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Salaries / Start-up Funds[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

Q. Last year people posted their salaries in the spirit of transparency, so here it goes: private East Coast university, n-TT, 4-3 load, 65k, benefits, moving exprenses, start-up funds. R1: University in California, renewable and possible TT in the future: 85k, benefits, professional development funds. R2: Private East Coast University, NTT, 4/3 load, 65k, benefits, moving expenses, professional development funds. R3: Private Southeast University, TT, 4/4 load, 60k, benefits, moving expenses, start-up and professional development funds. R4: Public Southeast University, NTT, 3/3 load + coordination, 50k, benefits, no moving expenses, no start-up funds, no research funds, no professional development funds. R5: Private California University, NTT, 62k, benefits, 1.5k moving expenses, professional development funds. R6: Private Southeast University, TT, 3/3 load (first year 2/2), 63k, benefits, moving expenses, professional development and start-up funds. R7: Public South Central University, TT, 2/3 load, 64K, benefits, moving expenses, start-up funds. R8: Public East Coast University, TT, 2/2 load, 90k, benefits, moving expenses, start up funds, annual research funds. R9: Public Southeast University, TT, 2/2 load, 75k, benefits, moving expenses, start-up funds.

Q. Last week I was offered a temporary one-year lecture position at an important private university in Washington D.C. to substitute for a professor going out on a research fellowship. They offered me 50k for a 4/4 teaching load. I have talked to people that I trust in academia, but I am getting a bunch of mixed signals. Half think I should accept it because as an A.B.D. (I am graduating during the summer) this is a prestigious university to have on my CV and then go back to the job market with more experience and degree in hand. The other half think that the $ for such a teaching load + moving is outrageous and that I should think about how important publishing will be this year right out of the Ph.D. program and that I won't have any time to write. I only received a verbal offer, so I don't know anything else about the position and what comes with it, so I am really lost right now. I am waiting for responses from other instituions that are more appealing, but tbh I have already received so many rejections, that I am really afraid of what might happen if I say no to this offer. I appreciate all advice that may help me make this decision. R1: This is a tough. 50k in Washington DC is low given that studio apartments in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area go for $1,500+ without utilities, which would be nearly half of your take-home income. To make things easier, you might live with a roommate. Given your 4/4 load and your living circumstances, you are right that continuing to publish would be challenging. This temporary position, knowing that this opening is due to a professor being on a fellowship, would very likely not lead to anything long-term so you will have moved there and tried hard, for what? You will have made friends and found your favorite restaurants and favorite parks, for what? In industry, when a job is so short-term, they compensate the individual well to account for the huge inconvenience that taking a short-term contract entails, but here they are paying you significantly less than they should for a 4/4 (that is A LOT of tuition that they are not sharing with you because you are the substitute teacher, of sorts). In terms of the name, that is very nice, but you as an individual will be stunted because you will not be able to publish nor get involved in any important way in the department, but you will have one line on your CV with this name. That is what you will have. --- OP: thank you! Your insight is actually really helpful, and you gave me a lot to think about. I suppose that even the notion that "beggars can't be choosers" must have a limit. Also, is it normal to be offered a position just verbally, nothing in writing? The chair made me an offer during our first zoom conversation, I didn't meet anyone from the search committee and the offer was made prior to having the Dean's approval. The whole thing seems off. Author of R1: Yes, the older I get the more that I think a gut feeling should not be ignored or reasoned through. If something feels off, it very likely is. One of the reasons why you may have been given the offer so soon in the first Zoom interview, without meeting the committee members and without receiving a written offer, is that they see you as a glorified (albeit highly qualified) substitute teacher that they will discard within the next year. If this is the case, you will not feel appreciated nor comfortable while working there. One last thing that just occurred to me now: while getting accustomed to living in a new city and taking on a 4/4 load, your principal goal will be locking in a full-time job for the subsequent academic year, which will be incredibly difficult to do successfully if you are struggling personally, professional, and financially. On a final note, please read the post below this one to see how even those who get TT offers can struggle to know what the best step is, so, in short, you are not alone.

Q. Last week I was extended an offer that I am still considering. It is for a University in Florida and the income is in the 50k (yearly). I do not know much about salaries, but I honestly found it very low after so many years studying for a PhD. My wife makes more money just working as a consultant (with a bare bachelor's degree). Any thoughts about this? R1: IF it's TT, the city/town is cheap, your wife is mobile, and you haven't been hired for a temporary position ever, just take it, accrue experience, and find the next job in 1-2 years. If any of these conditions is not met, decline it. R2: I am the author, thanks. It is a TT, but I still think the income is too low. I am not sure how these salaries are still ok. I am still ABD and I think I will not accept it, I am shocked by how low salaries can be. I am not good negotiating. R3: Is it a public institution? If it is there might be very little they can do with the salary? If it's on the higher end of the 50k, it is not too far off from a public institution where the costs are not to hight would offer in my opinion. R4: I understand your concern, OP, especially at a time when inflation is at a record high at 7%, where, in literally one year's time, everything, especially housing costs, has shot up considerably. Salaries for new employees do not have that 7% bonus... your salary is very likely the same one that they would have offered you last year. However, everyone has to be aware that although this profession requires a decade or more of becoming specialized in a sub-field, it does not guarantee a financially comfortable lifestyle whatsoever. Even those with TTs from decades ago are victims to the will of their university administrations, who, many times, will not give cost-of-living increases year after year, so their salaries from the 90s have been sporadically boosted by 2% here and there, but that's that. In short, if you are in the humanities, you very likely will be living month-to-month and will have trouble buying a 300k home before earning tenure if you stay in academia. If you can somehow find your way to an industry job, many of these concerns will disappear. Three pieces of good news for you are: (a) Gainesville is not that expensive and you will likely be able to save up while living there, (b) UF's Spanish department is one of the best in the nation and there are a lot of native speaker or heritage language students and professors that enrich the environment (and passionate second language learners to boot too!), and (c) you got a TT, the coveted position of all academic positions in this field. The golden ticket. The holy grail. The chalice of all chalices. Now, the only thing left is for you decide what you want your life to look like, so take the wheel and put the radio on a rockin' station!! Hope this helped, if even just a little. :) R5: R4, you gave the best advice ever. I like to see how some people (like you) are so honest and straightforward yet kind and understanding. The university is not UF, it is a university in the very north of Florida, but I still take your advice. I wanted a house for my family and I naively thought that a PhD would help me achieve that... Time to face reality and continuing striving! R6: I haven't seen a TT position at UF this year. Regardless, TT salaries at UF have been in the 60K. And by the way, the Spanish department is one of the worst out there. Don't buy their fake publicity. R7: I, too, have heard horrible things about the Spanish department at UF.

Q. Does anyone use an external service to negotiate a job offer such as The Professor is In (no ad here)? Any positive experience with this kind of services or do you plan to negotiate by yourself? Do you know any other company that provides this service besides TPII? Would it be possible to negotiate in case of receiving a single jo offer? Thanks! R1: I've never heard of people hiring a service to negotiate. I recommend just asking people who you trust and recent hires in your field that you know. Things vary from institution and your place in the field. Always negotiate though but remember to negotiate realistically to your place in the field (i.e. years out of PhD) and type of institution (i.e. Small liberal arts college vs. R1 institution). You don't need a second offer to get more money. Spousal hires require a different negotiation though. R2: Comparing the cost of living of the place where would possibly live against the place where you currently live is always a good place to start. Just keep an open mind and never forget that education is underpaid across the board and, unless you are Butler-Zizek-Spivak level, it's not going to make you rich. R3: Remember that multiple aspects of the offer may be negotiable, not just salary. For instance, you could request both a laptop and a desktop, technology and library startup funds, research and travel funds, full moving costs, grant-writing support, etc. R4: They are expecting you to negotiate one, or various, components of the offer. Negotiate in good faith and within reason. Talk to others who have been through it. It's really just a little research more. Plus, the chances of them pulling their offer are pretty much zero (I say "pretty much" because I'm sure that somewhere at some point something went sideways for somebody).


List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • UNC CHAPEL HILL ROMS has already offered a position. A response from the candidate is awaited.
  • University of Findlay (Assistant Professor) - Accepted (Second Hand)
  • University of Tennessee Knoxville (Spanish Lecturer position)- accepted (Second hand, reliable). This is just for one of the positions (there were 2), not sure if the offer for the other one has been made or accepted.
  • California State University, East Bay - Accepted (second hand, reliable)
  • Villanova — Accepted.
  • University of Chicago (IAP). Declined 5/20. While attending the meet-and-greet with the other instructors, I did not have a favorable impression of the work environment. It did not appear that they were interested in me, and I found that the Department of RLL lacked diversity. Best of luck to the candidate who accepts their offer, as well as future applicants, as I am fairly certain that this position will be available next year. Q1: I also had a similar impression. May I ask what salary did they offer you? First hand info: we know that no offers have been made yet. R2: FWIW, I've been lurking the Spanish wiki for a few years, but I come from a different language. I was offered this same position last week (not in Spanish), and am currently considering my options. While it is true that TT and non TT faculty offices in RLL are located in two different buildings, I actually had a very positive experience at the meet and greet. I got the impression that instructional faculty are open to close working relationships and collaborations. The students are great, too. My take is that UChicago has huge Spanish and French programs, and people's experiences will vary no matter what. R3: That's the problem with these wikis - you never know 100% what's true and what's made up. I did notice that most instructors I met were kind of self-involved, but not all of them. The environment seemed a little detached, but not toxic, at least at first sight. This search is conducted precisely to address the diversity issue they obviously have there. After several campus visits, I have come to realize that TT and NTT positions are handled differently (no surprise!). NTT are always treated as less everywhere. XX The initial post is misleading and and false. Adding more drama: Whether that first person got an offer or not, I wanted to remind you all that we, as candidates, are also interviewing the universities. In my experience a few years ago, the campus interview was awful. The meet and greet should have been called "show up and leave"; the instructors did not seem happy working there, and they did not include other candidates who were not from Spain in their discussions. The fact that the Department of RLL posts this position every year is highly suggestive. RE: First hand info and XX- Make sure your department and team treat instructors and potential candidates better and start implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives! R4: You are absolutely right. No matter how dreadful the academic job market is, we shouldn't forget how important is to work in a pleasant environment. RLL department at UChicago shows very clearly what their preferences are in terms of people they hire. This seems to be the trend in most R1 institutions, though, especially for teaching positions. This elitist view that people from certain countries speak "better" Spanish and therefore teach "better" the language is still pretty rampant in US colleges. It's ridiculous, especially coming from linguists who should know that all language variations are functional and teachable. This is true above all in US, where the variety of spoken Spanish is huge. R5: Finalist. The campus visit was extremely disorganized and the questions by the selection committee were completely random and decontextualized. They did not seem to have any interest in me and I think they were not very clear about what they were looking for or wanted for their program. There was a huge lack of professionalism, something I did not expect from an elite university. I perceived a toxic work environment with little interest in their program. Good luck to the selected candidate. R6: The same here! There was a linguist in the search committee who rolled her eyes every time I spoke and asked random questions, such as how should I change their Spanish language program (e.g. curriculum, textbooks...)... I was like..."Are you looking for a program coordinator or for an instructor?" Good luck to the chosen one. R7: I wonder if they eventually hired someone lol. I had a similar experience. The tenured professor serving as chair of the search committee didn't even show up to any of my teaching demos, only to the first meeting and... lunch. The linguist asked the same question about textbooks, and made a weird comment about a boyfriend she had from my country... like... why do I need to know that your ex used to steal money from your wallet? I suspect that both language directors wanted someone unable to overshadow them...
  • Kansas State University (VAP). Declined 5/16
  • Wake Forest University (VAP). Accepted 5/16.
  • University of Vermont (Lecturer) Rejected 5/7 (Told position has been filled.)
  • Eastern Kentucky University, (TT Assistant Professor of Spanish). Accepted 5/6.
  • OSU. At least 2/6 positions filled (second hand-reliable). R1: Is this Ohio State or Oklahoma State? And does the 2/6 mean that there were/are six positions available (!? - extremely unlikely, I feel) and two of them were filled, or that the position was filled on feb. 6th? Thanks. OP: It's Ohio State University and yes, their announcement stated that they were filling six positions—which they can easily do, just check out the size of their Department.
  • Colorado Mesa University. Accepted. (second hand-reliable) R1: Also, first offer declined (second hand reliable).
  • Kalamazoo College. Accepted (second hand reliable)
  • Boston University (Lecturer of Spanish). Accepted
  • Mississippi State University (Spanish Linguistics). Accepted.
  • Texas A&M San Antonio (Assistant Professor of Spanish). Accepted.
  • Spelman College (Global Hispanophone). Notified 4/14. Accepted.
  • ECU. Accepted (4/7)
  • Spelman College (Latinx). Notified 4/7. Declined (great department, kind welcoming faculty and strong students. I'm declining as I'm accepting a different offer that is a better fit for my family and me). Q1: Strong students? They only have a graduation rate of 75,1%. R1: I don't really think graduation rate is a good indicator of the quality of students. Also, national average graduation rate is 60%. Spelman students are incredibly hard working and smart. R2: Sure, good luck.
  • ECU. Rejected (Note: great department with amazing faculty. I am rejecting because I got a better offer) Q2: Could the recipient kindly describe their research? Is this a US Latinx / transnational approach, 1.5 generation literature, etc.?
  • Washington and Lee VAP. Notified 4/8. (I'm a Latin Americanist) Notified 4/25 (received email saying position has been filled, Peninsularist x2)
  • Eckerd (Latin America). Accepted (second hand-reliable)
  • University of Alaska. Rejected (Note: This is a great department with wonder faculty. For personal reasons, I can't make the move). R1: I COMPLETELY AND ENTIRELY disagree with this affirmation. It is less than an ideal place to work... R2: The same could be said about 50% of institutions around the USA. It's a flagship state institution and a great opportunity for many scholars when jobs are beyond limited. Anything substantial and non-salty to add to this position? R3: Sure, go there and be happy!
  • Jacksonville University. Rejected (Note: it was good offer and a TT but got another offer that I ended up taking instead)
  • William and Mary. Offer made (Notified March 14). Rejected. LOL. Good for you! ¿Cuántos han pasado y/o rechazado ofertas ahí en los últimos años? LOL LOL LOL. R1: For real though! What is going on at W&M? R2: The job and the place were fantastic, but sometimes you need to consider other aspects that are important in your life.
  • Clemson. Accepted (second hand-reliable)
  • Howard. Accepted (second hand -reliable)
  • Dartmouth. Accepted (second hand -reliable)
  • Texas Tech. Accepted (second hand -reliable)
  • Indiana University. Accepted
  • University of Dayton. Accepted (Second hand- reliable)
  • Florida Atlantic U. Accepted. Second hand.
  • CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice (Translation & Interpreting) - Accepted
  • CUNY Baruch (Peninsular) - Accepted
  • Syracuse University (Latinx) - Accepted
  • Spelman College (Latinx/Border) - Declined
  • Kansas (Global Hispanophone). After campus visit, received notification that an offer has been made and accepted. (x2)
  • Spelman College (Global Hispanophone) - Rejected.
  • Eckerd College (Peninsular) - Received notification that an offer has been made.
  • Mount St. Mary's University - Accepted.
  • Florida International University - Assistant Professor of Portuguese. Accepted 03/09.
  • St. Olaf College - Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Spanish. Accepted.
  • Coe College - Assistant Professor of Spanish (Transatlantic Studies). Accepted.
  • Truman State University - Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguisics. Accepted.
  • Longwood University - Assistant Professor of Spanish and Pedagogy. Accepted 03/04.
  • University of Delaware - Assistant Professor of Spanish and Pedagogy. Accepted 03/07.
  • University of Richmond - Assistant Professor of Latinx Studies. Accepted 03/04.
  • The Ohio State University - Assistant Professor of Spanish (Iberian)
  • Baylor University- Assistant Professor of Spanish- Accepted (Second hand- reliable)
  • Rutgers University - Assistant Professor of Spanish (Sociolinguistics). Accepted 03/01.
  • LeMoyne College - Assistant Professor of Spanish - Accepted
  • Union College - Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • University of Florida - Gainesville (Lecturer of Language and Culture) - Received a notification that the position has been filled.
  • California State University Fullerton (Spanish Peninsular Contemporary Literary and Cultural Studies). Accepted 2/8.
  • Wabash College - Received a notification that the position has been filled.
  • George Washington University - Accepted
  • University of South Carolina - Assistant Professor of Spanish R1: Accepted?
  • College of Charleston - Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics. Notified 01/31
  • Vassar College - Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies (second hand, reliable) R1: Rejection emails have been sent so I would go ahead and confirm this.
  • Yale. No notification to candidates yet, but: R1: Interesting background & journey! (no snark, just noting, for those who go onto "alt-ac" and wonder if they could ever go back to "ac") R2: Just to clarify, I think this is not the Associate Prof position, but a digital humanities postdoc, am I right? R3: This is not for the Associate Prof position. For that position, they notified candidates on the "long short-list" who were not moving forward as finalists last week.
  • Kenyon College - Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • University of South Florida - Assistant Instructor of Spanish. Notified 1/10. (rejected)
  • University of Puget Sound - Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies
  • Occidental College - Specialist of Language Education. Notified on December 11. (rejected) R1: Congrats! Are you accepting it?
  • University of New Orleans - Oct 20 (received generic rejection email stating an offer has been extended). This is quite confusing. On Oct 20th, second-round candidates were interviewing. We received an email notification for a second round of interviews on Oct 13th. So, it's kind of disconcerting to believe that an offer was made the same day we were asked to interview in front of the search committee. Not saying the person who added this is not being truthful, but I do wonder if an offer was actually made?? R1. Hi! I posted this offer because I received a rejection that stated that a candidate had been selected. I deleted the email so I apologize that I can't paste the actual wording and also apologies for adding stress. it seems that they sent the email too soon or during finalists' rounds? R2. I had the same questions when I received the rejection the day after the interview. R3. Time will tell but I kind of suspect they didn't even move to campus visits and extended an offer right away which is really weird. I know COVID has changed many things, but universities at least are trying to do a comparable process online. But you never know the idiosyncrasies of each committee or university. I did sense this was an underfunded, kind of ailing department, so maybe that could be one of the many reasons. Though I may be all wrong. Congrats to the selected candidate anyways if there's one. R4: Any news on this? R5: They clearly had someone in mind. The search committee did not prepare good questions and they did not hesitate to share discouraging information about their own department and university,

Campus Interviews[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • Madison Area Technical College (Instructor) notified 5/6 (zoom)
  • University of Chicago (Assistant Instructional Professor in Spanish), notified 5/3
  • California State University, East Bay (TT in Spanish Sociolinguistics). Virtual campus visit, notified 5/2
  • Eastern Kentucky University (AP of Spanish). Notified 4/21 Q1: How was the campus interview? This job was reposted today! OP: the visit went really well! I got an offer and accepted it yesterday. I'm not sure about that repost though.
  • Brooklyn College (Lecturer/Coordinator) Virtual Campus Inverview. Notified 4/2
  • UIC (Clinical Assistant Professor - Director of Heritage Language Program). Notified 4/15.
  • Yale University (LPD). Notified 4/14 (x2)
  • Illinois Wesleyan VAP. Notified 3/30
  • Villanova University CNT. Notified 4/5
  • Lafayette College VAP. Notified 4/4
  • Washington and Lee VAP (Latin America). Notified 3/28. wow , so fast ! Felicidades. Anyone else has heard from them?
  • Spelman College (Latinx/Border). Notified 3/25
  • Spelman College (Global Hispanophone). Notified. 3/25 (x2) - I was kind of surprised since someone reported above that they were offered the job. R2: Be grateful, some of us can't even get an interview this cycle.
  • Salisbury University. Notified 3/23 (x2)
  • Colorado Mesa University. Notified 3/17 (x3)
  • Georgia College (Lecturer of Spanish). Notified 3/17
  • University of Alabama Huntsville. Lecturer. Notified 3/12
  • University of Nevada Las Vegas, translation position. Notified 3/10.
  • University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Notified 3/10. X2 (Virtual)
  • CSU Northridge. Notified 3/7. R1. Which position?
  • East Carolina University. Notified 3/2
  • Columbia College (Director of General Education and Lecturer of Spanish). Notified 3/1
  • Boston University (Lecturer). Notified 2/28
  • Indiana University. Notified 2/23
  • University of Rhode Island (lecturer in Hispanic Studies, Generalist). Notified 2/23
  • Georgetown (Assistant Teaching Professorship)
  • Eckerd College (Latin America), notified 2/19 (x2)
  • Wartburg College, notified 2/18
  • Shepherd University, notified 2/17
  • New York University, notified 2/15 R1. (Spanish Peninsular?)
  • University of Rhode Island, notified 2/10
  • University of Richmond, notified 2/8 that candidates have been chosen.
  • Truman State University, notified 2/7
  • Mississippi State University (Spanish Linguistics), notified 2/4
  • Syracuse University (Latinx) 2/3
  • Idaho State University, notified 2/2
  • Georgia State University, second source
  • Jacksonville University (TT), notified 2/2
  • Baruch (Peninsular), notified 2/1
  • Emory (Open rank), campus interviews finished last week, notified 12/29 (x2)
  • FIU (Assistant Professor of Portuguese), notified 1/31
  • Le Moyne College
  • Spelman College (Global Hispanophone), notified 1/28
  • Spelman College (Latinx), notified 1/28 (X2)
  • Florida Atlantic University, notified 1/29
  • Mount St. Mary's, notified 1/29 (x2)
  • University of Virginia, notified 1/26
  • Kalamazoo (Transnational Literary Studies) - Is it the Transnational Literary Study job? When did they send out the notification?
  • University of Mississippi (second-hand, reliable)
  • University of Delaware - Continuing-Track Assistant Professor, Spanish and Pedagogy, notified 1/25 x2 Q: Congratulations! May I ask if you are an ABD Ph.D. candidate or a Ph.D. holder? Thanks in advance! R1: I am a Ph.D. holder, 10 years+ teaching experience, several articles published in SLA. Hope this helps.
  • Claremont McKenna, notified 1/24
  • Oklahoma State University. Notified 1/24
  • Coe College, finalists were notified sometime last week (second-hand info., reliable)
  • University of Toronto (Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream - CLTA - Spanish Applied Linguistics and Language Pedagogy), virtual on-campus, notified 1/21 *Note from OP: I originally listed this as University of Delaware due to an error on my part; I am sorry for the confusion as the position titles are similar.*
  • Wesleyan, notified 1/21 Q: Is this Wesleyan University (CT), or Nebraska Wesleyan University? Thank you! R1: Wesleyan University in CT.
  • Union College, notified 1/19
  • Georgetown University, notified 1/18
  • Northwestern University, notified 12/16
  • UC-Irvine, notified 1/12.
  • Wake Forest
  • University of Kansas, notified 1/14 (x2)
  • Longwood University, notified 1/13
  • Furman University, notified 1/13
  • Colorado State University, notified 12/29
  • University of Central Florida, notified 1/6
  • College of William & Mary, notified 1/10
  • The Ohio State University (Assistant Professor Iberian), notified 1/9. x2
  • George Washington University (Spanish instructor), notified 1/8 x3
  • Clemson University (Spanish and International Business), notified 01/07 x2. R1: First, congrats. Now, did you receive the invitation the day right after the Zoom interviews?? I am impressed. R2 (OP): Thank you! I was interviewed on Jan 5 and received the invitation on the 7th. We are still finalizing some details for the campus visit.
  • Vassar College (Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies), notified 12/23
  • Rutgers (Sociolinguist position), notified 12/22. (x2)
  • CUNY John Jay College (Translation & Interpreting), notified 12/21
  • Nebraska Wesleyan, Zoom, notified 12/21, Q: Aren't they still in the 2nd round Zoom interview stage?
  • University of Rochester, Q: any news from UR yet? Zoom interviews were about 2 weeks ago. R1: Campus visit 1/26
  • Hamilton College, notified 12/15 Q: Was this inmediately following (and/or the day after) your Zoom interview, then? R: Yes, the day after!
  • Tulane University, notified 12/15
  • College of Charleston, notified 12/12. Q: Which position is this for? R1: Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics
  • University of South Carolina, notified 12/10
  • University of Florida at Gainesville, Lecturer in Spanish Language & Culture, notified 11/30 R1: Is this in person or virtual? Did they say if this is a full day thing and/or what you will have to do? R2: It will be in-person in Gainesville as an all-day interview. I will be speaking with a number of people, teaching a basic Spanish lesson, and giving a 20-minute presentation on items related to language teaching and coordinating.
  • Occidental College, Specialist for Language Education, notified 11/24 R1: When did you have the Zoom Interview? Mine was yesterday. R2: My Zoom interview is tomorrow, Thursday, 12/2. Wishing us both a lot of luck, whichever way it turns out. ¡Ánimo! :) R3: I got confused because here it says campus visit. Good luck! R4: I completely understand; according to the assistant dean, this is the last stage, so no on-campus interviews, but rather the initial phone call and then this final Zoom interview, which is why I listed this under campus interview as I took it to be the equivalent, more or less.
  • University of Puget Sound, notified 11/11
  • Kenyon College, notified 11/3

Zoom / Skype / Phone Interview. List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street[]

  • University of Limerick (Lecturer below the bar in Spanish Cultural Studies). Notified 6/29
  • University of Tennessee Chattanooga (Spanish Lecturer and Lab Director). Notified 5/26.
  • Temple University (Assistant Professor - Instructional (Non-Tenure Track) in Spanish) Notified 5/12
  • Kansas State University (Teaching Assistant Professor) Notified 5/4
  • UNC Chapel Hill (Teaching Assistant Professor) Notified 5/10
  • Kansas State University (VAP) Notified 5/4 (x2)
  • Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) (Instructor of Spanish) Notified 4/28
  • Wake Forest. (VAP) Notified 4/27 (x2).
  • Madison Area Technical College (instructor of Spanish) Notified 4/26
  • University of Chicago (Assistant Instructional Professor of Spanish). Notified 4/20
  • Brown University (Visiting Professor of Portuguese). Notified 04/18
  • Trinity College (VAP, Latin America). Notified 04/14.
  • Trinity College (VAP, Peninsular). Notified 04/14. (x2).
  • Colby College (VAP, Latin America). Notified 4/14. The deadline for this position was on 4/15. Did they select a candidate before? OP: I received the Zoom interview invitation through a phone call on Apr14 and I did not expect that since, as you said, the deadline was not met yet.
  • Wells College (VAP). Notified 04/13
  • California State University, East Bay (TT in Spanish Sociolinguistics). Notified 4/11
  • Eastern Kentucky U. Notified 4/9 (x2), notified 4/18.
  • UIC (Clinical Assistant Professor - Director of Heritage Language Program). Notified 4/5.
  • Yale University (LPD), notified 4/4
  • Valencia College, Florida (Digital Interview) Anyone else? Notified 04/01
  • St. Joseph's (NYC). Notified 3/29
  • Villanova. Notified 3/28
  • University of Vermont. Lecturer. Notified 3/25
  • Lafayette VAP. Notified 3/25
  • Washington and Lee. Notified 3/19 (x2). Notified 3/23. For the people notified on 3/19, did you already have the interview? Did they say for which post? Thanks! R1: I was notified on 3/9 and had my interview on 3/24 via Zoom. They did not mention which post I was interviewing for, but I work on contemporary Latin America if that's at all helpful. R2: Thanks a lot! I work on contemporary Peninsular, so maybe one of each...
  • Purdue University Lecturer, Spanish and Portuguese. Notified 3/10
  • The Ohio State University (Lecturer in Spanish). Notified 3/10 Q: Did they tell you if they had their pool ready? Their announcement is still pretty much everywhere, so I am wondering if there will be more interviews in the future. R1: (OP) They did not say specifically whether or not they had already selected a set pool of candidates to interview (I believe the ad said they would continue reviewing until the 6 positions were filled). It sounded like they have a hard deadline to extend offers by the end of April. R2: Thanks for the Q&A!
  • Yale University (Language Program Director), Notified 3/18
  • Brooklyn College (Lecturer/Coordinator). Notified 3/11
  • Illinois Wesleyan University (VAP). Notified 3/3
  • Salisbury University. Notified 3/9 (x2)
  • Queens College/CUNY (Hispanic Linguistics). Notified 3/2 x2
  • University of Alabama in Huntsville (Spanish Lecturer). Notified 3/1
  • Colorado Mesa University. Notified 3/1
  • Roanoke College. Notified 2/24
  • King University (Assistant Prof.) Notified 2/25
  • University of Arkansas (Teaching Assistant Professor and Director of World Languages and Digital Humanities Studio). Notified 2/23
  • Southern Methodist University (Lecturer of Spanish). Notified 2/23
  • Georgia College (Lecturer of Spanish). Notified 2/15
  • ECU (instructor/teaching professor). Notified 2/18
  • University of South Carolina Aiken, tenure-track assistant professor of Spanish, notified 2/16
  • Marist College, Lecturer of Spanish (interview with Dean) notified 2/14
  • Cal State U San Bernardino. Notified 2/9
  • Eckerd College, Latin America. Notified 2/9(x2)
  • Maryville College. Notified 2/8
  • Indiana University. Notified 2/4 x2
  • Wartburg College. Notified 2/4
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks. Notified 2/1
  • University of Rhode Island (lecturer in Hispanic Studies, Generalist). Notified 2/1
  • Marist College (Lecturer of Spanish), notified 1/30 x2
  • University of Rhode Island: notified 1/27 (lecturer+coordinator) x2
  • University of Southern Mississippi: Notified 1/26
  • Shepherd University (01/26) x2
  • Le Moyne College. Candidates notified recently. Second hand information, reliable.
  • Howard University. Zoom. Notified 01/20
  • Berea College. Zoom. Notified 01/20
  • U of North Florida. Zoom. Notified 01/19 x2
  • University of British Columbia. Lecturer of Spanish. Zoom. Notified 1/19.
  • Truman State University. Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Spanish. Zoom. Notified 1/18
  • The University of St Andrews. Lecturer in Latin American Studies. Zoom. Notified 1/18.
  • University of Michigan (Lecturer III (231 Coordinator) position). Zoom. Notified 1/18.
  • Mississippi State University, Zoom notified 1/17. (x3)
  • Baruch College (Peninsular studies), Zoom, notified 1/14 (x2)
  • Florida Atlantic U (Latin American lit and film), Zoom, notified 1/14 (x2)
  • Wesleyan University. Zoom. Notified late dec.
  • Jacksonville University. Zoom. Notified 1/13 (x2)
  • Georgia State University (Afro-Hispanic). Notified 1/13
  • Syracuse University (Latinx). Zoom. Notified 1/13.
  • Spelman College (Latinx/Border). Zoom. Notified 1/9. x3
  • Spelman College (Global Hispanophone). Zoom. Notified 1/8. x2
  • University of Central Florida (Spanish instructor). Zoom. Notified 1/5.
  • University of Kansas. Zoom. Notified 01/04 (x2).
  • Idaho State. Zoom. Notified 01/03. x2
  • Mount St. Mary’s University (Spanish). Zoom. Notified 12/29. x4
  • Coe College (Assistant Prof. of Spanish). Zoom. Notified 12/23. x2
  • University of Wisconsin- River Falls (Assistant Prof. of Spanish in the Professions). Zoom. Notified 12/22.
  • Houston (Assoc. Creative Writing). Zoom. 12/21
  • Middle Tennessee State University (Assistant Prof of Spanish). Zoom. Notified 12/22
  • Clemson. Zoom. Notified 12/21. x3
  • Claremont Mckenna College. Zoom. Notified 12/21.
  • Georgetown (Modern and Contemporary Latin America). Notified 12/21.
  • Union College (Visiting Assistant Prof of Spanish). Notified 12/21 x2
  • Texas A&M (Assistant Professor of Spanish). Zoom. Notified 12/20 R1: Is this the position in San Antonio? R2: Yes, it is the one at San Antonio
  • FIU (Assistant Professor of Portuguese). Notified 12/20.
  • UNLV (Assistant Professor in Residence). Notified 12/17
  • SUNY Cortland. Zoom. Notified 12/14
  • NYU (Modern and Contemporary) Zoom. Notified 12/18.
  • Texas Tech University. Zoom. Notified 12/17
  • Washington University in St. Louis. Zoom. Notified 12/16 R1: Is this for the Modeling Interdisciplinary Inquiry Postdoc? R2: No, the Latinx in Hispanic Studies position. R1: Thank you for the information. Suerte!
  • University of Richmond. Zoom. Notified 12/14
  • Mulhenberg College. Zoom. Notified 12/16 (x2)
  • Furman University. Zoom. Notified 12/16 (x3)
  • Wabash College (Assistant Professor). Zoom. Notified 12/15
  • William and Mary (Assistant Professor, medieval). Zoom. Notified 12/13
  • George Washington University (Spanish Teaching Instructor). Zoom. Notified 12/15. (x3)
  • Vassar College (Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies). Zoom. Notified 12/14 (X3)
  • Nebraska Wesleyan University (Assistant Professor of Modern Language in Spanish). Zoom. Notifed 12/14. (x3)
  • Oklahoma State University (Assistant Professor of Spanish). Zoom. Notified 12/14.
  • University of Delaware (Assistant Professor of Spanish and Pedagogy/Second Language Acquisition). Zoom. Notified 12/13. x3
  • Northwestern University (Assistant Professor of Instruction). Zoom. Notified 12/9.
  • James Madison University. Notified 12/9
  • University of South Florida - Tampa campus. Assistant Instructor of Spanish. Notified 12/9. (x2)
  • Arizona State. Zoom. Notified 12/9. (x4)
  • Kalamazoo College. Zoom. Notified 12/8. (x4)
  • CUNY John Jay College (Translation & Interpreting). Zoom. Notified 12/7.
  • Colorado State University (Spanish for Specific Purposes). Zoom. Notified 12/7. (x3)
  • Duke Kunshan University (Lecturer in Spanish). Zoom. Notified 12/7.
  • University of Mississippi (Spanish Linguistics). Zoom. Notified 12/6. (x2)
  • Tulane University (TT Modern Iberian and North African) Zoom. Notified 12/4. (x2)
  • The Ohio State University (Assistant Professor Peninsular). Zoom. Notified 12/4. (x2) / 12/5 (x2)
  • University of Central Missouri (Assistant Professor). Zoom. Notified 12/3.
  • University of Louisville (Assistant Professor of Spanish for the Professions, Interpreting or Translation). Zoom. Notified. 12/3
  • Northwestern University (Assistant Professor of Instruction). Zoom. Notified 12/3. (x2)
  • University of Central Florida (Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics). Zoom. Notified 12/3. (x4)
  • Union College (VAP). Zoom. Notified 12/1.
  • Hamilton College (Assistant Prof. of Hispanic Studies, Andean lit.). Zoom. Notified 12/1 (x2)
  • Longwood University (Assistant Professor of Spanish and Foreign Language Pedagogy). Zoom. Notified 12/1. (x4)
  • Rutgers (Spanish Sociolinguistics). Zoom. Notified 11/28. (x5)
  • Eckerd College (Peninsular). (x2)
  • College of Charleston (Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics). Zoom. Notified 11/23.
  • Dartmouth. Zoom. Notified 11/23
  • Cornell. Mellon Postdoc. Zoom. Notified 22/11 (x2) Q: Any news?
  • University of Dayton. Zoom. Notified 11/23
  • Carleton College. Zoom. Notified 11/21 Q: Someone posted below that the search was cancelled. Kind of confusing.
  • College of Charleston (Instructor of Spanish with a focus in the Professions). 11/22. Zoom. Notified.
  • CSU Fullerton. Zoom. Notified 11/19
  • Baylor, Zoom, notified 11/22
  • Occidental College, phone call, notified 11/16 (x2)
  • University of Florida at Gainesville, Lecturer/Senior Lecturer - Spanish for Specific Purposes, Zoom, notified 11/15
  • University of Rochester (11/14) (x2)
  • University of South Carolina. Zoom. Notified 11/12 (x4)
  • Boston University, Lecturer in Spanish. Zoom. Notified 11/12 (x3)
  • University of Florida at Gainesville, Lecturer in Spanish Lang & Culture, Zoom, notified 11/12 (x3)
  • St Olaf, Zoom, notified 11/12 (x2)
  • Lake Forest College, Zoom, notified 11/8 (x2)
  • Saint Joseph University, Zoom, notified 11/5 (x2)
  • University of Puget Sound, Zoom, notified 10/22 (x3)
  • Kenyon College, Zoom, notified 10/21
  • University of New Orleans, Zoom, notified 9/29
  • Southern Utah University, Zoom, notified 9/21 (X2)

MLA Interviews[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

Additional Materials Requested[]

NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • Eckerd College (Latin America). 03/04. Letters of recommendation requested through Interfolio after campus visit. (x2)
  • East Carolina University, 02/28. I received a notice from Interfolio that my reference letters have been requested post Zoom interview
  • Truman State University, request for US work authorization status. 01/11. (I apologize if this should not go here, I didn't know where to put it). R1: I got the same email. These questions are ILLEGAL and should not be asked. Shame on this university. R2: Illegal? Care to elaborate and quote the applicable laws? R3: Illegal?! LOL LOL LOL. Please inform yourself before posting things like this. R4: Employers can ask "Are you legally authorized to work in the US?" or something like that and some do right on their applications. However, they cannot ask for documentation (such as an I-9 form) until they've offered the job and you've accepted. If they are just asking if you are authorized to work in the US (a yes-no question) without needing any type of documentation, that is not considered illegal. R5: (I wrote the OP). I was going to say exactly what R4 said. So far, 90-95% of the applications I've submitted had a section where you had to state your US work authorization status. And well, it makes sense, they need to know if they have to file paperwork for international candidates... They never asked for documents, just a yes-no question. I just wonder if they had a short list of candidates and answering "no, I can't legally work in the US without a visa" vs. "yes, I can work" will be another level of filtering us... R6: "Since 1986, the immigration law requires employers to only hire workers who have authorization by the U.S. government to work in this country. The law requires employers to check (verify) the identity and work eligibility of each employee. That is why all employees, not only immigrants, must complete an I-9 Form (Employment Eligibility Verification Form)." ( Not happy with this answer or how you have been treated? File a grievance with the Civil Rights Commission... You are mixing "protected categories" under federal law with LAWFUL business practices. Do you think "universities" are stupid or what?! R7: Amen to all of the above. While asking for this type of information may somehow contradict all that trendy verbosity about diversity that academia is preaching—mostly just to save face, it is not illegal by any means. R8 Not only is it not illegal, it actually makes sense for a school like Truman. They have a really small budget in Modern Languages, and they cannot pay for visas--it's a state liberal arts college. Why would they waste your time interviewing only to not be able to make you an offer? I get that it stings, but it's common practice. Even universities that can sponsor ask just to be sure they know what they would need to pay someone! R9 to R8. Truman State pay for my friend's entire Green card process. They do have the budget for it and you should not assume that they don't have the resources.
  • University of Kansas, request for letters of recommendation. 01/06,
  • Clemson, request for letters of recommendation. 01/04.
  • University of Delaware (Assistant Professor of Spanish and Pedagogy/Second Language Acquisition). Informed me post-Zoom on 12/23 that they have now requested my letters of reference. (x3)
  • Yale 12/15 Q: What materials did Yale request? R1: 3 articles Q2: May I ask what the areas of specialization were of the folks who were asked for more materials since it was such a broad call? Q3: Was this for the Senior position
  • Georgia State University (Afro-Hispanic Studies). Receieved an email requesting to complete an applicant survey 8not exaclt additional materials, but usually thie email means that they are considering the application and moving to the next step). 12/13. (x2) R1: I also (hopefully) interpreted the message this way. Best wishes if so. R2. Any news about Georgia? (01/11)
  • Providence College (VAP). 12/3.
  • University of Mississippi, request for letters of recommendation. 12/6.
  • Jacksonville University (TT), request for teaching materials and letters of recommendation 12/6 (x3). R1: Message from chair of search, in case anyone is interested: : "In hopes of providing transparency, from 180 applicants, we are requesting additional materials from ~20. We will likely interview 10 candidates during the week of January 10. " R2: Thanks for posting. At least the rest of us know we can cross this off the list. Good luck.
  • Ohio State (TT Spanish Peninsular): Requested additional materials by email 11/23.
  • Emory (TT issues of race, ethnicity, and indigeneity Latin America, Africa, Iberia, and/or the United States) Reference Letters; Syllabi; Students Evaluations and Teaching Statement 11/24 (x4). Q: Are you able to submit the requested documents through Interfolio? R1. No, they need to enable the adding option. Q: Were you notified via e-mail? I haven't received any e-mails but I checked my interfolio and I have the extra fields of "Teaching Statement", "LORs" and "Syllabus" but can't submit anything yet. Q: Please, specify if you were notified by email since I also have the options on Interfolio, but I cannot add the documents. Thanks R2: It seems that everybody have those extra fields but, in my opinion, if you did not receive the email you cannot add the docs R3: Thanks I agree, but I would appreciate confirmation. Can someone confirm? R4: I received an email asking for additional documents. I have been able to upload them. R1: Sorry for the delay, Yes, I did receive an email request for additional materials. Q: Any news from Emory after request of additional materials by email? (Dec 9). R1: Nope, no news. R2: Zoom interviews on 12/9 & 12/10. Q. I did receive an email requesting additional materials through Interfolio, but I haven't been invited to interview on Dec 9-10. Anyone else in my situation? Just to move forward... R5: Same. Nothing from them since additional information.
  • UC Irvine (Comp Lit / History): requested letters of recommendation & book manuscript 11/23
  • The Ohio State University (Iberian Studies): requested letters of recommendation from selected applicants 11/23 (x7) 7 applicants were asked to submit additiona materials... and only 4 people (at least here) got a zoom interview. Did anyone else interview on Dec 15? Thanks!
  • Lake Forest (TT Global Hispanophone), student evaluations and syllabus before Zoom interview (x3)
  • Occidental College (Specialist for Language Education), questionnaire to be filled out by candidates selected for the next phase of the interview process (x2)
  • Northwestern University requested a lesson plan


List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • University of Indianapolis (TT Latin America). Notified 7/26, one month after virtual campus visit. Fortunately, they were "impressed with your qualifications" (eye roll).
  • Madison Area Technical College (Instructor)-notified 5/18 post second interview
  • University of Mississippi (instructor)- notified 5/17 (Didn't get an interview, just an email saying this, "At this time, we will not be considering your application either because we will be pursuing other candidates or a decision was made to not fill the position at this time. Members of the Human Resources team do not have any additional information about the status of the search. We are unable to provide any information." It honestly made me lol.
  • Central Connecticut State University (Latin America, emphasis on Central and South America). Notified 4/28. Nearly two months after campus visit. The position will not be filled at this time as it does not align with the department's goals for the future. As another poster commented, this department is best avoided. R1: Daaaammmmnnnn that's a whole new level of suck, so "the goals" changed right after they interviewed y'all or they just foresaw a new future within two months time? Never thought I'd said this but, rejoice in that rejection! R2: They had three TT searches completely fail in the 2021-22 cycle. This is clearly the result of corrupt departmental mismanagement and mental illness. The "reconfiguration" of the goals for the future is an indicator of declining enrollment and budgetary issues.
  • University of Nevada - Las Vegas. Notified 04/26. (X2)
  • University of Arkansas. Notified 4/24.
  • Mississippi State University. Notified 4/20. Post-Zoom rejection.
  • Middle Tennessee State Uni. (TT Spanish prof). Notified 4/18.
  • University of Alabama, Huntsville (Spanish lecturer position). Notified 4/10, Post-Zoom rejection.
  • Loyola University Maryland (Baltimore, MD). Language Learning Center Director 10-month. Notified 4/7. (x2)
  • Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream - CLTA - Spanish Applied Linguistics and Language Pedagogy. Notified 4/4.
  • University of Chicago (Instructional Professor (open rank) in Spanish Language and Literature). Notified 4/6.
  • University of Southern Mississippi (Assistant Teaching Professor) Notified 4/4
  • Clemson University (Asst Prof of Spanish for Business Purposes). Notified 3/28
  • University of North Dakota (Assistant Professor of Spanish). Notified 3/28.
  • PennState (Spanish Lecturer/Assistant Teaching Professor). Notified 3/24.
  • Wartburg College. Notified 3/22 that they have hired someone. I did not get an interview. (x4)
  • Lyon College. Notified 3/19 R1: Is this post Zoom or Campus Visit? OP: I received an email stating that they had selected someone. I was not chosen for an interview. R2: Notified 3/22. As OP, I was not contacted for an interview either.
  • University of Mississippi (Corpus Linguistics). Post-Zoom rejection. Notified 04/03.
  • Boston University (Lecturer). Notified 3/1 (2x)
  • Furman. Notified 2/24.
  • Lake Forest 2/22 (x2). It seems they had a waiting list since they already sent post-zoom rejection email on 1/24. Now we can move forward.
  • Georgetown (assistant teaching prof). Notified 2/20. "We received over 60 applications and we are sorry to inform you that your candidacy was ranked outside the top 4." (x3)
  • Wake Forest. Notified 2/18
  • Nebraska Wesleyan, notified 2/16 (x2)
  • Vassar College, notified 2/15, notified 2/21 (x3)
  • Boston University (Peninsular). Notified: 2/7. "The Department received an unusually high number of applications for the position and the Search Committee had a very difficult time choosing among the many talented and experienced individuals who applied. I am sorry to inform you that the Committee has chosen not to move forward with your application." (x2)
  • University of British Columbia (Spanish Lecturer), notified 1/14
  • Northwestern University (Director of the Weinberg College Language Resource Center), notified 2/2 Q1: Was this after a Zoom interview or a campus visit? R1: Neither. It applied and this was the first news that I heard from them about this position; outright rejection! Oh, well! Supposedly they are looking for someone famous, and that is not me, YET! :)
  • Spelman College (Assistant Professor) 1/28 general email saying a candidate has been chosen (I did not get an interview.) - Was it the Latinx position or Global Hispanophone? R1: Global Hispanophone
  • Le Moyne College (Assistant Professor) 1/27 "After careful examination of credentials and lengthy deliberation, the committee has offered the position to another candidate." (x3) Q: I am sorry to hear that, was this a post-Zoom rejection? R1 (OP): Not in my case.
  • Coe College (Assistant Professor) 1/25. Post-Zoom rejection. (x2)
  • Lake Forest College (Assistant Professor) 1/24. Post-Zoom rejection. (x2) R1: general email saying that they have made a decision 1/28. R2. I had a zoom interview but I haven't received any rejection email nor the decision one. Anyone in my situation? (1/29). (x2).
  • Christopher Newport University (Assistant Professor of Spanish) 1/19: "the position has been filled"
  • Saint Joseph's University (Assistant Professor) 1/14: Post-Zoom rejection: "A candidate has been selected for the Assistant Professor of Spanish (Latin American Cultural Studies and/or Literature) position." (x2)
  • NCCU (Associate Professor). Finally got an official Human Resources rejection after Zoom campus visit last October.
  • Kalamazoo College (Assistant Professor) 1/4 (x4) - Is this a post-Zoom rejection? R1: It is not, at least in my case. I did not interview with them. R2: I did not Zoom interview with them, either, but I also did not receive a rejection.
  • University of South Carolina 12/20: Post-Zoom rejection (x2)
  • Northwestern University (Assistant or Associate Professor of Instruction) 12/16. Post-Zoom rejection. (x2)
  • Northwestern University (Assistant or Associate Professor of Instruction) 12/15 (x2). Q: Sorry to hear it, but just to clarify, is this a post-Zoom rejection? R1: It is not, we received the rejections today. They were nice enough to let us know that we are not selected for the Zoom Interview. R2: Thank you very much for the information that you provided. I appreciate it.
  • Dartmouth College 12/14 (x2)
  • University of South Carolina 12/14: "Thank you for applying for the Assistant Professor of Spanish (Contemporary Peninsular) position at the University of South Carolina. The search committee has reviewed the materials of the applicants for the position to determine which candidates most closely fit with the research and teaching profiles outlined in the job description and with the needs of our department. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, you were not selected to move on to the next stage of the interview process."
  • Kalamazoo College 12/14: "I am writing on behalf of the search committee to update you on the Spanish search at Kalamazoo College. Unfortunately, the committee did not select your application for the next stage of our search. There were an unusually high number of very qualified applicants this year. Your dossier is strong and we are certain that you will eventually be successful in your job search and career." Speechless... R1: I did not receive neither a interview invitation nor a rejection... (x2) R2 to R1 This is pretty common. If they are sure your profile will not work, they will email you a rejection. If they are thinking you might be a good candidate but not the top of the list, they will wait until they are sure they have another candidate secured. I'm not sure why the original poster is speechless. R3. I received an invitation (Dec 8) to a Zoom interview early January. Despite the frustration, i would say that getting a rejection email this early is better that not receeiving any until April... it helps to move forward.
  • Baylor University - Dec 9 - generic mail
  • Carleton College - Dec 9 (x6)
  • Jacksonville University - Dec 8 (x160). Q: Why have not I received either a rejection or acceptance from them? R1: Me neither.R2: neither here... R3: the chair has to send each one manually. They are coming...R4: Yup. All 160 of them so, even though they're THE CLASSIEST department in the country, don't fool yourselves: they don't want you. R5: 180 applications for a small regional university that most people have not heard of where there's only 1 permanent faculty member. This is mind blowing. However, it's not surprising. Years of accepting more students into PhD programs while cutting Humanities jobs. Market over saturation is a real thing. 80% of jobs are now for adjunct positions and here's another glaring example of that. R6: The rejection email is going out and it is, what's the best word, eyebrow raising. I think they're trying to be sympathetic and give an easy let down to not selecting you but a simpler "sorry you weren't chosen, best of luck" would have been enough.
  • Bucknell University (Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish) - Dec 6 - generic email
  • University of Central Florida (Asst. Prof. of Spanish Ling) - Dec 3 - generic email (x4)
  • University of New Orleans - Nov 22 - generic email ("offer has been extended") (x2)
  • Rutgers University - Nov 19 - generic email (x2)
  • University of Texas at Austin - Nov 14 - generic email (x4)
  • St. Olaf College - Nov 8 - generic email (x2)
  • University of Oregon - Eugene (Career-track lecturer) - October 26 - HR email
  • Georgetown University - Oct 25- generic email (x2)
  • University of New Orleans - Oct 20- generic email (x2)
  • Carnegie Mellon University -Oct 18 - through a generic email
  • Southern Utah University - Sep 21 - through a generic email (x2) (x2 after first interview, "offer has been extended")


List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • Hello! Any website/ place where to see if someone got an offer or an invitation from a community college? I do not see much about that here. Thx!
  • No me invitaron al campus :( Tengo el chocho hecho calimocho. R1. ¡Nos pasa a muchxs! ¡Ánimos! Recuerda que no es personal sino que el comité buscaría otro perfil quizás, que te sirve de experiencia para la próxima. :-). R2. Ánimo, uno nunca sabe las internas de las universidades ni qué buscan. Pero que esto no te desanime para el resto del ciclo del mercado laboral. Como te ven te tratan, si te ven mal, te maltratan, y si te ven bien, te contratan! R3. Mirtha llegó al wiki!!!! :) R4. "Mirtha ya llegó/ nuevamente está/brillando fuerte esta vez/ siempre brillando". R5. Lol somos 3 argentinos acá? Soy el R2. Siempre quise esperar a este momento de llegar al job market para tirar la frase de Mirtha! R6. Tenemos que ser más, seguro, lo que pasa es que cuesta hacerse cargo de Mirtha, la cual es todo lo que está mal en esta vida, pero cuando vi la referencia casi lloro. Y sí: también escucho a la Sole, al Potro Rodrigo y no me provoquen porque me pongo a cantar la marcha peronista: cosas que cuando están fuera cobran otro sentido ¡Abrazos! (soy R4, el absoluto degenerado que citó la canción de la presentación. Que el Padre Mugica, Gilda y D10S repartan suerte). R7. La chiqui trajo suerte y conseguí laburo! Ustedes tuvieron suerte? Si sí, en qué estado? Quizás coincidimos en el mismo lugar :)
  • He recibido mi primera invitación a una entrevista y estoy tan contenta que el potorro me hace pucheros como un bebé :) R1: No olvides contarnos cómo reacciona tu cuerpo si llegas a campus visit. R2: Mucho más de esto necesita este wiki. I like it, BB!. R3: Felicidades <3 R4. Comentarios como éste nos dan un poco de alegría entre tanta incertisumbre. ¡Gracias! Y me uno a R1... ;) R5: Me uno a R1, R2, R3 y 24; te felicito y quiero que después nos cuentes cómo tu cuerpo expresa la oferta de trabajo que seguramente recibirás ;) R6 : Me uno a todo lo dicho anteriormente. Que ya está bastante fea la cosa como para encima no meter un poco de humor. Os amo ¡Y mucha suerte a todes!
  • Clemson - 12/09 (x4)
  • Georgia State University (Latinx Studies) - 12/5
  • Jacksonville University - 11/15 (x21)

Word on the street[]

  • Anything from DePaul (Mexicanist position) after campus interviews? Does anyone know if they've made an offer?
  • Anything from Oregon State University?
  • Anything from Eastern New Mexico post-zoom interview? R1: Nothing on my end.
  • Anything from Cal State East Bay after virtual campus interviews?
  • Anything on Denison University after zoom interviews? R1: Offer for one of the two positions made and accepted in early May.
  • Anyone heard anything from Eastern New Mexico (ENMU)? R1: Invitations sent out for Zoom interviews this week.
  • Dear Search Committee, Please don't treat me as your favorite candidate during a campus visit, telling me how you definitely want me to pitch that special topics course to the Dean once the semester begins, mining me for ideas, telling me that you're excited for me to start there....and then hire someone else. I understand you may have liked two candidates, but you need to handle your campus visits more professionally. I went home thinking I was the preferred candidate only to get a rejection email a week later.
  • Q: Anything on Kalamazoo TT?
  • Q: Anything on University of Alabama in Huntsville? R1: I was one of the candidates for the campus interview, I asked two weeks after my interview and the chair said that I was not the first option.... so… R2. Thanks. I appreciate the answer.
  • Q: Anything on Georgia College after campus visit?
  • Q: Anything on Salisbury U after campus visits?
  • Q: Anything on the VAP at Rhodes College? Not yet (April 23).
  • Q: Anything on the Trinity College VAP? R1. Zoom Interview notified 04/14 (x2).
  • Q: Anything on Chestnut Hill College Assistant Professor job?
  • Q: Anything on Spelman after the virtual campus visit?
  • Q: Anything on University of Edinburgh (UK). Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Lusophone Studies? R1: no word yet, but the deadline for applications closed on April 05, so I don't expect to hear anything so soon. Europe positions (especially the UK) tend to come way faster than in the US, but 05 days is too fast even for them.
  • Q: Has anyone heard from Queens College (CUNY) after Zoom interviews? R1: No, I haven't.
  • Q: Anything on University of Cincinnati? (for Assistant Professor Educator- Spanish) R1: Here is something, although it may be not what you are asking for: be careful. The person they are replacing left with worst case of burnout ever, not only because of the barefaced disparage for the concept of work-life balance, but mainly because of the Department's toxic environment—kid you not: they even teach their TAs to look down on Adjuncts. This is not to talk about how men in that particular position make way more money than women. OP: Thank you for this, R1. That sounds terrible, I don't really want to work in a place like this; however, my only problem is that, in order to maintain my visa status, I will have to accept any job that falls on my lap (pretending that no one else offers me anything) and if it's THIS specific job, then I'll take it. It's WILD for me seeing how people are rejecting offers over here, but I guess everyone has the right and not all of us have that privilege. R2: I really feel for you because I had been in the same situation for over 5 years and it sucks, big time! On the other hand, Cincinnati is a beautiful city with a vibrant cultural scene and an interesting gastronomic offer. In addition to this, people are Midwestern-nice, which is usually real-not-fake nice, and the cost of living is super cheap. The job may suck, but you'll have hundreds of opportunities to disconnect. R3: I know faculty in this department who are very happy, so maybe interpret this comment with caution. The uni has an active union that grants a full semester teaching release (only administrative duties) after having/adopting a child, for both partners, which I would say is pretty family friendly.
  • Q: Has anyone heard from University of North Georgia or Eastern Kentucky University? R1: Nothing from EKU yet as of today (4/8) R2: Zoom interview invite received through a phone call. The search chair said they only have 4 weeks to complete the whole process. I'd assume we can expect a quick turnaround.
  • Q: Anything from Queens University of Charlotte after campus visits? R1: When did the campus interview start? I thought they were going to contact candidates in early April. R2: Zoom interviews late February and Campus visits were in mid to late March. I hope that this is helpful.
  • Q: Anything from University of Arkansas (TT Assistant Professor of Spanish in Applied Spanish Linguistics/SLA)? R1: They have invited candidates for campus visits. I didn't get an invitation after the first round Zoom interview.
  • Q: Anything on Marist College for the lecturer position post zoom interviews? It’s been more than a month since I interviewed with the Dean and I thought it went well :( had they invited anyone for a campus visit yet? Please let me know if you have any information. I just want to know if I should move on or not.
  • Q: Anything on Villanova?
  • Q: Anything on Dartmouth?
  • Q: Anything on Emory?
  • Q: Anything on Dominican College?
  • Q: Anything on Clemson? After Zoom interview they did not contact anymore (I assumed not in the process anymore; Some Campus interviews notified after Zoom) R1: Campus visits took place in February. They said the candidates would not hear back before Mar 15. R2: was told on 3/23 that they are still going through the process of deciding. R3 to R2: Thanks for the info! Did you contact them? Did they tell you the projected timeline to make a decision? Gracias :) R2 to R3: I was notified today (3/28) that I was rejected. Looks like the preferred candidate accepted within the last couple of days.
  • Q: Anything on Howard? R1: which position? Spanish or Portuguese?
  • Q: Anything on Oklahoma State?
  • Q: Anything on William&Mary?
  • Q: Anything on Eckerd (Latin America) post campus interview? R1: Nothing here! Hopefully someone will post on the wiki when news arrives :) Do you have any sense of their timeline? R2 (OP): Oh it's so good to know that I am not the only person waiting...I asked a committee member toward the end of my visit regarding the projected timeline, and they said they would make an offer by this past Friday (Mar 11) because they were on a veery tight schedule. I am not sure if they were able to follow that timeline. Perhaps they had already made the offer and the candidate who's offered the job is still negotiating?
  • Q: Anything on Florida Atlantic U post campus interview?
  • Q: Anything from Wesleyan Illinois? (VAP) R1: Interview requests came out last week, 3/3
  • Q: Anything on Baruch post campus interview? R1: Nothing yet. But it is funny because they are now announcing a Lecturer Position in Spanish: It looks fishy to me, since they told me that they would have taken a decision by the end of last week.
  • Q: Anything on Purdue University (Lecturer of Spanish and Portuguese)? R1: Zoom interviews happening this week on 3/24
  • Anything on Loyola University Chicago post zoom interview? (x2)
  • Q: I received an email confirming my app to an institution (from the HR depart.) and it asked me to respond 2 additional questions. One of them was "What is your salary requirement?" and the email ended with sentences like "The Search Committee will be in contact with those candidates who most closely match our requirements". Has any of you ever seen this kind of question at this stage? Are we entering a bidding war and the institution would just hire the person who is willing to work with the lowest salary? lol R1: While I do acknowledge that this is a very tacky question for an academic position, generally speaking, it has nothing to do with academics. It's rather about HR standard procedures to keep their salaries, across the board, in sync with the markets' expectations. In other words, it's about being an employee rather than being a Professor. R2 (OP): Thanks for the response! :)
  • Anything on KU post Campus visit?
  • Anything on University of North Florida (Jacksonville) post zoom interview? (x2)
  • Anything on University of Alaska Fairbanks?
  • Anything on UNLV (Translation)?
  • Anything on St Olaf College?
  • Any news after Claremont Mckenna Zoom interviews in January 2022?
  • Q: Anything from Longwood University after campus interviews? R1: A colleague of mine got the Longwood position.
  • Q: Has anyone who did a Zoom interview with University of Mississippi (Corpus Linguistics Position) heard back? After the Zoom interview they said they were not sure when campus visits would take place, and that things were up in the air due to COVID, but they would get back to me in mid-February. Just curious if anyone has details on this. R1: They recently made an offer for this position. OP: Thanks for letting me know!
  • Anything from Southern Mississippi post zoom interviews?
  • Anything from LLCC post zoom?
  • Q: Colorado Mesa reposted the job yesterday for Assistant Prof. Is that normal? Do you think they didn’t get enough applicants? The salary seems a bit low so it doesn’t surprise me. R1: Yep, most likely because of too small a pool of applicants. Some HR departments require an "exhaustive" search, translating to a certain number of applications. Doesn´t necessarily mean that they aren´t interested in the candidates that already applied. More of a formal requirement.
  • Q: Anything from High Point University after campus visits?
  • Q: After completing a campus visit, I have been informed that they are asking my references to fill out a short questionnaire. Do you think that they are (a) aiming to differentiate between me and another candidate because we are in a tie OR (b) this is the standard procedure before putting together an offer? R1. In my experience, this is standard before making an offer. Good luck and let us know if they offer you the job! OP: Thank you! Turns out you were right!!! Finalizing the offer soon! Thank you R1! R1 here: YAY! Congratulations! R2: Glad it worked, congrats! However, last year my references were also contacted and the offer was not extended to me. The committee contacted all references from the three finalists after we completed our campus visits, as a regular step in the process. They mentioned this to my references too. So, never be 100% sure that reaching our references after completing our campus visit means the offer is certainly for you.
  • Anything from Howard after zoom interviews? R1: Finalists have been selected.
  • Anything from Lake Forest? Two people received post-zoom interview rejection emails, but a few people that were also interviewed haven't. Does anyone knows if the positions have been cancelled? R1: I had an interview and never heard from them anymore. IMHO, it's time to move on.
  • Anything from Furman University after campus interviews?
  • Bumping: Anything from Central Connecticut (Latin America)? (x2)
  • Bumping: Any news from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) following zoom interviews?
  • Bumping: Anything from California State University San Marcos after Zoom interviews?
  • Anything from Eckerd (Latin America)? R1: I'd say it's kind of early for the deadline they had, especially considering that the announcement on the MLA Job list was visible until last week.
  • Anything from University of Richmond after zoom interviews?
  • Anything from University of Texas at El Paso (two open-rank TT positions in bilingualism)? R1: I haven't heard anything.
  • Anything from Texas Tech after zoom interviews? R1: I received an email today saying: “While we could not invite you to our campus at this point, we are still interested in your candidacy”
  • Any news on Wash U (Latinx studies)?
  • University of Arizona? R1: They are in the process of interviewing finalist. -- Did they make an offer?
  • Any news from MTSU following zoom interviews?
  • Does anyone know about Princeton (Portuguese)? R1: The department's page announced 3 guys giving their campus talks this past week.
  • ASU: The search committee selected finalists. R: Any more news? Did the finalists received notification? OP: My friend does not have any other information. I guess they contacted the committee and that was that. R2: They are in the process of interviewing finalist.
  • How many people were invited for a campus interview to Longwood University?
  • Anything from Dayton or University of Central Missouri after Zoom interviews last month? R1: Nothing here from Central Missouri after a Zoom interview on 12/13. R2: I know someone who has been invited for a campus visit at Central Missouri. R3: Interviewed with Dayton on 12/9, but have received no further notification since.
  • Anything on Jacksonville University following the materials request? R1: Funny thing, I just looked at the original email this morning and it said that the initial interviews (with the add'l materials allowing them to reduce their original pool of 20 applicants to the 10 chosen ones) would be taking place this week (Jan 10+), but no wiki posts here have said anything about a zoom invitation from them. In short, nothing here and feeling rather confused given the aforementioned. R2: they might be running late with the invites or whoever was invited doesn't post on the wiki. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • William & Mary's candidates for the job talk are all white candidates. R1: Wasn't that the position looking for a Medievalist? Then it makes sense. Most people doing Spanish Medieval Lit that I know are white Spaniards. R2: That's actually not true anymore. The filed, especially one focusing on Jewish/Muslim/Christian relations is becoming more and more diverse each year. The decision to hire only white people is a conscious choice to preserve the whiteness of their racist institutions. Let's not justify white supremacy, ok? R1: I would never call William & Mary racist or say they are trying to preserve a whiteness that is not even there. Their program is by far one of the most diverse that I've encountered. And most of their last hires are POCs. So maybe in this specific case the 3 finalist happened to be white in an area that is 9-1 white males. It's great to fight against white supremacy, but maybe we should focus the critique on departments that are actually against diversity. I'm sorry you were not selected, but I'm sure you'll have other opportunities. R3: I'd be curious to know how many of the finalists come from universities that aren't ivy league/ultra prestigious. Prestige of university has been proven to be a better predictor of who will make it to the finalist stage/offer and who will get cut earlier, even after controlling for race and gender. R4: You have no fricking idea of what you are talking about. Leave behind your resentment and focus on finding a job that suits your needs and professional ambitions. R5: Just out of curiosity and on a completely different note: do the hiring departments normally release the information regarding the finalists? I thought all this information is normally posted internally only.
  • Any zoom interview with Georgia State (Afro-Hispanic Studies)? R1: None here; got the email requesting basic demographic info via a survey, but nothing more since then. R2. Thanks! Same here. Nothing since their email requesting demo info...
  • Anything on Eckerd College (Peninsular) after Zoom interviews?
  • Anything on Furman after zoom interviews?
  • Anything on ASU Mexican Studies theater/poetry post Zoom? R1: Nothing here, but I was told they would contact finalists after the second week of January. OP: Gracias
  • Has anyone heard from UCF (TT, Spanish Linguistics ) post-Zoom interview? R1: On campus invitations sent out on 1/6.
  • Has anyone heard from Colorado State University (TT, Spanish for Specific Purposes) on campus visits? R1: Nothing yet for me.
  • Email fro St Andrews anouncing that interviews for the Lecturer in Latin American position will be likely to be delayed to the beginning of February 2022. Short lits of candidates not determined yet.
  • Any news on St. Olaf campus visits after Zoom interview? R1: They've selected their finalists, but not sure when emails are going out. (I'm in the department but didn't apply for the position.) R2: Anyone heard about any updates by this time of mid Jan (no matter it’s first or second hand)?
  • Anything on ASU Mexican Studies theater/poetry?
  • I don't write this to discourage applicants. Best of luck to all of you in a really difficult time for seeking any type of academic job. But it's quite interesting that Colorado College did not run a search this year or the previous one, but they already hired a new assistant professor few months ago. It's true it has been mentioned that is not "mandatory" to run a national search to seek a position (and ok! great for the hire but how contradictory with the entire system that has been ingrained in our brains about meritocracy and fairness). In fact, a chair hiring a recent graduate of her own alma mater without a search looks quite iffy to say the least. I write this not to attack the anointed one (hopefully, a great career is ahead of this person), but to say that all this academic job rat race is at times a farce, and nobody should be ok with this or legitimize this kind of practices even if they may provide a solution for a few lucky ones. R1. It surely is fishy, as you point out. I knew of someone who accepted a TT offer and a very prestigious post-doc, so they were able to postpone starting until they completed the postdoc since it improved everyone's qualifications (both the applicant and also the department). So on the surface, by the time the person started the job it seemed as if there hadn't been a search but in reality the search had already been conducted previously. Not saying that's the case here, but something that can happen too. R2. Well, as the wiki from last year points out, Colorado College hired a VAP without a search. Such VAP was subsequently offered a TT position once again without a search, so yes the case is certainly different here. R3. Some universities have programs that allow them to target hires that are historically underrepresented in academia (for ex: Black or Mexican American scholars) without a search, that could be the case here. Or, they could be a partner hire. R4. If that's the case, it's great to have more diversity in the "profession." Though, there is still a long line of scholars of color and from underpresented communities who remain underemployed, perpetually adjuncting, and waiting for such opportunities if this was even the case. It's still worthwhile to point this out. Also, it is quite interesting that the "target hire" comes from the same very graduate program where the chair completed her studies. If you are in academia, you know those are not just sweet, innocent coincidences. Chairs are usually the head of any search committee, but yikes I forgot there was not even a search here. R5. I assume this is all about the Peninsular TT position at CC? R6. No, this is for a "position" in Latin America (Caribbean) but I wouldn't be surprised if they did something similar for a Peninsular TT job.
  • This is about the Assistant/Associate Professor in Spanish Linguistics at New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM. Interesting, they have reposted this job without changing anything. “The selected candidate will be responsible for teaching 6 credit hour Spanish courses per semester (12 credits per academic year) and have 50% release time to direct the Language Learning Center.” Two years ago, an applicant here said he/ she had been interviewed. But I don’t see any names added to the faculty list. The same VAP that was there by the time of the first ad is still there. Nothing has changed. Any ideas?..
  • This is another position that seems to show up every two years or so, without any apparent changes in the website at least. Senior Instructor I or Senior Instructor II - Spanish Eastern Oregon University La Grande, OR. I applied three years ago and got a rejection, but I don't see any new faculty members. I wonder what's going on here and at Highlands NM (my previous post). R1: I applied last year for this position in OR. The search committee members were nice people; it seems to me they need someone very strong in interpretation and translation.
  • Anything on Roanoke College?

Free advice (especially for colleagues new to the market)[]

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  • Q: Is anybody else on this wiki terrified of unemployment/being forced out of academia? R1: Unemployment, yes; being forced out of academia, no-f***ng way. Living for it, feeling fierce and fabulous! For once in my life as an academic academia would be making me go in the right direction, which is away from it. R2: This may be worth a read as it explains the history of hiring in academia and how tenure-track lines and other types of stable full-time positions are rarer than ever before, with part-time positions (including TAs) bearing the brunt of the teaching loads: Note that the concluding sentence states: "Until that changes, the academic labor market will most likely continue to feel like a wasteland." R3: YES, and not just that but also being forced out of the country because I'm an international student on OPT and if I don't get a job I will have to leave and I have a life here, partner, cat, friends :( I'm hopeless. R4: Hang in there, R3! Same situation here, and my country is now at war with a neighboring country, which doesn't make things easier, either. R3: I’m so sorry to hear that, R4! This sucks. I really hope things work out for both of us and for everyone else who’s going to this hell called the job market :/ R5. Same here, Q, R1 and R3. After three campus visits, nothing. Unemployed/forced out of academia, and the country. After a few years in visiting positions, this is it. However, I am starting to think that there is a life out there, and probably a better one that this one we've been suffering... I hear you, R3, and I am sorry. They made us believe in an academia that does not exist anymore. I am reading Leaving Academia by Chirstopher L. Caterine and it is quite helpful to be hopeful during this unexpected transition.
  • Q: After formally receiving an offer from a university, but still having campus visits coming up... How do you go about the awkwardness of canceling with them? If you cancel the campus visit but already paid for your flight, do they reimburse it anyway, or does that fall on you? R1: Congrats on your offer! This happened to me as well. I was very honest with the other institution, and I let them know that I had received an offer that I planned to accept. It was an awkward email since they had invited me a few weeks in advance and I had already agreed and purchased my flight, but IMO it is better to be honest and not waste the search committee's time and resources. Plus, they will potentially be able to invite someone else in your place. In my experience they will not reimburse the flight (but I did not request that). I cancelled it and now have airline credit. It's not ideal, but that is probably why they made you purchase the flight on your own in the first place. Good luck! It is a weird thing to navigate, but I think it is more common than we think. R2: It happened to me as well. And I agree with R1, just be honest with them I felt so bad to cancel all my other campus visits, even kind of selfish, but all the responses I got were positive (the majority of them congratulated me). All I can say is that i) universities expect candidates to cancel; they are perfectly familiar with the job market and search process, ii) the sooner you cancel your visits the better; maybe they will have enough time to invite another candidate instead of cancelling the whole job search. R3: I just had this same thing happen, and I had the same response that R2 mentioned - they all graciously congratulated me on my TT position and didn't make a fuss about it. I accepted the offer I had been wanting / awaiting on the spot because 1) I had a pending offer and I wanted to give them a chance to offer it to another candidate, 2) I had another interview scheduled for the following day I needed to cancel for the same reason. I am sure they expect this scenario and have several "top picks" they have in mind. I *did* consult with my "advice crew" of my department chair, dissertation chair, graduate advisor, and another professor who have all been guiding me through this process. Best of luck ☺
  • General advice: I have a broad, open question to people who have been in the job market for a few years: how do you still go about improving your materials and/or interview and job talk skills? I have been in the market for 2 years, got to a campus visit in a search that ended up being canceled last year, and I never heard back from a couple of interviews this year. In order to move on, I have spoken to every person possible to see what I can improve. The feeling I get is that most people in my institution don’t know how to help me anymore because I have done everything they told me to. I feel like I’ve reached a limit, and I am just getting the same kind of advice or an "everything looks ok." I know the market is bad, and there are the pandemic and other factors, but I am trying to be constructive about it and search for new ideas. Thanks! R1: That's a good question. I've been on the market for three cycles and just accepted a TT. I'd say that having had the experience of interviewing repeatedly gave me a certain confidence. I also understood fit a bit better, especially during first-round interviews where sometimes I got the sense we just weren't going to fit with each other.
  • Q: After interviewing with a university and getting really good vibes from it, is it too much to try follow up with them after three weeks? I'm just curious if they will invite me to a campus interview or if they have already moved on. I couldn't find any information here. R1: No. While I understand the urge to ask if they wanted to invite you to a campus interview they would have reached out. It’s frustrating. General rule is if you haven’t heard by about two weeks just move on. R2: You're right. Thank you!
  • Q: Is it customary for search committees to send out post-Zoom rejections? That is, should I expect to hear from a search committee either way? R1: I think post-Zoom rejections would be a courtesy that is not extended by the majority of committees as they want to keep candidates hanging in case anything does not work out; even when the candidate is selected and signed-on the ones left behind at the Zoom stage may, unfortunately, never hear a word back whatsoever. R2: Sometimes institutions, and, especially state universities, have explicit instructions from HR not to contact candidates after first-round interviews and even at other stages except to move them forward in the search. Of course, from the applicants' side it's totally unnerving. I wish the system was more transparent.
  • Q: Has anyone heard about College of the Canyons? They were suppossed to conduct interviews next week. Thanks. R1: Yes, already in the Zoom interview stage.
  • Q: For those who have interviewed remotely: are teaching demos still part of the remote/Zoom interview process? R1: Yes, they were part of the virtual campus visits last year. R2: As R1 states, yes, teaching demos were part of the campus visit.
  • FYI - U of North Florida position: if you are on a visa or a foreign national applicant, they make you upload your entire passport, every page of it, plus the DS160. It's on the ad and the HR site definitely makes you do it. I think it's a way to trim down applicats (despicable) so just FYI in case you don't want to waste your energy putting the application together.
  • I wrote a few blog posts about my experience in the market, I hope they are helpful for you. Feel free to send me suggestions for new topics.
  • FYI - If you are from Georgetown University be very careful about asking the senior linguist in SLA for a LOR. Everything is smiles and glasses of champagne until she promises to write you a LOR: this person plays favorites and even does so when writing LORs for job applicants.

General Discussion, Questions, and Inquiries[]

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  • How many of us are heart-broken at this point of the race? It seems like there are so many of us for such few jobs out there...
  • Estimad@s: quiero echar a andar esta survey informal sobre experiencias con journals académicos, que no suelen ser muy transparentes en sus procesos y en la manera en que tratan a sus colaboradores. No es perfecta, pero permite ser examinada rápidamente y compartir datos muy rápido. Ojala puedan compartir sus experiencias. Lo he compartido ya un par de veces y hay algo de información. Ojala se animen a contribuir:
  • This is a general question, so I hope I have put it in the right place. For those of you who have been on the market for more than one year, how do you feel the opportunities this year compare to previous years? I've heard people say things in the past like "Oh, that was a really bad year", or "last year was a great year", so I'm wondering if anyone has more perspective on this. R1. There are always two sides for this: the individual experience and the collective. I have been toying around the job market for a while with some successes here and there, but no real outcome, so it's never been "a good year" for me. The collective experience, on the other hand, it's kind of bittersweet: while it is true that there are more positions available this year than the previous two, it is also very evident that most of them are temporary—3 years at the very best, with scarce chances of being (re)hired afterwards. R2. I agree with R1 100%, and I'd add that for instance, three years ago it was a "great year" to be a linguist while last year and this year were great if you did Afro Latinx. So a year's greatness isn't just about how many jobs are posted (and whether they are TT or NTT, though that matters greatly too), it's also about alignment with your goals, fit, where you are professionally, etc. It's hard y'all!
  • Here, just wondering, when did it become customary to praise the potential employer after you rejected their offer? Smugness much? R1. I have also noticed that new trend. My guess is... "La vida da muchas vueltas, las vueltas que da la vida", people mustn't want to nuclearly calcinate the bridges they already burnt by rejecting the positions?
  • Q. Anything from Kalamazoo? There is some contradictory information in this wiki. No official rejection email after campus visit. Anyone in my situation?
  • Question: Has anyone applied successfully from overseas, requiring visa sponsorship? Currently employed at an institution non-US, have experience and publications, but not getting interviews. Would like to know what is holding me back. Is it the visa, foreign degree, non-US work experience? Thanks in advance for sharing any insights. R1: Unless you are a rockstar—meaning you are an Alfaguara awardee or have a chair with your name on it at the Cervantes, more than the lack of the US-work experience, the foreign degree is always going to play against you. R2: Some universities train their Ph.D. students for the job market while they are in the process, meaning the students take classes on how to apply to jobs in the US job market, what to expect, how to do interviews, how to write cover letters, etc. There is a whole "world" regarding the job market, universities in the US expect letters and interviews to be XYZ, and unfortunately people can only know that if they are involved in the US job market and universities system. Also because doctoral degrees in the humanities, in the US, are focused on taking graduate classes, language tests, doing service to the department and to the university, writing a dissertation, and more; whereas I've heard of other countries not having all these requirements to graduate. Some or all of these things are requested as part of the position being offered, and only students who have experience in the US universities system can have all of that. At my previous department there was a lecturer who hold a PhD from a non-US university, but he did a postdoc in the US before that and was very involved in the US university culture. I might be wrong with what I'm saying, so please take it as just the opinion or vision of one person. I agree with R1 that a foreign degree goes against you because committees know you are unlikely unprepared for the job they offer (they do read your dossier though), and there might be 100+ candidates from US universities who already have the necessary preparation. R3: I agree with everything stated by R1 and R2, but I wanted to add one more thing that goes beyond an individual's hard-earned personal accomplishments: it could very well be that the name of your program, the names of the individuals writing your letters of recommendation, the name of your Ph.D. advisor, or the names of your Ph.D. committee members can be enough to move your job application into the pile that is deemed worthy of additional attention, so if you come from outside the US and do not come from strong academic network, your application might not end up in the final pile. Here I provide two rather hyperbolic, but illustrative, examples: "This application looks good, wait, wow, this student's Ph.D. advisor is __famous name here__, wow, okay, let's make sure to look at this application once more" or "This application is good, but look, they come from __prestigious program here__ so you know this candidate is probably very, very good". R4: I agree too. I think with US-trained PhDs being a dime a dozen, there is little interest/confidence in someone who earned their degree elsewhere. Not saying it can't happen, but that it's certainly difficult. Additionally, with the covid recession and inflation, if you're "too big" in your field, you might also be too expensive and we all know that "early-career" is code for "less pay."
  • Thought: You know what's awkward...? Working as a Ph.D.-holding VAP at a university that does not invite you to the on-campus round, then being emailed the list of invited candidates and they are all still grad students... Oh, well. Trying to keep my eyes on the horizon. :-( R1. So sorry to hear this. I've been in a very similar situation and it sucks. The best is yet to come! Ellos se lo pierden. R2: Awkwardx1000. The same thing happened to another colleague and me in the same department, but they were teaching a different language. In our case, we were not even considered for skype interviews, although we were already performing the jobs they were looking for. Academia is savage. R3: Ugh, sorry to hear this, anonymous person. This just goes to show, once again, that the internal candidate is just as precarious and contingent as anyone else and that sometimes, not always, they might have an advantage. I'm curious as to whether the program's decision to bring in grad students has to do with budget (they might be looking for a more junior colleague, which would be cheaper). I hope you find a better job, though! R4: Everything depends on the fit. Why do you think that a person who is about to get their PhD is less qualified than a person who already got it? They might even have more publications than PhD holder. And they might be a better fit for the position the department is looking to fill, don't you think so? Regardless, te deseo buena suerte. R5: This right here, R4, is what's wrong in academia. If you don't have some supporting words to share, you should refrain from spreading more of the toxicity that is so normalized in academia. The anonymous person didn't share any of the assumptions you just made about their comment. Having had a similar experience, I know it is painful and confusing, and the fact that you still have to finish your appointment there and even attend the job talks is not easy. There are many reasons for this to happen that might not even be related to what has been discussed here. The thing is that being in that situation sucks regardless of the reasons behind it. Although a rejection from a job is not a rejection on us as a person, it is harder to swallow when you are already part of that department, and they have had time to get to know you. And frankly, they way our academic endeavors end up intertwined with our personal life (or a lack of it) makes being on the job market a particularly distressful situation. Add the pandemic to that. It sounds challenging, R4, don't you think so? OP: Thank you, everyone, for your support and insights. Just to say, I have more publications than the candidates at hand, but I do not fit a specific 2022-oriented criteria which I saw in the list of candidates when they (accidentally?) sent me it. I think that this 2022-oriented criteria is VERY much needed in academia, so I am happy that at least their boat is sailing in the right direction, albeit without me. Thank you again. Going to try to finish the semester as positively as possible... grew some gray hairs, but that is normal in the 30s right? ;) R6: You mean they're trying to hire a black professor for the deparment, right? I think we should all stop saying things as "2022-oriented criteria" and be clear and open about it. Particularly schools. Yes, it's very necessary and it should be done, so why don't just let everybody know that is a diversity hire and that way other candidates don't waste their time wondering and feeling awkward, like you, and we maximize the pool of applicants that actually are a good fit. I understand that for schools it may be uncomfortable to admit that they are trying to only hire BIPOC professors for a while now because that is like admitting that they are white af and have being hiring mostly white people for decades, but... Yes, it'll be better for everybody if Academia stop with all this fakeness and pretending. I particularly find ridiculous that everybody is looking for a professor of "afro-caribbean literature and culture" when we all know they just mean that they want to hire afro-latino professors (which, again, is great). R7: Or they will hire white guys who are self-proclaimed "students of the Black diaspora" and call it a day. R8: This is an important discussion, especially because it demystifies the "Internal Candidate" es the boogeyperson of the job marker. Just to add another disadvantage: if you're a VAP and you have managed to publish while on it, they may not even consider you because you'd be somehow entitled to apply sooner to the Associate position, rather than allowing them to grill you for 5 years. R9: I do truly hope that any scholar of color who is hired is treated fairly and well by institutions and colleagues and that they are granted tenure and promotion. My cynical side says universities are making a big deal of DEI in hiring but then have no intention in retaining PoC. R10: I am sorry this is happening to you. However, I believe it is wrong to assume that "the more publications the more chances to get a job". Publications are NOT the only thing that give jobs, they certainly contribute, but they are not everything. This is a wrong assumption that many people have nowadays, and it is demonstrating that it does not take you very far. I got a tenure track job as an ABD last year, and I only had one publication out there, and one more accepted. What gave me the job was the fact that I fit the profile they were looking for, I had created and developed courses as an ABD, received grants, scholarships, awards, and my research topic was "tenurable". I was also probably lucky too. In fact, two of us from my cohort got tenure track jobs as ABD, and three others from the cohort before mine got also their jobs as ABD - including one of them who got a tenure track at a liberal arts college and had 0 publications at the time - . The department where I did my PhD hired an ABD during my second year, and the other two finalists were a tenured professor and an assistant professor elsewhere. The ABD was simply a better fit in many ways, and there was a 150+ list of people applying for tha job that year. When I got my job, I had MANY grad students from different institutions (friends, colleagues...) ask me how many publications I had. Just that. It shows how wrong many people are.... Perhps that was the trending in the past, but it is definitely not today. I totally understand your point that it is frustrating to see what is going on in your department, but assuming that more publications will give you more chances to get a job, is a wrong assumption in my opinion. I wish you the very best and I am sure you'll find a good position at a better place where they appreciate what you can bring to them. R11: R10, What top-20 University are you and your super successful buddies from? R12: I don't really want to disclose the name of my university, simply for respect to my buddies and my professors. But it's a public R1 university, and it's a very large one (among the largests in the country(. Not all of us got jobs, there are also some people who got lecturer, VAP, or alt-ac positions. Ah, and I forgot to mention today that some of us getting tenire track as ABD are natives and internationals (F1 visa holders) myself included, and others are locals, and L2 or heritage. I am in Lit, and the other person in my cohort in Ling. We come from different backgrounds and expertise, and I hope this motivates everyone reading this. R13: Aw, isn't that cute? First they brag about how privileged they are and then they "humble it down" by saying that not everyone in their cohort got the cool job. Furthermore, they try to conceal the advantages that just the name of their university gives them by playing the "we are diverse" card. What's next? Talking about "reverse racism"? R14: It doesn't really matter the name of my university, as I said it's a public R1. The name of my university didn't add anything to the fact that a group of people got tenure track offers. They did prepare us well, yes, but same as many other universities do. I wish that "just a name" would have given us a job, it would have saved us a lot of tiem and effort. I mentioned that some of us are internationals and others are locals because I know many people think internationals can't get jobs (that was, in fact, rumors that our professors were always spreading. Yet, we proved them and others wrong), and just adding that we got jobs both in ling and lit. My contribution to this post meant to express that publications are not the only thing that give jobs. It's up to you if you take my advice or not. Again, I wish you the very best and I am very sorry that this is happening at your department. R15 to R10: Just to clarify, you did not give advice, and, let me pause here for a sec: "my work was tenurable" sounds so condescending! What should ABDs or people with degrees in hand do? Rework their entire agenda into something "tenurable"? I understand you mean well but read the room. R16: I don't think I have seen a level of smugness that is even comparable to what R10 has been displaying since they started contributing to this discussion. Seriously man/woman/person, brag as much as you want, but don't try make it look like you give two s**** about your colleagues, it's embarrassing. R17: are we now trying to downplay people who get (TT) job offers as ABDs? The fact that you, R11 (and I'm assuming R13 and R16) are trying to shame someone because they got a job offer without having to go through the hazing process of 100 precarious jobs is just so symptomatic of the toxicity of academia right now. Absolutely, we should not choose our research topics on the basis of how "tenurable" they are, but I agree with R10 that there are way too many other factors that play into getting a job, not just publications (or the prestige of their institutions). We should all aim at reshaping academia such that people get good jobs at the ABD stage, instead of perpetuating the precarity of contemporary academia. R10's and their colleague achievement should be a celebration (for their own individual experience but also for the hope they bring in), not an opportunity to project and blame. Talking s*** on people instead of talking s*** on the structure of academia, smh. R18: Me thinks they doth protest too much. *sips tea and basks in harsh glow of the Springtime white supremacy that comes out on this site* R19: I have nothing to object to BIPOC or ABD hires. BIPOC applicants have probably had to fight hard event to get a MA, and ABDs have the same right as anyone to get a job... but bragging about getting a TT with no publications should be shameful. No one should be proud of having no publications, which, along with teaching, is one of the most important reasons scholars exist in the first place. I understand that some colleges need us only to teach basic Spanish in the most "basic" way; but that's one thing and being proud of your own mediocrity is another very different story. R20 to R19: I see your point, but who knows what kind of institution that is. I mean, one thing is an R1 (and there are several tiers) and another thing is a SLAC, and then regional comprehensive, and teaching schools, etc. I don't disagree that publishing is kind of *the* premise of the academic life, but it also depends on what the institution values for T&P and looks for (fit). Also, since the person never really said what university they came from, we don't know who their intellectual mami & papi are and what kinds of leverage they can pass onto through their recommendations.
  • Just saw this: "Applicants who require an H-1B visa cannot be considered for temporary positions. Applicants for non-tenure-track, temporary positions who require sponsorship for visas other than an H-1B visa will be required to pay all costs associated with visa applications." What do you think? In my opinion, the wording makes the institution sound really cheap BUT I also think that this is opens a window for a door that is closing.
  • Q: How long does it generally take to get an offer after the last campus visit? Are these offers informal at first? Thanks in advance. R1: The general answer is that it depends on a number of factors. In some cases, the committee needs to meet again and vote on their preferred candidates, then sometimes they bring it up to the program/dept faculty, then they make a recommendation to the dean/provost/chair in charge of hiring, then the dean/provost either approves/disapproves the choice, and then they (sometimes the chair) make an offer. All of this can take several weeks at least, and I'd say that for larger departments where these decisions are discussed at meetings, it might require waiting until the department has a faculty meeting or similar. Then, again depending, the offer might come as an email from the dean or a phone call and they give you a time frame to negotiate & decide. Say you accept, then the dean communicates with HR and HR writes up the offer/contract in writing. Once you sign and they sign (sometimes college president has to sign, which can take a few extra days), then it's done. Say that you turn down the offer. Maybe they gave you a few days to decide, you have a bit of a back and forth, and you turn them down on the last day. Then they move onto the next person and make an offer and so on. Of course, all of this can go really quickly (1-2 weeks has been my fastest turnaround) to several drawn-out weeks. My two cents that no one asked for are that 1. if you know you will turn the offer down, don't wait until the last day so they can offer it to someone else faster (don't make another candidate wait in the dark), and 2. always negotiate. R: Thank you for taking the time to answer this question.
  • Q: Uhm...Anything on Nebraska Wesleyan?
  • Has anyone heard from Berea College following the Zoom interviews?
  • Anything from Queens University of Charlotte? R1: Zoom invitations were sent out a couple weeks ago.
  • Bumping. Anything on Richmond after zoom? R1: Nothing here. Did they give you a time frame? R2 (OP): no time frame given, was told the visits would happen in late March or early April.  R1: Thank you. I was told they would contact the candidates either way before the end of the month (January).
  • Q: Anything on Spelman College (Global Hispanophone) after the Zoom interview? R1: Email stating that "Another candidate has been selected for this position." R2 (OP): Thank you for the information. Did you receive a Zoom interview invitation? When did they notify you that they have selected a candidate? Thanks. :) R3: They are already conducting virtual campus interviews for both positions. R4 (OP) Thank you! I was interviewed by them through Zoom but have not heard back from them. Seems like it's time to move on. :)..
  • Q: Anything on Syracuse U (Latinx) after Zoom interviews? R1: Wondering the same for several weeks :/ R2: I found out that they just invited finalist to campus visits (virtual).
  • Q: Bumping: Anything on CSU San Marcos? R1. Finalists have been selected.
  • Hypothetical Q (need advice, please): With no professional development funds or moving costs given whatsoever, what would be the lowest salary that you would accept to direct the basic language program and supervise TAs at a large university in a place where the median household income is 58k? Thanks. R1: Uf. That's a tough question. I'd say search Glassdoor, openpayrolls (esp if it's a state university), and other comparable jobs to get an idea. Median household is an important metric but if you have a PhD in hand, remember that you're on the 1% of the education ladder and so you will always make way above the median just as a result of the degree. I'd also add that you should always ask for more money, especially given that there are no relocation funds nor funds, and that it's standard to negotiate for more money (unless they tell you right up front that there is no money for more). So don't be afraid to ask for a higher amount. You can also ask they match your current salary or improve it (throwing it out there, not sure what you make), and also other things like computer and even WFH one or two days a week (depending).
  • Anything on Le Moyne College after Zoom interviews?
  • Anything on UC San Diego (Central America)?
  • Anything on UW - River Falls after Zoom interviews? R1: Hi, I received a campus visit invitation a few days ago. R2: Thank you so much for sharing, and congrats!! :)
  • Anything on Lake Forest? R1: Received my rejection today. Generic email. R2. Can I ask when did you receive the rejection email and if they officially have a candidate? It seems that 4 people (in this wiki) had a zoom interview, and 2 of them have received rejection emails...
  • Q: Anything on U of South Carolina - Aiken? R1: Nothing yet. R2: Nothing here....
  • University of Mississippi?
  • Anything on Nebraska Wesleyan after Zoom interview? R1: Still waiting on this. Anyone else heard anything? It's been so long. R2: I got rejected two days after the first Zoom interview. They have contacted finalist, but you might be still under consideration I guess? I hope this helps. Good luck! R3: I had 2 Zoom interviews (not all committee members were present in the first one) and have been waiting to hear from them since. R2, do you mean they have already sent out the campus visit invitations? R2: Oops, I was talking about the first round, sorry for the confusion!
  • Anything on Muhlenberg after Zoom interview? They selected candidates for campus visits.
  • Bumping Q: Anything on Le Moyne College? R1: Candidates were notified of Zoom interviews recently (second hand info, reliable)
  • Q: Bumping: anything on Central Connecticut State (Latin America)? R1: I would proceed with caution with these people. That position was advertised about 2 years ago and there was a general feeling of unprofessionalism on their end.
  • Q: Claremont McKenna post Zoom interview?
  • Q: Bumping. Eckerd, Peninsular?
  • Q: Chapman U, Assistant Prof. TT. Spanish? R1: They cancelled the search.
  • Q: SJSU, Translation? (x2)
  • Q: U Alaska-Fairbanks, Assist Prof Spanish?
  • Q: Boston U, Assoc or full Cont. Spain and Transatlantic Connection? R1. Nothing here. I haven't read any update in the wiki. R2. Rejection email last week.
  • Q: Texas Christian U, Neville G. Penrose Chair in Latin American Studies, Assist, Assoc or Professor?
  • Q: Emory, Open Rank, Prof of Spanish and/or Portuguese? R: Nothing after zoom interview
  • Q: UCSD, Associate Teaching Professor Spanish Heritage?
  • Q: CSUSB—Latinx/Chicanx?
  • Q: St Andrews, Lecturer in Latin American Studies? R1: I just checked the application portal and it says my application was unsuccessful... Not sure if they have arrived to the shortlist, but looks like they made the first cut. R2: They're conducting Zoom interviews next week.
  • Q: UNLV, Translation?
  • Q: Anyone know anything about the University of Arizona Spanish department and the syntax position? R1 Don't know about the syntax position specifically but that department is the definition of toxic. Four different department heads in 5 years. Students drop like flies due to no support from faculty. Will be surprised if the linguistics program in particular lasts another 5 years. Good luck to the poor soul that gets stuck there.
  • Q: Anything on Kalamazoo after the Zoom interview? R1: Nothing here, and I understood they wanted to do the campus visit by the end of January.
  • Q: Anything post-Zoom on University of Delaware (Assistant Prof. of Spanish Pedagogy/SLA)? R1: Nothing here yet, but I know the deadline for recommenders to submit their letters is Jan. 22. I assume we may hear something after that, unless others have already heard.
  • Q: Any updates on CUNY-Baruch (Contemporary Peninsular)? R1 2 people posted on 01/14 that were invited to interview. R2 I haven't heard anything so I assume rejection, but was this contemporary peninsular? The job ad I saw said something like all areas and periods of peninsular literature.'
  • Q: Any updates on Lake Forest? R1. Nothing here.
  • Q: Bumping. Wesleyan? (X2)
  • Q: Anything on Central Connecticut State (Latin America)?
  • Q: Bumping Anything on CUNY Queens (Hispanic Linguistics)? R1: No word yet for me (caveat: I applied late). R2: Still no word as of 2/8? R3: Same here, nothing (applied before deadline).
  • Q: Has anyone heard back from Ohio State post-zoom interviews? R1: Nothing yet for me.
  • Q: Anything on University of Central Florida (TT in Spanish Linguistics) post-Zoom interviews?
  • Q: Anything on Tufts University? R1: They are conducting Zoom interviews.
  • Q: Anything on Spelman College? (did my question get deleted?) R1: They are conducting Zoom interviews.
  • Fact: check out Howard University's "People" section. Calling them "inbreeders" is an understatement. R1: Please educate yourself about the history of HBCUs. R2: Like there weren't any Black academics graduating from other universities around the country.
  • [Readding deleted question] Q: Anything on Florida Atlantic University? R1: Nothing here and wondering too.
  • Bumping Q: Anything on Berea College?
  • (Bumping up. v2) Q: Anything on North Carolina Central? (x2) R1: They reposted the position on Dec. 28. While there could be a ton of good reasons for them to do that, it's obviously not a good sign no the applicants' ends.
  • Bumping Q: Anything on Wesleyan University?
  • Q: Does anyone have any updates on the Contemporary Peninsular TT position at NYU? It seems like only one person in this thread received an interview and I was wondering if all interviews have been scheduled. Thanks. R1: Yes, they are conducting Zoom interviews at the end of January.
  • Bumping. Q: Anything on Rochester?
  • (Bumping up) Q: Anything on Le Moyne College? R1: The announcement is still published on the MLA Jobs list. I really doubt they are short on applicants; thus, in my opinion, it's probably the case that they are not satisfied with the pool they have up to this point. R2: According to the website, the call of applications closes on Dec 31. R3: Their original deadline was December 1st. That is very weird. R2 to R3: The job post still says the review process will start on December 1st, but the information under the "apply" button indicates the call will end on Dec 31. At this point I think we might not hear anything back from them until early January.
  • Q: Any updates on Emory (open rank position) after Zoom interviews? Thanks. R1. I know someone who has been invited for a (virtual) campus visit. R2: Was this invitation for the Associate or Assistant Professor? R3: I didn’t apply for this job but have a friend who did, was interviewed and never received any notification after that. Now I see that they moved to the campus visit stage. I know this is getting normal, but am I the only one who finds this shit—not receiving a rejection email and simply be left waiting forever—outrageous? This is so disrespectful.
  • Q: Anything on the University of North Florida?
  • Bumping Q: Anything on u of Kansas?
  • Q: Anything from Baylor University after the interview?
  • Q: Another inquiry about the University of Rochester. Anyone heard anything? I've seen a few posts asking about this.
  • Q: Anything on Cornell (TT, Latin Americanist) after the Zoom interviews? R1: Received campus visit invite in mid-December
  • Q: Anything from SUNY-Cortland yet? The app closed a couple weeks ago. (Zoom, notified 12/14)
  • Q: Anything on Idaho?
  • Anything on Wake Forest? X2
  • (Bumping up) Q: Any news on Rutgers (Spanish Sociolinguistics) after Zoom interviews. I fall into the pile that received neither a rejection nor a Zoom interview invitation, so mostly just curious. R1: As far as I know, Zoom interviews on ongoing and they will be sending campus invitations in January. R2: Already sent to 4 final candidates. R3: The white american candidate was chosen.
  • Q: Anything on Georgetown (Latin America)?
  • Q: Anything on Univerity of Rochester? I know they had interviews earlier in the month.
  • Q: Anything on the lecturer positions at Santa Clara University and the University of British Columbia?
  • Q: Anything from the University of Washington in St. Louis?
  • Q: Anything on TAMU - San Antonio? R1: Nothing here... (x2)
  • Q: Bumping the question about NYU Contemporary Peninsular... did anyone hear about interviews? R1: No here...... R2; According to the posting on the MLA job site, it doesn't close until Dec. 30. R3 are you asking about NYU or Baruch? NYU closed Nov 30. Baruch closes Dec 30. But I imagine NYU will take a while to call anyway. They probably got a lot of applicants. R4. Nothing yet (12/15). R5. Zoom interview. Notified 12/18.
  • Q: Anything on Emory Spanish and/or Portuguese TT? R: Zoom interviews on 12/9 & 12/10
  • Q: Anything on Coe College? (x2)
  • Q: Anything on U of Alaska? (x2)
  • Q: Did everyone who applied to Clemson receive an acknowledgement? R1: No, I have not received anything.
  • Q: Does anyone know if the Tulane TT position (Spanish/North African) is for an internal candidate? Job post seems too similar to a current Visiting Professor's profile. R1: Agreed. My thoughts exactly. We will find out pretty soon and although I hope we're wrong, I don't really think so at all... R2: Yes, it is obvious that it is for the internal candidate. But there are also internal candidates who lose their positions. Good luck. R3: Oftentimes it just comes down to who's better for the marquee; hence, if the external candidate is from a top-10 university, they're most likely going to get the job. R4: I'm not sure is as simple as that, but then again the inner candidate comes from a top-10 university, so why even bothering to apply in the first place. All very meritocratic. R5: The internal candidate might be in the job market as well and get a position at another institution. Just saying. Apply. R6 This conversation comes up every year. It's not at all a sure thing. I know inside candidates who won and several who did not. You have no idea. And you lose nothing applying so do it! R7: The last 12 years that Dept. search for two Assist. Prof., one for Lat. Am. and another for Early Modern. Guess what... both positions when to the Visiting Assist.
  • Q: Anything on Furman University? (x2) R1: I would say it's a bit early for them though. R2: The word is is that there were also over 200 applications. R3: Unsurprising. But I think it's also related to the fact that it was open rank, not to mention that it is a very prestigious institution.
  • Q: Anything on University of Kansas? R1: Contacts there told me the University's finances are in free fall. They asked the state gov for special dispensation to revoke tenure for long term tenured faculty in order to save money. I wouldn't be surprised if the position gets cut, which stinks. I applied too...R2: Wow this is disheartening. Thanks for the insight, though. R3: They are revoking tenure for tenured faculty, but approved a TT position this year? Pretty counterproductive... R4: KU has not revoked tenure for its faculty. R5: Here's what's been going on: R6: These articles are both from a year ago (January 2021). They are not up to date information. It was announced in June 2021 that KU would NOT implement the controversial KBOR policy that would allow tenured faculty to be terminated.
  • Q: Anything on Middle Tennessee State University? R1: For the chair position?
  • Q: News from CUNY (Contemporary Peninsular)? R1: Nothing here. R2: If you are referring to CUNY-Baruch, the application period doesn't close until December 31st.
  • Q: News from Clemson (Position in Spanish + International Business)?
  • Q: Anything on NYU (Contemporary Peninsular)? Nothing yet. R2. Not yet (12/15). R3. Zoom interview. Notified 12/18.
  • Q: REPOSTING THIS Anything after Zoom Interview for University of South Carolina (Contemporary Peninsular)? I had my Zoom interview 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard anything yet. Should I accept that I am out of the search? (x2) R1: I just got an invitation for the campus visit. R2 to R1: congrats for the invitation and thanks for let me know. I didn't receive any email, so I guess I have to assume that I'm out...:(. I am sorry :(
  • Q: Anything on West Point (Portuguese position)?
  • Q: Anything on Wesleyan College? R1: Wesleyan College or Wesleyan University? R2: University
  • Q: Anything on OXY after in-person interviews? Thanks. R1: I am in the same boat as you. I interviewed on Zoom last week (i.e., the "in-person" equivalent as this was their final phase) and I have not yet heard anything. FYI, in the final part of the interview I asked them about their timeline and they said that the committee would meet next week, i.e., this week (Dec. 6-10th), to finalize their selection. Please, please, please: let's write on this board if one of us gets the offer so that we can know the outcome. :) Gracias y buena suerte. R3: Will do, please do it too. Buena suerte. R4: This is the same person from R2, I just posted in offers above that OXY invited me. I will keep you informed after considering the offer in detail. R5: Same person from R1 here: I appreciate your consideration so much. I have received not much attention from others, so I am waiting to know what you do. I am happy for you for having options though! Choose wisely.
  • Q: Anything on City College of New York City (CUNY) (Latin American and Latina/o/x Studies)?
  • Q: Anything on Muhlenberg Collge? (x2)
  • Q: Anything on Vassar College? (x4)
  • Q: Anything on Kalamazoo College? (x4) R1: Zoom interview invitations sent out on Dec 8.
  • Q: Anything on Georgetown (Latin American Studies)? (x3)
  • Q: Anything on Berea College? (x2)
  • Q: Anything on Claremont McKenna? (x3)
  • Q: Anything on Jacksonville? (x2) R1: For Jacksonville University, requests for more info went out 12/6, with phone interviews to be scheduled week of 1/10.
  • Q: Anything on Nebraska Wesleyan? (x3) R1: Zoom interview invites sent out on Dec 14.
  • Q: Anything on Central Missouri? (x2) R1: Yes, they are currently contacting for Zoom interviews.
  • Q: Anything on Texas A&M San Antonio? (x3)
  • Q: Any word on Cornell (TT)? R1: Yes, Cornell is currently conducting Zoom interviews for the TT position. R2: Is this the Southern Cone position?
  • Q: Anything on Providence College? Email to schedule a zoom interview, Dec. 3.
  • Q: Anything on Wabash College? (x3) R1: I'm guessing they cancelled the search? Any news? R2: They've been toying around with this position for about 2-3 years and this is not the first time the "search" comes to these results.
  • Q: Any updates on NYU, Indigenous Studies in the Americas?
  • Q: Anything after Zoom Interview for University of South Carolina (Contemporary Peninsular)? (x3)
  • Q: Anything on the UNLV translation position? (x2)
  • Q: Anything on San José State University? It has been a month now and I haven't received any rejection/shortlisting news. R1: I believe there was a short list for letters of recommendation, but that was pretty soon after the deadline and I haven't heard anything since then. R2: as far as I know, that e-mail was sent to all the applicants, not just the shortlisted ones.
  • Q: Any word on Saint Joseph's University after Zoom interviews? R1: Nothing here but the committee said 2-3 weeks and def after Thanskgiving. Hoping we'll hear something by the end of this week/beginning of next. OP: Thank you! I am kindly assuming you asked about timelines. R1: Yes, I asked about their timeline specifically.
    • Q: OP, Should I assume "rejection" if no letters have been requested by this point in the SJU joblink system? R1: I wouldn't think that way. I doubt committees use the HR portal to communicate with candidates after the initial application. See above comments where typically if they need you to submit something, you usually receive an email/ call from the chair or the program assistant first even if they might ask you to upload something through the system. In any case, never "withdraw" your application since you never know where they might be in the process. Good luck. OP: Gracias. Que lindo tu respuesta.
  • Q: Anything on Lake Forest after Zoom interviews? R1: They will contact the finalists after the Winter Break.
  • Q: Anything on Christopher Newport? R1: Nothing here. R2: Nothing here either, but they told me they wanted to have the campus visits before the Winter Break, so maybe they have already taken place. R3: campus interviews took place before Thanksgiving.
  • Q: Anything on James Madison University (Assistant Professor of Spanish, Central America and Latinx)? (x2)
  • Q: Anything on FIU (Assistant Professor of Portuguese)? R1: I haven't heard anything yet.
  • Q: I am going to be straightforward with my question: if I see that people in this wiki have already received an invitation for a Zoom interview for a specific university, should I assume that I will most likely not hear about them? I just want to have things clear. Thanks R1: Do not withdraw your application but move forward R2: Short answer: yes. Long answer: you better start waiting for the rejection letter. R3: Committees will typically email/call all selected applicants at once. So yes, once it's on the wiki, if you trust that it's legit (after all, it's all crowd-sourced), then you can be sure you're out.
  • Q: How long after a Zoom interview should you hear back? R1: There is no hard and fast rule for this. At some institutions the committee exercises relative autonomy from the dean until later steps in the process, whereas at others they will need approval from administrators at each step of the process, which slows down communication with the candidates invited for campus visits. This becomes even more drawn out at the offer and negotiation stage. In my experience I have heard anywhere from three days later to weeks later. Often times the wiki will indicate if they've moved to the next step of the process, which can give you some closure, but also remember not everyone on the market checks/updates the wiki. My best advice is if you haven't heard anything after a month (this would be quite a long time but not unheard of) treat it as a lost cause and if they do get in touch you will be pleasantly surprised.
  • Q: Funny thing... after interviewing with University of Florida at Gainesville for the Lecturer of Spanish Language and Culture position, I see that they have re-posted this exact job (with the exact same job code), but with a new deadline: Dec. 23. I assume that this means that none of the candidates that they interviewed on Zoom, possibly upwards of 5-10, piqued their interest or does anyone else have any thoughts on why something like this would be the case? I appreciate your insights! R1: Really? That happened to me with other position as well. Maybe they want a higher number of candidates? What were your feelings after the interview? Do you feel you were a solid candidate? I do not think it has to do with the interviews personally, sometimes the universities need to repost ads for other reasons (university pressure, or having a specific deadline etc). In any case, I would not worry much. R2: I've seen several people mention this happening, and I'm assuming it's simply because committees are getting fewer applications than normal. Not too long ago there was a whole reddit thread about it ( Many committees have to consider a certain number of applications to be able to show that they have conducted a thorough search, this is especially the case if they are planning to sponsor the visa for a hire. There are a bunch of legal requirements about this that I don't remember, but have had to deal with in previous searches. I wouldn't worry too much about the job being reposted, and I would go look at that reddit thread because, if true, it's good news for job-hunting-academics this year. R3. That thread is referring to STEM fields. Academia is not a great line of work to be in right now, and STEM grads have plenty of opportunities in industry to earn higher salaries with better conditions. I'm not surprised they're leaving. Humanities PhDs are in a different boat altogether. R2: Yes, it was started by someone in STEM, but there are comments from people in the Humanities also. FWIW, at my institution, we are losing lots of Humanities people that are leaving academia because they can earn higher salaries with better conditions. I agree that Humanities PhDs are in a very different boat than STEM, but there are still some small shreds of hope that we can cling to.
  • Q: Anything on Chapman University? R1: I applied and nothing so far (as of 11/23) R2. No response yet (as of 11/24) R3. They have canceled the search. (Email notification on 12/1)
  • Q: Did anyone apply to UCI and see that on Nov 16 there was a request for an additional document? I never received any notifications about this and had I not logged in today I would not have seen it... did receive a confirmation email saying that my app was complete when I first sent out the application, though. R1: Thanks for the heads up, my application portal says the same thing. Maybe write to the contact person and ask? It says I have a complete and submitted app, but that I have until Dec 6 to upload this late unknown additional document. R2: I am OP and they responded me. Basically they created this category for every applicants in case the search committee would like to require additional documents. In that case the individual (s) will receive an email directly from the committee. Since they set the deadline on Dec 6, maybe it means we will hear something back by or after that date?
  • Q: Anything on NYU, Indigenous Studies in the Americas after sending additional materials? Thanks R1: I received an acknowledgement receipt .
  • Q: I need some help with this: I have applied to many positions that start in Fall 2022 (TT) and a few that start on January 2022 (non-TT). If I accept an offer for January 2022 (non TT) and then I am offered a TT position for fall 2022, would it be bad to 'ditch' the university that gave me the non TT position in January? or they would understand? Thanks R1 Why would it matter to you anyway? It's not like they would take your feelings into consideration if the university decides against renewing your temporary position. R2: Of course you can do that if you get a TT position for Fall 2022! Just let them know as soon as you sign the contract and they should understand.
  • Q: What is the position of South Carolina that has already 3 phone/zoom interviews scheduled? Thank you. R1 I believe it is the position at the flag school at Columbus for a TT in Contemporary Peninsular Literary and Cultural Studies, a different position from the one announced at Aiken. R2: Are candidates getting calls for interviews from U of South Carolina mostly PhDs in hand, or are there any ABDs among you?
  • Q: Anything on Dartmouth?
  • Q: Anything on Clemson? R1: I applied and nothing so far R2: Is it the one closed two days ago? R3: I heard from a friend that works there that during a conversation with one of the members of the search committee, she was told that they didn't receive as many applicants as they thought they would, but I haven't heard anything official. R4: For what it's worth, they posted their job ad again on the Chronicle, Dec. 6. R5 to R4: They did not change the deadline (Nov 15), though. R4: Lol.
  • Q: Did anyone hear from California State Fullerton? R1: I applied and nothing so far
  • Q: Did anyone else noticed that the UT Austin job in Hispanic Linguistics was reposted on HigherEdJob on 11/11? Do we think this is a mistake, or did they not get the applications they wanted in the first round?
  • Q: What does it mean the section 'acknowledgements"? I see there are four people for 'University of Jacksonville'. Thanks R1: Acknowledgement of application receipt. R2: I also got an email from their assistant the day after applying which contained the following language "Our tentative schedule is as follows. We will review materials as they arrive, to create a long shortlist by the week of November 12. At that time, we will request additional documentation, such as...". Thus, I wonder if these four people are short-listers or if they are merely indicating they got the same generic message as I did with the quoted language pasted above? R3: I wonder the same... R4: Same... Also, 16 or 6? R5: Yes, it is the same generic email. The only difference is that they mention "mid-November" instead of a specific date. So, the shortlist isn't ready yet as it seems. R6: The job ad was released later than expected, so a too-optimistic mid-November became a more-realistic early December. The request for more info just went out today, 12/6.
  • Q: Just got my rejection for the University of TX at Austin, I am honestly sad because I have not even made it to the screening interview. I meet all the requirements in the ad, I have a PhD in hand... I did not expect a rejection this soon. I guess I have to get used to this, but shoot it hurt. Any recommendation to deal with rejection? Any idea of what the committee is looking for? R1: Keep in mind that TT positions such as this one may be getting upwards of 100+ (or, for very attractive positions in great locations, 200+) applications, so getting a screen interview would mean that you are in, let's say, the top 5% of all applications received, meaning that you were considered more qualified than 95% of all applicants. Bearing this in mind, you will need to apply anywhere and everywhere to be able to get interview(s), so setting your heart on a specific location or university is very likely only going to result in frustration and disappointment. One other thing to keep in mind is that although you met all of the requirements in the ad, so did the vast majority of your competition. R2: Was this the position at the San Antonio campus, the one which closed November 10th? R3: I don't think so, that was at TU at Austin and they were looking for linguistic specialists. R5: I am the person who asked the question, I mentioned that I am from Spain to indicate that I am a native speaker of the language (I know that it does not mean anything). I appreciate the responses. I wish luck to everyone! R4 to OP: I'm as confused as R2. Is this the Texas A&M San Antonio? Also, what R2 said and, more generally, it's also important to remember that the minimum qualifications are the baseline and then candidates are selected based on whatever ways they might go above from there. The jobs were I was certain I'd get an interview, I certainly didn't and those that I felt were long shots, called me back. You never know. It's best to just apply, forget about it, and then be pleasantly surprised if something pans out. R5: Sorry I am the author and I just edited the question, It was Texas at Austin (not A&M) it was a mistake. I have not heard back from A&M yet.
  • Q: Any news about Carleton? R1: They cancelled the search. R2 to R1: Can you say more? I applied and didn't receive a notification about a cancelled search (which is strange). Thanks.
  • Q: Out of curiosity, how are the interviews being conducted so far? Zoom, skype, or phone call?For those who were in the job market last year: are there still interviews at the MLA? R1: I've been on the market since 2019/20 (as ABD & w/degree in hand) and I have yet to interview in person at all. None of my friends have had in-person interviews either. Prior to the pandemic, it depended on the the location of the MLA and the department's budget to schlepp a committee to a conference, and now I think everyone realized that it's possible to do first-rounds via Zoom/phone. I am curious as to the campus visits posted above and to hear whether those have flyouts or whether they are virtual (I've done only virtual). R2: I know second hand that those campus visits are both in person! Guess nature is healing or whatever.
  • Q: I need serious help now. I applied for a full-time position (non TT) in a community college in TN, I had an interview with them that seemed to go well last week and now the college has reposted the job offer. Is this an indicator that they did not like me? I feel hurt. Thank you. R1: One: it's their loss. Two: since it's a non TT position, there's a 50/50 chance that you still are on their radar, they just might need more instructors and/or more applicants to comply to hiring regulations. Three: don't let this get under your skin, especially if you are new to the market; keep in mind that most success stories here have equal elements of talent, timing, and luck—we are a lot like struggling Hollywood actors, we are just not doing it for the money. R2: I agree with R1 that there might be an HR reason for reposting the position. At the same time, don't feel hurt. While they might be really nice and you really wanted that job, they have information about their needs and probably made them go with someone else/repost. I have struggled with taking rejections personally but at the end of the day, it's about "fit." Kind of like dating, if you'll allow a crass comparison. All the best and yeah, their loss! R4: You guys are AWESOME people. I really appreciate those words. I have a bad time dealing with rejection, so I will take it as something I have to improve, it is OK to be rejected. I really wish the best for everyone :)
  • Q: Can anyone tell me the chances of landing a job as an ABD? It is my first time applying for jobs and I want to know how many applications do you usually need to land a TT offer? Maybe 15 TT applications? 20? Thanks! R1: Apply to all jobs that you see, even if you are only mildly interested. Academia is widely known to be very, very competitive; this website, as an example, shows that only between 10%-30% of PhD holders end up getting a TT position with the rest taking adjunctships or lectureships or merely leaving academia. Additionally, note that due to COVID-19 measures, there is a back-log of PhD graduates from 2020 and 2021 who were victims of the extremely reduced job market over the past two years as a result of cancelled searches and budgetary restrictions. Therefore, given that you are currently ABD, expect fierce competition from back-logged candidates with PhDs in hand, so be open to applying to any position that aligns with your profile. R2: I really appreciate the wise advice that R1 gives... I have heard people telling me the same (it is very competitive) and other people telling me that everyone lands a job sooner or later. So, it is difficult to know what will happen (and very scary tbh). R3: Unless you are getting your degree from an Ivy or a top-20 university, chances are that you will need more than one attempt at the job market before landing an academic job—not necessarily a TT position, which is why you should go alt-ac from the outset and try both markets instead of just the most saturated one. Your professors will probably try to disuade you from leaving the Ivory Tower but make no mistake: they will throw you in the "failed" basket sooner rather than later and you will end up unemployed and without any prospects. R4: For a bit of optimism - I got a VAP position as an ABD who at that point had not finished the last chapter of the diss. It's not impossible! Good luck. R5: FYI, I also wrote R1. I currently have a VAP position as well, and, although I am proud of it and do not want to take anything away from R4, we need to remember that visiting positions such as VAPs and adjunctships are the backbone of academia and serve to bolster the profits that university administrations so desperately crave but do not offer long-term stability professionally or personally (i.e., by continuing down a long line of temporary work, you cannot necessarily buy a house, your friend group and family life will likely suffer, you are in-and-out of a moving truck, etc.) that one would think that having a Ph.D. degree should bring. My hope is to get a full-time permanent position as a lecturer or TT as soon as possible and I wish the same for you, those who read this, because you deserve it after years of sacrifice and dedication! ¡Dedos cruzados! R6: I agree with the strategies mentioned above (apply to everything) and want to throw in that many jobs, especially VAPs, come out in the spring as people's sabbaticals/leaves are approved and departments assess their needs. So if you're not gaining a lot of traction right now, don't be discouraged as the year is longer than just the fall. As to "apply to everything," I did this in 2019-20, so right when jobs were being cancelled, and I learned that a. there are places I hoped they wouldn't call me even though I applied, b. I shouldn't have applied to jobs I didn't really want or in places I really didn't want to live, no matter how desperate. As someone mentioned above, alt-ac offers a lot of possibilities and with MUCH less competition. It's okay to take on a non-ac job for a year or two and keep applying. It's good for one's sanity and it's nice to have a full paycheck plus benefits (esp. given the treatment adjuncts receive in some places). R7: I got a TT position when I was ABD. I sent 50 applications altogether (TT, instructor/lecturer, postdocs). I definitely agree with what others have said that it all depends on fit-I was lucky with my position that it pretty much exactly matched my profile. I also agree what R1 said about applying to ALL jobs you see. That is the advice one of my committee members gave me. R8: Normally I would share R1's suggestion to a certain degree, but having served on several search committees now, I would recommend against this, for the committee's sake for one, but more so for your sake and your mental health. A lot of us have served on searches and god only knows just how many application packets come in that have nothing to do with the job post. For example, if a department in an interesting place is looking for a latin americanist, and you're a peninsularist, don't send your stuff with the thought that, "well it's all Spanish at the end of the day...if I can do Spain I can do Latin America," because as we all know, that's isn't the case. If you do not fit what they are looking for, or if you do only tangentially, I suggest sparing yourself the rejection that inevitably awaits you. Don't waste your time trying to sell yourself for a position for which you are only marginally qualified, and don't waste the committee's time. Read the ads, think about them and get a feel for just how related it is to your field and if you indeed match what they are looking for, and go from there. That even means that if it specifies no ABD, and you are ABD, I would pass on it. Not trying to be a downer. Best of luck. R9: I don't disagree with R8 but I will push back by saying two things: 1. I've heard countless times at job bootcamps that women apply to jobs if they match at least 80% of the listed qualifications/requirements while men apply if they match approx 30% of an ad. 2. I've been in situations where an ad said something like "preferred: Andean" and so I didn't apply only to find out later on directly from the chair of the search (who I happened to know) that I should have applied anyway because they just wrote that preference but weren't really committed to it either. What I take from these two things is that yes, apply to everything (with some caveats such as lit/ling, penins/LatAm) and that committees sometimes don't agree on what they are looking for. As to sparing the committee from reviewing apps... well, they are full-time and I'm not so that's part of the reality of the field/academia. R10: I mean, it is a bit of a crapshoot when it is all said and for R9's last comment, I wholeheartedly agree that it is part of their duty in serving on a job search, but when unqualified candidates send in materials that are in no way related to the search, it annoys the committee members, and honestly the last thing you want is an annoyed professor looking over your materials after a long day. Ultimately, you can and should apply to any job you want, just be aware that it will take a large investment on your part to tailor those letters and other materials to each ad. Suerte.
  • Q: Does anyone know why Eckerd College posted recently a job description that was almost identical to the one they posted in October, but with the focus this time on Latin America versus Spain? Could this be two different job postings for two separate job positions or did they change the focus of the original posting? R1: I asked myself the same question about a week ago. To answer this, I went to the Eckerd College job search / HR website and I found two different ads with the first position's due date on or around Nov. 1 and the other's in Jan. or Feb. 2022. As such, it appears that the first position did not morph into another, but rather, these two seem to be, indeed, separate positions. R2: They are two different positions.
  • Q: Any news about Kenyon after Zoom interviews? R1: Nothing here.
  • Q: It's been a few years since I was on the job market, and I'm finding a lot more ads requesting the names and contact info of references instead of letters of recommendation. I'm curious what is motivating this trend (desire to circumvent Interfolio? To actually save candidates and their references some time?), but more than anything: Should my references be expecting to write a formal letter of recommendation for me (after they're contacted by the search committee)? Or just to speak to my qualifications in some other way? Any insights would be greatly appreciated! R1: I believe it stems from MLA Guidelines published a few years ago (Suggestions for Hiring Committees):
  • Q: Any news about the New Mexico State's position?
  • Q: Any news about Saint Joseph's position? (x3)
  • Q: Can someone clarify which position the Georgetown rejections above refer to? The TT Georgetown position hasn't closed yet, right? Thanks. R1: I am curious, too. If the two rejections are indeed referring to the Modern & Contemporary Latin American TT position, I'd like to know when did they submit the application. R2: Check this:
  • Hi! Any former applicants that know what generally committees look for in linguistics: NS vs NNS, young vs old people, male vs female, etc? Also what’s the succeed rate in your experience? Thx! R1: Each dept. will have their own needs, that is, if they already have a lot of NS professors in linguistics and they are looking for a diverse perspective on second language acquisition, hiring a NNS with near-native proficiency might suit their needs best. This could also be true for male vs. female and young vs. old, etc. All in all, the hiring process will first start by considering each candidate's achievements and materials, and then from there the effort to diversify the department could come towards the very end when they are speaking about the outcome of the 9-12 candidates included in the Zoom interviews or the 2-4 candidates invited to the on-campus interviews. However, know that academic achievements definitely outweigh gender, age, or native status... if you are not very good, but have a lot to offer in diversity, they will not hire someone with an empty CV. Thoughts from anyone else? R2: My two humble cents are to second what R1 said above, especially regarding the particular needs of a program or department. Sometimes it's hard to gauge this from the side of the applicant, especially when the ad reads like a wishlist more than an actual person, but hey, I've been told that sometimes committees don't know what they are looking for exactly either. R3: I do not agree with R1. Sometimes committees do not consider academic achievements first, but rather they look for a specific profile in terms of gender, age, native status... and then they select their candidates for the Zoom interview based on that. I know first hand that some committees have not even considered male applicants from the beginning, despite their achievements. If the committee's priority is to hire a diverse candidate, that will be their main criteria and they will choose the best candidate among those that have the desired "personal" profile (by personal I mean non-academic). I am not saying that this is what always happens but it does happen sometimes.
  • Anyone else worried/wondering why there barely seems to be any linguistics jobs? R1: Totally. I am VERY worried about this. Is this even normal? R2: I agree that there seems to be a lot more literature/cultural studies positions this year compared to linguistics, but please know that this is not the only website where jobs are posted... R3: I've noticed that too, and I'm very worried. I've been looking daily at other websites (MLA, Chronicle of Higher Education, etc.), but the Hispanic/Spanish Linguistics jobs that are available/posted are few. R4. I wonder if more TT jobs will be posted from now on...
  • Hello users! I modified a line on the "Rejection" category to reflect the number of rejections for the UNO position (I was rejected too) rather than adding individual lines for the same rejection. This helps with readability as we don't have to scroll infinitely to find new/updated info. Similarly, when adding new info, please list the newest info above any existing line. Thank you and I hope it helps!
  • Does anyone know if there is a place other than this site to monitor the application process of other applicants? It's my first year applying for a faculty position and I am really scared of the whole process. I would love to have other people to talk about this and share our experience. R1: The less you know, the better for your peace of mind. Send your applications, wait 3-4 weeks, and if by the end of them you haven't heard anything, you're most likely right in thinking that they won't contact you and just move on. R2: Thank you for the advice, 3-4 weeks after the application closes or after you send it? R3: After the application period closes. That said, some universities take their sweet time, so don't be surprised if you hear from some schools even later - you never know! I've had multiple interview requests way after the fact - so late, in fact, that I had already accepted a job elsewhere. It happens more than you'd think. R4: I agree with R1. Committees are strange beasts and knowing who applies to what ultimately leads to comparisons which is awful for mental health during the job market cycle. Surround yourself with other people who are currently on the market, but, more to your point, here on the wiki we are competing against each other (to some degree). I can answer a question here and there but I def don't want to talk to you about a strategy for potentially landing a job. Others might disagree with this approach but this is my humble view. And yes, as R3 said, 3-5 weeks after the deadline closes. A committee ideally will wait until all apps are in before reviewing & contacting 1st round interviewees. R5: I understand what you mean R4, however, we all know how toxic academia is. If I got to know some of the applicants and how their processes go, I’m sure I’d feel empathy for them. For sure I’d rather get the job myself, but we are all on the same boat and we can all find our place hopefully. I wish everyone luck (including myself). R6: Not to forget how toxic the wiki gets once some people start getting frustrated about not landing a job. Not to discourage OP from checking out the Wiki, but even this page can be detrimental to your mental health.
  • Beware about the position at Ashland University: their website states that they're not accepting any new students for the B.A. in Spanish-Spanish Ed, which probably means that the position is as temporary as it can possibly be, in spite of being labeled as "Assistant Professor". Also, read this.
  • Does anybody know why Berea C is looking again for the same position posted last year? Is another TT position? I remember receiving an email that the position was filled. R1: It's not the same position. Last year's was a generalist. This year's is Latin American. My guess is that they hired someone and now they are looking for someone with complementary interests. Q: Anyone else notice they're requiring "native Spanish"? Typo? R2: The more "woke" the more conservative they end up being... wouldn't be surprised if they are tokenizing while looking for some whiter flesh.
  • CORNELL UNIVERSITY: Just a heads up for everyone applying for the Cornell job, the Spanish section is super toxic. It's bleeding professors and grad students for a very good reason. There are multiple Title IX's against the DGS (she's on sabbatical this year supposedly). Q: Can you say more about the nature of the Title IXs?
  • Has anyone heard anything from the Stirling Lecturer position? Mucha suerte a todos!
  • Hi all! There are TWO jobs in Jacksonville: one at Jacksonville University (private) and one at the University of North Florida (public). An editor got confused and tried to merge the two entries on here. Just want to make sure everyone knows that these are two separate opportunities, both open specialization, so be sure to apply to both if interested. I put in the not duplicate language to hopefully prevent a second well-intentioned person from deleting again. R1: Thanks for the info!
  • Has anyone heard anything from Carleton? (x3)


Applicant Current Status / Academic Rank:

  • ABD (will finish this academic year): 10
  • ABD (currently in one-year, VAP, PhD Completion Fellowship, visiting instructor, lecturer or adjunct position): 2
  • Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, post-doc, instructor, adjunct): 8
  • Ph.D. in hand (TT): 1
  • Ph.D. in hand (unable to find academic employment at the moment):
  • Ph.D. in hand (currently working outside of academia):
  • Adjunct Faculty: 1
  • Assistant Professor: 6
  • Associate Professor: 2
  • Full Professor:
  • Committee member:

Field of Interest:

Literature: 10
Linguistics: 7
Language Program Coordination:
Cultural Studies: 8

How many applications do you plan on sending this year?

Between 1 and 10: 4
Between 10 and 20: 6
Between 20 and 30: 3
Between 30 and 40: 2
Over 40: 1
Over 60:

Job Postings[]

List NEW information at top, NOT in alphabetical order as we have previously done. This is a change that has been requested in previous years and it's one that makes sense. Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street


EXAMPLE UNIVERSITY FORMAT (STATE / COUNTRY). Position Rank and Title (Tenure-Line or Not / Contract Length Info). Language / Specialty. Deadline. Link to Job ad.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA / USA). Senior Lecturer in Spanish (5 years). Spanish. September 1, 2022. website:
  2. University of California, Santa Barbara. Lecturer, Spanish and Portuguese. June 23, 2022.
  3. University of Minnesota (MN/USA). Visiting Assistant Professor. (Early Modern and/or Contemporary Iberia). June 20, 2022.
  4. Loyola University Maryland (MD/USA). Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. May 23, 2022, open until filled.
  5. University of Indianapolis (IN / USA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Spanish.
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA / USA). Lecturer in Spanish (one year). Spanish. March 31, 2022.
  7. Cal Poly Humboldt (Formerly Humboldt State University | Arcata, CA) TT Assistant Professor of Bilingual Studies. First application review date: February 15, 2022.
  8. University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AR) - TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Applied Spanish Linguistics/SLA). Deadline: February 6th, 2022 - Open Until Filled.
  9. Indiana University, Bloomington (Bloomington, IN) - TT Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics (Spanish Heritage Language & Linguistics). Deadline: January 10th, 2022 - Open Unitl Filled.
  10. Colorado Mesa University (Grand Junction, CO) - **2 POSITIONS** (TT? Dice Full-Time) Assistant Professors of Spanish (One in translation/interpretation) Deadline: Priority Januart 21, 2022, Open Until Filled.
  11. Maryville College (Maryville, TN) - TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, or SLA) Deadline: January 14th, 2022.
  12. New Mexico Highlands University (Las Vegas, NM) - TT Assistant/Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics. Deadline: Open Until Filled, Closing Date: February 1st, 2022.
  13. Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY) - TT Assistant Professor of Latinx Literature and Culture. Deadline: Priority January 5th, 2022, Open Until Filled.
  14. Queens College CUNY (New York, NY) - TT Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics. Deadline: Open Until Filled, Review of Applications starts December 12.
  15. UC San Diego (San Diego, CA) - Associate Teaching Professor of Spanish as a Second Language and Spanish for Heritage Speakers. Deadline: Dec 15th.
  16. Central Connecticut State University (New Britain, CT) - TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Contemporary Latin American literature and culture - Priority for expertise in Central and South America, including indigenous literature and culture of the Andes). Deadline: December 27th.
  17. University of Oxford (Oxford, UK) - Departmental Lecturer in Spanish and Portuguese Linguistics. Deadline: Dec 3rd.
  18. Mount St. Mary's University (Maryland) - Non TT - Assistant Professor of Latin American Literature and Spanish Language. Deadline: Open until filled.
  19. Queens University of Charlotte (Charlotte, NC) - TT (Open-rank) Professor of Spanish (Latin America). Deadline: January 15, 2022.
  20. University of Central Missouri (Warrensburg) - TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Generalist). Deadline: Open until filled (review will begin immediately).
  21. Nebraska Wesleyan University (Lincoln, NE) - TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Generalist/SLA). Deadline: Open until filled (Review of applications will begin immediately).
  22. University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ) - TT Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics (SLA of Spanish morphosyntax). Deadline: December 1.
  23. LeMoyne College (Syracuse, NY) - TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Latin American and/or Caribbean Literature and Culture). Deadline: December 1.
  24. University of Mississippi (Oxford, MS) - TT Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics (Computational and/or Corpus Linguistics). Deadline: None given.
  25. Truman State University (Kirksville, MO) - TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Hispanic Linguistics). Deadline: December 3.
  26. Mississippi State University (Starkville, MS) - Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics (TT). Deadline: Open Until Filled.
  27. University of Houston - Associate Professor Creative Writing in Spanish. Deadline, Nov. 15
  28. Bucknell University (Lewisburg, PA). Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. Latin American Cultures/Literatures.
  29. University of North Florida (Jacksonville, FL, USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish/ Latin American Studies (TT), open specialization. Full consideration: November 30, 2021.
  30. Jacksonville University (Jacksonville, FL, USA). not a duplicate with above. do not delete. Assistant Professor of Spanish Language and culture (TT), open specialization. Full consideration: November 12, 2021.
  31. High Point University (North Carolina, USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish (Non-TT). Latin American Literature and Culture. Deadline: November 10, 2021.
  32. Oklahoma State University (Oklahoma, USA): Assistant Professor of Spanish with a specialization in Colonial Latin American literature (Tenure Track). Deadline: November 28, 2021.
  33. University of Oxford (Oxford, United Kingdom). Departmental Lecturer in Spanish (2 posts, non-tenure, Jan-Sep 2022). Specialisation in Early Modern / Golden Age / Colonial. Deadline: October 25th, 2021 NB: The short deadline on this is to ensure that two maternity covers are filled before due dates.
  34. Ashland University (Ashland, OH). Assistant Professor of Spanish (non-tenure)
  35. Boston University (Boston, MA). Associate or Full Professor of Spanish (tenured) with specialization in modern and contemporary Spanish literature and its transatlantic dimensions. Deadline: October 21st.
  36. University of Nevada, Las Vegas: Non-TT Assistant Professor-in-Residence in Spanish. Focus on Spanish for the Professions Courses. Deadline: November 1.
  37. University of Nevada, Las Vegas: TT Assistant Professor of Spanish Translation. Deadline: November 1.
  38. Berea College (Berea, KY): TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, Latin American Literature and Culture. Deadline: November 4, 2021.
  39. Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT): TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, Modern Latin American literature and culture. Deadline: December 1, 2021.
  40. Carleton College (Northfield, MN): TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, Latin American literature and culture. Deadline: October 15, 2021.
  41. Southern Utah University (Cedar City, UT): TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, Contemporary Southern Cone literature. Deadline: September 17, 2021.
  42. University of Rochester (Rochester, NY): TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, Hispanophone Caribbean Literature and Culture. Deadline: October 15, 2021.
  43. Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin (Dublin, Ireland): TT Assistant Professor in Twentieth and Twenty-First-Century Spanish Peninsular Studies.Deadline: July 21, 2021.
  44. Claremont McKenna College (Claremont, CA). Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: November 1st, 2021.
  45. Baylor University: Modern Languages and Cultures (Waco, TX): Assistant Professor , TT Spanish, Hispanic Linguistics. Deadline: October 31st, 2021.
  46. Kenyon College (Gambier, OH). Assistant Professor of Spanish (lit cult Mexico and Central America). Deadline: Oct 10th.
  47. Cornell University (Ithaca, NY). Assistant Professor or Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies (20th/early 21st century Latin American literature and culture). Deadline: Oct 31st.
  48. Chapman University (Orange, CA). Assistant Professor of Spanish Literature. Deadline: November 1st.
  49. The University of New Orleans (New Orleans, LA). Assistant Professor of Spanish (20th and 21st Century Latin American literature and contemporary Spanish Peninsular literature). Deadline: Until post is filled.
  50. University of Puget Sound (Tacoma, WA). Assistant Professor of Spanish with a specialization in Mexico, Central America and/or the U.S. Deadline: October 11th.
  51. Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ). Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics (Sociolinguistics) Deadline: November 11th
  52. University of California, Irvine (Irvine, CA). Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and of History (specialization in Mexico and/or Central America). Deadline: November 1.
  53. California State University, Fullerton (Fullerton, CA). Assistant Professor of Spanish Peninsular Contemporary Literary and Cultural Studies (Modern Peninsular Lit) Deadline: November 8.
  54. John Jay College of Criminal Justice (New York City, NY). Assistant Professor of Spanish—Specialist in Translation and Interpreting Deadline: December 1st
  55. San José State University (San José, CA). Assistant Professor of Spanish Translation & Interpretation. Deadline: October 30th
  56. University of St Andrews (Scotland). Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Latin American Studies. Deadline: December 21st.
  57. Wartburg College (Waverly, IA). Assistant Professor of Spanish (open specialization). Deadline: until position is filled.
  58. University of Edinburgh (UK). Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (Assistant/Associate Professor) in Lusophone Studies. Deadline: May 4th (be with you ;-)).
  59. Taylor University, Upland (Indiana). Visiting Professor. 1-2 years. Renewable contract.

Off-the-beaten-path Job Postings[]

This section is for academic job postings that don't fit the traditional language-focused faculty jobs that we're used to but that are still relevant for many of us who use this wiki.

  1. Loyola University Maryland (Baltimore, MD). Language Learning Center Director 10-month. Deadline: February 1, 2022.
  2. Lincoln Land Community College (Springfield, IL). Full-time, tenure-track, 9-month instructor to teach Spanish courses starting Fall 2022. Teaching load will consist of Spanish courses in a variety of delivery modalities and course length. Courses are offered on the LLCC main campus in Springfield, IL and Outreach Centers in Jacksonville, IL, Taylorville, IL and Litchfield, IL. Deadline: January 9, 2022.
  3. Adrian College (Adrian, MI). Spanish Adjunct Faculty needed for 101 and 102 Spanish courses, Spring 2022 and following academic year. Must be available for on campus face to face instruction. Ideal if you are in the southeastern Michigan area or the northeastern Ohio area. Deadline: Until filled.
  4. Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburgh, PA). Associate director of online language learning. Deadline: Sept 20th.


EXAMPLE UNIVERSITY FORMAT (STATE / COUNTRY). Position Rank and Title (Tenure-Line or Not / Contract Length Info). Language / Specialty. Deadline. Link to Job ad.

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