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Salary Info / Offer Packages []

List NEW information at top

  • SLAC, Rural, Public, Mountain West, Assistant Prof, 52,500k, 4/3 teaching, yearly travel funds, no moving expenses.
  • R1, public, Midwest, Assistant Prof, 67K, 2-2 teaching, 10K research, yearly travel funds, 3K moving expenses, computer
  • small public university, exurbia northeast, 70.5k, 4-4, 6k startup, no moving expenses
  • SLAC, rural Midwest, AP, 62K, 3-3, 5K research, moving up to 5K, one course release, computer
  • R1, Private, Urban Northeast, AP, 72K, 2-2, 5K research, moving up to 10K (2nd hand, reliable)
  • R2, Public, Rural midwest, AP, 3-3, moving expenses up to 5k, computer, yearly startup of 1K for the first two years, 51.5k. Negotiated: 1 course release for one semester, extra year of startup funding, 52.25k.
  • R1, Public, Midwest, AP, 60K, 2-2. Moving exp. up to 2K. Research 5K (2nd hand, reliable)
  • R1, Private, Urban Northeast, AP, 75K. 2-1. Moving exp. up to 5K. Research 5K for 3 yrs (2nd hand, reliable)
  • Large public, rural South, AP; 53K, 2K moving (negotiated from 1K), 3-3 load, 2.5K annual travel, computer & laptop, 1K library funds
  • SLAC, AP, South, 50K after negotiations. 3-3. Moving expenses covered up to 1500. Research Funds for the first two years.
  • Liberal Arts College, Assistant Professor. 5 classes per year,  65000, negotiated to 68000, moving expenses 3000 (i am close); 15000 start up funds for first three years. office, computers. 
  • Could you please state your general location? West Coast.
  • SLAC, rural South, Assistant Professor 4/4; Salary: 50,000 negotiated to 53,000; no moving expenses negotiated to 3,000; new office computer.
  • R2 rural Midwest, Assistant Professor, Literature: 2/2; Salary 55,000; moving expenses 6K; Startup money; 6K, Yearly travel money.
  • R2 University - Salary: 52,000; offered: travel funds for first 2 years, computer, & printer; negotiated: 2 computers + printer, 1 course teaching release, moving costs.
  • Can you state the general area where this school is located (i.e. Midwest, etc.)? A: South. The salary is reasonable based on the cost of living.
  • Also, can this and future respondents include rank and/or candidate status? For example: SLAC, urban Southwest, starting AsstProf (ABD), 3/3, salary (negotiated from), benefits, etc. (see more examples: English Lit Salaries AY 2013-2014 ).

ORIGINAL REQUEST: Can we have a section on salary info/offer packages here? (x4) A: No problem with that if we keep it separate from the specific institutions. A: While we won't name names, let's at least state the general region of the school as cost of living is obviously a factor for determining salaries.

Does anyone know how to fix the format here? I tried to but a bunch of weird characters appeared. Thanks! A: I just fixed some stuff to make it look nicer, but didn't do the whole thing. Hope it helps. --> Just did a wholesale formatting fix for this whole page. Please notify admin. ASAP if more formatting problems appear (easier to fix quickly if edits are simply rolledback. Thanks. --Una74 (talk) 16:30, March 16, 2014 (UTC)


List NEW information at top.

  • Cal Poly Pomona, accepted, early modernist was hired, 2nd hand, reliable
  • University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • SUNY Delhi (declined)
  • Truman SU
  • SCSU (accepted; second hand reliable)
  • Vassar-3 year VAP (accepted; second hand 100% reliable)
  • University of Kentucky (accepted)
  • Ursinus (accepted) Can anyone please confirm this? Yes.
  • UPenn (accepted; second hand very reliable) Q: Which position? A: Colonial Literature -- Thanks, congrats!
  • Purdue (accepted) Congrats!
  • Moved (from Word on the Street): University of Florida - Latin American? Offer made and accepted (second-hand, very reliable)
  • Morehead State University (offer declined)
  • West Chester U (one of the three additional offers besides the film one) - declined
  • MIT (declined; second hand reliable) Were there two positions? They ended up making two offers.
  • University of Kansas (accepted; second hand reliable) (Two offers made- both accepted)
  • Luther College (second hand, reliable, accepted)
  • UF (Ling) (accepted)
  • Pitzer College (accepted)
  • Michigan S U contemporary peninsular lit (accepted, 2nd hand reliable)
  • Bradley University (ling) (accepted)
  • Linfield College (accepted, second hand) 
  • Mt. St. Mary's, Medieval Lit (offer was "verbal", response unknown; second-hand reliable)
  • Clemson University, Latin American Lit (accepted, second hand reliable) - Confirmed! (first hand)
  • Hollins University (accepted, second hand)
  • Elon (declined)
  • Are there two positions? There are contradictory remarks here if not.
  • No and no. Two of the candidates were held in equal regard. A double offer was approved. One candidate accepted; one declined.
  • Thanks, that certainly clears up the confusion.
  • Is that even legal? Can they offer the same position to two different candidates at the same time? It seems so unethical.
  • Of course they can; in fact, it's a fairly normal practice. And why would it be unethical?
  • What is the problem with this? There was one position. They interviewed many candidates. They liked two. They created a second position. They made two offers. One accepted, one declined. If both had accepted, they would have hired both. I wish many institutions did the same.
  • I know of two other universities that did the same thing this year. They both planned on hiring again next year, and this way they've avoided another costly search.
  • West Chester (Hispanic Studies/Spanish--accepted, second hand, reliable) Confirmed (firsthand) x1 (There were possibly three offers being made in addition to the film position)
  • King's College (accepted) - congratulations!
  • Reed College (accepted, second hand)
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham (accepted, second hand- very reliable)
  • Indiana State University (accepted, second hand) how much is the salary please?
  • University of Arizona, accepted, second hand
  • University of Northern Iowa (accepted) Q: Which position?
  • Ball State U (Latin America) - accepted
    • Would you share the salary they are offering to you?
    • Share it with me, please, I'm unemployed. -- To whoever asked this: Seriously?  You sound like you are whining.  If you want to have an idea of salaries look at the salary section above.
    • --- And to whomever wrote this: you should chill out, especially if you're this tone deaf to humor (x2).
    • <-- I'm the one with the offer, and I have no idea what just happened here. I don't read any "humor" in the first comment, either. I assume you really mean sarcasm.
    • I've been following this post since its inception. I'm actually surprised someone directly asked the person with the Ball State offer what salary they were offered as people (who want to post) are listing this information more ambiguously in the section above. So, the second poster's comment of "share it with me please..." seems to be a follow-up to the person inquiring about the salary. I actually thought it was funny when I read it too. The market is tough, as we all know, so this was one of the funniest posts I've read on here. Thanks for that!
    • I agree. I've actually had a few chuckles over the second post "share it with me...". I read the comment as a response to the first post (share the salary), playing with the language used. I interpreted the comment from the second poster as a humorous request to share the salary, not only the information. I found it to be amusing. It is a tough market and it was much appreciated. 
    • Would you share the office they are offering you?  Share it with me please, I don't have an office. :( <- OK, I actually laughed out loud at that one.
  • Binghamton U (accepted)
  • University of Pittsburgh (Hispanic Linguistics, accepted) Congrats! I'm a student here in a related department. Enhorabuena! Gracias!
  • Armstrong Atlantic State University (Lat Am Lit) - accepted
  • Colorado State University (Mexicanist) - accepted, first hand
  • Texas State U-San Marcos (accepted, both positions; second hand)
  • Duquesne (accepted, second hand)
  • Elon (accepted) Unless there are two positions at ELon, this is NOT true. I seem to know as much as the first poster and more than the second. Definitely accepted (negotiated and signed). Call and ask them directly if you don't believe it! 
  • MIT (accepted; second hand)
  • UT Austin (accepted; second hand)
  • University of Kentucky (accepted/second hand/very reliable) Q: which position? colonial? A: colonial
  • Whitman College (accepted/second hand/very reliable)
  • UIC (ling) - accepted
  • DePauw (accepted; second hand)
  • Troy University (accepted)
  • FSU (Spanish ling) Q: Accepted?
  • Ohio Wesleyan (second hand, very reliable)
  • Middlebury (ling) - Congrats!
  • Bucknell (ling) - declined
  • UNM (ling coord.) - Congrats!
  • Sam Houston State University (ling) - accepted.  Congratulations!
  • Sewanee (Pen. lit) - accepted (second hand, reliable). Confirmed.
  • University of Minnesota, TC (Ling and Director of Language Programs): offer made, offer declined, search ongoing.
  • University of Northern Iowa (ling) Q: Accepted? A: Yes.
  • University of Oklahoma (Language Coordinator)--accepted.
  • Franklin & Marshall College (Spanish Linguistics) Q: Accepted? A: Yes! - Congrats! A: Thank you, and best of luck to you!
  • Indiana University Bloomington (Spanish Linguistics)
  • West Virginia University (Spanish Linguistics)
  • University of Mary Washington *Reaction*: Congrats! I saw this listed earlier, then it disappeared, and then it went up again.
  • Marquette University (accepted)
  • Michigan Tech (accepted)
  • U of Utah (Spanish Sociolinguistics) Q: Accepted? (Yes, reliable second-hand)
  • Simpson College (accepted)
  • Wofford College (accepted) -- Congratulations!!
  • Offers made for Brazilian Studies position at Urbana-Champaign. Apparently it ended up being a double hire, so 2 offers went out.  Congratulations!!  Great place (from a student perspective).
  • SUNY Geneseo (accepted) Felicitaciones!! Congrats, looked like a good place! Whoohoo, enhorabuena! Gracias!
  • West Chester (Cultural Studies & Film) Congratulations! It sounded like a great position!

Campus Interviews[]

List NEW information at top (please put "Any news?" questions in "Word on the Street" section below)

  • Kentucky State University (5/8)
  • University of North Georgia (4/28)
  • Any news about campus interviews at CSU, Sacramento?
  • Southern Connecticut State University (TESOL/Spanish) 
  • SUNY Delhi (4/1) Every time I think that I know all the "SUNYs," another weird one emerges that I've never heard of.  Is there a SUNY Calcutta also?
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville
  • Carroll College (3/21)
  • Truman SU (3/17)
  • Youngstown SU (2/28) Reaction: Felicidades! They must have moved fast, I didn't see anyone mention a phone/skype interview. Good luck! They called you last week? When are you going? A: It was pretty fast. I had the interview on Thursday and got the email for the visit on Friday. Will be visiting in a couple of weeks. Congratulations and good luck!
  • Have you been In YSU yet? A: No.
  • Has anyone heard anything about the Spanish - Indigenous Studies position at Denison University? A: I think they've already done call-backs and campus visits. I heard through the grapevine that they were looking for a native Spanish speaker, which kicked me out of the running, despite the fact that I fit the job description almost perfectly and had a strong interview. :( Don't know if that applies to you or not, but it may shed some light on the subject. Goes to show you never *really* know what a committee is looking for, even when the job ad states a specific subfield and qualifications. - Thank you for your response. I have not heard anything from them either, despite the fact that I am a native speaker and I also perfectly fit the job description. You are right, you never know what they are looking for. Best of luck with your search :)
  • Denison has the reputation as being an awful place. It's the kind of place that makes you think it might be better to be unemployed than employed.
    • I hear this everywhere. I am pretty familiar with it because I'm geographically close, and I get mixed feedback. Some people say it's great, and some people say it's awful. I'm not sure if it's the work environment or snootiness that makes it supposedly bad. They certainly have a somewhat high professor turnover.
  • This belongs in the Word on The Street section (linked above). I posted in response to the question there - I emailed them for an update because I had other offers, and they told me that they are postponing the search for 2 years despite having a strong pool of candidates. I only saw on here that there were campus interviews, so unless they flat out lied to me, then they did not or perhaps postponed after that stage (which would certainly be unfortunate and was not was the committee conveyed to me, as they told me I was one of the strong candidates).
  • Depauw U
  • King's College (2/19 x2)
  • Indiana State University (2/17)
  • Tufts University (Lecturer) (2/6)
  • SJSU (February campus interview requested by phone in early January)
  • SUNY Binghamton (2/6)
  • U of Pittsburgh (ling) (2/6) Is this the Lecturer-Coordinator Position?  No, it's the job in Spanish SLA/sociolinguistics.
  • Quest University Canada (notified 2/4 via email for mid-Feb visit)
  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Peninsular position (notified 2/5 via e-mail for visit mid-Feb)
  • Pitzer (second-hand, very reliable) (2/3) (x2) Are the campus visits scheduled? For when?
  • Any new info on the campus visits? (2/12)
  • U. Mary Washington
  • Michigan S U first visit arr for mid-February (2/2)
  • CSU, Fresno: invited late February (2/1) (x2; early Feb.; x1 early March)
  • Purdue (1/29)
  • Reed College (1/21) by phone x2 (late February)
  • Gustavus Adolphus (1/21) by email
  • Cal Poly Pomona (1/27) (second hand)
  • Can anyone confirm this first-hand?
  • Bradley (ling) (1/28) by phone/email
  • University of Richmond (ling) (1/28) (x2)
  • Texas State, San Marcos (1/28) Is this for the Latin American or Medievalist position? Latin American.
  • West Chester University (Nov. 15 app. deadline) - invited by e-mail on 1/21
  • SUNY, FIT-invited by email on 12/19. (1/27)
  • Valparaiso University - (Jan. 27)
  • Any post-campus interview news from Valpo? nothing yet... hope they get in touch soon (2/17) has anyone heard if they made an offer yet? (2/21) Nothing yet! (2/22) Have they contacted any of you yet? (2/26)
  • University of Northern Iowa (Literature) - (Jan 27)
  • Cornell College (Latin American) (phone 1/22) Congrats! Did they call or email you? When? Thanks and good luck! Can you say roundabouts when the visit will occur? Thanks and congratulations. Thanks to both of you! It is for late February.
  • U of Oklahoma. Second Year Language Coordinator Position. (ling)
  • U of Northern Iowa (ling) (1/24)
  • University of Florida (linguistics) - (second hand, reliable)
  • Swarthmore (visiting position) x2 (1/17) 
  • Millsaps C (1/22) X2
  • Kansas State
  • Western Oregon University: invited early February
  • UAB (1/22)
  • Troy University (1/21)
  • Colby College (1yr Faculty Fellow: Contemporary Peninsular) - invited 1/21 (phone) (x1) Any news about the other positions? Nothing. But I was told the end of January/February. I don't know if anyone else has already been contacted about those positions though. (1/25) I haven't heard anything yet. (1/26) I haven't heard anything yet either. Was told two weeks/ end of January.. maybe into February. (1/27)
  • Invited for three language VAPs 1/21 (phone) (x1)
  • Clemson (date TBA), which position? I was Skype interviewed on 1/15. Thanks! Response: Lat. Am. Lit. Good luck! Thanks!! I wrote the question; my interview was on the Afrohispanic lit position. Good luck to you too! Any news on the Afro-Hispanic position? (1/20) Not yet (2/3)? Any news? <---I haven't heard anything yet. Either they're still wrapping up the Lat. Am. Lit position (which could be) or you and I are on the outside looking in and no one else is talking. 2/24- Still no news about the AFROHISPANIC LITERATURE position? I wrote them, but haven't got any answer...Does anyone know something about this position?
  • 2/27 Follow-up to the previous comment: was your inquiry about Afro-Hispanic or the Lat. Am. position? The AFROHISPANIC ONE. R: I did notice that a comment by you got deleted. My inquiry was about the Lat. Am. position and did not receive an answer, either. // I am a little confused about our conversation about Clemson... I was assuming that you hadn't had any news since MLA (same here). But, after re-reading the posts, I begin to wonder if you mean no news since campus visits. Could someone please clarify?? Thanks! // Clarification: campus visits have taken place for both positions.
  • Dominican U (full time lecturer) 1/14 Any news after campus interview? No, news (02/23). My guess (and I have no way of knowing this, I'm really speculating here) is that the bad weather in Chicago probably delayed the process, and some interviews had be re-scheduled.
  • Stony Brook University (SUNY)
  • University of Louisville - invited by phone on 1/17.  No news here. Any news?'
  • Oklahoma, phone 1/17 Q: Oklahoma State or University of Oklahoma? A: U of Oklahoma. Sorry I didn't clarify. - Thanks! What position is this for? Latin American Lit. Thanks and good luck!
  • Trinity, 1/16
  • Fairfield University, 1/16
  • Binghamton U (reliable second hand)
  • Duquesne invited by phone on 1/16
  • U of Nebraska (reliable, second hand). Which position? Omaha, ling. Thanks. Only one person invited? Also got invited, so 2x?
  • Middlebury, 1/16 (reliable, second hand).
  • Kansas, invited by phone 1/15 for late Jan. Is this Kansas State or University of Kansas? Univ of Kansas.
  • Worcester State 1/16 for February
  • Denison, reliable second hand. 1/16   Which position? Thanks! - Language
  • UT Austin - invited (second hand, from "Word on the Street")
  • Monmouth College - invited 1/15 x2 <-- Did they email you or call? Thanks and congrats! I got an email from the Search Committee Chair. Thank you! Was this invite after an MLA interview, or was in lieu of an MLA interview? Thanks!
  • Marquette U - invited 1/11
  • U of MN-Twin Cities position (ling) - invited (second hand, from "Word on the Street")
  • Kenyon College - invited for January Great! I met a girl at the MLA (while I waited for my interview) who had an interview there. If it's you, congrats! If not, congrats anyway! // I think it was me. Thanks, and I wish you the best with your job search! // Did you end up finding a good fit?? I hope so (same girl from MLA you met)!
  • Lehigh U - invited for January (reliable, second hand) - Can someone confirm that first hand? Thanks! (x2)
  • Bucknell - invited for February (reliable, second hand)
  • Sewanee: The University of the South- invited on 1/11
  • Hollins University -invited for February (x2)
  • SUNY Binghamton - invited on 1/10
  • UIC (Phonology) - invited for Jan (second hand)
  • West Virginia - invited for Jan/Feb (second hand)
  • Westfield State ("Spanish") - invited for Feb. on 1/9
  • UC Santa Barbara (ling) - invited 1/8
  • Bellarmine University - invited 1/7
  • Sam Houston State - invited for January on 1/3
  • Ball State University (lit) [second hand]  This is probably silly of me to ask, but what does "second" hand really mean? A second round? it means that the person who posted about the campus interview is not the one who has actually been invited, but probably knows him/her. **Thanks!!** x1(First Hand)
  • Colorado State (Modern Mexico) - invited for January
  • MIT- invited for February on 12/23 (x3)
  • Eastern Michigan University (ling) - invited for January on 12/19 -Question: Any information on if an offer was made?
  • Utah Valley University - invited for January on 12/19
  • Emory (Portuguese), 12/19
  • University of New Mexico (ling) - invited for late January on 12/19
  • Elon University- invited for mid Feb on 12/16
  • Wake Forest - invited for late January/February on 12/18
  • SUNY New Paltz - invited for late January/early February on 12/16
  • U of Utah (ling) - January
  • Franklin & Marshall (ling) - January, same but early Feb.
  • St. Ambrose University (ling) - invited for late January/early February on 12/17 (x2)
  • Christopher Newport University (Caribbean Studies, Lecturer) invited for late January on 12/16. Any word post-campus interview? (02/07).  No news post-campus interview (02/07).
  • College of Charleston (ling) - invited for mid January on 12/14
  • University of Buffalo (medieval Iberia)- invited for early February on 12/13
  • University of Central Florida (ling) - invited for early February on 12/13
  • Mt. Saint Mary's University (medieval lit.) - invited for January on 12/11.
  • Ball State University (ling) - Invited for mid January on 12/10
  • Middle Tennessee State University - Invited for late January on 12/9.
  • SUNY-Geneseo - Campus interviews held week of 12/2 - 12/6.
  • Indiana - Invitation for interview [posted 12/7] Is this for linguistics? A: Yes.
  • Morehead State - Invited for late January on 11/26. (x2)
  • California SU, Fullerton - Invited for the second week of December // Is this for linguistics or literature? A: literature. // No telephone or Skype interview? A: Yes, there was a Skype interview last week. Sorry, phone.Word on Street Section below says someone has been invited for a campus interview for linguistics too. Does not say when.

Phone / Skype Interviews[]

List NEW information at top (please put "Any news?" questions in "Word on the Street" section below.

  • Saginaw Valley State University, VAP position- email and phone request for a Skype interview (5/30)
  • Loyola University Maryland (5/14)
  • University of North Georgia-Gainesville (4/16)
  • University of Arkansas, Fayetteville - Skype request for "pre-1700" VAP (4/13)
  • Southern Utah U request for Skype interview (3/21)
  • Dickinson College email request for a Skype interview (3/20)
  • Eureka College request for phone interview via phone (3/20)
  • Southern Utah University email request for a Skype interview (3/20)
  • SUNY Delhi - via email (3/17) (x2)
  • Savannah State University (3/10)
  • Franklin and Marshall, VAP position - email request for a Skype interview (3/7)
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville--email request for a Skype teaching demo (3/5)
  • St. Mary's University, San Antonio (3/3)
  • Southern Connecticut State University- Request for Skype interview via email (02/28)
  • University of Arkansas - Little Rock - Request for Skype interview via email (2/26) x3
  • Notre Dame of Maryland--Request for phone interview via email (2/21)
  • Georgia Gwinnett College--Request for phone interview via phone (2/21)
  • Truman State U - Request for Skype interview via email (2/20) (x2 - Q: did they get back to you about when yours is actually scheduled? They gave me a list of times but have yet to confirm when mine will be.)
  • Bronx Community College - request for Skype interview via email (2/19)
  • Clayton State University - request for phone/Skype interview via email (2/14) (x2)
  • West Chester U - Skype interview request via e-mail (2/17) (x4)
  • University of Dayton (lecturer position) - phone interview for March (request on 2/14)
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville--request for phone interview via phone (2/14)
  • Western Connecticut State University - request for phone interview by phone (2/7)
  • University of Evansville - request for phone interview via email (2/6)
  • University of Idaho - request for interview via email (2/5) (x2)
  • King's College - Wilkes-Barre - request for phone interview via phone (2/5)
  • Indiana State University-request for phone interview via email (2/5) (x2)
  • CUNY-Staten Island - request for skype interview via email (1/30) (x3)
  • Ferris State University--request for phone interview via email (1/28)
  • Lafayette College via phone (1/23) for a lecturer position
  • Carroll College, phone request via email (1/24) (X2)
  • Murray State University (1/20 via phone) (x3)
  • Question: Did they actually set up the interview time or did they say that they had to go through HR before someone would contact you. And if so, have you been contacted with a date and time? They told me they had to go through HR first. I still haven't heard back from them and it's 01-31 now. Me too. (2/1). 
  •  Anyone heard anything yet? Has anyone Skype interviewed? Any response from that? (3/1) I Skype interviewed but haven't heard anything since then. (X2)
  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Peninsular position (1/19  via e-mail) (x3)
  • Has anyone heard back as to when they're doing the actual interview? A: This weekend via Skype RE: Thanks, but I meant, have they confirmed your time? I got an interview request & replied, but never heard back from anyone. A: Yes, they confirmed my time via e-mail.
  • Advice: Call the chair to his phone. If he doesn't answer, call the administrative assistant. Always call if you have any concern about the process. Remember: you are not a student anymore. K, thanks for the vote of encouragement. I'll contact them today.
  • Tufts University (Full time lecturer): Skype interview scheduled (1/8)
  • U of Arkansas, skype interview request via email 1/19 (x2)
  • Quest University Canada, phone interview held on 01/17
  • U Michigan, skype interview held on 01/16
  • U of Dayton (ling), Skype request via email 1/16 (x2)
  • U of Pittsburgh (ling) : Skype request via email, 1/8
  • Troy University: interview request via email, 1/7 (x2)
  • Purdue: interview request via email, 12/31 (x2)
  • Western Oregon University: Skype interview scheduled, 12/30 (x2)
  • Worcester State University (medieval/Golden Age): phone interview scheduled for January (12/23) (x2)
  • Columbia (Luso-Brazilian), 12/21 (x2)
  • University of Oklahoma 12/20 Is this the lit position or the 2nd-year coord position? Thanks! I didn't originally post this, but I have a Skype interview for the lit position. Originally posted this and have a skype interview for the lit position as well.(Lit. position x3)
  • Johns Hopkins (Portuguese) 12/19
  • Towson U (12/16)
  • Millsaps College Skype Interview Requested 12/16
  • Colorado State University: phone interview request (12/13) (x2) Translation or Modern Mexico? Modern Mexican Lit. & Culture; skype scheduled 12/12 (translation)
  • West Chester U (Hispanic Studies): skype interview request (12/13)
  • SUNY-Binghamton: skype interview request (12/12)
  • Spring Hill College: Skype request via phone for mid-January (12/11) (x3)
  • Ursinus College: Skype request via email (12/11). x2
  • Is this for the following position: Yes, I believe that's the only one they have (right?). Thanks, wasn't sure! To the applicant who got a Skype request: First, congrats! Second, are you ABD or have you completed the PhD already? (Just trying to figure out the panorama :) I am not the original person who posted this information, but I was interviewed and am ABD. Hope this helps, and good luck with your job search! I am the person who originally posted. I have my PhD already but as you can see from the previous post, PhD/ABD status does not limit your chances. Committees go for the best fit. Best of luck (and congrats to you too, if you were interviewed as well).
  • Sam Houston State (ling): Phone request via email (12/11).
  • UC Santa Barbara (ling): LSA or Skype request via email (12/11) (x2). Is this the Sociolinguistics position? Yes
  • University of Northern Iowa (ling): phone interview request via phone (12/11) (x4)
  • Simpson College (Spanish and French): skype interview request (12/9
  • San Jose State U: skype interview requested by email (12/9)
  • University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa (Ling and Coordinator): Skype interview request via phone (12/9)
  • Linfield College: Skype interview request via email (12/7) (x2)
  • University of Richmond: phone interview requested by email (12/6) I'm not going to MLA.
  • Eastern Michigan University: Sype interview requested by email (12/6) (x2)
  • Hamilton College (VAP): Skype interview requested by email for January (12/6) (X4)
  • Westfield State University (Spanish): phone interview request (12/6) (X2)
  • MIT: Skype interview request 12/6 (x3)
  • University of New Mexico (TT Ling/Spanish as a Second Language Course Coordinator) phone interview request 12/5 (x3)
  • University of Nebraska, Omaha (Ling) phone interview request 12/3. Question- is this because you are unable to attend the MLA? Yes, I'm not going to MLA- Thanks!
  • Elon University (12/5) SKYPE interview requested by email (12/5) (x3); by email (12/6)
  • Michigan Tech: phone interview request 12/4
  • SUNY New Paltz: Skype interview request 12/4 (x2)
  • Franklin and Marshall: Skype interview request (12/3) (x5)
  • University of Central Florida: request for Skype interview 12/3 (x4)
  • Hollins University: request for Skype interview 12/2
  • University of Utah (Spanish sociolinguistics): request for Skype interview 11/27 (x4)
  • West Virginia University (Hispanic Linguistics): request for Skype interview 11/27 (x3)
  • Emory University - (Portuguese) request for Skype interview on 11/27
  • Middle Tennessee State University: request for Skype interview on 11/27 (x2)
  • Ball State (Latin American lit): received request for phone interview on 11/27 (x5)
  • Pitzer College, language interview by phone; confirmed 2nd hand 11/26; I'm guessing it is to check for fluency A:I was interviewed in Span and Port for proficiency
  • Wake Forest (indigenous studies): phone interview scheduled on 11/26
  • Kansas State (Skype interview scheduled on 11/26)
  • UC-Santa Cruz (Phone interview scheduled on 11/25)
  • SUNY Geneseo (11/22). Did they give you a timeline for notifying about campus visits? A: Nope, none at all. Q: They said if visits would be before or after the break? A: No info about campus visits in my brief interview.
  • University of Buffalo (Skype interview scheduled on 11/22)
  • College of Charleston - Spanish, General Linguistics (11/22) (X2)
  • Harvard - Open Rank (11/22) (X2)
  • Did they request interviews or you had the interview? Could you clarify what field? Peninsularist or Latin Americanist?  Thank you. - Scheduled for the first week of december
  • St. Ambrose University - Skype interview scheduled on 11/19 (x2)
  • Florida SU- TT Spanish Sociolinguistics- Skype interview scheduled 11/19. // Any news on next stage or timeline?
  • University of Georgia - TT Portuguese - Skype interview 11/18
  • Fashion Institute of Technology SUNY - Phone interview request 11/18
  • Ball State University (phone) - received request 11/14.
  • Wofford College - Generalist (Skype) - received email 11/12
  • West Chester- TT cultural studies & film (skype)- received request 11/12. (x3) I am wrong, or the deadline and beginning of the review process is this Friday? Are they already requesting skype interviews?
  • You are not wrong. I went to the web page and saw that there was another position advertised with a Oct 15th deadline...Keeping my fingers crossed to be hopefully considered for this one. 11/13
  • My understanding is that there are 3 TT positions. The last one was posted on 11/11Skype interview was following week.  I didn't make the cut.
  • University of Illinois at Chicago - Spanish Phonology (Skype) - received request 11/11
  • Morehead State U (phone) - received request 11/5.  *I also have a phone interview for this position.* Me too.
  • Mount St. Mary's (Skype) - received request 10/29.
  • Can you tell me what month the interview will take place? Not asking for a date, just would like to know if in November or later. --> Mine was on Nov. 4. My understanding is that they are hoping to do campus visits in early December.
  • Mount St Mary - Skype interviews are being conducted between Oct 31 and Nov 5.
  • Susquehanna University (Skype) 10/28 (x2) <--- Is the Department still doing Skype interviews, or is the Skype interview process already closed? Have all Skype interview candidates been notified that they are selected
  • Not sure if Skype interviews are still taking place or if all candidates have been contacted, but I got a call on Monday and the interview was Thursday 10/31.
  • Thanks, and good luck!
  • Can anyone confirm that the selection of finalists has been made, so we can stop praying? Thanks!
  • Cornell University (skype)- received request 10/24 (Latin American colonial).Skype interview process already closed.
  • Christopher Newport University- phone interview 12/4 and 12/10 (Lecturer of Spanish).

 MLA Interviews[]

List NEW information at top (please put "Any news?" questions in "Word on the Street" section below.

  • Earlham College (call on 12/20ish) -  I interviewed at MLA, but I believe they are doing additional interviews via Skype/phone Q: They called you for an interview even before the initial deadline on the 31st? The original deadline was earlier (12/15); they relisted their MLA ad right before Christmas. I think 12/31 was the deadline on the second ad for consideration/interviews at MLA.
  • Have any MLA interviews been cancelled (or postponed) due to the weather? A: No, not for me (1/8). A: I heard of one being postponed (in another language), but they called to let the person know and reschedule (1/9)
  • Princeton (email, 1/2) Could you confirm that this is the Latin American Studies position? I don't see any Princeton positions listed here (1/8)
  • Swarthmore 2-year VAP (phone, 1/2) x3
  • CUNY John Jay College (phone, 12/23) (email, 12/31)
  • Oklahoma State University (email, 12/18)
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham (email, 12/20) X3
  • Kenyon College (phone, 12/20) x4 (email, 12/26)
  • Cornell College (email, 12/20) x3 Is this for the Peninsular or Latin American position? (LatAm for me. x2) Peninsular for me. Thank you! 
  • Bucknell University (email, 12/19)
  • Clemson University (by phone 12/19) x4
  • Kansas (by email 12/18) (x2)
  • Cal Poly Pomona (by phone, 12/18) (x2)
  • Trinity College (email, 12/17) (x2)
  • Reed College (by email, 12/17) (x2)
  • De Pauw University (by phone, 12/16)
  • Sewanee: The University of the South (email, 12/16)
  • University of Louisville (Caribbean, e-mail, 12/16)
  • Centre College (peninsular lit; email, 12/15)
  • University of Florida - 20th-21st cent. Latin America (email, 12/13) (x2)
  • University of Florida (ling, email 12/13) (x3)
  • Monmouth College (email 12/13)
  • Denison University (indigenous studies) - MLA interview request via email (12/13)
  • Denison University - Asst Prof Spanish - Language and Pedagogy - MLA interview request (12/13) (x2)
  • CSU Long Beach - MLA interview request (12/13) (x4)
  • Ohio Wesleyan University (email, 12/12)
  • Stony Brook - MLA Interview Request (12/12)
  • Boston College Asst Prof of Practice (phone, 12/12)
  • Pitzer college (email 12/12) (X2)
  • San Diego State (Portuguese), 12/11
  • Ursinus College. Did they scheduled an interview? When?
  • Middlebury (email 12/11) (x2) Is this Vermont or Monterrey? Vermont.
  • Gustavus Adolphus (email 12/11) x 2
  • Valparaiso University (email 12/11)
  • Colby College (phone 12/11) (x4) Which position?
  • Amherst College Lecturer position (scheduled on 12/10) I am typing this here, although somebody had typed it in together with the TT position.
  • U of Arizona (12/9 invitation by phone)
  • Bradley University (ling) 12/9 (x2)
  • Duquesne University (phone 12/9) (x2)
  • University of Mary Washington (email 12/9) (x2)
  • UChicago (medieval, second hand reliable, interviews scheduled for MLA around thanksgiving)
  • UPenn (email), 12/6 (x2)
  • Which position? Latin American. Thank you!
  • Texas State San Marcos - LatAm - (phone 12/6)
  • University of Richmond (email 12/6) (x3)
  • University of Louisville (email 12/6)
  • Washington and Lee University (email 12/3)
  • Armstrong Atlantic State University (phone 12/4) (x2)
  • Amherst College (email, 12/4) Is this for the TT or Lecturer position? Thank you!  TT. Lecturer interview set up on 12/10. Thank you! I had not seen the post about the Lecturer position, so I've just listed it further up.
  • Lehigh University (email, 12/4) (x5)
  • UC Irvine (phone 12/2)
  • Bradley University (email, 12/2)  --> Q: which position (there are 2)? A: Peninsular
  • Whitman College (phone, 12/2) (x3)
  • California SU Fresno (email, 11/29) (x4)
  • UC Riverside (phone, 11/27)
  • Wellesley College (email, 11/26) Anyone else heard from Wellesley? Yes, me too. Same day.Thanks!
  • Fairfield University (phone, 11/26)
  • University of Kentucky, Lexington - LA colonial (email, 11/23).
  • SUNY Oswego (e-mail, 11/22)
  • Marquette University (phone, 11/19 X2) (Phone, 11/22)
  • University of Denver (e-mail on 11/21)
  • Texas State U-San Marcos-  Medieval (11/19) (x2). ---> Did they contact you via email or phone? They called me. Medieval? Yes. Good Luck!
  • University of South Carolina, Columbia (email on 11/17) (2X)
  • University of Nebraska, Omaha (Interview scheduled on 11/15) (3X)

Additional Materials Requested[]

List NEW information at top; note type of material requested whenever possible (please list EEOC / Aff-Action Requests in "Acknowledgments" section below)

  • CSU-Sacramento (3/22x2) Asked for permission to contact references and acknowledgement of continued interest in the position. 
  • Email Request to complete Equal Opportunity Form --U of Missouri St. Louis, Assistant Teaching Professor of Spanish (3/10)
  • Franklin and Marshall, VAP position - Request for 30 minute teaching demonstration to be sent to them prior to Skype interview (3/7) *Reaction*: Good luck! Are you tape-recording yourself? R: Wow, never had a request like that before. *Response from OP* -  Thanks for the well wishes! Media services at my current position will come in and tape me. I've never had a request like this either - seems like a lot for a 1 year VAP position, but maybe this is in lieu of bringing people to campus and watching them in person?
  • Minnesota S U Mankato - Request for permission to contact recommenders. 2/1 (x2)
  • Youngstown State U. - Recommendation letters (01/31) Q: In addition to the three (3) that were part of the online application? x 1= Not sure about what the requesting recommendation letters email meant...ANY IDEAS?
  • There was a software mistake, so the original 3 letters have to be resubmitted to You could have the original letter writers submit them directly to that email address if Interfolio charges you extra or poses any problems. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Notre Dame of Maryland-- how you fit to NDM (Jan 19) (x2) (for folks who received a request for "how you fit" and/or "statement of faith", were these different documents or the same request/document? Thanks!)
  • Hi, I received a notification that I had made it into the second round of application revisions and I was given a prompt to talk about how I fit in/contribute to NDM's mission statement. I was provided no other document/prompt and I can see how this could be interpreted as a "statement of faith" request since NDM is, indeed, a catholic school. I think this is most likely the same request.
  • Thanks! Sounds like the one I received too. I was curious since I know some schools do require a "statement of faith" that is explicitly labelled as such. Anyway, good luck!
  • No problem. Good luck to you too!
  • Sorry about the confusion. I was the person who wrote the "statement of faith" line, but I meant the "how you fit in." It's one and the same.
  • Notre Dame of Maryland--statement of faith requested (Jan 19) (x2)
  • Minnesota State U, Mankato - Request for Reference Letters -- Of whom were they requested? The applicant or the references? Thanks! The applicant (submitted them via Interfolio)
  • Bellarmine University (12/16) - Request for evidence of teaching excellence
  • University of Kansas (12/3) ---> Writing Sample x7 ---> Diss Chapters
  • Mount St. Mary University: Letters of reccomendations, teaching philosophy, and writing sample requested on Nov 13 to be sent by Nov 20 - Were you one of the people who had a Skype interview with them? Yes
  • Franklin & Marshall 11/5 - Additional materials requested (teaching philosophy, research statement, 3 letters of recommendation, sample teaching evaluations, and graduate transcript)  //  Yes, same additional material requested 11/5. Is there any way to know if they have requested this material from everyone that applied? // Also had additional materials requested 11/5. // They did not ask for more materials from everyone. There were some applicants who did not receive the request. (X2)
  • Hope College 10/25, 11/5 (statement of interest in joining the faculty, participating in minority/diversity development, and encouraging student development in the context of the Christian faith). (x3, on 11/5)
  • I thought this position was due Jan 1? It is no longer on the employment site... and here I thought I had plenty of time to apply! (Athough I'd be put off by the statement of faith too, so possibly for the best?)
  • I don't think the search is over; In the e-mail, they just asked for additional materials to create a more complete file, and said that they will be "reviewing applications as they are completed."
  • The Interfolio link to the application says the deadline has passed, and it has expired/disappeared from the MLA JIL.


List NEW information at top

  • CSUS (Sac State): snail mail letter; "... gave your application serious consideration," but "not among those selected to be interviewed..." (5/21)
  • Youngstown, email, 5/9
  • University of Alabama, Birmingham, email, 4/30
  • Colby College, email, 4/30
  • James Madison University, 4/29
  • University of Arkansas - Little Rock, 4/14
  • Bronx Community College - rejection letter in the mail post-teaching demo (4/14)
  • Washburn, email
  • University of Evansville 4/1 via email
  • Rejection email from Amherst College (lecturer position) (3/27)
  • Rejection email from University of Northern Iowa (3/26)
  • SUNY New Paltz snail mail rejection (3/24)
  • Rejection e-mail from Binghamton (3/25)
  • Rejection from Wake Forest (post-campus visit) via snail mail (3/21)
  • Western Oregon University (post-Skype interview) (3/21)
  • Mass email from Cornell College (had no MLA interview) (x4) (3/21) -- did anyone else think this email was awkwardly worded and came off as kind of insulting?
      • RESPONSE: Here is what happened: The Assistant Dean in charge of notifying those who did not make the final cut neglected to send out a rejection notice ahead of the school's public announcement of the position (peninsular) being filled. It was an unfortunate and very embarrasing turn of events for this person, but she has apologized rigorously. I will add that the Dean at Cornell College is a very professional administrator and an excellent person.
    • Their search for a Latin Americanist is onoging, though I am led to believe that they have already identified those they wish to invite for a campus visit and will make a selection from that small group of 2-3 candidates. 
    • Camps visits took place for Latin Americanist position in February and at least one offer was declined.
  • Wording I got was pretty nice, in my opinion. Goes something like:
The Department of Classical and Modern Languages has now completed screening applications for our tenure-track teaching position.  As you can imagine, there were many qualified applicants for the position, and the department worked diligently to attend appropriately to each candidacy, with the goal of identifying a group of candidates whose qualifications best match our interests and needs at Cornell.
I am writing to let you know that your application is not among those to be considered further in our search.  Your credentials and letters are quite impressive, but the committee did not feel that your qualifications matched our needs as well as some of the other candidates. We very much appreciate your interest in Cornell College, and we wish you all the best in your job search.
  • Follow-up*: I'm the person who posted the original message about rejection and got this exact same message. ** I wrote the response above. I agree that it was awkard. It sent out in a huge rush, though the wording would have been the same regardless of the pressure put upon its author.
  • I got the same e-mail and thought it was very polite. I doubt that *everyone's* credentials were "quite impressive," but it's a nice mass e-mail regardless.
  • University of Arkansas, 3/19
  • Westfield State University , 3/17
  • Worcester State University, Email rejection note from HR, 11 march
  • Really nice rejection from Hollins 3/13
  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee - offer has been made
  • Rejection from Armstrong Atlantic State University, post MLA interview. Received email 3/11 stating an offer had been made and accepted.(x3--received mine 3/12, generic email, had no MLA interview)
  • Rejection from College of Charleston (via Interfolio, generic "Dear Applicant") Clarificartion: when you say "via Interfolio", do you mean that it was sent to your email address via Interfolio or that it appeared next to your application on your actual Interfolio account? Thanks! A: I am not the original poster, but I also got the same rejection email. They sent it through interfolio, but it went to my email addess.
  • Rejection from Westfield (late posting - probably 3 weeks ago). At which step was this a rejection? After phone interview? Thanks and sorry. 
  • Random QUESTION....Does anyone reply to rejection emails or do you simply leave it at that? Just wondering...
  • I have never replied to a mass rejection email (without having had an interview or anything). I figure, what's the point? The outcome will be the same and replying may seem a little needy or desperate. That's just my take on it. Replying after an interview or campus visit could be a different story, though. (3/7)
  • Thanks! I got a *super nice*, personalized rejection email (weird as that sounds) after a Skype interview. Obviously the search chair will keep on living well without my reply, but I was just curious if there's any etiquette to that. I haven't replied yet (?). 
  • I wrote the first response so I'll follow up with this: since you did have an interview with them, I don't think it would *hurt* if you sent them an email if that's something you feel compelled to do. I certainly don't think they expect you to reply, but if you had a nice interaction with the committee and you feel like you want to say something, I don't think it could hurt anything. But, as far as protocol, I don't think they expect rejectees to follow up with a response. It's your call!
  • Thanks! :)
  • Email from Trinity (3/6) X4
  • Rejection email from Lafayette (lectureship) (3/6)
  • Rejection email from Wesleyan VAP (3/5) x4 (Sad day :(, seemed like a good position) R: But at least the rejection letter was very nice
  • Henderson State (phone inquiry stated I was not one of the three candidates invited for a campus visit)(3/3)
  • Rejection email from Lehigh U (x5) - sad day, that would have been an amazing job. R2: Yeah, I'm in Ling and even I wanted to apply! Congrats to whoever gets the offer!
  • Rejection email from Centre C 2/21 (x3) Clarification question: Were you guys interviewed by Centre? I was not interviewed but neither have I gotten a rejection. I don't have any expectations at this point but out of curiosity I'm trying to figure out how it works. Thanks!
  • No, no interview. The rejection looked like a blanket message sent through interfolio.
  • Thanks much for clarifying. They must be playing favorites as to who gets a rejection email and who does not! I submitted all my documents timely and never heard anything at all from them. Alas,  mysterious are the ways in which the job application process works. (2/22)
  • Rejection email from UNC Charlotte (Span Ling / translation) (x2)
  • Rejection email post-MLA from Mary Washington (campus visits are done and the position has been filled) 2/20
  • Rejection email from U California Riverside 2/19
  • Rejection email from Loyola Chicago (Span Ling)
  • "Position has been filled" email from Wofford 2/4
  • Depauw University via email after asking for an update via phone 2/6
  • Hope C search suspended indefinitely 2/5/2014.
  • Rejection email from CUNY (Borough of Manhattan, Community College), 2/4 (Lecturer position). x2
  • Rejection email from Harvard (more than two month after the interview) They are only calling the senior candidates for campus visits this year. They may or may not call the junior finalists for next year
  • Rejection email Fullerton, 2/3 - Q: Was this the literature or linguistics position? Thanks! (2/4) Linguistics (2X) Rejection for the literature position as well
  • Rejection email from U of South Carolina
  • Rejection letter from U of Akron
  • Rejection email from U of Denver post-MLA, 1/24
  • Rejection letter from SUNY New Paltz post-skype interview 1/27
  • Ferris State--email said that due to the timing of my application they haven't even got around to read it. Jan 24 (X5). Rejection here, too, but I didn't get a note about not having read my app (same here).
  • Rejection email from Wellesley post-MLA 1/23
  • Rejection email from UNC-Charlotte (lecturer) 1/22
  • Rejection email from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Peninsular position 1/21 (x3) (2/4)
  • Rejection email (post-interview) from Columbia (Luso-Braz position) 1/20
  • Rejection email from Kansas State 1/16
  • Rejection email from U of Kentucky 1/13 (x4)
  • Rejection email from U of Minnesota - Twin Cities (ling) 1/13
  • Rejection email from UT Austin (ling) 1/12 (x2) 
  • Kansas State via email (1/8)
  • Susquehanna via email (1/7) (x2) (1/8x1)
  • Ursinus via email (1/6) (post skype interview) (x2)
  • Elon, 1/2 (x7)
  • U of Georgia (Portuguese), 12/21
  • Rejection email from Ursinus College (12/19) (x9)
  • Rejection email from CSU Fresno (12/17) (x5)
  • Rejection email from Washington and Lee (12/16) (x8)
  • No longer under consideration status on Iowa State application page (x7) (12/15)
  • On my Interfolio Delivery Page is says that Linfield college has reviewed applications and is now conducting interviews.
  • This is not a job I applied for, but I did apply for others via Interfolio. Did you get a notification regarding the interviews, or did you have to manually check on the status? - I didn't apply for this particular position, but others in my Interfolio deliveries list say things like 'Reviewing applications' or 'Scheduled MLA interviews'. It's not consistent, but it helps to be able to cross jobs off my list and move forward.
  • Rejection email from University of Utah (Spanish sociolinguistics) (12/13)
  • Rejection email from San Diego State University for Linguistics/Program Director position (12/13)
  • Rejection email from UC Santa Cruz (12/13) (post phone interview)
  • Rejection email from Western Oregon University (12/12) Latin American Literature? Has anyone had an interview?--> No rejection email and no interview so far (12/15) (x5)
  • Rejection email from Ohio Wesleyan (12/12) (x7)
  • Rejection email from Gustavus Adolphus stating candidate was not selected as a finalist for interviews (12/12)
  • Rejection email from San Diego State University (12/12) (x2)
  • Rejection email from University of Texas of the Permian Basin (x2) 
  • Rejection email from University of Denver 12/6 (x8)
  • Rejection email from Hope College 12/6
  • Rejection email from Hope College 12/4
  • Rejection email from Cornell University 12/4
  • Rejection email from Lehman College - 12/4 (x6)
  • Rejection email from University of Illinois, Chicago (Phonology) - 12/4
  • Has anyone else received a rejection from UIC for this position? yes, i received rejection email 12/4 as well. Response: Thanks for sharing, best of luck with your other applications!
  • For those who received rejections, had you done a Skype interview? Or was it a rejection of the initial application? A: just a rejection, no interview 12/11
  • Has anyone received an email for a second interview or campus interview from UIC?
  • Rejection from Bellarmine U (linguistics position) - 11/25.  Strange, as the deadline is 12/1. (x3) I also thought it was strange.  Maybe it's related to all of those yes/no questions they had.
  • Rejection from Gustavus Adolphus (Spanish, peninsular/transatlantic) Nov 22 (x2)
  • Did this arrive in email or letter form? Thank you.
  • Email. It seems like it was a generated automatic response for those who didn't make the first cut. So there still might be hope for some if you haven't received it!
  • Thanks for the info!
  • Rejection email from U of Nebraska Omaha Nov. 15.   
  • Rejection letter from Cornell University (TT, Latin America) Nov. 6 (x2)
  • Received notification from California SU Channel Islands that application was no longer under consideration. (applied Sept. 10, notified Nov. 1).
  • Not necessarily a rejection, but the Catholic U of America search has been suspended until further notice because of "budgetary difficulties" (email 11/25).


List NEW information at top

  • Email acknowledgement of application from Washburn, review of apps to begin 3/24
  • Equal Opportunity form from Fort Lewis C via e-mail. 2/21
  • University of Arkansas - Little Rock (Assistant Professor of Spanish): Received an email to ascertain continued interest in the position prior to beginning the interview process. (2/17) x2
  • Got an email from Truman State with a letter that listed all the credentials in my application and stated my application is complete. (2/17)
  • E-mail confirmation from Youngstown S U. Review to begin end of week. 2/12  Q: What does "review to begin..." mean? That they will start looking at applicants or that they will call for interviews? Anybody else get that email? I didn't. I didn't either, only received a confirmation e-mail that my recommendation letters were received.
  • I assume it means they will start reviewing applications, but the e-mail didn't elaborate. No idea why I got that wording and others didn't.
  • Addition: Submitted my application over the weekend and got an email confirmation from the Chair today. It stated that review of applications has just begun. (2/18)
  • CSU Sacramento snail mail 2/7. (x2)
  • Georgia Southern: email 01/29 Search cancelled
  • SUNY New Paltz - regular mail 12/18
  • University of Oklahoma -- email 12/16 with list of application materials received and an affirmative action survey to be completed
  • Wittenburg: email 12/16 Search cancelled
  • Augustana College - snail mail acknowledgement of receipt of application. "The search committee will begin its review of applications in the coming weeks." An anonymous equal opportunity survey card was enclosed. (12/9)
  • Clemson U Applicant Information Form requested (12/3) (x2)
  • Bradley U acknowledges complete file and will begin notifying finalists in December. Snail mail received 11/30 (x2). Same, (ling position) 12/9; ALSO acknowledged ALMOST-complete files! (ling) 12/9, letter dated and postmarked 12/4;
  • Washington and Lee U letter acknowledgment of receipt of app materials (11/29) (x2)
  • Monmouth College email acknowledgment of receipt of app materials (11/13) (11/26)
  • Wittenberg email: Applicants who have been selected for an interview will receive email notification by Thursday, December 19.
  • Cornell College email acknowledgement of receipt of app materials (11/22) (x4)
  • San José State University letter acknowledgement of receipt of app materials. (11/19)
  • Ursinus College email acknowledgement of receipt of app materials (11/18) (x11)
  • Spring Hill College email acknowledgment of receipt of app materials (11/14) (x3) - said they got 185 total applications - holy cow! That's normal. Elon University got a similar number.
  • Exact words: "The search committee has started reviewing the 185 applications we received and we will get back to you in mid-December when we have decided on a short list of candidates we wish to interview. We will be conducting these interviews via skype during the week of January 13, 2014."
  • Cal State Long Beach email acknowledgment of recipt of application materials (11/14) (x2)
  • Received affirmative action form request via email (11/18)
  • California State Polytechnic, Pomona - Affirmative Action form requested (11/4). Similar to the situation below, not sure if this is pertinent or if it was requested of all applicants.
  • Seems like all applicants got one. I got it the day after I applied. I'm still waiting for Long Beach's.
  • Kansas State U - Self Identity Affirmative Action form requested (11/14). I'm not sure if everyone received this request but I thought it was worth noting just in case.
  • Cal State Poly Pomona email acknowledgment of receipt of application materials (11/13) They didn't email me, so I emailed them and they verified that they had received my application.
  • Texas SU sent snail mail acknowledgment of receipt of application materials 11/8 (x5)
  • Texas SU (Latin Americanist) Acknowledgement letter sent by regular mail 11/25
  • Ball State University 11/7 (x4) Acknowledgement received through email of receipt of application and documents.
  • Fullerton, email acknowledgement of materials they received through the post. (x4)

Sorry, but why is this category even necessary?

  • Some schools, like Ball State, still want application materials mailed to them. So it's helpful to know if they're notifying applicants they've recived the hard documents since Interfolio doesn't provide tracking on standard mail deliveries. 

JOBS: Spanish & Portuguese for 2014 (Tenure Track & Full Time) (Please list in alphabetical order)[]

Amherst College (MA)  - Two Positions in Spanish

Position 1: Open-Rank, Tenure-Track Professor in Spanish (specialization Golden Age and/or Colonial)


DEADLINE: November 1, 2013

Position 2: Lecturer


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

Arizona State - Spanish Linguistics (specialization in Heritage Speakers)

RANK: Assistant or Associate


DEADLINE: November 22, 2013

Armstrong Atlantic State U (GA) - Literature, open specialization

RANK: Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 18, 2013

Augustana College (IL) - Two Positions in Spanish

Position 1: Literature, Medieval and Early Modern (Could be VAP or tenure-track)


DEADLINE: December 2, 2013

Position 2: Linguistics, Phonology (Could be VAP or tenure-track)


DEADLINE: December 2, 2013

Ball State University (IN) - Two Positions in Spanish Two tenure-track faculty positions available August 14, 2014

  • Position 1: Spanish Linguistics (open specialty);
    Position 2: Latin America (open specialty)RANK: Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: Review of applications will begin November 1, 2013, and will continue until the positions are filled.

One contract faculty position 


Baylor University (TX) 

Position 1: Lecturer


DEADLINE: October 15, 2013

Position 2: Director, Division of Spanish & Portuguese

RANK: Associate or Full Professor


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

Bellarmine U (KY) - Applied Linguistics

RANK: Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: December 1, 2013

Boston College - the Practice in Hispanic Studies

RANK: Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

Bradley University (IL) - Spanish Peninsular Literature (specialization in Film Studies or Caribbean Studies)

RANK: Tenure-Track Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 11, 2013

Bringham Young U (UT) - Latin American Literature and Culture

RANK: Open 


DEADLINE: October 14, 2013

Brooklyn College (CUNY)

RANK: Full Professor-Chairperson


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona) - Spanish Peninsular Literature (specialization in Early Modern or Twentieth/Twenty-First Century)

RANK: Tenure-Track Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 8, 2013

California State University Channel Islands - Spanish Generalist

RANK: Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: Application review date begins September 9, 2013.

California State University, Fresno - Mexican Literature

RANK: Tenure-Track Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

California State University, Fullerton - Two Positions

Position 1: Spanish-American (Central American or Caribbean)

RANK: Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 10, 2013

Position 2: Linguistics

RANK: Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 10, 2013

California State University, Long Beach - 19th-20th century Peninsular Literature

RANK: Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

Carroll College (MT) - Linguistics & Literature, Generalist

RANK: Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: December 10, 2013

Centre College (KY) - Generalist, with specialty in 18th-20th century and Transatlantic Literature

RANK: Assistant or Associate Professor



Christopher Newport University (VA) - Three Positions

Position 1: Lecturer (TESOL)


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

Position 2: Lecturer (Caribbean Studies)


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

Position 3: Lecturer (Contemporary Spain)


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

Clayton State U (GA) - Generalist

RANK: Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 1, 2013

Colby College (ME) - Four Positions

Position 1: (A) Assistant Professor or Instructor of Spanish


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

Position 2: (B) Assistant Professor or Instructor of Spanish


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

Position 3: (C) Assistant Professor or Instructor of Spanish


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

Position 4: Faculty Teaching Fellow (Contemporary Peninsular Lit & Culture)


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

College of Charleston (SC) - Two Positions Position 1: Instructor (one-year appointment, renewable)


DEADLINE: November 1, 2013

Position 2: Linguistics, Theoretical or Language Acquisition

RANK: Assistant


DEADLINE: November 1, 2013

Colorado State U - Two Positions Position 1: Modern Mexican Literature and Culture

RANK: Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 10, 2013

Position 2: Translation & Interpreting

RANK: Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 10, 2013 (EXTENDED until Dec 5th!!)

Community College of Philadelphia RANK: Tenure-Track Instructor or Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 3, 2013

Cornell College (IA) - Two Positions Position 1: Peninsular Literature

RANK: Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

Position 2: Latin American Literature

RANK: Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

Cornell University (NY) - Two Positions

Position 1: Latin American (expertise in visual studies, Colonial/19th Century preferred)

RANK: Open


DEADLINE: October 15, 2013

Position 2: Lecturer/Sr. Lecturer in Spanish Language


DEADLINE: November 1, 2013

CUNY Staten Island - Hispanic Performance Studies (film, media, theatre)

RANK: Assistant Professor of Spanish, TT


DEADLINE: December 2, 2013

DePauw University - Generalist with expertise in Peninsular or Hispanic Transatlantic Studies

RANK: TT Assistant/Associate Professor


DEADLINE: November 22, 2013

Duquesne University - TT Assistant Professor with specialization in Latin American Literature and Culture

RANK: TT Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

Earlham College - Latin Americanist, "Applicants must have Ph.D. in Spanish (linguistics, literatures or cultural studies) in hand"

RANK: TT Professor


DEADLINE: 12/31 for MLA interviews, otherwise 1/10

East Tennessee State University - Applied linguistics, SLA, Peninsular literature

RANK: TT Professor



Franklin & Marshall - Spanish & Linguistics, open specialization, preference for Spanish in the US & History of Spanish

RANK: TT Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: October 15, 2013

Harvard University - Tenured or TT Prof. in Spanish or Latin American Lit., preferably with an emphasis on gender or LGBTQ studies

RANK: TT or Tenured


DEADLINE: Open Until Filled; "We will start reviewing applications on October 31st."

Hope College - "should be prepared to teach a seminar on Medieval and Golden Age literature"

RANK: TT Assistant/Associate Professor



Search on hold indefinitely due to administrative review as of 2/5/2014

Kansas State University - "emphasis on contemporary literature of Spain as well as translation, interpretation - interpreter certification desirable"

RANK: TT Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 11, 2013

Lehigh University - Contemporary Mexican literature and culture

RANK: TT Assistant Professor



Marquette University - Contemporar Spanish prose, 20th-21st centuries, secondary interest in contemporary Spanish theatre

RANK: TT Assistant Professor



Massachusetts Institute of Technology - contemporary Latin American Studies

RANK: TT Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: Oct 15 Michigan State University - 20th- and 21st-century Spanish Peninsular studies

RANK: TT Assistant Prof



Monmouth College - background in 20th- and/or 21st-century Peninsular literature and culture

RANK: TT Assistant Professor



Murray State University - 19th-21st-century Peninsular culture RANKTT Assistant Professor of Spanish


DEADLINE: November 15

Pitzer College - Spanish and Portuguese Language and Culture with a concentration in Latin American Studies

RANK: tenure-track Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: 10/25/2013

Reed College - Contemporary Latin American Literature (post-1980’s literature, film, and/or visual culture (with the exception of the Southern Cone) RANK: tenure-track Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 15

San Diego State University -  Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Cultures RANK: Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: December 2, 2013

San Diego State University - Spanish linguistics and/or Spanish Language Acquisition (SLA) RANK: Associate Professor


DEADLINE: December 2, 2013.

SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY -  Modern Latin American Literature and Culture, Department of World Languages and Literatures

RANK: Assistant Professor of Spanish (tenure track)


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

Sewanee: The University of the South - Peninsular 19th-21st Century and/or Transatlantic Studies (interest in Brazil is welcome, but not necessary) RANK: TT Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: December 1

Southern Connecticut State University - TESOL/Applied Linguistics RANK: TT Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: February 21

Spring Hill College - Generalist with experience teaching all levels of Spanish language, literature, and culture

RANK: TT Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 15

SUNY Buffalo

RANK: TT Assistant Professor

DEADLINE: November 15

SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology - Spanish position RANK: TT Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: Not listed

SUNY Geneseo  - 18th and/or 19th century Latin Americanist

RANK: Assistant Professor of Spanish (tenure track)


DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

SUNY Stony Brook - 19th-Century Peninsular Literary and Cultural Studies

RANK: TT Assistant Professor



Susquehanna University - Modern or Contemporary Studies of Spain RANK: TT Assistant Professor



Trinity College - Contemporary Latin Americanist (1) Contemporary Mexico, Central America and Border studies; 2) Caribbean and diaspora studies; or 3) the Southern Cone.)

RANK: TT Assistant Professor



University of Arizona - Border Studies and or Chicano Literary and Cultural Studies RANK: Assistant Professor (tenure-track)


DEADLINE: November 21

University of California, Riverside - XIX-XX or Colonial

RANK: Assistant Professor (tenure-track)



University of California, Santa Cruz - Spanish Applied Linguistics RANK: Assistant Professor (tenure-track)


DEADLINE: Review of applications will begin on October 21, 2013

University of Chicago - Medieval Spanish Literature

Rank: Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


DEADLINE: December 15, 2013

University of Georgia - Luso-Brazilian literature and culture Rank: Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


DEADLINE: November 4, 2013

University of Kansas - Latin American/Latina/o Studies Rank: Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track)


DEADLINE: November 1, 2013

University of Louisville - Caribbean Studies, Department of Classical and Modern Languages

Assistant Professor of Spanish (Tenure-Track)


DEADLINE: Applications received by November 15, 2013 will receive full consideration

University of Mary Washington - "Expertise in contemporary peninsular Spanish literature and culture preferred" RANK: TT Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 30, 2013

University of Oregon - VAP in Spanish (1 or 2)- "Modern Latin American and/ or Spanish Literature"

DEADLINE: June 26, 2014

University of Texas-Pan American-3 years Lecturer: Joint Position Spanish and Education RANK: Lecturer


DEADLINE: immediately

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee -  Assistant Professor of Modern Spanish Peninsular Literature RANK: TT Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: Applications received before January 1, 2014 will receive full consideration

Ursinus College - "multidisciplinary approaches to Hispanic cultural products along with education in Peninsular and Latin American language and literature"

RANK: TT Assistant Professor 


DEADLINE: "Review of applications will begin November 15th"

Wake Forest University - Contemporary Hispanic Cultural Studies: "Preference given to candidates who specialize in indigenous studies, interdisciplinary studies (music, art, film, media), and/or have considerable experience introducing digital research tools and methods into the classroom."

RANK: TT Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 1

Wellesley College - "specialist in Transatlantic Film and Media Studies with strong Spanish language teaching credentials"

RANK: TT Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 1, 2013 West Chester University - Spanish or Hispanic Studies

RANK: TT Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: November 15

Another position (with a very similar description, but different job number) due December 18


Western Connecticut State University - "excellence in teaching Spanish at all levels, knowledge of applied linguistics and second language acquisition."

RANK: TT Assistant Professor


DEADLINE: January 10, 5pm

Western Oregon University - "Main field of interest should be one of the following: Colonial Latin America, Mexico/Caribbean, or Chicano/US Latino

RANK: TT Assistant Professor of Spanish


DEADLINE: November 29

West Virginia University - Specialization in Spanish Linguistics

RANK: TT Assistant Professor of Spanish


DEADLINE: October 15/18

Any word on this position?

Youngstown State University - Specialization in Latin American Language, Literature and Culture

RANK: TT Assistant Professor of Spanish



THIS IS A NEW POST. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. (We would have posted this position sooner, but it took quite some time to get the final approval from the administration.)

Word on the Street[]

-Any word from Ohio U post-Skype interviews? (5/5) -- Nothing here.

- Any news on University of South Carolina?

Any news of VAP Reed?

-Any news on Fort Lewis College post campus visit (5/1)?

- Any news on University of Southern California? (lecturer position)

  • $¢ hasn't viewed my video yet. Whether that means they're not interested in me or they haven't started reviewing materials in earnest, I don't know.

- Any post-Skype interview news about the WMU Spanish linguistics position? It was posted really late in the game.

-Any word on University of Denver? Was an offer made/accepted?

Any news on Southern Utah U post Skype interview? Nothing yet (4/26)

Moved from campus interviews: Any news from James Madison University? Have campus interviews been scheduled? Thanks -Any word on Vassar VAP or James Madison? James Madison is holding campus interviews now for applied linguist position. Literature position filled. 

-Any word on West Valley-Mission Community College? Nothing here (4/23)

-Any news on Cuesta College?

-Any news on Estrella Mountain Community College?

-Any news on the search for a Lecturer of Spanish at the U of Washington-Seattle? 

-Any news on the tenure track position at Bellevue College?

-Middle Tennessee State University search cancelled

-Any news from University of Central Florida post-campus interviews?  Offer accepted (2nd hand, reliable)

-And what happened to the job at Arizona State University? They had two campus interviews. Any news after that?

-What ever happened to that UPenn job? A: Offer was made and accepted. See Offers section.

-Any word on the Scripps VAP? Last week they requested a sample syllabus for an upper level course. Haven't heard from them since (5/5)

  • Still nothing?

Any news on Youngstown after Campus visit? Nothing here (4/1) BUMP: new info below- Did anyone hear from Reed? R: Offer made and accepted, see above. What about the for the VAP at Reed? I'm assuming the offer was for the regular position, not the VAP. Has anybody had any interviews for the VAP? I inquired with Reed and they said the committee was doing the initial selection and that skype interviews with initial finalists would occur in the next two weeks (3/12). Received an email 3/7 stating that the committee was beginning to review dossiers for VAP asking if I was still interested in being considered for the position.  If i didn't receive this email, should I count myself out? (x2) A: I haven't the slightest. Any recent news? (3/28)

Any news on St. Mary's University in San Antonio I ask?

  • Request for campus visit sent out 3/6, visit to be in mid-April

Any news on Fort Lewis post Skype interviews?

Did anyone ever hear back from John Jay College? 3/27

  • No. Sorry. Their representatives have been irresponsive and quite unprofessional in my opinion. Those fortunate enough to have been awarded an interview in Chicago deserve atleast a frank response.
  • I agree. I see you have also contacted them. I did as well, toward the end of February (they told me decisions would be made end of January beginning of February) so I thought I had given them a sufficient amount of time before sending the inquiry. I never heard a word back. I was expecting at least a message along the lines of "we've already made our decisions" or "we still haven't decided" etc. but the silence has been surprising. It's a shame because I too made the trip to Chicago for the interview so a response to my inquiry would be nice. I wonder what the deal is. (3/31)
  • Sorry for beating a dead horse, but did anyone ever hear back from John Jay? I'm still baffled they never got in touch with those who interviewed at the MLA (at least to my knowledge). 5/31

Has anyone heard anything about position at University of New Mexico in cinema? Email from search chair 2/19 saying my materials had been received and review of applications would begin shortly. Other than that, nothing (3/27) Campus visits underway (second-hand, reliable, 3/28)

Any news from Vassar (3-year VAP)? Nothing here (3/24)

Any news from any of the Luso-Brazilian/Portuguese/Lusophone positions?

Any word on U of Arkansas-Little Rock? (3/19)

Does anyone have any post-campus visit news on the peninsular position at Cornell College in Iowa? I expected them to make a decision by now, but no information has come my way. Any rejections or offers? Thanks. R: I didn't have an MLA interview with them, but I just got a generic rejection email.

3/21 Any news from CSU Sacramento?

Any news on Murray SU? An offer has been made and accepted (second-hand, reliable)

BUMP: Any news on the University of Florida - Latin American Lit position? Offer made and accepted (second-hand, very reliable)

Any news on Colorado State (Translation and Interp.)? Rejection letters and emails were just sent.

Any news on Mankato?

Any news on UC Santa Cruz? R: Offer accepted (second hand, very reliable)

Any news from University of Missouri-St. Louis Assistant Teaching Professor?

  • R-- see above. 

Any news from UC Santa Barbara post campus visits?

Any news from Vassar (3-year VAP)?

Any news from James Madison University? 

Any news from University of Idaho? It´s been a while since the preliminary interviews.

BUMP: Does anyone have any news about the positions at Cornell College?

BUMP: NEW INFO BELOW Anyone heard anything recently from Denison post-MLA, indigenous studies or Latino studies? There aren't any dates on the following posting (2/18). Does anybody know how many positions Denison is hiring for this year? Just curious. I was thinking I had seen three posted in the MLA when the ads came out, but I only saved the one I applied for, and I can only find two posted on the Chronicle. Did anyone apply for a job at Denison besides the indigenous studies and language/pedagogy jobs? Thanks! Reply: There are three position on the MLA JIL. If you check "Show expired listings" when you search for Denison, it will show you all three. --> Okay, thanks! I had forgotten about that check box on the JIL --- I applied for Latino Studies, and aside from the MLA interview, I have heard nothing yet. --- Okay, thanks. I interviewed for the indigenous studies position and haven't heard anything yet either.

  • Re--Interviews have been scheduled for Indigenous studies (second hand). Clarification question: campus interviews? Answer: Yes.
  • I just heard from the committee after I inquired (gasp, I know, but I had another offer), and they informed me that they are canceling the indigenous studies search and postponing for 2 years.
  • Wow! Thanks for the info. Any indication as to why they're cancelling the search? - No, no indication. They said it was a strong pool of applicants, so I don't think it was that. If I had to guess I would say they got overwhelmed with trying to do 3 searches at once because they took a long time to invite people to campus for the Latino Studies position.
  • Aaaaand I just got an email from them saying I wasn't chosen for a campus interview after being told they were suspending the search. Things seem quite disorganized.

Any news on the Fresno State Mexicanist position post campus visit? (3/8) - Nothing so far.

Any news on an offer from Wake Forest? (3/7)

BUMP: Any news from U of Richmond (ling) post-campus visits? (3/1)  Offer accepted (second-hand reliable) If true, why not in "offers" section? I'm not so sure about this. 

Moved from recent activity: Any news about James Madison? I know someone was contacted by the search committee and will be interviewed soon.

Anyone heard any news from John Jay College? Can I assume campus visits have already been scheduled? (3/7)

  • No news here. I was told in Chicago that they would not know anything until the end of February. Maybe they are having a some kind of delay.
  • Thanks, I also interviewed with them in Chicago and they told me the same thing. I also sent an email to inquire about the status (over 2 weeks ago) and have yet to hear a reply. (3/7)

BUMP: Any news on Wisconsin-Eau Claire? (3/6)

Any news on the University of Florida - Latin American Lit position? (3/6)

Any news on the University of Maine? (3/6) A: Campus visits have been scheduled. 

Has anyone received an offer from Valparaiso University? (3/6)

Any news on Minnesota S U Mankato?

Just curious: Was anyone invited for campus visit @ College of Staten Island? Did anyone hear back after the skype interview? (3/6) Campus visits have taken place. (3/6)

Inquired with Kentucky State and their search is still ongoing--no one has been interviewed yet (3/5)

BUMP Any news on U of Northern Iowa (ling) after campus visits? (2/25) - I see an offer above. Do we know if this position was accepted? Could people include whether or not offers are accepted in the offers section? (3/5)

Moved: Any body knows anything about CSSacramento? nothing yet (3/6)

Any news on Reed College (VAP Spanish)? (3/14) - Nothing here. x3

Can anyone confirm that offers have been made for the Cornell College positions - Penin and LatAm (3/4)?

  • Same question: Have offers gone out for either of the two positions?

Any post-campus interview news from Pitzer? 

Any news on Linfield College?(3/3) R: Rejection received post campus visit. (second hand, reliable) 3/3 Does anybody know if an offer was accepted? (3/12)

Any news on the lecturer positions at Christopher Newport University?

Any news on Youngstown SU? Reply: I haven't heard anything (3/3) (x2) A: Campus visits have been scheduled (see section above)

Any news from U of Richmond (ling) post-campus visits? (3/1)

Any news from North Carolina-Wilmington post-MLA? Have the campus visits been scheduled? (2/28)

Any news from Duquesne post-campus visits?

Did anyone who did a Skype interview with Truman State get info from them as to their timeline for campus visits? I forgot to ask. R: My understanding was that they are doing Skype interviews this week, will narrow down the candidates next week, and then campus visits should start the 3rd week of March (the 2nd week of March is their Spring Break). Hope this helps, and good luck!

  • Any word on campus visits for Truman? The person responding above seemed to suggest that invitations for campus visits might go out at the end of last week. My impression was that they wouldn't be sent until after their Spring Break (this week), so I'm not particularly worried. Just curious if anyone knows their timeline more concretely (3/10).
  • I haven't heard anything from them yet. I was the OP who asked about the timeline. I was getting nervous when last week came and went with no word, but seems like everyone is in the same boat. Good luck to everyone!

any news on Binghamton U?

any news on Clemson U. (Afrohispanic lit position)? Have the campus visits been scheduled? (2/27)

  • Answer: Campus visits have taken place.

Any news on the U of Alabama at Birmingham after campus visits? (2/26 -- posted this already and it disappeared)

Any news from Pima Community College? A: Campus interviews have already been held. They may be making an offer this week (2/25). Nothing here (2/27).

Any news on Minnesota S U Mankato? Nothing here. (2/25)

BUMP (2/25): Any news from Franklin & Marshall - post campus visits?- I'm also curious about this because I revently saw a job posting for a Visiting Assistant Professor position that looks very similar to the Assistant Professor posting. Are they unrelated? Also curious about that here, I saw the same posting. A: Job offered [see Offers section]

Has anyone received an offer from Cornell College, the one in Iowa? I am curious about both the Peninsular and the Latin American positions. Thanks.

  • MOVED FROM OFFERS SECTION: Any offers from Cornell College in Iowa? Peninsular or Latin American? Many thanks. - Not yet (2/25). nothing here 2/25

Any news from Amherst TT? R1: I know that they have already done campus visits. I was not chosen but it sounded like they were looking from an associate or full professor. (2/25)

Any news from Earlham College after visits?

Any news from Florida State University (Spanish linguistics)? (2/24)

  • "This position is being re-advertised. Previous applicants need not reapply." (4/24). This is not my area, but wow.

ny news from Bradley post-campus (Spanish ling)? (2/24)

Any news from UNM (Coordinator position)? Any news from

Ursinus? R1: I had a campus visit with them a couple of weeks ago but have not heard anything since.  My understanding is that they were supposed to reach a decision last week so not sure what to think now. RtoR1: Ah, maybe the delay is paperwork related. Good luck!; R1(again): Perhaps, though I cannot help but think they have made an offer.  Did you have a campus visit? Good luck to you too.

Any news from Bucknell post-campus (Spanish ling)?

BUMP: Has anyone interviewed with or heard from Barry University? A: Not here. Emailed for an update yesterday, waiting for a reply. (2/14) Did they reply? Has anyone heard anything? (2/21)

Has anyone heard back from Florida Gulf Coast U? Have they scheduled campus interviews? (2/21). Answer: Nothing here (2/21).

  • I called and was told my name was not among the 146 total applicants. No email notification (2/23). Poor communication through FGCU.

BUMP: Has anyone heard back from Georgia Gwinnet? Last time someone posted a note was on 2/9. I tried calling them but the automatic message from HR states that they cannot give out any information regarding job applications over the phone. On my application page it states that all my materials have been received but no info as to whether they're still look at applications or not. Thanks!(2/21) A: Today I was asked for a phone interview (2/21) Follow up--Thanks and best of luck with the interview! (2/21) No problem and thank you! Q: Does anyone know if this position was tenure-track or just a contract. The post was a little confusing. (2/25) R: Georgia Gwinnett College does not have a tenure system.  They offer 3-5 year renewable contracts. Source:

BUMP BUMP BUMP: Any news from Cornell College in Iowa (Peninsular)? Have there been campus visits? How many? Or has an offer already gone out? Campus interviews for both positions ended yesterday and they said they would make an offer in the next few days. (2/21)

  • Thank you very much for sharing this information. Can I assume you know this because you were one of the finalists? If not, how reliable is the information? Yes, these were the direct words from the Dean during the visit.
  • Thank you and best of luck in your bid for the position. I have heard that their academic schedule can be a real challenge for students and professors alike.

Any news from University of Pittsburgh (lecturer and/or coordinator of the Spanish section)? Reply: Campus visits have taken place (I am a student there) (2/26) Has someone been chosen for the Lec/Coordinator position? Thanks.

Any word on U of Dayton (Ling) after phone interviews? 2/19

BUMP: Any news from UMN-Duluth? Nothing here 2/7. Nothing yet 2/7, Did they cancel the search? I cannot believe they have not showed up yet! 2/11.  At this point, I'm sure they've invited people to campus, I just keep hoping they haven't until someone posts it on here!  Any news? (2/18) A: Campus visits this week and last week (second-hand, reliable)

Any news from James Madison University? A: Interviews have been scheduled (second hand). 

Any news post-MLA from Augustana? nope (2/4) Still nothing from Augustana College? Campus visits were scheduled for the end of January and beginning of February. (2/15)

Has anyone heard from North Carolina- Wilmington post- MLA? (2/14) Any news on U of Arizona, assistant profesorship (non-tenure track)? Any news from Notre Dame of Maryland University? Re: I spoke with sister Lamy today and she confirmed that I didn't make the cut. I gathered that they're down to four people but it was unclear what that meant. (2/14)

  • Thanks for the update; I had been wondering as well. I wonder if they have contacted the four people about campus visits--does anyone know? (2/14)
  • A: I was asked by e-mail yesterday if I wanted to continue with process or if my situation had changed (2/15).
  • I was also notified (I inquired) that I had not made the next cut (which is the campus visit, I presume). (2/16)

Any news from U of Arkansas post-skype interviews? A: I got a request for student evaluations after the skype interview, but even that's already over 2 weeks ago! (2/14) x4 (2/14) --> seems like out of 4 of us, at least one of us would have heard something.... but I suppose we could all be left out of the campus visits. No news for anyone else still? A: Nothing new here. I inquired about the status of the search and was told that my application was still active (2/26) <-- hm, what does that mean? any insights? Did they say if they had invited people to campus? A: Nope, they didn't mention if campus interviews were scheduled although I was indirectly trying to get them to tell me just that (2/27)

Any news from Armstrong Atlantic SU post campus visits? (2/14)

Any news on Middlebury post campus visits? (2/14)

Have any of you heard of campus visits being cancelled/postponed due to weather conditions? Just wondering if this is delaying Search Committee's decisions. Answer: I was supposed to have one this past Wday but my flight got cancelled and I was able to reschedule for next week. (2/13) Thanks for the reply and good luck next week!

  • Two of mine were postponed and rescheduled. They were in different parts of the country. (2/19)

Any news on Louisville-post campus visits?? (2/13) Any news on CSU Long Beach post Skype interview? (2/11) A: Campus visits are underway.

Any news on UCRiverside post MLA? (2/11) Nope. (2/14)

Any news on Western Connecticut State University (ling)? A: Got a call 2/7 for a phone interview

Any news on the 3 Lecturer Positions at Christopher Newport University?

Has anyone heard anything re: the Lecturer position at Loyola U Chicago?

Any campus visit invitations from Spring Hill? Campus visits happening/have happened (second-hand).

Still nothing on U of Wisconsin-Eau Claire? No Interviews whatsoever since the deadline Oct 25th? Really? R: My understanding is that campus visits were scheduled months ago. (second hand, 2/9). Thanks for the info. I sent a email to the chair asking about the status of the search and never got a reply. (2/9)

Still nothing on Centre College post MLA? Re: Invited for campus visit in mid-January (2/9)

Anything on Georgia Gwinnett C? Nothing!! (2/9)

Anything on Florida State College at Jacksonville? Answer: I posted above that I got a request for a phone interview today (2/14)

Anything on Kentucky State University in Frankfort? Nothing.. (2/9)

Has anyone heard back from U of North Carolina at Pembroke?  Nothing here (2/9) Thanks!

I am curious is anyone has heard from Truman State University? I know they started their search a little later. A: I got an email on 2/3 saying they received my documents, but their deadline was just last week, so I wouldn't expect to hear from them about interviews for a week or two at the earliest. (2/9)

Has anyone heard anything from Florida Gulf Coast University? Anything at all? I emailed to ask for an update but did not get a response.

  • I haven't heard anything at all (2/9)
  • I had a phone interview with them in Dec.  They said they would schedule campus visits in mid-Feb.
  • No, but I think they meant they would start scheduling the visits in mid- February.

Has anyone received any news from Monmouth College since the MLA?

  • The three finalists have already been invited to campus. They should be sending out an offer this week. (2/9)
  • Would you kindly state how accurate you know this information to be? Is it reliable? Thanks so much.
  • I was one of the three finalists, and I was told when that two others would be coming. (2/10)

Oswego -  Has anyone been invited or written to ask about progress on the search? No, I just figured I didn't get the campus visit. (2/9).

  • I wish they would at least let us know. 

Is the Search at Valparaiso a fake one? Why are you asking? I'm just curious because I interviewed with them at the MLA, but I didn't hear anything back regarding a campus visit, so I assumed, from what it was written here, that they had already selected their finalists... (2/8) R: so if they didn't select you as a finalist it means that it was a fake one? c'mon....get a grip of yourself

  • Re: I am the person who wrote "Why are you asking? I'm just curious..." out of pure curiosity in response to the initial question of "Is the search a fake one? " and explained where this was coming from: I was interviewed by them and was curious to hear why someone would label any search, not just this particular one as "fake". To the person who wrote "so if they didn't...": I don't even know where that is coming from?!?! Sorry! 
  • As a complete outsider reading this, it seems that there might have been a miscommunication. In fact, I was reading it the same way the person who wrote "get a grip on yourself" did. As in, I understood that the original poster who wrote "Is this search a fake one?" was then asked "Why are you asking?" and then the same original poster later replied with "I'm just curious because I interviewed with them..." which did convey the message that someone is claiming a search was "fake" simply because they hadn't heard back about a campus visit. So, I think quite possibly that might be the misunderstanding. Now I am curious as to why the original poster believes the search might be "fake"!
  • There is an internal candidate at Valpo for sure.
  • It should be noted that internal candidates have an extremely difficult journey to a TT line. Just b/c someone got hired as contingent faculty does NOT mean they're a shoe-in for tenure track. In fact, the odds are heavily stacked against them. Sure they can get noticed in a stack of 4-10 applications for a temporary gig, but how do they stack up against 100 candidates, many under review at top-tier schools?
  • Hi there, I am the curious poster. Thank you for the responses. It seems that internal candidate or not, there are others factors at play with this any any other academic job...Good luck to everyone! 
  • They are still interviewing candidates on campus. (second hand)

Any word from SUNY New Paltz, post-campus visits? (2/7) None here. Nothing on this end either (2/10). Hopefully we will find out this week. Any news? (2/13) Has anyone had news? (2/21). No news yet? (2/24). 

Any news from Lyon College? It has been a month since the acknowledgement email. (2/6)

  • Not sure when their review started, but they were still taking apps at the end of Jan. My guess is it will still be a while before they get back to anyone.
  • Has anybody else applied to this school without receiving a confirmation email? (2/9) A: I applied pretty late but still got a confirmation. If I were you, I'd follow up to make sure they got all your materials.
  • Just got off the phone with them and they are in the process of scheduling interviews (2/14)

BUMP: Any word on U of Wisconsin, Eau Claire? (2/6) Nope, nothing. 2/6 (x2)

Wheaton cancelled the search. Did they email you?

  • I applied too to Wheaton. They never emailed an acknowledgement, nor did they notify me that their search is canceled. This si the first I am hearing. I did see on the MLA JIL that "the position has been filled," whatever that means.

Any word from Whitman College? (2/5) Not on my end. (2/5) They already invited 2 candidates (second hand). They have a one-year visiting for anyone interested! Check Higher Ed jobs (2/8)

Has anyone heard from U of Arkansas at Fayetteville after Skype interviews? (2/5) Nothing for me (2/6).

Any news post-MLA from Armstrong Atlantic SU? (2/5); not yet (2/5) Campus visits scheduled (second-hand, reliable) (2/7)

Any news post-MLA from Ohio Wesleyan (tenure-track peninsular position)? They gave a long timeline for their decision-making process but just wondering... (2/4) - Campus interviews going on right now (2/4)

Any news on University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Peninsular position? (2/4)

  • After the interview, they told me it could take up to 3 weeks to figure out campus visits. That was on 1/25, a little more than a week ago. I'm not expecting to hear anything until after Feb 15. (2/4)
  • Just got a rejection e-mail (post-skype interview) x3 (2/4)
  • (2/9) Hello. I had a Skype interview, did not receive a rejection, did not receive an invite either. So, I guess that makes two of us. My guess is that they want to hold "reserves" in case their first choices don't work out. Good luck to you!

BUMP: Any news from CUNY John Jay College post-MLA interviews? (2/3)

  • Has anyone heard anything? (2/10)

BUMP: Any word about campus visits for Hamilton College VAP? (2/3)

Any news on Dension (Latino Studies or Indigenous - Language had been scheduled according to here) post MLA? (2/3)

Has anyone heard from North Carolina-Wilmington post- MLA? (2/3)

  • Nothing yet (2/3), although they said at the MLA that campus visits would start in early Feb.  

Has anyone heard from Oklahoma State (ling) post-MLA? (2/3)

Has anyone heard from Michigan State for a campus visit? At least 1 candidate has. (Second-hand reliable)

Any news from Christopher Newport University? Campus visits for the 3 lecturers positions have already taken place (2/4).  Any news on timeline for decisions? They weren´t too specific since the dean and provost were the ones making the final decision. 

BUMP. Has anyone heard back from Cornell College for a campus visit? I saw an edit posted referring to a Latin American visit scheduled, but the edit's gone now. *This webpage was not uploading edits very well a couple of days ago. That post might have been lost during that time.

  • Ok, thanks.
  • Cornell College said that they'd let us know in two weeks where we stood. It's been two weeks as of today (1/25). Has anyone heard back? Was the above edit a mistake?
  • I also recall them saying two weeks from the date of the MLA interview. I haven't heard a peep since then. Has anyone else received any communication, whether invitation or outright rejection? (1/29)
  • Nope, I haven't heard anything (from the Peninsular side of things). (1/29) x2 on 2/01
  • Someone above posted that they have a campus visit scheduled for Latin Americanist position.
  • I'm curious is anyone has received any sort of rejection from Cornelll College, such as "thanks for interviewing, but we're not interested" - that sort of thing. If so, was it an email or phone call? I wonder if they have notified any of those who did not make their cut. -- I haven't heard anything (Peninsular)
  • Still nothing, and I'm peninsular, too. I'm speculating here, but from the webpage, it looks like there is already a lecturer there that could handle the peninsular side of things. Has anyone tried calling to ask what the hold-up is? (2/4)
  • I emailed but haven't heard back. (2/5). They told me in the interview that they had to go through the Dean and it takes times so maybe they are only doing one search at at time or have an inside candidate. I'm also Peninsular. 
  • Got an email from Assoc Dean saying finalists have been selected for the Peninsular position (2/5).
  • I got an email this afternoon as well. Did the email you received indicate an outright rejection, or did it hint that you were still being considered? Mine was unclear.
  • Stated I am stil considered for the position (x2)
  • It sounds like a number of people vying for the peninsular position at Cornell College received an email yesterday indicating that they were not included in the first round of campus invites, but that their candidacy is still active, etc. I am beginning to think that no one received a flat notice of rejection. It seems that the school does not want to issue any rejections until it know who will accept its pending offers.
  • It sounds like nobody actually got an invite for Peninsular. We all got the same email.
  • They might be inviting the Latin Americanist candidates first. But it doesn't make sense to me that they would not invite the Peninsularists simutaneously. Someone must have been invited for the Peninsular position.
  • I received an flat rejection post-MLA stating I am no longer under consideration for the Latin Americanist position, so they are definitely not keeping everyone on the waiting list. I would guess they have extended invites for the Peninsular position as well. If you didn't get an outright rejection, you are probably "back-ups" in case it doesn't work out with their first choices. 

Any news from Texas State San Marcos for the medieval Spanish position? Any word from Univ. of Mary Washington?

  • Campus visits have already started.

Still no news from Mary Washington and Centre? Nothing on Centre C. post- MLA here (They probably already picked the finalists for the campus visits, since it's already been a while, or not!) (x2--Interviewed at MLA and have heard nothing) (2/01)

Any post-MLA news from Oswego? no, but they said they'd have news late Jan at the earliest.(1/29)

Any post-MLA news from Pitzer? (1/29) Nope, nothing either way. (x 2)

Any news from South Carolina? no, thanks for asking, I've been wondering. (1/29)

Any news on California State, Long Beach post-MLA skype interview? (1/28) A: Nothing here yet; they indicated they would be meeting fairly quickly.

Any news on Gustavus Adolphus post-MLA interviews? (1/28) - Not yet, but they said the committee wouldn't meet until the end of this week because their classes start the second week of Feb.

  • Campus visit invitation by email 1/21

Any news post-submitting writing statement for Notre Dame of Maryland U? (1/28) -- *Nothing here (1/28)

  • Still no news? The original posting stated that candidates selected for campus visits would be notified mid-January. Perhaps they are just running a little behind? (1/30)
  • No news here. Has anyone heard anything? (2/3)
  • I still haven't heard anything either. (2/3)
  • Nothing here either (2/5)
  • Has anyone heard anything? (2/10)
  • Nothing so far (2/13)

Any news post-MLA from Bradley U (ling)? (1/28) -- Campus visits have been scheduled (1/28)

Any word on campus visits for Princeton post-MLA? Post-MLA from U of Richmond (ling)? Nothing here (1/28)

Fresno State? Anyone? (1/27)

Any post-MLA news on UC Riverside?

  • No news for me but  I'm assuming they've made campus invitations by now. (2/3) 
  • They told me we should hear either way, but so far I did not hear a word. 

Any post-MLA news on University of Kentucky, Lexington? (1/27) second-hand: I heard campus visits are arranged. 1/28 (I typed this yesterday, but perhaps the edit did not register/disappeared). Any news on Mary Washington?

  • None. (1/27)
  • I believe they were deciding last week... I wonder if they did.

Any news on Pima Community College? A: I just got an email from human resources saying that candidates who are to be interviewed will be notified some time between Feb 10-24.

Any news on the University of Maine? A: (1/27) Nothing here (x2)

Any news on the University of Evansville? Nothing here (2/5) Recieved email invitation for phone interview to be conducted on 2/8 (2/6)

Any news on North Carolina- Wilmington? (1/27) 

Any news on Fashion Institute of Technology, other than the Nov. 2013? (1/27) Not yet (1/27) Nothing here (1/27) (x2)--invited for campus visit on 12/19--set for 2/28. (1/27) Thanks. Anyone else? Did they have MLA/Skype/phone interviews prior to the campus visits?

Any news on U of Denver? (1/26) - I got a rejection e-mail on 1/24. Said they had narrowed down the candidates to a short list from whom they would then select the finalists. So if you didn't get that e-mail, I'd say you're still in the running. Good luck!  Campus visit scheduled (reliable second hand) 1/30.

Any news on Fresno State? (1/25)

Any news on the indigenous studies position at Denison? (1/25)

Any news on the lit position at the U of Florida? (1/25) Not here (1/27)

Any news post-MLA from UPenn (Lat. Am. position)? (1/25)

Reed gave a 10 day time frame at MLA, but still have not heard. Anyone heard from Reed post-MLA about campus interviews? At least one campus visit has been arranged (second-hand). Not me :( (1/27) I confirm, at least one campus visit was arranged (1/27)

Any news post-MLA from Augustana?

Still no news from CUNY Staten Island? Has the search been cancelled? (1/24)

  • I haven't heard anything and I am curious too (1/24)
  • They were hiring last year and didn't do skype/phone interviews til late Jan/early Feb. I know from a reliable source one of their faculty just got back in the country. You may hear soon..? (1/25)
  • Thanks!
  • Thank you! I've been wondering about this too!
  • Thanks! I haven't heard anything either (1/27)
  • Recieved an invitation for a Skype interview on 1/30 
  • Anyone heard from them post-skype interview? (2/19)

Has anyone heard anything from King's College in Wilkes Barre? 1/24 A: Nothing here.

Any word on Michigan State (post-MLA interviews)? (1/23)

  • The committee has its plan, but got hung up with HR and won't be able to schedule campus visits for another couple of weeks.
  • Thanks! When you say it has its "plan", do you mean they have already selected and contacted who they will invite for campus visits?
  • I will let the original poster answer this, but I think the previous post means that they have not yet contacted people, and they are awaiting approval from the dean or HR.
  • (Original poster) Right. They know who they want to invite, but cannot contact them until they get approval.
  • Thanks!

Just to bump this up: Has anyone heard anything at all from UW Eau Claire? still nothing (1/23)--Nope.(1/23) (x2) Still nothing (1/29)

Any news from CalState Fresno Mexicanist search? (1/23)--I got a very kind and personal pre-mla rejection email either late Dec or early Jan.

Any news about the literature position at Cal State Fullerton? It has been a while since they had their campus visits... Thanks!- And the linguistics position too please?

Just out of curiosity re: that Urbana offer listed above -- did they interview at MLA or skip straight to recruiting the top candidates since it was an open rank search?

  • I had a Skype interview with them, but I am not in a language department, so I'm not sure if they did MLA interviews for others. I was not one of the people called back for a campus visit, though. Does anyone else have more information? I heard they interviewed a bunch of candidates (junior and senior) via Skype.

Any news about CUNY John Jay? Has an offer been made?

  • I was told that the committee would not be meeting to discuss campus visits until classes resumed January 27th. (1/22)

Any word from U of Florida (ling) post-MLA or Skype? (1/22) A: Campus visits scheduled (see Campus section above)

Any news post-MLA from Texas State - San Marcos? (1/16); Still nothing from Texas State? Has anyone been invited or written to ask about progress on the search? (1/22)---email update, search still in progress, campus visits not set yet. (1/22).  Thanks for the intel.  Did you write to them to ask, or did they just contact you?  Thanks again.  (1/23).--No problem, they wrote me a very kind and professional, though vague, email yesterday. (1/23).

Any word yet on Western Oregen or CalState Fresno? (1/22) 

Any news post-MLA from Cal Poly Pomona? (1/21)

Any news on campus vists for Millsaps C? (1/21) Answer--Yes, campus visit scheduled for February (Jan 22)

Any news on campus vists for Purdue? (1/21)

  • I have heard from a reliable source that the campus visit will be scheduled to late February only. --> What does this mean? Have the campus visits already been scheduled for late Feb? As far as as know they won't schedule anything yet. 

Has anyone heard from or interviewed for Barry University? Nothing here (1/21) 3x Any news post-MLA from Mary Washington?

  • Not yet. They had told me we would find out this week or next.

Any news post-MLA from Swarthmore?  Yes, offered a campus visit roughly a week after MLA (for the visiting position)

Has anyone received a campus visit invitation from Lehigh U? Can you please confirm first hand? I am also interested to know about Lehigh. Still no first-hand confirmation from the candidate with a visit? (1/27) 

Any news post-MLA from Reed? Look above. They scheduled at least one campus visit (1/27)

Any news post-MLA from Boston College (ling)? Nothing here, but they said they would contact the finalists early this week. Can anyone confirm?

Marquette was conducting MLA interviews including on 1/11. Did they invite to campus during/after interview? --> "Campus Interview" section says Marquette made an invite on 1/11.

  • I was invited hours after the interview, the same afternoon I got an email about being a finalist.

Sewanee was conducting MLA interviews including on 1/11. Did they invite to campus during/after interview? See "Campus Interview" section. They made the invites a few days after the MLA interviews took place.

What's the deal with West Chester? Did they already fill all the positions? There was one final deadline dated December 18 Reply: I applied and haven't heard anything. Anyone else? (1/20) Same thing here. Applied but haven't heard from them yet (1/20) Above under "Offers" it appears that they made an offer and it was accepted. --> There were three positions at West Chester, I believe the info listed under "Offers" is not the same with the Dec. 18 deadline. (1/22)

Anything on East Central? Re: Had a phone interview in late November, they said they'd get back to the finalists approx. a week later. I haven't heard back, so I assume they had their campus visits and even made an offer. But if it doesn't appear here it doesn't necessarily mean so; not everyone knows/ updates this list. However, judging from the Wofford College case (read below) I would assume it's all settled by now. I would contact them, though...Good luck!!! This search is a matter of LUCK. No matter how brilliant you are, how fit for the position, and how collegial and friendly, if the search committee has a certain type in mind, subjective preferences, or needs to fulfill a certain employee quota (i.e. minority candidate) they'll go for it...I've witnessed such non-objective things at the MLA... --- Wow! This sounds crazy! Thanks for sharing, though... Re: A former colleague and good friend of mine just accepted this position. No, I don't believe he can make any claims to being a minority, although I'm sure he, like some of you, wishes he could. As for subjective preferences, that's a given. To my knowledge, no job search is conducted without subjective preferences. He like many of us are well-qualified for the position, but in a competitive job market, his application caught the eye of the search committee. (2-11)

Anything on Murray State University? Skype interview request by phone on 1/20--Emailed on 1/21 asking if I was sill interested and if I could do a Skype interview, nothing set up yet. (1/23)

Anything on Kentucky State University?

Anything on the "assistant profesorship" at U of Arizona? NOTHING 1/22.

Any word on University of Northern Iowa? nothing post-MLA (1/19)

  • Campus interview scheduled (1/22)

Any word on Centre College post mla interview?

Any word on Towson U post skype interview? --campus visit scheduled in early Jan for Feb 3. 

Any news on U of Richmond (ling)? (1/17) No. I was told that they would get back to us around the 22nd, and at latest, the 30th. 

Any word on UNC Wilmington post-MLA? (1/17)-- Still nothing? (1/22)

  • That is to say, that the interviewed at the MLA after all?
  • My understanding was that they wouldn't know/send invites until at least next week sometime.
  • Know/send invites for a campus visit?
  • Yes. I interviewed with them at MLA and that was the timeline given.

Any news from Whitman C.?

  • They had told me in my interview that we wouldn't hear until next week. (x3)
  • They already selected the finalists (1/20)
  • Can you please confirm first hand? Re: I was told to inquire if desired, so I did, and they told me I'm not among the finalists... but good luck! you never know. Good to know, thanks.

Any news post-MLA from Trinity? (1/16) No. Any news post-MLA from Armstrong Atlantic SU? (1/15) Nope.

The 4 finalists for the UT-Austin ling position have scheduled campus visits.

Any news from Hope College after the rejection e-mails went out on 12/4 & 12/6? Yes, inquired via email on 1/3 and was told that the search was postponed until late January. No MLA interviews. Thanks! No hope at Hope. Search is suspended for administrative review.

The 4 finalists for the U of MN-Twin Cities position (ling) have been scheduled for campus visits. 

Any news post-MLA from the University of Louisville (1/14)? None here (1/15). 

Any news post-MLA from Washington and Lee? (1/14)

Any news post-MLA from Duquesne?  (1/14)

Any word on Middlebury post-MLA? (1/12) (x2) -- I have heard that in the past they get back to candidates about campus visits rather quickly, so hopefully within the next few days!

  • Thanks, looking forward to an update soon then!
  • Anybody heard anything yet? (1/16) 
  • Campus visits scheduled for next week (1/16) Thanks!

Any word from SUNY-Binghamton post Skype interviews? (1/9)

Anything from UArkansas (1/6)?--their committee wont meet for another week at least, they will probably call at the end of january (1/7). Thanks for the info!

Any idea when Western Oregon was going get back to interviewees about campus visits?

Any news from Murray State (Latin American)? It has been quite a while...Nothing here (1/7) x2 

Any word from Linfield College post Skype interviews? (1/5) Reliable second-hand: campus invite sent earlier this week (1/9).

Any word from Augustana? They're supposedly interviewing at the MLA.  (1/6) I received an invitation to interview on December 23 ---> Is this for the literature or lingustic position? Re: Literature

Any word from U of Florida, Gainesville? For linguistics: UF is interviwing at the MLA this week. Anyone interviewing for the lit position? Yes. 

Any word from CUNY Staten Island?

  • NOTHING! x3 (1/17)
  • above (MLA interviews) it says they're doing interviews at the MLA (1/6)
  • There's nothing re: CUNY Staten Island under MLA Interviews - only re: CUNY John Jay, which is not the same. Is that what you were referring to? (1/6)

Any word from Michigan State?

  • NOTHING! (1/5)
  • second-hand info (reliable): MLA interviews are scheduled.

Any news from Western Connecticut State University? (ling) A: Deadline hasn't passed yet (not until 1/10). A: Just an email saying they received materials (1/9). Any news yet? (1/27)

Any word from Wofford College, post Skype interviews? (1/5) (Nothing 1/5 - wondering the same thing) (Campus Interviews were held in Nov. and an offer made in Dec.) Re: Thanks and congratulations!

Any news from UT Austin (Spanish Socio)? Nope (1/5)

News on Ferris State ( (1/5)? Nothing here (1/5), No (1/9)

News on West Virginia (Spanish Linguistics) (1/4)? Nothing since that search chair update. A: Campus visits scheduled for Jan-Feb

News on Westfield State University (Spanish Linguistics) (1/4)?

  • Is this a linguistics position? I was under the impression it was for a generalist. (Above just says Spanish.) (1/7)
  • Yeah, it's advertised as "Spanish". I interviewed for it and I'm in ling. They are a teaching-focused institution, so they may be open to both ling and lit for the position since it requires a good bit of basic language teaching.
  • OK. They emailed today with an invitation for an on campus interview. (1/9)

Any news on Earlham College? Not here (1/2 x2), No (1/9) 

  • I got an email from them on 01/07 saying that they were extending the deadline until January 10th and that they'd be in touch after that date. I think it was a mass email.
  • I interviewed at MLA, but I think they were asked to broaden their applicant pool before scheduling campus visits.
  • I was called a week or two ago and given a choice of two weekends for my campus visit, and they haven't mentioned (it feels rude to ask!) how many others are being invited to visit, if they're doing them in waves, etc etc.  Good luck to everyone!
  • I was also invited for a campus visit. They have been very professional in their interviewing and scheduling. (x2)

Minnesota State Mankato? (Nope.) x1 (1/9)

  • Letters of recomendation requested for Mankato (01/14)

anyone heard from U Minn Duluth?

  • received email on 12/24 that stated not interviewing at MLA but would schedule voluntary info sessions at MLA or send info packets to those not attending. Not sure if sent to all candidates or only some? Also stated that committee would meet week of 20/01 to choose candidates and schedule phone/skype type interviews.
  • I also received an email stating the same thing: no official interview at the MLA, but opportunities to learn more about the program at the MLA or through packets. The timeline mentioned above was also included in the email.

any news from Barry University?

Any news from U of Texas of the Permian Basin (besides the rejection notifications)? (12/27)

Any news from Colorado State (Mexicanist) post-phone interview?

  • Not yet. They told me it would be after the first of the year before they get back to anyone.

Any news on Western Oregon?  I couldn't tell if they're even interviewing at the MLA.

  • For me, still no rejection and no interview notification. (12/24) (x2)

Any news on Princeton?

  • The Lat Am Studies position? If so, I haven't heard anything yet. (12/24)

Has anyone heard from Purdue University? Nothing (12/9) Anything yet?

  • I'm a grad student here; I heard there were 80 applicants compared to 120 at Ball State. Your chances are certainly better so good luck to you and I hope they deliver a response soon. A friend of mine interviewed with Purdue yesterday. There were 12 people chosen for the first-round interviews.
  • Nothing. 12/24
  • Wow, 120 for Ball State? Was that the ling or lit position?
  • It was 120 for the Lit-Latin Americanist position, I believe. 
  • Well Ball State is a Latin American generalist while Purdue is a specialist position, so it makes sense that Ball State would get more for that reason. 
  • So at this point should we assume that Purdue is not interviewing at MLA and will be conducting phone interviews? Or are candidates going to get a last-minute email?
  • Online interview requested (via e-mail) 12/30.

Any news on Troy U? The deadline was ages ago so I find it strange nothing has been posted yet. (12/21) Nothing here.

Any word on Notre Dame CSLC director position?

Any word about campus visits for the Latin Americanist position at Ball State? I thought they said they would be contacting people by the end of the semester with invites. 

Any word from FSU (Span socio) post-Skype interview (12/21)? If not, did anyone contact to inquire about timeline? A: No word here, and I haven't contacted them about a timeline (I'd be interested to know if someone else has) - (12/21). Nothing here (12/26). Does anyone think the position will be canceled? A: In late November campus visits were scheduled for mid-January (12/29)

  • Wow, so long ago. Thanks for the info.

Any word from UIC (phonology) post-Skype interview (12/21)? A: campus visits scheduled for mid-January around Thanksgiving (12/29)

Anybody heard from the U of Oklahoma? Yes, see above (Skype interviews). Any news on the Columbia Luso-Brazilian Studies position? (Skype interviews scheduled by email for mid-January)

Any news on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Brazilian Studies position (post Skype interviews in mid-November)?

Any news from Barry University (Miami)? Nope.

Any word from Florida Gulf Coast University? I haven't heard anything (12/20)

  • nothing

Has anybody heard from Amherst College about the Lecturer position?

Any word on Brigham Young U? (12/18). Not me. (12/18)

  • Campus interviews took place in November. 

Any word on U Wisconsin - Eau Claire? (12/18) Nope (12/18) x5 Nope, still (1/5) x2 (1/9) still nothing (1/17)x2

Any word on Utah Valley U? (12/18) Not me. (12/18) Had a phone interview on 12/12. Any word on Clayton State U? (12/18) Not me. (12/18) Nothing (1/17)

Any word from Sewanee and DePauw? (12/18)? Yes, see "MLA Interview" section.

Any news on Clemson U? (12/17) Yes, see "MLA Interview" section.

Any word from U of Idaho? (12/17) Not me. (12/20) Nothing. (1/17)

Pitt's ad on the LinguistList originally left out "SLA" so they've extended the deadline until January. Would love to know as soon as anyone hears from them. (12/17) - Invitation for phone interview (second hand) (1/8)

Wondering if anyone has heard from Loyola University, Chicago? (12/17)  Nope.

Any news from Oklahoma State? (12/17) No. (3) Yes, see "MLA Interview" section.

Any news form Ohio State? (12/17) A: 3 candidates have been selected for campus visits Any word from FSU post-Skype interview (12/16)? Nope, still nothing (12/17). Thanks for sharing!

Any word on Cal Poly Pomona? No (12/16) Yes, see "MLA Interview" section.

For FSU on Interfolio says "closed." Anyone have that or know what "closed" means? i'm assuming that they are no longer accepting applications.. no word on campus visit yet.

  • I would like to know this as well. I applied for the Towson position and Interfolio says it's closed. I would like to think that that is not the same as being canceled. 
  • I think "closed" means that they are no longer accepting applications but I could be wrong.
  • Yeah, you are right. Interfolio people just told me so ;)

Any word on the Latino Studies position at Denison (12/15)? I see they have interviews for the other positions set up...  MLA interview scheduled 12/13

Any news from West Virginia (Hispanic linguistics) post-Skype interview (12/15)? Nope (12/16) (x2). Thanks for the info, looking for to seeing and/or sharing updates!

  • Just an email (12/20) saying that Dr. Tuninetti is no longer the contact person since he will be on sabbatical in the Spring. Anybody else heard anything? It looks like maybe they have invited people for campus visits for the phonology position (from the linguistics wiki), but how about for this position?  Nope, just that email about the search chair status.

Any news from UT-Austin? Nope (12/16) (x2) Nothing still, right? (12/26)

Any news from Bucknell? Nope (12/4) (x2) Nothing still, right? Seems like a long wait for the first round. Nothing here (12/14) Yes, see "MLA Interview" section.

Any news from UAB?

Any news from UNC Wilmington? No (12/16)

  • No, but it's curious that they're interviewing at the MLA but didn't even advertise on the MLA Job List.

Any updates from UNC Charlotte (ling)?

Has anyone heard from Arizona State (Linguistics)?  Thanks. Nope, haven't heard anything (12/13) Still nothing from ASU? (1/7) Still nothing (1/15) still nothing (1/24)

  • ASU linguistics had one interview/presentation by candidate on 1/21. The next candidate goes on 1/30. The first candidate will be pretty much impossible to beat for Heritage speaker specialty, famous in the field, solid professional history, highly published, and well-liked. The second candidate is respectable, and it's only right to give him a fair shake. 
  • I should add that the current Hispanic linguistics faculty at ASU is a good, thoughtful group. They were probably not responsible for sending out rejections. Hopefully you weren't left in a lurch not knowing candidates were already chosen. The practice of ignoring applicants after the application process needs to be exposed and extinguished.
  • Thanks for the update and I wholeheartedly agree about the need to keep candidates informed.

Any word from Cornell College? (12/11) Nothing here (12/11).  Still nothing and I'm dying to know (12/17). I hear you. It's a small school and they're doing two searches, I imagine that's why it's been a little while (plus they accepted apps until mid Nov). But yeah, I'm definitely anxious to find something out one way or another (12/18).

  • Invited for an MLA interview this morning (12/20)  Is this for the Peninsular or Latin American position? Thanks.
  • Peninsular pos'n for me. Looks like two others were invited for LA (see above under MLA interviews). Thanks and good luck!

Any word from Ursinus College? Does any one know if they have an inside candidate? (12/11). Nothing here (12/11) (x2); Interviews have been scheduled.

  • Are you asking because of the VAP who's been there since at least 1999 and matches up perfectly with all the job requirements?
  • ^^Perhaps the above comment was not meant to be funny, but it gave me a good chuckle.

Any news from Reed College? Nothing yet. (12/10) Email sent on Dec. 17 for an MLA interview. 

Any news from California State, Fullerton for Linguistics?  Nope (12/10) I didn't hear from them, but 2nd hand: my friend said he had a skype and an on campus interview scheduled with them.

  • They did telephone interviews a few weeks ago and are finishing campus visits this week (12/12)

Alguna noticia de Kansas? Pidieron materiales adicionales a algunos candidatos (writing samples, etc), así que estarán definiendo la lista de entrevistados.

Any news from Trinity? No. (12/19) (x5) Yes - see MLA section.

Augustana update: Literature position will be TT; Linguistics position will be 3-year VAP.

  • Can you say how you know?
  • I was contacted by Augustana with the update because I'm a linguistics applicant.

Any word on campus visit for FSU? Nothing (12/7) Did you get a timeline for their search? Still nothing... During Skype interview they said campus interviews in Jan. but did not say when they would decide who to invite. Ok, great thank you! We still have time then :) 

Any word from Colorado State U? Nothing (12/7); Received a request to provide self identification information to the Office of Equal Opportunity on 12/3 but I don't know if that means anything (12/7); skype interview request 12/1 (Translation)

Internal candidate at Michigan State U? One of the VAPs already specializes in 20/21 C peninsular...

Any news from Gustavus Adolphus? Looks like there were some rejections for the peninsular position (see Rejections section above)

  • Any news on interviews?

Any news from Hope? Not since sending them the additional materials requested (12/4). *Nothing (12/12) I think there is an internal candidate... (12/12) Still nothing (12/16) Nothing (12/20) Search postponed until late January. No MLA interviews. (1/3, inquired via email)

Any news from UCSB (Sociolinguistics)? Yes, email for Skype or LSA interview (12/11)

Any news from Middlebury? No (12/4) (x3). Yes, see MLA interviews above (12/11)

Any news from Franklin & Marshall, after the additional materials round (12/3)? Yes, see Skype interviews section above (12/4)

Internal candidate at Whitman College?

  • No, neither of the visiting professors are peninsularists. I'm not an internal candidate.
  • Ditto.
  • But if you take a look at the description and then compare it to the one of the VAP (when she taught in another place) you will see a strong, almost perfect coincidence...My 2 cents... BTW they called me, too.
  • Well, I guess we'll find out in the end if it was internal or not, right? Don't waste your energy thinking about this. Rather, focus on how to be present yourself best!

Anyone heard back from Amherst College? No (12/2) Anyone hear from Univ of Richmond? (Spanish Ling) No (12/2)

Has anyone heard back from Elon U? No (11/25

) Q. Are there multiple positions at Texas SU San Marcos? If so, any word on the Spanish Americanist position, not medieval...? I haven't heard anything either.

  • Yes, there are two positions.

Question on Wellesley College - Has anyone heard back yet? Anything? (11/20) No 11/20 (x4)

Question on Cornell U - Has anyone heard back yet? Not me. Anyone? (11/19) No. 11/21 They already finished the skype interviews and they said they will let the candidates know about campus visits within this week (11/21). Still nothing, right? (12/2). Nothing yet (8am, 12/3). I know for a fact that at least 2 persons have been invited for a campus interview and that some people who had been interviewed over skype got rejection letters via email last week. If you haven´t heard anything, my guess is that you are probably on an alternative list in case it does not work with the candidates who are visiting campus.

  • student here: offer was made to one of two finalists just before winter break. Was the offer accepted?

Question on Florida SU- Has anyone heard back yet? Nope. (11/19). Yes, see above for Skype. Has anyone heard yet about campus interview? 

Question on UC-Santa Cruz- Has anyone heard back yet?  No, and it's been an eternity (x2). Seriously. Yes, see Phone interview above 

Question on Lehman College - Has anyone heard back yet? Not me. Rejection email received 12/4,

Question on MIT (Latin American Studies)- Anyone hear back yet? Not me. (x4) (11/19) Still nothing, right? (12/1). Nothing (12/2). Same here, absolute silence, even though it had one of the earliest deadlines! Nothing at all (12/3).

Question on West Virginia University (Spanish linguistics) - Anyone hear back yet? NO (x6) See Skype interviews above (12/6).

  • WVU - haven't heard a thing.  Also applied for a position there last academic yr, never heard back then either. Do you think they only have inside candidates? 
  • I don't think it's an inside-candidate issue. They have two job searches going right now (the other is for a phonologist), so I imagine that is contributing to the delay.

That SUNY Geneseo position looks like an inside gig, given they've got a visiting latin americanist who has just defended, or is about to.  Any thoughts?

  • Response: Maybe, but probably not. And if it is, most departments have too many idiosyncracies and conflicts to guarantee that the job will go to the "insider." Though it's almost impossible not to speculate about such things, I urge you not to think about it too much.
  • Response 2: I agree with the original response above. You should just apply for the job. It's the only thing you can do. If there is an inside candidate, then you won't get it. But if there isn't, then you might get it. If you don't apply, you certainly won't get it. Plus, I have personally seen very credible inside candidates completely sabotage themselves, and I have seen committees completely ignore an inside candidate. My real concern with this job is that it seems to be a 5-5 job. Did your eyes just pop out? I didn't even know there was such a thing in higher ed, not even at the most teaching intensive institutions (community colleges). At any rate, I don't know if this is the case: I looked at the course schedule and noticed that some, but not all, professors were teaching 15 credits (each course was 3 credits). Just wanted to know if anyone could confirm/deny my guess.
  • Response to R2: It looks to me like some of the courses are split level (grad/undergrad), giving the appearance that some profs are teaching more courses than they really are. Does look like some do 4/4, but not all. Also, I second the comments above. It's entirely possible that there is an inside candidate, but by no means is that person guaranteed a job. If anything, I think that's an indication that it's worth applying even if you don't fit all of the specifications; if the job ad is somewhat tailored to what that person does and they don't pan out for whatever reason, then the search committee may consider a slightly different teaching/research profile than what they originally asked for. But that's just my (relatively inexperienced) take on the matter.

Questions / Inquiries / Discussion[]

1. What's up with "Transatlantic" studies? I've never seen so many positions asking for this. VERY little going on with Latin American studies. If there is, they're looking for Colonial or Mexican. The job market gods must be crazy!

  • Agreed! Do SCs even know what they really want? Their use of "transatlantic" strikes me as grasping at a buzzword to avoid saying outright, "please be able to teach everything." Ugh.
  • I don't know, given that the periphery always knows what's going on in the center (and rarely the other way around) I have no problem with transatlantic studies.  If you do Colonial through 20th century you should be transatlantic, right?  I don't care if it's Guaman Poma writing to Spain or Borges traveling in Paris, Latin American lit has a pretty transatlantic nature...
  • Your point is well-taken, but most of the ads seem to indicate that this is a desired specialization. I could easily teach a class with the sort of focus you indicate above, even within my area of expertise, but I'm a Latin Americanist by training, experience, and interest (with particular focus on a specific region and period). I liken it to ads requesting a "Colonial" emphasis. Am I familiar enough with the literature and art to teach an undergrad course? Certainly. Would I apply for a job that lists it as a specialization? No. I'm a 20-21c person. Perhaps this indicates short-sightedness on my part, and you definitely have me thinking about it now.....thanks, and suerte!
  • This whole thing about the "desired" specialties is a killer. I agree with the above poster that I could teach most staple courses with enough warning. I could seriously do you a Golden Age course, but I'm a Latin Americanist, so no way in hell would I apply to one of those jobs. But it does seems like more and more these ads are wish lists and/or expressions of not knowing what they want. I'm applying to a few jobs that aren't technically in my specialty, but I can reframe what I do to make it "fit." Of course, once they look at a reading sample, the jig is up. I have no idea, though, whether they would keep going or rule me out at that point. There are certainly examples, though, of committees hiring someone who did not fit the original search parameters. All we can do is try and see what happens.
  • --> Very often Search Committees know what they want, but they have to load their position requests and job ads with buzzwords in order to get the administrators to approve the requested position. In an age when admins are looking at budgets, assessment plans, and academic planning strategies in order to shape university policy, search committees have to play along, yet do what they can to make sure a truly academically appropriate hire is made. There are many reasons for the appearance of multiple "desired subfields" in ads. The presence of these may have helped get the position approved in the first place (admins don't always see the raw value of literature, so throwing in "transatlantic" and such helps to show that the dept is "engaged" and "interdisciplinary"). But also, many universities face strict (almost mechanical or formulaic) personnel/hiring procedures, so listing desired subfields is actually a way to filter out candidates (awarding more points for those with at least one subfield) if dozens apply (imagine trying to interview all of these people). Additionally, though SCs generally know what they want, sometimes they want to keep their options open and remain flexible with respect to specialty or subfield. The depts would ideally hire several new profs, but that rarely happens, so with only one line approved, the SCs want to weigh their options with a manageable variety of candidates. In many cases, though specialists are sought in a certain area, the reality is that the new hires will have to be able to teach a wide array of survey courses, freshman seminars, interdepartmental seminars, etc. It often comes down to the dept responding to admin demands to do more with less. 

2. Sometimes I'm a little confused with the term "generalist". Would search committees consider linguists under the "generalist" umbrella, or is this a strictly literature/culture term?

  • Re: Given what I know about most linguistics programs, my answer would be probably not. Romance linguistics maybe, but that's a big maybe. "Generalists" is usually implying wide-ranging knowledge in lit., cultural studies, AND language, but if the first two weren't of significant interest, they'd likely ask for an applied linguist, and tack on first-year coordinator or something of that nature. With that said, much depends on your own profile and the whims of the committee.

3. Does anyone know what the teaching load (3/3, 4/4, etc) at Cal State universities is?

  • Re: My understanding is that the teaching load is 4/4--or at least supposed to be. That seems to be the case at SF State, which is one of the "better" campuses (so better working conditions). But one never can tell. I know of one humanities department at a Cal State in which faculty have a 3/3 load and even 2/3 is not out of reach. But this can be fairly difficult to determine: often times, even if you can find the teaching load, it is listed by credit hours (12). You might think that if the Spanish courses bear 4 credit hours, that means 3/3, but I know of places where professors have had to argue for 4 credits per (language) course and still consent to a 4/4 load (so as not to upset the other faculty, who see it as an attempt to "work less"). Random aside: except for very good schools, language departments are under attack or more and more become language only depts (leaving lit, culture, theory behind). The schools might say they care about languages, but they don't unless there is a strong constituency advocating for it, a geographical reality, or very deep pockets that fund traditional humanities. What I mean to say is that 4/4 is the NORM not the exception, even in languages (which usually carry more contact hours than regular lecture courses).
  • Re: Thanks for the detailed response! That's very helpful.

4. The Murray St U job requires PhD completion by June 1 (and this doesn't look flexible). For some of us who will be finishing in June, that early date of completion immediately disqualifies us. Should we still apply? 

  • Re: Apply for the job. If you get it, you'll just have to push yourself to finish. Many people have had to do this in the past, and you will too if you get it. Just part of the deal. Don't forget that once you get a job your diss committee will go into finish mode themselves.
  • Thanks for the reply. I'm probably going to sit this one out, though. Finishing my diss. in June is already pushing it. Finishing it earlier? Impossible.

5. Something to consider for those of us in the job market: when you are selecting schools to apply/are applying, check whether foreign language is a university requirement or whether your department/your courses fulfill a priority mission of the college/general education requirements. I can't imagine a research university without a foreign language requirement, but apparently there are MANY SLAC's where there is NO language requirement. I'm sure that this is not an issue for many foreign language departments; they survive just fine without such a structural need. But there are places where it is hard to get kids to enroll in language courses, and people are scrambling to get bodies in their classes and/or trying to figure out what else they could teach in order to teach their semester load. If you're applying to places like this, be aware of it. Also, if interviewed, I would ask what enrollment levels and how they are kept healthy (though this would be more of a campus visit question). Or at least try to find out that information somehow. Getting a job is great, but if it gets phased out because the system is stacked against you, well..

6. Re: faith statements as part of an application

  • If one had looked at Hope's website before applying one would have realized that it's a Christian institution in the Reformed tradition and belongs to the CCCU. If one views being a person of faith as equivalent to being a member of a cult, then this position would not be a good fit.
  • Probably shouldn't apply for the Marquette job, either.  A: Marquette being a Catholic school, not sure if it would be an issue, since they are probably more laid-back. I WENT TO MARQUETTE AND MOST FACULTY ARE NOT CATHOLIC; VERY ACCEPTING COMMUNITY, FANTASTICALLY MOTIVATED STUDENT AND DOWNTOWN MILWAUKEE. Highly recommend!
  • I'm wondering if the person who wrote the all-caps comment is the same person who had the materials requested of them.
  • No, it wasn't the same person. 
  • With places like this, professors cannot do their job. I remember a former colleague in a religious institution who could only teach the prayers to the Virgin Mary from the Libro de buen amor. It is ridiculous. Those prayers are almost irrelevant in the text, but if they only want to learn what does not challenge their beliefs, you cannot do anything to fight ignorance.
  • As with any "class" of institution there is variation. It's a vast and inaccurate generalization (at least from the anecdotes colleagues and friends have shared) that working at a Christian institution means that you can only do X, or must leave out Y (see also note on Marquette above!). While some institutions may be more limited in their understanding of academic freedom, many are not.

7. I've noticed several jobs are asking for a writing sample. My best writing (to my chagrin) is in my dissertation. I am reluctant, however, to submit a 40+ pg chapter (who wants to read something that long?). I have some other articles I could submit, but their quality is regrettably much lower than one of my diss. chapters. If no instructions are given in the advertisment, how long should the writing sample be? Is there a maximum page count? A minimum? Does quantity matter more than quality? Or vice-versa? 

  • One position I applied for had a 25 page limit on writing samples, which seems pretty reasonable to me. Article-length.

8. Does anyone know something about the position at Harvard?  

  • It was Bradley Epps position. Word on the pipe line is that it is unlikely they'll hire a tenured faculty unless it is a peninsularist. 

9. This Mount St. Mary's gig is confounding. They never acknowledged receipt of my email materials, even after I inquired about them, and then now it seems like they're requesting extra materials of candidates after already having done a round of skype interviews?

  • Agreed. I'm wondering if the person they requested materials from was one of the people interviewed, like maybe they used the interview process to narrow down the candidates and are only requesting materials from their top choices, the people they wish to bring to campus. Anyone have any insight?
  • yes, I was interviewed and I was asked for more material and that's pretty much what they explained. They said that next step would be campus interviews in December.
  • Campus visits have been pushed back to January/beginning of the spring semester. Candidates should be notified by the end of November (correction from previous post) .
  • From email update 12/6: "The committee is currently in deliberations and we will be getting back to you as soon as possible." Campus visits were not mentioned, but that's the next step.

10. Question regarding University of South Carolina, Columbia (email on 11/17): Did they send you an email on Sunday? Is this possible? Is there any other interviewee who recieved an email on Sunday fron USC Columbia? Thank you for your response.

  • I'm also interested in this response. Thanks!
  • It is not only possible, it happens. You can even receive a call on Sunday.
  • In the old days, back when the MLA was held right after Christmas, people would sometimes get called as late as 12/24 for an interview basically three days later. Do not worry yourself silly about getting a phone call during the weekend or very late in the game. You can't control that. But it is def possible because search committees have to squeeze in this work when they can - and seeing a weekend date does not mean that the OP is making that up.

11. Out of curiosity, for those who have scheduled interviews thus far (Skype, phone, or MLA) what is your current status (i.e. are you an ABD, a Ph.D. in hand, a Visiting Assistant Professor, etc.)?

  • I am a VAP with PhD in hand. I have had one Skype interview and have 2 MLA interviews scheduled.
  • VAP with Ph.D. and several interviews so far.  I have heard from many people both "through the loop" and on search committees that ABDs and others without visiting experience do not stand a great chance in this market.  So if that is you, do not worry about not getting many interviews.  There will be visiting jobs posted later in the year that will permit you good experience.
  • ABD with a scheduled April defense, 2 MLA interviews so far. 
  • ABD- 3 interviews so far.
  • ABD with several Skype and Phone interviews so far. To respond to the comment on ABDs not standing a chance, I think it really depends on how an ABD applicant has built up their profile during grad school. Two or more publications, strong teaching evaluations, and demonstrated service to the department / profession can go a long way, even without the degree in hand. For others, the VAP position may be the time to start working on these kinds of things. I can agree, though, that this market is rough, and I wish the best of luck to everyone going through the process of applying and interviewing.
  • I sense this question is written out of anxiety, having possibly not heard back from places yet? First, don't worry, because it is still very early in the job search season. In the next few weeks, many more search committees will be calling about interviews. In response to the post above, I have had several colleagues and freinds who went on the market ABD and got great jobs as ABDs, so just because you are ABD doesn't mean you won't get interviews and job offers. Also, particularly if you are in literature, my sense is that we generally hear back later than many of the linguists, who seem (in my opinion) to do many more skype and phone interviews, and thus don't have to wait until January for MLA, where a lot of the lit interviews still take place. That is just my own sense of it, though.
  • Greetings, I am the original poster and I certainly agree that my post was written out of a bit of anxiety. I am an ABD in literature and, as one poster commented, I had also heard that ABDs did not stand much of a chance this year on the job market. I am happy to see that several ABDs have indeed received positive results (up until now, of course) which means search committees seem to be taking their time to find the best candidate, regardless of status. This is a very stressful time for all of us but I, and many others I can assume, appreciate the kind words shared in this anonymous environment. Such encouraging words by "strangers" reminds me why I work in the Humanities. Best of luck to everyone and thank you for the feedback from those who have posted and will continue to post on this question.
  • ABD in an interdisciplinary program at a state school: two skype interviews and one campus visit. I have no peer reviewed publications.
  • For what it's worth, I was ABD last year and now am a VAP with PhD in hand, and I have the same number of interviews this year as last year (five, including phone/Skype). Last year I had two campus visits and was candidate #2 at a very good school, though I didn't get an offer for a TT job. Maybe PhD in hand it will make a difference when it comes down to actually getting the offer (one can hope!), but at least in my case it hasn't made much difference in terms of interviews.

12.    I have applied to a couple of schools that others have stated they have received a rejection email from. I did not receive this rejection email but I see that someone posted they received an MLA Interview email from them which I did not receive. For anyone that may have insight on the matter, is it common to not receive a rejection email neither an interview notification from a school? Would it be considered unprofessional to send an inquiry on the matter/my status?

  • Last question first: Inquiring about a position after a requisite period of time has passed since the deadline (4-6 weeks) seems perfectly fine. As to the not receiving a rejection while others are being interviewed, this is not uncommon. In general, there is no universally adopted procedure for handling searches. Each college/university does its own thing; it may be even differ from department to department within the same school. Actually, I'm amazed that so many schools have sent rejection letters this early. I have received rejection letters in the summer for searches that successfully ended in February/March. And that was exceptional because of the lateness AND because I actually got a rejection. Lots of schools make a shortlist, interview, and schedule campus interviews without letting anyone know except for those being interviewed. So they NEVER sent rejection letters/emails. This is partly the reason why this wiki exists: the process is completely opaque. One reason you hear for not sending rejection letters is that they want to preserve the pool of applicants in case the short listed candidates don't work out, etc. But not notifying the entire applicant pool does not seem warranted. In the OP's case, I think s/he might be part of short listed candidates who didn't get interviews, but who might called if the ones they are interviewing don't seem promising. That said, this is not a reason to hope. I'm not trying to be discouraging. It's just that it's highly unlikely that there won't be a couple of people in their interview list who won't make it to the campus visit. And once you have campus visits, if the top candidate doesn't take the job or drops out, they'll usually just go to the next favorite candidate. What I mean is that the odds are not in favor of those who are being held in reserve. (If the search fail, that usually has to do with intra-departmental/college politics rather than having anything to do with the candidates; in these political situations they never go back to the shortlist because they're angry and tired.) The more pedestrian reason for not getting a rejection while others have is that one's file has slipped through the cracks and is in a clerical limbo. At underfunded public universities with one administrator for two or three units, this is more than possible. Not excusable perhaps, but understandable given the fact that one or two people may have to track hundreds of applications. Going back to my original response, if a clerical error is the reason for not getting a response, the best way to discover is by writing to follow up. Sorry for the extremely long response. Good luck on your search!
  • Thank you for your insight. I appreciate your thoughts and I will certainly follow up with them. Best of luck to you too.

13. This is my first time on the market, and I'm doing great: ABD with 4 interviews out of 14 apps. Is it normal to get hung up one just one rejection? Ohio Wesleyan seemed like such an amazing fit for me, I was convinced that if "stretch" positions were interviewing me at similar departments, OWU would certainly want to as well. I realize this is absurd and who knows why I was cut, but I'm asking those of you who have good approaches to rejection and strategies for dealing with it, or anybody who knows anything about what OWU was or wasn't looking for to give me your thoughts or tips. I just need to find a way to make sense of this and move on, returning my focus to the interviews I actually got. Thank you!

  • I think that it important to remember that no matter how qualified you are, you never know the dynamics of the search committee. They may of received an app from someone else who filled some gap in their dept, that they did not mention in the job posting. The may have an inside candidate or a colleague at another insitution that they want to hire. Maybe they had a more experienced candidate with your same area of specialty. There may be someone on the committee who feels threatened by your area of expertise. I think that so much of this proccess is a crap shoot. Lots of things are just simply out of your hands, regardless of your background. I know that it is frustrating when you start to imagine yourself at a particular place. Try to let it go and focus your attention on your other apps.
  • I agree with the above response. There are many, many factors that go into candidate selection that you cannot control and probably will never know about. Also, as the previous response also mentions, there might be other applicants with research profiles very similar to yours, with a few more (or many more) years of experience. In the end, they made a decision, and that's that. Congrats on your other intreviews - focus on those!
  • First off, congratulations on so many interview requests. I'm ABD as well, but have only received a rejection and watched as the schools that I applied to ask for interviews with our colleagues here (meaning my rejection is, in all likelihood, pending). There are still 5 or 6 schools that I'm holding out for, but the results so far have been very disheartening. While I'm thrilled for everyone receiving interviews (and offers--way to go SUNY Geneseo!), I'm in a similar funk as you were, sans interviews to buoy me up. As the previous commenter recommended, focus on your upcoming interviews, some of us (and I'd venture to guess many of us) were not so fortunate.

14. I am not going to MLA, but a few depts have contacted me about interviewing in Chicago. When I have said that I am not going, they have all accomodated me by setting up a Skype/phone interview. I'm wondering if this has been the case with other people. Quite frankly I don't want to spend my time/money at MLA, and would rather do interviews from the comfort of home and be able to prepare for each interview more carefully. Thoughts?

  • This is my second time dishing out $$$$$$$$ (out of my own pocket) to attend the MLA solely for interviews. Of course, it's more comfortable from home. However, I find that phone and skype are very limiting. No eye contact, no gestures.. Skype is almost as bad, as they can only see your face. I'm a very extroverted person, and I think my animation can be seen better in person as opposed to the e- interviews. It also helps you get to know the other side better too. You are interviewing them just as much they are interviewing you!
  • I am not going to MLA. I got one interview. They also accomodated me to Skype. For me it's a question of money and I agree in that I'll be more comfortable at home. MLA can create anxiety. I think it depends: my professors have told me that being interviewed through Skype is something becoming more normal. MLA is quite expensive.

15. A few people in Word on the Street have mentioned that they see status updates in their Interfolio accounts for various positions, e.g. that the committee is at a particular stage of review, or that the position is closed to submissions. In my case, I only see "submitted" or other words that indicate where *I* have finished various stages of the application. May I ask where you find these other status updates? Thanks!

  • I was wondering the same, so I logged into my Interfolio account to check. Not all of the positions put that status update (at least the ones I submitted to). However, the two that do have it in parentheses after the name of the university under "destination" in the deliveries tab (not under "status" where you see that it's been submitted). I hope that helps!
  • Ah, I see it now. Thanks for your help! 

16. I was wondering how many of you are working part-time with PhD in hand... I have been for 3 years and it seems to me an eternity (?)

  • I have PhD in hand. I'm working full-time, but it's a VAP position, only 1 year long, so I'm right back on the market.

17. If your MLA interview will be held in a hotel room, and not at one of the official conference hotels, is it necessary to register for the conference? Traveling to the conference is already a huge expense for me as a student, and I am not presenting anything and plan to only be in Chicago for one day.

  • I'm not sure about the technicalities, but I would bite the bullet and pay (it's $55 for students). I know it seems like you're just buying an expensive name tag, but committees probably see it more as paying for access to the MLA interviews. The last thing you want is for them to have a negative view of you for a trivial thing like that. Does your graduate school or department have any funds to offset your expenses? 
  • You can use my name tag. I doubt that they're going to have Fort Knox-level security there. ;)

18. This is my first year attending the MLA Convention (and solely for the purpose of having an interview). I was not told where exactly my interview would be held--are all job interviews held at the same location? If so, where would this be? Thanks for the help.

  • I'm not certain if there's a fixed place for ALL interviews, but mine is going to be held in the "Job Convention area at the Fairmont Hotel." Maybe yours is the same? I'm sure that the search committee would be happy to clarify if you asked them.

19. Do you know if they also do a campus visit (job talk/teaching) after passing the MLA interview for a VAP job like the one posted by Swarthmore? Thanks!

  • Hopefully a VAP on here will be able to chime in but from what I've heard, I do not think VAPs do a campus visit. I think it is fairly standard to have an interview and then, if luck has it your way, obtain a job offer. Again, I'm not certain, but this is what I've heard.
  • VAPs did campus visits at the institution where I got my degree (large state school). I remember going to their job talks.
  • At my campus, VAPs did not have a campus visit. I guess this might be different across institutions. At your interview, I think it'd be perfectly appropriate to ask the committee "what the next step is."
  • At my institution (large state school), we had campus interviews following initial Skype interviews for a 3-year VAP position.
  • I am currently a VAP at a SLAC, and they did invite me for a campus visit, though I didn't have to do a job talk. I sort-of got the sense that I might be the only person invited to campus and that the visit was largely a formality -- i.e. they had already decided on me but just wanted to make sure. But it was definitely nice to set my sights on the college and the area before committing myself one way or another. A friend of mine also had a couple of campus visits last year for VAP jobs. I even had a campus visit for an adjunct position, though it was basically just a teaching demo and ten-minute interview, and I only lived about half an hour away. So it does seem to vary from one institution to the next (and may depend on whether it's a one- or three-year position as well). This could just be a stab in the dark, but my guess would be that a place like Swarthmore would do campus visits.
  • I'm chiming in very late, but I my experience is that this is institution specific and probably search specific. I've had two VAP jobs at well regarded SLACs and neither had a campus visit. I know that Swarthmore and Colby (and I'm sure manty others) DO have campus visits for VAPs. 

20. I have a question for fellow ABDs whose dissertation is still in its early stages...I'm working on Ch. 1 and I'm not sure how much I can strech it when they ask me how far along I am during the interviews. Has anyone been confronted with a similar situation? I would really appreciate it if someone could share their experience--particularly, how much they embelished their situation when asked about the defense date. Thanks much!

  • Been there. Ssay that you are scheduled to finish by August. Once you say that, though, you need to do everything humanly possible to finish it by August if you want the job. If you aren't finished by August they might give you an extension, but it won't be a long one. You can do it. I cranked my dissertation out in about that much time. Plus your committee might be more willing to push you through it if they know there is a job on the line.
  • Thank you!

21. Does anyone know how the process of interviewing at the MLA for a job you didn't apply for works? I've read that the MLA "discourages" it as a practice but I'm curious how it would actually work ...

  • I've been to three MLAs and never heard of this happening. Maybe when times were better networking your way into an interview was less implausible? I imagine the MLA discourages it so canditates won't waste their money, get set up for dissapointment, or harass search committee members at the MLA!

22. I am hoping that there are some hiring institutions reading these posts as well. I think it is terrible that there is such a disregard and lack of respect not just for our talents but our time, and yes, our feelings, in this excruciating job search process. I had a first round interview for my dream job and was told that finalists would be notified by the beginning of February. I almost obsessively checked my phone, email and regular mail daily for news, and found out through a friend that 2 of the finalists had already visited campus. If you are on a search committee, get your support person to send those emails out, or better yet, do it yourself. Don't leave people hanging and holding out hope. It is bad enough to realize you didn't consider us worthy for your position but more of an insult that we are so low on your list that we don't merit the common courtesy of a notification.

  • Agreed. I'm especially angry at those who receive emails inquiring about the status of a search and never bother to even reply to the person to tell them the status. How hard is it to just send a quick email saying, "Campus visits in progress," "Search cancelled," etc.? 
  • Also agree. They could ask their secretaries to update the wiki or send an email BCCing atleast the people that had phone interviews who then could update the wiki.
  • Totalmente de acuerdo con ustedes; todo ocurre por la ley de la oferta y la demanda, somos demasiad@s aplicando por un solo puesto, de ahí que nos traten con tanta indiferencia. Es tristísimo pero... ánimo y suerte a tod@s.
  • I agree, it's excruciating. But another side of the story is that even if 3-4 finalists are invited to campus, they might still consider you as a possible campus visit. Committees often have a list of 10-15 candidates that they would like to invite to campus in case the top 3-4 don't work out. In other words, campus visits do not mean end of search.   
  • I understand that the rejection/notification process is not ideal, but I don't think this should come as a surprise to anyone on the market. We've all been warned that official rejections can take months to come (or never), for a variety of reasons. If anything, academic jobs are better than industry jobs in acknowledging and giving updates on applications. It's counterproductive to let emotions of anger or frustration take over - it won't help in your job search, and it comes across as bitter to your colleagues.
  • There are a number of factors that influence these kinds of behaviors (e.g., institutional HR policies), but don't feel as if you have to repress your frustrations like the previous poster suggests (which seems more insane than prudent to me). Get them out! But then you need to work to forget the nastiness that you may have experienced.

23.(moved from above) This is my first year on the market. Is it normal not to receive a rejection letter after a campus interview?

  • I don't think it's normal but they may take very long to do so. If you're wondering about your status after your campus visit, you should write to them. I did that(after a month of the date I was there) and got a reply that hinted that I was a backup candidate, which explains why I still haven't received their rejection letter.

24. Do VAP positions tend to offer moving expenses? And aside from annual salaries (which can be easily found online), how else do VAP pay packages differ from tenure-track positions?

  • I don't know how it is at other schools, but I have been really fortunate in my visiting position at a SLAC; I get basically all the same benefits as tenure-track faculty but with fewer obligations. They paid for all my moving expenses (forget how much, but I wasn't moving very far), and I have equal access to faculty development grants, etc. They even paid for me to attend the MLA, knowing I was interviewing for jobs elsewhere (I'm in a two-year visiting position), even though I wasn't presenting a paper there. I have a feeling this isn't the case everywhere, and I feel grateful to have had this kind of support at my school. The salary isn't the greatest, but there are plenty of other things that compensate, in my case.

25. RE:job offers, What are start-up funds/money? Is that research money or something else?

26. As part of my negotiations I am asking for a laptop and certain specific software that I need for my research. Do I get to keep the computer if I leave the job at a later point?

  • No, you usually do not get to keep anything the university (or any job) buys for you. When you leave, you should wipe all devices clean and then you will turn them in.

27. I was one of the two finalists for campus visits and I know from a reliable inside source that an offer was made and accepted (contract signed) by the other candidate a week ago. However, I was not sent any formal rejection letter or email. Is it normal for schools to simply not send a rejection email to their finalists? I was just wondering how things work. 

  • I don't know how all cases work, but I know that I had a similar situation and the letter came via snail mail so that was why it took awhile.
  • Thanks!
  • Unfortunately, some institutions treat job candidates well throughout the entirety of the process while others discard them as soon as they are no longer needed. Not only is it not particularly professional, of course, but it's fairly inhumane. That, however, is endemic to the search.
  • It could also be that they are waiting for the contract to be officially approved, signed, and processed by upper administration. Depending on the school, this can take a while. Also, a lot of things can happen even after a candidate has formally accepted, so they might just not want to reject you officially until they know 100% that the candidate is definitely going to be there in the fall. If they never send you a rejection, that seems pretty shitty. But sadly it wouldn't surprise me.  
  • This is happening to me too, so you're in company. Campus visits are such an expenditure of time and energy that it's the least they could do to keep us updated. But this market, as has been remarked above, is pretty inhumane for being run by a bunch of "humanists."

28. Anybody here has accepted a job offer somewhere after signing a paper at their current institution where they agree that they will stay for another year because of a current sabbatical? How hard is it to break such "promise"?

  • I would make 100% sure you have the other offer (official offer, official contract, etc) before resigning at your current institution. Then, since your contract with your current institution is "at-will" employment (I assume, since most employment in the US is at-will - meaning that they can fire you whenever and you can quit whenever), you shouldn't be worried about leaving in terms of breaking the contract. It's more a matter of explaining to them that you have gotten this other job opportunity that will help your career, so you don't burn bridges with people.

29. How hard is it to go from a R2 to a R1 after getting tenure & promotion from the R2?


Job search outcome survey:

ABD and...

Got a 1-year VAP/adjunct:
Got a 3-year VAP:
Got a TT position: 7; 1 (Got 2+ TT offers); 5 (Got 1 TT offer)
Got a post-doc:
No luck: 4

PhD in hand (but not TT) and...

Got a 1-year VAP/adjunct:
Got a 3-year VAP:
Got a TT position: 2; 2 (Got 2 TT offers); 2(Got 2 TT offers)
Got a post-doc:
No luck:

Already TT and...

Got a new TT position: 1 Receved an offer. Didn't take it. 
No luck:

Are you a (an)...?

ABD (will finish this academic year): 34
ABD and currently in a one-year, VAP, Completion Fellowship, visiting instructor, lecturer or adjunct position: 4
Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, post-doc, adjunct): 24
Ph.D. in hand (unable to find academic employment at the moment): 3
Ph.D. in hand (currently working outside of academia): 2
Assistant Professor: 15
Associate Professor: 1
Full Professor:

How many applications have you sent out this year?:

0: 2
1-10: 18
10-20: 12
21-30: 16
31-40: 7
41-50: 4
50+: 4

How many MLA interviews (or other prelim if they are leading to campus visits)?:

12+: 2
8+: 3
4+: 4
2+: 7
1+: 2
0 (with 15+ applications sent): I've had 0 interviews (with 5 applications sent); I had 0 MLA interviews (but got other kinds of interviews) and I sent out 40 applications!

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