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  • The JIL went up yesterday and I accessed it from the MLA website without a hitch. This morning, however, it's telling me that my University isn't affiliated with the ADE, which I know that it is. Is anyone else have issues/problems accessing the JIL from MLA?
  • Same problem. Thought it was an issue with my dept (UK university) but maybe not.
  • I just emailed the MLA JIL Editor. I'll report back when/if I hear anything about this issue.

Solution: log out and create a new JIL account at ADE using your departmental id and password. I had this issue when searching from MLA (automatically logged in with cookies) so I created a temp account on another email address.

Bug seems to have been fixed now. I have no trouble logging in through my MLA personal account.

(9/27) WHY in the world is the JIL interface so awful? I'd much rather my MLA dues go to hiring a professional database designer that makes it easy to conduct a search without several permutations of possible keys to the secrets within the sunken ship than whomever they're retaining to produce scads of MLA newsletters and iPad contests.

Worst year ever by a long shot[]

Well, someone may as well say it -- the job postings for this year have hit with a thud. While more jobs are certainly going to be posted over the coming weeks, as an initial list this is nothing short of disastrous. I searched all assistant professor positions across all sub-disciplines in English lit and come up with 237 jobs -- 237! That's an almost farcical number. Year before last there were roughly 1800 jobs listed. I would say that sending in applications wouldn't even be worth spending on the paper, except there are so few positions to apply for. Silver lining: less money spent on application fees!

Yes, in my subfield, the initial set of listings available in the first week the JIL is open is typically between 25 and 35 jobs. One banner year in the past decade there were over 40. This year there are only a dozen. I feel very fortunate not to be looking for an entry-level position myself, but I am quite worried for my program's graduate students going on the market.

Your worry is commendable, but even more helpful would be some tough love: tell them that unless they have a significant publication record (2 or more articles in prestigious journals), they should start looking for a different line of work now. Sad as it is to say, this market will be with us for years and years to come, and will probably never return to that of the good old days (which were already awful). This is no longer a viable profession for those of us on the outside looking in, and the sooner we graduate students come to terms with that tough truth -- as painful as it may be for graduate advisors to say -- the better for us.

No numbers to back this up, but early American actually seems to be holding its own. Perhaps after years of modern and/or contemporary American jobs, the Americanist focus has shifted.

This last observation may be true, at least for this week, but only if you exclude the nineteenth century from "early American." There's precious little for those of us working in antebellum and, more especially, postbellum U.S. literature, so far. But good luck to all.

There are 9 medieval jobs. I'm going to go cry in my beer now.

Make that 8 assistant level tenure-track medieval jobs (and one VAP). One of which mentions something about evangelical Christianity in the posting. Would you like some beer with those tears?

Make that 8 assistant level tenure-track medieval jobs, two of which require specific declarations of religious affiliation. There isn't enough beer in the world.

December is coming... So who's getting nervous about getting interviews? I know I am. I only applied to 6 jobs this year, instead of applying for 40 like I did last year. Of course, I don't think there were even 40 jobs in my subfield this year (Renaissance). This is my third year on the market. I'm not sure if I'll keep trying if this year fails, too.

I'm also Renaissance and also nervous! It's my second year at this, and I'm feeling way more nervous than I was last year. Really wishing I'd get some more requests for info. right about now.

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