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Typical Skype/phone Interview Questions[]

1. How would you design a course that you hadn't taught previously?

2010-2011 Jobs[]

Please add position details, deadlines, materials and interview requests below.

Use "Heading 3" when adding names of schools to this page

Arizona State University[]

Deadline: November 15, 2010

Field(s): Applied Linguistics and TESOL


Contacted for phone interview 11/24 [x2]

Had phone interview 11/28 [x2 12/1]

Invited for campus visit 12/24

Rejection via e-mail 03/18 (X3)

Boise State University[]

Deadline: 22-Oct-2010

Field(s): TESOL, Applied Linguistics


  • Cross-posted at Linguistics 2010-2011
  • From Linguistics page: "Had phone interview 11/12/10. They are also having phone interviews on 10/15, and will contact shortlisted candidates in late Nov. or early Dec. Campus visits to be completed by Dec. 12."
  • Rejection email 11/19
  • From Linguistics page: "11/19: campus interview scheduled x 2"

California State University Stanislaus[]

Deadline: March 4, 2011

Field(s): Secondary Education and TESOL

Acknowledgment received: March 10 via mail

Request for Additional Materials:

Rejection Letter: 04/19 via mail

Phone interview scheduled:

Campus interview scheduled:

Offer made:

Offer accepted:


Any news?

Nothing (04/11)

My understanding is that there are many other people who are either not aware of this wiki or simply are not interested in and therefore do not visit the page. It could be also that once people get something, they are done and do not post things here anymore. I believe almost all of the positions on this page have already been filled. What do you think?

I agree. I think people really don't know about this wiki, especially in our field. If you check Rhetoric/Comp., they have been really active. Some of the positions might have been filled but we would at least receive a rejection letter if that was the case. I think it's also the budget cuts, some of the positions might have put a hold on their search. Well, good luck to all of us who are still in the running!

They may never get back to you. I know that my institution does not. So, we think that our application is still being considered while someone is already polishing his/her syllabus for the Fall 11 :) In any case, I wish you the same and I really hope we all get what we want ;)

Central Michigan University[]

Deadline: April 1, 2011

Field(s): Linguistics/ Language Studies/ESL/TESOL (Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship)

Rejection Letter:

Phone interview conducted: 4/21

Campus visits to be scheduled:

Campus interview scheduled:

Offer made:

NOTES: Any news?

Columbia College[]


Deadline: September 19, 2010

Field: Assistant / Associate Professor of English as a Second or Other Language


  • Lost interest because CC is bascially a distance learning (i.e. online) school

Columbia University[]

Deadline: September, 2010

Field(s): Bilingual/Bicultural Education

Rejection by email 12/15/10

Notes: Was asked if I wanted to remain in the applicant pool for non-tenure track positions. I was compelled to say "yes" because I am poor.

TC has very strong lecturer (non-tt) program and great place to boost your cv or stay long-term (I am not employed there).

Dixie State College[]

Deadline:February 18, 2011

Field(s): ESL (TT)

Notes: Anyone hear from them yet? Yes.

Any news? It will be an inside hire. It was set up that way. No PhDs need apply. It will go to the MA.

Eastern Kentucky University[]


Field(s): Linguistics/ Language Studies/ESL

Acknowledgment received:

Request for Additional Materials:

Rejection Letter:

Phone interview scheduled: Had phone interview 4/13.

Campus visits to be scheduled.

Decision to be made by end of semester.

Campus interview scheduled:

Offer made:

Offer accepted:

Eastern Michigan University[]

Deadline: November 15, 2010

Field(s): Applied Lx, ESL, TESOL


  • Anyone hear anything about this one?- Not yet. x3
  • Received rejection email Jan. 5. [x5]
  • Phone interview to be scheduled week of Jan 10. x4
  • Anyone scheduled for campus interview yet?
  • Nope-waiting to hear.....
  • Campus interview to be scheduled for next week [1x]
  • Does anyone know when the campus interviews will be held? (2/14)
  • Between 2-14 and 2-25 (had one this week). Extremely kind and professional committee and wonderful campus visit. Lots of good professional conversation and a very friendly committee. If you fear or dread these visits, don't. This one's a pleasure.
  • Have you been offered the position?
  • Nope.. Visit was still a pleasure, but I learned a hard lesson: never be too confident. Do know offer was made and accepted.
  • Offer accepted.

Fairleigh Dickinson University[]

Field(s): SLA

Acknowledgment received:

Rejection Letter:

Phone interview scheduled:

Campus interview scheduled:

Offer made:

Offer accepted:

NOTES: Anyone hear from them yet?

They were conducting interviews with their finalists - informed via e-mail 02/23.

When I visited the HR website today, I've seen this note: The position NOT TO BE FILLED AT THIS TIME. I wonder what happened. 3/30


It's been posted again and seems they have re-opened the position. I wonder why they do not send a quick update just to let us know what's going on. 4/12

Georgia State University[]

Deadline: November 30 review begins, deadline Dec. 15

Fields: Applied Linguistics/ESL Notes:

Anyone hear from them yet??


Has anyone received word from them yet? no

    • Just received an email from them: "We will begin viewing complete applications soon." (x2)
    • I did not receive this e-mail. (x4)

Anyone hear anything lately??

Does anyone know if this position is still open?

Does anyone know if an offer has been made yet? [3/11]

Greensboro College[]

Field: TESOL/English

Acknowledgment received:

Rejection Letter:

Phone interview scheduled:

Campus interview scheduled:

Offer made:

Offer accepted:

NOTES: Anyone hear from them yet?

Nope:( 4/13 (x2)

Anything yet? (05/04)

Indiana University of Pennsylvania[]

Deadline: December 3, 2010

Field(s): Applied Linguistics and Second Language Literacy


How can these posts remain, and the one expressing respect for the school and faculty disappear? Who are you people who write such things? I'm pretty appalled and losing complete respect for this wiki, which I thought would be about professional conversation and exchange.

Note from Admin: someone (using a variety of different user names, but seems to be the same person) apparently has a grudge against this school and thus keeps erasing information and posting insulting and vulgar phrases here. Thus, I am putting a special watch on this entry and users who delete information and insult other posters will have their edits reverted and will be temporarily blocked from the site. Please be respectful of others on this site. If you have special concerns about this University, the Talk page is the appropriate place to express them. Thanks. Una74 22:34, January 31, 2011 (UTC)

HR Announcement

Phone interview scheduled for 02 16 (1x). There is an inside candidate. A: Be aware there is an ongoing retrenchment at the Univ., both for tenure and tenure-track appointments (which includes the new hirings). This will transform this position in a kind'a "visiting" position, or non-tenure track after a year, in 2012-13 (even it is a TT position, the Univ. keeps the right to renew a contract annually, without taking into consideration your perfomance):

Anyone invited for on-site interview? [3/16]

Offer accepted [4/11]

Indiana University - Bloomington[]

Field: Language Teaching Methodology (Visiting Assistant Professor)

Acknowledgment received:

Rejection Letter:

Phone interview scheduled:

Campus interview scheduled:

Offer made:

Offer accepted:

NOTES: Anyone hear from them yet?

Interview(s) taking place at AAAL.

Beware of this position.

What do you mean? Why? (3/31) Yes, can you pls tell us why?

Sorry I can't tell you more!

Position has been reposted on linguistlist. Anyone know what's going on? (unless it's an additional position, of course...)

I think it's the same position...5/16

Avoid this position.

Kennesaw State University[]

Field(s): TESOL positions.


  • I was contacted to set up a phone interview.
  • Interview went well. They will contact me in 2 weeks with a decision.

Any campus visits yet?

Middle Tennessee State University[]

Field: TESOL, English, Composition

Deadline: November 1, 2010

I would appreciate any information on this, thanks! (3/16)

I was rejected about a month ago. Good luck to you!

Is contract offered / accepted yet? (03/31)

Yes (03/31).

Well, congrats! and thanks for your response!

Mississippi State University[]

Deadline: December 15, 2010

Field(s): Linguistics and TESOL


Rejection by email 1/3/11. Very polite email though. Good luck to the rest of you.

Rejection by email - interestingly, I really didn't like the email.

Rejection by e-mail 1/6/11

After interviewing 9 people via Skype, they invited 2 for campus visits. Just was informed very politely that I was not on the list, but that they will get back to me if the campus visits do not go well and I have not accepted an offer by the time. 1/28 (x 2)

Mount Holyoke College[]

Deadline: January 15, 2011

Field: ESOL (Co-ordinator of ESOL/NTT)

Notes: Has anyone heard anything?

Ongoing campus visits

Does anyone know how many campus visits they've had so far?

Contract offered

Is contract accepted yet? (9/3)

Any updates on this position will be greatly appreciated.

This position is filled.

Northern Arizona University[]

Deadline: October 22, 2010

Field(s): Applied Linguistics

Notes: Has anyone heard anything???

Contract was offered and accepted.

The person who was hired:

Portland State University[]

Deadline: December 10, 2010

Field: Applied Linguistics

Notes: (Dec. 16) Contacted via email for a phone interview to take place in the first part of January [x3]

Q: The email they sent requesting times for interview availability said that their short list included 12. Anyone know how many applicants there were?

Notes: At the end of the interview, the committee mentioned that the on-site interview pool will be made mid-Jan. I was also told that the on-site interviews will be done in the first three weeks of Feb. (x3)

Q: Has anybody heard about the campus visit yet?

A: Was invited for a campus interview on Jan 21. (x2)

Q: Any word on how many campus interviews are going to be scheduled? My email made no mention of numbers.

A: Three.

A: Actually, there were four campus invites. Decisions will be made this coming week (2/28).

Q: Has the offer been made to anyone yet?

Q. How many of the four finalists at PSU still in the running?

3/15: Received an email that search has been "paused". (Yup, me too--best of luck to all of us!) --> I wasn't a finalist so this news didn't really affect me at this point...(X3)

Q. Is it because of the budget cuts?

A. Yup.

Q. Is a hiring pause and freeze the same thing? Does this mean that PSU search is officially closed for this year?

A: The email did not say that the search is closed, only that it's 'paused' and that because of spring break and exams it could be several weeks before we would hear back (which again, for me is a moot point since I am not a finalist)

A: The impression I got is that all university hiring has been paused subject to budget review. The department is moving forward on ranking the four finalist candidates, but nothing can move forward university-wise (i.e., with an official offer) can't happen until the budget gets freed-up. This hire is for an existing position (it's replacing a retiring professor), so there's currently money for it, but it seems the university is putting a general brake on things. My hunch is that the hire might eventually go through, but this is just a hunch.

Q: I am one of the finalists, but haven't heard about the ranking results yet. If you are the chosen one :), would you please let the rest of us know so we can decide whether we should move on? (although I don't know if the department intends to keep all four informed of the result or not). Thanks!

A: I was a finalist, and just received word that I was not chosen. Congrats to the winner!

A: I found out two other finalists through the grapevine (I was a finalist too)--neither of them got an offer and I am pretty sure that those were the strongest two. I don't think the school made an offer to anyone.

Q: Who were the strongest two candidates? or what were their specialties?

A: I don't think it's appropriate to reveal that level of detail here. But I do know that one candidate's area of specialty was pretty far off for an MA TESOL program faculty member--so that leaves either of the two other candidates (excluding myself) to be a desirable choice. Let me just say that those two seem very talented and hardworking individuals.

Q: So did anyone actually end up getting hired for this, or was the "paused" search ever officially "cancelled"? Received an email (6/17) which said I was not one of the selected ones for the interview. The email was worded in a way that it was not possible to understand if someone has actually been hired as a result of those interviews... Anyway, it's nice to know for sure, six months after the deadline for applications, that I was not one of the selected ones for the interview.

A: I just did some sleuthing, and it looks like there was a hire. There is a new name on the department website that corresponds to someone who's receiving her PhD in Second Language Studies this year. Congrats!

Q: If it's so visible on the department website, you could go ahead and write the name. After all it's public information at this point. (I wonder where you have found this name on the website since there is no information on new faculty in the faculty/staff list...) A: Thanks!

Shawnee State University[]

Deadline: February 28, 2011


NOTE: this position also posted at Rhetoric/Composition 2011

Acknowledgment received: 3/3

Request for Additional Materials:

Rejection Letter:

Phone interview scheduled: 3/29

Campus interview scheduled: 4/4

Offer made:

Offer accepted: An offer has been made and accepted.

NOTES: To the colleague who accepted the offer : Just out of curiosity, what field are you in? Composition, linguistics, or applied linguistics?

I don't think the colleague who accepted the offer ever visits the job wiki. I was on the shortlist, had a nice campus visit, but eventually got a rejection. In the meantime, nobody but me ever seems to have posted anything about this position.

Hmm, I see. Thank you very much for the info!

SUNY New Paltz[]

Deadline: December 15, 2010

Rejection by email 12/20/10 (x2)

  • Saw their position announcement re-posted. Wonder what happened.
  • Apparently they are now doing campus visits.....


Field: College Writing/ESL (Lecturer)

Acknowledgment received:

Rejection Letter:

Phone interview scheduled:

Campus interview scheduled: 2 (after phone interview)

Offer made:

Offer accepted:

NOTES: Anyone hear from them yet?

I had a phone interview in early April and got an rejection email in late April, because I did a follow-up. I am sure they made an offer to someone already.

University of California, Berkeley[]

Deadline: December 1, 2010

Field: ELL/Bilingual Education

Notes: Anyone hear from them yet?


No (2/22)

Has anyone heard from them yet??

I haven't heard anything yet.

No (2/22)

Has anyone been contacted for a phone interview? (1/31)

Nope (2/3)

No (2/22)

I got a very nice rejection letter from them... they are great folks. I have heard through the grapevine (two different sources) that they have a short list and will do campus interviews soon.(3/5)

Hi, when did you receive a rejection letter from them, and was it via postal or email? I have not heard back at all from them. (3/5) (x2) Any news?????

I heard a rumor that maybe it was a failed search (meaning none of the finalists was offered the position). (3/29)

Just received an email saying that the search has been closed (most likely permanently) due to lack of agreement among the faculty. (4/7)

University of Houston[]

Deadline: November 15, 2010

Field: Applied Linguistics (Dept. of English)

Notes: On Linguist List

Additional materials requested (11/15)

Q: The additional materials that were requested, what are they? Writing samples, teaching evaluations...?

A: I was asked for evidence of teaching and writing samples. I have not been contacted for interview. Me neither! The letter they sent about additional materials was so vague.

Invited for videoconference interview. [11/24] [x3, 11/29]

Any updates on this search? Had a videoconference in early December and have not heard anything since, which I am assuimg this means they have invited other candidates to campus. Any news would be appreciated. [Response: I also had videoconference interview in Dec. and have not heard anything since then. I don't know if they've invited people for campus visits or not][x2]

Received rejection letter today. Time for a new rubber stamp, no? [1/22] [x2]

I haven't received the rejection letter yet, and wasn't contacted for a videoconference. At this point I don't know what's going on. Does anyone have the same situation? Any updates on this search would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't received a rejection yet either, though I did have a videoconference in the early part of December. I guess either they're having a tough time making decisions, or they've invited the finalists to campus and are holding off on the rest of the rejections until they've finalized things with their top choice(s). [1/28]

I'm in the same situation. Video interview, then no contact - including no rejection letter. The buildup to the video interview was quite positive, and the logistics of the interview itself (not Skype, but from the technology center on my campus) seemed a little too complex to be repeated by them more than a few times, so I can't imagine a long list of 12 or more. It's odd that none of us have received any notice, though I agree with your assessment above. [1/29]

They have done at least two campus visits already.

Thanks for the update. Best of luck to those still in the running!

Does anyone know if an offer has been made yet? [2/22]

Does anyone know if the department has lost this position or not because of budget cuts? [3/16] x2--still have not heard a thing since videoconference in December!

I am guessing the search is closed without an offer. The job ad is still up there on the university website though. [4/12]

I had heard through grapevine that they would close the search due to budget cuts. This is just what I've 'heard'.

University of Pennsylvania[]

Field: TESOL (Lecturer)

Acknowledgment received:

Rejection Letter:

Phone interview scheduled:

Campus interview scheduled:

Offer made:

Offer accepted:

NOTES: Anyone hear from them yet?

Rejection letter received (05/13) (X2)

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi[]

Deadline: Jan. 3, 2011

Field:Rhetoric/Composition or Linguistics with specialization in second language acquisition/writing

Anyone hear from them yet?

They are doing campus visits. 2/27

Rejection letter via e-mail: 3/3 (2)

Offer accepted.

University of New Mexico[]

Deadline:February 13, 2011

Field:English composition

NOTE: this position also posted at Rhetoric/Composition 2011

Anyone hear from them yet?

Rejection email received (3/23)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill[]

Deadline: Oct. 11

Field: ESL/Education for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Learners (open rank), School of Ed.

Q: tried to follow up on the app. status twice by email. never heard back from them. Anyone has any news about this school?

I got a confirmation of application around Oct. 12 but have not heard anything since.

Rejection letter received 12/18 (dated 12/7)

University of Kansas[]

Deadline: November 15, 2010

Field: Applied Linguistics/TESOL (School of Ed.)


  • Contacted 12/10 to see if still interested in the position x2

University of Maryland, Baltimore County[]

Deadline: November 15, 2010

Field: Applied Linguistics/Language, Literacy and Culture

Level: Assoc. Prof.


  • any news??
  • They contacted me about a missing letter of rec. (x2)

I inquired and they seemed to have a short list already (3/29)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln[]

Deadline: Screening of applications begins November 29, 2010

Field(s): Second Language Education/Applied Linguistics


  • Ad in Chronicle
  • Received e-mail inquiring as to whether or not I remain interested in the position (12/3)
  • Contacting references - (heard via one of my recommenders) (12/7)
  • Invitation for campus interview (e-mail, 12/23)
  • Campus interviews concluded at the end of January.
  • Has anyone heard anything?
  • Heard through the grapevine that an offer was made and accepted. (2/17)

University of San Diego[]

Deadline: Dec 2

Field: TESOL


Anyone hear from them yet?


Any updates on this position?

Rejection by e-mail. (1/14) (x5) It was a crisp rejection with hints of platitude.

Bummer. Really liked that campus.

The rejection letter said that they had received 160 applications for this position. Good luck with your searches, everyone! (3/5)

University of Texas at San Antonio[]

Field: Assistant/Associate Professor Biliteracy?Literacy in Language Minority

Acknowledgment received: [2/22]

Request for Additional Materials: They requested three letters of recommendation [2/22]

Rejection Letter:

Phone interview scheduled:

Campus interview scheduled:

Offer made:

Offer accepted:

The search is closed. No offer has been made [4/11]

Washington State University[]

Field: ESL Composition Professor

Rejection by email: 12/27/10

Rejection letter: 1/3/10. Hmmmmmm. I wonder what the difference is. None, I suppose.

Perhaps a reject by mail is more honorable because they sacrifice a tree and a stamp for the purpose of telling you to "go away." The email is just lousy bandwith.


Bentley University[]

Title: Assistant or Associate Professor of English/Director of ESOL

Deadline: December 8, 2010

Anyone hear from them yet?

A: Heard someone had a Skype interview.

I had a Skype interview a few weeks ago and haven't heard from them since then. Has anyone been called for a campus interview? [1/31]

Yes, campus interview scheduled for later in February [1x]

Q: When did they get back to you about the campus interview?

A: 01 24

Any updates on this position will be appreciated... [2/22]

Inside source tells me the position was changed to lecturer (non-tenure track) and the current interim director was hired. (04/08)

I am not surprised! I knew something strange was going on.