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Salary and Package Details[]

List NEW information at top

For example: SLAC/R1/R2, urban Southwest, starting Asst Prof. (ABD), 3/3 load, salary (negotiated from), benefits, etc.

  • R1, urban Northeast, starting asst. prof., first semester released, 2/2 load, $196,000 (negotiated from $193,000), benefits, computer, office, secretary, teaching assistant, research assistant, personal trainer, massagist, $10,000 for conferences, $30,000 start up funding. (OFFER REJECTED).
  • R: Somebody is trolling us.  ​R2: No way; there's no moving expenses, I wouldn't have accepted this either.
  • SLAC/Urban South/ 3/2 load/ 53k/ 2500 moving expenses, new computer.
  • R2/Urban Midwest/ starting Asst. Prof, 2/2 load, 59k salary, $2000 moving expenses, $2550 start-up funds, $1000 year conference travel funds, new computer, printer and special software.
  • R2/Rural Midwest/ starting Asst. Prof, 2/2 load, 57k salary, $4000 moving expenses, $3500 start-up funds, $2000 year conference travel funds.

  • Another example: R0, North-nothing, starting Assistant Homelessor, 0/0 load, $0 (negotiated from $0), no benefits, start up fund, etc.       A: HAHA... Well done.


List NEW information at top

  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • William & Mary VAP
  • Offers after Marian University (Indy) visits?
  • Trump University. Mexicanist position (salary paid by Mexicans, they said) (REJECTED) A: Ah, not allowed to make 'merica great!
  • University of North Georgia, offer accepted Q:for the Lecturer position? A. This was the TT position.
  • Lawrence University. TT Latin American, offer accepted
  • Albright college.
  • Davidson College. The search has concluded.
  • Middle Tennesee State University. Email saying that another candidate has been selected.
  • UVA. Email saying the search has concluded.
  • UT Dallas. Email saying the search has concluded.
  • Truman State University, email saying the position has been filled.
  • Auburn University, lit position, second hand, reliable.
  • University of the Incarnate-Word. second hand, realiable.
  • Vanderbilt U. Senior Lecturer, offer accepted. Q: was this after just a Skype interview? No campus visit? A: Yes, no campus visit. Why? A: I also had a Skype interview and was just curious! Congrats! A: Thank you! I hope things turn out well for you. Q: have you accepted the position? I received an email saying that they are still considering.
  • University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. TT Spanish, offer accepted (3/10)
  • Linfield College (TT Spanish SLA), offer accepted.
  • Sonoma State (3/11), Offer accepted, TT Latin American.
  • Eastern Connecticut State University. TT Second hand- reliable
  • Nebraska-Lincoln, offer accepted. TT Latin American, 3/10
  • Cal State, Long Beach, position of 19th century Peninsular literature (3/8): offer made and accepted last week.
  • Ohio University (Athens): Very reliable. 
  • Middle Tennessee State university. (3/ 8). Email saying that the position has been offered and accepted.
  • Penn State (brazilianist) (3-8)-email that hire has been made.
  • West Virginia University- Non TT- Second hand- reliable
  • California State University, Fresno (Mexicanist) (3-7). Offer accepted.
  • East Carolina University (3-7) - email that hire has been made. Q: were you a finalist? Who did the email come from?. A: yep. It came from the department.
  • Wright State TT (3/7) - offer accepted for fall 2016 (second-hand)
  • Lake Forest College (3/3) email that hire has been made. Q: did you have a campus visit? I got an interview with them but didn't receive this rejection email. A. Yes, two weeks ago.
  • College of Wooster: (3/3) email that hire has been made
  • Sewanee: (2/29) offer for both positions accepted. A: How do you know that offers were extended for both positions? A2: I didn't originally post the offer notice here, but I can confirm it: I wrote to the dept chair to check status and he said both positions had been filled. A3: I'm curious if they gave the position to the internal candidate. 
  • Flagler College: (3/4) Flagler sent an e-mail to all the applicants saying who accepted the job and the institution that granted her her PhD. A: Holy crap-- did it seem like a mistake, or did they intend to provide that info?? A: It seemed completely intentional. Q: Really? I didn't get that email and I interviewed with them. Was it a press release kinda message? A. What Is the issue with knowing her institution??? At the end, this information will be on their web page. Relax, people... A: I also found this email and its tone to be odd.
  • Colby College (position C, faculty fellow): (3/3) offer accepted.
  • Lewis & Clark (2/26) offer accepted
  • Wake Forest University (18th/19th literature and visual culture) (3/1) offer accepted
  • Missouri State (3/1) Second-hand. Received rejection email after campus visit saying that another candidate accepted offer.
  • UC Davis. Offer made and declined (2/28)
  • UMass Amherst, Accepted, email that it was filled 
  • Gettysburg College (Golden Age) - Accepted, notified via email 2/29 Q. Did you get the job, Pickledginger? After seeing you on the wiki, I hope it was you! A: Unfortunately, no. The end is nigh. A. I'm truly sorry. Sometimes ours is a cruel world.
  • UMass - Boston - Offer Accepted (Second hand very reliable)
  • Washington College 2/21. Second-hand. Recieved rejection after campus interview saying they had selected another candidate.
  • Texas Tech University (Lat. American Lit) Email 2/11. Accepted..
  • U Tennessee-Knoxville (Golden Age). Email 2/22 that it was filled.
  • University of Utah. Accepted (second hand, v. reliable)
  • University of West Virginia. Non Tenure track. Second hand. Reliable.
  • UC Davis. 2/19. Second hand but reliable. (x2)
  • University of Pittsburgh. Accepted 2/18. (second hand, reliable)
  • University of California at Riverside (Latin American Assistant Prof.) Accepted "officially" 02/17/2016
  • Ball State (Assistant prof. Spanish Ling). Accepted 2/18 Q: Do you know if the literature job at Ball State has also been accepted? Thanks! A: When I was down there a few days ago it sounded like they hadn't hired anyone for lit yet. A: Thanks for your response. Surprising since they brought lit. candidates to campus first. Wonder what the hold up is? Congrats on the linguist position! A: Thanks!  Sending good vibes your way! A: The literature position was also recently accepted.
  • Colgate U (assistant prof. Peninsular) Accepted 2/12
  • Earlham College (Visiting prof.) Accepted 2/11
  • Christopher Newport (Lecturer) Accepted 2/5
  • Oakland University. Accepted 2/5
  • Murray State. Phone call saying that the position has been filled. 2/3
  • Albion. Accepted. 1/14.
  • University of Mary. Email saying that the position has been filled.
  • Centre College offer on 11/30, but rejected on 12/8
  • Wheaton College. Accepted. 
  • University of Unemployment. Accepted, x106. Whoever wrote this, thank you! You made my day. A: Buenísimo! A2: Me río por no llorar. ¡Gracias! A3: Yesssssss!! ¡Enhorabuena, compañero/a! Q: What kind of package were you offered? A: Something in a brown bag. Q: Did you get credit for previous years or do you get to start unemployment-track from scratch? Q: Will they be offering you re-location help to the street? A4: Esto es genial. A5: You should be a strong candidate. I'm overqualified. A6: Were you the inside candidate? A7: This made my day hahaha A8: Please put in a good word for the rest of us! Q: What is this University of Unemployment? A1: It's the sister University to the College of Homelessness, a college with a well regarded School of Hard Knocks; Departments in that School include the Department of Sociology of Living in Parents' Basements; the Department of Foul Languages and Insulting Cultures; and the Institute for the Study of Less-than-minimum Wage Adjunct Alternatives A: This is amazing! Just brilliant! A. Do you get relocation monies such as to the nearest homeless shelter? A: Of course not. Any academic worth their salt will provide their own funding in the form of a bus ticket downtown. A:I haven't been keeping track, but I just saw the x105 above. Is this a real number? Are there really 105 with PhDs and still unemployed? If so, we should send a mass letter to PhD programs out there that are not telling us the truth about the job market. For that matter, maybe we should send MLA a letter telling them to stop hosting the MLA Job interviews at their convention. How much money have we all spent on suits, plane tickets, hotel stays, meals, etc. only to land NOTHING. THIS HAS TO STOP. A: I believe the "x105" is a fake number, but there are plenty of us who did not land a job this year and haven't landed one for a while. Furthermore, PhD programs keep lying about the market because if prospective students knew the truth, nobody would waste 4-8 years of their life for a rather dire future. I totally support your idea of sending the MLA a letter; I wasted almost two thousand dollars on my trip to the MLA only to find that I didn't make it to any campus visit. It makes no sense whatsoever. By the way, I re-posted your comment because someone else deleted it. 'A: I support this! Let's do something, MLA convention interviews are not helping applicants, just saving money to employers.
  • King Edward Point University (South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands; 18 inhabitants/18,000 pinguins). Adjunct position, 9 months, no benefits. Offer made via satellite. Accepted. Moving expenses: $0; however, they made the generous offer of an igloo for housing.

Campus Interviews[]

List NEW information at top. REMINDER: When you're listing dates in this category, please list the date that you were contacted not the date of the interview itself.

  • University of Alaska, Fairbanks (04/22) e-mail
  • Palomar College. Phone. (4/14x2, with campus visit in May).
  • UBC - Interviews took place in late March. Any word on decision? (April 7)
  • University of Akron (3/2) 
  • University of Dayton
  • Hendrix (3/18)
  • Benedictine College (3/17) 
  • Black Hills State (3/20) 
  • UIndy (03/24) non-tenure
  • Eastern Washington University (3/15). A1: I also got an on-campus interview invitation but had to turn it down for personal reasons. The committee members of WSU gave me a great impression. I'm sure they'll be wonderful colleagues. Best of luck to the other candidates!
  • Bates VAP 
  • Columbia university. Is this for the lecturer position?
  • Davidson College. Q: Is this for the TT or VAP position? VAP. Didn't know they had a TT
  • North Central College (2/24). x2
  • Santa Monica College (final round)
  • Catholic University of America. Q: Congrats! Phone or email notification?
  • University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. 2/11. Phone. x2 
  • Campus visits in Cal States: strike dates have been anounced for the 23 campuses from April 13th through April 15th and from April 18th through April 19th. This is of course tentative, depending on the state of negotiations by then. Go for 5! Comment: This is indeed a positive thing, at Cal State faculty have achieved several improvements not only in their working conditions, but at the administrative level. Striking means faculty has presence at the state level, not like in most other universities I have gone through (all Research 1), where faculty just takes the mandates dictated from above, without neither whispering their incomformity nor getting together. Such a "striking" institution is way better than the hyper-individualistic universities where faculty are powerless and pasive "workers". This is indeed a good thing, great for the faculty at the Cali State system! Conservativism and despotism at the college level has become overwhelming...   A: As former adjunct faculty and an alumni of the CSU system, I would like to publicly voice my support for the CSU faculty strike. In spite of complications and difficulties for job-seekers, this is a positive for the humanities as a whole and for junior faculty everywhere. Good luck and best wishes to those interviewing in California. I hope that those hired make a career of teaching California's diverse student body instead of perpetuating the rampant stepping-stone culture that our hiring has generally yielded. Come here to stay or stay at your private school out east!  
  • Texas Lutheran University (2/8). Phone/Declined
  • Fresno State (2/7): Golden Age position. Email.
  • Fort Lewis (2/5) call
  • Albright College (1/27). Email
  • University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (2/4). Phone. Spanish Ling.
  • University of Arkansas, Fort Smith (2/3). Email.
  • University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (2/4) Q: Literature or linguistics? A: Literatura Q: ¿Cono Sur?
  • Murray State University (2/3): Call
  • Missouri State University. (2/1). Email to request campus visit.
  • UNC Asheville (2/1) Email from chair of search commitee saying that candidates have been invited for campus visits. (Q: Sorry, do you mean that *you* received a campus visit? I didn't understand--if so, congrats!) A: I was not invited for a campus visit. I emailed to ask what their timeline was, and they said that they have "begun to invite candidates to campus." In my view this means that if you have not received an invitation yet, you are probably not a priority, but it doesn't mean you won't receive an invitation later on. They did say the search is "far from over." The wording was a little vauge. Hope this helps. A: Thanks--and G/L to you
  • Bard College at Simon's Rock (1/28). Email.
  • Santa Monica College (1/28). Call. As with many California community colleges, the first interview is also a campus interview.
  • Ball St. (Ling) 1/27. Email
  • Eastern Connecticut (1/26). Email. Candidata interna. No os hagáis ilusiones, aunque nunca se sabe: A:  Es cierto; gracias por compartir.  Sin embargo, segun la programacion para el otonio, ella va a impartir un solo curso.  A ver...
  • U of St. Thomas (peninsular lit).
  • UMass Amherst (1/25) e-mail.
  • Columbia University (1/24): email.
  • Baylor University (Linguistics) (1/22). E-mail Q: Linguistics and Spanish or just Linguistics? There was only one job at Baylor and they were interviwing people from both Literature and Linguistics. That probably means we are out. Congrats to you who got the Campus Visit!
  • Pittsburgh (12/27): email.
  • Lawrence University (1/12): email.
  • U of Richmond (1/20): Notified by email x2. Q: a question out of curiosity, if you don't mind: do you have experience with CBL?
  • Bridgewater College (1/11): call or email? A: Email x3
  • Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) (1/13) via email
  • Lewis & Clark College (1/15) Q: Call or email? A: Call
  • Holy Cross (1/18)
  • Grand Valley State University (1/18)
  • U of Mississippi (1/18)
  • UC Berkeley (1/15)
  • UC Santa Cruz, Literature (1/16)
  • Gettysburg College (1/14). x2 (call on 2/3) Q. Call or email? Q2: Anyone else? A: Not here, but I thought they were going to contact us by the end of this month. Is that what they told you? Thanks! A2: I was also told mid to end of January, so was surprised to see this. "Q2" here: I knew I wasn't the only one a little surprised!
  • Union College. Email (1/13) A: Peninsular lit? A: Yes.
  • University of San Diego (Span ling). Email (1/13).
  • University of West Virginia. Email Q: Did they invite you recently? For which position? The teaching assistant professor
  • Oakland University (1/13). Call. Q (1/14): Is this for the Foreign Language Education position? A: Yes
  • UC Davis. (1/14).
  • George Washington University (TT, Mexicanist). (1/13) email.
  • San Jose State (1/11). Email.
  • Sewanee (1/12), phone. South American lit. Q: Wow! They moved fast! Have you interviewed at MLA? Congrats! A: Thank you! And yes, they called a few days after the MLA interview. A1: They do have an internal candidate for that position, don't expect much. Sorry! A: Yeah, I noticed. But who knows, I don't think much about that stuff. A: Wow, way to discourage someone who got a campus interview. Don't be such a naysayer! They are hiring for two positions, and there is an internal candidate for only one. Specialty is flexible; the department is growing, and they are able to hire more people. 
  • UC Riverside, (1/12), email.
  • Boston College (peninsular), 1/11, phone
  • MTSU (1/11), email
  • Worcester State U (1/6), email.
  • Washington College (1/5), Email.
  • Linfield College (1/5) Email saying that candidates have been selected.
  • Auburn U. (1/4). Assistant Prof. of Spanish Ling. Call
  • George Washington U (12/18) non TT linguistic position.
  • University of Mary Washington, (1/4), email
  • Penn State, Brazilian literature, (12/21), phone. (1/20), email.
  • Grinnell College (12/15) x2 (Q: was this after the skype interview?)
  • Ball State University, lit. (12/23), email 
  • University of Utah (12/16) x2
  • University of Nevada Reno (12/16)
  • Auburn U. (12/18). Assistant Prof. of Spanish. Q: Lit or Ling? A: Call or email? They said they were going to call in January. A: Lit. Call
  • Lake Forest College (12/17) x4 (lit) / Q: Email or phone call? A: email in my case. Q: Lit or Ling? They told me : "The committee will reconvene in January, and we hope to be in touch with candidates by February." I am very confused now. A: That's what they told me too (lit). They are hiring two people, so maybe they're hiring ih shifts? That's what I'm telling myself so that I don't go hit the eggnog at noon. A: Really? Well, I feel better now. Maybe they are contacting the finalists for the ling. position? I am also lit. Thanks for replying. A: I'm in the same boat as you guys, and just as confussed. Unfortunately we won't know for sure if we still have a chance at the lit position, till some of the candidates invited to campus tell us that they are applying for the ling position. Could someone clarify please? A: I had a interview with them for the linguistic position and I didn't get any email at all, nor an invitation. Q: Did they tell you when they were going to contact people for campus visits? A: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! I interviewed for the lit position, was also told they'd reconvene in January, but then got an email yesterday offering me a campus visit. A: Thank you for your answer. Congratulations and good luck in the process ahead! A: I don't understand why some people delete other people's comments. Please, stop doing that. A: Yes, someone deleted my comment. They told me they would decide in January.
  • Texas Tech University (12/15) (Assistant Prof of Spanish)
  • Frankling and Marshall College (12/11) (Director of Spanish Writing Center) 
  • U of Nebraska, Lincoln (12/11) e-mail to schedule campus visit. Congratulations! What time did they email you on Friday? Which position? Chair or Assistant Professor (Spanish/Ethnic Studies)? A: Spanish/Ethnic Studies. They e-mailed me at around 4:30 CT. x2 Q: Was the second person contacted on Friday as well? Thanks! A: Yes
  • Kansas State U (12/11) phone call to schedule campus visit
  • Wake Forest U. (for translation/Spanish for professions job) 12/9
  • University of Tennessee (Knoxville) (12/10)
  • East Carolina University (12/9)
  • Harvard Univeristy (12/9) email (Brazilian lit position)
  • Christopher Newport U (12/8) e-mail
  • California State University, Fresno (11/24) (Mexicanist position) x2
  • Albion (11/6)
  • Centre College (second hand, reliable) Q: Afro-Hispanic Lit.? A: Yes.

Skype/Phone Interviews[]

List NEW information at top. REMINDER: When you're listing dates in this category, please list the date that you were contacted not the date of the interview

  • Colgate visiting (5/5) e-mail
  • West Point VAP (5/3) call to schedule
  • Auburn non TT (4/19) phone call (missed) and email to schedule phone interview
  • Lehman College (4/16) e-mail ¿Para el puesto en Literatura latinamericana o Literatura española? A: espanola!
  • William & Mary VAP (4/11) email to schedule
  • Winona State University, Lecturer (03) Phone
  • University of Indianapolis, non TT (3/31). E-mail to schedule Skype interview A: strange, I thought they already scheduled campus visits for this position (someone above cited an invitation to campus on 3/24)
  • JMU. non TT (03/28). Skype interview.
  • University of Alaska TT (3/25). Email to schedule phone interview 
  • University of Akron non TT (3/23). Email to schedule Skype interview 
  • Villanova non TT (3/23). Email to schedule Skype interview
  • Saginaw Valley State University.
  • University of Indianapolis (3/9). Email x3 Q: TT or non-TT? A2. I just had the interview (TT), pero parece que ellos necesitan a alguien que no necesite sponsor.
  • University of North Georgia (3/7). Email to schedule phone interview
  • Black Hills State University (3/3). Email to schedule phone interview x2
  • Eastern Washington University. (3/1). Email to schedule Skype interview. x3
  • Utah Valley State University. (2/25).Call for a skype interview.
  • Tarleton SU (2/23) e-mail for telephone interview.
  • University of the Virgin Islands 
  • California Riverside (2/20). Skype interview for VAP position
  • Vanderbilt (2/20) x2. Skype interview for Senior Lecturer position. x4
  • Mississippi State U (2/15). Skype interview for Chair position (Classical & Modern Languages). Second hand. Reliable.
  • Truman State University (2/15).  Email to request Skype interview (Ling)-Declined Q: Declined the interview? A: Yes, I declined the interview.
  • Davidson College (2/16) email Q: Which position? VAP in 18th/19th peninsular
  • Saginaw Valley State University: 2/16. Email to request phone interview.
  • Bates College (2/15) email
  • Fitchburg State University (Spanish position -World Languages Dept.): 2/14 E-mail to request phone interview. x2. Q. They had interviews a month ago, what happened with the campus visits? So strange... A: There was another Lat. Am. Lit. position in the English Department, might have been that one. 
  • Southern Illinois University (2/11). Email to request Skype interview (Ling)-Declined
  • Concordia College (2/11), phone call to request phone interview
  • University of North Georgia (2/9). Email to request phone interview.
  • Brescia University (2/4). Call to request skype interview.
  • FIU (Linguistics). (1/28). Email to request skype interview.
  • Vanderbilt University. (3/1). Email to request skype interview. Q1: senior lecturer position? The deadline is in March. A: Yes, Senior Lecturer position
  • Iowa State (3/2) email to request skype interview
  • University of San Francisco. Email to request phone interview. (2/1)
  • University of Wyoming.(2/1). Call to request Skype Interview. x2 Q: Are you literature or linguistics? (1/31) Call to request phone interview (literature). A1: Email for phone interview (2/2).
  • Hendrix College (1/28). Post-doc. - Email to request Skype Interview. X2 A: Guys did you also have the misterious listener who did not want to appear on cam? Any thought on this, is it a common practice? Any impression on them? 
  • Earlham College (call). 1/26
  • University of Arkansas - Fort Smith (call). 1/26.
  • Truman State - email (1/22)
  • Texas A&M San Antonio - email 
  • Missouri State University. Email. (1/22) X2
  • University of California, Santa Barbara (Spanish/Portuguese linguistics) (1/22) - Email to request Skype interview.
  • University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Call (1/20) x2
  • Fort Lewis (1/19) Q: Are you linguistics or literature? A. Lit. 
  • University of British Columbia (1/15) - Email to request Skype interview A: Congrats! I hope you don't mind my asking, but are you a Canadian citizen? A: No, I'm not. 
  • Spelman College (1/13)  - Email to request skype interview
  • Bridgewater College. (1/11) Email to request Skype interview A: again? I though this school conducted their interviews last week. A2. Yes - I applied after the initial review date - apparently applications are being accepted until the position is filled. A: Ohh. Thanks!
  • Rice U (1/12). Lecturer. Email to request Skype interview. Q: Spanish? Portuguese? A: Spanish. A2: For Portuguese, they sent a rejection email back in December. 
  • Murray State University (1/12) Call
  • Eastern CT State Univ. (1/11).  Email. x2
  • Marshall University (1/6), Email. (found the email in my spam folder, make sure to check there regularly!) x2
  • Dartmouth College (1/5). Email
  • Arizona State University. Assistant Professor of Portuguese. E-mail (1/5).x2
  • University of Washington (1/5) Q: email or call? Q2 Seattle or Tacoma? A: I can't speak for the person who posted the original info, but U of W Tacoma was doing Skype interviews on the 4th and 5th I know.A1. Email/Seattle 
  • University of Texas at El Paso. Visiting Professor of Portuguese. E-mail to request interview (1/4).
  • University of Cincinnati (12/31)
  • UC Davis (12/26), Email to request Skype interview in early January. Out of curiosity, which period do you work in? (Eg. Medieval, modern, etc?). I remember the description asking only for a peninsularist and so I'm wondering which area they are actually looking for. A: Hi! Modern/Contemporary Spain. A: thanks!
  • U of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Span Ling (12/22), Email to request January skype interview. x3
  • U of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Lit (12/23), Email. (x3) Do you both work on Southern Cone lit? Yes I do. A: I work on Southern Cone, too, but the job ad indicates: "Specializations of particular interest include Southern Cone or Andean studies, Central America, 19th century, poetry, and critical theory and cultural or gender studies" A: I work on 19th century and got an interview. A. I heard this is a replacement position. [It's Sergio Villalobos Ruminott's old position, right? A: Yes. My guess is that if you have a background in Southern Cone lit, you will likely be hired, even if they said they were interested in other areas.] A. So how did the interviews go? Was it all scripted? Please do tell if you get a campus visit, we have no time to waste.
  • Oxford College of Emory University (12/22). Email requesting January teleconference interview. x2
  • Eastern Mennonite University (12/22).  Email to request phone interview in January.
  • CSFresno (12/22). Email to request Skype interview. X2
  • San José SU (12/21). Email to request preliminary Skype interview (Spanish Literature and Culture TT). x2; Q: When are the Skype interviews being held?
  • Bridgewater College (12/21). Email to request a skype interview. (x2)
  • Bard College (12/20) x4 - Call or email? Is this Simon's Rock? A: Yes, Bard College at Simon's Rock.
  • Cal State, Long Beach (12/18): Email to request second Skype interview x2. Q&A: Is this normal? This seems odd that they would have a second skype interview...
  • Cornell College (12/18). Email to request either MLA or Skype interview.
  • UCLA (12/17) Email to request skype interview.
  • Ohio University (NOT Ohio State). (12/17) Email to request Skype interview.
  • Albright College (12/18). Email to request Skype interview.
  • Eastern Mennonite University (12/18). Email to request a phone interview. 
  • San Francisco SU Creative Writing (12/14) Email to request skype interview.
  • Ohio State University (12/16). Email to request skype interview.
  • UMass Lowell (12/16). Skype interview. Q: Is this the Linguistics position? A: Yes. A2: Thanks!
  • Tufts University. (12/16) Email to schedule a skype interview. 
  • Fitchburg State University (Latin American and World Literature position): 12/16 email to schedule Skype interview. (not sure if this belongs here, it's a position in the English Dept, but I imagine some others here applied to this as well) x2
  • Rutgers, Brazilian/Lusophone (12/15) - E-mail or phone call? I thought they were going to do MLA? A: It was an email to set up Skype interview
  • Ball St. (12/15) x 2. Email to request phone interview. Q: Which position? A: Linguistics
  • UPitt - (12/14) x3- Email to request Skype interview
  • George Washington University. (12/14) x3 Email to request skype interview. Q: I think at some point this one said that it was for non-TT. Is that the case? A: Yes, it is non-TT
  • University of Richmond, Director of Community-based learning (12/14) x2 : Email to request Skype interview. I think there is an inside candidate for this position, or at least an interim. It does look like it will be an internal hire.
  • Catholic University of America (12/14): Email to request Skype interview. (x2)
  • University of Florida - Portuguese Lecturer, Email to request Skype interview (12/14) A: THEY HAVE AN INTERNAL CANDIDATE, SO FORGET ABOUT IT...
  • Georgia Southern (12/12) email to request phone interview.
  • UMass Amherst, Email to request Skype interview (12/11)
  • Worcester State University, Email to request phone interview (12/10)x2
  • Columbia University. Email to request skype interview. (12/9). Lecturer in discipline position? A: Lecturer position
  • Benedictine College. Email to request skype interview. (12/9). A: Disculpa, este puesto no me parece haberlo visto en la lista del MLA. ¿De qué disciplina es? Gracias. De linguistica! A: Gracias! Con razón no lo noté. Suerte!
  • West Virginia University (Assitant Teaching Professor position). Email to request Skype interview (12/9). x2
  • University of Mary Washington. (x3). Email to request Skype interview Q: Is this for the linguistics position? A: Yes
  • William Woods University (12/8). Email to request Skype interview.
  • Linfield College (12/8) x2: email to request skype interview
  • Ursinus College (12/8): phone call to request Skype interview 
  • Lake Forest College (12/8): (x4) phone call to request Skype interview Q: Today? Was the deadline on Saturday? A: Yes, it was. That was fast. They're hiring 2 positions though, so this could be a hard one to track. A2: Received a call 12/9, for an interview 12/10. Q: Those that have been contacted, are you lit or ling? Thanks. A: Lit, Peninsular.
  • Wake Forest University (12/8), e-mail to request Skype interview. (x3) Q: Which position is this for? A: 18th/19th Spanish/Spanish American Literature and visual cultures. A: Thanks! (12/11): I just got an outomated email from Interfolio with an udpate on their search stating that they will be contacting candidates for a skype interview. A3: same, status update email saying Skype interviews will scheduled for mid-January. Does this mean they are sending out interview invitations in waves? It's a strange email.
  • Ball State University (12/8), email to request Skype interview. Q: Which position? A: LA Lit
  • University of North Carolina, Asheville (12/4) x7 Q: Did you select a date/time for these interviews? I was contacted by the chair and offered a Skype interview on 12/4, and she told me she would email me with details. I have still not heard from her. A: did you check the spam folder? Q: I thought they were doing MLA interviews.
  • Bucknell University (12/7)
  • Grand Valley State University
  • University of Nevada, Reno (12/4): emailed to request Skype interview. Q: Which position is this for? Assistant Professor of Spanish, Applied Linguistics
  • Sewanee - The University of the South (12/7): emailed to offer Skype option for "South-American Literature and Culture" position. x2
  • Cal State, Long Beach (12/7) - phone call to request Skype interview (x4)
  • Auburn University (12/7)- literature- phone call to request phone interview. (x2) Phone or Skype interview? Just asking because phone interviews are not common. Thanks! 
  • Pittsburgh (12/4) Email to request phone interview. Q: Is this for UPitt? The deadline for that post was on Dec. 1st. If it is, it's quite impressive how quickly the search committee went through all of the applications. A: Send them an acknowledgement for their promptness. R: I'd rather acknowledge the uncollegiate response to a legitimate question that aimed to probe the suspicious ways in which search committees and job searches are conducted. The question was not a reflection on the candidates, who are, after all, in equally precarious positions. In any case, I wish you the best of luck. You will need it with that attitude. R: I too was wondering if it was U Pitt and checking MLA, it's the only option for Spanish, but the post is listed as expiring on Nov. 27th...So, as you point out, they may have made decisions well before the listed Dec. 1 deadline. R: It is perfectly acceptable for universities to start sorting applications before deadlines, which is a separate situation from sorting applications or making decisions when the job post explicitly states "review of applications will be begin on..." When a date is given for when applications will no longer be accepted, as with UPitt, you should read that to mean "we are currently reviewing applications and will continue to do so until XXX date". Q: Is this for the linguistics or Mexican Studies position? 
  • Rutgers University (12/4) x2 Heritage Spanish - New Brunswick Campus
  • Auburn University (12/4) x3 Call to request phone interview. (x2) Q: Is this for the linguistics or literature job? A: The linguistics job.
  • MTSU (12/4) Email to request Skype interview
  • University of Utah (12/3) - Email to request Skype interview. (x4)
  • University of Central Arkansas - Teacher Education Specialist for French or Spanish (12/2). Email for phone interview.
  • San José State U (12/2). Email to request Skype interview. Q. Is this for the linguistics position? I got an email today saying the search has been canceled. I also got an email about the search being cancelled for the linguistics position.
  • Grinnell College (12/2). Call to request Skype interview. (x2)
  • Texas Tech University (12/2): Email to request Skype interview. (x2) Q: is this for the full prof position? A1: Mine is for the Asst. Prof position.
  • Texas Lutheran U. (12/1). Email to request phone interview.
  • North Dakota State University. (12/1). Phone.
  • The College of Wooster (12/1) Email to set up Skype interview (prior to MLA interviews)
  • Wake Forest (Translation).   (11/23). Email to set up Skype interview. Q: Where was this posted? I don't think I saw it...thanks! A: Chronicle or Higher Ed jobs-- don't remember which, but it wasn't in the MLA list. Q2: Is this the Classical Languages position? A: No. Spanish/English translation/Spanish for the professions.
  • University of South Alabama (11/30): email to request phone interview  (x3). Q: Was it today? They moved fast considering their deadline! A: it will be this week Q: Was it about a preliminary interview over the phone to decide about MLA? A: Yes, it turns out it was just that, to determine who to meet at MLA.Q: Do you think they want to know if we speak English/Spanish? A: Yes, I have the feeling it's to confirm language skill-- the call was 100% in Spanish A: just had phone interview, also all in Spanish. Interviewer said the committee would be meeting soon to determine whom to invite to MLA A2: I have the feeling it was to determine the candidate's interest in the position. My interview was 50% English, and 50% Spanish. They will meet next Tuesday to decide who they are going to call for the MLA Q: Are you a native speaker of either English or Spanish? Maybe they wanted to test you on both languages?
  • Lycoming College (11/30): email to request web interview
  • East Carolina University (11/29): contacted by e-mail for Skype interview (x3)
  • Oklahoma University (11/25), email (Spanish for the professions and Online Spanish position)
  • University of California, Riverside (11/25) email (x3)
  • University of Nebraska (11/25) email (x3) Q: is this the chair position? A: For me, it was the Assistant Professor position.
  • University of Central Arkansas (11/24) (x4) Q: is this the Spanish Lit position or the Teacher Education Specialist position? A: Call for preliminary interview, Spanish Lit.
  • Washington College (11/24) email (x4)
  • Baylor (11/24) email
  • Penn State (11/23) email Q: Is this for the Assistant Professor in Ling? A: It is for Ass. Prof in Brazilian lit.
  • West Virginia U (11/23) email; Q: Is this for the Teaching Assistant Professor or the TT Assistant Prof. in Lat. Am. lit. position? A: TT Assis. Prof LA Lit
  • U. Mass. Boston (11/23) email; Q: Is this another case of the search disappearing or cutting off applicants before the deadline? A: Not sure. The job post is still there, but it never had a deadline, so not really sure when they started reviewing applications...Q: Are you sure the post is still available? I could not find it there. A: The internal job listing is definitely gone, so the application can't be access or its details inspected. I wrote the dept and they said consideration closed already...despite only posting the position 9 November. Kinda shady. A. Why do people keep calling departments "shady." There was nothing shady going on there. They already called for interviews. To me it seems like they're just a whole lot more efficient than most. Frankly, if everyone followed their model, the job process wouldn't take so darn long!
  • Georgia Southern (11/17) email (x2)
  • Cleveland State (11(17) email
  • U Tennessee Knoxville (11/17) email (x3)
  • Christopher Newport University (11/13): contacted by email for phone interview next week (x3)
  • Harvard U (11/12): contacted by email for Skype interview early december. Q: What position are you referring to at Harvard? A: Ass. prof. in Brazilian lit
  • Kansas State University (11/12): contacted by phone for Skype interview next week (x4)
  • Drake University (11/10): contacted by email for phone interview
  • University of Chicago (11/9); (Medieval) contacted via email for Skype interview in early Dec. Q: How many finalists? Are they going to the MLA? A: 9 (nine) time slots on the email offering Skype interview, so probably 9 finalists. No mention of MLA, so I cannot say. A: Who contacted you from Uchicago? 
  • Northern Colorado -- Asst. Prof. (11/4)
  • Morehead State U (11/3) email- Q: Is this for the linguistics position?
  • Albion College (11/2), Skype interview x2 Q: Did they call or email you? A: They emailed and are carrying out interviews this week (11/5)
  • University of Mary (10/9) call. Q: Mary Washington? They are supposed to keep receiving materials until Nov. 30th. A: I believe this is U of Mary in North Dakota.
  • Northern Colorado (10/29) (which job is this? there are two) A: chair
  • Centre College (10/28): contacted by e-mail for Skype interview Q: Is this for Afro-Hispanic lit position? A: Yes. Thank you!
  • California State University, Fresno (10/27)  Q: Golden Age or Mexican Lit. ? Answer: Mexican Lit
  • U Tennessee Chattanooga - 10/27/2015 x5 - (I posted a question on word on the street about campus interviews.)

Additional Materials Requested[]

  • Concordia College (2/1) Email requesting essay questions regarding liberal arts, research, and college mission. A.: I also just got this email. Was it sent out to all applicants? x3 A: I applied, but did not receive this email. Good luck to those who are advancing in the application process!. A. I didn't know they were a Lutheran University, I told them I will not send any statement of how I would support their religious mission, good luck to the rest of you. A: Good on the last respondent for upholding her/his values instead of sacrificing their dignity for any job under any type of campus/administrative structure. To thy own self be true! . A. Thank you for the kind words. 
  • St. Edward's University - Visiting Asst. Prof of Peninsular Studies (1/11). Email requesting course evaluations after MLA interview
  • University of Calgary - Assistant Professor Spanish Linguistics & L2 Pedagogy (1/5). Email to request letters of recommendation. Application only required list of references. 
  • Eastern Connecticut State University (12/17).  Email requesting affirmative action card completion. Q: Interesting! I did not receive this email and I also applied for the job. Don't they send this emaill to ALL candidates? A: I don't know.  I just got a general email request through Interfolio. A.: I also got an e-mail to complete the card.
  • George Washington University (12/11) Email requesting writing sample / Q: The Mexicanist position? A: Yes, Mexicanist.
  • Catholic University of America (12/10) Email through Interfolio requesting evals, writing sample, course proposals (x2) - Q: Is anyone else seeing their Interfolio delivery for this position as incomplete now, but unable to upload the additional documents requested? A: yes; A2: I had no problem uploading; A3:¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Worcester State University (12/2) email, request video of teaching demostration. (x4) And I don't have any such video. A: Do you know if this is a video to complete dossier or is it to line up interviews. A: No dog in this fight here, but this is absurd. Who has this? How can you line this up without letting your current employer (assuming you have one) know that you're interviewing?!  A: This is kind of an odd request - at this stage of the game - that I don't think I've seen before. Folks are getting creative. A4: I did not even apply for this job because of this video. There was another one requesting a video as well. A5: There are jobs every year that request videos. Sometimes they request an entire class and sometimes 10 minutes. Who has this? If you're a grad student at an R1, and you probably get observed at least once a semester. My university always asked me if I wanted a recording. I have three videos. If you're already working and on the market, you could always get a student from another class to film you and be sly about the reasons.
  • California State University, Fresno (Golden Age) (11/25) request letters of recommendation, sample syllabi and transcripts. x4
  • San Francisco State University (11/23) email: fiction writing sample; (x1) Q: was fiction writing even in the job description? A: the job description only said "writing sample", but it is in the Creative Writing Department (for literary translation teaching), so I guess it makes sense they ask for that... A2: I think this is for the job at San Francisco State University, not U. of San Francisco. A3: Yes! Sorry, my bad! It's for San Francisco State University
  • UC Berkeley (11/17) email: writing sample. Anyone who sent a writing sample hear yet? A: Not me. I know another person who is also waiting. Either we are the unlucky ones, or they are taking their time. A2: I am still waiting as well. A3: Also waiting... A4: Just got an invitation by e-mail (12/13). Mucha suerte a todxs!
  • Baylor (11/17) email: Asking if I am attending MLA. Did they offer you an interview there? Q2: I know the previous question asked this same thing, but I wanted to follow up too. I just got an email (11/18) asking if I was attending the MLA because they will be conducting interviews there. Is that what your email said too? A: Yes, this is the same message I received. I assume they want to interview us there, right? They did not follow up after my response though. A2: That's what I assumed from their message too (that they would want to interview us there). A3: I got the same email and received clarification: it appears they are still reviewing candidates and planning the next step in the search. Skype was mentioned to me as a possibility, but they may still be going to the MLA as it is fairly close (Waco to Austin is 90 minutes by car). Q3: Let me try to understand, did they reply after you responded to their MLA question? When? They did not reply me, I am confused now :) A: I received the email about whether or not I was going to the MLA on 11/18. I responded and inquired about other possiblities for the initial screening. They responded to my email and indicated that 1. Skype was a possiblity and 2. that they were still in the process of reviewing candidates. Q: Do you mean they were not sure if they would interview you? A: It sounded like they wanted an interview, but the tone was somewhat ambiguous. As you can see above, some candidates have the MLA interview lined up with them already. My sense is that they will do the MLA with those that will be there, but that there would be options for initial screening of candidates that were not going to be there. 
  • Baylor (11/5) email: More info about church affiliation. A: Was this a clarification about your statement or asking for one? Respuesta: Clarification.
  • California State University, Fresno (10/19) email (x4)   Q: Golden Age or Mexican Lit.? A: Mexicanist


List NEW information at top

  • U of Richmond Visiting Position (4/29) email
  • Fort Lewis C (4/29) email.
  • Eastern Kentucky U (4/28) email. x3 - I thought there were only three of us. But the department seemed a bit uncertain about what they needed. Was there a fourth?
  • Cerritos College (4/19) email (found in spam folder) 
  • Southern Connecticut State U (4/19) email saying search was cancelled. x2
  • University of Washington (4/19) email via Interfolio. x2
  • Palomar C (4/15) e-mail saying they can't sponsor visas. They can, they just don't want to. A small liberal arts college is doing it for me now so I can start in August. A: I believe you're right. 
  • Bates College (4/4) email. x2
  • Bard College (4/4) email saying that the possition was filled. x3. Q: which position? Simons rock? A: Yes, Simon's Rock. The e-mail came via Interfolio and it was one of those standard messages, copied to everyone, which, in my view, is (barely!) OK when contacting those who didn't get an interview. But for those candidates they talked to personally I think it's unprofessional to not even include a personalized greeting in the rejection e-mail. Bad form, Simon's Rock!
  • University of North Carolina, Charlotte (4/1) email. Q: Was this for the VAP?
  • University of North Carolina, Asheville (3/28) email x2
  • Rutgers (Heritage Studies) (322), email stating that position had been filled. 
  • University of Texas–Rio Grande Valley (3/24), email stating the search was closed but will be reopened in September. 
  • Lake Forest C (3/22), email.
  • Eastern Mennonite U, snail mail
  • Middle Tennessee State U (3/22), email. 
  • University of Nebraska - Lincoln (3/21), email.
  • Augustana College (3/18), snail mail.
  • Lawrence U (3/17), email. 
  • Holy Cross (3/16), email via Interfolio
  • Truman State University (3/16), email x2
  • UT Dallas Lecturer  (3/16) Email
  • Idaho State U (3/16) Email. x3
  • University of California Riverside (3/15) Email x4
  • Wake Forest U (3/14) email via Interfolio; position closed. x2
  • Ohio Wesleyan U (3/12), email via Interfolio Q: Is there anyone else who applied, didn't hear back from them, but didn't get a rejection email either? Seems odd...
  • Grinnell College (3/10) email x1
  • UW Tacoma (3/10) email x1
  • North Dakota State University (3/11) email x4
  • University of Arkansas at Little Rock (3/11) email. x2
  • Emory University (3/9) email, x3 A: Was this the Oxford College position? A: Yes, it was the Oxford C position.
  • Middle Tennessee State U (3/8) email. x2
  • Grand Valley State U (3/7) email
  • Tulane (3/7), email from Interfolio. x2
  • West Virginia University (3/7) email. x3
  • George Washington University (3/6) email.
  • Holy Cross (3/4) email in response to an update request. Offer made and accepted. 
  • Flagler College (3/4), e-mail saying the search has concluded and who accepted the position.
  • Columbia University. (3/1). Lecturer position.
  • University of Calgary (3/1), x1
  • Fitchburg State U (Spanish position): 3/1 email saying the search has been cancelled x3
  • University of Cincinnati (3/1), email x2
  • Diablo Valley College (3/1), email. x3
  • El Camino College (3/2), email :( x2
  • Texas Lutheran. (2/29). Email saying that they ve chosen another candidate. (x3)
  • Eastern Washington University (2/26), email x2 (no interview)
  • U. of Pittsburgh (2/25), email (x3)
  • Los Medanos College (2/22), email
  • Los Medanos College (3/18), email (post-interview)
  • U Wisconsin La Crosse. "Unfortunately you do not meet the required qualifications for this position" (2/25), email.X4. A: This email was worse than usual and inaccurate for most applicants. A2. Agreed - that email was terrible. The "don't be discouraged" line and link to other current job openings in case there are "other positions that interest you" was a nice touch. (eye roll). R. Completely agree! It's an awful message "you do not meet the required qualifications".... In what way? My qualifications were a fit for the position..They should explain and take some time to be more specific, considering the time we spend writing the application.    
  • Ball State U (2/25), e-mail.  x3, (3/1), email x2
  • U of San Francisco (2/23), email x4 (no interview) Q:  Was this after the phone interview?  Or rejection with no contact?  Has anyone heard from them after phone interview? I did the interview, but haven't heard from them. It was a weird interview.
  • George Washington University (02/23), email x3; post-MLA interview x1; Al fin que ni quería x1
  • Pomona College Post-doc (2/20), email
  • Washington College (2/19). Email. Post-skype interview. (2/22) E-mail stating my candidacy is no longer under consideration. 
  • West Virginia University (02/19) x3
  • University of Arkansas, Little Rock (2/17), email saying didn't make it to campus visit short list..
  • Cornell College (2/16), email saying that an offer has been accepted. Q1: Did you have an interview? I applied to this school, but didn't get this rejection. I din't get an interview either. Thanks. A1: No interview, just the rejection email. Story of my life. Q2: I know the canpus visits are still ongoing. Did the email say "an offer has been accepted"? A1: Here's the email I got: "We have now completed our search for the Assistant Professor of Spanish in the Department of Classical & Modern Languages. An offer has been accepted and we expect to make an announcement regarding our hire soon."
  • Georgia Southern (2/15)x3, email saying position has been filled. A2: This was a weird search. I wonder if they had an inside candidate. A: Did anybody get a campus visit???
  • University of Central Arkansas (2/11), e-mail x4. A: What a tactless email heading: "Interviewed, Not hired." Sheesh! A2: Yes. Very rude and tactless! A3: Yes! So absurdly tactless that it was hilarious.
  • TCU (Lit) 2/9 email. They told me at the MLA they would be sending invitations/notifications in February, but this rejection is because they have someone who accepted the position...Same.  What happened? All I know is that it was their second choice who accepted, so they made 2 offers before sending rejections. Q: How do you know the first person rejected the offer? A: I can't reveal my source, but it's very trustworthy. 
  • University of Chicago (2/5) Medieval position.

University of Cambridge. Email. (Can't remember the day. No interview).

  • Albion College, e-mail (2/5).
  • Lycoming College (2/5). Email, after Dec. web interview.
  • University of Arkansas, email (2/4) x2 Q: Is this after phone/Skype interview? Literature or linguistics?
  • Tarleton State University, email (2/1)
  • U North Dakota, e-mail saying search canceled (2/2) x3. They had a search last year that was canceled, too.
  • Northeastern Universith, e-mail (1/29).
  • Santa Monica College, email (1/28) x2
  • Sonoma State, email (1/27) x3 - Was that after MLA? A: No interview. A: No interview as well, only email with rejection. A: No interview here either. From the folks I know personally (7 interviewees), seems mostly a selection of Ivy leaguers or visiting profs for MLA interviews. Good luck to finalists! Q: Did they extend a campus invitation to any of your friends? A: One emailed committee, was told that invite calendar would be contingent on contract negotiations, but another has heard nothing. No word from the others. The CSU system has a pending faculty strike (perhaps February) and it may affect the hiring process. A: I interviewed with them at MLA and also received rejection email.
  • Centre College. E-mail (1/26).
  • University of Nevada, Reno (Linguistics). (1/22)  x2. Email. Q: Is this after a phone/Skype interview? A: No, not for me. It was just a rejection email from my application.
  • University of New Mexico (Latin American Studies, Latina/o Studies, Chicana/o Studies, or Native American Indigneous Studies position in UNM Honors College *whew*). (1/22): Email stating that the final screening of applications has been completed. [Did anyone ever get any interviews?? I don't recall seeing any on the wiki.]
  • UC Davis. Email (1/20) x3 Q: what area do you all specialize in? Medieval, here. A2: Modern/Contemporary x2
  • UC Santa Cruz (1/20) x2
  • Rutgers. Heritage position. Email (1/20) x3 Q: Is this after skype/phone interview? No.
  • U. Mass. Boston (1/16) Letter after Skype interview
  • Drake University email (1/7) x3. Segundo correo de la misma institución diciendo que he sido rechazado (el primero es de 11/2).R2. No recibí el primer correo, solo este. R3. yo tambien solo recibi este, su proceso de seleccion fue muy "inusual".
  • Bentley University
  • Univerrsity of Mary
  • Fordham University. Email (01/05). x6
  • University of California Santa Cruz. Asst or Assoc Professor: Brazil/Brazilian Studies. E-mail (01/05).
  • TCU. Email (01/05). x7 (Does anyone have an interview with them?)  A. Literature or Linguistics? I was linguistics, and I believe they did interviews at the MLA. A: I had an interview with them at the MLA for Lit. They were also holding the linguistic interviews there. 
  • Rutgers, Brazilian/Lusophone (12/23) following Skype interview. Good luck to the other candidates!
  • Texas A&M-Corpus Christi (12/22): Email
  • Coastal University of Carolina. Email. Q. when did you get this?
  • Catholic University (12/22): Email Q: Did you have a Skype interview? Q: Any news here? anyone? 
  • William Jewell College (12/21) x3 A: Email stating that the offer had been accepted by another candidate and that the search is now closed. A2: There was something strange about this one. It is not clear that they actually interviewed anyone, the department is like 2 people total, and they asked for a ton of strange materials. No rejection email for me, despite spending hours applying! Whatevs. A3: It was definitely an atypical search from what I could see. I agree that this application took quite a long time because of some unique application documents. I wonder how important the salary requirements were.
  • Kansas State U. (12/18) x 3 Q: Was this after an interview? A: No, but I know some people have already a campus visit.
  • Ohio University (in Athens). Spanish linguistics. (12/17). Email. 
  • Ohio State University (12/17) x3
  • Colby "A": (I think it was A). Email. x7 - Rejection following MLA x2
  • U of Northern Colorado (12/17): Email  (Mexican American lit) x2
  • Colby C (12/17): E-mail. x3 Rejection following MLA (x3)
  • University of Richmond, Director of Community-based (12/17) x3 
  • Texas Tech U (12/16): Email, post-Skype interview.
  • Berkeley (12/15): Email    Q: ¿Ellos mandan ese email a todos los candidatos al mismo tiempo? Yo no he recibido email alguno, ni para concertar una entrevista ni para denegar mi solicitud? X2 (Note: I am restoring this comment, which someone erased. The same person also changed someone else's info in an above section. This is a problem - please do not do it. x2) A: I did not get a request for additional materials so I crossed this one out of my list a while ago. I haven't gotten a rejection just yet but I'm not even expecting one. The process is well advanced already with interviews scheduled. It may take time to send rejection emails. A: I was contacted for more materials and then received the rejection. Maybe they only sent the rejection to those already contacted for the writing sample. A: I just got a rejection without having been contacted for a writing sample. A: I didn't get a rejection just yet. I reckon they don't send them all at once. Unless (paranoia!), they never got my application. A (1/21): I still have not receive a rejection and I know they already called for campus visits, can someone explain this to me? Am I the only one here? A. It likely means one of two things: a) they simply haven't had the time to send it yet or, and much more likely, b) you're in a group of candidates ranked slightly below those interviewed. To be honest, even rejections can be undone; I was rejected from a position at an R1 and later had both Skype and on-campus interviews. (This, of course, is atypical but not unheard of). Consequently, I wouldn't invest much thought in rejections. A: Thanks, I hope I am not the only one. Keeping the hopes up is actually worst, though. A (1/24): I also have not received a rejection, so I doubt the issue is that they didn't receive your application. Searches at Berkeley are often screwy, so who knows what they are up to. Or it could just be an administrative oversight. In any case, it will be interesting to see who (if anyone) they hire.
  • Bentley University (12/14). Snail mail.
  • College of Wooster (12/14): Interfolio email. (x7) BTW, the email was very polite and they received over 150 applications! A: Agreed. Class act, Wooster! Even leaving us with a glimmer of hope that applications could be revisited. A2: De acuerdo. No como Wake Forest, completamente ambiguo y con un ligero tufo a cobardía.
  • University of Mary (North Dakota): (12/14) snail mail rejection, saying position has been offered to another candidate x2
  • Wake Forest (12/11) Email (The most spineless email received to date: we are already interviewing, best wishes. You fill in the blanks all by yourself: guess you are out.)
  • Brigham Young (12/11) x 1 - Q: Was it for the Assistant Professor of Portuguese? A: No, for Spanish! A: Thanks!
  • Harvard University (12/9) Email - Assistant Professor of Modern and Contemporary Brazilian Studies.
  • Rice University (12/9) Email - Lecturer of Portuguese
  • UMass Boston (12/1) Letter - Assistant Professor in Luso-Hispanic/Atlantic Studies
  • Lehigh (12/1) Latin/o Studies
  • CSU Fresno (11/30) Golden Age x3
  • Central Florida (11/23). Chair position.
  • Mills College (11/02). "the College has decided to put the search for this position on hold" (email). x2 x3
  • Drake University (11/02). "The search has successfully concluded" (Email). x11, also 11/02 (I am surprised about this one. When was it first posted, wasn't it first announced on 9/20? When was the official deadline? Already concluded?) (this was not my original post, but they already had a visiting professor from last year. Maybe they just wanted that person?) * They're also simultaneously notifying candidates that they're still under consideration; what's going on? A: They don't sound very professional. # That is true. They interviewed me last year. A: The deadline according to the MLA was November 9th - I attempted to submit my materials on Nov. 4th and there was no link on Drake's HR website; I contacted the head of the search committee who informed me - 5 days prior to the offical deadline - that the deadline had been changed (it had not) and that with over 200 applications they "simply could not handle anymore" - extremely unprofessional... and unethical! A: in my notes I have the deadline as September 3; it was the earliest job I applied to. A: I just checked on the expired posting on Interfolio; it is November 9. :*Update (11/20): Notified after phone interview that another candidate has been selected. A. It seems like they probably had an inside candidate, this search went extremely fast. A: If they couldn't handle "over 200 applications" then they should have written a better ad, not some vague one for a generalist. They brought this on themselves. A: I was a bit unsure whether to even bother to apply here, given their past history (radical revision of the language programs, including termination of tenure-line positions) and current department layout. It was also unclear to me whether they even had a major, as different information was listed about this in different places. Long story short: totally agree re: the lack of professionalism, especially the part about telling applicants they'd already rec'd too many apps.!
  • California State University, Fresno (10/28), after additional materials requested) x6


List NEW information at top

  • Fitchburg (3/1) - Spanish (x3). Email saying they decided not to fill this position.  Q: Any news on the other position in the English Department? A: The English dept wrote last week saying they were hoping to be able to make an offer at the beginning of the first week of March; haven't heard anything else yet.  Q: Did you have an interview? A: Yes, but I ended up taking an offer elsewhere, so I am out of the running now. Good luck!
  • Q: Congrats! Did you get a TT or a VAP? A: It was an extremely difficult decision, but I opted for an elite VAP. So I get to do this all over again next year, hopefully not regretting too much the crazy choice I made. Q: Did you end up getting an offer from Fitchburg?
  • Eastern Washington University (2/26). Email saying my application is still under consideration and that I will be notified when my status changes.
  • Benedictine College (2/23). Email saying that my application materials had been sent to the search committee for review
  • Berry College. (2/23)
  • Georgia Southern. Email saying that they are still reviewing materials and they are still interested in my application. (2/4)
  • Catholic U of Amerca (1/29): post-skype email stating that though they hoped to give news regarding the position by mid-January, "given that school was closed for a number of days due to snow, we are somewhat behind schedule. Thank you for your patience" (x3)- I don't know what you think, but this does not sound good to me...
  • Ball State U. - Invitation to self-identity (1/19) Por supuesto que no voy a mandar ni cojones. x5. A: Y en el email actúan como si aún estuvieran en proceso de llamarnos... cuando salieron las entrevistas hace tiempo... A2: Por eso es que no voy a mandar nada, ¿cómo se puede ser tan desvergonzado?  A3: Cálmense, estos trámites no son del comité sino de recursos humanos. Y sí, es una pérdida de tiempo, pero hay que hacerlo por ley en algún momento de la búsqueda. A4: Para él/la que agregó la s en "desvergonzado" y la puso en negrita, fue un error al teclear, imbécil. A5: Ese "el" no lleva tilde, querido/a, es artículo, no pronombre personal. Quizás deberías aprender español otra vez... a ver si consigues trabajo. A6: Dear A5, you must be a joy to work with. A7: Dear A6, how did you know? As much as with you.
  • Fitchburg State University - Assistant Professor/Humanities/Spanish - Tenure Track- email stating that their search has been delayed due to holidays - 1/13 x3
  • Ohio Wesleyan U - through Interfolio, 1/11
  • University of Macau. Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Portuguese. Email letting applicants know about the progress of the search (01/10).
  • BU. Email (01/07)
  • Just got this email from Wake Forest: "Dear Applicant, Thank you for your interest in our position in Spanish in 18-19th century literature and visual culture at Wake Forest University. This email is to update you on the timeline of our search. The committee has been reviewing applications and will schedule phone/Skype interviews for mid-January. After phone/Skype interviews are concluded, we will invite selected finalists to a campus interview early in the spring semester" However, apparently they have already scheduled Skype interviews. What's going on here? A: No he recibido ningún email de Wake Forest.  A2:  I also received this email.  Yet others have been scheduled for Skype interviews and still others have received rejection letters.  Best I can figure, they have a 3-tier ranking system.  The A-listers got interviews.  The B-listers (that's us), are waiting in the wings to see how the A-listers fare and the C-listers got rejections. A3: FYI I have a Skype interview and also received this email.  
  • University of South Alabama - 12/7, email requesting Affirmative Action card and veteran voluntary form. x5. A: But per above they already contacted people for interviews. A2: Yes, it's like adding insult to injury. I am completely aware that I am already out of the game, and yet, here they are soliciting this info to protect themselves. A: Absolutely true. Insulting and unprofessional. They can wait for those forms until next year. A3: There was a job last year that did the same thing. I just think it's ridiculous! A4: I think they should be call out on their BS. A2: Yo otra vez. Hoy día recibí la tarjeta de Affirmative Action por correo postal. Entiendo que son requisitos de HR, pero, joder, si ya me ignoraron para sus famosas llamadas telefónicas pre-MLA, por favor, ¡déjenme en paz! Que jodan a los que están entrevistando, que por estas fechas tendrán más paciencia que uno. No fue culpa nuestra que no pidieran esa información a tiempo y ahora se vengan a cubrir el trasero. A5. Yo les contesté el email diciendo que no les iba a enviar ninguna forma porque ya sabía que estaban haciendo citas telefónicas para el MLA, alguien tiene que decirles algo. A6: I understand the frustration, but it's pretty standard to request that info of all applicants. Plus they didn't notify people that they are not under consideration, we only know because of the wiki. I think the problem is that they didn't make it part of the application process itself. And what's with using snail mail for forms? A2: Mira, A6, sospecho que tú ya tienes un buen número de entrevistas. Eso quizá te impida comprender que cuando no tienes nada y ves que te estás quedando en la calle, lo que hizo UofSA no resulta de lo más inocuo. Ya habiendo concertado las entrevistas telefónicas es que nos enviaron a todos las famosas tarjetas por correo electrónico y por correo postal. Solicitar esta información es estándar, sí, pero el problema radica en que la información que nos dan en el correo está articulada para hacerte pensar que todavía tienes esperanzas, lo cual resulta falso. Las cosas no se hacen de esta forma, ¿viste? No somos de goma, estamos en situaciones muy desesperadas muchos de nosotros, y una cosa así resulta casi como una burla a nuestra vulnerabilidad. Lo correcto era solicitar la información demográfica con el resto del formulario, como todas las demás instituciones. Y ahora que lo pienso, en realidad no es nada estándar, este año ellos han sido los únicos que han hecho esto de enviar todo al último para taparle el ojo al macho.  Ilegal no es, pero sí poco ético y poco profesional. A7: A2, I completely understand your frustration. The way I look at it is, if the institution is so dumb as to spend money on paper and on postage for people that they know they won't hire, then you definitely don't want to get stuck there anyway. As for A5's approach, I think it's important to remember that one moment of rudeness or frustration like that has the potential to ruin your professional reputation because you just never know who knows whom in this profession.
  • University of Cincinnati - 12/02, email. 
  • Lake Forest College - 11/30, email. Weird, I sent my application early, never got an acknowledgement and now I see they already started scheduling interviews four days after their due date. Wonder what's going on. A: Something similar happened to me. I followed up twice when I saw somebody here received an acknowledgement, and I received one after my second message. No interview request for me though! A: I never received an acknowledgement from them and I did follow up after I saw people getting interviews. It seems very disorganized. A3: For what it's worth, I never received an acknowledgement but I did get an interview. Acknowledgements don't always happen. Seems like they were working fast to get interviews in before everyone leaves for break. That doesn't mean it's disorganized. A: In my opinion: 1. They should treat everyone equally meaning that you either aknowlege all applications or any. 2. They arranged interviews too fast and probably did not consider all applications equally. I sent mine late and was not either acknowledged or given an interview. It seems unfair that people who sent later but still under the deadline will not be considered just because they were overwhelmed. A4: I sent my materials the day that they were due (late evening, in fact). I got an acknowledgement, but no interview. Not that any of this makes us feel any better. This is my first go at this (still ABD) and I am learning a lot. I gather that it is probably better to send the materials as soon as you can, right? All we can do is be better prepared for next year. Ánimo. A5: theoretically, it should not matter when you send your application, as long as it gets there by the deadline. But, with the huge amount of apps. some institutions receive, I do wonder if there isn't just a better chance if the app. gets there in the early part of the review process (esp. when deadlines extend into December, when everyone gets super busy). I got an acknowledgment but no interview, FWIW. Am a bit surprised by the poster that got a call and an interview the next day! That's a fast turnaround time, geez.
  • Southern Connecticut State University-11/20 Q: Was this a personalized  email or an EEO form? A: EEO form
  • U San Francisco - 11/19, email x6
  • Cornell College - 11/18, email. Q. I haven´t received a confirmation email yet. Am I the only one? A: Nope, me neither. 12/11 - Any updates on this one? Thanks!
  • U Pitt 11/18 email and request for voluntary EEO form. Q: Me too. Does this mean we were selected after a first stage? A: They require EEO forms from all candidates. These forms are voluntary, so you do not need to fill them out if you do not want to. 
  • Colby ("A") 11/17 email.
  • Colby ("B") 11/16, email. 
  • Colby "C" (11/17), email.
  • Rowan University (11/13) "Please respond to this message, indicating whether you are currently legally authorized to work in the United States on a full-time, permanent basis.  We are not able to sponsor visas and pay for immigration fees for candidates". Isn't this discrimination? I wish we could legally complain about these cases A: It is not, if they cannot afford it, that's that. Discrimitation is considered on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities. Sometimes institutions have the money to invest, wisely I think, on a diverse faculty, but sometimes they don't, especially poor schools. Rowan has a small endowment, it is not a particularly rich school, and being a public school, there is a lot of red tape too. Sorry, don't get discouraged. A2: In my opinion this is blatant discrimination, many schools also state that they don't discriminate based on "national origin" I know of several schools who never had a problem sponsoring an H1B visa. Universities are not cap-restricted and the paper work -believe it or not- is not complicated and inexpensive. And I am talking about schools smaller than Rowan (Rowan has 14,000 students= not really small). If they are legally allowed to not sponsor visas, why didn't they say this in the job ad in the first place?? Georgia Southern did. A3 They have filed for 35 visas in the last three years, none of them appers to be in Humanities. It is not about the money they have, but about how it is distributed. The old division between STEM and Humanities: A: Big does not mean rich; their endowment is small, especially for a school with 14,000 students. Not all departments have the same amount of money; STEM departments typically have more funds, the humanities have less, which is the reason why many profs in the sciences have higher salaries. I do agree, however, in that they should have disclosed this information in their advertisement. Chin up! There are schools out there with better hiring practices.A4: I think this is discrimination. The paperwork is not diffucult and it is very inexpensive. How would you feel if the job position indicate they can't hire American citizens? Wouldn't you consider that a discriminatory practice? A: It doesn't matter what you or I think, or what we feel. It is how they operate, and they are operating within the bounds of the law. You don't like it, I don't like it, but it is not illegal or discriminatory, since they are not indicating that they won't hire foreing nationals (I am one, by the way), just not sponsoring visas. (Universities in my country, incidentally, are even more resistant to sponsor foreigners, including Americans.) A: Thanks, previous poster. It's actually unlawful in many states to hire foreign nationals ahead of qualified nationals. Some state legislatures write that language into university charters or otherwise "require" universities to hire domestic candidates. Most departments get around this by insisting on diversity in hires and in departments, which is why most Span/Port departments are usually at least half foreign nationals. I have noticed that the trend lately is perhaps even highter than this, as student enrollment falls and the demand to teach culture rather than literature increases. The STEM argument above is a red herring; profs in those departments are usually funding their own labs with government and foundation grants and are therefore less financially dependent on the university and less constricted in their hiring practices--especially if they're bringing prestige and money to the institution. A. Just for comparison, the chair of the UBC job has been sending out emails that say: "The Government of Canada requires that we give priority to citizens and permanent residents of Canada. Please indicate if you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada." So, this is not a uniquely American thing. A. Nobody has said that this is "a uniquely American thing", that does not make non-discriminatory, also their job post stated this from the very beginning. A. This comes up EVERY year. It's a bizarre complaint. Canada does it. The EU does it. There are countries in South America that do it. Do you have any idea how expensive it is to sponsor people for visas? Or that it requires lawyers? HR specialists? Not to mention, is this news to people? It's something you must have already heard as a graduate student who came to a foreign country for training. Not to mention, there are other departments who will prefer a foreign expert just because. It balances out. A. It is no bizarre. It would be if Spanish Departments warned prospective international graduate students of their slim chances of landing a job after getting their PhDs just because of their legal status. The problem is, if they actually did this, many of us would think it twice before investing so much time and effort and departments would probably end up not having enough TAs to exploit and keep their programs running.  A. I don't know how this could be a "bizarre complaint", I think it's a fair complaint. My best friend is an inmigration lawyer and we went over this information. H1B visas are not difficult to get if the sponsoring institution is an university or an NGO as they are not cap-restricted. Yes, it takes some paper work, but it is not an impossible task, besides, that's what there's an HR department. My previous institution used to do it all the time, my current institution does it too. Now, green cards are a different story. And, whether it's legal or not, it is kind of discouraging that people are being hired for their legal status and not their credentials. I have been to many conferences in which "Spanish professors" can't even speak Spanish correctly. A. Having been on a committee as an undergrad student where they picked the native-speakers to interview for being more "authentic" I think this can swing either way. No idea about R1/R2 choices. I went to a SLAC. They were more interested in "authenticity". So for those who are discouraged, I'd encourage them from that end.
  • Fort Lewis College - TT Spanish (11/10) email asking candidates to fill out diversity information. x2(11/18 - a couple days after submitting application materials) A: FYI, I did not apply here, but I'd like to share my experience from the past. I interviewed with FLC five or six years ago at the MLA in Philadelphia. This was before Skype interviews, late in December, when it was most expensive and inconvenient to travel. They made us all go there just to hear a lame pitch about their program (stuff you can look up on their website). It wasn't even an interview! Then, they contacted us all in January to schedule phone interviews (again, the MLA part was NOT part of the process to shorten the list of candidates). Major, major, MAJOR waste of time and money, especially for ABD's who were investing their limited resources on this trip. I had other interviews, thankfully, but a friend of mine only had this one and spent a good amount of money on his ticket, hotel room, meals, new suit, MLA fees, etc., just to hear this stupid pitch about the program. I am not sure if they are conducting interviews at the MLA this year, but to those candidates traveling to Austin just for the one interview, beware! A: They aren't interviewing at MLA, but will be conducting Skype after the New Year because the deadline was December. I have a feeling they have definitely revamped their process and this will not be the case. 
  • Christopher Newport U - Lecturer (11/03) email
  • Drake University (11/02): Email stating that they are currently reviewing materials, and that my application is still under consideration. X2
  • Mills College (11/02) Emails saying the search has been put on hold. Q: So probably not worth submitting the application? A: I tried to apply, couldn't find the position on the college website anymore. A2: I read they are actually closing the major.
  • wow, that's intense, A2. from potential faculty hire to closed major. where did you read that? i know they got a translation mfa program approved. i wonder if this was collateral damage. A2: I am not sure if this site will allow me to post links: Oh, "thinking" about closing the major; sorry for my error. Still, it might explain why it is probably better to put the search on hold.
  • U Tennessee Knoxville (10/27) email
  • Sonoma State University (10/26) automated human resources confirmation of application - email.
  • Colby ("A") (10/22) email x2
  • EMU (10/22) email about second step at application process
  • California State University, Long Beach (10/20) email x3
  • Albright College (10/19) email x3
  • California State University, Fresno (10/19) email
  • Union C (10/19) email
  • KSU (10/14) email

Word on the street[]

  • So, it appears no one was hired for the linguistics job at Auburn. Was this a fake search? Or did something else happen?

>¿Alguien se quedó sin trabajo? R: Sí, tú

  • Hubs entrevista para Colgate-VAP? (21/5)
  • Estoy tan harto de la mediocridad en esta academia que no sé si vale la pena insistir. Q. Que te pas'o? A: Pues eso. A excepción de un puñado de universidades, la mediocridad se ha adueñado de esta academia. Y harto estoy de departamentos que contratan a gente con menos méritos para que no les haga sombra. Deprimente.
  • ¿Saben si llamaron a Campus Vist para el puesto de latinoamericana Lehman College? A: Tambien estoy esperando para el puesto de Peninsular :(

Las clases terminan el 22 de mayo... Tendrían que organizar campus visits para al menos 6 candidatos, 3 para cada puesto y quedan solo dos semanas. Parece difícil. Me pregunto de veras si ya llamaron y no le avisaron al resto.

  • Any word about the lecturer positions at UPenn?
  • Anything from Franklin and Marshall? Please!!
  • Anything from F and M, VAP? A: They contacted people for skype interviews a couple of weeks ago. I posted about it in the Skype/Phone interviews, but somebody seems to be deleting information (this was the third thing I posted that was deleted). A2: Hi. Yes, I had a Skype interview with them, but I was wondering about campus visits. And, someone has also been deleting my posts. It is really annoying! Did you also have a Skype interview? A3: They contacted me for a skype interview, but I had already accepted another position. A4: Did anyone get a campus visit?
  • Any word on the UBC search? (April 19)
  • Anything from Lake Erie C?
  • Anything from Williams C?
  • William and Mary? Skype interviews happened 4/15 and 4/18. A: They said they were going to try and reach a decision by the end of this week or next. 
  • Anything from San Jose State????
  • Arkansas-Fayetteville: ¿Alguna novedad del puesto de literatura?  
  • Heard from a good source that Harvard didn't pick any of the candidates for the Brazilian Lit position after all. Apparently they're going to do a new search this year, looking for a mid-career professor.  x2
  • Any word on what happened at Berkeley? A. Grapevine, relatively reliable: Three finalists visited a while ago. At least two were tenured Ivy Leaguers. That dept has trouble hiring, though. Failed searches in Brazilian lit repeatedly over the past couple years. /// Yeah, I did hear who the finalists were - all Ivy League profs, though only one with tenure. Just wondering if an offer was made... Given that Francine Masiello is retiring they would presumably do their best to come to an agreement. A. Recent departmental hiring woes have to do with applicants applying only to negotiate promotions and benefits at their current institutions (re: Brazilian searches). Both searches made early offers only to be rejected and see finalists then gain promotion at home. Hire is near on current search. A. One of the candidates is an alumni and advisee of a search committe member who, btw, has been trying to leave berkeley for a long time without success. However I dont know know how much power she might have since she was almost "prometiendole el puesto" a half of the Argentinians in US academia and they were not even interviewed. Q: So was a hire in fact made? It's almost the end of the semester, so it is presumably wrapped up by now. A: Offer made but rumor is it was rejected.
  • Y'all, where are these late-stage job postings turning up? Been checking the Chronicle but I am way too floja to log in to the MLA job list by this point and assumed, wrongly I guess, that after MLA cross-posting to the Chronicle was a given. Thanks, and kudos to those who aren't defeated. A. I have found a bunch on and Best of luck to you! 
  • Still nothing from U. of San Francisco?  Phone interviews were over a month ago, nothing posted here about campus visits, has anyone heard anything? A: I haven't
  • Anything from Davidson College? A1: Did you have a campus visit?
  • Did anybody get an offer from Auburn U? A1: For the lit position, yes. My friend got the offer and accepted it. I don't know anything about the ling position. 
  • Anything from Lawrence University?
  • Any news about U of Wyoming? Offers?
  • Any news from U of Nebraska Lincoln (Assistant Prof position) after campus visits? A: Yes, an offer was made and acepted today (10/03). I am really sorry for the other candidates. I hope everything turns out just fine for you guys! 
  • Any news on U of Wyoming after campus visits? (moved from random spot on page) Q: did you have a campus visit? I never saw anything posted under campus visits, and so I was just curious if they had already gone on. Still no news from U of Wyoming? Offers?
  • Any news from Hendrix?
  • Any news from Worcester State U? A1: I have no news, but I am wondering what happened as well. I went for the campus interview and have heard nothing since. Did you ever get an update? A2: I heard it's been filled. A1: That's what I figured, I am just surprised that they never sent a rejection, despite the campus visit. How did you find out it was filled? Original poster:  There were two positions, one for lit, the other for culture/methods. Do you know which one has been filled? (Sorry if there are any duplicates, I cannot see my earlier post.) A3: I treid calling them to inquire but they didn't answer. Emailed and received a reply saying the committee was still deliberating. They may be negotiating or waiting for their pick to accept the offer. Hang in there, there's still hope. ¿Any news on Worcester State LAC post after campus interviews? Original poster: I guess maybe the other LAC candidate got it? I believe there were only three of us for campus visits. A3: if I understand right, "the other candidate" refers to me and since none of you neither I have received an offer, that means: 1. there were more than three candidates; 2. they haven't actually made the decission, 3. they filled the position with an insider candidate, 4. none of  us was good enough for them, 5. the university cancelled the search due to unknown reasons... OP: Thanks for your detailed response! They told me that part of the delay was the snow storm, as one of the visits had to be postponed. Was that any of you? If not, we can assume there is a fourth candidate. Also, this is a replacement position, the tenure line already exists. Maybe you are right, none of us was good enough and they are holding additional visits. I see this prolonged wait as a bad sign, I doubt they will be calling us back anytime soon. A3: Mine was as scheduled. Yeah, not happy with their silence, it's not right. I also noticed something kind of weird during my visit: they were conducting 16 faculty searches which for a university that small sounds suspicious. are they growing? (I had the impression the department struggled to have enough students registered in the courses they offer). OP: The Spanish faculty seemed very nice, but maybe two searches for such a small department might be difficult to expedite. My impression is that they might be looking for a different profile. OP: Just out of curiosity, was either of you two selected? I wasn't. Such a long wait, for sure there was something odd going on here. A:I just received a rejection. Did someone get the LAC position at Worcester State? OP: Did you also write about the rejection notification earlier? If not, there must have been a fourth candidate. Well, the way a look at it, no big loss, it was tecnically a 5/5 load with all that extra work supervising the Spanish Center and the student teachers. I did not apply to the lit position, but I wonder if they also had the extra load somehow. I got the feeling that the faculty were overwhelmed with 4/4; my honest impression was that this particular position would have been hell on wheels with the added responsibilities. I took another position elsewhere. A:But did you get a rejection? OP: Yes, I did. How many of us who applied to the LAC position received a rejection? Two or three? Just you and I, or also the third poster here? A: Just for the record, I was one of the other posters on this conversation and I also recieved a rejection after campus visit. I have accepted another job now, so it's all ok, but I am a bit confused, since it seems that none of the finalists got the position in either case.... OP: Same here... Maybe they think they are Harvard, that none of us were good enough, and decided to bring another candidate, which would explain the delay. At any rate, I think this is an indicator of how things work there. They can keep their 4/4++ load. ¡Buena suerte a todos! Did Worcester State offer jobs for both LAL and LAC Candidates? A4: Don't worry too much, this position has always been weird. They had it last year, don't know what happened but they had campus interviews like twice (they reposted it). This year they offered the position to one of the candidates after campus visit. This candidate probably does not use this site. It's a lot of work for not so much pay. however, it's a tenure track, so if you didn't get another offer, it would have been still a good thing, in this market.
  • Any news from UNLV after campus visit? They were deciding last Friday...
  • Anytihng from Albright College??
  • Anything from the U of the Incarnate Word? A: Campus interviews are happening these next weeks A2: OMG, I thought you were kidding! There is a place with such a name! A3: There is, and it is not bad AT ALL, así que no hay que guiarse por los nombres. They are doing campus interviews and will decide in about 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Any news from JKU post doc?
  • Any news from Linfield College? Was an offer made?
  • What happened with U.Mass. Boston? Did anyone get a campus visit? Heard that candidate accepted offer.  Very reliable source. 
  • Did anybody get an interview from University of Central Florida? A: Reliable second-hand info that an offer was extended and accepted for the Southern Cone position before the beginning of March
  • Any news from Idaho SU? Someone said they already invited to campus, but I've heard they still haven't called. Can anyone confirm? A: Campus interviews are happennig this week. A2: Thanks.
  • Any news on GVSU? Please!
  • Any news from CUNY -Lehman College? Had Skype interview. For the Latinamerican position? A: Yes!
  • What's up with CU-Boulder? They reposted the position again. And Benedictine College too. A. This is the third time Boulder has been posted! Someone mentioned below that it might have been due to the job ad not meeting legal specifications, but at this point it seems bizarre. A2. Is there not a single Colorado graduate student on the wiki?
  • Emory position for a linguistic anthropologist or sociocultural linguist in Spanish and Portuguese Dept. Skype interviews held in December. Campus visits for job talks (three candidates invited) held at end of January and early February. Decision to be announced this week (posted 2/17). (Moved from "Offers" section)
  • Any news from Tulane? No, sadly.[Q2] Did Tulane even conduct interviews? I hadn't heard anything from them or about them on the Wiki and, given the detailed description of the position, I really thought I would get least a preliminary interview. It seems odd that there was absolutely NO wiki activity! [A2]: To clarify, I ("No, sadly") was never interviewed in any format. A3: Yeah, screw Tulane. The Pelicans? The Green Wave? Everyone knows the waves are oil-black in New Orleans and the Pelicans are too! [A4]: Interviews were conducted via skype and finalists were invited to campus. No further information, though.
  • Any updates on Ohio Wesleyan? Their HR page says no faculty positions open. Original job ad (December or January?) was "review of apps. begins immediately..."
  • Any news from Brown University? A: they are going to hire their inside candidate. A2: How do you know it? A: a friend told me
  • Any news from Auburn? Q: Lit or Ling? A: lit. Why? You know something? A: No.  I just know they were looking for one of each.  I haven't heard anything about either.  So, I was hoping maybe you had heard something about the ling position. A: when did they say they were going to contact you? A: Did you go to the campus? A: Yes, I did. I was wondering if they are going to contact both finalists at the same time. What did they tell you? Thanks! Q: Does anyone know how many candidates were invited to campus for each position? A:3 and they have made an offer to the lit candidate.
  • Any news on UBC? Long list interviews were a month ago, but no news on this wiki about campus invitation. (2/17)
  • Any news from University of Central Florida (Ling)? A: Someone posted a while ago that the campus interviews had happened already. A (2/19): I think the campus interviews you are mentioning were for the Literature position, not the Linguistic one. I don't think they have even carried out the first round of interviews for the Linguistic position yet. A: Then they might be going really late in the search.
  • Any idea what is going on with the University of Colorado - Boulder linguistics position? Interviews were conducted at the LSA, but the position was re-posted ( on 2/8. A: Campus interviews in progress. A: Could mean the original ad did not meet legal specifications. A2: Thanks for the info.
  • Any news from Southern Connecticut State University? A: They conducted skype (BlueJeans) interviews last week. Said 2-3 week timeline for invites for campus interviews. To
  • Any news form Georgia Southern? A: I don't think they have decided yet. Hopefully soon, and please post somewhere here if you are contacted, as I want to know when they decide. A2: Haven't they been advertising this position for the past 2-3 years? Last year I applied and they cancelled the position... after I sent my application and letters and gave interfolio more $$$... 
  • Still nothing from Augustana College? A: I'm beginning to think that email was actually a rejection. Maybe? A: I was thinking the same thing, but at the same time, I haven't seen anything posted.  If it was a rejection, it was very passive agressive. A: I wrote them over a week ago and haven't gotten a response yet. A: Can you let us know if you hear back? Thanks!
  • Any news on Wyoming yet?
  • Any news from UT El Paso (Portuguese VAP) post Skype interview?
  • Anything from Manchester (IN)? A: I had 2 phone inteviews in late January, but now radio silence for going on 4 weeks.
  • Anyone heard from Wisconsin-La Crosse this week? A: Not here
  • Any news from Franklin and Marshall College. Coordinator of CBL programs? A: They are finishing up campus visits this week. A2: Thanks. There were 2 positions here. Did they invite candidates for both positions already? Thanks! A3: Yes, they have already finished up campus visits for both the CBL position and the Writing Center position.
  • Any news from Tulane?
  • Any news from SCSU?
  • Any news from Whitman College post-MLA? Campus visits have been scheduled (second hand, reliable). Q: Thanks for the response. Did the source mention whether the visits were scheduled by phone/email/mail? A: email
  • Any news from UNLV (translation) post-MLA? A: Campus interviews happening this week (second hand knowledge)
  • Any news on campus interviews at UBC (University of British Columbia)? (Feb 7)
  • Any news from Fresno (Golden Age)? A1: None here (2/7). I'm a little worried about how long this is taking. Someone else on this page mentioned that Cal State system profs were about to go on strike, and a quick internet search confirms this. I'm not convinced this will work out will for us. A colleague of mine with connections there said that they already had someone in mind for the position, but she could have been talking about the other hire. Who knows.
  • Somebody knows what happened with UT Chattanooga?
  • How is everybody doing? A1: In the immortal words of Morrissey: "To say the least/I'm truly disappointed/Truly, truly, truly oh.../Drank too much/And I said too much/And there's nowhere to go but down" :D A2: Please, please, please, let me, let me, let me, let me get what I want this time. Lord knows it will be the first time. A3: Pissed off and disappointed, to say the least. A: Ánimo!
  • How many days is the regular to accept an offer? A: Well, it depends on the offer. They can give you from 7 to 15 days to respond If you want the position, just take it. A2: Negotiate as much as you can in the two weeks you have to accept the offer. You won't be able to ask for more salary, moving expenses, start-up, course releases in the first year later on! That is normal practice.
  • Any news from Idaho State? A: They invited to campus last week. Sorry :(
  • Has anyone heard from Arizona State (Assistant Professor of Portuguese) after the skype interview?
  • Totally grasping at straws here, but... Someone near Gettysburg, PA "pinged" me online. Did anyone else end up with a campus visit from them, or just the 1 person above? Seems like a lot of us were waiting with bated breath, and then nothing. Q1: I recently met one person who was invited for a campus visit. He is so lucky! I really wanted that position. What do you mean by "pinged" online? A: I mean someone from the area found me on, which tells you that kind of data. But apparently they are not done with interviews, because I just got a call for a visit next week. Q1: Congrats!! Did they mention calling more candidates? A: No, but I also didn't ask. It was very last minute -- They wanted me to come Monday or Wed., which makes me think that I was on the cusp. and they are scrambling now to bring in someone else for whatever reason.
  • It's been like 3 weeks since the MLA and I haven't heard from North Central College. I know they had a visiting professor. Has anybody have any campus interviews at all? A1: I haven't heard anything either.
  • So, it's been almost a month since MLA.  Has anyone heard anything from Augustana College?  Are they still picking candidates?  Or did they choose candidates who just happen not to use the Wiki?  All I got was that ambiguous email mentioned below. A: Haven't heard anything either.
  • Has anyone heard from University of Winsconsin-LaCrosse after the skype interview? A1: Not here, but I was kind of thinking we might not until late this week/early next week. A: Thanks!
  • Any news on campus interviews at UBC (University of British Columbia)? (Feb. 1).
  • How long since the last candidate goes to an interview until they notify someone? A: It depends on a million different things. It's usually a minimum of 2 weeks, but often takes up to a month or more. The department will need some time to make up its collective mind. Sometimes that can take a couple of weeks. Then, depending on the instution, they'll have to run it by the college, HR and/or the provost/chancellor. There can be disagreements between any or all of these parties before someone gets the okay to make an offer. And then, the first pick usually has 2 weeks to make a decision. If you're not the first pick, it could easily take a month before you hear back. A2: I would not say a minimum of two weeks. I was the last candidate for my current job, and I think I got my offer the next day. I know that a colleague, also the last finalist, got his on the final day of his campus visit. Some departments and institutions expedite the process. But it certainly can take longer at others, as the first answer describes.
  • Has anyone heard from Bard College @ Simon's Rock after Skype? I'm guessing campus interviews must have already been scheduled since they said they were happening early Feb. but I wanted to get confirmation from someone if possible. A1: I have a campus visit with them. They contacted me on 01/28. A2: Thanks, and good luck!
  • I see that those who weren't invited for an MLA interview with Sonoma State received rejections letters earlier this week.  Any on-campus interview invitations for those who DID have interviews at MLA?  I was hoping we'd hear something this week.
  • Things are going pretty slow, right? A. It's driving me crazy. A2. Yes! I'm going to need a shrink. 
  • Any news from Fresno State U. (Golden Age)? A1: None here (1/28) but I think that interviews just wrapped up late last week. They are going quite slow considering how early their deadline was, tho. A2: Nothing here either.
  • Any news from Tulane U.?
  • Did anyone else get a campus visit invitation from Union College, besides one person above?
  • Any news from Benedictine College?
  • Any news from Georgia Southern? A1: Not here. Has anyone else heard anything?
  • Any news from Dartmouth?
  • Any news from American University?
  • Any news from University of San Francisco? A1: I still haven't heard anything from my application, but that may be an answer in itself. Has anyone had a Skype interview? A2: I personally haven't, but if you look above someone added that they got an email for a phone interview on 2/1.
  • Still no word on UNC Asheville? A: I haven't heard from them after MLA
  • Still nothing on Augustana College? A: I haven't heard anything. A. Me either (besides ambiguous someone email mentioned below).
  • Any news from North Central College? A1: Not here. Has anyone else heard?
  • Any news from St. Edwards (linguistics) after MLA? A:  Is this St. Edwards in TX?  There's at least one candidate doing an on-campus (second hand, reliable).-->Same for literature - someone definitely did a campus visit last week and I never heard back after sending course evals. 
  • Any interviews from Columbia from the lecturer position?
  • Anything from Idaho State post MLA?
  • Any news from University of Central Florida? A: I never heard from them, but someone said below skype interviews had taken place and campus visits had been scheduled. 
  • Any news from University of Nevada Las Vegas post MLA? A: Not yet (for the translation job)
  • Is anyone having a visit at U.Mass. Boston? I got a rejection letter but didn't see anyone post about a campus visit
  • Still no news from FIU?
  • U of Pitt - Any news after skype? They interviewed almost a month ago! Q: alguien eecribióás abajo que ya están en campus visit. Lo pueden confirmar????? A: Pitt knew in advance, before the search, who they were hiring. A: Really? I did think the interview was a little "off". Thanks! A: Agreed with last comment. 
  • Any news from St.Edwards University (literature) post MLA? A: nothing here. A2: I received an e-mail requesting course evaluations but have not heard anything after that. A: were there 2 positions in St Edwards? A: I think there were two: literature (peninsular studies) and linguistics. Any news from the linguistics position?
  • Any news from UMass Amherst? Anything? It's been quite a while since end-of-Dec. interviews, yet nothing up here yet re: campus visits. A: Nothing here. They did just start classes again on Tuesday...but I thought we would have heard by now. Finally heard back with a "we are no longer considering you" email 2/2.
  • Any news from Idaho State post MLA? A: No, but wasn't expecting to hear for another week or so.
  • Any post MLA news from North Carolina Asheville? X2
  • Any news on University of Washington, Seattle, after interviews?
  • Any news about Benedictine College? Q2: Still no news from this one?
  • Any post-MLA news from Augustana College?
  • Any news from the linguistics position in FIU? A. I haven't heard anything yet.
  • Did anybody get a campus interview for North Central College? x2 Q2: Any update? A: Not here
  • Still no word from Baylor after MLA? A: Nothing here x6 Q2: Any update from anyone? Q: Is it my impression or Baylor was interviewing people from both Literature and linguistcs? My field is literature, btw. A: Nothing here (literature as well). I am wondering if they already contacted for campus interviews but no one has reported it on the wiki... A: Linguistics here, so it sounds like they were looking at both.  They said end of January, which still leaves them a week before they expected to call in campus interviews. A: I'm in linguistics. I think we should hear from them next week. A: Somebody in Linguistics got an interview with Baylor in a 1/22 email.  No idea if it's in Spanish or under the English department. A: It is Spanish! 
  • Any news about campus interviews for Bridgewater college? A: someone posted a campus interview
  • Anyone heard from Lawrence University post MLA interview? Seemed like they were planning to contact finalists this week. x2 (1/18) A: Still nothing here...and I thought they were hoping to move quickly and contact finalists at the end of last week?
  • Anything from South Dakota State U (Asst. Prof. Spanish/German)? A: campus visits extended (second hand, reliable)
  • Alguien sabe algo del Creative Writing in Spanish en Iowa? A: Campus interviews should be announced next week. R: Gracias. No sabía que ya habían hecho entrevistas, qué pena. A2: Three candidates on campus in February.
  • An news from Gettysburg post MLA interview?
  • Any news from Eastern Menonnite U post skype interview? A: Campus interview (see above)
  • The Manhattanville C position has been cancelled (budgetary approval didn't go through). A: Same thing happened last year. A2: Sigh. A3: I know! It seemed like a really cool job,
  • U of SF committee is still reviewing apps, we might hear from them early Feb. A: How do you know? Original Poster: I called them.
  • Anyone heard from University of Virginia post MLA? Does anyone know about their timeline? 
  • Any word on Univ of New Mexico Honors College? A1: Nothing here. A2: just got rejection email on 1/22.
  • Any words on North Central College post MLA interview? A1: Not here. Still waiting.
  • Did anybody have a campus interview with Benedictine College?
  • Any words on Baylor University after the MLA interview? A: No, also waiting. Hopefully we will hear something today or tomorrow. A2: I am not sure that they will move so fast! They said they would bring only two candidates to campus. I am thinking that we should hear from them next week. Good luck! A: Thanks for the answers! A3: Was told at MLA that they'd take a while and contact candidates by late January.  That's pretty late!
  • Any word on campus vists for Augustana College?  I got a vague email  and I'm not sure if it's a rejection or if it's just a friendly thank-you for attending the interview. X2
  • Any news from Catholic U post Skype interview? Q/A: I'm also waiting. I woulnd't put all my eggs in the basket though. They cancelled/modified this search at least 2 times in the past. A2: This department makes me a little sad. I went to a grad student conference there about 3 years ago and literally one faculty member showed up. A: Then I guess it's good they're hiring new faculty! A4: My thoughts exactly. They seemed very nice people. I hope they get to complete their search and my best wishes to the whoever they pick. !Ánimo, gente! A4: Truth. I hope it works out this year. Being in DC would be lovely. Q/A5: Still no word? Q/A6: No word here. Q7: Still nothing? A8: nada, nada, nada (como dice Juan Gabriel, el divo de Juárez)? 
  • How long does it normally take to hear from MLA interview results? I forgot to ask during mine, thanks. A: It depends on when their classes resume. I would say 2 or 3 weeks?. Thanks!. 
  • Any news on campus visits from UPitt? A. Nothing. A2: Campus visits are ongoing at the moment. 
  • Did someone have/will have an interview at the George Washington University (TT, mexicanist)? A: Yes, got an email 1/13. Q: you got an email for a campus visit? A: Yeah
  • Any news from U.Mass. Boston post Skype interview? Thanks!
  • Any news from FIU?
  • Any news from Bridgewater College after the skype interview?
  • Any news from UC Riverside post Skype? A: campus visit request, 1/12. 
  • Any word on North Dakota State after pnone interview? (x2)
  • Algo de San José State? R. Nada, yo tuve una entrevista con ellos la emana pasada (Skype).
  • Anyone heard from UMass Amherst post Skype interview? (or know when they said they would contact post interview?)  2/2 - Rec'd "you are no longer in consideration" e-mail
  • Anything on West Virginia Asst. Prof. of Lit. post skype interview? I thought I saw WVU appear on the campus visit list and then disappear? A: Campus visits have been scheduled. Q: When were they scheduled? Do you have an interview or is this second hand? Is this the TT position? Thanks. Q. Ellos tenian dos puestos uno TT Lat. lit y otro de Assitant Teaching Professor, para cual de los trabajos ya tienen campus visits? A: NonTT A2: TT as well. Q: When did they contact you for the TT campus visit?
  • Anything from Columbia?
  • Does anybody know what is going on with Georgia Southern? They had interviews a month ago and they continue to have them. Didn't they like any of the original candidates?
  • Has anyone heard anything about the position at Flagler? Any news about interviews?  A: I applied there as well and haven't heard anything yet (x2). What position was that?
  • Any news about the U of San Francisco? A: Acabo de revisar el sitio de HR y mi solicitud no está archivada. Sí recibí acuse de recibo. Quizá cancelaron el puesto. ¿Alguien ha tenido entrevistas?
  • Has anybody heard from Benedictine College?
  • Any news about the TT in Portuguese at Arizona State?
  • Any news from Concordia College?
  • Aything from William Woods University and/or Texas Lutheran U.?
  • Any news from the University of Washington-Seattle?
  • Any word on the peninsular job at Colgate? A: Nada, y creo que fue la primera solicitud que envie.
  • Do you know why some universities repost the announcements? ex: Flagler C, Amherst C.  A.  Sometimes there is a legal issue that somebody finds, i.e., it was not posted long enough, it did not contain exact wording required, etc.  Other times, they didn't attract the kind of applicants they expected. A: Thanks.
  • Anything about  Benedictine college post-skype interview?
  • Anybody knows anything about the George Washington University non tenure track position? - A. Nada. Received email post Skype interview on 12/17 saying they were narrowing down candidates for campus visit, but haven't heard anything since. A: That's weird. I haven't even received the email.
  • Any word about the linguistic position in Auburn U? A: I believe that they said they will let the finalists know in January.  So, I'm guessing sometime after their break ends. A: they called yesterday (1/4) for campus visit. A: congrats
  • Any word on the Emory sociocultural linguistics job? A: I think a couple of people posted they had skype interviews. A2: Wasn't that for the Emory-Oxford position though? There was another one at the campus in Atlanta I believe. A: I received an e-mail saying that this week they will let know people who made it to a campus interview. I already did a Skype interview. Haven't received any news. So Maybe I didn't make it to a campus interview. Anyone has been invited?
  • Has anybody been contacted by Lake Forest but the linguistics position?
  • Anything from the lecturer position in Columbia U?
  • What is going on at Christopher Newport? They posted a Lecturer position that reads exactly like the VAP they posted last year (early modern OR contemporary Spain), for which interviews have already concluded, and now they announce a TT in contemporary. Does this seem strange to anyone else?
  • Has there been any word about the UC Davis and University of British Columbia peninsularist positions? The UBC search chair emailed me to ask If i was a Canadian citizen or resident, since preference is given to those candidates. Haven't heard anything since then (12/7) A:  Same here (UBC, Canadian residency
  • Has anybody been contacted after the skype interview fot the George Washington University position? A: Mexicanist TT? I have an MLA interview with them. (x2) A: No, the assistant of spanish non TT position.
  • Any word on Ball State after skype interview? A: Lit. position? Not here. I was thinking/hoping today or tmw? A2: They said they'd know by end of last week or beginning of this one...
  • Any word on Worcester State post-phone interview? A: Nothing yet. Not sure what their timeline is, though. A2: Bueno, a ver qué pasa, pero dijero que para el viernes pasado ya sabrían. Veremos.
  • Any news from West Virginia University after the skype interview? Which position? They have 2.
  • Bump: Any word on Fresno for Golden Age after they requested extra materials? (12/21)
  • Anyone hear from Tulane? A: I haven't A2: Same here. No response x2
  • Any news from Linfield College post-skype interview? A: Nothing here! A2: thanks! I'm hoping they will let candidates know soon - but they are still on break...
  • Any interview notifications for the Ole Miss Spanish Linguistics job? A: skype interview invitations sent Dec. 9.
  • Anything from GWU after the skype interview? They said they would contact candidates by the 20th.
  • La University of Arkansas-Little Rock (no la "flagship" en Fayetteville) acaba de colgar un anuncio para Assist. Prof. Los requisitos son una descripción exacta de su VAP...R. Y pasa lo mismo con Ohio Wesleyan - es como si escribieran el anuncio para la persona que ya tienen...pero nunca se sabe lo que puede pasar. No creo que sea motivo para no solicitar.A: There is no VAP currently at Ohio Wesleyan. It's an open position.
  • Anything from Auburn U post-skype interview? They said they will contact finalists in January. A: Someone just posted a campus interview. A2: I believe they have only called the lit position. Does anybody know if they have called for campus interviews for the ling position?
  • y UC Davis?
  • Alguien sabe algo de U of Wyoming o U of Arkansas? (x2) A: Arkansas said they'd be conducting interviews via Skype in January so I'd imagine they'll be contacting people after the New Year. Wyoming hasn't moved forward yet with prelim interviews. My guess is that it will be mid-late January before this happens. A2: Recibí una notificación automática de la página web del MLA que decía que Wyoming había extendido la fecha límite para las solicitudes. 
  • ?Alguien sabe algo de Bard? A: Not here. 
  • Just curious if anyone has heard from BYU - Assistant Professor of Portuguese?
  • Any word from Oxford of Emory? A: Not here. A2: No, and I'd love to hear from this one!
  • Any word from U of San Francisco?
  • Any word on any of the following: U of St Thomas, Wright State, Cornell College? A: (12/15) Cornell me envió un email preguntándome si todavía estaba interesado en el trabajo y que si era "eligible" para trabajar en EEUU. Si tienes papeles, te digo que tienes ventaja. U of St. Thomas canceló el mismo trabajo el año pasado y de Wright no esperes mucho, sus procedimientos son cuestionables. A: Yo tengo papeles y no he tenido ni una entrevista...   A: Nothing from Wright State or St. Thomas on my end, although I did hear from a reliable second-hand that Wright State already had their interviews.
  • ¿Alguien sabe algo de U of Washington? x4 A: The job announcement on chronicle states the deadline is Jan. 10 with priority given to applicants who submit docs by Nov. 15th. Also, their autumn quarter ends Dec. 18, so they are still in the midst of exam week. A: Thanks so much for posting this information. I did not notice they had a post-MLA deadline.  I applied so long ago that did'nt even remember the Nov. the 15th priority deadline. A: El comité aún no ha empezado a revisar los materiales. Q2: Do you know who is the chair of the search? A2: I don't.
  • Any word on Texas Tech after skype interview? A: At least one person got a rejection and another one got a campus interview. A2: Yes, I was rejected *bows*
  • Any word on the Texas Christian linguistics job? A: No answer, nada de nada
  • Any word on Lewis & Clark? A. Nada. A2: They just sent emails for interviews.
  • Any word on the U of North Dakota? Deadline was back in October. Search canceled due to funding issues 2/2.
  • Any word on the schools with visiting positions that are interviewing at MLA? (Colby, St. Edward's, etc.)
  • ¿Algo sobre Lawrence? No he sabido absolutamente nada absolutamente nada; MLA interview request 12/12. Q: Today? Call or email? A: by email, today
  • Does anyone know anything about University of Houston? Instructional Assistant Professor of Spanish? This is the third year they announce that position and every year they change it. In 2013 they looked for an Associate Professor who could teach and coordinate Spanish for the Professions. In 2014 they looked for and Advanced Assistant Professor Tenure Track (with the caveat that such person could not be part of the graduate program). And now in 2015 they are looking for an Instructional Assistant Professor, non tenure track.
  • Alguien sabe algo del TT en University of Central Florida? Se supone que las entrevistas por skype empiezan el lunes 14 de diciembre y nadie parece haber sido contactado todavía. Agradecería mucho cualquier información para no matarme de nervios. (x2) A: Yo tb me preguntaba sobre este puesto ya que han pasado varios días desde que se suponía que las entrevistas empezaban. En el mail que envió el sistema confirmando que la solicitud había sido recibida dice "We encourage you to regularly check the status of this position by logging into the system" así que busqué en el sistema y sale como estatus "in progress". Pero no sé qué quiere decir eso. A: Reliable second-hand info that campus visits were extended (after first round Skype interviews) over a week ago. A: Alguien puede confirmar esto? Gracias.
  • Any word on William Jewell? A: I haven't heard anything. 
  • Any news on Emory linguistics position?
  • Ole Miss A: The other day they requested my letters on Interfolio (it was a few days after the deadline). Did they request yours? (A) Yes, but only recently.
  • Lawrence U
  • GW (estos puestos acaban de cerrar, no? o sea, los non-TT.) TT cerró antes.
  • Lewis & Clark (x2) - They say they will interview at MLA so we should see some activuty soon.
  • Alguien sabe algo de U Virginia? A: Not me.
  • Me da la impresión de que hay gente poniendo información falsa... Alguien puso hace días que University of South Alabama lo/la había llamado para concertar una entrevista, pero resulta que ahora están enviando los documentos demográficos a todos los candidatos. Yo le escribí a la jefa del comité de búsqueda y me dijo que todavía no han elegido a los candidatos a entrevistar en la MLA. Este sitio no es muy confiable, señores/as. A: Según yo entendí, hubo un paso más, una entrevista telefónica como filtro preliminar antes de pasar a la lista corta para el MLA. Tú le preguntaste a la chair sobre la entrevista al MLA, pero los que han comentado aquí han escrito sobre la entrevista preliminar. ¿Te dijo algo ella sobre estas entrevistas telefónicas? A: Me dijo que todavía no habían elegido a los candidatos a entrevistar en la MLA, que por lo pronto le estaban enviando los formularios a todos los candidatos. Nada más A: Yo tengo una entrevista por teléfono con ellos. No hay ninguna información falsa, de verdad. Es algo así para confirmar el nivel del lenguaje (inglés o español) y hacer una lista corta para el MLA. Lo de los documentos demográficos los manda HR a todos los candidatos y no tienen nada que ver con las decisiones del comité. Creo que la desconfianza (que a mí también me pasa) es fruto de los nervios, el estrés y la frustración de ver lo asquerosamente complicado e injusto que es esto del mercado académico. Paciencia y positividad, que tarde o temprano algo caerá! Y si no, siempre nos quedará Paris! Ánimo a tod@s! A. Yo también recibí el mismo email. Ahora, yo no pondría las manos en el fuego por el comité de selección, algunas universidades tienes procedimientos no muy éticos cuando hacen una búsqueda. A. Yo he visto esto mismo en otras ocasiones. Incluso cuando ya la gente ha reportado que la llamaron para entrevista, los comités envían la solicitud de información demográfica y dicen que aún están evaluando las solicitudes. Imagino que lo hacen para que uno dé la información. Si supiéramos que ya no nos están considerando, muchos probablemente no se tomarían el trabajo de llenar y enviar los formularios, que deben ser un requisito de RH. 
  • ¿Y qué os parece la oferta de North Central College? Perfil exacto al VAP que ya tienen. Casi que solicito el puesto... Vaya un engaño, shame on you!! Y no nos vengáis ahora con vuestras historias del inside candidate y blabla. Paniaguados. Vergonzoso. Follow up: Lo mismo sucede con Whitman C y Texas Christian este año. Estuve mirando el wiki del año pasado y alguien admitió descaradamente que lo mismo había sucedido con American U. Todo este tema tiene un cariz tan burdo. Se sabe que los reglamentos piden un search, pero ese search a su vez se legitima sobre las espaldas de candidatos/as que invertirán dinero, tiempo, esperanzas y energías limitadísimas. Sobre esas vulnerabilidades se sostienen estos searches charlatanes. Habrá que suponer que esto es considerado ético (¡já!) en el "mercado" académico. A: Completamente de acuedo contigo, pero yo añadiría que no te preocuparas por North Central. Hablando con una profesora de historia de ahí mismo, me comentó que tenure depende en gran medida de las evaluaciones de los estudiantes (el cliente siempre tiene la razón) y que la cantidad de servicio y de enseñanza es agobiante. Al/la que se quede ahí, chao a la faceta de investigador/a, y con eso a las oportunidades de irte a otro sitio. A: Amigos, va a pasar algo muy interesante ese año. Mucha gente que aceptó puestos quizá no tan buenos en el pasado está tratando de moverse hacia arriba (mira como hay tantos Assistant Professor en el mercado). Incluso esa gente que está de VAP ahora está buscado puestos mejores y quizá no se queden el el lugar en el cual están, aún que se le ofrezcan TT. Vamos a ver mucho movimiento y muchas VAP en la última hora para replazar los que se vayan. A: O van a contratar muchos adjuncts para reemplazarlos.....Q: Qué pasa con el puesto de Texas Christian? Hay un VAP allá? A. ¿Será?: A. Even though it's somewhat understandable, this kind of speculation/negative energy is a total waste of time. More often than not, the VAP/lecturer you imagine will definitely get the job simply does not. In the case of TCU, for example, it is highly, highly, highly unlikely that it goes to an insider. If it does, I'll eat my shoe like Werner Herzog. Again, I understand the anxiety, as I myself lived through it more times than I would have liked, but calm down. Channel that energy into something positive: preparing materials, interviewing, finishing your dissertation, or doing the work. Or, I suppose, you could continue inventing awful conspiracies that uniquely affect you.
  • Any word on CNU post phone interview? See "Campus Interviews". E-mail on 12/8.
  • Any news on Texas A&M Corpus Christi?
  • Any news on UC Santa Cruz? X2 A.check the update at the MLA section.
  • Any word on U-Wash,-Seattle? Thanks. A. Nothing yet? A2: Not for me :(
  • Any word on U.T. Chattanooga post skype interview?
  • The building that houses the Spelman College World Languages & Literatures Dept. is named after Bill Cosby's wife. The dept. also has a VAP with the same research interests as the posting. XX ¿Cuántos casos hay de estos?XX A1: Does this mean that the university is only "going through the motions" by interviewing new candidates, as they probably already have their first choice in the VAP? 
  • Has anyone heard anyting from the Uchicago position in Medieval Lit? I've heard two things: a) that the search has been cancelled b) that they have an inside candidate. Kind of shady. A: There is no inside candidate. Whether or not the search has been cancelled is unclear at this point—although, this is the first time I've heard anything about cancelling the search—seeing how we are not even going near campus today: A: Thanks for your answer, but still things are shady at Uchicago. Some people say they got an email offering skype interviews for early december just one week after the first deadline (Nov 1st) and much earlier than the second one (Nov.25), which is pretty unusual for a serious search. In addition to this, one member of the search committee left town just before Thanksgiving and is still out of town. I think people are bluffing, I don't know. Thanks anyway.  Follow up: You think people are bluffing on this page? Or members of the committee at Chicago are bluffing? A:  People on this page. I had my interview with Chicago on Wed. I believe everyone had their skype interviews then. It's only been two days since then, so there is no reason to believe that the search has been cancelled. There were only 3 committe members (per the initial email invite) and they were all present. R: I received an email in early November offering me an interview via Skype on Wed., Dec 2. I posted the original info on wikia in the "Skype/Phone Interview" section. All three committee members were present, and they were the same as stated in the email correspondence. I have heard nothing of an inside candidate, or a "second" deadline for applications for this position, and UChicago has been fully professional. While search committees are human and can fall victim to unethical, human practices, they are composed of professionals who hold themselves to ethical standards. If you think the "system" is an evil machination out to personally punish you or deny you opportunities, why are you looking to join the ranks? Read an advice book or even blog about the job search and interviewing, paranoia about the search and committee members, along with negativity, are certain to kill your chances of advancing in the hiring process.
  • Things seems to be really slow this year. I have seen very little activity here. I am anxious :) x3!!!! I feel like I had heard back about quite a few by now at this point last year. A1: I checked last year's wiki and most institutions started requesting interviews during the second week of November; I guess we're still on time. I am anxious too though. A2: I think everything is going to be more active after Thanksgiving. A3. I know! I think the fact that most of us have been on the market before makes the anxiety levels rise. Good luck, everyone! A4. I also had the sense the wiki was really slow this year, and so was the process overall. I attributed it to there not being as many people on the wiki, or there being fewer jobs available overall (not sure about that). Some jobs had very early deadlines, but haven't made a peep yet. Good luck to all! A5: This is my fifth time around (for different circumstances). In the past, typically the new MLA JIL would announce in September, on the first day the list is published, between 100-120 positions for Spanish, all specialties, including linguistics. This year there were less than 40. Positions are added to the list later on, of course, but the initial list this year was shockingly short. A6: There are 138 positions for Spanish this year (so far). A5: Yes, I was talking about day 1; they do add up, they did in the past too. A6: The MLA list was published very early this year, on Sept 11, whereas last year I believe it was around Sept 27. So I think the schedule is a little off. 
  • I heard from a good source (you may think this is false information but what can you do about that, right?) that they have already someone in mind for the Brazilian lit position at Harvard. A1 I was interviewed on Skype for the position and haven't heard back, and apparently they already invited someone for a campus interview. It just seems odd that at this point of the search they wouldn't let us know if they are no longer interested. Just a thought, I'm not really familiar with this American hiring process anyways. A2: Yeah, sorry to hear that. If they had this person in mind from the beginning then the search is just a formality, which obviously sucks since it involves time, effort, hope, frustration, sadness.... A1: Yeah it sucks really bad. Now I'm curious to see who this person is. I know for a fact that a member of the committee is not at all the most ethical person in the world, he is really an authoritarian douche. So let's wait and see if he is not pulling some strings. But then again, all this may be just whining and a very competent person may be hired. A2: Yes, I also believe they have someone in mind. If I am correct though, it is a wonderful person who really deserves the position. So I didn't really get that sad about being rejected, I was already expecting it. A3: I was interviewed for it too and found a certain member of the committee to be quite rude. A1: Yep, that's him. Conheço de outros carnavais, em bom português. Well, good luck to this candidate. A: Aren't we all wonderful? Don't we all deserve the position? Oh yeah the guy is nice and awesome so it is totally ok to go through the process having already lost it (to someone competent and wonderful)!!!!!!!!! A: I guess since it's Harvard they can do whatever they want. And our work and effort become wonderful only when in a position of power, until then we are just lovely little worms trying to show we are worthful.  
  • I am a tad confused with regards to the Amherst position. Is there only one? Someone posted a request for a Skype interview but the position was cancelled. This Friday the MLA advertised another position for Amherst. Are they the same? The link for the previous one is not working so I can't compare. A: UMass Amherst contacted for Skype inteviews, but it was the Caribbean position at Amherst College that was cancelled (this position, I believe, is now posted again but for an Associate and not Assistant, still Caribbean). A: Oh, I see. Thanks for your answer.

Free advice (especially for colleagues new to the market)[]

  • Someone keeps deleting my posts. It is really annoying. Why do people do this? A: This has been happening to me, too. The last several posts I made. A2: I've noticed this happening since the very beginning of the academic year. I've tried to restore all the deleted comments I've found, but they are way too many to keep track of all of them. It is indeed VERY annoying. 
  • What would you do if you have two offers: one from an R1 university far away from your partner and one from an okay small liberal arts school one hour from your partner? Both are non tenure track positions, and I plan to go to the market again next year to get a TT position in a very good small liberal arts school. What is the weight of the institution in the hiring process? Please, help!! A: Take the place closer to your partner, especially if the offers are both for VAP positions and your goal is to get a job at a liberal art college anyway. I took a VAP at a not so good liberal arts college an hour and a half from where my partner and I live, days after defending my dissertation, and now commute to work. Starting a new position will be a big adjustment no matter what, so at least you'll have the comfort of being close to home and your partner, and you'll be able put your energy into getting a more long-term job next year, as opposed to into moving and getting settled elsewhere for a temporary gig. It will take you at least 6 months to acclimate to a new location, the move will be costly, you and your partner will end up with two of everything, and you'll be apart...and for what? A job that only wants you for a couple of years? No thanks. Despite being at a small school this year, I interviewed with and had campus visits at  most of the top jobs in my field. I also turned down a TT job to stay close to my partner because the job wasn't what I wanted long-term (I want an R1, the offer came from a SLAC). Hiring committees know that the market blows. They'll be looking at your materials, where you went to school and what you've done, not your letterhead (at least not at this stage). If anything, they'll know that you were one of the very fortunate few to actually get a full-time position with the words "assistant professor" in your title, even if it's a visiting. Q: They are not VAP, they are both lectureships (both renewable). Does that make a difference? Thank you!! A2: In that case, it makes even less of a difference. I would advise against unnecessarily uprooting your life for a lectureship.
  • Do schools let the other candidates know when a finalist has accepted the offer? A. Usually, yes.
  • What do schools normally sponsor you for? H1B visa? greencard? A: I think it is safe to ask for both. Something like this could go in your contract: "sponsor and pay all costs for the H1B and greencard". You could also look up the specific H1B category you would like them to sponsor you for and include that as well.
  • What does one do when they have come down with the flu 1 or 2 days before a campus visit? Everyone in my house has had the flu and I thought I'd managed to escape it but I feel that I am coming down with something. Should this turn into a full-blown flu, will the committee reschedule my visit if needed (my visit is on Monday) or will I have to pull out of the running? Then there is the issue of the change fee for my flight, which I assume I would have to pay for. Thoughts? A: That's tough, but I would try to stick it out and do the original visit date, unless you're really dying. It can be challenging for the department to reschedule the teaching demo, dean meeting, job talk, faculty meetings, etc. Plus, they'll want to wrap it all up as soon as they can, to make their offer. 
  • What are your thoughts on assigning reading in anticipation of your teaching demo? I'm leaning towards thinking that they're probably not going to read it because it's not on the test, so maybe in-class reading is better. What do you think? Do you think it "looks better" to assign it even if you don't expect they'll look at it? A1: I've always tried to work that out with the "real" instructor, keeping in mind you're only borrowing his/her students for a day. Most not only have plans and objectives already, but also have their own ways of ensuring their students are keeping up in their readings. A2: Don't assign a reading before your teaching demonstration class. That is too risky. Don't do anything risky! Plan an interactive class with different (and coherent) activities. They want to see the strategies you use in class. If students are going to read in class, the passage has to be short; and you need to provide some sort of handout. The same if you present a video, it has to be short (3 min. max). You don't want your evaluators to get bored. This is my recommendation, of course (based on experience). A: Assign a reading, but make it short enough that every student in on the teaching demonstration can participate even if he or she has not read. That is, if the selection is longish, focus on a section that can be handled by students even if they have not read before class. One strategy would be to have activities based on a portion of the reading that you can put up on a screen and make reference to during the teaching demonstration without having to assume that students have read anything at all.Tuve una entrevista en que enseñaba la literatura de la Conquista y hice lo del sermón de Montesinos. Enseñé la selección de _También la lluvia_ donde el actor recreaba el sermón y la actividad era comparar el original con lo que aparecía en la película. This kind of activity allows you to show off your stuff, but does not assume that the students have pre-read anything since they have the time during the clip to read what you are going to be covering in your demonstration. It worked well for me.
  • Wear ring during campus visit? advice? A: I'm interested to hear people's answers as well, but one thing I will say is to think about the type of institution it is: a SLAC in the middle of nowhere my be delighted to know that you're married and/or have children, as a single person may get restless there and take another job soon after. Whereas an R1 may prefer someone who's single and can devote all of their time to the job and not split it with their family. A: In my opinion, you shouldn't. It is just free information for them! Let them wondering. If you are a woman, even worse.  A3: It breaks my heart that we are stressing about this. Do what feels right to you and don't go down the rabbit hole on this issue. If they don't hire you because of that, maybe you don't want to work there anyway. You're an adult; it's not unreasonable to be married and anyone who discriminates against you for that is awful. A4: I agree with A3. We need to stop worrying about minutiae. Focus on the big picture and don't mind trivialities. If they think you are the right candidate for the position, your ring or the color of your shoes or your sweater won't be relevant at all (just don't wear anything extravagant). A5: Initially my advisor told me not to - advice she had been given years ago when she was on the market. But when I got my interviews, she changed her mind and said to do what I felt was right. My other half isn't in academia so when I tried to explain why I might not wear it, it felt wrong. So, I wore it and no one asked anything. I even have a campus visit. In the end, these are jobs we have worked so hard to get and have spent years dreaming about, but we shouldn't have to feel like hiding our other major life committment(s) in hopes of getting hired. 
  • What types of clothes do you guys wear for campus interviews? Do you wear suit or similar clothes all the time? A1: I wear business attire the day of the job talk and business casual during the rest of the visit. A2: Excellent advice. Also, be sure to pack another day's worth of clothing in case of delays (and there are all sorts). A3: I wear a suit the day of the job talk and business casual the rest of the visit as well. However, I am not sure what to do with interviews up North. What type of coat do you guys wear? it seems that all warm ones are not very formal and viceversa.  A4: On TheProfessorIsIn, Karen suggests that nice wool coats be worn to east-coast interviews, whereas big winter coats (warmth over fashion) may be worn in the midwest and northern polar vortex. If it's really freezing they will expect you to dress warm, I imagine. That will also demonstrate that you fit in and don't look out of place in inadequate clothing for the weather. A5: This is great advice. Thank you.
  • What are y'all's experiences or gut reactions when you don't receive a response after writing a thank you email post-interview? Not think too hard about it? Or in your experience, does that usually mean no campus visit? A: No, I don't think this is the case. Some people respond, some don't, but it does not mean that they will not invite you. I have received very warm responses and no responses at all and they were generally not related to campus invitations. A2L Agreed with A1. Sometimes I have had a nice response and no campus interview and othertimes nothing and then was invited for a campus interview. I try not to read too much into them. A3: I have very rarely received a response. Even if they do respond, this does not mean that they will invite you for a campus visit. I think in most cases the committee members do not want to "put wind in your sails" unjustly. I sent a "thank you" email that went unanswered and then received a campus invite 3 days later. You will see that there is never an all-purpose answer for anything in our market. Also, a little piece of wisdom that my former mentor shared with me: "Feelings aren't facts". Try not to overthink it! ¡Buena suerte/Boa sorte! A: I barely get any responses to thank you emails. Most committees do not respond. I also try to send a brief thank you email, not too desperate.
  • Hello! Obviously this will differ from job to job, but typically, do departments conducting VAP searches do campus visits post-Skype interview? Or do they choose a candidate based on the preliminary interviews? A: Depende de cada departamento o institución. Hace años tuve una entrevista con una R1 y bastó con la entrevista vía Skype para que me dieran el puesto de VAP. Años más tarde tuve otra con un college de élite y sí me invitaron a un campus visit pero fui el único candidato invitado y también me lo dieron. Realmente depende, como diría Jarabe de Palo. ¡Suerte con todo!  A2: Seconding the previous answer-- in the past I got a good SLAC VAP job with only a Skype interview. But this year I know Colby is doing MLA and then campus visits for their visiting positions.A3:This is my first time in the job market and I was surprised to get an offer for a lecture position without a campus visit. I had friends doing campus visits for lecture positions in the past, and I thought it was the norm. Also, my institution is a public R1 and they also had campus visits for lectures. Therefore, I was surprised to learn that unless it is a TT, campus visits depend most on if the institution has money or not to bring candidates. I was looking forward for the campus visits and all the charming and stressful situations :).
  • Good luck at MLA, people! A: Thanks! Good luck people! A: Good luck to you too! I hope we all get something this year! Cheers!
  • How many interviews do you have? A. Creo que otra versión de esta pregunta (más productiva) podría ser cuántas entrevistas / cuántas solicitudes. En mi caso, he tenido 1 entrevista TT de 7 solicitudes. A2: Yo también quería preguntar esto; tengo 11 entrevistas (10 TT), de 53 solicitudes. A3: 2 entrevistas TT de 16 solicitudes. A4: Por lo pronto, 3 entrevistas TT de 13 solicitudes. A5: 2 entrevistas TT de 16. A6: De momento, 2 entrevistas de 20 solicitudes. A6: 4 out of 22. A7: 4 entrevistas TT de 16 solicitudes. A: Soy la única persona que ha hecho mas de 60 solicitudes??? A: I'm surprised as well; I'm the one with 53 apps above (last year I had done 46 before MLA), I thought most people would be applying to everything. Of course some people have familial restrictions, etc. A: 5 TT/ 12 applications so far. A7: 8 entrevistas de 35 solicitudes. A: 10 de 45 (todas TT). A: 15 (10TT) de 80. A: 21 out of 22, all of them are TT. A: 2 (TT) de 33. A: Wow! Hey Señor(a) 21 out of 22, what's your secret? (this is a real question.) A2: and how pissed were you that there was ONE place that didn't want to interview you?? :) A: 2 out of 3 (all TT)
  • This is a comment responding to what someone posted (and erased) about having bad feelings when you see that other colleagues get the interviews and you don't. This is my second year on the market and last year I was in the same situation you were: writing my dissertation and feeling overwhelmed, depressed and it was shocking that I was not as successful as my professors predicted. It was a really horrible emotional breakdown. I was the last one to be called for 2 interviews, and it was so hard to see others were being called and I had nothing, considering we had more or less the same to offer. After some months in this emotional roller coaster, I decided that this was not going to affect my human relations, which are always my support and the very thing I am most proud of (family and friends). I decided that I was going to work to be a better candidate for this year, and I did. And I decided that if I didn't get a well-deserved job as a teacher, which is what I really enjoy, the world was not going to end. I am very dissapointed with the job market, with academia for being ruled by money, and I hope I can get a job that allows me to do what I love and make a difference. But if this does not happen, it is NOT the end of the world, I will get a job somewhere else and I can also be very happy. I will be proud of recovering from those feelings, of supporting my friends who are with me in the job market, and for keeping my eye in what is really important in life. This is how I feel and I am determined not to be brought down by this crazy and unfair system. In conclusion: do your best to get better, to finish your thesis (there are not many possibilities that you get a job without finishing it) and do not lose yourself and your values in it. You will find a job, in or out. A2: I was in this exact situation a couple years ago on my first round of the job market. Here are some tips I found helpful: 1) Lean on trusted friends, family and loved ones. Take advantage of your school's counseling center, as well. It feels very good to vent. 2) Once you've vented, do everything you can to finish your dissertation. I highly recommend the app You can block certain websites for a determined amount of time. Helps you to avoid checking the wiki every five minutes. 3) Take advantage of your school's career center. When it was looking like I wasn't getting an academic job, I really started to think about all of the skills I gained during my Ph.D. I worked on transfering these skills to other jobs. Your career center can help tremendously with this. 4) When you are not working on your dissertation, do something you enjoy. Go for a run, learn how to knit, bake something delicious. 5) The job search isn't over yet. A few years ago, I applied for a job in March, visited the campus in April, and signed a TT contract the day of our department's end-of-the-year party. I got to go to that party, after a year of hell on the job market, and tell everyone I just signed for a TT position. It was awesome. 6) Academia isn't everything. There are so many amazing things you can do with what you've learned. Stay strong! A: Some advice I was given when I wasn't sure if I even wanted to pursue an academic career path was take advantage of the time you have to think about "transferable skills" and develop new skills that will help you outside the "Ivory Tower." The career center is an OK place, but they are often more equipped for undergrads, rather than how to advise advanced degree candidates. But still, it's worth going. There is also a book, "What color is your parachute" which helps you think about everything you are good at and areas you like to pursue. I am on the market this year, but I've spent a lot of time thinking about how I can be happy if it doesn't work. For example, you get to choose where you live! You can have higher earning potential in other fields! You know how to write complete sentences (which, not everyone can do)! Being bilingual is HUGE outside of your own Department! Finish your dissertation, try your best and be open to other possibilities. Sadness won't go away, but like everyone is saying, it doesn't feel like the end of the world when you approach this from a new perspective. For anyone who only wants to reach one goal, it would be devastating not to, and sadly, academia often only sets us up for this mentality. But, even reading The Professor Is In, there is a whole world out there we can take advantage of! A: I feel like giving up every day and this is only my second time on the market. A4: Thank you for addressing the message I erased right after I published it here. I feel so ashamed for the feelings that I am having. I want to be happy for my friends but every time I learn they got a new interview, I can feel the "dark force" taking my feelings over. Anyway, thank you all for the advice. I truly see myself like the first person who commented here: I was expecting to be successful in the search, and even though I have got a few interviews, they are not for the jobs I was expecting to get. Today, I will do my best to focus on other things instead of what I have no control. For the last person who commented here, this is your second turn on the job market and I understand how frustrated you are but try to use some of the advice given here and stay strong! A: (I am the first commenter) see? if you have interviews you are better off than many! Good luck. It's a jungle out there :). I also have a couple so far. A veces me siento bien y otras me siento fatal. Hay que tratar de no irse muy para abajo.
  • One of the professors at BYU in Spanish (not sure if he's on the committee) told me a couple years ago that if you're not Mormon and get what was advertised as a TT job, you end up getting offered a 3-year contract. At the end of 3 years, they open up a new search for your position. I don't remember if he said you just keep the job for another 3 years if they can't find a suitable Mormon candidate, or if you actually have to apply for your job again. This may not be an issue for those of you shortlisted at BYU, but I figured I'd put the word out if you weren't Mormon. Before anyone complains, a religious institution can totally do this. The other two Spanish professors I've met from BYU are also Mormon. You may notice that a few of the faculty did their undergrad there and were welcomed back as professors.
  • I am so discouraged when I do a great interview and I see they call someone else for the campus interview. This process is so frustrating. A: I understand, but truth is, we have no idea what they're really looking for nor what we're competing against. Try not to take it personally, keep doing your best. A2: I agree. They have a profile to fit. I had a great interview and didn't get a campus visit. The next day, I had a terrible interview, and I got a campus visit. You never know. A3: They are looking for candidates who don't represent a professional threat to their established careers and their piece of power.
  • Any thoughts on accepting a non TT position. It is still an assistant professor position that eventually leads to the associate position, but I don't know. A: Take it. Take whatever job they offer you. If you find something better later, you can take it and leave this possition. Having any job is always a better option than having no job at all (and it looks better in your CV). x2 (agreed!) A2: Sí, acepta pero continúa publicando. No dejes que te absorba la enseñanza en este puesto como VAP e intenta no comprometerte en el servicio. Piensa que las probabilidades de quedarte ahí son muy pocas (y no te engañes, realmente es muy poco probable que te contraten para TT; no es pesimismo, así funciona esto). Deberás darle prioridad a tu próxima salida al mercado. No te desvivas demostrándoles que eres trabajarx porque lo único que quizá consigas es que te den las gracias y nada más. Vas a tener que hacer todo lo humanamente posible para sobrevivir como VAP y mantenerte "marketable". Yo cometí el error de no hacer eso y a la final no publiqué nada, me maté por ser buen maestro y al final ni me contrataron, en cambio, eso sí afectó mucho mi potencial como candidato. Ahora ninguna R1 me responde. He visto compañeros más junior que yo (del mismo programa, camadas posteriores a la mía), con menos publicaciones pero en teoría con más potencial, y a ellos sí les han dado entrevistas en R1s. Ojo con eso.
  • Obsessively check your spam folder at least nine times per hour, JUST IN CASE! x2
  • I've seen both outcomes (inside candidate gets the job/inside candidate does not get the job) in my department, and unfortunately I was forced to serve on both committees and watch it happen. In both cases the Chair knew beforehand what s/he wanted and communicated it not so subtly to the committee. There were other things s/he arranged to ensure her outcome. I'll tell you about the situation where the inside candidate got the job: s/he put people on the committee who were friends with the candidate; one of the committee members/friends of the insider taught the class where the teaching demo was given and gave the inside candidate a topic that s/he had already covered the day before and gave the outside candidate a ridiculously advanced-level grammatical topic the students had never seen before; the Chair did not circulate the thank you messages from the outside candidate, though s/he sent a glowing message when s/he forwarded the inside candidate's thank you message; s/he did not invite other departments in the college to the research talk; s/he scheduled the outside candidate's visit when another language group in the department had an invited speaker and a full day of events planned; the students the inside candidate met were the same students s/he was teaching that current semester, etc., etc. There are a "sinfin" number of sick things that go on with searches when there is an inside candidate and you simply cannot tell from the job ad if the inside candidate will get it. I could go on and on and give you more details about the inside candidate who didn't get it, but it is another case of setting things up to achieve a desired outcome. The only way to really guage if an inside candidate will get it would be to know if the Chair likes the candidate or not which, again, is just not information you have in the job ad. Academia is a sad, nasty world and it is too bad that every year there are more and more of us who get sucked in to this big business where the investment means costs us or sanity and a decade (or more) of our lifetime.
  • I know how frustrated everyone is with the VAP/inside candidate situation, but try not to be too discouraged. I am a VAP and we are hiring. I might not get my job because of a change in the title which requires a national search. I might not want the job because maybe I find a better/TT offer somewhere else that makes more sense for me. I have to "secretly" go on the market, with my fingers crossed. I have also been the victim of "unfair" or "shady" hiring practices. I didn't get acknowledgements. I didn't get campus visits. I was strung along. I never heard back. This happens in every occupation, in every sector, and it is even more painful in ours because we are so personally invested in our academic identities. We are all highly qualified, highly capable candidates. Apply for a job or two a day. Check the Wiki. Go on a walk. Have a pint with friends. Don't lose sight of the important things in life--your wellbeing. (A) Me gustó mucho tu comentario. A2: Me parece que el "beef" no es con l@s candidat@s. La situación de un VAP es similar a la de cualquier otr@ candidat@. Lo que creo que ya ha hastiado a mucha gente son las prácticas irresponsables de colegas con poder suficiente para estar en comités de búsqueda, pero totalmente carentes de empatía y ética. Los searches no tienen por qué usar de manera asquerosa a las personas más vulnerables. El pensamiento crítico debe rendir lo suficiente como para aplicársele a procesos administrativos como este para hacerlo más ágil, más humano y más justo para tod@s, incluyendo a los VAP. Pero en su lugar tenemos un proceso súper costoso (cortesía de candidat@s empobrecid@s), absurdamente extenso, inhumano e irresponsable. Eso del engaño pasará igual en otros sectores profesionales, pero no con el mismo costo ni con la misma intensidad. No hay que hacer más que hablar con cualquier persona que esté fuera de la academia. El proceso les parece absurdo, injusto e incomprensible, porque lo es. Bajo esas circunstancias habría que preguntarse hasta qué punto es posible justificar mansamente este asco de proceso en el que la academia (y es@s colegas con poder) nos pide, en realidad, que dediquemos nuestras vidas a satisfacer sus exigencias atorrantes. Solidaridad con tod@s.
  • Estimadísimos colegas...Como vemos en el “Report on the MLA Job Information List” el número de puestos sigue en declive. Por favor, en el futuro, cuando les toque a ustedes estar en un comité de búsqueda, recuerden estos tiempos difíciles. Presiento que muchos de nuestros colegas llegaron a la profesión antes del 2008, y no tienen idea de lo que se sufre ahora. Tengan conciencia…¡Fuerza!
  • Be contentious and angry, and share your anger with your peers, and then organize creatively and use all of your collective knowledge to denounce the neoliberal take over of academia, because knowledge was not suppose to be a market. Oh, and always remember to have the compassion and the solidarity for those suffering in the market that the "Mom" from the comment below lacks. (A) I was just trying to help and create a more collegial atmosphere. I wanted to help keep our focus on what this really is: a message board where you find out if you got the job or not, if you are in the running or not. There is a great amount of contention here, and you are a prime example of it. It is not needed. And if you want to vent again, and rage at me, and throw tantrums, I welcome it. But only if that makes you feel better. I will even promise not to answer back. Mom. A: Coño, ya empezaron con las moralinas. Que la gente se exprese y ya. Es un espacio de libertad, acaso el único que queda en un ambiente relacionado con la academia. De superioridades morales ya tenemos bastante. Y si quieren creatividad para pelear, vean la página de los italianos. Son bastante más creativos, más directos y menos hipócritas. Bastante hay ya con callarnos todos los días con una sonrisa fingida. Digan lo que quieran aquí. Es efímero, pero terapéutico. Al final de cuentas, todo se olvidará. A: Al fin alguien puso el punto sobre la i. Sí, esta página es una de las poca válvulas de escape a la hipocresía y, justamente, la doble moral que tendremos que practicar durante toda nuestra vida académica. A: I had to go see the Italian page after this rave review, and it is amazing!! A: Agreed!!! Amazing! A: Me encanta que ellos postean mucho en italiano. Esa es otra de las inconsistencias en nuestro gremio. Aparte de este inciso, contadas son las palabras en español en toda la página. Hablando de expresarse auténticamente...A: Hablemos en español y dejémos nuestro correctísimo inglés para pasar inadvertidos y ascépticos que en realidad nadie pasa así y es un poquito ridículo. Cosas de la academia y de los dptos. de español, Ay. No se dejen intimindar siéntanse libres, digan lo que quieran, rebélense contra mamá. Suerte a todos. Los entiendo perfectamente, colegas. A: Dejar esto por aquí, en solidaridad, y porque es muy posible que venga al caso de algo dicho anteriormente:
  • (A) 'nuestro correctisimo ingles'..please find another profession. A: I am not American. I chose this profession because I like it, not because I could not be a businessman, a lawyer, a doctor or other profitable professions... A2: ¿Dónde está la concordancia? Debería ser “nuestras correctísimas ingles”. A3: JA JA JA ¡Me parto! A4: Me parece que a ustedes no les va bien la búsqueda. Deben esperar hasta el próximo ano. A5: No me digas... Bueno, quizá el próximo año ya tengas mejor ortografía y más solidaridad con tus colegas, que este comentario tuyo resulta bastante lamentable. lección de humor: correctísimo inglés, correctísimas ingles; un año = 12 meses; un ano = ¿mejor no decirlo? Una broma tal vez de mal gusto, pero si no nos reímos, lloramos.
  • Try not to be contentious. I know that we are all stressed out but, please be reasonable. There is a limited number of positions and a couple that are highly coveted. That is in no way an excuse to be snarky or vile. Check yourself and the career choices that you made. This is wiki to keep tabs on the jobs that we want, to see if we are still in the running or not. It is not the end of the world not to get invited to interview for a position. Oh, before I forget, and this is very important: start saying "please" and "thank you." Mom. 
  • There is no such thing as an inside candidate. And believing in them won't do you any good, whether you are the supposed "inside candidate" or the outside applicant who is discouraged by that rumor. When a department carries out a real (inter)national search (which, admittedly, is not always a given), hiring decisions are made by a committee of highly opinionated people. And even if there is some initial preference among some of those individuals, once the can of worms is opened and new candidates are brought to campus, the status of that "inside" candidate may change. For example, I've seen a search that was rumored to have an "inside candidate" on this Wiki, in which the description seemed to be written for the Visiting Assistant Professor, describing their research perfectly; the committee was ultimately split and another applicant was hired. Rumors of an "inside candidate" helped neither the VAP--whose candidacy may have been damaged by committee members learning of skepticism regarding the search--or any other applicants who let themselves be discouraged by these false rumors. Generally you'll be doing yourself a favor if you don't believe the hype.
  • Patience
  • When I applied to the position I am now I had to compete with an internal candidate. After working for them for 5 or 6 years as lecture and visiting, they decided not to give the position to her. She had worked very hard and it was unfair. You really do not know what a committee will come up with.

General Discussion, Questions, and Inquiries[]

  • Does anyone know how to find jobs in Canada? Is there a single website that serves as a good source for academic positions there?
  • So depressed.- Do you need help?
  • How many people still without a job? Me x4. A. I'm the third one to answer, but I know that we can count ourselves by the dozens. Q. Is this your first year in the market??
  • I just had this interview and I felt -the whole time- that I was back in 2005 when I took my Foreign language teaching methodology class. The people of the search committee -who only have masters degrees- asked me these questions: "Define proficiency vs. competency." "Define proficiency vs. fluency." "Define teacher-centered activities vs student-centered-activities." (and more questions), I mean, SERIOUSLY? There were no questions about how I have created SEVERAL classes and how they went, or my teaching interestes, or my possible contribution to the institution. Memorizing concepts/ information does not mean that you are a good teacher. My 11 years of excellent teaching record and my phd didn't matter, I guess. A: I assume this was a community/junior college? I've got some applications out in similar environs and the departments consist entirely of people who got M.A. degrees in the early 1990s and, by insider accounts, are poor teachers. I suppose that I better prepare myself for a similar experience, especially with the language job...good luck in any case, hopefully they want to hire a PhD to improve their 'brand' more than they want to feel like the apex faculty in their department (because with questions like that, you've got to be beyond their level). A. Yeah, I just don't see the point of asking those questions, there are better metrics to determine whether a person is a good teacher or not. This was a private university in the Midwest.
  • Hola. Early Modernist here who defended May 2015 and is limited geographically, i.e. the ability of my spouse (a PhD in the private sector) to find a job in another place, and my ability to actually *live* in some of these places. After three MLAs (one before I was really ready), 50+ applications, about 15 interviews and a handful of campus visits, I just got my final tenure track rejection last week. So, I'm out. It is a bitter pill to swallow. I am currently living apart from my spouse this academic year as I'm in a VAP position. I am looking forward to moving home, though, to the city where our home and friends are. I have an adjunct offer from a cold email I sent last spring for a local uni. (yes! a cold email! try it) I'm not sure I'll take it but it might get me a few months of salary until I can find an alt-ac job that (hopefully) pays me what I'm worth and makes me feel good about myself. It's not a permanet solution for me, though. Thanks for coming along on this ride for me. Good luck to everyone and don't sacrifice your happiness for a crappy job in a crappy city. It's not worth it. Xo. A: Don't despair! I know it is disheartening, but there are so many opportunities out there for (bilingual) PhDs. I was very tempted for two years in a row to leave voluntarily. I am greedy and after so many years in grad school and a few more as an academic, I honestly want to make tons of money, not this... Why did I stay then? I have a lot of financial obligations, for now, and I don't have the ability to search for an alt-ac for the next three years; I need a paycheck, even if laughable (speaking about my acquaintances who went to industry and who gasp whenever I tell them how much I am making). After I am done, I will sit down and reconsider. Stay strong and keep trying: publish and go to conferences as independent scholar or adjunct (only one class, just on the side, to keep your foot in the door, don't let them exploit you). Once you buy your first 2018 BMW you will be passing the lot of us in our 1998 Honda Civics. :) A: I am sorry and I understand. You sound like me, although I haven't been as many times to the market, but I did have roughly the same number of applications, and I had exactly 15 interviews and then some campus visits. Somehow I have gotten no offers. I feel like this has been the saddest waste of my time. The good news is that you're obviously smart and hardworking, so you'll definitely get a job to pay the bills. As for me, I think I am going to try one more time on the academic job market, and then I'm going to try to teach high school or do something else entirely if it doesn't work out after next year. Good luck to you--just remember that you're smart and it's not your fault that the market is so messed up. A: There's a webiste called "The versatile phd". Before I graduated I attended this workshp to look into this. Since I am not a US citizen or permanent resident I have limited options because of Visa sponsorship. Good luck, this sucks.
  • I'm starting to consider high schools...or any other job outside academia A: Word. Me too. Even junior highs. But what other jobs outside of academia? What can we actually do? A: On the topic of secondary ed, from personal experience: it's pretty easy for charter schools, prep schools and private schools to hire us - assuming they have openings. But, since we don't have a teaching degree/license, public schools are a lot harder to get into. Of course, some of this depends on the state, but there is potentially a lot less freedom and a lot more stress on testing data. Just a different emphasis and something to get used to and be humbled by all you can learn by people who have devoted their careers to pedagody. For a frame of reference, I have an offer for a public school that is around 55k + full benefits. That's more than some colleges and universities can offer. A2: Private high schools are a really good option as long as you are conscious that they are very different from the university. Even elite high schools are different. Some of them will have better resources than some universities or colleges. However, you will be expected to be involved in students' lives and to participate in many extra curricular activities. You have to decide what type of things you can give up (conferences, research, some benefits or even time (you will probably expected to be in school from 8-3 every day)), and whether you truly are that devoted to pedagogy. You will also have to deal with parents and administration. On the other side, you are not expected to do research, but your teaching load will probably be higher. I think they are both good options, but it is a personal choice. A. 55K is definitely much more than what a lot of us make. I work at a university out west and get paid 40K (and it's very expensive here). Also, some states do not require certification if you have a PhD, a friend of mine only had to take two standarized test and got certified. A: 55k is a lot for a high school, but I do have friends who make 46k-48k in private ones. A: I think academia is not for me. I dislike the process of writing articles only a minority cares about. I love teaching though. Non propfit organizations are a great option for us, especially if you want "see"  your work actually makes a difference in this world. A: I still prefer academia. No high schools for me. No thanks... dealing with parents and administration, even in the elite ones, and being there all day long every day with the same kids for years. And we could have done that with our masters too. A: I know a few people in my cohort who dropped out of the PhD and went to teach Spanish at private high schools. I'll start with the positives: many kids who attent private high schools are very bright and the quality of your teaching at the junior and senior levels is comparable to what you'd be teaching in lower-division language classes at a state university. The salary ranges in the 40-50k and having a masters, and even a PhD, puts you in a better position to get promotions and possibly negotiate. Many parents like that their kids are being taught by teachers with PhDs and that the expectations are high and similar to what they might encounter in college, so having an advanced degree can be a selling point for you. In addition to your salary, you get full benefits.The negatives: you are usually in charge of advising students and will have to meet with them/their parents regularly. Someone already mentioned that you are basically have a teaching overload and this is certainly true. All of my colleagues have had to serve on 1 or 2 committees, serve as a chaperone to school events or as a sports/activities coach, and hold office hours. But in private high schools parents can be very customer oriented since they are paying top dollar for the best education. Many parents request a daily or weekly report on their child with an explanation of why he or she received a certain grade. After school, teachers frequently answer emails or text messages with questions such as "what pages are do 2morrow? thx!!" or "Did U want us 2 turn in question 5 in a separate sheet of paper?" with no reference to asignment, class, or anything else. This is all part of the school's selling point that students are getting the best education possible. So what you get in quality of students you lose in personal free time since you are setting up the expectations of college without the students' maturity or full responsibility. Parents can also be grade mongers and it's your fault if their child isn't doing well. Anyway I know this is too long but I wanted to give you the full story in case this is the route you want to take. A: I'm the one who posted earlier with my 55k offer, and it has actually been changed to a base salary of 61 + ~5-7k for a variety of other reasons (as well as an offer for more money personally from the principal to get me to stay). This offer is coming from a public school system that pays well for advanced degrees. I'm also at a school where the principal is offering me basically whatever I want: freedom to teach whatever classes I want to, have an "early college" course where I am teaching for college credit so I get the "Adjunct" title, and extra sub days to support research and writing endeavors (on top of general flexibility for conference travel). This is unique, but even in the best world, I will say dealing with teenagers and parents is tough sometimes and I have to be there 8-4 every day. It makes me realize how much I miss having time to research and think, so even a 4/4 load might be more preferable to this. 
  • would you negotiate the salary of a non TT position? A: I did in my last VAP and I received the 6% increase I asked for; however, I have to note that I have a lot of experience (the Asst. Dean commented about it a few times and I also now know that other VAPs from my cohort at the same institution received lower starting offers than mine). Also, at the time, I still had a campus visit lined up and was toying with the idea of changing my line of work and staying in the nice big city I already lived in, so if they rescinded the offer, which is rare, I would have been fine. I would say that, if you don't have anything else lined up and the offer is decent, maybe just take it? You can always ask for more money for conferences or books instead, you will need them, guaranteed. I guess it also depends on the type of institution. Mine was an elite SLAC, if yours is too, go for it, but if it is a resource-poor school, it might be a different story. I still think that, depending on the situation and how you ask, the worst that can happen is that they say no.
  • Would you accept a non tenior track position (senior lecturer) at a great school? I know there are going to be some openings for good visiting positions and maybe some TT positions in the next months? Thank you! A: I would, especially if this were my only offer and it came from a good school. Some reasons: you need to secure employment and this is your chance; it is highly unlikely that more TT positions will open at this point, not until the fall, so don't hold your breath. Go on the market again in two years; in the meantime, publish as much as you can (fortunately, for lecturers, the service load is somewhat lighter, depending on the school, and given that most classes will be language courses, you will have a better chance to publish than a VAP or TT new hire teaching content courses). When you try again, you will have accumulated more publications, teaching experience from a good school, and will have good, solid recommendation letters. Just remember that lectureships typically do not become TT positions. So, do your best, but keep in mind that, unlike in a TT, you do not have to go the extra mile,so keep your sanity! And, if the pay is not bad, the school is good, and you like your job, you might want to stay there. I know of some lecturers who still publish, attend conferences, etc., but without the added pressure that comes with a TT. I also have a friend who works as lecturer at an elite public school and makes only $7,000 less than the new TT profs; except at the end of the day, she goes home to relax and spend time with her loved ones, while the TT profs are stressed, exhausted, etc. It all depends on your goals and experience at your new institution. A2: Thank you so much!! I think I am going to negotiate the salary and accept the offer. 
  • What happens when an offer is made and declined by the candidate? Do they offer the position to their next best candidate, or does the position remain vacant until the following year? A1. To be honest, it really depends. The position is often, although not always, offered to the second candidate brought to campus. If that candidate declines, it may go to the third. Of course, the committee may feel that their first choice was the only acceptable candidate, so they may choose to fail the search. If that happens, the position will frequently (but not always) be posted in some form or fashion the nexy year. It is also possible that the department loses that line. En fin, there are a lot of possibilities. A2. It's rare these days, but if they run out of finalists and they're really committed to filling the position, they might even reach back into the applicant pool to bring more candidates to campus. This is technically why you usually don't get a rejection from an institution until the position is filled.
  • I can't do this anymore. How many of you are think about giving up? I feel lost and confused... A: I am. I totally understand how you feel. If I could change my career path, I'd do it hands down. A2: Yep. This is it for me. Defended May 2015. If I don't land a TT job this year I'm out, and maybe even if I do. A3: Somedays I really, genuinely hate this profession. Far too many PhDs are produced to fill the seats that the old guard refuses to retire from. What makes matters worse is when the profs retire and the position gets gobbled up by the administration--look at how much money they save! (/s). And, in the off-chance that we finally do find an opening, we're up against so many other PhDs who likely already have plenty of post-doc/adjunct time under their belts, are looking to jump ship from a SLAC (or the CSU trampoline system), or just came out of Ivy-wherever to find a smooth landing and 15 interviews. The system is so broken. I'm mad as hell. A4: I recently went to a campus visit in which, one of the committee members, had been there for 43 years, yes, 43! How are we going to ever get a job when professors won't retire until they literally die??? A5: I think A3 is right: when that 43-year veteran retires (or dies) there is a slim chance that position will be refilled with a tenure-stream appointment. Why pay benefits for a TS position if you can just (ab)use adjuncts? The problem isn't that there is no work out there--there are heaps of Spanish classes to teach. The problem is the conditions of the work are so appalling. I don't know how you get at that unless it's through some kind of collective action.A6:After multiple campus interviews I have no job. This was so hard. I don't think it's worth all this and its certainly not worth the time I have invested.
  • Has anyone here broken a contract after receiving a better offer?? Will the university/college sue you if that were the case??? A: Since employment in the U.S. is generally "At Will" (you can quit at any time and they can fire you at any time), it's doubtful that you signed a true contract, instead of just an offer letter. If you have another offer and prefer that one, there will be bad feelings, but a lawsuit seems unlikely. #notalawyer #notlegaladvice
  • How many of you think you won't get an offer this year? A: I don't, despite multiple campus interviews that seem to be ending in rejections.
  • Hi there, here's a question: Can a university rescind a verbal offer because they claim they can't/won't sponsor an H1B visa? A: sure. They can rescind it for whatever reason, especially if it's not yet in writing. However, usually they will ask earlier in the process whether you can legally work in the US so they don't get into this situation if they don't sponsor people (usually smaller schools). Ok, well, they never asked me. All documents requested were sent directly to an email address. When they called me to offer me the job I told them just to be honest, now they are "looking into it." They make it really difficult for us these days...
  • What is considered an average salary for an assistant professor of Spanish? If it's not one of those huge cities. A1: Look at the wiki from last year, you have data there re. salaries. In depends on the region= cost of living (salaries in Midwest, South, East Coast, West Coast differ). I would say $ 50,000- $55,000 (e.g., Midwest). A2: Bruhhhh. There's no need to guess: A3: The Chronicle data is pretty misleading for salaries in Spanish - and most other fields - at many universities. The issue is that they tend to average salaries for faculty at a given rank across the university. So the $150,000-$200,000 salaries common in business, law, and medical faculties are averaged with the much lower salaries of humanities faculty to arrive at a number in between. I looked at three schools where I am certain of the salaries of Spanish faculty at a given rank and only one was reasonably close to accurate (about 10% off). The others were hugely inflated. A: The starting salary could be anywhere between 48,000 to 75,000 depending on where the school is in. You don't need the same money in California than in Alabama for example. An average normal STARTING salary for most places is around 55,000. But that can only go higher in your career. You also need to think about benefits (are they opening a retirement plan for you, what type of medical expenses do they cover?. It's not just about the salary. Also, you need to consider where you are. A 50,000 in the south might get you much more than a 65,000 in New York. Do some research on prices of houses/food/gas etc in the area.
  • Who makes the the final decision? the chair of the search committee? the dean? Do other professor have a say? A: The answer is "yes". Seriously, though, there is no one answer to this--it depends totally on the institution and its culture. A fair number of larger universities defer to the committee and/or department, if for no other reason then because it's just impossible for the Provost to make a decision in every case. In smaller places it's possible for higher-ups in the administration to make the final decision, but some prefer to be more collegial about it and go with the advice of people closer to the ground. In general, it's not a bad idea to ask about this during a campus visit. Most places will be only too glad to clarify the process and give you an idea of how long it takes.
  • What do you all think about doing a job talk based on the writing sample that you sent? Is this simply shooting yourself in the foot, or can it be considered acceptable? A: I'm not sure and I too am thinking over what to present. But, I just read the section in The Professor Is In's book about job talks and she said it needs to fit the job ad. From some in my Dept., I was told to pick the strongest part of your dissertation and present on that. 
  • Any advice on what to do when you get an offer but you are still waiting for other universities you like better? I know they are supposed to give us 2 weeks to decide on the offer. Can we ask for more time? A1: Last year I asked a mentor about this and she said to call immediately the other schools that had interviewed you already and let them know you had an offer; if they are still truly interested in you this will light a fire and they could rush to arrange an immediate campus visit in order not to lose you before you take another offer. A2: I agree with A1 but it depends a lot on how far along the other searches are. If you recently went on a campus visit to another school, then yes, call them and notify them.  Also, your negotiations with the school that made you an offer will also buy you some time.  It's perfectly ok to turn down an offer after negotiation. And either way, congrats on the offer. A3: I agree with both A1 & A2. Contact any other interested schools to gauge their interest. Also, like A2 indicates, it really does matter how far along the other searches are. Letting go of an interviewee seems far easier than dropping a campus visit. I got an offer very early last year (late November) and was very hesitant to accept it. I had one additional MLA interview and contacted that school to let them know I had an offer. It became apparent pretty quickly that the interviewing school was not as serious as the offering school. I drew out the negotiations with the offer for as long as I could, was unable to get any more interviews lined up, and realized that the bird was very much in hand. In the end, I decided to accept the offer and don't regret it at all. It was such a relief to get that figured out and I was able to use all of the time I would have spent preparing materials and interviewing on other things. In the end, it came down to a job that I had in a great place to begin a career, and a whole slew of possible scenarios without any assurance that they would work out. 
  • Are there gonna be more tenure-track positions? A: Unas cuantas, pero nada en comparación con las vacantes anunciadas en el otoño. Ahora es cuando se anuncian más puestos de lecturers, VAPs y post-docs. A: Few, but a few good jobs are posted late each year.
  • Any interesting MLA stories? A: Got stomach flu the day after my last interview, so I counted it as a blessing. Q: too much bbq? :) A: so do I. I ate too many jalapeños. A: The beef brisket tacos were sooooo good. A: Was it my impression or was the job interview conference room very empty? I only saw about a dozen of institutions interviewing at a time. A: I agree! The place was pretty empty comparing to other years! A: I heard the same from colleagues interviewing candidates.
  • Do you have to register for the MLA if you're not going to actually attend and you're only going for an interview? A: No. A2: Yes, I think you need your MLA badge to get into the buildings, where the conference and the interviews take place.  A3: If your interview is held in the "job center" of the actual conference hotel, you need a badge. If the interview is held in a hotel room, you do not need a badge. A: Thanks!
  • Lake Forest scheduled campus visits only 12 days after their deadline. Amazing how fast they moved! I really think they did NOT consider all the applications equally! Any thoughts? A: I've interviewed with them and have been in contact by email as well, and they seem to be super efficient and professional. They reply emails within minutes, and they are very helpful. Honestly, I feel this is how all search committees should behave. A2:I submitted my application the day before the deadline, never received an acknowledgement and within 2 days they were interviewing candidates. Highly doubt that they considered all applications given what has been said by others on this site. A3: I had a Skype interview, and they told me they were going to contact the finalists in February. I don't understand what is going on. A4: They definetely did not treat everyone the same way,which means it was not ethical at all. I also never received an acknoledgement even after I inquired again. Very unprofessional in my opinion. A5: I interviewed with them and they told me they would contact candidates after the break...
  • Just curious if anyone has heard from BYU - Assistant Professor of Portuguese?
  • I just found out that Interfolio failed to deliver my recommendation letters to two universities. Has this happened to anyone else? Any advice on how to deal with this situation? A1: It has happened to me before, too. The best response is prevention, it's a good idea to assume they will take up to 3 days to make your delivery and request it well before the deadline. But failing that, you can contact Interfolio and ask them to try to intervene on your behalf with the institution you're applying to. When this happened to me Interfolio really made an effort to make amends. However, I never heard back from the committee. There's just no guarantee that an excuse from Interfolio will change anyone's mind.
  • Is it just me who thinks that less and less people go to the MLA now to interview? It seems to me that most places are willing to interview via Skype if the candidates are not able to make the MLA. Don't you think that interviewing personally (at the MLA) could give you an "edge" over the other interviewees? Thoughts? A: Yes, I agree that less and less people (and institutions) choose to attend the MLA. I have even heard of an open movement among candidates to boycott the MLA. Departments are also dealing with smaller budgets for searches. Personally, I will say that I was on the market last year and couldn't attend the MLA. I politely requested a Skype interview and the three institutions that wanted to interview me did so. Of those Skype interviews, two turned into campus visits (one was for an R1 and the other was for a SLAC). Having had the experience of being on the market more than once and interviewing both at the MLA and over Skype, I would say that interviewing over Skype gives you a better edge. Distractions and anxiety (on the part of the candidate and committee) abound in the "meat market" a.k.a MLA interview situation, while you have more control over several factors when you do the Skype interview. I would recommend declining if you have the option and accepting the MLA interview if the department cites "fairness to all candidates" or HR policy as the reason. If they just won't budge and don't really give you a reason, it is safe to assume they might not really be invested in you in the first place and then, well, consider your finances and other details about your personal situation. A2: Agreed, but I also feel like a handshake goes a long way. A3: In my experience with MLA interviews, they were an hour long. Whereas all phone/skype ones I have had have been 20-30 minutes. Are Skype-substituted-for-MLA interviews an hour long then? I felt that was a huge advantage of meeting in person, we really got to talk much more. A4: Skype all the way. FIrst off, the change in MLA meeting dates makes the MLA coincide with the beginning of our semester (people come back Sunday, teach Monday), so we just do not send as many people there to interview.  Secondly, prep for Skype gives us a huge insight into the candidates' ability to manage information, time, and technology.  Don't have access to a computer (or tablet) you can Skype to/from?  You won't be successful at our institution.  You need to be able to figure these things out on your own.  Thirdly, we record the Skype interviews, so that all interested parties in the department can see for themselves.  This holds the SC members accountable to ask and answer questions properly and keep the interviews consistent and fair.  Fourthly, we can interview 2x or 3x the candidates that we can at a conference.  Instead of the usual 6-8 conference interviews, we can interview 20 people in their "home" envirnment, which hopefully elicits a relaxed, fruitful exchange. Fifthly, the cost of sending a team to the MLA. Disclaimer: I am a senior administrator at an R1 with PhD programs in all languages and I oversee searches in foreign langauge departments. Some observations to share: Figure out the technology. In 2015, there is no plausible excuse for not being able to Skype interview.  Check your internet connection before the interview.  Do not try to garble the connection when we switch to your non-native language part of the interview.  It is clear that you do not have the proficiency level we require if your connection "cuts out" during this part of the interview. I have seen it all! A5: I personally prefer the face-to-face interview a hundred times over both as a candidate and a search committee member. Though everybody is getting more used to Skype, the format still makes it harder to pick up social cues. It encourages long-winded answers from the candidate rather than a back-and-forth conversation. The technology is still not entirely reliable either. To my surprise though it seems that some candidates and SC members prefer it for reasons other than budget (the previous poster gives some good ones, though I hope they inform candidates they're being recorded!). That said it sure seems the MLA interview is on its way out. This year we debated which way to go, settled on the MLA and gave a Skype option. About half the candidates picked Skype, so that's probably the end of the discussion for future searches. I can definitely say we’re giving the exact same consideration to both groups of candidates.
  • Do all candidates who are invited for a campus visit after interview are contacted the same day? If they don't get a campus visit, do they get a rejection email? A: No. A: No, unfortunatelly, rejections only come at the end of teh process. I believe they contact everybody on the same day. 
  • What do you guys make of the positions that were here last year (and some, the year before, too--I'm looking at you, Cornell College!)? Is it a case of quick turnaround, the inability to find a suitable candidate for the position (which, to see how many of us are actively commenting here, seems absurd to me), or because the position was already uncertain to begin with (i.e., it gets closed before the search can even take off, only to reappear the next season)? I suppose it could be any of the above factors, but wouldn't you think that these are the places to avoid? In the end, I understand that a job's a job (especially if it's TT), but if there's some underlying reason for the renewed search, that's probably a good indicator that the position, the department, or even the university is somewhat unstable. A: Cornell College doesn't pay much, and is in the middle of the frozen tundra, hours from any major town. I suspect that may affect their retention. A2: This is the third go-around for the Mexicanist position at Cal State Fresno. Their previous top choices kept getting swooped up by other schools at the MLA. This time, as you can see, they're trying to get everything done before the big dance. A. Searches fail for many reasons; unless you have inside information, I wouldn't put too much thought into it.
  • Somebody changed the number of Assistant Professors on the market below from 12 to 1(I changed it back). I am wondering why would someone do that? It is important to know how many of us are on the market and the respective rankings. I believe the Assistant Professors on the market are trying to move up and this will impact the job market. Again, why would someone change the number from 12 to 1? A: It wasn't me, but there wasn't necessarily any evil intent. Maybe someone meant to type "13" but only hit the "1". But my (unsolicited) advice would be not to take these numbers seriously. A lot of users don't bother to add themselves. Some do it wrong. A lot of others don't even use this wiki. A: thank you for your response. I believe the numbers serve as a good statistics reference of what we are seeing on the market these days. You are right that maybe it wasn't on purpose! I am paranoid!!
  • Just curious if anyone has heard from Wright State? Deadline was 10/1 and there's been NADA. Had same ad last year, so wondering what's going on. A. The search at Wright State last year was VERY shady and unprofessional, I m telling you this from experience. A2. I echo previous answer. Wright State is a divided department with next to zero communication in the faculty or with the lecturers. That also comes from experience. 
  • What happenned to the postion of Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Luso-Hispanic/Atlantic Studies at UM Boston? Was it canceled? A1: It seems so. The link is no longer valid and the deadline was December 8. A2: See above. Some really unethical practices going on this year.
  • Dovetailing off of the converstaion below about BC, I am also noticing that many postings are listing two dates. Twice now I have written a date in my file, gone to apply for it (on Interfolio, specifically) and seen that there was a job close date listed at the top, but also an earlier date buried later in the listing. D'oh.
  • My Interfolio account shows the Boston College search (for the Romance lang. & lit. dept) as closed...? A1: Mine said the same and a couple of days ago it switched to "reviewing applications." It looks like at least two people were already contacted to set up MLA interviews (see above).  
  • So, Columbia University and Christopher Newport had the same Job Ads last year (Spanish lecturer), did they not hire anyone last year? Do they only hire people for one year? Do they already have an inside candidate and they are doing this just to follow procedures? It seems weird that they would spend so much time and money advertising the same position year after year. Anyone  know how what their hiring practices are? (P.S. Colby is doind something similar too.). A1: I don't know about thos institutions, but there tends to be turnover in lecturer jobs. Some colleges use a rotation of visitors to cover sabaticals or extra demand; Colby is probably one of them. 
  • Can I go ahead and say that jobs for Peninsularists are becoming extinct? I see less and less every year. A1: Yes, I think I will start going to ACTFL and do more with language pedagogy research. A2: These things are cyclical as well. A3. I wouldn't say that. Three years ago, there were Peninsular everywhere and nothing besides Mexican studies in LA. Now, it's flipped. 
  • "St. Edward’s University is an Equal Opportunity Employer and hires only U.S. citizens and documented workers." Are they even allowed to say this? Being an "Equal Opportunity Employer" does not mean they can't sponsor an H1B Visa. A1: It says they hire "documented workers," which means that they may sponsor visas. A2: At leaste they have sponsored visas in the past:
  • So, according to Murray State University, their new assistant professor would teach 12 hours per semester, have an "active" research agenda and undertake service responsbilities, are they for real???? A. The definition of active research agenda varies from place to place. Most 4-4 schools define that as 2 articles and attending at least one conference a year. A2: Exactly, for R1 universities expect to publish from 10 to 12 articles to get tenure and for R2 universities expect to publish from 2 to 4 articles (peer reviewed). 
  • Interfolio is charging too much money to upload the reccomendation letters to the applications! Every time I need them to send 3 letters they charge me U$12 (4$ per letter) as opposed to U$6 dollars if I send all three together to an email address! I just wish there were several dossier services so that we would not be abused by them. Do you know any other reliable dossier service? A1: I don't know of any other services, but what I have sometimes done is find out through the departmental contact person whether it is OK to email the letters instead. A2: The Chronicle of Higher Ed's Vitae website offers a free dossier service. I've never used it and have no idea how or how well it works, though. A3. Not to be rude, but you used to have to mail them. That was a heck of a lot of money in postage. Interfolio is at least subsidized by the MLA right now
  • Do you know if there is something like the MLA Job Information List in Australia? I want to move there.
  • I would like to get some thoughts on including works "in progress" on your CV (i.e. articles/research you are working on but not yet submitted to a journal for review). If you do it, do you include everything you are working on or just the articles that are almost ready to submit (say, in two months or less). If you don't, what are your reasons not to? A1: I have a section for "Manuscripts in Preparation" under publications where I include several current projects. A2: For general research, as a rule, you might list works in progress as under review--you've submitted an article/manuscript but haven't heard back yet--or under revision--you've heard back and the reviewers have recommended "pursue with revision" or something similar. A decision to publish should then be listed as "forthcoming" even if minor revisions still need to be made. With regard to this specific question, particularly if you have not submitted yet, a "work under review" may generate positive feedback in an interview situation. With all the advertisments for "digital humanities" and/or "visual culture" positions, all fields that are still in their infancy, it will be nearly impossible for search committees to see through the fog of papers or manuscripts not-yet-accepted/under review/under revision as long as a candidate can legitimiately discuss a project that is underway and mature in its development. A3: It depends: how much have you already published? As A2 suggest--and especially so if you haven't yet had the opportunity to publish your work--I think the best course is to list only articles currently under review or with a "revise and resubmit" in the "works in progress" section.You may list accepted articles as forthcoming or in press (depending) and they needn't appear in the more qualified space of the "works in progress" section. A strong record of publication would allow a bit more leeway (e.g. listing some not yet submitted work), but doing so otherwise is risky—we all have loads of things "in progress" but some of it never gets submitted--a lot of it, if you ask me--and even less of it will be published.  


Are you a (an)...?

ABD (will finish this academic year): 20
ABD and currently in a one-year, VAP, PhD Completion Fellowship, visiting instructor, lecturer or adjunct position: 4
Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, post-doc, instructor, adjunct): 26
Ph.D. in hand (unable to find academic employment at the moment):
Ph.D. in hand (currently working outside of academia):
Assistant Professor: 15
Associate Professor: 3
Full Professor:
Literature Job-Seeker: 35
Linguistics Job-Seeker: 9

How many applications do you plan on sending this year?

Between 1 and 10: 17
Between 10 and 20: 19
Between 20 and 30: 6
Between 30 and 40: 6
Over 40: 6
Over 60: 1

MLA Interviews[]

List NEW information at top. REMINDER: When you're listing dates in this category, please list the date that you were contacted not the date of the interview itself.

  • Columbia University (12/22). Email to request MLA interview. x3 Q: Peninsular lit position? A: Yes, Modern Spain Q: Do you mean University of British Columbia? A: No, I mean Columbia University at the city of New York.
  • Cornell College (12/18). Email to request either MLA or Skype interview. x2  Q: I was invited to an MLA interview via email, but I was not offered a choice between MLA or Skype. Did you request Skype, or were you given a choice in the initial invitation? It seems strange that not everyone would be offered the same choice. A: From the Assistant Dean: "If you were not planning to attend this conference, we will be arranging SKYPE interviews in the near future as well." Maybe my email was sent later than yours and with revisions?
  • Sonoma State (12/18) Email to request MLA interview
  • Augustana College (12/18) x5.  Phone call to request MLA interview
  • University of St. Thomas (12/16). Email to request MLA interview x2
  • U of South Alabama x2 -call to schedule MLA interview, post-prelim telephone interview. Q: When did they call? Thanks! A: apologies, apparently I forgot to put the date. They called 12/16.
  • U. of Miami, second-hand, reliable (DH); Q: what job is this? A.) DH = Digital Humanities. I don't have first hand knowledge of MLA interviews, but I do know that UM advertised for Digital Humanities.
  • George Washington University (TT Mexicanist position): email on 12/16 x2
  • Colby Visiting Assistant Professor "A" (12/17). Phone call to schedule MLA interview.
  • Colby College Faculty Fellow "C" (12/15) x5  (12/16): phone call to schedule MLA interview.
  •  University of Nevada Las Vegas (12/15) Q: Is this for the Literature position? Q: Were you notified just now? Someone else posted an MLA interview for UNLV like a month ago. A: I was notified today, the job is Assistant Professor of Spanish Translation, I don't know if it's the same job as the previous poster. Q: it is! so strange! it does give me hope though, for other jobs that haven't notified me yet, but have contacted others! Q: I keep wondering what happened here. Any ideas? Has anyone else been contacted?
  • The College of Wooster (12/15) x 2 (post Skype interview)
  • Lewis and Clark (12/15) email x4
  • St.Edwards University (linguistics), email on 12/14
  • St.Edwards University (literature) x3, email on 12/14
  • University of Central Arkansas,  phone interview 12/1, MLA interview request 12/9 x2. resecond-hand (12/?), MLA-bound candidates selected by sole committee member, real fair. Q: Were MLA-bound candidates contacted on 12/14, or were they selected by sole committee member on 12/14? A1: Interviews with the dude took place two weeks ago. He made his decision and candidates were informed sometime last week or so, not 100% sure of timing. I modified the date since I am not sure exactly what day they were contacted to interview at the MLA. A2: Oh, well... I should've known what the phone call was about when one of the only 2 questions he asked me was "What are your hobbies?" A3: Agreed. My one chance to make a career at a higher ed institution was completely dependant on articulating an answer to a very stupid question. Worse than that is this feeling of being stupid and incompetent; couldn't even answer that right. A4 to A3: Although the feeling of being stupid and incompetent won’t go for a while, keep in mind that it is extremely hard to answer to unexpected questions in such a short amount of time. Several years ago, I had an interview and the search committee chair said “X, I am going to ask something that I shouldn’t: Why didn’t you get a job last year”. I couldn’t think of a professional and succinct way to reply. I came with great answers later, when it was too late. In any case, sometimes it is hard to improvise a good answer when you are submitting materials, teaching, doing research…etc. Be compassionate with yourself…Compassion won’t give you a job but it will make you be at peace. A5: It's time that our Ph.D. programs start training us to answer and understand "fit" questions better. The question about hobbies isn't really about hobbies, it's about whether or not you can live in a primarily rural area and be happy there. It's about whether you are going to be satisfied with them, and vice-versa. All qualifications equal, someone who loves spending time with their kids vs. someone who loves going to musical theaters, is going to be happier at this institution. It took me way too long to understand fit. I should have known better when I first went n the job market. A6 to A5: Thank you for that insight. I was here scratching my head. But it makes perfect sense. Appreciate your weighing in. 
  • University of Virginia, email, (12/14), Latin American Studies position. Q: Did you apply for the Assistant or Associate rank?
  • UC Berkeley (12/13) e-mail x5 Just curious: why did the counter suddenly jump from one to five (with only one edit, so far as I can tell?) Does the person who edited the number happen to know of four other people who also received interviews? If so, maybe we should avoid the practice of posting second-hand knowledge, unless we make clear that is what it is. A: Third-hand knowledge.
  • St.Edwards University (12/13) x3 Q: Is this literature or linguistics? A: Linguistics
  • Lawrence University 12/12 (x4) 12/14 (x2)
  • Holy Cross 12/12 x3 - Did they email you today? Yes 
  • Texas A&M (12/11) x2 Q: Which A&M campus? There are several in Texas. A: College Station
  • Texas Christian (12/11) x4 They only offered one option for the interview time, which doesn't work with my arrival time. They were willing to reschedule, though. (I was updating this and I don't know where everything else went or why it disappeared. Not intentional, and yes, it's important to keep cool when writing emails to these committees - brief summary of what was here) Q. Literature or Linguistics? A.Literature.
  • Idaho State (12/8) x 4
  • UC Santa Cruz (12/4) x3 Q: is this for the Brazil Studies position or the Spanish American lit position? A: Latin American Literatures and Cultures position. A. You'll find updates on the Latin American Studies position with a Focus on Brazil on the Latin American History wikia page. Q: phone or email? A: Email
  • Gettysburg College (12/4)- Phone x5
  • Sewanee - The University of the South (12/3) emailed to set up interview time at MLA,  x 4 Q1: Which position? They had two listed this year. A: for me it is the "South-American Literature and Culture" with "particular strength in film, visual culture, and gender-based criticism" UPDATE (12/7): offered Skype option. A: The U. of the South's Spanish department has a visiting professor whose research and teaching interests are a lot like what they are "looking for", are we wasting our time here? A2. Another one? Yo creo que todas estas prácticas deshonestas deberían ser denunciadas con un buen abogado. Los puestos de VAP se han convertido en fuente de ahorro para los departamentos y luego en fuente de chanchulleo. Estoy pensando en presentar cargos una vez se resuelva el proceso. A3: A question just occurred to me regarding the matter of the possible inside candidate-- if this were the case, why would the university waste time and money sending people to do interviews at MLA? Could this give us hope that we have a decent chance at the job? It seems like a good sign. Last year they did Skype interviews for a similar job, this year it's MLA. A4: If they have an inside candidate, they go through the MLA interview because it is the standard procedure and doing so is a "proof" for them that shows that they did everything the right way and the inside candidate was "in fact" the best one for the job. A5: Sewanee tiene dos posiciones de español para este año. No es raro que para la posición de Cono Sur con énfasis en género y film hayan decidido decirle a los candidatos que podían hacer la entrevista por Skype. Tiene que haberles causado un remordimiento ético haciendo ir a las personas (pagar viaje, hotel, etc.) siendo que ya tienen al candidato elegido. Por otro lado, escuché de buena fuente que el inside candidate es el que tendrá la posición, que esto está arreglado de antemano. A6: Ya, el VAP que tienen es chileno, trabaja el Cono Sur y hace estudios fílmicos, ustedes saquen sus propias conclusiones...
  • Princeton University (12/2)
  • University of San Diego (12/1) x 3
  • North Central College (11/30) x 5  (I interviewed with them last year. Be prepared to talk about how you will coordinate their Spanish position. There is also an internal candidate here as far as I know.)
  • Oakland University (11/24), call and email x5 (Is this for the Foreign Language Education position?) A: Yes.
  • Boston College (11/23, phone) x 2
  • Baylor University (11/20) x9- Q: Did they invite you after the emails mentioned below? Did they email you? A: Yes, they emailed again after the emails mentioned below.
  • University of Nevada Las Vegas (11/15)
  • Whitman College (11/12) x2
  • Union College (10/30) x 3

Job postings[]

Please list schools in alphabetical order.

Colegas: El trabajo en la CIA ha sido re-publicado en el HigheredJobs, tal vez no han encontrado a nadie todavia? Creo que vale la pena enviar la solicitud. Suerte!

Albion College (MI)

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish in TransAmerican Latino/a Studies

Deadline: October 15, 2015


Amherst College (MA)

Professor of Spanish/Caribbean Culture

  • SEARCH CANCELED. E-MAIL (10/13/2015).Deadline: review begins Oct. 15


Baylor University (TX)

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish

Deadline: Oct 31


Bucknell University (PA)

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish - Colonial Latin American literature

    • Note: Search committee chair email 2/23 says search for TT professor is cancelled, and they are now looking to fill VAP position only.



California State University Fresno (CA)

TT Asst. Prof. of Spanish, Mexican literature specialist

Deadline: October 5, 2015

Link: Chronicle

California State University Fresno (CA)

TT Asst Prof of Spanish, Golden Age Literature specialist

Deadline: October 5, 2015

Link: Chronicle

Centre College (KY)

TT position in Spanish at the rank of Assistant Professor beginning August, 2016

Deadline: Oct. 15

Link: Chronicle

Cleveland State (OH)

TT Asst. Professor Spanish / Foreign Language pedagogy

Deadline: October 15th

Cornell College (IA)

TT Asst. Professor - Peninsular Spanish Literature and Culture


Deadline: November 15, 2015

Georgia Institute of Technology (GA)

Department of Modern Languages, Chair

Deadline: Until Filled


Gettysburg College (PA)

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Peninsularist-Golden Age)

Deadline: November 2, 2015

Grinnell College (IA)

TT Asst. Professor in Spanish - US Latin@ Lit and Culture

Deadline: November 13, 2015


Iona College (NY)

TT Asst./Assoc. Professor in Spanish (Contemporary Peninsular)

Deadline: review of apps. starts immediately

Link: Higher Ed Jobs

Lake Forest College (IL) - two positions

TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (Specialization open)

Deadline: December 5, 2015


Lawrence University (WI)

TT Asst. Professor of Spanish - expertise in Mexican, Caribbean or U.S. Latina/o Studies

Deadline: November 15, 2015


Lewis & Clark College (OR)

TT. Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies

Deadline: Review begins November 2, 2015


Sewanee: the University of the South (TN) 

TT. Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies. Two positions: Transatlantic Literature and Culture within the 18th-21st centuries. South-American Literature and Culture with strength in film, visual culture, and gender-based criticism.

Deadline: Oct. 30, 2015


South American:


San José State University (CA)

TT Asst. Professor - Spanish Literature and Culture

Deadline: Nov. 9


Union College (NY)

TT Assistant Professor - Spanish and Hispanic Studies (trans-Hispanic, Peninsular)

Deadline: October 18, 2015


University of California Berkeley (CA)

TT Assistant Professor - Modern Spanish American Literature, 19th c. to present

Deadline: November 2, 2015 (also posted at Comparative 2016)


University of California Riverside (CA)

TT Assistant Professor of Latin American literature and culture (focus on 19th/20th-c Mexico)

Deadline: Review beings 15 October, closes 1 November 2015.

University of California Santa Cruz (CA)

TT Asst Prof. specializing in 20th/21st century Latin American literatures and cultures

Deadline: October 12, 2015


University of Central Arkansas (AR)

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish

Deadline: Review begins November 1, 2015


University of Chicago (IL)

TT Assistant or Associate Professor in Medieval Spanish Literature

Deadline: November 1, 2015


University of Colorado at Boulder (CO)

TT Assistant Professor in Applied Linguistics in the departments of Linguistics and Spanish & Portuguese (joint)

Deadline: December 1, 2015


University of Iowa (IA)

TT Assistant Professor in Creative Writing in Spanish

Deadline: review begins Oct. 1


University of Massachusetts Amherst (MA)

TT Assistant Professor of US Latin@ Literature and Culture

Deadline: review begins Dec. 1


University of Nebraska-Lincoln (NE)

TT Assistant Professor of Latin American Literature

Deadline: Oct. 12


University of Nebraska–Kearney (NE)

Lecturer of Spanish (Full Time)

Deadline: Review begins Nov. 12


University of New Mexico (NM)

TT Asst. Professor - Mexican / Chicana Transnational Feminist Literature (also posted at Ethnic Studies 2015-2016Other Ethnic American 2016 and Womens/Gender/Queer Studies 2015-2016)

Quicklink for Posting:

For best consideration, complete applications must be received by November 19, 2015.

University of North Carolina Asheville (NC)

TT Latin American culture and/or indigenous studies and/or Latino lit

Deadline: Nov. 1


University of Northern Colorado (CO)

TT Assistant Professor in Spanish (concentration in Mexican American Lit & Culture)

Deadline: screening begins Oct. 26, 2015


University of Northern Colorado (CO)

Hispanic Studies Department Chair - Tenured appointment

Deadline: screening begins Oct. 26, 2015


University of Oklahoma (OK)

Associate Professor - 20th/21st Century Brazilian Literature and Culture

Deadline: November 2, 2015


University of Saint Thomas (MN)

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish - Peninsular Literature and Cultures

Deadline: December 1, 2015


University of San Diego (CA)

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish – Heritage Language Learning

Deadline: October 15, 2015

Link: Chronicle

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (TN)

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish - post-colonial Latin American Literature (19th, 20th or 21st century)

Deadline: October 21, 2015.

Link: Chronicle

University of Tennessee at Knoxville

TT Asst. Professor - Peninsular Spanish and/or Transatlantic Early Modern Studies

LINK: Chronicle

University of North Texas at Dallas

TT Assistant Professor of Spanish ---just posted (april 28th)

The University of the Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, United States VI)

TWO positions Asst OR Assoc. Professor of Spanish-- SLA, Linguistics, or Heritage Language Learning

Deadline: NOVEMBER 15


One more job ad forthcoming

University of Virginia

TT Assistant Professor (or Tenured Associate Professor) -- Latin American Literatures/Cultures (race, ethnicity, and migration). Part of the Global South Initiative at UVa. (Other jobs of interest to hemispheric scholars: Latina/o Studies in the English Department, and Francophone diasporic studies, including the Caribbean, in the French department.)

Deadline: 1 December 2015

Link:, position #0617532 (Faculty)

Ursinus College 

TT Asst. Professor - Colonial Latin American Studies

LINK: Higher Ed Jobs

Deadline: November 15, 2015

Washington College

TT Assistant Prof of Spanish (Latin American Studies/Southern Cone preferred)


Deadline: November 5, 2015

West Virginia University

TT Assistant Prof of Spanish (Latin American Studies)


Winona State University (MN)

Instructor (Fixed-term; Full-time) - Spanish language & Latin American civ/culture

LINK for description & application: NEOGOV

Review begins: February 15, 2016, open until filled

Winona State University (MN)

TT Asst. Professor - Spanish & Bilingual Education

LINK for description & application: NEOGOV

Review begins: December 1, 2015, open until filled

Wright State University

TT Asst. Professor - Peninsular Spanish (Contemporary)

LINK: Higher Ed Jobs

Deadline: October 1, 2015

Youngstown State University (OH) **** (This is a brand new position... we have been waiting forever on funding approval and it finally came through.)

TT Asst. Professor of Spanish and Applied Linguistics

Link to the application:

Review begins 5/2/16, open until filled.

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