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Salary and Offer Packages[]

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Q: What is SLAC and LAC? Small Liberal Arts College/Liberal Arts College. They should both mean the same thing (as far as I know). By definition of being a Liberal Arts College it is considered "small" in the grand scheme of academic institutions. Is there something I'm missing? Anybody else? I believe "Selective Liberal Arts College."

For example: SLAC, urban Southwest, starting Asst Prof. (ABD), 3/3 load, salary (negotiated from), benefits, etc.

SLAC, uban Northeast, VAP, 3/3 load, 69k, benefits, $ 5000 moving expenses. 

LAC, Midwest, starting Assistant Professor (ABD), 4/4, 47.5k salary, $ 1000 moving expense (I am close).

LAC, Midwest, starting Assistant Professor, 3/3 load, $57,000 salary, $2000 moving expenses, $1850 start-up funds, $1,200/year faculty development funds, new computer.

SLAC, northeast, starting Assistant Professor, 2/3 load, 1st year course release, 74k (from 72k), 4k moving allowance (from 2500), 2k yearly conference travel budget, computer, office.

State University, West Coast, starting Asst. Prof., 2/2 load with one course release first year, 70000$, 17000$ start-up package, 2000$/year for research upon application, 5000$ moving expenses, computer.

State University, West Coast, Asst Prof (ABD), 3/3 load with six course releases the first two years, $65,000; start-up package: $4,000; moving expenses: $8,000; computer and special software. 

State University, Northeast, Asst Prof. with one year credit towards tenure, 2/2 load with one course release first year, $72,000, $20,000 start up package, $1395 moving expenses, computer and printer (I should also note that this is an Ed school position).

SLAC, West Coast, Asst Prof (PhD), 2/3 load, 78,000, $4,000 moving expenses. 

SLAC, rural midwest, starting Asst. Prof. (ABD), 4/3 load, $49,000 (negotiated from $48), $3,000 moving expenses (negotiated from $2,000), $1,000/yr faculty development funds, computer

SLAC, Northeast, starting Asst. Prof. (ABD), $64000, $3000 moving expenses, computer 

SLAC, Midwest, starting Asst Prof. 4/3 load, salary 48,000, $1,000 moving and computer. 

SLAC, North Carolina, starting Asst Prof. (ABD), 3/3 load, salary 57,000.

SLAC, rural northeast, starting Asst Prof., 3/3 load, salary 50,000-55,000.

SLAC, urban West Coast, starting Asst. Prof. (ABD), 3/2 load, salary 74,000 and 2500 start up funds for the first year.

State university, West Coast, starting Asst Prof (PhD in hand), 24 credit hours per year (3/3 or 4/4, depending on course level) with a course release for the first 4 semesters, $2800/yr in start-up funds for each of the first 2 years, computer, salary $62,000 (negotiated from $60,000).

SLAC, suburban northeast, starting Asst Prof, 4/4 load, $53,000-56,000.


List NEW information at top:

  • Christopher Newport (accepted)
  • Pittsburg State University (both positions accepted)
  • Jamestown (accepted)
  • Grinnell College, VAP (accepted)
  • West Chester U (TT, accepted, reliable)
  • Colorado College (1 year VAP, second hand, reliable)
  • Monmouth U (TT, accepted, 4/10)
  • Miami University of Ohio (TT, SLA, accepted)
  • UMass Dartmouth (e-mail saying the position has been filled, 4/9)
  • ODU
  • Catholic University of America, VAP (accepted)
  • Cal Poly (Spanish Linguistics/SLA, offer made 3/20, accepted)
  • UMass, Amherst (accepted)
  • Williams College, VAP (accepted)
  • Hartwick College (e-mail saying position has been filled, 3/25)
  • Western Michigan University (Spanish Linguistics, accepted 3/19).
  • Grand Valley State University (Spanish SLA, accepted 3/19)
  • New Mexico State University (Offer made 2/23, accepted)
  • Salve Regina University, Accepted (second hand, reliable, 3/16)
  • Whitworth University, Accepted
  • Brown University. Accepted.
  • University at Albany, SUNY (Spanish Ling, accepted)
  • Binghamton University (Comp Lit/Spanish) accepted 3/13)
  • U of New Hampshire (second hand, reliable)
  • Whitman College (Rejection Email saying position was filled) 
  • Elon U (accepted)
  • U of Nevada, Reno (accepted)
  • Providence College (accepted, second hand, reliable)
  • UC Davis (accepted, second hand, reliable, 3/10)
  • University of Connecticut (Neag School of Education) (accepted, 3/5)
  • Oberlin (accepted, second-hand, reliable 3/6)
  • UCLA (Lit.) (offer accepted, 3/1)
  • Emporia (offer made and accepted) 3/6
  • UMBC (20th/21st cent. lit; e-mail from search chair saying offer went to another candidate, 3/3)
  • Roger Williams University (accepted) 3/2
  • Wesleyan (accepted)
  • Penn State-Berks (accepted, second-hand)
  • UST (Ling) (3/4) (email saying position has been filled)
  • Cal State Chico (accepted 3/4)
  • McGill University (accepted, second hand, reliable) 2/27
  • Rockford University (second hand, reliable) 3/3
  • Miami University of Ohio (TT, SLA, e-mail saying they extended an offer to another candidate, 3/1)
  • SUNY Buffalo (accepted) (3/3)
  • U Miami (3/3) Q: TT or VAP? A: TT
  • Mt. Mary (offer made, second hand reliable 3/02)
  • U Minnesota-Morris (accepted 3/2)
  • Colby (TT, Latino/a Lit, accepted 3/2)
  • Skidmore (accepted, second hand, reliable) (3/2)
  • Caldwell University (accepted, 2/27)
  • Grinnell (TT, peninsular) - e-mail saying position has been filled
  • Wake Forest University (second hand)
  • Centre College (U.S. Latino Lit, accepted) (2/18)
  • Hope College (accepted, second hand, reliable) (2/27) Q: Ling or Lit? Lit
  • Saint Louis University (accepted)
  • Mercer (accepted, second hand, 2/25)
  • K-State (accepted, second hand, 2/25). Is this for the Visitng Assistant Professor of Spanish position? A: no, this is the TT SLA/Ling position
  • Bucknell U-Golden Age (accepted, second hand, reliable) (2/25) Were there interviews fo this position? Was a inside candidate hired? Yes, there were interviews. Honestly, I don't think they had an inside candidate.
  • UNC-Chapel Hill (accepted, second hand)
  • Furman (accepted) (2/23)
  • Pepperdine University (offer made, accepted) (2/23)
  • University of Portland (offer made, second hand)
  • Earlham College (search concluded, 2/22)
  • U of Dallas e-mail saying position filled 2/21
  • Swarthmore College (offer made, accepted/2nd hand reliable 2/20: received email from the college stating that: "the tenure-track position at the level of Assistant Professor of Spanish at Swarthmore College has now been filled.")
  • Blackburn College (offer made, accepted) (2/20)
  • University of Pittsburgh (offer made, rejected)
  • U of West Georgia (Offer made, rejected (2/16)
  • Sewanee (offer made, rejected 2/16)
  • UNC-Wilmington (offer made, accepted 2/16)
  • C of Charleston (offer extended for Peninsularist position, email 2/16)
  • Iowa State U (offer made, accepted 2/20)
  • Utah State University (accepted)
    • ¡Felicidades!
  • UCSB (offer made, second hand)
  • Marquette University (accepted, second hand, reliable), 2/10
  • Middlebury College (accepted)
  • Buena Vista University (accepted, 12/2)
  • Cal State Fullerton (accepted, not sure when. posting 1/29, first hand)

Campus Interviews[]

List NEW information at top [*Note: please post reliable second-hand information as well; and keep questions such as "Any word on ______?" to the Word on the Street section below so as to not unnecessarily clutter this section]

  • Christopher Newport (5/4, email) X 2 Did you hear from them after the interview?
  • Polk State College (4/23, phone) Note: campus interview= first interview.
  • Jamestown, next week (first-hand)
  • Dixie State, 1 week ago (first-hand)
  • Worcester State University (April)
  • Lycoming College -- campus visits taking place this week and next (4/9)
  • Raritan Valley Community College (4/2, phone)
  • Pasadena City College (4/2, email). Note: campus interview = first interview, lol.
  • Pittsburg State University (4/1, phone)
  • Georgia Southern University (3/23, email)
  • Clark Atlanta University (03/24)
  • Youngstown State University (03/21)
  • The University of Puget Sound (03/20, email)
  • Albion College (March 2015, email)
  • University of Missouri-St. Louis (3/11, email)
  • Catholic University has turned their position from tenure track to VAP and is now reconnecting with candidates for campus visits (03/04/2015)
  • University of West Georgia (February 27th 2015) They called additional candidates for campus visits after a rejected offer (reliable, second-hand) 
  • Boston University (February 2015, email). Q: Is this for the lecturer position? A: Yes.
  • Soka University, (February 2015)
  • Western Michigan University, Sp Ling (call, 02/24) x2
  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Ling (phone call, around 02/10) 
  • University of Georgia, Lecturer position (February 2015)
  • Drew University (February, 2015)
  • University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point (2-19) email or call? A: e-mail
  • St. Xavier U - I called to ask for an update and they said they are bringing two candidates to campus (2/19)
  • UVa has selected candidates for campus visits (February 2015, reliable)
  • Queens College CUNY (2/11, second hand reliable) 
  • Furman (second hand from Word on the Street)
  • Pittsburg State (KS) (second hand, interviews have taken place)
  • Worcester State (second hand, reliable)
  • Eureka College. Candidates have been invited to campus. (2/9)
  • University of Central Florida. Candidadets have been invited to campus. 
  • Oklahoma University (Norman Campus). Candidates have been invited to campus. (2/7)
  • Salve Regina (2/6) x3
  • UMD hired someone for the lecturer position (December 2014, reliable)
  • Providence College (January, second hand from Word on the Street) (January, it's my friend who has the campus visit)
  • University of Connecticut NEAG World Languages/SLA (2/4, email, sorry for the delay in posting)
  • University of Iowa (2/2: finalists on campus 1/22-2/6)
  • Mercer University (2/2, phone)
  • Whitworth University (1/30, second hand, reliable)
  • Shenandoah University (second hand, from Word on the Street, date not specified)
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst (second hand, reliable. Around 1/31 or 2/1) When exactly?
  • Clemson University (Ling., 1/30, email)
  • Bucknell U--Golden Age E-mail (1/30) reads "The Search Committee is in the process of inviting candidates for on-campus interviews." No further details. Q: Did you interview with them? A: No. Q: Did you send and email to them asking about the on-campus interviews or did they just write to you the aforementioned sentence? A: I asked. Q: Did anyone get a campus interview? Q: Did anyone get a first-round interview?
  • University of Miami (second hand, reliable). Q: When did you hear from them? thanks. A: 1/30
  • Northwest Missouri State (second hand, reliable)
  • Mt. Mary University (1/29, phone)
  • Rockford University (1/29) (based on Skype/phone interviews)
  • UMass Dartmouth (1/29)--Q: What field are you in? The posting was for Lat. Am. or Peninsular, so it would be interesting to see which field the Dept. actually prefers. Thanks. A: Lat. Am., but who knows... Judging by the dates offered, there seem to be several candidates invited and they could just as well be Peninsularists.  
  • Emporia State University (1/29)
  • Metro Sate University of Denver (second hand, reliable).
  • Earlham College (second hand, reliable)
  • U of St. Thomas (Peninsular Literature) (1/26, email) x2
  • Middlebury College (second hand, reliable, 1/25) (based on Word on the Street) (Two candidates were invited for campus interviews; at least one already made the visit. Second hand, reliable 1/28).
  • Reed (1/23)
  • Georgia Southern (1/23)
  • Old Dominion (lecturer position) (01/23)
  • Duke (second hand, reliable)
  • University at Albany (01/14)
  • Dartmouth College (01/22)  Q: Was this the Hemispheric Studies position? A: Language program director
  • UC Davis (01/22)
  • UC Riverside (x3) 
  • San Diego State (1/21)
  • Columbia University (01/21) Q: Is this for the Lecturer position? A: No, TT.
  • U of St. Thomas: Linguistics (01/20)
  • Grand Valley State (1/19)
  • Roger Williams University (01/19)
  • Armstrong Atlantic State University (1/16)
  • San Franciso SU (1/16)
  • Binghamton University (1/19 x2)- Q: Which position? A: Early Modern
  • Kansas State (invitations sent before MLA. Second hand, reliable)
  • Cal State San Marcos (1/17) Q: Straight up campus visit, or skype interview?
  • North Central College (1/17 x2): Q: Anybody else? email or call? Q2: You were invited to a campus interview? A: They called and then sent a follow up email offering dates. A2: Already? They told me it was gonna to be 3 weeks to make a decision. Q3: Do you need sponsorship?
  • Northern Illinois (1/16)
  • Millikin University (1/16) x2
  • Brown University (1/16)
  • Blackburn College (1/16)
  • Centre College  Q: Which position? Thanks! Q2: When and how were you contacted? A: the poetry, film or indigenous studies position. (1/16 by email)
  • Colby (1/16) 1yr language
  • Colby (1/16) Latino/a Studies
  • Colby (1/15) Colonial, visiting
  • Dickinson College (1/15)
  • Skidmore College (1/15)
  • Whitman College (1/15) Q: Were you notified by phone or email? (or some other way?)
  • Oberlin College (1/15) Q: Early modern position? A: Yes.
  • Wake Forest U. (1/15) Q: I'm assuming this is the Mexicanist position?
  • UMBC (1/14)
  • Cal State, Chico (1/14)
  • Scripps College (1/13)
  • UCLA (1/13), congrats! was this for literature or linguistics? A: Thanks :) It is for Lit. Q: Did you interview at the MLA? before? after? thanks! A: At the MLA.
  • Cabrini College (1/12)
  • UNC-Wilmington (1/12)
  • Hartwick College (1/10) Did anyone get a rejection letter from Hartwick? (I didn't) 
  • University of Portland (1/10)
  • Alabama - Q: Is this the Hispanic Film position? Have they invited candidates to campus?
  • Salisbury U (1/9)
  • Pepperdine University (1/8)
  • Saint Louis University (1/5) Anyone else heard anything?
  • Eastern Connecticut State University (1/5) Did you have a skype/phone interview before? Second-hand, reliable, but candidate did have previous interview.
  • Marquette U - 4 candidates were invited (second hand-reliable)
  • Christopher Newport University
  • Elon (notified 1/4) (x2). 
  • SUNY-Buffalo (from SKYPE / PHONE Interviews section below [posted 1/2/15]): "An initial round of on-campus interviewees has been notified. However, one is still in the running until an offer has been extended and accepted."
  • Wesleyan U (12/22)
  • Hope College (12/22)
  • East Carolina (Spanish Applied Linguistics sent circa 12/22)
  • Iowa State (Spanish, Applied Linguistics sent circa 12/20) Anyone else heard besides 1st person to post? A1: Not me. They did not send rejections either. 
  • Carnegie Mellon (Applied Linguistics sent circa 12/20)
  • VMI (from WORD ON THE STREET: "They picked their short list candidates for campus visits")
  • Ohio U (12/19) x3
  • New Mexico State U (12/19)
  • Rice U (12/18) Q: Which position, lecturer or Golden Age? Golden Age 
  • Sewanee (12/18)
  • College of Idaho (12/17)
  • University of Pittsburgh. Lecturer/Language Coordinator (12/12)
  • West Georgia (request sent circa 12/10)
  • Cal State Fullerton 12/8, 12/10; Q:Any news?
  • University of Chicago [from WORD ON THE STREET: "They picked their short list for campus visits (I got a rejection via email saying this - 12/8)."] x2
  • University of Nevada, Reno (11/25)
  • Carroll Community College (request sent, 11/25)
  • Villanova University (11/19) When was (is?) the interview? (I was wondering the same thing)
  • Buena Vista University (11/17)

Skype/Phone Interviews[]

List NEW information at top

REMINDER: When you're listing dates in this category, please list the date that you were contacted not the date of the interview itself.

  • Southwest Minnesota State University (5/12), Request for phone interview.
  • Christopher Newport, e-mail to request phone interview (4/24) (x2) do you know when they are going to contact us for campus visits? A: They said that campus visits will be in the week of 11th, so i guess this week they will let us know?
  • Bowdoin, Mellon Postdoc (mid-April), email to request Skype interview
  • University of Evansville (4/1). Email to request Skype Interview.
  • University of Maryland Eastern Shore (4/1) Email to request Skype interview. 
  • Morehead State University (4/3). Email to request phone interview
  • Truman State University. Anybody else heard from them?
  • Worcester State University (4/1) Email to request phone interview.
  • University of Minnesota, Duluth, 1-yr VAP (3/30) Email to request phone interview.
  • Swarthmore, 2-yr VAP. Email to request Sykpe interview (3/30). x2
  • Lycoming College, 3-yr VAP. (3/30) Email to request phone interview.
  • University of Pikeville (3/27). Request for phone interview
  • Nothern Arizona University (3/25). Request for phone interview 
  • Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY, TT (3/26) Email to request prelim interview in person (or Skype for out-of-staters).
  • Youngstown State University (3/11) Email to request Skype Interview.
  • The College at Brockport (SUNY) (3/10) Call to request Skype interview. (x2) 
  • Dixie State University, Email request for Skype interview (3/12) x2
  • Franklin & Marshall College. Email request for Skype interview (3/9) (x2)
  • University of Albany (Spanish American TT), email request for Skype interview (3/7)
  • Grinnell C, 1-yr VAP (3/5). Call to request Skype interview. (x2)
  • Augsburg College (Early February). Second-hand, reliable.
  • Williams College, 1-yr VAP (February). Email to request Skype interview. x2
  • University of Wisconsin, River Falls (3/3). Email to request Skype interview. x2. Email saying that the search has been canceled due to budget cuts (3/10).  I had an interview on Monday, and I haven't received this email. Do you have more information? Thanks (3/11)
  • Univervsity of Missouri-St. Louis (3/2). Email to request Skype interview.
  • Albion College (2/24).Email to request phone interview. 
  • Saint Norbert College (2/24). Visiting Instructor position-Phone call to request a Skype Interview. x2
  • Benedictine College (2/22). Email to request a Skype Interview.
  • Farmingdale College (2/22). Email to request Skype interview.
  • Monmouth University (2/18). Email to request phone interview. x2
  • Western Michigan University (2/16). Email to request a preliminary screening conversation.
  • West Chester University (2/13). Call to request Skype interview. 
  • University of Albany (2/11). Email to request Skype inteview. Which position? A: Lecturer
  • William Jewell College, (2/10). Email to request Skype interview.
  • Notre Dame of Maryland University, (2/9) Email to request phone interview Q: Did they ask you for your letter of rec on the 9th as well? A: They emailed requesting my letters on Feb 2.
  • Queens College CUNY (2/9). Call to request Skype interview.
  • Queensborough CC, (2/7). E-mail to request Skype interview.
  • Drew University, (2/7). Email to request a Skype Interview.
  • University of Georgia, (2/7) Instructor position- email to request a Skype interview x2. Q: have you had the skype interview? Italian candidates had skype interviews on March 2 and March 3.
  • Antioch College, (2/4). Call to request telephone interview.
  • The College of Wooster, 1 year visiting position. (1/29) email to request a Skype Interview.
  • Wayne S C (for 1/30) contacted via phone
  • Regis University (Skype para el 1/31), contacted via e-mail.
  • Mercer University (Skype, 1/27) x3, contacted via phone
  • University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, request for a phone interview, by email. (1/27) x2
  • Clark Atlanta (1/25) Q: email or call? A: Email
  • Oakland University (1/23), phone request for Skype interview
  • Cal Poly State University (1/23) x2, call
  • Boston University (Spanish Lecturer, 1/22, Skype interview, by email)x2
  • Blue Mountain College (1/20, email request)
  • Clemson University (Spanish Ling., request for Skype interview, by email, 1/19) x 2
  • University of Oklahoma, Norman campus (SLA/Applied Linguistics position; 1/16, by email).
  • University of Connecticut (Second Language Acquisition; request for Skype interview, 1/13, by email) Q: Is this for Southern Connecticut college or a different one? A: A different one, this one is for UConn main campus (Storrs). A: Thanks!
  • University of Georgia, Lecturer Position Q: When and how did they contact you? A: interfolio - 1/12. Q: How far in advance of the deadline did you submit?  A: Far.
  • University of New Hampshire (1/10)
  • Cal State San Marcos (1/7)
  • University of Dayton (01/04, email), Lecturer position
  • Hartwick College (12/28, email)
  • Old Dominion University (12/23, email): Lecturer position. Did anyone get a rejection letter from them? (I didn't)
  • University of Delaware (Golden Age) (12/23, email)
  • Wright State University (12/22, phone call). Any news after the Skype interviews they conducted? 
  • University of Dayton (linguistics) (12/22, email) (x2)
  • Mt. Mary (12/22, phone request for phone interview) (x3) --> Discussion of Visas / US Work Authorization moved to General Discussion section below.
Q: When were you interviewed? Any news on campus visits? A: Interviews were this week (1/12-1/16) and campus visits will be announced at the end of the month.
  • Earlham College (12-21, phone request. They offered MLA as well) Anyone else have info to share?
  • University of Montana (12-16, e-mail)
  • Wake Forest University (Mexicanist position; 12/18, email request for conference call) x2
  • SUNY Binghamton (12/16, interview conducted) (for the Early Modern position? A: Ling) Anyone else heard besides 1st person to post?
  • Eureka College (12/16, interview conducted)
  • Northern Illinois University (12/15, email) Anyone else heard besides 1st person to post?
  • University of Tennessee (12/15, via email)
  • University of Iowa (12/2 ?)
  • Emporia State University (12/15, phone request) (x2)
  • Worcester State U (12/15, email request for phone interview) Q: Any recent news from Worcester? 
  • Soka University (12/12 email request for conference call)
  • University at Albany (12/12, email request for Skype) (x2) -- which position? A: Spanish Linguistics
  • Salisbury U (12/12, email request for skype)
  • Rockford University (12/11, email request for phone interview) x2. Any recent news from Rockford? Q: Nothing (1/26) I wonder why it's taking them so long. A: CAmpus interviews have been scheduled.
  • Eastern Connecticut State University (12/11, phone request for Skype interview) x5 Q: Did anyone get a timetable for decisions regarding campus visits in their interview? A: No. B:No. I got an email saying they were still reviewing my application (12/23) Anyone else? C: No. Haven't heard from them either. Good luck!
  • Richmond University (12/11) (x2)
  • Shenandoah University (12/11) (x1) 
  • Roger Williams University (12/11, request for phone interview) (x1)
  • Catholic University of America (12/9, email request for Skype interview, additional docs) (x2)
  • Rice (12/9, Skype per "Word on the Street") -- Which position? TT GA? A: Yes. Info posted days ago.
  • Wesleyan (12/9, email request for Skype interview)"hi, is this Wesleyan in Middletown CT? for Assistant Professor Latin American? Thanks.
  • UC Davis (12/9 Skype interview)
  • Iowa State (12/9, email request for Skype interview) (x 4)
  • NW Missouri U. (? for Skype interview) 
  • Cabrini College (12/7, email request for Skype interview)
  • Armstrong Atlantic State University. Phone call. (12/7). (x2) I was contacted by a member of the search commitee last Sunday asking whether I was still interested in the job and if I was planning to go to Vancouver. After answering yes to both questions he told me he would contact me with the schedule... and I am still waiting. Am I the only one or...? A: The same happened to me. I emailed them this week to make sure they had received my voicemail, and they confirmed that they would be sending out the schedules later. I got the impression that it would be this coming week.  A2: I have nothing to do with this search and did not apply, but my guess would be that they arranging the Skype interviews first (possibly conducting them sooner?) and that they are still working on the MLA schedule. But who knows. Good luck!
  • University of Pittsburgh (12/6, email request for Skype interview) Lecturer/Language Coordinator position (x4).
  • University of Alabama Q: When and how the contac you? Thanks!
  • Georgia Southern (12/5, email request for phone interview) (x 4) Q: Any news about campus interviews?
  • UPDATED: VMI (12/06, email request for Skype interview) 
  • Kansas State (12/3, email request for Skype interview) (x 2)
  • CSU-Fresno (12/3, email request for Skype interview) (x5): Has anyone heard back about campus visits yet?
  • Doane College (12/2, email request for phone interview)
  • Grinnell College (12-3)
  • Christopher Newport University (12-2) x3
  • Indiana University-World Languages (12-2, email request for Skype interview)
  • College of Charleston (12/1, email request for Skype interview) Spanish Theater and Transatlantic Studies, Linguistics (SLA), Andean generalist x3
  • Cal State Chico (11/29, email request for video teleconference)
  • SUNY-Buffalo (11/29, email request for Skype interview) (x2) Still haven't heard about campus interviews.  Any news? An initial round of on-campus interviewees has been notified. However, one is still in the running until an offer has been extended and accepted.
  • Stephen F. Austin State (11/29 email request for a Skype interview) x2
  • Blackburn College (11/26 email request for a phone interview) x2
  • McGill University (11/26, email request for video teleconference) 
  • Carnegie Mellon (11/25, email request for Skype) Applied Lingustics 
  • Pepperdine University (11/25, email request for phone or Skype interview)
  • Elon U. (11/24, email request for Skype interview) (x5)
  • Emerson C (11/22, email request for Skype interview) (x3)
  • Sewanee (11/21) x2
  • Hope College (11/20, email request for Skype interview) x2 (Q: Ling or Lit? A: Lit) A2: Linguistics, as well it seems! A3: Yes
  • Utah State University (11/19, email request for Skype interview)
  • University of Nevada, Reno (11/19, Skype) x3
  • Ohio U (11/19, Skype) Early Modernist x5
  • East Carolina University (11/19, email request for Skype interview) x2
  • College of Idaho -- phone request for Skype interview (11/18)
  • University of West Georgia (11/18, phone) (x2)
  • New Mexico State University (11/17, E-mail request for Skype interview) Generalist/Hispanic Linguistics? x2  Q: Any news about campus interviews?
  • University of South Carolina (11/14, Skype) (x5)
  • Miami University of Ohio (11/13, Skype) x3
  • UC Riverside (11/12, Skype) Has anyone heard about this one? A: Not yet. I was wondering the same thing.
  • Villanova U -- email request for Skype interview (11/11) (x3)
  • Marquette U -- e-mail request for Skype interview (11/6) Any news about campus visits?
  • Australian National U (10/29 - Skype)
  • Buena Vista U (10/27, Phone) (x3)

MLA Interviews[]

List NEW information at top

  • Earlham College (12/20, phone)
  • Columbia University (12/20) x3 Q: For the Lecturer position? A. No, TT.
  • Wellesley College (12/18)
  • Colby, 1 yr language position (12/17, invitation by phone)
  • Skidmore (12/16, invitation by email) X2
  • UCLA (12/15, invitation by email) Q: does anybody know if they are looking to fill one position or two? it is not clear from the job description. Thanks! I also wondered the same thing. What position is this MLA interview for? A: I don't really know if they are filling one or two positions; that said, I applied under the Lit. category. A: Two positions (one lit, one ling); campus interviews underway
  • University of Miami (12/15, invitation by email) (x2)
  • Colby (12/15) Invitation by phone or email? (phone) Q: Which position? (X3, Latino Studies)
  • University of Minnesota Morris (12/15, invitation by phone) (x2)
  • Univesity of Arizona (12/12) Invitation by phone or email? A: Phone Q: For Spanish Lingusitics Asst. Prof? A: Y
  • San Diego State (12/12, email)
  • St. Thomas (12/12, email) --  Ling. or Lit. position? A: Ling. (x 2). A: And Lit. (12/15)
  • SUNY Binghamton (12/12, email) Q.Ling or Lit? Lit. Early Modern
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County (12/12, phone)
  • Hofstra (12/12, email) (x2)
  • Hampden-Sydney College (12/11, phone) x3
  • Swarthmore (12/11)X4
  • UC Berkeley (12/11, email) Congrats! x2
  • Scripps College (12/11, email)X2
  • University of Portland (12/11, phone) x2
  • Middlebury College (12/10) (x2)
  • North Central College (12/10, e-mail) x6 --> Got an email saying that because most of the candidates were not attending the MLA now they will conduct all interviews via Skype. From the doodle they gave us there are 15 candidates total for the position.
  • University of Michigan (12/8, email) x1
  • University of Baltimore-Maryland (12/8, phone) They also offered a Skype interview. Q: Hello, could you say for what position was this interview with Baltimore?
  • Centre College (12/8, email) For which position is the interview? A: poetry/film/indigenous studies
  • Saint Anselm College (12/7, email)

Additional Materials Requested[]

List NEW information at top

  • Palomar College.  (2/26)
  • Notre Dame of Maryland: Letters of Recommendation (2/9) (x2)   So, I had gotten a rejection from them before, then I get a request for letters of recommendation. What should I do? A: if I were you, I would send what they are requesting if I'm still interested in the position. It doesn't take that much, does it?
  • University of Albany (1/30), lecturer position. Request for letters of recommendation.
  • Carson-Newman University (1/27), request for application and unofficial transcripts.
  • University of St-Louis Missouri, Request for letters of reccomendation. (1/27)
  • Colorado State University (1/26) Request for the self-identification form
  • Notre Dame of Maryland (1/21) Email request for response to mission and how I would fit in (x2); same 1/26 (x2) (I'm the second person on 1/26. It seemed to be an automated process as I received the email right after completing the application. Perhaps it's determined by your answers to the questions on the application?) Since it's fast but not instantaneous, I think there's probably an initial quick glance at your materials. Then they'll use the responses to this to decide who they want to take a more in-depth look at.
  • Wayne College (1/16) email requestion application form
  • U of Dallas (12/17) E-mail request for writing sample & response to mission statement
  • Scripps C (12/08) Letters of rec --> Q: is this in addition to the letters of rec requested as part of the original application? A: I don't think so; am now guessing my application was incomplete. --> Okay, thank you! Nice of them to follow up and request the missing materials!
  • University of Richmond (12/04) Letters of rec
  • University of Pittsburgh (11/25) Letters of rec., teaching philosophy and evaluations requested by email to be uploaded to Interfolio. Coordinator position. (x6)
  • CSU-Fresno (11/19) Letters of rec., transcripts, sample course syllabi, course evals. (x7)
  • Furman U (11/17) Teaching evals, letters of rec, transcripts (x4)
  • CSU Northridge (11/13) Teaching evals (x7) Q: Has anyone heard from them since?
  • College of Idaho (11/6) Teaching Philosophy
  • The University of Alabama (11/7) letters of recommendation
  • Emerson College (11/5) writing sample, teaching statement, and sample literature syllabus (x3). Oh! My application is incomplete then, glad I look here, these documents were not required in the original one.
  • Someone from Columbia, MO got cute and deleted this:     
    My earlier edit got deleted. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't additional materials requested only of those whose candidacies might advance? The way I see it, if one of the universities in this section that I applied to asks other candidates for additional materials, I should expect to get a rejection letter. One or two posters in this section seem to think that "additional materials" = missing materials. A: Actually, it is a little bit of both. Relax.
    I'm fine and quite pleased with myself. It sounds like you can't handle the truth. Anyways, I've only ever been asked for items that weren't listed on the job ad when the committee is considering advancing my candidacy. If someone forgot to send in certain materials or the files were corrupted, that information does not belong here.


  • McDaniel, email 5/26, no interview
  • K State VAP, email 5/20, no interview
  • Worcester State U. Email, no interview, 5/13
  • Washington College VAP, email 5/6 x2
  • U Pikeville 5/4 e-mail x2
  • Swathmore 2-year VAP, 4/30, email
  • Wabash C (4/29), email, no interview.
  • Hobart William College (4/24). Interfolio
  • Queensborough CC-CUNY (4/21), email, no interview.
  • Palomar Community College (4/16), email, no interview.
  • Hobart & W. Smith Cs VAP (4/16 email)
  • UC Riverside (4/13, email) x2
  • Monmouth U (4/13). Email, search concluded.
  • Manhattanville College (4/10). Search cancelled, lack of funding. x2
  • Villanova University (4/9). Email, search concluded. x2
  • University of Albany (Spanish American TT) (4/9). Email, no interview. x2 what happened with the lecturer position? Does anyone know?
  • U Mass-Darmouth (4/9). Email x3
  • Puget Sound (4/9). Email. 
  • Skidmore College (4/7). Email, search concluded.
  • U Ottawa e-mail (4/7)
  • North Central College (4/6). Interfolio email saying that they were "unable to fill the position and have decided to close the search."
  • Regis University (4/3) x2
  • Texas A&M CC (Linguistics) (4/1)
  • Monterey Peninsula CC (4/1) email, no interview.
  • Emerson College (3/31). Email
  • Gulf University for Science & Technology (3/30, email)
  • CSU Northridge (3/25), snail mail.
  • SUNY Brockport (3/27)
  • Hartwick College (3/26) 
  • Western Michigan University (3/22)
  • University of Florida. After interview.
  • St. Thomas School
  • Northern Illinois University
  • The College of Wooster
  • U.of St. Thomas (3/20) email saying the position has been canceled. Anyone else got the same email? A: Yes, I also received it. I can't imagine why the search would be cancelled. They were extremely rigorous about the selection progress, invited finalists to campus, and have ultimately cancelled the search. Seems very strange. A2: Were you one of the finalists?  Any information about why it was cancelled? A3: I wa not one of the finalists, and I have no idea they cancelled the position. However, I was one of the finalists for anothe position that was also cancelled after campus visits, so, it's strange but I guess it happens more often than we think. Q1: Is this UST St Paul, MN? For what position? A4: Yes, Peninsular TT 
  • Emerson College (3/17), email.
  • Centre College (3/16) Interfolio
  • Salisbury (3/16), email. (x2)
  • CSU San Bernardino (3/16), snail mail. No interview.
  • Roger Williams U (3/12) 
  • St. Peter's, email (3/11)
  • Whitman College (3/11). Email. (x3)
  • Soka, email (3/10) No interview. x2
  • CSU San Marcos, email (3/9) No interview.
  • University of St. Thomas (3/9) Did you have an on-campus interview or MLA interview with them? No, I guess they were just sending the mass rejections.
  • University of Florida (3/9)
  • San Franciso Community College (3/9) x2
  • U Delaware (snail mail 3/6) x2
  • Roanoke College (email/interfolio) (3/4) x2
  • Wayne State C e-mail (3/2)
  • College of Idaho (February)
  • Pepperdine University (2/27) After on-campus interview? A: No, I didn't even have a first round interview with them. The rejection came via Interfolio. 
  • Eureka College. (2/27) x4
  • grinell. Emailed telling me the position for TT peninsular has been filled. (2/26)
  • Swarthmore College, email (saying the position has been filled) (2/20)
  • Doane Collage, Email (2/17)
  • Kennesaw University, Email (2/16)
  • Augsburg College, email x3 (2/11) 
  • Wayne College, email (2/11)
  • University of Oklahoma, post Skype Interview (2/7, email).
  • University of Portland (2/4, email; I was not interviewed)
  • Wright State (2/4 email) -- said I did not meet education or experience requirements, but I have both in spades.  Unsure if this is poorly worded/written or an actual mistake or misunderstanding.  Either way, it's a no. I am sorry. I believe they have an internal candidate. A2: I have no idea about this email, and in my dealings with the department they have been professional, so I would bet it was HR that made a mistake. Re the other, they definitively do not have an inside candidate. I interviewed with them, and got called for a campus visit. There are no lecturers or VAPs who could be considered qualified as "inside" candidates. Q: How did the campus visit go? Do you know if they have made any decisions? Thanks! A3: I don't know anything about the email - I did not receive the same. But, for a variety of reasons that will go unmentioned, I share the first poster's suspicion about an internal candidate. At the same time, no one can be 100% sure whether there is or is not an internal candidate. The advice on so-called "internal candidates" in "Word on the Street" is very good. Even if there IS an inside candidate, anything can happen, most often for reasons totally unbeknownst to the candidates involved. Inside candidates are never a guarantee. A4: I know the likely internal candidate. When I read the job announcement, I though - tailored specifically for that person, down to the letter. But again, who knows. A5: I just don't know why they would spend so much money bringing candidates (2 or 3) for this position if they already have an internal candidate. Is that normal? A6: In public institutions, it's often (always?) part of state law for TT jobs. They have to run a full search even if there's an inside candidate. I don't know anything about this institution or position, so I'm not saying there is or isn't an internal candidate, just that it's common for public universities to be required to run a full search even if they already know who they're going to hire. (That said, the advice here is good...even if it looks like there's an internal candidate, you never really know, so never count anything out.) QA1: Campus visits aren't over until the end of the month from what I've heard (I know someone with a visit). They probably won't have approval for the choice until early March with that timeline. 
  • MLA Position, Assistant Director of Programs (2/3, via Interfolio)
  • Shenandoah University (02/03, post SKYPE).x1
  • Trinity University, lecturer (1/2) (2/2) x3
  • CSU Chico (1/29) x2 (after videoconference interview)
  • Cal State, Fullerton (1/29) Q. For which position? And is this post-skype interview? Sorry, I meant to write Fullerton. That said, Fresno State is doing campus interviews for the Mexicanist position at the moment. Second hand, reliable.
  • Earlham College (1/29). Post interview. Email saying that they have selected the candidates for the campus visit. x3
  • Carson-Newman University (1/27)
  • Wayne College (1/26). I was sent an email that I cannot be considered because I need sponsorship.(x2). Q: Wow. I am glad I didn't apply for this position, are they even allowed to send that kind of email?
  • UMASS Amherst (1/26 email) Post interview?
  • Notre Dame of Maryland (1/27 email)
  • Australian National University (1/27 email) x2
  • UC Berkeley (1/23 email) - MLA Interview
  • UC Berkeley (1/22 email) x2. Q1: Were you interviewed at MLA? Thanks! A1: No. I was not interviewed at MLA. Good luck!
  • Wright State (1/22 email): Q1: Was this post-skype? A: I didn't have an interview.
  • Elon (1/22, email) (x2). Q: Was this post-Skype interviews, or post-campus visits? Thanks for the info.
  • Columbia University (1/22 - email)
  • Notre Dame of Maryland (1/21, e-mail) x 5. 
  • Saint Anselm College (1/18, email). Q: I applied for this position, but have not received a rejection email, what does that mean? anyone on the same boat?  A: I didn't apply to this one; however, in my experience, this could mean that they've trimmed the fat but haven't gotten to the bone yet. Some candidates are rejected in the first round while others kept "on reserve" even when an initial list of finalists has been contacted. 
  • Brown University (1/17, email. Rejection post-MLA interview) x2
  • Colby College (1/16, Rejection post-MLA e-mail)
  • UC Santa Barbara (1/15, email)
  • University of Portland (1/15, email)
  • Hope College- Spanish Linguistics (1/13, email)
  • Penn State-Lecturer position (1/8 email)
  • Buena Vista University VAP (1/7 e-mail). x2 They also stated that the position has been filled.
  • Catholic University of America (1/5, email) x2 Q: After Skype interview? A: No, I was not interviewed first.
  • University of Miami (1/5, email)
  • Brown University (12/23)
  • MLA position (12/23, via Interfolio) Q: For which position? There were a few listed. A: Assistant Director of Programs.
  • Princeton University (12/22, email). I think it was a rejection. I got an email informing me that they were closing the search and thanking me for my interest to work with them. A: Yes. This is an implicit way of saying 'you have been rejected'. Q: For the Spanish Lecturer position? A: Yes
  • Wesleyan University (12/22) Latin American Literatures and Cultures x4 * rejection by email.
  • College of Charleston (12/19, email) Andean x2
  • College of Charleston (12/19, email) Ling x 4 (received rejection for the ling position, had applied for the lit position)
  • College of Charleston (12/19, email) Theater x3
    • Did anyone who got a C of Charleston rejection have an interview first? A: No
  • New Mexico State (12/19, email) Q: After Skype interview? A: I just got a rejection as well and did not have a Skype interview. Was wondering why I missed the first round of rejections.
  • Hope College (12/19, email) x 2 Q. After the interview? A: No in my case, they asked me to write two more paragraph in relation to my Christian/ religious involment and I decided I was not a good fit. 
  • Rice University via e-mail (12/18) x12 Q: any of you did the Skype interview? A: Not me
  • University of Nevada, Reno (via email) 12/18 x7
  • Providence College (via e-mail) 12/17 Follow-up: It's interesting that they're dishing out rejections in small increments. I got my letter a few days after the other people who posted news of their rejection and now they've switched to email rejections! Comment: I still haven't gotten a rejection, but haven't heard about an interview either. Second Follow-up: I'm the person who wrote the original follow-up. It probably means that they're employing a more nuanced ranking system. Last year I was in the same position as you (not having heard anything from several schools while some people had had interviews and others received rejections) and they all turned out to be rejections in the end. Hopefully your situation will be diferent this year!
  • Metro State University of Denver (via e-mail) 12/16. I never got a rejection email from them? anyone else in the same situation?
  • UCLA (via email) 12/15 x5
  • San Diego State University (via Interfolio) 12/12 x4
  • Kansas State University by email (12/12) x4
  • UCSB - Rejection by letter (12/8)x2
  • Armstrong State U via e-mail (12/8) x3
  • Providence College- Rejection by letter (12/8) x3 (x4--received my letter 12/10)
  • Miami University - Rejection by e-mail (after Skype interview) 12/7 (x3)
  • Whitworth University - Rejection by email 12/05 x2
  • Rice University - Rejection via Interfolio (12/4) X 2 Anyone else?
    • Which position was this? Lecturer or Assistant Professor?
    • Me too, for Lecturer Position, 12/4
    • For Lecturer position
  • CUNY Queensborough CC via e-mail 12/4 - was told that the position is closed--"We are writing to inform you that we have decided not to fill this position at this time" (x2) -- if you look at the document that was attached, it says they are re-posting it with revised requirements
  • Elon U- via e-mail 12/4 (x10)
  • U of Virginia 12/04 x5
  • Duke - Rejection by email 12/04 (x6)
  • Furman U - Rejection via Interfolio on 11/17 x4
  • U of Chicago - Rejection by email on 11/4/14 x2
  • U of Sydney - Rejection by email on 11/10/14 X4
  • U of Virginia - Rejection by email on 11/10/14 x4, rejection by email on 12/4
  • University of Queensland - Rejection by email on 12/01/14 (x3)
  • New Mexico State University - Rejection by email on 11/14/14 x2
  • Q: Was this for the Asst. Prof. of Spanish linguistics position? I haven't heard anything from them other than an email confirming that they had my materials. 


List NEW information at top

  • Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Acknowledgment that they have received my application and ask me to complete the diversity form. (2/17)
  • The University of Evansville. Acknowledgment that they have received my application and I will receive full consdieration. (2/13)
  • Youngstown State University. Acknowledgment that they have received my online application. (2/11).
  • West Michigan University. Acknowlegment that they have received my online application. (2/11)
  • Brescia University- Acknowledgment that the Search has been closed.(2/6)
  • Boston U- Ackowledgments that they might pospone skype interviews a few days fue to the Snow Storm. It will be confirmed on Monday. (2/6).
  • Manhattanville College--Automated reply from HR (2/1)
  • University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Acknowledgment that they received my application. (1/27)
  • University of Georgia (1/23)- Acknowledgment that the Search Committee was reviewing my materials. (1/27)x2.  Q: For the lecturer position? A: Yes
  • Boston University (1/23)- Awknowledgement that the search committee was reviewing my materials. It seems interesting that they have already scheduled Skype interviews. (x4)
  • Morgan State University (1/21) email
  • Wayne S C (1/14) e-mail
  • University of Houston (1/9) - Anything regarding phone/Skype/campus interviews?
  • Hope College- Status Update on Search (12/22)-email. They said that the search committee would be choosing candidates for campus visits after the break and that my application was still being considered if I received their email (2x). A1: I know that at least one campus interview has been scheduled (second hand reliable). Q: Any news? And lit or ling?
  • UWSP - Status Update on Search (12/23) - email x3. They said they will be choosing the pool of candidates in January, for a phone interview at the end of January. They anticipate campus interviews for February.
  • Shawnee State University (12/18) email
  • Hampden-Sydney C (12/11) email.(x2)
  • Swarthmore College (11/30) email.
  • San Francisco State U (11/25) email.
  • The Catholic University of America (11/24) Interfolio.
  • Southern Connecticut (11/18) Interfolio (x2)
  • SOKA University of America (11/18) email (x2). (11/25) email
  • Albion College (11/12) email
  • CSU Northridge (11/12) email (x2)
  • Southern Connecticut (11/11) email (x3)
  • North Central (11/11) email (x3) Any news from North Central ?
  • Hartwick College (11/10) e-mail
  • Grinnell College (11/10) e-mail (x2)
  • U of Alabama (11/10) mail
  • U of Massachussetts Amherst (11/7) e-mail
  • Rice (11/6) e-mail
  • Hope College (10/30) e-mail
  • Eastern Connecticut (11/6) e-mail (x2)
  • Rice (11/1) e-mail (x3)
  • Earlham College (11/5) e-mail (x3)
  • Chapman University (11/4) e-mail
  • Oberlin College (11/4)- mail (x3)
  • Colby College (11/3) - e-mail (x2)
  • Elon University (11/3) - e-mail (x3)
  • SOKA University of America (10/28) - e-mail (x3)
  • U of West Georgia (11/01) - mail

Word on the Street []

  • Any news from Clark Atlanta post campus interviews? Very nice people, but such a depressing atmosphere... (5/9)
  • Any news on Indiana-Bloomington (Spanish Lecturer)?
  • Any news on U of Iowa (Spanish Lecturer)?
  • Any news on McDaniel College?  None here (5/3/2015) (x2).
  • Any news on Bennington College?
  • Any news on Hunter College?
  • Any news on U. of New Hampshire? 
  • Has anyone heard from Georgia College and State University after phone interviews?
  • Any news on Morehead State (Kentucky) ?
  • Any news from BMCC? A1: I was invited to a preliminary interview but had to cancel it because I accepted another offer. No idea where they are at right now. 
  • Did anyone get an offer from Swarthmore for the 2-year VAP position? A: Haven't heard anything but It hasn't been that long, either. Anxiously awaiting! (x2)
  • Any word on UT Rio Grande? If I am not mistaken, the deadline was a while back, no?
  • Any news on U. Pikeville?  A : I haven't heard anything but it seems like they just reposted it yesterday (4/21), Q2: Where was it reposted? Thanks!
  • I saw that the Spanish Lecturer position at Princeton was reposted on the HigherEd jobs website, does anyone know what happened? The posted the same ad several months ago. 
  • Any news on West Chester University post Skype?
  • Any news on Worcester State post phone interview? 
  • Any news on the University of Albany (Spanish American TT) post Skype?
  • Any word from SUNY Brockport post Skype interviews? A: They have scheduled campus visits.
  • Does anyone know what's up with Worcester U? They are interviewing but they already had campus visits. Anyone? A: I can't speak for this particular case, but I know that other universities have brought people out to campus and, after people accept other jobs and/or the school decides that these candidates weren't a good fit, they have interviewed new candidates. A: That's the case here, their finalists took other jobs, so they're going back to more people. Response: ¡Gracias! Maybe their offer is not very high.
  • Did anyone hear from Farmingdale College, post-skype interview? 
  • Did anyone hear anything from U Ottawa (4/1)?
  • Anyone for Monmouth, after phone interview? A; Nothing, nada, rien de rien.
  • Did anybody get an offer from Drew University?
  • Did anybody get an offer from South Connecticut? You mean Southern Connecticut State? That university's search is on hold (or probably altogether suspended) for budgetary reasons.
  • Any news on UMass Amherst post campus vist?
  • How many people still don't have a job offer? I am getting a little discouraged... A: Is this your first time at the academic rodeo? It's brutal, brutal, brutal. But you get somewhat used to it.A. I don't. I figured I wouldn't so I'm not surprised--no expectations! The only people who seem surprised are senior faculty who have no idea how tough it is out there. A: Yes, it is my first year on the job market. I though I would get something, but my options are getting smaller... I did have campus interviews... but nothing yet. A: Obviously more people than those who do. It's been pretty hard but you have to keep the faith. A: Senior faculty are abolutely clueless about how brutal the market is. Useless even. Especially those on hiring committees that treat candidates like afterthroughts. I've lost a lot of respect for the profession in all of this. I was talking to my partner about all of this, and he asked why we were fighting tooth and nail for 60k jobs. Honestly, I had no answer. A: For me, the answer is the terrible sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you realize that you just spent around a decade pursuing something that a) has no economic value outside of academia, and b) actually hurts your chances of getting a job outside of academia. It may not be worth much inside academia, but at least it's worth something. A. Thank you to above for mentioning the ostrich-like of senior faculty members about the situation. Their "it just takes grit!" attitude is appalling, unhelpful at best and downright dangerous at worst. A: I have spent over $300 on Interfolio, had 6 interviews, 1 campus visit and still don't have a job offer, at what point do I get really worried?? A. I have always been worried, so no help there. But there are a lot of people without offers, so I decided to have a plan B in place! 
  • Are there going to be any tenure track positions now? A: Probably not from this point forward. A lot of VAPs come up (should be the second rush of postings now - I'm not looking).
  • Did anybody get an offer from Calyfornia Polytechnic?
  • Did anybody get an offer from Old Dominion? A: I haven't heard anything post campus interview either
  • Did anyone get the U. of Oklahoma campus interview? 
  • Did anyone ever get that Golden Age VAP position at Auburn? I finally got a rejection email.
  • Any news from Clemson? A1: For the lecturer position? If so, last week they sent me the "diversity form" to be filled out and sent back to them. I don't think they have made any decisions yet. A: I received the same email.
  • Any news from Western Michigan University (linguistics)? A: I think the campus interviews were done. A: Someone got the job. A: Congratulations to whoever got this job. I had a flawless interview and I had my hopes on this one, but I guess someone did better, so congrats.
  • Any news from North Central College? Did they finish the campus interviews and offered the job to someone? A: Campus interviews finished in the beginning of February. I found out there were four of us in the running. According to the Search Chair, the process was moving very slowly around 2/22. I think they gave it to their Inside Candidate. Q: Why all that work for an inside candidate? A: Well, they are required by law to do a national search regardless. It appeared from my campus visit that they form really close relationships with their VAPs--so when I realized that, I knew I wasn't going to get it. Even though I thought my visit went flawlessly in terms of my own personal performance (meals, interviews and teaching demo). A2: Don't feel too bad. It is not the best place to work: el cliente siempre tiene la razón type of place, and the institution itself does not have a great reputation among local colleges. I'm in a neighboring college; we have many problems too, but always conclude that "at least we're not North Central." Response: Thank you for your kind words and encouragement--I was fortunate enough to secure another position so I don't feel bad at all about it. I am definitely interested to see who ended up getting it though! A2: Congrats! I thought you'd like to know that you didn't miss out on anything, you really dodged that bulllet. Good luck with your new job! Follow up: Absolutely! thanks again. That was really nice of you to comment. Update: North Central had invited more candidates to campus, but ended up canceling and suspending the search until next year.Q2: What about their inside candidate? I would assume the job is just going to this person. Any idea on how many other candidates they invited? A:  I have no idea what's going on inside the department, so I don't know the status of the inside candidate. I know that at least two additional candidates were contacted mid-March for campus interviews, but that the interviews were canceled because the program is required to bring in multiple candidates at a time, and apparently there weren't multiple candidates available, so they're running the search again next year. 
  • Any news from ODU post campus interview?
  • Any news from Drew after campus interview?
  • Emerson C. has been wierdly quiet. Has anybody heard anything? A: I don't know anything. But I find it hard to believe that they haven't at least offered the job to someone. Anyone else?
  • Any news on Cal State San Bernardino?
  • Anything from Salve Regina post-campus visit?
  • Any news on Albion College post phone interview?
  • What if a school says pending budget approval? Can they offer you the job if the budget has not been approved?
  • Any news on Wright State? A: We must be two of the candidates they interviewed because I am wondering the same thing. You aren't, by any chance, the "inside candidate" everyone kept referring to? Because if neither of us is, then the supposed-inside candidate may just have got the job. Q1: I am afraid so. I am definitely not the "inside candidate" (I wish I was). I guess they will let us know by tomorrow? Q2: Did you get an email today? I did. A2: I did!! That was incredibly bizarre. I've read about these things happening, but I guess I naively assumed it wouldn't happen at a school like this! So, congratulations to us, I guess? We weren't rejected? A3: Yeah, that was very strange. I am guessing it was some sort of budget cut? I am sort of bummed out to be honest, the job market is still bad and I feel I am running out of options. A4: Sorry to interrupt this conversation, but can anyone confirm whether this position been canceled? I am one of those that has yet to receive a rejection...just curious. A5: The position was cancelled as far as I know, but you can always contact them to confirm, if you do, please let us know what they say. A6. I'm also bummed out, because I was hoping for a TT this year and this went down to the wire. And as far as I know, yes, the search was cancelled. I was sort of surprised it came from HR, but I guess for legal reasons. A7: To the other finalsit: did you get another email today? I am so much more confused now. A8: I'm the other finalist, and yes I did! I am so confused. I figured it was worth my while to email back to ask what happened. They may not tell me, but at this point, their reputation in my book is pretty much trashed. While I felt positive about the department after the visit, I would never consider recommending their school to anyone else given this situation. Either they don't communicate or they're lying to candidates. In either case, it reflects poorly on them. A9: Yeah, they seem very unprofessional and maybe it's illegal what they are doing? Someone is lying here. Please let me know if they do thell you what happened. A10: Can you guys share? I didn't apply for the job, but this is far more interesting than reading the constant stream of rejections coming in. A11. Funny A10! Word on the wiki early on was that they had an inside candidate. If they hired this person, that is fine by me, but giving out conflicting information is seriously bizarre. I have no idea if it's illegal, but through the entire period I felt like the languages were pitted against each other, which was uncomfortable for me! 

Has anyone heard anything from Dixie State University? A: Email 3/10 saying that the committee was beginning to review applications and asking if I would still be interested in the position A: Email requesting skype interview (3/12)

Any news about Queens College after the campus interview? 

Has anyone heard anything about the SUNY Albany Lecturer position post-Skype?

Any news from Drew University after the campus interview?

Any news from ODU after the Skype Interview? A: Campus interviews are at least in progress and may be finished. (second hand, reliable). Q: Do you know if they have made an offer? A: No, I don't.

Any news about University of Iowa?

Any news on NYU S&C Analysis and Spanish & Portuguese? The deadline was way back in November...

  • post-Skype interview?

Any news about the University of South Carolina? A: From the information below, it appears that they should be about to make an offer. 

Has anyone heard from Manhattanville? A: I was wondering the same (2/25).  Q: Any news at all?? A: Nothing here. They have taken very long. / The job was "put on hold" as per the HR office. (3/27)

Any news on Morgan State University? Re: I never heard anything since applying.

Any news on Centre College for the film/poetry/ indigenous literature position? I believe they made an offer but I was wondering if it was accepted ? Any news of an offer from Stephen F Austin? (3/5)

Any news on Franklin & Marshall C? (3/5) A: Email on 3/9 asking if still interested so they can set up a Skype interview.

What happened with the position at U Mass-Dartmouth? Last campus visits happening this week. SC said that "they would probably be meeting some time next week" (3/5).

Any news on University of Missouri - St. Louis? (3/4)

Anything fron U Delaware? (3/1)

Any word from St. Peter's U? No, and I had almost forgot about them. Thanks for the update. (3/1)

Has anyone heard anything from Caldwell U?

Any news on Notre Dame of Maryland, post phone interview (2/28)?

Does anyone know if Colorado State, Fort Collins, has invited anyone for campus visits yet (T&I position)?

Any news from Rockford post campus visits (2/26)? A. No, but I am guessing they made an offer at this point. Maybe they are negotiating?

Any news From California Polytechnic after the telephone interview? Anybody knows if someone was invited to the campus? A: Yes. All campus interviews have been scheduled. Q: Were you invited? 

Any news from Antioch College, post telephone interview?

Any news on Christopher Newport U, after campus visit?

Any news on either of the positions at UMBC?

Anyone know what happened with the Wellesley position in Hispanic Visual Culture? 

Any news about Albany post Skype for lecturer position? A: Nothing here

Any news from San Francisco State U post campus visit?

Any news on Emerson College and where they are with their finalists? (2/24) A (2/24): None. Normally I would think they're negotiating with someone, but the weather might have seriously disrupted their process. A (2/25): Hmm, I was wondering too if the weather might have disrupted the process. Has anybody heard anything concrete? Q2 (3/4): Has anybody heard anything? We would really appreciate hearing any updates.

Does anyone know what happened with the TT peninsularist position at Grinnell College? A (2-24): An offer was made and accepted, second hand, reliable

Any news on U at Albany Spanish American position? (2/24) Still nothing? (3/6)

Has anyone heard from Texas A&M Corpus Christi? A: I was waiting to hear back about the Spanish Linguistics position. A2: Have you been contacted at all? A3: Nothing at all. 

Any news on Centre College post campus visit?

Did UChicago end up hiring a Brazilianist?

Any news from Stephen F. Austin State U after campus visits? (2/21)

Any news on SUNY Binghamton ling position (post Skype interviews)? A (2-22): Campus visits have already occured in the last few weeks (second hand, reliable)

Any news on Mt. Mary post campus visit? 

Any news about Hampden Sydney after MLA? (A: Campus visits ongoing)

Any news about Rockford after campus visit? Offer made (2/17)?

Any word on Regis University post-skype interview (2/16)?

JUST PUBLISHED: Full time lecturer/teaching assistant professor of Portuguese at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Any news from Cali Poli?

Any news on Harvard's Lecturer position?

So, I have a question for anyone who has a thought about it. I am wondering if this has happen to other "internaionals" like me. I recently interviewed for a Catholic school. At the end of the interview, they asked me explicitly if I have a green card, which I don't. Two days later, I receive an email saying that the committe thought I would be a great fit, but they can't sponsor me for a visa. My question is the following: isn't this discriminatory? are they even allowed to ask such questions? 

  • I kind of feel your pain as I am not a US Citizen either. I do believe it's discriminatory and hyprocritical especially when institutions of higher education emphasize that they are all about diversity. As far as I know they ARE allowed to ask about our immigration status. Now, it really is not so difficult for universities to sponsor work visas, universities unlike other employers do not have to worry about the visa cap that limits the number of H1B visas. My school sponsored a work visa last year to one of our professors in May last year and this person was able to work in August, and the process is not as costly as most people think. I believe that some institutions make it a bigger deal than it actually is. Did this happen to you after a campus visit? No, it happened after the interview.
  • No, it's not. Yes, they are. They probably ask if you're authorized to work in the U.S. even on a McDonald's application. I think the frustration of some posters personally affected by this issue can be traced back to the fact that they got accepted to study at a U.S. institution. You may connect that acceptance into academia with further employment opportunities in this country. There is no connection. Sure, some universities will sponsor visas, but there is no mandate to do so. And I'm sorry that the institution let you know about their requirements only after the interview.
  • Like most national legal systems, the USA's makes a fundamental distinction between its own citizens, who have defined rights like protection from employment discrimination, and citizens of other countries, who do not (because they fall under the jurisdiction of their own national governments). What's worse for you is that not only are US employers allowed to ask about visa status but they are required to. When institutions decline to offer sponsorship it's not because they're evil and they want to discriminate against non-citizens: it's all about US employment law. US employers are generally allowed to offer jobs to foreign citizens only when no suitable US citizen is available--and in this US law is no different from that of most other countries. It's not always easy to prove that there is no suitable US candidate, so a lot of institutions don't really feel comfortable trying. Some schools have the will and the means to skirt this general principle and regularly do so, but a lot don't. There were times in the past when US unemployment was low and the government was less concerned with nationality. More institutions felt comfortable hiring internationals then. But in the current political and economic environment, where immigration is a hot-button issue and employment prospects are pretty bad in general, schools are more likely than ever to be cautious about sponsorship.
  • It's allowed. It's the same in Canada. Many foreign nationals are phenomenal scholars/teachers as well as native speakers who bring a different aspect to the process as far as languages go. However, it's partially due to the budget crisis. It's expensive to sponsor someone for a visa, and in the humanities supply oustrips demand. Blame the PhD programs for continually bringing in foreign nationals as students and not informing them of what awaits at the finish line. If you're a foreign national WITH a green card, though, the situation is reversed in my experience.
  • My (former) program has shifted from mostly American to mostly international students since I started. It's really striking. Many of the American graduates have gotten jobs, many of the international students have not. There are some exceptions, of course, but that's generally how it has been going. The program really seems blind to that, and the international wave coming since I graduated is going to have a really difficult time. I'm an international student who has not been so lucky. I had 9, yes NINE, interviews this year, and I would say that at least 3-4 of them I really expected to get a campus visit out of. But nothing. I could have misgaged the interviews (this is my third year, so I doubt it), so I have to conclude that being international has had a big hand to play in it. Even if they don't ask, they can glean it from your undergraduate and graduate education. On my CV it's quite obvious I'm international. Either way, I'm getting married this year and filing for a green card, so I'm trying to think up a subtle but obvious way to slip it into my cover letters for next year. Good luck out there. Graudate programs need to prepare us better in many ways.
  • Yes, it's discriminatory by all means despite some American folks would disregard this in their own favor. In a globalized world, all work force should be able to compete in equal circumstances regardless of nationality. However, there's a double standard, and only great investors are free to compete against local economies of foreign countries. Even those Americans here could go to Hispanic countries and compete in equal advantage with local workers without any impediment. I don't agree that all countries would privilege their own cititizens against others. If an American would go to Hispanic America to teach English, they would be welcome due to the great advantage for Hispanic students of having a native speaker teaching their native language. Otherwise, students would be learning that fake language of textbooks. That happens here in the United States with Spanish, an artificial variety of Spanish is spoken in American academia as a new formal variety. I would like to see American government really taking care of their employees and bringing back all those jobs from China.
  • To above, I am sincerely hoping this comment of yours wasn't meant to be discrminatory in and of itself although it came off that way. Much of the trend, although not all, has been to accept more native speakers of Spanish who are also US citizens. Are you trying to say you think a chicano speaks "artificial" Spanish? Or a heritage-speaking Cuban? How about a Puerto Rican? That's pretty discriminatory, to claim that foreign-bred Spanish is somehow better than one that was raised here. Beyond that, the term "hispanic" is pretty loaded--should we be worried about the lot of the Spanish competing in the US when they are part of the EU which practices the same policies of preference (not to mention Canada)? The real issue here is the exploitation of foreign students to teach as grad students when there are no job prospects for them. Last but not least, bringing back the jobs from China isn't going to employ PhDs. That's a whole different specialization. Apples and oranges (non-native speaker here employing idioms!). R/ I mean that if there's not willingness of the government to protect local workers as foreign labor in China suggests, so it's double standard that they use that excuse to discriminate against international work force in academia. Yes, I'm being discriminatory against mixed bilingual varieties and don't try to deny it. I just hope my discrimination doesn't prevent them from having a job they deserve.

Any news about Salve Regina´s campus visit? (2/13)

Any updates on Ohio University (Spanish AP), post campus visits? Nothing here (2/13). Still nothing? (2/20) Nothing here either (2/23) Anything? (3/1) I'm wondering how many people keep updating this with questions about updates. I believe there were 4 candidates for campus visits. It could be two of us or four! So, still waiting for an update (x3). How are we doing here? Anything? (3/9) An offer has been made, second hand reliable (3/9) Thanks. Did they email you?

Bump: Anything from U of Dallas since they requested addl. materials?  A: I posted the original question here. Still haven't heard anything. Don't know if the search was canceled or if I've just not been selected as a candidate. Anyone else know anything (2/14)?

Any updates on California Polytechnic?

Q: Does anyone know anything about Cal State Northridge?

Q: Any updates on Wellesley College, post-MLA?

If it says one-year non-tenure track position, is it a visiting position? is it renewable? Thanks. A: It sure sounds “visiting” in the non-permanent, contingent sense of the word, and I would assume that it is not renewable if the posting doesn’t say that it is. That said, in my experience these types of positions vary greatly depending on the institution, department, and particulars of that job. It could be a one-year sabbatical replacement with no hope of returning. It could be a one-year contract that might be renewed if there’s need in a department with much demand and high turnover. It could be a patching over until the department opens a TT line one could then apply for. This is something you could ask if you get the interview.

Has anybody heard from Virginia Commonwealth University (4 instructor positions)? A: I haven´t heard anything back. (2/9)

  • Still nothing? There's been movement on the German and Italian pages (3/1). A (from OP): I still haven't heard anything (3/3).

Does anybody know anything from Chapman University?

Any news from the University of Washington (Portuguese)?

Average salary for an instructor at U Georgia appears to be 35K:

Is this correct and am I wrong in thinking this is quite low?

  • It looks average for a state school. At my institution, it was 37K with a 3/3 the last I checked. Lecturers can make more by teaching summer school. The ones at my university seem a bit satisfied/lazy; I'm not sure. There are many opportunities to adjunct in the area. I know because I've done it as a grad student. I've only ever run into one of our lecturers at the three outside institutions I've taught at. I keep tabs on who's who at other area universities, and I've never seen our lecturers on their websites or class schedules. I wonder if there's a clause against their taking outside work. There certainly is a clause on my contract, but I ignored it because of my family and mortgage. I ended up having 6 sections one semester. Anyways, if you get the job at UGA, I'd recommend living closer to Atlanta and trying to adjunct around there to pull in a decent salary. You can find out which schools would be worth your while here:
Thanks, this is very useful!
Just FYI, The GA Board of Regents enacted a new policy about a year ago, stating that part timers, or adjuncts, can only teach 2 courses per semester total at all public universities in GA. So, if you want to teach more than that, you would have to teach at a private school. However, exceptions are occasionally made and a few part timers are permitted to teach 3 courses in one semester. The salary for foreign language professors is quite a bit higher than 35K, even for full time lecturers. Salaries are public, so look up some professors or lecturers at GA universities and then see what they are making. Summer salaries and stipends are often included, so it can be hard to know what base salary actually is, just from looking it up. If you can find their CVs, you can figure out how long the have been at the institution, since that does make a difference.

Any news from the College of Wooster, post Skype interview? (2/8)

Any news from the University of Dayton, post Skype interview? (2/8) A1 (2-19): I received an e-mail on Jan. 17th which stated that I was on "the short list for the tenure-track position of Spanish Linguistics" and they requested letters of recommendation. In the Skype interview they said I would hear from them in 10 days. It has been over a month now.

Any news about Davis? A1: Este trabajo ya estaba dado antes de las entrevistas. La profesora que cogió el empleo estaba recomendada desde España (Second hand, but reliable).

Any news from the University of Winsconsin-Steven Points, post Skype interview? (2/8)

Any news from the Ohio State Visiting Prof. (Portuguese)? A: I was wondering the same, but it's been so long I had given up on them (I'd assumed they made a decision).  -Thanks for the reply. A2: Campus visits are already over (I do not know if an offer has been made yet...) (2/11). 

Any news from California Poly after the telephone interview? (2/5) A: Nope. They said they would make a decision in two weeks (after the interview). Did they tell you the same thing? A: Yes, they told me 2-3 weeks. A: Still nothing? 

Any word from Wellesley College? (2/3) -- Q2: Would also love to know what their status is (2/4)

Any word on University of Richmond after Skype interviews (2/4)? A: An acquaintance of mine has a campus interview there. I have been told so, therefore I would leave it on word of street.

Is It ok to contact the university and ask if they have decided on their campus candidates?  A1: I've been told that contacting the committee never helps, but it can hurt.

Does anyone have news on The University of Minnesota, Morris?

  • Nothing (2/4). Disappointing, because this was the one I was positive about.
  • Did they give you a timeline of any sort in your interview? I'm trying to remember if Campus Interviews were going to be for now or for mid-to-late February.

Any news on Indiana/Purdue- position in Spanish/translation?

Did anybody hear anything from Southern Connecticut? The deadline was like in November and nobody has posted anything on the wikis? any second hand sources? Did they close the positions? already had interviews? Due to budgetary issues the position is on hold/ not officially closed but almost :( (second hand/reliable)

Still nothing from Furman? (2/2) A: They started campus visits (second hand, reliable)

Any news from College of Charleston post-Skype interview (01/14)? How about now? (2/2) A: Campus interviews are finished at least for Ling. and Andean positions. (2/5) Q: What do you mean with finished?

Has anyone heard from Shenandoah University? A: No news since the Skype interview I had with them. A2: Me neither. A3: They have scheduled campus visits (2nd hand, reliable). Q: Do you know when they were invited? I mean, when were they notified? A: I don't remember the specific date, but it was pretty soon after the MLA convention.

University of North Dakota, TT position in Spanish in the U.S. has been closed (1/29) Did they email applicants saying so? I didn't get anything. 

Any news from University of Georgia (lecturer position) post-Skype? A1: nothing here. Someone posted a skype interview. When did you have the Skype interview?

Any word on William Jewell? None here, and wasn't the amount of appliacation materials a bit excessive (1/31)? A2: I totally agree, I decided not to apply to any school that would request a "response to their mission". A3: I third that statement!

Anything on Cal State, Northridge?

Any news from C of Charleston post-Skype? A: Nothing. How many people were actually interviewed? Here is one. A2: I interviewed for the Theater position. You? A total of 3 people indicated having Skype interviews above.

Any news from Salve Regina? A1: Nothing here (1/30), but they did get hit with a snow storm and close for almost 3 days, so there might be more of a delay.  A2: That's what I figured. Thanks. A3: It is now EOD 2/2. If we haven't heard from them by now, it is very unlikely that we ever will A4: Any updates? (2/4) A5: I understood they would let the candidates know by the end of January/beginning of February. Is it? A6: (2/5) Yes, they said so but I haven't heard from them either. It could be that those notified for a campus visit do not use this site. Or it could be that they are meeting this week, since last week there was the snow. 

Any good tips to do phone interviews? I'm ok with Skype, but phone interviews are ackward. I don't understand why some schools do phone instead of Skype. Any tips to do the interviews less ackward? A: Phone interviews are ok. In my opinion, they are even better than Skype because you do not have to worry about facing the committee. Just focus on answering the questions and do not make any comment about how you feel about the phone interview (do not say that you would prefer skype or anything like that). A: Thanks for the tip. I prefer Skype because I can see the reactions of the committee and I can connect more with them. It's difficult to say when to shut up on the phone. Thanks for the tip though.

Any news on campus visits to Mt. Mary? Nothing yet. They said end of January, so hopefully we'll hear something this week (1/28).

Any news on the U of North Dakota? Nada. It has been ages. (1/27) Is it possible that they shut down the search?

Any news on St. Xavier? No, still waiting (1/27) No. (2/7)

Any news on Fresno State? According to their original timeline they were going to start doing campus visits this week, but I've seen nothing on the wiki.

Any news on Wright State since 1/22 rejections? A: They are doing campus visits next month. A2: Does anyone know if they have officially invited candidates to campus yet (as of 2/3)? A3: Yes, they have invited finalists to the campus. 

Any news on UMass Amherst? They said they would be doing campus visits in February, so I wonder if they have started calling already. I heard candidates would start hearing after January 15, 2015. Still have not heard anything either 1/26. A: Same here: no news. 1/26.

Any news on CUNY-Queens? A1 Nothing here (1/24) x3. A2: Apparently they extended the date for receiving applications until January 30th. Maybe they didn´t like the candidates who applied for the position (and I was one of them). A3: That extension happened a long time ago, so I'm guessing it had more to do with their timeline than with any of the applications they received.

Any word on UCLA for Hispanic Linguistics? A: I got a rejection a while ago.

Any news on U of Tennessee? A: (1/25) I think they didn't finish Skype interviews until last week. And they said the administration usually needs two weeks to approve list of three finalists, so campus interviews would probably begin mid February.  

Still nothing on the U of Minnesota, Morris?

Should we just assume that the Bucknell early modern search is canceled?

Still no news on the University of Miami? A: Nope

Any news from Shenandoah U?

Any word on U of St. Thomas peninsular lit. position?. A1. I thought they were already doing campus visits. A2: What is your source for that? From what I see here they have called people to do campus visits for the Linguistics position, but I haven't heard anything about the lit job. A3: Am also wondering about the literature position. A4. Then I guess that's what I saw, nevermind then. I have not heard anything yet. 

Anybody knows anything about Southern Connecticut? There is nothing on the wikis, but the deadline was a while ago. Thanks. A: No, nothing yet. (1/23) A: Maybe no one who uses the wikis has been contacted. It's been a while.

Any news from Georgia Southern University (1/23)? A1: Nope. No email. Nothing.

Whitman--said they'd get back to campus the 20th, and that campus interviews would be set up after that. But there's one set up already. Any word on the street about the situation? A: They also said that there are lots of departments and one dean, so things can take a long time. It sounds like they were just able to get their campus interviews together faster than anticipated. I was surprised when I saw that announcement too. A: (original questioner) Yeah, they told me the same thing. Guess I didn't make the cut. Too bad, seems like a great gig. A: I'm the guy that responded the first time. Same here. Too bad, it sounded like an excellent place to work.

Any news on Albion College? Have they even had first-round interviews? (1/22) A1: I've heard nothing. My guess is that, because it's a VAP position, they may be waiting until late February after a lot of their applicants have accepted TT positions.

Any news on Grinnell College? (Nothing yet post Skype; 1/21)

Any news from Earlham-post skype interview? nothing yet? A: Someone posted a campus interview.

Any news from Old Dominion U-post skype interview? A: Someone posted campus interviews.

Any news on Wright State University? No. (1/21)

Any news on Rockford University? A: Nothing yet post phone interview (1/23). 

Any news from the University of Dayton-post interview?

Any news on UMass Amherst?

Any news from the U of Central Florida? no (1/21) Anything new for this position? At least one campus interview has taken place.  -Thanks for the update.

Any news on UMass Dartmouth? A: Still waiting (1/21) Same here A2: me too (1/21)

Any news on Providence College? (1/20) They said they would be meeting two weeks after MLA to make the decision, so I'd expect to hear from them end of this week or sometime next week. Any news yet (2/3)? A: Not here! (2/3) A1: My friend has a campus visit there. Was told back in January, but I just discovered this site. (2/4)

Any word on either of the UNC positions, UNC-Asheville or UNC-Chapel Hill?  UNC-Chapel Hill scheduled 4 job talks. The first one will be this week. (1/20) Did anyone hear back from UNC-Asheville?

Surprised to learn that Delaware isn't holding campus visits, just brief Skype interviews. Anyone else interview with them? A: Do the math... A: You could totally be right, which is why I'm asking. But I'm not naive and tbh it didn't come off that way in the interview. It was more, we don't have approval from admins to do one so let us tell you about our timeline...

Any word from Catholic University of America post skype interview? (1/20) Nothing here. A: They said during the interview that they would be deciding on candidates to bring to campus after the winter break. A: They requested a statement on the University's mission and additionla information to run a background check. OP: When was this requested? A: couple of weeks ago. Q: Somwhat of a tangential question - How long is a statement re: the University's mission...statement supposed to be? A: I would say around a page (300 words), give or take a little. But if you're really concerned, it would be acceptable to ask the committee or HR person (wherever the request came from...if it came from the committee, ask them; if it came from HR, ask them). A: Still no word on campus visits? A: They emailed people last week saying they were waiting for some kind of administrative approval to move forward (second hand reliable) Q: I'm starting to think they will cancell this search. Am I alone? A: They cancelled last year's search (two searches, if I'm not mistaken) so who knows. Q: Any news? (2/21)

Has anyone heard back from the University of Minnesota, Morris? A: Nothing as of 1/20. A2: They were doing a few interviews still as of last week (including my own, for those who missed MLA), and told me they'd come to a decision later this week. 

Any word on campus visits for the U of Miami?

Any word on Swarthmore post MLA? Related question: was the energy in that room off? Hey, it could certainly have been a reaction to me, no doubt. But I was curious if anyone else had the same experience. A: No word yet. However, totally agree with you about the energy in the room; it was definitely "off."  A2: No word.  Same here on the "energy". OP here: ok, so the rule of thumb in my experience is that awkward interviews yield campus maybe we're finalists! [Insert laugh track here]. A3: Anyone interviewed via Skype had the same feeling? A4: Still nothing? A5: They said they would have an answer on the first week of February. Yes, energy off.  Q: Inside candidate situation? A1: not sure. the description said "caribbean" and it doesn't look like anyone in the department does caribbean lit, but who knows. A2: I don't think an inside candidate is likely for many reasons. The visiting people they have are not Caribbean--and if you look at who they have, Caribbean would geographically round out their faculty. So it would take someone truly exceptional for them to abandon the specialty they asked for. Also, generally speaking, I don't believe inside candidates have any particular edge (see many comments on this page alone). Lastly, Swarthmore has a lot of money, but just the trip to the MLA was an inordinate expense. I spent $1,200 (not counting food), and their hotel was nicer than mine. So at least $1,500 per person. Very expensive. I don't care how much money a Dean or Provost type has, they're not spending that kind of money if they expect to hire internally. It's just taking them time. They're probably meeting this week and/or getting administrative approval to invite finalists. A: still nothing!??!?!? (2/2) A: My thoughts exactly! A: any news? (2/6).  A: no news here (2/6). A: Any chance they canceled this search? A: Anything is possible. We're basically a month out from MLA, so this is getting into outlier territory (unless they've called people who don't use this wiki). Usually searches are canceled because of a loss of funding or because of politics (within the dept or between dept and dean). I don't think funding is an issue with this school, at least generally speaking. So yeah, who knows?  Any news?  They had a Caribbean VAP last year. A (2/20): mystery solved per above. I still think it's rude not to let people know post MLA. I am in no position to dismiss or refuse employment, but we might have dodged a bullet on this one. If the "energy" at MLA is at all indicative of the department, whoever got that job might be joining weirdsville.  A: The VAP they had just last year who does Caribbean/gender most likely got it.  That would explain the weird "energy".  The department and the school otherwise look amazing on paper.  Or, it could also have been our lameness that produced the "energy" in the room.  I guess we'll know this fall.//I'm plenty lame, believe me, but I don't think it was us. Enough people reported this weirdness that it seems generalized. As to the school, it does seem perfect on paper. At any rate, best of luck to all of them, but more importantly to the rest of us waiting to hear.

Any word from San Francisco SU? They were supposed to call the week right after the MLA. A: Still no news (1/19)

Any word on UCLA for Hispanic Linguistics?

Any word on Arizona for Hispanic Linguistics? A: Not yet. But if we do not hear anything from them this week I think that will never will. Did you have your interview at the MLA? A: Yes.

Has anyone heard back from Cal State Fresno? (post Skype interview) A: They originally said they'd be contacting mid-to late January to schedule interviews for early Feb., hoping to finish the process by the last week of Feb. If they're still on schedule, they should be contacting candidates this week. Follow Up: Has anyone heard back from Fresno state by now? (1/24)

Any news about campus visits from Reed about VAP campus visits?

Any news from U ST Thomas about campus visits?

Is anybody else a little bit depressed about this process? :(  A: It would take a lot of self-control to NOT be, IMHO. A2: It's been really difficult. I feel like us, who will eventually need sponsorship are at a big disadvantage. I have been asked the visa question in most of my interviews. A3: Big time. It's no fun having years of training all come down to what is really just a brutal market. A4: You are not alone.  I don't need sponsorship but I definitely am struggling with the realization that I might end up with nothing after all of this, even when I have several possibilities.  There are no guarantees and this is most definitely not a meritocracy; it's a broken system in a collapsed market.  On here, it may seem like everybody is doing better than you, but keep in mind that about 75% of PhDs will go into adjunct labor or leave academia, so only about 1 in 4 of those of us with interviews and campus visits is even going to get an offer.  I know that doesn't really "help," but it is good to have perspective.A5: I agree with everyone and I feel a little better after reading all this. Especially A2, for those of us who need sponsorship it's twice as bad. The other day I was reminded by a school I had applied to that I still needed to fill out the "will you require sponsorship?" section, and I politely asked if this would disqualify me from consideration. The answer was "we're sorry, but yes, it will disqualify you" and that was the end of it." Just have to keep staying strong, hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

Any news on campus visits form UMass Amherst? No (1/18/2015)

Any news on campus visits at Middlebury College? (1/16) Nothing here. I know they said it would be 1-2 weeks before we heard anything. My guess is next week we'll know. - Thanks! A4: Have you heard anything yet? A5: Nothing yet over here. A6: campus visits happening (second hand, 1/25).   

Any news on campus visits at American University? A: They won't schedule campus visits until February (I asked them at the end of the MLA interview). A2: Weird -- I asked too and I thought they said they'd be in touch in about a week (but I guess I could be remembering wrong). Also, I saw at one point that someone responded to this saying that some people had campus visits scheduled, but then that disappeared. Not sure if it was an editing fluke or what. Hmm... A3: In my experience, they contact the candidates for campus interview 1 week afterwards/ 2 maximum. If somebody posted it, most probably it is because they already have their list. A4: It was the committee chair who told me February and that the delay was for administrative reasons, but if people had visits scheduled, that's clearly not the case.  A5:  Any word from American U? Have they scheduled campus visits? (2/10) A6. The job was offered to, and accepted by, the inside candidate. No surprise. Q to A6. Do you know who was/is the inside candidate? A6 Yes

Any news about campus visits from San Francisco State? (1/16)x2 I haven't heard anything.

Any news from Rockford University after phone interview (01/14)? Nope. Did you also have an phone interview with them? A: I did not, but my friend did. No news yet (1/23). Any updates on your side?. A2: i did have a phone interview with them back in December, but I have not heard anything since then and it's been a month. I wonder why it's taking them so long. 

Any news about campus visits from Georgia Southern U?

Anything from University of South Carolina post-Skype interview? (bumped from below 3/7)

  • I'm not a candidate for this position, nor do I know who the candidates are, but I heard that they held campus interviews a couple weeks ago (i.e. Jan 12-20 or so). I don't know whether they have made an offer yet or not.
  • Nothing yet - I believe they said the first week of classes, which is next week. 
  • Still no word? (1/18)
  • Nothing (1/18). I'm going on the assumption they've already selected candidates and moving on...
  • I'm remaining hopeful, maybe we'll hear back before the end of this week! Someone would have posted a campus interview by now. (1/21)
  • I wish that were the case. I also got a post interview rejection from University of Iowa, yet there's nary a word about campus visits from them here. Some jobs just slip through the Wikicracks. Still, you never knew... (1/22)
  • (1/28) It seems like there are enough of us on here that somebody would have heard something! Still, it is Week 2 of the semester so maybe it did slip through. 
  • (1/29) I completely agree. There were a decent amount of us who got interviews, and I actually felt that warm and tingly feeling at the end of mine... keeping my fingers crossed that they are behind!
  • (1/30) FWIW... there hasn't been any movement on the Wiki for the French and Renaissance/Italian searches either.
  • (1/30) Just out of curiosity, are you guys Latino lit or linguistics? It's always strange when they do an either/or search like that.
  • (1/30) Linguistics here, you?
  • (2/1) Latina/o Studies
  • (2/3) Also linguistics. 

Still nothing from Bucknell? (1/6) According to the Latin American history wiki:

    • Received email request for video interview on Oct. 30 (x2)
    • Received invitation to campus interview by email on Nov. 11 (x2)
    • Any further news? (Dec. 19)
    • Heard a rumor that there will be no decision until after the New Year. Suspect that they've offered it to a senior candidate and are currently negotiating.
  • A: I imagine this is for the open-rank Latin American Studies position. As of 1/7/15, I still haven't heard/seen anything about the Golden Age Asst Prof position, which supposedly started reviewing apps Nov. 15. Both are TT.
  • Agreed with above. To my knowledge, and based on the Wiki, there's been literally no word. Anyone else beginning to think that there is something up with this search? (1/14)

Any word from UMass Dartmouth?

Any word from Bennett College?

Any word from Biola University?

  • Inside candidate. Well connected. Locked in. (second hand, reliable.)

Any word from Carson Newman University?

Any word from Clark Atlanta University? No (1/9)

  • Position reposted 1/9:
  • Does that mean they didn't like any of the other candidates??
  • Follow-up: That is a good question. Similar situation happened with QCC and Biola. Does anyone know if they repost a position if it means they didn't like the packages that were submitted?
    • I've wondered this! With some sites, the reposting might be automatic. But this is intentional reposting. Maybe they just didn't get enough of the right kind of apps? That doesn't seem likely, since the job posting is so general.

Any word from Morgan State University? No (1/4)

Any word from Palomar College? No (1/7) x2. A2: Deadline hasn't passed yet... (1/8)

Any word from Regis University? No (1/4) Any news yet (1/19)? Still none here (1/21). Still nothing here (1/22) Anyone else??

Any word from Trinity College?

Did anyone ever get an application from Wheaton College? Q: Were there limited numbers? A: The job announcement noted that they would send applications to candidates that they were interested in. 

Any word from Emerson C. post-Skype interviews?

Did anyone hear back about a campus visit to Stephen F. Austin? (1/02)

Still no news on North Dakota? Their deadline was way back in October... (1/4) Nada (1/4)(x2)

Any news on Doane College?

Still nothing from UMass Dartmouth?

Any word from Clemson University for Lecturer or TT? A: This might not be the answer you're looking for, but last year I interviewed with them for TT Latin America and the request came a week before X-mas. Perhaps they're taking longer this year? Good luck.

Anyone heard from Regis U? (12/30) A: Nothing here (12/30) (x2); nope (1/4)  A: nothing here.

Anything from Mercer University? A: Nada!! (12/28), nope (1/16)

Any word on Cal State San Marcos as of 12/24? A: Nope

Did anybody hear from Chapman University? A: 12/29-still waiting. A2: Nada. (1/10)-(1/16)

Did anybody hear from Southern Connecticut? No from SC (12/23x3). Still waiting (1/10)-(1/16)

Any news from CSU, Northridge?

Did anyone ever hear from Bucknell? (11/23) NO, still nothing here (12/23) No, nothing (12/23) Still nothing? (12/29)

When are these schools going to contact us? Obviously, they are all doing skype interviews because it is too late to invite us for the MLA. A: I've heard that some schools extend interviews at the MLA as late as the first days of January. I've also heard that in the past some people got the interview request at the MLA itself, but this sounds more like an urban legend to me. Good luck to you and I! (12/29)

Inside candidate, Rice TT GA (someone's spouse, second hand reliable) (Someone deleted this, perhaps intentionally. Here it is again.) What is TT? Tenure Track

  • Wrong information: there are no inside candidates for this position (second hand, reliable.)  

No interviews for UVA still despite multiple waves of rejections? Is anyone else in limbo? A1: Nothing here (12/15) A2: Still nothing. Wonder if position geared toward senior scholar (hence no wiki noise) (12/19). Very possible, but why have a handful of us not received rejections? Possible second position? (12/20); UVa selected candidates for interviews in February.

Any news on campus visits at Marquette? (x1)

Any news from University of Miami (TT position)?

The position at Salisbury University is not mentioned anywhere on this page as of 12/11. Does anyone have any information on that position?

Any news about the Lecturer position at UMD?

Any information at all from Biminghamton?

Inside candidate at U. of Massachussetts, Amherst. Second hand, but reliable

  • I'm pretty certain they have an inside candidate as well who does precisely what the job description calls for.
  • There is an inside candidate but it is not even remotely a given that person will receive it. The person below was intelligent enough to state this. I once thought insiders were given preference but it has proven to be wrong with several people.
  • About the inside candidates... I was once the inside candidate at Prestigious U. In fact, there were two of us. I was disqualified right away (thus, the search continues). The other candidate was particularly talented and made it to the short list, but still had to go back to his home country as he did not quite fit the profile they were looking for. Who got it at the end? A newly minted PhD. You just never know.
  • Well, let's see

Any word on Mount Mary?

  • Re: I just submitted my application to SM the other day and it seemed like the review process is stil ongoing.

Short list @ Duke???

  • I haven't seen anyone indicate an invitation for interview yet, so I'm kinda dubious that they'd have a short list already.
  • Seems like a limited amount of Duke candidates being interviewed at Vancouver, are they playing a long game? i.e. ABDs @ MLA, Assistants & Associates in the new year? Wise move if they're determined to find a good fit.
  • How do you know this? How many candidates are being interviewed at Vancouver for this position?
  • Only know what's been posted here (1 declared MLA invu,& w/ that the assumption that the person is ABD b/c active Assts & Assocs might not be in the position to drop everything & fly to Vancouver during busy end of term-ad didn't specify MLA invus), the rest is conjecture. But if anyone knows of others, hopefuls would most certainly be interested!
  • This is quite presumptuous. Many positions didn't mention specifics as to where they're interviewing. People with MLA interviews might also be presenters. Also, didn't the job ad mention they were hiring at the advanced assistant level?

Inside candidate at Oberlin? Their VAP is a well-rounded GA specialist...

  • I wondered the same. Strange indeed.
  • What's a GA specialist? Anyways, look at how long he's been there. His publications seem kind of on the light side. I imagine he's on his way out.
  • GA=Golden Age
  • FYI, SLACs rarely have inside candidates unless they are superstar academics. Too small, too risky. 
  • And SLACs seldom go for superstars, either. They want scholar-teachers and can usually tell the difference.

How many interviews do you have in total? A: 8 so far, and 2 campus interviews. A: wow, that's a lot. You must be a good candidate. I only have three. Anybody else? A: I have two and neither school interviews at the MLA. A2: I just got a Fulbright but I can't get a damn interview... go figure.. A: 6 this year, 3 more than last. Was hoping to avoid MLA, but two are there. It gets better, trust me (cliche, I know)....A4: Skype interviews are good too! Some schools only do skype interviews. You can get a good job with a Skype Interview. Plus the MLA is so far this year. A5: 6 (ABD, lit) A6: 8; 4 MLA, 4 Skype/phone 6A7: You guys have so many interviews. Are you all graduated? I am still ABD.  A8: 8 interviews [7 Skype, 1MLA (ABD, lit)]. A9: 1 phone, 1 Skype, 1 campus. And I think the number of your interviews depends on your area of focus. LatAm has more positions than PenSp. A: Good luck on the Campus one!  Follow-up: I was the first response- I agree with the last person to respond. It has everything to do with your specialization. There were a lot of jobs in Spanish linguistics this go-round. Also, I applied to over 70 jobs, that might have something to do with it as well. ¡Buena suerte a todos! A10: (ABD, Span Ling) submitted 25 applications, 8 Skype/phone interviews so far (Dec. 31), some of which are for January (I am not going to the MLA), no campus visits yet.  A11: I have 4 (Skype/phone). No MLA either. A: I have five. A12: Five here, 3 Skype and 2 phone. Is that an average number? A13: I have 7, 5 Skype, 2 phone. No MLA. A14: 1MLA, 3 skype and 1 phone, and in the end 4 on campus interviews, which led to 1 offer. A15: I had an interesting year. 1 phone, 1 skype, 1 campus and 1 offer...

KIND REQUEST: Please refrain from inquiring here about positions whose deadlines have not even passed yet (or whose deadline just passed very recently). I know everyone is anxious, but this feed doesn't work as well if it gets clogged up with a lot of people asking about specific positions just because they're anxious to hear back and not because they have a particular reason to ask. Thanks, and good luck to everyone! The waiting game is terrible!

SPECIAL NOTE ON SO-CALLED INSIDE CANDIDATES: Hi there! Before feeling discouraged upon seeing people offer their information and opinions on such positions, I wanted to tell you: in a national search there is no such thing as a true inside candidate. The people who believe otherwise have probably not served on a search committee or have done so in a very idiosyncratic place. This is so for a host of reasons; but even in the case of a spouse that people hope to hire in order to retain a colleague, things can go wrong (other offers, hater-colleagues, sometimes no one intended to hire that person in the first place, etc) and in the case of a current VAP this is even more the case. So apply, take it seriously, and do your best. Even if everyone wants to hire a particular insider, things happen and they will want to have a fantastic second choice to hire. The rest is utter speculation and I think very unhelpful to our new potential colleagues.//Thank you for adding this. Good, sage words to keep in mind. // Really, though, listen to this—especially if this is your first time on the market. Use your energy to prepare (for interviews, for your defense, for anything productive or positive).//Thank you so much for writing this...I am one of those who can be considered as an "inside candidate" and I could't agree with you more. Again, thanks!

Free advice (especially for colleagues new to the market)[]

1. Quick tip for MLA members: You can get your Interfolio account fee waived. See the MLA website for details:

General Discussion, Questions, and Inquiries[]

Q: Any ideas for Plan B? Some of us did not get offers this year. Maybe we won't get them ever. But, because we are intelligent, well-educated individuals, we need to move on, and we need to do it well. However, concretely, what's out there, what are some options for those of us with a PhD in Spanish? It might be especially difficult for us Spanish native speakers since many jobs (editing, translating into English, publishing, copywriting) require a flawless knowledge of English. Anyone?

  • A1: There's no one answer to this. PhDs can and do work in many sectors. My plan B is doing financial literacy training for Spanish-speaking employees in a small company. It's a managerial position. Language skills are particularly useful in marketing and public relations. PhDs can work in Research and Development and user experience (UX). I'm telling all my MA student friends now to do internships over the summer in non-academic settings to get some job experience outside the academy (but never tell your advisor(s)--they'll shun you as I have been). We're not all relegated to copy editing and the like, but non-academic jobs rely heavily on 1. experience and 2. networking. This might be of interest to some of you, too: a virtual conference for academics looking for how they can transition to non-academic careers. is another. 
  • A2: There are plenty of options out there for PhDs. Being a native Spanish speaker can be a benefit in many of them (and definitely not a detriment if your English is solid, not perfect). Just like in academia, networking matters, but it's not too late. It's also a matter of pinning down what you're good at, what you enjoy, where you want to live. The plus of outside academia is that it happens a LOT faster than the academic search. I'd suggest versatilephd as a good place to ask questions, get ideas of what jobs might work for you, learn how to write a resume.  
  • Response: Thank you both! I think I can get a good headstart now. Wish I had considered it early on. Sadly, there just aren't enough jobs for us all. 
  • A3: My partnet actively researched this when I was moaning back in January. He was stunned that we're all fighting tooth and nail for jobs that may pay no more than mid 50s, and we only get one shot a year at one of those jobs. The truth is that a PhD in the humanities has a lot of transferable skills, particularly in research and forming persuasive arguments. Who would want that? Tons of companies in the business kill for those skills. Do an internship. Get a feel for what you like to do. In 10 years, you'll probably be making more money than any of us who stayed on the academic path. Cold truth.

I'm wondering what to make of the following situation: I was a finalist for a position and recently invited for a campus visit. Unfortunately, however, the day of my visit, the school had to be shut down midday due to unforseen circumstances. Because of this, the meetings I had scheduled for that day were cut short (from 30 to 15 minutes), my research presentation was moved up and the audience I was supposed to present to no longer made it to the talk, so I only presented to a handful of faculty (not my intended audience; the presentation was written specifically to engage with students), and the teaching demonstration I was scheduled to teach (and had diligently prepared) was canceled. The department in turn asked me to stay one more night with them and teach a completely different class and lesson from the one I had prepared for the visit, the following day. Needless to say, despite my efforts, preparing a lesson plan while you are away at a campus visit and exhausted from traveling, constant meetings and keeping your game face on all day long, does not a great class make. Unfortunately, my class the following day was indeed somewhat disorganized and not nearly as good as it would have been had I been given more than 3 exhausted hours to prepare for it, and I did not get the position. I realize that nothing can be done to change things at this point, but I am also frustrated by the fact that I did not get the same opportunity as other finalists to show the department my best work and teaching. My question then is, is it legal to take away a finalist's equal opportunity for full consideration for a position?

  • A: This sounds absolutely horrible, I am so sorry that this happened to you.
  • That is horrible! But unfortunately, as unethical as it all sounds, there was nothing illegal in it. Sounds to me like they had already decided whom to hire. I would almost bet that your performance had nothing to do with their decision. 

Does anyone know if there is a Wiki dedicated to discussion about the 1st year on the tenure track? I found the feedback on this wiki so helpful during my search this year and it would be nice to have the same kind of support as I enter my new job. If there isn't a page like that, would others be interested in one? I know the Professor is in does a blog, but the immediate feedback we get here is great! 

  • A: The Chronicle of Higher Education has discussion boards that include a thread on life on the tenure track. There's a specific thread for each cohort (2015, 2014, 2013, etc), so you can interact with people in the same phase as you.,33.0.html  2015 is already up and going! Response: Thank you!

Shout out to all the people who had flawless campus interviews and still didn't get the job! THANKS! I feel really sad after all these campus interviews that went great and nothing. AWESOME shout out--totally with you there! Solidarity!- I've been through it and it's a horrible feeling but I guess you get used to it after the first time (or at the very least you learn that 'flawless' campus interviews don't necesarily land you a job) :) 

Wiki-ites: random question: what is your take on TT jobs at SLACs and/or Rx institutions that are advertised well into the Spring semester for a Fall start date? I mean, beyond (behind?) the line of getting very late hiring approval from admin (I recognize that admin delay is real, just humor me).

As most of you might have already noticed, the job market in the US is very competitive and it gets a lot harder if you need visa sponsorship. I was wondering if anyone here has looked for jobs outside the USA? Some places in Latin America are growning and demand more professors who actually hold a phd. Anyone know of where to look for? Has anyone applied? Any luck?

What is the general opinion on taking jobs at small liberal arts schools that likely no on but locals have heard of if you want to move on to an R1 in future? The number of jobs to come out in my field this year can be counted on one hand. I have 2 campus visits at small schools that I'd never heard of until they appeard on the MLA list, although they seem to be perfectly fine. The thing is that they aren't in very dynamic places, the departments are small and entirely teaching-centered, and I can't imagine feeling fulfilled there for more than a year or two. My sense from the most recent campus visit is that they see many ways that I can contribute to their school, but I don't see many ways that they will contribute to me and my development. My question/concern is, if I get an offer at one of these places, will taking the position in any way hinder my chances of moving on to a more prestigiuos and research-oriented position in future? I plan to publish as I would at an R1 to keep up my profile, but I worry that my application will be ignored when they see that my cover letter's letterhead is from Middle of Nowhere/Never Heard of College. Does anyone have direct experience with this? Are there better alternatives to taking this type of TT job? 

  • I have direct experience with this. If you do what you say you will do, you will still have a chance to at least get an interview from an R1 even if you're in a no-name place. The prevailing wisdom is that if you keep up the research profile you would maintain at an R1, even if you're not at an R1, you're still in the running to move up. This is particularly true if you come from a top program and you're in your 3-4 year in the TT. My diss advisor tells me that the miasma of the no-name school doesn't really attach until you've been there for a while/get tenure. I'm not saying that you will get opportunities, I'm just saying that you still have a chance to move up. I teach at Nowheresville C, and this job season I did get an invite from an R1. And they seemed to be interested, but I did not make the cut to the campus visit. Now, even though I did manage to get publications and my connection to my top-notch grad institution is still in place, my record is not the same as if I had been at an R1 from the beginning. That was probably a factor on them passing on me (and others in a similar situation). I hope you've noticed that my response is peppered with "ifs" that sound reasonable...until you're working at the teaching intensive school. I cannot stress enough that transitioning from grad school to the TT is no joke: it's not easy if you go to an R1, and it is certainly not easy if you go to a small teaching college. The smaller the college, the more you are either asked to do or HAVE to do. Many colleagues have told me that they thought they'd be here for a couple of years and leave but then "they just ended up here and liking it," which I grant is true. It is also true that they have almost none to very few publications, which would render them undersirable in this job market. This situation is worse when you are a woman or a person of color: you are asked to do the same as anyone else on the TT, then participate on the diversity committees/events/working groups, and you are also scrutinized more than others who started with you. So it's possible to move up, but the environment at a small college is invested in preventing you from doing the work that you need to do to move up (for a variety of reasons). One way to keep your productivity up (not recommended) is to get to campus and absolutely refuse to do anything and just teach and publish--if you know you don't intend to ever get tenure there. Your tenure case will never survive such behavior, and you may be cut off at the third year too for not being collegial enough. But more importantly, when you go on the job market again, you need someone from your college, preferably in your department, to write a letter on your behalf, and no one will do that if you haven't pulled your own weight or refused to do any service. Regarding alternatives, the only alternatives that exist are whichever ones you've cultivated. That is, if you want to be a professor and have to file your diss with no postdoc or VAP offer waiting, the choice is employment or unemployment. I personally couldn't afford not to work. This is just my take based on my experience: my intent is not to harm even though what I am writing is discouraging. I hope others chime in with their perspectives.
  • I know someone who went from a TT job at Beloit (Bueller? Anyone?) to a TT at Michigan. It's possible.
  • I wonder about this too. I come from a top program, big name advisor, have a great CV and track record, etc. Jobs in my field were reduced to a handful this year and I was fortunate enough to be a finalist for a few positions, but 2 of those positions were canceled. However, I was recently made an offer at a VERY low-tier college with at 4/4 teaching load where the faculty kept insisting that their priority was teaching, not research. The market being what it is, I don't see how I can turn down the only offer I've gotten this year (it's my first year on the market and I'm defending next month), but I will definitely be on the market again come fall. What concerns me is that this is a TT job and I wonder if it will make me a less desirable candidate for top jobs in the fall. I'd be applying to jobs one or two months into this new TT job at a crappy college that will, furthermore, saddle me with low-level language teaching as opposed to giving me the opportunity to teach a couple of content courses. The alternative would be to decline the offer, be unemployed in the fall, keep up my research and apply as someone who "just defended" over the summer. I wouldn't make any money but could potentially keep my institutional affiliation through the fall and apply as a newly minted phd.. Any suggestions/thoughts out there? I want position where research is valued and would rather give the job market one more go if it would mean that my chances of getting a good position at at least a mid-level college would be higher than if I applied from a TT position at a school that no one respects and is only focused on language teaching.
  • What I really wonder is why they thought you were the right candidate for this job since according to what you just wrote, teaching language classes does not seem to be what you enjoy the most. My humble advice would be to just be true to yourself and do what you really want... and if you end up accepting the position at this very low-tier college treat it as it if were your dream job and try to enjoy it... teaching language is as important as doing research and can also be very enjoyable.   
  • If this institution is not where you want to be I would not accept the job, especially if it's a TT position. If you are not happy there, they will see it and you will be wasting your time in the TT process. And yes, teaching is great, but a lot of folks out there want to do research as well and an institution where you will have a 4/4 teaching load will not allow you to do it. It is that simple. I would probably talk to your advisor and ask him/her if you could stay in your school as a lecturer with a lower teaching load which would allow you to work on your research and teach upper level classes which will make your a much stronger candidate next year. 
  • I can speak to this. I come from a top program, known advisor, good CV. I am also a good teacher, not because I adore teaching but because I believe that I should do all jobs I am given well. This has resulted in my being offered interviews at 4/4 schools and even visits. While supposedly it's better to go to the market with a TT no matter what, I have no idea how you run on the market without telling anyone in your department if you are teaching that much. So, I chose to be quite straightforward about my research interests this year, to be honest about who I am to both myself and campuses. It may be a stupid idea, because I don't have an offer, but on the other hand, why would I take a spot that would make me miserable from someone who desperately wants to teach instead of doing research? Personally I'd rather run from outside the academy as crazy as it sounds. 

Is it safe to assume by this point that schools have already scheduled campus visits? I.e., if we haven't heard anything since the MLA, can we assume we won't be invited?  Also, do schools normally send rejections after an MLA interview?

  • Realistically, that is the simplest conclusion, if disheartening. I haven't heard a peep from an MLA interview, and a month out, it just doesn't seem plausible that I will. However, one would like closure. Re: rejections post MLA, my understanding is that it is the "norm" to send out rejections after the MLA, but many schools don't. The thinking here is that if they met you, they should let you know either way (and they often say that in the room). However, some schools are too busy (most likely), reserve the MLA candidates in case the finalists don't pan out (they go back to the MLA interview list, but this scenario is NOT likely), or don't care. Sometimes it's a combination of all three. I had an MLA interview a few years back, and I didn't even get a rejection letter in the summer (which is usually the time someone's like, "oh, yeah, we didn't send out rejection letters. we don't need to add this time because it's obvious, but HR is making us.") The fact of the matter is that faculty hiring is not at all uniform across institutions, so it's hard to have a realistic expectation of what should happen and when. Weirdly, in my opinion, things have gotten a little better: it seems to me that there have been a lot more rejection letters at each step of the process this year than in the past. Or it could be that the institutions this year are more professional/have better rules around faculty searches.

Does anyone know how search committees juggle several searches in the department? Do they wait until all candidates for all positions leave campus to meet up and vote or do they vote for one position candidate at a time?

  • It will depend on the department, college/university, and governance structure. For example, a large English department may run a search for a lit position and a search for a composition studies position. If they have many people in each area, they will create a two search committees that are likely to work with a parallel timeline, but they can easily go at their own pace. In this situation, I don't believe that they would make offers for both searches at the same time, though they might very logically (time is short) do campus visits at the same time. The only thing that I can think of that would make one search wait for the other is if the Dean wants to deal with hiring all at the same time, which I guess is possible. But honestly, at that stage, they're worried someone will snap us up first (hard to believe, I know).
  • I had a campus visit in a department that is conducting three searches, and they told me it would be about a month until I hear anything. My guess, based on that information, is that they are planning on meeting to discuss all candidates at once. But I would also imagine that if a strong candidate contacted them and said they had another offer, they could arrange to meet before then if need be. This is just speculation, though. I imagine that different departments deal with this differently and that it depends in part on how big both the department and the university are, as well as other factors like the dean and the structure of the search committees.

When is good to contact the SC after a campus interview with inquiries about where the process is? 10 days? 2 weeks? never?

  • I have the same question. It's been over a month since my campus visit and I'm pretty sure I was the second-to-last candidate.  
  • A: Never. It won't help and may hurt. It's frustrating, but don't do it. They may not have made their decision yet, or may be negotiating with another candidate and have you on the back burner. They´re unlikely to let you know which one is the case, and may not even be allowed to under their departmental or institutional rules. The only exception is if you have something substantial to update them with like a new publication or a competing offer.

Any thoughts on how to juggle multiple campus visits? I know it's a good problem to have (and I feel for those of you who don't have any/many), but it's also super stressful. Can anyone speak from experience as to things you did that helped you to keep a level head through the whole process?

  • A: I'm in the same boat as you are and it is very difficult to share my anxiety with others, as they believe that I should be happy because I have interviews to stress about. This season I've been on three on-campus interviews and I have a few suggestions that might help. (1) Make sure you have comfortable shoes. After the first one, I realized that I needed new ones. (2) Take frequent bathroom breaks. I usually took about 3 granola bars with me and ate them in the bathroom periodically throughout the day. (3) Make sure you also have a bottle of water in your bag at all times. You can take a sip during difficult interviews and also refresh in the bathroom. (4) Smile through the nerves. (5) Other items to have on hand: pain pills, safety pins, pens, cell phone on silent and your itinerary (duh!). Hope this is helpful.
  • A: I second all the advice from previous answer. If I could do this again, I wouldn't agree to schedule more than one interview within the period of a week. It's nice when you have at least a week to settle from one before moving on.
  • Thanks for your responses. Now that I'm almost done with my visits (I'm the one who originally posted the question), I would second the advice to not schedule more than one per week. I was also able to use the same lesson plan for two of my teaching demos and then recycle it again in my own classes when I got back, which made for less prep work (plus, by the time I taught that lesson during my second visit I'd already had a chance to practice it). I'd say as much as you can "double-dip" and still reasonably present yourself as a good fit for each individual position, then go for it. My best advice, now that I've been through this, would be to be as efficient and organized as possible to conserve your energy. (E.g. have a running list of general questions you want to ask that you can then tweak according to each institution.) What I was afraid of with so many visits was stretching myself so thin that I'd just be worn out and not do a good job at any of them. Whatever you can do to preserve your energy is crucial. This goes for campus visits in general, no matter how many you have.

Can a lecturer position become Assistant Position later on?

  • Pretty much never, since lecturer positions usually have a different search process. In the cases I've heard of, if a tenure track position opens up, there will be a national search and the lecturer may apply like everyone else. It's unlikely to give you an advantage, though.
  • Will taking a Lectureship hurt your chances in the future if you plan on getting a position as a TT Professor? Any thoughts on this? A: With the current climate, absolutely not. A2: Agreed. If you're wondering whether it would hurt you in getting a TT job at the same university, however, it might. If you're already there, why offer you a more expensive position? But this would be highly dependent on the particular departmental culture. A3: While not an optimal situation, it's certainly possible to move from adjuncting/lecturing to the TT elsewhere. I  know someone who just moved from adjuncting at an R2 or 3 to TT at an R1. You just have to publish a lot and teach well because you'll need a good letter from your teaching supervisor. How? Throw your teevee and iphone off a cliff, avoid making friends, no drinking beer, no attending mass, no sex or other such hobbies. It's all about the monasticism and trying to keep a sense of humor.

Does anyone have thoughts on how to proceed if you have more than one campus visit and you've received an offer (perhaps even accepted it) before you go on the other visits? It seems slightly unethical to still go on the second/third interview if you've already accepted an offer elsewhere, but I'm also afraid I wouldn't get reimbursed for airfare if I cancelled. What would you do?

  • Terrible problem to have. Go on the second interview. If you are offered the job, you may be able to use it as leverage to get a higher salary. I know you may feel the need to be "ethical" with them, but most of them show no mercy to job seekers, so I feel no obligation whatsoever to return the favor. 
  • Another reason to follow through on the 2nd interview: I know someone who was offered a job at a major R1 with a great reputation, accepted and then was told the University was canceling the postion.
  • I would go. Maybe they make you a better offer... unless you have signed with the other school already.
  • I am in this same position now. I was told to tell the other places that I already have an offer in hand and that I have not made a decision because they are my first choice. 
  • Do not under any circumstances worry about "ethics" in this situation. Colleges and universities do not have such scruples when they are scrutinizing us. They even jettison tenured faculty when it serves their needs. Don't be slimy, but if you have to break a promise for a better offer, do it. If we were in the business world, this issue wouldn't come up: we'd just say "sorry not sorry" and that would just be the cost of doing business for everyone concerned. In a world with ethics, I would not advise this. But that's not where we are, and we are going to have to get hired first before we can advocate for changes.

How long do finalists usually wait to receive an offer after a campus visit? My current understanding is that it takes only a few days, but I'm not sure. 

I had a campus interview over a week ago. Although I can't help but think about all the positive comments I got from the SC (like that I was their favorite candidate...),I should assume by now that I am probably not their first choice, right?

  • I think it depends how many were invited to campus, but usually the turnaround time is a lot faster than after the initial interview - like you said, a "few days."
  • A2: It could easily be closer to a few weeks. I don't think most searches can conduct more than one or at most two visits a week, so if you're the first candidate, figure on two weeks or more before the other two or three candidate visits. Add time for the search committee to meet and decide, and depending on the institution, for bureaucratic hurdles. Then there’s always a chance the first-choice candidate will decline after a week or two of deliberating (the second-choice will not likely be told this, though given the current market I doubt he/she would care much). So I would say one has to wait a few weeks before feeling he/she has been passed over.
  • I would agree with the above. At my grad instititution, it was 1 candidate per week, and the dept met the following week. It was very protacted. Post-MLA is typically a much faster turnaround (and clearly there are places who interviewed at MLA that still haven't made a decision).

University of North Dakota, TT position in Spanish in the U.S. has been closed (1/29)

Why is this Wikia for Spanish AND Portuguese? Why not separate pages? No guesses, please, just real answers from someone familiar with the history of this page.

  • ​Because most departments are Spanish and Portuguese - they're tied together. Many jobs in Spanish are also now requesting the ability to teach Portuguese.
  • ^ Are you speaking with direct knowledge of the history of this Wikia? Are *most* departments Spanish and Portuguese? My undergrad was, but my two graduate programs have not been. There seem to be just as many places that have departments of French and Italian, again, like my undergrad. Where's the "French and Italian" Wikia? I've seen plenty more postings for jobs that want Spanish and French than for those that want Spanish and Portuguese.
  • You are welcome to believe anything you wish, but your experience has obviously been very different from mine. I would say that a full 20% of jobs posted last spring (not those shiney TTs, but the gritty lecturing jobs and VAPs) asked for ability to teach Spanish AND Portuguese. While most departments may not be Spanish AND Portuguese, how many freestanding Portuguese departments are there? Feel free to provide numbers.
  • New poster here. While departments that have Spanish may or may not have Portuguese, almost every Portuguese program in the US is housed with Spanish, either in a S and P department or a Romance Languages or Modern Languages dept., or some similiar iteration. There are two independent Portuguese departments that I know of: Brown and U Mass Dartmouth. There may be others, but they are not common. For me, having a common Spanish and Portuguese wiki page makes sense. Many of us who work in Portuguese also work in Spanish, and thus might be applying to both, and there are also frequently jobs open to specialists in both or either- Latin American Cultural Studies, Colonial Latin America, or whatever it might be. Jobs focused on language teaching are increasingly asking for each candidate to do more and more, and Spanish and Portuguese together is both a logical and a common combination.

Will there be more jobs posted in the MLA or other websites within the next few months? 

  • A: Yes! Not nearly as many, but there are still some popping up. I'm still applying, just in case nothing pans out with the interviews I've done so far. Something else you might do is set up a search agent using a regular job site like Indeed to look for Spanish lecturer positions. A lot of those will never get posted to the MLA, Chronicle or Inside Higher Ed, because they're regional searches (they're not required to do the more expensive national search). But those tend to come free semester-by-semester, so there will be jobs popping up in the spring that start in the fall. Caveat: There almost certainly will not be any assistance with moving expenses for these types of positions. 
  • Some tenure tracks will come up, but there will be a whole lot of VAPs. I definitely reccomend Higher Ed Jobs - there's alot of stuff listed there. Mostly lecturing, but some TTs too.

Do you know if universities send their campus interviews all at once?

  • A1: Usually yes. I've served on multiple search committees, and the usual protocol is that the committee meets post-MLA to pick 3 candidates to invite to campus and schedules those visits. But in one search, my department made an offer that was declined, and thought the other two candidates that came to campus wouldn't be a good fit. So they went back to the MLA interview list and starting bringing in more candidates to campus, one of whom got the job. In other words, it's not completely hopeless if you see that you didn't get a campus interview, but at the same time, it's not a common scenario.

Hi, I am wondering what is the normal time for schools to contact candidates after the skype/mla interview. I was told I would hear from them in 2-3 weeks, but it's been one week and the school has already contacted someone. Did they already know they were not going to contact me then? Thanks

  • A1: I've also been told 2 weeks in the past and then got the campus invite after about a week, so I don't think it's that they already knew they weren't going to invite you to campus. I think they tend to overestimate in case things take longer than expected. Often times the search committee has to meet with the rest of the faculty then get approval from the dean before they can contact finalists. In other cases, things move more quickly. I wouldn't read too much into the difference in time frame from what they told you.
  • A2:^^Agree. There can be bureaucracy (admin approval) involved with campus interviews, and that can move quickly or slowly. It's nice when it moves quickly, but more common for it to move slowly.
  • I've gotten rejections 1 week after an interview, but I just contacted a department I interviewed with at the first of December and they're still tied up, apparently. It's all over the place.

Discussion of Visas / US Work Authorization [moved from Phone / Skype Interviews section ABOVE]

  • Mt. Mary (12/22, phone request for phone interview) (x3)
  • Q: Did they ask you if you were authorized to work in the US? A: Yes. A2: I assume you are authorized to work here then? (The reason I am asking is because I told them I neeeded a Visa and they did not scgedule the interview :( A: Yes, I am authorized to work here. A3: That's such BS, if I may. No school should be rejecting anyone's application because they're not a permanent US resident. It exposes the whole academic enterpreside (and the Humanities, of all fields!) for the business that they've become. The fact that a respectable school asks that question before they even interview an individual blows my mind. (12/26) A4: I agree, that is very unfortunate although that very same question came up in about 95 % of all my online applications... it may be a routine HR question though I know first hand that many programs are encouraged to hire candidates who don't need visa sponsorship.  A5: Indeed, that has been my experience as well. Some colleges make it optional while others make it mandatory so that you can't submit your ap without answering it. To my mind, this is a major contradiction with most colleges' stated policy of " The U does not discriminate on the basis of....,..., and national origin." as well as with their purported committment to "foster diversity." If you won't hire foreign nationals for a foreign language position, then you're severly limiting students' opportunity for multicultural exposure. I actually know first-hand of an offer for a language position being withdrawn when they found out the candidate would need sponsorship once their OPT was over. A6: It is extremely unfortunate, but there are schools that make assumptions and base their decisions on your BA degree as well. If you have graduated from a college abroad, it implies that you might be an international student, therefore you might need sponsorship for a visa, and thus you are eliminated automatically.

In the online application of a prestigious college they asked me if I had authorization to work in USA, and surprisingly, the only given answer to select was YES, so I did not answer because did not apply to me, I do need a sponsor. So they take for granted that the candidate has to have the residency card. Very frustrating !

  • A7: I've been watching this with interest as I have a BA and MA from outside the US but am now totally legal of my own accord to work in the US (green card). I wonder sometimes if my education, etc works against me and was asked by another school if I had legal status prior to getting offered an interview. If you check the MLA site, however, you'll find the following statement: "Federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, disability, or national origin. The MLA Job Information List reserves the right to edit all statements to conform with such regulations. Statements from foreign language departments requiring that applicants be native speakers of a given language will not be accepted. Phrases such as “native command,” “native fluency,” and “native-level speaker” are acceptable." All it takes is enough people getting angry about it and something could be done. Bring it up at the MLA delegates meeting, talk to an MLA rep, etc... It's illegal and they (should) know that already, but they get away with it because we're all too scared to say anything and risk not getting the interview.
  • Re: Agreed, excellent point. Ideally us "foreigners" (however defined: by passport, mother tongue, etc) should make fair treatment a central concern and be more vociferous about the need for a  basic common platform beyond "we don't discriminate on the basis of... ."  But easier said than done:  when they're actually in the middle of everything, I suspect most people just pray that enough schools will even consider their credentials rather than planning on addressing the issue at the MLA. Moreover, the problem with unfair hiring practices is, I suspect, somewhat beyond what the MLA can do (although it wouldn't hurt to agitate a bit more for fixing them). Some schools leave it up  entirely to HR to carry out the first pre-selection of applications, which is somewhat akin to a Spanish professor hiring the best arquitect to design the newest building on campus. They can't possibly look at us and evaluate the same things, with the same eye, as someone from our field. To make matters worse, I've heard of one interview where (for reasons still unknown), even after HR seemingly had their say first, the committee who actually interviewed the candidate actually had no Spanish faculty members in it. And no one bothered to explain the situation to the candidate.
  • RE: I agree that this most likely a policy established by HR/the University in general for all departments and not a specific practice for foreign language departments. In terms of the legality of it, while I really don't agree with the practice, it probably is legal since eliminating candidates based on eligibility for employment is not technically identical to discrimination based on national origin; they aren't actually asking about national origin and are considering foreign-born applicants who have obtained a green card/visa/citizenship through other means. 
  • Unfortunately, asking about work authorization is completely legal. While in practice it may eliminate candidates born elsewhere, technically it is not discrimination based on nationality, since presumably you could be born elsewhere but not need visa sponsorship. It´s definitely frustrating.
  • Salary is a driving force, at least at my university.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics determines what is a minimum salary in your market for a position in your field.  This figure is much higher than many (most?) budgeted beginning salaries.  Sponsorship of an H1B, for example, requires the minimum salary, the position to be posted publicly with the salary, and creates a lot of tension when people authorized to work in the US see these, realize that they are paid less, and so on.  It costs money to sponsor an employee's visa (and their dependents).  The whole mess is avoided by not considering people who are not already authorized to work in the US.

Question About Degree Conferrals and Summer Defenses: In order to graduate in May, most PhD candidates must defend in April in order to have time to make any necessary revisions and deposit their dissertation before spring graduation. However, if one defends in, say, late May because they need a bit more time to finalize their dissertation (therefore missing spring grad), and then deposits his/her dissertation in late May or June, is one still eligible to take TT Assistant Professorships that require a "PhD in-hand by term of appointment" (normally Aug. 1)? Where I study, one can officially graduate in May, which might be too early for me, or in September, which would technically be too late to take up a job that requires a PhD as of August. However, given that all of my degree requirements will have been fulfilled in late spring/early summer, despite not having had the "official" conferral and diploma yet, would I not be able to begin an appointment in August that requires a completed PhD? If anyone has experience with this and could clarify, that would be great.

I have also heard of people asking for letters from their registrar stating that they have completed program requirements, even if they have not yet offically graduated---Is this enough to take up the job?

  • I'm wondering the same: are you still eligible for a hire once you have completed all degree requirements (ie. defended, deposited, etc.) and are simply waiting for the official graduation date/degree conferral, or must the degree be officially conferred to begin most positions?  
  • In my experience, it will depend on the school. I've served on several search committees at a mid-tier state university, and for us, as long as the diss was deposited before the start date, that's sufficient, even if the actual degree hasn't been conferred. Probably at a top-tier school, there will be a firm insistence on Ph.D. conferred. It helps if your director's letter states that you have a defense date scheduled, but the issue is that the committee can never really be sure that candidates will have actually defended and deposited (sometimes for reasons outside the candidate's control, like a committee member requiring a re-scheduled defense date), and there are lots of other equally qualified candidates that have Ph.D. in hand. In linguistics, the department hired candidates without Ph.D. in hand, but in lit, all candidates had the Ph.D. and teaching experience in VAPs or other TT jobs. 

I'm Hispanic, born and raised in the U.S., and I resent that there are many Spanish jobs that ask for "outreach to the local Hispanic community." One reason I resent this is because my guess is (I haven't checked) that English lit. jobs in places such as Scranton, PA or Portsmouth, OH probably don't require "service to the community." I'm sure some people would love doing that and would get a lot out of it. I, however, don't feel like I need to be a social worker (love what they do, though) to teach language or literature. How do you feel about having to teach "service-learning courses?"

  • I hear you. But I don't think anyone is really trying to add a social-work component to your job. It's more a question of the type of institution and its mission. SLACs, especially religious ones or sometimes smaller public schools with a focus on teaching and/or a service mission will often include an outreach function. They'll want to hire someone who is on board with the way they do things, obviously, regardless of whether they're filling a Spanish or English position. And outreach is not necessarily the same thing as "service learning". Sometimes it means the institution is concerned about enrollment, especially minority enrollment and would like their faculty to help boost the numbers. Finally, it's just a theory, but I think it's possible humanities departments increasingly have to justify their new faculty lines to administration by emphasizing what they can do in service-learning or community engagement. It's a way to counter the old argument that humanists are irrelevant or lost in the academic clouds.
  • A: I teach a Service Learning course at my institution and absolutely love it. Depending on how the institution does it, it provides excellent opportunities for practical learning and community engagement. Are those undesirable? And, by the way, our English, Psychology, Business, Mass Communications, and many other departments engage in Service Learning classes. This need not be a massive burden for can set up the assignments so that the students have the responsibility to set up, justify, undertake, and verify the service portion. The most important thing to remember is that Service Learning (at least in the context we view it) is a PEDAGOGY. It implies integrating the service into the learning that's happening in the classroom. It's not just community service. This does not imply you, as faculty member, becoming a social worker. There are social workers for that. What it does imply is working with community partners to address community-identified needs in ways that allow students to gain practical experience in a community-based setting. I have seen this lead to internships and jobs for students in many cases, and program successes lead to a better, more productive relationship between the insititution and the community. Documentable success also looks great in your tenure file, depending on tenure evaluation priorities.

Who else got a rejection from Metropolitan State University of Denver on 12/16 for not meeting the "minimum qualifications" (highly insulting, considering the minimum in their ad is a PhD, which I have), then another email on 12/19 saying that you have the minimum qualifications and they may be in contact? Both me and a friend got both emails, wondering if everybody did.

  • A: I've gotten correspondence like this from other insitutions. It IS insulting, and may indicate that an untrained HR person is pre-screening and eliminating those applications that they, in their infinite wisdom, do not perceive as being in compliance with the position description
  • A2: I wouldn't take it so personally. The fact that two of you got the same contradictory notices tells me it definitely was some kind of clerical error. If that's the case, it's absolutely no reflection on you and probably no reflection on the department, either. Maybe the person assigned to respond--whether from HR or not--is mystified by newfangled technology like e-mail. It's also possible there was no human intervention at all and you got one or both of those messages from a badly-programmed machine. I would contact the search committee, explain and gently ask for clarification.

I just saw that Hampden-Sydney sent acknowledgment letters to some of us and MLA invitations to others on the same day. I don't know what to make of it. Does it mean that those who have gotten acknowledgments will not get an interview? I mean, otherwise they would have been invited to MLA too, right? 

  • My guess is that they're holding all of those not invited for MLA interviews in reserve in case they hate all of the people they interview. But the chances of getting an interview at some point, in my opinion, are rather slim (sorry, I don't mean to make you feel disappointed). This is the reason why many colleges and universities don't send rejection letters until after they have hired someone. I'm actually surprised there have been so many rejections this year because usually you don't know anything from them (you only know where you stand because of kind contributors here).

Hi! This is my first time on the job market and I just got an email asking for a phone interview. I am currently outside US for the next couple of days. Would it be appropriate if I explain my situation and ask them to change the phone interview for a Skype one? I don't want to hurt my chances..

  • Personally, I can't imagine it hurting your situation at all. It is entirely appropriate to explain your situation. You may complete a Skype audio call, or they may insist on calling you. Either way, it is highly unlikely that it will affect your candidacy.
  • Thank you! I was a little freaked out.

I was a bit surprised recently when an interview I had was conducted entirely in Spanish. It had me wondering -- Do you think it's appropriate to ask what language the interview will be in? I feel like, if it's fair game to ask who is on the interview committee, this should also be a reasonable request. But I can totally see that going the other way.

  • Not to be snarky, but shouldn't it just be assumed? Search committee formation varies across schools, and knowing their particular interests can help conversation. Linguistically, however, one should be 100% competent in one's area in any language listed on the CV--and have materials prepared in all of them. I would want to make sure that the person I hired was competent both in the language of the institution and in the language s/he was supposed to teach and research. I've never had interviews that were not in both languages, usually 50/50 which seems rational, but sometimes more one than the other. 
  • Of course I am competent in both, it was just the first time I've interviewed that it was 100% in Spanish. So no, I don't think it should be assumed. I would never ask for a billion reasons, but I just wondered if, hypothetically speaking, anyone would consider it.
  • An interview that was 100% in Spanish is definitely out of the ordinary. The interviews that I have had are generally in 75% one language and 25% in the other. And, like you, I have always wanted to inquire. I have never done so because it could do damage to your candidacy if you come off as insecure. Normally I look at the composition of the committee and I have found that that is a good indicator of what I can expect. My guess is that your committee was entirely composed of native speakers of Spanish and that at most, one person was a native speaker of English (or another language).

Any idea what's up with the wiki? Some recent edits have disappeared, including interview requests and responses to questions. (12/8)

  • Looks like accidental deletions, tried to clean-up and replace erased material as much as possible. People, please try to edit the specific sections when adding to page AND use PREVIEW before hitting PUBLISH - it cuts back on the accidental deletion problem. [12/08]

OK, so I saw this job call for a 5/5, expected research, service etc... and for $45k/year.

Are people actually applying to these jobs, are most of us that desperate?

  • A: This ad says "full-time assistant professor" but doesn't mention the possibility of tenure, so I take it that its a glorified lecturer gig and the pay scale is therefore basically in the expected range. As for desperation, I know plenty of folks who teach 5/5 or more as adjuncts for less pay, no benefits, no job security, and still try to keep on top of their research. We all want better working conditions but humility is essential for any job searcher. I'd bet that this opening will receive at least 100 applications....There are literatlly thousands of forums for discussion about the state of the academic job market so I'm not sure if you were just throwing this out there or what.

If an ad for an assistant professor position doesn't specify "tenure-track", can it really be a non-tenured position or the title of "assistant professor" implies a tenure-track? Thanks. 

  • Unfortunately, the designation "assistant professor" does not always mean it is a tenure-track position. Usually institutions will distinguish between entry-level, tenure-stream positions and non-tenure-stream positions by calling them "assistant professors" and "visiting assistant professors", respectively. However, in recent years some schools have been blurring the distinction by posting "assistant professor" positions that are non-tenure without making it clear what they really mean. If the job announcement does not clearly state if the position is tenure-stream or not, you should contact the institution to make sure.
  • Thanks.
  • It also depends on the institution. Some don't have tenure at all and have long-term contracts. Others have a mix of tenure stream faculty and faculty on long-term contracts. (and adjuncts). Never assume from the job title one way or the other the tenure structure of an institution. If you can find a copy of their faculty handbook online you should be able to clarify specific places - or inquire with the search chair.

Tracking IP numbers for additions to sections defeats the purpose of an anonymous board.

Have you not been paying attention for the last 20 years? There is no such thing as internet anonymity.
!HA! this got weird, fast.
What's weird is that someone put the module--since eliminated--here on the top of the wiki to begin with. It listed the IP address for modifications and the section modified. Unless a poster uses a VPN or other similar technology, any person (search committees, for example) could enter the IP into a site to determine the geographical location of the poster.
  • Honestly, there is nothing sinister about it, it's how wikia works. If you don't want your ip address to show in relation to your edits, make a user name or don't use the service hosted here. Check out all the other pages, which have the same feature: (for instance). And, anyway, you aren't really removing the information, since it still exists under the major edit button on the title of the page:
  • Thank you above for explaining how the wiki works. IP addresses have always been recorded on this site and are always available in the Page History. The RSS feed does make them more visible, but it was not added to the top of the page to enable cyber-stalking; it was added to help users track when updates are made to the page (because people had been requesting something like this for awhile). Please refrain from removing the feed, as many other users find it helpful. Again, if you are concerned about the remote possibility of revealing your identity through an IP address, please create a Wikia User Log In. Thanks - Una74 (talk) 21:48, December 6, 2014 (UTC)
Finally, I doubt search committee members are stalking job candidates this way.
  • I certainly hope not, coming from this work-at-home spouse tracking/posting on behalf of my over-worked, dedicated, early/mid-career scholar partner. Surely search committees realize that it's not necessarily the candidate him/herself tracking/posting. In addition to supportive romantic partners, who are directly affected by the results of job searches, there are supportive parents, friends, and colleagues. At any rate, it would be a shame to see a chill fall over this forum as it's a valuable tool in an otherwise arbitrary and somewhat brutal process.
Wikipedia has the exact same system.
  • I can't imagine why anybody on a search committee would be bothered by posting interviews on this site. Nasty comments, sure, but certainly not news about interviews.
  • Honestly, most people just use this as a really handy tool to tell when there has been an update and in what section. I sincerely doubt that cyber-stalking is happening here.
  • I agree search committees are way too busy to stalk ip addresses on the wiki, but if anyone is truly worried about this, you can always creater a user login to mask your IP address:

Those of you in the know: Do search committees send out rejections and interview requests in batches or all at once? I cross schools off my list, essentially, if I see here that others have had interviews scheduled. I figure the school won't be getting in contact with me until someone gets around to sending a rejection. On the flip side, I just saw that a place I'm interested sent out some rejections. I'm hopeful I'll get a call.

  • I suppose that some universities send out bulk rejections (e.g., see the recent rejection blast from Duke), but it doesn't always happen like that. Some places don't send out anything, even after the job offer has been accepted. Interview requests can be sent out in bulk, but that's not always the case, either. Something to take into account as you're reading the wiki is that not everyone posts their interviews/rejections on here. I know from a position that I interviewed with that I'm the only one (of 8) who posted that interview on the wiki. Regardless, a cynical attitude will take us nowhere; I hope that things work out for you.

Would you send a thank you e-mail to the hiring committee after a skype/phone interview? If yes, would you send a note to all of them or just the chair? Thanks!

  • I would highly recommend sending a brief note of thanks to the search committee chair (or department chair, perhaps; it really depends on dynamics of the search committee). I don't think, however, it's necessary (or a good idea) to write the entire committee. Save those emails for the campus visit.
  • Less is more.

What does it mean when you don't receive an acknowledgment letter? I have applied to jobs and I see that other people have received an acknowledge letter, but not me. Any meaning? Should I expect the worst or not really?

  • That happened to me as well and I was wondering the exact same thing. Was it UWG? Maybe they didn't send a letter out to all applicants...
  • No, it was basically all the others. :(
  • It means very little. Some institutions take forever to dispatch them, while others never send them. If you are incredibly worried, you might consider reaching out to departmental staff.
  • Generally it doesn't mean much, but in this case (since others have received acknowledgement) it could mean your application is incomplete or has been misplaced. It is not a bad idea to call the department just to verify they have your materials, so long as they've had a reasonable amount of time to receive and process them.
  • Agree with above. Check that your application is complete. It's truly astounding how many candidates are missing something. But also, acknowledgment letters are often sent out by overworked office administrators who might do some batches and wait months before getting to the rest. With interfolio, only the "manager" (usually search committee chair) can send out acknowledgment emails, and this is a lot of messy, busy work that the chair might simply give up on doing.

When a job ad says something along the lines of "must be able to teach courses in translation," what do search committees mean by that? Do they mean teaching courses on the process of translation or teaching Latin American/Spanish literature that has been translated to English? I could easily do the latter but not the former, and I'm never quite sure which they're referring to. Can anyone clarify? Thanks! (Nov. 6)

  • Quite simply, the mean the practice of translating (and, I would imagine, interpreting).
  • You should ask the search committee whether they are talking about translation theory, practice, or literature in translation. If it is a liberal arts college with no grad program, most likely they are asking about translation in practice or literature in translation. But you should ask. 
  • I wondered this during my last job search.   There are a lot of job ads that seem to require this, and it's very frustrating for the average Hispanic Lit or Linguistics applicant.  Who can they possibly be targeting with this criteria? Are there actually PhDs in translation out there, or at least programs where people minor in this "discipline" that they might be reaching out to (For the life of me, I've never seen such a program myself)?. Same thing for the positions that seek a PhD in Professional Spanish.  There's no such thing, to my knowledge...are they just looking for a literature person who can "fake it"?
  • Actually, translation studies is a growing subfield across the languages and literatures. I don't know of any official doctoral programs in it either, but a number of universities are finding there's cash to be had in MA certifications in translation studies and want faculty who can help build out such a program.
  • ^Thanks.  That's interesting.  Though it seems like a cart before the horse situation, the way that the job ads are being phrased (as if there are people with doctorates in the field).
  • Professional Spanish? My instinct would be they want someone to teach Spanish for the Professions but they also need to hire someone with a terminal degree for accreditation, even though our terminal degrees aren't that.
  • Thanks for asking this question. I applied for a job with "translation in literature". And to be honest, I don't have the faintest idea what this means.I am a translator and studied literatures but It is not clear to me what combination of these two the department is asking. Thanks for all the answers, very helpful.

I am going on the market for the second time but haven't made much progress on my dissertation since last year. About half way through. Since there isn't much to discuss in terms of my progress, should I still ask for new letters from my recommenders or could I use the ones from last year? I'm curious if anyone else has faced this dilemma before and/or is currently in the same situation. Thank you!  (10 September)

  • A: I would always ask for new letters, even if nothing is added but a new date. Otherwise you're commmunicating to search committees either that your recommenders don't know your current progress, or that there is some problem that is keeping you from asking, or them from being willing to update their letters.
  • A2: I agree with the above. Search committees do pay attention to the date. If they are really interested in you they might ask for an updated letter but better to avoid complications. 
  • A3: If last year was unsuccessful, you might also consider that you different materials. While you may have not made TONS of progress, you surely have made some.  Also, these recommenders may speak to other things that you have done in the interim, papers that you have delivered/published, classes you have taught, service to the department you have carried out, etc. That's why it is always important to furnish them with an updated cv and signal to them what they may want to address.
  • The above is all good advice. Always get new letters. In my expeirence, recommenders do not speak on your year-to-year progress. They usually say something like: "This dissertation is the best; defense is this spring!" In fact, this could be a chance to come up with a plan of action with your advisor both to help you advance and also to give your writers something concrete to say on the dissertation and its inevitable/imminentconclusion. Remember: the best dissertation is a finished dissertation. Also: a dissertation is just a dissertation, even the best one. But sometimes they make fine books. Finish this up and look forward to that instead. 

I am thinking about applying for a job in an institution. I have several letters of recommendation to send them. However, one of my best letters of recommendation has been written by a professor who will be a member of the search committee for the position in that university. I got my Ph D somewhere else but the professor is teaching at this place at this moment. Should I send this letter or should I send others with less prestige? Could it be a bit compromising for the professor? Has this case ever happened to anyone else?

  • A: My personal opinion would be to always send your strongest letter. How could it ever make you look bad to have a referee on the search committee? If you are really that concerned about it, you could also send your referee a quick email to get his/her opinion/advice.
  • Depending on the relation between you, this person might need to recuse him or herself from discussing your case anyway (though again, this is not always certain and will have to do with aspects of the departmental culture). If the professor will not need to recuse, then I would not send the letter because then you once more enter into doubt and the letter will be redundant anyway, as you will already have that person as an advocate; if the professor will need to recuse, then I suppose it can't hurt, but then again, it depends on the place (for example, this reference is most definitely well known to the sc, so they will read it in a quite specific way and in light of their perhaps longstanding relation with that individual).

To the person who declined the Pitt Coordinator job, can I ask why? And what your overall impression was of the department/the job?

JOB POSTINGS: Spanish & Portuguese for 2014 (Tenure Track & Full Time)[]

Guidelines for posting to keep it orderly and easy to read

  • Please keep entries in alphabetical order according to university.
  • Please include the University, Position Info, Deadline, and Posting link for all positions (see already-posted positions for examples).


American University (DC)

TT Assistant Professor Spanish and Latin American Studies

DEADLINE: November 1, 2014


University of Central Arkansas

Visiting Assistant Professor, K-12 Teacher Education Specialist in French or Spanish

Apply at

Deadline: April 15, 2012 or until filled.

Armstrong State University (GA)

Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Spanish in Peninsular Literature to begin August 2015.

DEADLINE: November 18, 2014

LINK: InsideHigherEd

Benedictine College (KS)

TT Assistant professor of Spanish with specialization in Peninsular Spanish literature to begin in August 2015.

DEADLINE: February 16, 2015


Binghamton University (SUNY)

TT Asst. Comparative Literature & Spanish-Spanish speaking Atlantic world during the early Modern period

DEADLINE: November 15, 2014


Brooklyn College, CUNY (NY)

Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Spanish position beginning Fall 2015 (Qualifications: Ph.D. in Latin American literature and culture with expertise on Colonial Literature and the Caribbean and Central America regions)

DEADLINE: Review of applications will begin on October 30, 2014


Bucknell University (PA)

TT Asst. Professor, Spanish Golden Age literature

DEADLINE: November 15, 2014

LINK: InsideHigherEd

Colby College (ME)

TT Asst. Professor or Instructor of Spanish: U.S. Latin/a literature and culture

DEADLINE: review of applications begins 14 November 2014

LINK: Colby HR

Published 12 September 2014 on MLA

Colorado State University (CO)

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish - Translation and Interpretation

DEADLINE: Review of applications starts January 26th


Published December 30th 2014 on their website

Doane College (NE)

Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Spanish position (specialization open)

DEADLINE: review of applications begins on Dec. 5th


Duke University

TT/T Asst. or Assoc., Golden Age Peninsular

DEADLINE: October 15, 2014


Elon University (NC)

Tenure Track Assistant Professor position (Cultural Studies and/or Border Studies)

DEADLINE: October 31, 2014

LINK: Higher Ed Jobs

Emerson College (MA)

Tenure Track Assistant Professor position in Latin American/U.S. Latino literature

DEADLINE: November 1, 2014


Georgia Southern University (GA)

TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (Linguistics, SLA (emph. in Spanish), or Foreign Language Pedagogy (emph. in Spanish))

DEADLINE: Screening of applications begins November 1, 2014

LINK: Inside Higher Ed

Grand Valley State University (MI)

Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish)



Grinell College (IA)

TT Asst. Professor of Spanish - Specialty in Contemporary Peninsular Literatures and Cultures (Cultural Studies, Ethnic Studies, Film Studies, Gender Studies, and Transatlantic Studies)

DEADLINE: November 15, 2014

LINK: Higher Ed Jobs

Hope College (MI)

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish: Spanish Applied Linguistics

DEADLINE: Application materials will be accepted until November 1, 2014.


Hope College (MI)

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, Medieval and Golden Age literature



John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the City University of New York (NY) Assistant Professor of Spanish - Specialist in Translation & Interpreting

DEADLINE: November 7, 2014. Review of applications will begin on October 5, 2014.

LINK: InsideHigherEd

Kansas State University (KS)

Assistant Professor of Spanish, tenure-track, beginning August 2015. Specialist in second language (L2) literacies desired, or related fields in applied linguistics or second language acquisition.



Middlebury College (VT)

Tenure-track position in Spanish, beginning September 2015. Candidates should specialize in either (a) Hispanic Visual Culture with an Emphasis on Media Studies or in (b) Cultural Criticism and Analysis.

DEADLINE: November 15, 2014


New Mexico State University (NM)

Assistant Professor of Spanish (Generalist, esp. Spanish Linguistics)

Link: InsideHigherEd

Deadline: Formal screening will begin October 31, 2014; applications received after this date may be considered.

Pepperdine University (CA)

TT Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies



Queensborough Community College/CUNY (NY)

Instructor or Assistant Professor Spanish



Rice University (TX)

TT Assistant Professor or Spanish Peninsular Literature and Culture (pref. Golden Age)



San Diego State University (CA)

TT Assistant Professor: Hispanic Linguistics

DEADLINE: November 17, 2014


Scripps College (CA)

TT Asst. Professor, Hispanic Studies (Caribbean/Andean specialty)

Link to Apply:

Deadline: Nov. 15 (review begins)

Sewanee: The University of the South (TN)

TT Asst. Professor, Spanish (Southern Cone)


Deadline: Oct. 31

Soka University of America (CA)

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish Language and Culture



Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX)

Visiting Lecturer in Spanish (Non-Tenure Track, 1 year contract).


DEADLINE:To ensure full consideration for the position, the application must be postmarked or received electronically by July 15, 2015, but the committee will continue to accept applications until the position is filled.

Stephen F. Austin State University (TX)

Assistant Professor (TT), Spanish and Portuguese

DEADLINE: Open until filled

LINK: Higher Ed Jobs

Universidad de Chile (Santiago Chile)

Jornada completa, carrera ordinaria, recent Spanish (Peninsular) literature

DEADLINE: December 12

Link: Concurso Académico

University at Buffalo, SUNY (NY)

Assistant Professor (TT), Colonial Latin American Literature and Culture, 1500s-1700s

DEADLINE: Nov. 15, 2014


University of California, Berkeley (CA)

Assistant or Associate professor in the field of Hispanic linguistics (start-date: July 1, 2015)

DEADLINE: November 5, 2014


University of California, Davis (CA)

Tenure-track Director of First Year Language Program at the Assistant/ Associate Professor level, in Spanish Applied Linguistics

DEADLINE: October 25th, 2014


University of California, Santa Barbara (CA)

Assistant Professor (TT), Pre-1975 Spanish literature 

DEADLINE: November 03, 2014


University of Chicago (IL)

Assistant Professor (TT), Brazilian Literature

DEADLINE: October 15, 2014


University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign (IL)

Lecturer/Teaching Assistant Professor Position in Portuguese

DEADLINE: March 6, 2015


University of Minnesota, Morris (MN)

TT Assistant Professor or Instructor of Spanish (Required: demonstrable expertise in Latin American literature and culture of the 20th-21st centuries)



University of Montevallo, Alabama (AL)

Spanish instructor (Non-TT),

START DATE: January 2015, 9 month contract, $40,000

DEADLINE: Open until filled


University of Nevada, Reno (NV)

Assistant Professor of Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies

DEADLINE: November 10, 2014


University of New Hampshire (NH)

TT Assistant Professor in Hispanic Studies (U.S. Latino specialty, Caribbean a plus)

Apply at: (Posting Number/Job Order #: 0902426)

Deadline: Dec. 15

University North Dakota (ND)

Two tenure-track assistant professor positions

DEADLINE: Review of applications will begin on 31 October 2014


University of Pennsylvania (PA)

Tenured level appointment in the literatures and cultures of modern and contemporary Latin America with the sub-field open (e.g., Mexico, South Cone, Brazil, etc.)



University of St. Thomas (MN)

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish - Peninsular Literature and Cultures

DEADLINE: Priority will be given to applications received by December 1.

LINK: InsideHigherEd

University of St. Thomas (MN)

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish - Linguistics


LINK: InsideHigherEd

University of Southern California (CA)

Open Rank, Non-Tenure Track - Director Language Programs



University of Sydney (AUS)


DEADLINE:  12 October 2014


University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley

Open Rank in Spanish (Heritage Language Learning and/or Pedagogy)

DEADLINE: March 15, 2015


University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley

Open Rank in Spanish (Linguistics or Literacy Studies w/ Interest in Medical Spanish)

Deadline: March 15, 2015


University of Virginia (VA)

Open Rank in Spanish (Field of specialization is 20th and 21st-century Latin American Literature and Culture, subfield of specialization open.)



Villanova University (PA)

TT Assistant Professor. Specialization in Mexican and Caribbean Literatures of the 19th -21st Centuries.



Whitworth University (WA)

Assistant Professor (non-tenure-track, renewable). Open specialization; preferred in Caribbean, Central America, or Linguistics.

DEADLINE: position open until filled (posted 10/27)

LINK: PDF Job announcement Whitworth HR Application

Wesleyan University

TT Assistant Professor of spanish

DEADLINE: November 30th

West Chester University of Pennsylvania

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Language courses; Mexican and/or Border Studies preferred. (Search #15-85)

DEADLINE: February 6, 2015



Are you a (an)...?

ABD (will finish this academic year): 21
ABD and currently in a one-year, VAP, PhD Completion Fellowship, visiting instructor, lecturer or adjunct position: 2 (was on the market last year as well)
Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, post-doc, adjunct): 13
Ph.D. in hand (unable to find academic employment at the moment):
Ph.D. in hand (currently working outside of academia):
Assistant Professor: 10
Associate Professor: 5
Full Professor:
Literature Job-Seeker: 17
Linguistics Job-Seeker: 5
How many applications do you plan on sending this year?
Between 1 and 10: 2
Between 10 and 20: 2
Between 20 and 30: 4
Between 30 and 40: 2
Over 40: 10

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