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Sport / Kinesiology 2008-2009


  • If you are applying for academic jobs in any aspect of sport studies / Kinesiology during the 2008-2009 school year, this wiki is for you. This wiki allows job applicants to share their updates with each other. Through this collaborative effort, job searchers can provide the latest news on the dates and status of phone interviews, conference interviews, campus visits, job offers, and acceptance of job offers. As we work together, we can help keep search committees more honest.
  • Our goal is to list below all known open searches by topical specialization. Please check the below job listing web sites frequently and add new searches as they appear on the Internet. Try to match, as closely as possible, each job with one or more of the below categories. In some instances, an open search may need to be listed in more than spot below. Consider adding a link to the job announcement so that other users can find the job description quickly. Please start each new sub-entry with a "star." When adding news about a search, finish your note with the date in parentheses. This keeps entries easy to read and makes development over time more clear. Thanks!
  • Important note to all posters: do not update these sites from a campus computer or wifi signal. All additions and edits record an IP address, and the IP addresses for all colleges and universities can be looked up very easily. Post from home or another wifi signal that is not traceable. It is unlikely that SC members would bother tracking down such information, but some are definitely opposed to the wiki, so just post sensibly.

Job Listings[]

Sport Humanities[]

  • Nipissing University
    • Bachelor of Physical and Health Education Degree Program - Faculty of Education
    • application deadline is January 9
    • On campus interviews Jan 20-30 (1/14)
  • Pennsylvania State University
    • Social and Cultural Dynamics of Physical Activity
    • application deadline is December 1
    • email ack (12/3)
    • snail mail rejection letter (2/23)
  • Southern Illinois Carbondale
    • Sport Studies (Sociology of Sport, Social Psychology of Sport)
    • application deadline is November 17
  • Tusculum College
    • Physical Education/Sport Science
    • no application deadline listed
  • University of Central Lancashire
    • application deadline is December 5
  • University of Manitoba
    • Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreational Management
    • 3 position - 2 tenure-track, 1 contract
    • application deadline is December 1
    • ack received 12/1
    • On-campus interviews scheduled Jan. 7-15 (12/18)
  • University of the Pacific
    • Sport Sociology
    • application deadline is November 1
  • University of Texas
    • Sport Humanities
    • application deadline is October 10
    • shortlist phone interviews in October
    • on campus interviews took place in early-mid January
    • rejection letter dated 1/15 that search is completed and candidate hired (1/26)
  • Wilfrid Laurier University
    • Socio-cultural and Administrative Aspects of Physical Activity - Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education
    • application deadline is February 15
    • this is definitely an inside job for an internal candidate
    • rejection via email (2/26)

Sport Management[]

  • Bowling Green State University
    • Sport Management
    • application deadline is January 12
    • ack rec'd 2/6
  • Shenandoah University
    • Sport Management/Media
    • no application daadline; campus interviews in February
  • University of Regina
    • Recreation and Sport Administration - Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies
    • application deadline is January 9
    • ack received 1/26
  • University of San Fransisco
    • Sport Management
    • application deadline is December 1

Exercise Science[]

  • University of Maryland
    • Translational Kinesiology with emphasis in Physical Activity Intervention
    • application deadline is October 20