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Wiki page for Academic Jobs in Theatre Studies advertised during the 2023-2024 hiring season. This page is for jobs that begin in 2024.

6/6/24 Page for 2025 is now available: Theater / Drama 2024-2025

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Please add jobs in the following format and order them alphabetically by institution.

  1. Example University (State/Province, Country). Position Title. Specializations. Deadline. TT/NT. FT/PT. Link to Job ad(s). Updates:

TT/NT: Tenure-track or Non-tenure track.

FT/PT: Full-Time or Part-Time

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Add updates to the end of each entry as they come in: Additional materials requested, video interview scheduled, campus visit scheduled, offer extended, offer accepted, rejection received.

Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under #Word on the Street.

See also Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2023-2024.

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Jobs for 2024[]

Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Performing Arts

Assistant/Associate Professor: Musical Theatre (review begins March 15th)

University of Amsterdam

Assistant Professor Theatre and Performance Histories from the Global South, University of Amsterdam.

  • An offer was made and accepted.
  • Campus visit in February

Texas A&M University

Applications for 2 full-time Academic Professional Track positions in Theatre. the school seeks an individual with expertise in one or more of the following areas: Acting and intimacy choreography; Devising and intimacy choreography; Theatrical design (any specialization); Stage Management and Production.

University of The Bahamas[]

Assistant Professor of Literature (Drama). Deadline 1/31/24. NT/FT (First contract 2 - 3 years, renewable up to 10 years)

Barnard College, Columbia University[]

Assistant Professor of Theatre. Deadline: 10/10/23. TT/FT

  • Invited to Zoom interview on 12/1 and received rejection on 12/15. Invites sent out for campus visits.

Brigham Young University[]

Assistant or Associate Professor (2 openings) Theatre/Media Arts. Deadline: 9/29/23. TT/FT.

Emerson College[]

Assistant Professor of Theatre. Deadline: 10/01/23. TT/FT.

Loyola Marymount University

Assistant Professor (Tenure-track) Playwriting

No Zoom interviews

On campus interviews offered

Position offered and accepted.

Assistant Professor (Tenure-track) of Scenic Design

No Zoom interviews

On campus interviews offered

Position offered and accepted.

Clinical Assistant Professor of Production Management

On Campus interviews already happened.

Position offered and accepted.

Mount Holyoke College[]

Visiting Lecturer in Theater (3 years). Theory/History, preferably with ability to direct. NT. FT. Deadline: 2/29/24.

Muhlenberg College[]

Associate or full professor ready to rotate into a term as chair of Theatre & Dance. Deadline: 11/15/23. TT/FT.

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University[]

Assistant or Associate Professor of Theatre Arts. Deadline: 04/15/2024.

Assistant or Associate Professor of Theatre Arts Technology. Deadline: 04/15/2024.

Norfolk State University[]

Four tenure-track positions are available including the following:

F0182 - Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Drama and Theatre – Costume Design & Technology / Resident Costume Designer

F0199 -Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Drama & Theatre - Musical Theatre / Resident Conductor & Music Director

F0046 -Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Drama & Theatre - Lighting and Sound Design / Resident Lighting & Sound Designer

F0205 - Associate Professor of Drama & Theatre — African American Theatre & Performance

All positions remain open until filled. Review starts immediately until each position is filled. To view the application materials or to apply, click on the job titles above or visit the Virginia state site at

NYU Abu Dhabi[]

NYU Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi, UAE). Instructor of Arts Workshop (Open Rank). Deadline: 07/31/2024. FT.

Pennsylvania State University (University Park)[]

Assistant Professor of Theatre History and Practice. Preferred Areas: Asian/Native and Indigenous/Latinx Cultures and Methodologies. Deadline: 11/17/23. TT/FT.

Purdue University[]

Production Manageer. Deadline: Open until filled. Link:

Santa Clara University[]

Assistant Professor of Performance Studies, Theatre History/Historiography. Black Performance Theory. Deadline: 9/8/23. TT/FT.

  • 10/6/23 - "Search Canceled" per chair of search committee.
  • This Department has had multiple failed/canceled searches over the years - very frustrating.

Singapore University of Technology and Design[]

Renewable Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in the humanities, including in theater and drama. Deadline: December 1, 2023. Link: Salary information:

Trinity University[]

Renewable Visiting Assistant Professor - Lighting Design. Review of applications begin Feb. 15, 2024. Open until filled. NT/FT. [1]

University at Buffalo[]

Assistant Teaching Professor of Performance Studies (2 openings). Deadline: Open until filled. NT/FT.

University of California, Riverside[]

Assistant Professor of Latinx/e Theatre Practice and Studies. Due date: January 24, 2024. TT/FT.

3/1-Zoom interviews have been offered

4/8 - On campus interviews happened last week

Assistant Professor of Teaching in Acting and Playwriting/Screenwriting. Due date: Feb 20, 2024.

4/8 - Zoom interviews already happened

4/8- On Campus interviews this week

Villanova University[]

Assistant Professor of Performance. Deadline: November 15, 2023. TT/FT.

  • 2/4/24 - campus visits completed

William & Mary[]

Associate Technical Director. Theatre & Dance. Deadline: 11/01/23. NT/FT.

William & Mary[]

Assistant Professor of Theatre & Dance. Applied Theatre and Performance. Deadline 11/01/23. TT/FT.

William & Mary[]

Assistant Teaching Professor of Theatre & Dance. Lighting/Sound Design. Deadline 11/01/23. NT/FT.

Word on the Street[]

University of Florida[]

2/12/24: Has anyone heard about the Assistant Prof of Acting search? Zoom Interviews?


11/14/23- Anyone hear about Emerson campus visits?

  • Emerson campus visits happening early December.
  • I had a campus visit, have not heard back.

11/14/23 Have zoom interviews already happened?

11/15/23- Zoom interviews for Emerson happened mid/late Oct.

12/22 - Anyone get an update from Emerson?

  • was wondering the same thing, so maybe they're not updating anyone until after the holidays?
  • Seems like it!
  • 12/18 the position was reposted on Chronicle of Higher Ed.

1/11 - Any update from Emerson?

  • Nothing here (1/22).

2/16 -they had to go back to the pool and are currently interviewing another round of applicants.

  • Yes...I'll just say to wary...


Campus visits are happening in the next couple of weeks.


Any updates?


  • 11/13 Received an email from Lafayette that they made a hire


11/16/23- anyone hear from Barnard yet?

  • 12/26 just saw that Barnard ad was reposted on LinkedIn 3 days ago.
  • 1/5 - Campus interview with Barnard scheduled for first week of Feb.


11/17/23: anyone heard from Rutgers, Oregon, or Georgetown?

11/21/23: anyone heard from Barnard, Rutgers, Oregon, Georgetown, Pittsburgh, U. San Francisco? (11/28/23 I have the exact same question about all these uni.s)


11/27/23 Oregon interviews are happening the first week of December.

  • 1/2 the position was reposted on Chronicle of Higher Ed. Not sure if that means anything?
  • 1/6 not sure what that means but campus visits are scheduled for January.


11/28/23 -- Any news on University of Hawai'i?

  • On 11/28 I received this email: "Our initial review of applications is underway and we hope to update applicants for the position before the end of the calendar year."
  • 12/19 received zoom interview request. Zoom interviews will be conducted in the new year.
  • Zoom interview scheduled for 1/12/24.
  • 2/3- has anyone heard about campus interviews?
  • 3/17- Received rejection

Penn State[]

12/1 Anyone hear anything from Penn State?

1/4- Anyone hear anything from Penn State?

(1/28)--still nothing here.

(2/7) -- has anyone heard anything? I feel like they must have scheduled the first round of interviews at least.3

  • May also have to do with the recently announced (and massive) university-wide budget cuts, I wouldn't be surprised if new arts position searches are either paused or outright cancelled until they get a clearer understanding of what kind of fallout they'll be dealing with.
  • Has there been movement on this?
  • Was informed Penn State has made an offer and the candidate accepted.

Williams College[]

  • 12/1- Any news on Williams?
  • 1/23 - no news here, anyone heard anything?
  • 2/16- Any updates?
  • 2/24 - Interviewed for the visiting position 1/18, was notified of rejection 1/31

William and Mary[]

12/1- Any news on William and Mary?

12/5 - William and Mary sent out e-mails to applicants, saying that they won't be having interviews until after NYE.

2/16- Any updates?

3/6- Any updates?

3/14- William & Mary are currently in the process of doing campus visits

San Francisco[]

12/1- Any news on Univ. of SF?

12/12 - any word on U. San Francisco?

1/8-Any movement on University of San Francisco?

(1/28) still nothing here

2/13 any updates here?

5/8 -- candidate received an email stating that they were no longer in consideration

Niagara University[]

12/7 - Received an email from Niagara University. First round interview are happening on 12/14.

1/5/24 received availability check for first three weeks of February

2/27 received rejection


  • 12/7-Any news on Rutgers?
  • 12/15 First-round zoom interview for Rutgers in mid-December
  • 12/16 oo thanks!


12/8 - Finalists have been selected for Buffalo

Syracuse University[]

12/8 Any news on Syracuse (history and literature)?

  • 12/9 Syracuse campus interviews Nov/Dec.
  • Received notice that position has been filled.

Long Beach[]

12/9 - Any news on Long Beach (Head of Theatre Studies)?

1/20- Zoom interviews this week

1/28- Any word on Campus visits?

2/16- Letters of rec requested by the 14th

2/16- Any updates on campus visits?

3/1- Campus visits have begun. Candidates have been visiting campus (x2).

3/22- they made a hire.


12/12 - just got my rejection from Georgetown. (wish more places sent these out!)


12/12 - any word on Pittsburgh?

12/16 -- any update from Barnard, Pitt, or U. San Francisco?

- 12/24– still wondering about Barnard, Pitt, U. SanFran..?

(1/28) still nothing here

2/16- Any updates?


- 1/28- Any word on Zoom interviews?

- 2/16- Zoom interview last week

- 3/7- campus visit invite

Is this Portland State or Penn State?

- I believe this is Penn State. If so, was informed they have made an offer and candidate accepted.


- 1/31- Any word on Zoom interviews

-2/6- Any updates?

- 2/13 Zoom interviews scheduled.

- 3/7- Any updates on campus visits?

-They made a hire at end of April

Carnegie Mellon[]

12/18 - Anyone heard from Carnegie Mellon?

  • 1/15- Still hoping for an update on Carnegie Mellon, if anyone has news.

University of Minnesota Duluth[]

12/19 - Received interview request from University of Minnesota Duluth (x2)

  • Zoom interview scheduled 1/6/24
  • Break a leg! Mine is 1/4/24
  • 1/15- Any news?
  • 2/3 Has anyone had an on-campus interview at UMD?
  • 2/3 I haven't heard anything since the zoom interviews.
  • 2/12 Campus interviews scheduled
  • 2/26- Received rejection

Grand Valley State University[]

12/21 - Received update from GVSU- they will be contacting candidates for zoom interviews after January 8th

  • Did anyone do a zoom?
  • 2/8 Received rejection (X2)
  • 2/2 Zoom interview, Received rejection 2/8
  • 3/12 any updates post campus visits?
  • 3/15 had campus visit; any one receive word?


12/22 - Zoom interviews for Temple were 12/13 & 12/14

1/6 - Any new updates on Temple?


1/1 - I also applied to Oakland but have not heard anything yet.

1/19 Had Zoom interview Jan 9th


1/8- Has anyone heard from Alma College?

* 1/18 - received invitation to interview

  • 2/2 2nd in-person interview scheduled
  • 3/27 received rejection

University of Miami[]

1/10- Any word on University of Miami?

University of North Carolina - Greensboro[]

1/10 - Anybody hear anything about the UNCG Dramaturgy/Theatre History lecturer position?

  • 1/29 Received invitation to interview
  • Anyone hear anything about this? I had a Teams interview about a month ago but have heard nothing since then.

3/6 - For the Musical Theatre Dance position at UNCG, I have a campus visit on 3/10-3/12. Not sure if this timing aligns with the Dramaturgy position.

Bridgewater State[]

1/11 - Bridgewater State holding interviews in next two weeks

  • 1/22 Received rejection
  • me too 1/23
  • 2/21 campus visits scheduled


1/12 - Anyone hear anything from Allegheny?

Campus visits happening Jan/Feb, in progress...

2/15 got rejection today, they have made a hire

Southern Methodist University[]

1/12 - Anyone hear anything from Southern Methodist University?

2/29 - Received email to schedule Zoom interview

Wake Forest[]

1/15- Wake Forest interviews happening the week of January 29.

  • 1/15 received rejection
  • 2/3 did first round zoom earlier this week. Was told that they would make decisions "very quickly" for on-campus interviews throughout February and an offer by Spring Break.
  • 2/8 finalists have been selected
  • 2/12 Are those finalists for the costume design position or the playwriting/directing/musical theatre position?
  • ^^^^^
  • Playwriting et al. I don't know for sure if finalists have been contacted. I reached out because I got another offer, so I was inquiring about timeline, and they let me know that they had selected their top three and I was not one of them, so I should take the other job.
  • 2/22 received rejection for Playwriting position


1/16 - Anyone hear anything from Drew University?

  • 1/24 - No news over here
  • anything yet?

Texas State University[]


  • Zoom interview scheduled for Monday Feb 19
  • 2/24 any updates for the directing position at Texas State?

Sam Houston State University[]

3/25 Any update on the Acting / Directing position?

3/28 The position has been filled.

UNC Chapel Hill[]

1/19 - Has anyone heard anything from UNC Chapel Hill? There was one Open Rank and two Teaching Assistant Professor positions in the department.

  • 1/25 received invitation to interview for one of the Teaching Assistant Professor positions via zoom
  • 2/14 campus visits happening late Feb/ early March (for teaching assistant professor position)
  • 2/14 campus visits for which position?
  • 2/16- There was a TAP position focused on theatre history and another focused on communication. Just curious which one you are referring to.
  • 2/16 communication TAP
  • 2/29 on-campus interview for Communication TAP


  • 1/19 - Any news on Wofford?
  • 2/22 - Still nothing?
  • 2/29 - 1st interview scheduled for this week
  • 3/27- received rejection

Coastal Carolina University[]

  • 1/19 - Any news on Coastal Carolina University?
  • 2/22 - Anyone?
  • 3/13 - On campus visit
  • 4/12- received rejection

Amherst College[]

  • 1/23 - any word yet?
  • 2/6- any word on Zoom interviews?
  • 2/10 zoom interviews happened last week.

Swarthmore College[]

  • 1/24 - anyone contacted about interviews?
  • 1/24 - radio silence here
  • 2/6- any updates?
  • 2/16- Any updates?
  • 2/17 - nothing here
  • 3/6 - Rejection received
  • 3/22 - Was one of 3 finalists. Their goal was to finish process by mid-April.

Norfolk State Univ.[]

4 positions; any news?

Notre Dame[]

2/18 Received rejection, position filled

Cal Lutheran[]

  • 2/14- received invitation for zoom interview
  • 2/27- completed zoom interview

Southern Utah[]

  • 2/22- received invitation for zoom interview
  • 3/4- completed zoom interview
  • Made a hire

Fordham University[]

  • 2/23 - any news?
  • 4/16 - received rejection


  • 2/23 - any news?
  • 3/15 - Had Zoom interview on Feb 9th
  • 4/1 - Had on campus visit

Central Connecticut State University[]

  • 2/29 Any news?
  • 4/12- received rejection

Ball State[]

  • 2/29- Any news?

McDaniel College[]

  • 3/5- received invitation for zoom interview
  • 3/25- received invitation for campus visit
  • 4/12- campus visit complete

SUNY Oswego[]

  • 3/25: Any news?
  • 4/11: Any news?
  • 5/22: Rejected.


  • 3/25 Any updates?

Auburn University[]

  • 3/31: Any news?
  • 4/4: Zoom Interview

Missouri State

  • 4/24: Updates?


  • 4/24: Updates?
  • 5/3: I noticed that my in progress application on Interfolio had become "incomplete;" two recommendation letters were now requested. Did this happen to everyone? I didn't receive any word from them, so I'm wondering if maybe they meant to request letters from finalists whom they'd interviewed, but accidentally requested them from everyone.
    • Yes, also received this request but have not been interviewed.


  • 4/24: Updates?

Virginia Tech

  • 4/24: Updates?

North Carolina A&T

  • 4/28: Anyone hear anything from A&T?

Midwestern State University[]

4/30 Any updates on the Asst professor opening?