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Salaries / Start-up Funds[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • Public midwest university, TT, teaching load 3-3 (one course release first year), $65.5k, benefits, generous laptop computer, summer research funds
  • Public R1 university, midwest, VAP, teaching load 3-3, $50k, benefits, generous relocation stipend
  • Public R1 university, west, NTT (lecturer), teaching load 4-4, salary $52k, benefits, computer, small relocation stipend
  • Public R2 university, midwest, TT, teaching load 2-3, salary $64k, moving expenses, start up funds, benefits, etc.
  • Public R1 university, south, VAP in Spanish Linguistics, teaching load 3-3, salary $52k, benefits, etc.
  • Public R2 university, south, TT, teaching load: 4-4, salary $59k, benefits, desktop computer.


List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • Kansas State: Notified 5/18, accepted 5/20
  • Georgia Tech?
  • Westminster College (TT): notified 3/31, declined 4/9. Q1: Could you tell us why? OP: I had two other campus visits coming up that I was more interested in when they offered me the job.
  • Durham University (UK) accepted 4/5 R1: Congratulations! Out of curiosity, are you a UK citizen? I always want to apply to UK jobs, but with Brexit, it seems like the visa process for non-UK citizens has become particularly onerous... R2: Not a UK citizen, we'll see how the visa process goes.
  • Emory & Henry College (TT Assistant Professor of Spanish), notified 4/1, declined 4/8. x2 (offered and declined too) R1: Why is everyone declining this offer? Is it that bad? R2: really, how bad can it be? Any details? R3: Details please, details!!!! LOL. I'm kinda glad to hear I'm not the only one with dignity. These institutions should be taught a lesson: you want a qualified candidate? better offer us what we deserve! R4: Doing some research you can see that the institution is hurting economically. They have had several rounds of positions being cut in the last decade, even tenure-track employees being terminated, early retirements with those positions not being filled... They probably cannot pay for the person they need, as R3 pointed out.
  • College of Charleston (Assistant Professor of Spanish), accepted 4/6.
  • Princeton University (Spanish Lecturer) also declined (3/15) R1: how come? Is it that bad in there? R2: Good Q. Please see R2 in the post below from the other candidate who declined; in short, they cannot guarantee a full load and the cost of living out there is very, very high - much too high to only have a 60% or 80% load, for example. Also, the lecturer contract, no matter the department at Princeton, has a maximum of a six-year duration and then you are terminated. Thus, buying a house and establishing a life in Princeton, NJ is out of the question as you never know what your salary will be and you will have to leave after six years.
  • University of Central Florida (Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics), notified 3/11 R1: Didn't they make an offer before Christmas? Or did they reopen the search later? R2: Good Q. Their first candidate is going elsewhere so they decided to offer it to their second candidate. R3: Position accepted
  • Princeton University (Spanish Lecturer) declined R1: Any specific reason? R2: My lecturer position is more secure, stable, and eligible for promotion. The position at Princeton is great for someone who has no job or is an adjunct with no benefits. R3: I had something similar happen to me a long time ago. I got offered a lecturer position at UVA but it was a yearly contract and they said they couldn't guarantee my contract would be renewed. I'm glad I didn't take it. That position has been on the market year after year since then. They keep burning through people with no end in sight. R4: I got the Princeton Lecturer position today as well; two offers were granted from my understanding. I also got the UVA lecturer position last year, so I completely understand. R5: I was notified last week but declined today.
  • Tennessee State University (TT Assistant Professor Spanish) accepted 3/3
  • Jacksonville State University (2/25) (second hand, reliable) which one: TT or Instructor position? R1: TT
  • Wake Forest notified 2/17
  • Lycoming College (second hand, reliable) notified 2/16. R2. For both positions? R3. Wondering the same R4. Sorry. I just learned about one of the positions. R5: They filled both positions yesterday (chair email).
  • St. Michael's College Offer made and accepted (second hand, reliable)
  • Kalamazoo College Offer made and accepted (second hand, reliable)

Campus Interviews[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • University of Minnesota, notified 5/25 (declined) Is this lecturer/Coordinator position?
  • Georgia Tech (virtuaI), notified 4/20
  • Dickinson College (virtual campus visit, notified 4/20)
  • LSU (Coordinator/Instructor, virtual campus visit, notified 4/15)
  • Colorado University, Boulder (Lecturer, virtual campus visit, notified 4/8) x2
  • Minnesota State University (virtual campus visit) notified 4/2
  • Whitman College (VAP position) notified 04/01
  • East Carolina University (virtual campus visit) notified 3/30
  • University of Cincinnati—Clermont College (TT, Notified 03/19)
  • Cal State Monterey Bay (Peninsular TT) (Notified 03/19)
  • Pacific University - Oregon (notified 3/20)
  • Coastal Carolina University (notified 03/12)
  • Eastern Oregon University (notified 03/12)
  • FIU (TT, virtual), notified 3/11. - Is this for the Portuguese position? R1. Spanish R2: there is an internal candidate... R3: Is the internal candidate for the TT or the Portuguese position? R2: The internal candidate is for the Spanish position
  • Boston College (Spanish coordinator position - virtual on-campus) notified 3/8
  • Westminster College (in-person campus visit) notified 3/1
  • Miss State Instructor/Coordinator (virtual campus visit) notified 3/3 x2
  • LSU TT (virtual campus visit) notified 3/1
  • College of Charleston (instructor focus on Hispanic linguistics): second hand, reliable
  • Texas Lutheran U (virtual campus visit) notified 2/17.
  • Tennessee State U (virtual campus visit) notified 2/16. R1. Someone mentioned a teaching demo below. Is this also for a teaching demo? -No, it's an actual virtual campus visit. I already sent the teaching demo.
  • Muhlenberg College (Spanish lecturer - virtual campus visit) notified 2/16
  • Loyola University New Orleans (VAP virtual campus visit) notified 2/13
  • Spelman College (Portuguese - virtual campus visit) notified 2/1
  • Berea College (virtual campus visit) notified 2/5
  • Jacksonville State University (virtual campus visit) TT position. Notified 2/02
  • Hillsdale College ( in-person campus visit) notified 1/25 x2
  • Lycoming College (virtual campus visit) notified 1/20. How many were notified?x1
  • Hamilton College (virtual campus visit) notified 1/19
  • UC Santa Cruz (I contacted the chair and was notified that they already selected their candidates for campus interviews 1/12)
  • UC Davis (virtual campus visit) notified 1/11
  • Swarthmore College (virtual campus visit) notified 1/11
  • University of Nebraska Omaha (TT) (virtual campus visit) notified 12/23 R1. Is this for the TT position? OP. Yes, apologies for not clarifying originally!
  • Saint Anselm College (virtual “on campus”) notified 12/21
  • Texas Tech University (virtual "on campus") x2
  • University of Central Florida (virtual "on campus") x2
  • University of Connecticut for Languages, Literatures and Cultures position as part of Catalyzing Anti-Racist and Decolonial Futures cluster hire: campus visits conducted between 2/8 and 2/19. Anyone heard back after campus visits? R1: Waiting as well, no word from them. Given the interviews calendar, I am afraid that they should have picked already one candidate (3/17)
  • Saint Francis University: virtual campus visit 12/7

Zoom / Skype / Phone Interviews[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • Central Connecticut State University (Contemp. Peninsular, 7/1)
  • U of San Diego (VAP, 6/30)
  • Centre College (VAP, 6/29) x2
  • Central Connecticut State University (Contemporary Latin America, 6/21)
  • UNC-Greensboro (VAP, 6/4)
  • Fairfield University (VAP, 6/7)
  • St. Mary’s University (VAP, notified 6/2)
  • Ohio State University (Academic Program Specialist Position, notified 6/2) x2
  • Hope College (VAP, notified 5/19)
  • University of Minnesota (Lecturer, notified 5/17)
  • Miami of Ohio (VAP, notified 5/15)
  • Hamilton College (VAP, notified on 5/13)
  • Kansas State (VAP, notified 5/5)x2
  • Holy Cross (VAP, notified 5/4) x2
  • University of Indianapolis (TT, notified 4/30)
  • University of Alabama (LPD/Instructor, notified 4/28)
  • Syracuse University (VAP, notified 4/9)
  • U of Virginia (Lecturer, notified 4/7)
  • College of the Desert (notified 4/12)
  • Villanova University (Assistant Teaching Professor, notified 4/12)
  • University of Louisiana, Monroe (TT, notified 4/8)
  • Eastern Illinois University (Instructor, notified 4/2)
  • Pennsylvania State University (Lecturer, notified 4/1)
  • University of Akron (NTT, notified 3/31) x2
  • University of Akron (TT, notified 3/31) x3
  • Georgia Tech (notified 3/31)
  • Louisiana State University (Spanish Language Coordinator, notified 3/30) x2
  • Whitman College - VAP, notified 3/29
  • Occidental College - TT Peninsular Spanish, notified 3/23 X3 Any news after the interview? The campus visits took place last week. Any news after the campus visit?
  • St. Francis college (Assistant Professor of Spanish, 3/23) x3
  • MSU Texas (TT AP, 3/23) x3
  • University of Wisconsin La Crosse (Lecturer, 3/22)
  • Rhodes College (VAP, 3/19)
  • East Carolina University (Clinical/Instructor, 3/21) x 4 (Teaching Assistant Professor)
  • Colby College (VAP, 3/19)
  • Southern Methodist University (Lecturer in Spanish, 3/19)
  • Spanish open-rank tenure-track position at Perimeter College- Georgia State University (notified 3/16)
  • University of Northern Iowa (TT in Spanish, 3/13)
  • University of Colorado, Boulder (Instructor) 3/12 x3
  • University of Puerto Rico—Mayagüez (TT in Spanish, 3/11)
  • University of Cincinnati—Clermont College (TT in Spanish, 3/10) x3
  • Eastern Florida State College (tenure-track Spanish instructor position, notified 3/9, initial interview is set up more like campus visit)
  • Pacific University (extended-term Spanish position, Zoom interview, notified 3/9)
  • Durham University (long-listed, notified 03/08) x2 (no interview request though)
  • Southeast Missouri State University (zoom interview, notified 03/01) x 2
  • Coastal Carolina University (TT position, notified 02/27) x 4
  • California State University - Monterey Bay (TT in Peninsular Spanish): Notified 02/26
  • Macalester College (VAP in Spanish linguistics): Zoom interview (notified 2/24), zoom interview (notified 2/25).
  • Boston College (Assistant Professor of the Practice in Hispanic Studies / Coordinator of Upper Level Spanish Language Program) Zoom interview (notified 2/19) x3
  • Mississippi State University (instructor position) Zoom interview (notified 02/17) x2
  • Portland State University: (Spanish Heritage Language Coordinator) Zoom interview 2/12
  • FIU: Zoom interview notified 2/10 x2; (Early modern/golden age/colonial) Zoom interview taken place (2nd hand, reliable) (3/1/21).
  • Sam Houston State University (TT): Zoom interview (notified 2/11)
  • College of Charleston (Instructor of Spanish): Zoom interview (notified 2/10) x2
  • Westminster College (MO): Zoom interview (notified 2/9) x3 (notified 2/10)
  • LSU (TT): Zoom interview (notified 2/8)
  • Princeton University (lecturer of Spanish) Zoom interview (notified 2/6) x3
  • Jacksonville State University (Instructor position) Zoom interview (notified 02/05)
  • Rockhurst University Zoom interview (notified 2/3) Q: Is this the TT position in SLA? I thought the deadline for applications is Feb 15? R1: I had the exact same question given the deadline has yet to pass; hope original poster replies ; Yes, it's for the TT SLA position. It appears the deadline has not yet passed but I believe they picked the candidates for the initial interviews
  • Texas Lutheran University Zoom interview (notified 2/1) x2
  • Muhlenberg College (Spanish lecturer) Zoom interview (notified 1/29) x2
  • Loyola University New Orleans (Visiting Ass. Prof.): Zoom interview (notified 1/28)
  • U of Connecticut: Zoom interview (1/27)
  • Tennessee State University: Zoom interview (1/27) x4
  • Rollins College: Zoom interview (1/25)
  • Berea College: Zoom interview (notified 1/25) x2
  • Emory and Henry College: Zoom interview (notified 1/16)
  • Spelman College: Zoom interview (Portuguese) (notified 1/13) R1: Interviews were 1/25 and 1/26. R2: Did they send invitations for a second phase? R1: (1/29) I haven’t heard anything yet.
  • Bennington College: Zoom interview (1/12); Zoom interview (01/13) x2
  • Binghamton University: Zoom interview (notified 1/12)
  • Saint Michael's College: Zoom interview (notified 01/12)
  • Jacksonville State University: Zoom interview (notified 01/11) Q: Is this the lecturer position or the TT position? R1: TT position x2
  • University of California Davis: Zoom interview (notified 12/28) x2
  • University of Southern California: Zoom interview (Portuguese) (notified 12/22)
  • University of Minnesota - Twin Cities: Zoom interview (12/18) (lecturer/coordinator position)
  • Florida Gulf Coast University: phone interview (12/18)
  • UNO: Zoom interview 12/15 (Assistant Professor)
  • Kalamazoo College: Zoom interview (notified 12/12) x4
  • Lake Forest College: Zoom interview (notified 12/9)
  • Swarthmore College: Zoom interview (notified 12/11) x2
  • Hamilton College: Zoom interview (notified 12/11) x3
  • Texas Tech University: Zoom interview (notified 12/3)
  • Hillsdale College: Zoom interview (notified 12/7)
  • UC Santa Cruz: Zoom interview (notified 12/2) x2
  • Lycoming College: Zoom interview (notified 12/1) x5
  • SUNY Purchase: Zoom interview (notified 11/25)
  • Santa Clara University: Zoom interview (notified 11/23) x2
  • Saint Anselm College: Zoom interview 12/16
  • University of Houston: Zoom interview 12/2 x2
  • Saint Francis University: Zoom interview 12/2
  • University of Central Florida: Zoom interview mid-late November (Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics) x2
  • Muskingum University: Zoom interview 10/31
  • Univ of Nebraska-Omaha: Zoom interview 11/24 (instructor position, notified 11/21); rejection via email on 12/16/20
  • West Point: Zoom interview 1/20 x1

MLA Interviews[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

Additional Materials Requested[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • University of Chicago, Assistant Instructional Professor in Spanish (notified 04/14), R2: Was this meant to be posted under 'Zoom interviews'? R3: No, they emailed me and requested more materials (teaching demo recording, and more). They did not mention interviews yet.
  • Rhodes College (Lecturer): Received an email to say they have updated the posting and asking me to resubmit my materials to the new version of the posting if I am still interested in the position. R1: If have no skin in this game but, judging by the changes between one posting and the other, it looks like they decided to lower the salary allotted to that position.
  • Minnesota State University (TT): Received a phone call on 3/23 asking if I was still interested in the position. I was told that they were in the process of contacting my references.
  • University of Akron (TT): An email from the search committee chair to upload missing documents. In my case, the letters of recommendation from Interfolio, which is just impossible if the app system doesn't send a request to each of the Interfolio email addresses provided. Has anybody done this in the past? This sounds weird but who knows. R2 Same here. I have no idea what to do and plan on contacting HR tomorrow. R3: well, it's good to know I won't be the only one contacting HR tomorrow. Their system is AWFUL. It's very cumbersome and took me almost two hours to submit my application and upload the requested documents. And even then, I also received that email from the chair letting me know that I was missing some key documents. I will call them and ask what is it I'm missing only because I already invested two hours into the process. Best of luck to you all, friends! R4: Same here, the whole process is very confusing. Since the position is not hosted by Interfolio it seems that people like me who use the free version of Interfolio need to pay the $48 dollar membership to send the letters to this university. Is that correct? ugh :( R2 I have Dossier and it still didn’t work. The system has to request the letter and it apparently hasn’t yet/won’t.
  • Midwestern State University (MSU Texas): applicant statistical data sheet (3/1) x 2
  • Occidental College (OXY): Take online survey. Deb 19. x1 any news after the interview?
  • Tennessee State University: Teaching video by 02/12. x2 Is this for a campus interview? Yes! Congrats!
  • St Thomas Aquinas College: voluntary applicant data collection form (12/16)x4
  • Lycoming College: teaching porfolio (12/14) x 5
  • Cornell College: teaching video by 11/23
  • Florida Gulf Coast University: cover letter, evidence of teaching effectiveness, and letters of recommendation by 11/15 x3


List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • St. Francis College (Assistant Professor of Spanish Language and Culture) email 6/4/2021 after virtual campus visit
  • Tulane University (Visiting Assistant Professor of Latin American and Latinx Studies) email 5/26/2021
  • University of Northern Iowa (Assistant Professor of Spanish) email 5/24/2021
  • University of Chicago (06/08) Assistant Instructional Professor in Spanish
  • Wesleyan University (Visiting Prof Position) 5/28/2021
  • University of Michigan (LEO Lecturer III) email 5/18/2021
  • University of Colorado Boulder (Spanish Instructor) email 5/17/2021
  • University of Akron (NTT) email 5/17/2021
  • Eastern Illinois University (Lecturer) email 5/12/2021
  • Cabrillo College (Instructor) email on 5/4/2021
  • U of Virginia (Lecturer), by e-mail 5/2/201
  • Mayaguez, by email 5/10/2021
  • Rhodes College (VAP), by email, on 5-4 x2
  • Mississippi State University (Instructor/Coordinator) - received phone call 4/22; apparently the search was cancelled due to an inappropriate question by a member of the search committee to one of the finalists so the Dean cancelled the search. It's hard to see where the actual truth may lie. R1: This is on itself so embarrassing that I doubt they'd lie about it. R2: I believe this. I got an interview with them and there was a strange vibe, and quite unprofessional people over the email communication too. Glad I wasn't call for anything else after their zoom interview. R3: I think they do not know what they want in terms of faculty. They had a search of a tenure-track position last year and they finally hired no one. It is a pity because the department looked like a very nice place to work in.
  • University of Cincinnatti Clermont College (TT) - received email 4/22 x2 R1: Was this after a campus interview? R2: I only had a first round 40 minute zoom interview. R3: I got rejected after a campus interview.
  • Southern Methodist University (Spanish lecturer) - notified 4/22 x2
  • Colby College - 4/16
  • St. Francis College - Received email 4/15
  • Boston College - Rejection notified on 4/13
  • How many rejections have you guys experienced this year? I have applied to 7 positions, have gotten interviews for six of them and a campus visit. None have landed me a job offer, yet. The campus visit I went to, I thought, would become a job offer but I was very wrong. I am writing this to vent a bit, and if you would like to share, please do. It's a very cruel job market we're facing this year. R1: I applied to 28 positions this year, got 8 initial interviews, 5 virtual on-campus, and three offers (lecturer and VAP positions)... no TT interviews whatsoever... merely lecturer/VAP positions. R2: You two should be proud and hopeful. If you landed so many invitations, that means you are solid and your chances are high. I sent around 25 and only got 3-4 initial interviews and at this point feeling hopeless. Should I have put my money and time in the stock market and would prolly be making a decent income rather than living out of food stamps. The irony of all this is I know a friend working for a regional university who is desperate to leave for the way being treated. I'm not sure to be looking forward to it. R3: R2, I'm sorry to hear. I work at a regional university and while it is true that we're underpaid and overworked, at least they treat me well here. I have heard of horror stories attached to small colleges in remote areas but thankfully that's not my case. Are you an ABD? Regardless of your status, what I can tell you has improved my chances over time is publishing. Publishing in peer-reviewed journals has given my CV and my cover letters a bent that has certainly become attractive in the job market. It still won't guarantee that you land the job, but it dos increase your odds significantly. If you're in a position to write and publish while you complete your degree or work at a not so ideal place, you should continue. Carry on, amigo. But it's also okay to quit if you want to, there's more to life than academia, even if it's hard to leave it. R4: Publishing does not help that much. I have nine publications (mostly in peer-reviewed journals and a couple of book chapters), many research awards, and I am still ABD, which would look like a very promising career for most. But despite applying for more than twenty positions this year, I got nothing, only a couple of Zoom interviews. What really helps is the topic of your research. If it fits the current trends, you will have higher chances although you have only one or two publications. And coming from and Ivy league institution also helps a lot, although you do not publish that much. In the case of finding a job in regional universities, not needing sponsorship is what helps. It is easier to hire someone who does not need a visa. I do not blame regional institutions for preferring American citizens or Green Card holders, though (and I am an immigrant). They choose what they think is best and easy for them. R2D2: R4 is right! It doesn't matter how much you publish if you don't fit within what they're looking for. I believe language skills also kinda impact the decision when choosing X or Y candidate. I think it's unfair in the case of Spanish since you technically don't need English. English is my third language and I did not grow up speaking it so I find myself oftentimes struggling to make my point crystal clear and so I am under the impression most o the times I have failed to land an offer is because of this. Ironic since what they're looking for as it reads in the job descriptions are native speakers of the language. Also, reverse discrimination is affecting many of us since the discourse in diversity seems to have placed a burden on committees to select people who fall within a minority group even if they're not the most qualified. Excellence, in my opinion is being sacrificed for the sake of pleasing the public opinion. Prove me wrong, I beg. R5. LOL at "reverse discrimination," please, grab a book and educate yourself on racism. It's interesting that we can all diagnose our weakest points (language skills, publications, etc) as the reason why we didn't get hired. I can also think of my usual go-to answer as to "why not me." But the truth remains there are few positions and many applicants. This is basic supply and demand. That, and prestige of university are proven (evidenced) to be top reasons why candidates are chosen or not. R6. Reverse Discrimination and Other Reasons Why Your Diversity Statements Suck—A Practical Guide to Wipe Your White Tears. R7: I think R2D2 has pointed out to a very concerning issue. I know there are departments that reject applications from the beginning because the applicant is not a minority. This is unfair and it reveals that they do not want the best candidate in terms of scholarship but the one that will provide a diverse picture to the department, regardless of his or her value as a scholar.
  • University of Nebraska Omaha -Rejection, notified 3/31, R1: same here, but rejection notified 4/6
  • University of Bristol (UK) (Peninsular) 3/31 x2
  • Hamilton College- Thank you very much for your interest in the Assistant Professor of Early Modern literature/cultures position at Hamilton College. We had a very strong applicant pool this year, and the position has now been filled.We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.Sincerely,
  • Berea College - Rejection notified on 03/24 (standard email from HR) x4
  • Utah Valley University - Rejection notified on 03/23 x2 R2: I also applied to this position and haven't received any email from them (any rejection nor an invitation). Anyone knows why this may be happening? R3 to R2: Same, maybe we have been long-listed and will hear something soon (either rejection or good news)
  • Princeton University - lecturer position (03/18) x2
  • Sarah Lawrence (FT Guest Faculty position Latin America) - received rejection on 3/18 (standard HR email) x3
  • Santa Clara University - Rejection notified on 03/13
  • Cabrillo College - rejection received on 3/16 (standard email from HR) x3
  • Durham University: Rejection notified 03/08 (standard email). x2
  • Pacific University - Oregon: rejection notified 3/5 x4 R1: I am sorry to hear about the rejections; I applied to this position and have not received a rejection nor an invitation... I haven't heard anything at all...
  • Mount St Mary's University: Woke up to a "thanks but no thanks e-mail from the university: rejection by e-mail/no interview: notified 3/3 x3. R1: Thank you for your patience during our review of the dossiers for the non-tenure track assistant professor of Spanish position in our department. The committee and I were impressed with the high quality of the applicants. Your dossier showed promise for success based on your teaching experience and research. However, it did not fully align with the qualities that we are seeking in a candidate for our position at this time. We sincerely thank you for your interest in the Mount and wish you continued success as you pursue other positions and continue your academic career. Sincerely R2: Makes you wonder if they have a rejection letter for good candidates, another one for not-so-good candidates, and one for those candidates who did not even qualify for the position. R3: I got the same letter. It seems like a tactful version of the "Dear Applicant" letter. They forgot to fix the spacing when they copied and pasted my name in the salutation. Embarrassing.
  • Brown University, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in International Humanities: rejection by email (notified 3/2). R1 Is this after an interview? R2: No, no llegué a la entrevista. x1 R3: Rejection (email March 5). I did interview. Cannot wait to see the chosen one. x2
  • Carnegie Mellon University (Visiting Professor in Hispanic Studies position): rejection by email (notified 3/3)
  • MindCORE Postdoctoral Fellowship: rejection by email (notified 3/2)
  • Lycoming College: Just received the typical e-mail saying they're not interested in my skills. Aren't you all feeling like universities should stop flooding the market with so many worthless degrees? R1: Creo que el problema radica en que a los estudiantes internacionales, después de que nuestras universidades básicamente les dan una educación gratuita, desean quedarse y buscar trabajo aquí y ahí hay una competencia muy desleal con nosotros los “gringos”. Esta dinámica es muy irónica, super injusta y debe cambiar para que no hay como 300 candidatos por un puesto de trabajo. Al parecer, los doctorados deberían ser ofrecidos como en Inglaterra, para que así las universidades dejen de depender de estudiantes, en particular de los internacionales. OJO, que la mayoría de los estudiantes internacionales en su mayoría vienen de universidades particulares. En todo caso, quisiera que un puesto de trabajo vaya a un estudiante internacional que haya asistido a una universidad pública, de clase trabajadora y no a los que pertenecen a las elites latinoamericanas, etc. Como reza el dicho “a buen entendedor, pocas palabras” R2: Non-gendered Dude, stop that xenophobic racist rhetoric. What are you the Donald Trump o Hispanic Studies, the "elite browns" are coming here to take your jobs? Is that it? Not structural problems within academia itself which is crumbling. Really shut the f*ck up. R3: ¿Competencia desleal? Parece que no estás enteradx de los privilegios que ustedes “los gringos” tienen. Si por competencia desleal te referís a que nosotros “los internacionales” estamos mucho más capacitados para los trabajos académicos que surgen en el campo de Hispanic Studies, sí, estoy de acuerdo. ¿Dinámica injusta? Lo injusto tal vez sería que vos consiguieras un trabajo cuando ni siquiera sabés usar el subjuntivo de forma correcta. Estoy completamente de acuerdo con lo que te contestaron, es lamentable que haya personas como vos en la academia (y fuera de ella, claro está). Por último, ya que tu español deja mucho que desear, si no entendés esto te lo puedo traducir. R2 Y R3 De que “browns” hablas, bueno fuera que las posiciones ocuparan los “browns”, eso me pondría muy contenta, pero los “browns” no son los que ocupan las posiciones que haya. Al parecer, no has viajado Latinoamérica, antes de emitir tu comentario deberías saber un poco más de la idiosincrasia latinoamericana para que se te quite de tu mentecita eso: de que solo hay “browns” en Suramérica. Tampoco, sabes leer entre líneas cuando hablo de elites, pero ¿has visitado alguna universidad católica o privada en Latinoamérica? ¿Sabes quiénes son los estudiantes que tienen acceso a esas universidades? El decir que hay tantos estudiantes, en particular internacionales, en los Departamentos de Español en los EEUU, y quienes nos desplazan (a nosotros los gringos), no me hace trumpista, es una verdad, que si te incomodad, nada puedo hacer al respecto. Ni se diga de los estudiantes de España, simplemente, no les deben dar ni admisión a los doctorados, hay tantos en los Departamentos de Español. ¿Qué han hecho por nosotros? ¿Nos dan becas de 4 o 6 años en su país? R4: ¿Educación gratuita? La pagamos con trabajo barato y viviendo con el mínimo de recursos mientras las universidades se llevan la tajada grande. Eso es lo que hacemos por ustedes. Sí, fíjate si la competencia es desleal que la mayoría de las veces prefieren contratar a alguien que hable mejor inglés que español, que publique en inglés más que en español, que ofrezca la perspectiva "gringa" de nuestras sociedades más que la propiamente hispana. Pero seamos honestos: ¿quién en este país sueña con ser profesor de español? Aquí, esta es una profesión para los que no pudieron ser otra cosa en la vida, ni médicos, ni abogados, ni hombres de negocios, o sea, es una profesión para gente mediocre que solo puede ser "mejor" que los internacionales, ante todo, por su condición de gringo/a. R5: You most be pretty moronic to not understand that your argument si exatcly the same of trumpist and the American etnonationalist right. "This migrants, this others, are coming for our jobs, the jobs that we as the chosen people of murica deserve and are entitled to". You need to start really for once, trying to think and see what are the material conditions and social structures that create the dire state of academic labor. If not look at the fields of comparative literature, English and history just to name a few. Read about labor, learn about the academy as a field of work, read some Spanish too, as R3 is pointing you don't seem to have it completely mastered, maybe do that first and then try to fight the American Fight. Make Spanish Departments American Again! (Also thank you for explaining my subcontinent to me, you bright gringx master, you definitely do deserve that teaching position!). R6: No puedo creer que les estudiantes internacionales seamos el problema. ¿Tenemos que mostrar un carnet de refugiade para que nos acepten hacer un doctorado en Estados Unidos? ¿Te parece injusto que una persona nacida en un país, que estudia ese país, que sabe muchísimo más de la cultura general de ese país, enseñe cursos sobre ese país? Me tuve que fumar que profesores con tenure no sepan hablar español y enseñen prejuicios racistas y xenofóbicos del país en que nací y ahora que unx latinx se queje de que le robo el trabajo? Tus xadres no emigraron a este imperio en decadencia para que pienses que tus enemigos son otres latinoamericanes y no las instituciones white supremacists que te están precarizando los empleos. La verdad, me dio mucha vergüenza ajena tu comentario. R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 y R6 Puede que mi país esté en decadencia, pero bien que viniste a estudiar acá, que incluso quieres quedarte a vivir aquí y no en tu país. Esos argumentos infantiles de que “xenofobia” “que las universidades tienen la culpa”, peor eso de que "nosotras las gringas no sabemos la cultura latinoamericana". Recuerda que hago investigación y esto me ha llevado a viajar y a vivir en Suramérica. No es suficiente con ser de Suramérica, se requiere mucho más que eso. Una cosa es que los latinoamericanos sepan deforma superficial códigos culturales, y otra cosa es realizar investigación y publicar. R7: ¡Por favor! Tu nivel de prepotencia imperialista es ya una vergüenza. ¿De verdad nos vas a explicar a lxs latinoamericanxs como son nuestras universidades y lo que llamas "idiosincrasia latinoamericana"? Si hubieras viajado por America Latina y hecho investigación seguramente te darías cuenta de lo imperialista que es tu discurso, y posiblemente escribirías mejor en español. R8: Repeat after me: Lets Make Spanish Departments Murican again! Lets get clean of all those foreigners inviding our spanish deparments. They may say infantile things like "you are being a xenophobic moron that really has no clue about labor, or arguably anything" or "you should really read a little of anything". They may tell us that its a structural problem given the precarization of academic labor and a neolberal process disposetion and adjuntification. They may tell us that we should look at other disciplines where there arent as many undesirables and there is actually less jobs and more candidates. They may say something stupid like "please, think for a second". But no we know its all a farse, we know we deserve them position of Spanish. Lets take our Spanish Deparment's back, Lets make Hispanic Studies American and Great Again! R9: "Argumentos infantiles" es venir a ventilar tu complejo de superioridad en un foro donde la gente está buscando trabajo durante una crisis mundial. Quedarte un semestre en un país latinoamericano no te hace una experta, compañera, te hace una turista. Tu problema son las instituciones universitarias de acá, no competidores legítimos por un puesto de trabajo. Si les latinoamericanes venimos sobre cualificados, es por el desastre de sus BA de español. R10: Gringa se dice "nosotras las gringas no conocemos la cultura latianomericana". Por favor si vas a seguir con tus sandeces por lo menos intentá usar el idioma que quieres enseñar medianamente bien. Además que la mayoria de las colegas estadounidenses no son unas fachas como vos, entonces dejá de clamar la voz por todas, a diferencia tuya si hay colegas que sí conocen la culutra latinoamericana. R11: Con ese discurso racista e imperialista se nota que no has aprendido nada en tu doctorado. No me extraña que no encuentres empleo (y ojalá que así sigas...), es más fácil poner excusas y despotricar de los internacionales. R11: Señores y señoras, no se dejen provocar. Ese o esa debe ser algún troll que no tiene nada que hacer a falta de empleo o mejor ocupación. Posiblemente sea un/a resentido/a que desliza algún que otro error gramatical para que parezca gringo/a, ya que su inglés no debe ser perfecto. No le sigan la corriente. R12: es el año 2021 y los académicos se empiezan a dar cuenta de que existe algo llamado "in-group preference". Todos esos diplomas prestigiosos de universidades tan caras y, con todo, mucha gente no tiene ni ápice de sentido común sobre la naturaleza humana y cómo, al final del día, todos quieren formar parte de una tribu. En lugar de despotricar contra españoles o americanos, reconozcan que el sistema está en bastante mala forma y así seguirá hasta que colapse o menos gente deje de adquirir doctorados en letras con la esperanza de trabajar en Estados Unidos. Hasta entonces, que siga la fiesta de 100 posiciones TT al año y centenares de solicitantes por plaza. R13. Let's all take a breadth and calm down. I also received their rejection letter. I recieved the rejection email from the chair yesterday and its always hard to hear no. Al least the email was rather personal and didnt seem like a form letter from HR. Am I less upset? No. I wanted the job and spent a lot of time researching the college and spent a lot of time on their portfolio. I prepared 4 syllabi besides lesson plans and all they asked. I kind of feel used since I provided a lot of personalized materials for their college, which they now have and can use. Anyway, I guess rather then spending time fighting amongst each other we need to have a larger conversation about the demands colleges ask during the interview process. If they interview you and then ask for more materials, the least they can do is provide feedback. Am I carzy? R14: R11 desafortunadamente no es así la persona que escribe bajo el usuario 666333666333D ya ha tenido este tipo de intervenciones anteriormente. Yéndose de xenófobx, racista y claramente trumpista, pidiendo una nueva doctrina Monroe para los depts de español en Estados Unidos. Reclamándole a la chusma latinoamericana que viene acá a robarse primero las plazas doctorales y el capital que viene que no ellas, y que además lxs migrantes conchudxs tienen el descaro de querer quedarse en esta, su patria y sólo suya, después de eso. Un despropósito de ser. Ojalá fuera capaz de decir eso sin anónimos, de frente. Seguro así por fin sacaría chamba en la academia como defensora de las minorías americanas empobrecidas por la invasión extranjera. Si no, en el peor de los casos se podría consolidar como el/la próximx gran intelectual del la derecha gringa, la nueva Ingram o el nuevo Banon. Da la cara gringx culoroto! R15: Don´t engage please! Three important rules that must never be broken: do not expose the mogwai to light, especially sunlight, which will kill it; do not let it come in contact with water; and above all, never feed it after midnight. Let´s keep this space clean by ignoring them. R1: Guys, it wasn't my intention to start a fight. Rather, I wanted to put the focus on how horrible the conditions in "academia" are today and how universities keep immorally granting meaningless degrees for positions that are not too far from modern slavery. I speak for myself here, I am currently employed at an regional institution with a teaching focus but my experience is nothing far from humiliating. I will never ever advise a person I love to study a PhD in humanities. Certainly not in Spanish. Good luck to you all; I will leave you my "position" so you try to be happy. R16. I've been thinking very deeply about this thread and I tend to never post nor comment in ways that feed the trolls that lurk in this space. But oh well, here I go. I too think the comments are trumpist and racist and xenophobic, and not just that, also blatantly laughable. The idea that "our" (meaning US) universities don't benefit from cheap grad labor is ridiculous. And, while we're at it, that "our" is disgraceful too because most universities in this country are founded on stolen native lands. So please, a otro perro con ese hueso, chiquita. Grab a history book que no muerden. Besides, if you didn't land an interview, it's not because the market is saturated, it's because demand is at an all-time low for positions. Compare it to previous years. You don't have to hold a PhD to see that. Of course, if there were more positions, universities could hire mediocre people with poor language skills like yourself, but that's not the case. Besides, to think that PhDs are useless degrees is to have zero perspective. I don't mean that you should work on Wall Street, but look around you, there are tons of jobs for highly qualified people with advanced terminal degrees, and they both have great careers and high salaries in this country. It's also time to stop imagining PhDs in the humanities are one-trick ponies that can only teach at the college level. R1: (not the Trumpist gringa) Exactly!!! I don't think the PhD is useless. I can't deny it has brought a loit of value to my life but we all have to agree universities are graduating too many PhD's with poor Spanish, cultural awareness (see the gringa above) and low prospects for an academic job unless you're willing to be someone's biotch at a regional university where you'll be nothing more than cheap labor regardless of the PhD. I am quitting academia for the sake of sanity and will never look back. You'll find me probably playing the guitar downtown Nashville with a tip jar that'll read "help an academia survivor'. R16: Heh @ R1. You'll find me working at a CTL or similar, leveraging teaching, research and communication skills while still enjoying the higher ed environment (the nice version, not the toxic one) and not grading papers. R1: Bro tip me on that one. I need to find a new purpose in life. Toxic academia has killed my soul. R17: Nunca creo que había escuchado tantas idioteces. La competencia desleal es que ustedes ni hablar español bien pueden, incluyendo los mismos profesores americanos que ni el subjuntivo saben usar. Además, en mi caso, en algunos lugares ni siquiera pude poner mi solicitud por necesitar sponsorship para la H1B. Los contratan a ustedes porque no tienen que gastar. Ah, y por cierto, se nota que no sabes nada de Latinoamérica. Algunos de nosotros sí fuimos a una universidad privada, pero tuvimos que partirnos el lomo trabajando a tiempo completo para poder pagarla, los que han crecido en bandeja de plata son ustedes, gringx imbécil.
  • University of Southern California (Portuguese): search was called off after online campus visits. R1: Oh my goodness. I am so sorry that you were so close to getting a great position.... and then it was called off. I can only imagine what you are going through. Positive thoughts sent your way for the future!
  • Pacific University: E-mail just got in saying "we are unable to pursue your application further". Anybody has suggestions for a career change? R1: Chris Caterine's book "Leaving Academia" is a really excellent place to start. It offers practical steps for initiating the process, in case you are interested. While I didn't apply for the Pacific University position, I have been unlucky so far on the market this year, so I sympathize with you. Fuerza! R2: I am sorry. I'm currently teaching at a private high school and I have to say that I absolutely love it. Though I know that if you need a Visa, private schools rarely sponsor. As it is, the flexibility and pay are really solid. And I am living in a place I want to live!! I applied for two jobs this year (I'm not optimistic lol) because I want to feel like I "tried" to get an academic job but the truth is I love my job right now. Obviously very anecdotal and if you are super research driven maybe not the best choice but there are academia adjacent options that can be wonderful! R3: This is so great to hear; I have applied for two private high school jobs and I am really, really hoping that they get back to me. Glad to hear that you are definitely enjoying this type of work environment because I think that it is more up-my-alley than a hard-core R1 or an Ivy, etc.
  • College of the Desert: Rejection received a day after submitting application, yet within the deadline (2/16). I am an international candidate, so I assume that the quick rejection may be related to not offering visa sponsorship. R2. Most likely. Sorry to hear. Keep trying! R3: UGH. That is lousy on their part.
  • Elon - Rejection email which doesn't make any sense since this was a TT position with application deadline on Jan 15 2021: "Dear Applicant: We closed our Assistant Professor of Spanish search after noting that applicants were unable to start working by the beginning of our Spring semester due to current employment contractual obligations." Any idea of what does it means? / Email received on Feb. 15 2021. x2 R2: They were probably ambitiously wanting a new TT faculty member to start this Spring semester 2021, but due to paperwork delays and other setbacks they decided to suspend the search. Just an idea! R3: Either they were too picky, or no one is really that unemployed—it could actually be both. However, the joke is on them: their search started way too late for a spring hiring. R4. Is it possible to open a fake job search just to get syllabi? They asked for nothing but 3 syllabi!!! R5: Hahahahah!! This is too funny... employed academics requiring help/ideas/innovation from (younger) jobless ones ;) R6: as if departments and people don't stagnate with age. Not to say that R4 is right, but neither are you. I have seen it firsthand how departments and people in academia become complacent and don't worry about improving their courses, research, or even themselves. R7: I completely agree with you R5. I have worked at three different institutions and I am still a young scholar trying my best to do everything I can to be successful in this field, and time and time again I see the same complacency and lack of innovation; but they require so, so, so much of the younger faculty that have yet to obtain a full time long-term position. R8: In response to R5, departments wouldn't survive if it were not for young and jobless academics willing to take adjunct positions out of desperation. We all know the situation is unjust and unsustainable. My experience has been similar to that of R6 & R7. There is so much tenured dead weight. This profession is eating its young. R9: R5 is either a troll or a tenured faculty somewhere that has lost touch with reality. Unfortunately, there are many like him in academia. R10: My apologies... I actually wrote R5 and I have been a part-time faculty member for many, many years and have yet to get a full-time job in academia thus far... what I described in R5 was actually me laughing about the situation (mocking the older members of the ivory tower and their lack of motivation and ideas) instead of crying... I hope that my R5 comment reads with a more "ironic tinge" now that it is more explicitly explained. R11: R10: éste ha sido un año particularmente malo en varios frentes y el humor ciertamente nos ayuda a sobrellevar la situación. Un abrazo a la distancia y los mejores deseos, amig@. Espero que tu situación laboral mejore y que estés tomando las medidas y decisiones que faciliten dichas mejoras.
  • Lane College - I couldn't finish the application because I don't have a work visa. So if you don't, don't bother applying. R1: I applaud your bravery for even trying after their early announcement painted the work environment like it was a battlefield—"professionalism and tact in high-stress situations", wtaf? R2: Likewise, I couldn't finish the application either. Even tried with two different emails to make sure it wasn't a technical issue.
  • Swarthmore College (2/12) Rejection by email, offer has been made and accepted x2.
  • Jacksonville State University - TT position (11/02) Rejection by email, offer has been made and accepted. R1: Rejections may have been sent out, but that an offer was made and accepted is unlikely or improper since there's still at least one remaining campus visit. R2: An offer has not been made. Campus interviews are ongoing.
  • Princeton PLAS Fellowship (11/02) Rejection by email. They are about to do interviews to chosen candidates
  • Bennington College (08/02) Rejection by email, offer has been made and accepted. +2 (02/17).
  • Sam Houston State University (2/1) Rejection by email. x4 R1:When did you receive the email? R2: Yesterday, it was an automatic response. R3: Rejection email received on 2/1.
  • Rollins College (Alfred J. Hanna Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship) (2/1) Rejection by email. x2
  • University of Cambridge (U.K.) (Jan. 28) Rejection by email (Joint College Lectureship in Spanish at Gonville & Caius College and Emmanuel College)
  • University of Cambridge (Jan. 25) Rejection by email (Hispanophone postcolonial literature)
  • Washington and Lee (Jan. 22) x 2 ("The posting is now closed, and we will not be filling the position at this time.")
  • Duke University (Jan. 22) Latinx x2
  • Kalamazoo College: Rejection by email Jan. 22nd/Jan. 25th following preliminary interview x3
  • Spelman College (Portuguese): Rejection by email on Jan 12 x2
  • Saint Francis University: Rejection by email on Jan. 8 x2
  • University of Cambridge: Rejection by email on Jan.8. R1: What position was this? R2:Lecturer in Colonial Latin American Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Cornell College: Rejection by email on Jan. 4, 2021 x 4
  • Carnegie Mellon University (Afrodiasporic Studies): Rejection by email on Nov. 23, 2020 x2
  • University of Central Florida (after virtual "on campus" interview): Rejection by email on Dec. 3, 2020
  • Lake Forest College (12/17/2020) x2


List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • Georgia State University (3/8) R1. Is this the position at Perimeter College? OP. Lecturer in Spanish in Atlanta, it was due 3/8.
  • Cabrillo College (2/23) "We wish to inform you that the Spanish Instructor - Tenure Track recruitment process is being delayed. We hope to provide you with the status of your application by mid-March." (message from Human Resources) X3
  • Albright College (2/8) 'We have begun reviewing applications' email x1. R2: Is this an automatic email response? R3: Human Resources
  • Elon University (1/15)
  • U of Connecticut (1/13)
  • Loyola University New Orleans (Visiting Ass. Prof.) (1/16)

Word on the street[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions here.

  • Anything from San Diego?
  • Anything from Centre College after Zoom interview? R1: An offer has been made and accepted. (7/17)
  • Any word from WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)? (7/6)
  • Any word from Fairfield University after first-round Zoom interviews for the VAP position? R1: I was rejected via e-mail today 7/7. An offer has been made and accepted. OP: Thanks. Same here. Congratulations and best of luck to the successful candidate.
  • Anyone else apply for / hear anything from the Centre College VAP search yet? R1: I applied and have not heard anything (6/29)
  • Has an offer been made for the Hope College VAP search?
  • Any news from University of Alabama (Instructor of Spanish) after zoom interviews? (Please, let me know so I can move on with my life). R1 Offer accepted (second hand reliable).
  • Anything from UNC-Greensboro about the VAP position?
  • Any word from Holy Cross after interviews? (5/21) R1: yes. I know they offered the positions to 3 of the candidates early this week (I am not one of them). We are out of the game this time!
  • Anything on Yale (Lector)?
  • Anything from Georgia State University (Lecturer of Spanish)? Did they make interviews?
  • Any word on Wabash (TT)?
  • Any word from University of Northern Iowa? I had a oral interview two months ago and haven't heard anything.
  • Any word from Midwestern State University (TX) after zoom interviews & call to references? They had the search cancel last year, wondering if they also cancelled it this time. R2: the search wasn’t cancelled last year. The two finalists received offers and both declined. R3: Thank you for sharing that. Any word on what happened this year? The zoom interview was a kinda odd, tense environment, and it was on a Sunday... R4: Not a clue what happened this year. I had the zoom interview last year and it was definitely awkward and tense. They asked if I would be available to work on weekends. My friend was one of the finalists and confirmed the awkward and tense environment during the campus visit. I was honestly surprised to see the search was up again this year.
  • Anyone heard anything from Gettysburg (VAP)? R1: Nothing here. R2: They held zoom interviews last week
  • Q: Any word from Arizona State University (NTT instructor)? R1: Offer has been made and accepted.
  • Any word on the Coastal Carolina Department Chair position? I see movement on the TT position here, but I don’t see anything about the Dept Chair position. Thanks in advance!
  • Any word on what became of the FIU Spanish TT search? I had an interview in March and then...a whole lot of nothing. Was there ultimately an offer extended and a hire made? R1: What university is FIU? R2: Florida International University, if I am not mistaken. Also, I believe it is located in Miami, Fl. R1: Think you! R3: there is an internal candidate already in place for the Spanish position as sucky as that is. Sorry
  • Any word on CSU Monterey Bay after virtual campus interviews? R: Offer made and accepted (Second hand, reliable).
  • Q: Dos anybody what's going on with the lecturer position at the U. of Minnesota? Is this the same position they advertised last year, or is another one? R1: The recently posted ad includes the exact same name of the search chair from the Fall 2020 ad and the same description (more or less) as this ad as well. If I were to guess, and this is very much a guess, their chosen candidate who may have originally accepted the position backed out and the university required an entirely new search thereafter.
  • Q: Anything from University of Indianapolis (NTT)?
  • Q: Anything from University of Akron after Zoom interviews? R: they started interviewing finalists for the position this week. R2: Which position? TT or NNT? Both?
  • Q: Any news from the College of the Holy Cross? They said they would start reviewing applications immediately although the deadline is at the end of the month. R1: they have started scheduling Zoom interviews.
  • Q: Any news from West Texas A&M University after interviews?
  • Q: Any word from Mayagüez?
  • Q: Any word from Georgia Tech after interviews?
  • Q: Any word from College of Charleston (Portuguese position)?
  • Q: Did anyone else apply at Villanova University or have any insight as to what's going on there? I was contacted on Monday to schedule an interview, which was confirmed Tuesday afternoon (supposed to take place on Friday), and on Wednesday morning I got an email with no body text whose subject line was "Zoom Interview Cancelled." There was an attached PDF saying they had decided to hire someone else. Incredibly unprofessional and confusing. R1: This is not the first time they do that. It happened to me a few years ago; they cancelled the search one day after the materials were due. A few months later, I found out that the position was filled... they are extremely unprofessional! R2: Agree fully with R1 (I know this department very well). They hire from their own adjuncts or offer VAPs-to-Assistant Teaching Prof.ships to someone they personally want. They always already know who is going to get the position before it is announced. It's a shame that it works this way because they pay extremely well for NTTs. As far as I know, this is the 3rd time they do this since 2017. The 3rd time in 4 years. Beyond the department's unprofessionalism and endogamous practices, I am surprised the upper-level admins let them get away with this, and also that they keep getting so many well-paid NTT lines.
  • Q: Has anyone heard back from Mount St. Mary's after zoom interviews?
  • Q: Any word from St. Francis College after digital interviews? (reposted 4/11).
  • Q: Has anyone heard back from either MSU Texas after the initial Zoom interview or Coastal Carolina University after campus visits? I am waiting to hear from both and just wondering if they have moved on. Has been between 2-4 weeks since campus interview at CCU and 2 weeks since Zoom with MSU Texas. It's a tough market out there, folks! R1: Offer at CCU was made and accepted a while ago (second hand, reliable)
  • Q: Anything from Rhodes College after zoom interviews? R1: See "Additional Materials Requested" section above, and then, check their job posting (in their website) again. I think it went from VAP on Latin American Studies to a Lectureship focused on SLA (or something like that). I learned this as soon as I finished by initial interview.
  • Q: Any word from St. Francis College after digital interviews?
  • Q. Any updates from Rockhurst? R1: Offer rejected at the end of last week. R2 to R1: Were you offered the position? Any insights into why the rejection? I am just curious because, for what I have read, this college started arranging interviews before applications were due. R3: This could very well not be the reason, but... I heard through the grapevine that the starting salary for this TT position is 50k, which might be too low for some candidates to accept, especially if they have other offers from more generous institutions. Note that this institution also attempted to fill this position last year with no luck... probably due to the same exact reason, but no one will ever know for sure! R1 to R2: Got multiple offers and it was a completely personal decision based on a variety of factors, nothing to do with the university. Also, it wasn't one of the before-the-deadline interviewees.
  • Q. Anything from Colby (VAP) after Zoom interview? R1: Nope, nothing yet. R2: Nothing here, either. R3: I heard that campus interviews have been scheduled so I guess we are already out of the game.
  • Q. Has anyone heard from the University of Arizona regarding their visiting syntax position? R1: I received a rejection email. Never interviewed for it.
  • Q. Has anyone heard from West Texas A&M?
  • Q. Any word from Mayaguez after google meet interview?
  • Q. Has anyone heard from Spelman College (Portuguese TT) after the campus visits?
  • Q. Anything from Wesleyan (VAP)? R1: Nothing here :(
  • Q. Has anyone heard from Durham about short-listing? R1: Nothing here. R:2 Just got the friendly rejection. R3: Me too.
  • Q. How did the Princeton Lecturer search end? The first two candidates rejected the offer and then what? I applied and have not either received a rejection or an interview... R1: The search has concluded; three offers were made and accepted.
  • Q. Has anyone heard from Georgia Tech? R1: Nothing yet R2: They sent out emails for interviews yesterday 3/31
  • Q. Anything from Rockhurst post-campus? R1: They had a candidate doing their campus interview this week (second hand, reliable).
  • Q. Anything on University of Akron TT? R1: Nothing here. Last thing I heard was when the Department (or Search Committee) Chair asked to send letters of recommendation by 3/19. Nothing afterwards.
  • Q: Any word from University of Northern Iowa after Zoom interviews?
  • Q: Any word on NYU Shanghai (invitation, rejection, etc.)? (reposted 3/24) R1: Nothing here. x2. R2: As of today, 3/4, nothing still from NYU - Shanghai. R3: Received an email today that the search has been cancelled (no explanation, though). R4 to R3: When was the email sent? Did you get it from Interfolio? I applied to this position, but I have not been informed of the search being cancelled. R3: Personalized email (I mean copy and paste but the first line did contain my first name and last name, and it was not sent from HR, but from a faculty member)
  • Any word on Binghamton (Lecturer)? R1: I saw the they just came out with a job post on the MLA job list for this it sounds like they are still accepting applications. OP: It's actually a different one. The one that was pusblished today has a high administrative load, whereas the other is 100% teaching.
  • Any word on St Francis? R1: Are you referring to St. Francis College in Brooklyn? I haven’t heard anything from them. R2: Digital interview invitations were sent already.
  • Any word on West Point TT after campus visit? R1: I worked at West Point and wanted to give a fair warning: WP does not do TT even though it may be advertised as such. This is because they want the instructors to be on the same kind of rotating contract that the military instructors have. The head of the department informed me himself that this was done so that it stays a military academy and not civilian which is what he said would happen if the civilians stayed while the military instructors rotated in and out. Just FYI:) it is an okay place to work, but better to think of it as a bridge to other opportunities.
  • Any word on LSU TT after campus visit?
  • Anything from Berea College after campus visit? R1: Nothing, but I am pretty sure the offer went to the internal candidate. R2: Oh, I didn't know they had an inside candidate. Good to know. Thanks!
  • Any word on University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez literature position? R1: Nada de nada....
  • Anything from UNO?
  • Anything from University of Cincinnati—Clermont College? They closed the reception of applications really soon after they posted it, so just wondering...R1: Wouldn't be surprised if those bastards had a UCinn grad or someone's confidante for the job and the post was just to fulfill compliance requirements. Am I the only one ready to declare my hate for the academic job search? Let's start a religion!!!
  • Any news from Sarah Lawrence? The application was due back in January, but there hasn't been any mention of interviews here. R1: wondering the same. Based on the timeline, I’ve just assumed they’ve at least sent out interview requests, and I’ve mentally moved on. Would be a happy to surprise to hear anything at this point, I guess.
  • Any word on the Instructor position at University of Colorado - Boulder? R1: Nothing here, even though the deadline was on 2/19, right? Meaning that 2+ weeks have passed? R2: I haven't heard anything either R3: Nothing :(
  • Anything from Rockhurst University? R1: Above in the "Zoom Interviews" section in this same Wiki, an individual stated that they had been notified of a Zoom interview invitation on 2/3, which was before this university's 2/15 deadline had arrived, interestingly enough! R2: They are starting with virtual campus visits.
  • Anything from Sam Houston State post Zoom interviews? R1: Nothing here. R2: Someone posted about the offer being made and accepted on 3/4; the post was deleted on 3/8. (accidentally deleted R2's comment so am repasting)
  • Any news from St. Thomas Aquinas College?
  • Any news from Albright College? R1: Nothing here
  • Any news from Emory and Henry post class presentation? Or still nothing?
  • Q: Does anyone have any information on the Assistant Instructional Professor of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Chicago? This position was open last year and I got to the final round, but then I was not selected. I was wondering if you have any info on it. R1: Did you get an OPI proficiency test (and score superior) in order to apply? I cannot believe they ask for that given that the OPI costs $100, meaning that under-resourced applicants need to empty their pockets to merely put their hat in the ring.
  • Q: Any word on Hendrix College (invitation, rejection, etc.)? (reposted 3/1) R1: Their deadline was something like 2/15 right? So they might need more time to filter the applications. That being said, nothing here. R2: Job ad says that review process was expected to begin on January 19 until the position was filled. Submitted my application prior to this date, yet haven't heard anything. R3: As of today, 3/4, nothing still from Hendrix.
  • Q: Any word on Georgia State University - Perimeter College (invitation, rejection, etc.)? (reposted 3/1) R1: Nothing here. R2: Nothing here and feeling down.R3: Nothing here. R4: As of today, 3/4, nothing here still.
  • Q: Has anyone else looked at the application for the University of Akron (TT)? It doesn't seem like there's a place to upload a cover letter on their site. Am I missing something or is it possible they're not requiring one? It seems like a very basic piece of any application... R1: On their website application system they do have instruction how to attach the cover letter & other documents (looks like you have to return to the application after submission and add it to My Files). R2: After you submit your application, you can upload your documents. It seems counter-intuitive, but it is only after submitting it that you can start uploading all the required materials —that's what I did.
  • Any word from Pacific University Oregon (TT)? R1: Nothing in my end.... R2: Nope. Though just FYI its not a TT job :(. R3: Interesting. I wonder where that information was posted; I believe you, I just must not have seen that! Thanks for the insight... it is important to know if it is TT or not without a doubt. R3: I originally thought it was TT as well because it was hidden off to the left. My guess is that they used an ad that they had used for a TT job so the description etc sounded TT but then to the side it was listed specifically as "non-tt." The job itself was called extended term assistant professor or something.
  • Q: Does anyone know if the Assistant Professor position in Spanish at the University of Louisiana Monroe is a tenure-track position? I have not been able to confirm this detail yet. (posted on 2/24). R1: This job description is very unclear. I opened an account to try to send the application, but there is not information about the required documents either. R2: Tenure Track position; Applicants are requested to upload the following required attachments when applying for this position: Cover letter/ Letter of Interest; Resume/CV; List of Professional References: Names and contact information (including emails) for 3 professional references.
  • Q: Any word from Loyola University New Orleans Visiting Ass. Prof. position?
  • Q: Any word from Samford University about the postdoctoral instructor position?
  • Q: Anything from Emory and Henry College?R1: After Teaching Presentation? Nothing here.
  • Q: Any word on College of Charleston TT (Southern Cone or Andean) after Zoom interviews?
  • Q: Anything from Sarah Lawrence (Visiting position Latin America)?
  • Q: Any word on University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez literature position? (posted 2/22) R1: Acknowledgements. R2: Nothing yet, but they just started reviewing the applications, right? good luck to all of you (us) :)
  • Q: Any word on Southeast Missouri State University (invitation, rejection, etc.)? (posted 2/19) R1 Nothing here:(.R2: Nothing yet
  • Q: Any word on University of the Sciences (invitation, rejection, etc.)? (posted 2/19) R1: Nothing here. x5 R2: Zoom interviews took place last week. R3 to R2: Interesting, any additional information you can provide? Only asking because this is the first mention of it here, despite a fairly large number of people keeping an eye on the position (at least 9x, see first 'Word on the Street' question below).R3: Wondering the same.
  • Q: Any word on Utah Valley University (invitation, rejection, etc.)? (posted 2/19) R1: Nothing yet R2: Nothing.....
  • Q: Any word on Kalamazoo College (invitation, rejection, etc.)? (posted 2/19) R1: Already on to on-campus interviews, it might be even possible that the offer was already made by this point.
  • Q: Any word on Berea College (invitation, rejection, etc.)? (posted 2/19) R1: Nothing, no invitation or rejection.
  • Q: Have you heard from San José State University (Assistant Professor of Spanish) or College of Charleston (Assistant Professor of Spanish, not the lecture one)? (posted 2/19) R1: Still nothing from Charleston here. (posted 2/19) College of Charleston TT already extended invitations for interviews. R1: Thanks for the update. Do you know when they were sent out, just so I can know how long I was holding out false hope? lol. Thanks for any info! R3: Any idea whether this search was leaning toward Southern Cone or Andean? the ad mentioned both. (posted 2/22)
  • Q: Any ideas on the fact that FIU (Portuguese position) already has a Visiting Professor of Portuguese in the department and maybe he will be their internal candidate?
  • Q: Any word on Cabrillo College? R1: Nothing here. x3
  • Q: Any word on Pacific University Oregon? R1: I haven't heard anything since the acknowledgement email. x3 R2: I have not heard anything and, actually, this is one of the positions that I am most interested in! Fingers crossed we all hear something soon! R3: I think they're still reviewing applications because they messaged me one week ago notifying me of a missing teaching statement and rec letters. I submitted them Saturday. Me too, I'm hopeful of this position but I wish it goes to the one of us who needs it the most. R4 Also applications are rolling so that might make the review process stretch out a bit. R5: I had a campus interview for this position last year right before the pandemic. Surprised to see they're searching again. R6: They did hire for a position in the last couple years but this is a new position I believe. Oh wow! R7: Got news! they just sent an e-mail saying "we are unable to pursue your application further". Hope it's good news for you. Like they say, no news, is good news. R8: I haven't received the rejection e-email and neither an interview request. Has anyone been contacted for an interview? R9 (2/22) to R8: I haven't received anything either...
  • Q. Any word on Coastal Carolina University? R1: Nope R2: Nothing here R3: nothing here either. R4: Nothing either!! R5: Nothing yet.
  • Q. Any word on Mount St. Mary's University (NTT)? R1: Nothing here.
  • Q. Any word on College of Charleston? (TT) R1: Nothing here, wondering the same. R2: My take as a former member of this department: Since the chairs of each search committee are different, you can expect different turn-around times for the three positions advertised there this year (i.e. TT Southern Cone, Instructor of Spanish/Linguistics, and Instructor of Spanish/Portuguese); in short, each of these faculty members has their own personality/pace as chairs, so don't fret.
  • Q. Any word on Florida Gulf Coast U after interview?
  • Q: Any word on FIU yet? R1: Nothing here. R2: Nothing here :( R3: Looks like they already sent out some emails for Zoom interviews, but I would think they would have more interviews than just 2 so maybe they are getting a hold of people in batches? What do you guys think? R4: Highly unlikely, but there's nothing wrong with being hopeful, toxic as hope can be though. R5: Just wanted to add that they have probably already sent out more than 2 interview invitations, but not everyone who got one is posting here.
  • Q. Any updates on Hillsdale College?
  • Q. Any updates on St Thomas Aquinas College? R1: Nada, was wondering the same thing. x1
  • Q. Any news on Princeton U (Lecturer position)? R1: Nothing here R2: See above -- Zoom interview notified 2/6
  • Q. Any updates on Louisiana State University? R1: The TT or lecturer position? R2: TT. R1 to R2: I have not heard anything from them since submitting my application. R3: Me neither
  • Q. I haven't seen the visiting position in Latin American lit at Sarah Lawrence posted here. The app was due Jan 11th, then extended to the 20th, if I'm not mistaken. Has anyone heard from them? Thanks. R1: Nothing yet. I wouldn't be surprised if it took about a month to start sending interview invitations.
  • Q. Has anyone heard back from Spelman College (Portuguese TT) since the Zoom interviews? R1: Nothing yet, but I imagine they have moved forward at this point or eliminated the position. R2: Campus visits were scheduled for mid-February.
  • Q. Out of sheer curiosity, as it has not been mentioned here and it kind of looked like they were not ok with the first batch of applications they got (extended deadline, new announcement on all the mayor pages,) has anyone heard from The Citadel? R1: Nothing here. R2: They are about to do campus visits.
  • Q. Has anyone heard from University of Sciences in Philadelphia? R1: Nothing here (x9)
  • Q. Has anyone heard anything from Loyola University New Orleans this week? R1: Nothing on my end. x2
  • Q. Have you heard anything about postdoc positions in Latin American Literature? Society of Fellows at Michigan, Society of Fellows USC, Princeton PLAS? What about San José State University (Assistant Professor TT)? R1: (02/01) I know USC SoF sent out rejections. Still waiting to hear back from Princeton PLAS. R2: (02/12) Princeton PLAS sent out rejections yesterday and interview requests earlier this week. See the Humanities and Social Sciences post-docs wiki.
  • Q. Does anybody know about Florida International University (Miami, FL)? R1: I think we are going to need to wait on this one, big university, big city, TT, Literature/Culture... I'd be surprised if they received less than 300 applications. Also the deadline was only 11 days ago. R2: R1 is right. Estimating elimination half-lives of about a week: 300 to 150 to 75 to 30 to a final 10 for interviews would take about a month. We might hear something around the second week of February. R3: Has anyone being requested recommendation letters yet? R4 to R3: Those will probably be asked only for short-listed candidates.
  • Q. Does anybody know what happened with Purchase? Have they contacted finalists for virtual campus visits? R1: I haven't heard anything on my end, they might take a while (it did take 2+ months for them to send out Zoom interview invites)
  • Q. Any news on Hillsdale College after Zoom Interviews? I wonder if they already contacted finalists for virtual campus visits....R1: Nothing on my end.
  • Q. Any update on the Lecturer position at University of Minnesota - Twin Cities post-Zoom interviews?
  • Q. Any news on NTT at Wake Forest University? R1: Nothing here R2: Nothing on my end nor my friend's end who also applied R3: me neither R4: Was told by a reliable source that they are already on the "on campus" equivalent interview round with mostly, if not all, inside candidates.
  • Q. Any news on TT at West Point? R1: Nope... R2: Me neither.
  • Q. Any news on TT at Louisiana State University? R1: Nothing on my end.
  • Q. Any word on the TT in Luso-Atlantic Literature and Culture at University of Southern California after the Zoom interview? R1: I did not hear anything either. Q. I actually emailed to follow up and was told I wasn’t being considered for a campus visit so they must have already extended those.
  • Q. Any word on the TT at the University of Connecticut? R1: Nothing here. R2: They sent an email claiming that they plan to extend Zoom interview invites toward the end of January. R3: I also saw that email.
  • Q. Any news from UC Santa Cruz post-Zoom interview?
  • Q.Any news on FIU? R1: Isn't the deadline for this position 1/11? It hasn't passed yet, right? Today (1/11) was the deadline so I've updated my response.
  • Q.Any news on Kalamazoo after the preliminary interview? R1: Nope R2: Received rejection email 1/22 after preliminary interview
  • Q.Any news on Muhlenberg? R1: The Spanish lecturer position? I haven't heard anything.
  • Q.Any news on Saint Thomas Aquinas post Applicant Data Collection Form email? R1: Nope
  • Q.Any word on Saint Michael's College? R1: Not on my end.
  • Q. Any update on the VAP at Bennington? R1: Nothing yet on my end. R2: Zoom interviews on 01/13.
  • Q. Any news on Santa Clara after Zoom interviews? R1: Nope R2: Campus visit scheduled (virtual) R3: When did you get notified?
  • Q. Any news on Berea C? R1: Not on my end. R2: Me either.
  • Q. Any news on positions for Portuguese? R1: I haven't heard anything. R2: Spelman hasn't contacted anyone yet.
  • Q. Is the Lake Forest College Zoom interview info above for their Latin American and Latinx Studies tenure-track position? R1: Yes!
  • Q. Have you heard anything about Washington and Lee? R1: I applied but have not heard anything as of 1/9/21. At this point, I'm not holding out any hope for it. R2: Internal candidate... R3: search was cancelled per e-mail from search chair (1/22)
  • Q. Have you heard anything about Hamilton? Zoom interview (notified 12/11)
  • Q. Have you heard anything about the position at Purchase? R1: Post-Zoom interview, no I have not.
  • Q. Any info on Duke—Cluster Hire? R1: Someone posted here about getting a Zoom interview.
  • Q. Have you heard anything about the position at Berea? R1: Nothing here. R2: Nothing yet.
  • Q. Have you heard anything about the position at UC Davis? R1: I applied but I haven't heard from them yet.
  • Q. Have you heard anything about the position at the University of Washington? They had a deadline for Oct. 30. R1: Nope, I haven't heard anything. R2: Me either. R3: I have not heard anything as well. Would there be a way to know? should one email someone from the department R4: zoom interview R5: When did they notify you? R5: Zoom interview, notified via email. R6: I got a rejection email but never had an interview.
  • Q. Any info on Lycoming College? They had an early deadline for Oct. 1, but then I've seen their job ad reposted on other sites once the deadline had passed, but they did not update it. R1: Nothing here. R2: Nothing here either! For a position with application reviews starting so early in the semester, I would have expected some kind of signal by now... R3: I have not heard good things about the department at Lycoming, I would be careful. R4: What have you heard R3? x3 R5: While I have not heard anything good or bad—also waiting for R3's answer—I would say that it does not look too good on them advertising the same position they advertised 2 years ago. R6: I also don't know anything about this dept, but a repeat search isn't necessarily the consequence of a toxic environment. Without further info, I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. For all we know the previous hire left because they wanted to be at an R1 all along, because they disliked the area, because of their spouse/family, etc. I know plenty of great departments at liberal arts colleges that have had cases like that. R8: Sorry I'm jumping in late here, I'm the person leaving Lyco that this search is replacing (the other position is replacing another colleague who is retiring). I just want to let everyone know that Lycoming is a great environment, there's nothing toxic about the department at all; they're wonderful people. It's true that someone left a few years ago for an R1 job (and there were VAP searches before and after that, I think), and I am currently leaving because of family reasons (we decided to just drop life in the US and move to Spain, it has nothing to do with Lycoming). It's a great place to work.R9, thank you R8, do. you know if all the candidates for the "on-campus" interviews have been contacted?
  • Q. Any inside scoop on Emory & Henry reopening the Assistant Professor search? In March, a few days after submission, the Interfolio announcement went from "Assistant Professor" to "Adjunct." It makes you wonder if this was a COVID-related faux pas, or if it is just a bogus search. Either way, any thoughts on re-applying? R1: I wasn't tracking this job, but from what you describe it sounds like the TT search was canceled when hiring freezes first hit in March. The only way to know for sure is to e-mail the department chair. R2: The last email I received from the chair in May said that they could not hire any full-time faculty until further notice. Never heard back from them.
  • Q. Does anyone have any info about the ANU Lecturer B position? Thanks! R1: Nothing here, but I heard anecdotally that Australia has paused new work visas for academics so I'm not hopeful. R2: Already got a rejection last week.
  • Q. Does anyone have any idea why the SUNY-Purchase position has a PhD in hand date of August 2020? Applications aren't due until September 11, 2020, which leads me to believe the position probably starts in August 2021, so it seems out of the ordinary to expect all applicants to have degree-in-hand now. I understand of course that many applicants will have a PhD already and that TT jobs tend to prefer those that do. Asking here because there's no contact information in the posting itself. R1: I saw that, too, and I thought it was curious. If you can identify an administrative assistant in the department to contact, I would think it is okay to express your interest in the position, explain that you want to be sure you fit the qualifications and respectfully ask for clarification on that detail. R2: Has anyone tried contacting the department yet? I had a question about if our LoR writers had to submit their letters by Sept 11th, but their contact information is not listed on the ad and I couldn't find the department's e-mail address on their webpage. REMOVED INFORMATION: Someone previously reported reaching out to HR on this question and never hearing back. Any updates from other applicants?
  • Q. Have you heard anything about the VAP of Spanish position at Graceland University? They released a posting on 6/24 and they are looking for a VAP to "run the Hispanic Studies program beginning August 2020." It seems quite strange they are just NOW looking for a person to run the program. R1: I'd guess that the department had to wait to post the position because of COVID and shutdowns. A lot of places did a hard or soft hiring freeze, including on positions that may have already undergone full approval and just had not yet been advertised. Universities now have a clearer idea of their enrollment numbers and their budgets, so that may have led to the department getting the green light to make the job post public. R2: I haven't heard anything, but another possibility (in addition to R1's suggestion) is that the previous director found employment elsewhere (after the hiring freeze) and Graceland is scrambling to fill the vacancy.
  • Q. Have you heard anything about the lecturer positions at UCLA OR UCSB? R1: I applied to UCLA and have yet to hear.
  • Q. Have the candidates for the virtual campus tour for the Texas Tech University position been notified? R1: Yes, visits start next week.

Free advice (especially for colleagues new to the market)[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street

  • Q: For those international candidates who have got a position (TT, NTT, VAP, Post-doc), how are you navigating the visa processing given travel restrictions and embassy closures?
  • Q: Has anyone here had experience with a "digital interview"? Any advice on what to expect would be greatly appreciated.
  • I really appreciate all those who are posting their acceptance and rejection info here with us. Whether good or bad news, it is like a drop of rain for all of us out there. Really appreciated! while I'm still not hearing back from the institution that I did a campus visit. It's been past 1 month, so I doubt it, but I will still appreciate at least an email. That is the least they can do. R1: hopefully you will hear back from them. I'm still waiting for either a rejection or a phone call after a campus interview back in early February. I hope that this university will at least send me a rejection email at some point; however, I won't be holding my breath waiting for them to do the right thing. R2: That sounds so frustrating for you both. Especially after all the preparation and stress that goes into a campus visit! It is lousy that this is so common :(. Hoping you both hear something soon! R3: I was recently hired but still awaiting for the background check to be cleared. I would imagine that the search chair would not send s rejection letter until all is settled. I mentioned this to give a sense of how long it can take from campus visit to final notice. If you happened to he to be the first interviewee, I would not be surprised if more than one month is needed, between all visits, approval from deans, negotiation, signing the contract, and background check. There is also the possibility that the first candidate wait until the last moment and ends up choosing another path. It is all stressful in the job market, but I would try to avoid reading to much into the timing of rejections. Best of luck for those in that situation.
  • Any advice for international candidates considering applying to secondary education positions (i.e. websites, sponsorship, etc.)? Some colleagues here have shared their positive experiences as high school teachers and educators, so I am trying to open up options while considering visa sponsorship constraints. R1: For websites check out NAIS (the National Association of Independent Schools) and their job site. Also Carney Sandoe is an independent school recruitment agency that could help, but they don't list jobs publicly (you'd have to hire them as a service). I'd guess that Carney Sandoe could possibly help identify schools that will sponsor visas, but I haven't used them myself so I can't say for sure.
  • I wrote a few blog posts about my experience in the job market, hopefully they are helpful for some of you. Good luck! R1: Thanks for sharing! R2: Some of your suggestions are very practical and useful. Thank you! Any advice on "virtual campus visit" R1: I'm certainly not an expert, but having done one successful virtual "campus visit" at the beginning of the pandemic, I would say take advantage of any break time you get between calls to step away from the computer and give yourself a rest from the screen. You'll essentially be in a long series of Zoom interviews, so all standard Zoom advice also applies. Good luck! R2: Make sure you do a couple of mock meetings with faculty in your department ahead of time. Check your background, lighting, and audio with a friend so that you know everything is good there. Make sure you have printed out information on how to connect to Zoom or Webex via phone in case your internet goes out. Keep notes near you so you have a reminder of topics you want to bring up and relevant information about your experience and background that you want to work in. Also keep blank paper so you can take notes on what the committee members ask you and what they talk about. That can be helpful for future interviews and for your future graduate students, so you can give them detailed information on what to expect during a virtual interview format. For some places and position types, that could become the norm.
  • Does anybody know what Princeton is looking for? They have been advertising a lecturer position for the past 3-4 years. R1: Just an average person here (so no inside information), but what I have seen from their website is that they have about 20+ Ph.D.-holding lecturers, so if one leaves/retires per year, this may be why this type of position keeps getting posted. Just an idea! Any other thoughts? R2: Apparently they have issues with lecturer retentions. No surprise after a lecturer's suicide 10 years ago. It seems it is a kinda toxic workplace.
  • Opportunities beyond tenure-line faculty positions As a follow-up to my response (R1) to the "An Especially Difficult Year" post in the Discussion section, I would highly recommend that job seekers expand their search outside of traditional tenure-line academic positions. Consider short-term positions that would strengthen a CV, like the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program or the AAAS Visiting Scholars Program . If you are in literature, apply for an NEH Fellowship . If you're in linguistics, apply for an NSF Dissertation Improvement Award to help you collect and analyze more data during your final year, and consider an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship application. Take a look at postings from places like Duolingo , Google , Rosetta Stone , and Babbel in case you're considering a private sector position. You can do this. R1: Thank you so much for the information! You are so very kind. :) R2: You're welcome. ¡Suerte con todo! R3: The American Council of Learned Societies has a lot of fellowship competitions with deadlines coming up soon. These seem especially relevant for colleagues in literature and cultural studies who are following this wiki. R4: Thank you for posting this. Does anyone know of resources that help academics craft non-academic job applications (cover letters/resumes)? I've applied to countless alt-ac jobs and have never once received a response. Despite my qualifications, my sense is that my letters come off too academic. Thanks for any input. R5: Check out Karen Kelsky's website The Professor is In. Here is a guest post about non-academic cover letters, one of many relevant posts. Take a look at the "Reframing your skills (and CV) for a job search in industry" talk in this list, too. It was part of a summer virtual colloq run through Ohio State. It's one of the best discussions I've seen on how to translate your cover letter for a private sector job. R4 to R5: Mil gracias, these are excellent resources. Much appreciated. R6: Look at the Foreign Service Institute as a contractor; salary and benefits are very competitive but only 10 days of paid leave per year plus Holidays, and heavy teaching load (5 hrs of teaching per day Mon. through Fri.). They hire only Native speakers.

General Discussion, Questions, and Inquiries[]

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  • What are some common questions they ask in the second round of interviews (formerly known as "campus interview" but Zoom/Covid ruined it all)? What questions should I ask? Thank you all for your priceless help.
  • Website recommendations for interview prep? Thank you R1: Look up Karen Kelsky, she's the woman behind The Professor is in. There's plenty of information on the subject on her blog and her book and it's easy to access. On the other hand, if you can, ask your mentor/advisor at your Ph.D. program to help you with mock interviews, suggestions, etc... unfortunately not many advisors do this, but some do, so ask if possible. Good luck! R2: I second the Karen Kelsky rec, though some of her advice seems more oriented at STEM than humanities (though definitely not all!) I also just wanted to add that the best interview advice I ever got was to copy some keywords from the job post (if you still have access to it) and write notes about ways in which you meet each qualification. I made the mistake of not doing this for the first few interviews I did and since I've started it's improved my interviews immeasurably.
  • Honest question, is there a standard interpretation for the word Latinx in the job market? Some openings are very specific, and they even go the extra mile, in explaining that they look for an expert in Latinxs in the U.S, Mexican-American, Chicanx, etc. However, some others are so vague that make you think that they are looking for someone with an expertise on any Latinx community, inside or outside of the U.S—Syracuse's Assistant Teaching Professor is a good example of that. Thoughts on this?
  • The Academic Job Wiki: here to remind you that you haven’t been invited to interview for jobs you forgot you applied for.
  • Cuando despertó, lxs profesores seguían alimentando a/lx troll.
  • What type of questions should one make during a campus interview to the provost etc.? What are no-go questions? And what are must-do questions?
  • Shouldn't we have a section called "Places/departments to avoid"? There are some departments that abuse new hired, junior-faculty because they are the weakest and sometimes you are willing to take some dirt for the sake of an H-1B visa or under the illusion of tenure. I have a friend living a hell at work and she is afraid to quit because she is afraid of not being able to find something else. R1: No one is preventing anyone from giving their opinions on specific departments/institutions whenever needed, but creating a blacklist based solely on individual experiences is not only unfair to the individuals who are not part of the bullying committee on the alleged hellish department, but also insensitive to the colleagues who have no choice but to accept whatever they are offered to have a source of income—not to talk about visas or their family lives. R2 It is sad that this abuse is so commonplace and I totally get the benefit of knowing about it but I agree with R1 that it could accidentally "out" scholars and put their jobs and visas in jeopardy. R3: (In response to OP and R1) Perhaps the title could be reworked in such a way that offers additional insights of the environment and challenges that colleagues are facing in departments and/or universities —rather than "places/department to avoid," something like "challenges/issues faced in..."). As an international candidate, it is hard to find information regarding institutional practices, specially pertaining to international professionals' specific circumstances, and even harder to know who to ask for guidance/advice. While situations might be specific to one individual, it may still help people anticipate the difficulties they may face if they decide to join this or that department/program. R4: I agree but it would not be beneficial for the OP because it would be easily identifiable and if they're still employed there, it would put their job at risk. For instance, my friend is going through so much stress and unjustice at work solely because she is awaiting for the green card sponsored by the institution. She can't wait to leave neither she dares to speak because it would mean losing her sponsorship and possibly her job. But I agree it would help a candidate avoid a place when s/he has an offer somewhere else.
  • What does "fixed-term faculty position" mean? Does this mean a temporary position (e.g. the position at East Carolina University). Thanks! R1: It usually means they won't renew the position. It might be due to someone being on sabbatical so they need to replace them for 1 semester or 1 year only. R2: In my experience, it was a temporary position because the department would not be given a TT line; it was renewed but it was always contingent on funding so it will depend a lot on the specific department and their situation.
  • Any inside scoop on Berea? It was one of the earliest deadlines, yet the only one (at least from what we've seen here) that hasn't moved a bit. R1: I have not heard from them yet. Any news on this position?
  • Thank you! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Spanish & Portuguese Jobs wiki so far this year. It's been a bright spot of collaboration, support, and info-sharing during the strangest job market in memory. Good wishes to all of you as we enter the new semester! R1: [Hear, hear!] Please dismiss, let's go back to our usual pandemonium. I guessed we "talked" too soon. May all your dreams come true.
  • St Thomas Aquinas College:Voluntary applicant data collection. I did not receive this email. Anyone else? Does it mean that I am no longer being considered? R1: If you told them you needed visa sponsorship, that is probably the case. R2. I had the same case, St. Thomas Aquinas and St Francis. Also Darthmouth. Bad timing for people needing visa sponsorship. R3: Even before covid, institutions are becoming more and more reluctant to sponsor visas. The sad part it how they try to save face by not stating that visa sponsorship is not available for the particular position. R4: Agreed. I received an email a few minutes after submitting my application packet asking me if I needed visa sponsorship — I do. I haven't heard from them ever since.
  • Does anybody have any insight on the position at Westminster College in Fulton, MO? There's only one full time faculty who should be tenured by now. This is a tiny college with less than 800 students that it's definitely not growing. I am not sure why they would hire another TT faculty [no sé emoji]. R1: A program that offers a major and only has one prof, I'm guessing it's a high teaching load and plenty of adjuncts to supplement who may not be listed. You're probably looking at a 4-4 or even 5-5 if you have to help with major requirements. No time to publish if you ever want to keep your options open. Good luck. OP: Yes, I guess they do hire a "visiting professor" to teach 1 or 2 classes, but they don't have enough students for another full time TT faculty, so my guess is that the current person will leave.
  • I have seen two postings asking for faculty evaluations as part of the teaching excellence portfolio. What is up with that? Are they supposed to come from other faculty observations of your teaching? Do most institutions have a system to evaluate other faculty? Also, it is worth applying if you don't include those evaluations? So what's up with this? R1: Yes, most institutions have a system to evaluate other faculty. This is done through classroom observation, review of curriculum development, review of teaching materials, review of student mentoring, and review of end of semester evaluations, among other things. If you've never had your teaching observed, ask someone in your department if they would sit in on one of your classes and complete an evaluation for you. They should review as well your teaching portfolio so that they can give a more substantive evaluation beyond a single classroom observation. That deeper understanding of your teaching is important for your letters of recommendation. Search committees in our field expect at least one letter to speak to the applicant's teaching abilities in detail.
  • To all the Christian/Conservative colleagues: Hillsdale College is the place for you! To all the Liberal colleagues: stay away from Hillsdale College. To all of you: just take a look at their mission statement and then do a little search on their stances about diversity you will be delighted/shocked. R1: Just looked more closely, yikes! Thanks for the heads up. R2: I would add St. Francis to the list. I've seen some of their guest speakers and very scary. Some very outspoken anti lgbtqi. I couldn't even find a lgbtq club on their list of student clubs. R3: Hillsdale College is a cult. R4: I am usually not a fan of epithets, but after seeing the research and publications of the faculty in Spanish, I must agree with R3. R5. They had a position in Spanish in 2017, this is a very small institution that should not have a growing student population, my guess is that that person is leaving. When I checked their position in 2017 they asked for a "statement of faith" as part of the application dossier SMH. R6: And now they're hosting an in-person campus visit, like nothing was going on. R7: are people really visiting Hillsdale College in person? During COVID? R9: It's a match made in heaven, pun intended.
  • Do not bother applying for the Spanish instructor position at Florida Gulf Coast University. They already have a visiting instructor who will be offered the job. R1: Is that for real? Why don´t they open an internal search then? This is quite disappointing. I mean, doing skype interviews and who knows campus interview for nothing? R2: I would disregard this post. The inside candidate paranoia occurs every year, and every year there are cases in which the inside candidate is not offered the job. You have no way of knowing, so just apply. R3: I agree with R2. R4: After I quit, they told me they would hire a Visiting Instructor who had already worked there (and that I know). The national search is mandatory because it's a full-time position. Apply if you would like. You never know. I was just sharing my experience in that university since that used to be my job. R5: National searches ARE NOT mandatory for non-tenure track positions. They can always argue for "emergency hiring". Colorado College hired someone this year for a full time position (VAP) and there was not a national search. Also, I actually happen to know the person who works at Florida Golf Coast, and they like him a lot there. I also know he wants a TT so there's always the chance that this person will leave.
  • There are many universities opening positions to start on January, instead of next academic year, which is rather unusual. Any guesses? R1: This was interesting to me, too. I'm not sure what the underlying reasoning is, but I'd be curious to learn more about this once people get positions in those departments. R2: Covid-19 has thrown the hiring calendar totally out of wack. My guess is that these were jobs that would have started in Fall 2020 but had to be canceled or postponed due to hiring freezes. They are probably understaffed and need someone ASAP. R3: I saw St. Francis with a start date for Jan. I don't have first-hand knowledge, but from what I've been able to research, it seems like the college has gone through major program/curricular changes and then covid happened. So they must be in urgent need of a new faculty after their programs were either cut or reshaped.
  • The Berea College search is listed below as a linguistics job, though the ad does not specify that they are strictly looking for a linguist, it appears to be open to either linguistics or literature. The teaching responsibilities are so wide (language, literature, translation, phonetics, Spanish for the professions, etc.) as to suggest that these are potential areas of interest and not requirements. It's a poorly worded ad, but to give the committee the benefit of the doubt, I don't think they really believe that one person can competently cover all of those. It appears that this is simply an open/generalist search, so the current description is misleading and could discourage literature people from applying. R1: Thanks for drawing attention to this. The post is now fixed to reflect that it's open specialty. Community edits are also welcome in case you catch something similar in the future. Thanks!
  • New jobs section: Off-the-beaten-path There are a lot of jobs that Spanish and Portuguese PhDs are qualified for but that don't fit our normal focus on language departments and regular teaching positions. In order to share these while still keeping the wiki well-organized, I have created a separate "Off-the-beaten path Job Postings" section for such positions.
  • Visa requirements for Dartmouth / Mellon Foundation position So Dartmouth included this little clause on the announcement of their Post-Doc opening "There is no requirement that the fellows be U.S. citizens, but the Mellon Foundation does want to see the fellowships awarded to individuals who seem likely to make their careers in the United States." Challenge my translation if you may, but I think it means that they are only willing to sponsor J1 visas—not H1B, as the "return to home" requirement is clearly reflected on it. R1: That's an interesting thought. I wouldn't interpret it that way necessarily. H-1B visas are considered "dual intent ". As an example, a person on that type of visa could take steps towards getting a green card and end up being a more permanent immigrant to the US. I would suggest making explicit in your application materials that your intention is to remain in the US in some specific capacity after the postdoc position ends. That said, since I am not in any way an expert on immigration law and I don't know anything about the Dartmouth search committee's intentions, I would suggest contacting someone at your campus who works with international students and faculty to see what their professional opinion is.
  • An especially difficult year [Moved from "Free Advice" Section] Given the realities of the pandemic and its effect on academia, I imagine that this year is going to be very dismal for the higher ed market in general. Liberal arts disciplines will likely be hit hardest and many profs on the tenure track, myself included, have very likely had (or will have) their positions eliminated at the end of 2020-21. My heart goes out to everyone desperately seeking new employment this year and I earnestly hope that, as job seekers in the same unenviable position, we are all able to support each other regardless of the outcome. Ideally, this wiki is a good place to celebrate offers and commiserate rejections. Looking at past entries, this has not always been the case. R1: I'll join you in being supportive of job seekers. Although the focus has traditionally been on academic job postings here, I think it may help for us to have more discussion of non-academic jobs or academic jobs that are non-faculty positions. Some of us are more aware than others of what is out there, and I would like for this wiki to be a resource for everyone. I'm going to put a separate bullet point in the Free Advice section to draw attention to some relevant information.
  • The Ivory Tower is Collapsing [Moved from "Free Advice" Section] It seems that there are no jobs this year. It's time to demand radical reforms to our Departments... R1: I thought it's still early in the job season? But if no more job posts show up in the following weeks we can readily start to worry... R2: Early? ... It is actually LATE. Check out last year's one. By this time, most of the ads had been posted. We need to cope with the reality: the dream of a TT in Spanish (specially Literature and Culture) is over! R3: Exactly in what capacity is anyone in a position to demand radical reforms? TT professors are already in the Ivory Tower and students do not have any kind of leverage to demand anything (just see what happened at UC Santa Cruz last year) In addition to this, if you are so certain about "the dream" being over, why even bother in demanding reforms if it is already too late for that? This is not to convey an optimistic message, because the future looks anything but bright, but your melodramatic assertions are really not contributing to anything here. R4 to R3: My only advice, after many years on the market and this wiki, is don't engage with people who make this type of post. It just becomes a flame war. R5: I concur with R4. Commiseration is one thing, but there's nothing to be gained by sounding the death knell for and demanding revolutionary changes to the liberal arts as we know it simply because job announcements haven't appeared yet. At the outset of an academic year where institutions are still trying to determine if their instruction will be remote, hybrid, or face-to-face, it makes sense that job postings are slow to appear.


Applicant Current Status / Academic Rank:

  • ABD (will finish this academic year): x 12
  • ABD (currently in one-year, VAP, PhD Completion Fellowship, visiting instructor, lecturer or adjunct position): x 2
  • Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, post-doc, instructor, adjunct): x 15
  • Ph.D. in hand (TT): x 1
  • Ph.D. in hand (unable to find academic employment at the moment):
  • Ph.D. in hand (currently working outside of academia):
  • Assistant Professor: x 6
  • Associate Professor: x 3
  • Full Professor: x1
  • Committee member:

Field of Interest:

Literature: x19
Linguistics: x9
Language Program Coordination: x3
Cultural Studies: x8

How many applications do you plan on sending this year?

Between 1 and 10: x11
Between 10 and 20: x5
Between 20 and 30: x3
Between 30 and 40: x2
Over 40: x3
Over 60: x3

Job Postings[]

List NEW information at top, NOT in alphabetical order as we have previously done. This is a change that has been requested in previous years and it's one that makes sense. Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street


  1. University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI) : Lecturer I (adjunct) in Brazilian studies for Winter 2022:
  2. St. Mary's University (San Antonio, TX): Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish.
  3. Loyola University Maryland (Baltimore Maryland): Lecturer of Spanish
  4. Loyola University Maryland (Baltimore Maryland): Language Learning Center Manager (Spanish) (admin position with teaching one Spanish course per semester)
  5. Oklahoma State University. Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish.
  6. University of Bristol (Bristol, UK). Lecturer (=TT Assistant Prof in US system) in Comparative Literatures and Cultures (Spanish plus a second language, pref. Mandarin). Deadline: May 2, 2021
  7. Oklahoma State University Open Rank, Pandemic Studies
  8. West Texas A&M. Assistant Professor of Spanish (Mexican-American/Latinx Studies).
  9. University of Louisiana at Monroe. Assistant Professor of Spanish.
  10. University of Florida. Lecturer in Spanish Language and Culture and Program Administration. Open until filled.
  11. Adrian College (Adrian, MI). Spanish Adjunct Faculty needed for Fall 2021. If interested, please contact the current department chair, Dr. Bryan Bott. Openings until need filled.
  12. University of Florida - Food Science and Human Nutrition. Assistant Professor in Food Microbiology (Research and Teaching). Deadline: April 02, 2021 (the position will remain open until a viable applicant pool is determined)
  13. Durham University. TT Assistant Professor in Hispanic Studies (Early Modern Hispanic literature and culture or Iberian literary or visual studies). Deadline: February 15, 2021 PASSED
  14. CSU Monterey Bay. TT Assistant Professor Spanish Peninsular Literature and Culture. Deadline: February 15, 2021 PASSED
  15. University of Bristol (BRISTOL, UK). Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (=Assistant/Associate Prof in US system) in Peninsular Spanish Studies. Deadline: April 23, 2021 March 19th 2021
  16. College of Charleston (Charleston, SC): Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) in Spanish with Southern Cone and/or Andean Focus. Deadline: February 4, 2021 PASSED
  17. College of Charleston (Charleston, SC): Instructor of Spanish with a Focus in Hispanic Linguistics Deadline: February 4, 2021 PASSED
  18. Macalester College (Saint Paul, MN): Visiting Assistant Professor, Spanish - Specialist in Latin American Literature Deadline: February 15, 2021 PASSED
  19. Macalester College (Saint Paul, MN): Visiting Assistant Professor, Spanish - Specialist in Spanish Linguistics Deadline: February 15, 2021 PASSED
  20. Macalester College (Saint Paul, MN): Visiting Assistant Professor, Spanish - Specialist in Modern and Contemporary Spain/Latin America Deadline: February 15, 2021 PASSED
  21. University of Bristol (BRISTOL, UK). Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (=Assistant/Associate Prof in US system), History of Colonialism in Latin America. Deadline: January 10, 2021. PASSED
  22. University of Nebraska at Omaha (Nebraska / USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish (Tenure-Track), Hispanic Linguistics, SLA, Applied Linguistics, Heritage Languages. Review of applications begins December 11, 2020. PASSED
  23. Salt Lake Community College (UTAH, USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish / Latin American Studies. Preferred degree in Applied Linguistics, Hispanic Linguistics, or comparable field. Deadline: 24 October 2020. PASSED.
  24. Hillsdale College (MICHIGAN, USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish. Tenure-track. Iberian or Latin American literature, culture or linguistics; special attention given to candidates with concentration in literature with ability to teach linguistics. Deadline: 18 November 2020. PASSED.
  25. Lycoming College (PENNSYLVANIA, USA). Assistant Professor(s) of Spanish. Tenure-track. Two complementary hires sought. 20th/21st century Latin American literatures and cultures / Expertise in Mexico, Caribbean Studies, or Southern Cone preferred / Interest in work that incorporates race, gender, border studies, and/or visual cultures / preferred experience working with heritage speakers. Deadline: 1 October 2020. PASSED.
  26. University of Washington (WASHINGTON, USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish and Heritage Language Program Director. Applied Linguistics with a research focus on Spanish as a heritage language and its learners and/or speakers. Deadline: 30 October 2020. PASSED.
  27. University of Houston (TEXAS, USA). Assistant Professor in Spanish Linguistics. Tenure-line. Spanish linguistics, specialization in syntax strongly preferred and ability to teach pragmatics a plus. Deadline: 15 November 2020. PASSED.
  28. Westminster College (MISSOURI, USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish. Tenure-line. Spanish, Generalist, dedication to a liberal arts undergraduate education. Deadline: 17 December 2020. PASSED
  29. Florida Gulf Coast University (FLORIDA, USA). Instructor of Spanish. Non-tenure-line. Spanish. Deadline: 15 November 2020. PASSED.
  30. Texas Tech University (TEXAS, USA). Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics. Tenure-line. Applied Linguistics, SLA, or Spanish as a Heritage Language. Deadline: "Screening begins" on 15 November 2020, so the deadline could be interpreted as 14 November 2020 or 15 November 2020; probably the latter, but can never be too sure. PASSED.
  31. Swarthmore (PENNSYLVANIA, USA). Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. Non-tenure-line. Initial two-year appointment with possibility of additional two-year term. Spanish Early Modern focus; Latin American Colonial Studies is a plus. Deadline: 30 November 2020. PASSED
  32. University of California Santa Cruz (CALIFORNIA / USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish. Tenure-Line. Applied Linguistics. Deadline: 17 November 2020. PASSED.
  33. Wake Forest University (NORTH CAROLINA, USA). Assistant Teaching Professor in Spanish. Full-time, non-tenure track position with benefits. Initial two-year appointment with possibility of renewal and promotion on a teaching-centered career path. Ph.D. preferred, M.A. minimum. Teaching load is six courses per year. Deadline: 1 December 2020. PASSED.
  34. University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (PENNSYLVANIA, USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish. Tenure-line. Potentially a generalist position (all levels of language courses plus courses in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Spanish for Healthcare Professionals, and Hispanics and Medicine). Deadline: 15 January 2021. PASSED.
  35. Saint Anselm College (NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish. Non-tenure-line. 1- to 3-year term. Applied Linguistics (in one or more of following areas: Spanish SLA; the Use of Technology in Spanish Language Pedagogy; and / or Instructional Technology). Deadline: 1 November 2020. PASSED.
  36. Hamilton College (NEW YORK, USA). Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies. Tenure-line. Early Modern Spanish Literature and Cultures. Deadline: 1 November 2020. PASSED.
  37. Berea College (KENTUCKY, USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish. Tenure-line. Generalist / open specialization (Linguistics / Literature / Culture / etc). Deadline: 13 November 2020 or 15 November 2020 (seems to be the latter, but both are listed in the ad). PASSED.
  38. Washington and Lee University (VIRGINIA, USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish. Tenure-line. Golden Age Spanish Literature. Deadline: 15 October 2020. PASSED.
  39. University of Massachusetts, Boston (MASSACHUSETTS, USA). Lecturer/Director of Portuguese & Spanish Language Programs. Non-tenure-line. NOTE: January 2021 start date. Deadline: 15 October 2020. PASSED.
  40. University of California, Davis (CALIFORNIA, USA). Assistant Professor. Transoceanic Literary/Cultural Studies (1492-1820). Tenure-Line. Peninsular, transatlantic, colonial Latin American literature and culture. Deadline: 30 October 2020. PASSED.
  41. University of Chicago (ILLINOIS, USA). Collegiate Assistant Professor. 4-year position. Postdoctoral teaching appointment (non-tenure-line). All disciplines and areas of specialization. Deadline: 16 October 2020. PASSED.
  42. Brigham Young University (UTAH, USA). Open rank, 3rd-year Spanish Program Coordinator. Tenure-Line. Foreign Language Education, Spanish Applied Linguistics, or related field. Deadline: 14 September 2020. PASSED.
  43. University of Northern Iowa (IOWA, USA). Assistant Professor, TESOL and Applied Linguistics. Tenure-Line. K-12 ELL education, second language acquisition and pedagogy, bilingual education, applied linguistics, and / or educational linguistics. Deadline: 1 September 2020. PASSED.
  44. Australian National University (CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA). Assistant Professor in Spanish (Lecturer Level B). Tenure-Line. Spanish / Literary, Film, or Gender Studies. Deadline: 9 August 2020. PASSED.
  45. SUNY Purchase (NEW YORK STATE, USA). Assistant Professor of Language & Culture. Tenure-Line. Spanish / Linguistics. Deadline: 11 September 2020. PASSED.
  46. Santa Clara University (CA / USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish (Tenure-Track). Linguistics, SLA, Applied Linguistics. Deadline: 30 October 2020. PASSED.
  47. EXAMPLE UNIVERSITY FORMAT (STATE / COUNTRY). Position Rank and Title (Tenure-Line or Not / Contract Length Info). Language / Specialty. Deadline. Link to Job ad.

Off-the-beaten-path Job Postings[]

This section is for academic job postings that don't fit the traditional language-focused faculty jobs that we're used to but that are still relevant for many of us who use this wiki.

List NEW information at top, NOT in alphabetical order as we have previously done. This is a change that has been requested in previous years and it's one that makes sense. Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street.


  1. Duke (NORTH CAROLINA, USA). Assistant or Associate Professor. Latinx Studies. Tenure-line. 2 positions open. Deadline: 26 October 2020. PASSED.
  2. Princeton (NEW JERSEY, USA). Postdoctoral Research Associate. Latin American Studies (Spanish and / or Portuguese). 1 to 2 positions open. Non-tenure-line.12-month term with possibility of renewal. Program in Latin American Studies. Deadline: 3 December 2020.
  3. Dartmouth (NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA). Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Society of Fellows. Non-tenure-line. 3-year position. Interdisciplinary, open specialization. Deadline: 14 September 2020. PASSED.
  4. Cornell (NEW YORK, USA). Residential Fellowship with the Society for the Humanities. Non-tenure-line. 1-year position. 6 positions open. PhD must have been awarded prior to 1 January 2020. Theme: Afterlives. Deadline: 30 October 2020. PASSED.
  5. Tokyo University (JAPAN). Postdoctoral Fellow (Project Researcher). Non-tenure-line. Topic: "The Earth and Human Society in 2050". No knowledge of Japanese required. Deadline: 30 September 2020. PASSED.
  6. Princeton (NEW JERSEY, USA). Postdoctoral Fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences. 3 positions open. Non-tenure-line. Open topic. Deadline: 4 August 2020. PASSED.
  7. Dartmouth (NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA). Postdoctoral fellow. 2-year position. Non-tenure-line. Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences. Deadline: 15 September 2020. PASSED.
  8. EXAMPLE UNIVERSITY FORMAT (STATE / COUNTRY). Position Rank and Title (Tenure-Line or Not / Contract Length Info). Language / Specialty. Deadline. Link to Job ad.

Other Relevant Jobs Wikis[]

Once the related Academia Job wikis are up for 2020-2021 (Latinx Studies, Linguistics, et cetera), post them here. Use the Heading 3 format so that they show up in the "Contents" section at the top of the page.

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