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Status of Job Searches[]

University of Alabama- Assistant Professor, Management/Arts Admin[]

(Immediate Review, open until filled)

Amherst College - Assistant Professor of Directing[]

(Deadline: 15 October)

  • Received Rejection Letter 11/6
  • Received Rejection Letter 11/20
  • Got the skinny from a student: The post was offered to a great person well-advanced in her/his career. This person then received tenure in the current post. Amherst may open the search again next year depending upon budgetary concerns. The thing to know is that even though this says "assistant" it appears that they're actually looking for a tenured position.

Appalachian State University (NC) - Theatre Generalist[]

(Deadline: January 15)

  • Letter dated 1/9 stating receipt of materials and requesting OEO survey completion received 1/16. (x4)
  • Letter dated 1/15 w/ OEO survey received 1/26.
  • Also got letter beginning of January
  • Anybody heard from them?
  • Narrowing down to interview stage as of spring break, March 9-14
  • Have there been other stages? Phone interviews, etc.?
  • I too would like to know how the "narrowing" information was obtained. I didn't see anything (pre-new website when some stuff was lost) about phone interviews ...
  • Nice rejection letter received (5/18) x1.
  • I heard from an "inside" source that the person they hired was an internal candidate, and also a lighting design specialist. I suppose they wanted to emphasize the component of this position that involved departmental curriculum development.

Arizona State University (ASU) - Lecturer/Theatre and Film[]

(Deadline 2/19/09)

  • Phone interview scheduled for 3/4
  • Campus visit schedule week of 3/23
  • Offer made and accepted

Auburn University[]

(Deadline: February 1 2009 )

  • post ack. (2/5)
  • offer made
  • offer accepted

Augsburg College - Assistant Professor, Generalist[]

(Deadline: December 15th)

  • received next phase of hiring process: a written interview: early January
  • Q:Can you say how/when you heard about this? Also, what is a written interview?
  • Week of 1/5: phone contact first, then the 'application' was sent via email. It's 5 questions about how the candidate will support Augburg's various missions--diversity, Christian values, experiential learning, etc...
  • 1/28: request for a phone interview.
  • Are you the same person who received the written interview? Yes.
  • Rejection email 2/3 (x2)
  • Unimpressive so far: Chair refused to disclose names of committee members before phone interview. No opportunity for or invitation to ask questions.
  • Campus visit scheduled (2/9) (x2)
  • Offer made
  • Offer accepted? Yes.

Ball State University - Lighting/Sound Design and Theatre History[]

(Deadline: 17 November)

  • 2 Positions Available
  • Re: Theatre History job, rec'd email 12/15 "to inform you that you are now on a "shorter" list of candidates for the Theatre History

position at BSU! Think of yourself as a 'semi-finalist.'"

  • Email 1/21: "Our search for a theatre historian is effectively off for this year" due to "current poor economic environment."
  • I still haven't gotten this email! whats up with that? And I was supposedly a "semi-finalist" too!
  • snail mail letter 2/16 saying search is off for this year, can "reactivate application" with letter when search restarts, which they think will be fall 2009. I didn't get an email saying I was a finalist, this letter was the first contact I received after the ack. letter.

Baylor University - Assistant/Associate, Lighting Designer[]

  • Artist/scholar

Berea - Assistant Professor/Generalist[]

(Deadline: 15 October)

  • Received confirmation of materials Oct 15th or so? Also, got lovely short congratulatory email from department chair when I emailed to update that I'd successfully defended.
  • Scheduled phone interview for week of Dec. 8
  • They got a nice unstable one interviewing on campus... should be interesting to see how it all shakes out.
  • The previous post is a bit cryptic... Wld you mind elaborating?
  • Letter received 3/7 indicating position has been filled.

Blackburn College- Theatre Generalist[]

  • Contacting Recommenders
  • e-mail rejection 5/22/09

University of British Columbia- Theatre Studies[]

(Deadline: 5, December, 2008)

  • Received confirmation of materials Nov 30. Candidates to be contacted within two months after 5 December.
  • Emailed committee who wrote back saying they would decide a long list on January 28 and a short list by February 10.
  • Q: Anyone hear anything on this one? Anyone else on this wiki applying to this one?
  • A: I'm waiting on this one too. I wonder if their 'long list' is internal, and they won't contact people until they make their short list? I have no idea, but I'm just speculating...
  • A: Sounds likely. I'll write if I hear anything.
  • Me too!
  • Exchanged a few emails with the chair of the search committee yesterday (9 Feb). Nothing conclusive, he was just making a few clarifications about my application. He did say that the committee would meet today to draw up a short list. Had also said that the short list would need to be approved by the administration. I take that to mean that it could be a little longer before any of us hear anything.
  • received extremely personal, kind, email notice that I made the top ten, but not the final short list. 2/13.
  • received an email to set up a campus visit for early March. 2/17. (x2)
  • Q: It may be gauche to ask, but if you are willing to share, do you mind saying what area you are working in?
  • A; In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that I posted this on behalf of a colleague. That colleague specializes in modern Chinese theatre.
  • Thanks for being a generous wiki contributor.
  • Q: For the second person who noted an on-campus interview request -- do you also work in Asian drama or do you work in another area?
  • A: Yes, Indonesian theatre.
  • Four candidates invited for on-campus interviews: one does modern Chinese theatre, one Indonesian theatre, one Early Modern theatre, and one 19th and 20th century Russian theatre and Puppetry.
  • Campus visits complete; committee said they would meet March 13 to reach a decision, then submit it to the dean for approval
  • 3/25: Offer made and accepted

University of British Columbia/Great Northern Way- Assistant Professor Interdisciplinary Performance[]

(Deadline: Feb 27)

Brown University/Trinity Rep- Director of Movement/Physical Theatre[]

(Deadline: 15, August, 2008)

Butler University- Chair (Directing or History)[]

(Deadline: Review begins immediately)

The ad says one should have materials in by Sept. 15th. I'm assuming they won't make a hire until/for the 2010 school year? Anyone else read that?

Based on the last time they hired a chair, interviews were done in the late fall and the chair started the next school year. They have a temporary chair for the year in place.

Thanks for responding. I reviewed the university's website, and indeed, they want someone to start summer 2010. I see they have a temporary chair. Anyone know what happened with the previous chair?

Yes, he worked there for quite some time (a decade, I think), built the program up a great deal, and has moved to Columbia College in Chicago.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - Assistant Prof/Generalist[]

(Deadline: 10, October, 2008)

  • Has anybody heard anything about this search? I have to assume they've contacted a short list by this point?
  • They brought me in for an on campus visit the week of Thanksgiving, but I've not heard anything since.
  • Well, thanks for the update. I didn't even get a confirmation of materials from them. Blah.
  • I didn't receive any confirmation of materials, either! Sad that we have to look to this wiki for updates!
  • I just checked the status of my online application, and it says "No longer under consideration." I guess that is my rejection letter.
  • Oh yeah, hah. Talk about impersonal.
  • I had a short-list phone interview mid-November but also haven't heard a darn thing. I assume if above person got a campus visit than it's nil. But they wanted someone who could teach 3 classes PER quarter. add em up. 9 a year. woosh.
  • Just got an official rejection letter TODAY...better late than never I guess! (1/17) Me too... incorrectly addressed even. Heh.
  • An offer was made.

University of California at Santa Barbara, Assistant Prof of Acting[]

(Deadline: November 2)

  • Three candidates have visited (Jan. 2009)

Carnegie Mellon - Open Rank Prof. of Playwriting (running grad PW program)[]

(Deadline: Mid-November)

  • I hear through the grapevine that CMU has instituted a total hiring freeze. I assume that covers this one.
  • ugh-thanks.
  • Not true - they just interviewed their final candidates. No word yet on a choice.

Christopher Newport University- Assistant Professor[]

(Deadline: December 1st)

  • Anybody heard anything?
  • Not a thing here. 1/29
  • Nothing here as well...ugh. (1/29)
  • The search has been cancelled. I inquired with the search committee head. History/Literature position. 1/30.
  • Is there any plan for an email or post card or anything to officially notify us?
  • The head of the search committee apologized that no one had contacted me, so I assumed others had been contacted and I just got lost in the shuffle. You will notice that job has been taken off the CNU HR page.
  • Huh. I definitely never heard anything. Ah well. Thanks for the info.
  • Letter dated 7/24 indicates that search has been cancelled. (x2, I guess better late than never?)

Colby College- Assistant Professor/Generalist[]

(deadline Dec 1)

  • Phone interview scheduled week of Dec 8
  • Contacted via email for phone interview x2
  • If you haven't already seen it, check out the Chronicle thread on Colby. There is a link to a tenure denial case thats gives some really interesting insight on the tenure process at Colby.
  • Just heard that there were over 130 applicants for this job-- probably similar figures for many others this year
  • Received email (1/8) that materials were received and requesting candidates to take the EOE online survey (X2)
  • Email said that they would be "finalizing their process by April." Not sure what that means? Maybe that's when they expect to make an offer?
  • Invited for campus visit Feb.x3
  • Were you one who had a phone interview in Dec.? A: Yes.x3
  • For those who got them have the on-campus interviews happened yet and if so, how were they?
  • Mine is over, I think they all are but I'm not sure. I wish I could say more but I don't feel I can at this point.
  • Rejection letter received. (x3, dated March 4 states the position has been filled and they had over 130 applicants.)

Columbia University - Assistant/Associate Dramaturgy[]

(Deadline: March 6 or unitl filled)

University of Dallas- Drama Lit/Directing[]

(Deadline December 1)

  • Anybody heard anything from U of Dallas?
  • Anything new about this one? Seems like someone would've heard something by now.

Daytona State College - Acting/Directing[]

(open until filled)

  • Phone interview request Feb. 7

Denison University - Assistant Professors of Acting and Directing[]

(Deadline: 1 October 2008 information)

  • 2 posts available
  • Pre-interviews at ATHE 2008
  • Departmental secretary informed me that they've narrowed down to four interviews.

Dickinson College - Visiting Assistant Professor[]

(Deadline: 15 February 2009)

  • Any word on this one?

Fairfield - Assistant Professor, Acting[]

(Deadline Dec 1)

  • Recieved email that application was recieved.
  • Nice to the point rejection letter (late December) reporting a total of 170 applicants.

University of Florida- Assistant Professor- Theatre Appreciation and Improvisation[]

(Deadline 1/16)

  • one of my recommenders told me that they spoke to the search committee today (2/23) and that I was a "top 10" candidate.
  • second recommender confirmed contact (2/24)
  • phone interview 3/3 (two of the five search committee members were not on call); good questions
  • campus interview scheduled

Florida State University - Assistant Professor of Voice and Performance[]

(Deadline: 3 October)

Furman - Assistant Professor[]

(Deadline: Dec )

Georgia College and State - Assistant Professor Theatre: Performance History and Directing[]

(Deadline 1/15/2009)

6/17/09 Online database says job search is still "in progress." This cannot possibly be true, right?

Goucher College- Assistant Professor (non-tenure) Generalist[]

(Deadline: Open unitl filled)

  • postcard ack. materials received (1/29)
  • got the same today (2/20) seems like standard HR document so who knows what the actual search timeline is.
  • Me too. Well designed and classy postcard. It was simultaneously completely generic and yet I felt like I was receiving an invitation.
  • that's a spot-on description of it!
  • I heard a rumor that this job has an inside candidate, but again, it's a rumor.

University of Houston - Downtown[]

(Deadline: )

  • Anybody heard anything from U of Houston?
  • phone interview scheduled for end of first week in February
  • offer accepted

Hunter College - Asst. Professor of Theatre[]

(Deadline: Jan. 24)

  • Q: I notice that the Hunter job isn't posted above - who knows how to add it? And has anyone heard anything about that position?
  • A: It has been added. And I just exchanged emails with a member of the search committee. They have a three-course world theatre history sequence that they would like to make more "worldly," and an Intro to Theatre course that the new hire would likely teach. Also, as the ad says, an opportunity to teach some specialty courses and advise MA students. My contact said they are looking at applications over the next few weeks.
  • Wow - thanks so much! Good info!
  • 2/10 - Letter received saying application rec'd & that dossiers were being reviewed and that interviews would happen in March.
  • 2/12: Informal phone interview. They said they would be calling around 8-10 applicants and meet to discuss a shortlist next week.
  • 2/19: A second informal phone interview from a different committee member who asked for additional materials, and said they would be shortening the list from 7 to 3 in the next weeks.
  • 2/27: 3 candidates invited to interview in March
  • 3/25: campus visits finished; notification expected around the end of next week
  • end of March: They'll be spending April bringing out some additional "local candidates." I guess they didn't like their short list, so now they're flipping through the Manhattan phone book. Ho hum.
  • Q: Whoever just erased the last few posts to this section, would you please have the decency to explain why it is in the interests of the users of this site for you to do so?
  • It wasn't me, I just wanted to add that I have heard that this is a less than fun job. Of course, one person's misery is another person's paradise, so who can say. I think the search process indicates some of the possible downsides, however. I am sorry to hear about the way

it went down.

  • Also heard that their looking for someone who does non-Western work.
  • The three finalists they invited to interview last month were all Asia specialists. One took an offer from UBC. I guess they didn't like the other two.
  • The erased posts were stupid jokes about plumbers and entirely irrelevant. I didn't erase them, but kudos to whomever did.
  • One of the erased posts was a stupid joke about plumbers. Another looked like a legitimate post from a Wisconsin MA starting a PhD at Columbia who got called out of the blue to interview even though he didn't apply for the job. Maybe somebody thought that was a joke, but I for one don't find it implausible. I've known a few search committees who run through their legitimate candidates and then start calling up people they know. And I've seen some pretty inappropriate candidates hired in tenure track positions-- like people a long way from their PhD.

University of Incarnate Word[]

(Deadline: )

  • Anyone heard anything from Incarnate Word?
  • They have already brought candidates to campus.
  • Rejection letter received 2/9 (snail mail) (x2)

Kent State-Stark- Assistant Professor[]

(Deadline Jan 20)

  • Online database says I'm no longer under consideration. I never heard boo from them, ever, so I'm not surprised.
  • Form rejection from HR.

Lehigh University - Asst. Professor of Playwriting[]

(Deadline: Nov. 10th)

  • Sent in app 9/15 was asked for further info 10 days later. Have heard nothing since.
  • Phone interview set up for week of Dec. 8th (received e-mail 12/4)
  • Sent in app the day it was due and received confirmation soon after but nothing since.
  • Campus interview (scheduled 12/18 for Jan./Feb.)
  • Rejection via e-mail (sigh) 1/15 - good luck to everyone else!
  • Offer made and accepted (not to me)

Loyola University Chicago--Theater History/Assistant Prof.[]

(Deadline: Jan. 1)

  • ATHE has this as a 1/15 deadline
  • Call for phone interview 2/5
  • Rejection email. 2/9
  • I didn't apply to this one but I am very impressed at how quickly the SC is moving. A January 1/15 deadline and people are already being called for interviews? Wow. If only other SCs out there could work this way!
  • Fyi: course load is 3/3 + professional work.
  • One week following phone interview, notification that didn't make it to campus invite list. 2/15

Loyola, Maryland - Assistant Professor[]

(Deadline: Dec 1)

  • Anyone know anything about this one, I haven't so much as got a we got your stuff letter.
  • I haven't heard anything either (1/14)
  • Just crickets here too (1/14) wonder if the lack of follow up is a function of the online app process.
  • Contacted to set up phone interview and submit subsequent materials (1/15) x4

(Were you 2 any of the folks who had just posted about "no word yet"?--No- Yes x1)

  • A colleague reported that a campus invite was given this past weekend (Feb 14th)
  • Rejection letter (dated Feb. 13) received today (Feb. 23) stating I "was not among the applicantas we will be contacting for a phone interview". Letter mentions they "had a very rich pool of applicants, and our selection process was lenthy and considered."
  • Weird, I haven't gotten a rejection letter. Wonder if mine got lost. Ah well, something to look forward to. :)
  • Double strange, I got a phone interview but no campus invite and haven't gotten either form of rejection yet. Maybe I'm in the just in case the invited candidates crash and burn pile (or my mail is slow).
  • I recently heard from one of the candidates interviewed that there seems to be an inside candidate (thinks it may be a rigged search)

Missouri State University - Assistant Professor/Acting-Directing[]

(Deadline: October 15)

  • Had phone interview back in November. Got a weird vibe regarding relationships w/in the dept. Have heard nothing since.
  • Feb. 3 Talked to the department having just learned about the position. They said they have narrowed to two candidates. My friend who taught there a few years ago said the relationships are very tense in the department. Quite a bit of fighting.

Mount Holyoke - Visiting Assistant Professor/Acting-Directing[]

(Deadline December 1)

  • Any word on this one?
  • An offer was made this week. There were over 100 applicants.

Mount Saint Mary[]

(Deadline: )

  • Has anyone heard anything from Mount St. Mary College?
  • A colleague of mine is making a campus visit tomorrow.
  • Received the shortest, oddest, least personal rejection letter that both acknowledged the receipt of my application and rejected me.

NYU Ad[]

(Deadline: Dec 15 )

  • Acknowledged receipt via email (1/12)(1/22)
  • Email request for more material (1/17)
  • Rejection by email. (4/29)

University of Idaho - Assistant Professor/Acting-Directing-Voice[]

  • Rejection letter: Mid December

University of Massachusetts, Amherst[]

(Deadline Nov. 15)

  • Housed in English Department this was a Dramatic Literature and Performance position
  • Letter acknowledging receipt of materials received late November (undated on actual letter)
  • Rejection Letter received December 12 (also no date typed on letter itself but nice cordial rejection)
  • Notified via a very nice email that the search has been suspended. (12/16) :<
  • Damn! That was the place from which a faculty responded to an earlier query of mine about hiring freezes and was told to "go for it" because searches go forward and stop for a variety of reasons. I was wondering whether that attitude was Pollyannaish. Turns out, yes.

University of Mississippi[]

(Deadline January 31)

  • Their website now says that the search is cancelled Again! Anyone else remember seeing this job posted last year?
  • I just heard from the head of the search committee a few days ago and there was no mention of this. Aargh.
  • Nice letter stating job was pulled for budget reasons but to reapply when hiring freeze is lifted. 2/2

University of Nebraska- Lincoln (3), Acting/Directing, Theatre Studies and Assistant/Associate Professor of Theatre and Film/Digital Arts[]

(Deadline: January 15, Theatre/Film/Digital is January 9)

  • Letter (dated 1/6) of receipt of materials for Theatre Studies search received 1/12 (FYI, maybe I missed it due to application blur, but my list of materials was missing an online "Faculty/Administrative" form completion that needed to be done through the UNL HR site.)
  • Phone call on 1/28 from search chair of Theatre Studies asking for more examples of scholarship.
  • So if we didn't get the request for more examples are we out of the running?
  • To be honest I can't really get a feel for how this search is progressing. I sent the requested additional materials & had another call from the chair about their my contacting references but no real phone interview as of yet.
  • So has anyone heard anything ... phone interview request? fly-in? I had two contacts with the chair late Jan and mid-Feb. but nothing since. I'm assuming I'm out of the running.
  • Rejection letter received 4/25 (dated 4/17) written by the Director of the School of Theatre (not the search committee chair who I emailed about 3 weeks ago to inquire about the search's status and who said the "director would be making a decision" about how to proceed in this economic climate). After an inquiry for more scholarship examples and permission to follow up with references (which my references said was done in late Februrary) the letter tell sme I am not among the "small number of candidates whose credentials will receive further (!?) review and who may (?!) be invited for interviews". Not sure what this means or what to make of it in terms of where I fell on the totem pole of candidates. I wish they all would speak more plainly in these letters. It's hard to know what to change/improve.

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill - Assistant Professors of Theatre History and African/Asian Theatre History[]

(Deadline November 14)

  • 2 positions
  • Out of curiosity, where was this job posted --perhaps I missed in in CHE, MLA, and ATHE . . but if not, I am wondering what other source I should be looking at.
  • I would also suggest Artsearch and, the latter will send you postings via email tailored to your specific interests free of charge.
  • Rec'd rejection letter dated Dec. 15 (for Ass't Prof of Theatre History position)
  • Rejection letter dated Dec. 18th arrived today (1/9) for theatre history position (X3 and call me sensitive but I find the delay btw date written and sent a bit bad form even with the holiday break. Sorry. I'm crabby.)
  • Yup. just got mine today too (1/12) with the date of the 18th of Dec. nice job UNC.
  • Theater History: one campus interview (x2)
  • Did someone have an interview campus, if so when did that occur?
  • I have one, hasn't happened yet.
  • I heard they are canceling the search. Anyone else hear that?
  • Where'd you hear this? When?
  • I heard it from a theater prof. at another UNC campus. Maybe reliable, maybe not. Was in relation to all UNC schools losing funding for searches because of budget.
  • I actually heard that rumor from another source (someone who had spoken to a faculty in UNC's Medical School who told them all faculty searches were frozen) and this was in late November. I called Chapel Hill's HR office just to make sure that the search materials had been forwarded to the theater department and the individual I spoke to at HR said they had no such information that searches were being suspended. However, it has been my experience that where faculty searches are concerned, HR departments are sometimes the LAST places to know, with any accuracy, about a search's status. Also, even if other UNC campus have freezes, Chapel Hill (as the flagship campus) can sometimes find a way to make a search happen.
  • Did anyone from this list apply to/hear about the African/Asian Theatre History position? I'm just wondering if all the activity is on the generalist search.
  • I am one of the people who has an upcoming campus visit, and it is for theatre history. UNC made all the travel plans and bought all the tickets in December, so I'm hoping it's still on.
  • The visits are a go, so I assume there is no hiring freeze, despite the alarmist rumors above.
  • I'm not sure it is just alarmist. Today's campus newspaper for UNC-CH announced on the front page that 33 searches previously approved have been suspended recently. Maybe this search or searches have been spared the chop (I hope!).
  • In December I spoke with a professor in another department at UNC Chapel Hill who said that there is an understanding that endowed professorships (of which the theatre history job is one) would be the last to survive search cancellations.
  • Confirmation that the African-American/Asian search and playwriting search are definitely cancelled due to budget cuts. The Theatre History position is definitely still on, because it is an endowed chair.
  • What playwriting search? Do you mean the one from UNC-G?
  • They mentioned one, I don't know what one specifically.
  • Those who mentioned having on-campus interviews ... Did those happen yet? Or anyone else, does anyone have word on whether or when the Theater History position has been filled? I'm just particularly interested how the Univ system in NC is freezing searches (or not).
  • They are interviewing 4 people (me among them). The last visit is in early April, and they should begin the offer process soon thereafter. This search is not frozen due to the fact that it is endowed.
  • offer made
  • one of top finalists accepted the Reed job in March

University of North Dakota - Asst. Prof. Music Theatre[]

  • On Campus interview January 2009

North Dakota State University[]

(Deadline: )

  • Interview November 2008

UNC-Greensboro - Asst. Prof Acting/Movement[]

(Deadline: )

Northwestern - Assistant Professor Director and Orginal Work[]

(Deadline: Dec 15)

  • 2 Positions
  • Heard that candidates have been invited for interviews (4/1).

Oklahoma State University[]

(Deadline: Nov 15)

  • anybody heard from OSU?
  • I'm not sure whether this info touches on this search but a friend there said that candidates for a history/dramaturgy position (at least one who was already on-campus as a VAP and one from outside) were doing visits/presentations last week. Not sure how many were being considered in total.
  • I heard an offer for theater history position was made and accepted.
  • Letter confirming position has been filled received 3/17.

Ohio State University - Open Rank Theatre TT[]

(Deadline: 1 October 2008 information)

  • Looking for a "Teacher/Scholar/Artist"
  • To whomever deleted this search --please see the pages of rants on deleting things from the wiki
  • I will be having a phone interview on Friday, January 9.
  • polite decline letter received 1/30

Ohio Northern - Open Rank Theatre TT[]

(Deadline: )

  • A campus visit occurred 1/28
  • Phone interview in December
  • Offer accepted

University of Pittsburgh - Lecturer/Head of MFA Acting Pedegogy Program[]

(Deadline: July 6)

  • Sign of the times, they are looking for someone to head an MFA acting program but only offering a lecturer position.
  • I was a finalist and had a phone interview and withdrew from the search. I think they've hired someone already.

Reed College - Asst. Professor- Theater Generalist[]

(Deadline Dec. 3rd)

  • Failed search last year
  • A failed searh that apparently involved SIX campus visits. Hopefully, they're better organized this year. Also check out the 'universities to fear' thread for dirt on the attitude applicants have experienced from their deans and some faculty
  • True on the six campus visits. They will be more organized this year I am sure.
  • I'll take a free trip to Portland. I've always wanted to visit there. :)
  • Did anyone else confirm with the department in the late summer or early fall (I forget the exact date) about keeping an active file for this reopening search? I'm just wondering if that was a wise move or not and whether I'll get included or left out of a new stack of applications.
  • I got the same letter and did the same thing. I think it is fine. I did send an updated c.v., letter, recs. thought to ad to the file. They changed their ad slightly too.
  • Phone interview this morning (jan 8). x2
  • I'm curious--how interested did they sound to you about playwriting on the phone? A: seemed like playwriting was a secondary concern to me.
  • I got the same feeling. Playwriting was not the primary concern. They care about how you teach Theatre History, connect ur own research to teaching, and deal with productions in a small department.
  • As one of the finalists last year, I think I can shed a little more light on this last question. The search is ostensively to replace Craig Clinton, who has taught playwriting there for many years. As a small department, they are looking for someone who can wear numerous hats, but I think last year there was a lot of ambivalence about exactly how much to replicate the past and how much to create a new balance. Hence the interest without insistence on playwriting. Hopefully, there will be more clarity this time.
  • The above is interesting. I'm not that interested in teaching playwriting and said that on the phone. Dunno if that was bad or not, but they seemed not to care.
  • Invitation for campus visit 1/12
  • Can you tell me when the visit is scheduled for?
  • Late Jan/Early Feb
  • Also surprised by the phone interview. Seemed much more interested in directing rather than playwriting.
  • Offer made
  • snail mail rejection letter received (4/3). States position has been filled.

Rider University - Assistant Professor, Acting[]

(Deadline: Until Filled)

  • Failed search last year
  • Pre-interview at ATHE
  • Contacted in Oct to see if still interested.
  • Campus Interview late Feb
  • Campus interview early Feb
  • Is this the sort of generalist looking job? Teach acting, teach theatre history, direct, etc?
  • Acting teacher/director. Also to help design BFA Program in Acting. Heard that next year's search will be geared to theatre history/directing.
  • Offer accepted 2/25
  • Rejection email (8/17/09). Frankly, I had forgotten I applied.

Saint Ambrose University - Assistant Professor - Generalist[]

(Open Until Filled)

  • Has anyone heard anything from St. Ambrose aside from a confirmation of materials/EOE form?
  • The position is no longer listed on the St. Ambrose HR site...I am guessing it has closed?
  • I called SAU HR, and they said that they filled the position yesterday. Did anyone interview there/hear from them?
  • A friend of a friend interviewed with them, but didn't get the offer.
  • Rejection letter received (12/8).
  • Nice, I hope none of those people were searching on the downlow. Although it does seem odd that there were no women considering the usual number in the applicant pool. Did qualified female applicants avoid this job description collectively for some bizarre reason - or is there something else at play and this committee got outed by its own depts newsletter.
  • I was thinking the same thing about no women! Seems odd to bring four men to campus...

Salem State College-Assistant Professor (2) Theatre History and Movement[]

(Open Until Filled)

  • Has anyone heard from Salem State? I just went and checked their job listings page and noticed that the two positions are no longer there. I hope this does not indicate a hiring freeze!
  • I just called the SSC HR office, and they told me that the positions have been removed because applications are now being reviewed.
  • Friend works in English dept. here. Said there were freezes across the board (Feb). Not sure if this one is still a go or not. He was even worried that his tenure track job was not going to be renewed. Yes. it's that bad out there gang.

University of Scranton[]

(Deadline: *The post I saw said applications postmarked by Dec. 1 would receive "full consideration" )

  • Has anyone heard from University of Scranton? Any MLA interviews set up with them?
  • My friend got a call for an interview today (12/10).
  • Called today (12/10) to ask if going to MLA. Not going, fine, promised forthcoming phone interview in next month.*
  • Rejection Letter received (12/11) x2 (got mine 12/22; merry xmas!)
  • Request for playwriting or creative writing sample (12/15). x2
  • Letter stating receipt of materials received (12/12) indicates preliminary screening of applications "will be completed not later than December 19".
  • Phone interview scheduled for 1/20
  • Campus interview in Feb. (1/22)Are you the one with a phone interview 1/20 above? yes.
  • Any further news on this one (post campus invites?)
  • Have not heard anything since campus visit in Feb.
  • A colleague of mine has been offered this position (I'm pretty sure it has been accepted, but not 100%).

Slippery Rock- Assistant Professor[]

(Deadline open until filled, review starts 1/12)

  • Confirmation of materials (x2)
  • Any news on this?
  • colleague recently completed a campus visit (3/22)
  • position has been filled
  • Very legalistic rejection letter 5/1

Smith - Assistant Professor, Acting/Directing[]

(Deadline Dec 1)

  • Application acknowledgement Dec 5
  • I totally missed this posting ... where was it? I've been pretty diligent with ATHEjobs, ArtSEARCH and the Chronicle. : (
  • It was posted on ArtSEARCH 9/10.
  • Thanks.
  • Has anyone heard any news on this one?
  • Nothing since the acknowledgement in December. Anyone? There were jobs at Amherst, Smith, Mt. Holyoke (visiting), and UMASS-Amherst this year. Anyone know if any of these are going through?
  • The UMass-Amherst was canceled.
  • Final word on the Mount Holyoke job will be confirmed this week.
  • Received wonderfully worded rejection letter in the mail 3/18. As disheartening as rejections are, it always makes a difference when someone puts effort into the letter.
  • I just wanted to chime in about the rejection letter; I think it was the most thoughtfully worded rejection I've ever gotten. Kudos to the person who wrote it.

Stanford University - Open Rank Performance Creator[]

(Deadline: 28 October 2008)

  • Any word on this?
  • Just heard that the search has been frozen.
  • To add info, an email was sent out 1/27 saying that the search was frozen because of the economic situation.

Temple University- Assistant Professors of History/Dramaturgy and Voice/Acting[]

(Deadline: 2 September, 2008)

  • 2 Positions Available
  • Today I got a rejection letter (email form) from the head of the Department saying that they have narrowed down the candidates to three people (for the History/Dramaturgy position). 11/4/08.

University of Texas at Austin- Assistant Professor of Theater and Performance History, Theory, & Dramaturgy[]

(Deadline: 1 February 2009)

  • Anyone heard anything about this one?
  • Job talks were recently held. Think it's the same position.
  • Any news on this as of June 1, 2009?
  • Hire was made.

Texas Tech University[]

(Deadline:12/1 )

  • Anything new about this job? This was supposedly a 12/1 deadline.
  • This was a failed search last year (I was finalist). Situation there seemed complicated by some unexpected faculty shifts in the college administration. Nice people.

Texas Woman's University[]

(Deadline: 2/1)

Truman - Assistant Professor, Generalist[]

(Deadline: )

  • Truman State wants a "Statement of Production Collaboration." Does anybody know what the heck that is? Job doesn't have a contact listed either, so I can't figure out how to get clarification.-- Nevermind. Wrote something. Hope it suffices.
  • Just got an email, this job search is suspended indefinitely.
  • I was candidate last year for temp one-year job (which was created after TT search was cancelled). Sent a follow-up e-mail to Dean re: suspended search but haven't heard.
  • Via e-mail from dean: search cancelled because of "extraordinarily difficult financial challenges facing Truman State, the State of Missouri, and our nation." (3/6)


(Deadline: )

  • Has anyone heard anything from Wabash?
  • Confirmation of materials and a nice note from an administrator (?) when I emailed to update my status on some things from Wabash more recently. Nothing past that.
  • Notified that I had made the short list and that they would determine finalists soon.
  • Notified that I had made the "short list" and finalists would be contacted soon. Of course, I don't know how long the short is.
  • When and how were you notified that you made the short list?
  • I was contacted via email last week.

+++campus interview scheduled for week of Dec. 15+++

  • Was an offer extended? Has this position been filled?
  • Yes - an offer was extended and accepted, but not to me! I have a feeling it may have been offered to the internal candidate, but I don't know for sure. I had a campus interview, and was notified about not getting the job in an email the first week of January.

Warren Wilson-Assistant Professor, Directing[]

(Deadline: February 23).

  • I posted this job a day or so ago but it seems to have gone missing. So I'm putting it in again here hoping that someone might format it correctly and add it to the above list (since I maybe did not do it right myself). I applied sending my materials to the generic email they listed in the job post because they said they preferred electronic submissions; however, I have not received any indication that those documents made it to any kind of committee. Did anyone else apply to this position and in this same electronic manner? Did you get a notice of receipt of materials?
  • I'm the same person who posted with the above question but I got an answer so I thought I'd post it. After 2 weeks of waiting, I emailed the address I'd sent materials to and got a response yesterday saying that they had received my materials and outlining the College's multi-tiered process for applications. "First step is gathering of applications ... the search committee will review and determine candidates we wish to consider further. Phase II ... a letter sent to candidates ... with a series of questions and a deadline for response to those questions" after submission and review of the answers from candidates the committee selects interviewees. The long and short of it is: the whole process will be long and involved.
  • Received e-mail rejection stating that on-campus interviews had been scheduled and thank you,etc. 4/09/09
  • Are you, above, in the beginning or end of the alphabet? I'm just wondering because I've not gotten an email yet but I've

also gotten no call for an interview. So I'm just waiting to see when the shoe will fall.

  • Beginning of the alphabet.
  • Well since it was getting to be the end of April, I went ahead and sent a follow-up email to check the search status. I was told that they had conducted on-campus interviews but were holding off on sending out "no" letters (or emails?) to make sure their candidate accepted the offer. So I guess this information counts as a rejection?!

University of Washington- Assistant Professor of Movement[]

(Deadline: 1 September 2008)

Washington U(St. Louis)[]

(Deadline: 11/1)

  • Received Letter 11/20: Application received; interviews to be carried out at MLA
  • Have heard they want someone with a lot of publications or who will publish a LOT.
  • Telephone call setting up interview at MLA: 12/9. (x4)
  • Q: Did everyone called to interview at MLA hear on 12/9, or are they spreading this out?
  • A: I heard on 12/9.
  • Officially rejected here. (12/12- letters will be going out snail mail this week) Best of luck to those interviewing. It's a fantastic school with lovely people to work with.
  • MLA call 12/12
  • Rejection letter arrived sometime during the week of 12/22. Very succinct but kind. How did MLA interviews go for those who got them?
  • My interview was great, although I didn't make the campus cut (according to the other theatre page). The committee was very familiar with my publications and asked specific insightful questions. Best of luck to the 2 (3?) of you who have on campus interviews.
  • How are the on-campus interviews going?
  • Did not make the campus visit cut after the late Dec. interviews, but last week received an incredibly kind, personal rejection email directly from the chair. It specifically complimented me on my work and my interview with them. Very classy, professional, and gracious. Some of these other institutions could learn a lesson from Wash. U. Best wishes to the finalists because this seems like a lovely place to work.
  • They really are very, very nice people. I did my MA there and I absolutely love them.
  • Any word on this search? (3/31/09)
  • Position filled in mid-February

Wayne State University- Assistant Professor/Performance Studies Generalist[]

(Review Date - October 15)

  • New position
  • Campus interviews, late Nov - early December
  • Offer accepted, mid-December

Wayne State University - Assistant/Associate Professor, Scenic Design[]

(Deadline: Open Until Filled)

  • Retirement replacement

Wesleyan University - Theater History Assistant/Associate[]

(Deadline: 14 November 2008)

  • Received email 9 December 2008: Application received; no mention of further process. Something tells me this one will take a while...
  • Email 12-9: materials rec'd, under review. (x5)
  • Before Christmas: notification of application moving to 'next phase' of process, indication that they will be in contact again after the new year. Q: That's pretty vague. So they didn't explicitly tell you that you'd advanced to a shorter list or ask you for additional materials? A: Yes, very vague. This is the exact email: "We have selected your materials for further consideration. We will be in contact at the beginning of the spring semester." It was dated 12/10/08. No word since then. (x2)
  • Well, their Spring term doesn't start till Jan 21, so there probably won't be any news before that. I'd be wary of that vagueness in their communications. In my experience, that's typical of search committees who follow a long, meandering process. Hope I'm wrong.
  • Still no word as of 2/3...
  • rejection letter rec'd via e-mail, 2/4 x4
  • The rejection letter was pretty weak--mail merged, form letter with my name is a different color, sent from the chair of the dept. via the admin. assistant.
  • rejection letter round 2 (possibly second half of the alphabet) 2/5
  • email 2/4 "As a follow-up to the email sent in December, I am writing to let you know that the committee is still in the process of deciding which of the finalists to bring to campus. We expect to make that decision soon and will be in touch after that." (x3) -- sounds like you've made some kind of cut. Congratulations!
  • no further word since 2/4. (x3) this is ridiculous. (agreed)
  • Anybody ever hear back from these people?
  • I think at one point someone posted that there were interviews in April, but the post got erased in that moment when a bunch of posts were erased.
  • Made the first two cuts but then never heard another word. No idea why they think they can treat people like this.
  • Because especially in small college theatre departments, search committees are often unprofessional to the point of incompetence, composed predominantly of "artists" who disdain academic propriety and treat tenure track hires like cattle call auditions.
  • Wow. While the committee has been disorganized and their behavior unacceptable, I find it hard to believe that someone on this board is attributing that to the idea that the committee members are acting like "artists" who treat the search like auditions. Way to fulfill the idea that theater academics are loopy artists and not "real" academics.
  • Yes, I'd like to point as well that English departments at large universities without any "artists" on the search committee also often neglect to send status notifications or rejection letters...even to those who were on a short list. And I've had some great experiences with notification at small schools. It just varies from school to school, department to department.
  • Position Filled as of 17 April.
  • Glad that Wesleyan finally worked it out. Five months is bad, but not the worst I've seen. Status notifications, rejection letters and the like are courtesies that reveal a department's or a university's character, and the lack thereof is not, of course, limited to theatre departments. What is a distinctive malady of (especially small college) theatre departments, in my experience, is lack of skill in judging candidates for hist/lit/theory positions based on their dossiers. In my experience, small college theatre departments often ask for too many materials, and do a poor job of judging them. Hence, a lot of wasted effort bringing out inappropriate candidates (e.g. check out the thread on the Hunter search above). To say that this is a common shortcoming of small college theatre departments is not to impugn ALL such departments. Neither is the observation that many production faculty (even those who have been professors for decades) disdain competence in academic procedures as incompatible with their artistic identities an indictment of theatre faculty in general or a claim that academics in other disciplines are less prone to mental disease. In small departments, the person being replaced by a "theatre history" search (who is usually, for obvious reasons, not on the committee) is often the only person there who puts "scholar" before "artist" in her self-definition. Hence, a candidate for such a job must contend with the fact that most of the committee probably has less frame of reference for judging her work as a scholar than would a typical English dept. search committee.
  • I was one of the four final candidates, and spent a day interviewing at Wesleyan. It stings a little to have to find out from this Wiki that the position was filled on April 17. I have received no official correspondence from Wesleyan informing me that I did not get the job, and it is now May 1. Disappointing.
  • I suppose that is the part of the postive/negative of this wiki. Personally, I would prefer to know rather than waiting for a rejection letter. Still, Wesleyan should have let you know within a few weeks of the position being accepted so you can refocus your efforts somewhere else.
  • Thanks. I am glad I found out earlier. Better to know than not to know. I never heard back from the committee until the beginning of June, about two months after my campus visit. The email was generic and perfunctory, not at all a reflection of the experience I thought I had there, which I am now revising!

Western Carolina University - Assistant Prof. of Acting[]

(Deadline: open till filled)

  • email rejection 1/26, position filled

Western Michigan University - Theatre History Assistant Prof.[]

(Deadline: December 1, 2008 - or open until filled on school website)

  • Did an impromptu interview before Thanksgiving. Note: beware of the word chat, it means interview. x2
  • Invited for campus visit Jan.
  • Position has been filled
  • Horribly written rejection letter. "We are pleased....that you applied."
  • Should spend more time improving teaching methods and less time complaining on the internet.

Winona State- Generalist, Chair[]

(Deadline: open unitl filled)

Wooster (The College Of)- VAP[]

(Deadline: 1/16/2009)

  • Confirmation of materials 12/16
  • Before the wiki erased stuff somebody had mentioned that their friend was doing an on campus this month.
  • Yes, my friend had a campus visited scheduled but I'm not sure about the exact dates (I believe early March)
  • Email rejection, states that hire was made. (3/5)
  • Got the EEOC letter today. (3/16)

Wooster (The College Of)- VAP #2[]

(Deadline: 3/13/2009)

  • One year position
  • Rejection via e-mail stating the position has been filled (4/28)


  • Even though the list is shorter than in years past, would it be helpful to group jobs into various categories like: Search Open, Offer Made/Accepted, Search Closed due to Budget, Unknown Status, etc. ? That might be a helpful archival move so that we could see from year to year what happened with posted jobs. Just a thought.
  • RE: Warren Wilson-Assistant Professor, Directing (Deadline: February 23). I posted this job a day or so ago but it seems to have gone missing. I read on other wiki pages that the wiki itself on a meta level was changed and all recent changes were lost. So you formatted it fine, just when the change was made it was deleted with all the other new stuff (which is fantastic when people use the site primarily to get the most up-to-date info).
  • I have also noticed that a lot of updates seem to have been deleted, so if you notice one missing, please post it again!
  • Q: Last year's page got pretty messy. Should we try a format more like Humanities Postdocs or Art History?
  • A: Sure if you know how to format it. Get us started and I'm guessing the rest of us would be happy to follow your lead.
  • A: Okay. Done. When you hit the "history" link, you'll be able to see which particular job searches were updated when.
  • Q: Hey folks whats going on out there? Things seemed to be looking up from last year but then seemed to slow down. Am I off in that interpretation? Although it does seem like there are a good number of good senior positions posted.
  • Q: Has anyone heard of any specific hiring freezes or cancelations in Theatre?
  • A: As far as history/lit positions go, this is the slimmest I've seen it in six years on the market. U of Pittsburgh will be suspending two of three searches in the theatre arts department (only the lighting design position is going forward). Florida State has instituted a sweeping hiring and salary freeze that includes theatre; Berkeley, which otherwise would probably be conducting a search this year or next to replace Sudipto Chatterjee, won't, and may be losing adjunct positions too-- as anyone who skims CHE knows, this is happening just about everywhere. Even places like Harvard, Brown and Cornell are re-evaluating all hires.
  • A: UNC-G has canceled the playwright search
  • A: I actually sent a query out to a professional development listserv about such an issue (wanting to conserve time and funds for applications that might never make it past the posting stage and was told by faculty at a variety of institutions not to be intimidated by the news of possible freezes or cuts because positions disappear and reappear for all kinds of reasons. I'm wondering if that wasn't just some sunshine up my skirt, especially now seeing how little is even making it to the posting stage and how much more grapevine news is appearing about various public (and some private) institutions "tightening their belts."
  • Q: Where is the Berkeley info coming from?
  • A: Don't want to compromise friends, but it's from department fac/staff. Just to clarify, as far as I know nothing has happened to adjunct positions yet; it's all still just talk. But the whole UC system is belt-tightening in such ways.
  • I hope no one is annoyed by my attempt at organization- moving school specific questions, comments to those areas. No harm meant just trying to keep things easy to scan.
  • Frankly I'm just pleased to see people updating and adding things.
  • I have to admit I was intimidated by the format. I did post but I did mess up the format on the page. Some kind person made it look nice for me. I couldn't get the font to be the right size in the heading.
  • Hi there... I was your formatter. It was simpler than you thought. No quotes. Just three equal signs before and three after. And you need to use stars (asterisks) rather than dashes. Thanks for posting!
  • Q: Would folks mind (if they read this far) posting, when they give info about rejections, phone or on-campus interviews, etc. to note whether they are ABD, recent grads, grads who have been out for a while, people on Post-Doc (like myself), people with current tenure-track jobs? I'll go back and change my info. to hopefully encourage the trend. : )
  • Other disciplines just do a statistics survey, in one place (usually at the top of the page). I think I would prefer that to comparing credentials with people who get interviews I don't. Just for mental health reasons. :) Recent grad here, btw.
  • Actually that sounds like a better idea for precisely the "mental health" reason the previous poster indicates. Not that we need anything else to depress our already dampened spirits in this search climate. I edited my previous info inclusion in case someone wants to set up this kind of stats survey.
  • Survey up at top of page.
  • The winter break silence is making me crazy, does this qualify as cruel and unusual punishment?
  • UGH! I agree! How are we supposed to live through the holidays with this silence?
  • Q: Has anyone gone/returned from MLA? Just wondering how the climate is/was there for job searchers.
  • A: I went, had a few interviews --only one in a theatre dept. It was just as crazy as always, although rumor (and I stress RUMOR) had it we were down somewhere near 1/2 of the job interviewing from the prior year.
  • Q This might be impossible especially if all kinds of folks are just dropping in to edit search details without adding their "status" information to the "who are you?" section but I'm terribly curious if some folks are getting multiple calls for phone and in person interviews or if it's more plentiful across the board than it seems. I guess it's just hard to see how the small # of identified folks (14 at my last count) are being spread across the searches. Is there any way to add a survey that asks folks to indicate what kind of response they've gotten? Like categories for "email interview or survey" "phone interview" "interview @ MLA" "campus interview" etc. I'm not sure that would help me get a handle on how interest is shaking out but I thought I'd toss out the idea.
  • Q: What is the other theater page? I would like to check it...
  • A: See the link a few comments up.
  • SOMEBODY HIRE ME!!! (Just needed to get that out)
  • I second the shout out. Just heard from a friend that one dissertation advisor in the CA system has started recommending that people apply to teach high school and not even try the rapidly shrinking college/university market! Wow.
  • Or I guess those of us who are still ABD can just stay in school for another year. Oh joy!
  • Not necessarily the end of the world teaching high school. I know someone who took his performance studies PhD and got a job teaching at a bay area high school where they even let him direct an Indian play (his specialty). Granted, it's an elite high school. Another theatre PhD friend had rough luck on the job market for a few years, landed a less wonderful high school teaching job, then decided to chuck it all. He now runs a trekking company in Nepal. Much as I hate to be dour, there really are way too many of us competing for these jobs, many of which will be unhappy anyway. And far too little notion of what else we might do with ourselves. I recommend the book "So what are you going to do with that?"-- written by and for PhDs with unsatisfying academic prospects.
  • Amen to that. "So what are you going to do with that?" is an excellent book. It's a great big world out there and, as smart as we are, I'm sure we can figure out countless ways to be happy in it. A TT job is just one option out of many.
  • so how does one go about looking for a highschool job? Or more specifically a high school job that might be interested in a phd?
  • A: In my experience, private independent schools are most interested in hiring PhDs, and they do not usually require state certification if you have an advanced degree. The best place to look for these jobs is on the National Association of Independent Schools website,, in their Career Center. If you Browse, you can click on a link saying Visual/Performing Arts and see the job openings in that category. I taught for a while at an independent school, and the atmosphere was very congenial, the resources ample, and the students enthusiastic.
  • ' Answer 2: Have you registered with Carney Sandoe & Associates? It's a placement/referral service for independent schools. High end and free!
  • They say, though, that if you take a gig at a high school you're giving up any future of working in higher ed. Is this true? Or just doomsday muttering? I wouldn't mind teaching high school for a few years, but I would like to work in an environment that encouraged/supported research. I'd hate to give that up.
  • Just joined and added a couple of jobs. I hope I am doing this right. If I added wrong, please adjust.
  • Q: Do visiting positions come out later, or are there really almost NO visiting positions for the year?
  • A: Historically, more positions do appear in the Spring, especially temporary ones conducted to replace sabbaticals or moving faculty (both of which often become clear only in Spring). I am currently in a VAP that posted last April after losing a faculty member to another search. Campus visit was in May, I was notified in June. Granted, that's about the latest search I've ever heard of.
  • Q: What other websites are you using in your job search? I know Artsearch, The Chronicle, Higheredjobs, inside higher ed, the HERC sites, SETC, ATHE, and occasionally the more traditional job search sites? Any more that I am missing? Thanks.
  • A: That's a pretty thorough list. You might also check MLA (though any jobs there not in any of those other sites will probably be English dept. or cultural studies posts). I'm an Asian theatre specialist, so I check AAS too. Oh yeah, and there's also PSI-- they seem to post mainly jobs located in the UK or elsewhere in the world outside the US. But if you're willing to expatriate, they often have listings not in the American sites.
  • Q: How long it would take for a search committee to make a decision? I just did my onsite interview last Thursday, and I believe I am the last candidate. Now I am full of anxiety!!! Can somebody answer me this question. Thanks.
  • A: First, congratulations on your interview. In answer to your question, it varies so much that it's hard to generalize. I've heard (though never experienced) that sometimes an offer is made on the spot. Most of the time, the committee needs to meet at least one more time and give all interested parties time to respond. Often a dean has to sign off before an offer can be made, and committees won't say a word before that happens. So it can be hours, it can be days, it can be weeks. On the other hand, there's absolutely nothing wrong with contacting the search chair or department secretary and asking them bluntly when they expect to make an offer. I've been through this about a dozen times, and have always received an honest answer to blunt questions like that.
  • Thank you very much for your answer! I will email the search chair and find out...I really appreciate your help!
  • Q: I will have my MFA in Acting this May. I just recently had my first ever phone interview with Florida Gulf Coast University and I was wondering how long the time between phone interview and campus invites typically are? The interview felt really good- very casual, loose. I was beginning to get frustrated with this job search but today has given me new hope.
  • A: I think the best course is for you to follow up with an email thank you, to reiterate your interest in the job, and to ask what their time line is. These things can turn around in one week, or sometimes over a month will pass before you hear anything. It all depends on where they are at in the process, and the kind of logistical hoops they have to jump through to get people to campus. There's nothing wrong with asking--so it's best to do so. Break a leg!
  • This waiting sucks....
  • Agreed!!!!
  • New here, 2nd year on market. 3 in-person + 2 phone interviews last year, nothing this year (so far). All I want is work. -- I sympathize. 7th year on the market. I've had numerous VAPs and 1 TT that didn't last. If I get no luck this year, I'm done. It takes a huge amount of patience, and other sources of self-esteem. Not to mention income.
  • Q: How much time has to pass after the application review date before its OK to email the search committee chair to ask about the search's status. Is it OK to email a chair to ask about the search's status for a 12/1 deadline?
  • A: I would guess it's okay; all of my December apps (save one on hold) have responded to me, or else (based on information here) seem to have progressed to some degree. Be sure you are extra polite.  :-)
  • A: Yes, I think two months is a pretty good rubric to wait after an application deadline before bugging the committee for your status. Don't be shy; you'll probably get a straight answer. But be prepared for bad news. If you haven't heard anything after this much time, chances are that you are out of the running. Either that or a) they are moving incredibly slowly for some reason (perhaps other searches), or b) they are badly disorganized and/or contentious. On this second possibility, I once got a call three months after a submission deadline from a hopelessly disorganized committee who appeared to be working through a succession of short lists, dissatisfied with each group in turn. Most committees have their act together better than that. Even in theatre.
  • I added a new poll catagory above, offers accepted and declined. I noticed people are starting to get offers (multiple in at least one case) and I also know just because you get an offer doesn't mean you'll take it (even in this market). One more thing to check to keep the insanity at bay while waiting.
  • First year on the market with sig. prof. credits but no university teaching experience. I hold an MFA in Acting and I am thinking about going to the ATHE conference to network and educate myself. Do they typically hold interviews at this conference for upcoming positions? I can only make the last two days of the conference, is it worth me going?
  • There are occasionally job interviews held there. Last year I think there was only one school doing general sign-up-at-the-bulletin-board kind of interviews. I think there are good opportunities for networking and meeting people who may turn out to have jobs open. Also, I like hearing about what other people are working on and what trends in the field are. So I would say it is worth it for that. But if you're thinking solely about job interviews, probably not.
  • I added some more positions. But I don't know how to add an extra space in before the entries in the new-fangled formatter. Sorry!
  • I wanted to alert people to a post I am placing on the "universities to love" page. I just had a very unexpected and positive contact w/ a search committee member on the day before my visit, and I thought it is worth sharing the story w/ the wider community. EDIT: Couldn't figure out how to format on that page, so here's the story briefly: one of the committee members e-mailed me encouraging me to call so he could talk me through my visit tomorrow (and included his cell number). When I phoned him, he answered my question about my guest lecturing assignment, reassured me about the department's interest, and explained that (because of the size of their department) I may sense certain disagreements between faculty members about the direction of the department. He didn't go into any detail or take sides, and honestly, I think it was a very brave thing for him to admit that things in a big department sometimes get messy, and not to let it influence my experience or see it as a reflection on me. I know that some candidates in some situations might see this as a "warning" sign, but personally I prefer the frank concession and candor from a potential colleague. Regardless of how the interview goes, I know I will feel much more relaxed and confident having had this 15 minute conversation. EDIT 2: The school was Arizona State, and I received an offer for the position today (which I will accept pending clarification of some minor details).
  • While this is an awesome anecdote, it doesn't help anybody else unless you say what school it was. I understand you may not want to at the moment, but can you edit it when you feel more comfortable? Thanks.
  • I have taught at R1 institutions, mid-size state universities and am currently at a small private college and I can tell you that anything and everything can happen within a search committee. Although we have all been through it and we all know how fraught with anxiety the process is from the applicant's point of view, there are no guidelines or timetables by which one can expect responses. For one position at Oregon State University I sent my materials in October but didn't interview until June! They offered me the position on the drive back to the airport. Although I think that this site is very very helpful I would like to reiterate: don't lose hope and don't expect anything like promptness or a reasonable process. The search process can be unbelievably arbitrary. If you are not hired this go-round, don't lose hope. Instead, publish something or work professionally- anything, anywhere but fill in the empty times. Bon Chance.
  • It's Bonne Chance, not Bon Chance.
  • Well, thank you for the positive message, however it is spelled. There's a lot of negativity around here (cough) so it is nice when someone takes the time to be friendly.
  • As anyone heard anything from Appalachian State', Georgia College' and State University, or Goucher College?
  • Nothing from any of the three, though GCSU's database says the search is still on, so I guess they haven't finalized a hire yet.
  • Appalachian State hired someone. See the individual entry above.
  • Well folks is it time to start the new 2009/2010 wiki yet?
  • I say go for it. Let's just carry over anything with a deadline in the fall, like the Butler gig.
  • I agree it's time to move forward into the next year but maybe, in addition to shifting those jobs that have already appeared for 09-10 and are on *this* list, include a list of those jobs (either at the opening or close of the wiki) where the status is "unknown" or those where jobs were "frozen"? It might be helpful to keep those institutions fresh in the mind just to see if any of them resurface and we don't have to rely upon "Does anyone remember if X had this same search that never closed last year?" Just a humble suggestion.
  • Anyone know anything about Morehead State? Seems a bit odd that they have listed review of apps. beginning in July and they want the position filled by early August. Just wondering if it's a "real" search (inside candidate) or they secured funding and want to get the position filled a.s.a.p.
  • Now that the job hunting season is over, I just want to drop a word about rejection letters in general. Their purpose should be to break the bad news and let you down easy, not an opportunity for self-involvement. I was shocked by a couple of email rejections I got. One walked me through their difficult trials and travails as they went through the search process followed by a description of the wonderful new hire. It was amazingly detailed and completely blind to the fact they were telling an unemployed person in a bad economy that they were still unemployed. The air is certainly rare in some parts of the world.
  • No offense to the person above (I say this because I know completely harmless comments on the wiki or Chronicle fora can often come off as snarky when no offense is intended) but I just wanted to ask if you had seen the endless pages of comments from job seekers begging and pleading for more feedback on searches(some even demanding the right to know the winning candidates name). Not that I agree or that I want to hear all the gory details but its seems some people have been begging for such info on the Chronicle fora. It seems search committees are listening and sharing sometimes TMI. I actually got a TMI rejection this year, while in some ways it was comforting to know what happened, in other ways it was awkward.
  • Not that I don't completely sympathize with this, but you might want to put it on the venting page. There seem to be some people who strongly prefer to keep this wiki only business.
  • Ok, multiple job postings out for 2010, we should definitely start a new page. I can't figure out how to do it though!
  • I'm with the poster above, is there any chance the person who started this years wiki could start next years??? I also am not with it enough to actually get a new wiki going. I tried once and failed miserably. As someone who used the wiki in the older format (in which there were general catagories like materials recieved, rejection etc), I just want to chime in about home much easier this years format was to use- thanks so much to the person who got us organized. The other format got very messy and therefore less useful. A lot of people are chiming in about possible new info to be added to a new wiki but I just want to caution that we don't overwelm overselves with data that doesn't really tell us anything. We are all anxious and look for ways to keep the insanity at bay but there is a limit when it becomes overload. IMHO, the only section that got a bit unmanageable this year is this discussion section.
  • PS. 'Lots of of 2010 listings already.' Where? I've only seen a few looking in all the usual places (Chronicle, Artsearch, HigherEdJobs Etc).
  • I'm the person who said there were multiple job postings out for 2010, but I certainly didn't say there were lots. :) I haven't looked anywhere you haven't, I'm sure. There are just four or five at this point, enough to start a new wiki, I think.
  • Done.
  • Thanks!