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Salaries / Start-up Funds[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • Private liberal arts in New England, NTT (3/13), 80k salary, $4,500 startup, no research funds (competitive funding distributed equally among lecturers and professors)
  • Public research institution, postdoc in bilingual education (3/17): $61k salary.
  • Private Midwest institution, TT (3/3), 60k Salary, No start-up, no research funds (you have to apply and pre-tenure faculty are given priority)
  • 100K yearly - SocalOff
  • Public Midwest institution - NTT (3/3) - 55k


List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • 6/25 University of Louisiana Monroe, TT Assistant Professor of Spanish: Offer Rejected
  • 6/22 - JHU (pre-independence). Offer declined (family reasons). They will run the search again in 2024.
  • 6/22 - Davidson College. VAP. Offer accepted.
  • 5/22 - Duke Peninsular Postdoc: offer accepted
  • 5/15 - Queens College CUNY, TT Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics: offer accepted
  • 5/5 - Colby College, VAP Global Hispanophone Cultures: offer accepted (second-hand reliable)
  • 5/1 - Middlebury College, VAP; offer accepted
  • 5/1 - University of Oklahoma, Instructor of Spanish; offer rejected.
  • Late April - CCSU (Lat Am), Assist. Prof. Offer rejected.
  • Late April - Barnard College, Lecturer: offer accepted.
  • Late April - University of Pittsburgh-Bradford, TT Assistant Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature (second-hand reliable)
  • 4/21. College of Staten Island, Lecturer: offer accepted.
  • 4/19. University of Southern Indiana, TT Assistant Professor of Spanish: offer rejected
  • 4/14 - LSU Shreveport, TT Assistant Professor of Spanish and/or Linguistics: offer accepted (second-hand reliable)
  • 4/13 - St. Louis University. Offer accepted (announced on Twitter).
  • 4/5 - Dominican University, TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Literature); job offer accepted.
  • Sometime March/April – NYU. Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies TT; offer accepted (second hand reliable).
  • 3/31 - Towson University. Lecturer; offer accepted.
  • 3/27 - Yale University. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish; offer accepted. x2 (R1: Yale had two openings or did they make two offers? lol ) R2: There were two openings.
  • 3/27 - UC Davis (job offer accepted. announced in twitter. internal candidate got the job). R1: Lol. It's interesting to see (quasi-)fake searches happen in different type of institutions. R2. Search was a total sham: they were supposedly looking for someone who works with Hispanophone Studies, not food studies. R3. [adding this again because it was deleted!] These claims are a little much. Obviously it is possible to work in both Hispanophone studies and food studies. To suggest otherwise is just disciplinary gatekeeping. Also, whenever an internal candidate is hired people throw a fit. Keep in mind that on this wiki you only hear about those internal candidates who are hired, not those who get ghosted by their own colleagues. More often than not the internal candidate does not get the job. It's happened to me, and I personally know plenty of other cases. Unless you're a guaranteed spousal hire, being an internal candidate sucks. You're basically in a months-long campus visit from the moment they receive your application. So relax with this paranoia. I'm not interested in defending universities, and I know that search committees can do shady shit. However, these claims simply distort the reality of the market. R4. You (r3) are obviously taking this too personally. Let people complain about a shitty job market. Also, the university should have advertised this position a lot better because they were obviously looking for an early modernist from the beginning since they currently don’t have any…such a waste of time for so many people who work on contemporary cultural products. Pretty sure they knew they wanted the internal candidate since they did not advertise this as an early modernist position. Therefore, yes, you are defending a university:) R5. The purpose of this wiki is to share reliable information about the job market. If you want to vent about not getting a job, go for a beer with your friends. Just because this is anonymous doesn't mean you need to abandon all professionalism. I have been using this page for many years, to apply for jobs at different stages in my career. The internal candidate bullshit comes up every year, and it's simply false 99% of the time. Grad students who are new to the market should be aware of this because they already have enough to worry about. Finally, not only is it disrespectful to our colleagues because it diminishes their accomplishments, it sows discord when we most need solidarity to push back against administrators who would like nothing more than to bulldoze the humanities. R6. (to R3) Those who distort the reality of the job market are committees like this one at UC Davis. I don't see any professionalism in offering a position with a specific profile and giving it to someone who does not have that profile. Yes, the purpose of this wiki is to share reliable information about the job market, but also to show everything that distorts job searches. Someone mentioned the idea of creating solidarity between us, but I don't see any solidarity in a committee that makes people work too hard for a fake position, when they have already chosen a candidate. R7: OMG, folks! R3 is right that people throw fits at "internal candidates" all the time every year on this wiki. What they forget is that internal candidates are just as contingent as everyone else. Show solidarity. Look, moving sucks. Those candidates already know the lay of the land, they've started making friends and building a community. If they get to stay and they are happy, then I'm happy for them. As to fake searches, they happen and you might never know which is a legit and which is a fake search. Last year I interviewed for a position without knowing it was 100% fake. When I found out (won't post the details to avoid outing folks) I was 100% mad at the committee for making me waste my time but 100% sympathetic to the internal candidate who had to go through an entire search just to keep their job, which must have been nerve-wracking. Another thing that happens is that ads are a "wish list" and then committees can't agree on what they want so they compromise on areas/subfields. What I'm saying is that we can never know fully what's going on in a committee nor their reasons behind their decisions. But rest assured that internal candidates are just as contingent as everyone else so they deserve a TT job just like everyone else. R8. No, no se puede defender lo indefendible. Este comité tenía claro que estaba buscando a alguien que trabajara con la temprana modernidad y, además, sabían que querían quedarse con su candidato interno. Entonces, ¿por qué no hacer una “búsqueda” más honesta? Sabemos que algunas universidades o estados solicitan que los anuncios de las búsquedas se hagan públicos. Ante esta falsedad, por qué crearon un anuncio que convocó a tanta gente que estudia distintos períodos y, además, para qué pidieron tantos documentos para postular por este puesto falso. Bien pudieron hacer lo que hacen otras instituciones que dan pistas en las que dejan saber que ya tienen a un candidato: piden pocos documentos, cuelgan su anuncio por pocos días, limitan el perfil del candidato que “buscan,” etc., etc., R7 dice que a ella misma fue víctima de una búsqueda falsa el año pasado y comenta que no dijo nada "to avoid outing." Pues esa fue su decisión y qué mal que no habló en su momento y que lo hace ahora para defender lo indefendible. Claro que búsquedas falsas como éstas enojan a todo el mundo, ya que, al menos a mí, preparar esta postulación me llevó varias semanas y a nadie le importa si tengo que preparar otras postulaciones, publicar (sobre temas afines al anuncio que crearon), trabajar y criar sola a mis hijos. ¿A caso se espera que todos los que postulamos estemos alegres por haber participado de una farsa? Estos espacios también deben emplearse para evidenciar lo corrupto del mercado de trabajo y para exigirle a los comités que sean más solidarios con los candidatos, especialmente si la búsqueda es falsa. R9: "If solidarity can include nonhumans, how can we get there from here without recourse to the ruling-class mandala?"-Timothy Morton (Quote) R10: You all need Jesus. R11: And an enema. R12: Please let us explore our culos however we like it. R13: Yes folks, they wanted an early modernist. They didn't announce it because they avoided to be the laughingstock of the academy again. Two years ago, they offered the position to an early modernist who never arrived at Davis: he won a one year-scholarship at another institution where later they offered him a tenure track position. Ergo, he used Davis as a springboard to go to a more prestigious institution. It seems that they avoided spreading rumors, but they were trying to fill the position in early modernity. As several of you have pointed, they have made a mistake again by not making a more transparent search. Too bad they played with the time, work, and feelings of a lot of people! R14: I have been on the market for years now, had many interviews, had several campus visits, received a few jobs offers, taken a couple of offers and rejected others, and worked at 3 different universities for personal reasons. I read these types of comments each year, and I never comment because there is always way too much speculation and simple bitter feelings from rejection (which I total understand after being rejected many times). At the end of the day, you need to understand that universities are businesses. These institutions owe you nothing, and you deserve nothing. They have every right to change their mind, hire someone else, or not hire anyone at all. More often than not, their choice to hire someone over other candidates has nothing to do with being the most qualified or perfect job-description fit. Their top candidates are all near equally qualified, and their final choice comes down to department or administrative preferences, politics, affirmative action, nepotism, among many other reasons you cannot control as an applicant. Most of us will never get a UC Davis job right away or ever at all, and you need to be ready to accept that reality fast while facing the market. As I was once told at the start of an interview at a prestigious university, "Let's see who will win the lotto this time around." You can do everything right (e.g. have the best degree, have countless publications, and a spectacular this and that), but at the end of the day, maybe they don't like your clothing, personality, mannerisms, etc, or maybe someone up the chain simply thought that fulano/a so and so was nice, so they pick them. I watched an entire search this year, saw all the candidates come to campus and interview with the president of the college, and when it was all said and done, he picked a local individual who lost his job at a neighboring university and wasn't even part of the search. Why? Because he knew of him and felt like it (connections). R.15. I have been on the market for years too,… pero no estoy aquí para contarles mi CV. En mi experiencia, los mejores anuncios son los que sólo se enfocan en el período que necesitan cubrir y dejan que los solicitantes se “vendan” usando su propio perfil y no ajustándolo a lo indicado en los anuncios. Muchas veces los anuncios son muy pretenciosos y buscan perfiles inexistentes. Los anuncios que los patas de Davis han creado en los dos últimos años han jugado mal a su favor, ya que parecieran estar hechos para Fernand Braudel y hoy en día ya no se crean Braudels. Los de Davis hace dos años buscaban a alguien que trabajara con Transoceanic Studies y este año supuestamente querían a alguien de Hispanophone Studies. En ambas búsquedas, las elecciones finales han sido muy cuestionables por distintas razones. Ya han pasado dos años y el programa de Davis no ha hecho nada con los Transoceanic Studies y es probable que lo mismo ocurra con los Hispanophone Studies (si hacen algo, ojalá que sea desde una manera sólida, porque cualquiera puede hacer un libro colectivo con sus amigos e incluir en el título la palabra “Hispanophone”). Lo gracioso es que muchos patas en la academia les han seguido el juego a los de Davis y, sin tener el conocimiento profundo, han creado anuncios de trabajo o mesas en conferencias con las palabras “Trasoceanic” o “Hispanophone.” Al final, uno puede percibir que ninguno de los participante en esas mesas sabe sobre tales temas. La falta de estudiosos sólidos y que las "universities are businesses" es lo que está produciendo la muerte de la academia. No se quejen después.   
  • 3/22 - Baruch College. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish.
  • 3/24- Harvard University (Mexicanist) TT, offer accepted
  • 3/20 – Columbia NTT. Offer made (second-hand, reliable)
  • 3/17 – UMass Amherst postdoc in Bilingual Hub. Offer accepted (first-hand)
  • 3/14 - Loyola Marymount University, TT Assistant Professor. Offer accepted (second hand reliable)
  • 3/14 – Northwestern NTT, offer made (second-hand, reliable)
  • 3/13 – Mizzou TT in Spanish linguistics, offer accepted (second-hand, reliable)
  • 3/13 – Bowdoin College. Offer made (first hand); OP: offer rejected 3/21
  • 3/6 - Adelphi University, TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Offer accepted (second hand reliable)
  • 3/6 - University of Virginia, TT Assistant Professor Modern Peninsular. Offer accepted.
  • 3/6 - University of Kansas - VAP. Offer made
  • 3/6 - Saint Louis University. TT Assistant Professor Spanish Linguistics. Offer made. 3/10: Offer accepted.
  • 3/3 - Davidson College. Visiting Assistant Professor. Offer accepted.
  • 2/28 - Colorado College. Assistant Professor of Spanish. Offer accepted.
  • 2/27 - Trinity University. TT Assistant Professor (announced on twitter). R1: Can you share the twitter handle that announced the news?
  • 2/24 - University of Alabama-Birmingham, TT Assistant Professor. Offer accepted.
  • 2/23-UT Arlington, TT Assistant Professor. Offer accepted,
  • 2/23- Skidmore College, TT Assistant Professor. Offer accepted (2nd hand reliable).
  • 2/23- Bryn Mawr College, TT Assistant Professor. Offer accepted.
  • 2/22 - Brown University, TT Assistant Professor. Offer accepted.
  • 2/22 - Hunter College, CUNY. Lecturer (Translation/Interpretation). Offer made.
  • 2/21 - University of Alaska Fairbanks. Assistant Professor. Offer declined. (Two offers made; one accepted, one declined)
  • 2/20 - Stetson University. Assistant Professor. Offer accepted. Second-hand, reliable.
  • 2/20 - Oregon State University. Assistant Professor. Offer accepted.
  • 02/20 - USC, TT Assistant Professor. Offer accepted.
  • 02/16 - Temple University. NTT Assistant Professor. Offer accepted.
  • 02/16- University of North dakota. Job offer accepted (received an email saying offer was made and accepted, which is very odd since I visited campus two days ago, on Monday 13th) R1: Received confirmation today (3/3) instead.
  • 02/15 - Simpson College, TT Assistant Professor. Offer accepted (2nd hand reliable).
  • 02/15 - Xavier University. Job offer accepted. R1: Congrats. Just wondering, is this the one in Cincinnati? R2: Xavier U = Cincinnati, Saint Xavier U = Chicago R3: The Cincinnati one. R4: Offer declined. Search re-opened. R5: 05/18 New offer accepted.
  • 02/08 - Wake Forest University NTT offer accepted.
  • 02/06 - UNC Hispanic Jewish R.S. department offer sent. R1: Has the offer been accepted? R2: No. R3. Offer accepted.
  • 01/09 - Emerson College. R1: job offer accepted.
  • Sometime in December - Sarah Lawrence (TT): Job offer accepted (second hand, reliable).
  • 12/21/22-Colgate Univ, Colonial Lat Am position: job offer accepted. (2nd hand, announced in twitter).

Campus Interviews[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • 05/12 - Northern Essex Community College, TT. (Campus visit)
  • 05/12 - Hagerstown Community College, TT. (Campus visit invitation) R1. When did you have your Zoom interview?
  • 04/20 - Middlebury College, VAP (Secondhand)
  • 04/10 - Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, TT Assistant Professor in Spanish Linguistics (Campus visit invitation) x2
  • 03/23 - Winthrop University, NTT (Campus visit invitation)
  • 03/22 - Villanova University- NTT (Campus visit invitation)
  • 03/20 - Washington and Lee University - VAP Spanish (Campus visit invitation)
  • 03/16 - College of Staten Island (NTT)
  • 3/15 Adam’s State University: Campus visit rejected. They would only offer a single date for visit and were unwilling to compromise.
  • 02/20 - University of Pittsburgh (TT in Caribbean Studies). Can anyone confirm if this date is accurate? They finished zoom interviews on February 17. It sounds odd that they would send invitation to campus just three days after the zoom interview... R1: I have not participated on this search, but I can confirm that that timing is not unusual. It has happened to me that they sent out invitations even the same day of last interview. OP: Ok, thank you! R2: It is. Visits are ongoing.
  • 03/15 - Adams State University - TT Assistant Professor Spanish. Invited & rejected due to unwillingness to be flexible with dates.
  • 03/07 – University of Chicago NTT in heritage languages – campus visit sent
  • 03/03 - Dominican University - TT Assistant Professor Spanish Lit. Campus visit invitation
  • 02/24 - Central Connecticut State U in Mexican Lit.
  • 02/22 - Florida International University - TT Assistant Professor Spanish Linguistics. Campus invite call & email. (3 candidates were selected)
  • 02/22 - Queens College (CUNY) - TT Assistant Professor Spanish Linguistics. Notified.
  • 02/22 – Southern Indiana University – TT Assistant Professor. campus visit sent.
  • 02/22 - Bridgewater College - TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Peninsular Literature and Culture)
  • 02/22 – Bowdoin College – Lecturer in Spanish language program
  • 02/17 - Monmouth College - TT Assistant Professor of Spanish & Latin American Studies, campus invite sent
  • 02/17 – Columbia University Lecturer campus interviews sent
  • 02/15 – University of Missouri tenure-track in linguistics campus interviews sent R1: Is this the TT or the NTT position? OP: TT; I edited the original posting to reflect this.
  • 02/11 - Baruch College, TT Mexico position: campus visit invitation
  • 02/10 - Cal Poly SLO- Campus Interviews Sent
  • 02/10 - East Carolina University, TT Assistant Professor of Spanish: campus visit invitation
  • 02/10 - Barnard College, Lecturer position: campus visit invitation x2
  • 02/08 - WMU, TT Faculty Specialist (second hand info)
  • 02/03 - St. Louis University
  • 02/02 - Louisiana State University Shreveport, TT Assistant Professor of Linguistics and/or Spanish: campus visit invitation (x2)
  • 01/31 - University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish: campus visit invitation
  • 01/30 - Hunter College TT: campus invitation sent
  • 01/30 - University of North Dakota: campus visit invitation
  • 01/29 - Adelphi University: campus visit invitation
  • 01/25 - Johns Hopkins: campus visit invitation (pre-independence)
  • 01/26 - Clemson (migrations): campus visit invitation
  • 01/24 - Loyola Marymount University: campus visit invitation x2
  • 01/23 -Harvard (Mexicanist): campus visit invitation x2
  • 01/23 - Yale University: campus visit invitation x2
  • 01/23 - DePaul University (Latin American and Latino Studies): campus visit invitation
  • 01/20 - Hunter College (CUNY), Lecturer and Director of Spanish Translation and Interpretation Program: campus visit invitation (X2)
  • 01/19 - Wittenberg University: campus visit invitation.
  • 01/19 - UC Irvine (Latinx studies): campus visit invitation Q: Is this the TT job offered by the Spanish/English department? The job that listed Latinx as a preferred specialization? R: Yes, added correct info--sorry!
  • 01/18 - UC Davis: campus visit invitation.
  • 01/17 - Lafayette College: campus visit invitation.
  • 01/12 - Texas Tech: campus visit invitation (second-hand, reliable) x2
  • 01/15 - University of Oklahoma: campus visit invitation
  • 01/14 Regis University: campus visit invitations.
  • 01/13- Ohio State University: Campus visit invitation
  • 01/13 - University of Central Florida (UCF)
  • 01/07 - University of Virginia (19th-21st century peninsular): campus visit invitation
  • 01/03 - Stetson University: campus visit invitation
  • 12/21 - University of Alabama at Birmingham: campus visit invitation
  • 12/22 - Colorado College: campus visit invitation
  • 12/22 - Brandeis University: campus visit invitation
  • 12/22 - Colorado State University: campus visit invitation
  • 12/21 – Brown University: campus visit invitation
  • 12/21 - Bryn Mawr College: campus visit invitation. R1: Did anyone else get a happy holiday greeting yesterday, only for them to send this out the next day? R2: I also got the holiday greeting with promises of an update soon...but no campus visit invite. Did you get an invite? R3: (R1) Nope. R4 :(R2) Seems a little strange...OP, did you receive the holiday greeting yesterday? R4 (R1): It may mean we are the alternates or the search is rolling or they're trying to be on an artic demi-god's good list or something OP: how interesting. I did not get the holiday greeting email, only the campus visit invite today. R5 I got the holiday greeting too, without campus visit invite. We'll see... Happy Holidays then, fellow adventurers! R6: Any news for those who received a happy holiday greeting/update promise? Should I cross this one from my job list even though we have not received an official "thank you, next"? R7: Nothing here! I'm torn on this. The strangeness of the "Happy Holidays" message gives me some hope, but I also feel like it's most likely a "no." R8: I hear you, R7. They should have just said "no" instead of dragging us with that weird Happy Holidays. However, many departments shamelessly practice ghosting after an interview, and you have to find out what happened here on this page. So, Bryn Mawr is inaugurating a new way of both saying no/ghosting?
  • 12/19 - Bradley University: campus visit invitation (x2)
  • 12/19 – Northwestern NTT interview invitation R1: What position was this? The Spanish teaching position?
  • 12/19 – University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • 12/19 - USC: campus interview invitation
  • 12/16 - Northwestern (Mexican/Latinx): campus interview invitation
  • 12/16 - DePaul University (Mexican Studies): campus interview invitation
  • 12/16 - Ohio State University (Latinx Media Studies)
  • 12/09 - UNC at Chapel Hill. (R1): Is this for the Latin American-Jewish Studies? (OP): Hispanic-Jewish Studies
  • 12/06 - SDSU campus visit invitation
  • 12/01 - Idaho State University
  • 11/30 - Xavier University: campus visit invitation
  • 11/29 - Baylor University (R1): Is this for the TT position or the lectureship? (OP): It's for the TT position
  • 11/22 - Oregon State University: campus visit invitation
  • 11/18 - Sarah Lawrence: campus interview invitation
  • 11/03 - Emerson College: campus interview invitation
  • 11/02 - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: campus interview invitation
  • 10/31 - Colgate University: campus interview invitation

Zoom / Skype / Phone Interview[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • 06/02: Pasadena City College, TT Spanish. First round of interviews will be held on campus. x2 R1. They won't reimburse traveling expenses. Most likely will be candidates already living in California.
  • 05/18: Berry College. VAP. Zoom interview requested.
  • 05/09: Hagerstown Community College, TT Spanish, Zoom interview requested
  • 05/09: Duke University, Peninsular Spanish Postdoc. Interview requested. x2
  • 05/09: Northern Essex Community College, TT Spanish. Zoom interview requested
  • 05/08: University of South Alabama, TT Spanish. Zoom interview requested. R1: Never heard back from them. How did it go? I don't know how well I did, but I thought the people on the search committee were really nice!
  • 05/03: SUNY Binghamton Lecturer of Spanish. Zoom interview requested
  • 04/25: U Penn. Full time Lecturer of Spanish. Zoom interview requested
  • 04/25: Davidson College. VAP. Zoom interview requested
  • 4/05: U of Cincinnati VAP. Zoom
  • 04/15: University of Oklahoma. Instructor of Spanish. Zoom interview requested
  • 04/14: Dickinson College. VAP. Zoom interview requested.
  • 04/14: Bucknell University. VAP. Zoom interview requested (X2)
  • 04/11: University of Puget Sound. VAP. Zoom interview requested
  • 04/11: Loyola University Maryland. Assistant Teaching Professor. Zoom interview requested
  • 04/07: Middlebury College. Visiting Assistant Professor. Zoom interview requested.
  • 04/06: The University of Kentucky. Lecturer of Hispanic Studies. Zoom interview requested
  • 04/06: Lamar University. Instructor of Spanish
  • 04/04: Washington University in St. Louis. Lecturer of Spanish. Zoom interview requested
  • 04/04: St Mary's College Maryland-- Zoom interview requested
  • 03/29: Salem College--- Zoom interview requested
  • 03/28: Miami University VAP (Zoom interview requested)
  • 03/20- Coastal Carolina University. Lecturer (Zoom interview requested). VERY toxic department FYI. OP: May you tell me a little bit more, please? R.1 The univerisity denied tenure to a professor a couple of years ago. He sued. R2: I had a campus visit there a few years ago. The head of the search committee said: "we are building up this department from the ashes". Just be careful. OP: Muchas gracias a los dos! Vamos a ver qué ocurre! R3: One of my closest friends works there actually. The department was established less than 10 years ago, and they have been hiring many new faculty in the last few years. Everyone's experience is different and we don't know the real story or why someone did not get tenure. My friend likes it a lot there, so I'd say you should follow your own intuition. R4: I think it's inapropriate that R1 comes here and tries to 'alert' or 'warn' people about a place where he/she/they didn't get a position. It's tough times for academia & the job market in general, and many people are going through highly stressful days. Let people enjoy their candidacy and their interviews, and let them decide where they should go. I agree with R4, follow your own intuition. R5: No wonder R1 did not get the position, I think their comments come more out of spite than anything. Congrats OP on your interview, wishing you the very best! OP: Thanks for your support
  • 03/17 - Southern Illinois University, Carbondale- TT Assistant Professor (Spanish) (Zoom interview request) x2
  • 03/14 - Washington and Lee University - VAP Spanish (Zoom interview request)
  • 03/10 - Northern Illinois University - Assistant Professor (Zoom interview request)
  • 03/10 - Colby College - Assistant Professor (Zoom interview request)
  • 03/03 - Lehman College, NTT (Zoom interview request)
  • 03/03 – Winthrop University, NTT (Zoom interview request) x3
  • 03/04- Earlham College, VAP (Zoom interview request)
  • 03/02 – Wabash College, VAP, (Zoom Interview request)
  • 03/01 – College of Staten Island NTT (Interview request) x2
  • 02/24 – Adams State University TT (Phone call request)
  • 02/24 - Towson University, Lecturer in Spanish (Zoom interview request) x2
  • 02/17 - Utah State University, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow (Zoom interview)
  • 02/17 - Xavier University, Teaching Professor of Spanish (zoom interview request)
  • 02/17 - Grinnell College (zoom interview request). Visiting Assistant Professor (1 year)
  • 02/17 - Dominican University (zoom interview; secondhand)
  • 02/17 - NYU Clinical Assistant Professor (zoom interview request) x2
  • 02/14 - Saint Xavier University (zoom interview request). Lecturer Spanish for the Professions (x2)
  • 02/12 - Queens College (Zoom interview request)
  • 02/10 - Trinity College (Zoom interview request) (x2)
  • 02/10 - Davidson College (Zoom interview request). VAP (secondhand)
  • 02/10 – Bowdoin College lecturer (Zoom interview request). R1: Curious. The job ad stated that application review would commence on February 15th (I understand it was changed from January 15th) yet you received a Zoom invite earlier than February 15th? OP: Yes.
  • 02/10 - Central Connecticut State University (Peninsular). Zoom interview requested by phone x 4. I got an email instead asking for a Webex interview, not sure why... R2: I am OP, the interview was requested in Webex too :)
  • 02/8 - Boston University - TT Assistant Professor, Modern and Contemporary Latin America (Zoom interview request)
  • 02/5 - Goethe University Frankfurt - Postdoc Researcher in Romance Linguistics (Spanish, Portuguese) (Zoom interview request)
  • 02/3 - Kansas State University, Teaching Assistant Professor (Zoom interview request) x2
  • 02/3 - Monmouth College. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish & Latin American Studies (Zoom interview request) x2
  • 02/2 - University of Missouri-Columbia. TT Assistant Professor in Spanish Linguistics (Zoom interview request) x2
  • 02/2 - University of Illinois, Chicago. Bridge to Faculty Postdoctoral Research Associate in Mexican Lit. (Zoom interview request)
  • 02/2 - Bridgewater College (Peninsular Literature and Culture) Zoom interview request x7
  • 02/01- University of Rhode Island. Assistant Teaching Professor, Generalist. (Zoom interview request)
  • 02/1 - Williams College. Visiting Assistant Professor. Peninsular. (Zoom interview request)
  • 02/1 - Williams College. Visiting Assistant Professor, Latin American Literature (Zoom interview request)
  • 01/31 - University of North Carolina Wilmington, TT Assistant Professor in Spanish and Coordinator for the Spanish for Heritage Speakers Program (Zoom interview request) x3
  • 01/30 - Florida International University. TT Assistant Professor in Spanish Linguistics (Zoom Interview Invitation)
  • 01/30 - Western Michigan University, TT Faculty Specialist in Spanish (Zoom interview request) x3
  • 01/26 - California State University, Northridge, TT Assistant Professor in Hispanic Linguistics (Zoom interview request)
  • 01/24 - East Carolina University x2
  • 01/23 - Farmingdale State College TT Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, (Zoom interview request) x3
  • 01/20 - California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, (Zoom interview request)
  • 01/20 - Louisiana State University Shreveport, TT Assistant Professor of Linguistics and/or Spanish, (Zoom interview request)
  • 01/20 - University of North Dakota, TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Peninsular) x5
  • 01/19 - University of Southern Indiana, Assistant Professor in Spanish (Zoom interview requested) x4
  • 01/19 - St. Louis University, TT Assistant Professor Spanish Linguistics (Zoom interview requested) x4
  • 01/18 - Barnard College, Lecturer in Spanish (Zoom Interview Request)
  • O1/18-University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. Assistant Professor (Zoom interview requested) x2 R1: request made on 2/19.
  • 01/18 - Old Dominion University, Lecturer in Spanish (Zoom interview request) x4
  • 01/18- Baruch College (Mexicanist Position) Zoom interview request. R1: x2 but I received an invite on 01/19. Similarly, I am not a “Mexicanist” in the most traditional sense of the word, although I do work comparatively with Mexico (in case that’s helpful). R2: x3, received interview request on 01/18. R3: When did your interviews get schedule for? Mine isn't until mid-feb. R1: Mine is this Friday (Jan 27). R2: My interview is mid February as well.
  • 01/11 - Amherst College, Lecturer of Spanish (Zoom interview request) x2
  • 01/10 - Johns Hopkins University, TT Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor (Zoom) (the doodle poll came with 18 slots and we were asked to choose 1, so I believe they're holding the pre- and post-independence interviews at the same time) R1: does the person who posted this work in pre or post independence? OP: I work in pre-independence R2: I work in post-independence and also got the invitation. x2 R3: Have you heard back from JH after zoom interview (over a week ago)?
  • 01/07 - Trinity University, TT Spanish (Zoom interview request)
  • 01/04 - Appalachian State University, TT Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Beginning and Intermediate Spanish (Zoom interview request) x2
  • 12/29 - Loyola Marymount University, Assistant Professor of Spanish TT (Zoom interview request) x3
  • 12/28 - Columbia Lecturer x3 R1: What position is this? R2: Lecturer at Columbia University
  • 12/28 - UNC Wilmington, TT Asst Prof Spanish and Education/Coordinator of World Language Teacher Education (Zoom interview request) x2
  • 12/23 - Columbia, Caribbeanist TT (Zoom interview request) R1. Could someone confirm this?
  • 12/23 - Hunter College (CUNY), Lecturer and Director of Spanish Translation and Interpretation Program (Zoom Interview request)
  • 12/23 - UC Davis, Assistant Professor of Hispanophone Studies TT (Zoom interview request)
  • 12/22 - Temple University, Assistant Professor of Spanish (Instructional/NTT) (Zoom Interview request) x2
  • 12/22 - Tufts University, Lecturer Course Administrator (Zoom interview request) x2
  • 12/21 - Indiana University-Bloomington Lecturer in Spanish position (Zoom interview request)
  • 12/20 - Tufts University, Lecturer & Coordinator position (zoom interview request)
  • 12/19 - Lafayette College, Spanish TT position (zoom interview request) x2
  • 12/19 - Oklahoma State University (zoom interview request) x2
  • 12/16 - Yale University (zoom interview request) x3
  • 12/16 - Adelphi University, TT and language coordinator position (Zoom interview request) x2
  • 12/16 - University of Missouri, Columbia, NTT Assistant Teaching Professor of Spanish (Zoom interview request)
  • 12/15 - UCLA, Latinx literary studies, English Dept.
  • 12/15 - Wittenberg University (Zoom interview request)
  • 12/15 - University of Delaware (Zoom interview request)
  • 12/14 - Wake Forest NTT (Zoom interview request) (OP: Reposting after original post being deleted. Some people reported receiving an invite on 12/12, I did't receive mine until 12/14)
  • 12/13 - Ohio State University - Syntax/Semantics (Zoom Interview request)
  • 12/13 - Cal State Dominguez Hills (Zoom interview request) x2
  • 12/13 - Ft. Hays State University (Zoom interview request)
  • 12/13 - University of Nebraska, Lincoln VAP (Zoom interview request)
  • 12/12 - John Jay College, CUNY (Zoom interview request) x2 R1: What position is this? R2: Lecturer of Spanish -Specialist in Heritage Learners. R3 Was there more than one post advertised? R4: There's also a TT and a Lecturer position in the Latin American and Latinx Studies department
  • 12/12 – Wake Forest NTT (Zoom interview request) x4
  • 12/12 - Rutgers, Latinx (zoom interview request)
  • 12/10 - Suffolk University (zoom interview request)
  • 12/09 - UC Irvine
  • 12/09 - Harvard University, Mexican studies (zoom interview request) x2
  • 12/09 – Allegheny College x2
  • 12/09 - Colorado State University, Border Studies (zoom interview request)
  • 12/09 - Clemson University
  • 12/08 - University of Central Florida (zoom interview request)
  • 12/07 - University of Arizona (zoom interview request) (R1): is this for Border and/or Latinx or Spanish dept. (R2): It's for Border Studies offered by the Department of S&P. (R1): ok, thank you!
  • 12/07 - University of Kansas (zoom interview request) (R1): is this for the Visiting Assistant Professor position? (R2): Yes, this is for the Visiting Assistant Professor of Lat Am/Latinx studies.
  • 12/07 - Brown University (zoom interview request) x4
  • 12/07 - Texas Tech University x2
  • 12/07- College of Charleston, Spanish Business Instructor (Zoom interview request).
  • 12/06 - Stetson University
  • 12/06 - DePaul University, Latin American and Latino Studies (zoom interview request)
  • 12/06 - Tulane University
  • 12/05 - University of Houston (zoom interview request)
  • 12/05 - Providence College x3
  • 12/05 – University of Alaska Fairbanks (zoom interview request) x2
  • 12/05 – Northwestern University, SLA/coordination NTT position interview
  • 12/05 - Bradley University (zoom interview request) x2
  • 12/05 - Bryn Mawr College, (zoom interview request) x3
  • 12/05 - Regis University
  • 12/04 - UC Davis, Latinx/Chicanx Lit., English department (zoom interview request)
  • 12/03 - University of Virginia, Peninsular Spanish literature and culture (zoom interview request) x4 (R1): did you receive the invitation during the weekend? (OP): Yes, it came on Saturday afternoon (R2): Is this the 19th/20th/21st C job or the medieval/early modern one? (OP) Sorry, I forgot there were two Peninsular positions. I'm applying for the 19th/20th/21st c. job. (R3): Hi friends, I'm on the medieval/early modern committee. We're about a month behind the 19th-21st c. search. Our Zoom interviews are mid-January. (R4): Have the invitations for Zoom interviews for the medieval/early modern been sent already? (R3): Yes, invitations have been sent.
  • 12/02 - Elon University, Lecturer in Spanish
  • 12/02 - Colorado College
  • 12/02 - Simpson College
  • 12/02- Jacksonville State University, Spanish TT (Zoom interview request).
  • 12/01 - Northwestern University, Mexican/Latinx (zoom interview request) x4
  • 11/30 - Brandeis University (zoom interview request) x2 (R1): Is this based on the rejection emails or interview requests have been received? I got neither! (R2): Hey! I got an actual email with the interview request.
  • 11/30 - Lehigh University (zoom interview request) x2
  • 11/29 - University of Oklahoma (zoom interview request) x2
  • 11/29 - Iowa State University (zoom interview request) x3
  • 11/28 - Skidmore College (zoom interview request) x3
  • 11/28 - Miami University (zoom interview request) x2
  • 11/23 - Ohio State University, Latinx New Media (zoom interview request)
  • 11/23 - University of Chicago (zoom interview request) x5 (R1) Is this for the position in Modern Iberian Studies or Southern Cone Studies? (R2) The email referred to "the search in Modern Iberian or Southern Cone Studies", which means they are likely contacting all short listed applicants at the same time. (R3) Did anyone get requested additional materials? (R4) I did. 2 syllabi (one undergrad and one grad) and 1 more writing sample. What about you? (R2) I also got the same request for additional materials
  • 11/22 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Hispanic and Jewish Studies (zoom interview request)
  • 11/17 - University of Alabama at Birmingham (zoom interview request) x2
  • 11/16 - University of Florida (zoom interview request)
  • 11/15 - San Diego State University (zoom interview request) x4
  • 11/14 - University of Southern California (zoom interview request) x3
  • 11/11 - Xavier University (zoom interview request) x3
  • 11/07 - Oregon State University (zoom interview request) x4
  • 11/07 - Idaho State University (zoom interview request)
  • 11/04 - Boston University (zoom interview request)
  • 11/04 - DePaul University (zoom interview request) (R1): Is this for the position in Mexican/Chicanx or Latin American & Latino Studies? (R2): Mexican/Chicanx Studies
  • 10/26 - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (zoom interviews conducted)
  • 10/25 - Ocean County College
  • 10/25 - Sarah Lawrence College (zoom interview request) x2
  • 10/24 - Baylor University x2
  • 10/21 - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Latin American Literatures and Culture (zoom interview request)
  • 10/15 - Colgate University, (colonialist), conducted week of Oct. 24.
  • 10/13 - Emerson College, Literatures of the Americas (zoom interview request) x2

MLA Interviews[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

Additional Materials Requested[]

NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • University of South Alabama 5/10
  • Cal State Dominguez Hills 1/17
  • Northeastern, references 12/20
  • Trinity University, HR self-identification forms (disability, veteran, etc) requested 12/4 (x2)
  • Simpson College, statement describing vision to build a Spanish Program. 12/2
  • Northwestern (Mexico/Latinx), additional writing sample and sample syllabus requested 12/1 (x2)
  • Boston University, HR self-identification forms (disability, veteran, etc) requested. 11/2 (x2)


  • 7/30: The University of Rhode Island (no interview). Assistant Teaching Professor - Spanish
  • 6/30: The Ohio State University (after campus visit): I expected more than a generic copy-paste email almost five months after visiting.
  • 06/05: University of South Alabama (no interview): Position has been filled
  • 06/1: Surry Community College (no interview)
  • 5/22: Appalachian State University: Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Beginning and Intermediate Spanish, position #010921 in Languages, Literatures & Cultures. "The search committee has determined this posting to be a failed search which could be due to any number of reasons to include position revision, the posting did not generate an adequate size applicant pool, applicants did not possess required qualifications, or due to changes in business needs."
  • 5/23: Elon University (which is bordering on comical, since I had a Zoom interview with them in December and never heard anything else, and accepted another job 2 months ago. But hey Elon, you do you.)
  • 04/27: Prince George's Community College. R1: I sent my application for this community college on April 5th. I have not received a rejection, but not an invitation for any interview either. R2 I received an e-mail stating that the position has been filled on 4/27.
  • 04/24: Bucknell VAP (no interview)
  • 04/24: Ursinus college VAP (no interview).
  • 04/24: Washington and Lee. VAP... getting sick and tired of receiving these many rejections... :( (x2)
  • 04/24: Xavier University. Teaching Assistant Professor.
  • 04/19: Albright College VAP (after Zoom interview: received email that search had been cancelled)
  • 04/18: Earlham College (no interview).
  • 04/18: University of Oregon. Career Instructor of Spanish. (No interview)
  • 04/17: Hendrix College
  • 04/14 - St. Andrews
  • 04/12 - Broward College
  • 04/12 - University of Glasgow (x2)
  • 04/10 - Dominican University (after campus visit)
  • 04/06 - DePaul University. TT Latin American and Latino Studies. (After campus visit). I emailed to inform them of another job offer outside of academia and they responded within ten minutes to apologize for the long silence and say that they are unable to offer me the job. After reading some Instagram posts from someone currently there who was recently cut, it feels like a blessing in disguise. They're not interested in protecting their Latinx faculty. It sounds like the entire search was a sham.
  • 04/06 - Boston University (no interview) x2
  • 04/03 - CSU Channel Islands search for AP on Spanish Ling search postponed.
  • 04/03: Earlham College (after 2nd interview with Dean). Probably for the best, this college is cultish and Richmond is a horrible place to live. You don't want to be there, believe me. OP: Gracias por los ánimos. Seguro que no era el puesto para mi :)
  • 03/29 - Barnard College (after campus visit)
  • 03/29 - University of Delaware (after campus visit)
  • 03/11 - Providence College. TT Spanish Peninsular. (After campus visit).
  • 03/09 - Hunter College (CUNY) Spanish Doctoral Lecturer/Lecturer (no interview)
  • 03/07 - Wake Forest (form letter from HR after interview)
  • 03/06 - Adelphi University (after interview)
  • 03/01 - Miami University (no interview)
  • 02/22 Brynn Mawr Assistant Prof of Spanish (no interview) (x3)
  • 02/21 - Queens College (CUNY) Assistant Professor of Hispanics Linguistics. No interview (x4) R1 God only knows what these jokers were looking for. R2 After radio silence from them after an interview in March of last year, they sent an email in late May saying "Due to unforeseen circumstances, the search for the HLL - JOB ID 23126 has been failed.  We are endeavoring to commence a new search as soon as possible. We appreciate your interest in Queens College and invite you to reapply when the job is reposted." Applied again this year, didn't get a Zoom invitation or a rejection. R3: I bet there was an inside candidate and that it wasn't truly an "open" search.
  • 02/20 - Penn State University. No interview. R1: Which position? OP: Lecturer/Assistant Teaching Professor in Spanish R2: is this for the Behrend campus? Thanks! OP: Penn State University Park. R3: was this job post on HigherEducation portal? OP: Yes, it was.
  • 02/16 - NYU Clinical Assistant Professor of Spanish x2 R1: was this before an interview or after? OP: Before an interview
  • 02/02- Adelphi University. No interview x3
  • 01/31 - Amherst College after interview. x2
  • 01/23 - Columbia University lecturer.
  • 01/21 - Idaho State University. No interview x3
  • 01/19 - Sarah Lawrence College x5 R1: no interview
  • 01/17 - University of Virginia (medieval and early modern), after interview
  • 01/17 - William & Mary College, no interview
  • 01/16 - Skidmore College, after zoom interview
  • 01/12 - St. Norbert College, TT x3. R1: was this post interview? OP: No interview
  • 01/11 - Jacksonville State University, TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, no interview.
  • 01/10 - Johns Hopkins University TT (open-rank), no interview. A very nice and sincere message through Interfolio (they received "well-over 200 apps" as mentioned in the message) x194
  • 01/03 - Lehigh University, Spanish TT search suspended due to administrative reasons
  • 01/03 - Carroll University TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, no interview
  • 01/03 - Assistant or Associate Professor of Instruction in Spanish at Northwestern University
  • 12/22 - John Jay College, after Zoom interview
  • 12/22 - Hunter College x2 R1: was this post Zoom interview? OP: Not in my case. R2: What position was this? R3: TT Assistant Professor of Spanish R4: Does anybody know if they have already sent the Zoom interview invitations?
  • 12/22 - Brandeis University, after Zoom interview
  • 12/21 - Brown U, after Zoom interviews R1: Anyone else received a rejection notification after the Zoom Interview? R2: I did... did you not?
  • 12/20- UCSD Sociolinguistics x2
  • 12/19 – Emerson R: was this post interview(s)? R2: after campus visits.
  • 12/14 – University of Chicago (Modern Iberian Studies/Southern Cone Studies): Rejection email sent after Zoom interview.
  • 12/12 - Northwestern University, Latinx Literatures and Cultures (English Dept), rejection after Zoom interview
  • 12/12 - Oregon State University: Rejection email sent.
  • 12/09 - University of Chicago (Modern Iberian Studies/Southern Cone Studies): Rejection email sent. (x2) R3: Were these emails sent after completing the zoom interview? R2: Not in my case. No interview, just the email. OP: Mine was without an interview. R4: Got a rejection after the Zoom interview.
  • 12/08 - Brown University: Rejection email sent. x2
  • 12/06 - San Diego State University: Rejection after zoom interview x2
  • 12/05 – University of Central Florida: rejection email sent x2 (R1): did your rejection email say anything in particular such as why? mine said "didn't meet minimum requirements" which was odd. I later checked the Workday app and my attachments (letter, cv, etc) weren't there. (R2): Gracious and tactful subject line from UCF's HR department. Bullet dodged. (R3) Has anyone gotten an interview request? I did not receive a rejection and my application still says "under review" online. Curious if anyone else is in the same boat. (R4) (I posted about "min quals" above). I think *I* was disqualified quickly because HR estimated I didn't meet the bare minimum (still confused about that). For big schools, HR will first do an initial review of minimum requirements, and then applications that do meet the minimum will be sent to committees. This is way less common for small schools. (R5): Zoom interview request received on 12/08
  • 12/02 - University of Kentucky: Rejection email sent. x5
  • 11/30 - Iowa State University: Rejection email sent. x3
  • 11/30 - Brandeis University: Rejection email sent. x14 lol
  • 11/28 - University of Florida: rejection email sent
  • 11/22 - Northwestern University (Latinx Literature and Culture): Rejection email sent. x2
    • Has anyone been invited? I applied but have not had any communication from them (11/29)
    • I haven't heard anything from NU Spanish dept (11/29). I received a rejection from NU English for their Latinx job on 11/22, wonder if that's what's being reported here. R1. That is it precisely.
    • I haven't heard from the Spanish dept. either (11/29). I did not get a rejection from Northwestern English job but I also haven't received anything else (11/29).
    • Yes, interview request for English dept. position sent 11/22
    • I got a rejection email for the English position on 11/22 and still haven't heard anything from SPPO (now 11/30). My profile more closely fit the English position, so I'm sure I'm out for the other as well.
    • Zoom Interviews sent 12/1
  • 11/22 - California State University, Dominguez Hills: Rejection email sent x2.
  • 11/15 - San Diego State University: Rejection email sent. (x2)
  • 01/11 - Alaska University, Fairbanks: Rejection email sent.


List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

Word on the street[]

  • Any news from Duke postdoct after interview? R1: They said a decision would be made by the end of May/early June. (Peninsular) R2: I heard they made an offer already (second-hand reliable).
  • Any news from ANY university? Jesus, I've applied to about 12 positions and have only heard back from 3. I thought this year the job market was supposed to look better!! R1: I hope you get better news. Si te hace sentir mejor, yo he aplicado a más de 70 y he tenido varias entrevistas, pero solo 1 ha llegado a oferta- de Lecturer-. es mi segundo año en el job market... en mi opinión, los trabajos son cada vez más precarios y más escasos. Again, good luck!
  • Any news from Princeton University? (Lecturer position) R2: Gracias, mano. A veces he llegado a querer abandonar la academia, pero sigo teniendo esperanzas que ahí, en algún lugar, está esperándome ese trabajo para mí, con plaza.
  • Any news from Loyola University Chicago (Lecturer position)? R1: Nothing yet (5/2).
  • Any news from Washington U St. Louis after zoom interviews?
  • Any news from NIU post-Zoom interviews? R1: They have completed the campus interviews.
  • Any news from SUNY Oswego post-Zoom interviews? R1: What position? OP: Sorry. It’s for the Assistant Professor position of Caribbean Studies. R2: Nothing here 4/19.
  • Any news from Pace University? They closed their application period on January 31st.
  • Any news from CCSU? R1: I received a rejection email on Friday April 7th, saying they had made an offer (I did not make it past the Zoom interview). R2: Central Connecticut State? which of the 2 positions? R3: From what I understand, they made an offer and it was rejected (firsthand, reliable). Everyone hates each other there, so it's good that R1 did not advance. R4: I received a rejection email on Friday April 7th too, saying they had made an offer already. I had only the Webex interview for Peninsular. Honestly, after talking to them I am glad I did not made it, they were expecting that the new professor would teach 4/4, do research and publish to get the tenure and obviously, service. I thought it was too much comparing what it is asked in for example, R1 institutions. I am not surprised that their preferred candidate rejected the offer if he/she had something better to accept. R3: The vast majority of positions outside R1s and SLACS will be 3:3, 4:4, or a similar load. This shouldn't be a shock to anyone. R5: No one is disputing the load for the type of school, the issue (which I agree with R4) is the insistence on research and publishing for a non R1 or SLAC on a 4-4 plus other responsibilities. R6: I was one of the 3 candidates they brought to campus for the Peninsularist position. While the director of the search committee (who's the assc chair) was very nice, the department chair was very nasty/unpleasant and not welcoming at all. I did a really good teaching demo and research presentation. The chair asked me about the pedigree of the journals in which I had published my articles (5 of them, all peer-reviewed). She made it sound as if CCSU was an ivy league school. They told me that 7 tenured people had left within the last couple of years. They only have 3 ranked faculty, one VP for Italian and the rest are all adjuncts. Last Friday, the director of the search committee emailed me to let me know that an offer had been made to someone else (it did not say that that person had accepted though). Again, this is for the Peninsularist position. R3 again: I'm very sorry to hear of your experience with the Peninsularist search. That chair really is exactly as you describe them, so you truly dodged a bullet and a really miserable life. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you there but it really is for the best. Place is going up in flames.
  • No he escuchado nada sobre NYU (Clinical Assistant Professor of Spanish) desde la entrevista... ¿debería darlo por perdido ya después de un mes que fue la entrevista, o piensan que podría escribirle al comité para preguntar? I´m new on the job market, so any advice is welcome. Gracias! :) R1: Yo también la tuve y por lo visto aún no contactan a nadie (ya han preguntado dos veces aquí y todos han dicho que no han recibido nada aún). Creo que ya ha pasado suficiente tiempo para preguntar. OP: ¡Mil gracias por contestar! Creo que les preguntare a ver si obtengo respuesta.. si sé algo más, les dejo saber por aquí :) R2: Any updates on this? I'm still waiting to hear back from them, even if it's a rejection email (5/2) OP: no updates at all..I sent them a follow up email and I never got a response, not even a rejection email.. odio cuando hacen esto :(
  • Has anybody heard anything about Loyola NOLA?
  • Any news from Lehman College post-Zoom interview (3/13)? R1: Nothing yet (04/11)
  • Anything from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale post-Zoom interview (4/3)? R1: I haven't heard anything yet (4/5)
  • 3/31 Any news from College of Staten Island, CUNY (CSI)? R1: Nothing yet (04/03) R2: Nothing yet either (4/6) R3: Nothing on my end either. Good luck! (04/06) R4: ¿Alguien sabe algo sobre esta posición? Cualquier información se lo agradecería (4/11). R2: Nothing (4/12). R3: Offer has been accepted. R2: Congrats to the hired candidate!
  • Any news from Suny Oswego, Caribbean Studies?
  • Any news from Hendrix College? R1: I was told there will be a communication early April but no news so far 4/4. R2: Nothing here either
  • Has anybody heard anything about Corpus Christi? R1: Nothing at all. But the deadline passed so long ago I would assume they are almost to the visit phase.
  • Does anybody know what is going on with some job ads that have been reposted lately? I do not have a lot of experience on the job market yet, but I have seen some of them on The Chronicle and Higher Ed jobs these past weeks. The posted date is March 2023, but the job ad actually states that the review of applications started in December/January. Some of these jobs are advertised by the U. of Pittsburg, Cal State Northridge, Suffolk University, Northwestern University (this is all I can think of right now, but I am sure there are more). I am just confused as I would not like to waste my time applying to an institution that is no longer looking for their candidates, but if it was reposted again, I am unsure of what to do (or at least that is what the website states). ¿Alguna ayuda con esto? Gracias! R1: More often than not, this is a result of automatic website reposting. In other words, the ads are automatically set to repost within a certain period of time (usually 6 months). Once I saw a job reposted and got an offer the next day. However, if you see that the deadline has been re-established, by all means apply! This likely signals a failed search the first time. OP: thank you for the clarification!! (R2): I second R1. I think it's just automatic reposting. I'd be mindful of the dates within the ad more than when the ad was posted. ¡Ánimo!
  • Anything from NYU (clinical in Spanish) post Zoom interviews? R1: nothing yet (3/18) R2: nothing here either (3/19) R3: nothing here (3/28)
  • Any news from John Hopkins post-campus visits? R1: call from chair on 3/14 (pre-independence) requesting a list of start-up asks (due 3/22). I didn't post to "Offers" because I don't have one, yet. Letter from the dean should come this week.
  • Any news from Villanova? R1: Nothing here as of 3/17. I think they had Spring break last week. R2: Looks like they either went straight to campus interviews or the Zoom invitation request was not updated. Campus invitation 3/22.
  • Anything on Earlham College VAP? R1: I had my zoom interview last week.
  • Has anyone been invited to an interview for any of the 2 VAP positions announced at Washington & Lee? Their first ad said they would be running interviews between March 15-25 but then the call was posted again on MLA job list site on March 6 (the initial deadline date)... does anyone have info on what is happening with that search? R1: Nothing yet :( R2: Zoom interview last week.
  • Does anybody know what is going on with the Lecturer of Spanish at Rice? They had their deadline in January, but they post the same position again last week..
  • Any news from Hendrix College? R1: Nothing here... R2: Nothing after the interview R3: Same here 03/31. I had an interview the second week of March.
  • Any news on the Spanish for the Professions at Saint Xavier University after zoom interview? R1: Nothing here yet.
  • Any news about Columbia (Caribeñista position) after zoom interviews? R1: All campus interviews already happened.
  • Any news about University of Pittsburgh (Caribeñista Position) after zoom interviews?
  • Any news on the University of Chicago NTT assistant instructional professor positions? Has anyone received an interview request?
  • Any news on Providence College after campus visits? Nothing here (2) 03/6
  • Any news on Adelphi U after campus visits? R1: They sent out emails on 03/06 to candidates who were interviewed that an offer had been made and accepted.
  • Any news from U of Florida after campus visits? R1: No, so I'm assuming I'm not the preferred candidate.
  • Have you heard about NYU after zoom interviews? R1: Nothing yet.
  • Have you heard about LMU after campus visits?
  • Any word from University of North Carolina Wilmington (TT Hisp Ling + Heritage Coordinator) post Zoom-interviews? R1: Nope. I was wondering the same thing.
  • Any news from Kansas State University after interviews?
  • Any news from OSU after campus visit? R1: Do you mean Ohio, Oklahoma or Oregon State?
  • Any news from Northeastern University? (open rank teaching prof position). R1: Nothing since last week interview.
  • Any news at all on Allegheny College? Not a word since late Nov-early Dec. R1: Same. I'm going to wonder if they had a candidate that they had already identified, although I certainly don't know why they, as a small liberal arts college, would go into many interviews.
  • Any news from CCSU after interviews? R1: I had my interview last Friday (2/17) and nothing yet. R2: Same here! R3: for which of the two searches, the Peninsular or Lat Am? R2: Peninsular.
  • Is it time to lose hope on Miami University? Interviews were more than 2 months ago and still no signs of life that I know of.... R1: Campus visits ended on February 9.
  • Any news from University of Alaska Fairbanks?
  • Any news from Suffolk?
  • Any news from Farmingdale State College? R1: I did not receive an interview, but this position was added to the list of unis who have already sent out interviews (see above).
  • Any news from Cal State, Northridge? R1: I did not receive an interview, but this position was added to the list of unis who have already sent out interviews (see above).
  • This is my first year on the job market and my understanding was that VAPs came out early spring but there seems to be very few VAPs announced. When does the big bulk of VAPs announced if such thing does happen? I appreciate any advice on how to pace myself through this spring semester. Thanks R1: Visitings typically come out when others accept TT positions and there is movement in departments. Since everything seems a bit delayed this year, that will affect when offers are made and accepted. Hang in there! Jobs will continue to be posted through summer.
  • Anything from WMU after Zoom interviews? R1: The WMU, TT Faculty Specialist position? I believe campus interviews invitations were sent 2/8. R2: Yes, TT Faculty Specialist Spanish. 'Believe'? R3: I know someone who had a campus visit, so I can indirectly confirm this.
  • Anything from Baylor lecturer position?
  • Anything from Iowa State University? R1: What ever ended up happening with this one?
  • Any news on the Indiana University lecturer position? R1: Job offer made 1/22. OP: accepted? R1: No
  • Anything on Williams for the VAP in Peninsular? The deadline was early Dec. I see they did contact candidates for the VAP Latinamericanist position, does anyone know if they contacted candidates for the Peninsularist post? R1: I haven't, but I am wondering too! Thanks for bringing the question. Let's see if anyone has more info. R2: They reached out for a zoom interview for the peninsular position on 2/1. R3 Thank you for letting us know!
  • Anything on Emory?
  • Anything form Texas Tech? I know that they are doing two sets of campus visits but have not heard anything yet. R1: Do you mind hearing back after campus visits? BTW, what do you mean by two sets? OP: I believe they’re doing visits for both tenure-track and tenured candidates.
  • Any news on Wake Forest NTT? R1: They have completed campus interviews (2nd hand knowledge).
  • Does anyone understand what is going on with the UChicago heritage NTT position? I received an email saying that I missed a deadline to submit a demo and multiple people were copied on this email. One of the other people on the message responded saying that she had not received the email, and I didn't either. Frankly, the school is not supposed to copy multiple applicants on a single email, but I'm glad that they did as it showed that nobody has received the messages. I had to put together a teaching demo in 1.5 days to comply with the new deadline. Did anyone else have this experience? R1: Hi, today (01/29), I was checking my Interfolio account and I just saw that, after submitting all the documents back in December, now they are requesting additional materials, basically the demo video and other supporting materials. I did not receive any email, so I do not know if I am still in the process or not... Anyway, I can not edit the submission... U of Chicago Romance Dept is a little bit of a mess, but who knows what happened with this. Good luck!! R2: A little bit of a mess? I hope they apologized to all the candidates for violating their privacy.
  • Anything from Miami University post Zoom interviews? R1: Nothing on my end yet. For what it's worth, I asked about a timeline during the interview and they said they didn't know. Lol. Hope I didn't kill my chance but alas. R2: Looks like another waiting game.
  • Has anybody heard from Allegheny College? R1: Not since my Zoom interview in late November/early December.
  • Any news Dominican University? R1: Nothing on my end yet. R2: The ad on their HR website says that review of applications will begin on Jan. 31.
  • Anything from Whitman College?
  • Anything from Bridgewater College? R1: Nothing here yet.
  • Any news from Adelphi University post-zoom? R1: I was going to ask the same thing. They didn't give any timeline for the campus interview, but it's been more than two week by now (Jan 27), right? OP: Yes, it's been more than 2 weeks and didn't get a timeline either. It seems that things are going on the slower end this AY. R2: I did NOT get a Zoom interview, but I just got a formal rejection from Adelphi so I'm hoping you all hear something from them this week too.
  • Anything from Loyola Marymount post-zoom? R1: They sent out campus visit invitations a week ago.
  • Any news from Trinity University after Zoom interviews? R1: No
  • Anything from USC Sumter?
  • Any news from Central Connecticut State U after their email saying the committee would meet the third week of January? R1: No.
  • Any news from Providence College? R1: Nothing here yet. I think they did send some zoom invitations after their first round of interviews. OP: Thanks, good to know. Out of curiosity, how/where did you hear about this second round of interviews? R1: I got an email to do a Zoom interview on Dec. 14 and people got contacted here originally on Dec. 5, so I assumed I was in the second tier. It was my interpretation, but I might be wrong. OP: Thank you for sharing. I think you're right by the sound of it. R1: They told me over email that they invited 3 finalists to campus visits that will happen in early February.
  • Any news from Wittenberg University post-interview? R1: Nothing here. They said we should know something this week? R2: Anyone received a campus visit invitation already? (x2)
  • Any news from McGill University TT position in Southern European Literatures and Cultures with a focus on Hispanic and Italian studies? (1/18)
  • Any news from Clemson post-Zoom?
  • Any news from University of Pittsburgh at Bradford? (1/14/23)
  • Any news from Boston after zoom interviews? It's been so long with no news. What are people thoughts on this?
  • Any news from Hunter College TT position?
  • Any news from University of Pittsburgh (Caribbean TT position)? R1: Interview request 1/24
  • Any news from NYU's Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies TT search on campus visits? I noticed it was not advertised here on the wiki. Interviews were 12/07 and 12/08 and they said they would let candidates know in the New Year. R1: I heard in mid January that they sent campus visit invitations.
  • Any news from University of Texas Arlington (TT)? Cornell (NTT)? or NYU (NTT)? Thanks! R1: I haven't heard from Cornell or NYU. R2: Did a campus visit at Cornell in November, no word after that until I received an automated rejection email (04/25/23).
  • Any news from University of North Dakota? R1: No, with a Dec. 31 deadline I'm guessing news might come next week or later.
  • Any news from Williams College VAP? R1: Still waiting, I think they said interviews would be January/February
  • Any news from University of Kansas post-zoom?
  • Anything from Miami University post-Zoom?
  • Any news from Southern Illinois (TT Spanish Linguistics)? R1: Nothing on my end. R2: Anyone get anywhere with these people? R3: My recommendation letter writers said that they were asked to submit their letters last week (02/05). To R3: Thanks. R4: Has anyone heard anything since the LoRs were submitted (as of 3/2)?
  • Any news from Northwestern (TT Mexican/Latinx) after zoom interviews? R1: campus interview invitation listed on 12/16 (they just didn't send rejections/follow-ups to anyone else)
  • Anything from Johns Hopkins? (as of Jan 6) R1: Nothing here! R2: Nothing here either. I wonder if they aren't in a hurry because the job description states they are looking to fill 2 positions over the next 2 years? R3: (2nd wk Jan 2023): sent invitations for zoom interviews.
  • Was anyone else asked to resubmit materials for Texas Tech? R1: I haven't heard back from them after the interview. Did they ask you to actually submit the same application materials again? R2: I wasn't either. OP: FWIW, I was told that they will take some time. They were very nice.
  • Anything from University of Arizona, Border Studies, post-Zoom? R1: Nothing here.
  • Anything from Clemson post-Zoom?
  • Any news from Oklahoma after Zoom? R1: None here, they did mention they would probably wait until Jan. to contact shortlisted candidates. R2: Nothing here either! And also got the sense that we won't hear until January (probably when admin. are back from the holidays). (OP): Mil gracias! R3: If this is OKSA (OK State U), Mexicanist position —>, invitation for campus interviews sent in mid-January 2023. OP: We were discussing OU not OSU. Thank you, though R4: Any news about OU?? Still haven't heard anything and its been a while now...
  • Have there been any updates for Temple (NTT) and NYU (NTT)? R1: Nothing from NYU yet (12/20). R2: Nothing from either yet. OP: The Temple interviews are out, but nothing on NYU for me yet; thanks to R1/R2 for replying!
  • Any news from Texas Tech? (12/19/22): R1: They conducted Zoom interviews the second week of December. OP: Thank you
  • Has anyone heard from Loyola Marymount? (12/19/22) R1: Nothing here (12/22/22) R2: Zoom interview invitations sent yesterday, Dec 29th.
  • Any news from SDSU after zoom interviews?
  • Anything on Colorado State (Borders/Migration)? R1: I haven't heard anything, but somebody mentioned a Zoom interview in the Interview section.
  • Anything from UC Davis Hispanophone? R1: Zoom interview invite sent on Dec 23.
  • Anything from Hopkins? R1: Nothing...
  • What is going on with Sarah Lawrence (TT)? Have the search failed? They have posted the ad again. R1: Job sites and universities cycle through the ads. I would not be concerned by it.
  • Any news from USC after zoom interviews? R1: Nothing here...
  • Any news from UC Berkeley post-zoom interviews?
  • Any news from Columbia? R1: Zoom interviews sent.
  • Any news from Boston University post-zoom interviews? R1: I haven't heard anything. R2: Nothing here either.
  • Any word from Lafayette College (tenure-track Spanish position)? The deadline was 11/14. x2
  • Any news from Johns Hopkins? R1: Nothing here. R2: Nothing (12-15) Nothing; sometimes committees don't meet until late January. R3: invites for zoom interviews sent (January 2023).
  • Any word from the University of California, Irvine for their Latinx dual appointment in English and SPPO?
  • Any news about the Rutgers Latinx position in the English dept? R1: I'm also wondering this. It's been a long time (deadline 11/1, writing this on 12/9). R2: I don't have a lot of information, but I heard through the grapevine (friend of a friend) that interviews would be held in January, so maybe they are taking their time.
  • FYI, I would be very wary of the U South Carolina Sumter position. That department has a history of doing fake searches and I wouldn’t be surprised if this year’s posting was another one. My advice would be not to waste your time. R1: Care to expand on this?
  • Do you think the University of Virginia (medieval and early modern) has someone in mind? The job post said that they would start to review applications on December 2 and then they send the Zoom invitations the day after. That is uncommon. It is impossible to study all the applications thoroughly in one day. I suppose they started to review before December 2... R1: Es posible, who knows. El problema no es que tengan a alguien en mente, sino que, para simular una búsqueda real, hagan perder el tiempo a la gente preparando aplicaciones que van directo a la basura (si es que tal es el caso). R2: UVA had two peninsular posts this year, one for medieval/early modern & one for 19th-21st C Peninsular lit. I've just asked above what job the Zoom interviews were for because they didn't specify. Application review of the 19th-21st C one began on 14th November, so that may have been the one they sent out invites for. R2: I know as a fact that this is not a search done with anyone in mind. Do not worry about that. These are two actual positions to replace a great amount of faculty members retiring. R3: Can confirm R2 response. UVA is hiring two TTT lines, one search is already planned for campus visits, the other is only on zoom interviews.
  • Any news from Idaho State (Peninsular) after Zoom interviews? It sounded like they wanted visits to happen in December so I'm guessing I'm out and/or they needed more time.
  • Has anyone received a rejection email/letter from Providence College? I saw above that someone has been invited for an interview, but I have not received a rejection email/letter... R1: Institutions often start sending rejection emails once they have moved forward in the search process; sometimes they wait until they have a confirmed candidate before communicating with applicants. R2: Usually formal rejections are only sent once an offer has been extended and a contract has been signed. Sometimes there's no rejection at all and the committee just ghosts everyone after the search has concluded. Sorry to say that if you have not been invited for an interview then that implies a rejection.
  • Any word on Yale? R1: Nothing yet as of 12/12. (x2) R2: not sure which position this refers to but Senior lat Am/Brazil accepted job. Announced in Twitter in late Dec 2022.
  • Any information on the following positions due mid-November: Allegheny, Harvard preceptor, John Jay, Regis, Temple NTT? R1: Nothing from Regis University as of 12/5. R2: Nothing on John Jay as of 12/5. R3: Regis is doing Zoom interviews this week (12/5). R1 to R3: Did you receive an invitation or is it second-hand reliable? Just asking because there is no entry under the Zoom interview section. R3: I received an invitation.
  • sorry for the formatting… any word on Brown U Spanish Assistant Prof? (R1): Nothing here yet, also waiting impatiently!
  • Anything on Bradley University? R1: Nothing yet...they are taking their sweet time.. R2: Indeed! Nothing here either. R3: Still nothing as of 12/02. R4: Just got an interview request (12/05).
  • Any word on Skidmore College? R1: Nothing yet. R2: Nothing on my end. R3: Nothing here either. R4: Nothing as of Nov 22. R5: Nothing as of 11/26. I checked that applicant dashboard as well, and it still says under review by department. If I remember correctly, the ad said they'd have virtual interviews early December...R6: Thank you :) R7: Still nothing as of 12/02. R8: Interview requests sent 11/28.
  • Anything on UC Davis (Hispanophone Studies)? x2
  • Any word from Colorado College? A less depressing reading of what is going on this year than an oversaturated market (which is true) is that most universities are severely understaff so everything is extra slow... (R1): A saturated market is like playing musical chairs, which is hard and unnerving, but understaffed departments/colleges are just as depressing. It means they will be stingy with funds and maybe make more cuts or be more cutthroat about skinning students through increased fees, no pay raises, less support for development, etc. (R2): Just got an interview request.
  • Anyone hear anything from the Harvard Mexican Studies position?? What is going ON this year??? Lol (R1): I haven't heard anything either. My guess is that things are slow because the market is oversaturated and committees are receiving more applications than they can handle.
  • Any word from UC Davis Latinx literature (English dept.)?
  • Any word from Purdue (Computational Linguistics)? R1: Nothing as of 12/6.
  • Any word on Clemson University? It does seem like things are slower this year. x2
  • Any word on Bryn Mawr? Why is everyone taking their sweet time 🙃? R1: Nothing here.
  • Any word on Loyola Marymount? The deadline was October 28. R1: Nothing here, unfortunately.
  • Did Yale requested letters of rec already? Any word? (R1) No but maybe someone else did?
  • Any word on Oregon State University post zoom interviews? R1: Yes, they sent out campus visit invites on Nov. 22.
  • Any word on Brandeis? If I remember correctly, the ad stated they were planning interviews for the first week of December. R1: Nothing yet on my end. R2: I just got the nice rejection email.
  • Any word on Boston University post zoom interviews?
  • Any word on the Mexico/Latinx position at Northwestern? R1: Nada de nada
  • Anything on U of Chicago? (x3)
  • Any word on DePaul University for either position: Mexican/Chicanx or Latin American/Latino Studies?
  • Any word on CSU Dominguez Hills?: (R1) Wondering the same thing. Did you notice they extended the deadline from 09/15 to 10/15? I got an email saying they were reviewing my application weeks ago, and then nothing. Guess I'm out.
  • Any word on the street about the USC position? (x3)
  • U Illinois Urbana-Champaign (Lat Am position): (R1) campus interviews invites sent 11/04.
  • Colgate University: (R1) Colonial Lat Am position: zoom interviews conducted week 10/24. Invitations to campus interviews, sent 10/31 (first hand, reliable).
  • Seattle University : has anyone heard anything regarding campus visits? (R1) I haven't.
  • Emerson: anyone receive any information post-Zoom interviews or a timeline? (R1) No! But I am very curious and hope someone hears something soon. (R2) Requests for letters of recommendations were made last week. No new updates since then.
  • Elon University (NC): Anyone with news? R1: Interview request sent 11/23

Free advice (especially for colleagues new to the market)[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the you

  • Is it normal that institutions invite candidates on campus to a first-round interview and they expect those candidates to cover the travel + lodging costs? I´ve encountered two institutions already that require their first round of interviews to be held in person. I have heard that this was common practice back in the days, but now that we have Zoom/Webex/Teams/Google I´m a bit surprised, specially if we're living on the other side of the country. I´m sorry, this is my second year on the job market and I´m just sad and tired already :( R1: Back in the day the first round took place at the MLA conference, at the candidate's expense. The last time I did this was in 2018.
  • Have you seen the new post for a Lecturer at Loyola University-Chicago: 4/4 teaching load, plus SO MUCH MORE? Qué les pasa? "The candidate will teach four undergraduate courses per semester, ranging from beginning to high intermediate level Spanish language courses, possibly also including courses in literature in translation, as well as serving as coordinator for Spanish 101-102. Coordination duties include running a yearly two-day training workshop, traditionally scheduled two weeks before the fall semester begins, supervising and conducting periodic observations of graduate student instructors, and assisting with placement for SPAN 101 and 102, among other tasks." ESTAN LOCOS!!! R2: Tenured faculty should organize at institutions that are normalizing these types of work loads, it is utterly insane to expect a colleague to be doing this work and for us candidates to have to apply to these jobs, to have to choose between this type of work abuse or the adjunct one, if we intend to stay in academia. Faculty should be organizing and showing solidarity by refusing to make these hires and not teach these courses until better conditions are granted. R3: The only thing I think might not be clear is that the ad is for 2 positions. Maybe (a big maybe) the two new faculty will share the responsibilities. If not, then as R2 said, both the current faculty and the potential candidates should not normalize these kinds of expectations. At the very least, if offered the position, the duties should be negotiated. It is bad enough that going on the job market is like having a 2nd full-time job just to land a new job that is twice (or more) as much work as the one being left behind. R4: I did a campus visit for a position similar to this. I thought for sure the extra duties would include a course release so I wouldn't have to teach 4 classes on top of everything else, but nope. If they offer me the job I'm planning on turning it down. R5: Typically a 4-4 would mean 2 or 3 preps at most. So you can expect to, yes, teach a lot, but also not be constantly prepping. If you're the coordinator, typically (again, emphasis on "typically") you teach the lower levels and maybe some of those upper-level courses listed on a rotation basis. Coordinators are in charge of training, materials, and onboarding. None of that sounds out of the ordinary. They may pay extra for those duties or you might get course releases (a few credits) in some places. Also, again, typically, research requirements tend to be lower, though advising and service tends to be higher. IMHO, the biggest issue with these positions is that the only way to move out of them is through research and when your time is completely sucked up by all these duties, then good luck staying on a publishing schedule. I agree that these jobs are part of a trend to "do more for less" that is unacceptable yet becoming more and more typical.
  • Hi! Does anybody have any experience with first accepting and offer and then turning it down for another one? (R1) Someone I know did this 1-2 years ago and while at first they felt guilty, it was the best decision for them since the second offer they accepted had a lower teaching load, paid more money, and was in a more desirable location. Ultimately, just as a college/university will do what's best for them, you should feel empowered to do the same for yourself and your goals. Good luck! (R2) I agree with R1. The job search is so brutal and the balance of power so strongly skewed towards admin that I would not feel bad about this at all. A few years ago, I might have given it more thought but not anymore. (OP): Thank you so much, your advice was really valuable!!
  • Hi everyone, do you think it is unreasonable to ask for a two-week period to given an answer to an offer? I might have a second one coming in that period of time, so I need to wait a little bit before I can commit. (R1) I'd say that's normally reasonable, but it also depends on the type of school. If it's a small public college they might not be willing to wait that long. R2: I think it's reasonable for you to ask and also reasonable for them to decline to wait that long, regardless of the type of school. If anything, if they are not your top choice, then you will be letting them know and they can just refuse to give you more time. While not ideal, it's also not unheard of to accept and then turn down. You do what's best for you, ultimately. (OP): Thanks for your input, R1 and R2. They did extend the deadline after asking.
  • Hi everyone, do you know how long does it take to get an offer after a campus visit (R1) if you were the first choice ? I was the last candidate, and I am starting to loose hope after 10 days of waiting. (R1): You can expect it to drag out anywhere from two weeks to six months. In extreme cases, you might never hear back from them if you're not the first choice. There are too many moving parts to a faculty hire to be able to give a more precise estimate. Best course of action is to put it out of your mind and keep working/applying. (R2) Thank you! I have another offer (for a not so good position) so I hope they get back to me at some point. (R3) Congratulations! In that case, you have enough leverage to justify a follow-up e-mail. You can check in with the committee chair after two weeks (I'd wait longer, but you might not have that luxury if institution #2 is waiting for your response), ask for clarity on the status of the search, and not-so-subtly let them know that you have an outstanding offer. Wish you the best of luck! I had a campus visit in November and still haven't heard back. It's torture. (R4) I agree with R3. If you know for a fact you were the last candidate and you have a pending offer, you can go ahead and email the committee chair. If you're their top candidate, they'll make things move. (R5) Thank you! I would do that, hopefully I will get an update this week. The chair told me I was the last candidate. Waiting since November, that's crazy, I am sorry.
  • Hi everyone, this is just a pet-peeve but "first-hand" means that *you* are the person who has the offer/interview/rejection/etc. If it's happening to you, then you're the first hand, once you tell someone else or someone else finds out, they are second hand, and so on. Just to clarify the "hands."
  • Hi everyone. John Jay re-opened the search for Asst. Professor of Latin American and Latinx Studies. What happens with applications from the first round in these cases? Should we assume that we are out? Thanks! (R1): I wouldn't read much into that. Sometimes it's just an automated repost after a certain time has passed and sometimes it's just HR readding it because the search is technically ongoing. In the past several years (always?) academic ads have gotten so many applications that committees are never really short of candidates. That's why I think it's so important to meet initial deadlines and/or to send your app as soon as possible when they are "open till filled." Best of luck!
  • Hello everyone! For those of you with some experience in conducting interviews and campus visits, what are the kind of questions or things that you would have liked to know, ask, or do prior to the interview/visit?
  • Hello everyone. I have seen that the University of Florida has sent rejection emails and also invitations for zoom interviews. I have not received any of those, so I am a little bit confused. How would you guys interpret it? Is anybody else in a similar position? Does UF have more than one position this year? Thanks! (R1): just in case, are you referring to the Assistant Professor of Spanish for Specific Purposes position at U of Florida - Gainesville? I'm not sure about that specific department so I don't want to get your hopes up but I know sometimes committees have a list of a few alternates in the event none of their campus visits are hired. (OP): Thank you. That is the position I was referring to. I don't have a lot of hope, but it's good to know.
  • How normal is it for departments to send out interview requests like less than a week after the deadline? Thinking of DePaul Latin American Studies specifically, it closed on Dec 1 and sent interviews on the 6th. Isn't that crazy fast? (R1): I don't think it's unheard of and I've certainly received those. I think it depends on how free each member is, how many apps they received, and whether those apps were forwarded to the committee as they came or all at once after the closing date.
  • Do you know if any universities are doing virtual campus visits this year? Do you think it would be an option at all? (R1): As an international candidate, I have the same question - it's not really feasible for me to travel, especially since we now have the technology...I'd like to think that universities would be flexible if you get through to the second round (will update you if I do). (R2): I don't know either, but having done both, the obvious pro of virtual visits for me was that it was less grueling overall, but the actual campus visit gives you so much more info about fit (in terms of the department, students, colleagues, campus, but also the community, location, etc) that were I given the choice, I'd still go for the in-person. Just sharing my two cents. Wondering what others think. :-) (R3): I would say that virtual visits were actually more grueling, especially if there are technological issues such as the Zoom link not working, cutting into your presentation. I found myself exhausted from sitting in front of the screen for 6-8 hours with an eye twitch. I'm overall much more comfortable meeting with committees in person. These are just personal preferences and in no way am I trying to come down on anyone. These challenges aside, I concur with the original poster and very much hope virtual visits remain an option for the coming years, especially in terms of accessibility. We're still in uncharted territory from the pandemic, so it's hard to say what HR protocols will be in place in terms of potentially uneven visits, with some in-person and others virtual. They may want to keep them all the same, not unlike interview questions being mostly the same for all candidates, except for ones that could come up spontaneously in conversation. (R4): For what it's worth, at the end of my interviews I've been asking how the search will proceed and every time I've been told that the committee is planning on-campus visits, barring the outbreak of a new variant.
  • Hello, if you are open to applying to and workin at K-12 private schools, please take a look at Carney Sandoe and Associates: I got placed for a high school position when I first got my masters in 2012. This position actually paid more than the lectureship positions I applied to back then. I am actually working with them now again as I am trying to leave the toxic department in which I am currently working. Muchas suerte! (R1): I've come across this firm before but haven't heard from anyone who used them. If you don't mind my asking, did you have K-12 experience when you first applied? (OP). I did.
  • Does anybody know if the Florida position on Spanish for specific purposes has an internal candidate? Last year they published the same position as a lectureship. (R1): Do you remember if the ad last year was posted in the spring or in the fall? In my experience, some schools want/need to do full national searches regardless of whether they have someone in that position. This can be especially true if the previous position was hired in the spring as there is this idea (wrongly so) that spring hires aren't the best (because the "best" were snatched up by the fall ads). But yeah, there could also be an internal hire and the new ad is just a sham. You won't know either way unless someone truly confirms your suspicion with reliable insider knowledge. If you think it's a sham search, then save your time. If you think it's a legit search at a national level despite someone already working there (who may leave, have other offers, or just not be a good fit but a last-minute hire), then give it a go. (R2) They did post it in the Fall. I know the person who directed their certificate sort of stepped away from it. So my take is, either they have created this position for them of for whoever they hired. But i have no info, it's just my gut. (R3) It is a legitimate search since the search last year was a failed one; besides last year's opening was at the Lecturer rank, this time it is a TT.
  • If you are from Georgetown University be very careful about asking the senior linguist in SLA for a LOR. Everything is smiles and glasses of champagne until she promises to write you a LOR: this person plays favorites and even does so when writing LORs for job applicants. [x2 -- I CAN CONFIRM THIS FROM HAVING SAT ON SEARCH COMMITTEES]
  • The Berkeley position has been advertised for years, does anyone have any backstory that might be useful to consider about why this is so? --> (R1) When they ran the search in Fall 2019, they ultimately decided not to extend an offer to anyone they brought for a campus visit. (This info. comes from someone who received a campus visit and a faculty member from another institution with knowledge of the department). I've been told they have very high (unfair) standards and a very specific sense of what they want from a potential hire. (R2) It may also be true, as one applicant who received a campus visit told me, that these expectations may translate into an unspoken or unrecognized preference for California schools. However, this anecdotal frame may be purely speculative and unhelpful. (R3) It could also be that the starting salary is low enough not to be a good fit for many people applying. Just thinking from the applicant's side, I have no clue. (R4) Salaries (and woeful rent-gaps) are certainly very real. I have an assistant professor friend at another UC campus currently experiencing this, with hardly enough leftover to live. I don't think this is as much of a problem at Berkeley. That said, a trusted mentor got their PhD at Berkeley SPPO and reiterates much of what R1 says: extremely high, nearly impossible standards in an already arbitrary system. Searches across the board tend to be weird at best (consider the CompLit search last cycle). My mentor and personal experience also concur with R2, as there is an overall preference for PhDs from schools in California/Ivies when applying for positions in that state. This is more common with cognate disciplines like Chicanx/Latinx Studies at places like Long Beach or Pomona, where entire departments are PhDs from Harvard, UCLA, USC, etc./conduct research on populations in California/are originally from California. I don't think this is quite so extreme at Berkeley but an interesting observation nonetheless. (R5) To echo some of what's been said here, in my experience on the market, it's clear that certain regions/states prefer to hire from that region/state. In California, there is a marked preference for CA degrees, same on the East coast. Everyone "trusts" the Ivies (and by "trust" I mean unfairly prefers them). As to smaller schools in non-coastal places, my observation is that they typically also hire either alumni or those from the vicinity, and I wonder how much of that is a fear that a person might leave for a "better" location and also a reticence to pay moving expenses. (R6) R2 Here. Indeed, and thank you responders for cogent summary and input with the hope or praxis for greater equity where possible in these considerations in future.

General Discussion, Questions, and Inquiries[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street

  • Hello, everyone, I recently had a interview for a lectureship position. The job post said 4 courses which sound pretty standard. However, toward the end of the Zoom interview we talked about the teaching load and they said that it is 4 courses of 4 credit hours each, so 16 credit hours per week. Isn't that more than normal? I have heard of community colleges where you teach up to 15 credit hours, but never at a large institution where you would have to each 16. Is that the new normal? R1: I wouldn't say it's a new normal. I may have interviewed for the same one (there are multiple positions available) and at big schools like this the lower courses are usually coordinated. Therefore, there is a lot of behind the scenes work the instructors do no have to do (e.g., syllabi development, course calendar, some exams and assessments) as the coordinators do all that. The primary role is teaching the material on the schedule you are given and whatever service they ask you to do. If we are talking about the same place, my biggest issue is the salary target. People with a bachelor's degree can make more in the local public school system than the measly pittance they are offering when the minimum is a M.A. (which would pay even higher in the local public schools). OP. I think we are talking about the same institution. Where I currently am the salary is low too, but you teach 12 hours/week of lower level courses and not 16. I have never heard of 16 even if there's a coordinator, it is just crazy to teach 16 hours/week and also require service. And..yes, the salary is very low. They have not called me and I believe their deadline was 06/01.
  • I am just here to vent: I have not any offers and it's May. That's all. R1: I'm right there with you. I've had several campus visits and none resulted in an offer.
  • For campus visits, does anyone know if the school typically pays for transportation in your hometown to airport and airport meals while you travel? It's my first year on the job market and I've had two visits so far. One school is going to reimburse everything. The other school bought my flight and paid for everything while I was there obviously, but they never mentioned reimbursing me for any other expenses. I don't want to be rude and ask for reimbursement if this is standard for most campus visits, but I did spend quite a bit and obviously funds are tight as a graduate student. ¡Gracias de antemano! R1. Just reach out to the administrative assistant telling them that you have a couple of receipts from your visit that you would like to process for reimbursement. It's 100% expected and you should not feel at all like you are being rude. They will provide you with the necessary info. OP: Thank you so much for your input! I will reach out. Update: I did reach out, but the administrative assistant said they only cover the airfare, lodging, and meals while I'm there. So frustrating.
  • I don't know about you, but I not had too much luck so far and I am also very discouraged by how low salaries are in general. Some friends were hired last year in the 52k-55k range even at states with a high cost of living. Even If I/we get some type of position we will have to endure the TT nightmare on top of being grossly underpaid. If you -like me- have not been able to secure a decent paid job in the academic, what's your plan B? Suerte a todes! R1. Yes, it's super discouraging and that salary range tracks with what I've seen too :( R2. I used Carney Sandoe and accepted an offer at an independent high school. My starting salary is 84,000 (including a bonus for having my Ph.D). If you have specific geographic preferences (I got a job in my hometown, where there are currently no academic openings) and enjoy teaching, this might be a good option. And no, I didn't have any experience teaching high schoolers. About a third of the high school's teachers come from academia, so they were pretty familiar with my situation.
  • Are the men here wearing ties for their campus visits? What’s the dress code nowadays? Thanks. R1: It makes you overdressed, in my experience. R2: I wore gray chinos and a nice button-up for my visits and felt like it was a perfect fit.
  • With some institutions hit by past budget issues (some pre-pandemic) currently running TT searches, what is your approach to determine whether or not accepting an offer? I have been trying to find information to no avail on some of these institutions that are reopening tenure lines for programs that seem almost defunct. Would it be too naive to think that a program can return to normal or would it be simply better to avoid a potential sinking ship? (R1): Uff, what a question. I think there are at least two ways to approach the situation you're describing. On the one hand, I personally look at endowments as an imperfect metric of financial wellbeing. Although how schools can use their endowments vary, it's like seeing what their reserves or "savings" look like. A small endowment suggests lower salaries, limited ability to support research and less funding opportunities for everyone. I'd also look at whether the institution is announcing new capital investments if possible. These also send warning signs to me because these types of projects are dependent on money the institution typically doesn't have (so they'll raise tuition, do fundraisers, bring in external --read corporate-- sponsors, etc.). On the other hand, you might be an applicant who absolutely needs the security of a job, either for visa requirements or for your own personal/family situation, in which case, you might be more limited as to what institutions you can apply to and which offers you can turn down. I think gone are the days when people accept a TT offer and never apply to any other position ever again. That's what makes the market so difficult. It's not just people fresh out of grad school (or trying to finish) and those in contingent positions who are applying. It's also people on TTs who are looking for a better fit (location, pay, institutional, etc) too. Ultimately, if the program seems almost defunct as you mention, then at the very least know that you'll have more responsibilities (=more work) than in other places.
  • Does anyone know if a position that is advertised specifically for Spanish for Health Professions is only focused on teaching that, or are there normally chances of teaching other topics as well? I am intrigued by this position at Coastal Carolina University that closes on 01/13: (R1): I doubt you’d teach anything but what they list. Maybe there is some wiggle room but the ad is very clear that the position is for Spanish for the Health professions. In my experience, whatever the ad says when it’s that narrow, that’s what they are looking for and need. All the best.
  • Hola a todes, Does anyone know of websites that list positions in Spanish outside the US? How does one find those jobs? (R1): As far as Europe goes, is centered on the UK market but some jobs in continental Europe advertise there. Academic jobs at EU institutions are required to be posted at Euraxess ( Keep in mind that there is no single European job market. Every country will be different and many have specific language requirements for job candidates. However, as a whole there are some particularities that make these searches more challenging for American candidates. Given evaluation and funding schemes, it is much less of a book field so there is more emphasis on a consistent record of published articles. External grants are also an important element of evaluation. Suerte! (R2): I don't know which market(s) outside of the US you have in mind (the Americas? Europe? Australia? Elsewhere?) but from what I know about Spain, on top of what R1 mentioned, it's also requirement for many long-term positions to have your Ph.D. degree convalidado by a Spanish university that grants PhDs in similar areas to yours, which is not a quick process. Plus, in the Spanish system, any teaching you did while you were in grad school isn't considered teaching experience and for many grants/apps, they only consider your teaching experience post-graduation. I'm not well-versed in other markets such as Latin America, so others might be able to weigh in. ¡Suerte! (R3): My experience with job searches in Latin America is that universities tend to hire locally/nationally. There are plenty of people with American PhDs, but it can be quite difficult to break in from outside the country unless you've built a network there. In my experience, most of these job announcements are advertised via word of mouth and social media. I'm not aware of any centralized job board for the region, but maybe somebody here knows better. In addition to what R1 said about Europe, you'll occasionally see jobs in places like Australia, South Africa, and southeast Asia on Very rarely will you see them on the MLA list, but it happens now and then. To my knowledge, the major Canadian universities advertise with MLA too. However, I've heard that preference is usually given to Canadian nationals for legal reasons. I have sometimes seen international postings on, but they are rare. (R4): Adding to what the previous comments have stated regarding the European market, I know that specifically for the Mexican Market there is a lot of word of mouth but also the main universities, such as UNAM, UAM make their announcements for "concursos de oposición" in their gacetas. This one is for the UNAM and this one is for the UAM positions However I have found that for this positions they tend to give very little time to send your complete application, it involves having "documentos probatorios" for all of the things stated in your CV, and they tend to lean towards people that are already kind of positioned in the Mexican Academic sphere. Hope the info helps!
  • I saw this position in a Facebook group. It's not exactly Spanish lit or linguistics, but it does cover Afro latinx studies/ethnic studies. CUNY-Brooklyn. Review of Applications will start on Dec. 15.
  • This job was not widely advertise. Tenure-track for Spanish Linguistics. It is a 2-2 load. Deadline: nov 30.
  • Anyone feeling like things are going super slow this year? R1: Extremely slow!! Maybe everyone is understaff. R2: I'd agree.
  • How bad is to put the wrong University name in the cover letter? (R1): Likely this correlates to other dimensions of competitiveness perceived and actual with respect to committee decisions, applicant pool in terms of quality/quantity and time of year, and where in the cover letter the errata appeared. For reference, I made this mistake in a later search last [academic] year (technically, earlier this year), and I proceeded to the final round nevertheless. But I was an amazing fit and they needed to fill out their finalist's pool before sending off to Dean and perhaps my credentials validated this process as opposed to leading someone on into a market like this one. Essentially, if they want you, people will overlook 1-2 errata. It's normal. From there, it may be red flag. If you put it in the addressal/top area, then this could make a tired, unkind committee member see you in a negative light.
  • This is a friendly reminder that if you are updating this wiki and the institution you're reporting on is conducting multiple searches, it would be helpful if you specified the search in your post. Thanks to those who have contributed so far and good luck to all in their searches!
  • I would like to thank whoever reformatted the wiki with bullet points and bold for their service to this community! (R1): Likewise, muchas gracias.
  • Hola! San Diego State posted the exact same job (Peninsularist) 6 years ago, do you know what happened? the person they hired left/ didn't get tenure? If it was a failed search, why did they wait 6 years to post it again? It just all sounds strange to me? Does anyone have any info on this? (R1): I don't know about this position, but I do know that people leave jobs, with or without receiving tenure. It might just be that. Many people are switching careers, others are moving closer to family/to other countries, and that's not necessarily an indication of a tenure denial (though it is certainly possible that's what happened).
  • Beware of the TT position at the University of Pittsburgh. This is an extremely toxic and dysfunctional place. Just recently, this department was forced to create a diversity committee to address a lot of internal conflicts and accusations. The dean's office closed their graduate admissions until further improvements were seen. The position will likely be filled in a desolate job market. However, if you are the "lucky" one and happen to have more options, make sure you also consider those before making a professional commitment to a place with such a history of rifts and grievances. The advice is well intentioned. (R1) Is this about the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford position? (R2) No, the initial post is about the main campus in Pittsburgh.
  • Beware of the two TT searches at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT. That department has been imploding in on itself for years. They ran three TT searches last cycle (including the Latin America and Peninsular searches just reposted today 11/11/22) and ALL of those searches failed due to their ineptitude. For the Peninsular post in particular from the 2021-22 year, they took two months after campus visits to make an offer, for which the candidate was given two days to accept. Needless to say, they ran for the hills. Overall, CCSU has lost a lot of faculty and administration in recent years and the campus functions as a DMV rather than an institution of higher learning. Ignore these warnings at your peril! (R1) Thanks, I was coming here to see if anyone had any info on this position since I remembered it from last year. I figured it was a failed search. Other than dysfunctional hiring practices, do you know what the department is like? There are plenty of bad hiring practices out there but sometimes that isn't an indication of what the dept is like on a daily basis, so just curious if you know more. Thanks again! OP: As a rule of thumb, a known dysfunctional hiring practice in itself is a major red flag to steer clear of a department. Maybe I should have put more emphasis above on "ignore these warnings at your peril" - failed search is putting it lightly since there were THREE searches that did not go through. That screams "do not come here." This is all firsthand reliable information with the best of intentions. As I mentioned, that university has lost a lot of faculty and administrators in recent years. Even the presidents have been known to move in and out quickly. On a daily basis, you can expect a dead campus with hardly anyone around, an overall sense of doom that is beyond the pandemic, and a complete lack of enthusiasm to be there from the part of both faculty and students. The department itself is toxic. Please do not go there.


Applicant Current Status / Academic Rank:

  • ABD (will finish this academic year): 10
  • ABD (currently in one-year, VAP, PhD Completion Fellowship, visiting instructor, lecturer or adjunct position): 1
  • Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, post-doc, instructor, adjunct): 6
  • Ph.D. in hand (TT): 2
  • Ph.D. in hand (unable to find academic employment at the moment):
  • Ph.D. in hand (currently working outside of academia):
  • Adjunct Faculty: 1
  • Assistant Professor: 4
  • Associate Professor:
  • Full Professor:
  • Committee member:

Field of Interest:

Literature: 7
Linguistics: 6
Language Program Coordination: 1
Cultural Studies: 6

How many applications do you plan on sending this year?

Between 1 and 10: 6
Between 10 and 20: 5
Between 20 and 30: 1
Between 30 and 40: 6
Over 40:
Over 60: 2

Job Postings[]

List NEW information at top, NOT in alphabetical order as we have previously done. This is a change that has been requested in previous years and it's one that makes sense. Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street


EXAMPLE UNIVERSITY FORMAT (STATE / COUNTRY). Position Rank and Title (Tenure-Line or Not / Contract Length Info). Language / Specialty. Deadline. Link to Job ad

  1. Rutgers University (New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA). Spanish Language Program Coordinator (non-tenure track, 1 year with possibility of renewal). Deadline: Apply by June 30th.
  2. University of California, Santa Barbara (California, USA). Lecturer in Spanish (non-tenure track, 1 year with possibility of renewal). Spanish. Deadline: Apply by this June 6,2023 to ensure full consideration by the committee.
  3. University of Puget Sound (Tacoma, WA, USA). Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (non-tenure track, 1 year). Spanish. Deadline: open until filled.
  4. University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL, USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish (Non-tenure track renewable contract NTRC). Spanish Language Program Director (elementary and intermediate). Deadline: open until filled.
  5. Bard High School Early College Baltimore (Baltimore, MD, USA). Faculty in Spanish Language and Literature. Deadline: open until filled.
  6. Concordia College (Moorhead, MN, USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT, One-Year Renewable Term). Spanish/Open specialization. Deadline April 7, 2023.
  7. Concordia College (Moorhead, MN, USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT, Three-Year Renewable Term). Spanish/Open specialization. Deadline April 7, 2023.
  8. Middlebury College (VT, USA). Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (non-tenure track, 1 year). Spanish. Deadline April 1, 2023.
  9. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (IL/USA). Teaching Assistant Professor and Director of Introductory Spanish (non-tenure track, 1 year renewable contract). Spanish. Deadline extended to April 10, 2023.
  10. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (IL/USA). Lecturer/instructor and Assistant Director of Introductory Spanish (non-tenure track, 1 year renewable contract). Spanish. Deadline extended to April 10, 2023.
  11. Coastal Carolina University (SC): Lecturer of Spanish.
  12. Loyola University Maryland (Baltimore, MD). Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT). Application review begins March 14.
  13. Skidmore College. (NY, USA). Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. Latin America. March 1, 2023.
  14. University of Saint Andrews (Scotland, UK) - Lecturer (Associate Professor) of Comparative Literature. Permanent/Tenured. (Deadline: March 8th, 2023) Start: 1 August 2023 or as soon as possible thereafter. Link to Job Ad:
  15. Kansas State University (Manhattan KS). Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish (3-year renewal); Generalist (PhD in Literature or Linguistics/SLA) with a background in cultural or literary studies to teach “Introduction to Hispanic Readings & Media,” a core course for undergraduate majors/minors. Deadline January 27th:
  16. Coastal Carolina University (Conway, SC). Lecturer in Spanish for Professional Purposes and Health Professions. Deadline January 13th - Interviews will begin early January:
  17. Old Dominion University (Norfolk, VA). Lecturer in Spanish (4-4 teaching) with Second Language Acquisition or Teaching Methodolody training, to run the teacher prep program in the department of World Languages and Cultures. NTT. Permanent position. Review of applications starts December 15, 2022.
  18. University of Missouri (Columbia, MO). Assistant Professor Spanish Linguistics (TT) Second Language Acquisition, sociolinguistics, bilingualism, or classroom discourse analysis. January 15, 2023.
  19. Louisiana State University Shreveport (Shreveport, LA). Assistant Professor of Linguistics and/or Spanish (TT). January 20, 2023.
  20. Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Latin American and Latino Studies. The Latin American and Latino Studies Program at Swarthmore College invites applications to the Consortium for Faculty Diversity for a two-year CFD teaching post-doctoral position hosted at Swarthmore, beginning with the fall semester of 2023. We seek a colleague with a humanities or social science background who would be eager to teach an introductory course in Latin American and Latino Studies.  [...]  More information about the program can be found at Deadline: Dec. 20, 2022.
  21. Macalester College, St. Paul, MN. Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. The Macalester College Department of Spanish and Portuguese invites applications for a non-tenure-track visiting position to begin Fall 2023, with possibility of renewal for up to two years. We seek a specialist in Latin American Literature and Culture of the 20th and 21st centuries, with a focus on Indigenous Studies in Mexico/Central America or the Southern Cone. Deadline 01/15/2023.
  22. Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, VA. Assistant Professor of Spanish. Preference will be given to candidates with an expertise in Peninsular Literature and Culture. Responsibilities include teaching Spanish at the introductory and intermediate levels. The teaching load is 4/3 per academic year. of applications starts on Dec 15, 2022.
  23. University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, IL. Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Associates. The Department of Latina/Latino Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign invites applications for two Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Associates. These are one-year appointments with a start date of August 16, 2023. Postdoctoral research associates are expected to give a presentation on their research project and to teach one of the department’s regularly offered undergraduate courses. The postdoctoral research associates will be housed in the Department of Latina/Latino Studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences but will also be provided opportunities to build a supportive on-campus community with the associates from African American Studies, American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, and Gender and Women’s Studies. Review of applications: Dec 12, 2022.
  24. Adelphi University, Garden City, NY. Assistant Professor - Spanish. The Languages, Literatures and Cultures Department at Adelphi University invites qualified individuals to apply for the position of tenure-track Assistant Professor in Spanish beginning in the fall of 2023. Applicants must have native or near-native fluency in Spanish and English, experience teaching in a U.S. university setting, and Ph.D. in hand by the time of appointment. Candidates' teaching experience and research should be in Hispanic Literature. Screening of applications will begin on December 12, 2022.
  25. Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California. Assistant Professor of Spanish (tenure-track). Areas of specialization preferred for this position include Chicanx/Latinx Literatures and Cultures, and Spanish-English Translation/Interpretation. Additional teaching needs: Transatlantic Literary and Cultural Studies; Indigenous Literatures and Cultures of Central/Latin America. Screening of applications will begin November 7, 2022.
  26. Miami University (Oxford, Ohio). Assistant Professor of Spanish (tenure-track). Spanish & Portuguese: Assistant Professor of Spanish (tenure-track) to teach a variety of courses, including the teaching of Spanish-language and/or culture at all levels (including graduate), maintain an active research agenda, advise students, and provide service to the department, division, and institution.  Areas of specialization and research are open. Screening of applications will begin November 8, 2022.
  27. Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR). Assistant Professor of Spanish for Heritage Learners. The Spanish program has been in the process of re-envisioning its major and minor curriculum to include more robust and justice-oriented heritage Spanish and linguistics offerings. We seek a colleague with expertise in bilingualism/translingualism, language maintenance/attrition in the Spanish-speaking diaspora, and/or Spanish as a heritage language. This position will join the program’s efforts to center Chicanx/Latinx and Spanish Heritage speakers, advance its work in community engagement, and collaborate on wider Chicanx/Latinx initiatives in the School of Language, Culture, & Society and the university. October 31, 2022.
  28. University of Florida (Gainesville, FL). Assistant Professor of Spanish for Specific Purposes. The Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies at the University of Florida invites applications for the position of Assistant Professor with experience in creating, teaching, conducting research on, and coordinating Spanish for Specific Purposes courses. This is a full-time, nine-month, renewable, tenure-track position. The start date is August 16, 2023.
  29. John Jay College of Criminal Justice - CUNY (NYC, NY). Lecturer of Spanish—Specialist in Heritage Learners. December 1, 2022. (Translation & Interpreting also preferred!)
  30. Louisiana Scholars' College (Natchitoches, LA). The Louisiana Scholars' College, the state's selective-admission honors college of the liberal arts and sciences, located at Northwestern State University of Louisiana, seeks applications from broadly trained individuals to fill a tenure-track position as an Assistant/ Associate Professor of Romance Languages with an anticipated start date of August 7, 2023. The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. in hand in Romance Languages, French, Spanish, or a related field. Candidates with PhDs in French or Spanish will have significant graduate work in the other language. Fluency in a third non -English language is desirable but not required. Review of applications will begin on November 15, 2022, and will continue until the position is filled.
  31. University of Texas-Arlington (Arlington, TX). Assistant Professor (TT). Spanish Translation and Interpreting; Spanish for the Professions, or Spanish Localization. Secondary emphasis in Second Language Acquisition, Spanish for the Professions, such as Spanish for the Health Professions, or Spanish Localization strongly desired. Expertise in Hispanic Culture a plus. Applicants should submit a cover letter, a CV, and three letters of recommendation. November 18, 2022, and will continue until the position is filled.
  32. Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, OK). Assistant Professor (TT). Specialization in Mexican literature to begin in the Fall 2023 term. In addition to maintaining an active research agenda, this person will be expected to teach a wide range of undergraduate classes, including elementary and intermediate language as well as upper-division language, literature, and culture classes. Applicants should send a letter of application that outlines their research agenda, teaching philosophy, and diversity statement; a CV; transcripts; and three letters of recommendation by November 28, 2022.
  33. University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA) Assistant Professor (TT). 19th, 20th, or 21st-century Peninsular Spanish literature and culture. Interests and expertise in any of following fields is also desirable: Catalan, Galician, or Basque literatures and cultures; race and ethnicity; diaspora and migration; environment; theater and performance studies; women, gender, and sexuality studies; aesthetics and technology; digital humanities. Application review starts on November 14; open until filled.
  34. Tennessee Tech University (Cookeville, TN/USA) Assistant Professor (TT) or Lecturer of Spanish (renewable). Latin American Studies specialist with the ability to develop Spanish for the Professions courses (Health Services, Criminal Justice, etc.). Screening date: December 10, 2022; open until filled.
  35. The Citadel (Charleston, SC / USA) Assistant Professor. Fall 2023. Spanish / French. The Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, invites applications for a Spanish/French Assistant Professor starting August 2023. Responsibilities include teaching all undergraduate levels of French and/or Spanish language, literature, and culture. The department offers majors and minors in both French and Spanish. The teaching load is 4-4. The possibility of faculty-led summer programs abroad after the third year and the availability of grants from The Citadel Foundation to support faculty research and presentation of research are attractive features of academic life at the college. Minimum qualifications: Candidates need a Ph.D. in hand by time of appointment. Applicants should demonstrate native or near-native fluency in French, Spanish, and English, an excellent teaching record, and show promise of scholarship. PhD in French, Spanish, or a related field with open specialization and 18 graduate hours (or an MA) in the other language. Deadline: Nov 12, 2022.
  36. Iowa State University. Assistant Professor. Fall 2023. Spanish / Linguistics. The Department of World Languages & Cultures at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Spanish to begin Fall 2023. The successful candidate will teach language and culture courses at all levels of the undergraduate curriculum and will also have interest in teaching phonology and/or translation and interpretation. The Assistant Professor will engage in the teaching and supervision of multi-section language courses of the undergraduate curriculum. The expected teaching load is four courses per academic year, but the new hire will receive a one-course release per academic year for as long as they are engaged successfully in the supervision of multi-section courses. Deadline: Nov 1, 2022.
  37. Oklahoma State University. Adjunct Instructor, Spring 2023. Oklahoma State University, Department of Languages and Literatures, is seeking applicants for a Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish to teach four classes in the Spring 2023 semester. Master’s in Spanish or related discipline required by time of appointment, doctoral course work preferred. At least one year’s experience in college teaching preferred. Duties include teaching undergraduate courses in Spanish and participating in various departmental activities. Send letter of application, cv, transcripts, and two letters of reference by October 28, 2022 to Dr. Erik Ekman for full consideration.  Applications will continue to be reviewed until the position is filled. Apply through interfolio:
  38. Florida International University (FL, USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics. Heritage language learning and acquisition, second language acquisition, Spanish sociolinguistics, raciolinguistics, and/or linguistic anthropology. January 9th, 2023.
  39. University of Pittsburgh. (PA / USA). Assistant Professor of Latin American Literature (TT). Caribbean Studies. November 28, 2022.
  40. Skidmore College. (NY, USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Spanish for Specific Purposes (Business, Health Professions, etc.), Spanish for Heritage Speakers, or Translation Studies. October 31, 2022.
  41. University of Oregon (Eugene, Oregon, USA). TT Assistant Professor in Global Studies (Global Political Economy focus). Disciplinary field is open. October 15, 2022.
  42. Colorado College (CO/USA). Assistant Professor (tenure-track). Spanish/ Mexican cultures and literatures. Areas of expertise sought include, but are not limited to, Critical Indigenous Studies, U.S.-México Border Studies or Diaspora Studies. October 21, 2022.
  43. Tulane University (LA / USA). Research & Instruction Librarian, The Latin American Library. Develops research services, instructional programs, and engages in collection development for The Latin American Library. Candidates with Ph.D in any area of Latin American Studies and familiarity with the operations of an academic library may apply (*library degree not required*).
  44. SUNY-University at Buffalo (NY / USA). Full or Advanced Associate Professor of Latin American or Hispanophone Caribbean Studies (tenured). Specialization open, but scholars with a transdisciplinary approach, who work in creoles, the African diaspora, indigenous studies, as well as those who work across more than one language of the region are particularly encouraged to apply. November 1, 2022.
  45. Fordham University (NY / USA). Associate Professor of Spanish (tenured). Foreign Language Pedagogy and/or Second Language Acquisition. November 8, 2022 (Review begins October 25, 2022).
  46. DePaul University (IL / USA). Assistant Professor in Latin American and Latino Studies (TT). December 1, 2022 (Open until filled).
  47. DePaul University (IL / USA). Assistant Professor in Spanish (TT). Mexican studies, Chicanx studies, Mexican literature and culture, or Mexican-American literature and culture. October 17, 2022.
  48. Lehigh University (PA / USA). Assistant Professor in Spanish and Hispanic Studies (TT). November 11, 2022.
  49. Boston University (MA / USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Contemporary Latin American Literature. October 15, 2022.
  50. University of Washington (WA / USA). Assistant Professor (TT) Latinx Literature and Culture. October 1, 2022.
  51. Harvard University (MA / USA). Professor in Comparative Literature (TT). Two languages, with a comparative, interdisciplinary, and/or transmedia focus. November 1, 2022.
  52. Ohio State University (OH / USA). Assistant Professor (TT) Latinx and Latin American New Media Studies. November 15, 2022 (Open until filled).
  53. Ohio State University (OH / USA). Assistant/Associate Professor (TT) Bilingualism and Language Disorders in Spanish. November 1, 2022 (Open until filled).
  54. Ohio State University (OH / USA). Assistant Professor (TT) Formal Syntax/Semantics in Spanish. November 1, 2022 (Open until filled).
  55. University of Illinois - Urbana Champain (IL. USA). Assistant, Associate, Full. Latin American. Deadline: 10/12
  56. Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI, USA). Fellowship, pre-1700 Europe, Spanish Iberian cultural studies and poetry. Deadline: 10/28.
  57. Colgate University (NY / USA). Assistant Professor (TT). Colonial Latin American Literature. October 1, 2022.
  58. University of Chicago (IL / USA). Assistant Professor (TT). Modern Iberian Studies or Southern Cone Studies. October 15, 2022.
  59. Bryn Mawr College (PA / USA). Assistant Professor (TT). Latin American Literature and Culture, with specialization in one or more of the following areas: Afro-Latino literature and culture, ecocriticism, feminist and gender studies, immigration/migration literature, and/or indigenous studies. November 6, 2022.
  60. Milligan University (TN / USA). Assistant Professor (TT). Spanish. Deadline N/A.
  61. Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI / USA). Fellowship (1 year, 23-24). Spanish literature of the Iberian Peninsula (esp. poetry). October 27, 2022. (see Biruté Ciplijauskaité Fellowships at the bottom)
  62. CUNY Baruch College (NY / USA). Assistant Professor (TT). Contemporary Latin American Literature and Culture, Mexico. December 11, 2022.
  63. Sarah Lawrence College (NY / USA). Rank not specified (TT). Spanish, African heritages across the Americas and/or transatlantic, U.S. Latinx, Indigenous, and/or LGBTQIA+ studies. October 7, 2022.
  64. Sul Ross State University (TX / USA). Open Rank (TT). Spanish, Spanish for the Professions. Deadline N/A.
  65. Seattle University (WA / USA). Assistant Professor (TT). Spanish-Applied Linguistics, Spanish for Specific Purposes and/or Translation and Interpretation Studies. September 30, 2022.
  66. Loyola Marymount University (CA / USA). Assistant Professor (TT). Latin America Literary Studies and Culture. October 28, 2022.
  67. Baylor University (TX / USA). Assistant Professor (TT). Spanish, Hispanic Linguistics. October 15, 2022.
  68. California State University, Dominguez Hills (CA / USA). Assistant Professor (TT). Latin American Literature. September 15, 2022.
  69. University of California Berkeley (CA / USA). Assistant Professor (TT). Latin American literatures and cultures with a focus on the study of migration, (im)mobility, borderlands, border crossings and the production of transnational, diasporic and border literatures, cultures and theory. September 30, 2022.
  70. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA / USA). Senior Lecturer in Spanish (5 years). Spanish. September 1, 2022. website:
  71. University of Florida. (FL/USA) Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics / Syntax. Deadline: Not specified . Link to Job ad. (Job ad has expired)
  72. John Jay College of Criminal Justice - CUNY (NY/USA). Lecturer of Spanish—Specialist in Heritage Learners. December 1, 2022.
  73. Fort Hays State University (KS / USA). Instructor or Assistant Professor (NTT). Spanish. November 11, 2022
  74. Central Connecticut State University (CT/USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Contemporary Latin America with a preference for specialists of South America. December 15, 2022.
  75. Central Connecticut State University (CT/USA). Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Peninsular Literature and Culture. December 15, 2022.
  76. Amherst College (MA/USA). Lecturer in Spanish (3-year appointment with possibility of renewal). Department of Spanish. January 3, 2023.

Off-the-beaten-path Job Postings[]

This section is for academic job postings that don't fit the traditional language-focused faculty jobs that we're used to but that are still relevant for many of us who use this wiki.


EXAMPLE UNIVERSITY FORMAT (STATE / COUNTRY). Position Rank and Title (Tenure-Line or Not / Contract Length Info). Language / Specialty. Deadline. Link to Job ad.

  1. UNIVERSITY OF LA SERENA (CHILE). Two postdoc positions (Colonialist, New Spain / Mapuche literature). Applications can be either in English or Spanish.
  2. MCGRAW HILL HIGHER EDUCATION (REMOTE). Sr. Product Developer for World Languages Team.

Other Relevant Jobs Wikis[]

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