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So, what's the general feeling about this year's market? Better than last year? Worse than last year?

  • From what I see thus far and from what I hear from faculty I met recently, it seems like this year will be better than last year (at least in my field, European history). Fingers crossed for everybody!
  • That's my impression, too, but I worry that state budget crises could severely deplete the number of jobs at public institutions.

I have a general question about conference interviewing - I'm attending the AHA (giving a paper and hopefully will have some interviews), but not all of the specialized conferences that some of my jobs are interviewing at (MESA; etc). On my letter, do I just say that I'm attending the AHA but am unable to attend the conference they're interviewing at? Or do I suck it up and go to these conferences if I get an interview?

  • I think it depends. Some schools have such long interview lists that they cut people who aren't attending. Some will make allusions to phone interviews, but even if they follow through, I'm not sure the candidate stands the same chance they do if they interview in person. On the other hand, if the SC has singled you out as one of their top contenders, they might be willing to make other accomodations. It's a gamble, and in this market, I think the best thing to do is probably to bite the bullet and attend the conference. I know it's awful and incredibly expensive. This system puts the unemployed/underemployed in a really difficult position.
  • I'd have to agree with the poster above. If you're lucky enough to get an interview and it's a job you'd consider taking, see if you can make it to the conference. In this market, even getting a first-round interview is notable, and anything you can do to help your candidacy is welcome. And, yes, phone interviews are nearly always more awkward and more difficult to conduct than personal interviews.
  • that's what i was worried you'd all say - I know that deep down I agree, but I'm not even applying to many jobs and there are a total of 4 conferences (including the AHA) that these jobs are interviewing at! Paying for the AHA is bad enough!

I have a question too - if you get an AHA interview but it is in a hotel suite and not at the job center, do you still have to register for the conference? It's so expensive and I'm only going for this one interview.

naming names of new hires and job talk candidates[]

Is there a reason why new hires are not named on this site? After an offer has been made and a contract accepted, many departments post announcements about their new hires internally and/or on their websites. But attempting to track down this information from the outside is time-consuming and frustrating. At the very least, it would be very helpful to know what areas new hires are working on. I would also appreciate knowing who is invited for job talks, and their areas of research. Again, it is not as if this information is confidential- email announcements circulate and many departments even post job talk announcements on their websites. As a central area for information gathering, is this not the kind of space for such information? 07:28, March 7, 2011 (UTC)

Naming hires is one thing. It's been done in the past, and it is interesting to know who got a job -- once contracts have been signed and other colleagues have been told. But it's pretty crappy to name job candidates, many of whom may not want their job search known far and wide.
With the wiki, there's always a balance between sharing information and discretion. And we trust each other to post things with good will and respect.