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Welcome to the Spanish 2010-2011 wiki page![]

[Again, we all know the job market sucks. It's frustrating. But please, this is a site intended to share information about recent developments regarding the job search, not a space in which to complain, slander, or vent.]

  • NOTE: if there is controversy about a particular school (as seems to be the case with Reed College on this page, for example), the currently unused Talk:Spanish 2010-2011 page is the place to hold that discussion. I would encourage you to move those debates there. Thanks. Una74 18:12, March 2, 2011 (UTC).


ABD, not defending soon:3

ABD, defense date set: 21

ABD, no defense, almost finished: 24

F1 Student w/o Job Offer:

F1 Student w/ Job Offer: 2

PhD in hand: 25

Postdoc in hand: 1

Visiting Assistant Professor/Adjunct: 28

Assistant Professor: 26

Associate Professor: 2

Lecturer: 10

Member of a Search Committee: 6

Leaving academia: 2

Leaving academia if I don't get a job this year: 2

Opening a puesto de chimichanga: 5


Peninsular: Latin American: Linguistics:
  • Medieval: 9
  • Golden Age/Early Modern: 15
  • XVIII-XIX: 2
  • XIX-XX: 4
  • XX-XXI: 18
  • Colonial: 9
  • Andean: 3
  • Independence era: 2
  • Modern/Contemporary:14
  • US Hispanic: 3
  • Southern Cone: 9
  • Caribbean: 7
  • Brazilian: 4
  • Mexican: 9
  • Central American: 3

SLA/Pedagogy (language and culture): 6

Linguistics and sociolinguistics:8

Consider yourself a Generalist: 17
Transatlantic 20th and 21st Century: 4

Offers Extended/Accepted[]

Use the Word on the Street section for status inquiries. Please read directions.

  • University of Alabama Birmingham (Spanish Linguistics).
  • Purdue North Central '
  • Salem College - offer extended and accepted.
  • Wilkes University.
  • College of Charleston (VAP) - offer extended, third hand, possible rumor (4.29) / Can anyone add to or confirm this? / Did anyone hear about interviews or receive rejection letters?/ So, not a word from them? Does anyone have insider knowledge?
  • Mt. Mercy U (Iowa) -offer extended and accepted (4/27)
  • Amherst College (Lecturer) - offer extended and accepted (4/25)
  • Wesley College - offer extended (4/25)
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania - offer extended (4/19)
  • Georgia Southwestern State University -Offer accepted.
  • Buena Vista University - suspended search (did not hire anyone)

5/11 Now a letter has been sent saying that they have hired someone, R:strange, went on campus visit, got an email that they decided not to hire anyone at this time, then got the same mass email that they have filled the position...why the need to not be straight with people?

  • Grand View University - suspended search (e-mail sent 4/18)
  • University of Central Arkansas - Assistant Professor of Latino Literature - offer accepted
  • Grand Valley State University: Assistant Professor in Colonial - offer accepted
  • Morehouse College: Assistant Professor - offer extended and accepted (second hand, very reliable)
  • Virginia Tech: Assistant Professor of Spanish (Latin American) offer extended (second hand, very reliable)
  • U Northern Iowa. Offer accepted.
  • Providence College: Assistant Professor of Spanish (Caribbean) offer extended and accepted (second hand, very reliable)
  • UCF (Ass Prof in Spanish Linguistics): offer extended (second hand) 4/8
  • Norwich University, offer accepted (4/6)
  • Indiana State University, offer extended (3/31) Q: Any info if the offer was accepted? Yes. Offer accepted.
  • Concordia offer extended & accepted. Q: Peninsular or Latin American, there are two positions, right? (4/4). A: Latin America.
  • Rockhurst University, offer extended (3/29)
  • Temple University (Golden Age), accepted (3/30). Can this be confirmed (by someone other than Mago de Oz, who also listed the Oakland and UofA positions as accepted w/o specifying whether his info on all 3 positions is 2nd-hand)? (Confirmed 3/30 first hand). Yes, confirmed that it was a fake search.
  • Oakland University (Golden Age), accepted (3/20). Can this be confirmed (by someone other than Mago de Oz)?
  • U of Arkansas Fayetteville (VAP, Medieval), accepted (3/31). Can this be confirmed (by someone other than Mago de Oz)? (Confirmed 3/30 email)
  • UT-Martin -- Offer accepted.
  • Siena C -- Offer extended and accepted
  • Western Oregon University, offer extended and accepted
  • Davidson College -- Offer extended and accepted (3/28)
  • Metropoiltan State College of Denver -- offer extended; turned down
  • Tulsa: Offer extended and accepted. Letter received (22-3)
  • Ball State University: Offer extended (and accepted). Internal candidate? A: I believe not (2nd hand) A2: No (at least one of the two positions).
  • West Chester - Offer extended.
  • Regis -- Offer extended and accepted (3/18)
  • Columbia U -- Contemporary Latin American Cultural Studies: Offer extended (second hand, very reliable)
  • Whittier C -- Offer extended and accepted (2nd hand very reliable)
  • Mount Holyoke College: Offer extended and accepted. Q: Congrats. What was the process? Interview? Campus visit? Straight offer? Nobody posted anything below. Q2. Which position is this in response to? Latino Studies? Or the VAP? Thanks! A. VAP. Q1: And the process?
  • St. Olaf: "Search concluded" letter received 3/10. (And felicidades extended to the lucky candidate).
  • Texas State San Marcos (medieval). Accepted (third hand, but reliable). A: When? A. Early this week. A: This is not true. A. Tis, amigo/a. Q: Tis???. A: Hubo oferta, pero, de momento, no se ha aceptado (second hand, very reliable) Q: Position filled? si, al final ha sido aceptada
  • Mary Baldwin College: Offer extended (3/9). Accepted.
  • Providence College: tenure track position of Assistant Professor of Spanish and Women’s Studies Director . Offer extended. Second hand. Very reliable. 3/9 Q: Was the offer accepted?
  • Transylvania (Medieval). Offer extended. Has this offer been accepted? How many people did they interview? R: Offer was accepted.
  • University of Evansville. Offer extended & accepted.
  • Rhodes College (Medieval/Golden Age) Offer accepted (second hand) //Can someone confirm? (internal candidate?). Offer definitely accepted and not by internal candidate. Thanks Congrats. Great college and place and a dept with a lot of future. /Congrats! They were impressive. If you mind my asking, did they go for a medievalist or a siglodeorista? A: Medievalist.
  • College of Charleston (Medieval/Golden Age) Offer extended and accepted (3/4)
  • Colby ? Any news? Offer accepted (2nd hand); rejection letter saying search is concluded received 3/5. x2
  • 'Middlebury College (Spanish Linguistics):' (3/4) offer accepted
  • Virginia Tech. (Second hand) Tenure track in Latin America. Offer made to a Medievalist [first hand].
  • University of Minnesota Duluth
  • College of Idaho (received call 3/3 indicating the search had concluded successfully).
  • U Cincinnati (TT, Spanish drama, literature). Offer extended - accepted.
  • UMass (Golden Age). Offer extended and accepted (second hand, very reliable). A: mucho me temo que esta info no es cierta. ademas, por que se borraron los comentarios sobre esta institucion??? A: can anybody confirm if this offer was accepted? A: Los comentarios se borraron porque no venian a cuento. Una serie de chismes. Nada mas. Lo importante es saber si hubo una oferta y si se acepto. Las opiniones negativas sobre este y otro departamento se pueden hacer en otra parte: Talk-Spanish. NOTE: if there is controversy about a particular school, the currently unused Talk:Spanish 2010-2011 page is the place to hold that discussion. I would encourage you to move those debates there. Thanks. Una74 18:12, March 2, 2011 (UTC). Q: any news??
  • Cornell University: VAP peninsularist, accepted 2/28.
  • Centre College. Offer accepted 28/02.
  • Univeristy of North Florida: Position fulfilled, second hand. Very reliable.
  • Ohio Wesleyan University: Offer accepted 2/28. Can this be confirmed? (Confirmed) In that case, congratulations!
  • Bard, external candidate. Very reliable second hand. Q: Offer accepted? A: No. Noticias: A fin de cuentas no contrataron a nadie
  • Wesleyan University: Offer accepted 02/28.
  • Illinois State University: Position filled
  • Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne (IPFW): Offer accepted
  • Swarthmore College: Offer accepted.
  • University of Michigan Offers extended (extremely reliable second hand)
  • Berkeley (offer extended, Second hand). ??? I heard the search was suspended. Confirmed, search cancelled. Really??? Why? Budget? No, SC couldn't come to an agreement. But, but, but, but... They had an inside candidate we were assured!!!111!!! A: Y, efectivamente, el inside candidate fue contratado. Fijaros en el website del depto. dentro de un par de meses. No sean tan histéric@s, que no es buena pinta. No contrataron a nadie y no van a contratar a nadie (y ese website ni siquiera funciona): NEXT!!!! A. What sucks is that we all know that there will be a "next" rumor about Berkeley. Listen ppl: there's a LOT of misunderstood info out there about the dept. You need to sift through the comments and figure out which info is posted by grad students in the dept., b/c that info has been spot on over the last several years.
  • Arizona State golden age cancelled, lack of funding (email)
  • Valdosta (2nd hand info; not sure if offer has been accepted) OP: Which position? There are multiple searches from Valodsta (5-6 I believe) ... A. I heard it was for modern peninsular.
  • Duquesne University (2/24) Assistant Professor of Spanish Ling position extened & accepted.
  • Colgate University: Offer extended and accepted (week of 2/24)
  • Bentley University Offer extended and accepted
  • Denison U: Offer extended (week of 2/21; 2nd hand)
  • Siena College: Offer Accepted (posted 2/23). R: Information not accurate (Siena Languages Faculty member, 2/23)
  • Washington and Lee University: Offer extended. Accepted
  • College of Charleston. Medieval/Golden Age Literature. No idea on rest of q's.
  • U of Mississippi IAP position offer made and accepted (2nd hand)
  • Georgia Tech: Offer accepted
  • 'McDaniel College. Offer accepted- 'Congratulations :)
  • Francis Marion University (Golden Age), offer accepted (2/15).
  • George Mason University: Deal made
  • Carnegie Mellon University: Offer made-- Offer Accepted (2/15)
  • Florida International University offer extended, 2/17, Spanish and Portuguese. Offered accepted, Spanish TT (very reliable). Offer accepted, Portuguese TT (very reliable).
  • College of the Holy Cross: (2/14) Offer extended. Q: Accepted? A: as of 2/17 Yes.
  • Rider U deal made/
  • North Carolina S: (2/10) accepted
  • Southern Oregon University: (reliable source) (2/7) accepted
  • Macalester College: Offer extended (2/7) Accepted? YES A: Congrats! They seemed like a very collegial department. A: Felicidades! Has ido a parar en uno departamento exquisito, en todos los sentidos. Vas a estar muy bien alli. Puedes sentirte sumamente afortunado/a
  • IUPUI (Spanish Linguistics): (2nd hand) - Accepted? Q. Did they hire a fresh PhD (at the rank of Assistant professor) or an advanced scholar, at the rank of Associate professor? Offer accepted (03/15) at the rank of Assistant Professor. - - -> OK, thank you for the update! How about French search? - - > Did they finalize it? I'm sorry but I have no idea about the French search. - -> OK:) sorry about this question and thank you for your reply!
  • University of Houston (2nd hand) Accepted. Congratulations! Is this for the Mexicanist/Transatlantic job or the Latino Studies position? A: They just hired someone who does Caribbean / Women Studies. A2: They have actually hired a Mexicanist. A3: I guess then they have hired both, a Caribbeanist and a Mexicanist. The information about the Caribean hired is very reliable.
  • West Virginia U: Spanish Linguistics offered (2/2) and accepted (around 2/6) [Speculation moved to Word on the Street]
  • Middle Tennessee State University: 2/2, offer accepted
  • Middlebury (1-year VAP, Portuguese): 1/26 - Offer accepted.
  • Michigan Tech When? Accepted?
  • UNC-Chapel Hill (Ling.)
  • Indiana U (Director of Language Program: (1/24) offer extended, accepted in February. Candidates did not meet position requirements but one was hired anyway
  • Middlebury College (Spanish Linguistics): (2/15) offer extended
  • Bucknell U (Spanish Linguistics): offer extended, 2/18
  • University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (Spanish Linguistics): (3/1) Offer extended; (3/5) Offer accepted

Campus Visits[]

Pssst. There's a "word on the street" section a bit further below for when you want to know if anybody has info on a particular position[]

Put the MOST RECENT at the TOP[]
  • Catholic University (TT): Campus visit scheduled for 5/2 Q: When were you notified? R. Un día cuando iba camino al toilet...
  • Wilkes University. Campus visits scheduled (4/18)
  • 'University of Mis. St. Louis' (TT). Campus visit scheduled (4/26).
  • U of Kentucky: campus visit scheduled (4/18) They still have interviews scheduled at the MLA (That is University of Kentucky at Louisville)
  • UCF (Spanish Linguistics): campus visit scheduled for 4/4
  • Wesley College. Campus visit scheduled (4/7).
  • Hampden Sydney. Campus visit scheduled.
  • UNC Pembroke (3/4). Campus visit scheduled.
  • Purdue North Central (3/23)
  • Indiana State U (3/16) Campus visit scheduled x2
  • U. Arkansas (Fayetteville)- one year visiting (Medieval)? Is this an inquiry or are you stating that, in fact, campus visits have been scheduled? I ask because this was posted before the final day of telephone interviews. A: When did they end phone interviews? Any offer made? A. I don't know about this year, but in previous years I don't think there have been campus visits for this position. A: k, thx. any news about an offer extended? A. I don't know about an offer, but the people are nice there and responsive, so a direct inquiry via email might do the trick. A: thx, but i do not know. i am not sure about that...but thx anyway. i really appreciate it. Q: any news on this one? thanks so much in advance. Q: still no news??? Q: offer extended?? A. Offer extended & accepted (second hand).
  • Rockhurst University: Campus visit scheduled 3/8
  • Norwich University (3/8) x2
  • Ball State University (2/24) Q. Could you clarify which position this is? They are still advertising this position and evidently there are two different ones. A. Tenure-track generalist.
  • Mary Baldwin College (2/16) It is listed below (1/11), so this must be a second round Q: is this the Spanish/Latin@ position? A:Yes.
  • Western Oregon University (2/22) Campus visits scheduled
  • Ohio Wesleyan (2/15)
  • Bentley University (2/7) Campus visits scheduled
  • Virginia Tech (2/11) [comments have been moved to "word on the street" below] Q: Really????
  • U of Georgia (lecturer) (2/11)
  • Lewis University (2/11) - campus inverviews scheduled early for March
  • University of Northern Iowa (2/11) x2
  • Aquinas College (2/7, second hand) Q: For the Linguistics or Spanish/French position? 2/09, Linguistics.
  • West Virginia University (February; second hand), Q: Is this the LatAm teaching assist prof position?
  • Buena Vista University (2/3), (reliable second hand)
  • University of Central Arkansas (2/1), (reliable second hand)
  • University of Texas, Austin (2/1) - 2 VAP (Colonial & Peninsular), 6 Campus Visits Scheduled
  • Comm College of Philadelphia (2/1)
  • University of Oklahoma (Cono Sur)-(1/31), Q: Any word on the Linguistics position?
  • Centre College campus visits set up for feb.
  • U of New Hampshire (1/29) x2
  • University of Wisconsin LaCrosse (1/27)
  • Siena College (1/27)x3
  • Ithaca College (1/25) Interviews scheduled at the MLA
  • Rhodes (1/27)
  • Emporia State (1/27)
  • Mount Union
  • Providence C. (second hand). can anyone confirm? Have they contacted all candidates? Thanks Rejection email after MLA interview 2/1/2011
  • UMASS, Golden Age, 2/15
  • Northeastern Illinois University (01/26)
  • University of California, Irvine (second hand)
  • Georgia Tech
  • Columbia (I'm assuming; friend has received a post-MLA reJECtion via email) Confirmed, 2nd hand.
  • Portland State U. (Lat. Am., 2nd hand, solid info).
  • Swarthmore College. (Visiting). When? Can anyone confirm? confirmed (1/17)
  • Dartmouth College (TT Portuguese position) - (1/23)
  • George Washington University (Golden Age) (1/17)
  • Austin Community College (1/21)
  • University of Texas (1/21) VAP 18th-19th
  • Oberlin -- 1/18 First hand. Communication by email.
  • U of Mississippi -- IAP position (second hand)
  • U of Virginia - email 1/17. Q: Which position? Spanish Linguistics
  • Colby College (Modern Peninsular): phone, 1/15
  • Wesleyan (Connecticut) 2nd hand
  • U Idaho: (2nd hand; solid info)
  • University of Richomond: (first hand):
  • Elon University (2nd hand); confirmed
  • Denison U (1/19)
  • Middle TN State (1/28) reliable 2nd hand
  • Hobart and William Smith Colleges (1/18), 2nd hand, (1/17) Q: Is this information confirmed? (1/25).
  • Whittier College 1/18. Is this first round or second? They were interviewing local people outside of MLA during first round. R: Second round
  • University of Wisconsin 1/18 (18th-21st Peninsular Lit and Linguistics) Q: How many in linguistics?
  • Willamette University (Spanish and Film Studies) 1/17
  • Gettysburg College (Linguistics) 1/17 x2
  • Gettysburg College (Latino Lit): Campus visits scheduled.
  • Dartmouth (21st century) (1/14) x2
  • SUNY -Purchase 15/1 FLEd / applied linguistics --> Q1: ¿Podría alguien confirmar "esta visita" con exactitud? Gracias.
  • Judson College: campus visits held: 1/7 and 1/14
  • St. Michael's College, (phone) when contacted?
  • Carnegie Mellon (2nd hand, very reliable) x 2
  • U. of Tulsa (2nd hand) Can anyone confirm?
  • College of Holy Cross (Lat-Am/Peninsular Poetry) 1/13
  • Oakland University ( Golden Age 1/13) x2
  • West Virginia (2nd hand) Spanish Linguistics. x2 (phone call 1/12)
  • Mary Baldwin College. (1/11/). They were at the MLA and they also conducted phone interviews. Q: did they extend an offer to you? is there any reason why you declined it?
  • Bard College (1/10) phone call.
  • Wayne State (2nd hand)
  • St. Olaf C (1/12) phone call.
  • Colorado C (1/12) Email
  • Reed (1/12) x2
  • University of Alabama.(Tuscaloosa, Latin America)
  • Bentley University, 2nd hand. Can anyone confirm?
  • Rider University (Golden Age), 1/11. x3
  • Middlebury College (Spanish Linguistics): (1/12) (phone contact) x2 (1/11)
  • Middlebury College (January; second hand)
  • Manhattan College (Spanish Linguistics): (1/11) (phone contact) x2
  • Berkeley MLA 1/7/2011 [is this date/place campus visit was scheduled???] No, el dia que me dijeron que era finalista. [so, the answer is YES ;)] Q: There is only ONE person scheduled for Berkeley and it was scheduled either at the interview or right after? A: No, ya llamaron al resto.
  • University of Houston - MLA 1/7/2011
  • Temple University: Portuguese position. Campus visit scheduled for January.
  • Temple University (Colonial) - Inside candidate. Q: can anyone confirm this? A: Confirmed.
  • George Mason University: (12/22)
  • Illinois State: (12/22) Campus visit scheduled for January
  • Providence College: Campus visit scheduled (12/4) for Jan. Position: Spanish/ Women's Studies
  • McDaniel College (12/20)
  • Valdosta State (12/20)
  • College of Mount Saint Vincent: (12/20). Why are they advertising this position for a 2nd time?
  • St. Edward's U: (12/17) Campus visit scheduled for January; They ran 2 searches. Which position was this for? Generalist with emphasis in oral communication.
  • College of Idaho (generalist): 12/17
  • Indiana/Purdue Indianapolis (Spanish Linguistics): 12/9 .
  • Grand View University (generalist): (12/9)' .
  • Augustana College: Campus visit scheduled (end of November, second hand)
  • UNC-Chapel Hill (Hispanic Linguistics) [Nov. 25] (previous chatter deleted to prevent clutter)

Interviews Scheduled[]

Schools with which interviews have been scheduled as well as means - MLA or phone. Remember to mention the DATES. Put the most recent at the top.

  • Wayne State University. What position is this?? They had been looking for Mexican/Central American lit, just got "position is filled" email 5/13, same position? or another?
  • CalPoly SLO phone interviews held 5/13 and 5/14. Did anyone get invited for a campus visit?
  • UIUC (Spanish Linguistics, Visiting): 4/26 x2
  • Auburn (Instructor): email 4/19
  • Boston University (Lecturer): skype interview, contacted by email 4/19
  • U Tennessee at Chattanooga contacted by email 4/19.
  • U of Kentucky (Ass Prof in Spanish Linguistics): skype interview (4/12)
  • Duke University Lecturer position. Contact for phone interview 4/15
  • Wilkes U: 4/12 email contact. Skype interview.
  • Amherst: Lecturer Position, phone interview, email contact (3/4) x2 Q: Wow!!! It took only three days (applications were due 3/1) to read ALL the applications and decide on candidates? That is efficiency!!! A: No, they were reading every single one once it arrived. Q: Any news after the phone interviews? (4/9).A:4 candidatas invitadas a campus.
  • SUNY - Purchase (Spanish Linguistics): 3/14 Skype interview; email contact x4
    • ¿Ha recibido alguien alguna contestación después de las entrevistas? ¡Gracias! (3/24)
    • Que se hayan registrado aquí 4 personas con entrevistas por skype y que ninguna de ellas haya sido invitada a una entrevista al campus es de lo más sospechoso. ¿Alguien tiene información al respecto? Gracias. (4/4)
    • Any news about this search? What's wrong with these guys!?!?! (4/8)
  • Ithaca C: Search cancelled (4/5)
    • "After serious consideration and careful evaluation of the needs of the department, a decision has been made to close the search and not hire anyone at this time" x2
    • A1: Maybe there were two different letters sent.
    • A2: Jajaja, que gente la de este college, mi carta decía que tomaron otra persona.
    • A3: Por esa razón, el jefe del departamento responde los correos cuando le preguntan qué está pasando con el puesto. Es una vergüenza, desde luego, hacer a la gente perder el tiempo, engañarla de esa manera. En fin, que se diviertan entre colinas ...
  • University of Denver, Lectureship
    • Q: Any news? (4/5) -- A: Rejection email (4/5) x2
    • Q: No news on interviews then? They have been reviewing applications for over a month, according to their job announcement (4/6).
  • Loyola University: Chicago, Lectureship: Any news? (4/5)
  • University of Pennsylvania, Lectureship: Any news? (4/5)
  • St. Mary's (CWIL Fellowship): phone interview
  • Wesley College (3/30): e-mail contact for phone interview.
  • Monmouth College -- 3/29 -- VAP phone
  • Spring Hill College: 3/29 skype interview; phone contact 3/9
  • Concordia (Montreal) VAP - Phone interview, second hand (3/24)
  • Cal State U San Marcos (Spanish Aplied Linguistics): (3/18) Phone interview; email contact x2
    • Después de las entrevistas por teléfono, ¿ha recibido alguien alguna notificación? (4/4) R: They have started scheduling campus interviews.
  • Hampden-Sydney College VAP (3/21) x1, Phone contact. First hand info. Q: Can someone else confirm this? Did they call for all of the interviews at once? (3/22). Hoy y el jueves son los últimos días para las entrevistas (3/23). Q: Have all of the short listed candidates been notified? Q2: Sera una busqueda falsa? A: La búsqueda fue legítima. Han ofrecido el trabajo a alguien externo.
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 3/14. A: Just DO NOT go. See what I found (wiki tesol, 2011): "Be aware there is an ongoing retrenchment at the Univ., both for tenure and tenure-track appointments (which includes the new hirings). This will transform this position in a kind'a "visiting" position, or non-tenure track after a year, in 2012-13 (even it is a TT position, the Univ. keeps the right to renew a contract annually, without taking into consideration your perfomance):
  • Miami Dade College (3/4) e-mail contact for phone interview.
  • UVI (St. Thomas) (3/9) e-mail contact for phone interview
  • Mount Mercy College: (3/9) email contact for phone interview.
  • Indiana State University: email contact for phone interview (3/3) x2
  • Norwich U: email contact for phone interview.
  • Purdue North Central: phone contact for phone interview. x2
  • UNC Pembroke (2/27): email contact for phone interview ¿Qué? That job was just announced in the Chronicle today!. They did not call me, but the position had been cancelled and has reopened. They wrote to me to see if I was still interested. For assistant tt or Visiting P? A: I'm pretty sure it is for TT. Q: ¿Otra ronda de entrevistas? No entiendo, los campus visit para TT ya están calendarizados.
  • U of San Diego (2/18): email contact for phone interview
  • Lutheran University. CALIFORNIA LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY? Yes. Contacted when? For assistant or senior position? Assistant position.
  • U. of Indianapolis (2/15): phone contact for Skype interview
  • Ball State University: (2/8) email contact for phone interview. x3.
  • West Chester U: (2/7), email contact for Skype interview. x3
  • Luther College (Span/Ita): 2/4, email contact X 3
  • University of Alabama (Ling): 2/4, email contact x2
  • University of Georgia (2/2): phone interview for lectureship x3
  • Lewis University (2/1): had phone interview today
  • Western Oregon (1/26): phone interview x2
  • Western Michigan University: (1/24): Skype interview, email contact
  • University of Northern Iowa: (1/21): phone interview
  • Duquense University (1/19) Spanish Ling position - after MLA interview, recieved rejection email, 2 campus interviews were scheduled;
  • University of Mississippi: (1/14) email contact. Phone interview Q: Is this for the Instructional Assistant Professor position?
  • Augsburg College: (1/14): email contact. Written interview to be emailed by 1/24.x2 What about campus visits. They already had finalists (?)
  • Sonoma State U: (1/14) phone interview Q: email or phone contact? e-mail contact, only one person heard from Sonoma? Internal candidate? R. yes.
  • Community College of Philadelphia: (1/13) web cam interview. Someone needs to update their HR job postings site -My application status still says in progress. Have the on-campus interviews at the Community College of Philadelphia started? Any word on this position from anyone?
  • U of Central Arkansas: (1/12) phone interview
  • Regis U: (1/12) Mail contact to ask for an additional Mission Statement to the short listed candidates. Phone interviews TBA. Has an interview been scheduled yet?
  • Florida Gulf Coast: (1/12)x2 Phone interview, phone contact--Q: has there been any follow-up? Campus interview scheduled? A: I had a campus visit, they told me they will have a decision made by this week.
  • U of Wyoming: (1/12) Phone interview, email contact x2
  • NYU Liberal Studies (Latin America): (1/10) Email requesting more materials and announcing future telephone interview. x3. Phone interview scheduled (1/27).
  • UPenn (Lauder Institute Lecturer): (1/6) Phone interview, email contact
  • Colgate University (12/26) MLA interview, email contact
  • U of Texas, Austin: (12/24) VAP Colonial, MLA interview, email contact
  • Saint Michael's College: (12/22) MLA interview, email contact x2.
  • Whittier College: (12/22) MLA interview, phone contact
  • University of Louisville (Translation/Peninsularist): (12/21) Skype interview scheduled, email contact
  • Cornell U (Lecturer in Spanish): (12/21) MLA interview, email contact x2 Q: Is this the 17th-19th VAP?
  • Florida International U (Lat Am): (12/21) MLA interview, email contact x4
  • Columbia U (Spanish Linguistics / Director of the Language Program): (12/21) skype interview, email contact x3
  • Aquinas C (Spanish Linguistics): (12/20) MLA interview; email contact (x2)
  • Reed College (TT Latin American): (12/20) MLA interview, email contact x4
  • Columbia University (Contemporary Latin American Cultural Studies): (12/20) MLA interview, email contact x6. Interviewed (3 questions only: what is your research, what texts do you use, do you have any questions: then rejected via email).
  • Denison University (TT Latin American): (12/20) MLA interview, phone contact. They will most likely ask you to describe what a normal day looks like when you teach a course, that is, they want you to describe what you do and how you do it. Good luck! Oh, forgot, they will also ask you if you have ever been to Ohio and how you feel about that part of the country. They were nice people.
  • Columbia University (Latin American –since 1800): (12/20) MLA interview, email contact
  • Aquinas C (Spanish & French): (12/18) MLA interview, email x2
  • College of Mount Saint Vincent (Asst. Professor of Spanish): (12/17) Phone interview x2
  • University of Illinois, Springfield: (12/17) MLA interview, email x2
  • Emory U (Spanish Linguistics): (12/17) MLA interview; email contact x4
  • DeSales U (Spanish Applied Linguistics): (12/17) Skype interview; email contact
  • Gettysburg C (Spanish Linguistics): (12/17) MLA interview; phone contact x2
  • College of Holy Cross (Latin American/Peninsular Poetry): (12/17) MLA interview, phone contact x2
  • Swarthmore C (VAP): (12/17) Phone interview in January, email contact x2
  • Wesleyan University: (12/17) MLA interview, email contact x4
  • University of Michigan (17-19c): (12/16) MLA interview, email contact x3
  • Middlebury college (Spanish Linguistics): (12/16) MLA interview, phone contact
  • U of Virginia (Spanish Linguistics): (12/14) MLA interview, email contact x2
  • Buena Vista University (TT Spanish Position): (12/16), phone interview in February x2.
  • Middlebury College (TT Spanish Transnational): (12/16), MLA interview, phone contact x4 Q: Is anyone else still waiting to receive word on the scheduling of their interview for this position? I received a call from the department administrator on 12/16 informing me that I had an interview; she asked for possible times, and then said she would get back to me when the schedule was set, probably by the following Monday. Since then I've heard nothing- I emailed last week but still haven't heard back.
  • Centre College: (12/15) MLA interview (second hand)
  • Grand Valley State University (Colonial): (12/15) MLA interview, phone call x5
  • University of Central Florida (Spanish Linguistics): (12/15), MLA interview, email
  • University of Virginia (Film Studies): (12/15) MLA interview, email contact
  • Hobart and William Smith Colleges: (12/15) MLA interview, email x3
  • University of New Mexico (Portuguese/Latin American): (12/14) phone interview
  • Northeastern Illinois University: (12/14) Phone interview, phone contact x2
  • Florida Int'l (Portuguese): Second hand, interview scheduled. (12/14)
  • Temple U (Portuguese/ Spanish): Second hand, already carried out phone interview (before 12/14) Q: Anyone else get called for an interview? To the person who interviewed: Did they mention anything about further interviews at the MLA? Or is this the position in Golden Age? A: (not the person who posted the original info) I had an interview for the Portuguese/Spanish position- they are not going to MLA and said they would be making decisions on who to invite to campus later in January.
  • Clark (Chair position): (sometime before 12/14) MLA interview (second hand)
  • Middlebury (Portuguese, non-TT): (12/14) MLA interview, email contact x2
  • George Washington University: (12/14) MLA interview, email contact
  • University of Massachussets (Amherst): (12/14) MLA interview, email contact x2, Golden Age phone contact x1
  • Bard: (12/14) MLA interview, email contact x2
  • Siena College: (12/13) Skype interview on January, email contact x4
  • Ohio Wesleyan University (Golden Age): (12/13) MLA interview, email contact x2
  • Cal (aka Berkeley): (12/13) MLA interview, phone contact x3.
  • 1. Caribbean or Mexican?
    • 2. Interviewees won't tell you! But I know there is more than one "internal candidate", all doing Mexican more than anything else.
    • R: Caribbean
    • R: generalist (neither Mexican nor Caribbean)
    • Sounds like they have a few current favorites, but "internal candidates" sounds implausible, especially in the plural.
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison: (12/13)(Peninsular) MLA interview, email contact x4
  • University of New Hampshire: (12/13) email contact
    • Q. MLA interview or phone? Q. What is your area?
    • Have they scheduled any campus visits? Has the search been canceled?
    • they scheduled campus visits.
  • University of Oregon (Applied Linguistics/ Heritage Language Learning): (12/13) Skype interview x2
    • (12/27) email contact after Skype interview to inform not a finalist
  • Illinois State: (12/13) Phone interview, phone contact x4
  • Wayne State: (12/13) MLA interview, phone contact x4
  • U of Wisconsin, Eau Claire (Spanish Linguistics): (12/11) Skype/Phone interview, email contact
  • Mary Baldwin C (12/11): MLA interview
  • Davidson C: (12/11) MLA interview (second hand).
  • Virginia Tech: (12/11) MLA interview, phone contact x5
  • U of Texas at Austin: (XVIII/XIX Peninsular): (12/10) MLA interview, email contact
  • Portland State University (12/10) MLA interview scheduled.
  • Emporia State: (12/9) MLA interview, email contact x2
  • IPFW: (12/9) MLA interview x2
  • Ithaca College (Asst. Prof. of Spanish, Medieval/Golden Age): (12/10) MLA interview, email contact x3. Also, interviews scheduled at the MLA for Caribbeanist.
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison (Linguistics): (12/9, email) MLA interview, email contact x5
    • Q: What areas were they looking for?
    • A: dialectology, language variation, sociolinguistics, syntax, or semantics, according to the job description. There are two positions!
    • Q: Yes, but we'd like to know the areas of those who were called for MLA interviews.
    • A: Sociolinguistics.
    • A2: I think that is too much information.
    • A3: dialectology, language variation and change, phonetics
    • A4: Socio
  • West Virginia U (Teaching Asst. Professor position): (12/9) MLA interview, email contact x2
  • U. of Minnesota Duluth: (12/9) Phone interview scheduled
  • Rockhurst University (12/9) MLA interview scheduled
  • Willamette University (12/9) MLA interview scheduled, email contact x3
  • University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (12/9) Skype interview. Phone call.
  • University of Oklahoma: (Lat) MLA Interwiew scheduled (12/9), phone call x4
  • American University (World Literature) MLA (12/9 phone call)
  • Dartmouth College (Spanish 21st Century). MLA (12/8 email) x5
  • Dartmouth College (Portuguese position). MLA (12/8 email) x2
  • Elon University (Spanish Linguistics): (12/8) phone interview; email contact x2
  • University of Evansville (Spanish Linguistics): Phone interview (12/8) x3
  • St. Olaf: (12/8) MLA interview at the MLA, e-mail contact x4
  • Georgia Tech: (12/8) MLA interview scheduled, email contact
  • University of Richmond: (12/8) MLA interview scheduled, phone/e-mail contact x2
  • Oakland University (Golden Age): (12/8) MLA interview schedule, phone contact x4
  • West Virginia University (Spanish Linguistic s): MLA interview scheduled (12/7 email) x3
  • Rhodes College (Medieval/Golden Age): (12/7) MLA interview, email contact
  • McDaniel: (12/7) phone interview, email contact x4
  • University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) (Spanish and Global Studies): (12/6) Skype interview x4
  • Texas State University San Marcos (Medieval): (12/6) MLA interview, email contact x4
  • University of Oklahoma (Spanish SLA): (12/5) MLA interview x4
  • University of Alabama: (12/4) Phone inverview
  • University of Cincinnati: (12/4) Phone inverview scheduled x3
  • North Carolina State University: (12/4) Skype interview x2
    • Rejection letter following Skype interview, end of December.
  • Colby College: (12/3) MLA interview x4
  • Rider University: (12/3) MLA interview x3
  • Southern Oregon University: (12/3) Phone interview x3
  • Providence College: (12/3) Phone interview scheduled x4
    • Q: Which position (Spanish/ Women's Studies or Caribbean)?
    • Ans. Caribbean. --Thank you. Campus visit for the Spanish/ Women's Studies position scheduled.
  • Michigan Technological University: (12/3) Phone interview x2
  • College of Idaho: (12/3) Phone interview x2
  • George Mason University: (12/3) Skype interview scheduled
  • CUNY-Lehman College (FL Education): (12/3) Phone interview, phone contact
  • CUNY-Lehman College (Spanish Linguistics): (12/2) Phone interview, e-mail contact
  • St. Edward's U: (12/2) Phone interview x2; Was this the lang. and culture position or for the other posting???
  • Duquesne U (Spanish Linguistics): (12/2) MLA interview, e-mail contact
  • Francis Marion University: (12/1) Skype interview x3
  • University of Connecticut (Golden Age): (12/1) Skype interview x2
  • University of Houston (Mexican Literature/Transatlantic Studies): (12/1) MLA interview x3 (1/7/2011)
  • University of California Irvine: (11/3) MLA interview, phone/email contact x3
  • Columbia C (Assist. or Assoc. Prof. & Coord. of the Spanish Program): (11/29) Skype Interview
  • College of Charleston (Assistant Professor of SLA in Spanish): (11/29) MLA Interview
  • College of Charleston (Medieval/Golden Age): (11/23) MLA Interview x3
  • Oberlin: (11/2) MLA Interview, email contact x4
  • Gettysburg College (Latino Lit): (11/23) MLA Interview
  • University of North Florida: (11/23) Phone Interview x2
  • Carnegie Mellon University (Peninsular): (11/23) MLA interview x5
  • IUPUI (Spanish Linguistics): (11/22) Phone interview x3
  • Manhattan C (Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics): (11/22) MLA Interview
  • Bentley University: (11/17) MLA interview x3
  • Tulane U: (11/12) Phone interview x2
  • UNC-Pembroke: (11/10) Phone interview
  • Liverpool: Invitations to campus (Nov 25-26) and rejections sent by email on 11/11
  • UNC-Chapel Hill: Videoconference (11/07)

Word on the Street[]

Word to the wise: be very wary of any rumor that would make you be less prepared at any stage of the job search, from initial application to MLA/phone interview to campus interview.

More words to the wise: The wiki is very helpful for sharing factual information, and it works best when the users specify the source while protecting their identities (i.e. "first hand," "reliable second hand," "unsubstantiated rumor," etc.). THAT SAID, there are candidates who use this forum as a psychological battlefield. I was offered a job for one of the positions discussed on this page, and let me tell you: at almost EVERY stage of the process, there was such consistent and persistent misinformation that I can only understand it as a deliberate attempt to influence the search or drive away qualified applicants. Honestly, these ppl would be better off strengthening their cv than behaving like pre-teens.

Please attempt to provide more pertinent information and less commentary. We all know the job market sucks, so let's focus on what the wiki does best: provide a space to keep us informed about the ebbs and flows of the Spanish academic job market.

  • Angelo State University any news?
  • Boston University Lectureships: 5/27 Anyone have news after campus visits?
  • Uof Houston-Victoria Any news? Anyone else apply??
  • Second hand reliable: The University of Louisiana at Monroe will be hiring an Assistant Professor tenure track, Modern Peninsular. Apparently they need to fill the position ASAP. Phone interviews (how many?) schedule May 26 and 27.
  • The College of Charleston (VAP): Alguien sabe que pasa con este puesto?
  • University of Missouri - St. Louis (VAP)?
  • Denison U (Golden Age VAP): Any news?
  • University of Denver, Lectureship
    • Q: Any news? (4/5) -- A: Rejection email (4/5) x2
    • Q: No news on interviews then? They have been reviewing applications for over a month, according to their job announcement (4/6).
    • En serio, nada mas que cartas de rechazo? (4/20).
  • Loyola University: Chicago, Lectureship: Any news? (4/5); Nada todavia (4/20)?
  • University of Pennsylvania, Lectureship: Any news? (4/5); Nada todavia (4/20)?
  • The College of Charleston, Lectureship: Was this ever filled? (4/21)
  • Trinity College (VAP in Latin American literary/cultural studies): any news?
  • University of Southern California (USC) (lecturer): any news?
  • UC-Riverside (VAP in Medieval/Golden Age): any news?; Did Skype interviews on 4/20 and said they would make a decision by the end of next week (4/21)
  • UPenn (lecturer). any news? Was anyone ever contacted about the 3 lecturer positions? A1: Nada todavia. La tendencia de este año es guardar estos tipos de puestos para sus propios estudiantes graduados que no han encontrado trabajo en el mercado. Ojala que no fuera asi, porque no me interesa, pero tristemente creo que es asi. (5/4).
  • Puget Sound University, visiting instructorship: buscando informacion (2/21).
    • This position was re-posted today (4/13). Were they unhappy with the initial batch of applicants?
  • No news this week on Lecture and Instructorships? (4/12)
  • Marshall (West Virginia) HIre made- letter received (4/25)
  • Molloy
  • Alvernia
  • Reinhardt
  • Wisconsin-Stout- any news?
  • Spring Hill College after phone interviews?
  • U Northern Iowa? (Reposted 4/8): offer made and accepted (I don't know why this was deleted before)
  • Virginia Tech I'm very curious about all the claims made regarding offers, interviews, and campus visits. They have recently (in the last 2 weeks) begun advertising several positions again on all of the internet job sites. Do they think that they will get different or better applicants at this point? Have their offers been refused? Any info? (4/7) I know of one refusal, but I'm not sure what they did about that position (ie, offered it to another candidate?).
  • UNC Pembroke after campus visits? What day? Apparently some people were there on February and other people in March. Q: Are we talking about the tenure-track position. There is another search for an Instructor. Se están llevando a cabo 3 búsquedas, 2 para TT y una para Instructor. Lo que no sé es si ya le han ofrecido alguno de estos 3 puestos a algún candidato. Any News? Post-campus visits? Offer extended and accepted? Conozco a alguien que recibió (y según entiendo, ya aceptó) la oferta de la posición TT. Q: Colonial or Latin Am? Instructor?
  • Mount Mercy U? After phone interviews. Any news? Campus visits are being conducted. 4/8
  • Mercy C (Spanish Applied Linguistics/Education). Any news? 04/05
  • Florida State U (Spanish Education). Any news? 04/05
  • Indiana U - Bloomington (Lectureship position). Any news? 04/05 R: They needed to wait until at least the 15th before they made any decisions. It depends on the number of graduate students coming this fall and how many plan on staying an additional year. Hopefully news should come fairly soon.
  • Boston U (Lectureship position). Any news? 04/05
  • U of Missouri-St Louis (Spanish Linguistics). Any news? 04/05 R: Request for teaching philosophy on 4/7.
  • College of Mount St. Vincent: Any news, letters, scheduled interviews...? 04/05
  • U of Illinois-Chicago (Clerical Ass Prof). Any news? 04/05 R: Phone interviews held first week of April.
  • UNC Charlotte: Their deadline was 3/21, any news? 04/05
  • UAB ?? Any news? The phone interviews were over a month ago. Still no word for my app.
  • Catholic University (DC), Clinical Assistant Professorship:
    • Q: Any news or updates? 3/25. A; Rejection letter 3/21.
    • Q: Any news on interviews? 3/25;
    • Q: Still no news other than rejections on the Clinical Assistant Professorship then? (3/31
    • Q: Has anyone at least heard from them with a timeline? (5/5).
    • Catholic University (DC) TT LA Assistant Professor.
    • Q: What about the TT Latin American Assist Prof Position? A1: Phone interviews took place 3/28. But they seem to have an internal candidate. A2: Basta con echar un vistazo al número de "clinical professors" que ya tienen y sus líneas de investigación para que uno se dé cuenta del mismo cuento de siempre: dar entrevistas por dar entrevistas para satisfacer unos requisitos que un comité tiene que hacer constar a un decano -independientemente de que ya tengan a su interno. Para hacer esta jugada, se limitarán a invitar a 2 al campus y sorprendentemente 2 candidatos, cuyas líneas de investigación divergen grandemente del perfil que buscan, con el fin de evitar la posible comparación, dejando a su candidato de interés (los ya clinical professors -internos en este caso) en una muy buena posición. Sin más, es el mismo circo de siempre...
    • Q: Has anybody actually been invited to campus yet? For what it's worth, I was told that three (3) would be invited to campus for the TT Lat Am position. A1: A mí también me dijeron que invitarían a 3 candidatos (algo innecesario que dejaran saber, pues es algo común (¡obligatorio!) en este sistema), pero lo que no especificaron es el número de internos (los "ya" clerical professors) que considerarían. Me huelo que invitarán al menos a una persona simplemente para dar cuentas al decano y poco más y, desgraciadamente, invitarán a la persona que menos encaja dentro del perfil que buscan (independientemente de sus buenas cualificaciones en otras áreas), para que resulte incomparable (de manera injusta) con los/as que "ya" están adentro.
    • Q: So nobody has been invited to campus? (4/4) ???????? (4/7)
    • A: Campus visit scheduled for May 2nd.
  • Spring Hill College? Any News? They said they would contact candidates in mid March. Ayer me llegó una carta donde me pedían que me asegurara de haberles enviado todo 3/22. A. Called for interview tody (3/23)
  • Aquinas C (Spanish Linguistics)? ¿Saben qué pasó con esta posición? ¡Gracias!
  • West Chester - Offer extended. Q: Accepted yet? Q: ¿Se puede confirmar si al final han contratado al famoso "candidato que echaron de Mansfield" al que supuestamente *tenían* que contratar? Just curious. Everyone seemed so convinced. A: bueno, para empezar lo "echaron" por el retrenchment que hay en todas las universidades estatales de PA (e incluso las no tan estatales, como PennState). Dicho esto, si, se le ofrecio a el la plaza en primer lugar, ahora bien, no se lo que paso ni lo que pasara (first hand info). R: Queda claro que el profesor en cuestión va a aceptar la plaza, ?no?
  • Emory U (lecturer)? ¿Alguien sabe qué ha pasado con este puesto? Me extraña que hayan borrado el comentario de que estos puestos suelen ser reservados para sus propios estudiantes de doctorado que no consiguen trabajo y que hasta el momento nadie haya escrito sobre el siguimiento (entrevista en la universidad, etc.)... Mucho me extraña ... OP: Estoy completamente de acuerdo. ¿Qué pasa con lo de borrar los comentarios. . . ? Raro. R. Not everyone in the job market posts here, so don't expect to here from every place. I know (second hand) that there was a job offer (accepted), for an external candidate that went through all the steps, very legit.
  • Any news on the VAP at Concordia University (Montreal)? El año pasado estuvieron llamando para la misma posición. Parece que a quien contrataron no le dio ganas de quedarse. A: no es cierto. lo que pasa es que cada anno la tienen que anunciar (ley canadiense) pero re-contratan a la misma persona cada anno (first hand) Q: Asi que, nisiquiera van a entrevistar a nadie? A: They conducted phone interviews this week, second hand. Any other information? (3/24)
  • University of New Mexico. 3/18. An offer has been made to a candidate for the PORTUGUESE position.
  • Boston College (VAP, Open Field)? Q: you must be kidding me, really. geezzzzz....the deadline is the 3/25/11. please, be serious... A: Hehe, to the previous poster, chill, dude, the deadline for this one was march 1st, and the position is not even online anymore (not to be confused with the part time). It's clear in their website that no more full-time positions are being offered, and the position dissappeared from the web ( that is why I am asking, legitimate question for this forum don't you think so? (3/17). A: a ver, el anuncio fue puesto de nuevo con nueva fecha. My fault, I read Boston U, and not Boston C. My apologies and good luck! Q. So does anyone know if the VAP has been filled? Or if the position has been cancelled? Requested additional information last week (3/24).
  • West Chester? Any news? I imagine they have already had campus visits and made an offer but no one hs posted anything about it. A: Campus interviews are completed. Not sure about offer.
  • Albion College?
  • U Wyoming?
  • Mississippi State? Hay alguien que a quien le hayan entrevistado o tenga una visita al campus? En otras palabras, era esa busqueda real? Gracias. anybody knows anything about this position??? Q: tiene alguien alguna idea de lo que paso con este puesto? A: Deal made. Hire made- letter received (4/25)
  • Providence College (Caribbean) -- does anyone know what is happening with this search, post-MLA?. I know 4 people who had interviews at the MLA for this job. None of them got a campus visit. Its maybe cancelled or who knows... A2: There were, at least, on-campus interviews, roughly two weeks ago. Second hand, reliable, 3/14.
  • Dartmouth -- has an offer been made/accepted? Deal made
  • Does anyone know anything about the Latin Americanist senior position at Princeton University? It was announced with a deadline in January. Is this a real search? A: candidates have been invited to campus.
  • UCF (Visiting Instructor)
  • Florida Southern College?
  • U Tennessee at Chattanooga? They invited three candidates. The third one had the campus visit this week.
  • Molloy College?
  • NYU (lecturer position)? Q: ¿Se sabe algo de este puesto? (5/4)
  • U of Illinois, Springfield?
  • Does anyone know what happened in the SUNY Purchase search?
  • Gettysburg College? Haver offers been made yet for Linguistics position?
  • UW-Madison? Have offers been made for any of the positions?
  • Aquinas C?
  • Alvernia?
  • Wheaton? A: I know that they are still doing campus visits. Someone I know is going next week.
  • Any news on whether the University of Tulsa (Golden Age) has made a hire?
  • Any news on U of Alabama Birmingham (Linguistics)? Have they scheduled campus visits?
  • Does anybody know what happened with the Spanish Linguistics position at SUNY Oneonta? Have they scheduled campus interviews?
  • UT Martin?
  • Lakeland- rejection letters sent (3/11)
  • West Virginia:
    • Aquellos que fueron invitados al MLA, ¿no creen que se han dado un poco de prisa estos de WVU? El día 8 de enero advierten a los entrevistados que aún les quedaban 2 semanas de entrevistas via skype llevándoles hasta el 20 de enero aproximadamente y en menos de 2 semanas: (1) deciden a los 3 finalistas; (2) los invitan al campus; (3) lanzan la oferta; (4) reciben la aceptación..... Wow esto me suena a ...... las mismas sensaciones que tuve en la entrevista: ¿cómo pueden estar entrevistando 2 de literatura y 1 de lingüística para una plaza de lingüística y lo más obvio cuando en el departamento hay "otros" profesores de lingüística? ¿Acaso se quedaron comiendo el pastel de navidades? y justamente después de la entrevista, esto es, cuán cuestionable era la calidad de entrevista que hicieron, por no decir cuán poco animados, interesados, entusiasmados se veían (que conste que está corroborado por otros candidatos que fueron entrevistados). Vaya con el circo del departamento de español de WVU ....
    • R: Yo me entreviste para el otro puesto de teaching assist prof de latin american studies y todo el grupo estaba muy apagado en la entrevista. Fue una muy rara sensacion, aparte de lo explotador que era el puesto: carga de 3/4 y administrar un nuevo programa de cero!!!
    • R: Tuve la misma impresión -siendo entrevistado para lingüística. No sé si llevó más tiempo la lectura directamente del papel sobre el anuncio (¡Amigo, ya estaba en el anuncio del MLA; no era necesaria su lectura; sabía muy bien a lo que iba!) o la entrevista que ellos dieron -de escasos 30 minutos y de temas triviales que no venían al cuento. Sí, fue muy sospechoso todo -aun más ahora al ver "la prisa" que se dieron en tan solo 2 semanas. A mi parecer, se han delatado ellos mismos. Un poco de más profesionalismo esperaba de WVU, pero vemos que así no ha sido lamentablemente.
    • WVU es una universidad muy agradable. Pobre, ciertamente, y con estudiantes que son en su mayoría los primeros en la familia en ir a la universidad; sin embargo el ambiente es bueno, el nivel académico aceptable (en algunas áreas bueno) y el pueblo es muy barato. El costo de vida es bajo. $40,000 en Morgantown son como $66,000 en Washington DC. Buen lugar para levantar una familia; actividades al aire libre, festivales, etc. El departamento tiene sus problemas, como cualquiera, pero también sus ventajas y cuenta con profesores que se preocupan por sus estudiantes y los ayudan a continuar con sus estudios graduados. En otras palabras WVU es lo que es. Una universidad y un departamento modesto en un lugar bello. Un departamento que sin ser pretensioso cumple con su misión, dignamente. Me permito discrepar con los comentarios de los colegas que preceden este.
  • Community College of Philadelphia? Any news about campus interviews (as of March 1)?
  • ¿Reinhardt?
  • St. Olaf: TT 20th-21st peninsular? Post-campus visits? Offer extended and accepted? Anyone know?
  • Mount Holyoke: Is this in reference to the VAP? Yes. Any word? Alguna novedad 2/23? A. Heard it went to an Andeanist.
  • Arizona State golden age cancelled, lack of funding
  • Amherst - Lecturer position? R: Email Acknowledgement and subsequent AA email
  • Wilkes?
  • Wisconsin-Stout?
  • Marshall University?
  • Any news about Columbia lecturer position (regular, not senior)? 2/21
  • Any news regarding the Spanish Instructor position at Loyola Chicago: palabra alguna (2/21)?
  • Any word on U. Minnesota-Twin Cities Global Studies/Spanish position after visits? I'm assuming they've reached out to their candidate... R: They have made an offer but I'm unaware of how the negotiations have gone.
  • Wheaton?
  • Marian? Offer extended and accepted some time in March; 2nd hand, extremely reliabe. (It's now May.)
  • Sonoma State U: Does anyone know what the status of this search is? Any on campus interviews?
  • U Northern Colorado (Spanish Linguistics): Have interviews been scheduled??
  • Nicholls State? They're hiring? With the situation being what it is in Louisiana, I'm amazed they're even advertising a position (that I haven't seen or heard about). It could take some time for the search to advance given the politics involved in budget cuts... Life's not too peachy in the state, to say the least
  • Bahamas?: Interview scheduled (2/18).
  • University of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas?: Phone interview scheduled (see previous section)
  • Anything on UPenn Lat Am (XIX C.)? Isn't that last year's job description? A: claro que si, como el de contemporanea o como el de temple de siglo de oro y como el de barc c. y otros tantos...son puestos que ya tienen a la gente dentro, pero necesitan procesar visados...
  • Any news on Mississippi State University? Thanks. A: I suspect they will hire an inside (visiting prof) candidate. A: interviews in progress.
  • Any news on University of Evansville? Rejection letter 3/7, said they had 113 applicants.
  • Virginia Tech (2/11) A: Medieval? In any case, they had 6 searches. Do you know if all candidates have been contacted?Thanks /// Tenían un puesto en latinoamericana también… alguien sabe algo? Gracias. A: yo creo que esto de VTech es mentira, y aun no han contactado a nadie. Es extranno que de seis busquedas solo alguien ponga 2/11. Una cosa es que solo hubiera 1 busqueda, pero de seis y solo un apersona confirma? Fijate que cuando llamaron para la MLA inmediatamente 5 se, esto huele a mentira... A friend of mine got an interview for the Latin American Position. /// An interview or a campus visit???? A: they called for campus visits - at least for some positions, I can't speak for all 6. Q: Was any of these call for Medieval? Thanks /// I thought they were hiring for 3 positions, not 6... Q: la persona contactada hace que area de latinoamericana? Habia un puesto de caribe y otro abierto a cualquier cosa... gracias!. Q Any news on this job? What area of Latin America does your friend do? I believe that there were 3 lines in Spanish, not 6. A: 3 lines, but 6 hires. They are very interested in Cuban candidates. A: They ended up only hiring one person tenure track. Q: What was it in? I thought they had 3 positions for tenure track? Medieval? A: Es el mismo cuento de cada anno con VTech...Ya es el tercer o cuarto anno consecutivo que hacen lo mismo. En fin, buena suerte para quien sea...Q: Any news? So 1 new hire or 3? If one, as reported, in what area? An assistant hired as tenure track?
  • Any news on NYU Liberal Studies?
  • Queen's University Belfast: Latin American studies, Assistant Professor (British Lecturer)?
  • College of St. Elizabeth: Novedades? (Is this a confirmation of an interview, or should this go into "Word on the Street"?) Rejection e-mail received 1-18, Have they already conducted a round of interviews, or is this in reference to the first cut (1/18)? Q: Does anyone have any iformation on this position, interviews, other rejections, etc? - Thanks! (1/20). No hay novedades aqui entonces? Has anyone received news other than a rejection for this position? (2/9). En serio, que pasa con este puesto que lleva meses en los anuncios de MLA y nada mas que una "rejection" aca en wothest.? Q: Habran suspendido la busqueda? (2/18). There must be someone that has a friend of a friend that has some insight into what is going on here. A: Phone interview (sorry, I don't check this page much, since it's pretty depressing), phone contact.
  • Does anyone know if the Lauder Institute at UPenn is still receiving applications for the Spanish Lecturer position? R: Yes, they are. They are accepting applications and interviewing on a case-by-case basis. - Thanks for your response. Q2: Do you know what their time frame is, or when one might expect to hear from them? R: They're pretty quick. I sent in my materials at the end of December, got an interview in a week or so, and got a rejection email a couple of weeks later. All within a month. FYI, I think they're looking for native speakers, so if that's you, go for it. I applied a month ago and stil have not heard anything 2/23.
  • Any news about Princeton University's Latin Americanist position?
  • U. of Minnesota Duluth?
  • Any news about Texas State-San Marcos (Medieval)?
  • Any news about U. Chicago?
  • Looks like Hamilton had a SUNY professor to campus this week. (what a mess this page has become, stuff is copied and pasted and bullets are everywhere) OP: And certainly not conforming to the MLA Formatting standards for Academic Wiki's (6th edition of course) OP: Yeah, and people wonder why they don't get jobs? Maybe you should manage it, and that should be your job.... OP: At this point, it just might end up being my job. . . .
  • Any news about Francis Marion?
  • Any news about Univerity of Texas El Paso (UTEP) campus interviews?
  • Any post-MLA news from Creighton University?
  • Arizona State University (1/26) Asst Prof Span Ling POSITION CANCELLED. Golden Age- position cancelled. Email sent 2/23
  • Regis?
  • U Cincinnati? A: Campus visits have been scheduled. Q: Any developments?
  • Bucknell? (Spanish linguistics)
  • Immaculata - Phone Interview (Feb 23rd, 2011) only 1?
  • Mount Holyoke: Is this in reference to the VAP? Yes. Any word? Alguna novedad 2/22?
  • Valdosta State? R: Campus visits scheduled (TT peninsular) (contacted mid-december)
  • Valdosta State (TT Latin Am)?
  • Air Force Academy (NTT)?
  • Morehouse College?
  • UNC-Greensboro? Has anyone heard anything about this position? NC is making budget cuts and I am curious if this is having an effect on this position or I could go with theory there is VAP whose profile fits the stated description. A. Though there is mass hysteria on this wiki regarding the statuses of VAPs who are inside candidates, which may or may not be grad students freaking out about those already in the profession, it is often the case that a search committee will go with an external candidate. The only thing one can do is apply. OP. I guess I shouldn't have gotten distracted with the hysteria. My real question is related to the budget cuts. Does anyone know if there is a hiring freeze in NC? The deadline has long past and according to the WIKI they haven't contacted anyone. NEWS FLASH!! - Rejection letter received 3/14 - Kind of strange that not one interview was mentioned for this position on the Wiki. 3/21. There is an inside candidate.
  • BMCC...CUNY started the semester today, 31 Jan. Probably they will contact soon?
  • Providence College, post-MLA? Have campus visits been scheduled? A: I had a skype interview back in December for Spanish Ling position...but have not heard anything yet! No news on campus visits?
  • Lindenwood, post MLA? Haven't heard back. (second hand) offer extended and accepted.
  • High Point? R: I think they are still in the process of doing Skype interviews with candidates. Campus visits to follow. OP: Didn't know they had reached Skype interview stage, even. Thanks! Campus visits happening/already completed (2nd hand info). OP: I am doubtful that the visits are complete. I know second hand that there were still interviews with the committee as recently as las week . . .that they are done with visits sounds like rumour to me, but who knows. I was the 2nd hand info; I heard from a colleague that a friend of his had a campus visit a couple of weeks ago, so I extrapolated from that.
  • Weber State? Was anyone interviewed for this position?
  • Syracuse U? (Latino in Spanish?)
  • 'Temple U (Golden Age)? inside candidate Q. Can you elaborate on this? A: they hired someone two years ago (golden age specialist) and they are very happy with him.
  • any news on U Wisconsin - La Crosse? heard 2nd hand position was earmarked for someone
  • Any news from University of Central Florida (Spanish Linguistics)?
  • Anything on that Cornell 1 year Early Modern visiting position? Does this still exist or is it the same as the lecturer position mentioned above?
  • Any post- MLA news from Rhodes College (Medieval/Golden Age)? Anything yet here? Anyone heard from them?
  • Any news on Elon University (Spanish linguistics)? Have they already scheduled campus interviews? A: Yes. Position was cancelled
  • University of Connecticut? Visits have been in process for a while now. Not sure if they have made an offer.
  • Univeristy of Richmond: True post-colonial scholars be aware of this position. There are two war fronts: one led by the usual Spaniards and the other by Latin Americanists. They want a post-colonial scholar that does not challenge coloniality of power but rather replicates it. Enjoy the ride!
  • U of Montreal? Has anyone been contacted? A: Rejection Letter (02/17) I got one in French, and they wrote my name wrong too!
  • U of Zurich?
  • U North Carolina Charlotte (Translation)? Still nothing?
  • Baylor? Campus visits scheduled, first-hand.
  • SUNY Oneonta (Spanish Linguistics)? Rejection letter received by e-mail on January 11th.
  • West Chester U? Received an e-mail (1/26) today asking to indicate by 1/28 if you would like your application materials reviewed.
  • Western Oregon? Q: Rejections? No, I am still waiting for any news as well.
  • U. of Notre Dame? A: I'm guessing they are going with an inside candidate (the Visiting Professor who has a number of great publications and is Rolena Adorno's protege). R: Not true.
  • Does anyone know if the Universite de Montreal is going to schedule MLA interviews, despite the heavy implications (below) that they have a Canadian-Franco-phone insider? R: Like comment above, received rejection letter in French on 2/17. Was told by a Canadian friend that U of Montreal is notoriously 1) Nepotistic 2) Chauvinistic--i.e. they want a French speaker for the position. And then institutions from Canada generally don't like to hire U.S.-granted Ph.D.s because Yankee institutions won't hire people with Canadian Ph.D.s. Q2: Was it a letter by mail or email? J'ai aussi recue la lettre en disant je ne suis pas élu(e) parce que ils ont besoin d'un autre professeur, heuresement il est le prof qu'ils avaient dejá pensé!!! No me importa, la verdad.
  • St. Olaf: Not that I'm callow or new to the ways of the world; I do know that there are bad people everywhere. This is certainly a plausible story. But it seems that whenever a certain profile of Peninsular interview comes up, a set of rumors about the institution/position also tend to pop up. St. Olaf: horrible racists; Colby, Carnegie Mellon: positions canceled; NCSU: vague implications that the committee did not practice due diligence; West Chester will fire you as soon as they hire you, if they hire you; Univ. of Minnesota this year and USC last year: it's Teh Gheys, and so on. Either the 18th century-21st century Peninsularists are all heading into poisoned waters, or there's a good deal of manure being spread. Agreed! ¡Totalmente de acuerdo! x3 Pensad lo que querais, si conocierais bien la academia no seriais tan ingenuos. De ingenuo nada; conozco bastante bien cómo (no) funciona la academia. Más ingenuo sería el que se tragara sin pensárselo dos veces el chismeo que circula en este blog, sin embargo. Btw. West Chester tendra que contratar al candidato que echaron de Mansfield -o sea que seguid pensando lo que querais, pero la realidad es esta que planteamos aqui. Y es bien posible que sea así. De hecho, es el «rumor» más probable, desde mi punto de vista. R. I'm sure that some of the nearly dozen rumors have some validity, but it's rather curious that some of the more ridiculous ones have been about modern peninsular, followed by nasty back and forths. R (original poster): My point exactly. It's not that I believe that academia is a pleasure palace; it's not even that any of these rumors are wrong. It's simply that the preponderance of ridiculous stories about Peninsular positions makes me question the validity of any rumor about any of the Peninsular jobs.
  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities: Word on the street is that they're actively scouting a gay faculty member Good news is that you probably will be invited to give a job talk rather than a job fuck, so whether you dig the same or the opposite, you can just keep em guessing all the way to an offer ; ). Sigh. I've seen a lot of searches and I must say that I haven't come across one where they seek out a faculty member b/c they are gay. Gotta love the anonymity of the wiki! It's a great medium to let your true bigoted self shine. For some reason this (insane homo-paranoia) happened on last year's wiki too; as you say, the kind of conversations that a committee/dept. would be required to have in order to "scout a gay faculty member" are just unimaginable (or rather, perhaps slightly hilarious to imagine, depending on the dept. but still, it just couldn't happen). Such a search assumes a series of invasive questions have been asked and inquires made into areas of candidate's lives are that inappropriate and illegal. (And also suggests that current faculty have submitted themselves to the same. Presumably, in a such an institution a head-count was made of the faculty in which each member identified their sexuality and it was determined that more gay faculty members were needed? Give me a break!) *Shut up. If I want a gay job I'm willing to do what it takes to get it! Honey, if they had wanted a gay candidate, they could have hired me several years ago! ;-) The U of M is one of the great PC universities, which will cancel a search if they can't find a candidate who fits its agenda. If you don't play hockey, you're dead meat as a white male. Como es diferente la perspectiva! la conocí muy bien, y la U of M me parece todo menos PC, qué chistoso comentario. R: el asunto es que buscan gay y hombre que cumpla cuota, veremos. A quota on how many gays in a dept. and university??? Really? Absolute bollocks. How does the university verify if current faculty/employees are gay? How does the university keep records on this? Maybe they want someone who does queer theory and/or gender studies, but if they wanted that they probably would have had a completely different job ad. These "Oh no! It's Teh Gays" "contributions" to the wiki remind me of a headline from the Onion this past summer: "Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Pave Way for Gay Sex Right on Battlefield, Opponents Fantasize." R. I have a pretty good idea who is talking all this shit. And yes, that's how I know he's gay. TOO FUNNY... they probably have a "gaydar" like Dwight Shrute in The Office. I agree, what a stupid comment about a university! R. And yet, even funnier, two of the top candidates were gay. R. Shocking. There are gays in literature (opponents fantasize). Btw, let's take a look at all the searches where there were 2 or more straight finalists. I'm sure it's a conspiracy.
  • Dartmouth College? What are they looking for? It is not very clear for me. Any advice? R. My sense is that they don't really know either; this the recycled form of the search they failed last year. That position was in media studies or something like that (and they interviewed people working with radically different questions and regions). My sense would be to just present yourself well (like always) but I don't think (like almost always) that any calculation can be averred that would guarantee things because what they're looking for, well, they'll know it when they see it, or something like that.
  • UC Irvine: R. Campus already scheduled. Does anyone know when notified and how many candidates?
  • East Carolina U? Letter received 11/25 saying the search committee will select the top 3 candidates from the pool for on-campus interviews. No mention to the MLA at all. (Nov 27) Q. What position? A: TT, not the non-tenure-track. Hang in there!
  • Anyone knows about Wheaton College and their religious expectations on professors??? Read faith statement:
  • Any news (rejections? phone interviews? other?) from John Hopkins U (Lecturer position)?
  • Any news from SU of New York, Purchase C? Is anyone even exactly sure what they are looking for here? Honestly, I wasn't able to tell from the MLA posting. Anyone have word on them since skype interviews??? A (2/1): No...still no news since the skype interview in December for Spanish Ling position!?! I have no idea what they are lookig for!
  • Any news from Penn State (Spanish Basic Language Program Director)?
    • They have a strong inside candidate.
    • A lecturer? A: Well, this candidate didnt promote, so (s)he might be a lecturer now (BTW, es un secreto a voces....); what I'm wondering is the way in which (s)he will play the cards -specially when it's popularly known that (s)he is in the job market...
  • Any news from the C of the Holy Cross (Position in 19th-21st century Latin American poetry)?
  • Any news from UC Berkeley? I heard some applicants were ask to provide aditional materials. Can somebody confirm this? Confirmed. R: Apparently there is an 'internal' candidate with 'conexiones'. R: Who is this candidate with "conexiones"? R: Alguien borro esto! Es profesor de una universidad top del este? Reporten de nuevo, estoy interesada, me pidieron la disertacion y quiero saber cuan posible es mi chance. R: Han pedido la disertation a muchas personas -es normal en ellos, pero cuando piden la disertacion es solo para comprobar que realmente estais avanzados. El candidato que tienen en mente es de una universidad publica muy prestigiosa del norte del pais (no tan al este, pero casi). R. If it makes you feel better, it seems they asked fewer people for their materials this year than last time around (2008)--nearly everyone I know received such a request in 2008. As far as insiders... "tienen en mente" is a bit of a joke; departments--and Cal in particular--are let's say very "heterogeneous." Perhaps a few members have this person in mind, and perhaps this will give that person a strong advantage, but it's hard to imagine a department having such a strong and singular will. (See also the open-ended nature of the description.) R: De cual universidad? No se me ocurre, den mas pista por favor! R: Que importa de que universidad? Ademas, segun supe la inside candidate con sus conexiones ESTA en Berkeley con un posdoc. R: Rejection email on 12/17 x2 (a really nice rejection, too. I'm impressed.) Q: Did anyone esle not receive a rejection email? Was asked for additional materials but this was last communication.//Q: Why are they conducting a search? Did someone not get tenure or because of a retirement? R. Retirements, scholars moving to other schools, etc. Large undergrad and grad program means they need people. The department is stabilizing and will continue to have searches every 1-2 years (I'm guessing) for the foreseeable future. I point this out b/c there's a lot of gossip about Berkeley. The past couple of searches and searches in the future will be about replacing ppl that have left through natural attrition or retirement. R. Like others have said, you just cannot say that the entire dept. is behind 1 candidate. Any post-doc currently at Berkeley was selected by the university, not the dept. And keep in mind that post-docs at UCB are extremeley competitive, so anybody coming out of UCB w/ a post-doc is going to be sought after by *other* top ranked universities'. Bottom line is if you got an interview, you're still in the game and best wishes to you! Does anyone know how many candidates? R: 4 campus visits scheduled. 1 is a current post-doc. 1 is an advanced Assistan Prof. 2 are abds. Btw, the reason they ask for all writing is because they actually READ potential candidates' research before inviting them to campus. (Crazy, I know... they are actually interested in knowing the work of who they hire...Can you imagine?) I thought that was standard until I went on the market, where 9 of 10 times, its about how well you talk the game. Most of the faculty I know at Berkeley hardly agree with each other about what day it is; it's unlikely they are conniving to give anybody special treatment.
  • Any news on Ithaca College? Rejection email for English Post-Colonial/World Literatures position, Dec 5. How about medieval?
  • Any news from Pittsburgh (Spanish Linguistics)?
    • Q: (2/1) Any further news on this position? I recieved a letter of afirmative action in the mail in early January...but have not heard anything regarding interviews.
    • 2/1 I know several candidates were interviewed at the LSA on Jan 6-7 (I was one). Haven't heard from them since (yet).
    • They have scheduled at least one campus interview, which has been completed as of 2/19.
  • Does any one know anything about the job ad from Western Michigan University? (Spanish Linguistics) Is this job for real or they have an internal candidate? They have a tiny PhD program and DO NOT believe in academic incest, so an inside candidate is doubtful
  • Portuguese and Spanish, please: I think we should mutually cross-reference each other's pages, especially considering that many positions (prime examples this year include Macalester College and Temple U.) seek candidates who can "double-dip" in Portuguese and Spanish, and/or Latin Americanists who incorporate Brazil.

[Temporary note: all information below has been deleted. It was duplicate information.]

Advice (as if anyone knew)[]

About reimbursements:

Q: How long does it take for universities to send you a reimbursement check for campus visit expenses? It's been almost a month since I got back. Would it be appropriate to e-mail them at some point? When? A: If you have a admin contact person I would feel free to email them and ask what they process you need to go through to get reimbursed. Being polite and deferntial helps.

The art of being an Instructor/Lecturer:

Q: What is the usual time frame for hearing back about instructorships and lectureships.

Q2: Is anyone willing to provide anonymous salary and benefit information? For instance, one I know - A1: Public R-1 in Midwest, $40,000 a year, with health benefits but no travel budget. A2: Muy buena idea, Privada del Midwest, $45,000, con $750 presupuesto para investigaciones. A3. Liberal Arts, mid-west/south, $50,000, benefits, 1,800 annually for conferences, 2,500 competitive summer research funds. A4. The answer in A1 is inaccurate. Salaries at Public R-1s in the Midwest start around $52K-$55K + benefits, usually with 3 years of start up funds (around $2K/year) in addition to the travel money given by the department. I am a TT faculty member at an R-1 in the Midwest, so this is first hand information. $40K is a high full-time instructors salary. Even small schools start their TT faculty at around $45K. A5. I recommend checking out Make sure you put in your salary so that we can get a decent base of salaries for Assistant Profs, VAP and lecturers. A6: Full-time lecturer, midwest, private, $42,000 + benefits

Do's and Dont's of Campus Visits:

Q: Has anyone heard from the Community College of Philadelphia about on-campus visits (as of Feb. 26)? Thank you!

Q: Any advice from successful campus visits? What are some good questions to ask the committee? When is a good time to give them syllabi you prepared for their institution? Thanks!

The popular case of UNC-Chapel Hill (Spanish Linguistics):

Q: Has anyone else heard from UNC? Thanks!
A1: The internal word is that a guy from Iowa (ABD) got a videoconference interview for this week (11/18). It would be interesting to know how many other applicants received any news from the search commitee)
Q: Have they only interviewed 1 person, or is the Iowa guy #2?
A1: No clue whether the Iowa ABD was #1 or #10, but the word around was that his interview was scheduled for this week. No other rumor has been spread before, so this may mean something
A2: Just FYI, I got a rejection letter from them yesterday (11/23). They must have someone in mind because I had all three of the languages they mentioned in their posting and still didn't get an interview. I know my portfolio does not suck THAT bad.
A3: No me cabe la menor duda que tienen a un candidato porque pensaba que mi perfil podría encajar en lo que buscaban (PhD en Lingüística Hispánica Teórica desde el 2009 y, además de investigación aceptable publica en varias revistas y colaboraciones, el plus de bilingüe gallego-portugués de nacimiento) y esta semana he recibido la carta de desestimación. Me río de toda la parafernalia que montan al abrir plazas de profesor en este país cuando al final el sistema es endogámico desde el comienzo. Una vez más intentan vender al público este tipo de proceso de selección para ocultar la falta de profesionalismo e integridad en el mismo. Estoy impaciente por ver el nombre del candidato en la lista de profesorado el año que viene y deseando que sea uno que no se haya doctorado de Iowa, porque, de ser así, tendrían razón los comentarios de arriba, así como otros que he escuchado recientemente por personal del departamento. It gets worse the longer you're in the profession. Apply for an "open rank" position year after year, only to find an enrty-level Asst Prof is always hired. Totalmente de acuerdo. Por lo que he oído y he visto en mi departamento, los trabajos suelen casi siempre ser asignados a candidatos internos o a personas con muy buenos contactos. Esto último es lo que más cuenta.
A4: Una cosa que aprendi de un actor cuando lo rechazaban en las audiciones: no están diciendo que seas malo, es solo que no eres el que ellos buscan. Nada más. No significa nada sobre el nivel académico ni las cualidades personales. es una cosa de contextos, en los seis años que he estado en una universidad grande y prestigiosa, he visto 4 searches, y en ninguno de los cuatro eligieron necesariamente al "mejor", sino al que: se acomodaba mejor a la cultura del departamento (lo que diablos sea que el faculty entienda por eso), el quilibrio de poderes, géneros, etnias (vi a un tío buenísimo ser rechazado porque buscaban una mujer, y la mujer era muy buena también, por supuesto). Tampoco quieren problemas entre ellos, eso está claro. De allí a decir que son mediocres aquí, hmmmm, en mi país era igual o peor, creo que la proporcion es la misma en todo lado, un tercio son buenos, un tercio son promedio, y un tercio son del tipo "cómo consiguió trabajo este tipo?". Nada sorprendente, es más una cuestión de suerte.
A5: Llevo muchos años enterándome de los que consiguen los puestos y diría que más o menos 40-50% de los casos son casos de endogamía. el campo académico de español es un small world. tener una carta sólida para lo que buscan y cartas de rec de profes famosos son lo que más ayuda, en mi opinión. lo demás (un par de publicaciones, experiencia dando clase...) todos lo tenemos.

I am a Colonial Mexican and Caribbean scholar that just defended a PhD at a "top ten" university and in a top five department (not according to the latest NRC rankings que son risibles). I have applied to a variety of universities. A friend of mine gave me the advice of not putting my publications (variety of journals) for teaching and mid-level big state universities. Is that a good advice? I understand that in the past they would worry about scholars leaving after a year or two, but in this climate, would they still go with a lesser candidate for "safety"?

A: I don't know who your friend is but this is the worst advice I have ever heard. I've been on multiple committees and when we questioned whether someone from an elite university would be interested in our department long-term, it was never because they had too many publications, but rather because they displayed a condescending attitude to our institution.
A: I think things are too unpredictable to give an answer one way or the other, and I'm not sure I would go so far as to delete publications from the vita when applying to such institutions. But it can be a problem, for example, if your publication records is seen to rival those of people who will soon be going up for tenure at such institutions. Sometimes, of course, and not always: there are a lot of playa haters out there. So you certainly might find yourself walking a thin line in some cases. At the same time, I'm glad to hear the above poster and her/his comrades only ask such questions when the candidate displays a hostile attitude. In my experience it has been to the contrary--defending my candidacy along such lines at institutions I very much liked. Indeed, the expectation should always be that your application stands as proof that both the institution as well as the place are in some sense attractive to the candidate.
Original respondent again: I may have been a bit hyperbolic by saying that was the worst advice ever....I don't doubt that there are insecure senior faculty at lots of institutions and it's definitely good to have that in mind. I just meant that rather than dumbing yourself down, I'd focus on showing interest in their department and the opportunities you see for yourself there. ----- Muy bien. Gracias por el consejo! At the end, I left the publications on my curriculo.
A: I think it would be unwise to leave off pertinent research publications, but I would leave off non-pertinent publications--those just clutter up the cv and are a nuisance for people trying to get to the meat of where you are in your career. Committee members know what their institution requires for you to get tenure, and they want to make a successful hire (someone who will excel and get tenure), so they are evaluating your research in light of that. If you have published more than what you say before coming there, those publications might not count at their institution if they pre-date your job, which may mean that you may not have as much other work as they anticipated for you to publish in time to successfully get tenure there. In essence, you want to have published enough to show that you can succeed at it, but not so much that you won't have enough material in reserve to publish to help your pursuit of tenure. I think mis-representing your research pubs is a bad idea. You can only package yourself so much--you also have to be true to who you are, because they are hiring the real you and you want it to be a good match.

¿Alguien puede aconsejarme un grupo de investigación sobre Teatro del Siglo de Oro (en USA o UK) donde realizar una estancia postdoctoral?

en eeuu el tema de los grupos de investigacion se da poco. quizas deberias pensar mas en una persona concreta. sin embargo, hay un grupo sobre barroco transatlantico en canada. R1. Gracias, pero necesito que sea en EEUU o en UK... Ya he visto que es difícil encontrar grupos, pero necesito saber si hay profesores o investigadores que puedan "acogerme" y a los que mi trabajo pueda interesarles más allá del compromiso con mi director de tesis... R: Suscríbete a este grupo: Una vez que estes suscrito/a, envía un correo electrónico preguntando si alguien te puede dar información sobre lo que deseas hacer en EEUU o en UK. R: Piensa en M. Greer, en Duke, se que ella recibio a algun postdoc en el pasado reciente.

-¡Muchas gracias por ambos consejos! Me he suscrito a la lista y el proyecto de M. Greer parece muy interesante y acorde a mis necesidades. De verdad, gracias.

¿Alguien tiene alguna idea de cuántas entrevistas en promedio debe uno tener para sentir que tiene alguna posibilidad en este mercado? Leyendo el Wiki me ha entrado un poco de pánico, pues muchas de las universidades a las que he enviado solicitudes ya han programado entrevistas con otros candidatos. Me preocupa no tener una idea de cuándo sentir que mis oportunidades se agotan o hasta cuándo guardar alguna esperanza.

He conocido a gente que tuvo UNA entrevista MLA, UNA visita y UNA oferta. Son casos algo exagerados, pero los hay. Pero más en concreto, si tienes un par de entrevistas que son con escuelas donde hay un buen ajuste (la descripción del puesto, la vibra del departamento) es mucho mejor que tener cinco entrevistas con escuelas donde no o con escuelas que con frecuencia tienen búsquedas fracasadas y eso. R: Gracias por la respuesta. Es mi primera vez en el mercado y no estoy acostumbrada a buscar trabajo en este país. En mi patria las cosas funcionan de una forma muy diferente y a veces hace falta saber un poco de las experiencias de los otros para hacerse una idea!! R. Una cosa más: para estas fechas hace un año no tenía ninguna entrevista MLA (o quizá una) y acabé con unas seis o siete. Sin embargo, algo que sabía de entrada: la mitad eran "posibles" (buen ajuste, etc) y que la otra mitad no iban a contratar a nadie (que es más o menos lo que pasó) o en un caso, a alguien muy, muy distinto. R2. De acuerdo con la primera respuesta; parece que en enero también hacen muchas llamadas, como una segunda ola de entrevistas... tenemos que armarnos de paciencia...R3: Ojalá sea eso verdad, porque de 28 aplicaciones que he mandado no me han llamado de NINGUNA, y estoy al borde del ataque de ansiedad. Mira, que no consiga trabajo, vale, pero ni siquiera una entrevista? Lo peor es que yo no pensaba que fuera tan mal candidato... tendré que replanteármelo. R3: Animo, hombre. Hay muchos buenos candidatos que no han conseguido nada este año...el mercado lo hace muy difícil. Salen más puestos en la primavera... R4. ¿Sirve de consuelo contarte que mandé 25, tengo un CV bastante bueno, publicaciones, experiencia docente y evaluaciones de la PM, trabajo comunitario EN SERIO, contactos para study abroad, etc. y no me llaman de ninguna? Mi impresión es que cuando alguien es realmente bueno pero no está dentro de lo que buscan, haría muy embarazosa una comparación con "su" candidato. Por eso ni siquiera le llaman a entrevista. Tiene lógica, si lo piensas. Pienso que si me dan una entrevista es porque en verdad tengo oportunidad, pero si solo quieren dos o tres bobos de comparsa para que parezca que eligieron en buena lid a su "tapadito", o sea, el apadrinado de turno, no me van a mandar ni un email de rejection. Y quién sabe si no me están haciendo un favor!!! R3 de nuevo: gracias por el consuelo, pero es que no sé qué le voy a decir a mi "advisor" cuando vuelva de vacaciones y me pregunte "cuántas entrevistas tienes?", y al resto del departamento...! Voy a ser el hazmerreir del año. Estoy por inventarme una entrevista con la Universidad de Don Nobody para evitar los comentarios, no te digo nada. R2 de nuevo: Después de mi mensaje de paciencia, me uno a tu entrevista en University of Don Nobody. Nos tocará replantearnos la idea de ser "buenos candidatos" y dejar de buscarle lógica a un proceso que no la tiene. Tantas expectativas más la presión de nuestros advisors y departamentos se pueden ir al carajo, el sistema no funciona para todo el mundo independientemente de tus calificaciones. La moda académica, las influencias, el tono de la voz, la preferencia por un junior candidate o, a secas, por alguien que cuadre mejor que vos con las necesidades del departamento, entre mil variables que no controlamos, deciden tu trabajo en este clima laboral. Conclusión... a sacudirnos el "qué dirán", el "ego bruise" y a replantear las opciones laborales... R5 Ya hace años (2004) mandé 81 cartas, tuve 19 entrevistas en el MLA o por teléfono y cinco campus visits. En las tres primeras me ofrecieron trabajos así que tuve que cancelar las dos últimas. Pero fue un año muy, muy bueno.

Check this out, great article about US academia:


y la tragicomedia...

    • Yo no me quejo, estos cinco años en el PhD me han dado un sólida formación y una experiencia notable en áreas que yo mismo no imaginaba que serían mi fuerte, y a las que seguramente les deberé mucho de mi futuro, en otro campo laboral y otro país. Hacer el PhD en los EU me enseñó:

-a conducir en highway, con nieve, patinando en hielo o lluvia, o a 40 grados celsius sin aire acondicionado.

-a sacar fotocopias, vamos, es toda una inversión a futuro, una destreza insuperable!

-a llenar una y otra vez la planillas de los taxes, por mí mismo, y ahora, seguramente, me ayudará a llenar la petición de Bancarrota. Eso es casi un minor un International law, com´n!

-a palear nieve, correr de una tormenta, esconderse de un huracán o salir huyendo por la carretera con las cosas ya listas.

-a calcular el peso de una maleta de 23 kg al ojo, o mejor, a puro pulso, de tanto armar y desarmar el equipaje en cada bendito viaje.

en fin Estados Unidos me ha enseñado lo útil que es comprar estúpidas cosas inútiles en los outlets, servirse más comida de la que uno puede comer, digerir esas bombas de grasa del McD. Todo eso me ayudará en el futuro. Lo que no va servir una mierda de mosca es la discusión queer-rizomática-posposde-colonial, psico neurocrítica, Habermás (y habermenos) y otras cosas que ya mismo he empezado a olvidar. japi niu yiar, folks

  • P1:Me alegra saber que no soy la única persona que se preocupa por esto. La verdad yo envié más de 50 solicitudes y esperaba que me llamaran por lo menos a 10 entrevistas. Al final, sólo obtuve 4, pero por sus respuestas siento que no debo sentirme tan decepcionada después de todo. Es que pensaba que las estadísticas debían haber sido más altas para la cantidad de solicitudes enviadas, el dinero y el tiempo invertidos.Igual, había dejado de revisar el Wiki desde el 10 de Diciembre, pues ver cómo muchas de las universidades a las que envié solicitudes empezaban a programar entrevistas con otras personas y no conmigo me transmitió un sentimiento de frustración y desesperanza que no es conveniente en un proceso como este. Ahora sólo espero a ver qué pasará con mi vida este semestre y si no consigo trabajo, será volver a mi patria. Gracias por todas las respuestas y buena suerte a todos.
  • Bueno, tuviste aprox. el 10% de "retorno". Según me han dicho personas de la profesión y también del área de ciencias, es un buen número dadas las condiciones laborales de hoy. Creo que la wiki te puede dar ese sentimiento de frustración, pero también te ayuda a salir del limbo, sabiendo qué lugares ya puedes desechar. Aunque no es fácil la sensación de desesperanza, a mi me dio cierta tranquilidad saber que ya no tenía que esperar nada de algunos lugares. Para mi, estar en el limbo ha sido lo peor de este proceso. Buena suerte!

Para los comites de busqueda, que tan importante es que el candidato se ha defendido la tesis antes de presentarse al mercado de trabajo? Y hay una diferencia, segun su perspective, entre un estudiante de cuarto año y un estudiante del quinto?

Any advice for/thoughts about Skype interviews? I've never done one before.

Question: I'm still waiting around for an MLA interview, and haven't made any plans yet. I'm not freaking out quite yet (I see that many of the schools I've applied to haven't contacted anyone yet, according to this wiki), but I'm wondering how long I can/should wait before giving up and assuming that I won't be getting an interview at the MLA. I just don't have the funds to travel to the convention if I don't have an interview, and I think that might be a little depressing anyway! Is anyone else in this situation (or been in this situation in years past), and if so, what would you recommend? I can stay with friends in LA, so I'm not as worried about the hotel, but I don't know how long I can wait before buying a ticket- airline tickets from the East Coast to LA are expensive enough, but I'm worried that I'll pay twice as much if I wait until the week (or days!) before. Ideas?

Answer: Without knowing your field/what schools you're waiting on (which of course you should not divulge), it's a bit harder to say. I have landed interviews this late and, indeed, later. (And the MLA is itself later this year, and my sense is also that the interview invitations got rolling on the late side as well.) The 17th, of course, should be the deadline for schools to schedule interviews, since if you made travel arrangements through the MLA, that is the last day to cancel. You are not in this situation, from what I gather, which makes the 17th less of a deadline. Air travel is a speculative market, so things just might--might--be cheaper later on. Another option is to just keep an eye on the prices and then book when you see a good fare (and try different airport combinations... there a many airports in the LA area aside from LAX). If you buy a ticket and don't end up using it, you can usually cancel it and reuse it (less a fee, usually around $150, I think, but you should be sure to look/ask before buying). Hope this helps and good vibes and good luck.

Relevant Reading/Viewing[]

Antes de lanzarme por la ventana:

Lo escribiré aquí. Entiendo que para todos es un tiempo muy duro, demasiado estrés, demasiadas presiones. Y entiendo que acaso sería más fácil hallar culpables más corpóreos, digamos, del malestar que nos ataca, no sé, las mediocres universidades, los corruptos comités, las preferencias de género, los lobbies de nacionalidades, ja, lo que sea. Pero comparto mi verdad de estas cosas: es el mercado el que se ha reducido trágicamente, son puestos que han desparecido los tres últimos años y que no volverán, como las golondrinas de Bécquer, perdonen la tontería. Es ese el verdadero, inatrapable, enemigo. Estamos como las ratas obligadas a pelear su espacio en los experimentos, y eso genera todo tipo de fricciones. No voy a dar un mensaje pacifista y estupideces por el estilo, porque soy muy materialista para estas cosas: se trata simplemente de un capítulo más de la lucha de clases, de la lucha en el campo, o como quieran llamarla. Y es una ley natural. Estoy convencido de que yo podría hacer un buen trabajo en la gran mayoría de universidades a las que postulé, pero también estoy convencido de que comprender lo que cada universidad quiere, o cree querer, es para mí absolutamente misterioso. Muchas veces los programas son muy díscolos en sus búsquedas, y es cierto, muy disfuncionales en su estructura interna. No me arrepiento de haber hecho este PhD, pero me exijo ser muy realista: las cosas ya no son lo que eran antes, los puestos no volverán y las cosas irán iguales o peores en lo que viene. No tienen toda la culpa las universidades que nos formaron, pero sí tienen una que afrontar: aumentaron la oferta de Doctorados de una forma alarmante los últimos diez años, de una forma que no era consistente con el mercado de trabajo, y que de varias formas recuerda el asunto de las hipotecas basura. Así es cuando el mercado gobierna. Ni modo. Sé que mi trabajo es importante, que lo que escriba o enseñe en adelante será siempre importante, pero ya abandoné la idea de sufrir por no conseguir la entrevista o el puesto soñados. Tengo familia que alimentar, no puedo darme el lujo de deprimirme porque así va el mundo.

La mejor de las suertes a todos, a todos, en esta tómbola todos tenemos un solo numerito. Suerte.

"Little anónimo" writes: Sí, tienes razón, muchos trabajos "tenure-track" se perderán y serán reemplazados por puestos de adjuntos, "lecturers" a tiempo completo o parcial, o quién sabe qué nueva terminología vendrá en los próximos años. Es una putada con todas las de ley, sobre todo cuando un0 piensa que muchos de los que somos candidatos seguro que tenemos ya un currículo igual (o hasta mejor) que los profesores que nos juzgan y que serán ya Associate o estarán a punto de serlo. Y eso de que sin libro no hay tenure... ejem. Conozco a más de un Associate que se quedó con el puesto permanente sin libro pero, ya se sabe, en la época de vacas gordas con chapurrerar español te daban un trabajo con la condición de que defendieras al subalterno y citaras a Lacan y Foucault. Pues nada, a joderse. ¿Alguien propone algo para el MLA?

-> Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con Little anonimo. He asistido a charlas y congresos de profesores, tanto tenured como assistant, de universidades prestigiosas y estatales en los ultimos años que, muy francamente, dan verguenza - no todas, cabe señalar. Y aqui estamos nosotros una generacion perdida. Perdida, porque se la van a perder, je

- De acuerdo tambien completamente. Pero me pregunto porque dejais a algunos full professor fuera. De esos tambien los hay, y unos cuantos. Y eso no significa que todos los de nuestra generacion seamos buenos tampoco. Pero ni entre ni mucho ni poco...Hay que joderse, amigos, no nos queda otra.

- "Little Anónimo" replies: pues sí, amigos, esto es lo que hay. Lo que sí me gustaría ver es a la gente que consiguió la "tenure" (¿el "tenure"? who cares) dar un poco la cara por los que venimos detrás. Te dan la palmadita en el hombro y te sueltan el rollo de "uff, qué mal están las cosas" pero a ti te dan ganas de decirles algo así como "pues mira, majete, en el próximo consejo de departamento, a ver si hacéis que la plaza del carcamal que se acaba de jubilar siga existiendo como "tenure-track" en lugar de disolverse en el "thin air", como dicen por aquí". ¿A quién interesa ese número creciente de adjuntos? ¿Cuánto dinero se ahorran los departamentos al no dar pasta para la investigación de adjuntos y "lecturers", incluso asistentes visitantes, mientras las vacas sagradas disfrutan de sábaticos para seguir engordando la industria Almodóvar ("don't you really know about other Spanish directors, darling?") en el mejor de los casos y, en el peor de ellos, jugar a "hacer teoría" cuando no es todo más que hacer seguidismo de lo que hacen los departamentos de Inglés con cinco o diez años de retraso. Como digo, nuestra miseria es lo que asegura el bienestar de otros.

- "Tocomadera" replies: Little anónimo, estoy totalmente de acuerdo con tus comentarios acerca de la "industria Almodóvar" y de las vacas sagradas que la apuntalan. También creo que hay que hacer todo lo posible por conservar las plazas de "tenure-track" tras la jubilación o muerte de algún colega (no todos son "carcamales" y me resisto a creer que en treinta años nos convertiremos irremediablemente en eso). Te puedo asegurar que los nuevos profesores (asistentes), e incluso los que ya han alcanzado la permanencia (asociados y titulares), podemos defender la necesidad de conservar esos puestos, sin embargo, son "los otros" (los administradores) quienes parten el bacalao. Así las cosas, secundo la idea del "non-cash bar".

-- In my experience, professors fight tenaciously for TT lines, but it's the University Administrators who resist and go for the easy money (adjuncts, lecturers). At the department level, they know that long-term they bring in more money, have better retention rates, higher enrollment and a more dedicated faculty when instructors are on TT. Not that lecturers and VAP aren't dedicated, but c'mon... And I say this as a dedicated non-TT prof passionate about teaching and scholarship: I don't go the extra mile b/c I have to publish and focus on the classes that will strengthen my cv.

- Viernes o sábado noche podría estar bien. Podríamos quedar en la puerta de un hotel oficial o quedar en algún lugar de la zona.

Lo dicho! Hey, hagamos un non cash bar o lo que sea en L:A: quién se apunta?

- "Little Anónimo": ¿sería en un hotel o en un bar cualquiera? ¿Ideas?

- Mid-career Assistant: apoyo la quedada, pero sugiero que tenga lugar a la hora del almuerzo en domingo. Todos habremos terminado las entrevistas y para quienes sea su primer año en el mercado académico les puede servir de "debriefing".