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Comments about Specific Schools[]

1. Reed College[]

Jorge: Since you have consistently made these posts from your instituion's IP address and have mentioned many, many autobiographical details, anyone with Google and three free minutes can figure out who you are. (I recommend in the future posting from a wikia account and not referring to your work history in order to help preserve your anonimity.) These venemous and slanderous posts are truly unhelpful to you, to the profession, to the people on here. I am not intimately familiar with Reed, its situations, and the drama you seem to have lived there, but you should probably stop concentrating on this part of your past. You hate the place and its people--just let it go. Tell your therapist. The people reading your posts are trying to get a job there and likely won't have a choice these days--as talented as they are--as to where they land. They don't need this shit poisoning them as they look for a job. And as to some of your slander: guess what? MOST departments/institutions have some kinds of weird dynamics. And five articles was once plenty to get tenure at a SLAC--still is in many places! Please learn about the institutions and how they work. I'm also less than confident in your assesssment of "brownnosing" since you seem to be a pretty impolite and unpleasant individual--my guess is that your understanding of "brownnosing" is more like "being collegial." And finally, your contempt for your students? Unacceptable.

R.1. Esnap! (x5)

When Jorge apologizes for slandering his colleagues and talking shit on his students, I will stop undoing the deletion of this page.

Jorge--I'm really not who you think I am. I couldn't care less about the search to which you refer. The only reason you got my attention is by being unprofessional and rude throughout this entire search season. (And you did all this from your school's IP, while mentioning many personal details!)

This same dude is also spreading rumors about UMass, which makes sense once you see his very Google-able bio. Just chill out, man!

Of course, my bio is very Google-able, as you say, because I have done something with my life. Try to do the same, get a job and stop wasting your time waiting for an apology. It will never come. As for my comments, they are based on truth. Anybody who googles me or does a bit of research about me will realize that I have worked at the two institutions I have talked about: UMass and Reed College. If you want to know the truth, what really happens there, go back to wiki history and read mhy comments. If you prefer to think that these two searches were not fraudulent and that those departments are great, pay attention to these morons who censor me and who post trash about me. I cannot care less. Ok, back to work, I have wasted half a day writing in the wiki. This will be my last post.

Jorge's last post! Hooray!

Let's Talk about another fraudulent search: How about the one that took place at Richomond College or at Virgina Tech? Ayone want to comment on these?

2. University of Richmond:[]

Inside search (inside job). They were looking for a colonial studies person on the right (somebody to praise the horror of conquest as civilizing, as someone put it). Peninsularist there are nationalist and intolerant. One of them erased the previous post (from her own computer in campus!)....

Let me post the old original and censured post: "2. University of Richmond. Los peninsularistas de alli querian un academico experto en literatura colonial que sostuviera (sin reirse) que la conquista de America saco a los indios del horror del salvajismo y fue el factor germinal de una civilizacion hispanica mestiza. En otras palabras un colonialista con un talante colonizador y eurocentrico! Esta es una sorpresa para muchos que veiamos Richmond de manera positiva. Yo nunca he solicitado trabajo alli y le recomiendo a quien lo haga que disimule cualquier tendencia progresista, liberal (o dios nos ampare) de izquierda. En el departamento esta instalado el hispanismo franquista posando de academico. Sigue siendo un buen trabajo y una buena universidad (algun dia se retiraran un par de dinosaurias) asi que felicidades a quien gano el puesto."

R3: Peninsularista? Que me dice de la latinoamericanista que siempre parece que tiene indigestion de la mala cara que hace en la entrevistas?

3. Virginia Tech[]

Conozco a una VAP y se supone que su contrato incluía la posibilidad de una conversión a tenure-track. ¿Se ha dado "prioridad" a los candidatos internos o lo del año pasado no eran más que promesas que luego no cumplirían?

I never understand why people "sigue discutiendo" this type of them, are there internal candidates at places, YES, why? if you are working as a visiting faculty member some place, naturally you are going to have an upperhand..or if you havn't done well, you won't, because they know you, period. So why get so mad when they do a search?? Yes, does it waste the time and money that we do applying to the position, of course, is it unfortunate, yes, but what is the option? That schools automatically hire visiting faculty as tenure track, without having to hold searches? The alternative is worse, then all schools would hire EVERYONE as visiting and make you prove yourself in a year or two before offering you a tenure that would SUCK, academia is complicated, and you can't judge a department or school for things beyond their control, administrators cut funding, money disappears, "promises" are words...

I know of people (hired in better years obviously) who got jobs in addition to the inside candidate as well; as always, the best advice is, even if you know there is an inside candidate that you know the department wants, to apply; a good impression made during an interview could get you a job a year or two down the line, it might even get you a job there if they have funds to offer two (or more) positions; it could even get you the job there if that inside candidate goes elsewhere.

In my long experience in higher ed, it's far far FAR more common that a VAP or an "internal candidate" has a DISadvantage, especially the more research-intensive the institution. In fact, I've seen universities straight-up fire non-tenure track faculty if they suffer from the delusion that they just might turn an adjunct position into a TT job. The reality is that search committees are made up of human beings, and human beings get seduced by "the grass is always greener". Plus, a VAP search is not nearly as intensive or competitive as a TT search, so just b/c you got a job over a much smaller pool of candidates doesn't mean you're as competitive on a national scale as a full TT search. Seriously ppl, put down the cocaine and say good-bye to your "inside candidate" paranoia. ;)

WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS NOW? Both Virginia Tech and Ball State both put job annoucements on higheredjobs last week 3/30??? But for Virginia Tech it is the same exact announcement as before, even says review of apps will begin Nov. 2010? huh? A: Virginia Tech made three hires in Spanish. None of the hires are currently VAPs at Virginia Tech. So: no inside candidate. As for the new job postings: the Department is expanding. Perhaps they are announcing another search, or perhaps it was an error. I don't know.

4. UMass-Amherst[]

5. Portland State

?Que pasa con PS? He escuchado que el lugar es un despelote!