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Active discussions [Partial edit]

Should we delete the job listings section? There are only 2 of hundreds of jobs. Why is it that on several occasions in trying to post here only a part of one of the two security words was visible?

WIKI COUNTER (How many people are using the wiki?) [Partial edit]

I'm on the market 25 I'm lurking (=read but do not write) 5 I'm visiting this page way too many times a day 14 At least I had an excuse to buy new clothes 3 I hate buying new clothes 1 I'm freaked out by people who send 75+ applications (no offense) 10 I sent out 75+ applications, and glad of it 4

MLA, Foreign Languages and Literature Listings, Spanish, 2007-2008 Cycle [Partial edit]

Schools That Have Made Offers [Partial edit]

U of Indianapolis offer made 12/7 (I am rejecting) WHY?? I got another offer. Lucky, early. Randolph Macon College 12/10

Schools That Have Scheduled Campus Interviews [Partial edit]

Randolph Macon College, 11/11 (interview 11/29-11/30) University of Indianapolis, 11/8 (interview 12/2-12/3) Cal State Fullerton, literature (11/26 - 12/5) Cal State Fullerton, linguistics (starting 12/4; no further info) U of Cincinnati, 12/7 (mid-January) UW Green Bay (I am not a candidate I only know because I emailed to follow up) West Georgia 12/12 (end of January) Univ. of Alberta 12/14(mid January) Alma College (called 1/11) Binghamton U (I am not a candidate--rejection email 1/10)

Schools That Have Scheduled MLA Interviews [Partial edit]

Southwestern University, 11/13 (2) Loyola College, 11/19 Union College, 11/19 Gettysburg, 11/29 College of Charleston, 12/28 Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 11/27 Michigan State, 11/29 Ohio State (no idea what date; 3rd hand knowledge), 11/28 Whitman College, 11/29 Transylvania University, 11/29 Butler University, 11/29 Washington Univ.-St. Louis, 12/1 U of Utah (post-1960), 12/1; (Mexicanist/Border), 12/4 Washington College, 12/2 Lafayette College, 12/3 University of Vermont, 12/3 Lehigh University, 12/4 U of Miami, 12/4 (Mexico) peninsularist? U of Northern Illinois (11/29) Georgia Tech, 12/5 Francis Marion University, South Carolina, 11/29 U of Minnesota, 12/3 Medieval or Twentieth-Century Peninsular??? Southern U A 11/21 Iowa SU 12/5 Washburn U 12/5 (MLA scheduled after they checked references) Binghamton University 12/5 University of Mississippi (contact 12/04) The Citadel 12/04 Mississippi State U 12/05 Dominican University 12/6 (initial contact, MLA to be scheduled) U of Arkansas, Little Rock 12/6 Rhodes (12/6) Cal State, Long Beach 12/6 and 12/7 (2) University of Evansville 12/6 Virginia Tech (date ??) Fairfield U. (date ??) U of Oregon (Romance LL) (12/5) Washington State University (Pullman) (11/25) American Univ. (12/3) U. of West Virginia (12/5) Texas State University, San Marcos (12/2) Alfred University (contact: 12/07) U of Kentucky (early Dec.) Queens College, CUNY 12/6 Pacific Lutheran (12/7) College of St. Benedict (12/7) Cornell (unsure of date, 3rd hand knowledge) Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (12/7) Centre College (12/8) Gustavus Adolphus College (12/8) (2) Tulane (12/7) North Carolina, Chapel Hill (12/8) Georgetown (12/8) Transatlantic Armstrong Atlantic State University (Savannah GA) (12/7) University of Memphis (12/7) Temple (12/6) Augustana C IL (12/9) U of Arizona (unsure of date, 3rd hand knowledge) U of South Carolina, Beaufort (12/10) Georgia State 12/10 Film Position Central Washington University (12/10) William and Mary (12/10) Muhlenberg C (12/11) University of Illinois Chicago (12/11) both Peninsular and Lat. Am. Kenyon C (12/11) Benedictine C (12/11) Sarah Lawrence (12/11) Stanford (12/11) UCLA (12/11) (Peninsular Golden Age) California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (12/12) LITERATURE University Colorado Boulder (12/12) Peninsular, associate Colby College (Film/Poetry and Position A/Language) 12/12 Williams College (12/12) University of New Hampshire (12/12) Northern Kentucky University [chair position] 12/13 University of Massachusetts Boston (12/13) Christopher Newport U (12/13) Harvard (no known date) DePauw U (12/13) Georgia College & State University (12/13) Northwestern (12/13 contact from chair, administrator will schedule later) Carnegie Mellon U (12/14) Bucknell, 12/14 Drew University 12/14 University of Puget Sound 12/14 (2) Bates College 12/13 Earlham College 12/14 (2) Middlebury 12/13 (Latin American intellectual history) Oakland State University (12/14) (2) Spelman C (12/15) Columbia University (12/15) Kutztown University (1/7) --> Posted a second time the ad in the Chronicle. I understand they gave interviews at MLA (?)I sent papers the second time, but haven't heard from them yet (today is 1/17)

Anybody heard from??? [Partial edit] Rejections? Phone Interviews? MLA Interviews? Offers? Gossip? Q: Are acknowledgment letters/e-mails relevant in this section? No. Want to know if they've made any decisions.

Illinois State University? University of Maine at Farmington? St. Olaf College(Minnesota)? Washington and Lee dept chair position? Yes, MLA intervs (12/11). Middlebury (Asst. Prof, Hispanic visual culture)? yes, on 12/13. Augusta State University (GA) Regis U (Denver)? Cabrini C.? Muskingum C? U. of Nebraska, Kearney? Spelman C. Lincoln U (PA) Middle Tennessee? Missouri SU? U of South Carolina, Columbia U of N. Colorado Penn? I heard they meet this week (12/10-12/14), so I would guess people will hear next week, no? University of Southern California? UCSD? Barnard? U of Mary Washington? James Madison U? M.I.T. (open field)? Word is that they are looking for someone who does 20th c. THX; INTERVIEW CALLS YET? University of North Texas? U of CO Denver (2 positions: LA and Golden Age) YES, MLA intrv G.A. (12/5), LA? I interviewed with them for LA at the MLA. U of North Dakota phone interviews in Jan. [I'm the SCC. We got deluged with other things.] Thx, when will candidates be called? U of San Diego- Had MLA interview. Anybody get an interview w/Rice University?? I know some got rejections, but calls besides the request for a writing sample?? U of Florida Assumption College?

Rejection Letters/Emails Sent [Partial edit]

Alma College 12/5 (3) Binghamton University (12/5 and 12/6) (4) University of Maryland 12/4 University of Minnesota, Duluth 12/4 (2) Rice University 12/6 (5) Georgia Tech (paper reject rcvd 12/6 (4) UC Davis (word of mouth, so take it with a grain of salt) 12/5 Georgetown (email 12/7, transatlantic position) Carnegie Mellon (12/11) University of Texas El Paso {12/11) Rutgers University (Translation, paper reject rcvd 12/6) NYU (paper reject rcvd 12/13) Dalhousie University, NS, Canada (paper reject rcvd 12/14) Pomona College (snail mail, rcvd 12/17) Binghamton U (Interviewed with them at MLA; got rejection email for next round 1/10).

Schools That Have Scheduled Phone Interviews [Partial edit] Cal State Fullerton, literature date? U of Wisconsin Green Bay (contacted 11/1, interview 11/9) Cal State Fullerton, linguistics date? Macalester College date? Montclair State University date? U of Cincinnati - Peninsular (contacted 11/26, interviews 12/3, 12/4, 12/5) Weber State U (contacted 11/26 and 11/27, interviews 12/3 and 12/7) (Decision in January for on campus) U of Dallas (contacted 12/1, interviews 12/6, 12/7, 12/10) Colorado State University - Cont. Penin. 12/10 Salem State College (contact 12/05 interview 12/12) USC, Aiken (contact 12/06) Millersville U. (date ???) Georgia Southern State U (date ??) (is this Armstrong Atlantic State??) no Elon University (12/7) (Interviews on Dec 12th and 14th) Western Illinois University (contacted 12/10) Christopher Newport (contacted 12/10 for a preliminary phone interview, they are also going to MLA) (3) Stephen F. Austin State U (contacted 12/11) U of Minnesota - Duluth

Schools That Have Requested More Materials [Partial edit] Loyola College (transcripts, writing sample) 11/19 TX Women's U (entire dossier, trans, letters, etc) 11/20 (phone interviews in Jan, on campus in Feb) Michigan State (writing sample, 11/20) Rice (writing sample 11/20) USC (writing sample) 11/21 (University of Southern California or University of South Carolina? Southern Cal?) Westminster College (MO) 12/3 (teaching philosophy, letters, transcripts) Washington and Jefferson College (date?) Columbia (completed dissertation chapters) what position? Asst. Prof. Span., When did they request this? 12/3 Columbia or Barnard? U of North Florida (12/11) unofficial transcripts

Schools with Cancelled Searches [Partial edit]

Starting Salaries [Partial edit]

Please indicate the following:

School size, rank/position, starting salary, teaching load, geographical region, urban/rural, misc comments. Please specify as well candidate status and job level: ABD, Post-Doc, TT, non-TT, starting Assistant, advanced Assistant, Associate, etc. since these factors influence salary levels too. Would be interesting to see gender given that everyone says women receive lower innitial offers and are less likely to negotiate! For example: Research I, starting assistant prof., $54k, 2/3, midwest, small city, negotiated up from $53k

1) Small Liberal Arts College, starting assistant professor, $50K, 3-1-3 (1 is january term) East Coast, Virginia, suburb of large city, female (congratulations!) Thank you! I'm excited!

Archived discussion section [Partial edit] Please place discussions that have ended and/or are no longer relevant for the active discussions section. This way there is an archive and things just don't disappear.

Archived 12/15 One thought: What if we revisit the stats section after the MLA? I think it is interesting in terms of sheer numbers and stats but right now it adds an unwanted element of competition.

The stats seem quite useless in any case because they don't account for types of institutions or the fields of the candidates (at least in this iteration, the options seemed to be "Latin American" or "Peninsular." We're all different and we're all lucky not to be looking for a job in French. Very true! Or English or history! We ARE lucky.

Pre-MLA Job List Announcements [Partial edit]

Tenure-track Washington & Jefferson College (PA), asst prof: Announcement: Link:link Whitman College (WA), asst prof: Announcement: Link:link

  1. Virginia Tech due date 12/1 (online) Link 

Non tenure-track Central Virginia Community College (VA) 9/3/2007 Anouncement: Link:link Evergreen State College (WA) 9/7/2007 Announcement: Link:link