the mental health system, health care, child welfare, aging services, schools, disability services, and the criminal legal system. We seek candidates with a strong collaborative orientation, capacity to mentor early career scholars and doctoral students, a strong record of extramural funding, and an exceptional portfolio of publication and dissemination products. Preferred candidates will have an MSW degree or equivalent and an earned doctorate in social work or a related field.

Review of applications will begin on October 20 and continue on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

Clinical Faculty Positions (open rank): We invite applicants for two clinical faculty positions (untenured but open rank). Ideal candidates will be prepared to offer master’s level courses across multiple curricular pathways. We are particularly interested in candidates with expertise and ability to offer courses in one or more of the following areas of macro social work practice: management and leadership, policy practice and implementation, community change, grant writing and fundraising, talent and resource management, program and project management, and evaluation methods. We also seek candidates with the capacity to teach courses in global social work practice in combination with other areas of the MSW curriculum. Experience in developing and teaching courses in both residential and online formats is preferred. Clinical faculty members will join the teams of social work faculty in the areas of their specialization to develop curriculum and new programming, engage in exemplary teaching, develop and engage with a network of practitioners in their area of specialization, and collaborate in the identification and supervision of student field placements and related activities.

Successful candidates will have, at minimum, an MSW or master’s degree in a relevant discipline and a record of relevant practice experience, as well as experience in teaching and graduate student supervision. While research experience is welcome, the primary foci for the clinical faculty positions are teaching, student supervision and advising, and educational program development. Clinical faculty positions are renewable appointments of 3-5 year terms.

Review of applications will begin on October 20 and continue on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship: This University-wide fellowship is facilitated by the University of Michigan ADVANCE Program and supports exceptional scholars whose research, teaching, and service will contribute to diversity and equal opportunity in higher education. Fellowships are 12 month appointments, renewable for one year, and fellows are encouraged to apply for available tenure-track openings in the School of Social Work during their term of appointment. We are particularly interested in scholars with the potential to bring to their research and teaching the critical perspective that comes from their non-traditional educational background or understanding of the experiences of groups historically underrepresented in higher education. Postdoctoral Applicants for the School of Social Work should have an MSW degree and an earned doctorate in social work or a related field. They must select up to two faculty mentors from the School of Social Work and include a letter from the mentors in the application package. Additional information and application instructions may be found here.

University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL): Assistant Professor[]

The UM-St. Louis School of Social Work invites candidates to apply for an Assistant Professor position beginning the 2024-2025 academic year. At the School of Social Work, we engage students and faculty in professional education, research, and service to advance knowledge and competence to promote human and societal well-being. Within a collaborative learning environment, students are prepared as self-aware, culturally informed and critically-thinking leaders who are committed to social and economic justice and professional values and ethics. We inspire hope. We change lives.

Review of applications will begin immediately, and the position will remain open until filled.

Job ID: 49394

Posted: 11/13/2023

University of North Carolina at Charlotte: Postdoctoral Fellow[]

The holder of this postdoctoral fellowship has the opportunity to join the UNC Charlotte Violence Prevention Center (VPC). The VPC is a multidisciplinary research center devoted to research and prevention of multiple violence types (e.g., intimate partner violence, sexual assault, gun violence, suicide). We do so by addressing underserved and marginalized populations (e.g., Black youth, sexual and gender minority, military) through use of multiple methodologies (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, policy analysis, community participatory action) by targeting shared risk and protective factors (e.g., substance use, social norms, family conflict). The position holder will conduct independent and team-based violence policy and prevention research within the VPC under the primary supervision of Dr. Annelise Mennicke (Associate Director of Research), with co-mentoring provided by the VPC Executive Committee and Core Faculty. Position will begin August 2024.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro: Associate/Full Professor, DEPARTMENT CHAIR[]

The Department of Social Work and Gerontology Program at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) invites applications and nominations for the position of Department Chair. This position is available to start January or August 2024.

University of Northern Iowa: Associate/Full Professor, Department Head

The University of Northern Iowa's Department of Social Work is excited to launch a search for a Department Head. The department has well-regarded programs, a dynamic faculty, and many opportunities for innovation. The Department offers an on campus BSW and Advanced MSW, as well as distance MSW programs.

Posted 12/14/2023

University of Pittsburgh: Open Rank, Tenure Stream, Assistant / Associate Professor[]

The University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work invites applications for one tenure-stream position at the Assistant or Associate Professor level, as part of a university-wide cluster hiring initiative in Race and Social Determinants in Equity and Well-being. The School of Social Work specifically seeks a colleague who brings a focus on race and health, health interventions and outcomes.

University of Southern California (USC) Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work: Open Rank, Tenure Track Assistant/Associate/Full Professor[]

To complement our existing strengths and to further advance our goal of combatting social injustices, we prefer that candidates have substantive focus and research and teaching experience in at least one of these broad areas: Latinx/Latine or other BIPOC health and behavioral health, Racial/ ethnic and cultural inequities and disparities, Child welfare and child and family services, Social welfare policy and systems.

University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work: Assistant/Associate Professor (Tenure-Track):[]

The School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Arlington invites applications for multiple open-rank positions: Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, T/TT status.

The University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work invites nominations and applications for multiple Assistant Professor Tenure-Track and Associate/Full Professor Tenured positions effective Fall 2024. We are especially interested in adding faculty who will strengthen our capacity in the areas of Mental Health/Substance Misuse, Community/Administrative Practice, and Children and Families.

University of Utah College of Social Work: Assistant/Associate Professor (Tenure-Track) & Assistant Professor (Lecturer)[]

The University of Utah College of Social Work invites applications for multiple 9-month tenure-track faculty positions at the rank of Assistant/Associate Professor. The position includes generous benefits, competitive salary, development funding, and a collegial environment. We are especially interested in candidates whose research and/or teaching focuses on mental or behavioral health, substance use and addiction, or health/gerontology/disabilities; however, those with other expertise are encouraged to apply. Experience working with Latinx and/or Indigenous communities is highly desirable, as is being bilingual in Spanish/English. The successful candidate will have a strong scholarly record, a fundable research agenda, and documented excellence in teaching.

Assistant/Associate Professor (Tenure-Track):

The University of Utah, College of Social Work invites applications for 12-month career-line faculty positions at the rank of Assistant Professor (Lecturer) with responsibilities for BSW and MSW instruction and online education. We are especially interested in candidates whose teaching focuses on mental health, substance use and addiction, or health/gerontology/disabilities; however, instructors with variety of expertise are encouraged to apply. This is a non-tenure track position intended to be a long-term position within the University’s Career-Line Faculty structure, with a renewable contract. Experience working with Latinx and/or Indigenous communities is highly desirable, as is being bilingual in Spanish/English.

Assistant Professor (Lecturer):

University of Washington- Seattle - School of Social Work (teaching and tenure track, multiple ranks, 6 positions) (POSTED 1/30/24)[]

Apply by February 15 or 28 (depending on position) for best consideration

Job postings and to apply:

Assistant Professor - Teaching Track - Social Work (for best consideration apply by February 28, 2024)

This is a non-tenure track and promotion eligible position, promotion assessed based on school and university criteria. The start date will be no later than September 16, 2024. It has a 9-month service period, multi-year (3-to-5-year) renewable contract at 100% FTE, with summer salary available based on curricular need. The base salary range for this position will be $8000 - $8700 per month, commensurate with experience and qualifications, or as mandated by a U.S. Department of Labor prevailing wage determination.

Assistant Professor - Teaching Track - Social Work - OFE (for best consideration apply by February 28, 2024)

The University of Washington, School of Social Work invites applications for one (1) Full-Time Assistant Teaching Professor in the Office of Field Education (OFE), effective no later than September 16, 2024. This is a multi-year (1-5 year renewable), full-time position, with a 9-month service period, September 16 through June 15 annually, with up to 2.5 paid months of summer salary based on curricular and administrative need. The base salary range for these positions will be $7,275 - $8,000 per month, commensurate with experience and qualifications, or as mandated by a U.S. Department of Labor prevailing wage determination.

Assistant Dean/Director for Field Education and Associate Teaching Professor

The University of Washington School of Social Work seeks an Associate Teaching Professor who will serve as its assistant dean/director of field education and who will serve as a visionary, synergic, and inclusive leader dedicated to social equity and justice.  This appointment will be effective no later than September 16, 2024.

This administrative and faculty position is non-tenure track and promotion eligible.  It has a 9-month service period, multi-year (3-to-5-year) renewable) contract at 100% FTE, with up to 2.5 paid months of summer salary based on curricular and administrative need. The assistant dean/director is a member of the Office of Field Education and school faculty and is administratively responsible for the Office of Field Education and for providing a vision with concomitant leadership in field education. The base salary range for this position will be $8200 - $9500 per month, commensurate with experience and qualifications, or as mandated by a U.S. Department of Labor prevailing wage determination.

Associate Professor/Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The University of Washington School of Social Work is seeking to fill the position of Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The successful candidate will engage in scholarly research, teaching, and administration.

This is a senior tenure track faculty position, promotion eligible (depending on the rank upon appointment) at the rank of Associate or Full Professor depending on qualifications.  This appointment will be effective no later than September 16, 2024.

This administrative and faculty position is tenure track and promotion eligible, depending on rank has a 9-month service period) contract at 100% FTE, with up to 2.5 paid months of summer salary based on curricular and administrative need. Positive factors for consideration include but are not limited to a Doctorate in Social Work (DSW); a Masters in Social Work;  an LICSW.

The base salary range for this position will be $14,000 - $22,000 per month, commensurate with experience and qualifications, or as mandated by a U.S. Department of Labor prevailing wage determination.

Assistant Professor - Tenure Track - Social Work (2 positions) (for best consideration apply by February 15, 2024)

The University of Washington, School of Social Work invites applications for Two Assistant Professor tenure track positions, effective no later than September 16, 2024.  These are full-time positions, with a 9-month service period, September 16 through June 15 annually, with up to 2.5 paid months of summer salary based on curricular and administrative need. The base salary range for these positions will be $10,000 - $12,000 per month, commensurate with experience and qualifications, or as mandated by a U.S. Department of Labor prevailing wage determination.

The successful candidate will be expected to conduct research in an area of social work including but not limited to one of the following areas:

Oncology and Palliative Care Social Work

Child Welfare

Indigenous Health

Social Policy

Behavioral Health

Social Work Practice with African American and Latino/a populations

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work: Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)[]

The Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work welcomes candidates of all specializations relevant to social work. An ability to teach in all program levels (i.e. undergraduate, master's, doctoral) is required. The successful candidate's research, teaching, and service clearly demonstrate an understanding of anti-oppressive practice and policy. The successful candidate will work to proactively support the expansion of diversity among all components of the School, and ensure an inclusive, fair, and equitable environment that fosters engagement and a sense of belonging for faculty, staff, students and members of the broader community.

Apply by Oct 15 for full consideration

University of Kentucky, College of Social Work[]

Associate Dean, Faculty Advancement: The Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement (ADFA) is the primary leader for the development of a robust support infrastructure for faculty within CoSW. The ADFA will conceptualize and lead the implementation of CoSW’s strategic faculty advancement vision, which includes fostering a culture of engagement, support, and excellence as it relates to the development of faculty. This position reports directly to the Dean and is an at-will administrative appointment.

Associate Dean, Research: The Associate Dean for Research is the primary leader for the development and conduct of research within the College of Social Work. They will conceptualize and lead the implementation of the college’s strategic research vision, which includes fostering a robust culture of research predicated on consistent faculty and student development, intentional investment in research infrastructure, mutual support, and rigorous evaluation.

Assistant, Associate, or Professor in Social Work: Successful candidates are expected to develop and maintain a dynamic, externally funded research program and strong record of high-impact scholarship (e.g., publications, presentations, etc.). In addition, selected candidates are expected to teach undergraduate and graduate courses. Candidates with research/teaching interests and expertise in one or more of the following areas are encouraged to apply: clinical practice; behavioral health; substance use disorder(s); child welfare; interpersonal violence; health disparities; community engagement; and/or differential system impacts among underrepresented groups.

Clinical Assistant, Associate, or Professor in Social Work: To continue to advance our support infrastructure for CoSW, we invite applicants for a (12-month), non-tenure eligible open rank position in the Clinical Title Series to begin as early as Fall 2023. Primary duties associated with this position involve provision of instruction, training, and advisement for students across all academic programs housed in the College of Social Work. In addition, this position will be responsible for curriculum development for graduate-level programming. Successful applicants will have experience teaching at the university level and demonstrated ability to effectively participate in scholarly activities.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Social Work[]

Application Link:

The Department of Social Work at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee seeks to fill a vacancy for a tenure-track assistant professor position. Duties include establishing a robust program of research while maintaining a strong commitment to teaching and mentorship along with service to the department, university, profession, and community. The typical teaching load is 4 courses per year (2 courses per semester). The anticipated start date for the 9-month tenured/tenure-track appointment is August 19, 2024.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) is Wisconsin’s second-largest university, with a unique dual mission of access and research to provide high-quality education for students from all backgrounds. UWM is one of 146 top research universities recognized as “R1” by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. Along with its main campus in Milwaukee, UWM has branch campuses in Waukesha and Washington County.

Accredited by the CSWE, the Social Work Department is housed in the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare. The Department confers BSW and MSW degrees, and with the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, jointly offers a PhD degree in Social Welfare. The doctoral program prepares students for leadership roles such as university faculty, program evaluators, and policy analysts. The MSW program emphasizes direct and macro practice methods, and it offers accredited programming in substance abuse counseling and school social work along with interdisciplinary certificates in applied gerontology, trauma-informed care, and nonprofit management. MSW students may also earn coordinated degrees in public health (MPH), criminal justice and criminology (CS), and women’s and gender studies (MA).

Qualified applicants must hold a PhD in social work or a related field. Applicants who are ABD will be considered if completion of the degree is imminent (August 2024 or earlier).

Preference will be given to applicants who have/will:

-MSW degree

-Demonstrated ability to produce significant research

-Successfully teach undergraduate and graduate courses

-Collaborate across disciplines and with community partners.

Applications must be submitted online. A completed application will include a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, a professional writing sample, and contact information for three references.

This is a continuous recruitment. The initial date of review is November 27, 2023. Applications received after November 26, 2023 may not receive consideration.

If Continuous, Initial Review Date 11/27/2023
Position Contact Name Josh Mersky
Contact Phone 414-229-5003
Contact Email