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  • Regional university, rural Southwest, Assistant Professor. 4/4 load, 52K salary. Benefits. 2K moving expenses, $1,000 for conferences per year. 
  • SLAC, urban Northeast, starting assist. prof., first-semester one course released, 2/3 load, 77k salary, benefits, 2000 start-up professional development, 1400 for conferences per year.
  • A.) Congrats! However, I think this section is more for specific positions at specific universities. Typically these go in a separate section entitled "Package" or something like that. I would make the section myself, but my cereal is already getting soggy from this quick community service action on my part. I really hate soggy cereal more than newbie faux pas, so maybe somebody else can do it??? Totes obrigado! A2: You better say that you're jealous all the way and it'll be more credible than your cereal. A3: 👍the last comment! This is how anyone has posted offers the last couple of years. No one seems to "out" their school. [ADMIN NOTE: moved to new section, per comment above ... "Offers" section below is for identifying actual names of schools that have made offers ... this section is for details of salaries, etc. if people want to give them - 12/16]


List NEW information at top

  • UMass Dartmouth, (declined, but great gig)
  • University of North Carolina, Pembroke 3/4 (Accepted- Generalist Position).
  • Spring Hill College one-year VAP 56K 4/4
  • Kansas State one-year VAP offered 47K 3/3 (declined) A1: May I ask why you declined? Better gig? Or something you didn't like about the position?
  • Eastern Kentucky University (Accepted)
  • Colorado State Pueblo. (Accepted-Generalist position).
  • University of Arkansas, VAP (Medieval). email from HR: "Please be advised that this position has been filled." (4/11)
  • Coastal Carolina University
  • Murray State University (email stating: "The Search Committee has completed the evaluation process and the position has now been filled." 3/29)
  • Brown post doc (offer made)
  • Villanova University (second hand, reliable) 
  • Lynchburg College
  • Otterbein University
  • Valparaiso University
  • University of Cincinnati, Assistant Professor Educator (accepted 3/22)
  • Ohio State U (Brazilian studies, accepted)
  • North Central College (accepted)
  • Penn State Berks (accepted)
  • U of Delaware (accepted)
  • Graceland University (accepted) 
  • West Liberty University (accepted, second hand, reliable)
  • University of Richmond (accepted; 1st hand)
  • Grand Valley State (second hand, reliable)
  • Monmouth College (healthcare, second hand, reliable)
  • UC Riverside (Mexicanist, second hand, reliable)
  • University of Arizona (accepted)
  • OSU VAP (second hand, reliable) A1: Ohio State, Oregon State, Oklahoma State? 
  • Fordham (second hand, reliable)
  • Midwestern State (TX). Email 03/08
  • University of Arkansas (accepted, second hand, reliable)
  • Johns Hopkins
  • McGill (second hand)
  • Dickinson College (accepted, reliable)
  • Lehigh University, second hand, reliable
  • Providence College (offer accepted, second hand, reliable)
  • Simpson College (email 02.28). Q1: What position is it? The VAP/Lecturer app due date is today... A1: TT
  • Evansville (made and accepted)
  • U South Carolina - offer accepted - expressed via rejection which noted who accepted. 
  • Trinity College, golden age (offer accepted, second hand, reliable)
  • Bucknell (offer accepted, second hand, reliable)
  • William & Mary (offer accepted)
  • Sarah Lawrence (second hand, reliable, went to internal candidate) A1: (from posts below) the internal candidate is an Amerircan VAP who was working there.
  • Colorado College (second hand, reliable)
  • Towson University (accepted, reliable)
  • Florida State
  • NAU, Lecturer position (it went to the internal candidate).
  • UCLA, early modern (offer accepted)
  • TCU, both positions.
  • Miami of Ohio, Border Studies (assuming offer accepted)
  • UC Davis, second hand (offer accepted)
  • Lycoming College, second hand, reliable. 
  • Auburn University (Spanish Linguistics); Second hand (offer accepted)
  • Missouri State  
  • San Diego State (Peninsular). Second hand, reliable.
  • Ball State University
  • Eastern New Mexico U.
  • MIT Language Lecturer Position (Information offered in response to an email I sent requesting an update about the progress of the search after the Skype interviews)
  • Virginia Tech: 20th and 21st Cent. Latin American Lit. and Culture
  • San Diego State: Southern Cone position (second hand, reliable).
  • Lafayette College (first hand). Q: Why, then, are they going through the process of interviewing 12+ at the MLA (I am one, so I've seen the sign-up). That seems like a lot of effort, time, and money if they already have someone. Q2: Which position? A1: Assistant Professor of Spanish (open spec). I also heard position was filled. A: Interesting. Given Rojo's very public tenure case denial, I thought this process would be very carefully carried out. Also interesting, the poster about the package above has an IP address linked to the town where Lafayette is located. Could just be a coincidence, though. A: I have no connection to this and very little interest in all the speculation (though I do have a student who applied to the position). I also do not know the person who was offered the job, but via Facebook, it seems that he was a target of opportunity hire. (He mentioned this in a message thanking various people, including someone I know, which is why I saw the post.) Target of opportunity hires do not involve open searches, and since Lafayette is in fact doing a search, they likely have a separate line and are planning to hire an additional person.  A2: (via a friend who works in that department) There are multiple openings at Lafayette. The target of opportunity hire was separate from/adjacent to the ongoing search, and they are still planning to interview at the MLA and hire from that pool. A3: as a contemporary peninsularist, I was recommended to not apply to this position because it has a poor and unethical history, going back at least 20 years (I'm close with one of the people who was denied tenure). This is the 2nd or 3rd time the Dept recommended the assist. prof. for tenure and the university declined. Whoever gets this offer--after you get the offer and haven't accepted yet, be sure to ask about the requirements for tenure as well as the past problems. A4: Two more offers made.  Two offers accepted.uu

Campus Interviews[]

List NEW information at top - please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Steet,

  • UMSL. 4/27
  • Berkeley medieval. Q: Anybody know how many candidates they have?
  • CSU-Pueblo (Generalist)
  • Eastern Kentucky University. (email 3/31) 
  • Coastal Carolina U. (email 3/13)
  • CSU Monterey (email 3/06) Q: Which Position? A: Professor of Spanish Language and Spanish Linguistics
  • West Texas AM (3/08)
  • Morehouse College. (3/06) Portuguese and Spanish Position
  • West Liberty (phone 2/13)
  • Villanova University -- TT Latin Americanist (second hand, reliable) Q1: When did you hear this? A1: This is another poster but campus visits where scheduled last Friday. 
  • North Central College-Visiting Assistant prof.  (email 2/15)
  • Converse College Generalist (phone 2/14)
  • Seminole State College (email 2/14)
  • UW Tacoma (second hand. 2/13)
  • SUNY Geneseo Spanish Linguistics (email 2/11). Q. When is the visit scheduled for? ETA - sorry. Didn't realize it was an inappropiate question. Just trying to gauge if there is still time to hear from them for other candidates. A1. I'm not the person, but that is not an appropriate question (x2).
  • University of Alabama (phone 2/9) - Search cancelled post-campus visit.
  • Monmouth College (email 2/1) X2
  • Lynchburg College (email 2/8)
  • UMass Dartmouth (email, 2/8). Interestingly, there was no Skype interview prior to the invite. Q: So no preliminary interviews? that's odd.  A: Just an invite to campus.  A2: My current university (not UMass Dartmouth) sometimes does phone/Skype but sometimes skips right to the campus visit.  They usually do that when there are only a small number of people they're interested in.  
  • The New College of Florida  (email)
  • Saint Mary's College of Md two visits scheduled for 2/6 & 2/8; reliable Q: Only two total, or are there others scheduled for later? Thanks!
  • Washburn University (2/2 email). Curiously, this campus visit will also include the first interview, although they have already spoken with my references.
  • U of North Carolina at Pembroke (email)
  • Florida State (Copied from below, posted as "second hand, reliable")
  • Emporia State University (1/31 email)
  • Texas Christian University (1/27)
  • University of Cincinnati (1/27 email)
  • Whitman College (1/27 email)
  • University of Florida - lecturer (1/26)
  • Southern Oregon U
  • Swarthmore College (1/23)
  • University of Dallas (phone)
  • Furman (email from search committee chair in response to inquiry, 1/23) Q: Sorry to ask but, did they tell you that campus interviews had already been set (and therefore you were out, sorry about that) or did they say, 'hey thanks for inquiring, you have a campus interview'? A: I wish it were the second option! They said they were currently in the process of hosting campus interviews. A (same person that posted the Q): Sorry to hear! Hopefully you'll have better luck in other searches. Fingers crossed! Thank you for your reply. :-)
  • UC Davis (email notification of rejection 1/23)
  • Hillsdale College (email 1/19)
  • Valparaíso U. (email 1/19)
  • University of Pennsylvania, Southern Cone, campus interviews happening in coming weeks Q: Any idea of their ranks? A: At least one person is a PhD candidate, reliable. A2: More than reliable. Confirmed. Two PhD candidates and three Associates coming for campus visit. Q: Interesting. Do they all do Southern Cone? A3: Southern Cone (3), Brazil (2) or both. Also, a sixth candidate (tenured) has been added to the pool Q: Wow, that is a lot of people to bring to campus. Does the 6th candidate also do Brazil? Sounds like maybe they are planning to do 2 hires, one in Southern Cone and one in Brazil.
  • Converse College, Peninsularist. campus interviews happening this month. 
  • Grand Valley State University (email, 1/16)
  • Kalamazoo College (email, 1/13)
  • UCLA (reliable)
  • Trinity College (email, 1/12)
  • University of Arizona, Spanish Language Program Director (phone, 1/14)
  • [Copying from "word on the Street" section below] Sarah Lawrence College
  • [Copying from "word on the Street" section below] Hood College
  • [Copying from "word on the Street" section below] St. Norbert College
  • Otterbein U. (email 1/13)
  • Fordham, second-hand reliable
  • Univ. of Southern California (email 1/12)
  • Lehigh University (email 1/12)
  • University of Oregon, reliable
  • Southern Oregon U, Second-hand reliable
  • Providence College (1/9): Q: Is this the linguistics position? And if so, did they contact by phone or email? A: Yes, by email following MLA interview.
  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1/10, 2nd hand, reliable, x2
  • Colorado College (TT Colonial) (phone, 1/9)
  • Connecticut College (Visiting Assistant Prof) (email 1/9)
  • Johns Hopkins U, Peninsular position (email, 1/6) x2
  • University of Delaware (1/4)
  • University of Maryland, College Park (1/3)
  • Fitchburg State University (1/1)
  • TCU 2x (received rejection letter stating that candidates have been invited to campus, 12/22) Q: Anyone else?  Which position was this? Q2: Could you please write the full name of the university? What does TCU stand for? Texas Christian University Q3: For which position? 
  • Arizona State University (12/21)
  • U of South Carolina (12/16) x2 (12/22)
  • George Mason  (12/20)
  • University of Oklahoma (12/19)
  • Arkansas (12/19) - Which position? Q2: Is this the linguistics or literature position? A: Linguistics
  • Gonzaga University (12/16) Q: Which position? A: Assistant Professor of Spanish, Latin American Literature.
  • UC Riverside, email, 12/14, 2nd hand, reliable
  • Miami Ohio (email 12/15)x2
  • Bucknell (email, 12/15)
  • McGill (email, 12/12)
  • University of Southern Indiana (phone call, 12/9) for mid-January
  • Alabama (Cuba Position) (12/9) Would you confirm the time you receive this invitation? I have some concerns about this search. Thanks! (Also congrats!)
  • Texas Tech (12/7) Q: Which position? A: TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, Hispanic Linguist
  • Augustana (VAP) (12/6)
  • University of Richmond (12/6)
  • Lycoming (phone, after interview) (11/22).
  • Carleton Instructor (11/21) x3
  • Missouri State (11/11)
  • San Diego State University - Southern Cone (phone) (11/7)
  • San Diego State University - Peninsular (phone) (11/10)
  • Kennesaw State University (10/11)
  • University of Edinburgh (10/8)

Skype/Phone Interviews[]

List NEW information at top - please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Steet

  • UNC-Charlotte. Lecturer. Email on 4/27
  • Purdue University VAP - Skype interview 4/24
  • University of Missouri-Saint Louis . Skype interview 4/24
  • New Mexico Junior College. Skype interview on 4/17
  • Utah State University. Postdoc. Skype interview on 4/11
  • Davidson College. Visiting Prof. Email for Skype
  • University of Maine - (3/31) email for skype
  • University of Arkansas VAP - (3/27) skype interview x2
  • University of Puget Sound VAP - (3/28) email for skype. 
  • Colorado State, Pueblo (3/23) email for Skype interview. Generalist position
  • St. Joseph's, Philadelphia (3/21) email for phone interview 
  • Colorado State- Pueblo (3/21) email for Skype interview Q: Generalist or Chicano position? A: Chicano Studies.
  • Highline College (3/17) x2
  • Pierce College (3/13)
  • Brown postdoc. Email for Skype (3/13) x2
  • Rollins College (second round interview vía skype - email 3/01)
  • North Georgia. E-mail for phone interview on 3/8. A: E-mail for phone interview on 3/29.
  • Georgia College. E-mail (3/6) for Skype interview on 3/10 or 3/13
  • Simpson College (visiting). E-mail for skpe interview 3/6 
  • Yale Lector of Portuguese: email (3/3) for Skype interview (3/7)
  • Eastern Kentucky University. Email for Skype interview (3/3) X2
  • Coastal Carolina University. Email for phone interview (2/17).
  • California State University, Monterey. Email for skype interview (2/15)
  • University of South Florida. Email for phone interview (2/13) for Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • Morehouse College. email for skype. (2/9)
  • Pace University. EMAIL 2/7 for Skype
  • West Texas A&M (Phone call 2/6 for Skype interview) x2
  • Lynchburg College (email on 2/6 for phone interview) (phonecall on 2/6 for phone interview).
  • Graceland University (email on 2/4 to Skype) x3
  • Seminole State College (Email on 2/3 to Skype)
  • North Central College (Visiting Assistant Prof) Email on 2/1 to Skype x2
  • Villanova University (TT Latin Americanist). Email on 1/31 to Skype next week (x2). 
  • SUNY Geneseo (Spanish Linguistics).  Email on 1/27 to Skype next week.  
  • Piedmont College (Assistant professor). email on 1/27 to Skype next week.
  • Ohio State (Visiting Prof. Iberian Studies). email 1/25 x2
  • Simpson College (phone call, 1/24)
  • West Liberty U. (phone call, 1/25).
  • New College Of Florida (e-mail for Skype interview 1/25)
  • University of the Ozarks (e-mail for Skype interview 1/20) x 3
  • Monmouth College Healthcare/Spanish Position (Email for phone interview 1/15)
  • U of North Carolina at Pembroke (e-mail for phone interview, 1/20) x3
  • Monmouth, second hand (Spanish position, not the healthcare one) x2
  • Washington Tacoma (email for Skype, 1/18)
  • U of Cincinnati (email for Skype, 1/12) 
  • Vanderbilt Post Doc. 1/10 (email)
  • Spelman College (TT Portuguese). Email 1/9 for Skype Interview
  • Wake Forest University (Hispanic Linguistics-Phonology) 1/9
  • St. Catherine University, MN (email for skype on 1/6) x2
  • Emporia State. 1/3. Email for Skype interview. X2
  • University of Dallas 1/3 x2
  • Sarah Lawrence College. Email for Skype interview. 12/28 x2
  • Boston College (12/24)
  • Towson University (email to skype, 12/23)
  • St. Bonaventure. Email for phone interview 12/21 X2
  • Louisiana State University-Shreveport (12/21)
  • Governors State University conducted phone interviews last Monday, 12/19 in the afternoon.
  • St. Mary's College of Maryland (Interfolio email on 12/20, for Skype) x2
  • University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (email on 12/17 to Skype on 12/21)
  • Kenyon College (email to Skype 12/13) VAP
  • University of Florida (email to skype, 12/15) - Lecturer position
  • George Mason (Skype interview)
  • PLU (email to schedule Skype)x2 12/14 Q1: Is this Pacific Lutheran U? A1: Yes. A2:Yes.
  • UNC Wilmington, email for Skype interview, 12/1
  • U of Arkansas (Peninsular, email to Skype), 12/12
  • Converse College (12/12). Email for Skype Interview. Generalist postion.
  • The University of Arizona (email to skype interview, 12/9) Q: I see some people are getting skype interviews, but others MLA for this position. Interesting, isn't it? A1: The said either would be OK and I am not going to MLA, so we'll do Skype. Q2: Is this the technology position? A2. Tech position, interview at MLA A1: Yes, tech position.
  • Texas Christian University (email, 10/12) Q: which position? There was on Mexican/Central American and another Latin American Cultural Studies/Women's Studies. A1: I am a different poster, but I was contacted for the Latin American Cultural Studies position. A2: Latin American Cultural Studies/Women’s Studies. A3: I was contacted for the Mexican/Central American position
  • University of Virginia College at Wise (email, 12/8)
  • University of Arkansas Fayetteville (email to skype, 12/9) x2
  • University of Delaware (email to skype, 12/9)
  • Monmouth College (Latin Americanist position, 12/9) Q: Could you please share at what time they sent the e-mail today? A: 10:47a.m. Q: Phone or Skype?
  • Southern Oregon U (email 12/8)
  • University of Evansville (12/8). Q: Phone or email?
  • Western Washington University (email to skype, 12/8) (x2)
  • U of Maine at Farmington (phone) (12/7) x2
  • Fordham University (phone call to schedule Skype interview) x2, 12/7 Q: Which position? A. Different poster, but I know that the Mexicanist committee scheduled Skype interviews on 12/7; this is 2nd hand, reliable
  • Penn State Berks, preliminary phone interview (12/7) x 2
  • University of South Carolina (email to skype) 12/7 (X4)Q: is this for mexicanist position? A:Yes 
  • Arizona State University (email to skype interview, 12/15) Q: Is it the SLA or non-TT? A: SLA
  • Alabama (Cuba Position) Phone, 12/6
  • UCLA (email to skype interview, 12/15)
  • Fitchburg State (email to schedule phone interview, 12/3)
  • Auburn University 12/3 (phone interview scheduled for 12/6) x2
  • Emory & Henry College (email to schedule skype interview), 12/1 Q. Emory U or Emory U Oxford College? A: no, Emory & Henry College.-I just got an email saying that Emory U cancelled their search until next year. 
  • St. Norbert College (call, and e-mail for the appointment later), 12/1 (interview scheduled for 12/6). x3. Apparently they are going to interview everyone again at the MLA conference, i thought that was strange. Q1: How do you know that? I interviewed with them this week and they didn't tell me anything. Q2: Do you mean everyone who interviewed via phone was invited to the MLA? Comment: Isn't that normal, though? I thought that places do preliminary phone interviews in order to know who to invite to the MLA? A: Not necessarily. I was invited to the MLA by an institution that had Skype interviews and I wasn't a part of that cohort.  A2: I'm the Q1 person; I just got an e-mail inviting me to have an interview in MLA, so it may be true... A3: I had a web interview with them, at the end they asked me if I was going to the MLA, I told them I was not, then they said they will arrange Skype interviews for the ones not attending the convention, I have not heard from the though. Maybe they want to make their future colleague personally and make a decision based on that. Most institutions either interview people over Skype or meet finalists at the MLA Convention, I guess this college is doing double the work, who knows... A4: I don't know if this helps but in the e-mail I got inviting me to an interview in the MLA they asked me if I would like a Skype one if I was not attending, but once I accepted the one in MLA I inmediately got a list of the possible times to schedule it. 
  • University of Oregon (voicemail and email to schedule skype interview), 11/30
  • Midwestern State University (email, 11/29)  x1
  • University of Maryland, College Park (email to schedule Skype interview), 11/29 x2.
  • McGill (email to schedule web interview), 11/28 x2
  • Miami (OH) (email to schedule Skype interview, 11/28)  x3
  • Johns Hopkins (email to schedule Skype interview, 11/22) X3; A1: Did anyone hear when we will be notified about campus visits? A2: They didn't offer me this information. It seemed like a very short/rushed interview overall.
  • Maryville College: email to schedule phone interview, 11/22
  • University of Southern Indiana: Skype Interview, received 11/17
  • Northwest Missouri State University (Spanish Education): Skype interview, 11/14 
  • Bucknell (Colonial): email to schedule Skype interview, received 11/22 x2
  • Texas Tech (email to schedule skype interview 11/21)(x3)(Skype interview scheduled for 12/2)
  • California State Sacramento (Peninsular Literature/Culture): email to schedule Skype interview, received 11/21(x2)
  • Gonzaga University (Assistant Professor, Latin American Literature) (email on 11/21 for skype interview for 11/28 or 12/12)x2
  • Providence College (email, 11/21: interview to be done at MLA)
  • UC Riverside (email, 11/19) x3 (11/22 email) x2
  • Ball State University - Contract faculty (11/18) x 2
  • Lycoming College (email, 11/17) x  4  (skype 11/22)
  • Ohio State University (Skype) (Contacted 11/15/16, scheduled for 11/22) X 2 Q. Which position? Is it the Brazilian tt position? A: Yes (not original poster)
  • University of Oklahoma (11/15)
  • UNC Charlotte (Skype) (11/15/16)
  • University of Richmond (Skype) (Contacted 11/14/16; Scheduled for 11/28)
  • Indiana University East (11/11). 
  • Otterbein University (11/08).
  • CSU Fullerton - Peninsular (email to set up phone interview) (11/8). Q1: I just got an e-mail saying "We regret to inform you that, due to unforeseen circumstances, the search for the position has been cancelled for this academic year. However, we expect to run the search again next academic year; we invite you to resubmit your application at that time.". Anyone else. A: same here, got same email [posted 12/5]
  • U Wisconsin La Crosse (phone) (11/7) Q. Spanish for the profs. or Spanish Ed? Both ADs say they will start reviewing appls 11/07, I guess they are really fast? A: Spanish for the Professions. It seems they are super fast. A. It does not sound right that they are reviewing applications before the deadline. In that case they should have said that they will start reviewing applications immediately.
  • Carleton College (instructor) (11/4) (x3)
  • Missouri State (10/30) (x2)
  • Fisk University (10/30).
  • San Diego State University - Peninsular (Videoconference) (10/31) x2
  • Kalamazoo (10/25)
  • University of Northern Colorado, email (10/24) Q: For which one of the three positions? OP: Generalist
  • San Diego State University (phone) (10/24) Q: Southern Cone or Peninsular? A: (original poster) Southern Cone (x3)
  • Eastern New Mexico University (email) (10/20) (x 4)
  • Virginia Tech (email) (10/23) (x8)
  • MIT (language instructor) (10/21) (x2) Q: Any more news on the Lecturer position? A1: No news after the initial Skype interview./ Q: Thanks for the quick response. Good luck!
  • Kennesaw State University, Phone (9/23) <---(Congratulations! Any further updates on this position?)

MLA Interviews[]

List NEW information at top - please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Steet,

  • Hillsdale College (email 12/17) x4
  • Vanderbilt (12/16) Q: was this for the 3-year Mellon VAP?
  • Lafayette College (email 12/15) x2
  • Kentucky (Email 12/15) x2 Is this University of Kentucky-Lexington? (12/15)
  • Lehigh (email 12/14) x2
  • Trinity College (email 12/14)
  • Dickinson (email received 12/14)
  • Swarthmore College (12/13)
  • Hood College (12/12)x4
  • Stanford (12/10) Postdoc Q: Which postdoc? A: Andrew W. Mellon
  • Columbia University (email 12/11) Q: Which position?A: Latin American and/or Iberian Digital Humanities
  • USC (12/9) x2 Q: Which position? Assistant Professor in Latin American Literature
  • Dartmouth College (email 12/9)
  • Franklin & Marshall College (email 12/6) x2 Q: Which position? A: Director of Writing Center. 
  • Colorado College (12/9)x3
  • University of Arizona (phone call on 12/9 to schedule MLA interview) x 4 Q: Which position? Language Coordinator or Technology focused? A: Technology focused. Q2.: Some of you for the Latin American Cultural Studies position? A: Yes, I was contacted in regards to the Latin American Cultural Studies position. 
  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville (12/7)
  • Whitman College (12/6) x3
  • Furman (12/05) x3
  • Rollins College (12/05) x3 (I just found this invitation in my spam box so might be worth a check)
  • Colby College (12/02) x2 x3. Turned down interview as I am not going to the MLA. Q: Did you ask for a Skype interview instead of MLA and they refused? A. I asked for a Skype interview, but they said NO. A2: Wow!  I'm pretty sure that MLA guidelines say that schools should offer Skype interviews if the candidate can't make it to the MLA. That committee must be very out of touch (or just completely callous). Sorry to hear that. A3: That happened to me with Florida State in 2012 (English/multiethnic, colonial). I think it's more common than we realize.
  • Florida State University (12/02) x3.
  • Valparaiso (12/01)
  • Grand Valley State University 11/28 (1) Q: Which position? A: U.S. Latino/a literature/culture or contemporary Latin American literature/culture
  • Providence College 11/21
  • Amherst College 11/18
  • Kalamazoo College: 11/11 x5 Q: Did you have a Skype interview? A1: No. A2: No

Additional Materials Requested[]

List NEW information at top

  • CSU, Chico: course evaluations past 2 years and one paragraph description of current duties requested 2/7 via email.
  • University of Wisconsin-Parkside: letters of rec requested 1/18 via email
  • Southern Oregon U, Letters of rec and teaching evaluations (post-Skype)
  • UC Berkeley (medieval), writing sample requested in the past few days. [posted ~ 12/11] X2
  • UC Riverside: full copy of major research project, post-Skype interview; 2nd hand, reliable
  • University of Tennessee - Knoxville (11/10) (5x) Letters of rec and writing sample requested. Q: Has anyone heard back after having sent additional materials? A: I have not.
  • Morehouse College - Renewable (Non-tenure) Spanish and Portuguese, asked for details on experience teaching Portuguese


List NEW information at top:

  • Valparaiso University (5/24) x2
  • U of Southern Indiana (5/24) x2
  • Allen Hancock College (5/18) - physical letter
  • Harper College (5/18)
  • Saint Anselm College (5/17)
  • California SU–Monterey Bay (5/17)
  • Fort Hays State University (5/15) LN: All the applicants (dozens!) received in a massive e-mail our usual letter of rejection from the HR Office of FHSU, but the problem was that such multiple replies also showed an applicant who was rejected, and, obviously, he claimed that the massive e-mail to notify him, in public, was unethical. Ops! OP: The applicant who mass emailed the other rejected applicants was just as unprofessional as the secretary. That was more appropriate to a personal 'reply' rather than 'reply-all'. Oops!
  • Colorado State University – Pueblo (5/10)
  • Northeastern State University Tahlequah (5/10)
  • Kent State University (5/9)
  • The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (5/9)
  • Smith College (5/9)
  • Florida State University (5/4)
  • Kennesaw State University (4/27)
  • Lake Erie College (4/26)
  • Saint Mary's College of IN Lecturer--email stating that the position was offered to somebody else (4/27)
  • Francis Marion U (4/24) - email stating that the search has concluded.
  • Washington Tacoma (4/20). 
  • St. Joseph's University (4/20). after 2nd interview
  • St. Lawrence University (4/19)
  • Tulane University (4/12). Email saying the search for the Lecturer position is canceled and they will open a one-year non-tenure Visiting Lecturer on Friday 14th.
  • University of Oklahoma (4/4)
  • West Liberty University (4/4)
  • Yale (4/3) After receiving an informal offer from the search committee three weeks ago, got an email from the dean saying that the search had been cancelled.
  • Western State Colorado University (4/3)
  • Murray State (3/29) x2
  • Borough of Manhattan Community College after Skype/Campus interview (3/29) X3 
  • Stanford Mellon Post-doc (3/28)
  • UNC Pembroke (3/27) X2
  • Fitchburg SU (3/27) Email.X2
  • U of Dallas (3/24) Email stating that their search has concluded. X2
  • Piedmont College (3/24) After a Skype interview they said the search was put on hold. X2
  • Converse College (2/23) x4. Email stating that both positions had been filled. Found that very polite. A: Yes, their email acknowledging the receipt back in December was also very thoughtful!
  • Governors State University (3/22)
  • Mercer University (3/17) Email.
  • Monmouth C (3/17) Email stating that the search concluded, but the position was not filled and they will likely run another search for the very same position next year. 
  • SUNY Geneseo (3/17)
  • Georgia College & State University (3/16) Q: Did you have a Skype interview? 
  • Ball State University (3/16) E-mail
  • Grand Valley SU (3/15) Email. 
  • Middlebury (3/15) Email. 
  • UC Riverside (3/14) Email. x2
  • Lafayette C (3/10) Email.
  • California State Sacramento (3/8)
  • Kenyon C (3/9) Email. x2. A1: Ugh, so discouraging...I did terrible in my interview but thought it was a great opportunity. Sad. 
  • Soka U of America (3/9) Email.
  • Whitman C (3/9) x 2 Email stating that another candidate accepted the position. 
  • Midwestern State U. (TX). Email x2
  • St. Norbert C (3/7) Email. x3
  • University of Richmond (03/03)
  • Wisconsin-Stout (3/3) x3
  • Sarah Lawrence College (3/2) x2
  • Rice University (3/1)
  • Penn State U–Berks (2/28) x2. Q: Was this after the phone interviews they conducted?
  • Simpson College (IA) E-mail on 2/28 stating the search for TT job has concluded, and that materials will be considered for the one year renewable position. x2
  • U of Northern Colorado (2/27) x6 Q1. Did any of the rejected candidates actually get an interview? Thanks. A1: I didn't. A2: Yes, I did.
  • Southern Connecticut SU (2/27). Email stating they have already chosen another candidate. 
  • Graceland University after Skype interview. Top candidates have already been chosen. 
  • Bucknell University (2/24). After campus visit. They said they have finished the search.
  • Adelphi (2/22) x5 A1: After what they've said in the "Word on the Street" section, I'll take the email as the joke it is meant to be.
  • Coastal Carolina University (2/22)
  • Kalamazoo (2/22)
  • Emory at Oxford (2/21)
  • Indiana University - East (e-mail on 2/20) Position given to another candidate. Trust me on this one: You don't want to live in Richmond, Indiana. 
  • Sarah Lawrence C (email after Skype interview, 2/18) Q1: I was wondering if this was a solicited or an unsolicited rejection, that is whether or not this rejection was a response to you reaching out to the search committee. I'm confused because I had a Skype interview, but no campus visit, yet I have not received any rejection. I have not reached out to them, but I always do appreciate rejection emails as a form of closure. Thanks for any clarification. A: Mine was an unsolicited rejection (after Skype interview). I assume you may still be in the running as a back-up in case their campus visits don't work out. You probably could reach out to them at this point if you wanted to. A2: (writer of Q1) Thank you for your quick and helpful response! Q: Were both of you interviewed (on Skyped) in January? A1: (writer of Q1) I was, yes.
  • Louisiana SU–Shreveport (email, 2/16) x3
  • Borough of Manhattan CC (email 2/15)  x2
  • 'University of Illinois - Urbana' (email, 2/14)
  • Saint Mary's College of Maryland (email 2/14) x2 Q: was this a notification that they had brought people to campus and were evaluating them, but without technically being a rejection (leaving open the possibility of dipping back into the candidate pool)? A: I would assume so. I got it yesterday. It praised me/us for being wonderful and yet vaguely rejected us? At least it was some kind of communication and felt personalized... R: agreed, I REALLY like them. A: Got the same "rejection" - possibly the most non rejection-like rejection I've yet recieved. While it was heartwarming and all, I wouldn't count on them not hiring from their picks. Sometimes blunter is better, you know?
  • Whitman College (email, early Feb)
  • Kalamazoo C (email, 2/13) X2
  • American University in Bulgaria. X2
  • Converse College (Generalist position) 02/10
  • Vanderbilt (Email, 2/7) x3 Q: Was this after the Skype interview? R: I wasn't interviewed and I got a rejection letter. They interviewed at the MLA. Q: Was it for the Mellon Post Doc (which was done via Skype), or another position? A: I assume it's for the Post Doc. I got the email on 2/7 as well for that position. 
  • University of Houston Instructional Assistant Professor (2/2) x2 Q: Is this for the director of the language program position?
  • Columbia University email (1/27)  Q: Did it say they had already made an offer?
  • Westfield State University email (1/27) x2
  • Southern Oregon U email (1/26)
  • University of Oregon email (1/26) x 2
  • St. Norbert email (1/26) x2: Q1: Was it after an interview? R1: No, no interview.
  • Missouri State University email (1/24) x2
  • Virginia Tech email (1/24) x3
  • MIT letter by mail (1/17) x 2
  • Pacific Lutheran University email (1/18)
  • Johns Hopkins: Rejection email via Interfolio (1/16)
  • Emory Oxford College: Rejection email x4 (1/11)
  • Amherst College: Rejection email via Interfolio x2
  • St. Mary´s College: Rejection email via Interfolio
  • U of Nebraska–Lincoln: Rejection email (I applied to this job last year, but just got a rejection letter) 1/15
  • University of Maine, Farmington, rejection letter by mail 12/22 x4 / Rejection e-mail 1/19 Q: Were any of those rejected interviewed via Skype? I was, but never heard anything since then. A1: I was not interviewed and got a rejection email today. 
  • Texas Christian: rejection email 12/22 (the weirdest thing is that I didn't even apply) x6 (post-Skype) Q. How did they get your info then? A. Not sure. I imagine I created an account to explore the position requirements (I've done that with other positions), but I'm almost sure I didn't even do that. So I don't really know.
  • Miami Ohio 12/16 x3
  • University of Nevada: rejection email 12/15 x2
  • Cornell University, (Lecturer position) rejection email 12/14
  • American University in Bulgaria, rejection mail 12/13. Q1: letter or email? R: Email X2
  • University of Richmond, rejection email 12/9 x 2
  • Otterbein University in Ohio - rejection via e-mail on 12/9. Q1: Did you have a skype interview? A1: No, I did not. A2: I had a Skype interview with them, but I have not heard anything since....
  • CSU-Fullerton. 12.05. Email saying the search has been cancelled. (Peninsular studies)
  • Northwest Missouri State University. Post-interview Call (11/22). Position offered to another candidate.
  • Pacific Lutheran University Email (11/16). No interview (x5)
  • University of Nebraska-Kearney (Assistant/Associate Prof position). Email (11/15). No interview. Q1: At least you got an e-mail. I sent my application looong ago and they didn't even email a reject.
  • Hood College. Email (11/15). No interview (x3). Q1 I received a rejection one week before, I guess it was the second round of rejections, this must be the third? It´s a weird way to reject people, right?
  • University of Houston (Digital Humanities), email (11/9): I got an email from them letting me know that they won't pass my application, albeit I applied to this possition in 2015. Q1: Wait, you mean you just received a rejection notice now from an application submitted a year ago back in Fall 2015? A1 to Q1: Yes. I applied to this position in Fall 2015 and just got a message from them. A2: From what I understand (piecing together 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hand info), last year's search had "complications" w/ a candidate. There were multiple universities and multiple departments involved. (Hurray cross-disciplinary studies!) When an offer involves complex negotiations, it can take a couple of semesters to sort out. I've heard 2nd hand that UH still has the line open, but I don't do digital humanities and I haven't looked. Now for conjecture (I'm totally guessing here; it's an educated guess, but I have no direct or indirect info on the following) So... maybe this means the position from last year has re-opened? And if you received a rejection, then you had been in the running until now, and maybe others are still in the running? I have no idea if they dept sent out rejections last year.
  • San Diego State University (Peninsular), email (11/8) (x6) Q1: Did you get an interview for this?.A1: No, I didn't.A: Rejection via Interfolio.
  • San Diego State University (Southern Cone), email (11/2) (x6) Q1: was this after having a web interview? A: I didn't get an interview. 
  • Kennesaw State, post phone interview (10/12) 
  • Hood College in Frederick, MD started sending early notifications of rejections (x3). It seems they are looking for a teacher, not a researcher or both, even though it appeared from the description that they wanted the later. Also, did anyone notice how the online application never asked for letter of recommendation? I had to contact Prof. Zuffi (contact info in the job description). QUESTION: got rejection via email? Thanks. ANSWER: Yes, a computer generated type of e-mail from Human Resources, not even from the search committee. (x3) A2: What kind of joke is this?! A3: This is a strange situation. I sent off my app at 10pm and got my computer generated rejection at 7am the following morning! A: It sounds odd. I would contact HR to make sure it wasn't a computer glitch but this may go against the "rules." A: Nah. I'm sure it breaks some unspoken protocol, so I'm not worried about it. Just makes it sound like they have some insane algorithm that determines who matches, and I didn't. I've heard from a few other sources that they got a rejection letter pretty soon after application as well, so maybe they are just very particualr about who they are looking for. Best of luck to the rest!
  • Miami University (OH), started sending early notifications of rejections, via e-mail by the chair of the department. Q1. Really? the MLA says that they will not start screening applications until 11/17. This is the border studies position, right?A1 No, no, it was an instructor position, and it has already been removed from the website so I guess they just had hired somebody really quick.


List NEW information at top

  • West Texas A&M (1/03). Email confirming receipt of materials and requesting submission of their voluntary and confidential EEO/disability data forms. Email states that review of applications will begin early January and that they will be conducting phone/videoconference interviews in February.
  • University of Washington Tacoma (12/22). Email x3, "will be in touch" mid January
  • Wake Forest U (12/09): Email saying they will start reviewing applications and will hold Skype interviews in January. 
  • College of Charleston (12/05)(x2): Email acknowledging receipt of application and saying they will contact candidates for Skype and telephone interviews in the coming weeks.
  • Lehman College (11/21): Email acknowleding receipt of application.(Q) Was this automatically generated bythe system or did it come from the department? I applied but have not heard anything, except the crickets:( A: Don't freak out, it's just that my documents were impossible to open, so I had to resubmit them. I don't think it means anything, good or bad, at all.
  • U of Maine at Farmington (11/10) (x2): Email acknowledging application and saying they will contact candidates for Skype and telephone interviews in early December
  • Emporia SU (11/3): 2X Email saying that they will begin reviewing applications soon and asking to fill out a pre-employment data form.
  • Penn State U (11/2): Email acknoledging receipt of application.
  • St. Norbert College (11/1) 2x Email from administrator saying my materials had been received
  • UC- Riverside (10/19) 5x Part acknowledging my application submission, but more of an email letting me know that there was no mandatory field to upload a cover letter in the application system, but it is to be added under the Misc/Additional field. I had done that, so this email may have gone out to all applicants to make them aware...(R1)Yes, they confirmed that it was a courtesy email and that materials had been received. I had done the same.
  • Otterbein (10/12) 3x Email from administrator Q1: Were you also sent a Voluntary release to contact references and Affirmative Action Compliance form? A1: I'm not OP, but yes, I got the forms in the acknowledgement email. 
  • University of Alabama -- Letter acknowledging receipt of application via snail mail (Application Submitted: 9/19/16, Letter Mailed: 9/21/16) 2x (Question: Do letters of recommendation have to be sent via snail mail, or can they be sent via email to Dr. Schnepf? A: he just responded and email is fine!)

Word on the street[]

  • About Davis position. It was an inside job. The Chair (Argentinian) is BF with the her fellow contry woman who was 'selected'. This is the second time in recent years this department does just that.
  • Did anyone get an interview for the clinical asst professor position at University of Buffalo?
  • Does anybody know anything about the two Assistant Prof. positions at U Kentucky (deadline was May 3)? They were not very well publicized at all, so I was wondering if it was an "inside gig". Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  • New VAP position at Texas Tech University! VAP in Hispanic Linguistics to coordinate the lower division L2 program. Apply here:
  • Any word from MSUM (Minnesota State University)? A: I had a Skype interview on April 24, and was told to expect to hear something the following week. I did not, so I assume they have their final candidate(s) that they are considering. 
  • Any news about the Saint Anselm College position?  A: Nothing.   A2: I got a rejection email today saying they had chosen someone and had concluded their search.
  • Does anyone know anything about the UMKC position? I didn't realize they had that position posted until very recently...
  • Anything from St Joseph's University? A: The did a second round of interviews over Skype last week. Have not heard from them since.
  • Anything on Drexel? 
  • Anything from NYU or U of Washington's Portuguese lecturer positions? A: Interviews for both have already taken place, I do not know about offers
  • Anything from Wake Forest for lecturers? A: They started Skype interviews earlier this week.
  • Anything from Tulane's postdoc in Latin American Studies?
  • Anything from Ithaca College?
  • Anything from CSU-Pueblo, Chicano position? Looks like campus visits have been scheduled for the Generalist position. A2: Not sure, but I checked the dept's page and they have a person already who does Chicano Studies, I am not saying this person will get the job, just a heads up. 
  • Anything from UW-Stout after campus visits? This position has been filled.
  • Anything on Illinois Sate University. Springfield? (Spanish)
  • Anything from Washington & Lee? (Golden Age)
  • Any news from the VAP position at Duquesne University?
  • Any news from the VAP position at the U of South Florida St. Petersburg?
  • Any news from BMCC? They said there were two open positions but I wonder if that's due to growth or bad job conditions. A1: I had an interview three weeks ago and got no answer since then. Q1. Whas your interview through Skype or campus? I had a campus interview there two years ago but never got a notification. Off course I got no offer. A1. It was campus interview. Q1. Was it with the Provost? Good luck. A1. No... I am afraid that my case is like yours...
  • Any news from Colorado State-Pueblo? A:  I just received yesterday, May 15 (Teacher's Day in MX, yay!) my letter of rejection. Sad. However, this means that they already closed a deal with some colleague, I guess.
  • Any news from St. Joseph's (Peninsular) or U of Miami (Early Modern)? A1: for St. Joseph's, check your application status on their application portal-- according to mine, I wasn't selected for interview. A2 to A1: Did it say 'not selected for interview' or just 'pending review'? Mine says 'pending review' but not sure if they have already called for interview or what... A1: Sorry, my answer didn't save: hopefully you will get an interview like the poster above, but I just got "Not interviewed, not selected," alas.
  • News from: UW-Stout? U of Ozarks? St. Anselm in NH? A1: UW-Stout sent a rejection letter my way on 3/3. Saint Anselm does not start reviewing until Monday.
  • Miami medieval? Any news? A1. It is not a real search: they already have somebody for the position.
  • Berkeley medieval? Have they chosen? Interviews? A1: They did or are doing Skype (first) interviews. 
  • Any news from Western Washington University?
  • Any word from SUNY Geneseo (Spanish linguistics?) A1: (same poster) rejection email 3/17
  • Any news from NUI Maynooth, Ireland (linguistics position)? A1: just got a rejection email today (3/14) A2: Invitation to interview received via email (3/14)
  • U of Maine Farmington? U. of Ozarks? UW-Parkside? Midwestern State?  A1: U of Maine at Farmington hired someone.
  • What happened with the digital humanities search at Columbia? Did they bring finalists to campus? As far as I know, yes.
  • Anything from Hamilton C?
  • Anything from Wittenberg? A1: They had phone interviews on Friday, 3/3.
  • Anything from Otterbein? A1: Not a word. A few months ago, after someone had gotten a Skype interview, someone posted that they received a rejection with no interview, I had no interview and no rejection. Later it looks like there was (at least?) one campus interview offered.
  • Has anyone heard anything from U of Mississippi (Croft Asst. Prof of Spanish)? The job ad states no deadline, but rather says "Applications will be received until an adequate pool of candidates has been established or until position is filled". Any advice on checking in with them?
  • Any news from Midwestern State U (Wichita Falls) after campus visits?
  • Any news from U of Maine (peninsular position)? A1: I was wondering that too... 
  • Any news from Johns Hopkins post campus visit? x2
  • Anything from Evansville? Offer made (second hand, reliable). This search was not done in an honest way. I still have their email saying that they were going to Skype interview me in January. They never contacted me. I emailed, them, I called them in January and the admin assistant said she was going to "get information" and contact me -never happened-. And I know someone else who was also offered a Skype interview. Even if they had a favorite already or if they "loved" someone they met at the MLA convention they still had to interview all the candidates as protocol. How can they get away with this madness?
  • Anything from University of Laverne?
  • Anything from Fort Hays?
  • Anything from Sarah Lawrence College post-campus visit? A1: offer made to current VAP (second hand, reliable, i.e. announced on the candidate's facebook page). A: Thanks for the info
  • Anything from Valparaiso University?
  • Am I correct in assuming that University of Kentucky is currently holding campus visits? Has anyone heard anything post-MLA? A1: You are right.
  • Anything from Northeastern Illinois? A: Nothing yet. I'm surprised they haven't moved forward with the search considering that their deadline was long ago. I heard that they received over 200 applications. 
  • Anything from Cal State - Monterey Bay? Nothing yet. See above.
  • Anything fron Tulane pre or post-MLA?
  • Texas Woman's University. Search on hold due to hiring freeze.
  • Anything from LSU-Shreveport after phone interview?
  • has anybody heard from Columbia post MLA? Got a rejection email on 1/27. Q: Is this for the digital humanities position? 
  • Anything from Adelphi? A: I have been wondering the same thing. It seems they must have either called people that do not participate on the Wiki or that they cancelled their search. Any confirmation on either? A1: Adelphi University never started the search. Both positions (Assistant and Lecturer) will be given to internal candidates with very poor credentials. A2: Done. The Assistant position has been given to an internal candidate without a Ph.D. in Spanish.
  • Anything on Lafayette? They told me 1 - 1.5 weeks at MLA A: At least one campus visit has been scheduled (second hand reliable)
  • Anything from Furman post-MLA? A. No.
  • Anything from Rollins post-MLA?
  • Anything from Berkeley (medieval)? Are they currently interviewing people?
  • St. Mary's of Maryland post Skype? A: Not yet. They said early this week, but with classes starting and admin things, hopefully next week they notify. A: Any news? A: nothing here. I was really hoping that they wouldn't be one of *those* places (because the interviewers had such a great vibe) but alas, I guess they are.  A: someone posted about 2 campus visits. Bummer - they were great personalities.
  • Anything from Kenyon post skype?
  • Anything from the VAP at Ohio State University? A1: Not even an acknowledgement message
  • Anything from Governors State U after phone interview? Midwestern SU after phone interview? UDallas after Skype interviews?
  • Anything from Valparaiso?? (1/18)
  • Anyone heard from Florida State since MLA? A: Nothing yet. Someone posted that there was at least one campus visit was schedule.
  • Anything from Dickinson College? A: Nothing here (01/20) Nothing here (1/24).
  • Anything from Kalamazoo? (1/16) A1: Nothing here (1/16) A2: No. They didn't give me a timeline and they didn't give off a vibe that I could ask.
  • Anything from U. of Evansville? (1/15) Nothing (1/16). They interviewed people at the MLA, didn't they? A: Yes, they did interview at the MLA. A2: I was told I was going to be interviewed over Skype after winter break, but they have not contacted me yet, anyone else in the same situation?. A3. Same here, still waiting. O.P. It's very strange as they already interviewed people at the MLA, maybe they already chose the finalists from that group?R4. I was interviewed at MLA and have heard nothing since then. They haven't even acknowledge my thanks email.
  • Anything from Whitman post-MLA? (1/15) Nothing yet (1/15) A2: They don't start classes until Tuesday, and they can't get approval from the Dean until school gets back in session. They said they would send out invitations in late January for early February. Suerte! Q: Assuming they have extended campus visits by now, any confirmation?
  • Any word from U of Kentucky post-MLA? Was anyone informed of their timeline? (1/15)
  • Any word from Sarah Lawrence C after skype interviews? (1/14) A1: Campus visits were scheduled - second hand, reliable. (1/14)
  • Anything from Hood College post-MLA? (1/13) A1: Campus visits were scheduled - second hand, reliable. Q: Was this second-hand info someone who got an interview, or someone who got a post-MLA rejection? A: Someone with an interview. There are lots of new postings, though, based on rejection emails. Q: Is this true? Someone posted that the committee told s(he) that they will decide the campus visits on February. The comment was deleted, I don´t know why. Q: when did the post/delete that? A: (op) yes, it's true. I have no idea why Hood said Feb. but already invited. With other schools, I've also been given a timeline only to find the school had an offer out long before that - it happens, unfortunately. A: Ok, thanks. Hood had a weird candidate selection. There were like three rounds of eliminations before the MLA intervirew. I will not be surprised if they do the same for campus visits. I was surprised because the comment was deleted (it was posted the same day as the OP and deleted the day after).
  • Anything from St. Norbert post-MLA? (1/12) A1: Nothing yet. A2: Invitation for a campus visit (1/12) Q1: Was the interview offered by phone or email and is this first or second hand information? Perhaps it should be added to the 'campus interviews' section too. 
  • Any word from UMASS-Dartmouth? Nothing yet (1/11) Someone posted a campus visit here (were there preliminary interviews?) 
  • Any word on Lehigh post-MLA? Was anyone informed of their timeline? A: They said 9-10 days. A2: Great, thanks!
  • Any word from Oxford College of Emory? (1/10) A: Not for me (1/10) They sent rejection letters today (1/11)
  • Anything from Cal State Sacramento after Skype interview? Nothing yet (Jan 10) Q2: Any updates? (01/20) A2: Nothing.
  • Is the Mellon Fellowship at Stanford canceled? 
  • Anything on Monmouth? (1/9)
  • Anything on Fordham (post-Skype)? (1/6) A: Nothing yet. 
  • Anything from Ohio State (Brazilian TT position) post Skype? (1/5) A: I was invited to do a campus visit on the same day that I did the Skype interview. Campus visit in mid-January went great. Unfortunately they went with the internal candidate (3/21). 
  • Did that Indiana-Purdue search get anywhere? Haven't seen anything here, and haven't heard anything myself.
  • About UPenn: Does anyone know if their recommenders even received requests for letters of recommendation? A: Mine did (1/3) Thanks for the info. I haven't even checked with my recommenders, but the silence on the wiki just seems strange. I suppose that might mean they are interviewing a small pool of candidates, and perhaps more advanced people who are less likely to post on the wiki. A2: If I recall correctly, the ad seemed to state that junior applicants would be interviewed at the MLA and those with tenure would be invited to campus directly. A3: The ad just says "Finalists will be interviewed at the MLA meeting in Philadelphia."  A4: UPenn is definitely interviewing semi-finalists now at MLA.  A5: They´ll interview six candidates at MLA on Friday
  • Anything from Lehman College? A1: Nothing here
  • How about U Alabama, the Early Modern position? I'm guessing someone must have been interviewed but haven't heard a whisper.
  • Anything from UMASS-Dartmouth? (12/26) A: Nothing here. x2!
  • Anything from University of Houston (VAP)? (12/23) A: Nothing
  • Anything from South Carolina post Skype? / Did anyone ask them about their timeline? (12/21)
  • Any word on Adelphi? (12/19) A1: Cooked positions, internal candidates (12/21) Q1: What do you mean by "cooked positions?" A2. Just the typical paranoid delusion about internal candidates lurking behind every corner and every search. Somebody has stated that they're certain there's an internal candidate b/c there are adjuncts that fit the description already there. That's conjecture. However, I know for a fact that this is a replacement position for a prof who recently left for another school. And I'm pretty certain that the job description from a few years ago is pretty close to the current position. My memory may be failing me in that regard, but I can say with a high degree of confidence that the position lines up pretty well with what the previous prof used to do. In other words, this isn't an "opportunity hire" in which they throw out a line that matches the cv of the person they want to hire. A3:  One adjunct without the description and the appropiate degree got the Assistant position. Conjecture or typical paranoid delusion sometimes are real...
  • Any word on Johns Hopkins post Skype interview? (12/15) A1: Also wondering about this. Anything (12/18)? A2: Any updates? (12-21)
  • Anything? PATIENCE. And make a Plan B. A: Nothing. But I won't be an arselicker to get a job in this mediocre academia. A2: Amen to that! A3: Same here and well said. Universities in the US should include in their advertising how much amount of ass licking their candidate will have to expect. I'm tired of this mediocrity
  • Anything from George Mason? (12/13) x2 A1: Skype interviews.
  • Anything from UPenn? (12/13) A: Nothing yet Q: Any news? x4 (12/27)
  • Anything from Tulane? (12/13) A: No, but I applied as well and I've just been told that there's an internal candidate.
  • Has anyone heard from Emory & Henry College post-Skype interview? (12/12)
  • Has anyone heard from Lehigh? 12/12 A: nothing yet (12/13)
  • Someone posted above about MLA interview for Stanford Mellon postdoc. In previous years they didn't interview at MLA (or at all, it seems). Could this be verified? A: Nothing is ever really verified on the wiki, but my guess is that the information is correct.
  • Anything from the University of Southern California? (12/12) A: Someone posted about an MLA invitation above. USC(arolina) is a Mexicanist position and already held Skype interviews. 
  • Anything from Virginia Tech? (12/10) A: It says below that they invited people to campus. Are asking post campus interview? A2: Yes A3: Second hand, reliable, offer made to at least one candidate. 
  • Anything from Southern Oregon University? (12/8)
  • Anything From St. Mary's College of Maryland? (12/7) A1: No (12/13)
  • Anything from Berkeley or William & Mary (medievalist positions)? (12/6) A1: I know someone who has a William & Mary interview
  • Anything from UCLA (transatlantic/colonial)? (12/6) A1: Someone has posted a Skype interview. Looks like they have a visiting professor with a pretty "outstanding" publication record, something that the job description said that their hire would have--pretty lofty expectations for younger scholars applying to an assistant professor position. A2. Are you saying that there is an inside candidate or are you saying that UCLA has unrealistic expectations for assistant profs? Both are absurd. None of the profs over the last 2 decades went from VAP to assistant/associate/full professor from VAP, and I'd venture to say that the same would hold true in French, English, Comp Lit, etc. They don't even hire their post-docs! They have poached a couple of top tier profs by getting them as Visiting Scholars for a year or 2, but never a VAP. Re: lofty expectations of junior scholars. The department actually has a very solid record of hiring candidates that end up getting tenure. A book, 6 articles... pretty standard for a research institution, and it's been quite a long time since somebody has been denied tenure. (Edited) A3: Saw the first post before this, um, much more constructive edited response. But regarding the first (now erased) response, all I can say is 1) wow and 2) that is sadly the kind of response one can expect to receive from even the faintest suggestion of an inside candidate. It seems to me that all the suggestions on this wiki this year of inside candidates are stated not out of paranoia but out of an observation of a job description and who is working in the hiring department (as a postdoc, VAP, what have you), while many of the most caustic contributions to the wiki this year respond to exactly those observations, which leads one to wonder what exactly it is that the latter folks are trying to defend. Why the vitriol? To respond to the now edited post in A2, the UCLA job description did not say, "our new hire will eventually develop an outstanding publication record to get tenure" (which, of course) but, plainly, that the person they hire will (implicitly already) have an "outstanding" publication record, which is expecting a lot from let's not say a young scholar but an ABD or recently graduated PhD. If that's the case, that's UCLA's prerogative. And their VAP does, quite objectively, have an outstanding publication record. They are not some middling scholar but very accomplished and it's frankly insulting to this particular person and many other VAP's to suggest that they are somehow not good enough for this or that institution. Which leads to another consideration: if someone is good enought to be a VAP, why are they not good enought to be hired on the tenure track? Why is it assumed that their work is sub-par? Shouldn't they have a chance at the job in the department they have contributed so much to, in some cases for years? Finally, just because a department has operated a certain way in the past does not mean it will continue to do so indefinitely. And all we can do anyway is wait and see who gets hired. Same for any other position where it appears there may be an inside candidate. And anyone who wants to apply to these positions should apply and give their full effort if they want the position enough, because, yes, anything can happen. It's just better when we go into this expensive, time-consuming process as knowledgeable as possible about each position to which we apply. A4: The vitriol, indeed. Read the first version as well. Coming out of an R1 department where several faculty members literally told us not to worry about publishing and offered NO support on how to do it, the concerns about junior faculty with few publications measuring up against searches looking at incredible CVs from those at the ABD or even early post-PhD years are valid. I have a suspicion that many, many students do not get the guidance they need to become competitive when 4-5 peer-reviewed articles is becoming the norm, even at "hybrid" or "teaching" schools. So, when someone, likely new to the market search, says something about the strikingly good match of a VAP, it isn't very encouraging to be told they should come back with their "tail between their legs." The only way to get the answers to questions is through forums like this one or having particularly supportive faculty contacts, which not everyone has. A5: I totally agree with A4. Disgruntled replies don't help those who are in the market for the first or second time, or those who are just looking at it in order to get an idea of what it is like. Let's use this forum to help each other and relieve the tension we all go through while we're in the job market. A6 (A2 poster). I see the inside candidate obsession as being highly destructive. Nobody is being helped by half-assed, unvetted attempts at uncovering inside candidates. Sure. The VAP really does fit the description. Maybe in part b/c the department needs that type of a scholar? Wild, wild guess there. You could dig a little bit deeper and look at some of the dissertation titles that are publicly and readily available to see, and you would find a department that has been doing transatlantic colonialism for over a decade and a half. And you could figure out that this line is a replacement line for a prof who also fit the job description. I read the job description and figure they want an advanced assistant prof ready to take on a host of grad students that chose UCLA b/c of their strength in colonial studies. Uninformed posters read the job description and assume that b/c it matches a VAP, the position was born out of the desire to hire said VAP, which completely glosses over the work of several professors and around a dozen grad students and a handful of post-docs over the last couple of decades. For me, this is why I reacted so negatively to the initial "benign" question, b/c I know this community of scholars. News flash: UCLA is known for their colonialists. If you applied for the position without knowing that, you should have been getting up to speed in the sub-field rather than getting distracted by minutiae. Bottom line: if your question revolves around inside candidates, you're asking the wrong questions and should be focusing your energy on something else. Plus it's really insulting to a top tier institution that openly has multiple safeguards from the kind of nepotism and academic incest that it takes to pull off an inside hire. And it's insulting to the candidate as well. Let their work stand on its own rather than trying to drag it down by insinuating that they have an inside track to the job b/c they were already hired as a VAP. A7: to A6, You seem awfully invested in the sanctity of UCLA's search, in academic searches in general, and in the prevailing academic prestige system so there's not much point in continuing this conversation. To everyone else, good luck with the job search! A.8. And best of luck to you in your Inside Candidate witch hunt. Maybe you can take your proof of rampant corrupt searches and publish your findings? Absent that, I'm simply not impressed by the constant whining, especially when it's so easy to pick apart like I did w/ the UCLA search. Try and take a pointer or 2 on how to do research into a department. I'm not even a colonialist and in 4 minutes I figured out the history of the department and where this search fits into the needs and the strengths of the department. (Granted, it helps that I know several alums.) Instead of bemoaning the rigorous standards of one of the top programs in colonial literature, try and look inward at the lack of awareness of the history of the program and your own lack of rigor to dig beyond "OMG there's an inside candidate that fits the job description that's fully in line with what the department has been doing for 2 decades!" A: I bet one of Barbara Fuchs' old Penn students gets it. She's a dedicated advocate and a force to be reckoned with on committees. Poor insider, I know her well, but I doubt she pulls it given the UC system's penchant for hiring out of the Ivy League at every opportunity.
  • Anything from Lehigh? (12/4) A1. They offered interviews at the MLA as of last week. 
  • Anything from Colorado College - Colorado Springs? (12/2) A1: Nothing! A2: Nothing! (12/5) x2 A3: MLA interview posted.
  • Anything from Furman? (12/1)
  • Anything from U Virginia College at Wise? (11/29)?
  • Anything from Fitchburg? (11/29) A1: Nothing yet. Nothing either here.A2: Email to schedule phone interview received 12/3
  • Anything from Johns Hopkins? Their deadline was 10/15. A1: Nothing yet. A2: Email to schedule Skype interview, received 11/22.
  • Anything about U Wisconsin-LaCrosse post skype interviews? A1: I had a campus interview before Xmas and was informed via email on 1/13 that they filled the position :(
  • Anything about Whitman College? (11/15) A: Whitman usually interviews at the MLA, so expect to hear from them in December. A2: Someone just posted an MLA Interview.
  • Any inside candidate at Miami University, Border Studies? (11/15) A1. Are you looking for an excuse to withdraw your candidacy? If so, then assume the position has an inside candidate and withdraw your name from consideration. If you're interested in the job, stay in the running for the job. This inside candidate obsession is ridiculous. Sorry for any hint of snide in my tone. A2: I agree - the constant questions about whether there is someone is unhelpful. Someone below had a first hand experience, and that's awful. What is also awful is that most of us now have to enter in as poorly paid VAPs and really hope they pick us if the dept. opens a TT line. I also think it does more damage to our psyche to worry about who the inside candidate is - also more energy consuming if you feel like looking at everyone's bio. It's my second round and I'd say just focus on doing the best that you can and if this wears you down, as it has done many of us, consider what alternatives exist. 
  • If anyone came across a job post for an Assistant Professor of Spanish at Lake Forest College (IL) through Indeed, it is an expired ad. I e-mailed the chair of the department and I was told that the ad was from last year's search. They will (or already did) remove it. Oh Sh*t. I sent me application there!
  • Does anyone know if this search at Pitt was cancelled ( The link to apply says they are no longer accepting applications. A: I don't know, but that job ad is from 2015 (it actually says it somewhere in there). I thought I saw an ad for 2016, but now I can't find it. It was exactly the same as last year. A: There is no TT job at Pitt this year. It was last year's ad, and the position was filled.
  • No news from Virginia Tech since the Skype interview? (11/11) A: They have invited candidates for campus visits (11/16)
  • Any word on the Peninsular position at Johns Hopkins? A1: I am also wondering. Have not heard anything since submission (11/7).
  • Wake Forest University already has a VAP who has experience teaching medical Spanish, any insight on this?
  • Any inside candidate at Lafayette College? A1: Absolutely! A2: Also, beware of the tenure denial scandal last year A3: I don't think we should be mentioning names in a public forum. A4: The internal candidate whose name was posted a few months ago just got an offer from Lafayette and accepted the job. 
  • There is an inside candidate at University of Florida. A: Which position? A2: NO, there is no inside candidate at UF!!! A3: There was, but she withdrew her application. A4: NO, no one at UF ever applied (even in part) for the position that is currently open. A5: She applied, but either she withdrew her application or didn't advance to the next stage. It's OK to not be selected.
  • Anything about Virginia Tech? A: I am also wondering (10/17). Give it at least another week; they said they would be doing interviews at the end of October. It is not at all unusual to be invited to do a Skype interview the day prior.
  • It seems there is an inside candidate at Lehigh University, any confirmation of this?
  • Any news on the chair position at UTSA?

Free advice (especially for colleagues new to the market)[]

  • Since it's desperation season, here is another option.  Did you know that there are at least 201 Spanish teaching jobs posted at independent schools right now?  And they have jobs in geographically desirable areas!  These are schools that will appreciate the knowledge you've gained as a result of having a Ph.D. They will pay better than many lecturer and VAP positions, and even some tenure track positions in particularly abysmal places.  I know the dream is the tenure track, but I will say that I was on the tenure track, did not get tenure, and it almost ruined (ended) my life. To the "lucky" ones who have gotten a tenure track job offer:  Take care of yourself first. If, as in my case, you realize that you really, really hate your job in your 3rd year, don't just stay there because you don't know what else you'll do.  It will only get worse. A1: Thank you for your comment, and for the link! A2: Yes! thank you very much! OP: One more option that may seem distasteful but would keep a roof over your head:  Many states now offer alternative paths to teacher certification in shortage areas, and world languages are shortage areas in many states.  The last time I looked into this, I would have had to go back to school full-time for at least a year to become certified, which would have precluded employment and was impossible for me to do financially.  But now my state (and many other states) offer programs that allow public schools to hire teachers with alternative teaching certificates and complete the necessary coursework while they are teaching.  In my neck of the woods, I will actually make more as a public school teacher than I would have if I'd received tenure and promotion at my former job. 
  • Hey guys I have a question. I had a Skype interview with a CC and the department's head mention that they planned to bring someone to campus and have him/her sign the contract by May 18 so the successful candidate will start on August 1st, implying he/she won't need any visa (otherwise it will not be ready by 1st August). Does that mean they do not intend to sponsor it? In case I am shortlisted and invited to a campus interview, should I let them know beforehand so I don't waste my time and theirs? You know these questions are not legal to be asked by committees and if I asked the question "do you sponsor H1B visa?" it would for sure be a disqualifier. However, if they don't intend to do so, wouldn't it be better for both parts to know ahead? Help, please. A1: Contrary to what some of the posters here believe, it is not illegal to ask if someone requires visa sponsorship. This is separate and apart from the "can't discriminate based on nationality" thing. "Would you require visa sponsorship?" is not the same class of question as "Are you Mexican (or fill in the blank nationality)?" (both could potentially be asking about visas, but see the difference? One is illegal one is not, but the asker might have the same motive in asking it). An OPT could be obtained during that timeframe, so if you haven't used it already you should be in the clear for this next year. However, if it is a multi-year contract you would need to clarify that with them at the time of ther interview or offer (preferably offer). Some people like to work it in to conversation during the interview, but many don't (the same way people refrain from mentioning spouses/partners). If OPT is not an option or you have a strong suspicion they will not be offering sponsorship, if youa re invited for a campus interview, by all means, clarify at that time if you see it as a waste of time on both ends. I would say, however, that any campus visit experience can be valuable, especially at different institutional types, so you could keep that in mind. Can you find something on the institution's HR site or policy library about visa sponsorship? A2: If I were you, I would not bring that up until there is an offer on the table (or at least a campus visit). Also, as the previous poster mentioned, if you haven't used your OPT, then you may want to go that route to give yourself and them sometime to talk about the whole sponsorship situation. Best of luck! Q. Thank you guys. I actually have no option of OPT because my degree is from Canada and I am afraid to bring it up because that'll be enough a reason to disqualify me if the decission is thight. But also, at this point it seems improbable an H1B will be ready for the time school starts. Do you think an offer can be rescinded for that reason? A1 (again): I'd say if your degree is from Canada, there is a good chance, even if your other degrees are from the US, that the committee at least suspects you might need sponsorship. Now, since things are a little clunky, I don't know how it would shape up for you H1B-wise. It suppose it is possbile they could recind an offer based on that if it becomes clear that the process won't be done in time for the semester to start. It could be they agree to a negotiation of perhaps a January start date to give the visa time. You can't reall know until you know. A3: I would recommend you to go to the campus visit, do your best, make them see that you are well worth the effort, and not to worry too much because that WILL come up during your exit interview. Then you can calmly negociate that. I am in a similar situation and my first advice is, do not act like it is such a huge deal, be confident, they CAN sponsor you and get everything for you if you are the right candidate. Know your value, and if they really want to work with you, they will make it work. A friend of mine got everything expedite, she got the documentation ready for the start day. When they tought she was not going to get the paperwork on time, they asked people inside their department to "substitute" while she was ready. However, everything turned out just perfectly. She got the documentation on time. Just keep your confidence, I have done tons of paperwork and at the end of the day, things turn out well if the university decides they want to hire you. 
  • Who else is in a suicidal mood? After having applied to 40+ positions and been to four skype interviews, one campus visit, still no offer! I have spent more money in applications than what I have received in return for my education. My self-esteem had never been this low. Is a Ph.D. worth it anymore? What is a humanities degree good for outside academia? Help!!! A.1. I'm so sorry. I was in the same state of mind last month after 15 apps, 8 interviews, and 3 visits (where 2 were confirmed that went to internal candidates), only to come up with nothing. I was disillusioned, angry, and depressed. I yelled, screamed, moped, and cried. And decided to F academia. You may not be there yet, but I definitely decided on it. Instead, I began applying at prep/independent/private schools (since the government right now is on a hiring freeze, woo hoo!). Within 2 weeks of applying, I received 9 interviews 2 campus visits (just like in academia, but SO much nice and less stressful!) And I'm happy to say that I had 3 job offers to choose from! Making a lot more than I ever would have as an associate professor, with no "publish or perish", and with infinitely less stress; especially since teaching IS my passion, and I previously taught K-12 prior to dropping it all to get my Ph.D. Teaching high school/leaving academia isn't the same for everyone, but the point of this post is: there IS hope! Don't be discouraged. I recommend googling "leaving academia". There are a plethora of resources for how to adapt your CV/cover letters for the 'real world', how to deal with the guilt of leaving (still dealing with it on my end), career options, etc. Again, if you still want to try again next year, go for it! But if you don't, you're not alone! This is a nice place to start: Q1. Thank you for the uplifting words, I was in tears when you replied.  I also came from teaching High School and left it all, including a tenure-track position, to go to graduate school. I love teaching and have great evaluations but when it comes to interviews it seems it's all about performance and I am not good at it. I'm just myself.  A2: So much this! I am not good at interviews either, I have good evaluations and teaching/research 'package' but when it comes to interviews I sound like an inept clown unable to formulate a coherent and decent answer. I have interviews, but nothing after that. I have an interview this coming week, and unsure on how to prepare or how to 'stop being myself' and 'start selling myself'... Help! A3: If you love teaching, secondary schools are a great place to look. In some states, you may have to enroll in a licenture program, but they will reward your advanced degree. Also negotiate recognizing any time you have had teaching, since they may not understand what you did as a TA. You can also look into corporate education - there is someone on The Professor is In who does this work. There are tons of jobs "corporate trainer" "corporate education" "learning and development" etc. On the interview front, yes, you should be polished and have strong answers. Practicing with others and timing yourself is one way to know how "good" your responses and poise are. But, I've had great interviews and no luck, and bad interviews lead to the next step. I'm not sure that it really matters as much as if they already have someone in mind, or if you don't really do what they are looking for. They want to hire a person and scholar, not just a sheet of paper. A4: You are not the only one: I have sent 60 applications, i have had 20 Skype/phoe interviews, 4 campus visits and Nothing. I have 2 published articles, 12 conferences, 12 years of teaching experience, excellent letters and student evaluations. I am currently in a Visiting assist prof position in the middle o nowhere where I am making less than what I was making when i was a middle school teacher. Also, I am not a permanent resident or US citizen and some institutions are refusing to sponsor work visas. My suggestion is to keep your options open, teaching in some private middle/high schools will pay you more without the pressure of the tenure process. There's also a website called "The versatile PhD" which posts jobs outside academia which in most cases pay even more. I feel your pain, and I am probably not of much help. All i can say is that it could be worse. Some of us will have to pack up and leave this country for not having a job. Best of luck to you and everyone out there. Q1: That's precisely one of the reasons of my misery: I need H1B sponsorship. I think that's the reason I have had no luck so far. Does anyone know if secondary institutions offer sponsorship? I assume this circumstance puts you in a disadvantage as well just like in academia. Thank you all for the advice. A5: I am ABD still and I have secured a job at a private liberal arts university. I know there is another colleague coming who is need of a VISA, so I recommend that you apply to those private colleges and universities, even if they are not located in the most desireable areas. I think for secondary education (high school) would be more complicated to get sponsored. I think jobs outside of academia (unless private schools) would be better at that, maybe bigger companies with branches outside the US. I don't know what else to think. A6: Please also consider other alternatives. Have you thought about trying to find work in a study abroad office. Sometimes it's more fun than you think - those who work their way even midway up often get assigned a region and get to travel to partner schools to set up programs. Or other jobs on campuses, such as writing centers, where they would value the literature degree even if it's not in English. Or nonprofit organizations? There are a great many that work with Latino and Hispanic communities that would be potentially a great fit, or literacy nonprofits, where teaching expereince might be valued or used. Or foundations. Foundations actually do a lot of research. Or you can check out the Board of Regents for several state systems or the state higher education coordinating board. I also agree that checking out the Versitile PhD page, or other alt-ac pages, are a good bet. 
  • A couple of HR officers have come back to me with this issue: my CV didn't work because I put an accent mark on my last name. I think I was lucky in these cases but it made me wonder if all institutions are as nice, what if some of them discarded me just because of the same issue? In the future, no special characters in any of my docs. A.1. Whoa! That was totally nice of them. Thanks for the tip!
  • Just some free advice regarding a good experience: out of curiosity I attended the ATA (not ALTA) this year and it looks like a lot of people make very decent livings doing translation and interpretation for business clients.
  • Keep in mind that many Community Colleges actually pay more than Lecturer or even tenure track positions. I can tell you this from expereince. Also most community collges offer a tenure system. Some lecturer positions pay no more than 40k these days (some even 30k-something and some tenure track jobs start in the low 50'sK. If research is not your cup of tea I recommend you to take a look in to community colleges. Buena suerte! A1: That's true, but I've also heard CCs tend to not take candidates seriously unless they have CC teaching experience, which inevitably means you must first become initiated as an exploited adjunct somewhere else. Is there truth to this/does anyone have experience to the contrary? A2: From a recent perusal of CC employment pages, one stated very enthusiastically that XX% of the faculty started as part-time adjuncts and this is a "rite of passage" and "demonstrates interest in and commitment to the institution".
  • If you're a member of the MLA, you can get a free subscription to Interfolio.
  • Follow Florida State University application submission instructions carefully-- they want all required documents uploaded together as a single pdf under the CV section in their online system.
  • Boa sorte! / ¡Buena suerte! 
  • I highly recommend Karen Kelsky's _The Professor is In_ ($12 on Amazon). Covers all areas of the job search and professional development.  Fantastic resource! A2: I second this! A3: Thanks, Karen. A4: Nope, it wasn't Karen who posted this! The book is genuinely superb. I know that in some departments they are ordering it for all of the graduate students to prepare them for the job search.
  • Do not sweat the internal candidates. There is no conflict of interest with regard to internal candidates (unless they are the chair's relative, of course, in which case the administration should take measures to prevent a COI). Internals are visitors filling a need for coverage in the unit. That is all. Depending on their performance, being a known quantity can work in favor or against their candidacy. Just do your best. Good luck!  A1: (x All of Academia) minus (a few paranoid grad students certain that Inside Candidates are about to pop out and scream "Boo!" at every turn) A2: I've been on both ends of the equation. My first year on the market I secured a position where there was an internal candidate. The second year I didn't get a job that I coveted. I later found out that their internal candidate was picked. La peor diligencia es la que no se hace. Go ahead and submit. 

General Discussion, Questions, and Inquiries[]

  • In case you were wondering about the Assistant prof. Spanish position at Saint Bonaventure: the position was changed to a visiting professorship with possible renewal.
  • Hi all, here hoping to get some thoughts: I have a campus visit this Friday, but I have recently gotten really sick and can barely talk (really bad sorethroat). If I contact the university, will they make arrangements to go within the next few weeks or would they just no longer considerme a candidate? I have never rescheduled a campus visit before so I am not really sure about what to do. Thanks! A1: Unfortunately, the prevailing wisdom is unless you are on death's door, you should go. I've known committees that have had to reschedule due to cancelled flights and weather and it can really put the candidate at a disadvantage, as the committee had their timeline in mind and it really messes with it, and while it shouldn't affect the candidate, it does. It's also sometimes really costly to change plane tickets, if it is a small airport/town you are flying into. I really sympathize with you - I had whatever the crud is that is going around this year and it really is horrible. A2: I had a terrible case of the flu just before one of my campus visits and could not, under any circumstances, travel. I contacted the search chair and she was very understanding. While I do not believe that rescheduling the visit had a negative impact on my visit (the visit went great but I took another position, so I don't actually know if I would have gotten the job), I did have to pay out of pocket to change my flight. That said, this was a public institution where they also had me pay for my own lunch with faculty during my campus visit and then submit the receipts for reimbursement, rather than simply treating me to lunch and dealing with the cost internally. Perhaps a wealthier private school would have taken care of the change fee, etc. IF you are sick, you are sick and there i nothing you can do. It's flu and snow storm season--visits get rescheduled all of the time for these reasons. A3: I think both previous posters are right. You really should go if it is at all possible, don't try to reschedule if it's just a little tickle in your throat. (Besides, think how heroic you will look if you soldier through a cold.) But they will probably be as reasonable and flexible as they can be. If they aren't, they're probably not worth working for, anyway. And they won't want you to spread an epidemic on their campus, either.
  • It is OK that they ask if you are allowed to work in the US? A1: No, it's not, even if it's a private institution (I just found this out recently talking to a lawyer); the question is not legal and it can fall under discrmination. My question then is, what can we do? It happened to me once and I had not a good answer to that: you cannot lie, of course, you cannot tell them that question is not acceptable and you will not answer, and you can only tell them the truth saying that you need sponsorship (unless you have the OPT for one year only). The question is a non-way out one, whatever you answer will lead to a rejection... Any suggestion? A2: I have had around 40 Skype/phone interviews during the last 3 years and I have been asked that question aprox 95% of the time. My former department chair said that it was against the law for them to ask that question and that they were instructed by HR not to ask, another department chair said that they can ask (I don't know "a ciencia cierta"). Lo que les puedo contar es que of all the campus visits that I have had have been at places where I was not asked that question, coincidence? I don't know friends, lo que les puedo asegurar es que esto va para peor bajo la nueva administración. Aún cuando la institución quiera hacernos la H1B no van a poder hacerlo. Por ejemplo, ahora han puesto un alto al premium processing, es decir que despues de abril 3 todos van/vamos a tener que esperar hasta 6 meses para que se aprueben las visas y es posible que no estén a tiempo para el momento en que tengamos que empezar a trabajar. Creo que es momento en empezar a pensar en otras opciones. Suerte a todos -en serio- porque la vamos a necesitar. A3: I am almost certain (I have also spoken to a lawyer) that it is legal to ask whether a candidate is legally allowed to work in the US. You cannot legally ask about the candidate's nationality or ethnic background. But the person above probably is right: it is a question that, in my experience, colleges usually ask when they do not plan to sponsor people for visas, and thus if they ask, needing sponsorship may hurt your chances or put you out of the running. A3: Hasta donde tengo entendido, sí pueden preguntar si uno está autorizado para trabajar en los EU, pero no pueden preguntar la nacionalidad. Lo que es MUY IMPORTANTE, colegas, es que si ya los contrataron y requieren una H1B, pidan que la institución haga el trámito expedito, pues, como comenta A2, a partir del 3 de abril esta forma de hacer el trámite se cancelará y tomará al menos seis meses realizar el trámite; por lo tanto, si nos contratan el 5 de abril y empiezan ese día el trámite (suponiendo que no haya retrasos), la visa se expediría por muy pronto hasta octubre, por lo cual no podríamos trabajar al empezar el semestre. Espero que nadie se encuentre en esta situación y que todos consigamos un buen puesto. A4: Creo que si hay la posibilidad, lo mejor es solicitar cuanto antes el OPT. Digo cuanto antes porque el proceso del OPT tarda 90 días. De esta manera, si aún no tienen una oferta en mano y están pensando en continuar buscando trabajo, cuando una universidad quiera hacer el contrato tendrá tiempo suficiente para tramitar la H1B. A5 can someone explain what OPT is? And given than many of us are hoping for a visiting with an H1B and hoping that interviews happen in the coming months, can someone tell me how I am not majorly f***ed I am, and how I am not going to have to leave the country? Trying to keep positive, but difficult right now.... words of encouragement? A6: OPT is the Optional Practical Training, and it is an extension of the F-1 visa. If you are currently an ABD who will defend in the next months, you can apply for it and your visa may be extended for a year in order to find a job on your field (but actually yo have only 3 months to find it or your OPT expires). With that you can work under a contract for a year without needing to find the H1B. If what people above are saying about the H1B is true, it sounds really difficult to find a way to get the visa on time for the Fall semester for interviews running right now... A7: It is true: A8: Coelgas, Yo llevo 3 años buscando un TT y nada, ya usé el OPT así que no lo puedo pedir otra vez y siendo realista creo que con este nuevo gobierno todo va a estar mucho más difícil. Personalmente estoy pensado seriamente en regresar a estudiar y conseguir otro título que me ayude a encontrar un trabajo en mi país ya que con lo de español no he conseguido nada permanente ni aquí ni allá. Les deseo toda la suerte del mundo, al mismo tiempo, les aconsejo mantener la mente abierta en cuanto a oportunidades en otros lados o ver otros campos en los que se pueda usar el PhD. A9: Â´Esa ha sido también la opción que yo me he planteado: estudiar un Máster aquí en un campo más atractivo para la economía neoliberal y regresar a mi país. Es una situación lamentable, sobre todo con el discurso xenófobo que ha imperado en los últimos meses. 
  • WTF is the point of asking for "any candidate" when at the end of the day, you're always going to treat ABDs like a disadvantage? Whatever, I get it. But then explicitly say on your job solicitation that you don't want ABDs! Don't waste our freaking time preparing for job apps, interviews, job talks, and campus visits to only give the job to someone else because they had "PhD in hand". Again, if that's a deal-breaker for you, cool. BUT THEN SAY IT IN THE FIRST PLACE AND DON'T WASTE OUR DAMN TIME! Guess better luck next year...A1: I am also ABD and first time in the market (just a couple of interviews so far), but I must say that most of the places I applied specify "PhD prefered, ABD will be considered" I guess that's a risk we have to take. I want to believe that they do actually evaluate the candidate qualifications regardless of status. Now, there are ABDs and there are ABDs. Some people will actually be done soon, but some plan to work on the dissertation and defend it while working in the job. Some institution are afraid of the latter. Whatever might be your case, I wish you the best next year. A2: I would say don't get your hopes up if you're ABD, but do apply. I didn't get a TT offer til I had a Ph.D. in hand, but I found that going through the interview process as ABD was so helpful and made me a stronger candidate the next year. A3: Well, I am an ABD and I was able to secure a TT job; so did another friend of mine and several friends have good chances after campus visits. My point is that being ABD doesn't mean you can't get a job, I think if you have good qualifications and those match what they are looking for it doesn't matter whether you have the PhD or are ABD. 
  • I had a campus visit more than 6 weeks ago. I learned through this site the offer was made already. The search committee has not reached out to communicate their "official" decision yet. Is it because the candidate hasn't signed the final offer yet? I would expect that they would notify their final candidates of the results. Anyone has thoughts or experiences with this? Thx. A1: It could be several things - the candidate they selected is still negotiating (and the person who posted that the offer was made did so without the offer having been accepted), the institution's HR department makes the search committee wait until the paperwork is through before notifying the other candidates, HR requires that THEY notify the other candidates, or, the worst, the search committee chair didn't have the courtesy to notify the other campus candidates. Since you had a visit, you would probably know better than the wikites if the last scenario is possible. A2: Thanks for the input. A3: Like above, it depends on the school and the process they are expected to carry out. Also, it's been 6 weeks since you were there, but much depends on when visits after you are scheduled. If you were the last, then it's likely a series of negotiations that have been underway and they won't officially notify until it's all signed and official. If you were the first, then 6 weeks is a pretty short timeline for 3-4 visits and negotiations. But, I wish you luck and peace of mind - time has never felt so cruel and slow except during this job hunt! A3: Dios aprieta pero no ahorca, at least that's what my mom keeps reminding me of. Given the horrendous times we're living these days, climate change, deportations of our brothers and sisters, etc., not getting a job in academia doesn't kill my spirit. Ya saldrá algo. Thx again.
  • So back in December I was offered a Skype interview with the U. of Evansville, after I stated my interest I was told that I was going to be contacted in January to set the day and time fo the interview. By the 3rd week of January I had not heard anything so I contacted the admin who said she was going to get info and email me -she never did- I called today and talked to the head of the search committee who said that they had already invited 3 candidates to campus that they met at the MLA. They made a decision without inverviewing all the chosen finalists. I know at least one more person who was also offered a Skype interview and who is still waiting. We both thought that the postion had been canceled. No, they just made a decision without interviewing everyone they were supposed to interview. I asked the professor head of the search committee if she thought this was an honest procedure, -she stayed silent- and said that they didn't do it with a "bad intention." Seriously people, how can they do this? This is just plain wrong. If they contacted us to offer us an interview they had to do it, there's no way around it. If you were one of the finalists who were lied to, I suggest you contact them. This search was a scam. A: If I were you I would contact the university's HR office about this. O.P. I actually just talked to the Dean and he admitted this was wrong. I didn't think of contacting the HR office, but thanks for the good suggestion.
  • Why is so little information being shared this year? Seems like the wiki is less useful—and much more unkind (which I understand to an extent)—than previous years. A1: I agree with you that there is a lot less sharing, but not that people are more unkind this year. In fact, my (unproven) theory is that the level of emotional discharge and even vitriol expressed on the wiki last year scared a number of participants off. I know I was so appalled by some of the exchanges last year that I almost decided not to even look this year. Who needs that kind of negativity? But I think things have quieted down considerably this year--despite some of the back-and-forth and emoting that are, as you say, perfectly understandable.
  • How's everybody holding up? This year kinda blows more than usual. A: This is my first year in the market. At the beginning everything was going well, despite the low amount of job posts. But at least things were moving fast with universities sending e-mails regarding interviews at the MLA or via Skype. However, I noticed that things have slow down lately. Many places I interviewed with haven't sent either a rejection e-mail or an invitation to campus. Many places I did apply during the months of November, December, and January I know nothing about, not even through wiki. I assume that some may are having a hiring freeze or their search fell. Who knows, but the wait is killing me. A2: This is my second year -I got more interviews and at more appealing places, but nothing else. I don't know what to think - I've done all the things I was told to. Present, they say. Publish, they say. Teach, they say. Do service, they say. I'm not sure what to make of my I unofficial option to stay in a low-paying contingent contract. It's easier to swallow the silence this time around - knowing what to expect is better, but it's still devastating. A3: This is my third year in the market looking for a TT position. Nothing so far. I have had more interviews than previous years, however, I do feel that after I am asked the "are you eligible to work in the USA and will you required visa sponsorship in the future" I am no longer a candidate. The previous positions I have had before have been at places where those questions were not asked, maybe I am being paranoid. I think this will be my last try. I am physically and mentally exhausted. I will most likely go back to school, get a different degree and go back to my home country. I never thought this was going to be so ridiculously difficult. A4: This is my second year and I am eligible to work in the US, but only one interview for a teaching position after around 90 applications for institutions ranging from community colleges to Ivy League. I have presentations, publications, teaching experience, but I don't have influential friends and don't know how to effectively brown-nose. In my mid 30s I don't know what to do. I'm not in the mood for a new degree. A Ph.D. in Spanish has become good to work at a car wash. A5: Sadly, I agree with what everyone has said. The market in itself is so degrading and inhumane on so many levels. The worst for me is that tenured professors seem to be out of touch with the severity of the situaton. Not to mention, the idea that recent PhD's should suffer for a few years before finding work seems pathetic to me. In every other field, work is a given after years of study. In our field, we must beg to get a low-paying job. I already know so many brilliant studntes who have quit because they can't find work. This will only get worse.  
  • Are rejections sent to all unchosen candidates?
  • If the Search Committee aren't total jerks, then yes. But it often doesn't come until after an offer has been accepted, in case their top candidates don't work out. It's funny, though, sometimes you'll get a rejection for a job so late that you had forgotten you even applied!
  • Last year I only got one interview (January 2016), and I´m still waiting for my rejection email. This year I made three interviews.  It was more than one month ago, and I heard nothing since then. I guess I´ll never get a rejection after an interview. Of course, I recevied many of them when I was not interviewed. 
  • I hope they sent rejections to at least those of us interviewed at the MLA or who made it to the top 10 skype interviews. The wait is painful. 
  • Ithaca's College job post: "Visa sponsorship is not provided for this position." I am visiting professor and I got visa sponsorship, what's wrong with these people? Q: are they obligated to provide visa sponsorship? A1: No, they have no obligation whatsoever to sponsor a visa. Most colleges and universities do, but usually community colleges don't; furthermore, because of budget cuts, smaller institutions now prefer not to sponsor visas.  Considering the new administration's anti-immigration policy and rhetoric, we should expect a considerable reduction in visa sponsorships in the upcoming years. OP. Yes, they are not obligated, but also they are not supposed to discriminate based on national origin. This is a way of filtering applicants not based on their qualifications but on whether they are US citizes/permanent residents or not. Also, there's no reason why universities should stop sponsoring visas as they are cap-exempted. Universities can file as many LAC petitions as they want at any time of the year, there's no indication whatsoever that this will change even under the new administration. Shame on them. A2: I'd argue they are doing applicants a favor. Many get to the phone interview stage before being told this. It looks like this is a standard statement on ALL open positions at Ithaca, and therefore, they just don't offer sponsorship. Not offering sponsorship does not equal discrimination based on national origin. It means they, as a practice, don't shell out the thousands of dollars for the H1B (and potential visas that might be required for spouses or children) plus the cost of filing for residency for the employee (plus, again, any potential family). There are also hidden costs to this process, such as the salaries of the individuals on campus who are responsible for assisting in the preparation of these filings, any outside counsel institutions use to review any potential sticky issues, etc. Does it suck when an institution says they won't sponsor, yes. Is it nefarious, no. 
  • Any idea if the new legislation introduced regarding H-1B visas affects educational institutions? It raises the minimum salary for H-1B workers to $130,000, meaning that none of us who need a visa to work would be able to get a job, since no college or university is going to pay that kind of money to an entry level assistant professor, even less so to a lecturer. A1 It shouldn't. The legislation as written only applies to the H-1B visas that are part of the quota system (i.e. tech fields). Universities aren't part of the quota system, and there are different rules for H-1B visas for those with advanced degrees anyway.OP: Thanks for the answer! Do you happen to whether independent schools (i.e. private high schools) are part of the quota system?
  • Inside Candidate at Florida State? A: That seems to be the case. Q: No one else has heard from them since MLA, I presume? A2: I know of one campus visit that got scheduled (2nd hand reliable)
  • Do SCs notify candidates who aren't invited to campus visit? Or just those who are invited? A1 It depends on the institution. I've received notifications that I didn't receive a campus visit a couple of times but more often than not you hear nothing until the hire is finalized. Some campuses are reluctant to send out rejections before the papers are signed in case they need to go back to the applicant pool for more interviews.
  • Are campus visits financed by the inviting institutions?  A1: Yes, always, as far as I've ever heard. Some will have you purchase airfare/hotel yourself and reimburse you later, others may have you contact their travel agent to make arrangements, while others simply have a departmental admin assistant take care of it. I'm sure there are horror stories of not being reimbursed, but I haven't had a problem, though at times it's taken a few months. They will also have you save all receipts, large and small, to submit as well, in addition to travel and lodging. A2: Thank you. A3: Community Colleges are usually an exception. It's standard for them to offer little or nothing. A4: I can imagine.
  • Has anyone ever experienced a search committee that just never gets in touch with any potential candidate? I am waiting on a few schools that I thought would have been in touch by now but the Wiki has been silent. Could it also be that these schools did contact people that haven't turned into slaves to the wiki and therfore have not posted about their interviews? A: If you didn't make it to the interview round, you likely won't here anything until you get a rejection email/letter. Even when you do make it to different stages, you often hear nothing. That's just sort of how this goes. I know someone who went on a campus and never officially heard the search was cancelled, for example. A1: Thanks for the response! I actually meant do schools put out an ad and just never go through with it? I understand that if first-round interviews happen, then the next step is the rejection letter for those that don't get a first-round. But what about schools that have not yet done first rounds? A2: Yes, sometimes schools do start a search in good faith and then find they can't follow through. And that can happen at any time, from right before first-round interviews right up to even after a candidate is told s/he is hired, depending on the circumstances. Oftentimes committee members aren't going to advertise their frustration and/or embarrassment by sending an explanatory note to all the applicants. A3: Thank you for the response! 
  • Maybe this is a silly question, but what is the protocol of saying "hello" in a MLA Interview? "Good morning, I am... nice to meet you"; Hello, I am ... nice to meet you"; Hello, nice to meet you? Any suggestion? Thanks. A1: They'll let you in, say hi to you, and shake your hand. Shake their hand firmly, smile, and be personable. Have a conversation. Good luck! A2: You will probably have no need to say your name, for they already know who you are. As A1 pointed out, be personable and initiate a brief casual conversation about the weather or the city, anything that makes you look at ease and not intimidated (even if you are). They will let you know what topics you need to address after that initial exchange. ¡Mucho éxito! OP: Thank you for the advice!
  • I'm wondering if anyone has ever heard from a search committee over vacation?  Or are things now just at a standstill until the next semester starts? A: I have certainly heard from committees after the end of the fall semester. Several years ago I got an MLA interview via email on Dec. 20th. I also have friends who received an MLA interview via email the week after Dec. 25th. Unlikely, I'd say, but still very possible. A2: I got an interview to the MLA on the 2nd of January a couple years ago for a VAP I ended up getting... So, unlikely, but can happen...
  • I noticed above that someone was denied a Skype interview in place of an MLA interview. Given that attending the MLA is a huge expense for many of us, and many people attend just for 1 or 2 first round interviews, I think I would also request Skype over MLA. Thoughts on this? Would you go to the MLA for just one interview if you're not presenting? A1: I attended the MLA for one interview last year. I didn't make it to the campus visit and the expenses were outrageous. I will never do it again. I certainly prefer to be interviewed in person, but it is absurdly expensive for the candidates. A2. I was the one who got denied a Skype interview at Colby College. I think this was absurd because the position is for a "Visiting Professor", not a tenure-track position. The person who called me was not very friendly either. And yes, the MLA is extremely expensive and it's ironic that people who are looking for a job have to pay so much to attend. Oh the "Ivory Tower" of Academia........ A3. Aww gawd! It's frigging ridiculous. They can't do this; it's immoral. I don't apply to jobs that list attending MLA as a requirement in the first place. Even if I attend the convention (they're usually horrible places to work at). 
  • Hello everyone! I have a question. This is my first time in the job market and I was wondering if it is normal to follow up after submitting an application. Do you guys send e-mails asking about the search timetable and such info? What kind of language do you use? Thanks!  A: No. I would not recommend that. Timelines depend greatly on each department and that is not a question, even for an interview. You may send a follow-up thank you after an interview, but in the academic job search, no news is probably not good news, but done very purposefully. Others may have different opinions, but this is the advice I was given. A2 First responder is right, in my experience. Keep in mind you are just one of a hundred (sometimes more) applicants, so the search committee members are already feeling overwhelmed just by trying to winnow down to manageable piles of applications. If you add to their workload by sending an unprompted inquiry or note, it could seem like you are pressuring, which more than likely is just going to make you an annoyance. And timelines are a moving target. If you get an interview, it doesn't hurt to ask about timelines at the end, to kind of show you're serious. But don't expect to get a firm answer, even if it sounds firm. There are a hundred different things that can put a search off its intended schedule and usually at least one or two will come up.
  • Governors State University now has a job post for a Spanish Adjunct, I am guessing they cancelled the tenure-track position? A1. I don't think so, they were looking for both positions, maybe they just did not advertise both openings at the same time.
  • Hi guys. Is it too early to be discouraged about the job market? It's my second year in the search and I am starting to lose hope. I am underpaid in a non-tenured job with zero stability. Could being in a teaching position for too long affect my chances of being hired for a tenure-track position? I'm starting to panic. A1: Yes, being in a teaching position for too long reduces your chances of being hired for a TT position (publish as much as you can while you're off the TT, that will help). The job market is getting worse each year due to budget cuts all over the country. I don't see a buoyant job market any time soon.  A2. It's my third year in the market and still no luck getting a TT. This year seems worse than the two before. This is really disappointing. A3 A teaching position can actually increase your chances of getting a TT position at an instituion that values teaching above scholarship. A4: It took me 3 years to get a TT position, do not lose hope, not everybody gets it the first year in a job market like this ; ) A5: No, don't lose hope. A colleague just got a great TT job after 4 years as a visitor. Use this time to become an outstanding teacher, publish, and generally build your CV. Take advantage of U resources to attend workshops, learn about new technology and methods in teaching, and put it all on your CV. Teach as wide a range of classes as you are able. Good luck! Q: Thank you guys for your kind words, you're all very nice. I hope things get better and something comes up my way... I tend to get desperate, then depression takes over and the only exit I can see is the easy one. Can't believe some universities request letters knowing they have a cost to be sent. Every letter delivered though Interfolio costs $4. Couldn't they be considerate to those who are out  of work and request letters to shortlisted candidates only? Please, if some day you become a member of a search committee, take this into account.       
  • I just checked the MLA Job List and there's only 101 job ADs (I never saw more than 119). I remember seeing up to 150 positions posted in previous years. I know the MLA is not the only source to look for job ADs, but the other couple of websites didn't have much either this year. I don't know what you think, but this year does not look very promising. Hope you all have better luck than me.
  • Will visiting positions come out later in the year/beginning of next year? Haven't seen that many visitings at all. A1: This has been a very atypical year altogether. I don't know what to expect. A2: Generally speaking, the spring is when there are more visitings posted. Last year was pretty slim, so who knows. But depts. have to wait on funding decisions, leave replacement petitions, etc., which is why they often are later. A3: Visitings come out all year long, because faculty resign, retire, get prestigious grants w/ teaching releases, go on FMLA, etc. at any/all times of year. When coverage is needed, the visiting position is advertised. Keep checking the job ads and good luck! 
  • Why does the MLA website show this message when you click on their "Job Information list"? " The online JIL is closed for the summer. The database of new job listings for the 2016-17 JIL publication year will be available beginning on 12 September." A1: Yikes. I emailed their web support to notify them of the problem. I'm getting the same error; I can access my saved jobs but can't search for new ones. Followup: It seems to be fixed now.
  • Trump's triumph has been devastating for aspiring POC candidates. The idea of working in an environment that is not welcoming brings me to tears. Sending strength to those who are in the same boat. (x5) A1: Brexit has been devastating for students and scholars in GB. Hopefully this won't happen in the US. A2: Our vocation is more important than ever. Our challenge is to turn colleges from "liberal bubbles" into zones of contagious critical action. A3: This is devastating indeed, but not new at some levels. I have been asked more than once during a job interview if I am going to need visa/green card sponsorhip and then was told that the institution will not do it. Call it discrimination or enforcement of the law, but this happens often to international scholars. A4: I don't think it's necessarily discrimination or enforcement of the law. The issue is many small institutions have budgets so small they cannot afford the cost of sponsorship, not for the H1 for the first year or two, but for residency. Residency, if done through employer sponsorship, is costly, moreso than if an individual is sponsoring a family member. Additionally, law prohibits the individual from covering the cost for the employer - it has to be the employer. And as I said, that cost is high for an individual - if you have a spouse or family member that would also require residency, the employer must cover those costs as well. These are more likely things the search committee has been told by the institution and are not necessarily singling people out with malicious intent. A5: "f you have a spouse or family member that would also require residency, the employer must cover those costs as well." That is simply NOT true. My husband and I are both foreign and when he got his green card, the university did NOT pay for mine. We had to pay for it, out of our own pocket. They simply refused to. And yes, it is discrimination. Universities have the money to pay for a green card (if we could do it, they can, we're not rich). Q1: Of how much money are we talking about for getting the green card? $$$
  • Is the search at Columbia still going on? Seems that they haev cancelled it. Q: Which position? Q: Do you mean the digital humanities position? Why do you have the impression they've cancelled it?
  • Hi, does anyone know if universities check credit reports of their candidates and if having a negative credit report will affect my chances of being hired? Thank you. A1: Most of them do. However, they do it after you've been selected as the best candidate. Thus a bad credit isn't that relevant unless you have a really bad credit score.
  • Hello, does anyone know if there's any websites like the MLA/Chronicle/Highered that posts jobs for Spanish professors in Europe or Asia?? I don't want to sound melodramatic, but I could use a break from this country for a few years. Thank you. A: They don't for the most part. The UK, for instance, has its own academic job site:
  • BTW, I don't feel capable of restoring it, but someone removed a LOT of content from this site. Maybe someone else knows how to bring it back. 1) Yes, I noticed that too. A2: Last year some people deleted a lot of contents. I don't know why they do it or who they are. 
  • Has anyone received a "surprise" phone call for an interview before receiving an e-mail about it? I ask because I had to travel abroad and I will not be able to take phone calls at the moment. A1: I have been contacted via telephone to set up interviews before. I would imagine/hope they would leave a voice message or reach out via email in the event that someone doesn't anwer a call. A2: Yes. Last year I got a call before an e-mail. First they asked me some vague questions and told me that they would let me know if I was going to be invited to have an interview with them at the MLA Conference. A week later I got an e-mail letting me know that they wanted to interview me and that I should call them to schedule the interview. A3: notifications can come at any time, in any format. Be sure to somehow make your availability known for outstanding apps.
  • I highly recommend to those who drone on about inside candidates AFTDJ (apply for the d*mn job) anyway, and read up in the Chronicle or online elsewhere about the realities of so-called inside candidates. More often than not, it is a hinderance, not a help. You have no idea if the people you believe are being cultivated for the job want it, or that there are not many more appealing candidates out there. Talk of inside candidates is not really helpful to anyone, unless you are trying to dissuade others from applying for a job you want. A. I can't speak for others, but in my previous institution I witnessed how they kept the inside candidate and carried out a fake job search, and -in my perspective- the other candidates were more qualified . It also happened to myself last year. Of course, you can say "you never know", (and you can always apply to see what happends), at the same time it is heartbreaking when you are invested in a position for which there's already a person in mind. That been said, good luck as this year does not look bettter than the previous ones. A2: See my comments under "advice". Being internal can help or hurt. It all depends. Of course you have to apply for the job you want, regardless of internal competition. 
  • Will there be more tenure-track positions open and posted on the MLA/Chronicle/HigherEd websites? I don't know about you, but this is not looking so promising for me so far. A1: I believe most TT positions have already been posted. There will be more in the upcoming months, but don't expect many. It seems like this one is going to be a difficult year. A2: Administrations approve TT lines all year long, so yes, keep checking all year. Especially in uneven budget years, timing is not always regular and in line with the job search season.
  • SDSU just posted again their two positions on insidehighered with a ne deadline in December. The previous deadline was Oct. 7. Why do you think they this did? Maybe they didn't like any of the candidates in the first pool? A1: Bearing in mind they have already started asking for interviews for one of the jobs (Southern Cone), maybe just a reminder/automatic renewal of their job application in that website?
  • Is it just my impression or there are much fewer candidates looking for a job this year? A1: I am not sure, how do you check that? Or what are you basing it on to come to that conclusion? (genuinely asking! I'm very curious about this). A2: I don't know that there are much fewer of us, but I think much fewer using/participating in this wiki...I haven't added myself to demographics list, for example. I know of a lot of people going out on the market for the first time this year, but not sure they are using this site. I hope people do start when interview offers come in, since that was mostly how I figured out when I was out of the running last year. A3: Last year's wiki had almost 70 ppl in demographics; hopefully more will join here when interviews roll in amid the tumbleweeds. A4 (to A1): I meant exactly what our colleagues wrote: last year I saw about 70 people participating in the wiki; this year we are 20. Probably the issue is that some colleagues will participate during the interview season or don't want to participate at all. 
  • Ohio State job is for internal candidate--That's nice, but make sure to still apply. What happens when the internal candidate gets a job somewhere else? There are lots of reasons to apply, even if the job looks like an internal candidate.<--what they said.
  • Be aware of likely inside candidate for USC job (current USC postdoc is a Carribeanist with background in German and cirtical philosophy) (10/7/16). C1: Yes, and he is very good I heard. However, one should apply, you never know. What if USC's program is not what the postdoc is looking for? OP (Original poster): Yes, he is good and, yes, one never knows. Just be aware.  C2: USC Spanish has a long history of hiring its post-docs into TT positions, including its hire last year (who is wife of another TTrack).
  • If you are planning to apply for the position at Northern Arizona University, please keep in mind that Flagstaff, AZ is Very expensive. A one bedroom apartment there could easily rent for $1,200-$1,600/month. Flagstaff is called "Poverty with at View." Salaries at NAU for lectures are very low ($42K-non negotiable), very little money for moving expenses.  Also, NAU deducts 10%-11% for your retirement (not optional). Also, you will be in a 9-month contract, if you do not return the next year, you will lose your health insurance in May. This is first-hand advice. If you have more than one option I suggest you take all this into account before making a decision. Good luck to everyone! C1: $1200 a month?  Sheesh!  Try Vancouver, you'll pay that much to share a studio with 1-2 other roommates.  As for the retirement, pretty standard; some institutions take as much as 12-14%.  
  • Beware of Soka University, Soka Gakkai is a cult with very aggressive proselytizing techniques. A: Good to know! 
  • So... they've just been saving all the good jobs to release them this Friday, right? A: Oxalá! 
  • Has anyone realized that the Sacramento State ad asks that candidates have their PhD in hand by December 1st of this year? Isn't this unusual for positions starting the next academic year? A: A job last year asked candidates to have their PhD in hand by January 1st. It's very unusual, but, I imagine, only becoming more common, likely out of a fear of grads not finishing their PhDs on time.
  • For those new to the MLA job market, yesterday's (9/12) posted jobs on the Job Information List wa/s really, /really low, like the fall of 2009 JIL low. I can't remember how many jobs were posted the first week last year, but there were somewhere around 57/58 TT jobs posted the first week in 2014. I counted 24 positions yesterday. The first week's listings give a very good indication of how the market will play out. Back in 2006-08 there were routinely 180-200+ jobs the first week, and ppl were concerned about the flagrant lack of TT jobs considering the true needs of universities. A: So most of us will have to find a job outside of academy, right? R: Um, yeah. You always should have had a plan B to begin with, but now more than ever. I'm honestly shocked they're this low. I knew we weren't going to get back to the numbers from a decade ago, but I didn't anticipate dropping to the (relatively understandable) numbers of the Great Recession. A2: No question it's a lousy job market. That said, the trend has been for TT jobs to be posted later and more spread out each year (thanks I guess to more uncertain budgets and greater ease in publishing ads and receiving applications digitally). So I would say don't panic yet. A3: El compañero tiene razón. No obstante, y sin que esto sirva para caer en optimismos baratos e injustificados, es verdad también que es muy pronto. Muchos departamentos están todavía consiguiendo los últimos permisos de las oficinas del decano para publicitar los puestos, y estos papeleos siempre llevan tiempo. También hay que tener en cuenta que cada año la lista del MLA se publica antes, con lo cual es un poco injusto comparar las listas de este año o del pasado con las de hace 10 años. (Crisis económicas aparte, claro). Otra de las cosas que ha cambiado es que hace una década, la lista del MLA era prácticamente la única fuente publicitaria de los puestos, mientras que ahora hay más opciones. Lo único que quiero decir es que seamos pacientes. Tenemos que esperar hasta finales ed septiembre o primera semana de octubre para tener una idea clara del número de puestos de este año. Buena suerte a todos. A: I agree with A2. I've noticed that less employers are using the MLA Job Information List to advertise. I've seen jobs pop up all year round more often in these last few years. I'm glad about it, if only because I think that the old-fashioned MLA Convention interview to be unrealistic and economically unsound. There are also plenty of jobs if you want to teach 5/5 or 6/6 with research and service obligations, or do high school teaching. Those jobs usually appear later in the cycle. Those plum positions our advisers have are few and far between (and can be easily lost due to budget cuts/mergers). OP (Original poster) again: the main reason why I noticed the first week MLA job listing numbers is that it's been coming out on Sept. 12 for several years. This coming Friday (week 2) typically will have about 50% or slightly higher, and week 3 will have about 50% of week 2's number. Jobs have always trickled in as the school year progresses. That hasn't changed in the decade+ that I've followed the JIL. I haven't seen the data on the rate job announcements on JIL now that more and more departments are foregoing the convention interview process. Having said that, I think that the fact that schools are casting a wider digital net is definitely a contributing factor. The fact that Virginia Tech posted on before the Chronicle of Higher Ed (probably due to a faster process on and the JIL is amazing. A: Indeed is great, but for these types of positions I dobut they are being posted there. For professional positions, it serves more as an agrregator pulling from other sites. For example the Virginia Tech job posted on Higher Ed Jobs before it was posted on Indeed OR the JIL. A: I think we have all noticed at this point, Indeed is actually a very useful source for this year's job hunt - it seems to be updated regularly, but since jobs are sponsored it kind of shuffles them around. I was pretty organized last year and checked my dates and I think the last big batch of job postings on MLA came the last week of September (like OP noted). I have a feeling after this week, maybe next, these are most of the TT jobs for the season. 
  • A2 and A3 are absolutely right above.  The MLA list is no longer the Holy Bible for the job market.  In fact, the MLA suddenly is suddenly looking pretty old-fashioned with their once-a-week updates.  Higher Ed Jobs, Indeed, Vitae all routinely post jobs BEFORE the MLA eventually gets around to it.  On another note - has anyone read the fine print of the Northern Colorado job - "Include the names of the three referees and instruction on how to obtain letters from Interfolio or a campus dossier service"?  Can they actuallly be serious about that last part - they want the candidate to explain to them how to use Interfolio?  As the hiring party and a member of the 21st century, they should mightly well be familiar with already, or figure out themselves!  Sheesh.   I would be very wary of this department, if the search committee is any indication of their problem solving skills.  A1: I think they are just wording it oddly, but are in fact asking for the Interfolio-generated email address for each of your letters of recommendation, while leaving things open for people that might use some other dossier service.
  • As of this writing (9/20) there are only two jobs in Portuguese posted on the MLA JIL, one of which is for Spanish WITH Portuguese too (Morehouse). The other is for the Chair of the Department of Languages at UT El Paso. I expected it to be bad, but not quite this bad. A1: Ohio State just announced a position in Brazilian culture; let's hope things keep improving!
  • Anyone know what the deal is at Whitman?  Seems like they've had a job ad running for the last 4 or 5 years straight.  And now one of their recent hires, an assistant professor,  is the acting chair of the department.  Seems like a potentially unstable situation. Comment: Thanks for letting us know, I wasn't aware of the situation. A2: Correct: they have run a search for at least three years. I would expect that given the circumstances you mention, a mostly external search committee will select the new hire. A3: Their searches have been for different specialties each year, though. Apply and don't speculate about the departmental politics.  Comment:  That what makes it all the more alarming to me.  Three or four different specialties advertised in four years, and yet the department hasn't gotten any bigger and in fact seems to be shrinking. A4: Sure, if you have multiple offers, add departmental stability/politics to the appropriate Positives vs. Negatives column. A5: The search two years ago and this one is pretty much the same, but there's no mystery about it. Their department's decent and so is the College. Unfortunately, Whitman has a bit of trouble retaining faculty. People who've held TT positions there and have left, speak very well of the school. It's mostly had to do with the impossibility of spousal accomodations (with the exception of splitting positions in two). So, apply away. It's a great gig. A6: I agree with the last comment. I interviewed with them last year (at the MLA), and even moved on to their campus visit, and they seem like a great school with a great department. I think living in Walla Walla might be the issue here... A7: I interviewed there a few years ago, and they explained very clearly their plans for hiring a lot of new people in the upcoming years with different specialties.
  • Be aware of an internal candidate for, at least, one of the Adelphi University jobs (one of them is a climber and current adjunct with a Ph.D. in Spanish History and without any educational background or Degree in Spanish Language). She would not qualify for any position, for this reason, feel free to apply... A.2. A faculty member at Adelphi (different dept.) told me that they routinely get applications from full professors at research institutions, SLAC, state schools, you name it ... for any and all TT, assistant professor positions. These are all candidates sincerely interested in teaching there b/c it would mean living in NYC instead of in the middle of nowhere. In short, no such thing as an "inside candidate" w/ a lock on any position in the NYC area. A.3. Ok, Let´s see... I hope you are right (because I applied). But I cannot imagine full professors at research institutions applying for an assitantship position at Adelphi just for the location, and much less to get a lecturership.


Are you a (an)...?

ABD (will finish this academic year): 29
ABD and currently in a one-year, VAP, PhD Completion Fellowship, visiting instructor, lecturer or adjunct position: 2
Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, post-doc, instructor, adjunct): 19
Ph.D. in hand (unable to find academic employment at the moment): 1
Ph.D. in hand (currently working outside of academia):
Assistant Professor: 12
Associate Professor: 2
Full Professor:
Literature Job-Seeker: 35
Linguistics Job-Seeker: 11

How many applications do you plan on sending this year?

Between 1 and 10: 17
Between 10 and 20: 8
Between 20 and 30: 17
Between 30 and 40: 9
Over 40: 7
Over 60: 2

Job postings[]

  1. Adelphi University (NY). TT Asst. Prof. - Spanish and Hispanic-American literature and culture. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 18.
  2. Adelphi University (NY). Lecturer – Spanish, Non-Tenured. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 18.
  3. AMA International University (Kingdom of Bahrain). Full time teaching position in language an literature (Spanish).,a3067.html
  4. Amherst College (MA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, Spanish Linguistics, Interfolio. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2016.
  5. Arizona State University. TT Assistant Professor in Spanish Second Language Acquisition. Interfolio. Deadline: November 4, 2016.
  6. Arizona State University. Clinical Assistant Professor of Spanish (Non-TT). Chronicle. Deadline: Nov. 28.
  7. Auburn University (AL). Asst. Professor of Spanish Linguistics, LINK. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2016.
  8. Augustana University (SD). Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. Chronicle Deadline: Open until filled.
  9. Ball State University (IN). Contract Faculty Spanish Instructor (1 yr. appt.). Interfolio. Deadline: October 31, 2016.
  10. Borough of Manhattan Community College. (2) Instructors/Assistant/Associate/Full professors of Spanish. No deadline, but this is in New York City, apply ASAP!!
  11. Boston College . Visiting Assistant Professor in Hispanic Studies / Assistant Coordinator of Spanish. Interfolio. Deadline: 15 Dec. 2016.
  12. Brown University (RI). International Postdoctoral Fellowship-Hispanic Studies & CLACS (contemporary Mexican literary, visual, and/or performance studies). Deadline: 15 Feb. 2017. Interfolio.
  13. Brown University (RI). Visiting assistant professor of modern Spanish peninsular or transatlantic studies. Deadline: 1 Feb. 2017. Interfolio.
  14. Bucknell University (PA). TT Asst. Professor - Colonial Latin American Literature. Interfolio. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2016.
  15. C.I.A. (D.C.). Foreign Language Instructor.
  16. California State University, Fresno. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish—Specialist in Translation and Interpreting. Interfolio. Deadline: 14 Nov.
  17. California State University, Fullerton. TT Assistant Professor of Contemporary Spanish Peninsular with a Cultural Studies Focus. Chronicle. Deadline: Oct. 15 2016.
  18. California State University, Monterey Bay (CA). TT Asst. Professor - TWO Positions: Spanish Language and Latin American Literature AND Spanish Linguistics. Deadline: Jan. 14 2017.
  19. California State University, Sacramento. TT Asst. Professor - Spanish Peninsular Literature and Spanish Peninsular Culture. Inside Higher Ed. Deadline: Review of applications will begin November 1, 2016.
  20. California State University San Marcos (CA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish Translation. Interfolio. Deadline: Dec. 1.
  21. Carleton College (MN). Continuing Instructor in Spanish (2 yr. - renewable). Interfolio. Deadline: not stated.
  22. Coastal Carolina University (SC). TT Asst Professor of Spanish. Interfolio. Open Until Filled.Actually says:Jan 31 11:59 PMest
  23. Colby College (ME). FOUR (4) Visiting Positions in Spanish. Interfolio. Deadline: 16 November 2016 .
  24. College of Charleston (SC). Asst. Professor of Spanish (SLA or heritage speaker) Interfolio. Deadline: Dec. 16.
  25. College of William and Mary (VA). TT Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies (Medieval Iberian Studies). Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 4 2016.
  26. Colorado College (CO). TT Asst. Professor - Mexican, Central American, and/or Andean literatures and cultures of the colonial and/or modern period. Interfolio. Deadline: 16 Nov. 2016.
  27. Columbia University (NY). TT Assistant Professor position in Latin American and/or Iberian Digital Humanities. LINK. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2016.
  28. Connecticut College. Visiting Asst. Prof. - Hispanic Studies (Second Language Acquisition/Foreign Language Methodology OR Sociolinguistics). Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  29. Converse College. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish [Peninsular Focus]. College Website. Deadline: November 1, 2016.
  30. Converse College (SC). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish [Transatlantic/Border Studies, Gender Studies, Women’s Studies]. Interfolio. Deadline: 1 Dec.
  31. Cornell University (NY). Full-Time Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Spanish Language. AcademicJobsOnline. Deadline: 1 Dec. 2016.
  32. Coppin State University (MD). Assistant Professor of Spanish. No deadline.
  33. Dartmouth College (NH). Visiting Lecturer - Caribbeanist and/or Mexicanist. Interfolio. Deadline: November 13, 2016.
  34. DePaul University (IL). TT Assistant Professor Latin American / Latino Studies (a friend sent me this ad). Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016. Also posted at Ethnic Studies 2016-2017.
  35. Dickinson College (PA). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (Early Modern and/or Golden Age). Deadline: Nov. 18 2016.
  36. Eastern New Mexico University (NM). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Generalist). Deadline: Open Until Filled.
  37. Emory University (GA). Full Professor of Spanish and/or Portuguese. Interfolio. Deadline: December 2, 2016.
  38. Emory University Oxford College (GA). Open Rank - Professor of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 28.
  39. Emporia University (KS). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Interfolio. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2016.
  40. Fisk University (TN). TT. Assistant Professor of Spanish. Chronicle Deadline: Open until filled.
  41. Fitchburg State University (MA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, spec. in Latin American or Caribbean Studies. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 14.
  42. Florida Gulf Coast University. Spanish, Instructor I. LINK. Deadline: not stated.
  43. Florida State University. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Hispanic Caribbean Studies, Spanish American Studies and Iberian Cultural Studies). Interfolio. Deadline: November 14, 2016.
  44. Fordham University (NY). Mexican cultural production (19th, 20th, or 21st Centuries). Interfolio. Deadline: Dec. 5.
  45. Fort Hays State University (KS). TT Asst. Professor - Latin American Literature. Interfolio. Deadline: January 16, 2017 (priority).
  46. Francis Marion University (SC). Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 1 Feb. 2017.
  47. Franklin and Marshall College (PA). Coordinator of Spanish Community Based Learning and Community Outreach. Interfolio. Deadline: November 16, 2016.
  48. Franklin and Marshall College (PA). Director of the Spanish Language Writing Center. Interfolio. Deadline: November 16, 2016.
  49. Furman University (SC). TT Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Spanish - Hispanic Linguistics. Interfolio. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  50. George Mason University (VA).  TT Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics. Higher Ed Jobs .  Deadline: 30 Oct. 2016.
  51. George Washington University (DC). Spanish Teaching Instructor Positions (TWO Positions - Non-TT - full-time, renewable). Interfolio. Deadline: Dec. 5.
  52. Gonzaga University (WA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish with a specialization in Latin American Literature. Interfoilo. Deadline: Nov. 15.
  53. Gonzaga University (WA). Associate Professor or Professor of Modern Languages (Spanish) - Chair. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 15 (extended).
  54. Governors State University (IL). Assistant Professor, Spanish Language, Literature and Global Studies. Deadline: Open Until Filled (NOTE: Position Start Date: 01/16/2017).
  55. Graceland University (IA). TT Asst. Professor in Spanish. Interfolio. Deadline: Jan. 15 2017.
  56. Grand Valley State University (MI). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish - U.S. Latino/a literature/culture or contemporary Latin American literature/culture. Interfolio. Deadline: 14 Nov. 2016.
  57. Hamilton College (NY). TT Asst. Professor - Hispanic Studies (US Latino Literature). Inside Higher Ed. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2016. See also: Other Ethnic American 2017.
  58. Harper College (IL). Full-Time TT Faculty - Spanish. Deadline: not stated. Interfolio.
  59. Hillsborough Community College. Spanish Instructor. No deadline, but I'd say apply ASAP. 
  60. Hillsdale College (MI). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (Generalist). Interfolio. Deadline: November 18.
  61. Hood College (MD). Asst. Professor of Spanish (Latin American and Peninsular. Higher Ed Jobs. Deadline:18 Nov. 2016.
  62. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IN). TT Assistant or Associate Professor of Spanish and Translation Studies. Interfolio. Deadline: November 18, 2016.
  63. John Jay College, CUNY (NY). TT Assistant or Associate Professor of Spanish — Specialist in Translation and Interpreting. LINK. Deadline: 12 Nov. 2016.
  64. Johns Hopkins University (MD). TT Assistant Professor of Iberian Studies. Interfolio. Deadline: October 15, 2016.
  65. Kalamazoo College. Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Literature (Spanish). LINK. Deadline: October 12, 2016 .
  66. Kenyon College (OH). Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 15.
  67. Lafayette College (PA). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (Open Spec). Interfolio. Deadline: Dec. 9.
  68. Lake Erie College (OH). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. HERC. Deadline: December 2016.
  69. Lehigh University . TT Asst. Professor - 20th and 21st Century Spanish Peninsular literature and culture. AcademicJobsOnline. Deadline: 16 Nov. 2016.
  70. Long Beach Community College (CA).
  71. Louisiana State University Shreveport. TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Interfolio.
  72. Lycoming College (PA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Chronicle. Deadline: Open Until Filled.
  73. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lecturer in Spanish. Chronicle. Deadline: October 1, 2016.
  74. Maynooth University (Ireland). Lecturer in Hispanic Language Studies (Linguistics-Applied Linguistics).,a2850.html . No deadline.
  75. McGill University (CAN). TT Assistant Professor in Contemporary Spanish Cultural Studies with a Concentration in Critical Theory and Digital Culture. AcademicJobsOnline. Deadline: Nov. 11 2016.
  76. Miami University (Ohio). TT Assistant Professor, Spanish (Hispanic Border Studies). Link. Deadline: Not Stated.
  77. Middlebury College (VT). 3-year Leave Replacement Position in Portuguese and Spanish. Chronicle. Deadline: 15 Jan. 2017.
  78. Midwestern State University (TX). TT Asst. Professor - Spanish. Chronicle. Deadline: 31 Oct. 2016.
  79. Monmouth College (IL). TT Asst. Professor - Latin American Literature and Culture. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 28.
  80. Monmouth College (IL). TT Assistant Professor of Latin America, Public Health Studies. Interfolio. Deadline: 26 Nov.
  81. Morehouse College (GA). Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Renewable Non-Tenure Track. Interfolio. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  82. Murray State University (KY). Assistant Professor, Spanish (Medieval and/or Golden Age literature). Deadline: 11/15/2016.
  83. New College of Florida (FL). Instructor of Spanish Language, Renewable Non-TT. LINK. Review begins 6 January 2017.
  84. New York University. Language Lecturer in Portuguese, Renewable Non-TT. Review begins March 1 2017. LINK
  85. North Central College (IL). Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: Open Until Filled. LINK.
  86. Northeastern Illinois University. Assistant Professor of Spanish (Latin American literary and cultural studies with a focus on the Caribbean, Central or South America). Interfolio. Deadline: December 1, 2016.
  87. Northwest Missouri State University. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish with Specialization in Spanish Education. Interfolio. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  88. Ohio University. Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish and Translation Studies. Interfolio. Deadline: Oct. 30 2016.
  89. Ohio State University. Assistant Professor in Contemporary Brazilian Cultural and Literary Studies. AcademicJobsOnline. Deadline: 31 Oct. 2016.
  90. Ohio State University. Senior Lecturer in Spanish for Heritage Learners (HLs) and/or Community Service Learning (CSL). Interfolio. Deadline: not stated.
  91. Ohio State University. Visiting Assistant Professor of Iberian/Peninsular Literary and Cultural Studies. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 30.
  92. Otterbein University (OH). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish & Latin American Studies. Inside Higher Ed. Deadline: 10 Oct. 2016.
  93. Pace University (NY). Lecturer, Spanish. Interfolio. Deadline: Dec. 15.
  94. Pacific Lutheran University (WA). TT Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies. LINK. Deadline: 11/1/2016. ***Job posting no longer available on their website as of 11/16/16.
  95. Pasadena City College (CA). Spanish Instructor. LINK. Deadline: not stated.
  96. Penn State Berks. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. LINK. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  97. Pennsylvania State University. Director of the Latina/o Studies Program (Associate Professor or Professor of Latina/o Studies). LINK. Deadline: Open Until Filled. Also posted at Ethnic Studies 2016-2017.
  98. Pierce College (WA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. LINK . Deadline: Not Stated.
  99. Providence College. Assistant Professor of Spanish (Applied Linguistics). LINK. Deadline: Nov. 7.
  100. Rice University (TX). Lecturer in Spanish. Interfolio. Deadline: Not Stated.
  101. San Diego State University. TWO (2) Positions: (a) TT Assistant Professor: Modern Spanish Peninsular Literary and Cultural Studies - Applicants should apply via Interfolio at To ensure full consideration, submit completed applications by October 7, 2016. (b) TT Assistant Professor: Modern Spanish American Literary and Cultural Studies - Applicants should apply via Interfolio at To ensure full consideration, submit completed applications by October 7, 2016.
  102. Sarah Lawrence College (NY). TT Position in Spanish (Latin America). Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 29.
  103. Simpson College (IA). TT Asst. or Assoc. Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 16 Jan. 2016. Interfolio.
  104. Soka University of America (CA). TT Asst. Professor - Spanish Language and Culture. INDEED.COM. Deadline: November 21, 2016.
  105. Southern Connecticut State University . (Spanish for the Professions) – TT Assistant/Associate Professor. LINK. Deadline: Nov. 15.
  106. Southern Oregon University. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, with emphasis in Mexican literature/culture or Chicano studies. Interfolio. Deadline: Dec. 2.
  107. Spelman College (GA). TT Assistant Professor of Portuguese. INDEED.COM. Deadline: Dec. 15.
  108. St. Bonaventure University (NY). TT Assistant Professor in Spanish. Interfolio. Deadline: Dec. 15.
  109. St. Mary’s College of Maryland . Asst. Professor of Spanish. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 11.
  110. St. Norbert College (WI). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 7.
  111. SUNY Geneseo. TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (Linguistics). Deadline: not stated. Interfolio.
  112. Swarthmore College (PA). Spanish Lecturer and Spanish Language Coordinator. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 28.
  113. Tennessee Tech University. Spanish Instructor (full-time, temporary non-tenure-track appointment). Deadline: Initial screening will begin Oct 31; open until filled.
  114. Texas Christian University. TWO (2) TT Positions: Latin Americanist (pref. Mexico and/or Central America) AND Latin American Cultural Studies, emph. in Women’s Studies. Deadline: 30 Nov. 2016.
  115. Texas Tech University. TT Assistant Professor, Hispanic Linguistics. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 10 2016.
  116. Texas Tech University. Qualia Professor in Hispanic and Applied Linguistics (Full Prof.). Interfolio. Deadline: Open Until Filled.
  117. Texas Tech University. VAP, Hispanic Linguistics
  118. Texas Woman's University. TT Assistant/Associate Professor of Foreign Languages (Spanish). Interfolio. Deadline: Not Stated.
  119. Towson University (MD). TT Asst. Professor - Spanish. Interfolio.
  120. Trinity College (CT). TT Assistant professorship in Early Modern Spain with Transnational Focus. Interfolio. Deadline: Dec. 1.
  121. Truman State University (MO). Instructor of Spanish (1 yr. - renewable). Interfolio. Deadline: Dec. 14.
  122. Tulane University. Lecturer in Spanish. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 4.
  123. University of Alabama. TT Assistant or Associate Professor to Direct University of Alabama Cuba Semester Abroad Program. Interfolio. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2016.
  124. University of Alabama. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish with a specialization in Spanish Peninsular Literature between 1600 - 1800. Inside Higher Ed. Deadline: Nov. 28.
  125. University of Arkansas. TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (Modern Peninsular). Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 18.
  126. University of Arkansas. TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (2nd Language Acquisition). Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 18.
  127. University of Arizona (AZ). TT Assistant/Associate Professor, Spanish (Hispanic Linguistics). Deadline: 11/28/2016.
  128. University of Arizona (AZ). TT Asst. Professor - Latin American Cultural Studies. Deadline: 11/14/2016.
  129. University of Bristol (UK). Full Professor - Chair in Iberian and Latin American Studies. University of Bristol . Deadline: Dec. 18, 2016 (11:59 pm UK time).
  130. University of Bristol (UK). Lecturer (= TT Asst. Professor) - Hispanic Media and Digital Communications. University of Bristol . Deadline: 7 May 2017.
  131. University of Bristol (UK). Lecturer (= TT Asst. Professor) - Spanish and/or Latin American Film or Visual Culture. University of Bristol . Deadline: 7 May 2017.
  132. University of California, Berkeley. TT Asst. Professor - Medieval Literature. Deadline: Nov. 28, 2016.
  133. University of California, Davis. TT Assistant Professor - Department of Spanish & Portuguese / Director of Spanish for Native Speakers Language Program (Spanish Applied Linguistics. LINK. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  134. University of California Los Angeles (CA). TT Asst. Professor - Early Modern Studies in Hispanic Literature and Culture. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 14.
  135. University of California, Riverside. TWO (2) TT faculty positions in Spanish at the Assistant Professor level (Mexico/Latino and Border Studies). LINK. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  136. University of California, Santa Barbara (CA). Open Rank Associate or Full Professor in Chicana/o-Latina/o Literary and Cultural Studies. LINK. Deadline: 30 Oct. 2016. Also posted at Other Ethnic American 2017.
  137. University of California, Santa Barbara (CA). TT Assistant Professor in Portuguese Literature. LINK. Deadline: Nov. 23.
  138. University of Cincinnati. Non-TT Assistant Professor - Educator in Spanish. Interfolio. Deadline: Dec. 15.
  139. University of Dallas. TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (Latin Americanist). Interfolo. Deadline: Nov. 30.
  140. University of Denver. Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish, spec. heritage learner pedagogy (non-TT - renewable). Inside Higher Ed. Deadline: November 15, 2016.
  141. University of Evansville (IN). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (Peninsular Studies). Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 14.
  142. University of Florida. Lecturer- UF Online (Spanish). Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 7.
  143. University of Glasgow, UK. Assiant Professor. Spanish Translation. MLA.
  144. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Lecturer or Instructor in Portuguese. Job Link Deadline: November 15.
  145. University of Kentucky. TT Assistant or Associate Professor in 19th or 20th Century Latin American Literature and Culture. Interfolio. Deadline: 1 Dec. 2016.
  146. The University of Laverne (CA). Assistant Professor in Latina/o and Latin American Studies (2 positions). No deadline stated.
  147. University of Maine at Farmington. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Generalist). Interfolio. Deadline: November 4.
  148. University of Maryland . Assistant Professor of Spanish Applied Linguistics. Interfolio. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  149. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. TT Asst. Professor of Spanish, contemporary Latin American, Caribbean, or Latino Literature and Culture. Interfolio. Deadline: 15 Dec.
  150. University of Miami (FL). Full Professor in Latin American and/or Caribbean Studies. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 18 2016.
  151. University of Mississippi. Croft Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Interfolio.
  152. University of Nebraska at Kearney. TT Assistant or Associate Professor, Modern Languages - Spanish. Deadline: November 14, 2016.
  153. University of Nevada Reno. Teaching Postdoc Fellow (2 years), Latinx Studies. Apply ASAP. Job closes on 4/30/17. Job Announcement
  154. University of North Carolina at Charlotte. TT Position in Spanish-English Interpreting. Interfolio. Deadline: 17 Oct. 2016.
  155. University of North Carolina at Wilmington. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Transatlantic Studies). Inside Higher Ed. Deadline: November 7, 2016.
  156. University of Northern Colorado. TT Assistant Professor in Spanish (Generalist). Deadline: October 17, 2016.
  157. University of Northern Colorado. Associate/Full Professor - Tenured Chair Hispanic Studies. Interfolio. Deadline: October 17, 2016.
  158. University of Northern Colorado. TT Asst. Professor, Mexican American Studies. Interfolio. Deadline: October 31, 2016. Also posted at: Ethnic Studies 2016-2017
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  163. University of Pennsylvania. Tenured/Tenure-Track Position in Latin American Literature (19-20 c.). LINK. Deadline: Nov. 15.
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  166. University of South Florida St. Petersburg. Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. INDEED.COM. Deadline: Not Stated.
  167. University of Southern California. TT Asst. Professor of Latin American Literature (Carribean preferred, German and cirtical theory preferred). USC web site . Deadline: November 15. 
  168. University of Southern Indiana. TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Deadline: November 15.
  169. University of Tennessee.TT Asst. Professor of Latin@ Literature, Culture, and Theory. Chronicle. Deadline: Oct. 29. Also posted at : Other Ethnic American 2017.
  170. University of Texas at San Antonio. Full or Associate Professor of Spanish / Department Chair. Interfolio. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
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