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RECENT ACTIVITY on Theatre / Drama 2021-2022[]

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Jobs with 2021 Application Deadlines[]

Alfred University (Alfred, NY, USA). Assistant Professor, Theatre. No deadline. TT FT.[]

11/19 — email received booking a phone interview; slots were available on 22nd and 23rd (x1)

12/8 — zoom interview next week (x1)

12/29 — any update?

01/13 — email received inviting to campus visit

03/23 — any update?

04/14 -- Rejection email stating position is filled

Baruch College, City University of New York (New York, NY). Tenure-Track Assistance Professor in Drama and Performance Studies (U.S. and/or world anglophone). December 23, 2021. FT.[]

Please note that the application portal is closed for maintenance from 12/16-12/20. The portal will resume accepting application at 10:00PM EST on December 20.

1/17 Request for interview (x3)

1/31 Campus visits scheduled

4/5 Position filled

Boston College (Chestnut Hill, MA, USA). Assistant Professor of Theater in the Department of Theatre. November 1, 2021. TT. FT.[] Updates:

12/4 - Has anyone heard from Boston?

12/7 - Zoom Interviews Requested with dates on 12/10, 13 , & 14

12/20 — (weird) email received that looks like a generic rejection whitout to say it is (x1)

12/20 — search process update; no denial or confirmation of moving forward

1/4 — On campus interviews scheduled

3/14 - Offer extended to a candidate

Brandeis University. Assistant Professor of Theater Arts. Deadline: December 1st, 2021.[]

12/14 — email confirming the application

2/21 — rejection email received

Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA). Directing Faculty: Full-time/tenure track. Deadline: December 10th, 2021.[]

1/24 - email requesting Zoom interview

2/8 — Zoom 1st round interview

Centre College (Danville,KY,USA) Assistant Professor Theatre : Tenure Track[]

2/21 on campus interviews held

3/17 candidate accepted position

Columbus State University (Columbus, GA, USA). Assistant Professor of Theatre. No deadline.[]

1/30 - On-campus interviews held 1/19-1/25. Decision pending.

12/17 — Has anyone heard something?

Duke University (Durham, NC, USA). Assistant Professor of Practice of Theatre Studies. Deadline: November 12, 2021.[]

12/7 - Zoom Interviews Requested with dates on 12/13 & 12/14

12/21 - rejection email received

3/14 - Candidate accepted the position

Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA, USA). Department of Theatre and Dance - Tenure-Track Appointment in Performance Studies beginning Fall 2022. Deadline: November 1st, 2021. FT.[]

11/15 — booking of interviews on next Friday and Monday (x1)

12/28 — Any news?

12/29 - Campus visits held 12/6-10, but no word since

1/31 - Email saying position filled.

Hamilton College (Clinton, NY, USA). Assistant Professor Theatre (global performance history and theory). October 14, 2021. TT. FT.[]

10/25 - rejection email received, no details provided X5

10/15 — rejection email received, suggested that they had made a selection already.

New York University (New York, USA). Two Assistant Professor positions in African American or Black Diasporic Literature and Performance; NYU Department of English. October 1, 2021. TT. FT.[] Updates:

New York University/Tisch School of the Arts (New York, USA). Assistant Professor in African American Theater and Performance; NYU Department of Drama. October 30, 2021. TT. FT.[]

Updates: 12/4 - Currently conducting campus visits with finalists.

Position filled.

Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN, USA). Assistant Professor of Theatre History, Literature and Criticism. November 19, 2021. TT. FT.[]

12/17 — Has anyone heard something?

12/7 _ haven't heard anything either.

12/30 _ email requesting zoom interviews went out last week

1/17 - zoom interviews week of 1/10

1/31- any news?

1/31 - not that i've heard

1/31 - Invite for on campus interview

Position Filled

Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY). Open deadline. Assistant Professor. TT. FT.[]

4/5 - zoom interview scheduled

4/14- invitation for on campus interview

Offer accepted.

St Edwards University (Austin, TX) Assistant Professor Resident Director -tenure track[]

2/1 campus interviews started

3/17 anyone heard anything?

SUNY Oswego (Oswego, NY). Chaiperson and Associate Professor of Theatre Design. TT. FT. No deadline.[]

Position filled.

Swarthmore College (PA, USA). Assistant Professor in Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism. December 1, 2021. TT. FT.[] --

1/3 - any word?

1/4 - nope (x2)

2/1 - any news?

2/10 - nope (x3)

Some first round interviews in late January.

3/14 - An offer has been extended.

3/14 - rejection email received, the committee extended an offer to a finalist, who accepted

The New School for Social Research (NY, USA). Associate Professor of Contemporary Theater and Performance. No deadline.[]

12/20 - invitation to finalist round of interviews

University of Florida (FL, USA). Assistant Professor in Theatre and Performance Studies. December 1, 2021. TT. FT.[]

12/15 - generic rejection (x3)

12/22 - I haven't heard anything from them

Some first round interviews took place in mid-late December

University of Georgia (Athens, GA). Assistant Professor in Theatre and Film Studies (jt. appt. with African American Studies). Feb. 5, 2022. TT, FT.[]

Candidates invited to campus for Mid March site visits

University of Houston (Houston, TX. Assistant Professor, Theatre Studies. No Deadline (posted November 22, 2021). TT. FT.[]

1/5 - Zoom Interview Request (x2)

2/4 - On campus visits scheduled for mid- to late-February

3/24 - Any word?

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (NV, USA). Theatre Historian/Dramaturgy, Assistant Professor. December 1, 2021. TT. FT.[]

2/5 - anything?

2/12 - request for zoom interview

3/31 - have campus visits happened?

4/1 - Invitation to on campus interview

5/20 - offer accepted

University of Pittsburgh - Greensburg (PA, USA). Assistant Professor in Theatre. November 1, 2021. NT. FT.[] Updates:

1/17 - On campus interviews week of 1/10

2/10 - Position Filled

University of South Carolina[]

2/2 Zoom interview

4/11 any updates?

Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT, USA). Assistant Professor of Movement and Voice in the Department of Theater. October 15, 2021. TT. FT.[]

-Zoom interview-slots were available until Nov 18th.

Western Washington University (Bellingham, WA, USA). Assistant Professor of Theatre History. November 12, 2021. TT. FT.[]

12/28 - Any word?

2/18 - Rejection Received

Jobs with 2022 Application Deadlines[]

Colgate University (Hamilton, NY, USA). Visiting Assistant Professor of Design. March 21, 2022.[]

Colgate University (Hamilton, NY, USA). Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Practice. March 7, 2022.[]

Columbia University (New York City, NY, USA). Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor of Theatre Arts (Playwriting) in the Faculty of the Arts. March 1, 2022.[]

Columbia University (New York City, NY, USA) Assistant/Associate Professor of Theatre: March 1, 2022[]

3/25: Any news?

4/20: request for a first round Zoom interview

--> when are the first round of Zoom interviews scheduled for?

4/30 first round Zoom interviews scheduled for either April, 27, April 28, or May 4. Interviewees sign up for a 30 min interview on a date/time that works for them.

—> thank you!

5/6 have invites for campus visits gone out yet?

-->I had a Zoom interview but have not received an invitation for campus visit or rejection email. Here's to the waiting game. Cheers!

—> thanks!

5/13: Any news?

5/14: Received invitation for second-round talk/interview/student meetings via Zoom.

--> when are the second-round virtual visits taking place? thanks!

--> Second-round virtual visits scheduled for May 23, May 24, May 31, Jun 1, or Jun 2.

6/10: Any updates?

6/11: I haven't heard anything yet but I was emailed on 6/2 with a timeline stating that they hoped to extend an invite to campus within "a week or so." I suspect we'll know very soon!

--> They've narrowed the pool to two candidates who will have final in-person visits next week.

--> Have the final two candidates been notified?

--> Wait, are the campus visits this week or next?

6/19: Has anyone heard anything?

7/5: official generic rejection email received 7/1.

CSU Bakersfield (Bakersfield, CA). Assistant Professor of Theatre History and Literature. January 3, 2022. TT. FT.[]

12/28 - Received email that committee will review applications in January

1/14 - Additional materials requested

2/9 - Zoom interviews scheduled

4/19--Any update?

DePauw University (Greencastle, IN, USA). Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication and Theatre. March 14, 2022. NTT. FT.[]

3/18 - Zoom interview scheduled

4/8 - invitation for campus interview

5/5 - candidate selected and accepted

Florida State University University (Tallahassee, FL, USA). Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theatre Studies. Deadline: February 1, 2022. NT. FT.[]

3/29--any update?

4/19-- rejection email. Position filled.

George Washington University (Washington D.C.). Assistant Professor of Theatre. January 3, 2022. TT. FT.[]

2/7 - Any word?

2/10 - nope (x2)

2/28 - Checked on status of application and was told interviews are being conducted

3/22 - anyone know the status of this search? Has an offer been made?

5/10 Received rejection email

Hillsdale College (Hillsdale, MI). Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre in Scenic Design/Technical Direction. Deadline: February 26, 2022. NT. FT.[]

Indiana University (Bloomington, IN, USA). Visiting Assistant Professor in History, Theory and Literature Area (Theatre). February 18, 2022. NT. FT.[]

3/3 - request for interview

4/19-- rejection email. Position filled.

Lake Superior State University (Sault Ste. Marie, MI, US). Assistant Professor of Theatre (acting, theatre history, directing). No deadline. TT. FT.[][]

2/21 - request for interview

2/25 - Zoom interview

3/8 - invitation for campus interview

Limestone University (Gaffney, SC, USA). Assistant Professor of Theatre. No deadline. TT. FT.[]

1/21 - Invitation to Zoom interview

2/4 - Zoom interview

2/14 - Invitation to campus interview

2/21--3/4 -- On-campus interviews

Loyola University Chicago (IL, USA) Assistant Professor in Theatre. February 15, 2022. TT. FT.[]

3/4 - Semi-finalist zoom interview request

Niagara University (Niagara University, NY, USA). Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts (Costume Technology) Priority Deadline February 4th, 2022.[][]

Norfolk State University (Norfolk, VA, USA)

4 vacancies (TD, lighting, Costume, and Office Assistant)

They all are one-year positions to begin ASAP. All positions can be renewed.

Penn State (University Park, PA). Assistant Teaching Professor of Theatre. March 25th, 2022. NTT. FT.[]

4/1- Request for zoom interview

5/9 - Any update?

Purchase College/State University of New York (Westchester, NY, USA). Assistant Professor of Theatre and Performance. February 4th, 2022. TT. FT.[]

Queens College/City University of New York (New York City, NY, USA). Assistant Professor of Directing. January 10, 2022. TT. FT.[]

2/21 — Any news?

Sacramento State University (CA, USA) Assistant Professor of Theatre in Critical Theory, Dramatic Literature, and Practice. February 1, 2022. TT. FT.[]

2/28--request for zoom interview next week (x2)

Request for finalist interviews 3/18

Position filled

Saint Louis University (St. Louis, MO). Assistant Professor, Theatre. January 15, 2022. FT. TT.[]

1/27 Any update on this position?

1/27 Some first-round interviews happened this week.

4/15 -- Any update?

position filled.

San Joaquin Delta College (Stockton, CA). Associate Professor of Drama (Acting). March 24, 2022. TT. FT.[]

Apply at Delta College portal.

Southern Illinois University, SIU (Carbondale, IL) Assistant Professor of Practice, Theater - History and Dramaturgy). March 14, 2022. NTT. FT.[]

3/31 - references called and request for letters of recommendation

4/8 - request for finalist interview (x2)

5/24 -offer extended

The California State University (San José, CA, USA). Associate Professor - Film and Theatre - Theatre History. February, 1st, 2022. FT.[]

University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT, USA). Assistant Professor of Sound Design. Priority Deadline February 28, 2022, Closing Deadline March 16, 2022. FT. TT.[]

University of Chicago (Chicago, IL, USA). Collegiate Assistant Professor in Theater & Performance Studies. February 20, 2022. NT. FT.[]

3/15- any news?

3/18 nope (x3)

4/19 Still nothing?

4/19 I emailed the referent person a few days ago and they said the committee would have a roster of candidates to interview by Monday 04/18. I have not been invited to interview or rejected.

4/20 Rejection received

University of Hartford (Hartford, CT, USA). Associate Professor of Theatre. No deadline. TT.[]

2/18 — 1st round interview

University of Southern California, Roski School of Art & Design (Los Angeles, CA). Assistant Professor Critical Studies (Including Performance Studies). January 1, 2022. FT. TT.[]

Also listed under Art History

2/21 — Any news?

4/17— does anyone know if an offer has been made?

University of Wisconsin, La Crosse (La Crosse, WI). Assistant Professor - Theatre Studies. January 15, 2022. FT. TT.[]

2/28 - Any news?

3/18- Rejected, candidate selected.

Word on the Street[]

11/15 - Has anyone heard from Alfred University? I haven't heard anything yet, although I did notice they already have someone on a VAP line this semester.

  • 11/15- Haven't heard anything from Alfred.
  • 11/19- I received an email booking a phone interview for the next week (x1)

2/11/22 UGA has scheduled first round of interviews. Applications still open until finalists identified.

2/13 - So this Swarthmore job no one has heard from, does anyone know if this is an internal hire?

* It's a real hire. Campus visits were underway during the last few weeks.
3/17 - Has anyone heard from St Edwards University ?

3/24 St Edwards extended offer to 2nd candidate

3/21 - Any word from Millsaps College? I know finalist interviews happened. Just curious whether an offer has been made.

3/25-Any news on Bard College at Simon's Rock? Wondering if they have conducting first round interviews yet.

*First round zoom interview scheduled 3/28

3/25 Any news from Carnegie Mellon positions after the first round of interviews?

3/30 - Has anyone heard from/or know the status of these schools search? High Point University, Seattle University, Milligan University, College of DuPage, or University of Maine?

4/14 Rejection email from DuPage

4/6 University of Maine, Rejection Email

4/1- Has anyone heard from University of Waterloo?

^^4/1 Nothing here.

4/20 Still nothing? (Re: U of Waterloo)

4/25 Has anyone heard from Simon Fraser University School for Contemporary Arts?

^^4/25- Haven't heard anything!

5/10 Has anyone heard from Nova Southeastern University or Eastern New Mexico University?

5/22 Has anyone heard from Nazareth College?

6/28 Has anyone heard about this job at Trinity Rep/Brown?