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Salaries / Start-up Funds[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • Small university in Mid-Atlantic. NTT VAP. 4/4 load, 3 preps. 50k, 1k moving expenses, up to 1.2k for conference trip.
  • Small college in the Midwest. 3/3 teaching load. 68.5k, benefits, 3k moving expenses, 1 course release per semester for program coordination, no start-up funds.
  • SLAC, Southeast: NTT, 3/3 load, 58k, benefits, moving expenses.
  • SLAC, East Coast: TT, 3/2 load, 70.8k, benefits, moving expenses, start-up funds.
  • Public University, TT, 2/2 load, 67k, benefits, moving expenses, start-up funds.
  • Region: Texas - $60,000 (Assistant Prof.)
  • 10/10-Austin College (TX)-From an email after the first round of Zoom interviews: "Starting salary for new assistant professors is $64,842"


06/25/24 - U. of Minnesota Twin Cities, Assistant Professor, offer accepted

  • 05/23/24 - Southern Methodist University, lecturer, offer accepted
  • 04/17/24 - SUNY Binghamton University, offer accepted
  • 04/04/24 - University of Oklahoma, Colonial Latin America, offer accepted
  • 03/25/24 - William and Mary, TT, offer accepted (second-hand, reliable)
  • 03/15/24-Queens University of Charlotte, NTT, accepted
  • 03/?/24 - Bucknell University, TT Colonial position --offer accepted (second-hand, reliable)
  • 03/?/24 - Rice U, TT Latin American / Latinx -- offer accepted (second-hand, reliable)
  • 03/15/24 - Clark University, Leir Endowed Chair -- offer made and accepted
  • 03/15/24 - Texas A&M University, Assistant Professor of Linguistics - Accepted
  • 03/14/24 - University of Utah TT -- offer accepted, second-hand, reliable
  • 03/13/24 - Georgetown University - offer accepted
  • 03/13/24 - Grove City College - Accepted (first hand)
  • 03/11/24 - UAF -Offer Accepted (second hand-reliable) R1: Would you mind sharing what was the deciding factor? Saw that this is their second year someone rejected the position, curious to know. OP: It could be salary and it being Alaska. R2: In a recent previous search in the FLL dept, a committee member told candidates "we are cursed by our geography" at U of Alaska, Fairbanks. The campus is located 6 hours north of Anchorage and not particularly near anything of interest to most candidates not completely dedicated to outdoor activities in northern climes. They have a very hard time with recruitment and retention even in the post-pandemic market climate due to their location. R3: I rejected the position last year, mostly for personal reasons. The department seemed wonderful, but the administration had malas vibras. It's also very expensive to relocate to Alaska.
  • 03/08/24 - Duke University - Accepted, second-hand, reliable
  • 03/06/24 - Queens University of Charlotte, NTT - Rejected (first hand) R1: Thanks for sharing! If you're comfortable, please consider sharing the offer details in section 2 in an anonymous format. I am really curious about this one.
  • 03/04/24 - Ursinus College, TT - Accepted (first hand)
  • 03/01/24- Bryn Mawr College, TT Accepted (first hand)
  • 02/29/24 - The University of Texas at Austin, TT Assistant or Associate Professor of Central American Studies - Accepted (announced on website). The committee told applicants they wanted to hire someone more advanced/with a book and they ended up hiring an ABD candidate. Fascinating how that works, especially since this is to replace a very high-profile scholar! R2: (First-hand) I spoke with one of the finalists and was a semi-finalist. The person who got the job is amazing. That said, the Spanish/Portuguese Department tried to a pull fast one on candidates, bringing them out in a matter of weeks and then treating some candidates quite poorly early in the Fall. That schedule is normal enough but like some Spanish/Portuguese Departments (no comment on MALS) they can be hit or miss. I think the committee did a pretty poor job interacting with candidates broadly speaking. R1 again: I was also a semi-finalist. I don't doubt that the person hired is absolutely deserving. It just burns me that at least two candidates (myself and another person who had a first-round interview who I know well) were told they want an advanced candidate with a book. I'm sensitive to the fact that the person hired could read this and I don't begrudge them of anything. I'm just disappointed that a committee at such a high-ranking department would flat out lie. I'd be interested to know other ways candidates were treated poorly. R3: The committee probably did want an advanced candidate with a book. But when it came down to it, the candidate who accepted the offer was highly qualified and "fit" their needs. It isn't "poor treatment" to tell candidates they prefer an advanced candidate. R1: I agree, that itself is not poor treatment, especially since this was an assistant/associate professor search and open rank searches tend to prefer more advanced candidates. But when it came down to it, people were lied to as a justification for not advancing, which feels like poor form. R3: My comment is based on years of job market experience and seeing how the decision process plays out at various institutions. Just trying to be helpful to some with less experience. And if you feel like you were not treated well, that is a sign to move on. Hopefully a job where you will be valued will work out for you. R1: You sound beyond patronizing. And I was mostly referencing R2 who said some candidates were treated quite poorly in the fall. R4: Yeah, R3 is being fairly patronizing, offering truisms not real help, almost conflating elements brought up here.
  • 02/28/24 - Union College, TT, offer made (second-hand reliable). R1: Was this already accepted? - Accepted (email from institution).
  • 02/28/24 - U of Georgia, TT Assistant prof of phonetics and phonology, second-hand, reliable
  • 02/27/24 - Boston College, NTT Assistant Professor of the Practice and Coordinator - Rejected.
  • 02/27/24- Idaho State University, TT Assistant Professor- Spanish for the Health Professions- Offer Rejected.
  • 02/26/24 - Hamilton College, TT in Contemporary Spain - Accepted (email from institution informing applicants)
  • 02/24/24 -UC Davis, Afro-Latin American Studies -Accepted (second-hand reliable)
  • 02/24/24 - University of Miami - One of the campus visit candidates received an automatic email of rejection from HR after conducting their campus visit saying that their application was no longer under consideration (first-hand)/
  • 02/22/24 - Utah State University, TT in Spanish - Accepted (first hand)
  • 02/20/24 - UMBC, TT- Accepted
  • 02/17/24 - The Citadel, TT - Rejected.
  • 02/16/24 - Farmingdale State College, TT - Accepted
  • 02/9/2024 - St. John Fisher University, TT - Accepted
  • 01/15/24 - Washington & Lee, TT, Peninsular - Accepted (second-hand reliable)
  • 02/23/24 - West Texas A&M, TT - Accepted
  • 02/21/24 - University of Wisconsin Stout, TT - Accepted (second-hand reliable)
  • 02/21/24 – Missouri State – Got an email saying an offer was made/accepted
  • 02/21/24 - North Carolina State University, TT - Accepted (first hand)
  • 02/21/24 - University of Kentucky, TT - Accepted (second-hand reliable)
  • 02/16/24 - Washington University in St. Louis (second-hand)
  • 02/15/24 - Stetson University, TT Assistant Professor - Accepted (second-hand reliable)
  • 02/15/24 - University of South Carolina, Columbia (Assistant Professor of Contemporary Spain) - Accepted
  • 02/13/24 - University of California, Irvine (Assitant Professor of Teaching) Offer accepted (First hand)
  • 02/14- California State Channel Islands (reached out to ask for an update and was told an offer had been made)
  • 02/12-University of North Texas-Accepted
  • 12/20 - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Accepted
  • 12/29 - University of North Georgia. Accepted
  • 12/19 - University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. Accepted (received a rejection email with this information).
  • 12/16 LeHigh University.
  • 12/15 UNC-Pembroke. Accepted
  • 12/14. Bentley College (Boston, MA). Accepted; second-hand but highly reliable.
  • 12/08. Columbia College (Columbia, Missouri). Accepted. R1: Congratulations!!!

Campus Visit[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • 04/05 - Hamilton College - Visiting Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies (pre-1800 literature and cultures of Spain)
  • 02/29 - Lyon College - Instructor of Spanish
  • 02/25 - St. Michael College - Instructor
  • 02/24 - Elon University - Indigenous/Native American StudiesTT
  • 02/15 - Texas A&M University Kingsville - Assistant Professor, Spanish (TT)
  • 02/13 - Brandeis University - Lecturer in Spanish.
  • 02/08 CCSU Assistant Professor of Spanish with Specialization in Latin American Literature and Culture // Just to clarify, they sent you a notification about the Campus Visit that day? I'm only asking because I had my interview that very same day and I just find it a bit odd. But who knows! Thank you! R1: to the person who was asking for clarification.. this happened to me at another institution, I interviewed with them on Thursday, January 11th and I saw a campus visit invitation a couple of hours later the same day. Maybe they had their people in mind? R2: it happened to me with another university, too. It is not unusual. OP. Thank you, folks! R3: LOL. Shady place doing shady things. Unsurprising. R4: This place is infamous for its mismanagement and underhandedness. My best to OP.
  • 02/07 - Grove City College - Assistant/Associate Professor of Spanish
  • 02/06 UCSD- Mexican Literature.
  • 02/05 University of California San Diego/Transborder Literature and Culture
  • 02/02 - Ohio University - Assistant Professor of Instruction, Spanish (Non tenure-track)
  • 1/30 - University of Oklahoma (second hand, reliable)
  • 01/30 - Converse University (TT) (x2)
  • 01/29- Idaho State University (TT)
  • 01/26 - UAF (TT) – R1 via Zoom or in person? OP: Online
  • 01/24 - Farmingdale State College (TT) (x2)
  • 01/23/2 - University of California Irvine (Assistant Professor of Teaching) (x3)
  • 01/21 Lawrence University
  • 01/19- UChicago (NTT) (x3)
  • 01/18 - Georgetown University (TT) (x2)
  • 01/17 - Boston College - Assistant Professor of the Practice in Spanish / Coordinator of Intermediate Spanish Language Program
  • 01/13 - The University of Texas at El Paso (TT)
  • 01/13 - Washington University in St. Louis (TT) (x2)
  • 01/12 - Unión College (TT)
  • 01/11 - Alfred University (TT) (x2)
  • 01/10 - Bryn Mawr (TT)
  • 01/08 - William and Mary (TT)
  • 1/4 - Creighton University (TT) (x1)
  • 1/4 - University of Utah (TT) (second hand)
  • 12/29 - Texas A&M University - Assistant Professor of Linguistics (TT) (x2)
  • 12/28-University of Colorado-Boulder (TT) (x1)
  • 12/26 - University of Wisconsin Stout (TT)
  • 12/23 - George Washington University - Lecturer of Spanish
  • 12/22 - Texas A&M Afro-Latin and Latin American and Indigenous Studies
  • 12/21 - Washington State University - TT Mexican Literary / Cultural Studies
  • 12/21 - Stanford (TT) (second hand, reliable)
  • 12/21 - University of Florida - NTT
  • 12/21 - University of Missouri, Columbia - Assistant Professor of Spanish Applied Linguistics (x3)
  • 12/21 - Texas Christian University — Mexican Literary/Cultural Studies (TT)
  • 12/20- Clark University (TT) (second hand, reliable)
  • 12/20 - Columbia, U of South Carolina - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). R1: Is this the Peninsular? R1: Yes, it is
  • 12/20 - U of Notre Dame (TT)
  • 12/19 - Duke University (TT in Global Hispanophone)
  • 12/15 - University of Miami (Coral Gables, FL) - R1: I was interviewed on Wednesday and invited to a campus visit on Friday. R2: is this position a TT? It is not specified on the job post. R3: To answer R2, yes, this was tenure-track. Congratulations to R1! Just out of curiosity, are you at the Assistant level and do you work specifically on Latin American Cinema?
  • 12/14 - Utah State University-Logan - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT) (x2)
  • 12/14 - Florida State University - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT)
  • 12/13 - University of North Texas - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT)
  • 12/13 - Miami University - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT) R1: Did you hear over email? I literally just interviewed with them yesterday so this felt fast. R2: Are we talking about Miami University (Ohio) or University of Miami (Florida)? OP: Miami of Ohio. R3: Thanks for the clarification.
  • 12/13 - Kentucky University R1: Is this Eastern Kentucky University? R2: Eastern Kentucky no empezaba a revisar aplicaciones el 15 de diciembre??? R2: I believe this is University of Kentucky - Assistant Professor of Spanish/Latinx (I also got a campus visit from them)
  • 12/12 - University of Maryland, Baltimore County - Assistant Professor position in Spanish (x3) R1: It was fast! They started 12/01 con entrevistas.
  • 12/12 - Northwestern University (NTT)
  • 12/12 - Furman University (Open-rank TT) (second-hand, reliable)
  • 12/11 - Mercer University - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT)
  • 12/11 - The Citadel - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). R1: Can I ask how they have contacted you to offer the campus visit (email, phonecall)? Thanks and congrats. OP: Phone call that day, "official" email the day after. R2: Just got an invite for a campus visit after months of silence. Did folks get a bad vibe from the campus visit? R3: Not at all, only good vibes. I really enjoyed the visit. Congratulations and good luck! R2: Did you turn down an offer? OP: I received an offer last month and turned it down because I got another offer that was a better fit for me (mainly, the institution is in a location that was better for my family). No bad vibes from them. Best of luck with your campus visit, R2.
  • 12/09 - The University of Kentucky - Assistant Professor of Spanish/Latinx (TT)
  • 11/30 - Cornell University - Senior Lecturer/Lecturer of Spanish
  • 11/27 - Maynooth University (Ireland) - Latin American Screen Studies R1: I wouldn't say this is a "campus visit." The search committee invited candidates for a first round of 50-minute interviews, and they expressed their preference for an onsite interview. Some people are traveling to Ireland, and others are doing it remotely. OP: This page is set up for the US market, and most European countries don't follow that structure. I agree it doesn't map 1:1, but I was told this is a final interview (with on campus preference). In that sense it is analogous to a US campus visit, even if it is a lot less intense (and with a zoom option).
  • 11/22 - Ursinus College - Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • 11/21 - Boston University - Lecturer in Spanish
  • 11/20 - U of Wisconsin (TT-Mexican)- Assistant Professor of Spanish Green Bay? R1: I got such a bad vibe from this committee. I think there is a reason why the previous TT prof. left for greener pastures. R2: I second this, and they implied that they are in the middle of a transition and are not sure of the outcome. R3: what do you mean? R4: From the first two minutes of the interview, this committee gave the impression that they really were not interested in my answers/experience and generally didn't want to be there. In the announcement, they were not forthcoming about the teaching load and did not really explain the position during the interview. Per the announcement, faculty may be required to teach classes at their other campus that is an hour away. R5: Out of curiosity, what is the teaching load?
  • 11/19 - Amherst College - Assistant Professor of Spanish (second hand information, but reliable)
  • 11/17- University of North Georgia- Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT) x2
  • 11/16 - Agnes Scott College - Assistant Prof in Latin American and US Latinx Literatures and Cultures (second hand information, but reliable)
  • 11/13 - Columbia College - Asst prof or Instructor.
  • 11/7 - LeHigh University - Assistant Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies (TT) (x2)
  • 10/30 - MIT - Lecturer of Spanish.
  • 10/26 - Austin College - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT)

Zoom / Skype / Phone Interview[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • 05/15 - University of the Virgin Islands - Assistant Professor of Spanish (SLA)
  • 04/02 - Hamilton College - Visiting Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies (Latin American)
  • 03/29 - Hamilton College - Visiting Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies (pre-1800 literature and cultures of Spain)
  • 03/26 - LSU - Instructor/Spanish Language Coordinator
  • 03/15 - Binghamton University (SUNY) - Romance Language Advisor and Spanish Lecturer
  • 03/13 - College of Charleston - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT)
  • 03/12 - University of Rochester - Assistant Professor of Latinx Cultures x3
  • 03/06 - Grand Rapids Community College - Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • 03/04 - Eastern New Mexico - Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • 03/04 - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT) x2
  • 02/26 - Richmond University - Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish NTT x2
  • 02/23 - Portland Community College - Instructor NTT x3
  • 02/23 - California State University Bakersfield - Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • 02/22 - Florida International University (Portuguese) x3
  • 02/14 - Lyon College - Instructor of Spanish
  • 02/13 - Trinity College (Connecticut) - Lecturer
  • 02/08: Wichita State University- Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT)
  • 02/06 - Texas A&M University Kingsville - Assistant Professor, Spanish (TT) (x2)
  • 01/29 - CCSU - Assistant Professor of Spanish with Specialization in Latin American Literature and Culture R1: God Bless! Place is a cesspit. OP: ¿Dispones de pruebas tangibles? Parece ser que tu sentimiento se asemeja más a la envidia de no haber sido invitado a participar en una entrevista para un programa que ofrece tanto una licenciatura como una maestría. // R?: that sounds an awful lot like Mean Girls. But because this is Wiki I'll keep it short and professional: please read the last three years of this Wiki's Word on the street about CCSU. You can certainly disagree, but don't make it like it is a matter of envy. R3: estoy de acuerdo con R1, hay muchas red flags de esta universidad y de su departamento, pero allá tú, querido, quizás vos cambiés el sistema. R4: OP, tener cualquier entrevista en este clima es una victoria y mereces estar muy orgullose. Nadie quiere menospreciar tus logros, sin embargo, vale la pena buscar más información sobre lo que dicen los demás porque no quieres encontrarte en una situación mala. Te deseo mucha suerte. Esperemos que los rumores sean falsas y que sea un lugar buenísimo. OP: The committee was kind and everything went well (X2). Fingers crossed with your campus visit! R5: OP, I literally was offered the job last year and turned it down. Too many red flags. But hey, it's totally possible to accept and keep looking for something better. R1 again: The whole department initially presents in a very kind manner...and then you find out. And envidia? Give me a break! The warnings (read: not rumors but lived experiences) have been posted for years but hey it's your life!
  • 01/26 - Ohio University - Assistant Professor of Instruction, Spanish (Non tenure-track) x2
  • 01/24 - University of Alabama - Postdoc in Spanish
  • 01/24 - Grove City College - Assistant/Associate Professor of Spanish
  • 01/22- Eastern Kentucky University- TT Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • 01/22 - UCLA - Assistant Professor in Latin American/Latinx Literature in Comparative Literature
  • 01/18 - Berea College - AP Foreign Languages
  • 01/19 - Purdue University - Clinical Teaching Professor of Spanish x2
  • 01/18 - Brandeis University - Lecturer of Spanish x2
  • 01/18 - University of California, San Diego, Contemporary Mexican Literature (TT)
  • 01/17 - Rutgers University - Spanish Language Program Director
  • 01/16 Farmingdale State College (TT) (x2)
  • 01/12 Marist College (TT)
  • 01/11 Converse University (TT) x2
  • 01/11 University of California, San Diego R1: Transborder or Lit? R2: Transborder. R1: Gracias
  • 01/11 - Idaho State University- Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • 01/09 - University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (TT)
  • 01/08 - University of Chicago - Assistant Instructional Professor of Spanish (NTT) x2
  • 12/26 - Bethany College (TT)
  • 12/21 - The University of Texas at El Paso (TT) x 2
  • 12/20 - Texas Christian University (TT)
  • 12/20 - Hood College (TT) x2
  • 12/20 - Georgetown University (TT) x4
  • 12/20 - Washington University in St. Louis (TT) - Global Hispanophone (x4)
  • 12/18 - Alfred University - Assistant Professor (x4)
  • 12/15 - Queen's University (Charlotte) - Assistant Professor/Instructor x2 R1: The job ad says "Applications received by December 15, 2023 will receive first consideration." How come did you receive a Zoom interview invitation that same day? OP: I assume they had an idea of some of the people they wanted to interview prior to the actual deadline. But I really have no way of knowing! :) R1: Yeah, and maybe an internal candidate :o R2: In my experience, some committees move quickly. It's not that uncommon. It varies a lot, though! R3: this is not at all uncommon. When I applied for my current TT job (I did not know anybody in the university or department), I was invited to the Zoom interview a day later
  • 12/15- UAF- Assistant Professor
  • 12/14- Truman State University- Assistant Professor
  • 12/13- Union College- Assistant Professor (x2)
  • 12/12 - Washington State University - Assistant Professor (x2)
  • 12/11 - Lawrence University - Assistant Professor (x3)
  • 12/08 - Clark University, Endowed Chair (X2)
  • 12/08 - Augsburg University - Assistant Professor, Latine/x Studies
  • 12/07 - UC Irvine - Assistant Professor of Teaching
  • 12/07 - University of Utah - Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • 12/06 - University of Oklahoma- Colonial R1: Does anyone have more info on this? It seems odd that they made decisions in only 4 days. R2: Pensé lo mismo.
  • 12/05 - UC Boulder - Assistant Professor x2
  • 11/27 - St. John Fisher University - Assistant Professor of Spanish (x2)
  • 12/05 - Florida State University - Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics (with a specialization in Second Language Acquisition) and Director of the Spanish Basic Language Program
  • 12/05 - Utah State University - Assistant Professor of Spanish (x2)
  • 12/05 - Hamilton College - Assistant Professor of Peninsular Studies (TT)
  • 12/04 - University of Miami - Latin American Cultural and Literary Studies (x3)
  • 12/04 - California State University Channel Islands - Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics
  • 12/04- University of Wisconsin Stout - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT)
  • 12/04 - Texas A&M University - Assistant Professor of Linguistics
  • 12/03 - University of Missouri, Columbia - Assistant Professor of Spanish Applied Linguistics (x2)
  • 12/03 - The University of Georgia - Assistant Professor of Spanish Phonology
  • 12/01 - Bryn Mawr - Assistant Professor of Peninsular Studies (x4) 12/1
  • 12/01 - University of Maryland, Baltimore County - Assistant Professor position in Spanish (x3)
  • 12/01 - Long Beach -- Assistant Profesor of Spanish
  • 12/1 - Kenyon College - Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • 12/1 - Weber State (TT) - Assistant Professor of Spanish (Translation and Interpretation emphasis)
  • 11/30 - Northwestern University - Assistant Professor of Instruction in Spanish (x2)
  • 11/30 - Duke - Indigenous (TT) R1: Email for zoom interview after my materials.
  • 11/30 - The Citadel - Assistant Professor Open Specialization (TT) (x2)
  • 11/30 - Kennesaw State University - Lecturer of Spanish x2
  • 11/30 - University of South Florida - Assistant Professor of Instruction of Spanish
  • 11/30 - Duke - Global Hispanophone (TT) (x2) R1: Congrats! can I ask when you turned in your extra materials? R2: Not OP, but two or so weeks ago. R1: Gotcha. I turned mine in on the very final deadline, this Monday. Haven’t heard anything re phone interviews yet. R2: I received an email scheduling a Zoom interview. ¡Suerte! R3: I was very late turning in my materials, I turned them on the 27th and got the interview invitation 11/30. Good luck to all! R4: I do not get this. Did they make a selection after the syllabi request? I thought that they were asking additional materials to the already selected candidates to interview. R1: r4, I understood that they would make another cut between the materials and the Zoom interview round, which is what seems to have happened. They used the extra materials to decide who would move forward. R5: Just out of curiosity, is it the Global Romance Studies job? R2: Yep.
  • 11/29 – Colby College — Peninsular and Global Hispanophone Cultures (TT) (x4)
  • 11/28 - The University of Western Australia - Lecturer in European Languages, Spanish
  • 11/28 - College of William and Mary - Assistant Professor in Afro/Asian Diaspora in the Spanish-speaking world / Hispanic Global South (TT) (x2)
  • 11/27 - Creighton University - Tenure-track position in Spanish (x2)
  • 11/27 - Texas A&M - Assistant Professor in Afro-Latin and Latin American Indigenous Studies
  • 11/27 - Boston College - Assistant Professor of the Practice in Spanish / Coordinator of Intermediate Spanish Language Program (x2)
  • 11/27 - Notre Dame - TT Peninsular (x3)
  • 11/24 - University at Buffalo - Assistant Professor of Caribbean or Latin American Studies
  • 11/21 - George Washington University - Instructor (Non TT)
  • 11/21 - Lake Forest College - Assistant Professor position in Latin American and Latinx Studies
  • 11/21 - Furman University (Open-rank TT) (x2)
  • 11/18 - University of South Carolina - Assistant Professor of Spanish R1 Is this Sumter or Columbia? OP: Columbia. x 2
  • 11/16 - Mercer University - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT) R1 x2
  • 11/16 - University of Florida - Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish (Non-TT) x3
  • 11/16 - Miami University - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT) R1: This is OH, not FL, right?
  • 11/16 - U of North Texas - Assistant Professor of Spanish (x2). R1: Did you receive an email requesting an interview or letters of recommendation? OP: Both, one email asking for the letters, and another with a Zoom invitation. R1: I only received the email asking for the letters :( R1: I just received the email with a Zoom invitation :) R2: I was going to write that I also just got the zoom invitation. It happened around 23h after that, so I'd kinda panicked lol. (ugh, the job market jejeje.)
  • 11/16 - Bucknell - Assistant Professor
  • 11/16 - Cornell University - Senior Lecturer/Lecturer of Spanish x2
  • 11/16 - University of Wisconsin - (TT Mexican Literature)
  • 11/15 - University of Texas at El Paso - Lecturer - Spanish Language
  • 11/14 - The Citadel - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT)
  • 11/14 - University of Kentucky - Latinx (TT) x2
  • 11/12 - Rice University - Transnational Latin American and Latinx Studies (TT) x2
  • 11/09 - George Mason University - Instructional Term Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics x3
  • 11/09 - Amherst College - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT) x2
  • 11/09 - Ursinus College - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT) x3
  • 11/09- Texas Christian University - Mexican Literature and Culture x3
  • 11/08 - University of North Georgia-Dahlonega - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT)
  • 11/06 - Boston University - Lecturer in Spanish. R1: They closed applications November 1 and called interviews on the 6. Sounds like they had someone in mind? R2: Really? How do you know that? R1: I am wondering, not stating :) R3: But did they send requests for interviews? I applied and has not gotten anything from them. R1: I mean, it is reported here.
  • 11/06 - University of North Carolina-Pembroke - Lecturer of Spanish
  • 11/03 - Agnes Scott College - Asst Prof in Latin American and US Latinx Literatures and Cultures
  • 10/31 - Columbia College - Asst Prof or Instructor of Spanish
  • 10/25 - Texas Tech - Open Rank, Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies (TT) x2
  • 10/24 - Macalester College - Postdoc, Latin American Literature and Culture with Indigenous Studies Focus
  • 10/20 - University at Buffalo - Assistant Professor of Linguistics in Creoles, Multilingualism, and Language Contact (TT) x2
  • 10/19 - LeHigh University - Assistant Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies (TT) x2
  • 10/05-MIT-Lecturer of Spanish x3. FYI (1). Last year, they conducted a search for a Senior Lecturer position but ended up giving the job to one of their part-time lecturers.
  • 10/03-Austin College-Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT) R1: Anything from Austin College after the Zoom interviews? R2: I just received an email saying that I wasn't selected for the campus visit (10/30) R3: I am super bummed. I thought I performed really well at the interview. With all of these failed interviews, I am starting to think I am not cut out for academia. :(
  • 10/02 - University of Louisiana Monroe - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT)

MLA Interviews[]

[META: Is it worth retiring this section? It hasn't been used in the past few years. R1: Can we keep it for the nostalgia of awkward hotel room interviews?]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street


Additional Materials Requested[]

NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • 04/11 - Bucknel University VAP - References.
  • 03/15 - Binghamton University - Letters of recommendation
  • 12/14 - SLU-Madrid – Letters of recommendation, sample of published articles, and teaching evaluations.
  • 11/30 - Concordia College - Letters of recommendation.
  • 11/29 - Clark University - Letters of recommendation.
  • 11/22 - University of Utah, Assistant Professor of Spanish - Mexican Studies - Letters of recommendation.
  • 11/19 - University of South Florida - Assistant Professor of Instruction for Spanish - Teaching materials x2
  • 11/16 - Lawrence University of Wisconsin - Letters of recommendation. R1: Did your references inform you or did you get a system notification? Thank you! OP: References. R2: Does anyone happen to know when the letters of rec should be submitted by? In the system I can see that one of my contacts has uploaded the letter, but the other two are still pending. Of course, we are off this week for the holiday, but still.
  • 11/16 - U of North Texas - Letters of recommendation. (x3)
  • 11/13 - Duke University - Romance Studies Cluster (Indigenous Latin American Studies) - Letters of recommendation and teaching materials. X2
  • 11/09 - Texas Christian University - Assistant Professor (TT). Mexican Cultural Studies - Writing Sample, X2
  • 11/08 - University of Miami - Latin American Cultural and Literary Studies (TT) - Letters, Writing Sample, Teaching and Diversity Statement, X4
  • 11/06 - Berea College - Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages,Spanish (TT) - Letters of recommendation x4.
  • 11/02 - University at Buffalo - Assistant Professor of Caribbean or Latin American Studies (writing sample and references) X2
  • 10/26 - Cornell University - Senior Lecturer/Lecturer of Spanish (Lesson recording) X2


  • 05/07 - University of Dallas- Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow: "I am writing to inform you of a recent decision regarding the job posting for a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at the University of Dallas. After careful consideration, the university has decided to cancel the position. This decision was made due to changes in departmental needs. We appreciate the time and effort you invested in considering the University of Dallas as a potential employer."
  • 04/25 - Rollins College (after interview)
  • 04/21 – University of Arkansas Little Rock (after interview)
  • 04/15 - Eastern New Mexico (Iberian) - Assistant Prof. of Spanish. (It was me asking a few days ago.)
  • 04/02 - Brandeis University - Lecturer in Spanish
  • 03/29 - Richmond University - Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • 03/27 - Mercer University - Assistant Professor, Spanish, Tenure-track
  • 03/27 - Eastern Kentucky University - Assistant Professor (Spanish) - "The search for this position has been canceled at this time" R1: They seem to do this every year. The same applies for A&M Corpus Christi.
  • 03/25- University of Melbourne- Lecturer, Spanish and Latin American Studies.
  • 03/22 - Central Connecticut State University- " I regret to inform you that we have decided to offer the position to another candidate."
  • 03/21 - USC Sumter - "Thank you for applying to the position of Assistant Professor of Spanish in the USC Sumter - Palmetto College department.  This position has been cancelled and will not be filled at this time" (email notification) --- R2: this is the second year that they cancel the position. Last year, they didn't even send an email to the candidates that went to the campus visit. R3: Why could I still apply for it today, 3/28, then?
  • 03/15 - College of Marin
  • 03/15 - Clark University - Endowed Chair in Languages Dept.
  • 03/14 - Grove City College - Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • 03/13 - Utah State University - Assistant Professor of Spanish x3 (no interview)
  • 03/12 - Union College - Assistant Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies
  • 03/09 - Colby College - Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (3-year) position (x3)
  • 03/08 - Trinity College (x2)
  • 03/07 - Grand Rapids Community College - Assistant Professor Spanish
  • 02/29 - Furman University (impersonal form letter after campus visit)
  • 02/29 - Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi: At this time, due to administrative reasons, we have decided not to fill the position and have closed the search. R1: They did the same thing last year.
  • 02/29 - Bryn Mawr - Assistant Professor of Peninsular Studies (after campus visits).
  • 02/27 - Idaho State University- Assistant Professor, Spanish
  • 02/26 -Virginia Military Institute-Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • 02/26 - Hamilton College- Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies (email informing offer has been made and accepted)
  • 02/26 - Miami University - Assistant Professor - Spanish (x3)
  • 02/23 - University of Miami - Assistant or Associate Professor in Latin American Cultural and Literary Studies
  • 02/22 - University of Missouri Columbia. I was a finalist and I got a generic email rejection from HR. Has this happened to anyone else before? I have had 5 other rejections after campus visits and I've always gotten a personal email from the search committee chair. R1: I went to a campus visit and even though an offer was made, I still haven´t received the official notification neither from the search committee chair nor HR. I guess this is the new normal, but it would be nice if people who have spent 2 days with us could have the ability or decency to say at least "I´m sorry but you were not selected". OP: I'm so sorry! That is terrible! I agree, we put it in so many hours preparing for the visit, and then 2-3 days of our lives with them. The least they can do is send a personal email to those 2-3 of us who weren't selected, but to not even notify at all? That's a new low. R2: I was a finalist at a top department at an R1 last year and the chair emailed me five months after the visit. Either ghosting or extremely late notifications seem to be the new normal even after breaking bread with these people!
  • 02/21 Farmingdale State College (x2) R1: I also got a rejection. Were you a finalist? OP: No, no finalist, no interview either. R1: Thanks for responding! I was a finalist, but in the end, the rejection is the same. Haha.
  • 2/20 - Mercer University
  • 2/20 - University of Glasgow (Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Spanish) (x2)
  • 2/13 University of Maryland-Baltimore County
  • 2/13 University of Chicago (NTT)
  • 2/9 CCSU
  • 2/7 University of North Dakota (NTT)
  • 2/6 West Texas A&M. We received applications from many qualified individuals for this position. The purpose of this message is to inform you that although your application received full consideration, it was not among those selected to advance to the next stage in the process.
  • 2/3 - Hood College - Rejected after Zoom Interview
  • 1/24 - University of Miami - Latin American Cultural and Literary Studies (x6)
  • 1/19- Maynooth University (Ireland)- Assistant Professor/Lecturer in Spanish & Latin American Studies (Permanent)
  • 1/18 - Rutgers Language Program Coordinator (NTT) x3
  • 1/10 - Connecticut College - Senior Lecturer of Hispanic Studies
  • 1/10 - Lehigh University - Assistant Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies
  • 12/26 - University of Wisconsin Stout (Spanish) (post Zoom interview) x2 R1: How weird was it to be interviewed by political scientists for this?
  • 12/21 - Colby College - Rejected after Zoom Interview (x3)
  • 12/20 - U Notre Dame - Rejected after Zoom Interview
  • 12/19 - Carnegie Mellon University - "Thank you for applying to the Assistant Professor of Second Language Acquisition position in the Department of Modern Languages at Carnegie Mellon University. We appreciate having had the opportunity to review your dossier. Given the high number of qualified applicants, we regret to inform you that we will be unable to pursue your candidacy further.  We wish you the best in your future endeavors." x2
  • 12/18 - The University of Georgia - Spanish Phonetics and Phonology (post Zoom interview)
  • 12/18 - Maynooth University (Ireland) - Latin American Screen Studies
  • 12/14 - Macalester College (Postdoc, Latin American Literature and Culture with Indigenous Studies Focus) x2
  • 12/13 - Stanford University - Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature (hemispheric literature of the Americas) - Rejected after interview, email says they've narrowed the list to three finalists.
  • 12/8 - CSU Long Beach - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT) (no interview)
  • 12/7 - University of South Florida-Tampa - Assistant Professor of Instruction, Spanish position (TT) (no interview) x4
  • 12/6 - Boston University (no interview) X2
  • 12/7 - Wisconsin Stout (no interview) (x3) Dear Applicant: Thank you for applying to the Assistant Professor of Spanish position at UW-Stout. After careful review of a number of well-qualified applicants, the search committee has narrowed the pool, and we are inviting several candidates to participate in telephone interviews.  We regret that you are not among these individuals; however, we have not eliminated your application and will hold it in the event the interviews do not lead us to a successful conclusion.We thank you for your interest in the position and will keep you informed regarding the status of your application.  You should hear from us again within six weeks.X2
  • 12/6 - Rice University x2 R1: after interview? R2: Yes, after zoom interview R3: Does anyone know how many applications they got/how many people they interviewed? R1: I think it will be difficult to know unless they disclosed this information in the rejection letter. I guess they interviewed around 10-15 people if this one is like most searches. R4: 200+ applications R5: could you share what they said in the letter?
  • 12/5 - Ursinus College (After interview).
  • 12/5 - Boston University. No previous interview.
  • 11/30 - CSU Fullerton - Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics - Only those people selected as finalists received the request for letters of recommendation. I am sorry to inform you that you were not one of them. We had a large number of very good applicants, and it was not an easy task to select just a few. We thank you for your interest in our institution and hope we will be able to collaborate at a future point. R1: I'm sorry! ... did you receive this after a Zoom interview? OP: no, I was following up because the posting didn't specify that they'd only ask for letters if you were to progress and my writers kept telling me they hadn't heard anything yet.
  • 11/30 - University of Central Florida - Instructor or Lecturer of Spanish - Dear applicant, We appreciate your interest in the University of Central Florida and the position of Instructor or Lecturer, Spanish. Your application materials have been reviewed. At this time, you have not been selected to move forward in the selection process. We appreciate the time you invested in your application. We encourage you to apply for other opportunities in the future. (X3)
  • 11/29 - Central College — Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT) x3. Dear Arturo. This is a follow-up regarding your application for the position of Assistant Professor of Spanish at Central College. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time and patience you've given during the review and selection process for the Assistant Professor of Spanish. After a thorough review of qualified candidates, I am sorry to advise that another candidate has been selected. We appreciate the interest you expressed in Central College. Continue to check for open positions. If you see a position you are interested in, please apply as instructed. Sincerely, Carol J Nielsen. Central College Human Resources.
  • 11/29 - Colby College — Peninsular and Global Hispanophone Cultures (TT) (X3)- Dear applicant, As chair of the search committee to fill the Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Modern Peninsular and Global Hispanophone Cultures position advertised by Colby College, I am writing to let you know that your application has been received and that members of the committee have reviewed it. Your materials contributed to a strong applicant pool with many fully qualified candidates, and we had tremendously difficult decisions to make about the finalists. I regret to inform you that other candidates have been chosen to move forward. Thank you for applying to Colby College for a faculty position, and for the privilege of reading about your work. We are fully aware of the stresses and difficulties of the academic market, and for that I wish you the best in your job search. R1: It is very likely that they will hire the VAP who is currently working in the Department and whose area of expertise is Peninsular and Global Hispanophone Cultures. R2: I am not exactly fond of Colby, but in their website there is no VAP working in Peninsular and Global Hispanophone Cultures. Is there any that is not listed, R1? R1: I don't think they've updated their website, but last year they hired a VAP specialized in Peninsular and Global Hispanophone Cultures. R3: I came here to say the same thing. I am also curious about the reason why R2 is not fond of Colby. Does it have to do with the department? R2: That makes sense, R1. If it is the case, I do believe you might be right. R3, let's just say that my experience with them was not exactly the best. R4: R1 is right about them having a VAP specialist in Global Hispanophone. And in my experience they are very dedicated to their inside candidates, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just something to keep in mind when setting your expectations.
  • 11/29 - Ursinus College - Open Specialization (TT AP) - Dear applicant, Thank you for your interest in the position of Assistant Professor of Spanish at Ursinus College. Although we were impressed with your experience and credentials, I regret to inform you that you were not among those selected for further consideration for the position. I must emphasize that this in no way reflects upon the quality of your work. We had a very competitive pool of highly qualified candidates and the Spanish Search Committee had to make very difficult choices to shortlist those whose work aligned with the existing needs of the department. On behalf of the Committee, I wish you the best of luck as you pursue a position in academia. Thank you again for your interest in Ursinus College and in our Spanish program.
  • 11/28 NYU - Indigenous Studies - Over 100 applications! R1: Was this after a Zoom interview? Or just a rejection? R2: Rejection without interview!
  • 11/28 - Agnes Scott College - Latin American and US Latinx literature and cultures X3 "Dear Dr. Emily Smith, We have reviewed a large applicant pool and have chosen a small group of semifinalists for further consideration. I regret to inform you that your application, though engaging, is not among them. We will keep your application materials on file should we need to reconsider our options. In any event, we are appreciative of your interest in our position and wish you the best for the future".
  • 11/28 - Austin College Assistant Professor (TT) - I was very impressed that they reached out to me to let me know, even though I didn't even get an interview.
  • 11/27- Assistant Professor / Lecturer (Permanent), School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Maynooth University. "Dear Doctora Paquita Salas. Thank you for your application for the post of Assistant Professor / Lecturer (Permanent), School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Maynooth University. The University Authorities were pleased to receive your application and appreciate the trouble you have taken. I regret to have to inform you, however, that you were not successful on this occasion. Kindest regards,Maynooth University Human Resources Office". Generic rejection with distinguished vocabulary. R1: Top drawer vocab.
  • 11/19 - Amherst College - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). From Amherst College' rejection email: "After extensive deliberations on a rich and incredibly competitive field of 220 applications and 20 zoom interviews with exceptionally talented scholar-teachers particularly in the fields of Afro-Latinx and Indigenous studies, we have extended invitations to finalists for campus interviews." These are the numbers in our job market. R1: Thanks so much for posting. A few rejection emails I received last year reported a similar number of applications. For this one, I applied but never heard anything and haven't received this rejection yet today--do you think it's worth inquiring? R2: Thank you for sharing this email! Out of curiosity, did you get a zoom interview and then received the email? I applied but never received anything. OP: I got a Zoom interview a week ago and received the rejection email yesterday. They should have emailed a rejection to everybody who didn't get to the Zoom interview in the first place, though. R3: Thank you for sharing. I also applied and never received anything. R4: I also applied and never received anything. Glad it wasn't just me!
  • 11/17- Texas Tech- Open rank Professor of Latin American Cultural Studies (TT)
  • 11/15 - Rice University - Assistant Professor (TT), Transnational Latin American and Latinx Studies x8
  • 11/6 - Bentley University - Assistant Professor (TT). R1: Was it after the interview? OP: Yes, after the interview, they're moving fast, apparently.
  • 11/3- Washington State University- Assistant Professor (TT). Mexico/Central America. R1: Anyone else not get a rejection but not get an interview? R2: Ni me rechazaron ni me entrevistaron x2
  • 10/31 - Columbia College - Assistant Professor (TT) or Instructor, Spanish Language & Cultures X3
  • 10/30 - Austin College - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT)
  • 10/20 - University of Louisiana Monroe - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT), "we have now filled; the position."
  • 10/19- The University of Texas at Austin - Assistant or Associate Professor of Spanish (TT/tenured), Central American Studies. Notified two days after interviewing.
  • 10/17 - Bristol - Lecturer in Latin American Studies


List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street


Requests for individual updates[]

I have created this section so that the "Word on the street" section is a little less cluttered.

  • 5/21 - Has anybody heard from UT Arlington and/or SMU (Lecturer in Spanish)?
  • 5/12 - Any word from Doane University in Nebraska?
  • 5/5 - Anyone still on the job market and applying for VAP and lecturer positions? R1: I am still on the market but I recognize chances get slimmer at this point so I've begun applying to teaching gigs at high schools and community colleges, adjuncts positions that are at least 0.7 FTE, and postdocs in Europe. I will say I am surprised that there are still a few university positions open even this late! R2: What website do you follow for postdocs in Europe, if you don't mind me asking? R3: Not OP, but doing a postdoc in Europe and I found the ad on Linguist List ( R1: Euraxess is where a lot of EU and UK opportunities are posted, and is good for UK and Commonwealth countries. There are not too many postdocs starting Fall 24, but the preliminary stuff for the Marie Slodowska-Curie Action, which is the competitive 1-2 year postdoc program in Europe, is beginning for Fall 25, which involves contacting a supervisor at a EU/UK university and developing a proposal due in September--supervisors are posting hosting offers in Euraxess right now (mostly for STEM but quite a few people do languages too). R4 I found a TT (with great conditions) this year in an R2 institution. I graduated late April 2023 and had no job (I was offered a lecture position in my doctoral program to stay afloat), in late June I received two offers from a Teaching Postdoc and a Professorship (in a place where tenure was gutted and had no Spanish major) but keep swinging, stuff still happens during the summer.
  • 4/11 - Has anyone heard from Eastern New Mexico (Iberian) after zoom interviews? R1: Nothing here (4/13). Asked about their timeline after the interview, but they didn't care to respond. OP: When I was interviewed (3/23), I asked and they said something about the first 2 weeks of April, if I remember correctly. That's why I came here to check and ask.
  • 04/11 - Any news from Auburn University 18-19th cent Peninsular position post interviews? R1: no yet... probably they have contacted other candidates? (4/15)
  • 04/10 Any news from Harvard U (NTT Senior Preceptor) position?
  • 04/4 Any news regarding University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (NTT) following Zoom interviews? R1: Nothing yet here (4/4). I asked about the timeline in the interview and they said we should hear back sometime in April. They didn't mention anything about campus visits, so I'm not sure if that means they're not doing them? OP: I am not sure either, specially if their search is for 4 positions. Ya veremos! R2: they already have sent the offers to the selected candidates. OP: Thank you!
  • 04/3 Any news regarding Princeton Portuguese Lecture?
  • 04/1 Does anyone know if Brandeis already made the offer for the Lecturer position?
  • 03/31 Anything from the University of Tampa position? R1: They are doing campus visits already.
  • 3/27 Any updates from Florida International University (Portuguese) following the Zoom interviews? Has anyone heard from the committee any indication of when they will reach out to candidates advancing to the next stage? R1: Nothing here.
  • 3/26 Anything from Cal State Bakersfield after zoom interviews?
  • 03/25 Any news from Norwich University TT position?
  • 03/25 Any news from Piedmont University TT position? R1: I got an email for an interview, I declined because I already accepted a position, in the email they said: "Faculty are on nine-month, annual contracts. Unfortunately, Piedmont does not offer tenure."
  • 03/25 Any news from Texas A&M University Kingsville after interviews? R1: They sent campus visit invitations on February 15th. They did campus visits the week of March 4th. R2: Any news after campus visits?
  • 3/25 Any news from Texas A&M - College Station (Afro or Indigenous) after campus visits?
  • 3/24 Any news from U of Rochester after interviews? R1: Nothing yet on my end.
  • 3/21 Any news from Simpson College's (Iowa) VAP search?
  • 3/17-any updates from Louisiana state university about their hispanic linguistic profe job? It has been a while. wondering maybe they have already moved on. R1: I was one of the finalists for this position back in the 2020-2021 cycle. I had my virtual visit in March, and had to follow up with them at the end of May because I hadn't heard anything. If it's been awhile, especially after the timeline they gave you, I don't think there's anything wrong with following up with them.
  • 3/14 - Any news from Oklahoma after campus interviews?
  • 3/13- Any news from Georgetown after campus interviews? R1: Nothing here! Wondering too (3/13) R2: An offer was made this afternoon. I'm sorry to deliver bad news and I wish everyone the very best of luck with their searches. Abrazos. R3: Thank you for this.
  • 3/11- Any news from Alfred University after campus interviews?
  • 3/11 - Any news from Lawrence University post campus visits? - it seems like they already hired someone Link
  • 3/5 - Anything from Converse after campus visits?
  • 3/5 - Anything from William and Mary after campus visits?
  • 3/04 - Have you heard anything from RIT after first round interviews?
  • 03/04: Does anyone know if Queen's University of Charlotte is still doing campus visits? Have they offered the job? R1: Campus visits are over, no idea if an offer has been made. Good luck!!
  • 03/03: Does anyone know if an offer was made for Buffalo after the campus visits? x2
  • 02/23: Does anyone know if they had campus visits at Marist College? R1: Invitation to campus interview received on February 2.
  • 02/20: Does anyone know anything about Winthrop University (Multi-year Instructor/Assistant Professor of Spanish)? Due date was 01/15.
  • 02/17: Any news from Texas A&M (Afro-Latin American & Latin American Indigenous Studies TT position)? I heard a rumour that the search may have been cancelled? Invitation to campus interview received on December 22.
  • 02/17: Any news from the University of Georgia post campus visits? R1: An offer has already been made.
  • 02/16: Any news from SUNY Farmingdale post campus visits? R1: I got a rejection email on 2/21, saying that the search was finished.
  • 02/16: Any news from Rice post campus visits? R1: Did they provide you with a projected timeline at the end of the visit? OP: Very vaguely
  • 02/15: Any news from Bucknell post campus visits?
  • 02/15: Any news from University of Missouri Columbia after the campus visits?
  • 02/15: Any news from WashU after the campus visit? R1: Second-hand but I heard that as of 2/28 an offer was extended to one of four finalists but not yet accepted.
  • 02/12: Any news from University at Buffalo? I had my interview in early December and got several emails afterwards saying that they were taking longer than expected, etc. Last message said they would send visit requests "after the last week of January." So, has that happened for anyone? R1: I know somebody who went on a campus visit for a Spanish position at Buffalo in late January, unsure if it is the same position you are refering to given what they told you. This colleague specializes in Afro-Latin American studies, if that helps. OP: Now I'm even more confused. I don't want to think the committee was being misleading, but it does sound like your friend may have applied to the same position I did (LatAm and Caribbean)... so it's wild to think that they had a campus visit while telling others to keep waiting. Anyways. Thanks for your response. R2: I also received an email saying that they would be making decisions after the last week of January. As early as last week, they said they'd decide by the end of this week (seemingly by 02/16). I have continued to hear nothing. I did want to point out that they were hiring for two positions in Spanish, one was Linguistics and the other was Literature. Perhaps the person visiting campus during late January was a linguist? It does seem surprising that they would have campus visits and still be telling folks to wait for news. R3: Campus visits for the linguistics position were held in December (first-hand knowledge). R4: I wonder if R1 could possibly confirm whether their contact who had a campus interview at Buffalo was interviewing for a job in literature. That would solve the mystery around whether interviews had been conducted for the job we are interested in knowing about. R5: Can confirm they're doing visits for the lit job (secondhand reliable, sorry everyone). R6: Thank you, R5. Very helpful. R1: I know my colleague's mock job talk was in lit/cultural studies, not linguistics. As far as I know they have not heard back decision-wise so visits might not be over yet. R7: A hiring pause has sidelined this position for now. Visits were conducted and concluded.
  • 02/12: Any news from Brandeis-lecturer in Spanish- after zoom interviews?
  • 02/09: Any news from SCU-peninsular? R1: U. of South Carolina, Columbia? They sent campus visit invitations many weeks ago.
  • 02/06: Anything from Lamar University? Application closed on Nov. 30th. R1: Nothing here (2/07) R2: They were conducting Zoom interviews last week (second-hand reliable)
  • 02/06: Did anyone hear back from NC State after Zoom interviews in Dec? R1: They've already completed campus interviews (second-hand reliable)
  • 02/05: Does anyone know what the timeline with WashU looks like? I did not hear anything from them and saw that some people received a campus visit invitation last month. Just wanted this waiting game to end lol. R1: Campus visits just concluded. Decision will be made soon (if somebody accepts the offer I am assuming they will email rejections right after). I also heard 100+ high quality applications were received, so it was probably extremely difficult and there were so many great apps that could've made it to this stage too. OP: Thank you. I am not expecting much at this point since I know the competition must have been strong for jobs like this one. Someone said (an insider I believe) this position is created to replace the AP who's leaving (there's only one AP in the Spanish program), so they might be looking for someone with a specific profile anyway while the job description is pretty broad.
  • 02/04: Any news from Kentucky University after campus visits?
  • 2/02: Any news from UC San Diego Mexicanist after the interview?
  • 1/31: Anyone hear anything from UCO (University of Central Oklahoma)? R1: Nothing yet!
  • 1/29: Any news from Florida International University (Brazilian/Lusophone studies)? R1: Nothing here
  • 1/29: Any news from Queens of Charlotte post zoom interview? R1: I got a campus invite yesterday, though my understanding was that they'd be doing first round interviews into February, suggesting the process may not be resolved. I could be wrong, though. OP: Thanks, and congrats! I did not get an invitation and followed up on 2/2 also and they informed me that the "search process is still in progress" and that they "don’t have any additional information to share at this time". It's not clear whether zoom interviews were completed at this time. I assume this is a situation where they won't follow up until an offer is accepted, if they choose to do so then. Best of luck!
  • 1/28: Any news from Harvard University for interviews? (Senior Preceptor NTT). The closing date was Dec. 15.
  • 1/25: Anything from Indiana University (Lecturer)?
  • 1/25: Anything from Eastern Kentucky University (TT)? The closing date was December 15th...
  • 1/25 – Brown Lusophone applicants — alguma notícia? zoom invites, rejections?
  • 1/23 - Anything from West Texas A&M after zoom interviews? R1: They did campus visits. R2: An offer was extended and accepted.
  • 1/22 - Any news from Hood after Zoom interviews? It sounded like they were planning to move quickly. R1: I think there is an internal candidate. OP: Thanks, that was my impression as well based on the current VAP.
  • 1/22 - Anything from Delaware? Game studies and foreign language (including Spanish). Continuing-Track. Due date was December 15.
  • 1/19- Anything from California State University, Bakersfield? R1: Received confirmation of complete application on 1/2, nothing since. R2: Slow moving dept. Tons of internal problems and dissenting opinions, very little gets done. I heard from a friend privy that dept who said they're barely putting together a hiring committee because they have nearly a decade of internal disagreements and problems. So probably mid February.
  • 1/19 - Anything from Texas A&M - Assistant Professor in Afro-Latin and Latin American Indigenous Studies after Zoom interviews? R1: Nothing here, but I do remember them saying that the committee would not be meeting to decide on the campus visits until around the 20th of January, so it seems like they may be sticking to that timeline. R2: Just following up on this; any news? OP: Nothing here. R3: It does seem like they're taking longer than what was initially communicated during the Zoom interviews. Do you think it is possible that campus interviews have already been conducted, and none of us on this wiki have been invited?
  • 17/1 - Any rejection email from Bryn Mawr after the zoom interview? It seems that they have extended campus visits. R1: Haven't received a rejection after the Zoom interview
  • 1/16 - Anything from Northwestern College in Iowa? R1: I received an email stating that the application was received. Nothing after that, not even a rejection letter or any other communication.
  • 1/16 - Anything from Brandeis University Spanish Lecturer position? R1: Nothing yet
  • 1/15 - Anything from UC San Diego (UCSD) Literature position? No, not the "Transborder," the second position specifically in Mexican literature. R1: not here :(
  • 01/13 - Does any one know what is the timeframe for Georgetown? Post zoom interviews? R1: They didn’t say anything about their timeline to me, but I assume they’ll move fast-ish since their semester started this past week.
  • 01/11 - Any rejection email from Bryn Mawr after the zoom interview? It seems that they have extended campus visits.
  • 01/10 - Any news from University of Florida (TT) post Zoom interviews?
  • 01/06 - Still nothing from Hamilton? R1: Haven't heard anything yet either (same person as the previous Hamilton R1)
  • 01/4 - still no word from Brown Portuguese? Any info anyone?
  • 01/4 - Any news from Lake forest post zoom interviews?
  • 12/29 - Any news from UCLA (Latin American/Latinx job in Comp Lit)? Deadline was 12/5 so it might be a little early.
  • 12/28. Any news from William & Mary after zoom interviews? They mentioned that campus visit invites will be sent before the Christmas recess. R2: They told me that they would be sent out the first week of Jan. ''R3:'' They told me the same thing (first week of Jan) and that they're planning for the campus visit to be late Jan-early Feb. R1: Thanks! R4: Just wanted to ask if anyone has heard back from them since the first week of January is ending today (Jan 5). R5: rejections sent today. I did not have a Zoom interview.
  • 12/24 - Any news from CU Boulder? R1: not since the zoom interview two weeks ago
  • 12/20 - Has anyone heard from Hamilton post zoom interviews? R1: Not yet, when I asked about the timeline they mentioned how they'd like to send campus visit invites by the end of the year but it's understandably slower this time of year so perhaps early January?
  • 12/20 - Any news from Bucknell post Zoom interviews?
  • 12/20- Any news from U of South Carolina TT Peninsular after Zoom interviews?
  • 12/20 - Any news from Marist College?
  • 12/19 — Brown Portuguese?
  • 12/19 - Has anyone heard anything about the Hispanic Studies Senior Lecturer position at Connecticut College?
  • 12/18 - Anything from UTEP (TT in Spanish heritage)? R1: Nothing here!
  • 12/18 - Any word from Whitman? R1: Nothing yet
  • 12/18 - Has anyone heard from NYU-Madrid - Spanish Language Coordinator (NTT)?
  • 12/16 - Has anyone heard from Stetson? R1: I have not heard back yet OP: R1 you got a rejection email after the interview? R1: I didn’t even know that they were already on the interview stage, I have not received a rejection nor an interview invitation. I love how academia ghosts its people, and it is so normalized. R2: I might be wrong but could those messages have been intended for the Duke discussion just below? R1: R2, you may be right! OP: Did anyone get an interview for Stetson? I asked simply as an applicant. R1: my apologies, OP, I thought that they were already conducting interviews! To answer your question: no, I have not gotten an interview request at all. R3: They concluded Zoom interviews on January 4.
  • 12/15- Has anyone heard from Duke post zoom interviews? R1: Yes, rejected! R2: oh, and R1 this was post-zoom interview? R1: after interview! R2: That sucks, thank you for sharing that information. Good luck with the job market!
  • 12/15 - Bumping up: Anything on the two Mexicanist positions at UC San Diego (UCSD)? Por acá no he escuchado nada de nada
  • 12/14 - Anything from Carnegie Mellon University? R1: Not yet! I recall getting an email saying that updates would come mid January (although they initially had said mid December).
  • 12/14 - Any word from IU Bloomington? R1: I know the sent invitations for zoom interviews already. R2: Have they sent campus invitations yet? R3: campus visits are being conducted right now. R4: thanks!
  • 12/14 - Any word about NC State University? R1: Nothing here! R2: If you log into their application system you may see "no longer under consideration" as your status; otherwise I believe that Zoom interviews are currently underway. (12/15) R3: they completed zoom interviews yesterday 12/15 R4: (12/20/2023). R3 or anyone else, have you heard back post-Zoom interviews? Did they give a timeline for when they would extend campus invites? R3: I haven't heard anything (12/26) anyone any updates?
  • 12/14 - Anything on Bucknell post Zoom?
  • 12/14 - Anything from Georgetown? R1: Nothing yet, but I'm assuming they'll take some time, considering all the documents they asked. R2: Just got a zoom interview request.
  • 12/14 - Anything from UC Davis' Afro-Latin American Studies search in Spanish & Portuguese? R1: nothing here. R2: (second hand but reliable) people were called for Zoom interviews a week ago.
  • 12/14- Has anyone heard from Columbia College? I read here that it was accepted, but my friend had a campus visit just the day before and was told that the committee was getting together the following week to make a decision.
  • 12/13 - Has anyone heard from Drew University? They posted an Assistant Teaching Professor of Spanish position back in October, but I haven't heard a peep.
  • 12/13 - Not sure if it's worth it asking again, but any news from WashU? I feel like if they don't contact the semi-finalists this week it will be in January. R2: I was wondering the same thing. So, that must mean they haven't even called the first round of interviews yet, right? OP: Unless they already moved forward with the search and none of the people who applied and on here advanced to the next round...I don't think (or more like I hope it's not) the case here. R3: This is my first time posting on the wiki because I came for a WashU update. They haven't contacted me either. R4: Insider here, unsure when they will send Zoom interviews but they are planned for early in the new semester and review is still ongoing. Hang in there! OP: Thank you so much, R4, for the insight! It's reassuring to know that at least I was not rejected and ghosted. Hopefully, the email will come before next week so we can all go on and enjoy the holiday seasons. R5: And if you hear nothing before Christmas, take it as an opportunity to turn your job market brain off, meditate, knit, write and rest until January :) OP: Thank you. That's a very sound advise. :) OP (12/19): It's me again. I have been refreshing my email every 5 seconds over the last couple of days, and still nada. I went to check WashU's academic calendar and saw that it's currently final exam week for them (until tomorrow). Maybe that's why the updates have not out yet. Best of luck everyone, and I will probably turn my phone off for the rest of the day...
  • 12/12 (bumping) CS Fullerton - does anyone know anything about campus visit invitations? R1: campus visit invitations were already sent.
  • 12/11 - Rice University - Got "long-shortlisted," saying that I am not invited to campus visit in January & February but if by march they still need to bring other candidates to campus they might let me know. I guess it's a "maybe" so I put it in this section. X2
  • 12/10 - Brown Lusophone applicants - have you given up? nothing about interviews on my end, nothing on the wiki. no info on whether they're running behind on interview requests or just waiting to contact rejects? R1: I am so curious too! Someone mentioned below that maybe they moved their search towards Associate professors (who are less likely to engage with the wiki), which seems like a reasonable answer.
  • 12/10 - Anything from Washington State University (WSU)? Parece que han tomado mucho tiempo. R1: Hay entrevistas esta semana, quizás vaya haber más.
  • 12/10 - Any news from University of Kentucky (teaching load, campus visits timeline, etc.)? R1: En la entrevista de zoom dijeron que esperan hacer los campus visits a finales de enero. Pidieron cartas de recomendación ayer (primera mano). R2: They sent campus visit invitations for mid January (12/09). R3: Thank you for sharing it! R4: TT or Lecturer position?
  • 12/9 - Anything from Union College? R1: Nothing here R2: nothing either (12/12) R3: Just received an invitation to a Zoom interview today: 12/13.
  • 12/9 - Anything from UC San Diego Mexican Lit or Transborder Studies?
  • 12/5 - Any news from George Mason University post zoom interviews? R1: They are currently doing second-round virtual interviews (three finalists).
  • 12/5 - Any news from Rice post zoom interviews? R1: My interview was last week and they said it might take around 2 weeks for the them to reach a decision and notify those who advance to the next around. My guess would be we won't hear back until next week. R2: 12/11 Campus visits (second hand, reliable)
  • 12/04 - Anything from UCSD - TT Contemporary Mexican lit?
  • 12/04 - Brown Lusophone - ainda nada? With the timeline described in the job post, I suppose they already contacted shortlist candidates. R1: Nothing yet. They probably went with candidates already at the Associate level who don't use the wikis.
  • 12/02 - Anything from Georgetown - Modern and Contemporary Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies? R1: nothing yet. R2: Nothing here either. R3: Zilch!
  • 12/02 - Anything from WashU - Global Hispanophone? R1: Nothing yet.
  • 11/30 Any news from CalState Fullerton? R1: no, but my letter writers haven't even gotten the requests for the letters yet, have yours? ETA: I saw R2 there and decided to email, and got a rejection back. R2: They did Zoom interviews last week, but I haven't heard anything since.
  • 11/30 Anything from Hamilton College (Peninsular)? R1: I haven’t heard anything yet.
  • 11/29 Does anyone know anything about the Generalist position at Belmont University? R1: They did interviews back in October. R2: been wondering the same thing, but they said they wanted to finish the whole process by end of November, so I assume they have made an offer or at least finished campus visits.
  • 11/28-Any one hear back from West Washington University on the TT linguistic professor job?
  • 11/28 - Any news from WashU on the Global Hispanophone Studies position? On 11/16, nobody had heard anything. Just checking back. R1: Nothing yet..
  • 11/27 - Any news from Brown and the position for Tenure-track Assistant or Associate Professor in Lusophone African and/or Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies? R1: Nothing here yet.
  • 11/22 - Does anyone know anything about the Peninsular position at Colby College? R1: Nothing here. R2: I think they closed applications on November 15. I'd be surprised if they replied so quickly? (11/27) R3. Nothing here (11/27)
  • 11/21 - Does anyone have any news on UC Davis? R1: Nothing here.
  • 11/21- Does anyone have any updates on Bryn Mawr's Peninsular position? RI: Nothing here (x2). R2. Nothing here (11/27)
  • 11/20 - Has anyone heard from University of Georgia (Spanish Phonetics/Phonology)? R1: Nothing here.
  • 11/20 - Has anyone heard from the University of Michigan for the ELP Director position (posted to the MLA job list)?
  • 11/20 - Anything from Macalester College (Postdoc, Latin American Literature and Culture with Indigenous Studies Focus) after first round of Zoom interviews (10/30-11/2)?
  • 11/20 - Does anyone have any updates regarding the Peninsular position in the Duke cluster hire? R1: Not yet. R2: They requested docs last week. R3: Really? I thought they were woing to request them after the first round of interviews... R3: REquested additional materials last week. Interviews on Dec. 6
  • 11/18 - Anything from Berea College after requesting letters of recommendation on 11/6? R1: Nothing here. R2: Still nothing (11/21) R3: Still nothing here (1/12). Am I the only one? R4: Nothing here either (5/12) R3: Still nothing for everyone? (1/8) R5: Haven't heard a peep. (1/15)
  • 11/18 - Anything from NYU - Indigenous Studies? R1: Nothing 11/18
  • 11/18 - Anything from Vassar College - Latin American Film? R1: They interviewed candidates this week (11/30), second-hand reliable.
  • 11/18 - Anything from University of South Carolina Sumter - Assistant Professor of Spanish? R1: Nothing (11/21)
  • 11/18 - Anything from National University of Ireland Maynooth - Spanish and Latin American Studies, Screen Studies? Due date was Oct 25.
  • 11/17- Has anyone heard from Texas A&M about the TT Assistant Professor of Linguistics position in the Department of Global Languages & Cultures? R1: not I, said the goose. R2: not me, said the bee. R3: No, nothing.
  • 11/16 - Anything from WashU - Global Hispanophone (TT)? R1: Nope, nothing here yet. (x2)
  • 11/15- Has anyone hear back from Texas Tech following their interview?
  • 11/14 Has anyone heard from UT Austin (Mexico/Central America TT)? R1: No, nothing. I am assuming that they have already moved ahead with their selections for interviews by now. R2: I interviewed for the position on 10/17. They emailed on 10/19 saying they were "very excited" about my work but I did not advance. Fastest turnaround time I've experienced. Also, this is a strictly Central America search just in case!
  • 11/14 - Has anybody heard from Furman University (Open-rank TT)? R1: Nope! (x2) R2: Still nothing 11/21
  • 11/14 - Has anyone heard from University of California at Berkeley - Assistant Professor (TT) in the Rhetoric of Global Imaginaries of Race or Environmental Rhetoric? R1: not yet (14/11) R2: I saw people got responses on the Communications wiki as of last month OP: Thanks, R2! I found out they requested letter of recommendations
  • 11/14 - Has anyone heard from Stanford University - Assistant Professor (TT) in the Literatures of the hemispheric cultures of the Américas? R1: not yet (14/11) x2 R2: Interview request 11/16
  • 11/14 - Anything from Pitzer College - Chicana/o Latina/o Transnational Studies? R1: I have not heard anything yet (11/14)
  • 11/14 - Anything from Central College (Iowa) - Assistant Professor of Spanish? Due date was Sept 15th. R1: Nothing here. R2: Nothing (11/21)
  • 11/14 - Anything from Cornell after they requested the recordings? R1: I have not heard anything yet.
  • 11/13 - Anything from Duke? Indigenous Cluster? R1: Not yet (13/11)
  • 11/11 - Anything from William and Mary? R1: Not yet (11/11)
  • 11/11 - Anything from Rice? R1: Nada. My guess is that this one might take a while because they asked for all the materials upfront. R2: If you mean Rice's position for Assistant Professor (TT), Transnational Latin American and Latinx Studies, they sent the first round of rejections on Wednesday, 11/15
  • 11/6 - Has anyone heard from Texas A&M U, Corpus Christi (Assistant Professor of Spanish, Latin American Focus) search? R1: They ran the same search last year. I am not sure if it was a failed search, or they didn't get funding for the position.
  • 11/6 - Anything from Amherst College (Assistant Professor of Spanish-TT) search? R1: Not yet (11/8) R2: Just received an invitation for a Zoom interview (11/9) OP: mucha suerte! :)
  • 11/6 - Have you heard from Penn State, York? Their deadline was on September 5th. R1: I haven't (11/7) x4 R2: Nothing (11/21)
  • 11/6 - Anything from Boston College? R1: Nothing yet
  • 11/6 - Anything from Brown? R1: Nothing yet, at least, I haven't heard anything. R2. me neither. anyone have insight into the process at the department? R3: R1, R2 still nothing as of 11/24? Not expect anything during the fall break, but I would think they would send invitations to interview by now if they're sticking on their December timeline.
  • 11/6. Has anyone heard anything from Bentley University? R1: yes, they just sent the campus visit invitation. OP: Wow, that was fast.
  • 11/6- Any news from Notre Dame Peninsular? R1: Nothing yet (11/7) x6 R2: Still nothing (11/21) x2
  • 11/2 - Has anyone heard anything about the Hispanic Studies Senior Lecturer position at Connecticut College? R1: I have not heard back x2
  • Anything from Austin College after the Zoom interviews? R2: I just received an email saying that I wasn't selected for the campus visit (10/30) R3: I am super bummed. I thought I performed really well at the interview. With all of these failed interviews, I am starting to think I am not cut out for academia. R4: A lot of the time you can perform well but you don't know what the committee is looking for ("fit") and how other candidates performed. Keep applying and interviewing!
  • Has anyone heard anything about the Open Rank (TT) position in Latin American literature at the University of Buffalo? R1: nope! x2

Word on the street[]

  • 7/7 - anyone heard from Doane university? 5/21 - Any news from FIU? Have they made an offer yet? R1: yes, received a kind email informing me that an offer has been made and accepted.
  • 4/22 - still nothing on FIU Portuguese? They have to have contacted selected candidates for campus visits by now, no? R1: Nothing here. Since they have mentioned during the interview they would let the candidates know as soon as possible, I kinda lost hope... But, who knows? Boa sorte! R2: I heard that one candidate did visits on 04/02
  • 4/22 Any news from Boston University. VAP. Latin American literature and culture, esp. Brazilian? R1: Nothing here (4/24) R2: post interview? R1: Yes, post interview. R2: They did say I'd hear something this week and so far nothing, so not good news, I suppose. (4/26)
  • 4/17 - Any news from Harvard U (NTT Senior Preceptor) position?. R1: They're in the hiring stage. (4/26) R2: Has an offer been made? Accepted? (4/26) R1: Don't know but I emailed last week and the HR person told me they are in the hiring stage. It's never a good sign if a department takes 5 months to get back to people. R2: Have you heard anything? (5/6)
  • 4/12 - Any news for Princeton Portuguese Lecture?
  • 3/23 - Does anyone know if the University of Virginia's (UVA's) 3/22 ad for a TT Asst. Prof. of Hispanic Linguistics represents a true search or an inside job (i.e., spousal hire, contract change)? The late posting date and the lack of an application deadline make me wonder. R1: I wondered the same. It's hard to say! It seems like a rather ideal job to not be a true search, but I honestly have no idea. I applied anyway. I also wonder whether it's a Fall 24 start or a jump on Fall 25.
  • 03/11/24 - Portuguese applicants : Utah moved forward with applicants. Brown seems to post job talk information.
  • 3/8 - For the position in Buffalo, there is a rumour in the Francophone section about a hiring freeze in the department. R1: Is this for the Literature or Linguistics position? OP: In the francophone section an "insider" from the department claims that the department has a hiring freeze, maybe it is just for French. I dont know if both literature and linguistics positions would be affected in spanish. R2: Finalist for the ling position here. A member of the search committee informed me that there is a hiring pause in the College because the provost determined there were not enough funds to hire all the advertised positions. OP: I wonder if "pause" means cancelled or if there is still hope for an offer to come later. R3: Crossing my fingers for you R2.
  • 3/5- Any gotten a call from Univ. of Texas - Tyler yet?
  • 2/28 - Any word on CU-Boulder post-Campus Visits?
  • 2/26 - Does anyone know anything about Winthrop University (Multi-year Instructor/Assistant Professor of Spanish)? Due date was 01/15.
  • 2/14 - Anybody heard from Rochester? I know it is quite early R1: Nothing here. Haven't heard from RIT nor Rochester University. R2: Invitation for online interview on February 9. R3: Was that invitation for RIT or University of Rochester? R2: RIT. R4: I also got an interview with RIT. Any news about campus visits?
  • 2/13 - Anyone know what's going on with the TT IU Bloomington job? It looks like it was originally posted in the fall with a Dec. 1st deadline and was just reposted to HigherEd jobs on 2/12. R1: Three campus visits have already been conducted (second-hand knowledge). Idk why it was reposted.
  • 2/11 – Has there been anything from NC State? I know that they were hiring a linguist and I am interested in the position, but I haven't heard anything (nor seen anything on here). Does anyone know about this? R1: They already conducted campus visits in January and early February. I'm not sure if they have already given an offer or not.
  • 2/8- Anyone has updates about Eastern Kentucky University?
  • 2/8 - Anything from FIU (Portuguese)? Closing date was Jan. 08. R1: Nothing here. R2: here neither. nothing from the other two open Portuguese jobs - Brown and Utah? R1: Não apliquei para esses outros dois. Boa sorte! R3: Nothing from FIU or Utah as of 2/9 R1: Received an invitation for a Zoom interview with FIU.
  • 2/6 - Anything from Harvard U (NTT Senior Preceptor of Spanish)? Closing date was Dec. 15.
  • 1/26 - Anything from University of South Carolina Sumter (Spanish) after the Zoom interview? R1: They sent campus visit invitations many weeks ago. R2: If it makes you feel better, I also got ghosted by them after my Zoom interview.
  • 1/26 - Anything from Augsburg University (Latine/x Studies) after the Zoom interview?
  • 1/24 - Anyone invited for a campus visit to University of Texas - Tyler? (Spanish professor position) R1: Campus visit notifications were sent in Nov and scheduled for Feb R2: Has anyone gotten a call yet from Tyler?
  • 1/22 - Any news from Hamilton College for campus visits? (Peninsular TT). R1: Campus invitations were sent (second hand).
  • 1/20 - Any info on the position at Qatar U? R1: Nothing yet.
  • 1/18 - Beware of the position at Pittsburg - Greensburg. They opened the job two days ago and they are closing it today (already an iffy thing). They do require an Ed.D to teach language, and on top of everything, the job description matches almost perfectly the bio of the only instructor of the Department. They did not even try to pretend that they did not have an internal candidate.
  • 12/30 - Interviewed at Grand Rapids Community College a few years ago. They were generally kind and collegial, but one person on the committee seemed a little sensitive to questions that implied teaching at a community college might be a different experience from teaching at a large university. Use maximum diplomacy if answering or asking questions that highlight that distinction.
  • 12/26 - Alguien sabe qué pasó en Stetson para abrir el puesto de nuevo este año? La wiki del año pasado dice que la oferta se aceptó.
  • 12/18- Alguna noticia de U of South Carolina después de las entrevistas por zoom?(Peninsular TT) R1: not yet 12/19
  • 12/12 Does anyone know why Truman State opened the Sp Ling position this year? The same position was offered 2 years ago and I think it was accepted. R1: Some people have retired. While Truman State is a good school, Kirksville is an awful town.
  • 12/02 - University of Florida interview questions (can't remember them all): Examples of mentorship, examples of how you handle conflict when coordinating, examples of how you would teach a lesson, how do you keep students engaged and how would you attract them to a Spanish major
  • 11/27 - Does anyone know anything about the California State - Long Beach TT position (19th, 20th, and/or 21st century Mexican and/or Central American)? R1: There's an inside candidate for this position. Not only is she a lecturer, she's married to one of their tenured professors. The position was obviously written for her. I would be very surprised if someone else gets it.
  • 11/21 - Does anyone know how the impending CSU strike might affect searches?
  • 11/9 - University of Miami Latin Americanist Position got 275 applications; they've narrowed it down to 30 candidates now. R1: That's crazy! Did you receive an email from them about this? R2: Wow! Now I know that I don't have a chance on this year's job market. It is sad to think that I will be forced out of academia. R3. These numbers are the new normal, sadly. Didn't the Latin Americanist search at Brandeis last year get something like 350 applications?
  • 10/27 - Does anyone happen to know anything about the position at Berea College? I recall they posted a similar position and hired during AY 2021-2022, but it doesn't look like whoever they hired is on the faculty page now. R1: Yes, that person left for a kind of joint hire elsewhere with their spouse. OP: Thanks! Glad it's not anything bad!
  • Farmingdale seems to have posted the same open position as last year. Does anyone know the story, like if they had a candidate back out? R1: I was informed last year that they'd found a finalist for the position.
  • Does anyone know what's going on with Louisiana State University's Spanish Coordinator/Instructor position? It was advertised only 2 years ago, why is it open again?
  • Does anyone know why people are rejecting the TT at University of Louisiana at Monroe? R1: My best guess would be that the city where the campus is located has a high crime rate.

Free advice (especially for colleagues new to the market)[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the street

  • For future ABD students in the market: I am an ABD in the market right now. In the fall, I had 4 Zoom interviews for permanent positions. In the spring, I have had 8 Zoom interviews scheduled so far (6 visiting, 1 lecturer and 1 TT), and I am still waiting on a handful. Most of these were scheduled mid-March or after. I don't know how "typical" I am but I just wanted to say that if the fall or the early spring feel slow in terms of interviews, that does not mean there won't be opportunities after. I think it is important to say this because when you are new to the market, you don't know what the timeline looks like, and this causes a lot of anxiety. Some folks are really lucky to find something in the fall, even early in the fall, but many of us may not find something until late in the spring, which is normal.
  • My data from this year's job search.
    • Background: PhD in hand, currently doing a post-doc with a full-time teaching load, several published articles in peer-reviewed journals. From September to November I applied to 5 positions and received invitations to 4 first-round interviews, and 3 campus visits.
    • Background: PhD in hand, currently in a temporary NTT position with full-time teaching load, two papers under review; applied to teaching-focus positions, mix of TT and NTT.
    • From August 29-October 28, I applied to 11 positions and received 1 interview; committees moved on with other candidates for 7 positions without a zoom interview. No updates on the rest.
    • On October 28 I received information that one of my articles had been accepted and updated my CV to reflect that.
    • Between October 29 and December 19, I applied to 14 positions and received 7 interviews; committees moved on with other candidates for 2 positions without a zoom interview. No updates on the rest.
    • There's no way to be sure what qualifies or disqualifies a candidate, but this experience really stressed for me just how much accepted publications matter, even for teaching-oriented positions.
    • I'd recommend that anyone with a strong teaching record who isn't having much luck this year consider focusing on publication leading into next fall. ¡Mucha suerte a todes!
  • Preparing cover letter. Use a lot of examples in your cover letter. It is tempting to write in broad strokes about passion and experience. Including in examples makes the letter more convincing to committees. So that means, show and don't merely tell.

General Discussion, Questions, and Inquiries[]

List NEW information at top. Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street

  • 4/29- Is anybody else applying to adjunct positions? I am running out of options here. I would even teach high school. I have not been able to find anything yet. R1: Don't forget about marketing and copywriting -- both positions where a background in research and writing can be useful. That's where I had modest success before entering a doctoral program.
  • 4/11 - It was a horrible job cycle for people working with Portuguese. Is there any hope that 2024/2025 will be better or should we be prepared just for lecturing and no tenure-track positions? R1: There have never been many tenure lines in Portuguese, and the broader market conditions in the humanities are abysmal. If one specializes even further within Portuguese — as one is often instructed to do — it takes a cosmic coincidence to fit the profile for a given search. I say this as someone very much in the same boat.
  • 3/7 - Given how tough the market is, what is the likelihood of a candidate turning down a job offer? If you're a finalist who knows the initial offer went to someone else, is it game over at this point? R1: It is "rare" but not "never happens rare." Some people manage to get multiple offers so they can afford to (and must, really) turn down one or the other. R2: There are also a not insignificant number of people who are already in TT positions looking to either improve their salary or their location/school. Since sometimes you have to wait until the hiring department makes an offer to find out what the offer is, some people will turn down offers and stay where they are/negotiate with their institution.
  • 3/3 - has anyone found a good system to keep track of job calls? I sign up for job alerts from the Chronicles, Inside Higher Ed and the database of two major organizations in my field, but still I feel like many jobs I could have applied for fell through the cracks. Also the emails announcing jobs that have already closed for application is quite annoying! R1: Google, Indeed and LinkedIn also have alerts, they may include very old postings but now and then they have positions not advertised in the more traditional academic jobs sites. I am not sure if the MLA job list or H-Net have alerts but they also are among the first to publish some recently opened positions. R2: Inside Higher Ed will also send you an email with the frequency you'd like (daily, weekly, etc).
  • 3/3 - now that we are in March, is it fair to say that the 2023-2025 job cycle has closed for tenure-track positions? R1: Not necessarily. I interviewed for a TT job at an R2 in late April last year. Things will come up, but it's now gone from a stream to a trickle, if that makes sense.
  • 3/1 - do any of you have any advice for improving one's chances after an unsuccessful first round of applications (no interviews or anything)? Is it better to just chalk it up to competition and keep going? I know this can be a normal experience, but it's hard to know how to proceed without getting much feedback. R1: One of my colleagues (now an adjunct, last year a 6th year grad student) just obtained a tenure-track position in his second year in the market. During the first year he got only one Zoom interview for a lecturer position and one VAP campus visit with a department that just ended up keeping their current VAP. If you do not have the PhD yet, apparently having it makes a difference. I know of folks who finally found a TT after a few years on the market. Having said that, everybody has different needs or wishes, so do not feel forced to continue if you don't want to. I just mean to say that the academic job market feels sometimes like a lottery system, esp. once you have all the qualifications on paper. R2: The market is indeed very competitive right now, and luck plays a major role. I don't know how many applications you submitted. But if you submitted 20+ applications (in which you met the requirements) and got no interviews, I would strongly suggest you revise your materials, especially your cover letter. I would reach out to trusted supervisors, colleagues, or academic friends, and would request their input. I have seen some weak application materials from good candidates. ¡Buena suerte! R3: Counterpoint to R2: it's totally normal, depending on one's subfield, to apply to 20+ jobs with excellent materials and not have single interview. I have seen this happen. The issue could also lie in your recommenders' letters which may not be very thorough (not saying they might be saying bad things but just not good letters). I like to think of the market as less than a lottery and more like musical chairs. In a lottery you depend on luck. Your only resource is to buy more tickets. Unfortunately, more applications doesn't put you closer to a job if you're not a good fit. However, musical chairs depends on how many people there are but also proximity to an available chair and opportunity to grab it (meaning, are you able to meet "fit"). ¡Buena suerte! R4: From my experience as a job candidate (3 years on job market) and now on a search committee, there are three major "jumps" candidates can make that can make a big difference. The first is ABD to PhD in hand; many institutions are happy to hire ABD, but some will have a strong preference for PhD in hand. The second is affiliation with your PhD-granting institution to a new institution. By this I mean, taking a VAP, postdoc, fellowship, or lecturer position elsewhere. Even if the new institution is less "prestigious" than the PhD granting one—or the new role is "worse" (i.e. more work) than, for example, staying at the PhD-granting institution as a 7th year grad student or PhD-in-hand lecturer—the new job communicates to a search committee that the candidate has been "vetted" by another committee that chose to hire them. The candidate seems more established professionally, even if very little else has changed. Plus it communicates either more teaching experience, across different institutions and student groups, or wider professional networks. The third (and I think this is the most important one) is zero articles to one article, OR one article to two articles. Here I'm referring to only accepted articles, not revise and resubmit or under review, and, of course, in respected peer-review journals. Many search committees will toss out dossiers of candidates who have zero accepted articles. Two articles communicates more guarantee that the candidate will be able to continue to write publishable scholarship, and sets the candidate ahead of many other applicants (since most apply with one). The "jumps" from two to three, three to four, and so on are less significant, but publishing more always helps. Quality of application materials and letters of course matter, but these are the three most crucial areas that I've noticed. Even if you can't make all three "jumps," making one or two will likely improve your chances next year. Just my two cents! R5: Thank you, R4! Your explanation is SUPER helpful! R1: Thanks to you all for this amazing advice! It's really helpful to understand the process a little better and helps demystify things. R6: I just wanted to say that based on my 5 years on the market, R4's advice is very solid. I would also like to add that beside that, it often comes down to the ever elusive "fit" at the end of the day, especially at the campus interview stage.
  • 3/1 - The waiting stage is awful, when we're uncertain about whether we will get a job at all. What do you guys recommend for dealing with the anxiety caused by this uncertainty? Are most programs willing to support graduates for an extra year if they are unable to find a permanent position for the Fall? R1: It truly is. Hang in there. As to program funding, it depends on your institution so you should ask them. Sometimes the trick is not to defend yet, or if you already defended, not to file for the degree so they can re-appoint you. Some places will hire you as a lecturer. But it certainly varies from one place to the next. R2: It's the worst, sending you solidarity!
  • 2/29 - Does anyone know if reference check is a common practice for academic searches? Also, if the check comes after a campus visit, do the institutions normally only do it for the person they plan to hire or to all finalists? Thank you. R1: It depends, sometimes they do them for all finalists, sometimes just for the chosen candidate. Oftentimes you can Google the hiring procedures of that particular institution and it might say. R2: First timer on the market here so I am not sure what most searches look like but before my first (and only) campus visit so far which happened last month the committee chair called my dissertation advisor on the phone to ask if he thought I was qualified for a position at an R1 research university, R3: Yes, it's common. They can check the references for all finalists or one by one. It depends. And yes, that is a common question, esp. at an R1 where the stakes for tenure rely on being able to publish a lot and in "high-impact" places or with established university presses. It probably also means that the committee really likes you but they are a bit hesitant that you have what it takes. It's normal. They don't know you.
  • 2/13 - Silly question maybe, but for seasoned academics, what do you think about applying to schools in locations you do not envision yourself living in? I am a queer POC and while I currently live in a red state, my institution is its own progressive bubble in a large city. I am wary of more isolated locations, but then again I think you cannot judge a place without ever visiting. Has anybody here ended up loving a place that they thought they would not? Or should I simply not apply? Thanks! R1: I don't think it's a silly question, especially when considering a tenure-track offer (which would imply some sort of permanence at a place). I think both strategies are acceptable: you can rule out certain places AND you can apply to some positions and decide later. It doesn't have to be either/or. I have done both. Moving gets expensive and tiring, and so sometimes even if you applied and are a finalist, you may decide that you'd rather stay where you are for now and hope for something better the next time around, or, you might be willing to give yourself the space to see if you like the place after some time. I think it's important to remember two things that get lost in the frenzy of the musical chairs that the job market can be: on the one hand, even people in tenure-tracks keep applying to jobs, and on the other hand, whatever time you spend at an institution it's not wasted (neither for the employee nor for the colleagues/institution). Just by teaching their courses, advising their students, publishing, presenting, and doing service you are contributing to that institution and (hopefully) making it better. If you decide to leave for a better fit, then you didn't waste anyone's time. You contributed for however long and they should be happy that you did.
  • 1/18 - I was wondering if somebody can give me some advice... Regarding campus visits, I would like to know when (or if) it is ok to reach out to the department, how I could do it.. etc. I'm guessing that if I don't hear anything from them in a timely manner I should assume it's not me who they want.. but I'm not sure either what is the normal timeline to receive an offer (or rejection), since this is my first time doing this. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Gracias colegas! R1: I'm sorry that this is advice that can't really make a difference with jobs you've already interviewed for, but for what it's worth, I find it really helpful to ask the committee how they see the timing of the search playing out. I think it's a pretty normal question to ask. Edit: to clarify, I mean it's normal to ask that during the "Do you have any questions for us?" portion of a first round interview. R2: In my experience, they usually tell you towards the end of the visit a general timeline for when they plan to make their decisions. I have only contacted them when I had other offers. Otherwise I think most places will send "nice" rejection emails to those who visited campus but were not given offers. But it can take a few weeks, if not more. R3: OP, I am curious about this question too. I was wondering if people who received an offer notification could share how many weeks/days between their visit and the offer notification. Thanks in advance. R4: In my experience, it varies from one institution/committee to the other. It also depends on whether you are their first/last candidate who visits, if they offer the position to somebody before you and they reject it... It is hard to tell, to be honest. I think a polite email asking for an update a few weeks after your visit is not unreasonable. R5: In my past experiences, I twice received an offer after 1 week of the last day of my visit.
  • 01/16 - I heard through the grapevine that WashU wanted the candidates to visit the campus only two weeks after the they sent out the campus visits invitation ..they are either on a very tight hiring schedule or it maybe an internal hire...? Not interviewing with them but just curious. Any thoughts or insights? R1: Insider in the dept. and I very much doubt it is an internal hire, it is replacing an assistant prof. who left for another school for personal reasons and there's currently no eligible person internally that I can think of. There's probably not much to it. R2: Definitely no internal hire (insider, as well). In my own experience, 2 weeks notice for a campus visit is not uncommon (I once was given 10 days). IMO, all it means is that the committee is aware that it's in their best interest to offer the job to someone sooner rather than later, so as to not risk losing their top candidates. When WashU ran another search a couple years ago, one of their finalists dropped out before the campus visit because they had to accept another offer before their campus visit was scheduled/the search was set to wrap up.
  • 12/28 - How do you all deal with ghosting? I never expected much out of the market, but it's particularly difficult to come to terms with a complete communications blackout after wrangling letters from recommenders and preparing a custom dossier for each school. I suppose it's not over till you get a hard reject, but hearing nothing at all 2+ months after deadlines is in many ways more dispiriting than receiving a rejection in a timely fashion. R1: I don't consider it ghosting. The committees can't really say anything in many cases because they don't know if they will have to go back to the applicant pool and that gets awkward if they already rejected you. This wiki is helpful for knowing more or less when interviews are starting and knowing you are likely out of the running. I try not to get too invested in any particular job until I have at least had a 1st round interview. OP: Fair enough, but why can't schools communicate that simple reality: we're moving forward with other candidates at this time but will keep your application on file should circumstances change. In fact, a number of posters here have described receiving messages to that effect; that seems much more professional and compassionate. The key, as you say, is not to get invested in the first place. R2: My first year on the market I was really stressed out about this. Then I learned both how to apply the attitude that R1 is suggesting and also that HR places rules on how much to communicate with candidates, including when to send out rejections, especially at R1/state institutions. Another way to look at it is that while the job market feels utterly personal for the applicant (because your future professional life is at stake), the market, applying, interviews, etc is all absolutely business. You are a professional applying to a job and they are just trying to hire someone. That's all. Try to take the personal feels out of it for your own sanity. R3: Also keep in mind that most search committees are staffed by older faculty members, that they receive hundreds of applications, and that Workday, Interfolio, etc. are not intuitive systems. It's not personal! :)
  • 2/26 Tener cuidado con la posición en New College of Florida. El gobernador De-Saster quitó a la presidenta (a quien conozco personalmente, por cierto) y está convirtiendo cambiando a la universidad en su nuevo proyecto conservador. Hacer research antes de solicitar. R1: Seconded. New College also denied tenure to a number of junior faculty across the university last year. Florida is already a risky bet because of attacks on tenure, DEI, etc. but New College is intimately involved in DeSantis's culture war--Christopher Rufo is on the board of trustees for the university. People do what they need to do in a bad market but I would be very hesitant about accepting a position here.
  • 12/15. Question: The job post for the position at the University of North Dakota states the following: "The University of North Dakota is currently not hiring employees in the following states: CO, CA, OR, WA, AR, PA, HI, and any country outside of the United States." Is that even legal? How can they not allow applicants from other states? R1: Speculation, but maybe this is for remote work? OP: It's not speculation. It's stated in the job post. R1: What I am saying is, they may be required by HR to post that disclaimer in case the job has remote elements. For instance, a friend of mine works remotely and his job has said that he cannot move outside the United States while continuing to work there, for tax reasons. But this is just speculation on my part. R2: If the job is remote/online, then the restrictions are absolutely about the location of the employee (meaning, the state where you live). Different states, different rules but where the employee lives determines the rules as much as where the job is. For remote work, this means that if a job in ND cannot comply with work rules in CO or CA, then they can't hire you.
  • 11/30 - What other jobs (academic or otherwise) or projects are other people considering if it doesn't work out? OP: I'm trying to figure out a research associateship, and I'm also looking at activities director jobs for nursing homes. R1: Instructional designer. R2: Only Fans. R3: Crime scene cleaner. R4: copy writer/editor. R5: I'm planning to give R3 a job soon-ish (jk lol) R6: Don't become the Nevada rejected professor, R5. R7: One has to be very creative to make use of a PhD in Spanish in anything other than academia. ETA and make a decent living doing so. R8: R7, That is so completely inaccurate and just shows how much academia socializes people to settle just for academic jobs and not consider any other options... There are many transferable skills that one gains through a PhD that can be applied to work outside academia. R3: Armpit sniffer. R7: R8, you make a good point, but I wouldn't say it's completely inaccurate. What jobs that pay well require you to have a PhD in Spanish focused on Golden Age lit? I don't ask snarkly, Specially for those of us who left our countries to come do a PhD in the U.S., where do we go from here? Our English is usually not as strong as English. Everyone always says "writer" "editor" I can can only laugh. Where are those jobs? I'll gladly apply.
  • 11/23 - "Everyone wants a tenure-track job. But colleges hiring new tenure-track faculty prefer newly-minted PhDs to even veteran teaching-trackers or adjuncts. And even if they do hire a veteran teaching-tracker or adjunct, it’s practically never one of their own. If a teaching-tracker or adjunct makes a breakthrough, they apply for a tenure-track job somewhere else. Devereaux describes this as 'a hiring system where experience manifestly hurts applicants'" (From Does this also happen in Spanish departments? R1: In my experience, yes, unfortunately. Especially because lecturers and adjuncts tend to teach language classes more than literature, culture, and history. R2: In my experience, not necessarily. I've had internal candidates working as adjuncts or Asst. Teaching Profs in the department be chosen over me (PhD student) for TT positions. And I have a friend who is an ATP whose position was converted to TT because the institution wanted to keep them. I think what's important is that if you are adjuncting or ATP and you hope for TT that you keep trying to do research, be of service to the department, and be innovative in your teaching. R3: As I have always understood it, there are two main reasons why a newly minted PhD is preferred over someone with a few years out of grad school. The first one should be obvious: new PhDs are cheaper. They can be started on the lowest level of the pay scale for their position because their teaching experience (if they had any during grad school) doesn't count toward pay. Only having had a similar appointment (including VAPs) counts for salary and for transferring in your years onto a TT position (yes, this is something negotiable). The second reason, which is related, is that a new PhD shows "promise" whereas a junior TT has to show "experience." Without a promising book deal in hand or any other reason the hiring college/univ might find desirable (maybe they want someone to be fast-tracked to associate due to an upcoming flurry of retirements, maybe they need junior-level colleagues but don't want them too fresh out of grad school, etc), then a fresh PhD will have the potential to A. do great things, B. be molded to the particular department.
  • U of Chicago just posted a position for Assistant Instructional Professor in Spanish yesterday. Is this the same position that was posted last year? What do you know about the vibes in that department? R1: Hello! I wanted to bring your attention to the wiki page called "Spanish and Portuguese 2021-2022". [Link added 11/21] From my personal experience, I found that the Department can be quite toxic and snobbish. During my campus visit, I felt I was not treated respectfully. The program coordinators were particularly rude and made me feel unwelcome.Additionally, the Department lacks diversity and inclusivity, which can be concerning for some applicants. Even though they claim to accept international candidates, they do not offer sponsorship for the H1B visa. The starting salary is $70K, which may not be sufficient considering the amount of effort and hard work required for the job. Please keep this in mind before applying. OP: Thank you for the info. It does not sound like a thriving environment.
  • Albion College for real? They actually have the audacity to advertise that they'll offer someone with a PhD a salary of 22,000/year. It's BELOW MICHIGAN'S MINIMUM WAGE. R1. Not to jump to the college's defense, but the job is just for one semester. So that's 22,000 for a 5-month contract or 4,400 a month pre-tax. That's still quite low, but definitely not below the minimum wage. R2. I saw that too and figured it was 1 semester and probably they already have someone locally but had to post the ad anyway. At that low rate, it's hardly likely they would offer money to move for example. I wouldn't take it too seriously unless I were in that area.
  • Beware of the CCSU position. This is the third year in a row they advertise for it. Last year people also posted warnings and I read them and didn't listen, and in the end, the warnings were accurate. I was offered the job and turned it down, too many red flags and unwillingness to treat people like a colleague. Plus, bad management, terrible collegiality. Avoid if you can or apply at your own risk. R1: Toxic work environment, indeed. The dept chair (who's on sabbatical now) is a terrible human being and treated me very poorly during a campus visit early this year. OP. In my experience, the chair was the only one who was nice to me. The committee was awful and the department just seemed uninterested in hiring a new TT colleague (so, someone you'll continue to work with for a long time. I'd be interested in seeing who the finalists are!) Utterly disengaged. Unrealistic expectations. It sounded like a place where they'd run me to the ground and I actually value my life outside of work. In the end, despite being nice with me, the chair was unwilling to negotiate on anything and I felt they were looking for a sabbatical replacement rather than a colleague so I turned it down. Best decision ever. R2: Thank you so much for these warnings. I posted about the major issues with this campus on last year's wiki. The Chair is exactly as she has been described year after year on this site - the most miserable person imaginable. The faculty there hate each other with several ongoing civil wars and factions, the salary is not enough for New England unless you're independently wealthy, they have not even been retaining TT faculty let alone visitors, and the class enrollments are "abysmal" (using the Chair's own word here). The Department of WLL at CCSU has had at least four searches fail in the last two years alone, which speaks volumes in the bloodbath of a current market we're all facing. They're a bunch of underhanded, corrupt scammers. Cuts to majors and positions are undoubtedly on the horizon on this cesspool of a campus. It is to be avoided at all costs if you value your mental and emotional wellbeing. Ignore the numerous warnings at your peril! R3: I know second hand (reliable) that they make you buy your own flights to visit the campus, which is already pretty sketchy, and then my buddy was ghosted for months about the reimbursement until they got a lawyer involved to get their money back. R2 again: Yes, I can also confirm that they make candidates pay for flights and sit on their butts for months on the matter of reimbursement. Such a terrible way to treat candidates. They ran a peninsular search in the 2021-22 cycle, took months to make a decision, then gave their chosen candidate TWO DAYS to answer. Needless to say, the person ran for the hills. The department has had numerous lawyer situations in recent years, including among colleagues in the department. Worst of the absolute worst place! R1 again. I was invited to CCSU for a campus visit in March (for the Peninsularist position). The dept chair (who's on sabbatical now) is the most unpleasant person I have met in my life and the committee was totally disengaged. The chair of the search committee (a lady from Spain) ended up hiring -surprise!, surprise!- another lady from Spain. During the visit they gave me a "tour" of the department which basically consisted in visiting several empty offices since 7 tenured faculty had resigned. The Dean was not friendly either and only asked terrible questions. The teaching load is unreasonable and it's very difficult to get any course releases. They did pay for the campus visit expenses but I had to wait a lot time and make several calls. OP. I agree with R1's latest comment especially on how unreasonable the teaching load is! It's a 4-4 load, which, fine I can do, but 4 different preps?! At least make it 2 or 3 preps with sections of the same course! But don't have new TT folks just cover your sabbatical courses, that's a temp hire (adjunct/lecturer), not a tenure-track hire. I need to be able to offer courses in my field/subdiscipline. This was one of the things I tried to negotiate on and I was shut down. Also, as R1 pointed out, hard to get a course release, and, the Chair doesn't even know CT law/union rules. Run! R2: Yet another thing to add to their laundry list of legal issues. They routinely hire people for their areas of specialization and only give them 100-level basic language courses to protect themselves and get the best options. It will be interesting to watch this search fail again next year. The dean is no better, authorizing this charade year after year. Severe mental illness!
  • Is it just me, or does it seem like more applications than normal want applicants to upload a non-confidential cover letter themselves? Is it okay to ask that of a letter writer? It seems a little inappropriate but that's what they're asking for. R1: I've seen that, and I thought it was weird. In these cases, I've forwarded the email notification(s) to my letter writers to submit that themselves so I don't do it myself, while also giving them the info they might need. (There's sometimes/often an email included to send those documents to.)
  • Some folks are sharing updates from Columbia College's search for an Assistant Professor of Spanish. I applied but have not received a rejection or a Zoom interview invitation. I remember that the college website was very confusing, and maybe I didn't complete the application :( R1: It's probably not that you didn't completed the application. It's quite common for search committees to not send rejections until the finalist accepts the job offer. Often they do not send any rejections at all. Good luck with the rest of your applications! R2: I agree. I actually found surprising that they'd contact us with rejections so quickly! R3: I applied for that job on 10/06 and got a request for a Zoom interview on 10/31.
  • I did not apply to this job and have no relation to this institution, but I wanted to encourage our colleagues who are considering the job at Miami University in Ohio to be cautious. The administration is seeking to cut 18 majors, including multiple languages. Spanish is not among them, but Latin American Studies is. The major in Spanish Education is also at risk of being cut. I know times are tough and we all would like a tenure track job, but this is something to keep in mind during interviews and visits. This has been in the news for a bit, but it has come up again in a recent New York Times piece on the dire state of the humanities. R1: Thank you! R2: I'll also add that I had a friend work as a VAP there and can confirm that on top of all the issues mentioned here, the department is toxic AF.
  • For positions that ask for a cover letter that speaks to research (for example) and also a separate research statement, how redundant should the research statement be, and how superficial should the mention of research be in the cover letter? R1: If you don’t need the extra space you would get by paring down the research portion of the cover letter, leave it as-is. If you could really use a few extra lines for something else, pare down the fluff not the core details. And in either scenario, at an appropriate spot in the research section of the cover letter, you can add in parentheses (See Research Statement) or write outside of parenthesis, “As I describe in more detail in my Research Statement…” so the committee knows you expanded on a particular facet of your profile in the other document. Why should you still have a strong research section in the letter in general? One reason is that some committee members might use the cover letter as their first weed-out document in the application process. If they don’t see a strong explanation of research there, perhaps they get biased against the application overall before they even get to the research statement.
  • Does any body else feel like the market this year, compared to last, is a bit stagnant? R1: Absolutely, last year's market was much better IMO. R2: I have the opposite opinion, but the truth is that fewer people are using this page (the academicjobs) for some reason. During the pandemic, there were fewer jobs but more people used this page, sometimes just for ranting. Maybe there was nothing else to do. OP: Thanks R1. R2, I agree that this page is not getting as much traffic as before, but I think that the MLA job list last year around this time had more jobs than it does now. Maybe I am wrong, though. R3: Yo tengo la misma sensación que OP y R1. En literatura el campo me parece más restringido que nunca y si a eso sumamos (más bien restamos) las universidades que están obsesionadas por la diversidad pero que no hacen sponsorship a visados y los puestos que anuncian universidades cristianas integristas, pues apaga y vámonos. Intentemos mantener el optimismo pese a todo. R4: La respuesta va a depender del perfil de cada candidato. En comparación con mercados anteriores, este es un buen año para peninsular, por ejemplo. También depende del perfil de la institución. Estoy viendo menos puestos en instituciones que priorizan la investigación y más en colleges, R2 o regional comprehensives. Pero en general estoy de acuerdo con R3 que el trend de alinear las búsquedas con una visión superficial de los identity politics continúa. OP: Estoy de acuerdo con R3 en la cuestión de la diversidad y los visados, es un tanto contradictoria, me parece. Y sí, es cierto que el campo literario está más restringido estos días, no digamos ya si no haces algo trendy. R4, es verdad que el mercado de Peninsular está mejor este año, aunque como dices, quizás en instituciones menos atractivas para la investigación. Pero bueno, vamos a ver en qué acaba la cosa. Paciencia y ánimo. R5: Yo también siento que para literatura hay muy poco en comparación a años anteriores. Han salido más puestos de "teaching track" que otros años creo yo. Son épocas de vacas flacas... R6: El mercado está mejor para Peninsular, pero sólo si haces cosas contemporáneas. Aquí de acuerdo con R3 y con OP, porque, por ejemplo, para los que nos hemos dedicado a campos como Edad Media y Siglo de Oro (en mi caso el segundo) hay poco por no decir nada. Salió un puesto de medieval en Notre Dame, pero en Siglo de Oro sólo salió un puesto en una universidad de cristianos fanáticos que te piden que firmes en tu contrato que no mantendrás relaciones sexuales ilícitas (o sea: gays aquí no). Lo de las modas académicas es terrible. El otro día lo hablé con profesores de mi programa, que se ofendieron cuando les dije que es casi inmoral permitir que une estudiante haga una tesis en algo que no sea literatura latinoamericana contemporánea si no se da el caso de que el estudiante en cuestión sea heredere de una fortuna en litio, pero si quiere encontrar trabajo con una investigación centrada en el Libro del Buen Amor o en Góngora lo lleva crudo. Perdón amigues, sé que esto es una pataleta, pero necesito compartir mi frustración: ya saben, encontrar consuelo en el grupo de pertenencia. Un abrazo a todes y seguimos en la lucha. R7: Aquí alguien de Peninsular Contemporánea. Hmmmm I kind of disagree... Este es mi tercer año en el job market y pienso que está peor que nunca. Lo que más he visto en los últimos años ha sido del campo de Lit mexicanista, centroamericana y este año mucho Afro-Caribean y Borders... Es cierto que poco de linguistica comparado con otros años. pero de Peninsular, mucho? No se...Mucha suerte a todos! R8: Yo también soy siglodeorista y estoy de acuerdo. Comparto tu frustración y te mando mucha solidaridad (aunque somos "rivales" :) )


Applicant Current Status / Academic Rank:

  • ABD (will finish this academic year): 11
  • ABD (currently in one-year, VAP, PhD Completion Fellowship, visiting instructor, lecturer or adjunct position): 1
  • Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, post-doc, instructor, adjunct): 12
  • Ph.D. in hand (TT): 2
  • Ph.D. in hand (unable to find academic employment at the moment):1
  • Ph.D. in hand (currently working outside of academia): 1
  • Adjunct Faculty: 0
  • Assistant Professor: 6
  • Associate Professor:0
  • Full Professor:0
  • Committee member: 0

Field of Interest:

Literature: 13
Linguistics: 8
Language Program Coordination: 5
Cultural Studies: 7

How many applications do you plan on sending this year?

Between 1 and 10: 9
Between 10 and 20: 5
Between 20 and 30: 1
Between 30 and 40: 4
Over 40: 4
Over 60: 0

Job Postings[]

List NEW information at top, NOT in alphabetical order as we have previously done. This is a change that has been requested in previous years and it's one that makes sense. Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street

List NEW information at top, NOT in alphabetical order as we have previously done. This is a change that has been requested in previous years and it's one that makes sense. Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street


EXAMPLE UNIVERSITY FORMAT (STATE / COUNTRY). Position Rank and Title (Tenure-Line or Not / Contract Length Info). Language / Specialty. Deadline. Link to Job ad

  1. Wartburg College (Iowa). Visiting Assistant Professor (PhD) or Visiting Instructor of Spanish (MA). 1 year. Starts Aug. 26, 2024. Open specialization. OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  2. Mount Holyoke College. Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Afro-Latin American and/or Indigenous Latin American histories and cultures. DUE 10/11/2024. LINK (this job is for the 2024-2025 academic cycle)
  3. St. Olaf College. Visiting Instructor or Assistant Professor (NTT). DUE 06/17/2024. LINK
  4. University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). Instructional Assistant Professor of Spanish. DUE unknown. LINK
  5. Taylor University. Visiting Instructor of Spanish (NTT). DUE unknown. LINK
  6. University of Oxford. Two positions: 1) Departmental Lecturer in Medieval Spanish Literature & 2) Departmental Lecturer in Golden Age Spanish Literature. DUE 06/03/2024 (1) & 06/05/2024 (2). LINK1 & LINK2
  7. Voorhees College. Foreign Languages Faculty, French and Spanish (NTT). OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  8. North Greenville University. Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). DUE unknown. LINK
  9. Washington University in Saint Louis. Lecturer in Spanish (NTT). DUE 06/03/2024. LINK
  10. University of Hertfordshire (UK). Lecturer in Languages (Spanish). DUE 06/02/2024. LINK
  11. William & Mary. Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor of Modern Language and Literature, Hispanic Studies. DUE 05/27/2024. LINK
  12. Jackson State University. Assistant Professor of Spanish and Sociolinguistics (TT). OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  13. University of Stirling. Lecturer in Spanish and/or Latin American Studies (NTT). DUE 06/06/2024. LINK
  14. Emory University. Visiting Instructor of Spanish language instruction (NTT). Optional, ability to teach Portuguese courses. DUE unknown. LINK
  15. Berea College. Visiting Assistant Professor in Spanish (NTT; 2 yr). OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  16. University of Limerick (Ireland). Teaching Assistant in Spanish, 2 positions. DUE 05/22/2024. LINK
  17. University of Cambridge, Murray Edwards College. Lectureship and Fellowship in Spanish (TT after 2yr appt). DUE 06/10/2024. LINK
  18. Berry College. Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT). OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  19. University of Vermont. Lecturer, Spanish (NTT). DUE 05/15/2024. LINK
  20. University of Texas at Arlington. Senior Lecturer, Spanish (NTT). OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  21. Southern Utah University. Lecturer of Spanish. DUE 05/16/2024. LINK
  22. St. Mary's College of Maryland. Visiting Assistant Professor. Latinx Literature. DUE unknown. LINK
  23. Mohave Community College. Faculty, Spanish (NTT; 12 month). DUE unknown. LINK
  24. New Mexico State University. Visiting Assistant Professor. Hispanic & General Linguistics (NTT). DUE unknown. LINK
  25. St. Mary's University. Visiting Assistant Professor of Languages (Spanish). DUE 05/20/2024. LINK
  26. Coastal Carolina University, Lecturer, Spanish. DUE 05/05/2024-
  27. Doane University. Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Preference for Latin America and culture/service connections in Crete, NE area. DUE unknown. LINK
  28. University of Virginia's College at Wise. Instructor, Spanish (NTT). DUE unknown. LINK
  29. Texas Tech. Instructor, Spanish. (NTT). DUE unknown. LINK
  30. Texas A&M. Instructional Assistant Professor of Spanish and Lower Level Undergraduate Spanish Coordinator (NTT). DUE 05/01/2024. LINK
  31. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Profesor ayudante doctor. (NTT) DUE 05/14/2024. LINK
  32. The University of the West Indies (Jamaica). Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Spanish (NTT). OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  33. Moreno Valley College. Assistant Professor, Community Interpretation in Spanish. DUE 05/27/2024. LINK
  34. Roanoke College. Lecturer in Spanish (NTT; full-time). DUE unknown. LINK
  35. University of Kentucky. Instructor, Hispanic Studies. (NTT; full-time). REVIEW BEGINS 04/22/2024. LINK
  36. University of North Georgia. Lecturer in Spanish. DUE unknown. LINK
  37. Texas Woman's University. Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. Support for Spanish for Healthcare major. DUE unknown. LINK
  38. University of Strasbourg (France). Romance Studies Assistant Professor. Contemporary Hispanic American Literature. DUE 05/17/2024. LINK
  39. University of Szczecin (Poland). Lecturer (1) AND Assistant Professor of Spanish Literature (2). DUE 06/03/2024. LINK(1) & LINK(2).
  40. Baylor University. Lecturer, Spanish (NTT; full-time, 1 yr). DUE 12/31/2024. LINK
  41. Hampden-Sydney College. Visiting Instructor/Assistant Professor of Spanish. OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  42. Newcastle University. Lecturer in Spanish. DUE 04/30/2024. LINK
  43. Saint Joseph's University. Instructor of Practice, Spanish. DUE unknown. LINK
  44. University of Massachusetts Lowell. Assistant Professor of Spanish & Lower Division Spanish Program Coordinator. 18th c. Peninsular literature. OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  45. Clemson University. Lecturer in Spanish. REVIEW BEGINS 03/15/2024. LINK
  46. University of South Carolina at Union. Instructor, Spanish, full-time (NTT). OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  47. University of Toronto. Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream. Latin American Literature and Culture. DUE 05/13/2024. LINK
  48. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Instructor/Lecturer Spanish (NTT). DUE 04/19/2024. LINK
  49. University of Namur (Belgium). Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT). DUE 04/28/2024. LINK
  50. Penn State. Lecturer or Assistant Teaching Professor of Spanish (NTT). OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  51. Lycoming College. Lecturer or Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT). Open, interest for race, gender, and/or border studies. OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  52. University of Dallas. Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow of Spanish (NTT). Open. REVIEW BEGINS 03/18/2024. LINK
  53. Bucknell University. Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT). Literature and cultures of Spain. DUE 04/15/2024. LINK
  54. Angelo State University. Instructor of Spanish (NTT). OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  55. Hagerstown Community College. Faculty, Foreign Language (can be Spanish) (TT). DUE unlisted. LINK
  56. John Hopkins University. Lecturer in Spanish. SLA, Applied Linguistics and computer-assisted language learning desirable. DUE 04/20/2024. LINK
  57. University of French Polynesia. Teacher-scholar in Romance Studies (Spanish). Spanish or Latin American influence in the Pacific Islands. DUE 04/22/24. LINK
  58. The University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (2-year, NTT). Area of Specialization Open (preference for Heritage Spanish or Spanish for the Professions). No sponsorship. OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  59. Boston University (MA). Visiting Assistant Professor (one-year, NTT). Medieval/early modern Iberian literature and culture. REVIEW OF APPS STARTS 3/29/24; OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  60. Boston University (MA). Visiting Assistant Professor (one-year, NTT). Latin American literature and culture, esp. Brazilian. REVIEW OF APPS STARTS 3/29/24; OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  61. Princeton University. Lecturer in Spanish. OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  62. University College Cork (Ireland). Lecturer in Hispanic and Portuguese Studies. DUE 04/23/2024. LINK
  63. Central Georgia Technical College. Spanish Instructor (NTT; full-time). REVIEW BEGINS NOW. LINK
  64. McNeese State University. Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Open, flexibility to teach variety of courses. DUE until filled. LINK
  65. Southern Methodist University. Lecturer, Spanish (NTT). DUE 04/30/2024. LINK
  66. University of Warwick. Assistant Professor in Hispanic Studies, Translation and Transcultural Studies. (TT) DUE 04/21/2024. LINK
  67. Pima Community College. Instructional Faculty, Spanish (NTT). DUE 04/04/2024. LINK
  68. Colorado College. Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT). Open. DUE until filled. LINK
  69. Pitzer College. Visiting Spanish Language Lecturer (NTT). Ability to teach Portuguese a plus. DUE 03/24/2024. LINK
  70. Auburn University. Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Strong desire for 18th and 19th century peninsular. DUE 03/27/2024. LINK
  71. King's College London. Lecturer in Global Hispanic Studies and World Literature. Spanish and comparative with non-English language. Arabic, the Philippines, indigenous cultures and languages of Latin America, or the black Atlantic diaspora are particularly welcomed. DUE 03/31/2024. LINK
  72. University of Notre Dame. Associate Teaching Professor of Portuguese. Portuguese linguistics/pedagogy or closely related field. DUE 04/20/2024. LINK
  73. University of Wisconsin Madison. Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish & Portuguese (NTT). Open, particular consideration for: race/ethnicity/indigeneity, gender/queer/trans studies, disability studies, environmental studies, social justice, digital humanities/new media, Mexico/Central America/Brazil/Andes, and Latinx/Afro-Latinx/border studies. DUE 04/12/2024. LINK
  74. Bowdoin College. Visiting Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies (NTT). Literature and cultures of Spain, preference for Medieval or post-1800. DUE 03/18/2024. LINK.
  75. Green River College. Teaching Position in Spanish & Latin American Studies (NTT). Open. DUE 03/31/2024. LINK
  76. University of Melbourne. Lecturer in Spanish & Latin American Studies. Tenure Track. Open. DUE 06/03/2024. [1]
  77. Oxford College of Emory University. Two positions, 1) Visiting Assistant Professor or Visiting Instructor of Spanish. Open. DUE 04/08/2024. LINK & 2) Visiting Assistant Professor or Visiting Instructor of Spanish AND Latinx/Ethnic Studies (in English). DUE 04/08/2024. LINK
  78. Rollins College. Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT). Generalist; knowledge of pedagogical content development, second language acquisition, curricular design, and innovative methods and approaches in language teaching. DUE 03/15/2024. LINK
  79. Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. Assistant Professor of Portuguese (TT). Portuguese literature/didactics. DUE 04/03/2024. LINK
  80. Abilene Christian University. Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Open but preference for linguistics/SLA/translation. OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  81. Samford University. Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Open, ability to teach language, culture, literature. DUE 03/30/2024. LINK
  82. University of Nebraska at Kearney. Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Generalist in linguistics, literature, or both. Preference for someone who can teach translation, interpretation, and/or language for the professions. Ability to teach French also valued. DUE 03/22/2024. LINK
  83. Texas State University. Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT). Latin American Literature. DUE 03/18/2024 [2]LINK
  84. Eckerd College. Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT). Open. DUE 03/15/2024. LINK
  85. UCLA. Spanish Language Lecturers (NTT). DUE 03/21/2024. LINK
  86. South Pudget Sound Community College. Spanish Professor (TT; full time). DUE 03/01/2024. LINK
  87. Clackamas Community College. Spanish Instructor (NTT; full-time). DUE 03/10/2024. LINK
  88. Princeton University. Lecturer in Portuguese (NTT). DUE unlisted. LINK
  89. North Carolina Central University. Lecturer of Spanish (NTT). DUE unlisted. LINK
  90. Georgia College & State University. Lecturer of Spanish (NTT; 1 yr). DUE unlisted. LINK
  91. Winston-Salem State University. Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT). DUE 02/12/2024. LINK
  92. Moorpark College. Spanish Instructor (TT). DUE 03/03/2024. LINK
  93. Piedmont University. Assistant or Assoc. Professor of Spanish. Open. DUE unlisted. LINK
  94. University of Chicago. Assistant Instructional Professor of Basque and Spanish. DUE 02/23/2024. LINK
  95. Louisiana State at Baton Rouge. Instructor of Spanish (NTT). DUE unlisted. LINK
  96. Wichita State. Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Spanish for professions/heritage a plus. DUE unlisted. LINK
  97. Kansas State. Assoc. Prof. of Spanish and Department Head (TT). DUE unlisted. LINK
  98. SUNY Binghamton. Lecturer of Spanish and Romance Languages advisor (3 yr). OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  99. University of Melbourne (Australia). Lecturer, Spanish and Latin American Studies. DUE 03/06/2024. LINK
  100. Georgia Gwinnett College. Spanish Lecturer (NTT). DUE unlisted. LINK
  101. Norwich University. Assistant prof. of Spanish (TT). Spanish-American and Iberian studies. Ability to teach language and special topics or professional Spanish. DUE 03/15/2024. LINK
  102. Simpson College. Visiting Assistant Professor (NTT; 3 yr). Spanish and Latin American Studies. DUE 03/06/2024. LINK
  103. Wenzhou Business College (Shanghai, China). Assistant or Associate Prof. of Spanish Language Education. (Full time). DUE not listed. LINK
  104. University of Utah - Assistant Professor (Lecturer) of Spanish in World Languages and Cultures (NTT full time). DUE 02/26/2024. LINK
  105. The Ohio State University - Lecturer in Heritage Spanish - open until filled - LINK
  106. University of Pennsylvania. Lecturer and Director of Spanish language program (NTT full time). DUE 03/11/2024. LINK
  107. Colorado Mesa University. Instructor of Spanish (NTT). DUE 03/01/2024. LINK
  108. Newcastle University (UK). Research Assistant/Associate (NTT 2 yr). 21st century Hispanic Caribbean film. DUE 03/24/2024. LINK
  109. College of Charleston. Assistant prof. of Spanish (TT). Latin American and Caribbean cultural studies with experience in Race, Equity and Inclusion Studies. DUE 03/04/2024. LINK
  110. Coastal Carolina University. Lecturer of Spanish. DUE unlisted. LINK
  111. Eastern New Mexico University. Assistant Prof. of Spanish (TT). Generalist, preference for Peninsular. DUE unlisted. LINK
  112. University of Texas Permian Basin. Senior Lecturer, Spanish (NTT). Generalist. DUE unlisted. LINK
  113. University of Tampa. Assistant Teaching Professor of Spanish. (NTT). REVIEW BEGINS IMMEDIATELY. LINK
  114. Reedley College. Spanish Instructor (TT). DUE 03/06/2024. LINK
  115. Spokane Community College. Spanish Instructor (TT). DUE 03/18/2024. LINK
  116. University of Oxford (UK). Associate Professor of Modern Spanish Literature and Film. DUE 01/29/2024. LINK
  117. Santa Monica College. Full-time Spanish instructor (TT full-time). Open, knowledge of other language a plus. DUE 03/18/2024. LINK
  118. University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. Assistant teaching prof. of Spanish (NTT). DUE 01/18/2024. LINK
  119. University of Antwerp (Belgium). Junior or senior prof. of literature in Spanish outside Spain. DUE 02/26/2024. LINK
  120. Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca, Romania). Lecturer in Spanish Literature (NTT). Possible specializations: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Enlightenment, 20th, or Latin America. DUE 01/15/2024. LINK
  121. College of Marin. Spanish Instructor, Full-Time (TT). Open. DUE 01/30/2024. LINK
  122. Qatar University (Doha, Qatar). Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT 3 yr). Open. DUE 01/13/2024. LINK
  123. University of California, Berkeley. Lecturer in Brazilian/Lusophone/Portuguese Culture/Language (NTT). Review begins immediately.
  124. Washington College (MD). Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT). Ability to teach language and Hispanic cultures. REVIEW BEGINS IMMEDIATELY (START 01/16/2024). LINK
  125. Marian University. Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (NTT). Generalist. Review begins immediately. OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  126. Grand Rapids Community College. Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Open but teaching-focused position. DUE 01/26/2024. LINK
  127. New College of Florida. Professor (rank not mentioned) of Spanish (TT). OPEN UNTIL FILLED REVIEW BEGINS 01/03/2024. LINK
  128. Yale University. Lector or Senior Lector of Portuguese, two NTT full time positions. DUE 01/15/2024. LINK
  129. Purdue University (West Lafayette campus). Assistant Teaching Professor of Spanish. DUE 01/15/2024. LINK
  130. Kansas State University. Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish. DUE 01/16/2024.
  131. University of North Dakota. Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish. DUE 01/15/2024.
  132. Rochester Institute of Technology - Assistant Prof Spanish (TT). Latino/a and Latin American studies. DUE 01/2/2024. LINK
  133. Lyon College - Instructor of Spanish (NTT) Full-time. DUE 02/03/2023. LINK
  134. Bucknell University- Assistant Prof. of Spanish (TT). Colonial Latin America. Open until filled. LINK
  135. University of Central Oklahoma - Assistant prof. Spanish (TT). Open specialization. DUE 01/12/24. LINK
  136. Rutgers University - Spanish Language Program Director (3-yr renewable). Open. DUE 01/10/23 (extended from 12/20). LINK
  137. Queen's University of Charlotte - Instructor or Assistant Prof. of Spanish (NTT). Open. DUE 12/15/23. LINK
  138. Ohio University - Assistant Prof. of Instruction, Spanish NTT. Open but ability to design and teach courses for Heritage speakers preferred. DUE 01/15/24.  LINK
  139. Grove City College - Assistant or Associate Prof. of Spanish (TT). Open but ability to teach pre-1800 preferred. DUE 01/15/24. LINK
  140. Indiana University Bloomington - Lecturer (Non-TT). Spanish, including heritage. DUE 12/29/23. LINK
  141. West Texas A&M U - Assistant Professor (TT). Generalist in Latinx/Latin American or Peninsular. DUE 12/20/23 LINK
  142. Alfred University - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Background in Afro-Latin American or Afro-Caribbean Literature and Cultures, or in Spanish Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, or Heritage Language Pedagogy. DUE 12/01/23. LINK
  143. Idaho State University- Assistant Professor of Spanish (Open Specialty) (TT). Spanish for Special Purposes, Medical Spanish preferred. Priority Deadline 12/31.
  144. Marist College - Assistant Professor (TT). Latin America or Latinx. DUE unspecified. LINK
  145. Albion College - Visiting Assistant Professor (Non-TT; spring 2024). Latin America. DUE unspecified. LINK
  146. Kennesaw State University - Lecturer (Non-TT). Spanish. DUE unspecified. LINK
  147. Lamar University - Assistant Professor (TT). Peninsular or SLA. DUE 12/01/23. LINK
  148. University of Virginia. Rising Scholars Postdoctoral Fellowship (2 YEARS). DUE 01/15/2024.
  149. University of Vienna - Post doc in Spanish linguistics. DUE 11/23/23.
  150. Florida State University - Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics (TT). SLA preferred. DUE 11/27/23. LINK
  151. University of Delaware- Temporary Instructor or Assistant Professor of Spanish. Open. DUE 11/13/23. LINK
  152. St. John Fisher University - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Open but SLA, Spanish for professions, or heritage speakers preferred. DUE 11/20/23. LINK
  153. Winthrop University - Spanish Instructor or Assistant Professor ("Multiyear"). Open. DUE 01/15/24. LINK
  154. Indiana University Bloomington - Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics (TT). Second Language Acquisition. DUE 11/30/23.
  155. University of Osnabrück, Alemania - Post doc in Romance linguistics. DUE 12/15/23.
  156. University of Alaska Fairbanks - Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Latin American, Caribbean, Transoceanic, Central American, Chicanx or US Latinx. DUE 11/26/23. LINK
  157. Converse University – Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies (TT). Open. DUE 01/08/24,
  158. Brandeis University. Full-time Lecturer in Spanish. DUE 12/31/23.
  159. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Assistant Professor in Spanish Translation and Interpreting (TT). DUE 11/30/2023. LINK
  160. University of Cambridge. Professorship in Spanish. DUE 11/27/23.
  161. NYU-Madrid - Spanish Language Coordinator. DUE 11/11/23.[3]
  162. Florida International University - Assistant Professor (TT). Portuguese and Brazilian/Lusophone Studies. DUE 01/12/24. LINK
  163. Farmingdale State College - Assistant Professor (TT). Open. DUE 12/31/23. LINK
  164. Virginia Military Institute - Assistant Professor (TT). Specialization open. DUE 12/31/23. LINK
  165. Eastern Kentucky University- Assistant Professor of Spanish (TT). Spanish teaching, generalist, involved in Latinx community engagement. 4/4 teaching load- DUE 12/14/23. LINK
  166. Universidade de Macau (China) - Assistant or Associate Professor (TT). Portuguese linguistics or cultural studies. DUE 12/05/23. LINK
  167. Truman State University - Assistant Professor (TT). Hispanic Linguistics. DUE 12/04/23. LINK
  168. National University of Ireland Maynooth - Assistant Professor (TT). Pedagogy. DUE 12/03/23. LINK & LINK
  169. Alabama State University - Dean's Postdoctoral Research Associate in Hispanic literatures, languages, and cultures. Due 12/01/23.
  170. Carnegie Mellon University - Assistant Professor (TT). Second Language Acquisition. DUE 12/01/23. LINK
  171. Spelman College - Full-Time Lecturer/instructor - Languages & Spanish for the Professions - DUE 12/01/23 LINK
  172. University of Oklahoma. Assistant Professor (TT). Colonial Latin America. DUE 12/01/23. LINK
  173. University of Texas at El Paso - Assistant Professor (TT). Linguistics/Second language acquisition/Hispanic linguistics. DUE 12/01/2023. LINK
  174. Whitman College - Assistant Professor (TT). Spanish poetry/musical cultures. DUE 12/01/23. LINK
  175. University of California Irvine - Assistant Professor (Teaching). Linguistics. DUE 11/27/23. LINK
  176. University of North Carolina Wilmington - Assistant Professor (TT). Hispanic Linguistics & Spanish for Heritage Learners. DUE 11/27/23. LINK
  177. The Citadel - Assistant Professor (TT). Specialization open. DUE 11/26/23. LINK.
  178. University of Western Australia - Lecturer (AUS equivalent of Assistant Prof.). Spanish or Latin American studies. DUE 11/22/2023. LINK
  179. Georgetown University- Assistant Professor in Modern and Contemporary Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies. DUE 11/20/2023. LINK
  180. Universidad de Concepción (Chile) - Académico, Departamento de Español - Full time-Psicolingüística . DUE 11/20/2023. LINK
  181. Kenyon College - Assistant Professor (TT). Latin American literature. DUE 11/18/23. LINK
  182. University of South Carolina Columbia - Assistant Professor (TT). Contemporary Spain. DUE 11/15/23. LINK
  183. Colby College - Assistant Professor (TT). Modern Peninsular and Global Hispanophone Cultures. DUE 11/15/23. LINK
  184. California State University Channel Islands - Assistant Professor (TT). Spanish linguistics. DUE 11/15/23. LINK
  185. Hamilton College - Assistant Professor (TT). Contemporary Spain. DUE 11/15/23. LINK
  186. Lawrence University - Assistant Professor (TT). Hispanic linguistics. DUE 11/15/23. LINK
  187. Northwestern University - Assistant Professor (Non-TT). Spanish Instruction. DUE 11/15/23. LINK
  188. Utah State University - Assistant Professor (TT). Linguistics. DUE 11/15/23. LINK
  189. Union College - Assistant Professor (TT). Latin American Studies, Mexico/Central America/Andean. DUE 11/15/2023. LINK
  190. University of Colorado Boulder - Assistant Professor (TT). Chicanx/Latinx. DUE 11/15/23. LINK
  191. University of Missouri Columbia - Assistant Professor (TT). Applied linguistics or education. DUE 11/15/23. LINK
  192. California State University Fullerton - Assistant Professor (TT). Spanish Linguistics. DUE 11/10/23. LINK
  193. Concordia College (Minnesota) - Assistant Professor (TT). Spanish specialization open. DUE 11/10/23. LINK
  194. Texas A&M - Assistant Professor (TT). Afro-Latin and Latin American Indigenous Studies. DUE 11/10/2023. LINK
  195. University of Wisconsin Green Bay - Assistant Professor (TT). Mexican Literature. DUE 11/09/23. LINK
  196. University of Illinois (Illinois/United States). Spanish Instructor/Lecturer (Spring 24). DUE 11/08/23. LINK
  197. Stetson University - Assistant Professor (TT). Linguistics /Applied Linguistics or an interdisciplinary Hispanic Studies field. DUE 11/18/2023. LINK
  198. Washington University in St. Louis - Assistant Professor (TT). Global Hispanophone studies. DUE 11/06/23. LINK
  199. University of Maryland Baltimore County - Assistant Professor (TT). open. DUE 11/05/23. LINK
  200. University of Florida - Assistant Instructional Professor (NTT). Pedagogy/Coordination. DUE 11/05/23. LINK
  201. Bryn Mawr College - Assistant Professor (TT) 19th-21st Peninsular Studies. DUE 11/04/23. LINK
  202. University of Utah - Assistant Professor (TT). Mexican Studies. DUE 11/03/23. LINK
  203. Bethel University. Assistant Professor (TT). Open. DUE 11/01/23. LINK
  204. Boston College- Assistant Professor of the Practice in Spanish/Coordinator of Intermediate Spanish Language Program. DUE 11/01/23. LINK
  205. Boston University-Lecturer in Spanish-DUE 11/01/23. Link
  206. California State Long Beach - Assistant Professor (TT). 19th, 20th or 21st Mexico/Central America. DUE 11/01/23. LINK
  207. Miami University (located in Ohio) - Assistant Professor (TT). Latin American and Transatlantic Hispanic Studies. DUE 11/01/2023. LINK
  208. Texas Christian University - Assistant Professor (TT). Mexican Cultural Studies. DUE 11/01/23. LINK
  209. University of Pittsburgh - Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish and Director of Undergraduate Studies. 3/3 plus a 1/1 course release. DUE 11/01/23. LINK
  210. University of California Davis - Assistant Professor (TT). Afro Latin American studies. DUE 11/01/23. LINK
  211. University of Texas Tyler - Assistant Professor (TT). General linguistics/translation. DUE 11/01/23. LINK
  212. University of Kentucky - Assistant Professor (TT). Latinx studies. DUE 10/29/23. LINK
  213. Utah State University - Assistant Professor or Instructor (TT). Portuguese. DUE unspecified. LINK
  214. Jackson State University - Assistant Professor (TT). Spanish & Sociolinguistics. OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  215. Cedar Crest College (Allentown, Pennsylvania), Assistant Professor of Spanish, Half-time. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled; anticipated start date January 2024. LINK
  216. Creighton University - Assistant Professor (TT). Latino or Afro-Hispanic Literature. DUE 10/27/2023. LINK
  217. Furman University - Open Rank Tenure Track Professor of Spanish - DUE 10/27/23 LINK
  218. Institute for Research in the Humanities UW-Madison- Biruté Ciplijauskaité Fellowship in Peninsular Spanish Literature and Culture- DUE 10/26/23 LINK
  219. Rice University - Assistant Professor (TT). Transnational Latin America & Latinx. DUE 10/25/23. LINK
  220. National University of Ireland Maynooth - Assistant Professor (TT). Screen studies. DUE 10/24/23. LINK
  221. The George Washington University - Teaching Instructor (3 year). DUE 10/23/23. LINK
  222. University of South Carolina Sumter - Assistant Professor (TT). Spanish. DUE 10/23/23. LINK
  223. Washington State University. Assistant Professor (TT). Mexico/Central America. DUE 10/22/23. LINK
  224. University of Notre Dame - Assistant Professor (TT). Peninsular Studies. DUE 10/21/23. LINK
  225. New York University - Assistant Professor (TT). Indigenous studies. DUE 10/20/23. LINK
  226. Cornell University - Lecturer (permanent). Spanish, second language acquisition. DUE 10/20/23. LINK
  227. Brown University - Assistant Professor (TT). Lusophone Africa and/or Portuguese Cultural studies. DUE 10/20/23. LINK
  228. Agnes Scott College - Assistant Professor (TT). Latin American or US Latinx literatures. DUE 10/20/23. LINK
  229. Utah Tech University - Assistant Professor (TT). Translation and interpretation. DUE 10/18/23. LINK
  230. Texas Tech University - Assistant Professor (TT). Latin American studies. DUE 10/16/23. LINK
  231. Bentley University-Assistant Professor of Spanish- TT- DUE 10/15/23. Link
  232. Brigham Young University - Assistant Professor (TT). Early modern Peninsular literature. DUE 10/13/23. LINK
  233. Ursinus College - Assistant Professor (TT). Open but health humanities a plus. DUE 10/10/23. LINK
  234. SUNY at BUFFALO- Tenure Track Professor (Open-Rank) of Linguistics in Creoles, Multilingualism, and Language Contact (TT). DUE 10/10/2023. LINK
  235. University of Bristol - Lecturer (permanent). Latin American studies. DUE 10/02/23. LINK
  236. University of Arkansas- Instructor in Spanish (Non-TT). Spanish. DUE 10/02/2023. LINK
  237. Texas A&M Corpus Christi - Assistant Professor of Spanish, Latin American Focus- DUE 10/02/23 LINK
  238. Amherst College-Assistant Professor of Spanish-T- DUE 10/1/23 LINK
  239. Belmont University - Assistant Professor (TT). Generalist. DUE 09/29/23. LINK
  240. SUNY at BUFFALO- OPEN RANK Tenure Track Professor in Spanish Literature: Caribbean or Latin American Focus- DUE 9/29/23. LINK
  241. CSU Fort Collins- Assistant Professor of Translation & Interpretation-TT-DUE 9/25/23 LINK
  242. MIT- Lecturer in Spanish-NTT-DUE 9/1/23 LINK
  243. University of Delaware - CT Assistant or Associate Professor (Languages and Game Studies) - open until filled - LINK

Off-the-beaten-path Job Postings[]

This section is for academic job postings that don't fit the traditional language-focused faculty jobs that we're used to but that are still relevant for many of us who use this wiki.


  1. University of Edinburgh. ECDS Career Launch Postdoctoral Fellow in European Languages (incl. Spanish & Portuguese). DUE 06/06/2024. LINK
  2. Claflin University (Orangeburg, SC). - Postdoctoral Researcher in the Humanities. DUE TBA. LINK
  3. NYU Division of Libraries - Librarian for Latin American, Caribbean, and Spanish & Portuguese Studies. REVIEW STARTS 04/01/2024. LINK
  4. JPMorgan Chase & Co. - Communications Associate - English/Spanish Translator - OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  5. Leibniz-Institut für Globale und Regionale Studien - Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Latin American Studies. DUE 05/06/2024. LINK
  6. Emory University - Centro Latinx Director. OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  7. NYU Gallatin Schol - Postdoctorate Fellowship Comparative Early Modern/Renaissance. DUE 04/25/2024. LINK
  8. Queen Mary University of London - Postdoctorate Research Assistant in Digital Al-Andalus. Knowledge of Spanish or Arabic required. DUE 04/09/2024. LINK
  9. University College London - Postdoc in Languages of the Future/Anthropocene. DUE 04/14/2024. LINK
  10. Notre Dame - Graduate Studies Coordinator for Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. DUE 02/23/2024. LINK
  11. Marist College- Program Director, Master of Science in Education/Professional Lecturer of Education (Non-TT). OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  12. University of Chicago - Romance Languages Librarian. OPEN UNTIL FILLED. LINK
  13. University of Pittsburgh - Less Commonly Taught Languages Teaching Coordinator. DUE 02/15/2024. LINK